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EARLY YEARS Early years


Off to Your Nest! Jo Witek, ill. by Christine Roussey 237 X 250 MM – 28 PAGES – BOARD BOOK – €14.95 – JAN 2018

A soft and sweet invitation for children to cool down, quietly join their dear beds and fall asleep, by the authors of international bestseller IN MY HEART.


A Round Trip Delphine Chedru 180 X 180 MM – 28 PAGES – BOARD BOOK WITH DIE-CUT COVER - €10.90 – FEB 2018

A graphic board book for the little ones to learn to let their imagination wander, following a paper plane, taking off from the hands of a boy, flying over various landscapes, and landing in new little hands.


A Day at the Farm Clémence Pollet 180 X 180 MM – 64 PAGES – HARDBACK – €9.90 - 2018

A lovely reference book for the little ones to discover the farm, allowing them to name the animals, ride all sorts of agricultural vehicles and understand where the food they eat at breakfast comes from.


My First Animal Book 3 TITLES 180 X 180 MM – 48/54 PAGES – BOARD BOOK – €11.90 – 2016

Emotional photograph board books with around 50 animals, endearing, surprising and funny! Who is serious? The lion! Who is zen? The camel! And shy? The turtle! And terrifying? The hyena! My First Book of Emotions is perfect for helping children name and describe their feelings. Who sleeps standing up? Who is wide-eyed while sleeping? Who sleeps slouched on a branch? Go to Sleep! Shows toddlers how animals go to bed… Have a shower! Explains toddlers why animals bathe, in very different ways.

• My First Book of Emotions – 54 PAGES • Go to Sleep! – 48 PAGES • Have a Shower! – 48 PAGES 4

Early years

Surprise! Whose Is This?


6 TITLES - 170 X 180 MM - 32 PAGES - BOARD BOOK WITH FLAPS - €10 - 2012 - 2013

Sold: Simplified Chinese Surprise! Which animal does this belong to? Just unfold the flaps to find out... A series for parents and children to read together and discover animals, through heartwarming, funny and stunning photos with a short text on each flap.

• Whose Nose Is This?

• Whose Baby Is This?

• Whose Tail Is This?

• Whose Skin Is This?

• Whose Paw Is This?

• Whose Eye Is This?

Photo Discoveries



Sold: Simplified Chinese BOOKS: 180 X 180 MM - 42 PAGES - BOARD BOOKS WITH ROUND CORNERS - €9.50 BOX SET: BOX: 230 X 230 X 18 MM + 4 BOARD BOOKS: 100 X 100 MM - 24 PAGES - €13.90

An emotive and entertaining way to teach young children first notions, with striking photos and factual text to go beyond simple recognition. A whole double page is devoted to the photo, and accessible information can be found in a contrasted colour box.

• Cries (2014) • Homes (2014) Sold: World English

• Shapes (2013) Sold: World English

• Camouflage (2013) • Trees (2013) • Opposites (2013) Sold: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian

•Colours Sold: Finnish, World English

• Numbers Sold: World English

• My First Photo Library (Box set, 2014) including Shapes, Opposites, Colours and Numbers

Kiss Me


Biosphoto 212 X 255 MM - 18 PAGES - PADDED COVER - €11.90 - 2015

Do animals kiss? Why? A tender and educative photo board book for Valentine’s day. Kissing has important and various meanings in the animal world: recognition, affection, washing, or a simple " hello "! Discover all this through stunning and tender photos in this indispensable mini kissology treaty!

My First Photo Vocabulary Books Nathalie Seroux


2 TITLES - 180 X 180 MM - 130 PAGES - BOARD BOOK - €14.90 - 2016/2018

This remarkable photographical works by Nathalie Seroux offer a personal and sensitive view of the child’s immediate environment - flowers to tell colors, food, toys, animals, nature or baby clothes, all the rooms in the house - and help them put a name on fruit and vegetables.

• Fruit and Vegetables • Around Me 5

Early years


My Magical / My Squirt / Hide & Seek Bath Books Sophie Ledesma 3 TITLES - 130 X 130 MM - 8 PAGES - EVA WATERPROOF PLASTIC BOOK + 2 CHARACTERS AND MAGICAL INK- €9.90 - 2015 / 130 X 130 MM -B8 PAGES - EVA WATERPROOF PLASTIC BOOK + SQUIRTER CHARACTER - €9.90 - 2016 / 130 X 130 MM - 8 PAGES - EVA WATERPROOF PLASTIC BOOK WITH MAGIC INK + TOY IN A NET - €9.90 - 2017

1. Sposh! Splash! When the book gets in contact with water, new images appear: a flower turns into a lion, a mountain into a polar bear. Is Lulu happy or is he sad? Put the two elements under water and you will find out! 2. Learn animals' names and play with this colourful bath book and the elephant squirter! Parents, watch out, you might get wet too! 3. It's bath time for both our young readers and the creatures of the sea!


Monster Machines 4 TITLES - 260 X 333 MM - 18 PAGES - BOARD BOOK - €13.90 - 2012 - 2015

Sold: Dutch , English (US), Simplified Chinese. An educational series to introduce eager little minds to an entire range of vehicles from common examples to very unusual ones. Large format books with large-scale 3D illustrations of topics that all little children love!

• Emergency Vehicles

• Construction Machines

• Trucks

• Farm Machines

Around the World in Words 3+

P. Hédelin, ill. by C. Lardenois, A. Parot, C. Hudrisier 235 X 340 MM - 24 PAGES - BOARD BOOK - €15 - 2016

Sold: Spanish Various parts of the world described with words and sweet pictures for the little ones! From the Arctic to India, from Peru to Russia, the young readers will be able to discover animals, food, vehicles, clothes and much, much more to open their minds to the world.


NOVELTY Little Fox


Sophie Ledesma 3 TITLES - 200 X 200 MM - 24 PAGES - HARDBACK + RED VIEWING GLASS - ROUND CORNERS €10.90 - 2017/2018

Sold: Italian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Luxemburgish, Catalan Ooh, a suspicious noise is keeping Little Fox awake. Is there a terrible wolf hiding in the house? Using the magic “torch”, the young reader can explore every corner of the house and help Little Fox. Little Fox Is Not Scared is an original, fun, interactive, and educational treasure hunt. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• Where Is my Cuddly Toy? (2016)

•L  ittle Fox Goes on Holidays (2018) •L  ittle Fox Is Not Scared (2017)

Where is our Mummy?


Yating Hung 200 X 220 MM - 26 PAGES - HARDBACK - POP-UP BOOK - €16.90 - 2012

Sold: English Five lovely

new-born little





looking based


for a









they very

recognise soft




On each page, a different pop-up animal!

ELMODIE The Spring Quest 200 X 220 MM - 16 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH 7 POP-UPS - €18 - 2015

A lovely pop-up book depicting a Japanese monkey's search for Spring. A poetic japanese universe, filled with all the culture's emblems: the crane, the bridges, Mount Fuji, the lucky-charm cats, the dragon and the cherry tree, symbol of Spring, in large pop-up scenes.

Sailor 180 X 265 MM - HARDBACK WITH 8 POP-UPS - 16 PAGES - €19.90 - 2016

A beautiful pop-up that takes the reader on an adventure through a young boy’s maritime dream!

The Ants Pop-Up Book 195 X 240 MM – 16 PAGES - 7 POP-UP – HARDBACK - €19.90 - 2017

Sold: Simplified Chinese Action stations at the ants’! The sky has got dark and they can hear rumbles from the other side of the valley… a storm is coming. Now it’s a real downpour and the rain has poured into every nook! A spectacular pop-up book in two colours that shows the courage and strength of those fascinating insects.






Sold: Italian, Dutch, Polish, German, English, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Catalan The human body like you’ve never seen it before! A gorgeous book filled with laser cut-outs and flaps which help the reader discover the human body in the tiniest detail of its winding intricacies. The text is precise but accessible, fascinating as well as technical. Hélène Druvert, with her immense talent as an illustrator



and paper engineer, composed these pages in the finest tradition of anatomical charts of the 19th century.


Queens and Princesses Text by Camille Von Rosenchild 195 X 275 MM - 24 PAGES - HARDBACK - 5 SPREADS WITH DIE CUT- €18 - 2015

Sold: Japanese Marie-Antoinette, Sissi, Pocahontas, Cleopatra ans Catherine of Russia are shown here in their most beautiful clothes in delicate paper cut-outs. Their destinies and characters are full of surprises and their acute minds have marked history.


The Nutcracker Little Theater Text by Roxane-Marie Galliez 170 X 240 MM - 24 PAGES - HARDBACK - 4 LAYER DIE-CUT SPREADS - €18.00 - 2014

Sold: Japanese A soft and beautiful book with die-cut illustrations, to rediscover the Christmas story of the Nutcracker ballet.

Wonders of the World 3+

Olivier Charbonnel, ill. by Marie Caillou 230 X 300 MM - 16 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH 7 POP-UPS - €23 - 2016

Sold: Simplified Chinese A magnificent, large-scale pop-up of 7 wonders of the world! The Coliseum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Egyptian pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, Emperor Qin’s terracotta army, the Taj Mahal, the Chenonceau castle. Incredible, human constructions that are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and that have lasted through history and memory.









210 X 297 MM - 168 PAGES -HARDBACK WITH FLAPS TO LIFT - €19.90 - 2012

Sold: German, Italian , Simplified Chinese, Japanese A stylish and elegant book to teach us everything about 40 of the most common fruits and vegetables. Did you know that there is a big blue flower on top of the artichoke, that there are about 150 varieties of tomatoes, or that you can drink citrus caviar juice? On the left page: fascinating information on each vegetable with educational, poetic and humorous illustrations. On the right page: a magnificent close-up drawing of the plant showing the whole fruit or vegetable, and under the flap: its inside.




240 X 285 MM - 168 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH FLAPS TO LIFT - €19.90 - 2015

Sold: German, Italian, Simplified Chinese Fascinating information about 40 animals, with educational, poetic and humourous illustrations on the left page. On the right page, on a colourful background, beautiful paintings of animals, and under the flap, vintage style skeletons.




Discover all the colors and their symbolic with this beautiful accordion book. On one side of the accordion, each double page is dedicated to one color: its history, its symbolic, what it is made of, its different shades and even how to make it yourself! On the other side, a hand-painted inventory of all the color tones makes this book a real piece of art.

It Smells So Good!



Yummy, a book which smells good! Let’s teach to the very young how to recognize 10 sweets and 10 fruits smells. Thanks to riddles, guess what comes from America and can be black, brown or white? Lift the flap and discover a chocolate bar. And surprise! Scrub it with your finger, it smells like chocolate! Each book comprises 10 riddles.

• Fruits Smell So Good • Sweets Smell So Good


Novelty 6+

My World Puzzle Atlas Michel Mouton-Barrère, ill. by Olivier Latyk BOOK: 150 X 190 MM - 148 PAGES, BOARD FORMAT: 300 X 600 MM, 90 PUZZLE PIECES - €17.90 - 2012

Educative and original, this "box of treasures" will take young readers on a fascinating journey to discover the lives of different people on Earth. A valuable entertaining educational tool for home or school, with colourful and modern illustrations.

In my Castle 5+

Nathalie Lescaille Moulènes, ill. by Arnaud Roi 206 X 350 MM - 40 PAGES - SOFTCOVER - 40 PAPER CHARACTERS - POP-UP CASTLE - €16.90 - 2015

A reference book to know everything about medieval daily life, a fantastic fortified castle pop-up and 40 paper characters to play with.


The Princess with the White Feather Ghislaine Roman, ill. by Sophie Lebot BOX: 173 X 250 X 25 MM / BOOK - 172 X 250 MM - 40 PAGES - PAPERBACK - €13.90 - 2017

A beautiful box set including a touching tale that makes us discover the Maharajahs’ India and three feather accessories. The Maharajah didn’t smile anymore. Since his wife died, only his daughter Chedana could calm his melancholy. One day, he decided to remarry but his cruel new wife didn’t want to take care of the little girl. When the Maharanee discovered how beautiful Chedana was, she held her prisoner, pretending she had died. Each day, the princess turned into an amazing white swan and each night she became human again. Would she discover the secret of her enchantment in the books?



Stories from Around the World



These gifty and playful sets tell stories of Princesses, Horses, Ballets and Fairies from all over the world. A magnetic board with magnets and stickers makes the reader play and learn at the same time.

• A World of Horses (Christine Pompéi, ill. by Mercedes Palacios) • A World of Princesses (Martine Laffon, ill. by Barbara Brun) • A World of Fairies (Christine Pompéi, ill. by Anja Klaus)

In My Doll House Arnaud Roi, ill. by Lucile Placin


BOX: 380 X 260 MM – BOOK: 210 X 280 MM – 32 PAGES – PAPERBACK – €17.90 – 2017

This box set contains a fairy-tale book, a pop-up house, and ten figurines. The perfect opportunity to continue playing with dolls after reading their stories!

Flower Princesses Christelle Gomez-Huet, ill. by Seng Soun Ratanavanh



Sold: Simplified Chinese A lovely pop-up book which tells the reader a story for each flower and offers an origami activity to create your own favorite flowers!



I’m going to Primary 1!


Susie Morgenstern, ill. by Christine Roussey 168 X 220 X 15 MM BOX - 32 PAGES - SOFTCOVER ACTIVITY BOOK - 96 PAGES - SOFTCOVER FICTION BOOK 24 STICKERS 3 BOOKMARKS TO DETACH - 8 LABEL STICKERS - €12.90 - 2014

Nine delightful stories by Susie Morgenstern about little and big adventures in the classroom, in the courtyard, with friends and lovers… A 32 pages activity book with growingly difficult exercices. Labels, stickers, bookmarks, with tender and humourous illustrations by Christine Roussey, you’re ready to start primary school!

"An original set which gives prominence to reading and fills your head with joyous words" Elle


Great! I’m Reading on my Own Susie Morgenstern, ill. by Delphine Mach & Christine Roussey 165 X 215 MM - SLIPCASE WITH VELCRO CLOTHING - ONE 96 PAGES AND ONE 32 PAGES SOFTCOVER BOOKS - 2 STICKER SHEETS - 3 BOOKMARKS - €12.90 - 2015

The essential kit to improve autonomous reading with Susie Morgenstern! Seven short stories tell the daily lives of little heroes in elementary school: adventures at home, at school, in the playground… Young readers will also find: a 32-page book with places where you can read, advice and knacks to read, 2 sticker sheets and 3 bookmarks to cut out. With tender and humourous illustrations.

My Great Quest to Learn How to Tell Time 5+

Valérie Sansonnet, Stéphanie Garnier and Sophie Rohrbach 210 X 245 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK BOOK WITH DETACHABLE CLOCK - €12.90 -2016

This morning in the Kingdom of Time, everyone is panicking! Someone has stolen from King Kronos… In order to discover the guilty one, the reader must figure out what each person was doing at midnight, the time of the crime. So, who doesn’t have an alibi ? It’s the reader’s job, armed with his detachable clock, to conduct the investigation. In each chapter, with the help of clues, the reader learns how to tell time, calculate duration, and judge lengths of time.

My Great Quest to Learn How to Count 6+

Valérie Sansonnet, Stéphanie Garnier, ill. by Matthias Malingrëy 210 X 245 MM – 40 PAGES – HARDCOVER WITH CUT-OUT CHIPS – €12.90 – FEB 2018

Solve an intergalactic investigation and calculate like an expert! An entertaining game to teach the fundamentals of calculation to children.



Colorama / Cisorama Sophie Ledesma



Sold: Simplified Chinese Colorama is a beautiful and fun activity book to express your creativity! Doodle in colourful and joyous illustrations: draw the cat’s pullover, the cameleon’s body, colour in the rainbow… and learn basic notions: primary colours, colour mixes. A gifty and colourful box, with a palette and a paintbrush, everything the young artist needs!


Cisorama “Cut, paste, decorate, reinvent, or do nothing, it’s up to you!"

Catch Him! Pronto


250 X 310 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK + A 235 X 305 MM LEAFLET (5 FOLDS) - €16 - 2016

A suspenseful investigation led by the reader to find out where the robber of Daisy Diossy’s jewels is hiding, with the help of a map and several clues. The great American actress’s jewels disappeared while she was attending a party in her honor. Fortunately, ten people saw the robber on his run through the city and are happy to say what they know. Listening to their information and with the help of the large map at the end of the book, the reader will track the robber to his final hiding place.

Investigomania, 16 puzzles to solve Valérie Sansonnet, ill. by Daniel Raúl Sponton 2 TITLES -280 X 280 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - €12.90 - 2017 /2018


Sold: Simplified Chinese Budding investigators can explore this world filled with wacky characters.The world of Investigomania is, at first glance, not unlike our own: page after page, the characters go about their lives in the streets, in the restaurant, on the beach, or even in a stadium. But although everyone acts normal, the reader knows something has just occurred… The reader unravels each puzzle, from the fire at Mr. Felin’s to the theft at Mr. Leblanc’s. A fun “Look and Find” title… Culprits beware!

My Anti-Zen Colouring Book Virginy L. Sam, ill. by Marie-Anne Abesdris


150 X 210 MM - 112 PAGES - SOFTCOVER - €9.99 - 2016

You’ll have plenty of time to be zen when you’re dead! Here is at last a doodling and colouring book with a wild graphic style for those who are fed-up of this boring trend. You can do absolutely what you want to: decorate it thanks to felt pens, gift paper, stamps, fabric, ashes, tooth paste or ketchup, you can even colour outside the lines, scribble, spray paint, or make spitballs for blowpipes out of its pages... Trash the book in your own way! On each spread: an antizen sentence with a drawing to freely doodle and colour in. “Do Rock n’ Roll, not Mandalas!”


Activity 9+

The Fashion Notebook Marie Venditelli, ill. by Sophie Griotto 190 X 260 MM - 144 PAGES - SOFTCOVER WITH FLAPS - €14.90 - 2012

Sold: World English, Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish The perfect gift for any aspiring fashion designer. Packed full of advice, handy hints and top tricks and tips to help girls get started on the path to fashion stardom. Full of stunning coloured illustrations, and with a stylist’s sketchbook section at the back.

The World/ The Princess Fashion Books Julie Got, ill. by Sophie Griotto


145 X 240 MM - 128 PAGES - WIRE’O BINDING - STICKERS - STENCILS - €13.90 - 2015

Both reference and activity titles, these beautiful books will help you discover many fabrics from all over the world and create your own collections! - Over 40 detailed and accessible texts on the origins and the making of world fabrics - Over 60 pages of fabric patterns that you can cut out thanks to board pages of stencils - Over 60 varied silhouettes to dress up - 43 stickers (including some with glitter) to add trendy accessories!


Top Secret Diary Nathalie Lescaille Moulènes, ill. by Peggy Moquay 150 X 200 MM - 112 PAGES - HARDBACK - 2 STICKER SHEETS - 2 PAIRS OF MAGNET AS CLOSING SYSTEM - €11.90 - 2015

Explore this book and create your own personal diary. A fun and helpful guide to record your life. Fill in your ID card, your wildest dreams, and deepest secrets.



Write your deepest thoughts, file your confidential souvenirs, learn to decode mysterious codes, or the language of flowers… - A large notebook into which the reader can write her own secrets like a diary. - A small book in which she can learn all about mystery codes and history’s secrets. - 6 envelopes (“Open quietly”, ”Don’t tell anyone”…), and coupons (“good for a kiss”, “good for a pyjama party”…); 2 sheets full of stickers.



The Magic Book Marjolaine Lefèvre-Tourtet, ill. by Rémi Saillard


200 X 290 MM - 96 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.50 - 2015

This book explains the workings of 35 “infallible” magic tricks, done by a professional magician, and tested by hundreds of children during magic workshops. Young sorcerers can do magic tricks using everyday objects (rubber bands, paper clips, pepper, etc). In this book, children will find 35 spells or magical experiments, advice and a wizard lexicon.

50 Ideas of Fun Activities for Girls B. Perrier, ill. by M. Cocklico


150 X 210 MM - 108 PAGES - HARDBACK + WIRE'O BINDING - €13.90 - 2015 - 2016

Instead of being stuck to your screens here are books packed full with ideas of fun activities to do on your own or with friends.

Notebook for a Budding Poet Bernard Friot, ill. by Hervé Tullet 180 X 260 MM - 304 PAGES - SOFT BOUND - SEWN INSIDE COVER - €16.90 - 2017


!s poetry elitist? Don’t be so sure! Day after day, by learning to search our inner self for the right word, we discover that anyone can write poetry. Each colourful page of this unique book matches a quote by a famous writer with a writing exercise. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• Notebook for a Budding Illustrator (Claude Lapointe, Sylvette Guindolet, Sept. 2017) • Notebook for a Budding Writer (Susie Morgenstern, ill. by Theresa Bronn, 2016) Sold: Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean

• The Agenda of the Budding Scientist (Nicole Ostrosky, ill. by Theresa Bronn) Sold: Greek, Greek, German, English

The Young Footballer’s Book


Benoît Nacci, ill. by David Giraudon 143 X 220 MM ‒ 112 PAGES ‒ SOFTCOVER - €10 - 2012

A practical book and notebook to learn and improve basic football movements. With clear explanations and illustrations, you can even practice on your own, in your bedroom!

My Super Football Box Benoît Nacci, Atelier Cartographik 1 BOX (245 X 200 X 55 MM) + 2 BOOKS (150 X 235 MM - 112 PAGES - SOFTCOVER AND 190 X 235 MM -


64 PAGES - (SOFTCOVER) + 1 GIANT POSTER - €19.90 - 2015

Benoît Nacci, a coach and former player, gives advice to become a great player and guides the beginners as well as the experienced sportsmen in their passion for football. A playful and educative box with two books, technical advice, a giant map and 32 stickers.


PICTURE BOOKS My Fatty Bunny 6+

Christine Roussey 200 X 275 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €11.90 - 2017

Our young hero’s biggest dream: to have a dwarf rabbit, a tiny one, to carry everywhere. But alas! What he gets as a birthday present is a big fat rabbit. But the animal’s tenderness and soft gaze will melt his master’s anger. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• My Stinky Dog

• My Lazy Cat

Sold: World English, Korean, Simp. Chinese, Spanish

Sold: World English, Spanish, Korean, Simp. Chinese, Catalan, Italian "A delight." (Booklist, USA)



Rosie & Rosette Éléonore Thuillier

• Rosie & Rosette on a Cruise • Rosie & Rosette Go to Granny's • Rosie & Rosette

3 TITLES 220 X 160 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €7.50 - 2014 - 2015

Sold: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Castilian, Catalan This humorous picture book series by the illustrator of bestselling phenomenon “The Wolf” will crack you up! Follow the crazy adventures of two cheerful sow friends who live in the forest with its threatening inhabitants…


I Am The Big Brother Benjamin Perrier, ill. by Jules 175 X 241 MM – 32 PAGES – HARDBACK – €10.90 – FEB 2018

Little brother or little sister, does it really matter? A humourous and positive picture book to welcome the arrival of a new baby, little sister or little brother.


The Day When My Cuddly Toy Said No Virginy L. Sam, ill. by Jules 200 X 200 MM – 32 PAGES – HARDBACK – €10.90 – MARCH 2018

A sensitive and tender picture book to prepare children for giving up their cuddly toys, by the author of bestselling middle-grade series The Diary of a Pest, translated into 4 languages.


The Best Pupil Is an Alien Virginy L. Sam, ill. by Estelle Billon-Spagnol 180 X 330 MM - 64 PAGES - HARDBACK - €12.90 - 2016

Every parent wishes his child to be the best pupil. In secret or not, every child wishes to become one day the best pupil too. The best pupil always arrives first at school. She cries when she only gets B, she is never out of glue stick. Most irritating is that the best pupil is a lovely and nice girl. This humourous book speaks up for normalcy and the average tendancy to envy perfection.


Picture books

Princess of the Rising Sun


Christine Pompei, ill. by Misstigri 265 X 385 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK- DIE-CUT ON THE FIRST PAGE - €15 - 2014

Sold: Spanish (Latin America) At the Hinata palace, it is still dark and quiet. However, behind a window, a candle is burning, delicately lighting Princess Asahi’s silhouette. She has a secret lover with whom she communicates at night. A beautiful and poetical picture book about forbidden love.

The Princess with the White Feather 6+

Ghislaine Roman, ill. by Sophie Lebot 265 X 285 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - 1 LASER-CUT PAGE - €16 - 2015

Sold: Spanish (Latin America), Greek The Maharajah’s cruel new wife hated her beautiful step daughter. She held Chedana prisoner on an island, pretending she had died. Each day, the princess turned into an amazing white swan and each night she became human again. Thanks to her protector Ganesh, a young boy Aakar, her cleverness and numerous reads, Chedana will manage to overcome her stepmother’s curse.

The Scent of Tea Leaves


Ingrid Chabbert, ill. by Célia Chauffrey 245 X 345 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.90 - 2016

Jia lives in the Tibetan plains. She accompanies her mother to pick the scented leaves and learn all their secrets. One morning, she saves the emperor from certain death, they fall so deeply in love that Jia accompanies the emperor back to town where they marry. And so it was that tea was invented.

The Dawn Princess


Sophie Bénastre, ill. by Sophie Lebot 265 X 380 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.90 - 2017

Sold: Spanish (Latin America) The land of Elysea was the happiest of all until one day the earth started to shake and its people woke up in the rubble. They reorganised their lives in this land of perpetual night. One day, a princess named Lucia was born, bringing hope that together with happiness dawn would one day come again.

10 Legends Around The World


Christine Pompei 7 TITLES AND 1 BIND-UP 48 PAGES - HARDBACK - €9.90 - 2014 / 2017

Sold: Spanish (Latin America) Ten horses, pirates, fairies, princesses and princes from around the world come to share their legendary stories! Discover their secrets and experience their lives, which are full of surprises…

• Princesses, Godesses and Fairies

• Princesses Around The World

BIND-UP - 200 X 285 MM - 128 PP

(ill. by Barbara Brun) - 230 X 330 MM

• Godesses Around The World

• Fairies Around The World

• Legendary Princes and Princesses (ill. by X.Devos) - 265 X 380 MM

• Pirates Around The World

(ill. by A.Petracchi) - 230 X 330 MM

(ill. by Anja Klauss) - 230 X 330 MM - €12.90

• Horses Around The World (ill. by Escletxa) - 180 X 280 MM

• Sorcerers Around The World

(ill. by Xavière Devos) - 230 X 330 MM

(ill. by Antoine Ronzon) - 180 X 280 MM


Picture books

Miyuki 6+

Roxane-Marie Galliez, ill. by Seng Soun Ratanavanh 2 TITLES 250 X 340 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €12.90 - 2017- 2016

Sold: World Spanish, Catalan, World English, Complex Chinese Be Patient Miyuki, a wonderful tale to learn the art of being patient. Blue land and orange moon. The first Dawn of Spring. The garden wakes up and Miyuki, already awake, runs bare-footed through the colourful flowers. One of them hasn’t hatched yet and Miyuki can’t wait to see it open. She spends the whole day searching for pure water to water it. Maybe the best thing to do is to wait… In Time for Bed Miyuki, the little girl looks for multiple ways to postpone bedtime... "One of the best 2016 picture books"

El Pais

– Grand-Père, tu cherches à m’embrouiller. Je ne peux pas dormir maintenant, je dois… je dois préparer l’arrivée de la reine des libellules. Elle a choisi notre jardin pour venir avec toute sa cour demain. – Toute sa cour ? – Oui ! C’est un événement important, aide-moi s’il te plaît à préparer un dais pour l’honorer, là sous le cerisier. – D’accord Miyuki, préparons cet abri, puis tu iras te coucher. Alors, Grand-père aida Miyuki. Quelques feuilles tombées, trois brindilles et un coquelicot penché, la reine des libellules pouvait arriver.


The Princess with 1001 Pearls Ghislaine Roman, ill. by Bertrand Dubois 265 X 380 MM – 40 PAGES – HARDBACK – €16 – 2017

In a forgotten kingdom on a now lost continent, an orphan princess named Khouniley learns on the day she turns seven that she will become queen once she’s accomplished the rite of the pearls: each time she proves to be smart and wise, pearls will magically appear on her neckless…

Lucía 6+

Johana Dierickx-Brax, ill. by Justine Brax 250 X 340 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.50 - 2015

Sold: Greek A beautiful Andalusian tale about timidity, imagination and family love. " Mama is so beautiful when she dances Flamenco! " Lucía thought. Terrified as she has to dance in public Lucía takes refuge in day dreaming, wonderful landscapes and stories…


Picture books

I Will Work Miracles... Susie Morgenstern, ill. by Jiang Hong Chen


297 X 346 MM ‒ 36 PAGES ‒ HARDBACK - €14.70 - 2006

Sold: Korean, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, English (US), German, Dutch, Simplified Chinese All children let their imagination run wild when they dream about their future. Commanding the sun, bringing the dead back to life and making them dance, curing the sick with lemonade, putting an end to war, playing with time, providing food for all the children in the world... There is so much to do!

Bubble Charlotte Demanie, ill. by Justine Brax


250 X 340 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14 - 2013

Bubble is always daydreaming, as light as a feather. And one day, she flies far away. In the dark, she doesn’t see anything and she’s ready to cry when she feels someone pulling her feet: " Bubble, where have you been again? ", her father says, as he rewinds the long thread she was attached to.

Cinderella July Zaglia, ill. by Misstigri


280 X 345 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - €16 - 2016

Sold: Spanish (Latin America) Cinderella: a fairytale known throughout the world, revisited with a 21st century twist.

The Igniter of Dreams Dorothée Piatek, ill. by Gwendal Blondelle


270 X 210 MM - 48 PAGES - HARDBACK - €13.90 - 2013

Sold: Portuguese (Brazil) A touching and moving ecological tale. In a mineral world without seasons, a little boy wanders and looks for water to make his sunflower grow. The igniter of dreams helps him by opening the door of one of his secret gardens...


Picture books

ERIC PUYBARET The Child of the Air 6+

Text by E.Puybaret


My Soul to the Wind Text by R.-M. Galliez


245 X 345 MM – 32 PAGES –HARDBACK €16 – 2017

An enchanting large-format picture book about solidarity and brotherhood.

245 X 345 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK €14.50 - 2013

Sold: Italian, Korean, Greek Written as a poem, this story tells us how a grandpa says goodbye to his grandson. Addressing the absence of a loved one, the moving and breathtaking text is beautifully illustrated by Eric Puybaret. 2016 premio di litteratura per i ragazzi Fondazione cassa di risparmio di centopicture book section


Dearest Santa Emma Chedid, ill. by Dankerleroux 250 X 320 MM - 56 PAGES AND 5 ENVELOPES ENCLOSING LETTERS - HARDBACK- €15.90 - 2012

Sold: Russian A large picture book about Santa’s adventures, including 4 short stories and 5 envelopes with manuscript letters from children. Aglaé is scared by everything and doesn’t even write to Santa Claus; Barnabé asks for a simple ‘‘yes’’; and Jérémie asks for 1001 gifts…


The Phantom of the Opera Catherine Washbourne, ill. by Hélène Druvert 220 X 285 MM - HARDBACK - 40 PAGES - €19 - 2015 - CD INCLUDED IN THE FRENCH EDITION

A beautiful adaptation of the famous tale by Gaston Leroux. A ghost roams in the Paris Opera. In love with the young singer, the ghost can’t stand to see her falling in love with another man. 2015: shortlisted for the best audio book award (Montreuil Book Fair)

Leon, The Extra-Little-Terrestrial 6+

Jo Witek, ill. by Stéphane Kiehl 250 x 260 MM - 30 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH DIE-CUT COVER - €14.90 - 2016

Sold: Simplified Chinese In a delicate tender style, this picture book tells the story of a little boy, excessively sensitive and a dreamer, who invites us in his bubble and shares his little life.

Listen to your Heart 6+

Susie Morgenstern, ill. by Sandra Poirot Cherif 265 X 290 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.50 - 2015

Sold: Korean A sensitive book about memories. One day, Mila gets her mother’s dressmaker model. She dresses it up with her ancestor’s clothes. As a scarecrow dedicated to her memories, it gives her strength and lets her remember those people she misses. Their wisdom helps her and protects her.


REFERENCE The Encyclopedia of the Inquisitive Two



Elisabeth de Lambilly, ill. by Remi Saillard Sold: Simplified Chinese 6 TITLES WITH A LEAFLET 175 X 185 MM - 24 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH A 12 PAGES LEAFLET - €10 7 TITLES - NEW FORMAT 190 X 190 MM - 32 PAGES - HARDBACK - €8.90

Louise and Louis travel through time and space to live great adventures and bring back useful clues to broaden their knowledge! Written as a fun quest, each story deals with the main questions related to the title. It is followed by a non-fiction part. Included in the first 6 titles of the series: a double-sided leaflet, folded in 6 parts.

• Dinosaurs (€8.90) Sold: Basque, Swedish • Mum is expecting a Baby (€8.90) Sold: Basque • Volcanos (€8.90)

• Zoo (€8.90)

• Egypt (€10)

• Space (€8.90)

• Water (€10) Sold: Slovenian

• Pirates (€8.90) • The Human Body (€10) • Fortified Castles (€10)•

• Prehistory (€10) • Recycling (€10) Sold: Slovenian

• Indians (€8.90)

Amazing Facts to Impress your Friends Benjamin Josse


230 X 230 MM - 96 PAGES - HARDBACK - €12 - 2017

There is a flower that smells like chocolate; candy floss was invented by a dentist; the Eiffel tower’s height varies… Impress the whole school yard with funny facts! This adaptation of a popular short TV program is a collection of incredible facts told from an unusual point of view, on the premise that anecdotes generate curiosity in children .

My Plane Trip Dominique Foufelle, ill. by Mother Volcano


290 X 158 MM - 48 PAGES - HARDBACK - €11 - 2015

This detailed and practical book will teach young children all they need to know about air travel, step by step.

Legendary Vehicles Ill. by Olivier-Marc Nadel 2 TITLES 360 X 270 MM - 22 PAGES - HARDBACK - €18 - 2013 - 2014

Sold: Russian Let’s go for a world tour with 10 legendary airplanes or trains taking you through a wonderful journey! You can discover the history of these mythical machineries which have made history like the Concorde or the Transiberian.




Machines Inside Pascale Hedelin, Lou Rhin 285 X 312 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.90 - 2015

Sold: Russian, Simplified Chinese, Polish Learn all about the insides of legendary vehicles in this beautiful and detailed book! From the Titanic to the Ariane Rocket, this book uncovers old and new transportation methods.


Higher & Higher / Faster & Faster Justine de Lagausie, ill. by Mikhail Mitmalka 200 X 380 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK - €12.90 - 2014/2015

Sold: Simplified Chinese What is taller than a child? A giraffe! Taller than a giraffe? The statues from Easter Island! And even taller? And even, even taller…? With Faster & Faster, get on board, from a 5 km per hour quiet walk to Mach 227, the speed of Helios 2 space probe in this 40-page top-speed trip!


Solar System Anne Jankéliowitch, ill. by Annabelle Buxton 300 X 210 MM - 48 PAGES - HARDBACK - GLOW-IN-THE-DARK INK - €14.90 - 2017

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Spanish An amazing glow-in-the-dark book to learn more about our solar system at every age. How many planets make the solar system? How old is the sun? What is the Earth’s satellite? Which planets can be called telluric? Thanks to glow-in-the-dark spot ink, the reader will discover the planets, satellites and other celestial wonders. With Annabelle Buxton’s delightful illustrations. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• Constellations (ill. by S. Andreaccio) Sold: Simplified Chinese

"Julie's favourite, the ideal tool for young observers." (Julie Magazine)

• Little Animals of the Night (ill. by D. Chedru) Sold: Simplified Chinese, World English


Constellations A Box to Read under The Stars Anne Jankéliowitch, ill. by Sarah Andreacchio BOX: 292 X 212 X 55 MM - BOOK: 264 X 185 MM - 48 PAGES POSTER: 920 X690 MM + 16 PHOSPHORESCENT STICKERS + 10 GLOW IN THE DARK PLASTIC STARS ROTATING MAP - €19.90 - 2017

Sold: Simplified Chinese A playful box for every sky lover who wishes to learn how to recognize the fifteen most famous constellations of the Northern hemisphere.

"Cleverly made and very complete." (La mare aux mots) 22


The Atlas for Curious Children Alain Dichant, ill. by Atelier Cartographik


295 X 295 MM - 48 PAGES - 5 CLEAR PVC SHEETS - HARDBACK - €16.90 - 2015

Sold: Dutch, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish With this stylish atlas, see the world from a new and fantastic point of view. For each continent you can find a presentation paragraph, main information and figures, a natural features’ map overlaid with a transparent sheet containing borders, towns and human structures, a culinary quiz, a true-and-false game on various topics and cultural information, fun charts full of statistics, quizzes about geography…

I Count Everything! Justine De Lagausie, Raphaël Martin, ill. by Atelier Cartographik


260 X 260 MM - 64 PAGES - HARDBACK - €13.90 - 2017

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Russian An entertaining and stylish book to discover the world through small and big numbers! Who would have known that a pike has twice the amount of teeth as the great white shark, or that a mouse has more bones than a human body? Spectacular numbers appear where we least expect them.

Superhero Animals Raphaël Martin, ill. by Guillaume Plantevin


2 TITLES 260 X 340 MM - 64 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.90 - 2015

Sold: Korean, English, Simplified Chinese, Polish,Spanish A large and beautiful picture book about animals. An entertaining book, with many different sections, to learn all about various animals, each one presented as a superhero! Find out all about the lion’s powers, the great white shark’s Achilles' heel, or the elephant’s biggest fault. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• Mini Animals Maxi Heros

Mythological Monsters Raphaël Martin, Jean-Christophe Piot, ill. by Lucas Harari


240 X 310 MM - 64 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.90 - 2016

Sold: Simplified Chinese A stunning reference series shining a new light on mythology’s monstrous creatures, the Olympus Gods and the Egyptian Gods. With wide and stylish illustrations. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• The Mont Olympus Gods (ill. by Olivier Balez) • Gods of Egypt (ill. by Djilian Deroche) 23

Reference 8+

The Life-Size Museum of Insects François Lasserre, ill. by Anne de Angelis 250 X 330 MM - 48 PAGES - HARDBACK - €15 - 2017

Sold: German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish An elegant reference book to know everything about insects with the unusual outlook of a museologist on his beloved bugs. Time to meet the wingy and wingless, the eatable and uneatable, the disguised and bribing ones! A surprising and fun adventure.

"An enchanting book" (Süddeutshe Zeitung) Shortlisted for the "La Science se livre" award


The Home over the Ages Nathalie Lescaille Moulènes, ill. by Sébastien Plassard 285 X 312 - 24 PAGES - HARDBACK - €15 - 2016

Sold: Simplified Chinese Discover the history of human homes and the evolution of our way of life, from prehistoric times to today in this stylish book.

The Big Book of Costumes 7+

Caroline Laffon, ill. by Natalya Balnova 262 X 380 MM - 64 PAGES - HARDBACK - €16.90 - 2016

Sold: Simplified Chinese An exceptional large-format book that takes you on a round-the-world trip to discover the most beautiful costumes from the past and today. Animal skin, cowboy’s trousers, Kalimbe, Poncho, Kimono, Jodhpurs... From a simple decorated loincloth, to magnificent imperial outfits, costumes carry important meanings and symbols.


World History in Pictograms Anne Jonas, ill. by Michaël Leblond 240 X 320 MM - 72 PAGES - HARDBACK - €15.50 - 2016

Sold: Russian, Simplified Chinese A stylish book to easily get the bigger picture of world history. A simplified and easy-to -remember look on the evolutions of each era on different continents (way of life, food, inventions, etc.) thanks to striking illustrations.


What Does the Bible Say? Jean-Michel Billoud, ill. by Hélène Georges 220 X 285 MM - 172 PAGES - HARDBACK - €19.90 - 2016

Sold: Polish An elegant graphic book that looks at the Bible under a new light! This book tells the most famous Bible stories (over 70) and answers all the questions that we wonder about. With varied information, surprising and always exciting, the book helps the reader comprehend this ancient founding text.



123 Go!


Pascale Hedelin, Amelie Faliere 200 X 380 MM - 48 PAGES - HARDBACK - €13.90 - 2016

Sold: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Catalan A dynamic, unique book on animals and their sporting achievements. Turning the pages, we discover who jumps the highest, who runs the longest, who is the best swimmer, who can hold their breath the longest… and many other skills of wild as well as domestic animals !

Fabulous Prehistory Animals


Isabelle Frachet, ill. by Magali Attiogbé


226 X 226 MM - 18 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH FLAPS AND 2 POP-UPS - €13.90 - 2017

Find yourself in prehistoric times and discover fabulous animals with plenty of surprises! During the Paleolithic era, dinosaurs had disappeared long ago and men were sharing their territory with plenty of animals. Much less known than the dinosaurs, Prehistory Animals will be a surprising and fascinating discovery for the readers.

Good Manners Around the World Eliane Karsaklian, Raphaël Martin, ill. by Jessica Das


210 X 210 MM - 64 PAGES - HARDBACK - €12.90 - 2016

Avoiding clichés, this book explains customs and rules of behaviour clearly, with humourous illustrations, around various situations and themes: greeting, getting dressed, eating, drinking, behaving with your family, behaving on the street, hygiene and toilets, beliefs.

Explained to Children 5 TITLES + 1 BOX SET - 255 X 190 MM - 192 PAGES - HARDBACK - €19.50


Travel the world and explore the important symbols that coin a country's identity.This series takes you through a fantastic journey to make you discover the history of currencies, flags, signs or costumes from all around the world. It reveals the stories behind these emblems and explains through clear and vivid comments what they say about the country.

• Flags Box Set - Sold: Italian • Currency Explained to Children • Flags - Sold: English (US), Italian,

• Boards - Sold: Italian, German • Music Instruments - Sold: Russian • World Outfits - Sold: Russian,

German, Russian, Finnish, Korean

Simplified Chinese

Veni, Vidi, Vici 40 quotes that made History


Anne Jonas, ill. by Nancy Ribard 175 X 285 MM - 96 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.50 - 2015

Sold: Russian " Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar ." " Let he who loves me follow me! " Who said those words and in which circumstances? 40 famous historical quotes explained in their context, from Alexander the Great to Nelson Mandela.



50 Answers to Avoid Confusing Everything 8+

Véronique Corgibet, Mathilde Giard, Marion Gillot, Aurore Meyer, Vincent Bergier 175 X 330 MM - 96 PAGES - HARDBACK - €13.90 - 2016

An educational reference book full of humor, for the reader to never again confuse things that seem so similar! Yes, who hasn’t hesitated when trying to distinguish between a mandarin an a clementine, a star and a planet, a psychologist and a psychiatrist. This book studies all the areas of knowledge: Nature and the environment; Geography; Daily Life; History; Art; Concepts.

100 Silly Questions 9+

That Are Not So Dumb

"To take with you all summer to challenge your friends." (Huffington Post Canada)

Stéphane Frattini, ill. by Robbert 195 X 285 MM - 208 PAGES - PAPERBACK WITH ROUND CORNERS - €13.90 - 2017

Sold: Polish, Simplified Chinese Why do witches ride brooms? Why do we have a lump when we bump ourselves? An entertaining book to answer a wide variety of questions, organised into large thematic parts.

True or False? 8+

Gérard Dhôtel, ill. by Benoît Perroud 4 TITLES + 1 BIND-UP 260 X 260 MM - 80 PAGES - HARDBACK- €14.90 - 2015

Sold: Simplified Chinese In Amazing Facts about the Human Body, learn what is false among plenty of common preconceptions. What is the appendix useful for? How many times do you blink each day? Can you actually die of laughter? Can your size change during the day? What is the most solid: bones or steel? An entertaining and educative series.


• True or False, The Bind-Up (2016, 210 X 210 MM, 224 PAGES)

Sold: German


• True or False, History • True or False, Animals - Sold: Korean • True or False

Understanding the Devices Around Us Alain Korkos, ill. by Christophe Clérici 260 X 285 MM - 96 PAGES - HARDBACK - €15.10 - 2014

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Dutch Would you like to know how a toaster or a microwave work, what is hidden behind the face of your watch, how the high-speed train is propelled or why a fridge produces cold? With his unequalled style, subtly mixing humour and knowledge, Alain Korkos explains how 40 everyday machines work.



Nature, Tell Me! series Françoise de Guibert, ill. by Clémence Pollet


4 TITLES - 190 X 200 MM – 96 PAGES – HARDBACK – €12.90

Sold: Russian, Italian, Simplified Chinese A beautifully illustrated reference books series to learn where fruit and vegetables grow, where animals live, how our body works and what animals eat in a very clear double spread organisation.

• Tell Me What You Eat • Tell Me How My Body Works

• Tell Me Where You Live • Tell Me How It Grows


The Who - When - How Books 5 TITLES + 2 BIND-UP 172 X 315 MM - 96 PAGES - PADDED PLC - €14.90


Answers to funny, goofy, and serious questions that kids often ask. Whether they’re about art, the body, civics, daily life, feelings, history, nature, space, technology, or something else entirely, all questions have an answer. The author provides clever and funny questions and gives clear, impertinent and poetic answers. The perfect series for curious minds!

• I’m Left-Handed, So What?

• The How Book

Sold: Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese

Sold: Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, English (US), Castilian, Indonesian, Russian

• The What-If Book Sold: Greek, Simplified Chinese

• The Why Book Sold: Bulgarian, German, Simplified & Complex Chinese, Korean, Castilian, Greek, Indonesian, Dutch, Romanian, Italian, English, Swedish, Russian

• Tell Me, Where Does That Come From? Sold: Simplified Chinese

• Bind-up: the small book for big questions (The Why Book/Why All those Whys?/The How Book) Sold: Simplified Chinese, Korean

• Bind-Up: The big book of questioning questions Sold: Simplified Chinese, Dutch

The Big Book of Animals Pronto


3 TITLES 260 X 360 MM - 36 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.90 - 2017

A big and beautiful documentary to discover, or re-discover, over 120 animals! The animals are arranged by families throughout the thematically organised doublepages, with full-page drawings depicting them in their everyday positions and expressions. In his delectable style, Pronto has drawn or painted all manner of animals: giant ones, slow ones, multicoloured ones, those that are toxic or venomous, those who sting, who stink, who leap; those who hibernate, and many others. IN THE SAME SERIES:

• The Big Book of Music Instruments Sold: Spanish

• The Big Book of Tools 27

Reference 9+

Children Who Make the World Better Anne Jankéliowitch, Yann Arthus-Bertrand (photographs) Fondation Good Planet 190 X 228 MM ‒ 128 PAGES - SOFTCOVER WITH FLAPS - €14.50 - 2012

Sold: Korean, English (US), German, Russian From the US to Africa, South Korea or Hungary, 45 young heroes aged from 10 to 17 years old tell their everyday stories and the actions they take to make the world better, by organising an international campaign to plant trees, recycling old computers or giving a speech at the United Nations.

Fifty Iconic Women 9+

Philippe Godard, Jo Witek 190 X 255 MM - 124 PAGES - SOFTCOVER, SEWN - €21.50 - 2014

Fascinating women's portraits for nowadays girls. Thanks to these 50 inspiring examples, readers can become proud, enthusiastic and ambitious women! What do Madonna, Louise Brooks, Helen Keller, Isadora Duncan, Maria Montessori or Marie Curie have in common? An exceptional destiny. These are 50 indispensible examples for girls who start wondering about their personality, their wishes and their future.


They Changed the World Philippe Godard, Patrice Favaro 190 X 255 MM - 224 PAGES - HARDBACK - €21.50 - 2016

What do Albert Einstein, Claude Levi-Strauss, Marguerite Yourcenar, Andy Warhol, Simone de Beauvoir, Malala Yousafzai, John Lennon, Rosa Parks, or even Steve Jobs have in common? A photographic reference book on all the great men and women of the 20th century who, in one way or another, changed the world by an invention, their activism, or their career. An engaging book for young people of today!


Children from Other Places 25 TITLES 185 X 265 MM - 48 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH ROUNDED SPINE - €12.90 -2013

A series that cleverly offers a look into the day-to-day life of children around the world, through the voices of three children from each given country.

• We Live in India

• We Live in Spain

Previous edition sold: German, Korean, English (US & UK)

• We Live in China

• We Live in Japan

Previous Design • Algeria: sold - Korean • Argentina • Australia: sold - German • Brazil: sold - German, Korean, English (UK & US) • Canada: sold - German


Previous edition sold: German, Korean, English (US & UK)

Previous edition sold: German, Korean, English (US & UK)

• Cuba • Egypt • Guatemala • Indonesia: sold - German • Iran: sold - German • Lebanon: sold - German

• Jerusalem and Bethlehem:sold - German • Madagascar • Morocco: sold - German • Romania • Rwanda

• Russia: sold - German, English (US & UK) • Senegal • South Africa: sold - German • Turkey: sold - German • Vietnam


My Earth Seen from Space Olivier Blond, photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Fondation Goodplanet


270 X 240 MM - 40 PAGES - HARDBACK WITH FLAPS TO LIFT - €14.50 - 2014

Sold: Simplified Chinese 15 major issues for the future of our planet, with striking images of the earth from satellites! With flaps to lift and comparisons between pictures of the earth from the sky and from space, a clever and entertaining introduction to major issues. Feeding the world, anticipating climate change, fighting pollution, protecting forests, urbanization, facing natural disasters, figthing desertification etc.

The Incredible Round-The-World Solar Flight


Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg 285 X 255 MM - 72 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.50 - 2014

German and English translations of the text available The extraordinary adventure of the First Round-The-World Solar Flight. The two pilots have fled around the world in 2015 with no fuel, rising up to technical, human and operational challenges that have never been faced before. An exciting expedition that demonstrates how pioneering spirit, innovation and clean technologies can change the world.




Johanne Bernard 255 X 285 MM - 72 PAGES - HARDBACK- €12.90 - 2013

Amazonia, a high budget entertainment movie, shot in 3D, for the whole family. Discover the largest forest in the world, its fauna and flora, thanks to an enthralling book.

• Amazonia, Life in the Amazon Rain Forest, photos by Araquém Alcântara Sold: German, Simplified Chinese

Osiris Mysteries Franck Goddio, Camille Von Rosenschild, ill. by Renaud Vigourd


285 X 255 MM - €15 - HARDBACK - 72 PAGES - 2015

A fascinating book upon the Osiris exhibition: “The submerged mysteries of Egypt” opening September 2015 at the Arab World Institute in Paris. Franck Goddio is a French submarine archeologist who found out the city Thônis-Héracleion in the Bay of Aboukir.


Reference 9+

The World Around Us 40 TITLES 285 X 255 MM - 72 PAGES - HARDBACK - €14.50

A brand new design and new titles for the renowned series The World around us, with more than 800,000 copies across the series sold to date! Books of rare quality, which will amaze both adults and children.

New Titles • Versailles (2017) • Greek Mythology (2017) • New York (2017) • Animals of the Savanna, by C. and M. Denis-Huot • Extreme Sports • The Gallo-Romans

• Handball • Soccer • Police • A Better Earth for Tomorrow, Photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Sold: German, Spanish

• Religions • School • Prehistory • World War II • Louvre • World War I • Fashion

• Wonders from Museums • Water • Wonders of Europe Sold: Italian

• Sky • Firemen • The North and South Poles

New Design • Birds, photos by Gilles Martin (May 2015) Sold: Italian

• Future of the Earth, photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2014) Sold: World Castilian, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, English US

• Wonders From France (2014) • Tennis • Dogs


• The Space conquest

• Extreme Jobs

Sold: German, World Castilian, Italian, English (US & UK)

Sold: German

• Horses Sold: German, Dutch

• Rugby • Houses of the World

• The Sea, photos by Philip Plisson Sold: German, Dutch, Castilian, Catalan, English (US)

Sold: German, Dutch, Danish, English (US)

• Great Cities of the World Sold: German, Italian, Castilian

• Dances • Wonders of the World

Sold: German, Castilian, Italian

• Children of the World

• Cats, photos by Hans Silvester

• Africa Sold: German

• Animals, photos by Steve Bloom

Sold: German, Dutch, English (US)

• Volcanoes, photos by Philippe Bourseiller

Sold: German, Dutch, Italian, English (US)

Sold: German, Italian

Sold: German, Castilian, Italian, English (US & UK)

Animal Portraits 9 TITLES - 250 X 290 MM - 72 PAGES - HARDBACK - €13.10

The daily life of animals told to children, exclusively through stunning photographs.

• Bears ‒ Sold: Simp.


• Surprising Animals • Cats • Horses


• Lions ‒ Sold: Simp. Chinese, Dutch • Girafes ‒ Sold: Simp. Chinese, Dutch • Dogs

Dream Motorcycles Bruno Garay 250 X 290 MM - 72 PAGES - HARDBACK - €13.10 - 2017

A beautiful tribute to the most legendary motorcycles!


• Monkeys ‒ Sold: Simp. Chinese, Dutch • Dolphins ‒ Sold: Dutch, Simp. Chinese


Hey Girls! Various authors 170 X 230 MM - 224 PAGES - PAPERBACK - €12.90 - 2017


An entertaining book to learn about yourself, take your life in your own hands, and take flight. Learn how to feel comfortable about your body and your thoughts, how to manage your group of friends, or how to be a fulfilled student and a responsible citizen, with quizzes, true/false games, testimonies etc. A bind-up from the “Keep it Fresh” series. IN THE SAME SERIES, KEEP IT FRESH: 11 TITLES - 150 x 200 MM - 80 PAGES - PAPERBACK - €9.95 - 2014-2017

• How to Take Care of Your Planet

• Fashion

• Your Family: an Epic Saga

• Friendship

• How to Become A Great Boy (or so)

• I Am Starting Junior Highschool

• It’s Unfair: Little Troubles, Big Questions, All the Solutions!

• Furry or Feathery. Our Pets, Our Best Friends

• Your Puberty. Secrets and Advice for this Great Adventure

• Soon In Love

• How to Become A Truly Brilliant Girl (or so)

Rugby / Football Shirts and Badges


Jean-Luc Labourdette, Benoît Kerjean 170 X 220 MM - 192 PAGES - SOFTCOVER - €12.90 - 2015

Get ready for a Round-The-World trip to discover the shirts and badges of rugby and football’s greatest teams!

Olympic Records and Little Anecdotes Jean-Luc Labourdette, Benoit Kerjean


170X 250 MM - 224 PAGES - PAPERBACK - €13.90 - 2016

THE bible of the Olympic Games to know all the ins and outs of the most mythic competitive, sports games in the world. A complete panorama of all the disciplines and all the records since the first Olympic Games in 1896.

Little Stories of Masterpieces Alain Korkos


3 TITLES 250 X 310 MM - 160 PAGES - HARDBACK - €21

Go right to the heart of the picture to grasp its details! From little stories to History, these beautiful books unveil the secrets of famous masterpieces that have influenced art history. In Children Stories in 50 Masterpieces, discover the anecdotes hidden behind the representations of children who have fascinated the great masters.

• Impressionists (2017) Sold: Italian • Children Stories in 50 Masterpieces (2013) Sold: Simplified Chinese, Italian • Little Stories of Masterpieces (2011) Sold: Italian 31

Reference 9+

Happiness is Easy Sylvaine Jaoui, ill. by Robbert 135 X 185 MM - 112 PAGES - PAPERBACK - €9.90 - 2017

A great collection of the most funny or tender sayings that will always keep you on the bright side of life! With this concentrated dose of light, subtle, and fun sayings, happiness will always be at hand. Every day, open a new page of this book to remind yourself that happiness is easy.


Tips to Boost Your Confidence Alda Bournel, Audrey Pfaff, and Claire Delvaux 170 X 230 MM - 192 PAGES - ENCASED IN A ZIPPED CLOSED COVER - €16.90 - 2016

A zen, smart guide to boost your self-confidence and blossom. Who hasn’t had the feeling of being moved, embarassed, or simply out of place? Thanks to this all-terrain guide which uses personal development methods, advice from psychologists, and personality tests, self-esteem is no longer a foreign concept… A reassuring tone, relaxed with content from everyday teenage lives, notably the situations they are forced to face in their daily lives (asking for help, speaking in public, facing failure).


140 Tricks for Teenagers Only Alda Bournel, ill. by Gregory Bricout 170 X 250 - 256 PAGES - SOFTCOVER - €14.90 - 2014

A book for 11 to 14-year-olds that sets all kind of questions about their life, feelings, fears and hopes. With advice, solutions and accounts from teenagers. What to do when your hairdresser has completely messed up your haircut? How to claim back something you've lent? How to negotiate a hike in your pocket money? How to get motivated to do your homework? How to keep a secret?

160 Questions for Teenagers 11+

Anne-Marie Thomazeau , ill. by Odile Amblard 170 X 250MM ‒ 248 PAGES ‒ HARDBACK ‒ €19.95 - 2012

Sold: Korean A survival guide answering questions of teenagers between 11 and 14. Through their questions, this book covers all topics, whether serious or light, surprising or disturbing: friendships, young love, changing bodies, tough questions, new behaviour, families, questions about the future. OTHER REFERENCE TITLE FOR TEENAGERS:

• Girls and boys, so many questions! B. Bègue, S.Sargueil 190 X 228 MM ‒ 320 PAGES ‒ SOFTCOVER ‒ €15

Sold: Dutch



My Box of Stories

Festivals around the World


Sold: Simplified Chinese,



Read for pleasure! 15 stories about festivals from the entire world, gathered into 5 little books, in 5 folders bound up together. Entertaining stories that open little minds to other cultures, for more tolerance.


My Super Box of Stories


Funny, lively, imaginative and sensitive stories for young readers: learning to read has never been so much fun! 26 stories, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet, for children to discover throughout the school year.


My New Box of Stories



Sold: Korean

Sold: Simplified Chinese

24 imaginative and benevolent stories written from serious or quirky questions kids ask. Do we have to be happy? Why can’t I get everything I want? Why do I have to go to school? Why do people make war?

This box deals with first feelings of childhood through tender illustrated stories. Like a mini-encycopledia of feelings, each story deals with one of 26 feelings, from joy to sadness, fear to nostalgy, frustration to anger, embarassment to pride.

The Great Novel of my Little Life 9+

Ill. by Albertine 2 TITLES - 140 X 205 MM - 176 PP - €10.90 - 2016/2017 -ILLUSTRATED DIARY

Sold (volume 1): Korean Bonnie Bonnet is 13 years old and she is in love. But the women in her family have always been unhappy in relationships and Bonnie wonders if she will be too. It is up to her but why is it so hard to make a decision? A tender and humourous illustrated diary.

"It is impossible to resist to Bonnie's misadventures." Elle Magazine

Beauty's Daughter


Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian 145 X 215 MM - 432 PAGES - €17.90 - 2015 - FANTASY

The legend of Beauty and the Beast’s daughter in a breathtaking fantasy novel. Beauty and the Beast got married, but the curse remained in King Damian’s veins. The fruit of their union, a little girl, Isabel came to the world covered with fur and she had fangs. They will discover that, unlike her father, she can transform herself as often as she wants.



Diary of a Pest 9+

No Coincidence! (Vol. 4) Virginy L. Sam, Marie-Anne Abesdris 5 TITLES- MIDDLE GRADE/HUMOUR 140 X 205 MM - €11.90 - 2017

Despite the overabundant seriousness of her parents and teachers, Fanny continues on her quest to make the world a funnier place. The fourth book in this hilarious bestselling series! Fannette has taken her grandfather’s advice and quickly gotten over her heartbreak. As a matter of fact, the girl who was dating the handsome Theo was his sister’s pen pal, and she has now gone home. There is still hope… In the meantime, Fanny has a lot to do: spark a sense of humour in her father, stop her mother from going through her stuff, stop her sister from following her everywhere, help her friend Charly figure out why his mother comes home so late, think about her future… Sometimes life can be so hard when you’re 11 years old! IN THE SAME SERIES:

• Vol. 1 – Me? Such an Angel!

Sold: Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil)

• Vol. 2 – In Love? Never! Sold: Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil)

• Vol. 3 – What An Atmosphere! • Vol. 4 – There's No Such Thing As Chance • Vol. 5 – That Takes the Cake (Feb 2018) ALSO AVAILABLE (NOTEBOOKS):

• Your Own Diary of a Pest • Your Summer of a Pest, a notebook to fill in

An exceptionally successful French series: close to 150,000 copies sold! This is not just another diary series, these are also how-to books in which Fannette gives plenty of tips to become a true pest! If she were a polite girl, how could it be even possible to bear her little sister, her parents’ fads, her horrible French teacher? Fan shows us that impertinence is not only a boy’s thing. She has deliberately decided to be a pest, a poison, a plague. And it is not as easy as it seems! “When the pest is as funny, imaginative and cute as Fannette, no one can resist!” Le Dauphiné Libéré “A new type of book, modern and full of humour, a tender look upon today’s teens.” InterCDI



Diary of My (Almost) Ordinary Life My Wheeled Suitcase


Virginy L. Sam, ill. by Clotka 140 X 205 MM – 224 PAGES – SOFTCOVER - €11.90 – 2017 ‒ MIDDLE GRADE/HUMOUR

Move after move, Lila-Lou drags her little wheeled suitcase, her bad temper and her little complexes. What if, for once, she tried to open up a bit? The new series by Virginy L. Sam, the author of bestselling series Diary of a Pest. “The side-splitting life of a teenager” Julie magazine "Secondary-school pupils won't be able to let down this novel that reminds us of their elders' Bridget Jones" Le Parisien

My Father Was a Soldier in 1914


Christophe Malavoy, ill. by Hubert Van Rie 125 X 185 MM - 64 PAGES - €6 - 2014 ‒ HISTORICAL NOVEL

A moving fictional account during WWI, told by a child narrator in the first person. While the soldiers were fighting, their families had no other choice than living with their absence, waiting to receive letters from the front, reading the news, hearing about their neighbours’ losses…

Even Stars like Sardines in Oil Maïa Brami


140 X 205 MM - 224 PAGES - SOFTCOVER - €12.90 - 2015 - NOVEL

Douce, a fifteen year-old high school student, meets her favourite singer during her intership in a women’s magazine. But her idol proves to be really different from the person she seems to be as a celebrity…

My Best Friend was Recruited Dounia Bouzar 140 X 205 MM - 240 PAGES - SOFTCOVER - €11.90 - 2016 - NOVEL

Sold: German A shocking book about a sensitive subject: radicalization. How can someone go from a teenager's "normal" life to a Djihadist's life? How was she radicalized? What were the steps? What was the


process? How didn’t anyone notice? Dounia Bouzar slips into the skin of a young girl whose best friend is recruited… She tells the story of how she didn’t see it coming and then she realizes all the steps through which Camille went before getting completely caught up. A story which describes all the steps of recruitement and all the signs of radicalization, but in a intimate and non-moralistic manner. "Its offers a true opportunity, for the reader, to read an « indoctrination » from the inside. As if reading through the diaries of both girls." Les Inrocks " Without giving a lesson, Dounia Bouzar comes back, in detail, upon the process of radicalization among the youngsters. Very, very powerful! " Le monde des ados


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