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Shades of Green

Irish Regiments, American Soldiers, and Local Communities in the Civil War Era RYAN W. KEATING “Keating’s coverage of the homefront helps make the soldiers he writes about come alive.”—Christian G. Samito, author of Becoming American Under Fire: Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship during the Civil War Era 320 PAGES 978-0-8232-7660-8 PAPER, $40.00, £34.00 978-0-8232-7659-2 CLOTH, $140.00, £120.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


The Retreats of Reconstruction

Race, Leisure, and the Politics of Segregation at the New Jersey Shore, 1865-1920 DAVID E. GOLDBERG “Breaking away from the usual debates concerning post-Civil War America, David E. Goldberg explores race relations on the Jersey Shore in ways that should attract the attention not only of scholars of segregation but also of consumerism, leisure, and African American life in the North. There are good stories here ranging from the founding of Asbury Park to the lives of African American waiters as well as challenging ideas that stretch beyond the old narratives concerning the rise of Jim Crow in Northern states.” —Paul A. Cimbala, Fordham University 200 PAGES, 12 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7272-3 PAPER, $28.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-7271-6 CLOTH, $110.00, £95.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free

Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman and POW, Revised Edition ALEXANDER JEFFERSON WITH LEWIS H. CARLSON “Photographs and Jefferson’s drawings during his imprisonment add to the fascination of this memoir.”—Booklist “. . . One of the few memoirs of combat in World War II by a distinguished African-American flier; it is perhaps the only account of the African-American experience in a German prison camp.”—Ebony 192 PAGES, 12 COLOR AND 80 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7438-3 CLOTH, $29.95, £25.99 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

War Pictures

Cinema, Violence, and Style in Britain, 1939-1945 KENT PUCKETT “A welcome attempt to bring several mighty British films of the 1940s into contemporary relevance. Seizing on the eccentricity of three wartime movies—The Life and Times of Colonel Blimp, Henry V, and Brief Encounter—Puckett discloses the contrariety and oddity structuring these films’ responses to war with an extraordinary intensity of focus.”—Alexander Nemerov, Stanford University 288 PAGES, 60 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7650-9 PAPER, $35.00, £29.99 978-0-8232-7574-8 CLOTH, $125.00, £108.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Chasing Ghosts

A Memoir of a Father, Gone to War LOUISE DESALVO “This painstakingly researched work not only explores a daughter’s love for her father but also proves the dire effects of war (and particularly of WWII) on families, exposing the deeper “wounds of the soul” suffered by both soldiers and their loved ones.”—Publishers Weekly “The ‘ghosts’ [DeSalvo] chases are the ghosts that have been with her all along, shaping her childhood interest in history, and in war stories, and, eventually, in memoir-writing, which, she shows, can provide us with a new an illuminating version of the past”—Times Literary Supplement 288 PAGES 978-0-8232-6884-9 PAPER, $24.95, £20.99 SI MULTANEO US EL ECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Europe After Wyclif

Edited by J. Patrick Hornbeck, II and Michael Van Dussen Contributors: Mishtooni Bose, Luigi Campi, Pavlína Cermanová, Louisa Z. Foroughi, Jennifer Illig, Kathleen E. Kennedy, Ian Christopher Levy, Ota Pavlí ek, Mary Raschko, Fiona Somerset, Pavel Soukup, John Van Engen

“. . . An essential contribution to the ongoing work on relationships between heresy and mainstream religious thinking, as well as on the relationships between England and the continent.”—Kantik Ghosh, Trinity College, Oxford 328 PAGES, 4 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7442-0 CLOTH, $55.00, £47.00 FORDHAM SERIES IN MEDIEVAL STUDIES SI MULTANEO US EL ECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Spiritual Grammar

Genre and the Saintly Subject in Islam and Christianity F. DOMINIC LONGO “Dominic Longo helps us to understand Islam and Christianity in deeper ways through the genre of ‘spiritual grammar’. This is an extraordinary book that will benefit scholars of Islam, Christianity, and Comparative Theology.” —Amir Hussain, Loyola Marymount University “Longo engages in an intriguing comparative inquiry into spiritual grammar in medieval Arabic and Latin treatises. Delineating and crossing boundaries and genres, he explores a new confusing yet delightful subfield in the genre of comparative theological Islamo-Christian studies.” —Pim Valkenberg, The Catholic University of America 256 PAGES 978-0-8232-7572-4 CLOTH, $50.00, £43.00 COMPARATIVE THEOLOGY: THINKING ACROSS TRADITIONS SI MULTANEO US EL ECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Reading Publics

New York City’s Public Libraries, 1754-1911 TOM GLYNN “ . . . Tom Glynn recalls how the libraries were transformed into a uniquely accessible resource through a public-private partnership made possible by Gilded Age philanthropy.”—Sam Roberts, The New York Times 460 PAGES, 27 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7681-3 PAPER, $25.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-6264-9 CLOTH, $35.00, £29.99 SI MULTANEO US ELECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Walking New York

Reflections of American Writers from Walt Whitman to Teju Cole STEPHEN MILLER “In Walking New York, essayist Stephen Miller takes a look at the city’s literary perambulators, examining the writing of Stephen Crane, Alfred Kazin and Teju Cole, among others, and offering an evolving portrait of New York through the centuries. ‘Each Writer’ Mr. Miller says in the book’s preface, ‘wanders a different city’.”—The New York Observer “I can’t imagine any specialist in the field not finding this book a worthy addition to the literature. It’s a pleasure to read.”—Phillip Lopate, Director, Nonfiction Graduate Program at Columbia University 272 PAGES 978-0-8232-7425-3 PAPER, $22.95, £19.99 978-0-8232-6315-8 CLOTH, $80.00, £69.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Before the Fires

An Oral History of African American Life in the Bronx from the 1930s to the 1960s MARK NAISON AND BOB GUMBS “Before the Fires is an excellent oral history—profound, moving and skillfully executed. It will compel readers to revise their understandings of both the South Bronx and New York City.”—Robert W. Snyder, Rutgers University – Newark “As hip-hop has become a metaphor for the ingenuity and perseverance of a generation of black and Latino/a youth raised in the South Bronx in the 1970s, Mark Naison and Robert Gumbs’s oral history of the region is a timely reminder of the brilliance incubated in the South Bronx two generations Before the Fires.”—Mark Anthony Neal, author of Looking for Leroy: Illegible Black Masculinities 218 PAGES, 25 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7353-9 PAPER, $24.95, £20.99 978-0-8232-7352-2 CLOTH, $90.00, £77.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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E M P I R E S TAT E E D I T I O N S When Ivory Towers Were Black

A Story about Race in America’s Cities and Universities SHARON EGRETTA SUTTON Foreword by James Stewart Polshek When Ivory Towers Were Black tells the story of how an unparalleled cohort of ethnic minority students earned degrees from a world-class university. It takes place in New York City at Columbia University’s School of Architecture and spans a decade of institutional evolution that mirrored the emergence and denouement of the Black Power movement. Chronicling a surprisingly little-known era in U.S. educational, architectural, and urban history, the book traces an evolutionary arc that begins with an unsettling effort to end Columbia’s exercise of authoritarian power on campus and in the community and ends with an equally unsettling return to the status quo. 280 PAGES, 25 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7612-7 PAPER, $35.00, £29.99 978-0-8232-7611-0 CLOTH, $125.00, £108.00 SI MULTANEO US EL ECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life

Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia’s New York ROBERT WELDON WHALEN “Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life: Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia’s New York is a keen account of organized crime during the first half of the twentieth century. Most significant is the book’s integral, cogent analysis of the unfortunate marriage of criminality, in all of its diversity, and the general population’s fascination with it. A must-read for anyone interested in the complex story of gangsterism in the United States!”—Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute 288 PAGES, 17 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7155-9 CLOTH, $29.95, £25.99 SI MULTANEO US EL ECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Brooklyn Bridge Park

A Dying Waterfront Transformed JOANNE WITTY AND HENRIK KROGIUS “As a former parks commissioner, it is amazing to me that a spectacular new waterfront park built at great public expense could be as controversial as Brooklyn Bridge Park. This excellent book details how complicated and difficult it was to conceive, design, finance, and build the park and chronicles the dedication and ingenuity of the many who made it happen.”—Betsy Gotbaum, former commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation “Only in Brooklyn! A tired waterfront becomes a great park and welcomes the world to New York’s hippest borough. This fine book tells the inside story of how it happened, of how government works in the real world, of how citizen-actors and political pros produced an urban masterpiece.”—Marty Markowitz, former Brooklyn Borough president and twenty-three-year member of the New York State Senate 272 PAGES, 16 COLOR AND 50 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7357-7 CLOTH, $35.00, £29.99 SI MULTANEO US EL ECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Cruising the Library: Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge MELISSA ADLER

“An original study on an old institution—the U.S. Library of Congress. Adler’s reading of crucial and cultural theory are accurate and insightful. She presents a practical example of the philosophical power of library documentation as a tool of metaphysics and political economy.”—Ronald E. Day, author of Indexing It All: The Subject in the Age of Documentation, Information, and Data 232 PAGES, 20 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7636-3 PAPER, $28.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-7635-6 CLOTH, $100.00, £86.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Bilingual Brokers: Race, Literature, and Language as Human Capital JEEHYUN LIM

“A compelling and convincing account of the shifting reception and representations of bilingualism, as it has been received in a predominantly monolingual American culture and society. It probes with insight the implications of these changes for Asian Americans and Latino communities, especially since the dramatic demographic changes in the size and constituencies of both following sweeping reforms in immigration law and global economic restructuring in the 1960s.”—Crystal Parikh, New York University 280 PAGES 978-0-8232-7531-1 PAPER, $25.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-7530-4 CLOTH, $90.00, £77.00 MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Who Can Afford to Improvise?

James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listeners ED PAVLIĆ “Pavlić proves himself an expert on Baldwin’s corpus.”—Library Journal “Who Can Afford to Improvise plays in the pocket between actual musical performances, interpretations of the lyrical mode in Baldwin’s poetics, and intricate historical detail.” —Los Angeles Review of Books 352 PAGES, 20 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7683-7 PAPER, $22.95, £19.99 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Fugitive Testimony: On the Visual Logic of Slave Narratives JANET NEARY

“In this original book Janet Neary views nineteenth-century slave narratives through the lens of contemporary art. . . . An important book that demonstrates how literature participates in the concerns of visual culture and how nineteenth-century problems of race and representation persist in the present.”—Shawn Michelle Smith, School of the Art Institute of Chicago 232 PAGES, 14 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7290-7 PAPER, $27.00, £22.99 978-0-8232-7289-1 CLOTH, $95.00, £82.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Undocumented and in College

Students and Institutions in a Climate of National Hostility Edited by Terry-Ann Jones and Laura Nichols The current daily experiences of undocumented students as they navigate the processes of entering and then thriving in Jesuit colleges are explored alongside an investigation of the knowledge and attitudes among staff and faculty about undocumented students in their midst, and the institutional response to their presence. Cutting across the fields of U.S. immigration policy, theory and history, religion, law, and education, Undocumented and in College delineates the historical and present-day contexts of immigration, including the role of religious institutions. Contributors: Michael M. Canaris, Terry-Ann Jones, Katherine Kaufka Walts, Suzanna Klaf, Laura Nichols, Melissa Quan, Kurt Schlichting, Ana Siscar, Sahng-Ah Yoo 192 PAGES, 10 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7617-2 PAPER, $28.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-7616-5 CLOTH, $98.00, £84.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Pre-Occupied Spaces

Remapping Italy’s Transnational Migrations and Colonial Legacies TERESA FIORE “A sophisticated and brilliant work of theoretical scaffolding, one that never loses sight of the perils of its own iconoclastic undertaking. Pre-Occupied Spaces’ extremely well-crafted structure helps the reader navigate from one text to the other, while the theoretical architecture of the book guides the reader through the impressive proliferation of well-researched texts and critical references.”—Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Loyola University Chicago 320 PAGES 978-0-8232-7433-8 PAPER, $35.00, £29.99 978-0-8232-7432-1 CLOTH, $125.00, £108.00 CRITICAL STUDIES IN ITALIAN AMERICA SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Scandalize My Name

Black Feminist Practice and the Making of Black Social Life TERRION L. WILLIAMSON “A rare work that manages to enter the field of black feminist theory and articulate something truly new, something that builds in thoughtful and rigorous ways upon the work that has come before but also advances the field of critical inquiry that we call “black feminism” in a profound (rather than incremental) way. Williamson’s theoretical elaboration of the concept of ‘black social life’ . . . is incredibly important.”—Candice Jenkins, University of Illinois 184 PAGES, 8 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7473-4 PAPER, $25.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-7472-7 CLOTH, $90.00, £77.00 COMMONALITIES; AMERICAN LITERATURES INITIATIVE SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Blackpentecostal Breath The Aesthetics of Possibility ASHON T. CRAWLEY

“Blackpentecostal Breath is a work of utter originality anchored by daring synthesis, acrobatic leaps of imagination, and laced throughout with passages of jolting beauty.” —Ann Pellegrini, coauthor of Love the Sin: Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Religious Tolerance 320 PAGES, 20 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7455-0 PAPER, $25.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-7454-3 CLOTH, $90.00, £77.00 COMMONALITIES; AMERICAN LITERATURES INITIATIVE SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Postcards from Rio

Favelas and the Contested Geographies of Citizenship KÁTIA DA COSTA BEZERRA “An important contribution to the interdisciplinary field of scholarship on urban life in Rio. Da Costa Bezerra argues that favela-based cultural producers are engaging in forms of production that challenge the dominant narrative about favelas as violent, ‘backward’ places.”—Erika Robb Larkins, University of Oklahoma 208 PAGES, 26 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7655-4 PAPER, $28.00, £23.99 978-0-8232-7654-7 CLOTH, $98.00, £84.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

The Hawthorn Archive

Letters from the Utopian Margins AVERY F. GORDON In this innovative, genre- and format-bending publication, Avery F. Gordon, the “keeper” of the Archive, presents a selection of its documents—original and compelling essays, cultural analyses, images, conversations, and collaborations with various artists. 384 PAGES, 85 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7632-5 PAPER, $39.95, £34.00 978-0-8232-7631-8 CLOTH, $105.00, £90.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax MICHAEL N. MCGREGOR

“Drawing on his friendship with poet Robert Lax (1915–2000) and his close readings of Lax’s writings, McGregor eloquently offers the definitive biography of a too often forgotten figure who influenced a number of writers and crafted spirituality out of his deep commitment to love, poverty, and justice . . . The book effectively brings to life Lax’s “pure act”—naturally living out his God-given abilities without becoming mired in judging others.”—Publishers Weekly “A fond biography of an unworldly man…vivid and engaging.”—The New York Times Book Review 472 PAGES, 14 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7682-0 PAPER, $19.95, £16.99 978-0-8232-6801-6 CLOTH, $34.95, £29.99 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Paul Hanly Furfey: Priest, Scientist, Social Reformer NICHOLAS K. RADEMACHER

Nicholas Rademacher’s book is meticulously researched and clearly written, shedding new light on Monsignor Paul Hanly Furfey’s life by drawing on Furfey’s copious published material and substantial archival deposit. Paul Hanly Furfey (1896–1992) is one of U.S. Catholicism’s greatest champions of peace and social justice. He and his colleagues at The Catholic University of America offered a revolutionary view of the university as a center for social transformation, not only in training students to be agents for social change but also in establishing structures which would empower and transform the communities that surrounded the university. Leaving behind an important legacy for Catholic sociology, Furfey demonstrated how to balance liberal, radical, and revolutionary social thought and practice to elicit new approaches to social reform. 352 PAGES 978-0-8232-7677-6 PAPER, $35.00, £29.99 978-0-8232-7676-9 CLOTH, $125.00, £108.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine Edited by George E. Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou

Contributors: Timothy Barnes, Luke Bretherton, Emmanuel Clapsis, Mary Doak, Eric Gregory, Perry Hamalis, Fr. Capodistrias Hämmerli, Stanley Hauerwas, Bryan Hehir, Peter Kaufman, James Skedros, Kristina Stoeckl, Nathaniel Wood

“Many of us in the field of political theology are poorer for the lack of conversation most of us experience between Eastern and Western political theologies. Even if we are open and sympathetic to one another—and historically that is a big ‘if’—the traditions are so distinct from one another that few can claim expertise in both, and so we continue to focus narrowly on our own traditions. This volume represents a welcome change to this pattern, opening a conversation between theologians across Eastern and Western traditions on the timely topics of church and state, democracy, and liberalism.”—Elizabeth Phillips, Westcott House, Cambridge 304 PAGES 978-0-8232-7420-8 PAPER, $35.00, £29.99 978-0-8232-7419-2 CLOTH, $125.00, £108.00 ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY AND CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

Out of the Ordinary: A Life of Gender and Spiritual Transitions MICHAEL DILLON/LOBZANG JIVAKA Edited by Jacob Lau and Cameron Partridge Foreword by Susan Stryker

Out of the Ordinary is a landmark publication that sets free a distinct voice from the history of the transgender movement. “In his gripping autobiography, Dillon finds new answers to enduring questions about gender. At the same time, he never manages to solve the puzzle of his own identity and dies in the pursuit of transcendence. His memoir deserves a place alongside the great spiritual narratives, from Augustine to Merton.”—Pagan Kennedy, author of The First Man-Made Man “The importance of this work to the history of sexuality—and especially to the history of transsexuality—cannot be overstated.”—Jose Ignacio Cabezon, University of California, Santa Barbara 256 PAGES, 12 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7480-2 CLOTH, $34.95, £29.99 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO NI C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Writing of the Formless: Jose Lezama Lima and the End of Time JAIME RODRÍGUEZ MATOS

“Deep and dazzling. Writing of the Formless dismantles or powerfully threatens the very basis of much of what today wants to present itself as ‘properly leftist’ thought but also the equally paralyzing liberal-democratic administration of things: both ideologies are anchored in disavowed understandings of temporality. This is a groundbreaking, extraordinary book that will mark a before and after in Latinamericanism.”—Alberto Moreiras, Texas A&M University 248 PAGES 978-0-8232-7408-6 PAPER, $25.00, £21.99 978-0-8232-7407-9 CLOTH, $90.00, £77.00 LIT Z MODERN LANGUAGE INITIATIVE SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

A Scarlet Pansy

ROBERT SCULLY Edited by Robert J. Corber “A dizzying mix of low camp and high drama, A Scarlet Pansy is at once laugh-out-loud funny, startling, odd, and ultimately—through the lens of our queer world today—very moving. Robert J. Corber’s insightful and astute Introduction places the novel in a clear historical context while continually highlighting the emotional power and the camp glory of the novel and the erotic adventures of its hero/heroine, Fay Etrange.” —Michael Bronski, Harvard University “A Scarlet Pansy makes an important queer intervention in the historical record of how to be gay. It is a great pleasure to be brought out into pre-Stonewall gay culture along with the protagonist, and to see this combination of camp and sex.” —Nicholas de Villiers, University of North Florida 232 PAGES 978-0-8232-7256-3 PAPER, $19.95, £16.99 978-0-8232-7255-6 CLOTH, $90.00, £77.00 SIMULTANEOUS ELECTRONIC EDITION AVAILABLE

The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics NATHAN BROWN

“The Limits of Fabrication brings an essential argument to discussions concerning the end of art. Where Hegel affirms that poetry accomplishes the dematerialization of aesthetic expression by reducing it to linguistic transparency, Brown on the contrary demonstrates that a poem is always a factory, where meaning is fashioned, even if invisibly, through the crystals, quanta, or nanotubes of language. No metaphorical abstraction in this, but the revelation of the elementary technology at work in words. A strikingly singular, beautiful, and important book.”—Catherine Malabou, author of The New Wounded 312 PAGES, 61 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7299-0 CLOTH, $40.00, £34.00 IDIOM: INVENTING WRITING THEORY AMERICAN LITERATURES INITIATIVE SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E


The John F. Sonnett Memorial Lectures at Fordham University School of Law A Half-Century of Advocacy and Judicial Perspectives Edited by Dennis J. Kenny and Joel E. Davidson Foreword by John D. Feerick

Contributors: Aharon Barak, Griffin Bell, Warren Burger, Benjamin Civiletti, Tom Clark, William T. Coleman, Lawrence H. Cooke, Ole Due, Wilfred Feinberg, Thomas Finlay, John J. Gibbons, Liam Hamilton, Dennis Jacobs, Leon Jaworski, Irving Kaufman, Judith S. Kaye, James MacKay, Robert Megarry, William Hughes Mulligan, Francis T. Murphy, Cearball O’Dalaigh, Kate O’Regan, Lawrence W. Pierce, Robert Sheran, Kenneth Starr, Sol Wachtler, John Widgery

“In the Sonnett series, the leaders of legal profession grapple seriously and well, over a period of two generations, with issues that are central to the critical work that lawyers and judges do. It is an important collection from the vantage point of legal history and from the avantage point of legal thought.”—William Michael Treanor, Georgetown Law School 480 PAGES 978-0-8232-7664-6 CLOTH, $75.00, £65.00 SI MULTANEO US ELECTRO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E

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Journey into Social Activism Qualitative Approaches JOSHUA D. ATKINSON

Academic study of social activism and social movements has become increasingly prevalent over the years; this is due in large part to the fact that activists have captured public imagination and gained substantial influence in political discourse. For instance, Occupy Wall Street activists, Tea Party activists, and activists affiliated with the Arab Spring have transformed political debates and have become the focus of mainstream news media coverage about a variety of different political topics. Journey into Social Activism explicates the philosophical foundations of the study of activism and illustrates four different research sites in which activism can be observed and studied: organizations, networks, events, and alternative media. 272 PAGES 978-0-8232-7414-7 PAPER, $35.00, £29.99 978-0-8232-7413-0 CLOTH, $125.00, £108.00 DONALD MCGANNON COMMUNICATION RESEARCH CENTER’S EVERETT C. PARKER BOOK SERIES SI MULTANEO US ELECT RO N I C E D I T I O N AVA I L A BL E



How Air Conditioning Changed Everything SALVATORE BASILE 288 PAGES, 80 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7178-8, PAPER, $19.95, £15.99


Red Apple

Communism and McCarthyism in Cold War New York PHILLIP DEERY 268 PAGES, 6 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7179-5, PAPER, $24.95, £20.99

City of Gods



The Routes Not Taken

Too Great a Burden to Bear

336 PAGES, 100 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-6740-8, PAPER, $19.95, £15.99

320 PAGES, 6 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7176-4, PAPER, $40.00, £33.00 Reconstructing America

A Trip Through New York City’s Unbuilt Subway System JOSEPH B. RASKIN

From a Nickel to a Token The Journey from Board of Transportation to MTA ANDREW J. SPARBERG

192 PAGES, 150 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7180-1, PAPER, $24.95, £20.99


Religious Freedom, Immigration, and Pluralism in Flushing, Queens R. SCOTT HANSON Foreword by Martin E. Marty

A Pact with Vichy

336 PAGES 15 COLOR AND 50 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7160-3, PAPER, $35.00, £28.99

232 PAGES 978-0-8232-6729-3, PAPER, $25.00, £20.99 World War II: The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension

The Amazing Adventures of Bob Brown

A Real-Life Zelig Who Wrote His Way Through the 20th Century CRAIG SAPER 320 PAGES, 52 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7146-7, PAPER, $24.95, £20.99

Fordham, A History of the Jesuit University of New York

Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration EMANUEL ROTA

AMERICAN STUDIES Commons Democracy

Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early United States DANA D. NELSON 232 PAGES 978-0-8232-6839-9, PAPER, $24.95, £20.99

The Struggle and Failure of the Freedmen’s Bureau in Texas CHRISTOPHER B. BEAN

Educational Reconstruction African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865-1890 HILARY GREEN

272 PAGES 978-0-8232-7012-5, PAPER, $35.00, £28.99 Reconstructing America

Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America WILLIAM B. KURTZ

250 PAGES 978-0-8232-6886-3, PAPER, $35.00, £28.99 The North’s Civil War

Northern Character

College-Educated New Englanders, Honor, Nationalism, and Leadership in the Civil War Era KANISORN WONGSRICHANALAI 278 PAGES 978-0-8232-7182-5, PAPER, $35.00, £28.99 The North’s Civil War



White Eagle, Black Madonna

One Thousand Years of the Polish Catholic Tradition ROBERT E. ALVIS

536 PAGES 16 COLOR AND 50 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7151-1, CLOTH, $39.95, £33.00

368 PAGES, 25 B/W ILLUSTRATIONS 978-0-8232-7171-9, PAPER, $35.00, £28.99

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