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H I G H L I G H T S I N N E W YO R K H I S TO RY Named a Gift Book for the Discerning New Yorker by The New York Times

New York After 9/11

Sacred Shelter

An estimated two billion people around the world watched the catastrophic destruction of the World Trade Center. The enormity of the moment was immediately understood, and both news coverage and history of the catastrophe quickly took on global proportions—less understood has been the effect on the locus of the attacks, New York City, not as a seat of political or economic power, but as a community, not in the days and weeks afterward, but in the months and years. New York After 9/11 offers insightful and critical observations about the processes set in motion by September 11th 2001.

Thirteen Journeys of Homelessness and Healing Edited by Susan Celia Greenfield

“Read Sacred Shelter, Thirteen Journeys of Homelessness and Healing, edited by Susan Celia Greenfield. They’re reminders that individuals can make a difference, through a program founded by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York in collaboration with the Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing, which will share the royalties with the Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates.”—The New York Times Living in a metropolis like New York, homelessness can blend into the urban landscape. For editor Susan Greenfield, however, New York is the place where a community of resilient, remarkable individuals are yearning for a voice. Sacred Shelter follows the lives of thirteen formerly homeless people, all of whom have graduated from the life skills empowerment program, an interfaith life skills program for homeless and formerly homeless individuals in New York. Through frank, honest interviews, these individuals share traumas from their youth, their experience with homelessness, and the healing they have discovered through community and faith. 336 PAGES, 26 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823281190, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £22.99 Empire State Editions

The American Museum of Natural History and How It Got that Way COLIN DAVEY WITH THOMAS A. LESSER

The American Museum of Natural History, including the Hayden Planetarium, is one of New York City’s most beloved institutions, and one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world. Since 1869, generations of New Yorkers and tourists of all ages have been educated and entertained here. The first book to tell the history of the museum from the point of view of these buildings, The American Museum of Natural History and How it Got That Way reveals the many changes that influenced its building and design and contextualizes them within American history and the history of science. 208 PAGES, 50 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823283484, HARDBACK, $34.95, £26.99 Empire State Editions A P R IL 201 9

The Color of the Moon

Lunar Painting in American Art Edited by Laura Vookles and Bart Bland

The moon—its face, color, and power—threads through the tapestry of American landscape painting, holding timeless allure for artists and beloved by viewers of paintings everywhere. The Hudson River Museum has organized The Color of the Moon: Lunar Painting in American Art—the first major museum examination of the moon in American visual arts from the nineteenth through the twentieth centuries for a 2019 exhibition. This timely presentation also celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of American astronauts first stepping onto the moon.

Susan Opotow and Zachary Baron Shemtob, Editors

288 PAGES, 36 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823281275, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £22.99 Empire State Editions


Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life

Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia’s New York ROBERT WELDON WHALEN

“. . . An ethical prism to explore the cinematic, sociological and political implications of contract killings, during an era of ethnic succession when Jewish gangs and Italian organized crime were dominant.”—The New York Times Murder, Inc. and the Moral Life: Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia’s New York tells the story of the notorious 1930s Brooklyn gang nicknamed “Murder, Inc.” Murder, Inc. is as well an extended moral reflection on the phenomenon of gangsters in general and the Murder, Inc. gang in particular. 288 PAGES 9780823282739, PAPERBACK, $20.00, £14.99 Empire State Editions

Classical New York

Discovering Greece and Rome in Gotham Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis and Matthew M. McGowan, Editors

During the rise of New York from the capital of an upstart nation to a global metropolis, the visual language of Greek and Roman antiquity played a formative role in the development of the city’s art and architecture. This compilation of essays offers a survey of diverse reinterpretations of classical forms in some of New York’s most iconic buildings, public monuments, and civic spaces. Classical New York examines the influence of Greco-Roman thought and design from the Greek Revival of the late 18th and early 19th centuries through the late 19th century American Renaissance and Beaux Arts period and into the 20th century’s Art Deco. 304 PAGES, 88 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823281022, HARDBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Empire State Editions

200 PAGES, 9 ½ X 13, 70 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823280971, PAPERBACK, $44.95, £36.00 M AR C H 201 9 Co-Published with the Hudson River Museum and the James A. Michener Art Museum



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H I G H L I G H T S I N N E W YO R K H I S TO RY Boss of Black Brooklyn

The Life and Times of Bertram L. Baker RON HOWELL

“In Boss of Black Brooklyn: The Life and Times of Bertram L. Baker, journalist Ron Howell not only shares his grandfather’s impressive personal story, he also illuminates a fascinating era when West Indian families left their native islands, entered the U.S. through Ellis Island, and settled in Brooklyn.”—Brooklyn Daily Eagle Boss of Black Brooklyn presents a riveting and untold story about the struggles and achievements of the first black person to hold public office in Brooklyn. Bertram L. Baker immigrated to the United States from the Caribbean island of Nevis in 1915. Three decades later, he would be elected to the New York State Legislature, representing the Bedford Stuyvesant section. A pioneer and a giant, Baker’s story is finally revealed in intimate and honest detail by his grandson, Ron Howell. 288 PAGES, 12 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823280995, HARDBACK, $29.95, £22.99 Empire State Editions

In the Shadow of Genius

The Brooklyn Bridge and Its Creators BARBARA G. MENSCH

“In the Shadow of Genius combines Mensch’s photographs with a first-person narrative. The book also reveals, for the first time, a comprehensive collection of images taken inside the structure of the Brooklyn Bridge in addition to photos inspired by Mensch’s study of the drawings and other documents from the Roebling archive.”—The Washington Post In the Shadow of Genius is the newest book by photographer and author Barbara Mensch. The author combines her striking photographs with a powerful first-person narrative. She takes the reader on a unique journey by recalling her experiences living alongside the Bridge for over 30 years, and then by tracing her own curious path to understand the brilliant minds and remarkable lives of those who built it, John, Washington, and Emily Roebling. This book creatively fuses contemporary photography with the historical record giving the reader a new perspective on contemplating the masterwork. 160 PAGES, 8 ½ X 11, 113 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823280452, HARDBACK, $34.95, £26.99 Empire State Editions

Only in New York

An Exploration of the World’s Most Fascinating, Frustrating, and Irrepressible City SAM ROBERTS Foreword by Pete Hamill

No one denies that New York City is unique—but what makes it sui generis? Sam Roberts, longtime city reporter, has puzzled over this in print and in his popular New York Times podcasts for years. In Only in New York, updated with new tales and fascinating glimpses into uniquely NYC life, he writes about what makes this city tick and why things are the way they are in the greatest of all metropolises on earth. 264 PAGES 9780823281077, PAPERBACK, $19.95, £14.99 Empire State Editions www.fo rd h a m p re ss .co m

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Neighborhood Success Stories

Creating and Sustaining Affordable Housing in New York CAROL LAMBERG

This book illustrates examples of successful community development on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in the Bronx, using seven different methods of finance, only one of which is still available today. The buildings were developed between 1975 and 1997. Part one of the book is the “West Bronx Story,” which tells about the eighteen buildings that comprise New Settlement Apartments in the Bronx. The “Story” illustrates the dramatic transformation of a devastated neighborhood into a thriving community. Part two of the book, “A Tale of Two Bridges,” illustrates a different path to success. The redevelopment of this area in the Lower East Side of Manhattan involved six different Federal housing programs, and all the buildings remain in great shape today, forty years later. 280 PAGES, 15 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279203, PAPERBACK, $24.95, £18.99 Empire State Editions

Counter Institution

Activist Estates of the Lower East Side NANDINI BAGCHEE

Counter Institution is a history of three re-purposed buildings in the Lower East Side—Peace Pentagon, ABC No Rio, and El Bohio—that have been used by activists as their headquarters to launch various actions over the past forty years. The author shows that these collectively organized spaces provide a venue for political participation and are a vital part of the civic infrastructure of the city. At a time where many such self-organized “activist” buildings are imperiled by the finance-driven real-estate market that is New York City, Bagchee takes stock and provides visibility to these underrecognized citizens’ initiatives. 264 PAGES, 7 X 9, 100 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279265, PAPERBACK, $29.95, £22.99 Empire State Editions


Brooklyn Bridge Park

A Dying Waterfront Transformed JOANNE WITTY AND HENRIK KROGIUS

“Only in Brooklyn! A tired waterfront becomes a great park and welcomes the world to New York’s hippest borough. This fine book tells the inside story of how it happened, of how government works in the real world, of how citizen-actors and political pros produced an urban masterpiece.”—Marty Markowitz, former Brooklyn Borough president and twentythree-year member of the New York State Senate “More than a simple history of the park, this book digs beneath the surface to explore why and how this environmental masterpiece came to be.”—Brooklyn Daily Eagle 272, 7 X 10, 50 COLOR AND 66 BLACK & WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823284337, PAPERBACK, $22.95, £22.99 Empire State Editions MAY 2 01 9



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New Perspectives on the Union War

Contested Loyalty

Edited by Gary Gallagher and Elizabeth Varon, two of the most prominent nineteenth-century American historians in the nation, New Perspectives on the Union War provides a more nuanced understanding of what Union meant in the Civil War North by exploring how various groups of northerners conceived of the term. The essays in this volume demonstrate that while there was a broad consensus that the war was fought, or should be fought, for the cause of Union, there was bitter disagreement over how to define that cause—debate not only between political camps but also within them.

Debates over Patriotism in the Civil War North Robert M. Sandow, Editor Foreword by Gary W. Gallagher

Situational and wartime constructions of “Patriotism” and “Loyalty” shaped American discourse and actions throughout the Civil War. While most of the scholarly work on Civil War Era nationalism has focused on southern identity and Confederate nationhood, the essays in this volume examine the variable, fluid constructions of these concepts in the Civil War Era North. These urgent constructions of patriotism and loyalty were intimately tied with the emergence of a new Union nationalism, the effects of which were extensive and touched on “religion, military mobilization, war work, benevolence, partisan politics, dissent, resistance, and more.” 328 PAGES, 2 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279753, HARDBACK, $65.00, £52.00 The North’s Civil War

Our Country

Northern Evangelicals and the Union during the Civil War Era GRANT R. BRODRECHT

Our Country explores northern evangelical thought and sentiment regarding the concept of Union during the Civil War and Reconstruction. A primary aim of the book is to shift focus back toward the Union’s importance in relation to northern understanding during the Civil War-era. By examining Civil War-era evangelicalism in terms of Union, the book not only adds to our understanding of northern motivation during the Civil War, it also enables us to understand better the eventual “failure” of Reconstruction to provide a secure basis for African Americans’ equal inclusion in American society. 288 PAGES 9780823279913, PAPERBACK, $40.00, £32.00 The North’s Civil War

Shades of Green

Irish Regiments, American Soldiers, and Local Communities in the Civil War Era RYAN W. KEATING

Keating’s coverage of the homefront helps make the soldiers he writes about come alive.”—Christian G. Samito, author of Becoming American Under Fire: Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship during the Civil War Era Drawing on records of about 5,500 soldiers and veterans, Shades of Green traces the organization of Irish regiments from the perspective of local communities in Connecticut, Illinois, and Wisconsin and the relationships between soldiers and the home front. Shades of Green is sure to “shake up” several fields of study that rely on ethnicity as a useful category for analysis; its impressive research provides a significant contribution to scholarship.

Gary W. Gallagher and Elizabeth R. Varon, Editors

272 PAGES, 8 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823284535, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 The North’s Civil War JU NE 2 01 9

A Great Sacrifice

Northern Black Soldiers, Their Families, and the Experience of Civil War JAMES G. MENDEZ

A Great Sacrifice is an in depth analysis of the effects of the Civil War on northern black families carried out using letters from northern black women—mothers, wives, sisters, and female family friends—addressed to a number of Union military officials. This study is unique because it examines the effects of the war specifically on northern black families. Most other studies on African Americans during the Civil War focused almost exclusively on the soldiers. 304 PAGES, 15 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823282494, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 The North’s Civil War F E B RUARY 2 01 9

S L AV E R Y “Pretends to Be Free”

Runaway Slave Advertisements from Colonial and Revolutionary New York and New Jersey Graham Russell Gao Hodges and Alan Edward Brown, Editors; Foreword by Edward E. Baptist Includes a new Introduction and a teacher’s guide

Republication on the 25th Anniversary of Pretends to be Free recognizes the signal importance of its sterling presentation of northern self-emancipation. Today, even more than a quarter-century ago, these fugitive slave notices are the best verbal snapshots of enslaved Americans before and during the American Revolution. Through these notices, readers can disccover how enslaved blacks chose allegiance during our War for Independence. Replete with a preface by Ed Baptist, and with a new introduction and teacher’s guide by Graham Hodges, this new edition makes this documentary study more relevant than ever. 440 PAGES, 16 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823282159, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99

320 PAGES 9780823276608, PAPERBACK, $40.00, £32.00 The North’s Civil War



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W O R L D WA R I I :

The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension Allied Encounters

The Gendered Redemption of World War II Italy MARISA ESCOLAR

Allied Encounters uniquely explores Anglo-American and Italian literary, cinematic and military representations of World War II Italy in order to trace, critique and move beyond the gendered paradigm of redemption that has conditioned understandings of the Allied-Italian encounter. The arrival of the Allies’ global forces in an Italy torn by civil war brought together populations that had long mythologized one another, yet “liberation” did not prove to be the happy ending touted by official rhetoric. Instead of a ‘honeymoon,’ the Allied-Italian encounter in Naples and Rome appeared to be a lurid affair, where the black market reigned and prostitution was the norm. 248 PAGES, 16 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823284498, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 World War II: The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension J U LY 201 9

War Pictures

Cinema, Violence, and Style in Britain, 1939-1945 KENT PUCKETT

“Seemingly as quirky in focus as are the eccentricities of British character ‘strategically’ enshrined in the three wartime classics under scrutiny, Puckett’s cultural inquiry is carried deep into what war can picture back to a society in crisis about its values and compromises. Across and beyond genres, with the apparatus of ‘projection’ (every sense) explored as one armature of resistance, Puckett takes us to places in the viewing experience rarely probed by screen analysis. Though he recognizes his work as film writing more than traditional film studies, in the long run his immersive approach delivers film thinking at its most challenging. In its canny battle against the predictable, War Pictures is a winning achievement.”—Garrett Steward, author of Closed Circuits: Screening Narrative Surveillance

FILM & MEDIA STUDIES Napoli/New York/Hollywood

Film between Italy and the United States GIULIANA MUSCIO

Napoli/New York/Hollywood investigates the work of Italian immigrant performers and the impact of the traditions of the Italian stage within the history of American media from 1895 to today. The book discusses the historical context and institutional film history, from the perspective of the performers who lend their bodies and their performance culture to screen representations. This book examines the careers of those Italian performers who were not only born in Italy or were of Italian descent, but came either from the immigrant or the Italian stage, in order to be able to credit their influence on a cultural level. 384 PAGES, 7 X 10, 52 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279388, PAPERBACK, $45.00, £36.00 Critical Studies in Italian America

Figuring Violence

Affective Investments in Perpetual War REBECCA A. ADELMAN

“Figuring Violence is a challenging, highly original contribution to critical research on affect and the visual culture of militarization. Adelman vividly analyses the people and non-human animals around whom militarized affect gets assembled in contemporary US culture, scaling the fine granularities of militarized feeling and the larger imaginaries of war-time mediation, and their devastating consequences. This book calls us in and challenges us to take on the struggle against militarized violence and its powerful structures of feeling. It is a critical read for anyone willing to ‘stay with the trouble’ of doing the emotional and political work that de-militarization requires of us.”—Carrie Rentschler, McGill University 352 PAGES, 19 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823281688, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £22.99

288 PAGES, 60 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823276509, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 World War II: The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension

www.fo rd h a m p re ss .co m

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RELIGION Remembering Wolsey

A History of Commemorations and Representations J. PATRICK HORNBECK II

Remembering Wolsey seeks to contribute to our understanding of historical memory and memorialization by examining in detail the commemoration and representation of the life of Thomas Wolsey, the sixteenth-century cardinal, papal legate, and lord chancellor of England. Hornbeck surveys a wide range of representations of Cardinal Wolsey, from those contemporary with his death to recent mass-market appearances on television and historical fiction to go beyond previous scholarship that has only examined Wolsey in an early modern context. 320 PAGES, 13 COLOR AND 4 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823282180, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 F E BR UA RY 201 9


The Cruelest of All Mothers

Marie de l’Incarnation, Motherhood, and Christian Tradition MARY DUNN

In 1631, Marie Guyart stepped over the threshold of the Ursuline convent in Tours, leaving behind her eleven-year-old son, Claude, against the wishes of her family and her own misgivings. The Cruelest of All Mothers is, fundamentally, an explanation of Marie de l’Incarnation’s decision to abandon Claude for religious life. Complicating Marie’s own explication of the abandonment as a sacrifice carried out in imitation of Christ and in submission to God’s will, the book situates the event against the background of early modern French family life, the marginalization of motherhood in the Christian tradition, and seventeenth-century French Catholic spirituality.

Roman Catholicism in the United States

224 PAGES 9780823282722, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £18.99 Catholic Practice in North America

Roman Catholicism in the United States: A Thematic History takes the reader beyond the traditional ways scholars have viewed and recounted the story of the Catholic Church in America. The collection covers unfamiliar topics such as anti-Catholicism, rural Catholicism, Latino Catholics, and issues related to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the U.S. Government. This collection examines the history of U.S. Catholicism from a variety of perspectives that ascend the familiar account of the immigrant, urban parish, which served as the focus for so many American Catholics during the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries.


A Thematic History Margaret M. McGuinness and James T. Fisher, Editors

348 PAGES, 7 X 10 9780823282777, PAPERBACK, $40.00, £32.00 Catholic Practice in North America F E BR UA RY 201 9

American Parishes

Remaking Local Catholicism Gary J. Adler Jr., Tricia C. Bruce, and Brian Starks, editors

Parishes are the missing middle in studies of American Catholicism. Between individual Catholics and a global institution, the thousands of local parishes are where Catholicism gets remade. American Parishes showcases what social forces shape parishes, what parishes do, how they do it, and what this says about the future of Catholicism in the United States. Expounding an embedded field approach, this book displays the numerous forces currently reshaping American parishes. It draws from sociology of religion, culture, organizations and race to illuminate basic parish processes—like leadership and education—and ongoing parish struggles—like conflict and multiculturalism. 224 PAGES 9780823284344, PAPERBACK, $30.00, £22.99 Catholic Practice in North America J U LY 201 9

The Bread of the Strong

Lacouturisme and the Folly of the Cross, 1910-1985 JACK LEE DOWNEY

“The Bread of the Strong is a thrilling spiritual adventure story. Jack Downey brilliantly tracks the origins and flourishing of the controversial, mysterious, and extremely influential retreat movement most prominently associated with Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers. ‘The retreat’ blended passionately mystical Québécois spirituality with the hard-nosed militancy of Catholic labor movement advocacy of Industrial Era Pittsburgh. The result was a paradoxical—and most potent—form of Catholic spiritual radicalism that fulfilled Dorothy Day’s lifelong search for authentic communion with Jesus and her fellows.”—Jim Fisher, author of On the Irish Waterfront: The Crusader, the Movie, and the Soul of the Port of New York 280 PAGES, 10 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823278732, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £18.99 Catholic Practice in North America

Paul Hanly Furfey

Priest, Scientist, Social Reformer NICHOLAS K. RADEMACHER

“A participant observer of the first order, Father Paul Hanly Furfey strove for the salvation of souls even while he perfected the craft of social analysis and group dynamics. The legacy of this apostolic academic is marked by intellectual vitality and a passion for enacting the Catholic social justice tradition through the development of careful methodologies and whole-hearted commitment. In his work there was no separation between scientific inquiry and growth in holiness. Trenchant in its argument and balanced in its detail, Professor Rademacher’s study is more than an intellectual biography. It is a snapshot of mid-twentieth century Catholic life and thought centering on one of the nation’s leading social reformers.”—Patrick Hayes, Archivist for the Baltimore Province of the Redemptorists 352 PAGES 9780823276776, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Catholic Practice in North America



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Crucified Wisdom

King Alfonso VIII of Castile

This work provides the first systematic discussion of the Bodhisattva path and its importance for constructive Christian theology. Crucified Wisdom examines specific Buddhist traditions, texts and practices not as phenomena whose existence requires an apologetic justification, but as wells of tested wisdom that invite theological insight. Crucified Wisdom focuses on questions of reconciliation and atonement in Christian theology, and explores the varying interpretations of the crucifixion of Jesus in BuddhistChristian discussion. This work will be of particular value for those interested in “dual belonging” in connection to these traditions.

King Alfonso VIII of Castile: Government, Family and War brings together a diverse group of scholars whose work concerns the reign of Alfonso VIII of Castile (1158-1215). This was a critical period in the history of the Iberian Peninsula: it was in these years that the conflict between the Christian north and the Moroccan empire of the Almohads, which dominated the south, was at its most intense. It was also in these same years that the political divisions and warfare between the five Christian kingdoms reached its high-water mark. The historians in this volume take up these events and challenges.

Theological Reflection on Christ and the Bodhisattva S. MARK HEIM

344 PAGES 9780823281237, PAPERBACK, $32.00, £24.99 Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions


Government, Family, and War Miguel Gómez, Kyle C. Lincoln, and Damian Smith, Editors

304 PAGES, 9 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823284146, HARDBACK, $55.00, £44.00 Fordham Series in Medieval Studies AP RIL 2 01 9

Ecstasy in the Classroom

Revelation 1-3 in Christian Arabic Commentary

Trance, Self, and the Academic Profession in Medieval Paris AYELET EVEN-EZRA

The first publication in a new series—Christian Arabic Texts in Translation, edited by Stephen Davis—this book presents English-language excerpts from thirteenth-century commentaries on the Apocalypse of John by two Egyptian authors, Būlus al-Būshī and Ibn Kātib Qays.ar. Accompanied by scholarly introductions and critical annotations, this edition will provide a valuable entry-point to important but understudied theological work taking place at the at the meetingpoints of the medieval Christian and Muslim worlds.

Can ecstatic experiences be studied with the academic instruments of rational investigation? What kinds of religious illumination are experienced by academically minded people? And what is the specific nature of the knowledge of God that university theologians of the Middle Ages enjoyed compared with other modes of knowing God, such as rapture, prophecy, the beatific vision, or simple faith? Ecstasy in the Classroom explores the interface between academic theology and ecstatic experience in the first half of the thirteenth century, formative years in the history of the University of Paris, medieval Europe’s “fountain of knowledge.”

John’s First Vision and the Letters to the Seven Churches Edited by Stephen J. Davis, T.C. Schmidt, and Shawqi Talia

192 PAGES 9780823281831, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £18.99 Christian Arabic Texts in Translation

312 PAGES 9780823281916, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Fordham Series in Medieval Studies

O R T H O D OX ST U D I E S Colonizing Christianity

Greek and Latin Religious Identity in the Era of the Fourth Crusade GEORGE E. DEMACOPOULOS

Colonizing Christianity employs postcolonial critique to analyze the transformations of Greek and Latin religious identity in the wake of the Fourth Crusade. It argues that the experience of colonization splintered the Greek community, which could not agree how best to respond to the Latin other. By offering a close reading of a handful of texts from the era of the Fourth Crusade and subsequent Latin Empire of Byzantium, this book illuminates mechanisms by which Western Christians authorized and exploited the Christian East and, concurrently, the ways in which Eastern Christians understood and responded to the dramatic shift in their political and religious fortunes. 272 PAGES 9780823284436, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought MARC H 2 01 9

www.fo rd h a m p re ss .co m

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E D U C AT I O N Education at War

The Fight for Students of Color in America’s Public Schools Arshad Imtiaz Ali and Tracy Lachica Buenavista, Editors

Education at War seeks to shape educational research and practice to more explicitly consider the relationship between education, capitalism and war, and more specifically, its impact on students of color. The editors and contributors to this volume, as a whole, contend that the contemporary specter of war has become a central way that racism and materialism become manifested and practiced within public education systems, and it is students of color who are most adversely affected by this nexus. Education at War addresses the absence of youth-centered discussions regarding education within the political context of neoliberalism and war, and provides important perspectives on which to ground critical discussions about these issues among students and their families, education scholars and teachers, administrators, and policymakers.

Educational Reconstruction

African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865-1890 HILARY GREEN

Tracing the first two decades of state-funded African American schools, Educational Reconstruction addresses the ways in which black Richmonders, black Mobilians, and their white allies created, developed, and sustained a system of African American schools following the Civil War. Revealing the significant gains made after the departure of the Freedmen’s Bureau, this study reevaluates African American higher education in terms of developing a cadre of public school educator-activists and highlights the centrality of urban African American protest in shaping educational decisions and policies in their respective cities and states. 272 PAGES 9780823270125, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Reconstructing America


288 PAGES 9780823279098, PAPERBACK, $27.95

Bad Faith


Bad Faith recounts the history of the Rapp-Coudert investigation into alleged communist subversion in the public schools and municipal colleges of New York City. With roots in the intellectual and political life of the city, the Rapp-Coudert probe, lasting from August 1940 to March 1942, enjoyed the support not only of conservatives but also of key liberal reformers and intellectuals. In reconstructing this part of the history of prewar anticommunism, Bad Faith challenges assumptions about the origins of McCarthyism, about the recent history of the liberal political tradition, and about the role of anticommunism in modern American life.

The Last Professors

The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities With a New Introduction FRANK DONOGHUE

“People sometimes believe that they were born too late or too early. After reading Donoghue’s book, I feel that I have timed it just right, for it seems that I have had a career that would not have been available to me had I entered the world 50 years later. Just lucky, I guess.”—Stanley Fish, The New York Times In this provocative book, Frank Donoghue shows how this growing corporate culture of higher education threatens its most fundamental values by erasing one of its defining features: the tenured professor. 224 PAGES 9780823279135, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £18.99

Traditions of Eloquence

The Jesuits and Modern Rhetorical Studies

Traditions of Eloquence provides a wellspring of insight into the past, present, and future of Jesuit rhetorical traditions. In a period of ongoing reformulations and applications of Jesuit educational mission and identity, this collection of compelling essays helps provide historical context, a sense of continuity in current practice, and a platform for creating future curricula and pedagogy. Moreover it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding a core aspect of the Jesuit educational heritage. 464 PAGES 9780823264537, PAPERBACK, $45.00, £36.00



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Teachers, Liberalism, and the Origins of McCarthyism ANDREW FEFFER

320 PAGES, 8 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823281152, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Empire State Editions

Fighting Authoritarianism

American Youth Activism in the 1930s BRITT HAAS

“From the cloisters of Columbia University to the coalfields of Kentucky, from racism in the South to the civil war in Spain, American youth in the 1930s mobilized against social and political injustice. This engaging study of progressive youth organizations charts their origins, their quest to fashion an America true to its ideals, and their demise. One of the strengths of Fighting Authoritarianism is that we hear the voices of young people; voices that speak, most often, with optimism and hope. By giving youth agency, Haas eschews the Cold War paradigm of earlier studies that emphasized communist control, and confirms that youth activism can be a source of inspiration in dark times.”—Phillip Deery, Victoria University, Melbourne 344 PAGES, 5 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823277995, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Empire State Editions

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C U LT U R A L S T U D I E S Practicing Caste

Pre-Occupied Spaces

Practicing Caste attempts a fundamental break from the historicist and sociological tradition of caste studies. Engaging with the resources phenomenology, structuralism, and poststructuralism offer to our thinking of the body, Jaaware helps to illuminate the ethical relations that caste entails, especially around its injunctions concerning touching. The resulting insights offer new ways of thinking about sociality that are pertinent not only to India but also to thinking the common on a planetary basis.

“A sophisticated and brilliant work of theoretical scaffolding, one that never loses sight of the perils of its own iconoclastic undertaking. Pre-Occupied Spaces’ extremely well-crafted structure helps the reader navigate from one text to the other, while the theoretical architecture of the book guides the reader through the impressive proliferation of well-researched texts and critical references.” —Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Loyola University Chicago By linking Italy’s long history of emigration to all continents in the world, contemporary transnational migrations directed toward it, as well as the country’s colonial legacies, Fiore’s book poses Italy as a unique laboratory to rethink national belonging at large in our era of massive demographic mobility. Through an interdisciplinary cultural approach, the book finds traces of globalization in a past that may hold interesting lessons about inclusiveness for the present. By demonstrating how immigration in Italy today is preoccupied by its past emigration and colonialism, the book stresses commonalities and dispels preoccupations.

On Touching and Not Touching ANIKET JAAWARE Foreword by Anupama Rao

256 PAGES 9780823282258, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Commonalities


Biopolitics and the Unintelligibility of Okinawan Life ANNMARIA M. SHIMABUKU

“Through an analytic of ‘mixed race,’ Shimabuku offers an incisive indictment of Japan’s middle-class ideology of heteronormativity and racial purity. Provocatively illuminating the recalcitrant possibilities of Okinawan politics and lifeforms beyond law and the State, Alegal must be engaged by everyone concerned with post-1945 Okinawa and fascism in our time.”—Lisa Yoneyama, University of Toronto “Shimabuku examines the complex relationship between the United States and Japan as it played out through the racialized and gendered bodies of Okinawa. While Okinawa may seem at the periphery of two imperial powers, Shimabuku puts it dead center in a brilliant and sharp-eyed account of how zones of alegality are also zones of origin for the law itself.”—James Martel, San Francisco State University 224 PAGES 9780823282654, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £20.99

Delirious Naples

A Cultural History of the City of the Sun Pellegrino D’Acierno and Stanislao G. Pugliese, Editors

Difficult to understand, Naples is an enigma to outsiders, and also to the Neapolitans themselves. Its very impenetrableness is what makes it so deliriously and irresistibly attractive. A stellar cast of Neapolitan and American scholars, intellectuals, and artists/writers wrestle with and illuminate the paradoxes through which Naples presents itself. The essays attempt to give some hints to the answer of the enigma, without parsing it into neat scholastic formulas. In doing this, the book will be an important means of opening Naples to students, scholars and members of the community at large who are engaged in “identity-work.”

Remapping Italy’s Transnational Migrations and Colonial Legacies TERESA FIORE

320 PAGES, 7 X 10 9780823274338, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Critical Studies in Italian America

Whom We Shall Welcome

Italian Americans and Immigration Reform, 1945-1965 DANIELLE BATTISTI

Whom We Shall Welcome examines World War II immigration of Italians to the U.S., an understudied period in Italian immigration history. Danielle Battisiti looks at efforts by Italian American organizations to foster Italian immigration along with the lobbying efforts of Italian Americans to change the quota laws. While Italian Americans (and other white ethnics) had attained virtual political and social equality with many other groups of older-stock Americans by the end of the war, Italians continued to be classified as undesirable immigrants. Whom We Shall Welcome makes significant contributions to histories of migration and ethnicity, post-World War II liberalism, and immigration policy. 352 PAGES, 14 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823284382, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99 Critical Studies in Italian America MARC H 2 01 9

288 PAGES, 30 COLOR AND 28 BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS 9780823279999, PAPERBACK, $35.00, £26.99

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MEDICINE Pathological Realities

Essays on Disease, Experiments, and History MIRKO GRMEK Edited, translated, and with an Introduction by Pierre-Olivier Méthot Foreword by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

Pathological Realities proposes a collection of engaging essays by the late Mirko D. Grmek (1924-2000), providing a portrait of his entire career as a historian of science and an engaged intellectual figure. Drawing on literary works, scientific texts, and artistic and biological artefacts, Grmek’s scholarship pieces together the “traces of the past in the present” and reconstructs the “pathological reality” of particular historical moments, places and peoples. Through detailed case-studies his contributions reveal the interconnections of diseases, societies, mentalities and medical theories. 280 PAGES 9780823280353, PAPERBACK, $28.00, £20.99 Forms of Living



History 2019.indd 10


Realizing Capital

Financial and Psychic Economies in Victorian Form ANNA KORNBLUH

“If you want to understand what goes on today, how a madness like the 2008 meltdown was possible, read Realizing Capital!”—Slavoj Žižek “This highly original and far-reaching book puts Marx and Freud into an exciting new dialogue with the Victorian novel. Kornbluh reads these imposing thinkers as engaged in the same project as the realist novelists, all of them struggling to defamiliarize the frighteningly fictitious character of capital. [The] book culminates in a tour de force reading of Marx’s Capital as a Bildungsroman and a radical rethinking of Freud’s ‘psychic economy.’ ” —Caroline Levine, Cornell University 232 PAGES 9780823280384, PAPERBACK, $25.00, £18.99

www.fo rdham press.co m

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