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The Crisis of K-League

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2 Dream of Soccer July 2011

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We want to show our Dream of Soccer! Thank you for everyone who reading this magazine now and also made this magazine. This magazine is different from any other soccer magazine such as FourFourTwo, Best Eleven, The Number, etc. Our magazine team wants to make this magazine creative, detail, easy to understand, fresh, have emotions, and powerful magazine! It means when people look ‘Dream of Soccer’, people think ‘This magazine is chock-full of solid contents! It is not only simple but also substantial.’ Actually, our team labored for it for 2 months. It seems like short period, but it was long term for us to make Dream of Soccer. Many people gave us some helpful advices such as plan news, order of magazine, and design of cover. Also, the other soccer magazines were helpful to make it. They know how to make magazine, so once we also want to make same as other magazines, but it has no individuality. For that reason, we think about our character of magazine! Originally unlike other magazines, we focused on was making the creative magazine. Time was short and we were too urgent, so we want to use the other magazines’ features, however, it is not our intent. For two months, we always thinking and thinking how creative and powerful magazine can be produce. Do you know our dream is? It is giving dream to the readers. It means when people read this magazine and get inspiration about soccer. Our team thought it is the most difficult work to produce this magazine. Someone to giving inspiration is quite difficult. Our magazine will introduce fresh, surprise, impressive news every issue. We prepared poems, special interview, essays, reviews, biography, comic, short story, obituary, column, and gossip page. ENJOY DREAM OF SOCCER! Thank you. Editor Jung Bin Han

Dream of Soccer July 2011 3

July 2011

Creative & Fresh

P. 14-15 Biography of Beckenbauer

P. 7 Short Story for Park

5 Poem: My Soccer Team 14-15 Biography: Franz Beckenbauer 16 Poem: World Cup

Enjoy 22-24 Match Review of K-League Japan Futsal Abroad Review of Movie „Goal‟

Impressive 7 Short story: Ji Sung, Park 13 Journal Entries: Just One Thing of My Life 21 Obituary: Stanley Matthews

Inspire 9-10 Special Interview: Edu (Schalke 04, Bundesliga) 26 Gossips for Lionel Messi and Wesley Sneijder 28 Short Letters from Readers

Serious 11 Descriptive Essay: UEFA Champions League 17 Persuasive Essay: The Strength of the Bundesliga 18 Comparative Essay: The difference between English Premier League and Spain Primera Liga 20 Descriptive Essay: FIFA Club World Cup 25 Column: The Crisis of K-League

Next Issue 29 What‟s Next? : Special Interview: Johan Cruyff Biography: Lothar Matthaus Short Story: Cristiano Ronaldo Obituary for: Hwa Jip, Kim

4 July 2011 Dream of Soccer

P. 21 Obituary of Matthews


Jung Bin Han My soccer team always loses in the game Supporters do not understand about that Why our team always lost in the game? After the match, head coach is always Making excuses about players Supporters always disappointed about rueful results Even if only one year ago, my team was champion Nevertheless, my team is in the very last Coach has stepped down, Supporters also boycott Literally it is total risk So, players thought this problem is our fault They united as one again There is no head coach, and no fan But players showed fighting spirit Finally, team ends a run of defeats Supporters were very impressed With their fighting spirit So, fans prepare plan cards for players “I ♥ Suwon” Players are deeply moved After that match, new head coach also selected New head coach was a legend of this team Fans were excited about new coach New coach makes team completely different Then, next match is the rival match with Seoul This game is the most valuable match Because if we win, our team get confidence In the stadium, there are a lot of fans It seems like more than 40000 Players also expect this match Expectedly game gets off to a good start They goaled in three minutes flat Spectators also excited But until 80 minutes, score was 2:2 Fans were missing about this match But Takahara save our team He scored 2 goals in 8 minutes Finally, we won by 4:2 Dream of Soccer July 2011 5

Short Story

Jung Bin Han Now, many soccer fans know Ji Sung, Park who is midfielder of Manchester United. He became the top Asian player around the Asian soccer fans, and world soccer fans also appreciate his ability. This time I will introduce the growth story of Park. I think many people want to hear about how he became soccer player, and what makes him the best. Ji Sung, Park was born in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, South Korea on 25 February, 1981. When he was 3, his family moved to Suwon from Goheung. He entered Seryu Elementary School and started soccer at grade 5. When he was in grade 6, the team got second place in a national elementary soccer meet. After that, he got the 5th Cha Bum Kun soccer prize. When he played in a game, spectators said him to Miki Mouse, because Park dribbled bigger students than him, and got up in a moment when he fell down. Until grade 10, he had a small frame, so his father made nourishing food for him. Even he caught a frog and gave him frog‟s boiling water. Coach also thought the hard training will interrupt his growth, so he did just light training. In 2000, Park took years off school and joined Kyoto Purple Sanga. During three years, he played good as his companies such as Daisuke Matsui, Kazuyoshi Miura. In January 1st, 2003, Kyoto matched the final of Emperor‟s Cup with Kashima Antlers. When team was losing by 1-0, in 52 minutes, he scored a goal with a header. Then, team scored one more goal, and won this game. Finally, Kyoto took a trophy, and this cup was the first trophy for team. That game was Park‟s last match in Kyoto. Park was 2002 FIFA World Cup national team player. He performed a brilliant exploit. He scored against Portugal in group stage. This goal became one of the wonderful goals in World Cup. Gus Hiddink who was coach of Korea national team, called Park to the PSV Eindhoven. At the first season, he did not show his ability very well, and companies and fans also avoided him. But, in the 2004/05 season, he got goals in UEFA Champions League, and team reached the semifinal. Fans appreciated his soccer skills, and said him to stay our club. But, he moved to Manchester United on June 23rd, 2005. Park got No.13. He had a debut match in Hong Kong on July 23rd, 2005. In England, he debut on August 13th for versus Everton. He scored first goal in 2006 versus with Arsenal. When he joined Manchester United, Korea soccer fans were worried about him that can adapt EPL. Fortunately, he definitely adapted in EPL and showed his soccer. Park injured on September 10th, 2006 and came back on December 18th. After operation, he showed better than before. Team won 2006/07 season, and he got the first champion medal of the Asians. Park is always strong in the big match, so he participated in Champions League final match in 2009. This was the first time that Asian played on Champions League final match. In 2010/11 season, he spent successful season. He scored 7 goals and 5 assists. 6 Dream of Soccer July 2011

Do you want to feel the K-League? or Do you

want to enjoy it? VIVA K-League



them together. Also, we will show the interest and impression of them. K-League is fun and has a lot of stories. We will introduce the highlight

of games, and teams. Also, analyze games by 3D




League! ď Š


Have K-


“You can achieve your dream!” - Edu Jung Bin Han

The first interview time is for Edu. His full name is Eduardo Gonsalves de Oliveira. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 30 November, 1981. Now, he is in Schalke 04, Bundesliga. Edu made his debut in Santos FC in 2000. He passed through many clubs such as Guarani, CRAC, Nautico, VfL Bochum, and FSV Mainz 05. In 2007, he moved to Suwon Bluewings, South Korea. At that time, he has been heyday. When he played in Bundesliga, he participated in 83 matches and scored 18 goals. In the K-League, he participated in 75 games and had 29 goals. After three years, he wanted to go back to Germany, so he moved to Schalke 04 in 2010 and now he participated in 35 matches and recorded 7 goals until now. I asked him about his life of Korea and Germany, and some private questions. Do you want to know about all of him? Let‟s go!

Hello, this is Jung Bin Han from Dream of Soccer. I‟m so glad to interview you I also glad to interview with Korean magazine. I miss Korea so much. Many K-League fans are waiting and missing you now. Oh really? I want to see Grandbleu (Suwon Bluewings‟ supporters) once again. They were supporting me passionately. I was also fan of you. In 2008, you scored more than 15 goals. Then, Suwon got champion. How was the feeling? Umm… It was very nice that cannot explain in detail, but I remembered late in the game. Our team won by 2-1 until 80 minutes. The snow was falling down and it seemed like God of victory bless our victory. Finally, we won FC Seoul by 2-1. We became champion and enjoyed the joy of victory. Grandbleu and Suwon fans were acclaimed and Suwon Bigbird Stadium became holy land of victory. I‟ll never miss that time. Wow! I watched that game in my house. My neighborhoods were acclaimed and congratulated. However, next season, Suwon recorded 10th out of 15th. How was the team and tell me something about that season. I was also shock about that ranking. In May, Suwon recorded 15th out of 15th. So, coach and players were depressed and decided to change the formation. I was left wing, but I became the striker. So, it means the formation changed 4-4-2 to 4-5-1. This change was successful and got FA Cup champion. In the FA Cup final, I scored in 87 minutes when team was losing by 1-0. Ha-ha. The match went to the penalty shootout. We won 1-1<PK 5-3>! It was one of the most dramatic matches that I experienced. I heard Grandbleu impressed you. What kind of things that you receive? My last match of Suwon was the FA Cup final match that I just explained before. Some people held the placard for me and the content was “Don‟t Leave Suwon. Edu!” After the match, one fan gave to me that placard. I remember his name is Hyeon Joon. I keep in my house very careful. The other thing is about 20 fans came to the Incheon Airport and see me out. That was the biggest present for me. I heard other fans were not seeing other foreign players out. That‟s what I received the present by fans. 8 Dream of Soccer July 2011

Oh. That story makes me also be moved. Now you are in Germany. So, how are you enjoying life in Schalke? I already lived in Germany in 3 years, so now there are no problem to living now. I can speak German, so I have no problem with companies. Companies also want to know about Brazilian, so we study each other‟s language. Club also likes me so much, because they do not need translator for me. I‟m so happy and enjoying life in Schalke! I want to congratulate because Schalke beats Inter Milan. How was your feeling? I scored 2 goals in Inter Milan game in Champions League quarterfinal. My feeling was so fantastic, because Inter Milan was latest champion in Champions League! After the match, Club, Companies, My family were congratulated me that scored in Inter Milan match. It was the fantastic day of my life. Have you ever meet Cha Du Ri who is son of Cha Bum Kun? Sure. Cha Du Ri was my friend in Mainz 05! He suggested me to go Suwon Bluewings, because he said Suwon‟s coach is his father, Cha Bum Kun. That‟s why I went to Suwon Bluewings! Cha‟s family was very kind and liked me so much. Before I left to Korea, he taught me Korean and gave Korean food to experience Korean culture. I want to meet him again in Germany, but he left to Celtic, Scotland. Now, this time will be Reader‟s question time! Readers of Dream of Soccer have many questions about you, so I will introduce some best questions. First one! When were you scored more than 10 goals? In 2005-2006 and 2008, I recorded 13 goals and 12 goals in those seasons. In 2005-06 season, Bochum was in Bundesliga 2, so other teams were weaker than us. I could make more goals than before. In 2008, this year was the second year of K-League; many Medias said second year is difficult for foreign player. But, I did not care about Medias. Only care about our team‟s win. Then, I could goal more than first year. Coach and companies always supported me. Fans also supported and liked me so much, so I showed my ability as much as possible. Second! In youth, where were your position? I was left wing-back in youth. It is different as my position now. When I went to Germany, our team coach said to me to change my position left wing-back to left wing. I accepted that suggestion and practiced that position. It was not a big change, and also I thought it is my position, because left wing-back has to do overlapping and defend, but left wing almost do attack and sometimes do defend. Now, I am satisfied with my position. So, I could make goals in against with Inter Milan. Last! Why you went to K-League? Before I said, my friend, Cha Du Ri, suggested me to go K-League. But, I just wanted to experience the Korean soccer more than my friend‟s suggestion. Most German friends knew the power of Korea soccer and said Korea is the best in Asia. So, I got expectation and went to Korea. In the first match, I was surprised about many fans, and the ability of opponents. This question is the last question of interview. Will you come back to Suwon Bluewings? Umm… I hope so. I want go back to Korea, but I have to defend the contract with Schalke. After that, I can say to office that I want go back to Korea. Now, I cannot tell exactly. Thank you very much that accept interview with us. Thank you very much. I hope this magazine will be the biggest magazine. Dream of Soccer July 2011 9

Descriptive Essay

UEFA Champions League Jung Bin Han

UEFA Champions League! Many soccer fans say it as „The war of the stars!‟ Many famous clubs participate in this Champions League such as Arsenal (ENG), Barcelona (ESP), Bayern (GER), Chelsea (ENG), Inter Milan (ITA), Kobenhavn (DEN), Lyon (FRA), Man. United (ENG), Marseille (FRA), AC Milan (ITA), Real Madrid (ESP), AS Roma (ITA), Schalke (GER), Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR), Tottenham (ENG), and Valencia (ESP). All of the famous teams are in this war, called „UEFA Champions League.‟ All of the world soccer fans think UEFA Champions League is the third biggest tournament after World Cup and EURO. The UEFA Champions League (usually referred to as simply the Champions League or historically as the European Cup) is an annual association football cup competition organized by UEFA since 1955 for the top football clubs in Europe. Now, Champions League becomes the biggest club competition. Of course, there is FIFA Club World Cup in every year, but that is not famous as UEFA Champions League. The UEFA Champions League started in 1955, so it became 56-year-old. Recently in 5 years, in 2006/07, AC Milan got champion, in 2007/08, Manchester United, in 2008/09, Barcelona, in 2009/10, Inter Milan, in 2010/11, Barcelona got again. So, Barcelona got champions 4 times. Now, we are waiting for next season. UEFA Champions League has a lot of histories. Sometimes it showed the fantastic goals that people have never seen before, however, sometimes it stained with nausea. Though, it can always happen in the soccer. People said “Nausea is also part of the game.” Soccer shows our life and emotions such as triumphs and disasters. It also shows our life and emotions. If our team got a goal, that time is the most valuable and pleased time. If our team lose a goal, that time is the most frustrated and angry time. Literally, it shows triumphs and disasters. Players and coaches also make more effort in Champions League, because it is honor of club and also can participate in FIFA Club World Cup. Also, the final of Champions League has tension as same as World Cup final. Now and forever, UEFA Champions League has to existent in the world. It shows that soccer is the best sports around the world. What a wonderful sport! I hope this will be the legend of my life. 10 Dream of Soccer July 2011

Journal Entries

Just One Thing of My Life

May 25th, 2011 As usual, I went to school and finished my work. After school, my friends and I made the music video for parody show. It took more than one and half hours. After the filming, I went to home as fast as I can go! Because today, Suwon had a big game with Nagoya Grampus in AFC Champions League. When I got into my home, it was 6 o‟clock. It starts at 7:30, so I had one and half hours. I took a shower and put on Suwon‟s jersey. The game starts! In the first half, Suwon and Nagoya were engaged in a fierce battle. But, in 23 minutes, Suwon got a goal! Lee did a cross to Yeom, he did a header and it went to the net. Suwon dominate the atmosphere of this match. Suwon‟s offensive was also continued in the second half. In 56 minutes, Nagoya‟s defender pass to goalkeeper, but Yeom gave chase and chipped the ball. Lee got that ball and did a shoot! It became goal! Nagoya seems like give up this match. It was a defensive mistakes, so players strength is gone. Suwon got a victory in Round of 16. So, Suwon goes to quarter-final. Quarter-final has two games. First will be held on September 14th and second will be held 27th or 28th. Other teams of K-League also went to quarter-final. So, three teams of K-League went to quarter-final. Semi final and Final will be held in October 19th and 26th and November 4th or 5th. May 29th, 2011 Many soccer fans waited this match for one year! It usually called “The war of the stars”. It is the final match of UEFA Champions League! Also, the opposites are Barcelona and Manchester United. Stadium also legend of English soccer, Wembley Stadium. I wanted to wake up and hit my body and face, brushed my teeth, washed my face. I also do twitter with my friends and waiting the super match. In England, the time was 8:45 p.m., 28th May, but in Japan, it was 3:45 a.m., 29th May. The game starts! The game began with Manchester first. Until 10 minutes, Manchester dominate the atmosphere of this match. However, after 10 minutes, Barcelona dominate the atmosphere of match slowly. Finally, in 27 minutes, Barcelona made a goal! Barcelona‟s play-maker Xavi pass to Pedro perfectly. Pedro did a shoot! Barcelona began to burn atmosphere. But, in 34 minutes, Manchester made equalizer perfectly. Rooney and Michale Carrick did one-two pass, give to Ryan Giggs, he returned to Rooney and shoot! The course was perfect and wonderful! Barcelona dominate the atmosphere in the second half also. In 54 minutes, Messi made team‟s second goal. It was fantastic! Messi dribbled and just shoot by left foot, the ball went to the net. Goalkeeper, Van der Sar, could not protect. Also, in 69 minutes, David Villa also made fantastic goal, and Manchester collapsed. But, Manchester did not give up, and made lots of chance, but Barcelona‟s defenders were strong. Barcelona became the champion of 2010-2011 UEFA Champions League. So, Barcelona got champion four times. Real Madrid won nine times, AC Milan got seven times, Liverpool FC won five times, and AFC Ajax, FC Bayern Munhen and FC Barcelona got four times. Manchester United won three times. Next year, we can also see Barcelona and Manchester United. Many soccer fans already expected about 2011/2012 UEFA Champions League. See you in September…

12 Dream of Soccer July 2011


I got everything but I need more… Jung Bin Han

I think every soccer fans heard this name at least one time. He was the best sweeper of the world and hold the 2006 Germany World Cup. His name is Franz Beckenbauer! His position was sweeper. Many fans called him the legend of German soccer. His nickname is „Der Kaiser‟, it means „The Emperor”. He selected the European Footballer of the Year (Now Ballon d‟Or) and appeared 103 games for West Germany and played in three World Cups. He lifted the World Cup trophy as captain in 1974 and repeated the feat as a manager in 1990. Franz Anton Beckenbauer was born in Munich on September 11th, 1945. He started playing soccer at the age of nine with the youth team of SC Munich 06 in 1954. At that time, Bayern Munich youth team‟s coach found his ability. After five years, in 1959, he joined the Bayern Munich youth team, rather than his favourites 1860 Munich. He did a good work in Bayern Munich youth team. In 1963, at the age of 18, Beckenbauer was engulfed by controversy when it was revealed that his then girlfriend was pregnant and that he had no intention of marrying her. Beckenbauer made his debut with Bayern in the Regionalliga Sud on the left wing against Stuttgarter Kickers on June 6th, 1964. In his first season in the regional league, 1964/65, the team won promotion to the recently formed Bundesliga, the national league. Bayern soon became a force in Bundesliga, winning the German Cup in 1966/67 and achieving European Winner‟s Cup in 1967. He became team captain for the 1968/69 seaosn and led his club to their first league title. He began experimenting with the sweeper (libero) role around this time. During his tenure at Bayern Munich, the club got title three times in 1972 to 1974 and also a hat-trick of European Cup wins which earned the club honor. Interestingly, since 1968, he has been called Der Kaiser by fans and the media. he appeared 427 games and scored 60 goals in 1964 to 1977 in Bayern Munich. In 1977, he accepted a lucrative contract to play in the North American Soccer League with the New York Cosmos. . He played with the Cosmos for four seasons up to 1980, and the team won the Soccer Bowl on three occasions in 1977, 1978, and 1980. Beckenbauer retired after two years spell with Hamburger SV in Germany (1980-82) with the win of the Bundesliga title that years and one final season with the New York Cosmos in 1983. In his club carrier, he appeared 587 games and scored 81 goals. Beckenbauer appeared 103 games and scored 14 goals for West Germany. He was a member of the World Cup squads that in 1966, 1970, and 1974. His first game for the national team came on September 26th, 1965. His first goal was on March 23rd, 1966 against with Netherlands in a 4-2 win. Dream of Soccer July 2011 13

Beckenbauer appeared in his first World Cup in 1966, playing every match. In his first World Cup match, against Switzerland, he scored twice in a 5-0 win. W.Germany got first their group and then beat Uruguay 4-0 in quarter-finals, with Beckenbauer scoring the second goal. In the semi-finals, Germany faced the USSR. He also scored in this match. This goal was the fourth goal of the tournament. W.Germany won USSR by 2-1 and went to final against hosts England. England won the final, Germans had fallen at the final hurdle, but Beckenbauer tied for the third on the lst of top scorers. W.Germany went to 1970 World Cup. They won their first three matches before facing England in second round on a rematch of the 1966 final. He scored against Mexico. Germany won by England 3-2! Germany advanced to the semi-finals to face Italy. Germany wanted to go the final, but Italy won by 4-3 after extra time. Germany defeated Uruguay 1-0 for third place. 1974 World Cup was hosted by W.Germany and Beckenbauer led his side to victory. In the final, W.Germany won Netherlands which had Johan Cruyff by 2-1. Beckenbauer became the first captain to lift the new FIFA World Cup Trophy after Brazil had retained the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1970. Beckenbauer became captain of the national side in 1971. In 1972, W.Germany won the Europena Championship (Now EURO Cup), beating the Soviet Union 3-0 in the final. In 1976, W.Germany again reached the final, but they lost on penalties to Czechoslovakia. He retired W.Germany in 1977. In 1984, he was appointed manager of the W.German national team to replace Jupp Derwall. He tooke the team all the way to the final of the 1986 World Cup, but they lost to Argentina. In 1990, he managed the last German team without E.German players in a World Cup, won the final against Argentina by 1-0. Beckenbauer is one of two men (with Mario Zagallo) to have won the World Cup as player and coach. He then moved into club management and accepted a job with Olympique de Marseille in 1990 but left club within 4 months. From 1993 to 1994 and 1996, he coached Bayern Munich. His team got the Bundesliga title in 1994 and the UEFA Cup in 1996. In 1998, he became vice-president of the DFB. At then end of the 1990s, he headed the successful bid by Germany to organize the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Beckenbauer has been married three times and has had five children, one of who, Stefan, was a professional soccer player. Beckenbauer also leave many quotes. One of the famous one is â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is not the strong one that wins, the one that wins is strongâ&#x20AC;?. The quote speaks the truth in a subtle way where victory decides who is truly strong. The other famous one is "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." It means you have to practice as actual fight, and also actual fight as practice. I respect him because he has leadership and made an effort as possible as he can. I choose him first in biography corner because he has passion more than any other soccer players I think. 14 Dream of Soccer July 2011


FIFA World Cup Jung Bin Han Around the world soccer fans know it All of the soccer fans are waiting it For every four years Although you aren‟t a fan of soccer, Maybe you know it We can see famous players every four years We can see the great stadiums every four years This is why World Cup is the best Sports Competition Everybody know what is World Cup and remember 2010 South Africa World Cup It change and evolve Balls change and evolve Stadiums also change and evolve But one thing cannot change and evolve

That is fan‟s love for World Cup Fan‟s love is increasing rapidly But it is not decreasing forever Maybe it will be until The extinction of Earth

World Cup become 80 years It started from 1930 Now it goes to 2030 Next World Cup will be held in Brazil At that time I will become 20 So far now is 2011 But I believe time will go to 2014 Soccer fans and I are waiting 2014 Brazil World Cup

Dream of Soccer July 2011 15

Persuasive Essay

The Strength of the Bundesliga JUNG BIN HAN

Do you know which league has the top of the average spectators? It is Bundesliga. The average spectators of Bundesliga are more than 40,000! It is higher than English Premier League and Spain Primera Liga. In 2011, Bundesliga become the top 3 league of Europe, and Italy Seria A become the 4th of Europe League. In 2001, Bundesliga fell down to the 4th of Europe League, but during ten years, Bundesliga changed their mind and made an effort to reconstruct their league. Bundesliga was found in 1963. It has the difference with English Premier League and Spain Primera Liga. In 1980s, Bundesliga was the period of prosperity. At that time, Bundesliga was the top of Europe League. Many fans and players have confidence and proud about Bundesliga, but in 1990s, English Premier League and Spain Primera Liga reform their league and Bundesliga became the 3rd of Europe League until 2001. However, Italy Seria A also pursue Bundesliga and finally Seria A became the 3rd of Europe League, and Bundesliga got stagnation. The Assoiciation of Bundesliga said this is the crisis of the Bundesliga. First, the association made the price of tickets go down. The cheapest ticket is only €20 (¥2,300). Second, Bundesliga changed their structure of league. One club which was in a state of pecuniary embarrassment, that team will out of Bundesliga. Now, there are 16 teams in Bundesliga. Bundesliga fans also helped the reorganization of Bundesliga. Players made an effort more than any other times. Referees did exact decisions in games. Clubs accepted fans‟ all complaints. Because of that, many new fans was formed. Finally, an average spectators of league recorded 42,100 per one game! This result is much bigger than any other leagues. For example, English Premier League has more than 35,000, Spain Primera Liga also has more than 28,000. But, these are also less than Bundesliga more than 7,000 to 14,000. As you can see the left picture, there are lots of fans are supporting their team. Isn‟t it makes you intensionally? Also, Bundesliga has been equalization. It is completely different as other leagues. So, fans cannot guess favorites. I cannot say Bundesliga is the best league of the world, but I recommend you to watch Bundesliga and feel the passion and enjoy the game! Many fans and players will show what is Bundesliga. I am very sure that Bundesliga is interesting and just feel the what it is. You will also agree about my suggestion. Thank you. 16 Dream of Soccer July 2011

Comparative Essay

English Premier League and Spain Primera Liga (La Liga) are the best leagues of around the world! Maybe many people know these leagues are most interesting leagues of Europe. So, I want to compare the difference between English Premier League and Spian Primera Liga. English Premier League started from 1888 which is the first professional league and has the oldest tradition. In 1888, it started from 12 teams, Preston got the first champion of this league. In 1892, the one league divided into two leagues which are Division 1 and Division 2. In 1923, by two regional distinctions were added to Division 3 and Division 4. In 1958, Division 3 and Division 4 were two regional distictions, but they also became as national league. So, England League had 4 perfect leagues. Then, in 1992, England Football Association changed the structure of league and now is the England Premier League. There are 20 teams in Premier League. Divison 1, 2, 3 also has 20 teams each other. Spain Primera Liga (La Liga) was founded in 1929. A total of 59 teams have competed in La Liga, nine of which have been crowned champions. It is contested by twenty teams, with the three lowest placed teams relegated to the Segunda División and replaced by the top three teams in that division. In recently, they seem like very similar, However, in totally, they had many differences. First, Premier League has many foreign players, but Primera Liga has less foreign players. For example, Arsenal has 35 foreign players and Manchester also has 24 foreign players. But, Barcelona has only 10 foreign players, Real Madrid has 15 foreign players. Second, many Premier League teams are dominated by foreign capitals, but Primera Liga teams are not. For example, Manchester City‟s owner is from UAE. However, Real Madrid‟s president is Spanish. Third, Premier League‟s average spectators are about 35,000, Primera Liga‟s average spectators are about 28,000. The difference between two leagues is about 7,000! This gab is big. However, Barcelona has more than 79,000, and Manchester United has more than 75,000. Finally, some Premier League teams do Asia Tours, but Primera Liga does not except Barcelona. Every summer, Manchester United visit to Vietnam, Malaysia, China and Korea. Their popularity is beyond our imagination. Also, this year, Liverpool has also planned to Asia Tour. Liverpool will go to Malaysia and China. At first, Liverpool want to visit Korea, but they were canceled. In La Liga, teams do not want to do Asia marketing, so they are not visiting Asia countries. As I said, Premier League and Primera Liga has many differences. Thank you for read this essay. Dream of Soccer July 2011 17



Stanley Matthews

Dream of Soccer July 2011 19

Descriptive Essay

FIFA Club World Cup Jung Bin Han The FIFA Club World Cup is a football competition between the champion clubs from all six continental confederations. The FIFA Club World is the best club competition around the world. The first FIFA Club World Championship took place in Brazil in January 2000. It ran in parallel with the Intercontinental Cup, contested annually since 1960 by the winners of the European Cup and the South American Copa Libertadores, until the two merged in 2005. The 2000 FIFA Club World Championship was held in Brazil. There are eight teams from six continental champions and the 1998 Intercontinental Champions and the host nation champions. In the final, two Brazil clubs competed and the

winner was Corinthians. The second competition was penciled in for Spain in 2001, but this was cancelled owing to a combination factors. In 2002, 2003, and 2004, it was also failed to happen. In 2005, FIFA relaunched Club World Championship Toyota Cup held in Japan between December 11 and December 18, 2005. The 2005 relaunched version was shorter that the previous World Championship, reducing the problem of scheduling the tournament around the different club seasons across each continent. This time a completely new trophy that same as the photo was introduced, replacing all previous cups. In final, Sao Paulo and Liverpool against and Sao Paulo won by 1-0. After, the FIFA Club World Championship renamed as FIFA Club World Cup for the 2006 event. In 2006, Japan also held this World Cup. In final, Brazilâ&#x20AC;&#x;s Internacional won Barcelona by 1-0. So, Brazil clubs got 3 consecutive champions. For the 2007 FIFA Club World Cup, a play-off match between the OFC Champions and the host-nation champions for entry into the quarter-final stage was introduced in order to increase home interest in the tournament. In final, AC Milan beat Boca Juniors by 4-2. The reintroduction of the match for fifth place for the 2008 competition also prompted an increase in prize money by $500,000 to a total of $16.5 million. The winners took away $5 million, second-placed received $4 million, the third place team $2.5 million, the fourth-placed team $2 million, the fifth team $1.5 million, sixth team $1 million and the seventh-placed team received $500,000. In final, Manchester United won LDU Quito by 1-0. Japan was held FIFA Club World Cup from 2005 to 2008. So, in 2009, UAE was held this competition. In 2009, Barcelona won Estudiantes by 2-1, and in 2010, Inter Milan won TP Mazembe by 3-0. 2011 FIFA Club World Cup will hold in Japan between December 8 to 18. 20 Dream of Soccer July 2011

Review I want to review the K-League match, because K-League is also interesting and shows inferior to European soccer. This time I will introduce 2011 Hyundai Oilbank KLeague Opening game Seoul vs. Suwon. I could not see in real, but I watched it through Internet. These teams are always show the best games of K-League. If Suwon and Seoul against, the stadium always has more than 35,000 people! The average spectators of these matches are 37,500. This match also had more than 51,000 fans. Seoul had 4-2-3-1 position. It means Seoul had four defenders, two defensive midfielders, three attacking mid-fielders, and one striker. Seoul wanted to show Suwon had 4-3-3 position. It means Suwon had four defenders, three mid-fielders, and three forwards. The game started! In 9 minutes, Suwon got a freekick chance. The distance was 22 meters. Choi kicked, but ball flashed the left side of goalpost. In 20 minutes, Seoul also got a chance. Hyun passed to Lee in left side, and immediately Lee crossed to Dejan. Dejan did header, but Suwon‟s goalie Jung catched the ball in front of the goal line. After that, Seoul and Suwon played attack and defend every minutes, but Suwon seemed like leading this match. Finally, in 41 minutes, Suwon got a goal! Lee intercept Seoul‟s ball and passed to Yang, Yang passed to Choi in left side, Choi crossed to Geynrikh in opposite side. Geynrikh beat defender two times and made a goal by right foot. Suwon‟s players, coaching staff, and fans were cheered! Literally, it was enthusiasm of the crucible. Suwon‟s attacks did not stop. They wanted to make more goals and ran more than Seoul‟s players. Second half started! In the 49 minutes, Seoul got a freekick chance. Molina kicked, Suwon‟s defender kicked out, but Dejan shooted! However, Suwon‟s Hwang warded off by his leg. After one minute, Suwon got a chance. Goalie kicked a goal kick, Yeom passed to Choi, but defender wanted to kick out, however the ball went to Geynrikh and crossed to Yeom. Yeom did a header, but it hit the goal post! In 55 minutes, Suwon got a chance. Yang passed to Choi directly and he dribbled and shooted but Seoul‟s goalie kicked out. In 60 minutes, Suwon got one more goal! Mato passed to Oh, Oh passed to Choi, Choi passed to Yeom, Yeom passed to Choi, and he crossed to Oh. Oh did a header and ball hit the goal post and entered! Oh, players, coaching staffs, and fans were cheered once more! Seoul‟s players lost their confidence, but they wanted to make goals. They had many chances but Suwon‟s defend was too strong to bore. Seoul could not bore defenders. Rather, Seoul was suffered from Suwon‟s forwards. In 75 minutes, Yang dribbled and crossed to Woo, but he could not to kick well because of Seoul‟s defenders. The match finished! Suwon won Seoul by 2-0. Suwon started this season very well, and Seoul got a crisis. But this match was only the first game. So, Suwon has to make effect more than this match, Seoul does not have to worry about this match too seriously.

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Japan Futsal Abroad

I heard Japan has great futsal popularity. I want to say what is futsal first. Futsal is same as soccer, but field and goal post is smaller, and there is no throw-in. So, I wanted to experience how popular futsal and how much fun. I found the futsal field near by my house. It took 3 minutes by foot. At the first time I went to futsal field, there were lots of people do futsal. Even children and womens played it well. I just watched it for a while and thought „I want to play with other people.‟ At that time, one person came to me and suggested to play together. I was so glad to play futsal first time, so I agreed his suggestion. His team had more than 10 people. Some people were more than 30, the others were less than 30. I was the youngest member of this team. Many people were glad to join the team. Many people asked me about many things that concerned about Korea. They were very surprised about my house, father‟s job, and my Japanese. We did stretch and pass game first. After that, we made three teams. Each team had 5 members. So, one team could get rest for a while during the other team‟s game. Finally, I participated in game!! I thought futsal is not difficult than soccer, but I missed my estimates. It was also difficult as soccer, and I had to run faster than soccer. I only did it 10 minutes, but I already tired. I could not do very well and always made pass-miss. I thought weather also effected, because it was so hot that my uniform abandoned. Fortunately, I got icecream by one kind man. After the break, I did it once more. It was really fun and I felt it is better than soccer. The more I played it, the more I enjoyed it. At that time, I recored first goal! It was nice goal. On the right side, ball came to me, and I did volley by left foot! It went to the goal net! I was really pleased and people were very surprised about that goal. I recorded second goal immediately! I was in the center circle and there were 2 defenders waited for me. I just shooted and ball went to goal net once again! I thought I am good at futsal. After finished all of the games, all team members gave me compliments. They said “You have good activity, good pass, and good shooting skills.” They wanted to see me again and I accepted the promise. After 2 weeks, I went to futsal team once again. They were very pleased to see me again. I was also glad my team members. This time I recorded five goals! 2 goals made by left foot, and 3 goals made by right foot. I also recorded 3 assists. After the second futsal abroad, I felt why Japan futsal is famous and popular in the world. They had good skills than I. Sometimes I missed the big chance, they understood all my faults. They said “I can also make mistakes.” I was impressed their good-hearted and humility. If given the chance, I want to do more futsal games. But, I think I cannot do more futsal, because my father does not want to do futsal these days. Though, I believe I can do futsal… 22 Dream of Soccer July 2011



I want to write review of this movie, „Goal!‟. This movie was made in 2005. The big story is one boy who from Mexico become the professional football player in Newcastle United of English Premier League. The story was really touching and show how professional is difficult and how can overcome a crisis. One boy whose name is Santiago Munez. He was living in Mexico. He was very good at soccer from childhood. Someday, his family go to California, USA. After 10 years, he become 20. He usually works with his father and makes money. Sometimes he makes money from Chinese Restaurant. Then, in weekend, he participates in Los Americanos Jovenes FC games. Someday, one man whose name is Glen Foi saw the game of Santiago by chance. He thought he can success in England, so he suggest him to come Newcastle United. Santiago was pleased, but he does not believe. Glen Foi wants to catch him, so he told the scouter of Newcastle to see the game. But, scouter does not come and Glen was annoyed. Santiago also does not believe him anymore. Glen called to Newcastle‟s coach and said please to meet new player. When he go back to England, he met Santiago and said please go to Newcastle. His father does not like that suggestion and annoyed. But Santiago wants to go to Newcastle. So, he makes money to buy a ticket. But, his father bought a truck from his $1200! Santiago was very angry and annoyed! Someday, his grandmother told him to go to Newcastle. She bought the ticket and say him to achieve his dream. Santiago goes to Newcastle and meet Glen again. Glen helps Santiago to enter the team. Newcastle‟s coach seems like do not have interest about him. Santiago wants to show his ability, but one company envy him. So, he cannot show his ability. Glen suggests one month for practice term. But, that is the crisis. After 3 weeks later, he can participate in second string game. He has asthma, so he has to eat antasthmatic. But, in that game, his company break it and he was so tired at that game. Coaches said get out of this team. He shocked by that news and also his great friend had to retire soccer. He said this news to his girlfriend Rose. Rose feel sorry for his news. Gabin Harris helps him to stay in this club. Also, Santiago helps him about the night club. Gabin likes clubs and womens. So, he makes many problems. But, he realized his acting is not good from Santiago and coach. He changed his mind and Gabin and Santiago become best company. Finally, he comes out into the field as substitution. His father also see that match by accident. He showed his ability as possible as he can. His father was pleased that he become football player. After the match, father was died because of heart arrest. He wants to go back to Los Angeles, but he changed his mind. Then, he participate in club‟s training. Some days later, he participated in season‟s last game against Liverpool as starting member. He recorded 1 goal and 1 assist. His goal was a nice freekick goal in the second half extra time! It was fantastic!! Many people were cheered and calling out his name. I was so impressed about that scene. I felt the effort will never betray me. Dream of Soccer July 2011 23


Jung Bin Han These days, K-League is embroiled in controversy about sold games. It was a big shock for K-League Association, teams, and fans. I am also K-League fan, so I was annoyed about that news. Japan broadcasters used this news as headlines. K-League Association took the voluntary reporting period of sold games. Until now, there is no certain incident. The prosecution found 10 players who took part in sold games. All of the players who participated in this case are draw less than â&#x201A;Š12,000,000 ($11,000). The prosecution and K-League Association will punish hard and fast to them. KLeague teams and fans require to investigate all the players. Korea medias also worried about this affair. Finally, 10 players were expelled from K-League and they cannot do soccer players anymore. Also, K-League has another problem. That is lack of broadcast matches. Broadcasting station does not want to relay K-League matches without reasons. The rates of broadcast is only 25% of all K-League matches, but in baseball, the rates of transmission is over 110%. Many people said baseball has many rest time, so stations can get more advertising expenses than soccer. Fortunately, local stations are broadcast live K-League. So, this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x;s rate of broadcast will be over 35% I think. K-League also worried about the promotion and relegation. In 2010, AFC (Asian Football Confederation) said the country that has no promotion and relegation will get disadvantages about World Cup preliminaries and AFC Champions League qualifications until 2013. So, K-League Association is busy about that. Before I said, K-League has these crises, but this is the time for rehabilitation of K-League. I want to say K-League can overcome these crises. Because K-League has the power of association, teams, players, and fans. When they unite and make an effort, KLeague will become stronger than any other leagues in the world. I think it was only part of growing pains. Now, K-League was 28 years old. In 2013, K-League will become 30-year-old. K-League is the first professional league of Asia, but it is kindergarten level in comparison with European Leagues. After 2002 FIFA Korea/Japan World Cup, many clubs can use good stadiums, and players also can develop their skills and show what it is soccer. Many people said this is the crisis of K-League, but I think it is the another chance to be reconstruct the K-League. We have to think why K-League has these crises and how can we fix these problems. I do not know the solutions about these problems, but I want to help reconstruct the K-League. Thank you for reading my column. 24 Dream of Soccer July 2011

Gossip Page! Lionel Messi will go to Suwon Bluewings from FC Barcelona by $30 million!! Suwon Bluewings is the one of the best team of K-League. Now, Messiâ&#x20AC;&#x;s salary is $1.3 million.

Wesley Sneijder will go to Manchester United or Chelsea from Inter Milan!! Honestly, Sneijder does not want to go to the EPL (English Premier League).

Dong Won Ji will go to Sunderland or PSV Eindhoven from Jeonnam Dragons!! His salary will be $130,000!

Cristiano Ronaldo will go to Barcelona from Real Madrid by $350 million!! Real Madrid fans were very annoyed.

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SHORT LETTERS FROM READERS I heard this magazine is better than FourFourTwo from my friend. I think it also seems like any other soccer magazines. But it was not! Much fresh information and progress is better than others. Design is also better because other magazine has lots of photos, so I was tired to read. This magazine has less photos and has lots of information. I understand why my friend recommends this magazine! - Paul Simon I want to say it first. I am not soccer fan, and I have no interest about soccer. I think it is boring and baseball is better. But! This magazine makes me into the soccer world. I felt soccer is also interesting sports. Thank you for making this magazine. Go Dream of Soccer! - Jason Mraz First, congratulate for Dream of Soccer. I heard Dream of Soccer‟s sales index surpass FourFourTwo‟s index. It means Dream of Soccer is more interesting than FourFourTwo! Although Dream of Soccer is shorter than FourFourTwo, but I think DOS has many valuable articles. Thank you to the Editor Mr. Han. - Won Jae Jang It is amazing that I cannot explain well! This is the best and perfect magazine! I have never seen like this magazine before. I hope this magazine has to be publishing every day! I also want to be making magazine like this. - Robert Holly I am so glad that this creative magazine came into the book stores. Before magazines also good, but they had no poems, gossip page, or something like creative. And, I like the title, „Dream of Soccer‟. I was inspired by this title. I think it has lots of meaning, so I like it. I wish this magazine will be forever with me. - Masaaki Kan -

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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x;s the Next?

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