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America'sLast Great Newspaper War The Death of Print in a Two-Tabloid Town Mike Jaccarino A from-the-trenches view of New York Daily News and New York Post runners and photographers who would stop at nothing to break the story and squash their tabloid arch rivals. When author Mike Jaccarino was offered a job at the Daily News in 2006, he was asked a single question: ?Kid, what are you going to do to help us beat the Post?? That was the year things went sideways at the News, when The New York Post surpassed its nemesis in circulation for the first time in the history of both papers. Tasked with one job? crush the Post? here is Jaccarino?s behind-the-scenes story of the runners and shooters on both sides would do anything and everything to get the scoop before their opponents. America?s Last Great Newspaper War vividly and hilariously describes what happens when people are faced with a choice between professional success and survival, and the consequences of their actions. 336 pages, 50 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287383, Hardback, $29.95 Empire State Editions

Mike Jaccarino is a New York City-based journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Daily News,, The Press of Atlantic City, The Jersey Journal of Jersey City, N.J., The Asbury Park Press and The Week magazine.



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Crimmigrant Nations Resurgent Nationalism and the Closing of Borders Robert Koulish and Martje van der Woude, Editors A timely examination of the increasing efforts to criminalize the status of immigrants, exiles, and refugees As the distinction between domestic and international is increasingly blurred along with the line between internal and external borders, migrants? particularly people of color? have become emblematic of the hybrid threat both to national security and sovereignty and to safety and order inside the state. From building walls and fences, overcrowding detention facilities, and beefing up border policing and border controls, a new narrative has arrived that has migrants assume the risk for government sponsored degradation, misery, and death. Crimmigrant Nations examines the parallel rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and right-wing populism in both the United States and Europe to offer an unprecedented look at this issue on an international level.

416 pages 9780823287499, Paperback, $34.95


Maartje van der Woude is Professor of Law & Society at Leiden Law School in the Netherlands. She is also affiliated with the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo. Robert Koulish is a political scientist at the University of Maryland, Director of the MLAW Programs in the BSOS College at UMD, Joel J. Feller Research Professor in the Department of Government and Politics, and Lecturer at Law in the UMD Carey School of Law.



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ExpandedCinema Fiftieth Anniversary Edition Gene Youngblood, Introduction by R. Buckminster Fuller Published in 1970, Expanded Cinema is the seminal treatment of video as an art form. Complete with an extensive original foreword by the celebrated polymath and designer R. Buckminster Fuller, Expanded Cinema examines the wide bandwidth of creative energies moving through the media intelligentsia of the later 1960s. Its prescient formulations include ?the paleocybernetic age,? ?intermedia,? the ?artist as ecologist,? ?synaesthetics and kinesthetics,? and ?the technosphere: man/machine symbiosis.? Expanded Cinema is the seminal book about video, computers, and holography as cinematic tools. This has made it a classic text in the field of media arts and a prime mover in the development of media arts as a field of enquiry and production.

464 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ¼ 60 col or and 284 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287413, Paperback, $34.95 Meaning Systems

The new introduction to the 50th Anniversary edition of Expanded Cinema offers conceptual tools for understanding sociocultural and sociopolitical realities of our present world. Second-order systems theory and concepts like secession from the broadcast, autonomous reality-communities, media homeworlds, technologies of the self, and the challenge to create at the same scale as we can destroy can help us to negotiate the unstable horizon of our uncertain future. Gene Youngblood is a well-known theorist of electronic media arts, and a respected scholar in the history and theory of experimental film and video art.



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At Wit'sEnd The Deadly Discourse on the Jewish Joke Louis Kaplan Scholarly and thought-provoking work that places Jewish humor at the center of a discourse about Jewish and German relations through most of the 20th century At Wit?s End explores the fascinating discourse on Jewish wit in the twentieth century when the Jewish joke became the subject of serious humanistic inquiry and inserted itself into the cultural and political debates among Germans and Jews against the ideologically-charged backdrop of anti-Semitism, the Jewish question, and the Holocaust.

352 pages, 26 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287567, Paperback, $30.00

The first in-depth study to explore the Jewish joke as a crucial rhetorical figure in larger cultural debates in Germany, author Louis Kaplan presents an engrossing and lucid work of scholarship that examines how ?der jüdische Witz? (referring to both Jewish wit and jokes) was utilized differently in a number of texts, from the Weimar Republic to the rise of National Socialism, and how it was reintroduced into the public sphere after the Holocaust with the controversial publication of Salcia Landmann?s collection of Jewish jokes in the reparations era (Wiedergutmachung). Louis Kaplan is Professor of Visual Studies and affiliated faculty member at the 2 Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto.


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WhoseMiddleAges? Teachable Moments for an Ill-Used Past Andrew Albin, Mary C. Erler, Thomas O'Donnell, Nicholas L. Paul, and Nina Rowe, Editors Introduction by David Perry Afterword by Geraldine Heng Written for the crisis of a globally resurgent far-right and aiming to address its misuses of history head-on, Whose Middle Ages? is an interdisciplinary collection of short, accessible essays intended for the nonspecialist reader and ideal for teaching at an undergraduate level. Each of twenty-two essays takes up an area where digging for meaning in the medieval past has brought something distorted back into the present: in our popular entertainment; in our news, our politics, and our propaganda; and in subtler ways that inform how we think about our histories, our countries, and ourselves. Each author looks to a history that has refused to remain past and uses the tools of the academy to read and re-read familiar stories, objects, symbols, and myths.

240 pages, 5 x 8, 35 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823285563, Paperback, $20.00 Fordham Series in Medieval Studies

Andrew Albin, Mary C. Erler, Thomas O?Donnell, Nicholas L. Paul, and Nina Rowe are members of the faculty of Fordham University?s Center for Medieval Studies. David Perry is a columnist for Pacific Standard Magazine and the author of Sacred Plunder: Venice and the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade. Geraldine Heng is the author of The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages.



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UniquelyOkinawan Determining Identity During the U.S. Wartime Occupation Courtney A. Short When the U.S. military landed on the shores of Okinawa in 1945, they faced not only a fierce and battle-tested Japanese force, but also 463,000 Okinawan inhabitants. Larger than any other civilian population encountered by the Americans during previous campaigns throughout the Pacific islands, the people of Okinawa also had a unique and complex historical and political relationship with Japan. Okinawa never experienced subjugation as a colony, yet its acceptance as a prefecture did not yield equal treatment for the people because of their Ryukyuan heritage. As the U.S. military prepared for the Battle of Okinawa, they faced dangerous uncertainty about the potential actions of half a million people. Would the Okinawans welcome the arrival of a foreign invading force as an opportunity for independence or stage a determined resistance in line with loyalty to Japan? In planning operations on Okinawa, the American military conducted astonishingly open and deliberate analysis of Okinawan ethnicity, identity, and political positioning with Japan, to attempt to determine Okinawan allegiance. The conclusions reached shaped occupation policies carried out on the battlefield by soldiers, sailors, and Marines. 272 pages, 12 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287727, Paperback, $30.00 World War II: The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension


Courtney A. Short holds a PhD in History from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and specializes in Military, American, and Japanese History.



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MessyEating Conversations on Animals as Food Samantha King, R. Scott Carey, Isabel Macquarie, Victoria Millious, and Elaine Power, Editors Literature on the ethics and politics of food and that on animal-human relationships have infrequently converged. Representing an initial step towards bridging this divide, Messy Eating features interviews with thirteen prominent and emerging scholars about the connections between their academic work and their approach to consuming animals as food. The collection explores how authors working across a range of perspectives? postcolonial, Indigenous, Black, queer, trans, feminist, disability, poststructuralist, posthumanist, and multispecies? weave their theoretical and political orientations with daily, intimate, and visceral practices of food consumption, preparation, and ingestion.

288 pages 9780823283651, Paperback, $30.00

Contributors: Neel Ahuja, Billy Ray Belcourt, Matthew Calarco, R. Scott Carey, Lauren Corman, Naisargi Dave, Maneesha Deckha, Maria Elena Garcia, Sharon Holland, Samantha King, Isabel MacQuarrie, Victoria N. Millious, Kelly Struthers Montford, Elaine M. Power, H. Peter Steeves, Kim TallBear, Sunaura Taylor, Harlan Weaver, Kari Weil, Cary Wolfe



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IntheWakeof Medea Neoclassical Theater and the Arts of Destruction Juliette Cherbuliez In the Wake of Medea examines the violence of seventeenth-century French political dramas. French tragedy usually appears as a passionless, cerebral genre that refused all forms of violence. In the Wake explores the rhetorical, literary, and performance strategies through which violence persisted. The mythological figure of Medea, foreigner who massacres her brother, murders kings, burns down Corinth, and kills her own children, can serve as a paradigm for this violence. Paradigmatic also of the refugee who is welcomed yet feared, who confirms our concept of the social while threatening its integrity, Medea?s presence is this book?s organizing principle. An alternative to western philosophy?s ethical paradigm of Antigone, the Medean presence offers a model of radically persistent and disruptive outsiderness?for classical theater and its wake in literary theory. Cherbuliez explores the Medean presence in literal treatments of Medea (Médée, La Conquête de la Toison d?Or) and in tragedies figuratively invoking a Medean presence (Hercule mourant, Phèdre, Athalie). 256 pages, 19 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287819, Paperback, $32.00

Juliette Cherbuliez is Professor and Chair of the Department of French and Italian at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. 4



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Moralityat theMargins Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya Sarah Hillewaert This book considers the day-to-day lives of young Muslims on Kenya?s island of Lamu, who live simultaneously on the edge and in the center. At the margins of the international economy and of Western notions of modernity, Lamu?s inhabitants nevertheless find themselves the focus of campaigns against Islamic radicalization and of Western touristic imaginations of the untouched and secluded. What does it mean to be young, modern, and Muslim here? How are these denominators enacted in daily encounters? Documenting the everyday lives of Lamu youth, this ethnography explores how young people negotiate cultural, religious, political, and economic expectations through nuanced deployments of language, dress, and bodily comportment. Hillewaert shows how seemingly mundane practices? how young people greet others, how they walk, dress, and talk? can become tactics in the negotiation of moral personhood.

320 pages, 24 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823286508, Paperback, $35.00

In elaborating everyday practices of Islamic pluralism, the book shows the ways Muslim societies critically engage with change while sustaining a sense of integrity. Sarah Hillewaert is Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Toronto.


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Texturesof theOrdinary Doing Anthropology After Wittgenstein Veena Das Textures of the Ordinary is an exploration of everyday life in which anthropology finds a companionship with philosophy. Based on two decades of ethnographic work among low-income urban families in India, Das shows how the notion of texture allows her to align her ethnography with stunning anthropological moments in Wittgenstein and Cavell as well as in literary texts from India. Das poses a compelling question?how might we speak of a human form of life when the very idea of the human has been put into question? The response to this question, Das argues, does not lie in some foundational idea of the universal as that of human nature but in a close attention to the diverse ways in which the natural and the social mutually absorb each other within overlapping forms of life.

432 pages 9780823287697, Paperback, $35.00 Thinking from Elsewhere


Veena Das is Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Anthropology and Adjunct Professor of Humanities at the Department of Comparative Thought and Literature at the Johns Hopkins University. Her most recent books are Life and Words: Violence and the Descent into the Ordinary, and Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty.



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CirclingtheElephant A Comparative Theology of Religious Diversity John J. Thatamanil Christian theologians have for some decades affirmed that they have no monopoly on encounter with God or ultimate reality; other religions also have access to religious truth and transformation. If so, the time has come for Christians not just to learn about but also from their religious neighbors. Circling the Elephant affirms that the best way to move toward the mystery of divinity is to move toward the mystery of the neighbor. In this book, Thatamanil employs the ancient Indian allegory of the elephant and blindfolded men to argue for the integration of three, often-separated theological projects: comparative theology, constructive theology, and theologies of religious diversity. Christians have much to learn from their religious neighbors, even about such central features of Christian theology as Christ and Trinity. This book proposes a new theology of religious diversity, one that opens the door to true interreligious learning. 320 pages 9780823287734, Paperback, $30.00 Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions

John J. Thatamanil is Associate Professor of Theology and World Religions at Union Theological Seminary. He is the author of The Immanent Divine: God, Creation, and the Human Predicament. An East-West Conversation.



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LivingwithTinyAliens The Image of God for the Anthropocene Adam Pryor Astrobiology is changing how we understand meaningful human existence. As astrobiologically aware human beings, we must confront our deepened anxiety arising in the face of our own contingency? realizing how deeply tethered we are to the moments this pale blue dot exists in the universe. At the same time, our astrobiological awareness is opening a horizon to the exciting possibility of understanding our humanity in relation not only to a planet burgeoning with life, but a cosmos pregnant with living-possibilities. Touching upon both these issues, Living with Tiny Aliens provides an approach to astrobiological humanities: helping figure expressive modes by which human beings process the experience of their belonging in and to our widening view of the cosmos. The book is an effort to imagine how an individuals?meaningful existence persists when we are planetary creatures situated in deep time? inextricably conditioned by the non-separable relationality of living systems and habitable environments. 240 pages 9780823287710, Paperback, $30.00 Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology

Adam Pryor is Associate Professor of Religion and Dean of Academic Affairs at Bethany College. His most recent books include Body of Christ Incarnate for You: Conceptualizing God?s Desire for the Flesh and The God Who Lives: Examining the Emrgence of Life and the Doctrine of God. 6



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TheDispositionof Nature Environmental Crisis and World Literature Jennifer Wenzel How do literature and other cultural forms shape how we imagine the planet, for better or worse? In this rich, original, and long awaited book, Jennifer Wenzel tackles the formal innovations, rhetorical appeals, and sociological imbrications of world literature that might help us confront unevenly distributed environmental crises, including global warming. The Disposition of Nature argues that assumptions about what nature is are at stake in conflicts over how it is inhabited or used. Both environmental discourse and world literature scholarship tend to confuse parts and wholes. Working with writing and film from Africa, South Asia, and beyond, Wenzel takes a contrapuntal approach to sites and subjects dispersed across space and time. Reading for the planet, Wenzel shows, means reading from near to there: across experiential divides, between specific sites, at more than one scale.

352 pages, 8 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823286775, Paperback, $32.00

Impressive in its disciplinary breadth, Wenzel?s book fuses insights from political ecology, geography, anthropology, history, and law, while drawing on active debates between postcolonial theory and world literature, as well as scholarship on the Anthropocene and the material turn. Jennifer Wenzel is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature and of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University.



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Radical Botany Plants and Speculative Fiction Natania Meeker and Antรณnia Szabari Radical Botany excavates a tradition in which plants participate in the effort to imagine new worlds and envision new futures. Modernity, the book claims, is defined by the idea of all life as vegetal. Meeker and Szabari argue that the recognition of plants?liveliness and animation, as a result of scientific discoveries from the seventeenth century to today, has mobilized speculative creation in fiction, cinema, and art. Plants complement and challenge notions of human life. Radical Botany traces the implications of the speculative mobilization of plants for feminism, queer studies, and posthumanist thought. If, as Michael Foucault has argued, the notion of the human was born at a particular historical moment and is now nearing its end, Radical Botany reveals that this origin and endpoint are deeply informed by vegetality as a form of pre- and posthuman subjectivity.

304 pages, 13 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823286621, Paperback, $32.00


A major intervention in critical plant studies, Radical Botany reveals the centuries-long history by which science and the arts have combined to posit plants as the model for all animate life and thereby envision a different future for the cosmos. Natania Meeker is Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California. Antรณnia Szabari is Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California.



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TheLiteraryQur'an Narrative Ethics in the Maghreb Hoda El Shakry The novel, the literary adage has it, reflects a world abandoned by God. Yet the possibilities of novelistic form and literary exegesis exceed the secularizing tendencies of contemporary literary criticism. Showing how the Qur?an itself invites and enacts critical reading, Hoda El Shakry?s Qur?anic model of narratology enriches our understanding of literary sensibilities and practices in the Maghreb across Arabophone and Francophone traditions. The Literary Qur?an mobilizes the Qur?an?s formal, narrative, and rhetorical qualities, alongside embodied and hermeneutical forms of Qur?anic pedagogy, to theorize modern Maghrebi literature. Challenging the canonization of secular modes of reading that occlude religious epistemes, practices, and intertexts, it attends to literature as a site where the process of entextualization obscures ethical imperatives. Engaging with the Arab-Islamic tradition of adab? a concept demarcating the genre of belles lettres, as well as social and moral comportment? El Shakry demonstrates how the critical pursuit of knowledge is inseparable from the spiritual cultivation of the self. 240 pages, 1 b/ w il l ust rat ion 9780823286355, Paperback, $28.00

Hoda El Shakry is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago.



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Decadent Orientalisms The Decay of Colonial Modernity David Fieni Decadent Orientalisms presents a sustained critique of the ways Orientalism and decadence have formed a joint discursive mode of the imperial imagination. Attentive to historical and literary configurations of language, race, religion, and power, Fieni shows the importance of understanding Western discourses of Eastern decline and obsolescence together with Arab and Islamic responses in which the language of decadence returns as a characteristic of the West. Taking seriously Edward Said?s claim that Orientalism is a ?style of having power,? Fieni works historically through the aesthetic and ideological effects of Orientalist style, showing how it is at once comparative, descriptive, and performative. Orientalism, the book argues, relies upon decadence as the figure through which its positivist scientific claims become redistributed as speech acts? ?truths? that establish dominance. Rather than attending to Orientalism as a repertoire of clichĂŠs and stereotypes, Decadent Orientalisms considers the systemic epistemological consequences of the diffuse, yet coherent network of institutions that have constituted Orientalism?s power. 224 pages 9780823286393, Paperback, $32.00

David Fieni is Assistant Professor of French at the State University of New York, Oneonta.




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Noir Affect Christopher Breu and Elizabeth A. Hatmaker, Editors Afterword by Paula Rabinowitz Noir Affect proposes a new understanding of noir as defined by negative affect. This new understanding emphasizes that noir is, first and foremost, an affective disposition rather than a specific cycle of films or novels associated with a given time period (the mid-twentieth century) or national tradition (the U.S.). Instead the essays in Noir Affect trace noir?s negativity as it manifests in different national contexts (from the U.S. to Mexico, France and Japan) manifests in a range of different media (films, novels, video games, and manga). Noir Affect asks us to consider affect as a site of repetition, dissolution, redundancy, unmaking, and decay. It also asks us to consider the way in which the affective dimensions of noir enable the staging various forms of social antagonism, including those associated with racial, gendered, sexual, and economic inequality. Featuring an afterword by celebrated noir scholar, Paula Rabinowitz, and essays by an array of leading scholars, Noir Affect aims fundamentally reorient our understanding of noir. 304 pages, 11 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287666, Paperback, $35.00

Contributors: Christopher Breu, Alexander Dunst, Elizabeth A. Hatmaker, Andrew Pepper, Brian Rejack, Ignacio Sanchez-Prado, Justus Nieland, Kirin Watcher-Grene, Pamela Thoma, Peter Hitchcock, Sean Grattan



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Anarchaeologies Reading as Misreading Erin Graff Zivin How do we read after the so-called death of literature? If we are to attend to the proclamations that the representational apparatuses of literature and politics are dead, what aesthetic, ethical, and political possibilities remain for us today? Our critical moment, Graff Zivin argues, demands anarchaeological reading: reading for the blind spots, errors, points of opacity or untranslatability in works of philosophy and art. Rather than applying concepts from philosophy in order to understand or elucidate cultural works, the book exposes works of philosophy, literary theory, narrative, poetry, film, and performance art and activism to one another. Working specifically with art, film, and literature from Argentina, Graff Zivin allows such thinkers as Levinas, Derrida, Badiou, and Rancière to be inflected by Latin American cultural production. Through these acts of interdiscursive and interdisciplinary (or indisciplinary) exposure, such ethical and political concepts as identification and recognition, decision and event, sovereignty and will, are read as constitutively impossible, erroneous. 192 pages, 12 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823286812, Paperback, $28.00 Lit Z


Rather than weakening either ethics or politics, however, the anarchaeological reading these works stage and demand opens up and radicalizes the possibility of justice. Erin Graff Zivin is Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and of Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California.



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Mutant Neoliberalism Market Rule and Political Rupture William Callison and Zachary Manfredi, Editors Mutant Neoliberalism brings together leading scholars of neoliberalism? political theorists, historians, philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists? to rethink transformations in market rule and their relation to ongoing political ruptures. The chapters show how years of neoliberal governance, policy, and depoliticization created the conditions for thriving reactionary forces, while also reflecting on whether recent trends will challenge, reconfigure, or extend neoliberalism?s reach. The contributors reconsider neoliberalism?s relationship with its assumed adversaries and map mutations in financialized capitalism and governance across time and space? from Europe and the United States to China and India. Taken together, the volume recasts the stakes of contemporary debate and reorients critique and resistance within a rapidly changing landscape.

320 pages, 3 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823285709, Paperback, $35.00

Contributors: Étienne Balibar, SÜren Brandes, Wendy Brown, Melinda Cooper, Julia Elyachar, Michel Feher, Megan Moodie, Christopher Newfield, Dieter Plehwe, Lisa Rofel, Leslie Salzinger, Quinn Slobodian William Callison is Visiting Assistant Professor of Government and Law at Lafayette College. Zachary Manfredi is an Equal Justice Works Fellow at the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project.



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UrbanFormalism The Work of City Reading David Faflik Urban Formalism radically reimagines what it meant to ?read? a brave new urban world during the transformative middle decades of the nineteenth century. At a time when contemporaries in the twin capitals of modernity in the West, New York and Paris, were learning to make sense of unfamiliar surroundings, city peoples increasingly looked to the experiential patterns, or forms, from their everyday lives in an attempt to translate urban experience into something they could more easily comprehend. Urban Formalism interrogates both the risks and rewards of an interpretive practice that depended on the mutual relation between urbanism and formalism, at a moment when the subjective experience of the city had reached unprecedented levels of complexity. This book not only provides an original cultural history of forms. It posits a new form of urban history, comprised of the representative rituals of interpretation that have helped give meaningful shape to metropolitan life. 144 pages, 12 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287680, Paperback, $30.00 Polis

David Faflik is Professor of English at the University of Rhode Island. He is the author of Boarding Out: Inhabiting the American Urban Literary Imagination, 1840-1860, Melville and the Question of Meaning, and Transcendental Heresies: Harvard and the Modern American Practice of Unbelief. 10



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WelcomingFinitude Toward a Phenomenology of Orthodox Liturgy Christina M. Gschwandtner What does it mean to experience and engage in religious ritual? How does liturgy structure time and space? How do our bodies move within liturgy, and what impact does it have on our senses? How does the experience of ritual affect us and shape our emotions or dispositions? How is liturgy experienced as a communal event, and how does it form the identity of those who participate in it? Welcoming Finitude explores these broader questions about religious experience by focusing on the manifestation of liturgical experience in the Eastern Christian tradition. Drawing on the methodological tools of contemporary phenomenology and on insights from liturgical theology, the book constitutes a philosophical exploration of Orthodox liturgical experience. Christina M. Gschwandtner teaches Continental Philosophy of Religion at Fordham University. She is author of Reading Jean-Luc Marion: Exceeding Metaphysics, Postmodern Apologetics? Arguments about God in Contemporary Philosophy (Fordham), Degrees of Givenness: On Saturation in Jean-Luc Marion, and Marion and Theology. 352 pages 9780823286430, Hardback, $75.00 Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought



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Merleau-Ponty'sPoeticof theWorld Philosophy and Literature Galen A. Johnson, Mauro Carbone, and Emmanuel de Saint Aubert Merleau-Ponty?s Poetics of the World offers detailed studies of the philosopher?s engagements with Proust, Claudel, Claude Simon, André Breton, Mallarmé, Francis Ponge, and more. From Proust, Merleau-Ponty developed his conception of ?sensible ideas,? from Claudel, his conjoining of birth and knowledge as ?co-naissance,? from Valéry came ?implex? or the ?animal of words? and the ?chiasma of two destinies.? Thus also arise the questions of expression, metaphor, and truth and the meaning of a Merleau-Pontyan poetics. The poetic of Merleau-Ponty is, inseparably, a poetic of the flesh, a poetic of mystery, and a poetic of the visible in its relation to the invisible. This poetics is worked out between the three authors in dialogue with Husserl, Walter Benjamin, Heidegger, and Sartre.

256 pages 9780823287703, Paperback, $32.00 Perspectives in Continental Philosophy


Galen Johnson is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Rhode Island and General Secretary (Executive Director) of the Merleau-Ponty Circle. Mauro Carbone is Professor of Aesthetics at the Faculté de Philosophie of the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, and a Honorary Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Emmanuel de Saint Aubert is Research Director at the Husserl Archives in Paris (National Center for Scientific Research, École Normale Supérieure).



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Peculiar Attunements How Affect Theory Turned Musical Roger Mathew Grant ?Affect theorists and musicologists have been waiting for a book like this for a very long time, and we are lucky to get it from a thinker as clear-sighted as Grant. Peculiar Attunements promises to become an instant classic in the study of affect and emotion studies.?? Sianne Ngai, University of Chicago ?A tour-de-force.?? Carolyn Abbate, Harvard University

192 pages, 1 b/ w il l ust rat ion 9780823287741, Paperback, $30.00

Peculiar Attunements places the recent turn to affect into conversation with a parallel movement in European music theory of the eighteenth century. During that time the affects formed a vital component of a mimetic model of the arts. But music caused a problem for such theories, since it wasn?t apparent that musical tones could imitate anything with any dependability. As a result, eighteenthcentury thinkers postulated that music?s physical materiality as sound vibrated the nerves of listeners and attuned them to the affects through sympathetic resonance. This theory is a pendant to our contemporary theories of affect, and one from which they have much to learn. Inflecting our current intellectual moment through eighteenth-century music theory and aesthetics, Grant offers a reassessment of affect theory?s common systems and processes. Roger Mathew Grant is Associate Professor of Music at Wesleyan University.



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That Further Shore A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise John D. Feerick Foreword by Thomas J. Shelley John D. Feerick?s life has all the elements of a modern Horatio Alger story: the poor boy who achieves success by dint of his hard work. But Feerick brought other elements to that classical American success story: his deep religious faith, his integrity, and his paramount concern for social justice. In his memoir, The Further Shore, Feerick shares his inspiring story, from its humble beginnings born to immigrant parents in the South Bronx, going on to practice law, serving as dean of Fordham Law, participating in framing the Constitution?s Twenty-Fifth Amendment, and serving as President of the New York City Bar Association and chair of State Commissions on government integrity.

576 pages, 25 b/ w il l ust rat ions 9780823287352, Hardback, $34.95

John Feerick is a professor of law at Fordham Law School and the occupant of the Sidney C. Norris Chair of Law in Public Service. His books include the third edition of The Twenty-Fifth Amendment: Its Complete History and Applications, and From Failing Hands: The Story of Presidential Succession, which was helpful to the framers of the Constitution?s 25th Amendment.



Translations FRENCH Memory and Complicity: Migrations of Holocaust Remembrance Debarati Sanyal Presses Universitaires de Vincennes

SPANISH Commons Democracy: Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early United States Dana D. Nelson Potlatch Ediciones Wild Materialism: The Ethic of Terror and the Modern Republic Jacques Lezra Pรณlvora Editorial

SIMPLIFIED CHINESE Reoccupy Earth: Notes Toward an Other Beginning David Wood Jiangsu People?s Publishing House

SOUTH ASIAN (LOCAL ENGLISH) Practicing Caste: On Touching and Not Touching Aniket Jaaware Foreword by Anupama Rao Orient Black Swan Pvt. Ltd. People's Car: Industrial India and the Riddles of Populism

Sarasij Majumder Orient Black Swan Pvt. Ltd. SERBO-CROATIAN The Supermarket of the Visible: Toward a General Economy of Images Peter Szendy, Translated by Jan Plug Multimedia Institute, Croatia 13




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