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Forankra Spain’s roller system helps Escoperez Brothers Transport, SL to more efficient operations Escoperez Brothers Transport, SL is a family owned transport company in the third generation. The company pioneered the transportation of goods by road in Spain. It all started from an old bus adapted for the carriage of goods and now has the company the newest vehicles. The main operations offered today is to carry full loads throughout the Spanish territory. The fleet of vehicles are equipped with semi-trailers which are of a wide range of formats. The business is strategically located in an industrial park, near the city of Alicante and Elche. In addition to transportation the company offers related services such as warehousing and distribution. The company develops its business and is constantly aiming for an increased customer service. Lately the company has invested in a retractable roller system for automatic loading and unloading from Forankra Spain. Currently Escoperez Brothers Transport, SL has bought and installed three units. The intention is to continue to incorporate vehicles equipped with this system. The system has made the company’s loading and unloading operations much more efficient – which helps the company to turn around its vehicles faster. That benefit the customer service as well as the economy since it increases the utilization rate of the vehicles. When Escoperez Brothers Transport will install its next roller track systems, they are sure of which partner to work with: Forankra Spain. The manager of the company explains: Forankra Spain guarantees the quality of its materials, provides perfect after-sales service with system installation and hand-over including clear instructions for daily use and maintenance of the equipment. 2012-10-22


Forankra is part of Axload Group

Forankra Spain deliver automatic roller systems  

Forankra's retractable and automatic roller systems helps the customer to improve its operations. Increased effcicency provides better custo...