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infographic research [pilus energy] 20-01-2014


this is indirectly related but worth keeping in mind. some municipalities might place a higher priority on maintaining existing systems rather than upgrading or cleanup.


this is an interesting graphic, it focuses on two pollutants/sources of pollution and how the levels of each have been reduced over time... the focus suggests it´s intended for a specific audience. at a glance its easy to see that the presence of the pollutants has decreased over time, but the red arrows widening, which point to the amount of reduction is a bit confusing?


this is a great synthesis of the benefits of access to clean water. many apply to mostly to developing countries/nations/ economies, but the ripple effect analogy of the impact clean water has on a community. areas of human activity impacted by access to clean water: - economy - health - hygiene - education - food security - female empowerment - child development - quality of life (in no particular order)


three strong datapoints that give a good sense of the dimension of the problem of access to clean water globally

most sources seem to roughly agree on this data point

the magnitude of exiting inefficiency in our systems

this is how urgent clean water is... 37

more datapoints worth keeping in mind...

desalination is certainly part of the solution, but not enough by itself...

future consequences... 38

access is a recurring theme in these infographics, maybe just a coincidence, but this might be something to keep in mind in terms of a business model that includes contribution to a water supplying charity...


impact on education...

water allocation and waste (macro)

water allocation and waste (human scale)

water allocation and waste (specific)

this is huge...

this is not so much... 40



something like this for the website would be interesting, pollutant vs bactobots, add some data to show how well the bots fare in the different environments. side by side comparision could be an intersting function for the catalog of experimental data...


this is info most people, i imagine, don´t really know much about, how our water gets sanitized, what happens to it before it comes flowing out of our taps...

clean and clear main graphic, but the supporting images are a little less so... 43

this is an easy to read graphic.


this company explains the hole process of how their solutions cleans water and generates electricity...



多in which stage would the EBR reactor go in this set up?

both graphics include a brief description of the problems and solutions...



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looking into infographics related to clean water

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