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The Problem of the Color Line at the Turn of the Twentieth Century


“In these eloquent, passionately dialectical, and vertiginous essays Butler relentlessly tracks our being undone by others, by language, by things, by institutions, and the normative formations that hold us upright beyond our standing upright in the writings of, among others, Descartes, Spinoza, Hegel, Merleau-Ponty, Irigaray, and Fanon.”—J.M Bernstein, New School for Social Research “Judith Butler’s reading of major works on the construction of the subject, ranging from Descartes and Spinoza to Irigaray and Fanon, intertwines three projects, which prove intimately related: a symptomatic reading of texts, where the materiality of their writing reveals a permanent uncertainty about the “sovereignty” or “autonomy” that they claim; a phenomenology of the affective “third substance” which, being neither mind nor body, must also encroach on both; and a critique of normative ontological binarisms which, in particular, confuse sexual otherness with a difference of given places. In this account of the latent “sensible” mover of metaphysics, she also gives an account of herself as incarnated thinker, beautifully complex and inventive.”—Étienne Balibar, author of Equalibrity 208 PAGES 978-0-8232-6467-4 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6466-7 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

What Fanon Said

A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought LEWIS R. GORDON Foreword by Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun Afterword by Drucilla Cornell

“As a careful and systematic analysis of the major controversies that have surrounded the works of Frantz Fanon, this book is a must read. Lewis Gordon delivers on his promise of boldly examining these controversies while at the same time providing a very spirited defense of many of Fanon’s positions. What Fanon Said is now the most comprehensive treatment of the many and ever so intense polemics arising out of Fanon’s works that continue to be fiercely debated.” —Paget Henry, Brown University “A provocative and illuminating study of Fanon’s work.” —Abdul R. JanMohamed, University of California, Berkeley 208 PAGES, 9 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6609-8 PAPER, $22.00, £13.99 978-0-8232-6608-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 JUST IDEAS SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE




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The Essential Early Essays W. E. B. DU BOIS Edited by Nahum Dimitri Chandler

“Chandler’s collection makes available, for the first time, a systematic, chronological tour of Du Bois’s evolving vision of the global color line, as that vision was developed in the crucial opening years of his publishing life.”—Seth Moglen, Lehigh University “The best exemplar of the deconstructionist line of Du Bois’s work.”—Lewis R. Gordon, University of Connecticut at Storrs and author of An Introduction to Africana Philosophy “Compiled and edited by the world’s preeminent scholar of early Du Boisian thought, these texts represent his most generative period, when Du Bois engaged every discipline, helped construct modern social science, employed critical inquiry as a weapon of antiracism and political liberation, and always set his sights on the entire world.”—Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination 400 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5455-2 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-5454-5 CLOTH, $110.00, £72.00 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Humanities and Public Life

Edited by Peter Brooks with Hilary Jewett

“In The Humanities and Public Life, Peter Brooks has convened a remarkable conversation that explores the crucial contribution of the humanities to the growth of a transnational, interdisciplinary public sphere. Debating the ‘ethics of reading’ from a range of perspectives, his contributors provide a vivid account of the role of language and action in defining new ways of configuring the relation between politics and personhood.”—Homi K. Bhabha, Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of the Humanities, Harvard University “This is a highly original and deeply exhilarating contribution to public debate about the value of the humanities. The scholars convened by Brooks are individually first-rate and diverse in field, representing literary studies, philosophy, political theory, law, and humanistic social science. . . . Stimulating for scholars and non-scholars alike, this book is unique for the range and quality of perspectives it makes available.”—Martha C. Nussbaum, University of Chicago Contributors: Kwame Anthony Appiah, Derek Attridge, Judith Butler, Peter Brooks, Jonathan Culler, Didier Fassin, William Germano, Ralph J. Hexter, Hilary Jewett, Paul W. Kahn, Charles Larmore, Jonathan Lear, Michael Roth, Elaine Scarry, Kim Lane Scheppele, Richard Sennett, Patricia J. Williams 172 PAGES, 3 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5705-8 PAPER, $18.00, £11.99 978-0-8232-5704-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rdham m

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HIGHLIGHTS IN PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION Sophistical Practice: Toward a Consistent Relativism BARBARA CASSIN

“Barbara Cassin’s Sophistical Practice undertakes the Nietzschean task of reappraising the Sophists’ enterprise and the lessons that their “other” conception of the Logos has for us, today: about the long suppressed feminine buried under the orthodox history of philosophy, about language and translation, about the meaning of a transitional justice (of the kind illustrated by post-apartheid South Africa) that demands not the absolute Platonic truth-in-itself but the sophistical “enough-truth-for” restoring communities fractured by hate and strife and giving them the sense of a future. This is a superb work of classical erudition at the service of the reflection on contemporary issues.”—Soulemane Bachir Diagne, Columbia University “To think with Barbara Cassin is a pleasure and a privilege. . . . Her unique readings, combining ancient texts and contemporary theory, breathe new life into everything they touch.”—Bonnie Honig, Brown University 384 PAGES, 5 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5639-6 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-5638-9 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

For Strasbourg

Conversations of Friendship and Philosophy JACQUES DERRIDA Edited and Translated by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas

“For Strasbourg makes a superb introduction to Derrida’s ideas and to what might be called his styles of thinking, as well as to their difference from those of Jean-Luc Nancy and LacoueLabarthe.”—J. Hillis Miller, University of California, Irvine “This is a moving and extraordinarily rich volume, which reveals Derrida’s final philosophical reflections.”—François Raffoul, Louisiana State University 144 PAGES 978-0-8232-5649-5 PAPER, $16.00, £9.99 978-0-8232-5648-8 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


Thinking Christianity in the Era of the Internet ANTONIO SPADARO Translated by Maria Way

“The book provides a substantial introduction to the anthropological and theological questions raised by our life “on line”: smartphones, Google, virtual spaces, avatars. Spadaro raises questions having to do with the need of the Church to engage the new ‘intellectus fidei’ in the age of the internet.” —Massimo Faggioli, University of St. Thomas “Cybertheology . . . is a pioneering work that contributes to a new understanding of the familiar concept of theology as faith seeking understanding.”—Jose Palakeel, Theologicon, Kochi, India 160 PAGES 978-0-8232-5700-3 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5699-0 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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After Fukushima

The Equivalence of Catastrophes JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by Charlotte Mandell

“A powerful reflection on our times, our condition, and the fate of our civilization, as revealed by the catastrophe of Fukushima.”—François Raffoul, Louisiana State University “Leave it to Jean-Luc Nancy to take an event like the Fukushima nuclear disaster and turn it into an occasion for rethinking the essence of capitalism, globalization, the fate of the Earth, and the future of democracy.”—Michael Naas, DePaul University 60 PAGES 978-0-8232-6339-4 PAPER, $16.00, £9.99 978-0-8232-6338-7 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Being Nude

The Skin of Images JEAN-LUC NANCY AND FEDERICO FERRARI Translated by Anne O’Byrne and Carlie Anglemire

What does it mean to be nude? What does the nude do? In a series of constantly surprising reflections, Jean-Luc Nancy and Federico Ferrari encounter the nude as an opportunity for thinking in a way that is stripped bare of all received meanings and preconceived forms. In the course of engagements with twenty-six separate images, the authors show how the nudes produced by painters and photographers expose this bareness of thought and leave us naked on the verge of a sense that is always nascent, always fleeting, on the surface of the skin, on the surface of the image. 136 PAGES, 26 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5621-1 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5620-4 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00

Maps for a Fiesta: A Latina/o Perspective on Knowledge and the Global Crisis OTTO MADURO Introduction by Eduardo Mendieta

What can theology offer in the context of neoliberalism, globalization, growing inequality, and an ever more ecologically precarious planet that disproportionately affects the poor? This book, by one of the country’s best-known Latino theologians, explores possibilities for liberation from the forces that would impose certain forms of knowledge on our social world to manipulate our experience of identity, power, and justice. What Maduro offers here is a profound meditation on the relationship between knowledge and justice that could be read as a manifesto against the putatively unknowable world that capitalist chaos has made, in favor of a world that is known by the measure of its collective justice. His fiesta grants us the joy that nourishes us in our struggles, just as knowledge gives us the tools to build a more just society. What Maduro offers is nothing less than an epistemology of liberation. 192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6305-9 PAPER, $22.00, £13.99 978-0-8232-6304-2 CLOTH, $70.00, £46.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE





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PH ILOS OPHY Apocalypse-Cinema

2012 and Other Ends of the World PETER SZENDY Translated by Will Bishop

“In this prodigiously intelligent book, Peter Szendy reflects on the specific nature of apocalyptic cinema. Organized as a series of brief essays on individual films and recurrent cinematic strategies, Apocalypse-Cinema offers brilliant insights on a genre that has yet to receive all the critical attention it deserves.”—Marie Helene Huet, Princeton University 192 PAGES, 25 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6481-0 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6480-3 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Ending and Unending Agony

On Maurice Blanchot PHILIPPE LACOUE-LABARTHE Translated by Hannes Opelz

“As it makes its way, in a manner that is painstakingly attentive and demanding, through two texts by Maurice Blanchot (The Instant of my Death and “(A Primal Scene?)”), Ending and Unending Agony explores the relationship between “dying” and “writing”: does not each hold the truth of the other as they relate to the immemorial? That which never took place and of which there is neither memory nor forgetting is also that which binds us to the extremity of sense, where sense renders itself absent. What is at stake as this limit is reached? Can one speak of “myth”—something Blanchot had ruled out long ago—or rather of an experience which no one can experience but which nevertheless leaves a trace? Such are some of the questions to which English-speaking audiences may now direct their attention thanks to this translation of Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe’s book on Blanchot.”—Jean-Luc Nancy, University Marc Bloch, Strasbourg “Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe’s vigilant engagement with Blanchot’s late ‘autobiographical’ texts is a piercing testimony to the originality and power of a writer whose significance should be beyond dispute. For those who prize close reading, Ending and Unending Agony will be both an inspiration and a delight.”—Kevin Hart, University of Virginia 192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6458-2 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6457-5 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 LIT Z SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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Temporality and Trinity PETER MANCHESTER

“Temporality and Trinity develops the original and sometimes provocative readings of temporality that have long appeared in Peter Manchester’s work—not least the unity of time and eternity as a topic and the concept of the temporal disclosure space. The scholarship is of a breadth and exactness not often seen, and the book is a consistent intellectual pleasure.”—Karmen MacKendrick, Le Moyne College “Peter Manchester’s Temporality and Trinity is a solid piece of scholarship that demonstrates a mastery of a number of classical texts in their original languages and makes a unique contribution to the field of philosophical theology.”—Theodore Kisiel, Northern Illinois University 192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6571-8 CLOTH, $45.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Feminine Symptom

Aleatory Matter in the Aristotelian Cosmos EMANUELA BIANCHI

“Excellent scholarship combined with Bianchi’s unique interpretive strategy open new possibilities in the interpretation of Aristotle that are well grounded in the text and consistently supported with powerful reasoning.”—Michael Shaw, Utah Valley University “Showing the absolute centrality of sexual difference to all of his work, Bianchi also reveals the disruptive, inassimilable and excessive presence of the feminine in Aristotle. . . . Juxtaposing the systematic and phenomenological, and emphasizing Aristotle’s paradoxical commitment to both, Bianchi resists both blame and repair, and through the performance of a ‘critical intimacy’ with the immense Aristotelian corpus she offers a brilliant and fresh reading of this original and formidable thinker of the Western tradition. Drawing in voices from Plato to Pussy Riot, Bianchi illuminates the potential for a new politics of aleatory feminism in the present.”—Page DuBois, University of San Diego 332 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6219-9 PAPER, $27.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6218-2 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rdham m

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The Interval

Relation and Becoming in Irigaray, Aristotle, and Bergson REBECCA HILL

“The interval is a force of dispersal or difference that is constitutive of identity: it is the necessity of relations between terms. Rebecca Hill has provided a powerful original analysis of the interval in thinking sexual difference and its implications for our thinking about space, time and identity.”—Elizabeth Grosz, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey “Through a close and careful exegesis of Aristotle’s analysis of topos and Bergson’s concept of duration, the book proposes an original, ambitious, and much needed philosophical genealogy of one of the most important notions in Luce Irigaray’s feminist theories, namely, that of the interval of sexual difference.”—Ewa Ziarek, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York 198 PAGES 978-0-8232-6273-1 PAPER, $22.00, £13.99 978-0-8232-3724-1 CLOTH, $60.00, £39.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Messianic Thought Outside Theology Edited by Anna Glazova and Paul North

“This book will change the transdisciplinary field of messianic thought in the most provocative and challenging ways imaginable.”—Thomas Schestag, Brown University “The individual essays in Messianic Thought wonderfully cohere into a true collection, in which a tradition of continental thought from Kant and Benjamin to Derrida and Agamben unfolds and gains new contours; one will want to read it as a whole and not just for the isolated piece.”—Paul Fleming, Cornell University Contributors: Lisa Anderson, Catharine Diehl, Peter Fenves, David Ferris, Oleg Gelikmann, Anna Glazova, Werner Hamacher, Vivian Liska, Thomas Macho, Paul North, Nicole Pepperell, Joshua Wilner 316 PAGES, 3 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5672-3 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-5671-6 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00

Benjamin’s Passages: Dreaming, Awakening ALEXANDER GELLEY

“Alex Gelley’s interpretation of the Passagenwerk is the work of a lifetime concentrated as a gem. While commentaries were multiplying at exponential rate, he kept meditating and researching. The result is a unique resurrection of Benjamin’s practice of “puzzling the world together”, around the antithetic themes of liberating the powers of dream and anticipating the day of awakening. Whoever thought to have understood Benjamin should pause and read Gelley first.” —Étienne Balibar, author of Equaliberty “Alexander Gelley’s book offers an extremely subtle and persuasive reading of Benjamin’s later work, fully attentive to its fragmentary nature but also deftly linking it to all of the writer’s continuing philosophical preoccupations.” —Michael Wood, Princeton University

Sometimes Always True

Undogmatic Pluralism in Politics, Metaphysics, and Epistemology JEREMY BARRIS

“Jeremy Barris analyzes the philosophical paradoxes of commitment and belief with a view to extracting their general structure and offering real ideas about how to live with them, as we must in order to live together successfully in contemporary societies. This is a topical and timely analysis that moves beyond considering the philosophical problems of pluralism and relativism in the abstract to show how we might begin to deal with them here and now.”—Paul Livingston, University of New Mexico “A remarkably ambitious, challenging and thoroughly engaging book. Barris’s mastery of a great variety of writings, including literary texts, takes the reader on a fascinating journey through metaphysics, humor, dreams, politics and epistemology. . . . Arguing with stunning clarity, Barris stays solidly at the wheel and brings his readers along in a fearless and cogent narrative, rife with innovative and original thought.”—Irene Klaver, University of North Texas 288 PAGES 978-0-8232-6214-4 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Ordinary Oblivion and the Self Unmoored Reading Plato’s Phaedrus and Writing the Soul JENNIFER R. RAPP

“This is an extraordinarily creative, and lyrically written, meditation on the philosophical meaning and experiential richness of what is, by any measure, one of Plato’s most creative and lyrical dialogues. Countering the all too comon belief that Plato was strictly hostile to poetry and poets, an idea the *Phaedrus* belies, Rapp weaves contemporary poetic voices into her meditation on this preeminently Greek philosophical vision. The result is a tapesty of exceptional beauty and insight.”—Louis Ruprecht, Georgia State University 224 PAGES 978-0-8232-5743-0 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

NE W I N PAPE R! Constellation: Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Benjamin in the Now-Time of History JAMES MCFARLAND

“Not only does McFarland evince himself as an original and compelling interpreter of Nietzsche and Benjamin. He strings key passages together in such a way that his exegetical performance fans out toward both authors, configuring them in an inexorable interface of shared interpretation and critique.”—Henry Sussman, Yale University 344 PAGES 978-0-8232-6309-7 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-4536-9 CLOTH, $45.00, £28.99 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

240 PAGES, 4 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6257-1 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6256-4 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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PERSPECTIVES IN CONT IN E N TA L PHILOSOPHY The End of the World and Other Teachable Moments: Jacques Derrida’s Final Seminar

Quiet Powers of the Possible

“Naas solidifies his singular place as our most brilliant and incisive scholar of Derrida’s work.”—Jeffrey Nealon, Pennsylvania State University “With his luminous and generous intelligence, Michael Naas makes the task of reading Derrida look easy. But that’s only because, like the finest of teachers, he takes us patiently through the difficulties and countenances bravely the disconcerting turns taken by this final seminar, what he calls its teachable moments. Naas’s clarity of thought, the acuteness of his ear, and the deftness of his writing are gifts that readers appreciate on every page. This book will be indispensable reading from now on for whoever attends to Derrida’s seminars.”—Peggy Kamuf, University of Southern California

Quiet Powers of the Possible offers an excellent introduction to contemporary French phenomenology through a series of interviews with its most prominent figures. Guided by rigorous questions that push into the most important aspects of the latest phenomenological research, the book gives readers a comprehensive sense of each thinker’s intellectual history, motivations, and philosophical commitments. The diversity of approaches collected here has its origin in a deeper debate about the conceptual and historical foundations of phenomenology itself. In this way the book offers the most accessible and wide-ranging introduction to French phenomenology to have appeared in the English-speaking world to date.


232 PAGES 978-0-8232-6329-5 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6328-8 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Negative Ecstasies

Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion Edited by Jeremy Biles and Kent L. Brintnall

“This collection makes a significant and timely contribution to the still emergent scholarship on Georges Bataille. The authors have not given in to the temptation to tame the texts, but neither is this an uncritical celebration; rather, the consistently thoughtful essays take up Bataille’s work seriously and carefully in a range of new approaches and ideas.” —Karmen MacKendrick, Le Moyne College “Negative Ecstacies provides a welcome appraisal of Bataille’s contribution to religious thought and experience in a postsacred society.”—Michéle Richman, University of Pennsylvania Contributors: Jeremy Biles, Kent L. Brintnall, Stephen Bush, David Chidester, Zeynep Dirk, Lynne Gerber, Jean-Joseph Goux, Paul Hegarty, Amy Hollywood, Mark Jordan, Jeffrey J. Kripal, Alphonso Lingis, Allan Stoekl, Hugh Urban, Shannon Winnubst 304 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6520-6 PAPER, $32.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-6519-0 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Rebellious No

Variations on a Secular Theology of Language NOËLLE VAHANIAN

“Vahanian’s secular theology of language is intense, meditative and brilliant, and culminates in a profound vision of how rebellion and love are inseparable from each other.” —Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas “God and Being are both words without referents. What is, then, the difference between them ? God is only a version of Being (Heidegger). God is “otherwise than Being” (Levinas). God survives the death of its Being (Vahanian). Such is the profound paradox of “secular theology”. A fascinating achievement.”—Catherine Malabou, author of The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage

Interviews in Contemporary French Phenomenology Edited by Tarek R. Dika and W. Chris Hackett Foreword by Richard Kearney

Contributors: Renaud Barbaras, Jocelyn Benoist, Jean-Louis Chretien, Jean-Francois Courtine, Françoise Dastur, Scott Davidson, Emmanuel Falque, Chris Fenwick, Michel Henry, Gregori Jean, Jean-Yves Lacoste, Jean-Luc Marion, Larry McGrath, Claude Romano, Jason Wardley, Adam Wells. 304 PAGES 978-0-8232-6472-8 PAPER, $32.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-6471-1 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Under the Gaze of the Bible

JEAN-LOUIS CHRETIEN Translated by John Marson Dunaway

“In Under the Gaze of the Bible, Chrétien opens up the depth and warming brilliance of the Word by finding how to appropriately address oneself to the Bible as a listener and doer of the Word, such as he has learned from Origen, Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Kierkegaard Barth, von Balthsar, and others. He shows us how to engage the Divine Word, mind and heart, so as to understand and live Christian wisdom, joy, hope, and witness as have the great Christian masters. In the span of eight well-crafted chapters, Chrétien takes the reader on a journey through some key texts and themes of the Bible and draws upon some of the great thinkers of the Christian tradition. I enthusiastically recommend this book for its illuminating reading of the Word, for the wisdom it proffers, and for its surprising and delightful understanding of just what ‘reading the Word’ can and must entail.” —John P. Hittinger, University of St. Thomas 144 PAGES 978-0-8232-6232-8 PAPER, $23.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-6231-1 CLOTH, $60.00, £39.00




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PERSPECTIVES IN CONT IN E N TA L PHILOSOPHY Carnal Hermeneutics: From Head to Foot

Nietzsche and the Becoming of Life

“In response to the apparent ‘non-relevance’ of traditional phenomenological hermeneutics, must those scholars who continue to cling to a more ‘conservative’ perspective capitulate to the various nihilisms, to the critiques of correlationalism, or to the solid reductionism of speculative realism? Richard Kearney and Brian Treanor answer with an insistent ‘No!’ Indeed, they seek to infuse the debate with a dialogical energy that will keep the process moving and flesh renewed. That would not be a bad embodiment of a carnal hermeneutics.”—B. Keith Putt, Samford University

“Vanessa Lemm is one of the most original Nietzsche scholars working today and an expert on a key aspect of Nietzsche’s thought: animal life. Nietzsche and the Becoming of Life presents original interpretations of Nietzsche’s works, addressing his conception of life from the observation point of topics such as naturalism, evolutionary biology, bodily experience, normativity, justice, and self-experimentation. It is a much welcome addition to Nietzsche studies.”—Federico Luisetti, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “The roster of contributors is impressive, comprising topnotch Nietzsche scholars from North and South America, as well as Europe. The seventeen papers collected here represent a diverse but coherent and complementary range of interpretive approaches, all of which focus on different aspects of Nietzsche’s conception of life and related topics. A collection like this is a real boon to Nietzsche studies.” —Peter Groff, Bucknell University

Edited by Richard Kearney and Brian Treanor

Contributors: Emmanuel Alloa, Edward S. Casey, Jean-Louis Chretien, Emmanuel Falque, Michel Henry, Richard Kearney, Julia Kristeva, Karmen MacKendrick, John Panteleimon Manoussakis Jean-Luc Marion, Dermot Moran, Jean-Luc Nancy, Anne O’Byrne, Shelly Rambo, Paul Ricoeur, , Brian Treanor, Ted Toadvine, David Wood 400 PAGES 978-0-8232-6589-3 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-6588-6 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Trace of God: Derrida and Religion

Edited by Edward Baring and Peter E. Gordon

“Edward Baring and Peter Gordon are to be commended for assembling such a high-quality collection.”—Samir Haddad, Fordham University “Jacques Derrida’s most lasting legacy might well be his writings on religion, which not only restored the dialogue between religion and philosophy but also traced the entanglements of faith and knowledge, sacral and secular. If the perplexed seek a guide, they can do no better than this excellent volume. It explores Derrida’s engagements with religion across the entire span of his career and the vast range of his interests. Bringing together established voices and younger scholars, these essays highlight the complexity and ambiguity of Derrida’s thought and accentuate robust disagreements rather than harmonious consensus.”—Warren Breckman, University of Pennsylvania Contributors: Edward Baring, John D. Caputo, Joseph Cohen, Hent de Vries, Peter E. Gordon, Dr. Martin Hagglund, Sarah Hammerschlag, Richard Kearney, Ethan Kleinberg, Anne Norton, Raphael Zagury-Orly 272 PAGES 978-0-8232-6210-6 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6209-0 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Vladimir Jankélévitch The Time of Forgiveness AARON T. LOONEY

“Looney gives a general introduction to Jankélévitch’s thought, then goes on to provide an in-depth study of Jankélévitch’s book Forgiveness by comparing and contrasting it with thinkers such as Max Scheler, Nietzsche, Levinas, Derrida, Aristotle, and other prominent writers in moral thought.”—Andrew Kelley, Bradley University

Edited by Vanessa Lemm

Contributors: Babette Babich, Debra Bergoffen, Virginia Cano, Monica Cragnolini, Mariana Cruz, Daniel Conway, Rainer J. Hanshe, Lawrence J. Hatab, Scott Jenkins, Vanessa Lemm, Donovan Miyasaki, Eduardo Nasser, Keith Ansell-Pearson, Gary Shapiro, Herman Siemens, Tracy B. Strong, Dieter Thoma 384 PAGES 978-0-8232-6287-8 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-6286-1 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 PERSPECTIVES IN CONTINENTAL PHILOSOPHY SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Responding to Loss

Heideggerian Reflections on Literature, Architecture, and Film ROBERT MUGERAUER

“An original and sensitive study that brings a Continental philosophical sensibility to the problem of loss destitution, suffering, and bearing witness to catastrophe. Mugerauer explores the question ‘How can we deal with what befalls us in life?’”—Jason Wirth, Seattle University “In an interpretation that ranges from the writings of Martin Heidegger to a novel by Cormac McCarthy, a project by Daniel Libeskind, and a film by Wim Wenders, Mugerauer’s new book attunes its readers to the phenomenology of loss in a way that makes it palpable. Hinting at truths that lie hidden, turning our attention to the concealed play of shape, sound, voice, and structure, Mugerauer succeeds in ‘doing’ philosophy that engages the work of art in its concrete facticity. He breaks out of the convention of scholarly monographs and writes as if art mattered to the way we live our lives.” —Charles Bambach, University of Texas-Dallas 208 PAGES 978-0-8232-6324-0 CLOTH, $45.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

400 PAGES 978-0-8232-6296-0 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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IDIOM: Inventing Writing Theory Minima Philologica

WERNER HAMACHER Translated by Catharine Diehl and Jason Groves

Minima Philologica brings together two essays by Werner Hamacher that are meant to revitalize philology as a practice beyond its restriction to the restoration of linguistic data and their meanings. In these two texts, “95 Theses on Philology” and “For—Philology,” Hamacher propounds a notion of generalized philology that is equivalent to the real production of linguistic utterances, and indeed utterances not limited to predicative or even discursive statements. Taken together, the essays of Minima Philologica make up a manifesto for a new understanding of linguistic existence that breaks new ways of attending to language and those who live by it. 176 PAGES 978-0-8232-6535-0 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6534-3 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Chronicle of Separation

On Deconstruction’s Disillusioned Love MICHAL BEN-NAFTALI Translated by Mirjam Hadar Foreword by Avital Ronell

A unique feminist approach to the legacy of Jacques Derrida, Chronicle of Separation is a disparate yet beautifully interwoven series of disparate readings, genres, and themes, offering a powerful reflection of love in—and as—deconstruction. Looking especially at relationships between women, BenNaftali provides a wide-ranging investigation of interpersonal relationships: the love of a teacher, the anxiety-ridden bond between a mother and daughter as manifested in anorexia, passion between two women, love after separation and in mourning, the tension between one’s self and the internalized other. Above all, it is a treatise on the love of theory in the name of poetry, a passionate book on love and friendship. 240 PAGES 978-0-8232-6580-0 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6579-4 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


Rhetoric and Aesthetics This Side of Seduction Edited by Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz, Barbara Natalie Nagel, and Lauren Shizuko Stone

“Flirtations makes an everyday practice and pleasure newly available to critical thought. Usually avoided as frivolous, lacking the disruptive grandeur of seduction or the power of the truly erotic, flirtation gets left aside as a minor social form. This volume, by turns deeply erudite and playful, effectively corrects this neglect. Many readers, no doubt, will share the temptation to show the authors the new etchings in their collections.”—Martin Harries, University of California

GR OU N DWOR KS: Eco l o g i c al Issue s i n Phi l o so p hy a nd The o l o g y Being-in-Creation

Human Responsibility in an Endangered World Edited by Brian Treanor, Bruce Ellis Benson, and Norman Wirzba

“Being-in-Creation, edited by Benson, Treanor, and Wirzba is a well-conceived and beautifully-executed collection of essays on a vitally important topic. In a situation of acute ecological crisis, we require the resources of all of our philosophical, theological and religious traditions, including the rich veins opened up for us here by the contributors, to offer us new ways of thinking about and living in the world.” —Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas Contributors: T. Wilson Dickenson, Bruce V. Foltz, Christina M. Gschwandtner, Jeffrey Hanson, Jarrod Longbons, Edward F. Mooney, Susan Mary Pyke, Janet Martin Soskice, , Brian Treanor, Rowan Williams, Norman Wirzba 240 PAGES 978-0-8232-6500-8 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6499-5 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Environmental Aesthetics

Crossing Divides and Breaking Ground Edited by Martin Drenthen and Jozef Keulartz

“This excellent contribution to the burgeoning field of research and reflection on environmental aesthetics is particularly valuable in the range of perspectives that it brings together, bridging the analytic and continental European philosophical traditions, Eastern and Western cultural frameworks, and cognitive and affective understandings of aesthetic experience. These different approaches are brought into conversation with one another as the authors reference, and sometimes productively critique, one anothers’ arguments. Addressing also connections between aesthetics and ethics, philosophical questions and practical outcomes, this volume is exemplary of the potential of new work in the environmental humanities to engage with the pressing ecological and social concerns of our day.”—Kate Rigby, Professor of Environmental Humanities. Monash University Contributors: Arnold Berleant, Emily Brady, Allen Carlson, Martin Drenthen, Denis Dumas, Tyson-Lord Gray, Jozef Keulartz, Irene Klaver, Jonathan Maskit, Yuriko Saito, Yrjö Sepänmaa, Jason B. Simus, Steven Vogel, David Wood 272 PAGES, 5 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5450-7 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-5449-1 CLOTH, $100.00, £65.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Contributors: Sage Anderson, Rudiger Campe, Paul Fleming, John T. Hamilton, Arne Hocker, Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz, Jacques Lezra, Barbara Natalie Nagel, Lauren Shizuko Stone, Elizabeth Strowick, Barbara Vinken 192 PAGES, 4 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6490-2 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6489-6 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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A MERI C A N PH ILOSOPH Y Pragmatism with Purpose

Selected Writings PETER HARE Edited by Joseph Palencik, Douglas R. Anderson, and Steven Miller

“Peter Hare is a significant figure in contemporary AngloAmerican thought, not least of all because his writings no less than his character are a concrete embodiment of intellectual pluralism.”—Vincent Colapietro, Pennsylvania State University “For forty years, Peter Hare was an acknowledged leader of a loose assembly of driven scholars marginalized by dominant philosophical cliques that cared little for philosophy originating in America. . . . This volume represents an essential narrative to a broader account of late twentieth-century philosophy in America.”—John R. Shook, University at Buffalo 288 PAGES 978-0-8232-6432-2 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Art and Morality

Essays in the Spirit of George Santayana MORRIS GROSSMAN Edited by Martin A. Coleman

“This is an outstanding collection of fine essays, linked by a common theme. All too often essay collections from a full career are overly repetitive and fairly arbitrary in their assemblage. This collection is neither.”—Marjorie Miller, Professor of Philosophy Emerita, Purchase College “Grossman is a contrarian, flying in the face of established opinions. He delights in surprising juxtapositions that stimulate the imagination. His insights into music and the dramatic nature of philosophy make this volume an instructive pleasure to read.”—John Lachs, Vanderbilt University 336 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5723-2 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5722-5 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Freedom and Limits

JOHN LACH Edited by Patrick Shade

“This book brings to the scholarly world a well-organized, informative collection of original and stimulating philosophy reflections by John Lachs, one of the most respected philosophers in America.”—Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley, California State University, Bakersfield “Written over a span of fifty years, these trenchant essays are remarkable for their studied consistency, subtle wit, and, happily, accessibility. The epilogue, Physician Assisted Suicide is a ‘locus classicus’.”—John J. McDermott, Texas A&M University 520 PAGES 978-0-8232-5675-4 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-5674-7 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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Yes, But Not Quite

Encountering Josiah Royce’s Ethico-Religious Insight DWAYNE A. TUNSTALL

“Presents a new and enriched understanding of the philosophy of Josiah Royce, a philosopher who is one of the giants in American thought and life.”—Jacqueline Kegley, California State University, Bakersfield “Well-informed, perceptive, and carefully done.”—Kelly A. Parker, Grand Valley State University “Dwayne Tunstall’s linking the philosophy of Josiah Royce to the resurgent tradition of American Personalism is both salutary and promising.”—J. J. McDermott, Texas A&M University 192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6165-9 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-3054-9 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

M E D IE VA L PHILOSOPHY Treatise on Consequences

JOHN BURIDAN Translated with an Introduction by Stephen Read

“John Buridan is one of the greatest of all medieval logicians. His writings display a breadth of understanding and depth of insight that stamp them as contributing at a very high level to the same subject modern logicians work in. This accurate and idiomatic translation is most welcome.”—Paul Thom, University of Sydney “Buridan’s Treatise on Consequences is without a doubt one of the most important texts in the Latin medieval tradition in logic. However, until now it was only available in Latin or in an unreliable English translation of the 1980s. For these reasons, the publication of this excellent translation of Buridan’s treatise is a huge contribution to medieval logic scholarship; its importance cannot be over-emphasized.” —Catarina Dutilh Novaes, University of Groningen 240 PAGES, 15 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5718-8 CLOTH, $45.00, £28.99 MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHY: TEXTS AND STUDIES SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Intentionality, Cognition, and Mental Representation in Medieval Philosophy Edited by Gyula Klima

“This constitutes a very significant collection of essays on medieval theories of cognition and philosophical psychology.”—Richard Cross, University of Notre Dame Contributors: Susan Brower-Toland, Russell Friedman, Christopher Grellard, Joshua P. Hochschild, Elizabeth Karger, Peter King, Gyula Klima, Henrik Lagerlund, Stephan Meier-Oeser, Claude Panaccio, Martin Pickave, Giorgio Pini, Olaf Pluta, Stephen Read, John Zupko 384 PAGES, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6275-5 PAPER, $40.00, £25.99 978-0-8232-6274-8 CLOTH, $150.00, £98.00 MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHY: TEXTS AND STUDIES SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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POLIT ICAL T HE ORY At Freedom’s Limit

Islam and the Postcolonial Predicament SADIA ABBAS

“Once in a while, a book comes along with the force of a gale and shakes the carefully laid foundations of an academic field or discourse. This is such a book. A compelling and erudite tour-de-force that relentlessly examines the historical amnesias and political erasures at the center of contemporary popular culture and critical theory constructions of the Muslim subject, At Freedom’s Limit powerfully reminds us that radical critique is rooted in complex histories of identity and struggle, both local and global. Incisive, passionate and peppered with scintillating humor, Abbas’s book will surely change the face of postcolonial studies.”—Samah Selim, Rutgers University “Sadia Abbas has produced a watershed study that promises to be a landmark in the critical analysis of the nexes between empire, Islam, gender, and culture. This book provides a roadmap for a new generation of scholarship that matches the spirit and urgencies of the time.”—Paul Amar, University of California, Santa Barbara 272 PAGES, 8 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5786-7 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5785-0 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Death and Other Penalties

Philosophy in a Time of Mass Incarceration Edited by Geoffrey Adelsberg, Lisa Guenther, and Scott Zeman

“A brilliant collection of articles that draw on continental philosophers in order to consider the prison industrial complex, the death penalty in the United States, and the intersecting oppressions of racism, ableism, classism, sexism and heterosexism that are at work in these institutions and practices. The articles are innovative and accessible.” —Chloe Taylor, University of Alberta “This is a crucially important work, one that while centering on philosophy far exceeds the bounds of the discipline, reaching out toward the concrete to grapple not just with a, but the question of our moment in ways that are both practical and rigorous.”—George Ciciarello-Maher, Drexel University Contributors: Geoffrey Adelsberg, Liat Ben-Moshe, Andrew Dilts, Che Gossett, Lisa Guenther, Ami Harbin, Brady Heiner, Joy James, Julia Kristeva, James Manos, Kelly Oliver, Derrick Quintero, Shokoufeh Sakhi, Russel Shoatz, Andrea Smith Eric Stanley, Adrian Switzer, Sarah Tyson, Lisa Walsh, Benjamin S. Yost, Scott Zeman, 336 PAGES, 6 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6530-5 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-6529-9 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Literacy Work in the Reign of Human Capital EVAN WATKINS

“Everyone, these days, seems to be an advocate of more and better schools in order to create a more literate workforce. Watkins effectively demonstrates that’s simply not enough—not if we think seriously about literacies and the role they play in reproducing the kinds of economic and social inequalities that have emerged over the course of the past three decades.”—David Ruccio, Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame 176 PAGES 978-0-8232-6423-0 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6422-3 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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JU ST ID E AS Law and Revolution in South Africa

uBuntu, Dignity, and the Struggle for Constitutional Transformation DRUCILLA CORNELL

“Law & Revolution in South Africa continues Drucilla Cornell’s path breaking work on indigenous law formation in post-apartheid South Africa. The essays collected here add to her evolving approach to fundamental ideas of law, politics, and ethics as informing uBuntu, living customary law, and dignity jurisprudence in South Africa. This book bears directly on the vibrant ongoing debate in South Africa about how to restore societal respect for law in light of its gross misappropriation during the many decades of abuse by colonialist and racist control of the country and the accompanying gruesome suppression of the native population.”—Richard Falk, Princeton University “This book is a rare one–the reflections on philosophy, law, and political theory are profound and moving. Rather than reproduce the multiple stages of debate surrounding transitional justice—reconciliation vs. forgiveness, memory vs. forgetting—the author shifts the question toward what she calls ‘substantive revolution.’”—John Drabinski, Amherst College 224 PAGES 978-0-8232-5758-4 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5757-7 CLOTH, $85.00. £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Punishment and Inclusion

Race, Membership, and the Limits of American Liberalism ANDREW DILTS

“This book pulls from many different disciplines, perspectives, and sources to construct a compelling argument about the status of American democracy today. It applies theoretical sophistication to these sources while maintaining a strong political commitment. This is a combination that is all too rare in the field of political and legal theory today!” —Keally McBride, University of San Francisco “Punishment and Inclusion: Race, Membership, and the Limits of American Liberalism . . . insightfully explores the nexus of punishment, disenfranchisement, and racism in the United States. Dilts calls on all of us to rethink our longstanding practice of felony disenfranchisement. His argument is subtle and thoroughly convincing. Written in an engaging and lucid style, it is truly a pleasure to read this book.”—Austin Sarat, Amherst College 352 PAGES 978-0-8232-6242-7 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-6241-0 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Fugitive Rousseau

Slavery, Primitivism, and Political Freedom JIMMY CASAS KLAUSEN

“This is a complex and fascinating project. The ideas are original, provocative and should advance new thinking in political theory.”—Anne Norton, University of Pennsylvania “. . . Jimmy Casas Klausen offers a string of illuminating discussions of often-overlooked themes in Rousseau’s oeuvre, such as travel and cosmopolitan identity, primitivism and marronage. In place of the familiar contrast between the over-socialized citizen of The Social Contract and the figure of the solitary walker or pre-social savage, Klausen invites us to appreciate those moments where Rousseau shows himself sensitive to the often fragile kinds of freedom that become available when we are able to slip away from dominant and dominating social and political structures. Fugitive Rousseau is an original and stimulating contribution to eighteenth-century studies, as well as a significant work of political theory in its own right.”—Christopher Brooke, University of Bristol 356 PAGES, 4 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5729-4 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Thresholds of Illiteracy

Theory, Latin America, and the Crisis of Resistance ABRAHAM ACOSTA

“Abraham Acosta is fearless. Breathing new life into the well-worn contradictions of philosophical abstraction and political practice, speech and writing, hegemony and subalternity, he doesn’t settle for splitting the difference. With nuance, verve, erudition and extraordinary breadth, Thresholds of Illiteracy brings a heterodox approach to old debates—indigenismo, testimonio, zapatismo, la frontera— and goes a long way toward clearing the ground for a reengaged Latin Americanism to come. This book represents the best of a new generation of critical-theoretical work on Latin American cultural politics.”—Joshua Lund, University of Pittsburgh “Using indigenista novels, testimonio, border narratives and EZLN declarations as sites of intervention, Thresholds of Literacy aims at breaking the impasse between orality and literacy that for many years has shaped important areas of Latin American cultural and literary studies. Acosta demonstrates that, by insisting too much on difference, even critics with the best intentions end up reinforcing the inequality they wanted to contest. This important book, covering an impressive archive of standard studies on the topic and the most recent critical analyses, will be a staple critical resource for anyone studying Latin America from the colonial period to the present.”—Ivonne del Valle, University of California, Berkeley 292 PAGES 978-0-8232-5710-2 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5709-6 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 AMERICAN LITERATURES INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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COMMONA LIT IE S Categories of the Impolitical

The Republic of the Living

“Categories of the Impolitical is an impressive attempt to think about politics beyond sovereignty and against political theology. Through clear and sophisticated readings of crucial yet often neglected political thinkers of the 20th century like Weil, Bataille, Voegelin and Broch, this book prepares the groundwork for Esposito’s continuing exploration of the possibility of community outside of representation and of politics without transcendence. An indispensable work for anyone interested in Italian theory.”—Miguel Vatter, University of New South Wales

“This book moves forward the entire debate on biopolitics. Offering a new articulation of the politics of life with the republican conception of politics, the book outlines in suggestive ways the contours of an affirmative biopolitics. Natality, normativity, and eternal life are the categories through which the author gives new strength to Foucault’s perspective.”—Roberto Esposito “In this thrilling intervention into thinking about human life, Miguel Vatter rejects the usual turn towards bios and turns instead (using Agamben, Benjamin and many other interlocutors to do so) towards the physical, the local, and the body in all its vulnerability and desire. In this way the body as fetish can become a means for its own unraveling; a turn towards the body, towards zoe, can mean that the body becomes something other than a site upon which power is exercised (biopower) and become instead a site in which power is experienced, negotiated and often subverted (biopolitics).”—James Martel, San Francisco State University

ROBERTO ESPOSITO Translated by Connal Parsley

272 PAGES 978-0-8232-6421-6 PAPER, $28.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-6420-9 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00

The Life of Things, the Love of Things REMO BODEI Translated by Murtha Baca

“Drawing on his own highly regarded philosophical thought covering the last twenty years, including the classics, Le Forme del Bello and Paessaggi sublimi, Bodei offers us a beautiful reading of the life of things that encompasses an astounding number of national literatures, philosophies, and cultures.”—Timothy Campbell, Cornell University 128 PAGES 978-0-8232-6443-8 PAPER, $22.00, £13.99 978-0-8232-6442-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Subject of Freedom Kant, Levinas GABRIELA BASTERRA

“The writing is ambitious, concise, and to the point, and the author loses no time in pursuing her main purposes. The discussion confronts the foundations of the liberal subject of modernity, debunks established positions on Kant´s ethics, and moves towards a new understanding of the philosophical basis of democratic republicanism.”—Alberto Moreiras, Texas A&M University 192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6515-2 PAPER, $27.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6514-5 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Communities in Fiction J. HILLIS MILLER

“What brings Communities in Fiction its true distinction is the facility and creativity with which Miller retrofits each of the major artifacts in his purview to his communal ‘reality testing.’ Communities in Fiction is a work utterly remarkable for its mastery, its erudition, its theoretical creativity, and its good sense. This wonderful volume is truly delightful.” —Henry Sussman, Yale University “This is a beautiful, and courageous work.” —Timothy Campbell, Cornell University 304 PAGES, 12 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6311-0 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-6310-3 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 COMMONALITIES SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society MIGUEL VATTER

416 PAGES 978-0-8232-5602-0 PAPER, $32.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-5601-3 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Giorgio Agamben

Beyond the Threshold of Deconstruction KEVIN ATTELL

“Giorgio Agamben: Beyond the Threshold of Deconstruction is an enormously ambitious book covering the breadth of Giorgio Agamben’s writings, from his earliest work on potentiality and discourse up through his later political and theological writings. Attell’s interpretations, informed by vast philosophical erudition, presenting independent interpretations of all the texts that he treats, are paradigms for work on theory. This is one of the highest caliber works of theory or continental philosophy to appear in a long time.” —Joshua Kates, Indiana University “This remarkably rigorous, lucid, and open-minded study details the important differences between Agamben and Derrida, something many would regard as minor variants in a similarly deconstructive model, but which Derrida’s late seminars on The Beast and the Sovereign affirm to be profound. Attell meticulously traces the trajectories of Derrida’s and Agamben’s careers, demonstrating in an elegant and textually based fashion the incisive nature of Agamben’s engagement with Derrida, how so many of Agamben’s major themes—potentiality, sovereignty, ban, messianic time, play and profanation, and the animal—could be considered as critical, indeed polemical, responses to Derrida’s philosophical project.”—Eleanor Kaufman, University of California, Los Angeles 304 PAGES 978-0-8232-6205-2 PAPER, $25.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6204-5 CLOTH, $70.00, £46.00 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


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Where Are You?

Fragments, Frankness JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by François Raffoul

Identity: Fragments, Frankness is a rich and powerful essay on the notion of identity and on how it operates in our contemporary world. In contrast to the various attempts to cling to established identities or to associate identity with dubious agendas, Nancy shows that an identity is always open to alterity and its transformations. Against cynical initiatives that seek to instrumentalize the question of identity in an attempt to manipulate sentiment against immigration, Nancy problematizes anew the notions of identity, nation, and national identity. He seeks to show that there is never a given identity but always an open process of identification that retains an exposure to difference. Thus identity can never operate as a self-identical subject, such as “the French.” Ultimately, for Nancy, one does not have an identity but has to become one. One can never return to a self-same identity but can only seek to locate oneself within difference and singularity. Nancy shows the impasse of a certain conception of identity that he calls the “identity of the identifiable,” which refers to some permanent, given, substantial identity. In opposition to such identity, Nancy offers the identity of whatever or whoever invents itself in an open process of exposure to others and internal difference. Hence, an identity is never given but “makes itself by seeking and inventing itself.” This important book will provide much-needed philosophical clarification of a complex and strategic notion at the center of many current events and discussions. 64 PAGES 978-0-8232-5611-2 PAPER, $16.00, £9.99 978-0-8232-5610-5 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Between Form and Event

Machiavelli’s Theory of Political Freedom MIGUEL VATTER With a New Afterword by the Author

“Miguel Vatter’s systematic reinterpretation of Machiavelli is dense, difficult, demanding – and highly rewarding. Even those who are inclined to disagree, as I am, will find this book valuable. No one who works through Vatter’s argument and digests it will ever again settle for a reading of Old Nick that denies his radicalism and makes of him a Christian or a conventional moralist.”—Paul A. Rahe, Stanford University “Impressively synthesizing and moving far beyond the writings Gramsci, Althusser, Lefort, Foucault and Arendt, Vatter formulates a radical Machiavellian model of politics; one emerging from the conflict between the popular impulse of “no-rule” and the state-centric logic of “rule” that he locates at the philosophical core of Machiavelli’s The Prince and Discourses. Erudite, impassioned and analytically sharp, Between Form and Event is a must-read for anyone hoping to understand Machiavelli’s radical theory of republicanism.” —John P. McCormick, University of Chicago

An Ontology of the Cell Phone MAURIZIO FERRARIS Translated by Sarah De Sanctis Foreword by Umberto Eco

“Ferraris’ book does what good philosophy always did: it interprets the world where we live making the mundane critically visible. When most people still assumed that mobile phones would mark the triumph of oral communication, Ferraris took the chance to put his philosophy to test and predict the triumph of writing, over speaking, in the new technological world. Contracts, weddings, and all the other Social Objects-- material products of our ability to write and record-- take the central stage in a philosophical move that gives back to the virtual its reality.”—Emanuel Rota, University of Illinois “Where Are You? . . . offers an ontology and phenomenology of the cell phone that draws as easily on popular culture and our daily experience of the cell phone, as it does on Ferrari’s considerable philosophical culture. In one moment, Ferraris speculates how differently the ending of Dr. Zhivago might have played out in the age of the cell phone, and in the next, argues that the cell phone is the absolute emblem of the age not of the triumph of the image, as has so often been claimed, but of ‘the explosion of writing.’”—Barbara Spackman, University of California, Berkeley 248 PAGES, 16 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5616-7 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5615-0 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Reject

Community, Politics, and Religion after the Subject IRVING GOH

“This book is a rigorous examination of the problems surrounding the returns to/of the subject that have occurred under the motley banner of “French Theory.” Closely tracking the discourses of Deleuze, Derrida, and Nancy, the author convincingly argues that what we need today is a better strategy of re-jection. I couldn’t agree more!”—Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University “Subject, Eject, Reject, Project: ‘ject’ is the theme, the tone, the issue. Irving Goh understands perfectly the jection without any kind of junction, recognizing that what remains to be thought is just some ject-society or community. In reading The Reject, one begins to join the unjoinable.” —Jean-Luc Nancy 384 PAGES 978-0-8232-6269-4 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6268-7 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

360 PAGES 978-0-8232-5594-8 PAPER, $32.00, £20.99 rd h a m p re ss .co m

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ANTH ROPOLOGY Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty VEENA DAS

“Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty is a unique study written with modesty, candor, and a deep empathy with the subjects of the research. Veena has a style that is very accessible and this work will speak to those working in a range of disciplines.”—Roma Chatterji, Delhi University “Reading Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty is like observing a master at work. [This is a] formidable piece of scholarship immersed in more than a decade of ethnographic engagement etched in stunningly crafted anthropological prose. This longitudinal immersion in the everyday lives of urban poor produces a tender and intimate account without lapsing into unwitting sentimentality. An ethnographic and theoretical tour de force!”—Aditya Bharadwaj, The Graduate Institute, Geneva 272 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6181-9 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-6180-2 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 FORMS OF LIVING SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Wording the World

Veena Das and Scenes of Inheritance Edited by Roma Chatterji

“In our world, in which many kinds of discourses of the suffering of others have become blunted from overuse, it is both heartening and stimulating to discover this volume of essays in which a number of distinguished colleagues of Veena Das’s engage with her remarkable body of work in order to produce fresh models of thinking about the ethics of ethnography, the nature of events both ordinary and extraordinary, and the limited communicability of pain, whether collectively or individually embodied.”—Michael Moon, Emory University Contributors: Yasmeen Arif, Pratiksha Baxi, Andrew Brandel, Rita Brara, Roma Chatterji, Sangeeta Chattoo, Veena Das, Aaron Goodfellow, Clara Han, Naveeda Khan, Ein Lail, Deepak Mehta, Sameena Mulla, Anand Pandian, Sylvain Perdigon, Lotte Buch Segal, Don Selby, Bhrigupati Singh, Mani Shekhar Singh 496 PAGES, 51 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6186-4 PAPER, $40.00, £25.99 978-0-8232-6185-7 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 FORMS OF LIVING SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Trance Mediums and New Media

Spirit Possession in the Age of Technical Reproduction Edited by Heike Behrend, Anja Dreschke, and Martin Zillinger

“This is a highly original and thought-provoking addition to the study of the interrelations between media and religion. Geographically wide-ranging and well-informed both historically and theoretically, the volume explores affinities and synergies between technical mediation and spirit mediumship while also recognizing ruptures and limitations.” —Felicitas Becker, University of Cambridge

Dancing Jacobins

A Venezuelan Genealogy of Latin American Populism RAFAEL SÁNCHEZ

“Indispensable reading for any serious student of contemporary Latin American populism.”—Claudio Lomnitz, Columbia University “I found this book spellbinding. It has a wildly original thesis (of ‘monumentalization’) to expound. It is staggeringly erudite in terms of Venezuelan history. And it has a marvelously relaxed writing style—ironic, easy, witty, and rounded. Like a mature wine composed of various blends, it brings wonderfully well-wrought ideas to the reader’s attention, and while it seems to bear the gravitas of a life’s work assiduously distilled, it retains the sparkle of fresh discoveries. Rarely have anthropology and history, events and theory, been so beautifully entwined as here, not to mention the shocking relevance of the past to the present. I know of no publication like this.”—Michael Taussig, Columbia University 352 PAGES 978-0-8232-6366-0 PAPER, $32.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-6365-3 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

BE R K E LE Y FOR U M IN T HE HU M A N IT IE S Plasticity and Pathology

On the Formation of the Neural Subject Edited by David W. Bates and Nima Bassiri

This collection of essays brings together a diverse range of scholars to investigate how the “neural subject” of the 21st century came to be. Taking approaches both historical and theoretical, they probe the possibilities and limits of neuroscientific understandings of human experience. Topics include landmark studies in the history of neuroscience, the relationship between neural and technological “pathologies,” and analyses of contemporary concepts of plasticity and pathology in cognitive neuroscience. Central to the volume is a critical examination of the relationship between pathology and plasticity. Since pathology is often the occasion for neural reorganization and adaptation, it exists not in opposition to the brain’s “normal” operation, but instead as something intimately connected to our ways of being and understanding. Contributors: Joe Dumit, Stefanos Geroulanos, Katja Guenther, Catherine Malabou, Tobias Rees, Laura Salisbury 256 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6614-2 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6613-5 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 BERKELEY FORUM IN THE HUMANITIES TOWNSEND PAPERS IN THE HUMANITIES SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Contributors: Heike Behrend, Claudia Böhme, Anja Dreschke, Lidia Guzy, Ute Holl, Gertud Hüwelmer, Laurel Kendall, Rosalind C. Morris, Christopher Pinney, Dorothea E. Schulz, Erhard Schüttpelz, Emilio Spadola, Martin Zillinger 352 PAGES, 24 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5381-4 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-5380-7 CLOTH, $110.00, £72.00. SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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FORMS OF LIV IN G Bruno Latour in Pieces

Science, Reason, Modernity

“This level-headed and comprehensive survey of Bruno Latour’s career offers contemporary readers a desperately needed aid to navigate the multi-pronged and disparate engagements of this important contemporary scholar and public intellectual. What emerges from Schmidgen’s portrait is a nuanced and complex understanding of the vicissitudes of Latour’s career that will do much to help English-speaking readers get to the heart of what makes Latour tick.”—Mark Hansen, Duke University, author of New Philosophy of New Media

“Science, Reason, Modernity offers an introduction to an anthropological engagement with the epistemologies, the ethical possibilities and limitations, and the practical impact of the sciences—one that has no real precedent and stands as an important and generative alternative to the analytical frameworks that prevail in contemporary science and technology studies.”—James Faubion, Rice University

An Intellectual Biography HENNING SCHMIDGEN Translated by Gloria Custance

Readings for an Anthropology of the Contemporary Edited by Anthony Stavrianakis, Gaymon Bennett, and Lyle Fearnley

192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6370-7 PAPER, $22.00, £13.99 978-0-8232-6369-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Includes essays by: Hans Blumenberg, Georges Canguilhem, John Dewey, Michel Foucault, Immanuel Kant, Paul Rabinow, Max Weber 320 PAGES 978-0-8232-6594-7 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6593-0 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00

What’s These Worlds Coming To?

The Helmholtz Curves

JEAN-LUC NANCY AND AURÉLIEN BARRAU Translated by Travis Holloway and Flor Méchain Foreword by David Pettigrew

Tracing Lost Time HENNING SCHMIDGEN Translated by Nils F. Schott

“This is a remarkable book. Starting from two images of graphic curves taken by Hermann von Helmholtz in 1851 in Königsberg and preserved in the archives of the Académie des Sciences in Paris, Henning Schmidgen unfolds the universe of physiological time measurement as it took shape around the middle of the 19th century, reaching deep into the 20th century with its reverberations.”—Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Director at the Max Planck-Institute for the History of Science 248 PAGES, 37 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6195-6 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-6194-9 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Ploy of Instinct

Victorian Sciences of Nature and Sexuality in Liberal Governance KATHLEEN FREDERICKSON

“A smart, rigorously researched and fascinating book that will be a rich contribution to Victorian Studies, sexuality and gender studies, and history of science scholarship.”—Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa “In this intriguing book, which brings together queer theory and Victorian science studies, Kathleen Frederickson shows how nineteenth-century thinkers adopted instinct, rather than reason, as a desirable quality for the arts of governance. Counter-intuitive, surprising, and utterly convincing, The Ploy of Instinct is a refreshing addition to the intellectual history of liberalism.”—Lisa Moore, The University of Texas at Austin

One of the world’s leading philosophers and an emerging astrophysicist revive the ancient philosophical practice of cosmology for our time. Jean-Luc Nancy and Aurélien Barrau’s collaboration is a study of life, plural worlds, and what the authors call the struction of new worlds. It is also a radical revisioning of post-structuralist thought (from deconstruction to struction) and contemporary physics (from a universe to a multiverse). 144 PAGES 978-0-8232-6334-9 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6333-2 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Government of Life

Foucault, Biopolitics, and Neoliberalism Edited by Vanessa Lemm and Miguel Vatter

“Over the last twenty years, few concepts have been more investigated and used than the one of ‘biopolitics’. However, only rarely has it been attempted to compare these uses in their variety and in their contradiction. This volume has the merit of offering a subtle and rich, complete and articulate view on what “biopolitics” means today, and in this way contributes to establish a political grammar for the start of this century.”—Antonio Negri Contributors: Francesco Adorno, Melinda Cooper, Simona Forti, Frederic Gros, Thomas Lemke, Vanessa Lemm, Maria Muhle, Roberto Nigro, Paul Patton, Judith Revel, Miguel Vatter 304 PAGES 978-0-8232-5597-9 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5596-2 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

236 PAGES 978-0-8232-6252-6 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-6251-9 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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MEA N I NG SYSTEMS Interdependence: Biology and Beyond KRITI SHARMA

“It Depends is an exceptionally original work of comprehensive theorizing. Conceptually subtle, empirically rigorous, and compellingly argued, it addresses some of the most fundamental questions in theoretical biology and demonstrates their close relation to central problems in our ideas of knowledge, existence, and reality.”—Barbara Herrnstein Smith, author of Scandalous Knowledge: Science, Truth and the Human “In setting forth her vision of contingentism—that objects are really webs of processes contingent on multiple interacting conditions—Sharma moves eloquently back and forth between biology and philosophy. The book is a model of accessible but serious and elegant science writing.” —Evan Thompson, University of British Columbia 160 PAGES, 15 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6553-4 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-6552-7 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Earth, Life, and System

Evolution and Ecology on a Gaian Planet Edited by Bruce Clarke

“Earth, Life, and System is a strikingly original and challenging collection of essays, which places the work and broad intellectual interests of Lynne Margulis in a variety of contexts and develops original arguments and interpretations that expand on and complement her interests.”—Stacy Alaimo, University of Texas at Arlington Contributors: Sankar Chatterjee, Bruce Clarke, Susan Merrill Squier, Susan Oyama, Dorion Sagan, Jan Sapp, James A. Shapiro, James Strick, Peter Westbroek, Christopher Witmore 304 PAGES, 8 COLOR AND 20 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6525-1 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-6524-4 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Cultural Techniques: Grids, Filters, Doors, and Other Articulations of the Real BERNHARD SIEGERT Translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

“An excellent collection of essays from one of the most widely known and respected scholars of media, media theory, and cultural techniques working in Germany. The scholarship is erudite, sophisticated, and impressively wide-ranging.” —Michael Wutz, Weber State University “Cultural Techniques displays a stunning amount of historical knowledge, exploring texts and technological innovations that fall into fields such as the history of science, art history, architecture, cultural anthropology, ethnology, literary studies, and philosophy. . . Highly important.”—Edgar Landgraf, Bowling Green State University

PSYC HOA N A LYSIS War after Death

On Violence and Its Limits STEVEN MILLER

“Steven Miller’s book War After Death is a truly impressive piece of critical writing. Indeed, this book is one of the most intellectually rich, trenchant and engaging works of criticism that I have read over the last decade.”—Elissa Marder, Emory University “In the long tradition and ever growing sea of works that have linked ‘language, literature, and war,’ this is a strikingly original work that attends to the import of that phrase with exquisite responsibility.”—Gil Anidjar, Columbia University 256 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5678-5 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5677-8 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

PSYC HOA N A LY T IC IN T E RV E N T ION S Confidentiality and Its Discontents

Dilemmas of Privacy in Psychotherapy PAUL W. MOSHER AND JEFFREY BERMAN

“Written by two of the leading individuals in the field, Confidentiality and Its Discontents is a clearly readable and well-argued account of the debates about confidentiality in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. The book is extremely well presented and adds immeasurably to the literature on the topic.”—Sander Gilman, Emory University “Confidentiality and Its Discontents provides careful descriptions and discussions of a range of privacy cases that demonstrate the rapidly-escalating problems associated with the supposed confidentiality of the psychotherapeutic relationship. Confidentiality and Its Discontents will be a useful and unique resource to many mental health training programs.” —Paul Brinich, Clin. Prof. (Emeritus), Depts. of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 336 PAGES, 3 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6510-7 PAPER, $32.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-6509-1 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

288 PAGES, 66 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6376-9 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6375-2 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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RELIGION Kierkegaard and the Staging of Desire

The Babylon Complex

“This suggestive and insightful book argues that Kierkegaard’s authorship can fruitfully be read as ‘stagings of Christian desire,’ elaborating both the connection between the notion of infinite desire and the notion of theatricality in Kierkegaard’s work and the connection between the notion of infinite desire and ‘theology.’ The author explores the relation between aesthetics (the art, the ritual, the liturgy) and the architecture of the church in Kierkegaard’s Communion discourses, but suggests that the theatrical qualities and the relation to infinite desire inform the whole authorship. The book, moreover, has ramifications for more than Christian theology because it reveals a broader notion of what theology can be (as exploration of unsatisfied desire for what can never be represented).”—M. Jamie Ferreira, University of Virginia “The curtain rises—again and again—in Kierkegaard’s writing. Helped by Carl Hughes, readers can now become viewers. They will recognize the overlooked stagecraft; they will appreciate the nuanced performances. Teaching us to read by watching, Hughes is as astute, as witty, as passionate as any great critic. Still his higher art, like Kierkegaard’s own, it to show how fully this dramaturgy is theology. The drama here is always an invitation to redemption.” —Mark D. Jordan, Harvard University

“Runions’ scholarship is phenomenal. It’s stunning that she can sustain her rigor over this variety of cultural and political contexts. That she does is a testament to her breadth as a scholar, and her critical acumen.”—Jay Twomey, University of Cincinnati “Erin Runions reveals Babylon to be an ambivalent but perversely indispensable figure for theopolitical discourses girding contemporary biopolitics. Modeling a queerly sublime ethics of reading, The Babylon Complex sets an agenda for a next generation of biblical scholars while demonstrating what cultural studies gains from engagement with biblical studies.”—Jennifer Glancy, Le Moyne College “This engrossing account of biblically inflected defenses of US sovereignty places biblical interpretation at the center of critical theory and critical theory at the center of biblical interpretation. A must read for anyone interested in the current state of theodemocratic exceptionalism, in the unpredictable and shifting meanings of biblical texts, and in the possibility of listening, finally, to an other.”—Jennifer Knust, Boston University

Rhetoric and Performance in a Theology of Eros CARL S. HUGHES


Divine Enjoyment

A Theology of Passion and Exuberance ELAINE PADILLA

“Brimming with laughter, subversion, and fiesta, Divine Enjoyment leads us with utter grace in a new theological dance. Attentive to the open wounds of human suffering precisely as open ends of a boundless passion, Elaine Padilla has with stunning lucidity and erudition opened a cosmos of erotic splendor, enjoyed by a God of utter permeability and care. Here—with the most sensitive polyamory—Aquinas, Whitehead, Maduro, Marion, and Althaus Reid form with her a carnivalesque ensemble, inviting philosophical theology to its own most vibrant becoming.”—Catherine Keller, author of The Cloud of the Impossible: Negative Theology and Planetary Entanglement (forthcoming) “Elaine Padilla’s book offers a breath of fresh air into a theological discourse that often dwells on suffering and survival, ignoring our desire and attempts to achieve enjoyment. Her theology of enjoyment emphasizes reciprocal and communal relations between God and God’s creation. Padilla’s poetic, erotic, and aesthetic approach expands theological language about the sacred and offers an alternative metaphysics infused with passion and pleasure.”—Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado, University of Miami

Theopolitical Fantasies of War, Sex, and Sovereignty ERIN RUNIONS

312 PAGES, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5734-8 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5733-1 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


Islam and the Challenge of Civilization ABDELWAHAB MEDDEB Translated by Jane Kuntz

“It is more urgent than ever to allow a voice such as Meddeb’s to be heard, the voice of an Arab intellectual familiar with both Muslim civilization and Western culture. In this—and thanks to his immense knowledge and open-indedness—he is a precious translator capable of seeing both sides at the same time.”—Marcel Henaff, University of California, San Diego “This is the perfect handbook for deepening our understanding of both the incredible richness through time and the paradoxical present obtuseness of Islamic culture. Meddeb achieves this feat—how clear knowledge can disarm belligerent interpretations of a paradoxical faith—through his elegant and polyphonic use of Qu’ranic exegesis, advanced literary poetics, and a strong sense of democratic citizen politics, all of which are informed by a profound cosmopolitanism able to simultaneously draw on Ibn Arabi’s eclectic Sufism and Voltaire’s secular intellect, among many other sources.”—Pierre Joris, author of The University of California Book of North African Literature 192 PAGES 978-0-8232-6436-0 PAPER, $20.00, £12.99 978-0-8232-5123-0 CLOTH, $35.00, £22.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

272 PAGES 978-0-8232-6357-8 PAPER, $27.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-6356-1 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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RELIGION Becoming Christian

After the Monkey Trial

“What is strikingly original in Britton’s work is the underlying insistence on unearthing the ways English theologians and writers made use of a religious motif—baptism—as a coded racial marker.”—Margot Hendricks, University of California, Santa Cruz “Becoming Christian is an exciting study that offers a theological account of race and racialization in early modern England, and explores the way this theology of race informs the cultural imagination.”—Joan Pong Linton, Indiana University

“Rios’s work fills an important niche in the literature on religion and science. Concentrating on the understudied period running from the Scopes trial into the 1980s, Rios highlights the transatlantic aspects of the controversy over evolution among evangelical scientists. This book bolsters our understanding of the puzzling phenomenon whereby popular evangelicalism presents a united front against evolution, while a large majority of evangelical scientists accept evolution and harmonize their professional work with their commitment to orthodox Christianity. The book is another nail in the coffin of the warfare model for understanding the relationship between religion and science.” —Barry G. Hankins, Baylor University “Christopher Rios’ . . . careful study adds a wonderful cast of characters to the history of religion and science that recovers the rich, if complicated history of evangelical scientists’ participation in and negotiation with scholarship on evolution. This book offers not only a fresh perspective on the history of religion and science, but also a valuable historical case study for thinking about ongoing debates about evolution and the culture wars -- one that will force us to ask why we all too often, and all too easily, pit science and religion against one another.”—Anthony Petro, Boston University

Race, Reformation, and Early Modern English Romance DENNIS AUSTIN BRITTON


Questioning the Human

Toward a Theological Anthropology for the Twenty-First Century Edited by Lieven Boeve, Yves De Maeseneer, and Ellen Van Stichel

“In a time when the natural sciences are raising new questions about the very notion of a fixed human nature, theology is required to think more deeply about the meaning and implications of the classical claims of Christian faith, particularly the Incarnation. These welcome exploratory essays in theological anthropology by significant contemporary scholars will help theologians and students sort out the issues and join a very important conversation.” —Paul Crowley, Santa Clara University “In Questioning the Human, international known scholars explore crucial issues on the relation of human nature to sciences, ethics, and morality in a way that clearly shows how contemporary thought reflects on the human self and the human body in a world that is both diverse and commodified. These essays explore central questions that a Twenty-First Century theological anthropology needs to take into account. An exciting, probing, and informative volume.”—Francis Schuessler-Fiorenza, Stillman Professor of Roman Catholic Theological Studies

Evangelical Scientists and a New Creationism CHRISTOPHER M. RIOS


Contributors: Lieven Boeve, Rosemary P. Carbine, Oliver Davies, Celia Deane-Drummond, Yves De Maeseneer, Henri-Jérôme Gagey, Anthony J. Godzieba, Michelle A. Gonzalez, Wilhelm Guggenberger, Robyn Horner, David G. Kirchhoffer, Stephen J. Pope, Johan De Tavernier, Ellen Van Stichel 256 PAGES 978-0-8232-5753-9 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5752-2 CLOTH, $75.00, £49.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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Religious Language Matters Edited by Ernst van den Hemel and Asja Szafraniec

“The conversation about the modern, the religious, and the secular is not over, and this volume will push the dialogue in fruitful new directions.”—S. Brent Plate, Hamilton College Contributors: Talal Asad, Christoph Auffarth, Loriliai Biernacki, Jacqueline Borsje, Daniel Boyarin, Peter Burke, Markus Altena Davidsen, Tarek R. Dika, Sergey Dolgopolski, Roger Friedland, Ernst van den Hemel, Laurens ten Kate, Michael Lambek, JeanLuc Marion, Arie L. Molendijk, Kenneth B. Moss, Jean-Luc Nancy, Pieter Nanninga, Nils F. Schott, Asja Szafraniec, Elliot R. Wolfson 464 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5556-6 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-5555-9 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



Animal Theory, Creaturely Theology Edited by Stephen D. Moore, Foreword by Laurel Kearns

“An outstanding and important piece of collective scholarship.”—Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Wesleyan University “This is an excellent volume, written with clarity, precision, and deep feeling for a better understanding of the sacred character of animal beings within the wider natural world.”—Mark Wallace, Swarthmore College Contributors: Denise Kimber Buell, Stephen D. Moore, Jacob J. Erickson, Laura Hobgood-Oster, Laurel Kearns, Jennifer L. Koosed, Beatrice Marovich, Glen Mazis, Jay McDaniel, Peter Anthony Mena, Eric Meyer, Erika Murphy, Kate Rigby, Matthew T. Riley, Terra S. Rowe, Robert Paul Seesengood, J. Aaron Simmons, Ken Stone, An Yountae 392 PAGES, 6 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6320-2 PAPER, $33.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-6319-6 CLOTH, $110.00, £72.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Medieval Exegesis and Religious Difference Commentary, Conflict, and Community in the Premodern Mediterranean Edited by Ryan Szpiech

“The quality of the studies in Medieval Exegesis and Religious Difference is of a very high level and many [of the essays] break new ground based on the close study of manuscripts or the examination of familiar texts from new perspectives.” —Barry Dov Walfish, University of Toronto Library Contributors: Esperanza Alfonso, Angel Saenz-Badillos, Antoni Biosca Bas, Thoimas S. Burman, Nina Caputo, Alexandra Cuffel, Sydney Griffith, Harvey J. Hames, Steven Kruger, Ursula Ragacs, Walid Saleh, Sara Stroumsa, Ryan Szpiech, Yosi Yisrael 336 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6462-9 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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COM PA R AT IV E T HE OLOGY Tastes of the Divine

Hindu and Christian Theologies of Emotion MICHELLE VOSS ROBERTS

“This work is an important contribution to the current landscape of comparative theology—where deep learning is taking place across religious lines—as it moves the discourse forward by incorporating both critical analysis and embodied practices.”—Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Fordham University 296 PAGES 978-0-8232-5739-3 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-5738-6 CLOTH, $85.00, £55.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



10/10/14 4:33 PM

JEW ISH ST U D IE S Orientalism and the Figure of the Jew JEFFREY S. LIBRETT

“This magisterially researched and probingly argued study opens a completely new and potentially groundbreaking perspective on Orientalism. In impeccably executed detail, it demonstrates that what has long been seen as a binary opposition between East and West has in fact relied since its inception on a triangular dynamic between three shifting poles: not simply Occident vs. Orient, but the Occident, the Orient, and the Jew. Orientalism and the Figure of the Jew will be of interest to a wide range of scholars.”—David Martyn, Macalester College “Librett’s astute analyses of transcendental-historicist texts from Herder to Schopenhauer are followed by fresh interpretations of critical modernist responses by Kafka and Freud. A groundbreaking critique of Said’s critique of Freud and a keen analysis of the vicissitudes of contemporary German Orientalism complement this ‘anamnestic journey.’ Librett’s study is of great relevance for scholars of German philosophy and culture, Middle-Eastern Studies, Religious Studies and Psychoanalysis, and for any scholar concerned about the conflict in the Middle-East.”—Elisabeth Weber, University of California, Santa Barbara 368 PAGES, 14 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6292-2 PAPER, $30.00, £20.99 978-0-8232-6291-5 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Giving Beyond the Gift

Apophasis and Overcoming Theomania ELLIOT R. WOLFSON

“This book, at once meticulous and daring, makes an important contribution to theology—one that may end up, uncomfortably, moving the discourse beyond itself. The argument is developed through a remarkable combination of reason, mysticism, analysis of experience, and historical knowledge.”—Karmen MacKendrick, Le Moyne College “We are used to apophatic theology in the service of Christianity. Here, though, Elliot Wolfson brings his deep knowledge of Kabbalah and modern Jewish thought to a rich consideration of apophaticism in Judaism. His readings of Buber, Cohen, Derrida, Levinas, Rosenzweig, and Wyschogrod are nothing less than riveting, as are his readings of thinkers such as Heidegger and Marion. This is a book that all students of modern Jewish thought and its interactions with European philosophy will want to read.”—Kevin Hart, The University of Virginia 576 PAGES 978-0-8232-5571-9 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-5570-2 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



PhilosophyReligion 2014-2015 Final.indd 20

To Make the Hands Impure

Art, Ethical Adventure, the Difficult and the Holy ADAM ZACHARY NEWTON

“Newton’s new book, a tapestry of readings that becomes a contrapuntal symphony, heuristically suggests that it is no longer the case that reading the Bible is the same as reading any other piece of literature, as Spinoza suggested, but rather that reading any piece of literature is like reading the Bible, if one reads it the way rabbis do.”—Sergey Dolgopolski, University at Buffalo SUNY “This is criticism as literature, literature as anthropology, anthropology as ethics. Ambitious and generous, it is a profoundly creative step in the renewal and integration of Jewish and critical discourses.”—Jonathan Boyarin, Mann Professor of Modern Jewish Studies, Cornell University “Drawing upon a seamless weave of literary theory, philosophical and Jewish texts, Adam Zachary Newton probes the phenomenological and ethical horizons of the act of reading. Deftly employing Levinas’s concept of proximity as his overarching hermeneutic strategy, he takes us on a challenging but intellectually exhilarating journey.”—Paul Mendes-Flohr, Divinity School, The University of Chicago; professor emeritus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 432 PAGES 978-0-8232-6352-3 PAPER, $35.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-6351-6 CLOTH, $95.00, £62.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


The Discipline of Philosophy and the Invention of Modern Jewish Thought WILLI GOETSCHEL

“A lively and intriguing account of many of the leading thinkers and controversies in Jewish philosophy, the text never fails to be both intelligent and provocative.”—Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky “In this stunningly erudite and imaginative study, Willi Goetschel argues that it is precisely because the very notion of a Jewish philosophy is contested that one may discern its overarching significance. While dilating on the “particularistic” concerns of their community from the perspective of universal reason, Jewish philosophers in effect challenge philosophy to revise its conception of the unity of truth and to embrace difference and alterity as defining constituents of the universal.”—Paul Mendes-Flohr, Divinity School, The University of Chicago 280 PAGES 978-0-8232-4497-3 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4496-6 CLOTH, $65.00, £42.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rdham m

10/10/14 4:33 PM

C ATHOLIC STU DIES Traditions of Eloquence

The Jesuits and Modern Rhetorical Studies Edited by Cinthia Gannett and John Brereton, with Maureen Fitzsimmons

This collection explores the long, living tradition of Jesuit rhetorical education. Intended to foster eloquence across the curriculum and into the world beyond, Jesuit rhetoric integrates intellectual rigor, broad knowledge, civic action, and spiritual discernment as the chief intellectual goals of the educational experience. Contributors: Katherine Adams, John Bean, Patricia Bizzell, Vincent Casagerola, Thomas Deans, Anne Fernald, Jenn Fishman, Maureen Fitzsimmons, Ann Green, Michael Halloran, Gerard Hauser, Joseph Janangelo, Janice Lauer, David J. Leigh, Steven Mailloux, Robert Aleksander Maryks, Paula Mathieu, Carol Mattingly, Gina Merys, Kate Nash, Gerald Nelms, Larry Nichols, Rebecca Nowacek, Fr. John O’Malley S.J., Thomas Pace, Karen Paley, K.J. Peters, Jeffrey Philpott, Paul Ranieri, Krista Ratcliffe, Mike Rose, Thomas Worcester 448 PAGES 978-0-8232-6453-7 PAPER, $45.00, £28.99 978-0-8232-6452-0 CLOTH, $125.00, £81.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

God’s Mirror

Renewal and Engagement in French Catholic Intellectual Culture in the Mid–Twentieth Century Edited by Katherine Davies and Toby Garfitt

“The essays in this volume present an embarrassment of riches, gathering figures, publications, movements, and events, suggesting the rich texture of French Catholicism during the period surveyed. They add breadth and depth to the areas of literature, music, philosophy, theology, inter-religious dialogue, social and political events that they engage, tracing networks among prominent intellectuals and making connections among disparate aspects of life.” —Charles Talar, University of St. Thomas in Houston Contributors: Katherine Davies, Florence DeLussy, Joe Dunlop, Toby Garfitt, Paul Gifford, Michael Kelly, Brenna Moore, Anthony O’Mahony, Stephen Schloesser, Brian Sudlow 304 PAGES 978-0-8232-6237-3 CLOTH, $45.00, £28.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE


Neighbors and Missionaries: A History of the Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine MARGARET M. MCGUINNESS

“A magisterial account of the Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine who instilled Catholic values among poor immigrants in New York City, promoted ecumenism in the American South, and remained steadfast to the core values of their mission. McGuinness is an accomplished scholar and her use of sources and sound analytical structure provides a marvelous model for others exploring the history of women religious. Neighbors and Missionaries makes an important and timely contribution to the history of American Catholicism.”—James T. Carroll, Iona College 242 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-3988-7 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-3987-0 CLOTH, $40.00, £25.99 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE rd h a m p re ss .co m

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C AT HOLIC PR AC T IC E IN N ORT H A M E R IC A More than a Monologue

Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church Voices of Our Times Edited by Christine Firer Hinze and J. Patrick Hornbeck, II

“More than a Monologue is a powerful, long overdue, scandalous account of the fact that many GLBTQ persons are persons of faith, even intense Christian faith, who have been and continue to be rejected by officials of the Catholic church, causing great suffering to themselves and all those who love and respect them.”—Christine E. Gudorf, Florida International University “Included here are the testimonies of theologians, parents, pastors, and a physician, alongside Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Dan Savage, the nationally syndicated sex columnist who shares an emotionally gripping story about growing up gay and Catholic. The personal nature of several of these essays makes the collection especially riveting.”—Publishers Weekly Starred Review Contributors: Kate Henley Averett, Tom Beaudoin, Mark Clark, Carol Conklin, Donald J. Cozzens, Teresa Delgado, Elizabeth A. Dreyer, John Falcone, Thomas Gumbleton, Bradford E. Hinze, Dr. Christine Firer Hinze, Dr. J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Hilary Howes, Jamie Manson, Bryan Massingale, M. Sheila Nelson, Dr. Michael A. Norko, Janet F. Peck, Dan Savage, Eve Tushnet, Winnie S. Varghese, Jeanine Viau, Deb Word 240 PAGES 978-0-8232-5658-7 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5657-0 CLOTH, $90.00, £59.00 CATHOLIC PRACTICE IN NORTH AMERICA SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

More than a Monologue

Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church Inquiry, Thought, and Expression Edited by J. Patrick Hornbeck, II and Michael A. Norko

“Required reading for all scholars of Catholic sexual ethics and for anyone who wishes to engage Catholic moral theology seriously with the philosophical ethics of the last halfcentury.”—Cristina L. H. Traina, Northwestern University Contributors: Patrick S. Cheng, Elizabeth A. Dreyer, Jeannine Gramick, Kelby Harrison, Dr. J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Gerard Jacobitz, Mark D. Jordan, Patricia Jung, Paul Lakeland, Jamie Manson, Joan Martin, Dr. Michael A. Norko, Michael John Perry, Frederick Roden, Michael Sepidoza Campos, Lisa Sowle Cahill 264 PAGES 978-0-8232-5763-8 PAPER, $28.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-5762-1 CLOTH, $100.00, £65.00 CATHOLIC PRACTICE IN NORTH AMERICA SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Bread of the Strong

Lacouturisme and the Folly of the Cross, 1910–1985 JACK LEE DOWNEY

“The Bread of the Strong is a remarkable contribution to the literature on the history of American Catholicism and will long be an indispensable resource for gaining a deeper understanding of the Catholic Worker movement as a notable spiritual phenomenon that emerged within an American context.”—James McCartin, Director, Fordham Center on Religion and Culture 352 PAGES, 10 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6543-5 CLOTH, $60.00, £39.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY & CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT Orthodox Christianity and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Southeastern Europe Edited by Lucian N. Leustean

“The Orthodox nations of South-Eastern Europe all emerged in the nineteenth (and early twentieth) century from the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Nationhood and Orthodoxy were entwined. However, as the studies in this book demonstrate, the process of emergence as a nation differed very significantly in each case, whether Greece, Serbia, Romania or Bulgaria. Their relationships to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, their conceptions of their (often mythicized) past, the relationship between church and state: all these differed and interacted with each other in varying ways. This complex history is illuminated in the contributions to this fascinating book, which lays bare concerns that belong not just to the nineteenth century, but to Europe today to which all these nations belong, or aspire to belong.”—Andrew Louth, Professor Emeritus of Patristic and Byzantine Studies, Durham University Contributors: Bojan Aleksov, Daniela Kalkandjieva, Paschalis Kitromilides, Lucian N. Leustean, Dimitris Stamatopoulos, 288 PAGES 978-0-8232-5606-8 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Church of Greece under Axis Occupation PANTELEYMON ANASTASAKIS

“The research on this work is of the highest order in both quantity and quality.”—John A. Mazis, Hamline University “This work has great significance not only for the history of Greece in the first half of the twentieth century but also for the topic of Nazi occupied Europe. In the broader field of modern European history and the Holocaust the work offers a number of fresh insights. . . . In analyzing the role of the Greek Church, this work does a masterful job of not treating the church as a monolithic institution. The tensions and divisions between upper and lower clergy in their responses to the stresses of occupation come through clearly. Likewise, the analysis demonstrates a keen awareness of regional variation in the responses of different clerics caused by the tri-partite occupation.”—Jonathan Grant, Florida State University 320 PAGES 978-0-8232-6199-4 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 WORLD WAR II: THE GLOBAL, HUMAN, AND ETHICAL DIMENSION SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

Dialogue of Love

Breaking the Silence of Centuries Edited by John Chryssavgis

“The encounter between Pope Paul VI and Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem in 1964 opened communication between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches after several centuries of no contact and created the possibility of sincere theological dialogue. Now, fifty years later, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis meet in Jerusalem to honor what their predecessors did in 1964. Their special encounter will open ways of offering the healing power of the Gospel in the vital work of addressing the myriad problems that still afflict the wounded world. This excellent book, by reflecting meaningfully on the encounter of 1964, will help Christians see the potential of the encounter of 2014.”—Archbishop Demetrios, Ph.D, Th.D,, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Contributors: Matthew Baker, John Chryssavgis, Brian E. Daley, S.J., Protopresbyter Georges Florovsky, Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon, Walter Cardinal Kasper 96 PAGES 978-0-8232-6400-1 CLOTH, $24.00, £15.99 ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY AND CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

FOR D HA M SE R IE S IN M E D IE VA L ST U D IE S Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia A Study of Manuscript Transmission and Monastic Culture FELICE LIFSHITZ

“Through an innovative and convincing analysis of a range of manuscripts produced by and for Frankish religious women, she shows us how the Christian culture and intellectual life of the eighth century were gender-egalitarian and even ‘feminist’ in the sense of a resistance to patriarchal ideas. An exciting book for medievalists, but also for anyone interested in the history of gender relations over the centuries.”—AnneMarie Helvetius, Professor of Medieval History, University of Paris VIII–Vincennes–Saint-Denis. “Once again, Felice Lifshitz has emerged from the archives with set of neglected texts --this time, documents from the English monasteries of Leoba and Boniface in Germany-and applies her usual fierce scrutiny to the manuscripts in order to show the rest of us what we have missed, misconstrued, and misinterpreted about early medieval history, gender, and religion. This book offers a model method for graduate students and a reminder to all medievalists that the sometimes onerous analysis of manuscripts still has much to tell us about such well-known topics as the Christianization of Germany as well as such seemingly modern issues as gender equity and women’s intellectual agency.”—Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California 368 PAGES, 10 COLOR AND 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5687-7 CLOTH, $55.00, £36.00 FORDHAM SERIES IN MEDIEVAL STUDIES SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE



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10/10/14 4:33 PM



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