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“A readable and entertaining, yet serious indictment of informational culture. Cassin’s reflections give us a critical space to consider the cost of our acquiescence to the quantification of culture that lies at the heart of today’s information-driven capitalism.”—Mark B. N. Hansen, Duke University In this witty and polemical critique, the philosopher Barbara Cassin takes aim at Google and our culture of big data. While impressed by the search engine’s brilliance, Cassin enlists her formidable knowledge of the rhetorical tradition to challenge the Google myth of a “good” tech company and its “democracy of clicks,” laying bare the philosophical poverty and political naïveté that underwrites its founding slogans: “Organize the world’s information” and “Don’t be evil.”

“A clear and powerful rethinking of the concept of the political grounded in the world of situations rather than the subject of enunciations, Disappointment announces the arrival of a major new figure in the ontological turn in anthropology.”—Elizabeth Povinelli, Columbia University Increasingly, anthropologists, political theorists and philosophers are calling for imaginative and creative analyses and theories that might help us think and bring about an otherwise. Disappointment responds to this call by showing how collaboration between an anthropologist and a political movement of marginalized peoples can disclose new possibilities for being and acting politically. In Disappointment, Jarrett Zigon puts ethnography in dialogue with both political theory and continental philosophy to rethink some of the most fundamental ontological, political and ethical concepts.

BARBARA CASSIN Translated by Michael Syrotinski

176 PAGES, 5 1/2 X 8 ½, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823278077, PAPERBACK, $22.95, £18.95 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Meaning Systems

Political Concepts: A Critical Lexicon Edited by J.M Bernstein, Adi Ophir, and Ann Laura Stoler Political Concepts seeks to revive our common political vocabulary—both everyday and academic—and to do so critically. Its entries take the form of essays in which each contributor presents her or his own original reflection on a concept posed in the traditional Socratic question format “What is X?” and asks what sort of work a rethinking of that concept can do for us now. The concepts collected in Political Concepts are “Arche” (Stathis Gourgouris), “Blood” (Gil Anidjar), “Colony” (Ann Laura Stoler), “Concept” (Adi Ophir), “Constituent Power” (Andreas Kalyvas), “Development” (Gayatri Spivak), “Exploitation” (Étienne Balibar), “Federation” (Jean Cohen), “Identity” (Akeel Bilgrami), “Rule of Law” (J. M. Bernstein), “Sexual Difference” (Joan Copjec), and “Translation” (Jacques Lezra) 288 PAGES 9780823276691, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory

TENT H A N N I V E R SA RY ED ITION The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities, With a New Introduction FRANK DONOGHUE

“People sometimes believe that they were born too late or too early. After reading Donoghue’s book, I feel that I have timed it just right, for it seems that I have had a career that would not have been available to me had I entered the world 50 years later. Just lucky, I guess.”—Stanley Fish, The New York Times In this provocative book, Frank Donoghue shows how this growing corporate culture of higher education threatens its most fundamental values by erasing one of its defining features: the tenured professor. This new edition includes a substantial Introduction that elaborates on recent developments and offers tough but productive analysis that will be crucial for today’s academics to heed.

Toward a Critical Hermeneutics of Worldbuilding JARRETT ZIGON



Out of the Ordinary

A Life of Gender and Spiritual Transitions MICHAEL DILLON/LOBZANG JIVAKA Edited by Jacob Lau and Cameron Partridge Foreword by Susan Stryker

“The importance of this work to the history of sexuality— and especially to the history of transsexuality—cannot be overstated.”—Jose Ignacio Cabezon, University of California, Santa Barbara “In his gripping autobiography, Dillon finds new answers to enduring questions about gender. At the same time, he never manages to solve the puzzle of his own identity and dies in the pursuit of transcendence. His memoir deserves a place alongside the great spiritual narratives, from Augustine to Merton.”— Pagan Kennedy, author of The First Man-Made Man “...Dillon’s memoir charts his wide-ranging life of education, gender transition, and conversion to continuity of concerns with those of transgender individuals today.”—Publishers Weekly 256 PAGES, 12 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823280391, PAPERBACK, $19.95, £15.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE MAY 2 01 8





RE L IG IO N rdham m


Francis X. Clooney, S.J. and Klaus von Stosch, Editors

“Clooney and von Stosch have produced a truly excellent collection of papers in comparative theology. They and a few others with papers in this volume are seasoned, senior scholars. The volume is remarkable, however, for introducing the work of mid-career and very new scholars. Some of the papers do actual comparisons and some apply comparative theology to practices of religious life. Among the most interesting are those dealing with methodological differences regarding comparative theology. They all defend the view that comparative theology is “faith seeking understanding,” and they explore some of the very different ways this approach can be interpreted. This volume is a vital and distinctive contribution to the larger field of comparative theology.”—Robert Cummings Neville, Boston University 344 PAGES 9780823278411, PAPERBACK, $40.00, £33.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions


JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by Sarah Clift and Simon Sparks Introduction by Jeffrey S. Librett

Portraits, this book suggests, unlock the paradoxes of subjectivity. Nancy shows how the portrait, far from conveying a sitter’s self-sameness, is suspended between proximity and distance, likeness and strangeness, representation and presentation, the faithful and the forceful. A portrait can identify an individual, but it can also express a more complex double movement of approach and withdrawal. Nancy’s readings range from carvings on ancient drinking vessels to recent experimental or parodic pieces in which sitters are rendered in the ‘media’ of their own blood, germ culture, or DNA. The forms of appearing (and disappearing) that mark portraits—old and new—can serve to renew our exploration of the human figure today. At stake is what Nancy calls “the very possibility of our being present.” 160 PAGES, 36 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279951, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £20.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Lit Z M AY 201 8

Expectation: Philosophy, Literature JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by Robert Bononno Introduction by Jean-Michel Rabaté

“Expectation stages a courtship between philosophy and literature that has never been presented with such wit, grace, and finesse. What’s more, this intense courtship leads to a marriage blessed with specific offspring: Nancy’s book offers both an epithalamium and a pregnant poetics, a poetics of awakening and emergence—poetics as obstetrics ushering in new ‘senses’ in and of the world, plus strong and luminescent poems never seen in English before.”—from Jean-Michel Rabaté’s Introduction 296 PAGES 9780823277605, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

Power of Gentleness

Meditations on the Risk of Living ANNE DUFOURMANTELLE Translated by Katherine Payne and Vincent Sallé Foreword by Catherine Malabou

“Power of Gentleness is an important text that teaches us, comforts us, disturbs us too.”—Catherine Malabou The simplicity of gentleness is misleading. It is an active passivity that may become an extraordinary force of resistance within ethics and politics. In this powerful rethinking by a renowned philosopher and psychoanalyst whose untimely death captured worldwide attention, gentleness becomes a series of embodied paradoxes: power that is also soft, nobility that is also humble, fragility that can subvert the status quo. Against a risk-averse society that crushes human beings “gently,” Dufourmantelle celebrates the uncompromising gentleness discovered by Gandhi and other revolutionaries. Within the despair confided by her patients, she traces the force of resistance and intangible magic that gentleness offers to ordinary women and men who fully embrace the risk of living. 152 PAGES 9780823279609, PAPERBACK, $20.00, £16.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE MARC H 2 01 8


Exercises in Theological Possibility CATHERINE KELLER

“Keller at her scholarly best. Intercarnations deals with theological bodies be they female, carnal, animal, vegetal, mineral, cosmological. She generates new and exciting outcomes and possibilities, speaking across disciplines with grace and ease.”—Lisa Isherwood, University of Winchester “Keller’s scholarship is vast and detailed. The essays in this volume move seamlessly between the history of Eastern and Western thought, as well as process theology, political theology, ecology, feminism, and recent Continental philosophy. Whatever one makes of her controversial claims, Intercarnations is an important contribution to current debates in Continental philosophy of religion.”—Brian Gregor, California State University, Dominguez Hills 256 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATION 9780823276462, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £24.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Plato and the Invention of Life MICHAEL NAAS

“Michael Naas’s remarkable account of Plato traces the contemporary line between bios and zōē, which has been an abiding feature of recent discussions of biopolitics, to reveal the original Platonic invention of the division between ‘Life itself ’ and all other forms of living, including eternal life. Perhaps another way of saying this, according to Naas, is that already in Plato there is Platonism, the opposite of Platonism, and the deconstruction of every future Platonism.”—Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University 288 PAGES 9780823279685, PAPERBACK, $32.00, £25.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE AP RIL 2 01 8





L I T E R AT U R E Of Stigmatology

The Marrano Specter

Punctuation as Experience PETER SZENDY Translated by Jan Plug

“From ontology to linguistics, from learned treatise to comic book, the grace of this fascinating text brings being back to the infinity of its cut.”—Catherine Malabou “Peter Szendy’s brilliant reflections on the punctuation of experience make for a magnificent composition: a new philosophy of the sensible focused on how one feels oneself feeling . . . . Never before have exclamation points, dashes, interrogatives, full stops, and quotation marks been treated so existentially; never before has the musicality of existence been so keenly tied to its notation; never before has the distance between points been used so effectively as a measure of life-span. In the ‘pows!’ and ‘blams’ of comic-book blows, glimmers of political violence come into focus. This is an amazing work of philosophy, aesthetics, media, and critique!!!”—Emily Apter, New York University 184 PAGES, 35 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823278121, PAPERBACK, $24.00, £19.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Verbal Arts: Studies in Poetics JA N UA RY 201 8

Poetry and Mind

Tractatus Poetico-Philosophicus LAURENT DUBREUIL

“Poetry and Mind is an excellent book that performs its own thesis as a ‘thinking experiment’ that is part classical argument and part poetic suggestion. In the breathtaking range of literary and philological knowledge on display, we have a form of verification built on Wittgensteinian perspicuity— on the very brilliance of its own learning. Many scholars and artists have attempted the Tractatarian form before, but seldom with Dubreuil’s success.”—John Ó Maoilearca, Kingston University An elliptic response to Wittgenstein’s point of arrival in the Tractatus, Poetry and Mind is first and foremost an interdisciplinary study of poetry, drawing on literary theory, philosophy, and cognitive science. 128 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279647, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £20.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory A P R IL 201 8





Derrida and Hispanism Erin Graff Zivin, Editor Foreword by Peggy Kamuf Afterword by Geoffrey Bennington

“The Marrano Specter dazzles in all of its parts and as a whole. What preoccupies that whole—deconstruction? Hispanism? both? neither?—may turn out to be its secret subject, which makes this collection an exemplary meditation on the nature of identity and the limits of disciplinary thinking.”—Andrew Parker, Rutgers University “This work by top-notch scholars will contribute to larger debates about disciplinarity and the university today. While the authors locate the traditions they engage in a specifically ‘hispanist’ history, they indicate how the philosophical interventions are universal and universalizable.”—Rachel Price, Princeton University Contributors: Patrick Dove, Erin Graff Zivin, Jaime Hanneken, David Kelman, Brett Levinson, Jacques Lezra, Alberto Moreiras, Gareth Williams 184 PAGES 9780823277681, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £24.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

E N V I R O N M E N TA L STUDIES Eco-Deconstruction

Derrida and Environmental Philosophy Matthias Fritsch, Philippe Lynes, and David Wood, Editors

“Essential reading for anyone interested in environmental philosophy.”—Jeffrey Nealon, Pennsylvania State University “An invaluable reference point for all those interested in the intersection of ‘continental’ philosophy, literary criticism, posthumanism, and environmental concerns.”—Mick Smith, Queens University Contributors: Karen Barad, Timothy Clark, Claire Colebrook, Matthias Fritsch, Vicki Kirby, John Llewelyn, Philippe Lynes, Michael Marder, Dawne McCance, Michael Naas, Kelly Oliver, Michael Peterson, Ted Toadvine, Cary Wolfe, David Wood 334 PAGES, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279517, PAPERBACK, $32.00, £25.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology MARC H 2 01 8 rdham m

POLITICS Deconstructing the Death Penalty

Reified Life

“Deconstructing the Death Penalty . . . offers an indispensable reckoning with deconstruction’s legacy and relevance to current debates around the question of sovereignty and the state’s monopoly on violence.”—David Lloyd, University of California, Riverside

The 2008 economic crisis solidified the dominion of neoliberal and financial capital to organize human societies much to the detriment of the world’s populations. Reified Life theorizes the dangerous social implications of a posthuman future, whereby human agency is secondary to algorithmic processes, digital protocols, speculative financial instruments, and nonhuman market and technological forces. As such, Reified Life addresses the most pressing political question of the 21st century: what forms of life are free and what forms are perceived legally and economically as surplus or expendable, human and otherwise?

Derrida’s Seminars and the New Abolitionism Kelly Oliver and Stephanie M. Straub, Editors

Contributors: Nicole Anderson, Katie Chenoweth, Lisa Guenther, Christina Howells, Peggy Kamuf, Kir Kuiken, Elissa Marder, Michael Naas, Kelly Oliver, Elizabeth Rottenberg, Kas Saghafi, Adam Thurschwell, Sarah Tyson 296 PAGES 9780823280117, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE J U LY 201 8

Liturgical Power

Between Economic and Political Theology NICHOLAS HERON

“Liturgical Power makes a significant contribution to liturgical studies through its ability to illuminate Agamben’s significant work on the subject in his more recent writings. The book demonstrates first-rate scholarship in that it takes up a significant philological discussion that is pursued across centuries and various sources.”—Colby Dickinson, Loyola University Chicago “Heron’s book offers a magisterial reconstruction of the Christian idea of government. Liturgical Power makes a crucially important intervention into the emerging field of political theology.”—Miguel Vatter, University of New South Wales 216 PAGES 9780823278695, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Commonalities Modern Language Initiative

Speculative Capital and the Ahuman Condition J. PAUL NARKUNAS


The Eclipse of the Utopias of Labor ANSON RABINBACH

“Widely regarded as a classic of cultural studies, Anson Rabinbach’s The Human Motor revealed for the first time the importance of the late-19th-century European obsession with the laboring body and its vicissitudes. Scholars from many different fields who have drawn on it over the years, as well as those eager to join the discussion, will warmly welcome the remarkable essays collected in The Eclipse of the Utopias of Labor, which will enrich their understanding of previous as well as on-going efforts to create a productive, efficient and just society.”—Martin Jay, University of California, Berkeley 232 PAGES 9780823278572, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £24.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Forms of Living F E B RUARY 2 01 8

On the Nature of Marx’s Things Translation as Necrophilology JACQUES LEZRA Foreword by Vittorio Morfino

“The project of returning ‘Marxist logic’ to a materialist and pragmatic approach has been underway for some years now. Jacques Lezra, plunging into this logic’s deepest reaches, discovers there a ‘language of things,’ exactly as in Lucretius; but also a language of singularities, as in Spinoza; and of differences, marshaled against the possibility of any system of general equivalences. What he calls ‘necrophilology’ intervenes wherever such systems would reinstall the fetishes of humanism to the heights from which they’ve been cast—as a rupture, a break. Is Lezra proposing an ontology? The word is heavy, but recalling Lucretius and Spinoza in this way certainly lightens its weight, and makes ontology powerfully viable for, and by means of, the critique of contemporary capitalism.“—Antonio Negri 288 PAGES, 11 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279432, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Lit Z M AR C H 201 8 rd h a m p re ss .co m






Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism FRÉDÉRIC NEYRAT Translated by Walt Hunter and Lindsay Turner Foreword by Steven Shaviro

“Everything is in flux, as we are told over and over again. And yet, these are fluxes in which nothing ever really changes... Other thinkers have characterized globalized and financialized capitalism in this way; Neyrat sees it as a dilemma for critical thought as well... In a world where anything can be anyplace, and anything can switch places with anything else, philosophy must insist on its power to be, not everyplace, but noplace. It must never fit in, but always disturb its context,... maintaining a relation with the very Outside that our dominant social, economic, and intellectual conditions seek to deny or suppress... Above all, Atopias is a work of ethics, exhorting us to recognize and find room for the many forms of existence with whom we share our planet.”—Steven Shaviro, from the Foreword 112 PAGES 9780823277568, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £20.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Lit Z

Derrida after the End of Writing

Political Theology and New Materialism CLAYTON CROCKETT

“This book is not for you—if you think the specter of Derrida can be exorcised. Clayton Crockett has millennially updated and multi-discursively refreshed deconstruction itself. With transdisciplinary panache and a haunting intimacy, this leading philosopher of religion brings forth the political theologian and new materialist Derrida could only become postmortem.”—Catherine Keller, George T. Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew University, and author of Intercarnations: Exercises in Theological Possibility Derrida After the End of Writing argues for the importance of reading Derrida’s later work from a new materialist perspective. In conversation with Heidegger, Lacan, and Deleuze, and critically engaging newer philosophies of speculative realism and object-oriented ontology, Crockett claims that Derrida was never a linguistic idealist

The Self-Emptying Subject

Kenosis and Immanence, Medieval to Modern ALEX DUBILET

“Lucid, timely, and important. Dubilet explores kenosis as a radical possibility for life—where we may find an immanent joy not dependent on a future redemption.”—Karmen MacKendrick, Le Moyne College “In this important book, Dubilet recharges immanence via Deleuze and others to fashion a kenotic subject without transcendence. Based on cutting-edge scholarship, these ground-breaking interpretations of Eckhart, Hegel, and Bataille constitute a significant intervention into contemporary continental philosophy of religion and theology.” —Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas 256 PAGES 9780823279470, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE AP RIL 2 01 8

Trauma and Transcendence

Suffering and the Limits of Theory Eric Boynton and Peter Capretto, Editors

Trauma theory has become a burgeoning site of research in recent decades, often demanding interdisciplinary reflections on trauma as a phenomenon that defies claims of disciplinary ownership. This volume gathers scholars in a variety of disciplines to meet the challenge of how to think of trauma in light of its burgeoning interdisciplinarity and theoretical splintering. From distinctive disciplinary approaches, the work of philosophers, social theorists, philosophical psychologists, and theologians consider the limits and prospects of theory when thinking trauma and transcendence. Trauma and Transcendence draws attention to the increasing challenge of deciding whether trauma’s transcendent, evental, or unassimilable quality is being wielded as a defense of traumatic experience against reductionism, or whether it is promulgated as a form of obscurantism. 304 PAGES 9780823280278, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE AU GU ST 2 01 8

200 PAGES 9780823277841, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Perspectives in Continental Philosophy




RE L IG IO N rdham m

RELIGION Sexual Disorientations

Queer Temporalities, Affects, Theologies Kent L. Brintnall, Joseph A. Marchal, and Stephen D. Moore, Editors Afterword by Elizabeth Freeman

“This volume compellingly queers what we thought we knew about sexuality and temporality in Christian texts, interpretations, and theologies. Beginning with the question of historiography in the study of ancient texts, it moves through into the queer time of ethics and theology. Bodies, texts, and time race forward, touch, pause, and tarry; they fall into catastrophe, witness, cry out, and are haunted by pain and hope; yet still they rehome readers, or afford queer pleasure. Sexual Disorientations enlivens our reading of these religious texts by compellingly queering their temporalities and affects.” —Erin Runions, Pomona College 368 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATION 9780823277520, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquia

Religion of the Field Negro

On Black Secularism and Black Theology VINCENT W. LLOYD

“Once again Vincent Lloyd has written an insightful, demanding, even daring book, and this time with an irritating title straight out of the 1960s. Lloyd throws down a stinging challenge to all those of us who cling to idolatries of race, class, and gender as well as to our privileges in the classroom, the boardroom, and the pulpit. We have betrayed black theology in our failure to uphold the wisdom of the marginalized, the cherished people of God.” —M. Shawn Copeland, Boston College 304 PAGES 9780823277643, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £24.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

Inner Animalities

Theology and the End of the Human ERIC DARYL MEYER

“Meyer adds considerable nuance to the more widespread observation that Christian anthropology depends on a notion of animality in its understanding of the human. More clearly than any thinker I’ve read, Meyer shows that the moment Christian theologians disavow animals often betrays a trace of another way of thinking about animals, humans, and God. He has brought out internal inconsistencies in Christian theological articulations of the human/animal binary in a remarkably fruitful way.”—Aaron Gross, University of San Diego 224 PAGES 9780823280155, PAPERBACK, $32.00, £25.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology JU LY 2 01 8

Spiritual Grammar

Genre and the Saintly Subject in Islam and Christianity F. DOMINIC LONGO

“Longo engages in an intriguing comparative inquiry into spiritual grammar in medieval Arabic and Latin treatises. Delineating and crossing boundaries and genres, he explores a new confusing yet delightful subfield in the genre of comparative theological Islamo-Christian studies.” —Pim Valkenberg, The Catholic University of America “Dominic Longo helps us to understand Islam and Christianity in deeper ways through the genre of ‘spiritual grammar’. This is an extraordinary book that will benefit scholars of Islam, Christianity, and Comparative Theology.” —Amir Hussain, Loyola Marymount University 256 PAGES 9780823275724, HARDBACK, $50.00, £41.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions





C AT H O L I C S T U D I E S The Bread of the Strong

Lacouturisme and the Folly of the Cross, 1910-1985 JACK LEE DOWNEY

“The Bread of the Strong is a thrilling spiritual adventure story. Jack Downey brilliantly tracks the origins and flourishing of the controversial, mysterious, and extremely influential retreat movement most prominently associated with Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers. ‘The retreat’ blended passionately mystical Québécois spirituality with the hard-nosed militancy of Catholic labor movement advocacy of Industrial Era Pittsburgh. The result was a paradoxical—and most potent—form of Catholic spiritual radicalism that fulfilled Dorothy Day’s lifelong search for authentic communion with Jesus and her fellows.”—Jim Fisher, author of On the Irish Waterfront: The Crusader, the Movie, and the Soul of the Port of New York 280 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATION 9780823278732, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £20.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Catholic Practice in North America

O RT H O D OX CHRISTIANITY God, Hierarchy, and Power

Orthodox Theologies of Authority from Byzantium ASHLEY M. PURPURA

“How can we understand and work with the concept of hierarchy in an era of democratic values, concerns about abuse of power by those with authority, and empowerment for those who lack it? Purpura asks serious questions with skill, economy, clarity, and penetrating insight. A powerful new voice that will matter to theologians and historians alike, this is a rich, masterful entry into major Orthodox currents of thought, past and present.”—Susan Harvey, Brown University In the current age where democratic and egalitarian ideals have preeminence, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, among other hierarchically organized religious traditions, faces the challenging questions: “Why is hierarchy maintained as the model of organizing the church, and what are the theological justifications for its persistence?”

O RT H O D OX CHRISTIANITY Liturgical Theology after Schmemann An Orthodox Reading of Paul Ricoeur BRIAN A. BUTCHER Foreword by Andrew Louth, FBA

While only rarely reflecting explicitly on liturgy, French philosopher Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005) gave sustained attention to several themes pertinent to the interpretation of worship, including metaphor, narrative, subjectivity, and memory. Inspired by his well-known aphorism, “The symbol gives rise to thought,” Liturgical Theology after Schmemann offers an original exploration of the symbolic world of the Byzantine Rite , culminating in a Ricoeurian analysis of its Theophany “Great Blessing of Water.” 336 PAGES 9780823278756, PAPERBACK, $45.00, £37.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought F E B RUARY 2 01 8

Winner of the 2017 Alpha Sigma Nu Award

Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine

Edited by George E. Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou

“Many of us in the field of political theology are poorer for the lack of conversation most of us experience between Eastern and Western political theologies. Even if we are open and sympathetic to one another—and historically that is a big ‘if ’—the traditions are so distinct from one another that few can claim expertise in both, and so we continue to focus narrowly on our own traditions. This volume represents a welcome change to this pattern, opening a conversation between theologians across Eastern and Western traditions on the timely topics of church and state, democracy, and liberalism.”—Elizabeth Phillips, Tutor in Theology and Ethics, Westcott House, Cambridge 304 PAGES 9780823274208, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought

240 PAGES 9780823278374, HARDBACK, $65.00, £54.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought




RE L IG IO N rdham m

JEWISH STUDIES The Forgiveness to Come

Other Others

“An extremely well-written, subtle, and moving meditation on the impasses of forgiveness in the face of the Holocaust and other unforgivable crimes, challenging our notions of what it means to be a person and whether there is a universal order of ​human beings that might allow perpetrator and victim to recognize in each other a shared humanity. Banki’s book is an excellent study— supple in its interpretations, limpid in its style—and will be of great interest to students and scholars of literature, political science, philosophy, history, and anthropology.” —Rochelle Tobias, Johns Hopkins University

“Dolgopolski’s Other Others is the most ambitious work I have read in the field of Jewish political and philosophical though in some time. It is creative, synthetic, well written and conceptually clear. Dolgopolski is a master of his material and an innovator. The combination makes for a scintillating piece of scholarship.”—Sarah Hammerschlag, University of Chicago Excluding certain others from a society, while still tolerating diversity, stabilizes a political order. Or does it? Revisiting this classical question of political theory, this book turns to the Talmud. That late ancient body of text and thought displays a new concept of the political, and thus a new take on the question of excluded others.

The Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical PETER BANKI

208 PAGES 9780823278657, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Just Ideas Modern Language Initiative

Freud and Monotheism

Moses and the Violent Origins of Religion Gilad Sharvit and Karen S. Feldman, Editors

Over the last few decades, vibrant debates regarding postsecularism have found inspiration and provocation in the works of Sigmund Freud. A new interest in the interconnection of psychoanalysis, religion, political theory, and modernity has emerged, with Freud’s final book, Moses and Montheism, taking a central role. Highlighting the broad impact of Moses and Monotheism across the humanities, the contributors hail from such diverse disciplines as philosophy, comparative literature, cultural studies, German studies, Jewish studies and psychoanalysis. Contributors: Jan Assmann, Richard Bernstein, Willi Goetschel, Ronald Hendel, Catherine Malabou, Gabriele Schwab, Yael Segalovitz, Gilad Sharvit, Joel Whitebook 208 PAGES 9780823280032, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Berkeley Forum in the Humanities J U N E 201 8 rd h a m p re ss .co m

The Political after the Talmud SERGEY DOLGOPOLSKI


Stasis Before the State

Nine Theses on Agonistic Democracy DIMITRIS VARDOULAKIS

“A beautiful and lyrical book. Over the course of nine theses Vardoulakis contends with some of the central issues of contemporary politics and shows that we need not fear conflict but should embrace it as a critical aspect of democratic life.”—James Martel, San Francisco State University “Against the naïve utopias of radical democracy and of liberal democracy alike, Vardoulakis presents us with ‘agonistic democracy’—a non-teleological and paradoxical political practice that constitutes the condition of possibility as well as the only real alternative to sovereign power. Stasis before the State is a truly remarkable and memorable book.”—Cesare Casarino, University of Minnesota, Cultural Critique Senior Editor 168 PAGES, 5 X 7 1/2 9780823277407, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £20.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Commonalities






Georges de La Tour and the Enigma of the Visible

Advertising, Urban Space, and the Moral Law of the Image EMANUELE COCCIA Translated by Marissa Gemma


“This short, unsettling book offers new perspectives on the moral place of things in the cosmology of industrial modernity. In making his radical argument, Coccia questions many of our habits of thought, by showing that the love of things—crystallized in fashion, advertising and consumption—reflects a search for a form of political normativity which has for too long been seen as illicit, illusory and immoral.”—Arjun Appadurai, New York University 112 PAGES 9780823280230, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Commonalities J U LY 201 8

The Technological Introject

Friedrich Kittler between Implementation and the Incalculable Jeffrey Champlin and Antje Pfannkuchen, Editors Afterword by Avital Ronell

“Spearheaded by New York philosophy icon Avital Ronell, this book pays tribute to Germany’s most controversial yet most original media theorist, who completely changed the German academic landscape by following his declared goal to drive the human out of the humanities. In completely new and exciting ways, the essays collected in this important volume introduce Friedrich Kittler’s radical and challenging approach to the study of Western culture, literature, and philosophy to an American audience.”—Arne Hocker, University of Colorado, Boulder Contributors: Rudiger Campe, Jeffrey Champlin, Bernhard J. Dotzler, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Hans-Christian von Herrmann, Ute Holl, Alexander Lambrow, Antje Pfannkuchen, Mert Bahadir Reisoğlu, Nimrod Reitman, Laurence A. Rickels, Avital Ronell, Bernhard Siegert, Chadwick T. Smith, Elisabeth Weber, Samuel Weber, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Dominik Zechner 312 PAGES, 5 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823278206, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £28.99 Meaning Systems AU G UST 201 8






“A century has passed since the paintings of Georges de La Tour were rescued from near oblivion. Yet the interest in his enigmatic achievement has never diminished. Dalia Judovitz surveys a wealth of previous writings, and argues brilliantly for the significance of the new spiritual dimension that his work inhabits.”—Stephen Bann, Bristol University By exploring the representations of light, vision, and the visible in La Tour’s works, this interdisciplinary study examines the nature of painting and its artistic, religious, and philosophical implications. 192 PAGES 29 B/W AND COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823277445, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £24.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

MEDICINE Pathological Realities

Essays on Disease, Experiments, and History MIRKO GRMEK Edited, translated, and with an Introduction by Pierre-Olivier Méthot Foreword by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

Pathological Realities proposes a collection of engaging essays by the late Mirko D. Grmek (1924-2000), providing a portrait of his entire career as a historian of science and an engaged intellectual figure. Drawing on literary works, scientific texts, and artistic and biological artefacts, Grmek’s scholarship pieces together the “traces of the past in the present” and reconstructs the “pathological reality” of particular historical moments, places and peoples. Through detailed case-studies his contributions reveal the interconnections of diseases, societies, mentalities and medical theories. Straddling the sciences and the humanities, his historical work resulted in him crafting significant new concepts and methods and to engaging with contemporary social problems such as wars, genocides and pandemics. 224 PAGES 9780823280353, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE Forms of Living AU GU ST 2 01 8 rdham m



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