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Lessons in Secular Criticism

The Problem of the Color Line at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The Essential Early Essays


W. E. B. DU BOIS Edited by Nahum Dimitri Chandler

“A timely and polemical manifestation of how post-secularism does not understand the secular. Moving effortlessly between literary theory, philosophy, and politics, Gourgouris offers a profoundly democratic defense of criticism without transcendent principles and a critical defense of democracy without neoliberal capitalism. . . . Read it.”—Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck College, University of London

“This definitive collection of W. E. B. Du Bois’s early essays, some having never appeared in print before, is not just another anthology among the hundreds. It is a seminal contribution to the history of modern thought. Compiled and edited by the world’s preeminent scholar of early Du Boisian thought, these texts represent his most generative period, when Du Bois engaged every discipline, helped construct modern social science, employed critical inquiry as a weapon of antiracism and political liberation, and always set his sights on the entire world.”—Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

216 PAGES 978-0-8232-5379-1 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5378-4 CLOTH, $65.00, £44.00

Thinking Out Loud

Is Critique Secular?

Blasphemy, Injury, and Free Speech TALAL ASAD, WENDY BROWN, JUDITH BUTLER, AND SABA MAHMOOD With a New Preface by the Authors

400 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5455-2 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5454-5 CLOTH, $110.00, £74.00

American Philosophy

“This original and provocative book is an invitation to go beyond political niceties and engage issues of religious difference with candor. Both scholarly and engaging, the book uplifts the level of public debate on the entanglement of religious and secular reasoning in the making of modern publics.” —Veena Das, Johns Hopkins University “I can’t imagine a set of more rigorous, humane, and insightful interlocutors on this vital aspect of the public sphere.” —Jonathan Boyarin, Cornell University


The Problem of the Negro as a Problem for Thought NAHUM DIMITRI CHANDLER

“Nahum Chandler is one of the very few truly indispensable thinkers at work in the study of the African diaspora, which is, as he so brilliantly shows, the study of the modern world.”—Fred Moten, Duke University “X presents us with a new reading of Du Bois, who has been viewed too simply as a historian and sociologist rather than as a thinker in the rich sense that Chandler gives to that word. Chandler’s arguments will prove indispensable to any future directions for the study of race, colonialism, or globality.”—David Lloyd, University of California, Davis

176 PAGES 978-0-8232-5169-8 PAPER, $18.00, £11.99 978-0-8232-5168-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

The Humanities and Public Life

Edited by Peter Brooks, with Hilary Jewett

288 PAGES 978-0-8232-5407-1 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5406-4 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

Contributors: Kwame Anthony Appiah, Derek Attridge, Judith Butler, Jonathan Culler, Didier Fassin, William Germano, Ralph J. Hexter, Paul W. Kahn, Charles Larmore, Jonathan Lear, Michael Roth, Elaine Scarry, Kim Lane Scheppele, Richard Sennett, Patricia J. Williams

American Philosophy American Literatures Initiative

“The Humanities and Public Life, an original, provocative, multi-voiced commentary on the state and possibilities of the humanities, strikes fresh notes in what has become a rather tired (though often desperately earnest) conversation. Although its essays repeatedly take unexpected directions, it suggests a unified way of thinking about issues that might appear disparate.”—Patricia Meyer Spacks, Edgar F. Shannon, Professor Emerita, University of Virginia 176 PAGES, 3 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5705-8 PAPER, $18.00, £11.99 978-0-8232-5704-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00 rd h am p re ss .co m

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Kant in the Land of Extraterrestrials

Living Together

Cosmopolitical Philosofictions PETER SZENDY Translated by Will Bishop

Jacques Derrida’s Communities of Violence and Peace Edited by Elisabeth Weber Contributors: Jacques Derrida, Gil Anidjar, Ellen Armour, Michal Ben-Naftali, Richard Falk, Michal Govrin, Kevin Hart, Dana Hollander, Priya Kumar, Joseph Massad, Marc Nichanian, William Robert, Sherene Seikaly, Elisabeth Weber, Raef Zreik

“Among the vast body of scholarship that explores the Kantian theory of space, none does so with greater urgency, concision, and wit than Kant in the Land of Extraterrestrials.”—Peter Fenves, Northwestern University “Kant in the Land of Extraterrestrials charts an original and compelling path from Schmitt to Kant, science fiction, and Derrida, bringing to light the fantastical yet persistently unsettling role played by fictions of extraterritoriality in the philosophical elaboration of modern cosmopolitanism.”— Daniel Heller-Roazen, Princeton University

“An astounding and timely volume. It is unparalleled in the scope and depth with which it explores Derrida’s relevance to the political. The focus on forgiveness, reconciliation, and the excruciating challenges of living together well has utmost urgency in light of the intensification of current lethal combat zones.”—Gabriele Schwab, University of California, Irvine

192 PAGES, 25 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5550-4 PAPER, $25.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5549-8 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

384 PAGES 978-0-8232-4993-0 PAPER, $32.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-4992-3 CLOTH, $125.00, £84.00

The Melancholy Assemblage

Speaking about Torture

Edited by Julie A. Carlson and Elisabeth Weber

Affect and Epistemology in the English Renaissance DREW DANIEL

Contributors: Sinan Antoon, Julie A. Carlson, Hamid Dabashi, Colin Dayan, Susan Derwin, Stephen F. Eisenman, Richard Falk, Reinhold Gorling, Christian Gruny, Lisa Hajjar, Alfred W. McCoy, John Nava, Darieck Scott, Abigail Solomon-Godrea, Viola Shafik, Peter Szendy, Elisabeth Weber

“In this stimulating, inventive, and moving volume by one of Shakespeare studies’ most brilliant and original emerging voices, Drew Daniel uses the history of melancholy in order to map the haptic loops and iconic postures that bind together thinking, feeling, and making in art and life. Along the way he answers questions that really matter, such as how melancholy forges friendships among misanthropes, and why fashion makes us sad.”—Julia Reinhard Lupton, author of Thinking with Shakespeare: Essays on Politics and Life

“Given ongoing attempts to legitimate and normalize torture, this rich and varied collection opens new perspectives of engagement. Its contributors disrupt smug euphemisms and bear witness to the horrifying damage torture inflicts, annihilating flesh, intimacy, trust, and memory. With readings ranging from the memoirs of Holocaust survivors to the photographs of Abu Ghraib and beyond, scholars of the law, media, literature, history, philosophy, music and the visual arts show how critical work in the arts and humanities can, and must, take part in the struggle against torture’s banalization.”—Page DuBois, University of San Diego

328 PAGES, 4 COLOR AND 6 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5128-5 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5127-8 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

Art’s Undoing: In the Wake of a Radical Aestheticism FOREST PYLE

“Art’s Undoing: In the Wake of a Radical Aestheticism proposes a stunning alternative to our habit of thinking of the work of art as an occasion for heightened vision or temporary respite. . . . Pyle unthreads Shelley, Keats, Dickinson, Hopkins, Rossetti, and Wilde into figures, reflections, traces, and lines that, unlike the Medusa’s face, will never resolve themselves into a single, readable, and hence pierce-able image.”—AnneLise FranÇois, University of California, Berkeley “One of the most powerful and subtle books I’ve read on nineteenth-century literature in decades.”—Ian Balfour, York University

384 PAGES, 28 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4225-2 PAPER, $32.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-4224-5 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

336 PAGES 978-0-8232-5112-4 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5111-7 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00 rd h am pre ss .com

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Time Travel

Loaded Words

This book argues that time travel fiction is a narrative “laboratory,” a setting for thought experiments in which essential theoretical questions about storytelling—and, by extension, about the philosophy of temporality, history, and subjectivity—are represented in the form of literal devices and plots. “A fruitful cross-pollination of theory and popular fiction, this is at once a careful genre study and a wide-ranging disquisition on narratology.”—Rob Latham, University of California, Riverside

“Masterfully bridging the gap between high culture and low, Garber’s witty, accessible essays give us surprising angles on a host of topics.”—Jonathan Culler, Cornell University “A vigorous, revealing collection about the pleasures and revelations of close reading, whether it involves words, books, biographies, or ideas.”—Kirkus Reviews “One of her overarching themes in the book is that as individual words evolve, they remain ‘loaded’ with the underlying metaphor of their original meaning.”—The Christian Science Monitor


The Popular Philosophy of Narrative DAVID WITTENBERG

320 PAGES, 16 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4997-8 PAPER, $27.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-4996-1 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

246 PAGES 978-0-8232-4205-4 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4204-7 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

The Architecture of Concepts

Lost Unicorns of the Velvet Revolutions

The Historical Formation of Human Rights PETER DE BOLLA

Heterotopias of the Seminar MIGLENA NIKOLCHINA

“The Architecture of Concepts surprises us at every turn. . . . De Bolla forges an entirely original theory of concepts as culturally active forces—not merely definitions or ideas, but instruments of thought and action.”—John Bender, Stanford University “The masterful use of digital archives makes possible for the first time disclosure of a much wider range of meanings within rights discourses, and thus reveals more clearly how rights concepts were formed and developed.”—Gregory Claeys, Royal Holloway University of London “De Bolla has produced that rare thing—an academic book that does something new.”—Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University

“Nikolchina provides a challenging account both of the internal dynamics of Eastern European culture just before the collapse of Communist regimes and of the perhaps inevitable clash between dissident thinkers from Eastern Europe and Western post-structuralist academics in this period and beyond. Her highly personal and engaging narrative concludes with a courageous and ambitious attempt to bring about a much needed dialogue between Eastern and Western European modes of thinking.”—Andrew Wachtel, President, American University of Central Asia “Each chapter is beautifully written, thoughtful, ironic, trenchant, and simply interesting.”—Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley

308 PAGES, 30 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5439-2 PAPER, $35.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-5438-5 CLOTH, $125.00, £84.00 rd h am p re ss .co m

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184 PAGES 978-0-8232-4300-6 PAPER, $22.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-4299-3 CLOTH, $65.00, £44.00




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The Deconstruction of Christianity II JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by John McKeane

Corpus II

Writings on Sexuality JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by Anne O’Byrne

This second volume in Nancy’s The Deconstruction of Christianity explores the stance or bearing that would be appropriate for us now, in the wake of the dis-enclosure of religion and the retreat of God: that of adoration. A major contribution to the contemporary philosophy of religion, Adoration clarifies and builds upon not only DisEnclosure, the first volume in this project, but also Nancy’s other previous writings on sense, the world, and the singular plurality of being.

In this outstanding new collection, philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy takes up his perennial themes—community, embodiment, being with, literature, politics, sense, and meaning—as part of a deep and mature appreciation of the fact that we are richly, joyfully, and thoroughly sexual beings. “A collection of dense and beautifully written and composed essays. . . . Rich, powerful, and stunningly original.” —François Raffoul, Louisiana State University

136 PAGES 978-0-8232-4295-5 PAPER, $18.00, £11.99 978-0-8232-4294-8 CLOTH, $70.00, £47.00

160 PAGES 978-0-8232-4003-6 PAPER, $22.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-4002-9 CLOTH, $70.00, £47.00

Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

The Essential Writings JEAN-LUC MARION Edited by Kevin Hart

The Pleasure in Drawing

JEAN-LUC NANCY Translated by Philip Armstrong

“The Essential Writings will help a new generation of English-speaking readers to share the pleasure venerable French scholars, and less venerable Anglo-Saxon scholars, have had for years. A superb, erudite and lucid introduction by Kevin Hart makes Marion even more readable while providing the audience with a general introduction to phenomenology. An astonishingly useful volume.”—Jean-Yves Lacoste, Australian Catholic University “Hart’s introductions are introductions in the best sense of that term: They prepare the reader, awake interest, provide context, clarify difficulties, raise questions, and especially invite the reader into the texts themselves.”—Christina M. Gschwandtner, Fordham University

“What is it about drawing that might attract a philosopher’s eye? Many things no doubt, but not least there is the (literally) unthinkable movement by which something begins to take shape. Jean-Luc Nancy’s approach in The Pleasure in Drawing moves beyond art historical categories and conceptual schemas to touch on precisely that: he considers the ‘formative force’ of drawing, not in terms of its formal achievement but in terms of the pleasures afforded by its constant beginning—pleasures of attraction, sense, permanent interruption, tension and intensity. A book full of dazzling insights, imaginative curves, and provocative renewals.”—Sarah Clift, University of King’s College

978-8232-5106-3 PAPER, $45.00, £30.00 978-8232-5105-6 CLOTH, $125.00, £84.00

128 PAGES 978-0-8232-5094-3 PAPER, $18.00, £11.99 978-0-8232-5093-6 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00 rd h am pre ss .com

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Into Disaster

Last Steps

Chronicles of Intellectual Life, 1941 MAURICE BLANCHOT Translated by Michael Holland

Maurice Blanchot’s Exilic Writing CHRISTOPHER FYNSK

“In the course of this brilliant and compelling reading, Christopher Fynsk demonstrates that Blanchot’s political engagement is central . . . . to everything from his views on freedom, justice, and messianic hope, to his practices of reading, critical vigilance, and fragmentary writing. . . . This is a remarkable work of criticism about one of the twentieth century’s most remarkable writers.”—Michael Naas, DePaul University

“What did Blanchot do, as a writer, during World War II? If this was a time of ‘withdrawal,’ as is often said, it was not a time of silence. The critical reflections and book reviews collected here reveal a writer in crisis who found it imperative to call on the public to read, and to think.”—Jeff Fort, University of California, Davis “Maurice Blanchot has remained our essential contemporary, and the best literary educator ever, because he is always thinking ‘absolutely’ while addressing the most burning issues of war-time France, like terror, fascism, and the degradation of humanity.”—Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania

312 PAGES 978-0-8232-5103-2 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5102-5 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

Speculative Grace

Bruno Latour and Object-Oriented Theology ADAM S. MILLER Foreword by Levi R. Bryant

160 PAGES 978-0-8232-5097-4 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5096-7 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

“Adam Miller’s book can rightly be described as both a daring experiment in theology, and as a lucid exposition of the thought of the French sociologist of science Bruno Latour. But in being both of these things at once, Speculative Grace is something more: a profound meditation on the cosmos and the multitude of beings that inhabit it. This is a book that stimulates thought and renews our sense of wonder at what William James called the ‘buzzing, blooming confusion’ of the world.”—Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University

Desperate Clarity

Chronicles of Intellectual Life, 1942 MAURICE BLANCHOT Translated by Michael Holland

“This invaluable collection of articles and reviews, translated into English for the first time, provides a fascinating portrait of a critic operating under duress. . . . Throughout this bleak year of 1942, with imperious insight, subtle eloquence, and coded indirection, Blanchot continued to write, responding to the madness of the day, but searching too beyond the horizon of the day. “—Leslie Hill, University of Warwick “Michael Holland has translated . . . beautifully, and his Introduction is superb.”—Kevin Hart, The University of Virginia

160 PAGES 978-0-8232-5151-3 PAPER, $18.00, £11.99 978-0-8232-5150-6 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

The Logos of the Living World

Merleau-Ponty, Animals, and Language LOUISE WESTLING

240 PAGES 978-0-8232-5100-1 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5099-8 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

“A luminous and wide-ranging inquiry into biosemiotic expression as the distinguishing mark of cross-species affinity, informed by a searching interpretation of the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty as a model for conceiving that affinity. At both levels, The Logos of the Living World delivers significant fresh insights potentially of great significance for the future of ecocritcism.”—Lawrence Buell, Harvard University 208 PAGES 978-0-8232-5566-5 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5565-8 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology rd h am p re ss .co m

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COMMONALITIES SERIES Terms of the Political


“Against philosophies of history and for history as thought— this is the break from which Esposito’s work wagers an enterprise of deconstruction (of all conceptions of the political up to now) in the name of a new understanding of freedom: between community and immunity, beyond liberalism, beyond the rational animal. He calls it an affirmation of biopolitics, affirmative biopolitics—not for a new inception of the social, but for a redistribution of the energy of thought in the service of another practice of life.”—Alberto Moreias, Texas A&M University

“The most stimulating feature of the book is not so much that documents allow Ferraris to develop an ontology, but rather that his ontology allows him to understand and to help us to understand what documents are and what society is.”—Umberto Eco “A clear, fast-paced, truly exciting book.”—Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania “Documentality re-energizes the traditional philosophical debate on realism by contextualizing this problematic within the field of new media and positioning it in the wake of the momentous philosophical contributions of Derrida and Foucault.”—Alessia Ricciardi, Northwestern University

Community, Immunity, Biopolitics ROBERTO ESPOSITO Translated by Rhiannon Noel Welch, with an Introduction by Vanessa Lemm

Why It Is Necessary to Leave Traces MAURIZIO FERRARIS Translated by Richard Davies

176 PAGES 978-0-8232-4265-8 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4264-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

392 PAGES 978-0-8232-4969-5 PAPER, $32.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-4968-8 CLOTH, $125.00, £84.00

The Queer Turn in Feminism

Identities, Sexualities, and the Theater of Gender ANNE EMMANUELLE BERGER Translated by Catherine Porter

Common Things

Romance and the Aesthetics of Belonging in Atlantic Modernity JAMES D. LILLEY

“Anne Berger offers a fascinating romp through the vicissitudes of feminist and post-feminist ideas, performance studies, and identity politics on both sides of the Atlantic, shrewdly articulating the differences as she explores the translatability of progressive ideas.”—Jonathan Culler, Cornell University “By staging the numerous critical encounters between ‘French theory’ and ‘American theory’ that continue into the present, by offering readings that are as theoretically nuanced as they are rhetorically engaging, Anne Berger reinvigorates old debates in order to open up crucial questions still to be addressed.”—Elizabeth Weed, Brown University

What are the relationships between the books we read and the communities we share? Common Things explores how transatlantic romance revivals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries influenced—and were influenced by— emerging modern systems of community. “Scrupulously researched with keen interpretive insight, James Lilley’s Common Things is a gripping analysis of the transatlantic traditions of Gothic, sentimental, and historical romance. In offering a new way of understanding citizenship, it reconfigures the aesthetics of modernity. A wonderfully rich interdisciplinary study.”—Colin Dayan

256 PAGES 978-0-8232-5386-9 PAPER, $29.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5385-2 CLOTH, $110.00, £74.00

256 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5515-3 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

American Literatures Initiative rd h am pre ss .com

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Sovereignty and Its Other

A Fundamental Concept of Aesthetic Anthropology CHRISTOPH MENKE Translated by Gerrit Jackson

Toward the Dejustification of Violence DIMITRIS VARDOULAKIS

“An original book on sovereign power and nothing short of a ground-breaking theory of democratic resistance.”—Peg Birmingham, DePaul University “Against the logic of sovereignty and its justification of violence, Vardoulakis puts forward an original formulation of agonistic democracy and political judgment built on . . . a brilliant interpretation of Spinoza’s political thought. This book will do much to keep alive the revolutionary embers in the spirit of Arendt and Derrida.”—Miguel Vatter, School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales

This book reconceives modern aesthetics by reconstructing its genesis in the eighteenth century, between Baumgarten’s Aesthetics and Kant’s Critique of Judgment. “Menke forcefully makes the point that with the emergence of aesthetics in the eighteenth century, philosophy, and its understanding of itself, underwent a radical change.”—Rodolphe Gasché, University of Buffalo, SUNY 160 PAGES 978-0-8232-4973-2 PAPER, $22.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-4972-5 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

272 PAGES 978-0-8232-5136-0 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5135-3 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

Life Drawing


A Deleuzean Aesthetics of Existence GORDON C. F. BEARN

Private Lives, Public Deaths

“With Life Drawing we finally have the book on aesthetics that Gilles Deleuze, notwithstanding his frequent engagements with the arts, never wrote himself. The first sustained attempt not only to systematically explain Deleuze’s views on aesthetics but also to put them into action, Bearn’s book will surely become a major addition to the ever-growing scholarly library on Deleuze’s seminal philosophy. “—Marco Abel, University of Nebraska

Antigone and the Invention of Individuality JONATHAN STRAUSS

Jonathan Strauss shows how Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone crystallized the political, intellectual, and aesthetic forces of an entire historical moment—fifth-century Athens—into one idea: the value of a single living person. That idea existed, however, only as a powerful but unconscious desire. “Strauss’s monograph stands as a unique contribution that will be impossible to ignore for many years to come. . . . In addition, Strauss constructs Antigone as a figure or a concept that is essential today in order to comprehend our individuality as well as the political.”—Dimitris Vardoulakis, University of Western Sidney

352 PAGES, 21 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4481-2 PAPER, $30.00, £19.99 978-0-8232-4480-5 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

Speaking of Music: Addressing the Sonorous Edited by Keith Chapin and Andrew H. Clark

Contributors: Per Aage Brandt, Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Keith Chapin, Andrew H. Clark, Matthew Gelbart, John T. Hamilton, Lawrence Kramer, Jairo Moreno, Jean-Luc Nancy, Laura Odello, Tracy B. Strong, Peter Szendy, Sander van Maas, Lawrence M. Zbikowski

232 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5133-9 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5132-2 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

People chat about music every day, but they also treat it as a limit, as the boundary of what is sayable. This volume offers a unique snapshot of today’s scholarship on speech about music. “A rare, useful, and rich book, destined to attract musicologists, philosophers, theorists of all sorts, and philosophers of language.”—Pierre Saint-Amand, Brown University 344 PAGES, 11 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5139-1 PAPER, $32.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-5138-4 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00 rd h am p re ss .co m

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Witnessing Witnessing

On the Reception of Holocaust Survivor Testimony THOMAS TREZISE

The Ideology of Hatred

The Psychic Power of Discourse NIZA YANAY

“In Witnessing Witnessing, Thomas Trezise makes an eloquent plea for respecting the specificity and uniqueness of survivor testimonies, against the theoretical tendency to generalize and universalize. . . . A lesson in the art of careful reading.”—Susan Rubin Suleiman, Harvard University “In a series of illuminating reinterpretations and trenchant critiques of classic texts, Witnessing Witnessing challenges fundamental assumptions about Holocaust testimony. This book will surely provoke debate and disagreement, but its profound commitment to ethical listening is inspiring.” —Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University

“As well as giving us important insight into the structure of hatred (and the desire for proximity that seems to constitute one of its ambivalent poles), Yanay’s work does nothing less than retheorize the relation between the unconscious and discourse.”—Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley 168 PAGES 978-0-8232-5005-9 PAPER, $22.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-5004-2 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

The Right to Narcissism

A Case for an Im-possible Self-love PLESHETTE DEARMITT

336 PAGES 978-0-8232-4449-2 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4448-5 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

“Deftly working at the intersection of philosophy, psychoanalysis, and literature, DeArmitt makes a fascinating case for self-love, or narcissism. With subtle and incisive readings of Rousseau, Kristeva, and Derrida, DeArmitt shows the necessity for rethinking narcissism as an ethics of otherness.”—Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University

Freud and the Scene of Trauma JOHN FLETCHER

“This book is a gem. It is written on a number of levels: Freud’s scholarship, literary scholarship, psychoanalytic scholarship, and psychology. It has depth and subtlety at the same time as providing a good read for a wide range of audiences. I recommend it wholeheartedly to students at all levels of seniority, including the most serious of scholars.” —Peter Fonagy, University College London

208 PAGES 978-0-8232-5444-6 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5443-9 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

Committing the Future to Memory History, Experience, Trauma SARAH CLIFT

336 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5460-6 PAPER, $35.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-5459-0 CLOTH, $110.00, £74.00

“A thoughtful and absorbing reflection on the subtle modalities of memory—cultural, psychological, political—in the modern period. At a time when we are all experiencing a surfeit of memory, Sarah Clift injects a new rigor and lucidity into the discussion.”—Rebecca Comay, University of Toronto “Through the originality of her questions, her deft combination of close reading and conceptual generalization, the patience and lucidity of her analyses, and the remarkable surefootedness of her argumentation, Sarah Clift has succeeded in reinvigorating the interpretation of important works by Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, John Locke, G. W. F. Hegel, and Maurice Blanchot.”—Thomas Trezise, Princeton University


Lacan and the Immortal Within MARI RUTI

“In this passionate, innovative book, Mari Ruti brings Lacanian psychoanalysis into the twenty-first century. She argues brilliantly for the creativity and fragility of singular beings who are in constant transformation while also changing the social orders in which they are embedded from the inside. Erudite and enjoyable, this book is a must read for all those interested in the future of psychoanalysis as well as in cultural and critical theory.”—Verena Andermatt Conley, Harvard University “There are many books on Lacan. Few offer as rich an experience as The Singularity of Being.”—Mitchell Wilson, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

264 PAGES 978-0-8232-5421-7 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5420-0 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

Modern Language Initiative rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 9

272 PAGES 978-0-8232-4315-0 PAPER, $27.00, £17.99 978-0-8232-4314-3 CLOTH, $80.00, £54.00




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Chagas Disease

From Neurosis to Brain Damage CATHERINE MALABOU Translated by Steven Miller

History of a Continent’s Scourge FRANÇOIS DELAPORTE Translated by Arthur Goldhammer Foreword by Todd Meyers

This book addresses the issue of trauma and psychic wounds to stage a confrontation between psychoanalysis and contemporary neurobiology. In so doing, it reevaluates the brain as an organ that is not separated from psychic life but rather appears as its very locus. “Friends and foes of Freud’s science will be riveted by Malabou’s intelligent argument.”—Joan Copjec, University at Buffalo, SUNY “What has happened when subjectivity is utterly changed by brain damage? What are the links of war, trauma, and loss of affect? In The New Wounded Catherine Malabou brilliantly shows how ‘destructive plasticity’ is the key concept for understanding our ‘new economy of pain.’ Highly recommended for everyone in the fields she so deftly examines: philosophy, psychoanalysis, and neurology.”—John Protevi, Louisiana State University

“Delaporte’s brilliant historical exploration of Chagas disease covers the decisive period of 1909 to 1935. The strength of the study is the exhaustive discussion of the scientific literature, the subtle examination of fundamental shifts in conceptual frameworks, and the unrelenting interrogation of the crucial role that chance and error play in scientific research. What Delaporte has written is a comédie humaine of postcolonial science.”—Carlo Caduff, King’s College, London “If Delaporte is correct then Chagas . . . did not discover the disease. So why is he so revered? Delaporte thinks that this is because Chagas was an expert at reformulating the past by rewriting history.”—Parasitology 208 PAGES 978-0-8232-4250-4 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4249-8 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

268 PAGES 978-0-8232-3968-9 PAPER, $32.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-3967-2 CLOTH, $100.00, £67.00

MEANING SYSTEMS The Beginning of Heaven and Earth Has No Name

Figures of Medicine

Blood, Face Transplants, Parasites FRANÇOIS DELAPORTE Translated by Nils F. Schott Foreword by Christopher Lawrence

Seven Days with Second-Order Cybernetics HEINZ VON FOERSTER Edited by Albert Müller and Karl H. Müller Translated by Elinor Rooks and Michael Kasenbacher

Focusing on efforts to resolve medical problems in six cases that are particular and nonetheless exemplary, Delaporte shows how multiple actors—over long periods of time and across different geographies—must be taken into account to remove epistemological blockages that stand in the way of understanding. “As always with Delaporte the scholarship is impressive, innovative and impeccable, and the analyses acute.”—Camille Limoges “Lucid, focused, and rigorous. . . . An outstanding book that makes important contributions to intellectual history, the history of medicine, and their methodologies.”—Jonathan Strauss, Miami University

Heinz von Foerster was the inventor of second-order cybernetics, which recognizes the investigator as part of the system he is investigating. The Beginning of Heaven and Earth Has No Name provides an accessible, nonmathematical, and comprehensive overview of von Foerster’s cybernetic ideas and of the philosophy latent within them. “I know of no other such a broad and coherent statement of Foerster’s essential thinking.”—Ranulph Glanville, Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Cybernetics, The Bartlett, University College London “This is a remarkable achievement which will delight any serious student of the natural sciences or of scientific writing.”—Stuart Umpleby, George Washington University

220 PAGES, 35 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4445-4 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4444-7 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00 rd h am p re ss .co m

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 10

240 PAGES 978-0-8232-5561-0 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5560-3 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM



Hollow Men

Writing, Objects, and Public Image in Renaissance Italy SUSAN GAYLARD


“This is an extremely interesting and original study of how suspiciously—indeed, critically—Renaissance artists and writers approached the classical concept of the exemplar.” —Ann Rosalind Jones, Smith College “Susan Gaylard has produced a powerfully suggestive study of the relation between writing and the desire for a kind of secular personal permanence that was the closest thing to immortality in the estimation of Italians during the century and a half before 1600.”—Walter Stephens, John Hopkins University

Shakespeare and Donne

Generic Hybrids and the Cultural Imaginary Edited by Judith H. Anderson and Jennifer C. Vaught Contributors: Judith H. Anderson, Mary Blackstone, Matthias Bauer, Marshall Grossman, Julian Lamb, Catherine Gimelli Martin, David Lee Miller, Jennifer Pacenza, Jeanne Shami, Anita Gilman Sherman, Douglas Trevor, Jennifer C. Vaught, Angelika Zirker

“Because of the compartmentalization of literary criticism, we have been largely blind to the many points of intellectual and artistic contact between the two greatest English love poets of the later sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, Shakespeare and Donne. This remarkable collection of highly original essays changes that. It also changes the field of English Renaissance studies.”—Gordon Teskey, Harvard University

336 PAGES, 24 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5191-9 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5174-2 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

Modern Language Initiative

The Tears of Sovereignty

Perspectives of Power in Renaissance Drama PHILIP LORENZ

304 PAGES 978-0-8232-5125-4 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00

“Tears of Sovereignty is a smart, philosophically textured analysis of sovereignty on the seventeenth-century stage.” —Graham Hammill, University at Buffalo, SUNY “A highly theorized account of a set of mesmerizing problem plays from Spanish and English theater, which generate a range of insightful new accounts of the operation of the tropes of metaphor, analogy, and allegory in relation to the theatrical image, the Eucharist, and the insignia of power.” —Julia Reinhard Lupton, author of Thinking with Shakespeare: Essays on Politics and Life

The Perils of Uglytown: Studies in Structural Misanthropology from Plato to Rembrandt HARRY BERGER, JR.

“Somewhere in his innermost closet Harry Berger, Jr., must harbor the secret of perennial freshness. For decades now his vitally important work has conferred the power to see with new eyes familiar works of literature, philosophy, and art, as if their innermost meanings were being glimpsed for the first time.”—Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University 272 PAGES, 9 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4517-8 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-4516-1 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

392 PAGES 978-0-8232-5130-8 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

Succeeding King Lear

A Fury in the Words

Literature, Exposure, and the Possibility of Politics EMILY SUN

Love and Embarrassment in Shakespeare’s Venice HARRY BERGER, JR.

“Emily Sun has written an ambitious study that is a delight to read on how literary works foster a truly active rather than passive spectatorship as well as a “plural speech” necessary to avoid tyrannous political theologies. Drawing on major contemporary theorists, her patient and clarifying style, with its ability to zoom from large questions to telling textual detail, compels us to think anew about this task. All of us, her moving book insists, literary consumers or creators, must “succeed” great works of art in the sense of accepting and bringing to completion their demanding legacy.”—Geoffrey Hartman, Yale University

“The energy, penetration, and inventiveness of Berger’s thought in this book are astonishing. Embarrasment has rarely seemed so dangerous a thing. By myriad directions and indirections he leads the reader back into the surprise and the strangeness of the Venetian plays, and of Shakespeare’s mind at large. A masterwork.”—Kenneth Gross, author of Shylock Is Shakespeare and Puppet: An Essay on Uncanny Life 240 PAGES 978-0-8232-4195-8 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4194-1 CLOTH, $80.00, £54.00 rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 11

176 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-3281-9 PAPER, $20.00, £12.99 978-0-8232-3280-2 CLOTH, $60.00, £40.00




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM



The Dream Life of Citizens

Late Victorian Novels and the Fantasy of the State ZARENA ASLAMI

Hating Empire Properly

The Two Indies and the Limits of Enlightenment Anticolonialism SUNIL M. AGNANI

“The Dream-Life of Citizens will be a must read not only for scholars of late Victorian literature and culture, but also for anyone interested in concepts of the state and state power in relation to liberalism, empire, gender, and personhood.” —Ivan Kreilkamp, Indiana University “Thoughtful close readings of key works by Schreiner, Hardy, Gissing, and Grand, together with its highly innovative treatment of ‘Victorian Afghanistan,’ will be of great interest to scholars in the field.”—Ann Ardis, University of Delaware

“What should it mean to hate empire properly? What modes of conceptual critique, what ethos of engagement, what attitude to the modern, should we adopt? In this learned and deftly argued book, Sunil Agnani offers us a revised picture of the conceits of Europe’s self-consciousness of empire by holding up the internal anticolonial mirror of Diderot and Burke. If Enlightenment is neither single nor seamless, neither a choice nor a prison, what Agnani’s reading underscores is the truth of the dictum that, for its conscripts anyway, the only way out is through.”—David Scott, Columbia University

195 PAGES 978-0-8232-4199-6 CLOTH, $60.00, £40.00


320 PAGES, 7 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5180-3 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

Marginal Modernity:

The Aesthetics of Dependency from Kierkegaard to Joyce LEONARDO F. LISI

American Literatures Initiative


Two ways of understanding the aesthetic organization of literary works have come down to us from the late eighteenth century and dominate discussions of European modernism today: the aesthetics of autonomy, associated with the selfsufficient work of art, and the aesthetics of fragmentation, practiced by the avant-gardes. In this revisionary study, Leonardo Lisi argues that these models rest on assumptions about the nature of truth and existence that cannot be treated as exhaustive of modernist form. “A superb work, extraordinarily learned, original, well-written, and of great importance.”—J. Hillis Miller, University of California, Irvine

Realizing Capital

Financial and Psychic Economies in Victorian Form ANNA KORNBLUH

“This highly original and far-reaching book puts Marx and Freud into an exciting new dialogue with the Victorian novel. Kornbluh reads these imposing thinkers as engaged in the same project as the realist novelists, all of them struggling to defamiliarize the frighteningly fictitious character of capital. Offering thrilling new insights into Great Expectations, Middlemarch, and The Way We Live Now, this book culminates in a tour de force reading of Marx’s Capital as a Bildungsroman and a radical rethinking of Freud’s ‘psychic economy.’”—Caroline Levine, University of Wisconsin, Madison “If you want to understand what goes on today, how a madness like the 2008 meltdown was possible, read Realizing Capital!”—Slavoj Žižek, University of Ljubljana

352 PAGES 978-0-8232-4532-1 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

Modern Language Initiative

224 PAGES 978-0-8232-5497-2 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00 rd h am p re ss .co m

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 12




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM



The Imperative to Write

Destitutions of the Sublime in Kafka, Blanchot, and Beckett JEFF FORT

Empire’s Wake

Postcolonial Irish Writing and the Politics of Modern Literary Form MARK QUIGLEY

“The Imperative to Write examines three formidably difficult and fascinating writers of the last century: Kafka, Blanchot, and Beckett. Jeff Fort analyzes the exigency to write in each of the three and produces a powerful study of these major authors. A tour de force of close reading.”—Kevin Hart, University of Virginia “Jeff Fort writes with energy and verve, ambitiously tackles some formidably difficult works, and treats in this study an extensive and important corpus of some key figures in literary modernism.”—Alain Toumayan, University of Notre Dame

“A cogent, compelling, and significant intervention into the field of modern Irish literary studies on the one hand, and an intriguing account of the politics of so-called global or transnational modernism on the other. It’s a seasoned and sure-handed piece of scholarly work; Quigley writes with force and precision, never skirting issues that require patient excavation and consideration.”—Jed Esty, University of Pennsylvania 264 PAGES 978-0-8232-4544-4 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

496 PAGES 978-0-8232-5469-9 CLOTH, $65.00, £44.00

Modern Language Initiative

Untouchable Fictions

The Other Night

Literary Realism and the Crisis of Caste TORAL JATIN GAJARAWALA

Dreaming, Writing, and Restlessness in Twentieth-Century Literature HERSCHEL FARBMAN

“Gajarawala is among the most intellectually ambitious of the contemporary Anglophone literary critics of Dalit writing, and she nicely manages to retain a stereoscopic focus on Dalit literary production and Dalit aesthetic theory.” —Parama Roy, University of California, Davis “Dalit writing has posed extremely serious and challenging questions to literary studies in India. This book presents a sustained, insightful, and original engagement with these questions as it maps the project of modern Dalit (primarily Hindi) fiction.”—Simona Sawhney, University of Minnesota

“A beautifully written, often moving account of the status of the dream in twentieth-century writing.”—Pericles Lewis, Yale University “Powerfully conceived and beautifully written. . . . An important contribution to the theory of dreams and a new thinking of ethics.”—Eyal Peretz, Indiana University “Farbman’s strength lies in the rigorous and detailed linguistic analyses of these lengthy, complex texts, to which he brings both considerable and considerate knowledge.” —The Times Literary Supplement

272 PAGES 978-0-8232-4525-3 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4524-6 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

162 PAGES 978-0-8232-2866-9 PAPER, $22.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-2865-2 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00 rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 13

Modern Language Initiative




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM


Drawing the Line

The Underside of Politics

“What makes Clarkson’s project truly dialogical . . . is that she both reads South African culture in terms of theory but also examines and, indeed displays, what South African culture might also offer theory.”—Russell Samolsky, University of California, Santa Barbara “One rarely comes across work of such intelligence and imagination. This book is beautifully written and one finds oneself forever being caught out by wonderful and unpredicted connections, turns of phrase, the ease and acuity with which insights from disparate fields are brought together and developed.”—Emilios Christodoulidis, University of Glasgow

“Sorin Radu Cucu writes from the perspective of an exceptional lifelong erudition combined with direct personal experience of some of the political absurdities that he isolates and glosses authoritatively in key literary works of his choice. The Underside of Politics is arguably an indispensable primer, with resonance for students as well as for established scholars, in the contemporary construct of the political as it pertains to literary productions and other cultural artifacts.”—Henry Sussman, Yale University

224 PAGES, 10 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5416-3 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-5415-6 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

The Sentimental Touch

Toward an Aesthetics of Transitional Justice CARROL CLARKSON

Global Fictions in the Fog of the Cold War SORIN RADU CUCU

264 PAGES 978-0-8232-5434-7 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00

American Literatures Initiative

The Language of Feeling in the Age of Managerialism AARON RITZENBERG

Just Ideas

“A very humane book. Concentrating on the image of touch, Ritzenberg traces how American authors have represented human feeling. Delving into works from the 1850s to the 1930s, he shows how Americans responded to a major consequence of industrialization—the social organization of society through management—and how managerial principles eroded fundamental human connections.”—Gregg Camfield, University of California, Merced

AMERICAN The Naked Communist

Cold War Modernism and the Politics of Popular Culture ROLAND VÉGSŐ

“Mr. Végső has established a perspective on cold war literary and cultural politics informed by the most sophisticated post–cold war political theory—Rancière, Badiou, Laclau and Mouffe, Žižek. In providing this perspective, he has constructed a framework for the analysis of cold war cultural politics that is certain to exert a major influence on the accounts of that period for many years to come.”—Donald Pease, Dartmouth College “Modernism seems to be a product of the early twentieth century; Végső shows that what we see in modernism is far more a product of the 1950s.”—Michael Tratner, Bryn Mawr College

192 PAGES 978-0-8232-4552-9 CLOTH, $35.00, £23.99

American Literatures Initiative

256 PAGES, 1 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4557-4 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4556-7 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

American Literatures Initiative rd h am p re ss .co m

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 14




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM


After Translation

Quiet Testimony

“An original, ambitious, and timely contribution to several established and emerging fields: comparative modernisms, transnational literary studies, poetics, and translation studies.”—Rebecca Walkowitz, Rutgers University

“This is an ambitious, daring, and provocative book, and one that resonates deeply and significantly with contemporary debates over the relation between testimony and historical truth. . . . Goldberg’s wonderful readings of the ways in which nineteenth-century writers understood the force of silence in the act of bearing witness suggest that testimony is perhaps most audible, most powerful, when we are able to hear its silences, the silences that give voice not only to the issues that felt most urgent for these writers but also to those that are of most concern for us today.”—Eduardo Cadava, Princeton University

The Transfer and Circulation of Modern Poetics Across the Atlantic IGNACIO INFANTE

A Theory of Witnessing from Nineteenth-Century American Literature SHARI GOLDBERG

232 PAGES 978-0-8232-5178-0 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

American Literatures Initiative

Bestial Traces

Race, Sexuality, Animality CHRISTOPHER PETERSON

“Bestial Traces is a brave book! Arguing that our sentiments on animals are unavoidably implicated in politically contentious notions of race and sexuality, Peterson examines this entangled relation in Poe, Wright, Roth, and Coetzee.” —Russell Samolsky, University of California, Santa Barbara “Masterfully researched, creatively argued, and beautifully written.”—Akria Mizuta Lippit, University of Southern California

208 PAGES 978-0-8232-5477-4 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

American Literatures Initiative

Inventing the Language to Tell It

Robinson Jeffers and the Biology of Consciousness GEORGE HART

“George Hart’s Inventing the Language to Tell It develops a significant new paradigm for engaging the poetry of Robinson Jeffers. By treating the central puzzle in Jeffers, the nature of consciousness, as a biological and environmental matter rather than a philosophical or psychological one, he clarifies the nature of Jeffers’s modernity, defines its significance both for an understanding of Anglo-American poetry in the first half of the twentieth century, and establishes its continued significance for the dynamics of environmental literature.”—Tim Hunt, Illinois State University

208 PAGES 978-0-8232-4521-5 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4520-8 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

192 PAGES 978-0-8232-5489-7 CLOTH, $35.00, £23.99

American Literatures Initiative rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 15




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM


The Politics of Irony in American Modernism

American Metempsychosis


Emerson, Whitman, and the New Poetry JOHN MICHAEL CORRIGAN

“An important and deeply insightful book. Moving past familiar debates on the politics of irony, Stratton argues for an understanding of modernist irony as an aesthetic practice that not only sharply reorients political perception, but also promotes dispositions and habits of analysis that are indispensable to political thought and action.”—Amanda Anderson, Brown University “The Politics of Irony in American Modernism is a remarkable work of scholarship, wedding theoretical acuity with bold and lively readings across an impressive range of contexts.”— Sara Blair, University of Michigan

“American Metempsychosis is a valuable work that contributes an original reading of Emerson and Whitman.”—Arthur Versluis, author of American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions: The Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance “Corrigan’s examination of images and themes associated with metempsychosis serves as another useful way to connect Emerson and Whitman to Platonic and Neoplatonic spiritual thought.”—Choice 254 PAGES 978-0-8232-4234-4 CLOTH, $60.00, £40.00

American Literatures Initiative

304 PAGES, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5545-0 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00

Ghost-Watching American Modernity

American Literatures Initiative

Reconstructing Individualism

Haunting, Landscape, and the Hemispheric Imagination MARÍA DEL PILAR BLANCO

“What emerges from these discussions of an Emersoninflected pragmatism is a convincing narrative of the development of a democratic theory that maintains a standard of public responsibility and accountability while preserving the vital role of individual moral reasoning and moral choice in that process. I consider this a very important contribution to the history of American ethical and political thought.”— David M. Robinson, Oregon State University, and author of Emerson and the Conduct of Life

“This is a smart, well-researched, and comprehensive critique of the benefits of ‘ghost talk’ or ‘ghost watching’ in the American grain.”—Peter Hitchcock, CUNY Graduate Center “Ghost-Watching American Modernity is about upsetting things. Not least, it is about upsetting critical orthodoxies. Disentangling ghosts from theoretical, generic, and national binds, the book invites us to see afresh how ubiquitously, and in how many ways, American modernity is haunted. . . . A work of inspired eclecticism—rich, ranging, and full of surprises.”—Judith Richardson, Stanford University

A Pragmatic Tradition from Emerson to Ellison JAMES M. ALBRECHT

368 PAGES 978-0-8232-4209-2 CLOTH, $60.00, £40.00

234 PAGES 978-0-8232-4214-6 CLOTH, $50.00, £34.00

American Philosophy American Literatures Initiative rd h am p re ss .co m

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 16

American Literatures Initiative




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM




Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Benjamin in the Now-Time of History JAMES MCFARLAND

A Weak Messianic Power Figures of a Time to Come in Benjamin, Derrida, and Celan MICHAEL G. LEVINE

“Not only does McFarland evince himself an original and compelling interpreter of Nietzsche and Benjamin, he strings key passages together in such a way that his exegetical performance fans out toward both authors, configuring them in an inexorable interface of shared interpretation and critique.”—Henry Sussman, Yale University

“The readings in A Weak Messianic Power are subtle and full of unexpected turns, and many are tour de force acts of deconstruction. Levine reads over, almost over the shoulder of great critical readers—Derrida, Celan, Benjamin—exposing in their writing a wealth of images not apparent to the naked eye. The method is almost astronomical: it brings near the distant contours of a strange temporal figure—a nonhomogeneous, surprising time. The book offers a strong notion of messianism outside theology, the messianism of the small alteration.”—Paul North, Yale University

344 PAGES 978-0-8232-4536-9 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

Modern Language Initiative

The Sense of Semblance

Philosophical Analyses of Holocaust Art HENRY W. PICKFORD

192 PAGES, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5511-5 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-5510-8 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

“Successfully blending insights from continental and Anglophone philosophy, Pickford’s Sense of Semblance establishes a new methodology in the field of philosophical inquiry into Holocaust representation. Indeed, this wholly original study positions itself as nothing less than a systemic analysis of the first principles of aesthetic representation of catastrophic phenomena, and as such seems certain to make an enduring contribution to the field.”—R. Clifton Spargo, author of The Ethics of Mourning, Vigilant Memory: Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust, and the Unjust Death


Beyond the Mother Tongue The Postmonolingual Condition YASEMIN YILDIZ

Winner, 2013 Modern Language Association Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Germanic Languages and Literatures

“A bold, ambitious, and timely evaluation of philosophical and literary imagination of language.”—B. Venkat Mani, University of Wisconsin–Madison “Yildiz offers an enlightening argument against the monolingual paradigm that has dominated linguistic thinking since the eighteenth century, which insists that the mother tongue connects a people to their nation and culture.”—Choice “Beyond the Mother Tongue is an ambitious and deeply fascinating book, written in a clear and accessible style.” —Matthew Hart, Columbia University

296 PAGES, 41 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4540-6 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

Modern Language Initiative

Malicious Objects, Anger Management, and the Question of Modern Literature JÖRG KREIENBROCK

“Kreienbrock’s study moves with ease between literary theory, anthropology, epistemology, and psychology while never leaving the main thrust of his investigation from sight: the singular status of literature in articulating the pathos of the modern subject as seemingly overwhelmed and overcome by the world of things.”—Paul Fleming, Cornell University

306 PAGES 978-0-8232-5575-7 PAPER, $25.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4130-9 CLOTH, $60.00, £40.00

Modern Language Initiative

328 PAGES 978-0-8232-4529-1 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4528-4 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

Modern Language Initiative rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 17




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM




Martin Heidegger at the Limits of Poetics DAVID NOWELL SMITH

Alexandrian Cosmopolitanism An Archive HALA HALIM

“The best book on Heidegger and poetry that I have ever read, Nowell Smith’s Sounding/Silence takes both Heidegger and poetry very seriously, presuming that the most worthwhile goal is to do justice to both in an attempt to advance our understanding of poetics.”—Jonathan Culler, Cornell University

“This is a superbly researched and clearly (and powerfully) written study of a series of works devoted to one of the world’s most fabled and fascinating cities, Alexandria, all within the overarching theme of ‘cosmopolitanism.’ In a word, it is an excellent exercise in rigorous comparative literature scholarship.”—Roger Allen, University of Pennsylvania

256 PAGES 978-0-8232-5153-7 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00

Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

448 PAGES, 12 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5176-6 CLOTH, $65.00, £44.00

Modernist Form and the Myth of Jewification

Modern Language Initiative

“Modernist Form and the Myth of Jewification is an essential contribution to the recent attempt to analyze the phantasms and ideological formations that configured the Jew as a dirty or polluting influence that supposedly permeated modern culture and played a distinctive role in its aesthetic productions. Levi is addressing issues that go beyond the aesthetic while nonetheless playing an important role in it. His analysis is fine-tuned and convincing both as literary criticism and as ideology critique.”—Dominick LaCapra, Cornell University

Trials of Arab Modernity


Literary Affects and the New Political TAREK EL-ARISS

“Trials of Arab Modernity offers a refreshing approach to the field of modern Arabic literature both in the scope of its argument and the richness of its interventions. The book not only discusses the role of the ‘nahda,’ but it does so against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, new media, affect theory, and Arabic literary history.”—Michael Allan, University of Oregon “A sharp and witty reading of great warmth and appeal that brings the reader close to its subject without surrendering to hasty generalizations.”—Muhsin al-Musawi, Columbia University

272 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5506-1 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00

248 PAGES 978-0-8232-5172-8 PAPER, $20.00, £12.99 978-0-8232-5171-1 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

Modern Language Initiative rd h am p re ss .co m

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 18




201 3–201 4

12/13/13 10:42 AM



A Common Strangeness

Imaginary Cinemas in French Poetry CHRISTOPHE WALL-ROMANA

Contemporary Poetry, Cross-Cultural Encounter, Comparative Literature JACOB EDMOND

“Wall-Romana uncovers a previously unrecognized genre in French literature: cinepoetry, a modernist poem that responds to challenges the cinema posed to writing. This book traces the new genre from Mallarme’s Une coup de des to contemporary work, revealing how poets have found inspiration in cinema’s visuality, control of movement and projected light—and in the process discovered new forms for poetry.”—Tom Gunning, University of Chicago

Honorable Mention, 2013 Harry Levin Prize, American Comparative Literature Association

“This bold triangulation of six Chinese, Russian, and American poets advances lively current debates about global literature by exploring encounters that challenge the old binarisms and chart possibilities of literary singularities for a future poetics. Edmond’s shrewd account of literary crossings in post–cold war history helps us imagine how we can experience the challenge of new literary configurations.” —Jonathan Culler, Cornell University “Edmond’s is a provocative, exciting, and genuinely original study of the new poetics; we will all be learning from it!” —Marjorie Perloff, Stanford University

504 PAGES, 6 COLOR AND 51 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4548-2 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00

Modern Language Initiative

284 PAGES, 19 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4260-3 PAPER, $26.00, £16.99 978-0-8232-4259-7 CLOTH, $70.00, £47.00

Modern Language Initiative

F O R D H A M S E R I E S I N M E D I E VA L S T U D I E S Isaac On Jewish and Christian Altars

Medieval Poetics and Social Practice

“Schoenfeld’s book is at the forefront of new thinking about peshat/literal sense in both Jewish and Christian contexts, and she opens up new territory for exploration and comparison.”—Deeana Klepper, Boston University “This is a rich and careful study of a vital period in medieval Jewish-Christian relations. By focusing on interpretations of the near-sacrifice of Isaac, Schoenfeld illustrates the complex exegetical methods in Rashi’s commentary and the Glossa Ordinaria.”—Adam Gregerman, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies

Contributors: Jo Ann Moran Cruz, Kara Doyle, Richard K. Emmerson, Moira Fitzgibbons, Nick Havely, John C. Hirsh, J. Patrick Hornbeck, Mark McMorris, Anne Middleton, John T. Sebastian

Polemic and Exegesis in Rashi and the Glossa Ordinaria DEVORAH SCHOENFELD

Responding to the Work of Penn R. Szittya Edited by Seeta Chaganti

“I am certain that I will be referring to several of these essays in my own work in the near future, and I am confident that others will find them as useful as I have.”—Robert Adams, Sam Houston State University 256 PAGES, 6 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4324-2 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

240 PAGES 978-0-8232-4349-5 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00 rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 19




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12/13/13 10:42 AM


What’s Queer about Europe?

Death’s Following

Contributors: Paul Bowman, Lucille Cairns, Sudeep Dasgupta, Gary Ferguson, Dominique Grisard, Nacira Guénif, Laure Murat, Sandra Ponzanesi, Mireille Rosello, Carl Stychin, Emma Wilson

Twentieth-century philosophy stresses the immanence of death in human life—as drive (Freud), as the context of Being (Heidegger), or as language (de Man, Blanchot). Death’s Following argues that death is best conceived as always transcendentally beyond ourselves, neither immanent nor imminent. “Unimpeachably brilliant, a marvelous addition to the discourse about contemporary literature.”—Jonathan Freedman, University of Michigan “My pleasure in reading Death’s Following, my pleasure also in the painful truths it kept recalling, is the pleasure of reading something genuinely great. I can’t remember the last time a book haunted and changed my thinking so much.”— William Flesch, Brandeis University

Productive Encounters and Re-enchanting Paradigms Edited by Mireille Rosello and Sudeep Dasgupta

Mediocrity, Dirtiness, Adulthood, Literature JOHN LIMON

What’s Queer about Europe? examines how queer theory helps us initiate disorienting conjunctions and counterintuitive encounters for imagining historical and contemporary Europe. This book queers Europe and Europeanizes queer, forcing a reconsideration of both. Its contributors study Europe relationally, asking not so much what Europe is but what we do when we attempt to define it. 240 PAGES 978-0-8232-5536-8 PAPER, $28.00, £18.99 978-0-8232-5535-1 CLOTH, $95.00, £64.00

Against Democracy

Literary Experience in the Era of Emancipations SIMON DURING

212 PAGES, 2 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-4280-1 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4279-5 CLOTH, $70.00, £47.00

“Simon During is one of the most original, intelligent, unpredictable literary critics currently writing in the English language. Sentence by elegant sentence, one generally learns more from him than from almost anyone else I can think of.”—Bruce Robbins, Columbia University “Against Democracy is a frame-shifting discussion of the interrelated histories of democracy, conservative thought, and the rise of literary criticism and theory. Highly readable, and displaying a rare blend of literary and political insight, this book is sure to influence ongoing debates in the literary humanities.”—Amanda Anderson, Brown University

Mourning Philology

Art and Religion at the Margins of the Ottoman Empire MARC NICHANIAN Translated by G. M. Goshgarian and Jeff Fort

“Marc Nichanian gives us the most extensive account of philology to date. . . . He identifies philology as the foundational discourse that, hardly limited to the academy, instituted the “order of things” within which we live and think still. . . . Whereas Foucault and Said saw literature as the site of a possible breach of philology’s hold, Nichanian demonstrates the more complex, indeed, essential link between the aesthetic and the religious. . . . This extraordinary book, subtly argued, wonderfully organized, and impeccably translated, will no doubt appeal to scholars of literature, philosophy and religion.”—Gil Anidjar, Columbia University

192 PAGES 978-0-8232-4255-9 PAPER, $24.00, £15.99 978-0-8232-4254-2 CLOTH, $70.00, £47.00

Structures of Appearing

Allegory and the Work of Literature BRENDA MACHOSKY

384 PAGES 978-0-8232-5524-5 CLOTH, $75.00, £50.00

“Structures of Appearing may just be the most considerable book on literary allegory of the past decade and more, and should be very influential. Besides being one of those rare works that can rework a field, it is well written, well organized and, even for so hard-minded an argument, a real pleasure to read.”—Timothy J. Reiss, New York University 272 PAGES 978-0-8232-4284-9 CLOTH, $55.00, £37.00 rd h am p re ss .co m

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12/13/13 10:42 AM


POETS OUT LOUD The Revolver in the Hive

Continuous Frieze Bordering Red

“Nicolas Hundley’s book The Revolver in the Hive is so full of surprises it applauds itself into an eerie silence. I love these poems. They are full of magic. One cannot paraphrase them. They are simply there, like a comet or a frog.”—James Tate “Terrifying wisdom rises from the chill of this book. With a distant, objective voice, Nicolas Hundley ushers us into the forms of modern grief and human trespass only our historical moment has managed to invent. The Revolver in the Hive is a revelation of the cold, pained word of our own making, yet an ‘iridescence / indigenous to the dark’ still shines out of this astonishing collection.”—Katie Ford

“Interruptions mingle with saturations, private intensities with social commentary, lyric aperçus with skeptical suspicion—this multi-track work by Michelle Naka Pierce correlates many streams of insight and produces elegant and self-assured results.”—Rachel Blau DuPlessis “Inspired in different ways by Mark Rothko and Judith Butler, Pierce contemplates what it feels like to be outside of her skin. Her speaker moves through bodies—both literal and figurative—and Pierce seems to pose the question: If each part of your identity can be disassembled, can the self, the identities we place and take off like clothes, also be put back together again?—The Brooklyn Rail



80 PAGES 978-0-8232-5088-2 PAPER, $19.00, £12.99 978-0-8232-5087-5 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

78 PAGES 978-0-8232-4305-1 PAPER, $22.00, £14.99 978-0-8232-4304-4 CLOTH, $50.00, £34.00

Fannie + Freddie

The Sentimentality of Post–9/11 Pornography AMY SARA CARROLL Foreword by Claudia Rankine

The Hello Delay

“A restrained genius: the kind that flares.”—Bhanu Kapil, Naropa University “Amy Sara Carroll offers here an infrared snapshot of affective anachronism that lives the before-and-after of love and war in a poetic of the present flooded by history, memory, sensation, and relation. Wielding female complaint, maternal sentimentality, activist polemic, and auto-ethnographic documentation, its palimpsest feels out form and refuses whatever is easy in its offerings. How can we live the unbearable in attachment to life amidst the force of the details that give and disturb its shape? The noisy beauty of the image that Carroll provides is powerful and sensational in the best of all senses.”—Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago

“This book works with one of those serious beautiful struggles—how to be someone to something, in a world where ‘I’ and ‘thou’ are so often nothing to no one, where ‘pronouns are disasters.’ . . . Her work has both the delicacy and the ungainly chaos of forms emerging from raw materials curiously moving toward thinghood, following their vowels toward meaning: ‘the topical, psychotropic battle.’ The Hello Delay is teeming with animist music, animal motion, and human circumspection. Teeming.”—Jared Stanley “Choffel’s work doesn’t present the material world, it presents all of its mysteries; it haunts you.”—The Brooklyn Rail

JULIE CHOFFEL Afterword by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

94 PAGES 978-0-8232-4230-6 PAPER, $20.00, £12.99 978-0-8232-4229-0 CLOTH, $50.00, £34.00

104 PAGES 978-0-8232-5091-2 PAPER, $19.00, £12.99 978-0-8232-5090-5 CLOTH, $45.00, £30.00

Poets of the Italian Diaspora: A Bilingual Anthology Edited by Luigi Bonaffini and Joseph Perricone

“An outstanding pioneering work that will mark a milestone in Italian Studies and will serve as the foundation of a new discipline, the literature of the Italian Diaspora.”—Sante Matteo, Miami University “Both a historical and a ground-breaking book. It is at the forefront in the recognition of Italophone literature, something that Italy should have unearthed decades ago. With this anthology, Bonaffini and Perricone offer the reader, for the first time, a broad panorama of modern and contemporary Italian lyrical writing outside the geo-cultural boundaries of Italy.”—Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute 1115 PAGES | 978-0-8232-3254-3 PAPER, $45.00 | 978-0-8232-3253-6 CLOTH, $150.00, £101.00 rd h am pre ss .com

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 21

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12/13/13 10:42 AM


MEDIA Veiled Desires

Intimate Portrayals of Nuns in Postwar Anglo-American Film MAUREEN SABINE

“Veiled Desires is a provocative, fascinating, and occasionally lyrical study of the narratives and imagery of Catholic women religious on the big screen. The book is impressively ambitious in scope, bringing together social theory, psychoanalysis, Catholic history, and media studies to interpret forty years of film.”—Amy L. Koehlinger, Florida State University “Maureen Sabine masterfully recovers the Eros of a religious vocation. In so doing, she challenges the way that popular culture defines women’s desire and erotic selfhood, and reveals the complex dynamic between our spiritual and sexual lives.”—Rebecca Sullivan, The University of Calgary 352 PAGES, 19 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-5166-7 PAPER, $30.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-5165-0 CLOTH, $85.00, £57.00

Between Page and Screen

Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace Edited by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth Contributors: Anthony Curtis Curtis Adler, Jan Baetens, Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Matthijs Engelberts, Federica Frabetti, Lovorka Gruic Grmusa, Gary Hall, N. Katherine Hayles, Asunción López-Varela Azcaráte, Marie-Laure Ryan, Katalin Sandor, William Vricchio, Peter Verstraten, Samuel Weber, Joanna Zylinska

“A state of the art book. Understanding the effects of the rapid changes from a print culture to a digital culture is of major importance these days.”—J. Hillis Miller, University of California, Irvine 352 PAGES, 5 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-3906-1 PAPER, $35.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-3905-4 CLOTH, $90.00, £60.00

Verbal Arts: Studies in Poetics rd h am p re ss .co m

Literary Studies 2013-2014.indd 22

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