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Fordham University

SCHOOL OF LAW Class of 1998

Summation Rev. Joseph A. O'Hare S.J ., President

John D. Feerick, Dean

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was I the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season oflight, it was the season of darkness, it was the season of hope, it was the winter of darkness, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us .. . " Charles Dickens


While three or four years have passed, it seems such a short time ago when we first entered the grounds of Fordham University wondering whether we would pass Legal Process, hearing the words that "no one ever fails," but not wanting to be the first. It seems as if it was only yesterday when we were sitting in orientation listening to Dean Feerick espouse upon the tradition of the Law School. With him was Dean Reilly telling us that among these strangers sit persons who would become lifetime friends, perhaps a spouse, and lasting influences on our being. Little could we conceptualize what lies ahead, from "bluebooking" our long memo to competing for a valued Journal position or Moot Court spot. Our academic history of "straight /\s" turned into a competition not to be on the lower part of"the curve." We were thankful throughout for that prized winter recess, which always felt as if it lasted all of two hours, and the summer, which some of us chose to fill with a continuous course load. Our thanks for these times of the year came not so much for the break it offered, but the end of another academic year which it represented, bringing us that much closer to our ultimate goal. The world continued to move on as we toiled through mountains of case law and voluminous texts, with only the truly momentous events cutting through the haze of our work. Some of the more relevant issues piercing the veil were a robust United States economy with a resultant increased need for the ever capable Fordham graduate; the Rangers finally winning a Stanley Cup; the Yankees upsetting the Braves to become World Champions; the great loss of perhaps two of the most famous women of all time, Princess Diana of Wales and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Perhaps the greatest change of all was in ourselves, with our increased insight, our knowledge and our experience, all making us look at the world differently than we had before. Although we all may take different paths, the public sector, government service, corporate work, large and small firms, or even a path away from the Law, we will always share a bond Fordham Law Class of 1998.

Roy T Richter Editor


President William Clinton acknowledging Fordham Law's entry into the cop cwenty-five rated law schools in the coumry. Unfonunately for the Presidem, U.S. News & World Repon carried many more anicles concerning the workings of various White House Special Prosecucors investigating a wide range of allegations against the Presidem.

Carla Charny


Nancy Rocker, Shelly Eaton

Ray Cardinalli, Robert Strong, Sean Sullivan, Michael Silverberg

Jeff Meckler

Janice Kioko, Lydie Pierre-Louis, Diane Rapisarda

Anmay Lam, Timothy Robb

Darren Farrington, Matt Wong, Evelyn Grant, Jeanette Welsh

Michelle Dobrawsky

Kimberly Burgess Stephanie Stephens

Isatu Kanu, Priscilla Steward

Anne Marie Stillfried, Ethel Tyus



Rev. Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J. President of the University


John D . Feerick Dean and Professor of Law


William J. Moore Dean of Admissions

Michael M. Martin Associate Dean and Professor of Law

Robert J. Reilly Assistant Dean of Alumni Affairs

Michael Schiumo Assistant Dean of Career Planning 9

Kevin S. Downey Assistant Dean of Admissions

Nitza M. Escalera Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

01 路 t\RT 路 TlwAndre :-.lc1cr

Judith L. M. O 'Sullivan Assistant Dean of Finance and Admissions 10

Helen Herman Director of Academic Programs

Minnie Hong Director of Communications

Robert Cooper Director of Publications

Hillary Mantis Director of Career Planning II


Keri Gould Director of Externship Programs

Kenneth Pokrowski Registrar

Thomas J. Schoenherr Director of the Public Interest Resource Center

James A. McGough Director of Financial Aid

Estelle Fabian Director ofL.L.M. Administration

Jennifer Atherley Director oflnformation Systems

Prof. Janet R. Tracy Law Librarian

Diana Sanabria Evening Division Liaison 13


Prof. Abraham Abramovsky

Prof. Daniel J. Capra

Prof. Helen Bender

Prof. Yung Frank Chiang 14

Prof. Marc M. Arkin

Prof. James A. Cohen

Prof. Jeffrey M. Colon

Prof. Elizabeth B. Cooper

Prof. Mary C. Daly

Prof. Matthew Diller

Prof. Jill Fisch

Prof. Deborah C. Denno

Prof. Carl Felsenfeld

Prof. Martin Flaherty

Prof. James E. Fleming 15


Prof. Martin Fogelman

Prof. Roger J. Goebel

Prof. Bruce A. Green

Prof. Abner S. Greene

Prof. Hugh C. Hansen

Prof. Tracy E. Higgins

Prof. Leah Hill

Prof. Gail D. Hollister

Prof. Nicholas J . Johnson

Prof. Robert J. Kaczorowski

Prof. James L. Kainen

Prof. Michael R. Lanzarone

Prof. Lynn Kelly

Prof. Michael T. Madison

Prof. Constantine N. Katsoris

Prof. Donald L. Magnetti

Prof. Maria L. Marcus 17

Prof. Michael M. Martin

Prof. Edward F. C. McGonagle

Prof. Mark Patterson

Prof. Joseph M. Perillo 18

Prof. Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley

Prof. Russell G. Pearce

Prof. Ernest Earl Phillips

Prof. Thomas M. Quinn

Prof. Joel R. Reidenberg

Prof. Daniel C. Richman

Prof. David A. Schmudde

Prof. Beth G. Schwartz

Prof. Donald L. Sharpe

Prof. Andrew B. Sims

Prof. Terry Smith

Prof. Linda Sugin

Prof. Joseph C. Sweeney 19

Dr. Ludwik Teclaff

Prof. Steve Thel

Prof. William M. Treanor

Prof. Ian S. Weinstein 20

Prof. Chantal Thomas

Prof. Rachel Vorspan

Fr. Charles Whelan

Prof. Benjamin C. Zipursky

ACADEMIC & ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES Admissions Ruth Mohamed Nivia Lebron Betsy Maldonado

Alumni Affairs & External Relations Dir. Robert Cooper Asst. Dean Robert Reilly Dir. Minne Hong Daniela Inglese Bernadette Dormer


Academic Programs &CLE Scott Lilly Dir. Helen Herman David Quiles

Career Planning Theresa McNerney Christina Meincke Robbyn Thompson Dir. Hillary Mantis Emily Marcus

Dean's Office Marilyn Force Sarina McGough Lisa Roman


Information Systems Jason Benedict Marjorie Martin Dir. Jennifer Atherley Lizette Velazquez Paul Woomer

Financial Aid Dir. James McGough Carolyn Perraud Marjorie Walme Bridget Deline

Public Interest Resource Center Susan Zankel Dir. Thomas Schoenherr Vanessa Basile-Gormley


1997 to 1998 marked the expansion of the Clinical Program into offices located at 33 West 60th Street, 3rd floor. The program offers students the chance to develop professional judgment and legal skills in a real practice setting.

The Clinic Staff Left to Right- Professors: Ian Weinstein, Marcella Silverman, Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, Dir. Ann Moynihan, Lynn Kelly, Beth Schwartz, Dir. Keri Gould, Leah Hill. Not pictured- James Cohen

Standing: Donna Welensky, Rossana Pariotta, Theresa Mulder, Libby Vazquez, Luz Ramirez, Moira Linnehan Sitting: Teresa Rivera, Lisa Fabien


Master of Laws Program Christine Mozian Chris Soto Dir. Estelle Fabian

LLM Orientation- Class of 1998


Registrar Hilda Alvarez Lorena Richardson Ken Pokrowski Emelinda Huertas Doretha Marsh

Student Affairs Alba Reyes Annene Gonzales Diana Sanabria Lynene Osborne Asst. Dean Nitza Escalera

Finance and Administration

Asst. Dean Judith O 'Sullivan 26

Kathleen Kilpatrick

Tom Gordon

Law Library Prof. Janet Tracy, Pat Philbert, Pamela Cook, Joyce Dindayal, Nilda Elias, Victor Essien, Daniel Fairfax, Michele Falkow, Juan Fernandez, Mary Godfrey, Janice Greer, Donna Joseph, Kit Kreilick, Yvette LeRoy, Felicia McCoy, Mary McKee, Norma Pough, Jorene Robbie, Donna Rosinski, Kurtie Sannon, Yi Sheng, David Tay, Paul Zarowny

Faculty Secretarial Services Dir. Patricia Noka, John Topping, Judy Haskell, Kim Holder, Claudette Parker, Lourdes Ramirez, Debra Rivera, Kathleen Ruggiero, Carolyn Singleton, Jean Smith, Sylvia Steede, Mary Whelan

Mail Center

Law School Development

Murray Sewdass

Director Fran Sheeley

r 27

Dean's Day, October 1997, bid a fond farewell to Assistant Dean Kathleen Brady and offered a panel discussion on the role of the Independent Counsel.

Dean Feerick wirh rhe Arrorney General oflreland, David Byrne

The Panelisrs- Mark H. Touhey, Frances A. McMorris, Earl J. Silberr, Richard W. Becker, Hon . John Keenan , Julie O 'Sullivan, Paul J. Curran, Roberr B. Fiske, Jr.


Aprill998, A panel discussion on the Federal Judiciary vacancy crises set the stage for Thomas Murphy Day, highlighted by the unveiling of a portrait ofJudge Murphy.

D ean John Feerick, Robert McGuire, John R. Vaughn

John R. Vaughn, Jack Pace, William J. Miller, John Hanley with portrait of Judge Murphy.


March 1997, current Fordham Law student leaders were guests of Dean Reilly at the 49th annual Alumni Association luncheon.

Brirtiny Sessions, Rachel Reingold , Mark Sherman, Tracey McNeil


' ,~

Joseph Shumofsky, Sylvia Duarte, Nadia Chanza, Gwen Kalow, Jodi Ganz, Mark Bradford, Priscilla Steward

Standing: Roy Richter, John McCarthy, Leigh Dyson Seated: James Colgate, Peter Fama, Rebecca Marek


The Fordham Student Sponsored Fellowship offers financial grants to students performing public interest work. During the Seventh Annual Goods & Services Auction over $120,000 was raised. Pictured at left: Prof Katsoris offers his cooking services to the highest bidder.


~ .. I Ohlt'• "i tn t t> !'~~"-~:• ~w. 1\•S'II-Kcllrl"' L

jh. n:a~eball ·l~ubb\' "

11•• Qa~·h:lii·Ak..: H:uo: lf•lf

llo\:kcy l'od• t~t·


1hx k~'\' t•ud··l vi•

:/ et,osw-t

' ' f'holo·U~Ia:, \ H·l


Rachel Reingold

Nadia Chanza, Paul Garfinkel


Erin Shaffer

HALLOWEEN AT FORDHAM LAW L - Roy Richter and Nadia Chanza

Alexia Ringo and Milan Dey-Chao

NEW YORK CARES DAY- October 18, 1997. FLS volunteers gave their Saturday to paint a public grammar school in the Bronx.

Mark Bradford, Chris Bicknell 33

Rebecca Marek, Sean Kane with future FLS students.

Roy Richter, Maryanne Bifulco, Bill Meehan Jack Pace, Sean Hayes, Daniel Healy, Danielle Sullivan

Kevin Fullington, Eric Breitman, Jack McCarthy end the day with Pete at the Coliseum.


tUIIIII 路 roaD!IAl t~'lypsrrY




Liliane Azencot-Bergel

Alessandro Bianchini

Jason L.S. Birnboim

Drew Gordon Lee Chapman

Supote Chunyavongchot

Giada Cortesi

Elzbieta Czerewacka

Gian Roberto De Giovanni

Leonid Yuryevich Elt

Angel U che Ezediaro

Chien-Fen Fang

Luiz de Figueiredo Forbes

Lourdes Achacoso Gadioma

Giorgio Gallenzi

Matias Grinberg

Sun-Goon Kwon 37


Sobchoke Griyoonsen

Maren Hartmann

Rainer Martin Herschlein

Masaaki Kadoi

Amir Khoury

Katherine Kinkela

Elizabeth Lerner

Shin Taek Lim

Giovanni Maccioni

Nicolo Notaro

Kusuma Pandula

Ulrike Paukner

Tanja Pejovic

] esus Perez de la Cruz Ona

Keren Porter

] oseph] imenez Ramos

Mikhail Ratinov

Michael] oseph Rimon 39


Karina Rivero Rodriguez

Ehud Schaffer

Oleksandr V. Shulzhenko

Ron Benjamin Sitton

John Alvin Tessensohn

Emanuela Vespa

Monica Montenegro Vieira

Hadas Weisman

Yi Fen Wu


Delon M. Abrams

Harlee M. Abrams

Veronica E. Afif

Lauren Nasime Alaie

Sergio M. Alegre

Vincent Charles Ansaldi

Eugene C. Anyikwa

Robert Michael Applebaum

Michael William Arseneault

Heidi Balk

Ben Barrameda

Christopher 0. Bicknell

!lyssa Meredith Birnbach

Andrew Jared Bloom

David]. Blue

Martin] oseph Bogue

Carrie Anne Bond

Mark D. Bradford 43

Paul Anthony Brancato

Eric Daniel Breitman

Michael E. Breslin

Daniel L. Brown


Kimberly Kami Burgess

Felicia Busto Fraim

Denis M. Butkovic

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. B.B. King


Lisa A. Butler

Joseph A. Calascibetta

Andrew Carl Campbell

Brett G. Canna

Raymond]. Cardinali

Cynthia A. Carew

Sean P. Carpenter

Lisa Marie Casko

Herminia Stephen Castro 45


Christine E. Celenza

] effrey Alan Chabrowe

Lea-Wei Chang

Carla Charny

Leslie Elie Chebli

Dickson C. Chin

Kara H. Ching

Susan Chun

Dong-Yop Chung

Harriet LaVerne Clemons

Jason Fredric Cohen

Todd G. Cosenza

Jennifer A. Cotton

Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln

Wendy R. Credle

Triana G. Crilly 47


Joseph Crupi

Michael A. Cuomo

Michael N. Dakin

Anastasia T. Danias

David J. Danon

Douglas J. Davis

Jamal M. Dawkins

Marjorie De La Cruz

Elizabeth Anne Dee

Laurieanne DeLitta

Edgar DeLeon

Jonathan E. DeMay

Matthew Brooke Dernier

Dorothy Derrickson

Milan Dey-Chao

Jorge Alberto Diaz

Michelle Lisa Dobrawsky 49

Patrick B. Donohue

Bindu Donovan

Erik W Drewniak

Murat E. Dulger

Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Lou Holtz

Dana Edwards 50

Daniel J. Endick

J oelle Entelis

Jill G. Fieldstein

Steven Epstein

Elizabeth A. Fearon

Robert Dallas Ferrari

Eric B. Fields

John]. Figueroa

David Samuel Finkelstein 51


Andrea Fitz

David Lawrence Fitzgerald

Tara E. Flanagan

Loren Lee Forrest Jr.

Robert Paul Fransen

Sandra Freeman

Jacqueline A. Frome

Kevin E. Fullington

John Vito Galluccio

Omar Bolaji Gambari

Jodi Berlin Ganz

Robert L. Garner

Alexander M. Gayer

If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused. Walter Mondale

Jennifer M. Gaylord

Noah D. Genel 53


John David Gigante

Eric David Gill

Michelle Jamie Gittlesohn

John Lawrence Glueck

Tara Jill Goldsmith

Heather Rene Goldstein

Todd David Gorman

Ross Mical Gotler

Evelyn S. Grant

Stefan Grant

Kevin A. Green

Lavi Z. Greenspan

Lora Rachel Groginsky

] eanmarie K. Gruben

Samuel A. Gunsburg 55

Keyes C. Hardin

James A. Harrington

Sean Erik Hayes

Daniel]. Healy

David N. Hecht

Martha A. Heinze

Eddie Nelson Hernandez

Patricia A. Higgins

Make the most ofyourself, for that is all there is ofyou. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Deesha Michele Hill

Alexandra E. Hines

Gail S. Hoenig

Tracie Lee Hoffman

Daniel S. Holzman

John A. Horowitz

Stacey Rene Borth-Neubert

Tara A. Hunt

Bryan]. Hutchinson 57


Carolyn M. Iozzia

Eric Itzkowitz

Scott D. Jaffee

Ta-Tanisha D . James

Manuel Jimenez Jr.

Gwenn Michele Kalow

Eileen Marie Kane

Sean Francis Kane

lsatu Kanu

Gary L. Kaplan

Dara Susan Katcher

Therisa Kerins Mulder

Samarat S. Khichi

Denis]. Kiely

William]. Kilgallen

In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters ofprinciple, stand like a rock. Thomas]efferson

Kim Killion

Bo-Kyung Kim 59


Pat A. King

Janice Alexandra Kioko

Thomas Kjellberg

James H . Klinkner

Jung-Kyu Koh

Jonathan Samuel Konovitch

Mitchell H. Kraus

Andrew D. Kupinse

Jonathan Landesman

Matthew Evan Langer

Helene A. Laval

Trisha L. Lawson

AnnE. Leddy

Dina C. Lee

Emma Lee

Daniel Isaac Leibler

Joseph W . Leoda

JoAnn Lengua 61

Kimberly Dawn Lerner

Naftali T. Leshkowitz

Jeffrey Levitin

Suzanne Mary Liptack

Raymond A. Lombardo

Kimberly D. Lowe

Stanley B. Lutz

Courtney E. Lynch

Try not to become a person ofsuccess but rather a person of value. Albert Einstein


Delia Theresa McCabe

Ashok David Marin

Christina M. Marshall

Maria Ann Mazzocchi

Edward Timothy McAuliffe] r.

] ames Patrick McCann

] ames T. McCarthy 63


John Joseph McCarthy

Anne F. McCaughey

Brendan Patrick McFeely

Kathleen T. McGahran

Patricia M. McGrath

Elizabeth Sallinger McKenna

Stephen McLeod

] effrey Meckler

Kathleen Mary Melli

Francis Mendez

Seth Adam Mersch

Daniel Brahm Midvidy

Julie Young Min

Faith ... is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods. C.S. Lewis

Donna Mitchell

Holly Thompson Mitchell 65


Victor J. Molina Jr.

Michael F. Morano

Gianluca Morello

Francesca A. Morris

Kieran E. Morris

Michael P. Moyer

Donna F. Mulvihill

Harry Daniel Murphy

Janet R. Murtha

Elissa Suzanne Myerowitz

Howard Z. Myerowitz

William Edward Nagel III

Mari Nakamichi

Brendan E. Neary

EllynJevyn Nelms

Joseph Henry Nierman

William] . N ugenr III

Sean Paul O 'Flaherty 67

Sean Kotaro O'Neill

Navdeep Oberoi

Shamsey Yomi Oloko

Jack Edward Pace III

Tarz F. Palomba

Julie Barker Pape

Cristina Sun Woo Park

Alexander Pellerito Jr.

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. Vincent Van Gogh


Amairis Pefia-Chavez

Melissa Persaud

Kenneth P. Persing

Michael]. Peterson

Lydie Pierre-Louis

Lara Kimberly Pi taro

Anne Sabra Plumer

Christian P. Porwoll

Shari Presworsky 69


Christina Marie Rackett

Laura Mae Raisty

Annie E. Raulerson

Deepak Reddy

Nicole Ann Reninger

Sarice Martine Retrey

Roy T. Richter

Andrea]. Rinaldi

Alexea L. Ringo

Maria Rivera

Stephen]. Rizzo

Timothy Martin Robb

Philip D. Robben

There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Louis L' Amour

Zara Denise Karen Roberts

Nancy] ean Rocker 71


Michael D . Roe

Phoebe Roosevelt

Georgina Psipsikas Rotenberg

Andrew Evan Roth

Barbara Ann Ruskin

Annette Sanjurjo

Joseph A. Satta

Paul Michael Sayegh

Tami Scarola

Jason B. Schaeffer

Elizabeth Jane Schueller

Allison R . Scharin

Keri M . Scherr

Glen T. Schleyer

Lindsay Mara Schoen

Peter]. Schuyler

Brittiny L. Sessions 73

Michael Lawrence Sharf

Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Ing-ChuanJudy Shen

Mark Daniel Sherman

Elisa A. Shevlin

Michele Galman Shpetner

Joseph Shumofsky

Richard Allen Sibery II

Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice, and .. . when they fail to do this purpose they become dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Janine E. Sisak

Charles Smith

Courtney R. Smith

Kimberly Anne Spiessbach

Ari Staiman

Stephanie I. Stephens

Tara Constance Stever

Priscilla I. Steward

Anne Marie Stillfried 75


Danielle L. Sullivan

Sean Sullivan

Alexander Suslensky

Robert H. Sutton

Carl Martin Swanson

Maria Alana Tahmouresie

Mara Taylor

Nicole G . Tell

] erald M . Tenenbaum

Michelle Tong

Keila Y Torres Ojeda

Lestina C. Trainor

Barbara A. Truszkowski

Kimberly Lee Turner

Ethel E. Tyus

The stroke of the whip maketh marks in the flesh: but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones. Many have fallen by the edge of the sword: but not so many as have fallen by the tongue. APOCRYPHA, Ecclesiasticus, 28:17-8

Diana E. Valentin 77


Ariel Velez

William R. Veto Jr.

William Thomas Vuk

Lawrence E. Wagenberg

Andrew M. Walsh

Karen Janet Walton

Derek Errol Warner

Erica Marie Weihe

Rephoel A. Weitzner

Susan E. Welber-

David]. Wexler

Donovan L. Wickline

Daniel Kamin Winterfeldt

Howard H. Wu

Thomas Yih

All men by nature desire knowledge. Aristotle

Daiske Yoshida

Jennifer K. Yu 79

Lock See Yu-Jahnes

Heath B. Zarin

Alexis P. Zoullas

Whoever will cultivate their own mind will find full employment. Every virtue does not only require great care in the planting, but as much daily solicitude in cherishing as exotic fruits and flowers; the vices and passions (which I am afraid are the natural product of the soil) demand perpetual weeding. Add to this the search after knowledge ... and the longest life is too short. Mary Wortley, Lady Montagu



Tracy J. Fink

Nadia Chanza

Lawrence Sachs

MASTER OF LAW GRADUATES NOT PICTURED N atercia Al ves Laurence Birnbaum Kevin Budd Veriozka A. Cabrera Jordan Dard ov Thom as DeLuca

Fabio Del Bene Len Gali tzky Lucia Goodwin Aviv Hillo Bruce Holm es Hideaki Iono

Saroshi Inoue Naoki Iwam oro D avid Jay Janow Margaret Kessler L. Lee McCalli ster Gordana Petrovi c

Peter Pfeiffer Elvira Pinkhasova Frederick Raffetro Daniel E. Rybnik Giovanni Srucchi DanielL. Topper

JURIS DOCTOR GRADUATES NOT PICTURED Dame C. Alberi Brett G . Alton Patrick C. Ancri Steve n C. Armbrust Shell ey A. Atkinson Scott A. Axsom Andrew F. Balash Julie Barker Pamela Bathgate Ni cole M. Bellina Darren M. Bodem J ennifer R . Boyle Andrea L. Buff Matthew T. Byrn e Susann ah Cahill J essica S. Caspe Chri stin e Chanouni Dav id C. Chase Sterling C. Ch urch Albert]. Costello J ohn V. D 'Ami co Dennis G. DaCos ta Phillip A . DeC icco Kun F. Deng ler Kan:路na Lesli e Raball

Pamela P. D enzer Stephen A. Devaney Marcelino Diaz Aysha Dixon Carmine A. Esposiro Karl F. Franklin Thomas T. Freed man Ili ya A. Fridm an James E. Gandy, III Amonia F. Giuliana Kevin D . Sanchez Charlie Gree n Jr. Charity M . Guerra H eather P. H agga n y Donald R . H all Jr. Am y F. Halverson Alan H amm es Yongae H an Ri chard D. H ard y Anne B. Hawthorn Michael]. Hickey Cath erine P. Isobe Adam E. J affe Panayot is Kambeseles G erald C. Keega n

Jonathan Keiser Malik M . Kh alil David]. Ki zner Ross H . Klenoff Terris Ko Gina E. Lewi s Jill Levine Keith A. Markel John E. McLea n Keith D. Mem on Amoni a Merzo n Julie E. Min Maureen Monag han JeJun Moon May nard F. ew man Michael O 'Reill y D arren T. Olofso n Karen Oni z-Sosa Mart hew Paul ose Jr. Brews ter W. Pettus Kathlee n A. Plunkett D iane Rap isard a Raque l Reveron Marga ret Robles Staci E. Rosche

Sue A. Rosensrock John B. Sarno Amhon y H. Schouten Erin R. Shaffer Tonia Sherrod Meaghan Shevlin Cheung Michael Silverberg Chad E. Sjoqui st Roger F. Skelron Rosa E. Son Steven C. Spencer Ann E. Stanley Scott Stewan Roben E. Srrong Daniel M . Smzin Felicia Swindell s Clifford]. Turbin Bridget M. Varl ey J eanerte M . Welsh J ennifer A. White Patri ck M. White Carol]. Whites ides Mauri ce C. Wilc.l y III Elizabeth M . Zito


Section 11 senior dinner. Standing: H oward M yerow itz, Eilee n Kane, Ray Cardinali , An may Lam , N ancy Rocker, Mi chael Silverbe rg , Timoth y Robb, Kim Killi on, Srephen D evaney; Seated: Edgar DeLeon, Wend y Credl e, Stefan Grant , Prof. D eborah D enno

Tim othy Robb. N ancy Roc ker


Ray Ca rd inali . Stephen Deva ney

Class Valediccorian- Michael Silverberg wirh a 3.986 GPA

Howard M yerow irz wanes co know who gave Mike rhe A minus.

... ..



J{ Prof. Denno offers a coasr co Mike and rh e grad uating class.

8 )'


J ean mari e K . Gruben Samuel A. Gun sburg Tami Scarola

Editor-in-Chief Senior Articles Editor Speci{d lssms Editor

Sracy R . H orrh-Neuberr J anin e Sisak

Laura M. Rai sry Anronia F. Guili ana

D av id S. Finkelsrei n G we nn M . K alow

J ohn A . H orowirz Ann E. Sranley

M arrin J. Bog ue Eri c D. Gill Alexandra E. Hines Juli e Min J oseph B. Shumofs ky

J oseph A. Calsciberra Carri e Girge nri D anielS. H o lzman J aner R. Murrha Mi chae l Sil verberg

D av id J . Dan on Mi chell e Gi rre lsohn Gary L. Kaplan Timor hy M . Rob b Carol J. Whi res id es

Emil y Al exa nder N ichol as Brow n Timorh y M . Concan non Chri srin e Fazio Avigdor A. Glaser Yuri y Kachuro W alrer M . Luers C hrisr ine Med ing H enry Seiji New man Margery Perlmurrer Ol aira n B. Se nban jo Berh Webber

Keisha M. Amey Mi chael E. Ca m pion Sreve n E. Coury Chri sri ne Feil er Fab ian D. G onell Hilary Kasrleman Rebecca Marek Z huJ uli a Mei And rew J. N oreuil J ason M . Pollac k Sholom Sinn er D aniel M . Yarmi sh

Karhlee n A . Baili e Kev in Coe n D eborah D anroni Gena Feisr J enni fe r R . H ale Darcy F. Ka rzi n D oug las E. McCann Parri cia J. Meyer Craig J. Orrner Ge rald G ri ffen Reidy J ack Sp izz

Sraci E. Rosche Li sa A . Burler-Brusr Carrie A . Bond

Managing Editor Senior Articles Editor \Vriting & Research Editor

N OTES & A RTICLES EDITORS Todd G. Cose nza R aymond A. Lombard o

ASSOCI ATE EDITORS Glen T. Schleye r D avid N . H echr

Kara H. Ching D aiske Yoshid a

Juli e B. Pape

D av id L. Firzgerald N icole Tell

ME MBEI?S Parri ck J. Flanagan Teri G oldberg Jung -Kyu Koh J ac k B. Sarno Eli zaberh M . Zi ro

Thomas T. Freed man Todd D . Gorm an Mi rc hell H . Kraus Alli son R . Scharin

Yehu da M. Braunsrei n J ames P. Colga re Margarer D rohan Bill Flann ery Tim orh y H ofer Law rence Z . Kursher Margarer McConnell Marrhew F. Mu sselm an Scorr Parker D oug Royce J ohn V. Tair

Jillian M . Bruckheim er J enni fe r Co mi ro Loll y Enriquez Al an Gl anr z Karen M. Hoffman Meli ssa Lawron D enni s M . Manfred i Vad na Narang Cari dad Pena Barr H . Ru b in El ea nor M . Webb




J ack E. Pace III Dorothy D errickson Sean Hayes Daniel). H ea ly Donova n L. Wickline

Edilor-in-Cbief Senior Arlides Editor Symposi11111 Editor ADR Edi1or \Vriting & Researrb Editor

H . Stephen Castro Bridger M . Varley

Lind say M . Schoen

J effrey Chadbrowe Ross M . Gorier Erica M. Weihe

Jennifer Corron Dav id J . Kizn er

Bindu Donovan Anne F. McCaug hey

Peter Balouskas J effrey L. Cirillo Ruth A. Eugene Irene Goldsmith Meridithh Grauer J os hu a Kamens Chrisropher Lim William). Miller Karen M. Ortiz Simone Pow li s Matt hew B. Schneider Mar k Sontag Alex Tchernovitz

Mamoni Bharracharyya Kathleen Cunningham Am y Fahey Jason Goldsmith Isaac Greaney Al exandra Khl yav ich Logan Lo John Murray Dennis Pak Victor Rodrig uez Toni a Sherrod Stephanie Span ja Elizabeth L. Wendell

Ali ssa Brownrigg Steven Doran Dani elS. Finger Dav idS. G old stein Charles Gurrler Ross Kl enoff Marko Mag li ch Kristina L. N eed ham D emerrios N. Papas C hri s Ro nk Matthew B. Siano J ames Stefanic k Benj a min Zimmerman

J ames P. McCann Trac ie L. Hoffma n Christina S. Park May nard F. N ew man Prof. William M. Treanor

Managing Edi!or B11siness Edilor Symposi11111 Edilur !\DR Edi!ar Family 1\c/{lisor

NOTES & AI?TICLES ED ITORS Christina M . Rac kerr

Tracey L. McNe il

Eli zabeth D ee

J ohn V. Galluccio Maria Rivera

John D. Giganre Danielle L. Sullivan

Shara njir Ca lay J ohn A. Earrhman Laura M . Gill J effrey Gordon Susan G. H echt Robert F. Ku zloski J ames Mallios Christian C. Nuge nt Dyann a Pepito ne Meir M . Roth Catherine Sicari Wylie Strour Eric Z itofs ky

D ennis M. Cariello Monica Echegaray Wayne L. Gladstone Erika Gottfried Mi chell e Ju be lirer Kathryn Lang Willi am Malpi ca Constance B. O be rl e Curtis M . Pl aza D ani el W. Ru sso Raymond C. Silverman Beth Sullivan




Back: Chri srop her Hoffman , Alan Kaufman , Parrick Srace l, John Cushing, Parrick Murray, Deborah Sreinberger Middle: Irina Me nfeld , Milan Parlovic, Gianluca Morello, Elissa Myerowirz , Felicia Swindells , Rakesh Sharma Front: Tara C. Srever, Mi chae l F. Morano , J od i Berlin Ganz , Ari Sraiman , Er ik Drew ni ak J odi Berlin-Ganz Erik Drewniak Tara C. Srever Brendan E. Neary

Editor-in-Cbief Senior Art ides Editor AD!? & tbe Ltm· Editor A OJ? & tbe Lau• Editor

Andrea L. Buff Felicia Swindells

J ason F. Co hen Willi am T. Vuk

Sreve Armbrusr Tri sha Lawson Robe rr H . Surron

Les li e Chebl i Francis J . Marrh ews

Soojin Chung J e Moon

Re id Arsrark John Chung Me li ssa Davidso n Norman Eng Mari a Groeneveld K ysseli ne J ea n-Mary Ca rl y Keane J aso n S. Marin Parri ck]. Murray Chrisrine A. Rodri g uez Ben jam in K. Sibberr D ana Wrubel

Ir ina Benfeld Dave Cielusniak K ev in D onoghu e Man Fri ed man Cynrhia H eaney Judy K ang Arg iro Kosmeraros Brian Maxey Kavira A. Nararajan Li onelle Rosenbaum J onarha n Urersky Marc A. Wyrrenbach

Eli zaberh A. Blecker Jennifer Cohn Karh erine B. DuBose Candice Frosr Chri srop her H offman ]sam Kanu David Lackowir z Brook Sar i Mos hen Mil an Pavl ov ic Hayley Rosenma n Vi cror R . W aingorr Ayan na Young

Ari Sraiman Mi chael F. Morano Joelle Enrelis Gi anlu ca More ll o

Managing Editor \YI'riting & I?esearcb Editor B11siness & Artides Editor Special P11hlicatiom Editor

N OTES & A I?TICLES ED ITORS Eli ssa S. M yrow irz

H . Vern C lemons

Mar hew Paulose J r.

Jorge A. Diaz Zara Roberrs

Gail H oenig Rakesh K. Sharma

Bill Busineau Chrisropher Colli ngs Kerri]. Duhamel Shanna Gilmarr in Karen P. Idra Erica L. Kassa n Eric Manne D ani el Mulligan Ross i na Perrova Greg Rubak John C. Webber

Julia Cheng John C. Cush ing Leig h D yson J ennifer Goldberg J enessa L. J acobson Alan Kaufman J o-An n Marchi ca Jordan C. Murray D avid Plmzer Ben nen I. Schlan sky K ennerh M. Wolff



Prof. Roger ]. Goebel


FACULTY AOVISOI?S Prof. J oseph C. Sweeney

P rof. Ludwi ck A. Teclaff

ILJ -Around the Office

Fordham Imernarional Law Journal , Volume 21 -

Mi chae l Morano , Erik Drewniak

Board ofEdirors

Elissa Myerowirz , Gianluca Morell o



Jodi Berlin Ganz , Ari Sraiman



H eat h B. Zarin J era ld Tenenbaum George L. Krokendelas Score D . J afee Prof. Andrew B. Sims

Editor-in-Chief Senior Artirles Editor Symposi11111 Editor Bminess Editor Fam!ty AdL•isor

And rew D. Kupinse

Roberr M . Applebaum

Andrew J. Bloom E. Tim McAuliffe , Jr. Philip Robben

Eri c Breitman Kathl een McGann Sreven N. Roc koff

John Fig ueroa J ames I. Rapp J ason B. Schaeffer

Araby Abaya Chris A. Bordoni Steven Cordero Lin dsay R . Fe inberg D enpis V. Gargano Sheil a Mari e Hurley Neg in Mahboubi Mi chael N edder Mi chael J. Peterso n D ana B. Rubin Mi chael D. Tarburron Yongae H an

Sarah D . Abeles D av id A. Browde J. Barry Coyle Margot S. Fell Marrha G eorg hiou Raymond Irya mi Ashok D av id Ma rin D av id M. Ni cho lson Laura Popa Jonathan Schechter Adam W. True

Nneka Agubuzu Nathaniel Bu chek J ennife r D ev lin Audrey Land au Fl ynn Alli so n Goul ard J onat han J oshu a Score R . Marrh ews D av id H . O ' Brien Emili o R . Quin es III Gregory K. Sczes nik J aso n Ware

Roberr L. Garner Thom as J. Fox Tara ]. Gold smith Carol A. Chall ed

Managing Editor Writing & Research Editor Senior Notes Editor Senior Symposi11111 Editor


J effrey Lev itin

Joseph P. Pieroni

Roberr Paul Fran sen Anne Raul erson Ing -Chuan Judy Shen

Noah D. Gene! Alexea Ringo

Serajul F. Ali Caro lyn Byrne Paul DiBranco Eri ca G alinski Walker G . H arm an, Jr. Ju stin Paul Killi an Mark E. McGrath Am y B. Orrner Rachel I. Re ingo ld Chad E. Sjoqu ist H eat her C. Wil de

Lara J ean Ancona Cesar Ch avez Richard Eskew II J oseph G am bino K eshi a B. H askins Hope Sharo n Love ll Ann M. Mrki c J ennifer Pasquini Mark Rosoff Gary J. Sosinsky Michael J. Zinna




IPLJ - Around the Office


v.t t

路.0 H eath B. Zarin

Roberr L. Garner

The Fordham l ntef!ectlta! Property. Media & Entertainment Law} o11rncd underwent maj or expansion during th e 1997 -98 academic year. The}o11rna! g rew to three iss ues per year by add ing a Winter/Symposium book to irs Aurumn and Spring issues . Circulati on increased as well. The } oil rna! enlarged its coverage of international intellec tual property law iss ues and broade ned irs an nual Media & First Amendm ent Symposium to include more Internet reg ulation iss ues. The } o11rna! also entered into an agreement with rhe New York Stare Bar Associati on to jointly sponsor an annua l Trade mark Law Symposium , th e first of which was held at Fordham Law School d uring rh e 1997 fa ll semester. The editorial expansion was accompanied by modernization of th e} ollrncd office. With support from D ean Feeri ck and the law school administratio n, the}oflmal added computers, printers, telephone lines, and other facilities to provide the staff and editors with eight computer workstations- each with word processing and full access to on-line legal research. ew lig hting and furniture also helped convert th e} oltmal offi ce into a gathering p lace, as well as a work area, for the editors and staff.

J erald Tenenbaum , Roberr L. Garner, H ea th B. Zarin , Scorr D. Jaffee

Ashok David Marin



M ark Bradford Serh A. Mersch Al exa nd er M. G ayer J oAnn Leng ua

Editor-in-Cbie( Senior Article Editor Bmines.r Editor P11Micc1tions Editor

!l yssa Birnbac h Anne Plumer

Frank G onza les

Chri srop her Bicknell Don ald Sree lm an

Fe Iic ia Busro

Phili p A. D eCi cco

Mi chael Arseneaulr J oseph Ciampoli Bryan D oro J os hua Grad inger Cory Krerschmer M eli ssa Milevoj Brian P. Murph y Nuno M . Sanros Ni co le Sr. Loui s J oseph B. W olf

Lara ]. Berkelhammer J ami e Cori o Tam ara Ed elsre in Kimone H arri son J onarhan Land es man Adam Mille r G eorge P. Pau l, Jr. Perer Shap iro J enni fe r Swa rrz Sandra W . Wo ng

Marrhew L. Berm an Roberr Bru ce Cowh ey Chri srina L. Fi scher Brian H arvey Arl ene E. Lew is Doug las M . Mill er Rachel S. Pauley Chri s D . Skocze n To-Dao Tran Brerr Z inn er

Mari N akami chi Gerard C. Keegan, Jr. Jonarhan D . G ord on J acqu eline Frome

Mana[; in[; Editor Researcb & \Vritin[; Editor Senior Symposi11m Editor Sympo.ri11111 Editor

N OTES & A I?TICLES EDITORS Mari a Mazzocc hi

Parricia Higg ins

Lauren Malang a

James H arringron

Shamsey Oloko

Greg ory Blackm an Erik D ePaul a Ale jandro A. Forre Tracey H oc hsre in Lorrie Ann Lin d Barbara Monroe Cara A . Philippou Mi chael Sm irh Vincenr G . Tsushima

Michae l D. Braunsrein Marc DiGiacomo J ohanna G aim srer Laura l vey Sim one R. McBean Marl a Moskowir z Sreve M. Raffaele Moira A. Spoll en D ani el A . Willi amson





Around the Office

l Mark Bradford

Mar i Nakamichi, !lyssa Birnbach, Serb A. Mersch

Serb A. Mersc h, G erard C. Keegan, Ann e Plum er, Al exa nder M. Gayer

G erard C. Keega n

Lauren Mal anga



Managing Editor Trial Adl'Om<)' Editor Mentor Editor Cra/ 'en Editor Wormser Editor ) ess11p Editor Sports Editor

J oseph B. Shumofsky Jill G. Fi elds rein Anne F. McCaug hey Willi am E. N age l Tri c ia McGrarh Terri s K o Pri scilla Sreward

Editor-in-Chief lntersrhool Editor Alul/igan Editor Cardozo Editor Ka11(man Edito r B11siness!AIIImni Editor Tax Editor

Maria Tahmoures ie D anielle L. Sullivan Chad E. Sjoquisr

Edward N. H ernand ez P.J. Schu yler

Todd D. Gorman H oward Wu

Di ana Valenrin Il yssa M . Birn bac h


H oll y T. Mirchell , Caprai n

Gin a Rorenberg

Elizaberh Z iro

Araby Abaya Sera jul Ali Gregory Blac km an Srephen Brec her Am y Brand y J am es Burcherra D enni s Cari ell o J ohn Chung Joseph Ci ampoli Jennifer Co hn Kevin D onog hu e Silvia Duarre K are D ubose Leigh D yso n

Chri sr ine Feil er Andrew Femi a Chri srine Fi sc her Frederick Forsrer Parrick Frogge Mi chael Fru ch rer D an G eog han Laura Gill W ay ne Gladsrone Marr hew Glazier Li z Gold smirh D avid G oldsre in D arice Gu zm an J ennifer H ale

W alker H armon Brian H arvey Chri sropher Hoffm an K aren Idra Sh aryn J acob J enessa J acobson Mari a J ohn Mi chell e Jubelirer C h ia Kang D arcy K a rzi n Ca rl y Keane Ju sr in Killi an D enni s Manfredi

Leonardo Caru so Parrick Frogge D an G eoghan

Arg ie Kos m eraros J am es Mall ios D an Murphy

N ancy ]. Roc ker S. C h ris Church Chrisri na M. Marshall Caro lyn R. Col em an ]. H ad ri an Klinkn er Dani el M . Sruzin Kev in D . Gonzalez

ASSOCI!\TE EDITORS Al exandra E. Hin es Ashok David Marin

STA FF MEMBERS Eri c M ann e Parric ia Meye r Danie l Mulliga n K av ira Nararajan Krisrin a eedham H enry Se ij i ew m an Joseph Nierman Consra nce Oberl e Mark Orl ows ki Marga rer O 'Sh ea Rac he l Pau ley Vi cror Rodr ig uez Barr Ru bin

Mi chael Schoonmaker Greg ory Sczes nik Perer Sh apiro Ben Sharav Marrhew Siano Il ona Sranley D eborah Srein berger W yli e Srrour Berh Sulli van J ohn Tair Mi chael Tarburron Vince nr Tsush im a J onarhan U rersky



Scorr O ccc hiogrosso Mark Orlowski

D aren Orzechows ki Nuno Sanros

J onar han Urersky J oseph Wolf

The Fordham Fountain of Moot

Kevin Gonzalez , Anne McCaug hey, Joseph Shumofsky, Chris Church , Priscilla Steward , Ashok Marin

N ancy Roc ker, Joseph Shumofsky, Jill Fi eld srein

Terri s Ko, Il yssa Birnbach , Bill Nage l

Prisc ill a Steward

H oward Wu , Peter Schu yler



David Aaron Kathleen Bailie Sean Carpenter Seunghee Cha Harriet Clemons James Colgate Bob Cosgrove Anastasia Danias Edgar DeLeon Pamela Denzer Leslie DuBois Paul Einbender Michael English Steven Epstein Gena Feist


Loren L. Forrest, Jr. Alejandro Forte Patrick Frogge Johanna Gaimster Katherine Geller Walter Luers Marko Maglich Gilbert D. Martinez Francis Matthews Brian Maxey Elizabeth McKenna Bill Miller Nadine Moustafa Howard Myerowitz Seiji Newman

Nnennaya Okezie Olajumoke Osode Deidre O 'Sullivan Jack E. Pace III Cristina Park Rachel S. Pauley Caridad Pena Alain Personna Curtis Plaza Simone Powlis Tanikka Price Suzanne Reisman Stephanie Rifkinson Michael Rodriguez Rose Rodriguez

Phoebe Roosevelt StaciE. Rosche Toure Samuels Maria Scheuring Michael Silverman Janine Sisak Jocelyn Smith Todd Smith Nicole Tell Robin Waugh Susan Welber Lauren Wenegrat Jennifer White Patrick White Lesley Williams


Back: Jaso n F. Cohen (Pres idenr) , Tom Chung (Sec rerary), Francis Marrhews, Ari Sraiman , Roberr Franse n; Front: Jodi Berlin Ganz , Tracie L. Hoffman , G ail H oenig, Sacbiko Sraiman, Laura Orriols, D elon Abrams (Vi ce-Presid enr)


]n/ Rozl': Tom Yib , Dan G eog han, J ames Malli os, Mi chael Tarburron , George Pau l, Brend an McFee ly; :!nd !?oil': Tara H um ,

Howard Myerow irz, Dari ce Guzman , Shaun Reid , J on Urersky, Carrie Bond , Chrisrin a Fisc her; I sf !?oil': Prof. Keri G oul d , Nadi a Chan za, Kim Morri ssey, Francesca Morri s, N eg in Mahboubi



4th l?.ozl': Di ego Duran, Myra Riggs, D amon MacDougal, J amal H arri s, J ohn K ing , Pat King, Bri n in y Sess ions, Zara Roberrs, Omar Roberrs; 3rd Rozl': Sham isey Oloko, Simone Bailey, Lois J effers, N icole St-Loui s, Tsaru Kanu , K eisha A mey, J en Whi te , J evyn Ne lms, Olaitan Senbani o; 2nd Roll': Andrew Smith , Asseg ide Gatachew, Andrew Ca mpbell , Karen W alton, Stephanie Stevens; lJt Rou路: Maria J ohn , Shawn Reid , Tracey McNeil , Charles Smith III , Kimberley Burgess


LATIN AMERICAN LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Back: Wi lli am Malp ica, M ichae l Rodriguez, Edward H ern andez, George D iaz ; Front: D arice G uzman , Ca ridad Pena, Rose Rod riguez, Sylvia Pac k, Nad ia ). Chanza



3rd I?ou •: Willi am Miller, Steve n Bell one; 2nd Rou ·: J oshua Gradinger, Alli son Farina, J en nifer Comito, K ennet h Breze noff; 1st !?oil': Roy T. Ri chter, J ohn H anley (Presidenr), Hill ary K as rlem an , Mi a D efran co, Manuel Gomez

FORDHAM LAW WOMEN Back: Lo ri Schaffh ausen, Arg ie K osmetaros, Kathl ee n McGa nn , J enni e Ma y, C hri stin a Fischer; From: Barbara Tru skowski, Alec ia Mi oli , Ariella J asper, Ell yn N e lm s, Rebecca Marek


THE ADVOCATE From the Left: Ilona Stanley Maria John (Editor) Rob Cowney

CHESS CLUB Playing: Brett Zinner Michael Rosner

Watching: Rudy Shank Darren Rillovich

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT Dennis Cariello Jillian Bruckheimer Andrew Campbell Not pict11red - Andrea Fitz




Back: Ki eran Morri s, Roy Rich ter; Fro/71: J ohn McCa rth y, Kevin Fullington

Walter Luers, Patri ck Frogge , Thomas Ferrugia , Laura Orriols



Susan Welber, J enni fe r White

Thom as Ferrug ia, Ronna Ge ll er


GALLA From Left: Marie Fab ie n , Jam es Colgate, Ayako Nagano, J ames Hacrin gco n, Step hen McLeod , John Oli verius ; Back: 1O!ff nor yec OU(.

OWLS From Left: Hillary Kascelman Peter Fama Cacheri ne I so be Anne McCaughey Roy T. Ricl1eer

SPORTS LAW SYMPOSIUM Marc McGrath !Hanar;inJ; Editor Courtney Lynch Editor-in-Chief D aniel Finger Symjiosi11111 Editor



Back Roll'.路 Parricia Norron , Meli ssa LaRocca, D ave Cielusniak , Kim one H arri son , To-Dao Tran, Sean Kane; Front Roll': D ebb ie Sinnorr, Maria Tamoures ie, Daniel Finger, Brian Go[[lock, Mari a Rivera


Bad Roll': J ames Mallios (Treasurer), Sco[[ Ma[[hews (Arh leri c Ch air), Mark Sherman (Presid enr), Rachel Reingo ld (Secrerary); Fro111 Row: Brirrany Sess ions (Vi ce-Pres id enr), Chrisrin e Rod rig uez (Eve ning Vi ce-Pres icl enr)



The Fordham Follies is an ind ependent, non-profit, srudem-run organization, now in irs fourreemh year of ope ration. Each year che organization sponsors various panies , raffl es, crips ro India and a Spring semester show known as ch e "Follies. " Much rime and effon is needed ro produce che final produce. In che Fall, rhou sa nd s of writers collaborare on reams of storyboard and song ro produce abour rwo-hours wonh of material (som e yea rs, we have a linl e more m ate rial ). In che Wimer, che direcro rs co mpile and synrhesize chis com ed ic sill y purry imo rhe ulcimace package for che Fordham Law communiry's consumption. In che spring, che case rehearses man y hours per week, in a drive for perfecrion. Th e producers oversee rhe em ire produce ion from sca n ro finish , and make sure rhe bills gee paid .



Lara Berkelhammer

Dennis Cariello

Brian Chiusano

Bob Cosgrove






Mimi Friday

J ohn G allucc io

Melind a Hannen


. ,

Lori Schaff11auser

Nor Pictured: Gina Mari e Condello, Darren Farringron, SharynJ acob , D ara Karcher, Gina Lewis, Donna Mulvihill , Chrisrina Park, George Paul


SO .. . You thought you were busy .. . Du ring our rime in Law School, never d id it seem as if wt had e nough rime ro devore to all of our responsib ili ties. On top of the academi c g rind , we arrempred to divvy up our precious rime among work, fami ly, friends, spouses and romantic interests. As if th is was not enoug h, some of us had the added blessi ng of bring ing a child into the world. These photos are just a sample of some of the children bough t into the lig ht as Mommy o r Daddy stud ied fo r those d readful final exa ms.

Gianni Andre, born ro Wend y Cred le d url sr

J erem y, born ro Sue Rosenstock during 3rcl

Rebecca, co nce ived by J eff Mec kler during 4 th year

Mirand a, born ro Evelyn Grant d uring 3rd year



/ â&#x20AC;˘


Benj amin and Moni ca, born to Matthew Langer d uring l sr year and 3rd yea r

/ l03

January 1998, Phi Alpha Delta sponsored and organized "Casino Night, " where students and faculty played the role of the "house" with the proceeds donated to the "Make a Wish Foundation. "


March 26, 1998- THE BARRISTER'S BALL

Ball Orga nizers- Mi chell e Girrel sohn , Mark Sherman , Carrie Girgemi

Dan Healy, Tara Srever, Amhony Circia

LaMonica Sbelcon , Kim Lowe, Karen Walcon , Isaru Kanu

Maria Mazzochi , Dara Karcha

D avid Finkelste in , Lawrence Wage nberg, Merry Lerner


The King & Queen

Par King, Lisrina Trainer, J en Ferri ck , D ean Feerick

J oe Sara , Brirtiny Sessions

Daniell e Sulli van, D an H ea ly


Mike Pererso n, Keirh Markel


J ani ce Kioko , Eileen Kane, Lyd ie Pi erre-Loui s, Srefan Granr , Marrba H ein ze

Nancy Roc ker, J ea nerre Welsh

Roy Ri chrer, Sea n Sullivan

Marrha H ei nze, Erhe l Tyus


Ki eran Morris , Margaret Ferrer Ray Cardinali , J ea neHe Welsh , Carmine Espos ito, J eff Mec kler

MaHhew Langer, Michae l Sil ve rberg, Diane Rapisarda


Vicror Molina, BreH Alten

Sean Kane, D ara K archer, Mi chael Moyer

Tracy Fink, Anni e Raulerson

John Drewni ak , Ari Sraiman






s HI ~~

"It is a fa r, far berrer thing th at I do, th an I have ever done; it is a far, far berrer rest that I go to than I have ever known. " Chades Dickens



Roy T. Richter - Editor

Photo Credits and Special Thanks to: Ashok Marin, Nadia Chanza, Matthew Langer, Robert Garner, J od i Berlin-Ganz , Nancy Rocker, John Hanley and Diana Sanabria Many. Many Thanks to: George G eer of H erff J ones and Edward Thornton & Michael Sawchuk ofThornton Studio


Profile for Fordham Law IR

Summation 1998  

Summation 1998

Summation 1998  

Summation 1998

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