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t Forest Lake Elementary, we’re proud to be a NASA Explorer School and host of the Elementary Learning Collaborative. Our students experience NASA at work firsthand, and participate in a variety of opportunities that help increase their interest in STEM programs. Our Elementary Learning Collaborative (eLc) program provides an accelerated curriculum designed to maximize the potential of high achieving students. The eLc program is intended to prepare students for rigorous academic programs in middle and high school. Both of these exceptional programs are balanced by an impressive arts curriculum that includes performing, visual, choral, and instrumental arts instruction. Our outstanding faculty is the backbone of Forest Lake, and we believe that quality teaching and learning are best taught through a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that integrates technology into daily classroom instruction. Our school community helps promote close interpersonal relationships, allowing our teachers to know and build upon student interests, learning styles and strengths, while providing a supportive environment where students interact in meaningful ways. We at Forest Lake are pleased to offer an unparalleled education experience for elementary school age children in a state-of-the-art setting balanced by a caring, nurturing environment that recognizes the potential of the individual child. Your typical elementary school? Anything but! Come explore Forest Lake and discover this for yourself.

Dr. Kappy Steck Principal

NASA Explorer School

A whole school magnet program utilizing the resources of NASA to instill an interest in STEM programs.

WHAT IS A NASA EXPLORER SCHOOL? At Forest Lake, we are proud to be a designated NASA Explorer School. We utilize the resources and research of NASA and have the latest technology at our fingertips. It is not an uncommon sight to see a group of students wearing NASA lab coats videoconferencing with members of the NASA team, or conducting an experiment based on their studies with NASA personnel. We find these resources help ignite a lifelong love of learning and foster an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. But it doesn’t end there. The lessons learned through this unique program are integrated throughout our curriculum and provide the basis for schoolwide programs and activities. The foundation we help develop in the early years will provide them with the tools necessary for success in the middle and high school years. At Forest Lake, we believe being a NASA Explorer School provides a unique opportunity to help launch students for success both today and tomorrow.


Forest Lake utilizes the latest technology in a whole school integration through a variety of devices and programs. WHAT ABOUT TECHNOLOGY? In order to teach 21st century learners, we believe a school must be prepared to embrace today’s technology. We are fully-integrated technologically and utilize a number of devices including Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, and interactive boards to name just a few. Technology is incorporated across all disciplines and helps facilitate teaching for a variety of learning styles. We find that technology helps engage students and promotes new and creative ways of teaching and learning.

What Makes Forest Lake Unique? •

Dual Magnet Program School

STEAM Career Awareness

NASA Explorer Lab for integration of NASA resources to foster STEM

International School Partnerships

Project Lead the Way Lab

Artistic music and drama performances.

Forest Lake Today state of the art broadcast production news studio

Award-winning arts program

NASA Partnership including videoconferencing capabilities via the NASA Digital Learning Network

EdVenture Partnership

5th Grade Starbase Experience Swamp Fox at McEntire Air Force Base.

Run Forest, Run! 5K and 10K race

Project-based and problembased learning

Inquiry approaches where questions lead to understanding

Whole school technology integration

Video/multimedia productions

STARLAB indoor planetarium

VEX Robots

Music and art integrated into core content areas.

STEAM Fest– School-wide celebration

Online learning resources for parents and students

Yamaha Music in Education keyboarding lab

Forest Lake is Honored Palmetto’s Finest

Intel School of Distinction

Magnet Schools of America School of Distinction

NASA Explorer School

Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence

AdvancED STEM Certification

Certified National Magnet School

Edutopia George Lucas Schools That Work

National School Boards Association Site Visit

Run, Forest, Run 5K and 10K

NBC Places People Learn Rockafeller Plaza, New York City

NBC Education Nation Town Hall Meeting Participants Evening News Featured School

Elementary Learning Collaborative An exciting program designed to provide an accelerated curriculum and rigorous program of study for students. WHAT IS THE ELEMENTARY LEARNING COLLABORATIVE (eLc)? The Elementary Learning Collaborative is an exciting program developed to augment our NASA Explorer School magnet. Using the curriculum from the College of William and Mary’s Center for Gifted Education, this magnet provides an advanced curriculum at an accelerated pace. Students completing this rigorous program should be prepared for any of Richland School District Two’s higher level programs and/or magnets. We believe well prepared students who are ready to accept the challenges of an enhanced curriculum and leadership development will benefit from the eLc program. Wrapped within our NASA program, eLc focuses on collaborative learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and investigative research. At Forest Lake, the most important thing we can do is allow each student the opportunity to meet, and reach beyond, their potential, while expecting their personal best.

The Arts The Arts at Forest Lake are an integral component of our curriculum, spanning everything from visual, to performing, to instrumental arts programs. ARE THE ARTS EMPHASIZED AT FOREST LAKE? Yes! The arts help develop the whole child and allow them the chance to discover and foster their own talents and interests. We offer an impressive array or programming that includes visual, performing, singing, and instrumental experiences. The Arts are where our stars shine!

More About Us: Our Vision: Nurture and increase academic achievement of 21st Century learners in order to create tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Mission:

Forest Lake Elementary, in partnership with our families and the community, provides through relevant and engaging learning experiences, a rigorous academic program in a safe, nurturing environment.

Meet Project Lead the Way: What is Project Lead The Way? PLTW introduces young minds to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). From the PLTW website ... “Engaging students at a young age builds confidence, grows interest, and puts them on course for strong accomplishments in middle school, high school, and beyond. Through PLTW Launch, kindergarten - fifth grade students become problem solvers. Students use the engineering design process and employ critical thinking. They apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind, learning that it is OK to take risks and make mistakes. As teachers and students learn and discover together, education becomes far more engaging.” All students in Kindergarten - 5th grade will participate in PLTW. Forest Lake has lead teachers who have participated in professional development and are certified to teach the curriculum.