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Vince Entwistle

Art, to all of us, will mean something different to ourselves than it does to the next person. Some would choose to see paintings as aspects of celebration, for others it will be a piece of sculpture, or a piece of jewellery; tapestry perhaps. But for all of us, I believe, Art is an emotional liaison between what the eyes see or the hands feel and the connection with our hearts and minds. As a group, who have connections within the Art world in one form or another, we have brought about bringing together all aspects of art, in a way that will support and enhance the different facets that go to make up Art as a whole. We formed Forartis to create a place (through our directory or website) where everyone concerned with art (artists, collectors, buyers etc) will come together in the knowledge that whatever they are looking for, they will find. For Art Is what we choose art to be. Vince Entwistle Chairman of Forartis.

Gordon Tebay

Tess Baxter

Manchester Glossop


Peak District Cheshire



Chesterfield Bakewell






Belper Ashbourne


Derby Long Eaton


Leicestershire Swadlincote

Every effort was made to ensure the details were correct at the time of print. Forartis (or member artists) cannot accept liability for errors or omissions. The brochure is intended to present and promote the work of artists. If you make a purchase of artwork, the contractual arrangement is directly between yourself and the artist. Forartis does not endorse, underwrite or guarantee in any way arrangements made between member artists and purchasers or prospective customers. Š Forartis and member artists. Forartis, Unit 2a, 59-61 Sunderland Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 6HN Printed by Buxton Press, Palace Road, Buxton SK17 6AE Design by Tess Baxter:

Welcome to Forartis in Derbyshire and the new directory

Art is a diverse range of Human activities in creating visual, auditory and performing artefacts - expressing the author’s imaginative and technical skill intended to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.

Artists from all over the country are invited to paint ‘en plein air’ and are given a location in Buxton. The competition is now in its third year with a first prize of £2,000 and The Harold Riley Sketch Book Prize of £5,000.

I became interested in Art in my early forties and was involved with the Art Fund for five years, chairing the Derbyshire group and raising funds to help hundreds of museums and galleries to buy Art, including our own Buxton Museum and Art Gallery.

This year, Marketing Peak District and Derbyshire are promoting The Grand Tour, and have included Nottingham Contemporary, Harley Gallery, Derby Museum and Chatsworth. I can highly recommend a visit to all of the locations.

We are so lucky in Derbyshire to have so many organisations encouraging Artists including High Peak Community Arts, ArtsBeat, Peak District Artisans, Green Man Gallery, The Derbyshire Open Art Competition and, more recently, The Buxton Spa Prize.

Please support and enjoy the Artists in this publication.

No.6 The Square Tearooms is proud to sponsor The Buxton Spa Prize and Art Competition and Exhibition, celebrating the Town’s unique culture, natural beauty and heritage.

Best wishes to them all Louise Potter DL No.6 The Square Tearooms Buxton Derbyshire

I work in oils and mixed media. My subject is, in the main, the Welsh landscape and coastline, which I have known and painted for over thirty years. The works are a very personal response to the places where people have worked and lived for centuries, places “on the edge”. : 07926 369690

Forartis Fine Art

18 White Knowle Road, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9NH : 01298 78637 : 07973 928172

Anne Aspinall

Forartis Textiles

I graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from Saint Martin’s School of Art, London, and my love of design, colour and shape remains a core element of my work. I use a wide range of techniques including drawing, photomontage, collage, textile processes and print making. Working across and combining a variety of media allows me the possibility of surprise: the part of my creative process I relish the most.

Forartis Fine Art

Adrienne Brown

Ché Finch is characterised for her raw expressive and abstracted style in ceramic sculptures and ceramic paintings that explore conceptual subjects through colour and texture. Recently Ché’s ceramics were featured in the The World of Interiors Design Report and Artistic Impressions. Ché is also co-founder of several Arts Organisations providing a platform for artists in the North West.

Forartis Fine Art

01298 938015 : 07734 388023

Ché Finch

Forartis Ceramics

Carl is a prolific Painter; whose work reflects a positive and optimistic view of life. Preferring to work plein-air Carl says: “I believe in commitment to art, and that means experiencing some discomfort, I rarely plan, or even have time to mix colour properly, I just get on with it!”. Decision and mark making is what Art is all about for me. “Painting outside, suits my personality! I get a very honest piece of Art that reflects my mood and ability at that moment in time. For me it’s not about showing how well I can copy a photograph.” Carl is a published painter who has won several competitions and is represented by several Galleries across the UK.

Forartis Fine Art

Carl Longmate : 07486 696420 : 07914 536848

Chris Cyprus

Self taught painter. In 1998, after a work related injury and two bouts of cancer, Chris took up painting and decided life is too short to have a bucket list of things he wished he might have done! Recently, the demand for Chris’s paintings have increased dramatically following the passion for his subjects including a decade study of allotments and a TV debut on BBC Gardeners world. Chris’s work is lyrical, vivid and memorable.

Pennine Gallery, Woodend Mill, Mossley. OL5 9RR

Forartis Fine Art

An exploration of the colour, structure and form of plants, resulting in fresh, vibrant and contemporary watercolours, combining technical accuracy with creativity. A member of the SBA, RHS Silver – Gilt award winner for botanical painting (BBC Birmingham Gardeners World Live 2010) and a member of Peak District Artisans, she sells nationally and internationally. Offering original paintings, limited edition giclée prints, greetings cards, workshops and courses and private tuition. Commissions are welcome.

Forartis Fine Art

Cheryl Wilbraham

Ellia Designs

I am an artist of imagination – stories, symbols, and whimsy float filmlike in my mind, forming entire complex worlds. I am agoraphobic, so confinement and anxiety has fine-tuned my inner vision, which I relish: a cascade of inspiration, imaginary worlds of architectural wonders, diverse characters, eldritch horrors and amiable cute creatures. A wide range of my artwork, prints, and jewellery can always be found at the Gallery in the Gardens, Pavilion Gardens in Buxton.

Forartis Fine Art

Plein Air painter working in oils, mostly Derbyshire locations. Exhibiting across the UK with collectors across the world. Many solo shows in London and painting for 33 years, professionally for over 15 years.

Forartis Fine Art

Colin Halliday


7 Cumberhills Road, Duffield. DE56 4HA : 07759 595294

Bridge Farm, Moss Lane, Glazebury, Cheshire WA3 5PJ : 07976 940499

Hannah Dodd Textile Artist

Hannah uses felt and stitch to create three dimensional designs and scenes of our charming Peak District. Her details in stitch aim to provoke humour and make you smile.

Broadbottom, SK14 6AA : 01457 766112 07590 496926 :

Forartis Textiles

I am predominantly a still life artist working in acrylics and oil. My style ranges from contemporary realism to more impressionistic work and occasionally abstract. My primary interest is the portrayal of light on my subjects often enhanced by dramatic backgrounds. The subjects I paint vary between the classical and the contemporary, the natural and the man-made. I work from a studio situated on the Manchester/ Cheshire border, adjacent to my gallery which is open by appointment throughout the year.

Forartis Fine Art

Gill Hamilton

Vale Artists’ Studios, 34 Wagg Street, Congleton CW12 4HS : 07896 869528 |

Ingrid Katarina Karlsson I am known as a narrative artist as I tell stories in my work. Subject matter can be inspired by memories, experiences, words, places and historical references. Favoured techniques create rich, colourful, textures using mono printing on paper in crystalline watercolour, layering, and machine stitching. Words are often incorporated, adding another dimension to the visual elements. Recent themes include place mapping, landmarks, home, cultural identity and stories, where surrounding landscapes are seen through the eyes of a migrant.

34 Marsh Way, Chapel en le Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire SK23 9AD : 01298 814198 : 07399 405187

Forartis Fine Art

Helen Kaminsky is a self-taught, flourishing artist whose diversity appeals to a wide audience of individuals. She has completed many commissioned pieces and has become of high interest to a multitude of art collectors locally and internationally. Helen has developed her style through mixed media and collage to interact with the observer and for the interpretation and creative visualisation to change with each viewer’s own imagination.

Forartis Fine Art

Helen Kaminsky


Providing the proper care and maintenance for your precious timepieces Sales | Services | Repairs Tel: 01625 428537 Email: 51 Sunderland Street, Macclesfield SK11 6HN

Limefield House, Lime Fields, Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5LE : 07782 312264

Karen Wise

I work in a colourful expressive way and tend to concentrate on the human form with a surreal twist. I love to inject mood & movement into what I do. I would say mine is an emotional response to how I see and feel the world, drawing on the richness of the imagination as opposed to a representational approach – myth and symbolism do interest me. My paintings are about feeling and the memories of feeling but that feeling needs shape and for me that shape is a contemporary version of the human form put down in paint.

48 Meadow Drive, Prestbury, Cheshire SK10 4EZ : 01625 829184 : 07881 952368

Forartis Fine Art

As far as the subjects of my work are concerned, they are about one moment in time, seeing and feeling the beauty of the subject, usually landscape. I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire and we are lucky to have easy access to the Peak District and surrounding countryside. I am inspired by nature and colour. My work evolves from my own visual experiences as well as what I sense and feel; always combining my love of colour, shape, form, tone relationships and textures. The pieces I create are both large and small scale, combining mixed media through painting and printmaking.

Forartis Fine Art

Julie Hamer

Lindi Kirwin

I provide Interior Design original artworks and hand-painted bespoke mirrors for hospitality plus other design concepts throughout the UK and abroad. I also undertake Private commissions for clients, covering numerous subjects, botanical, figurative, abstracts, landscapes and illustrations, with drawing being one of my many passions. A small facet of my artistic expression is my award winning sophisticated pointillism artworks on paper. Primarily, I working in mixed media; my styles are eclectic and deliberately diverse, by choice.

Interior Design

Ceramics Moss Lawn, Middlewood Rd, Poynton SK12 1TU : 01625 630010

Forartis Fine Art

I have been creating paintings for a long time. Describing my work as a mixture of subjects that inspire taken from my surroundings, and imaginings. Experimenting in different mediums has been crucial in keeping me interested in the process. From painting on ceramics, to oils and tempera, from charcoal and watercolours. The ceramics however, give me the excitement of entering the world of fairies, as soon as the kiln is opened! Member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and listed in the Who’s Who in Art .

Forartis Fine Art

Kate Collins mafa Artist

Studio 27, Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport SK1 2HX : 07890 057362

My paintings are an intuitive act of bringing to life unconscious impressions of objects and landscapes: it is a personal response to the shapes, patterns, colours and light which resonate and lead to a starting point for a painting. I choose to paint in a semi-abstract and expressive way as I find this approach allows me the freedom to play with form, colour, texture and medium, rich in ambiguity and open to the imagination.

10 Rutland Avenue Matlock Derbyshire DE4 3GQ : 07914 757134

Lucy Palmer Jewellery

Lucy Palmer designs and makes precious metal jewellery, using traditional hand worked techniques. The intricate designs are inspired by stories and a fascination with wildlife and nature. The design style is influenced by toy theatres, shadow puppets and paper cutting, with layering often used to create an unusual three dimensional effect. Each piece of jewellery is made by hand at Lucy’s studio in the Derbyshire Dales. : 07929 603288

Forartis Jewellery

Lor Bird

Forartis Fine Art

Art by

Alchemy Art & Framing

Bespoke Picture Framing

Art For Sale

Unit 2a, 59-61 Sunderland Street, MacclesĂželd, Cheshire SK11 6HN

Patricia Lane

Inspired by landscapes, my finished paintings are not necessarily exact representations of any single place at any one time, more about the essence of the place, colours and memories evoked. I work in a variety of media and add found items to give texture to my work, above all I enjoy using vibrant colour combinations.

Forartis Fine Art : 07986 512077

St Mary's House, Castle Street, Bolsover S44 6PP : 01246 240217 : 07840 246833

Forartis Fine Art

Michela’s images combine an early love of art with a long-standing passion for landscape photography. Many celebrate the ephemeral beauty of water, and its abstract interaction with light and season. Created in camera, they are often mistaken for paintings. This ‘Liquid Light’ inspires her to experiment with movement in the landscape. Michela’s River Dove portfolio has been exhibited locally and nationally. Her fine art prints are held in private collections in the UK and Switzerland.

Forartis Photography

Michela Griffith

My name is Rebecca Webster-Lajmi and I am a Fine Artist from Buxton in Derbyshire. I have a BA (hons) in Fine art from the University of Huddersfield and a PGCE in secondary education from MMU. I create botanical paintings of flowers, fruit, berries, seeds and leaves. My favourite flowers are tulips and poppies. All my work has been observed directly from life and aim to capture the essence and colour of the object portrayed.

Building Stories

Four buildings in the centre of Manchester that become the Houses Of The Collectors, as we imagine and construct alternative pasts for them, alternative futures, alternative memories. Thus 29/31 Oldham St. becomes the House Of The Music Lover; 15 Bloom St. the House Of The Book Lover; 2 Canal St. the House Of The Art Lover; 3 Canal St. the House Of The Dominatrix. Secrecy, guilt, closed doors – concealment behind the blank anonymity of a facade.

Richard Chadwick, 27 Brunswick Terrace , Macclesfield, SK10 1ER : 07774 821415


38A Queens Road, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 7ES : 07794 750906

Richard Chadwick

Forartis Fine Art

RL Webster-Lajmi

Forartis Fine Art

Art by

Sue tells stories responding to life and current events, it’s like folk music only in paint. She makes her own egg tempera paint, a technique learned in Sweden where she helped revive this form in its native place. On her family’s organic farm, this art form is as natural as she can get. She sees the world around her and in ancient ways, interprets what she sees the way it’s been done for centuries.

Beechenhill Farm, Ilam, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2BD : 01335 310467

Susan Johnson SJ Art

Susan likes to produce work in bright, cheerful colours, working mainly in acrylic gouache. She also ‘paints’ digitally, using a computer, tablet and stylus. She has exhibited several times at the Derbyshire Open Art Competition and in 2017 was selected for the A & I Artist of the Year Exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London. Susan is a member of the High Peak Artists based at Gallery in the Gardens Buxton, and of The Gallery New Mills. : 07774 345246

Forartis Fine Art


Forartis Fine Art

Sue Prince

21 St Martin’s Road, Marple, Stockport SK6 7BY

Tony Berriman Artwork Tony is a self-taught artist living and working in Macclesfield, Cheshire. He has travelled extensively and he takes the inspiration for most of his work from the wildlife he’s encountered abroad and in the UK. However, he also paints portraits (both human and animal) and landscapes. His style is realism, working mostly with oil on canvas. He accepts commissions and will collaborate with you to create a unique piece to suit your budget and space.

75 Paradise Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 3DA : 07580 531896

Forartis Fine Art

Colour, its potential to excite the eye and engage the heart, is central to Suzanne’s art, as is exploring the emotional impact of mark making, texture and motif. Her work is mainly abstract, often mixed in media and large scale with strong textural marks, inspired by a sense of place or particular emotion. She is an experimental painter and printmaker, sometimes mixing the two processes with exciting results.

Forartis Fine Art

Suzanne Bethell

I paint plant portraits in fresh and vivid watercolour, sometimes using pen and ink to enhance the texture and detail. My preference is for the gentle understated beauty of country garden flowers or plants growing wild rather than showy specimens. I closely observe the colour and form of a plant and portray its distinctive character. My illustrations have been published by The Woodland Trust and other organisations concerned with wildlife conservation.

Willows, Ednaston, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 3AE : 01335 360665

Vivyan Whittaker

My paintings are inspired by nature, animals, ducks and birds. The badger cards are sold to raise money for the Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group. Lino prints are a rewarding sideline. Below: Bob Dylan song quiz painting. An ideal gift for a Bob Dylan fan, and a quiz and a card in one... find as many songs as you can from the picture clues.

36 Legh Road, Prestbury, Macclesfield SK10 4HX : 01625 827200 : 07841 595222

Forartis Fine Art

Botanical Artist

Forartis Fine Art

Vivien Wilson

Forartis is pleased to have forged links with the following Organisations and Galleries, where printed versions of the Directories are also to be found: Vernon Mill Artists, Stockport Cheshire Gallery, Bramhall County Galleries, Altrincham Incubation Arts Northern Makes, Bollington Gallery Seven, Macclesfield Longdon Gallery, Macclesfield Vermillion, Knutsford Contemporary Six, Manchester The Brampton Museum and Art Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme Trent Art, Newcastle-under-Lyme R N Clarke, Stafford Woodstock, Macclesfield Alchemy Art & Framing, Macclesfield The Green Man Gallery, Buxton Gallery in the Park, Buxton Nicholson Art Gallery & Museum, Leek Oriel Ger-Y-Fenai, Anglesey Plas Glyn Y Weddw, Llanbedrog, North Wales Ffyn Y Parc, Nr Llanwrst, North Wales Castle Framing and Gallery, Criccieth, North Wales Oriel Llandudoch, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales Isla Fine Art, Cards & Gifts, Buxton Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek … and many more Art Exhibitions and Societies that we have visited.

Forartis is proud to have helped distribute 5,000 printed copies of the Cheshire 2017 Directory to all sorts of public visitor locations within the County – as well as wider afield into North and South Wales, The Midlands and the Greater Manchester conurbations over the past year or so. The desire for communities to become even more entranced with Art and collecting Art has recently been further advanced by Forartis forging a community project engagement with Redrow Homes. Forartis successfully bid for funding from Redrow Homes (NW), via their Congleton Community Fund linked to the Cranberry Gardens development, to assist with the process of re-printing the Forartis Cheshire Directory….hence this hot off the press announcement in the Forartis Derbyshire Directory. Redrow is committed to investing in the neighbourhoods in which it builds and has operated community funds across Cheshire to support local projects. Forartis will continue to place printed directories in Redrow Marketing Suites, so that new homeowners think about that special piece of Art for their special place in their new environs.

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