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Pantone chooses Dazzling Blue as 2014 color fo the year! See which stars wear this ontrend color.


Winter 2013 27

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2014 The Year of the Blues

By Amanda Saparito

Pantone has announced the top colors for spring 2014 and Dazzling Blue has captured our hearts! Take some outfit cues from these stars who have strutted their stuff in some of the best blues of the season.

FromtoMe you

My favorite color has been blue ever since my mom told me her’s was blue. Those of you who know me well might argue to say my favorite color is pink (especially those of you who have seen my room. I mean... I’ll give it to you). I love pink and I love sparkles, but there will always be that glamorous aspect to the color blue, which we have chosen to be this issue’s running theme. Dazzling blue has become the tone of the year. There is something about blue that makes you notice it. Maybe it’s the attention grabbing hue, the obvious declaration of status, or the plain beauty of creation that comes from the color. Blue emits that sort of stand-out attitude, and that is what the people within our magazine seem to do- stand out. Our cover boy, Jeff O’Donnell (um, looking amazing, by the way) has wonderful talent, a killer smile, and a comedic but sweet personality. You can see this rising actor on shows like Law and Order or Girls. I don’t watch Girls, but I honestly can’t understand why I haven’t seen his episode of Law and Order. If you look up Buzzfeed’s

article, “This Is How You Get Sucked Into An ‘SVU’ Marathon,” you will understand. His position as an actor shows Fordham- or me, because I still believe I am going to be the star of my own E! reality TV show- that they CAN do BIG things. But it doesn’t solely take a part in a television show to get yourself somewhere. Rachel Meyer started her own booming jewelry company just by doing something she loves. By using her creativity and love for crafting and design, she developed her brand, “Little Gold Rings”. Meyer found a way to create a product that is unique to everyone who orders something. With great marketing skills, consumer relations, and seriously affordable costs, she is able to attract more and more buyers every day. Fordham is filled with high hopes and dreamers. That’s what makes us the students we are. Now, as the year comes to a close (and for some of us, college careers- eek!), find your own motivation to do something you are passionate about. Make a change, and do it with the intention of BLUE!

, xoxo a n Bria 4



An Interview with Cobra Society Designer Alex Davis

lex Davis glided across the finite studio space with an edgy grace that simultaneously breathed practicality and luxury. It’s difficult to imagine that the silky ombre-haired, Minnesota-native-gone-New Yorker is fluent in English and French, has held an internship position (among many) with Stella McCartney and Bismark Phillips, and now is embarking on her sixth season with her own luxury shoe and accessory brand, Cobra Society. And she’s only twenty-seven. MODE models Cristina Berron and Briana Davis hang out with Cobra Society designer Alex Davis (middle).

hired her first employee. Using past experiences gathered from her various interships, Davis created Cobra Society. “I was 23.” Davis pitched the idea of her line (textiles handwoven by Moroccan men and women coupled with Spanish leather for a luxury boot) to two different Spanish factories. One took a chance on her. Ten pairs of boots later, Davis had her first season. Today, her seasons consist of up to 50 items: from boots to loafers to accessories, or more.

“There’s no way that I could of even mentally fathomed starting a company without gathering the pieces and experiences that I had from all the internships”

Davis sat down with MODE to share her own experience of how she not only infiltrated the fashion industry, but took a strong stance in it; wearing only the best, Moroccan woven boots. Her secret: experience. “I started a company at a young age,” Davis said, “but I also did have a lot of experience before in a lot of different companies that were in the top of the market, so I had [four] kind[s] of eyes - if I hadn’t had the sales eye, the press eye, the design eye, [and] the production eye I couldn’t have even thought about questions that I- that everybody needs to ask themselves in this industry.”

“There’s no way that I could of even mentally fathomed starting a company without gathering the pieces and experiences that I had from all the internships - paid, not paid, abused, not abused, experience, not experience - that I have [had].” Cobra Society came to fruition when Davis, through a college program, left the U.S. and traveled to Morocco. There, Davis found her passion in the culture of Morocco. She quit her job, left the U.S. for Morocco all by herself, and using the French her mother had taught her,

“I mean the suggestion I have is if you really want to be in fashion, you’re going to be broken down,” Davis said with a small smile that spoke of firsthand experience. “What I did was listen to myself [and] realized that although I was good at press, that wasn’t what I could excel at because I wasn’t entirely happy. And I also, I identified it, I still needed more experience.” And the hard work didn’t end in that initial trip to Morocco. “And still now, the hardest thing was learning how to run a business while you’re [already] running a business. It’s encouraging, discouraging, [and] blood sweat and tears, but it takes a certain type of person. The more great experience I think that you can get, and that I really pushed myself to get to be shadowing the top of companies in a type of company or an atmosphere, whether that be a showroom or press or whatever that you can really take experiences back from and then calculate, based on your education, based on your experience, based on what you like, what you excelled in, who you think you can get a recommendation for, who you met at a bar yesterday drinking, you know,where you want to go,” Davis gave a small smile as our interview wrapped up. There the down-to-earth designer sat, surrounded by hand woven boots, sneakers, loafers, lighters, rings, cufflinks, and purses, all of her own- a testament to searching for, and once finding, utilizing experience. Davis crossed her legs, covered in a thigh-high camel colored Cobra Society boot. “It’s all important.” •

Photographer Madelyn Murphy, Shoe Models Cristina Berron & Briana Davis

Davis didn’t enter the fashion field blindfolded. The Boston University grad originally worked in press as an intern for Stella McCartney in London. From there, Davis landed a job working in a press show room for Bismark Phillips in Los Angeles. Eventually, Davis became “disenchanted” with the world of press. With an innate liking for fashion and a thirst to follow her passion, Davis found herself working in an umbrella-field situation. She worked under a woman who was not only starting her own line, but was also running a creative artist agency. Here, Davis juggled the multiple facets of business and art.

Davis has had her fair share of fashion industry experience, and has an ample amount of success to show for it. However reminiscent of a fairytale this sounds like, it is nothing short of hard work and dedication on Davis’ part.

bottoms tops

Photographer Maddie Legg, Models: Felicia Zhang (Female Business Do), Olivia Chiong (Business Don’t), Ryan Metz (Male Business Do)

Polished > Passive Blazers are easy, but that doesn’t mean you can get lazy! Ladies: If you want to wear a camisole, make sure it covers you up. Gents: Ex-nay on all tee shirts. Everyone: A quality button-down will not fail you.


Wear this Not that

Class > Comfort Jeans are pretty much a no-go for everyone. Ladies: Be sure your skirts are at approximately knee-length, please. No hosiery is necessary. Otherwise, straight-leg pants work best. Avoid leggings, capris, or shorts. Gents: Khakis and trousers are fine.

It’s time for that interview you’ve been waiting for all week. You know where to go, when to arrive, and what to say, but what on earth are you going to wear? What does business casual even mean? by Amada Hassan

Simple > Showy Ladies: Avoid dangly earrings and too many bracelets or rings. No jewelry is preferred over cheap or loud stuff. Tote bags (preferably leather) work best, as long as they’re in solid colors. Gents: Keep it classy with a simple watch. There is no need for the novelty tie. Everyone: Don’t wear headphones, hats, or sunglasses. Save the scarf for later. Match your belts and shoes, por favor.


Formal > Flashy Ladies: Shorter closed-toed neutral-toned pumps, heels or flats. Gents: Oxfords, leather lace-ups. Everyone: No sneakers, flipflops, stilettos or moccasins.

WOMEN: H&M office wear CHIFFON BLOUSE, $29.95, FLOUNCE SKIRT, $29.95; J. CREW jewelry GOLDEN TASSLE NECKLACE $55.00; DSW heels AUDREY BROOKE HYLDA PUMP, $59.95 MEN: H&M pants CHINOS $29.95; MACY’S dress shirts CALVIN KLIEN SLIM FIT $34.99; JCPENNY watches MENS PILOT SPORT WATCH $24.99; SEARS dress shoes NUNN BUSH KORE $59.99

Check Out How Fordham Students Dress to Impress!





what we're thinking about right now

HOW TO BE JENNIFER LAWERENCE, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL THINKING IT We were trying hard not to obsess over her. Like, really hard. But we’ve decided it’s impossi-ble. J-Law, who turned heads when she chopped off her hair (sad face, kind of) is now making impeccable fashion statements. You can mimic her look the next time you go out with these products, or you know, tonight, when you decide to take a break from studying and give yourself a makeover. By Briana Rotello

HUNGRY EYES: I know, the headlines are getting corny. Choose a kohl eye pencil- it will give you a smokey and exaggerated look, like J-Law’s. SEPHORA COLLECTION Long Lasting Kohl Pencil, $9

TO START: I swear by this stuff. It masks any redness and your face is so smooth after you use it. SMASHBOX Photo Finish More Than Primer - Blemish Control, $42

VOLUME: This mascara has been a life saver. It works miracles and saves so much time and it never comes off. You won’t have to do it again tomorrow morning. BENEFIT COSMETICS They’re Real! Mascara, $23

ON TOP: Paying tribute (ha, get it?) to our Dior girl, this foundation is silky smooth and evens out any skin blemishes or discolorations. DIOR Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup, $47

THE STAR OF THE SHOW: This lipstick. It will be your ticket to everything. You can dress it up or dress it down. So basically wear it every day. Own it. Love it. NARS Lipstick Fire Down Below, $26

SHIMMER: It is what it is, and makes you look really pretty. TOO FACED Sweetheart Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder, $32

Photo courtesy of charming city style

...and while you're at it, check out these matching accessories for yourself or to give to a friend for the holidays! by amanda saparito

Topshop, $39 This fuzzy snake skin beanie sure adds some color to the drab winter weather that's approaching.

BMC, $49 This combo hooded infinity scarf is a great wardrobe essential. Now you don't have to sacrifice mis-matching scarves and hats just for the sake of keeping warm! 7 MODE MAGAZINE WINTER 2013

Asos, $14.33 Try these ox blood long cable fingerless gloves for a comfy look that won't inhibit your texting obsession this winter.

Moncler Rabbit Fur Ear Muffs, $125 You won't be able to keep your hands off your ears when you wear these soft little babies!


Shine 1

Dresses By Karen Hill

If rainbow is your favorite color and you love to sparkle like a disco ball, then this chic dress is the perfect fit for you. TOBI, CARLOTTA SEQUIN DRESS $29

that Spa

rkle and

Next to the food, the best part of the holiday season is all the fun and festive dresses we get to wear. Sequins are always a go-to look to stand out and shine. Here is a countdown of our favorite dresses for you wear as you countdown till the New Year!


Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with this gorgeous tulle and blue sequined dress. A little contrast and shine will bring all eyes to you. WET SEAL, SEQUINED TANK MESH DRESS, $32.90


What do you get when you mix rose- and goldcolored sequins? Rose gold! This combo dress is truly glamourous, yet sexy with the subtle cutouts accentuating your waist. FOREVER 21, Glamorous Sequined Combo Dress, $24.80


Guess who made one of the cutest holiday dresses this season. GUESS. No, don’t guess again. It’s the brand GUESS and they really hit the nail on this head with these beautiful ruby sequins. GUESS, SEQUIN MINI DRESS, $138.00

5 2

Don’t be afraid of your inner Nasty Gal with the daring dress. The sequins, plunging neckline, and mesh surprisingly are not too busy. The details actually complement each other well. NASTY GAL, Future Calls Sequin Dress $82.00

Two-piece dresses are the ultimate trend. You get the put together sense of the a dress, with the sexiness of a bare midriff. Don’t hold back this New Year’s Eve in MODE’s best sequined holiday look! EXPRESS, SEQUIN EMBELLISHED CROP TEE & HIGH WAISTED SKIRT, $59.99-$69.99

7 Who doesn’t want to be draped in gold? This gold tier dress is the perfect solution. TOBI, SEQUINED TEIR DRESS, $68

Spotlight Part Nouveau

by EB Chaffee

Pretty-Tough Faux Pearl Necklace Forever 21 ($8.80,

Coat with Black Edging Zara ($139,

Jackie Kennedy is an iconic American First Lady and fashionista. This country both triumphed and grieved with her throughout her tumultuous life. One thing that remained constant, however, was that her followers always attempted to emulate her classic style. If you want to do the same, keep these three Jackie Kennedy inspired P’s in mind: Preppy, Pearls, & Pea Coats!

Kyra Dress Lilly Pultizer ($158,

For all my fellow fashionistas whose favorite part of the day is getting dressed in the morning, I’m sure we can all agree that we are always looking for inspiration. Through TV shows, movies, magazines, and Fall catalogues, we are constantly being bombarded with one of my favorite forms of expression- style. The past is where many designers in the fashion world look to for inspiration.

So how about it – wouldn’t you love to radiate class like Jackie Kennedy or steal the show like Coco Chanel? Modernizing these classic beauties’ styles can bring a whole new aspect of fun and fearlessness to your wardrobe.


Jackie Kennedy Photo: via MPTV

Vogue’s own Lilah Ramzi has created a fashion blog that draws links between past and present fashion photo shoots. Whether the repeated look is intentional or not, she finds connections in these iconic prints. The blog is cleverly deemed “Part Nouveau” – part new!

Splurge or Steal By Amanda Saparito




Leopard loafers are no fun, unless you get a pair of em’!



Hot savings like this will keep you sparkling all winter long! Save up or splurge this season for an effortless sweater that can glam up any outfit.






rag & bone or Dolce Vita, either way life can’t be sweet-a!

Talk about a steal. You could buy 119 of these Forever 21 skirts for one Alexander Wang and still have change left over!

Looks for Less

By Rachel Morrissey

Steal Jessica Alba’s edgy chic look without breaking the bank!


2 3 4



1) J.Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk- $49.99 at 2) BB Dakota Teagan Vest- $28.80 at 3) Floral Fairytale Skinny Jeans- $24.80 at 4) Chinese Laundry Nice Guy Bootie- $59.95 at DSW. com 5) Sweet Jane Round Sunglasses- $16.00 at 6) Southwest Bound Caryall- $24.80 at


BEHIND THE SCENES OF BUYING I had the wonderful opportunity to interview two buyers in the fashion industry, one being a 28-year veteran buyer for Sears and Belk, and one just kicking off a promising career with Lord and Taylor. Get the ‘behind the scenes’ look at what it’s like to be a buyer with insights from Fordham’s Fashion Marketing Professor, Patrick Tormey, and GSB senior, Joe Coscia. -Laura Cocchia Professor Patrick Tormey Major: Marketing Management (BBA), Marketing (MBA) Attended Baruch div. CUNY (Undergraduate), Iona (MBA) Previous (fashion-related) jobs: Dress Buyer Sears; Ladies Divisional Merchandise Manager (Belk Stores) Salesman (Mercury Fashions) Years in the fashion industry: 1971 until 1999 Who did you buy for and what were the basic specs of your job: “I was a buyer for Sears and, later, Belk stores. The job specs involved extensive knowledge of the industry and a minimum four-year college education. I visited vendors daily, evaluated their goods and wrote purchase orders.”

Joe Coscia Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing School attended: Gabelli School of Business Previous jobs/internships: Fashion Merchandise Intern at GQ, Lacoste Wholesale Intern Who do you buy for & what are the specifics of your job: “I buy Contemporary Women’s Sportswear for Lord & Taylor. I help with four departments: Contemporary Denim Collections, graphic tee shirts and sweatshirts, French Connection, Kensie, and Fast Fashion which runs on the fastest cadence for Lord & Taylor (about ten weeks).”

What made you want to pursue a career in fashion? JC: I like the business. It’s fast paced, always [has] new problems, and it has a great combination of finance, accounting, marketing, and creative problem solving. PT: After working on Wall St. and in consumer finance, I decided I wanted more variety and excitement in my occupation, and I recalled some retailing and fashion courses that I took in college and decided to go in that direction. How do you know if a product is going to be successful or not when you’re choosing to buy it? JC: You don’t. It’s a horrible joke but the best you can do is know your customer. Know his/her job, income, habits, where they get their news from, etc. These demographics can


help you see what your customer will like; and when you find what they like, get as much of it in store as possible. PT: You never know for sure, you just use your judgment along with all of the outside data available and prior season’s sales results. What is your favorite and least favorite aspect about being a buyer? JC: I love going on market meetings, seeing new product, interacting with the vendors on product development, but I don’t like our printer, it hates me and never works. PT: My favorite was visiting the vendors. My least favorite was crunching the numbers to determine buying needs by department. Who is your favorite designer and why? JC: I’m split between Ralph Lauren and Ermenegildo Zegna. Very different but they dress men the way men are meant to look: strong, bold, masculine, and refined. I grew up playing polo and obviously RL is a huge figure but choosing the polo player as his logo is brilliant: a horseman is rugged, taming a beast, but refined, beautiful, and elegant. PT: Ralph Lauren. He has really embraced the idea of a total lifestyle brand and he also seems to be a decent person in his personal affairs. Joe, how were you able to transition from being an intern to an employee at your company? JC: It was pretty seamless. My team has always treated me with respect and given me challenging tasks that push me and I appreciate that. They felt that I proved myself and extended an offer. I’m very excited to continue working with the company. Professor Tormey, what made you decide to start teaching? PT: In 1997, when my company decided to shutter its NYC office, I was not able to successfully transition to another fashion buying job that I liked so I started teaching part time as an adjunct professor and also opened my own wholesale corporation. What are some fall/winter trends that you recommend to Mode readers? JC: Embellishment! The holidays are going to have a lot of glam. No new silhouettes, and no more peplums. Look forward to Lord & Taylor’s Christmas book, I saw a preview and it looks amazing! PT: First, read the fashion press, always look around for “new-ness” and watch for the color green anywhere and everywhere. In summary, what is the most significant thing you’ve taken away from your experience with fashion thus far? JC: If you’re bored, you’re not doing your job. Busy means good business and focus shows your uppers that you’re dependable and worthy of their notice. PT: I found the fashion industry to be demanding and requiring a great deal of personal commitment. However, it is also exciting, constantly changing, and it keeps one on top of new and contemporary things, all the while paying a decent salary and competitive benefits.•


Were you as upset as we were when NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out was cancelled? Don’t worry, you can tell us. Many Fordham students had taken part in this special night years past, so Mode decided to bring FNO, Fordham’s Night Out, to campus. We took photographs of students getting ready to have a, ahem, relaxing, night out in the Bronx. So what does your night out look like?


NOW TRENDING Lincoln Center By Amanda Lee

“New York is my Campus, Fordham is My School” is the mantra commonly used at Fordham University. Luckily, I have the best of both worlds, but with one exception - New York City is my campus, Fordham is my school. While I may be missing out on Rose Hill’s beautiful campus and the traditional college experience, Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus has its own perks. Other than being a block away from Lincoln Center (yes, I was the girl who stalked the bloggers, designers, and celebrities at Fashion Week), it’s also amazing to be a part of a school whose students are a great representation of New York City itself. These students reflect the fashionable taste of the city as they roam Lowenstein, looking effortlessly chic as they travel from class to class. 13 MODE MAGAZINE WINTER 2013

Being from California (I absolutely dread the transition of summer to fall clothing), I am slowly learning why fall is a favorite season to many East Coasters. Not only is the weather perfect, but the outfits are as well. If there is anything that I could pick up from the LC kids, it is that jeans and a t-shirt is the new sweatpants and sweatshirt combination. Essentially, sweats are foreign to those attending Lincoln Center.

A major trend that I have been seeing is plaid. Whether it is a flannel, a kneehigh skirt (channeling yuppie school girl), trousers, or leather jackets accented with plaid sleeves, flannel is seeping into the student body. Pair it up with boyfriend jeans and a skinny strapped heel for a chic downtown look, or dress it up with all black to maintain a classic look.

Photography by Amanda Lee

When the majority thinks Fall, boots come to mind. High-knee, mid-calf, combat, and ankle boots are the kicks appearing on the streets of Fordham University. It is one of the greatest forms of footwear one could ever wear. Boots are extremely versatile, they go well with skinnies, leggings, or just knee high socks for a cozy look.

In terms of color schemes, olive and burgundy seem to be very popular colors aside from black, which is a reliable choice for any season.

Layering is the way to go to keep warm and have an interesting outfit! Many students at Fordham are wearing multiple layers, topped with an edgy leather jacket, or perhaps a trench or top coat. Think Zara coats: structured, refined, and highlighted with minimalistic accents.

Although burgundy is a common color seen in Fordham gear, it is also a Fall favorite. Burgundy velvet skirts or corduroy is very comfortable, yet luxurious, and helps to keep looks cool and fresh.

Sometimes, oversized sweaters or shawls are paired with simplistic cardigans or dresses. If you’re ever bored wearing pants, layering a skirt with nylons and knee-high socks with tall boots is another way to approach a look that can keep you both warm and stylish.

Olive is probably the most essential color this Fall. Pairing it with black jeans and boots can instantly make your outfit that much more appealing.

Leather is h-u-g-e. Leather shorts, leather pants, leather jackets, and leather sleeves are a big must during the fall and even in the winter. It is the easiest way to keep warm while looking fashion-forward. It’s a great alternative to having to bundle up in multiple layers or wearing marshmallowesque down jackets.

Accessories-wise, beanies, turbans, and scarves are the main attractions this season. Recently, many students have worn beanies with puns written over them. For example, “Celine Dion”, “Feline”, “Homies”, or “Bucci”, are worn in order to make fun of high-end designer names. These sayings are a way to give your outfit a sense of humor while still being chic (it won’t look like you’re about to mug someone, I promise). Scarves are, obviously, the easiest way to accessorize. Think of them as big necklaces that can keep your neck warm.

Photography by Amanda Lee

Whether you’re looking for a way to dress up or to dress down, Fall is the season to do it. It’s a time when turtlenecks or shorts are both acceptable. Whatever your style may be, never be afraid to wear your best Fall outfits!


You’ve seen him on Law and Order: SVU and Girls. Here’s an interview with Fordham’s very own Hollywood Hearthrob Jeff O’Donnell! By Karen Hill



e at MODE appreciate nothing more than seeing our peers succeed when following their passions. That’s why we are in love with cover boy, Jeff O’Donnell. Originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, he came to New York with big city dreams. Jeff has been in campus productions, and most recently played a part in Fordham’s “Legally Blonde”. Having acted in high school, he has landed roles in major TV shows such as Girls and Law and Order: SVU. This is a huge accomplishment for any actor, but keep in mind he is also a full time business student. Amazingly, Jeff balances work and school for the sake of his passions in life. We caught up with Jeff to find out about how he fell in love with acting and where he is going with his career. More than that, he gives MODE readers advice about pursuing their own passions and how he manages to balance his social life while working so hard.

Tell me a bit about yourself. I’m from a town called Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I’m a senior studying marketing. I am interested in advertising, doing commercials, and branding — if acting fails.

to really go 100%. It was the best decision I have ever made. I wish I had realized it when I was six years old. What was your first big role? The first professional job I booked was a national NERF commercial. It was cool and aired on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I don’t know if it’s still on, but it was on YouTube. It was awesome and fun to shoot. I was the 17 year-old playing with NERF guns. They kept sending me free NERF guns and the latest stuff, which I still love.

I don’t think the world needs anymore dumb actors.

So this was in high school? How supportive were your friends? They would help me out when I would miss school because I’d have to run out to the city for auditions. I think people took me seriously in high school. The high school mindset is definitely more about sports. In college, everyone What sorts of things do you do in your free is crazy about acting. time, if you even have any? I like to play volleyball and tennis. I also play the piano everyday. I So what made you choose Fordham? The biggo to the practice rooms in Keating, but I have a gest thing for me was location. I wanted to go to keyboard as well. I write a little bit of music, but I school in New York to continue acting and going usually play what I can sing to. to auditions. I looked at NYU and all those other schools, but when I came to visit Fordham I fell in Is acting your main focus? Acting is definitely love with the campus. I knew it had a good busimy favorite. That is what I would love and hope to ness school and I didn’t want to study acting. I do after school. I also do print work and all forms wanted a back-up plan. It was the perfect fit and of modeling. Acting is more talent based than it is only a 20 minute train ride into the city. It was modeling, however. actually the only school I ended up applying to. When did you get your start in acting? It definitely wasn’t something I always liked doing. I was big on sports in elementary school and middle school. I did my first play when I was in the eighth grade. I fell in love with it. I played both basketball and did the school plays. It was exactly like High School Musical, which is kind of embarrassing. I was literally running from play rehearsal to basketball practice and stuff. I fell more and more in love with acting. I got a manager when I was 17, got an agent, and quit everything else I was doing

So what is something about the Fordham environment that has influenced your acting career? It is so cliché but I have learned to be my self and be comfortable around people, because that is all that acting really is. If you are having a good time, the casting director will see that and they don’t want someone who is too serious or too stiff obviously.



Do you find that your friends at Fordham are more supportive than your friends in high school were? A little, but only because I have gotten bigger roles since high school. People think it’s a real thing now. It’s cool because I get funny tweets from fans after episodes air.

I even came to class with the scars on my face from the makeup. I didn’t have time to take it off.

How do you keep yourself grounded? The people closest to me in my life make fun of me all the time and challenge me. My roommates give me grief when I tell them I’m going on a photo shoot or something similar. They will say things like “don’t feed the model” or whatever. They are funny, but you do have to stay grounded. No one will like you if you get caught up in the moment and become annoying about it.

motives. I feel like acting has helped my marketing career and my marketing career at Fordham has helped my acting career. It’s cool if I have an audition before class. When I get to class I just think to myself, “woah, just an hour ago I was in front of the head of advertising and casting for Verizon and now I am in class learning about advertising.” How many auditions do you go on per week? It changes. Some weeks could be one or even zero. Other weeks it could be six. It depends on the weeks and seasons. Pilot season is coming up which is when all the new TV shows test and see if the TV channels want to pick them up. That is a busy season. How do you find that you balance school and work? Sometimes it’s hard but I balance my schedules so I have early classes and then evening class. So the middle of my day is pretty much open for auditions. I’ve only run into a couple of problems with shooting. Last year, I did Law and Order: SVU. I shot for 10 days. My stance with my night class was already in jeopardy because I missed two classes when shooting One Life to Live. I had to shoot SVU and I knew I would have to miss another class. Luckily, it was the beginning of Easter break, so I managed to get six days free. It ended up working out because I only had to shoot the morning of the same day as my night class. Professors are usually understanding, especially once you tell them what it is for. They have been awesome in supporting me.

So why do you think staying in school and getting your education is important as you pursue your career in acting? I don’t think the world needs anymore dumb actors. I think actors already get a bad rep just because it’s a pretty face on TV. Actors are role models and they should be informed and know what they are talking about. Acting aside, I think everyone should be educated and able to hold intellectual conversations. As One day was really cool, because I had a prea marketing student and actor, I think marketing is sentation for my morning class. Then I went to another day of shooting for Law and Order where I good too. You basically have to market yourself. was handcuffed, arrested, and taken away. Then Do you find that things you are learning in your I came back and took a final in my night class. marketing classes are helping you in the real It was a lot, but I loved every second of it. I was world? In advertising and marketing classes we doing everything I had wanted to do with my life analyze ads. It’s cool because I have a lot of ex- right now –being a full time student and being a perience on the one side when you get the story full time actor. I even came to class with the scars board at audition, the director tells you what the on my face from the makeup. I didn’t have time ad agencies vision is, and then you have to por- to take it off.t’s awesome though to be a full time tray that. It is cool to see both sides of advertis- student and actor at the same time. ing—being in it and behind it— and knowing their


would love to be a series regular on a show. Those are two long-term acting goals I have. You love Broadway, so have you done plays on campus? I’ve done a few. I did Legally Blonde in the fall. I try and do them when I have a little more time and really like the show. I love theater. It’s relaxing because it not as much pressure as something professional and it is fun to do with friends. I like to have a good time with it. What is it about you that has allowed you to succeed thus far with acting? It is something I am very passionate about. I’ve studied acting so much. When it is something you are passionate about, more than likely you will learn what to do and become good at it. Who are some of your inspirations? I admire Justin Timberlake a lot just because he does everything. He has proven there is nothing that he cannot do. He acts, he sings, he dances. Even on SNL, he is hilarious. He has honed his skills so well that there is nothing he cannot do, which makes him unstoppable.

Does it ever get weird seeing yourself on TV? Yeah, because you shoot for 10 days for an hour long episode. There is always a lot that gets cut, spliced, and edited. It is interesting to see what the final version is. Now it is not as strange. The only thing that was weird was I was at the gym and they were airing my SVU episode. I didn’t see it. Someone on the treadmill saw it and looked at me and gave me a head nod. It was someone I knew but it was still funny.

Do you have any advice for MODE readers with an ambitious dream that they are pursuing? I never thought I’d be where I am now. I know everyone says don’t give up, but success actually can happen. It happens really quickly when you least expect it. That being said, my advice is to live in the moment and not worry about the future necessarily. Enjoy everything at that point-in-time.•

What do you see yourself doing after graduation? What are some of your long-term goals? Part of my heart is definitely with Broadway. I would love to be on a Broadway show for a year. I




Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

Transitioning can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be By Natalie Zisa

Everyone has times when things don’t seem to be looking up. In college, every moment seems crucial because it’s a serious stepping-stone in life. You finally declare a career path and you’re living on your own. Because of this transition, it’s important to have the right people by your side. But who said making friends was easy? Regardless of your situation, a balancing act must be played. Whether you think you lack the social aspect of college, need to step up your game when it comes to academics, missing home, or need to take up some kind of hobby. It’s important to not rely on only one of these aspects wholeheartedly. It’s easy to feel like you’re constantly missing out because of the living situation. However, you have to know what the best path is for you in life. Academics might be a priority right now and you should allow them to be. After all, you’re paying for this education and you might as well make it worthwhile. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for putting school first. Tell yourself you have the rest of your four years to socialize. If you’re on the opposite end of that problem, pull in the reins a little bit. There are different kinds of people at college; not every one of them will always be out and about. If you are used to being a part of a team or a club in high school and you’re missing that in college, go out and join something. The amazing thing about college is that there are usually a ton of clubs to test drive. It is a great feeling to pursue a


hobby or to be part of an organization that will help you grow as an individual. Whether it’s going to the gym, becoming a member of a cultural society, playing intramurals, or writing for a magazine, there is always something for everyone to test out. You’ll never know if you never try! The hardest aspect to deal with is being homesick. This might not go away until you’ve really found the right group of friends, which is 100 percent understandable. Sometimes, finding a friend group doesn’t happen in the first week. Know that your family will always be there to give you support. Maybe not in the sense of physical distance, but they are a constant in your life and you will be with them again. Don’t be afraid to go home when you want to! Remember, you are not the only one going through this difficult transition. Like I said, college is a huge deal. Even if people act like they have everything figured out, they usually don’t. Don’t be afraid to talk about any of these issues. Playing the balancing act helps you to remember that this time of confusion is temporary. Instead, try and focus on the long run. You’re at college, where you are meant to have the time of your life. Your worries won’t last forever, but the memories you create will! •


Taming those lioness locks is no easy task. It takes products-and lots of them, but with a little this and a little that, it can be done! Detangle your hair before washing out the conditioner. It’ll make for easier styling and less breakage. No matter what Mama says, banish those brushes! Always use your fingers to comb through your hair.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Austrailia

Chances are you’re using a styling gel or mousse to get your curls to their fullest potential. You should only be using a defining or styling gel that’s alcohol and silicone-free. The product should also be soluble in water. Any other gel will leave your hair feeling crunchy and unnatural. Make sure you apply your chosen hair product immediately following your shower. This will trap moisture inside the hair follicle and give you thick curls. And, of course, try to evenly distribute the product throughout your mane. I personally struggle with keeping my curls intact the day after I shower. Lorraine Massey, author of The Curly Hair Handbook and founder of DevaCurl, has suggested a way for us curly q’s to fix that. For a curlier look on dry or second-day hair, try the pin method. Massey suggests, “Wrap a section of hair around your finger, slide the finger out, hold the coil with your other hand and insert a clip at a right angle. Gently remove the clips and loosen curls with your fingers. Finish with a scrunch.” You can find this tip and more on We can all agree that frizz is the curly hairs’ enemy. The key to avoiding frizz is to not blow dry your hair completely. Give yourself the opportunity for your locks to air dry, or use a diffuser (you know, that claw-like looking thing that goes on the end of your blow dryer). Speaking from experience, it actually works! The number one most important tip is to not damage your hair, so embrace the curls! We have something other girls have to work hard for.



By Rebecca Sinski



Breaking Bad

Why: Bryan Cranston (Arrested Development) stars as Walter White, cancer patient and high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth kingpin. I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is because chances are, everyone already has. Just prepare yourself to either (a) completely reconsider your morality once you start defending Walt or (b) fall in love with meth-addict and fellow cook Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul.


New Girl

Why: Zooey Deschanel is perfect as Jess, the world’s most socially-awkward and amusing teacher who, after a recent breakup, moves in with three random guys courtesy of a Craig’s List ad. You seriously can’t help but laugh at the ridiculous interactions between Jess and the boys. Prepare yourself to devour the first season in one sitting. Where: /


Why: From executive producer Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40-YearOld Virgin), Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and James Franco star in this series about the social struggles of high school nerds and burnouts in 1980. Despite how well acted, honest and hilarious the show is Freaks and Geeks was canceled before the fist season ended. On the bright side, there are only eighteen episodes so there’s no excuse to not watch it. Where:

Sex & the City

Why: Okay, so you’ve probably already seen every episode. BUT you can watch (and re-watch!) all six seasons on your computer with HBO Go (Free with your HBO subscription). Where:



Orange is the New Black

Why: Imagine how tragically hilarious your life would be if you were sentenced to fifteen months in prison for smuggling drug money in order to satisfy your post-college rebellion and impress your lesbian lover. This is reality for Piper Chapman who leaves her comfortable life, fiancé, and homemade soap company to serve her debt to society among the most eccentric group of inmates in the history of the New York State Correctional System. Where:

Photo courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images,,,



Freaks and Geeks

Photo courtesy of Pam Zazzarino

By Jiayang Fan


In Legally Blonde, Elle, the leading lady, taught Paulette, a shy manicurist, how to attract men by doing the infamous bend and snap. The Mimes and Mummers, Fordham’s theatre group, also showed the whole audience their own “Bend and Snap”, and gave an excellent experience of musical to everyone. The Bend is the preparation before the “snap.” It is the well-designed tickets and brochures, the beautiful props and stage set up. Everything in Collins Auditorium showed their passion about this performance. And these, like a bend, set a great start for the whole musical, and make everyone want to see more.

The great performance given is like a snap, grasping the attention of everyone in the audience starting with the first energetic song, “Omigod You Guys.” Pam Zazzarino FCRH ’14, who played Elle, captivated the whole audience whenever she was on stage. She showed off her incredible talents in both acting and singing. Sean McKay FCRH ’17 also did a great job in the role of Emmett, Elle’s love interest at the end of the play. Sean, although he is only a freshman, and much younger than Emmett’s age, did an outstanding job. Michelle Corr FCRH ‘17 gave an unbelievable performance playing Paulette, and I couldn’t help but love such an enthusiastic girl. The other actors also gave stunning performances through their carefully choreographed dancing, singing, and acting. The audience was truly transported into the world of “Legally Blonde.” A huge thanks to The Mimes and Mummers for giving us such a great show through which we can really feel the passion of each member. I can’t wait for another “Bend and Snap” from The Mimes and Mummers. • 22


Holiday Passport


Ice skating, shopping, window displays and more! The 2013 Holiday Passport is your one-stop resource for all things holiday in NYC. Available now in res halls, or ask a Peer Educator for your copy!

Brought to you by Peer Educators 24

By Caroline Wolff

What To Do Before You Graduate

The start of a new school year at Fordham University is very similar to the start of a new calendar year. Resolutions are made, fresh starts are promised, and goals are set, all in the hopes of making each year even better than the last. Now, obviously, we are all here to get a great education (and with any luck, a successful career), but we are also here for new experiences that we may not encounter at home. This being said, sometimes it’s hard to pop the “Fordham bubble,” whether it is due to a lack of motivation or because our options are overwhelming once we leave the gates of FU. This is why I decided to ask students around campus what they think every Fordham student should do before they graduate. The following responses best represent what the FU community is doing with their free time!

“Every Fordham student should go to Cold Spring and go on a hike to the top of Breakneck Ridge. There is something incredibly refreshing about rugged nature; not the manicured lawns of Fordham. Get a break from the concrete jungle and go see something truly beautiful in nature.” - Maddie S., FCRH ‘16

“Every Fordham student should get lost in the city at least once.” - Mary Kate C., FCRH ‘15

“Fordham students should definitely go see a comedy show in the city. The comedy clubs only charge like $15, and it’s often the lesser known comedians that are the funniest to watch!” Pat H., GSB ‘16

“Stay up all night and watch the sunrise over the skyline.” - Mia C., FCRH ‘14 “One thing every Fordham student should do is really explore the Bronx. There are a ton of great things to do and see right in our own backyard, but people often overlook them for other parts in the city.” - Matt W., ‘14

These are only a few of many cool things you can do in the surrounding area. See a play, walk the highline, or just wander around Brooklyn. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and explore the amazing place we are able to call home for only four short years!


Photo courtesy by

New Year New Places

Photo courtesy by Nishat Baig

Brooklyn “A melting pot of backgrounds that are put together perfectly.” Eric Aguirre, GSB 2014 BY NISHAT BAIG

Winter may seem like the season to hibernate, but the borough of Brooklyn never sleeps. Almost every weekend, Brooklyn houses a festival. Within the past month, Brooklyn’s Food Festival and the Page Turner Literary Festival took place. These festivals appeal to the palettes and interests of many different people. Brooklyn also has its own fashion week, which was fashionably later than the rest of New York’s. This Spring, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting events such as The Art of Brooklyn Film Fest (May 7-11, 2014) and the 15th annual Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival. Another can’t-miss event is the Brooklyn Zine Fest, which will feature writers and artists from all five boroughs. This self-published festival will be held in Williamsburg on April 21, 2014, so make sure to stop by! No matter what time of the year it is, there is always something going down in Brooklyn.

This past September, Dumbo, (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) held its annual arts festival. It had musical performances, installations, exhibitions and food trucks galore. If the art wasn’t interesting enough, the people-watching could have entertained you for days. This festival featured many undiscovered talents, as well as new and up and coming artists. One artist, whose independent photography really stood out from the crowd, was Ivan Forde. Forde’s exhibition “Disbodied” consisted of collages in which he contrasted black and white images with vibrant backgrounds. Conceptually, his themes revolved around inner struggles and how the body functions as a tool to express and explore. Forde represented the collective culture and diversity of Brooklyn, where excitement never ends. 26


By Joanne Drawbaugh New York City dates are the quintessential subject of numerous depictions in cinema. A girl meets a perfect, clean-shaven guy in line at Starbucks. They hit it off, exchange phone numbers, and next thing you know they’re in a carriage in Central Park and, regardless of the season, it’s snowing. In real life, figuring out “what do you wanna do?” is never that easy, especially for a broke college student. Luckily, New York caters to young love of all budgets and circumstances. Next time you’re struggling to break out of your typical Arthur Avenue date routine, explore all that New York City has to offer (for free or close) with these movie worthy dates. You’ll feel like you’re in a montage in no time. The First Date: Brooklyn Nothing heightens the excitement of a first date like a trip to this trendy borough. Start your outing before sunset, and take the time to stroll through one of the gorgeous parks in Williamsburg. As the sun sets, migrate deeper into the neighborhood where there’s probably a few art gallery openings taking place on any weekend night at 56 Bogart Street. Your date will be impressed by your taste for culture, and there are few things more entertaining than trying to interpret hip art. 27 MODE MAGAZINE WINTER 2013

Capitalize on this sense of appreciation by taking them to Dumbo, Brooklyn’s gorgeous waterfront neighborhood found right under the Manhattan Bridge. The area features amazing restaurants and a breathtaking view of Lower Manhattan. Finish the meal with ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory right on the river. Seal the deal with a walk over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, also easily accessible from the neighborhood. Catch the subway once you step back into Manhattan, and plan your marriage on the cozy 6 train. The Casual Date: The Bronx If you’re just looking for a casual day on the town to get to know someone, check out some new areas of the good ol’ Bronx. There are a few lesser known attractions that provide a great backdrop to casual conversation. Those interested in beautiful houses and scenery should visit Wave Hill Public Garden in Riverdale. Careful though, the sprawling scenery and gorgeous estate my leave you and your date speechless. Wave Hill is also home to an interesting cultural center that offers a wide array of classes and performances. Afterwards, explore the extensive international cuisine Riverdale boasts at any of the neighborhood’s signature Thai, Hunan, or Japanese restaurants… or, just grab pizza or a sandwich at one of the numerous cafes.

And what better way to end a night in the BX than by escorting your date to one of the parties going on around Fordham’s campus at any given night. If you really like them, you can even go out to tri-bar. The Fun Date: Queens In my opinion, Queens is the most underappreciated borough. It is culturally diverse and inexpensive when compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn. Queens also serves as a fun date for the couple that’s looking for new experiences. Start the afternoon in the throes of Queens at the Flushing Meadows, where the Unisphere stands 12-stories tall. A relic from the World’s Fair hosted in New York City, this globe is an astounding piece of history. Satisfy the appetite all that excitement built up in Jackson Heights, where Queens’s own Little India is located. This bustling neighborhood hosts streets lined with authentic Indian cuisine, souvenirs, and a row of jewelers for anyone looking to buy the perfect necklace to commemorate the date. If you have a little time on your hands, take a detour home to stop at Queensboro Plaza, where the subway turns so sharply that you can see into the last car from the first. My commuter friend from Astoria, Queens, tells me she and her friends specifically plan to sit in different cars so that they can wave to each other. Make sure you flash your new gold bling to your date as you round the turn.

If you finish before nine, grab coffee or gelato in the adorable Chelsea Market only slightly North, and head up to the High Line, an old above-ground railroad track the city repurposed to a beautiful park. The High Line offers chaise lounges and benches to sit on while enjoying the gorgeous view of the Manhattan streets to the East, and the Hudson River to the West. It also offers its own dining options along the path. Gaze into each other’s eyes lovingly until the park closes at 11pm. The Breakup Date: Staten Island Seriously, this one is so easy. Just tell your significant other you’re taking them to Staten Island and they’ll have a restraining order written up faster than you can say “ferry”. A tried and true painless breakup method. Planning the date is easy, now you just have to find someone to take out. Good luck!

The Commitment Date: Manhattan Save this monumental outing for someone special who you really want to impress and make a commitment to. On Friday nights, take your date to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to enjoy free admission. I would 600 percent recommend this museum to anyone, regardless of their interest in art. It features some of the most interesting, diverse pieces of modern art in the city, from film to famous painting to photography. Afterwards, ditch playedout Midtown and ignite the romance at dinner in the Meatpacking District, one of the island’s swankiest neighborhoods. Choose the restaurant depending on your date’s taste and your budget. 28

FOOD in the city By Heeyeon Lee



Gyu-Kaku is a Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant with a classy and modern interior design. You can choose beef, seafood, and other options and grill them by yourself. Their beef is well marinated and I highly recommend pairing it with their steamed rice. Gyu-Kaku has branches in East Village, Midtown, Times Square and White Plains and each branch has different happy hours for lunch. “This place is definitely where I would like to go every time. Not only because of its fabulous barbeque and desserts, but it also has good service and a comfortable environment. Their sauces are delicious, which are unique from sauces at other restaurants.” Nina Zheng FCRH ’16 said. You can check out the menu, prices and hours before you visit at


Szechuan Gourmet

Szechuan Gourmet differs from your typical Panda Express. “Their service is good, but their prices are expensive compared to most Chinese restaurants. Their food is fresh,” said Lin Gi, FCRH ‘14. This restaurant is a Sichuan province-style Chinese restaurant. Spiciness is the main tase of Sichuan province’s food, but it is just the right amount of spice! It was my first time having Sichuan style dishes, and I loved them. In case you are not familiar with the foreign menu, I recommend Mafa Tofu, spicy tofu with ground pork, and the Kung Pao Shrimp, fried shrimp with chili sauce and nuts! Try their Sichuan province-style food at 21 W 39th St, Manhattan, New York.


Dan Tempura House

Dan Tempura House is a Japanese restaurant near Lincoln Center. Their food is what you would describe as fine dining, but tastes good and is healthy. Visit Dan between 12 and 2 PM and you can enjoy their special “lunch box” at a reasonable price. Their lunch box gives you a choice of an entree, salad (I love the dressing), rolls, small dumplings, miso soup, and rice. Warning: some people say their sushi and sashimi are below the restaurant’s standards. “Dan’s Tempura Box was really good because the shrimp was fried in a proper way. It was perfect to have it with their sauce. And the roll was cute and delicious.” Jaiyang Fan, FCRH ’16 said. Try their lunch box for yourself at 2018 Broadway, Manhattan, New York.



GREEN REVOLUTION (for beginners)

by briana rotello

I am the last person to preach about being healthy. I try to eat well as much as I can and fit in gym time when I have a break in my schedule. I am a huge fan of the spin classes here at Fordham (find me Mondays and Thursdays!). But I am also a huge fan of chocolate. And cake. And cookies. Did you know that 17 chocolate chips are only 70 calories?? That’s totally my justification for eating half a bag in one sitting and I am sticking to it. As of lately, cough, I have been introduced to green smoothies. I have made my share of scrunched and disgusted faces (all warranting a lecture on how beneficial the smoothies can be) while sipping down only half of each cup presented to me. After some convincing, I finally had the recipes readjusted to suit my tastes a little better.

Green Piña Colada Smoothie 1/2 cup of mango diced (fresh or frozen) 2 cups of pineapple diced (fresh or frozen) 1 cup of kale 1/2 cup of spinach 1 green apple 1/2 cup coconut water or milk 1/4 cup of shredded coconut 1/2 cup of ice the juice of 1 lemon Mix everything in a blender and enjoy!




hi kt



g ma


hi et

This smoothie is a refreshing drink and an easy way to get an array of essential vitamins and minerals in your body. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which is a beneficial antioxident It also has tons of enzymes to help aid your body in digestion and serve as an anti-inflammatory to your cells (thanks to the pineapple, according to World Health). You are also getting a great serving of vegetables with the spinach and kale, all while masking the taste! This recipe is awesome first thing in the morning for an energy boost, for a post workout recovery, or for someone who has a hard time getting their daily fruits and vegetables. And hey, it’s super tasty and will make you feel like you’re somewhere warm and tropical. Good thoughts to think when you’re walking to FMH from Campbell in this -82932830 degree weather. So, enjoy!


Photo courtesy of Queen of Quinoa

Green smoothies are a great way to sneak some extra nutrients in your body, especially if you drink them before starting your day. The best part about green smoothies is that you can get creative- there are so many options to choose from when it comes to perfecting a flavor that works for you. Try this beginner recipe for yourself and post a picture of your smoothie on Instagram with the hashtag #modegoesgreen. If you like it, let us know! If you don’t… well… pretend we didn’t say anything.

What is a Hook Up? By Darcy McGuire

According to Webster’s Online Dictionary, one of the definitions of the term “hook up” is “an act of instance of hooking up; especially: a casual sexual encounter.” On today’s dating scene, “hooking up” could mean multiple things to different people, leaving many to be confused and unsure of what someone actually means. Is a hookup a noun or a verb? Does it mean kissing or something more? Urban Dictionary, the on-the-street counterpart of Webster’s, instead has “hook up” as, “to have any form of intimacy with a member of the preferred sex that you don’t consider a significant other. Usually, when said by modern youth it means to make out, and when said by people between the ages of 20 and 35 it generally means to have sex. If a very old person says it, it probably means to “simply spend time with somebody.”


So what is a hook up, really? It’s a way to say you had some kind of physical encounter with someone else without having to say what exactly. Congrats, you’ve hooked up with someone. Now, what really happened? •

Photo courtesy of FU Makeouts

The ambiguity behind the term is fascinating, yet all the same leaves everyone in the same boat. When a person says that they’ve hooked up with someone, is it making out or having sex?

If someone is a hook up is that person a one-time thing or someone who they are consistently doing sexual/romantic things with? According to a survey taken by Fordham students, a hook up can mean pretty much anything just mentioned, although majority use hook up as a synonym for make out. Even though most feel it is making out, because of the confusion behind the term, many feel the need to ask what a person means when they say that they’ve hooked up with someone. You could even go as far as to say that people use “hook up” as a cop out to actually saying what they did or how far they went. No one wants to be the one to ask, “well, what exactly do you mean by hook up,” for one reason or another, and so the term becomes a wall to hide behind.

He Said She Said By Darcy McGuire

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? The stereotype is that men and women have always been known to have differing opinions and interests, predicated on the idea that opposites attract and that the two different people complete each other. But are men and women really that different? According to a recent survey given to Fordham students, they’re not as different as many people seem to think. Q: What defines a relationship? cumstances,” (Mike Massaro, GSB ’17). Across the board, this one has been getting similar answers. Both guys and girls would categorize a relationship as just a connection of some kind that could be on an emotional or physical level, whether that’s friendship or involving something more. “It’s a bond between two people, regardless of gender,” (Mike Esposito, FCRH ’17.) “A relationship is giving up a Friday night out to spoon feed your significant other chicken noodle soup when he or she is sick,” (Abigail David, GSB ’16).

Q: Does jealousy work?

Watch out ladies, because men are huge advocates of jealousy. Nine out of 10 guys interviewed will whole-heartedly attest to the fact that jealousy works, although the girls are a little wearier about it. Is this because girls are more likely the victims of a jealous ploy? Probably, but that still doesn’t change the fact that some guys like to use and abuse it. Of the girls interviewed, about half admitted that jealousy does, in fact, work, but all agreed that it isn’t the best policy to use when trying Q: What’s your opinion of the to pursue someone. “No one wins in the girl asking the guy out? Girls, if end. Everyone ends up with hurt feelings,” you want to take the first move, go for it. (Christina Daniels, FCRH ’16). This question had varying answers from both genders- splitting about 50/50 Q: What’s the most important apiece. Some are all for it. “Guys are id- quality in a partner? Interestingiots, so it might be a good plan. It shows ly enough, every guy interviewed used strength, which I think is an attractive trust, honesty, or a synonym of those. “It’s quality to a lot of guys,” (Jack Murray, most important to be able to understand FCRH ‘16). “I think it’s ballsy. It shows the best and worst parts of the other partinitiative and it’s absolutely encour- ner,” (Daegan Benison, GSB ’15). Girls, on aged,” (Emma Bausert, FCRH’17). Others the other hand, had a variety of importprefer a more traditional approach, so ant qualities, ranging from trust, like the guys, to intelligence or confidence, or just ladies, it’s completely in your court. even to the ability to make you laugh.“The Q: What kind of a role does al- most important quality is easily a sense of cohol play in initiating romantic humor, because it’s entertaining and fun and also indicative of a lot of other great encounters, if any? The obvious anqualities,” (Marissa Dow, FCRH ’15). The swer is that alcohol does play a massive ladies appear to have higher standards role in romantic encounters, although than the men, here. both guys and girls know that there is more depth behind it any relationship Q: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being than alcohol can cover. “Alcohol certainly works as a social lubricant, so it makes the most) how important is texany encounter go smoothly in the sense ting? It’s a known fact that in today’s that you tend to lose your inhibitions a day and age, texting has become more little,” (Kate Russell, FCRH ’16). guys and relevant not just in romantic relationgirls alike understand that it can’t sub- ships, but in all commitments and comstitute for anything of real substance. munications established. “The words, “If you feel real feelings for a person, it punctuation and emojis that are used in a should only be initiated under sober cir- text as well as how quickly the person

responds alters a message entirely,” (Marissa Dow FCRH ’15). The girls do value texting a little bit more, though. The average girl score was a 6.2, while the guys averaged a 5.5.

Q: How soon would you tell a person you love them? Thankfully

these answers didn’t normally come with time stamps on them. Of the people interviewed, only 33% gave an exact amount of time, with both the guys and girls averaging at 2 months. Most, however, gave the same answer.“I don’t think there’s any rule of thumb when it comes to telling a person that you love them… When the time is right, you’ll know,” (Jack Murray, FCRH ’16). •


Create A Goal Board

Add some color...

by Caroline Sneider


ow that you are in college and have early morning classes and late night studying it’s hard to stay motivated. How can we remind ourselves to spend that extra ten minutes before bed studying or to get up ten minutes earlier to get our bags packed and homework printed? How about just keeping our eye on the prize and reminding ourselves to fill out those job applications or join that club to build our resume? An easy solution: A goal board.

Someone you really admire... An athletic aspiration...

You might be imagining a goal board as a bunch of magazine cut outs of a beach in Boca, your future husband Liam Hemsworth, or a Ferrari, but I am here to tell you how to make one differently in order to make your goals more possible. An amazing place you My advice: Go ahead and look through your favor-ite magazine best friend’s Tumblr or Pinterest and find images that grab your attention. Also add a pop of creativity with images of your favorite fash-ion and bands, or images of striking fonts, hair-styles, and phrases. But also, pick up a magazine you wouldn’t normally read, search places and things you find interesting on Tumblr, Pinterest, or simply Google. Find motivational quotes to work hard, a daily 15 minute ab workout to improve your fitness, logos of companies you dream of working for, images of leaders in the field you hope to as-pire to be. Finally, while doing these searches take pictures, logos, and quotes that trigger a physical reaction. Let your responses produce Oooohs! Aaaahhhs! or Whoas! Some additional advice: Change up your board frequently to illustrate your change in taste, goals, dreams, opinions, etc. •


An inspirational quote...

want to visit!

My Goal Board

HAUTETOPIC Photo courtesy by Rachel Meyer

Rachel Meyer


Little Gold Rings By Briana Rotello


Rachel Meyer, Rose Hill 2014, Communications and Media Studies Major with a concentration in New Media and a French minor.


“When I was studying abroad in Australia, my roommate had a jewelry company. She had this big jewelry kit and she was always playing with it. I would ask her to show me how to create some of the things she was making. It was so cool, the pieces were things you could get or give to someone that only he or she would have. She taught me the easiest thing to do, which was to play with wire and make little wire designs. I used to practice on her little scraps and then when I got home, I made my sister a ring and she really liked it asked for rings for her friends!”

“I listed my Etsy shope as wired rings and when the first person bought one it was so exciting. I put the link on Facebook, then my friends and family started sharing the page and it was first really through word of mouth that my rings were discovered. That took off really quickly. People were happy with the rings. I package things in an envelope with bubble wrap and then wrap it again and I put notes in with the packages. I am always in contact with the people who order the rings to make sure the ring got to them in tact.”

keep up with it during the school year but I think because I’m talking about it less it has slowed down. If I were to start posting more on the Instagram, the business would grow back up.”


“Etsy is great where you can have something similar to an IM conversation with someone who wants to buy something from your page. Everyone is really nice on Etsy and people write feedback. Also, people who buy something get ten percent off everything else they RINGS IN DEMAND buy. Etsy is a great place to start “Having an instagram really made your own business if that is what my business take off. Since being you are looking to do.” on Etsy I have sold about 300. In the summer, it was really easy to create the rings. I used to get a lot of single orders. Though a girl once ordered a ring for herself and then for her greek sorority if they wanted them HER BUSINESS PLAN “I came back to school and started too. She got back to me and 55 girls wanted rings! I made the rings in two making them just for fun and my roommate said I should start selling nights! them. So she helped me set up and “It’s time consuming so it’s hard to etsy.”



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