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Issue 58 Winter/Spring 2012

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MAKING GOD HAPPY: so easy, even a child could do it!

From prosperity to prison to PURPOSE ...

RED FACES: Embarrassing moments ...

When you feel like a FAILURE...

Ahh...MEN! The funny things they do!


Winter/Spring 2012


Issue 58

When life gets in the way ...

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RED FACE Embarrassment first develops in 2 to 4 year olds; it can only occur once we understand that a cultural or social norm has been violated. Most adults feel they cannot talk about such things as the day the toilet paper followed you outside the toilet; when your child’s teacher said “little Johnny likes to discuss most things at school. Don’t worry we hear stuff like that all the time…” ; or when you accidently sent an email about a person to the WRONG person (all real-life examples I’d rather forget!) How do we manage embarrassment? It is important to realise that we are all human and that we all make mistakes. All of us make errors in judgement at one time or another. Embarrassment serves a purpose—it prevents us from repeating the same error. For example I now make sure that the toilet paper is NOT tucked into my stockings! So the next time you are embarrassed, resolve to reduce the chance of it happening again, breathe out slowly… and let it float away. It lasts only a moment and it is totally normal to experience embarrassment. Just don’t keep it! Vivian Jarrett, Rochedale South QLD. (Footprints’ resident psychologist)



During my brief career as a party-plan cosmetics consultant, I did a large and very successful bridal shower party. Successful, that is, until we realised I had inadvertently turned the faces of all the guests BLUE! I’d had to buy new facewashers as it was such a big group, which we used during the facials to help the oil soak in. The combination of heat and moisture caused the dye to transfer onto the guests’ faces ... Nicola Saad, Bracken Ridge QLD.

Who else but me could find themselves bent in half, and stuck in the Ladies because their gorgeous scarf got caught in the zipper of their jeans? Ten minutes later and very red in the face, the zipper finally let go of my scarf and I made my lunch date only slightly late (but with a good story to tell)! Dianne Riley, Sutherland NSW.

It was my first day of Uni. I already felt a bit conspicuous as a mature age student amongst a bunch of teenagers, however I felt a lot more conspicuous as I entered the toilets and saw … Urinals? AARGH! I was in the Mens' toilets! I did not look up as I tried to sneak out … into the very crowded library … then into the Ladies! Belinda Hutchinson, Landsborough Q.

I remember my bridesmaid pulling the chair out from behind me when we stood to cut the cake at my wedding—without me realising. And sitting heavily on the floor in front of a whole lot of people … Melanie Page, Morayfield QLD. Ed’s Note: *whistling innocently* - I wonder who that bridesmaid was?!

An old friend went to great lengths to look me up. We met for a meal and I (rather gushingly) said how thrilled I was that we could now continue our friendship. I was glad that the friendship had meant as much to her as it had to me. Several months later I came to the realisation that her reason for looking me up was to get me involved in her latest multi-level marketing venture. Annie Barnes, Lota QLD. Ed’s Note: Annie, I think SHE should be the one who is embarrassed, not you!


e’ve all had them— those moments where you just wish the ground would open up in front of you, and swallow you whole ...

Not long after we got engaged, we were at a party with my beloved’s family. I was anxious to impress so you can only imagine how mortified I was when my future brother-in-law took great delight in pointing out (in front of everyone), that I’d somehow tucked the back of my skirt into my knickers on my last trip to the loo! Janet Camilleri, Cleveland QLD.



ow good are apples? We know they are good for us and the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has value. But apples are more than that for the local School Chaplaincy Committee in Stanthorpe, on Queensland’s Granite Belt: once juiced, they form a major part of their fundraising efforts. This is no ordinary apple juice—this is 100% juice made from Granite Belt apples! In 2011, the Committee was blessed when a local orchardist offered the committee his apples for a small price per tonne, if the committee picked them. What a great sight to see! Over 40 volunteers (most over age 55, from all denominations), working together to pick enough apples to make the usual quantity of juice for the year. It was a real joy – strangers became friends and, as they say, “many hands make light work”!

Both Stanthorpe Chaplains— Anne Bonner from the high school, and Julie Gleeson from the primary school— praised the contribution of the volunteers. “To see all these people pitching in, just goes to show how they value Chaplaincy. For us to know we have all these people supporting and praying for us, really strengthens the work we are doing”. Other Chaplaincy or church fundraising committees are able to buy quantities of Stanthorpe Chaplaincy Apple Juice at a wholesale price so they can also raise funds for their Chaplains or churches. If you are interested in fundraising this way, contact Alan Carnell by calling (07) 4683 5260.

All-in-all 255 bins (about 100 tonnes) of apples were picked for juicing. Many Stanthorpe businesses also supported the effort, with the loan of equipment and machines.

She’ll be


Irene Scott, The Summit QLD.


Making God Happy ... So easy, even a child can do it! “What life lesson am I teaching my daughter by doing this?” This question kept running through my mind as I planned my daughter’s 7th birthday party. I couldn’t shake the feeling that God was trying to teach me something, but I pushed aside my misgivings - it was only a birthday party, after all! The big day arrived, along with 19 children plus parents. Thankfully, it was at a restaurant, but still it seemed overwhelming. However, my daughter loved being the centre of her world for that 1½ hours. She was in her element. I, on the other hand, was not. I smiled and made small talk, but I remained unsettled. In silent prayer I kept asking God what was bothering me. The question returned: “What am I teaching her? What is she learning from this?” As I heard snatches of conversations, I realised how little I had in common with these parents. I listened to them complain about school, their jobs, their

spouses, even their children. These people didn’t love God; in fact, they had ridiculed Him openly in the past. If I didn’t enjoy their company, why was I encouraging my daughter to be friends with their children? It couldn’t end soon enough for me, and when it came time to say goodbye I was relieved. Until I saw the pile of presents. It disturbed me greatly that my daughter had received so many; there was no way she needed all this. But what had I expected? In that moment, I was more angry at myself than anyone else. This was what God had been trying to tell me. Raising humble, thankful children who love God is a challenge in today’s world. Humble, thankful children. Those three words haunted me all the way home. What had I taught my girls about being humble and thankful today? Absolutely nothing. In fact, I had taught them the opposite. I had allowed my youngest daughter to spend the afternoon thinking that everything was about Continued next page


Making God Happy


her, and now she had a mountain of gifts to prove it. I had not listened when God warned me about this party; now I would have to live with the consequences.

It was almost lunchtime the next day before the question came. “Hey Mum, where’s all my stuff from yesterday?” asked “The Princess”.

For the rest of the day my daughter called herself “The Princess”, and resisted my every request. By evening, her attitude was wearing; by bedtime she was just plain defiant. But as I kissed her goodnight, I realised that this wasn’t her fault, it was mine. Every day I pray with my children and tell them to be still and listen for God’s voice. Why hadn’t I done it myself?

“It’s exactly where you left it sweetie,” I replied. She and her sister skipped off excitedly to examine her loot, never even realising that anything was missing. What an answer to prayer! As they pored over the remaining gifts, I couldn’t help but smile. Thank you Lord—we made the right decision!

Shortly afterwards, my daughter came to find me. “Mum, did you know that Feeling guilty and discouraged, I went to some of these things are the same?” deal with the presents piled in the lounge Two of the gifts had been double-ups, room. Most were untouched and I but since they were craft activities, we doubted my daughter would even had left them in the pile. “Do you think remember them all. It seemed so it would make God happy if I gave excessive. I stared at the pile for a these extra ones to my sister since she moment, then turned to my husband and didn’t get any presents yesterday?” said, “I have an idea”. she continued. I engulfed her in the biggest hug I could manage. We sorted through the gifts again, carefully picking out six things that she “Sweetheart, that would make God could keep. Most were craft activities and Mummy very, very happy!” that we knew she would enjoy; the rest we stowed in a suitcase in our wardrobe. For long afterwards, I pondered what God had been trying to teach me. The We decided to donate the toys: to a party had been a bad idea, but it had friend’s charity in New Guinea; to our given me valuable insight. God was Church; and some children’s charities. working in my daughter’s heart, even Maybe God could bring good out of this when I couldn’t see it. With His help I day after all! know I can raise humble, thankful However, I was concerned about my children who love Him first. Despite daughter’s reaction. So I did what I everything, the party was a testimony should have done all along - I prayed. I to that. left the six presents in the lounge, and Melinda McCredie, went to bed feeling peaceful about our Slacks Creek QLD. decision.


The Messenger T

iny blue wrens and their dusty brown mates, flame crested robins, galahs, kookaburras, swallows, magpies, sparrows and honey eaters flit, whistle and warble around our home in rural Gippsland. On occasions a hawk will spiral over our paddocks or a pelican majestically drift overhead. There are many times, when I’m perplexed by life or feeling weighed down by “stuff’” - a feathered messenger will appear, perhaps a small wren on the ground at my feet or a kookaburra that doesn’t budge until I can nearly touch it. These seemingly random meetings remind me that all is not lost, life can be good and God does care. I’m always struck by the timing of these encounters; but the most stunning of these occurred a few years ago. I was driving down the dirt road to a meeting that was going to be very difficult. There was no way I wanted to go, yet I had to. I could see no hope of a positive outcome and wondered at my

sanity that I had even left home that day. Without warning a superb wedge-tail eagle flew from behind the car, glided down in front of the windscreen and flew – at eye level – just in front of me. I slowed marginally and this great bird stayed there, calmly flying as I followed. I could see it’s plumage, the varying tones of brown, grey and flecks of white and black. It was magnificent. After about 200 metres this exquisite creature slowly veered off to the right, flying over the tall gum trees that lined the road and disappeared. I was overwhelmed with a sense that regardless of the outcome of my meeting I was doing the right thing … as though God touched my shoulder and said, “It’s okay.” The meeting didn’t go well – but I was okay. Katrina Wattchow, Trafalgar VIC.


What about the

! ? N E R D L I CH A

s a society we are increasingly inconsistent, hypocritical and contradictory in our attitudes to children.

In March, two Melbourne academics wrote a paper in the prestigious British Journal of Medical Ethics advocating the right of parents to kill their newborn babies. A News Ltd poll of 2219 readers on 2 March showed 11.99% agreed with Monash University’s Alberto Giubilini and the University of Melbourne’s Francesca Minerva that “killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be”. To justify their outrageous views, the ethicists cite The Netherlands’ Groningen Protocol of 2002, “allowing to actively terminate the life of infants with a hopeless prognosis who experience what parents and medical experts deem to be unbearable suffering”. Last year a Victorian couple who conceived twin boys through IVF aborted them because they wanted a girl. The couple previously had a daughter who died in infancy.


A few months later a Melbourne hospital aborted the “wrong’’ twin, resulting in the deaths of two unborn children at 32 weeks. Only the “sick foetus’’ was meant to die. The parents, and many other Australians, were outraged at the death of a perfectly healthy baby at 32 weeks gestation, yet that’s what happens in around 96% of all abortions in Australia each year – the life of a perfectly healthy child is ended. In December the press widely reported the story of an Australian woman who claims she was bullied by doctors into aborting her baby six years ago. She has suffered depression and her marriage ended as a result of her decision to abort. She said doctors strongly advised her to terminate the baby girl she named Lillie at 16 weeks because the child had Down Syndrome.

premature babies are surviving as a result of medical technology. A wanted baby’s death from unintended causes results in a funeral, while aborted babies of the same age are disposed as a biohazard. Value is largely in the eye of the beholder. Similarly, while we end the life of a child in the womb through medical or surgical means, we are saving the lives of babies, many the same ages, through keyhole surgery performed while babies are still unborn. We are none too keen on the deaths of whales, dolphins and baby seals, but seem to have scant regard for unborn human babies.

In 2007, a Melbourne Herald Sun investigation revealed that several high schools were taking students to clinics to get the morning-after pill without Each year in Australia there are “about” parents’ permission 80,000 abortions, or knowledge. The yet less than 50 In Australia: head of Parent local adoptions. I • There are “about” 80 000 Victoria Gail McHardy say “about”, abortions each year; said at the time it because we don’t • An estimated one third of seemed ludicrous actually keep an women will have an abortion; that children needed accurate count of • One in four pregnancies is a permission note to abortions. I can terminated. go on a school tell you with more excursion to the zoo, but not to access certainty how many new cars were sold the morning-after pill. last calendar year. An estimated one third of Australian women will have an abortion. That equates to roughly one in Abortion is touted as the zenith of women’s rights – the absolute, four pregnancies. immutable and noble right of a woman to have control over her own body. It In most States, late-term abortions are sounds good in theory. However, we legal and have become more common place many other while, in contrast, increasingly Cont’d next page


restrictions on what a woman can do with her body. She cannot legally buy cigarettes, drink alcohol, or get a tattoo until the age of 18 - yet a teenage girl can have an abortion without requiring permission from anyone! The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959) states that children need special care and legal protection before, as well as after, birth. The 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides added protection for children, declaring that governments shall always act in their best interests. However, the rights of children in the womb, who are voteless, voiceless and vulnerable, have been superseded by adult rights, or more accurately, the rights of the mother. Paul O’Rourke, Belmont North NSW . Paul is the CEO of Emily’s Voice (, which seeks to “help Australians fall in love with the unborn”. He is the former CEO of Compassion Australia, and a former editor of the Newcastle Herald. His fourth book, Why Satan Hates our Kids: how children are suffering and why the church should care, was published last year. Ed’s Note: Footprints does not judge or condemn any reader who may have had a pregnancy terminated. Rachel’s Vineyard ( is an organisation which supports men and women in need of healing after abortion. For help with unexpected pregnancy, visit or or call the Pregnancy Helpline on 1800 090 777.

Sigh Sigh in the trees Skies exhale Hope on wings Of the One who prevails Against evil for me Hand of strength Hold my life In all it's length Tears from the sky Fight in heart Rise within Direction's chart Changing, turning You know all Here's my hand Don't let me fall Smiles on horizons A laugh on the wind Healing at dawn Friends who sing With me in the dark My Lord, He wins The battle's not mine Peace within “CJoyC” Burleigh Heads, QLD.




votfu!! votfu!! ! bjoujoh!

Artwork Š Pearl Badham. Used by permission.

years I have belonged to G!oransome Art Group in our community at the Centre for over 50’s. Our group has varying artistic abilities, ranging from novices to very experienced artists. We do not have a teacher, but can ask for suggestions or advice from others in the group. I recently had fun painting a sunset scene. For the subject, I used a photo I had taken from a boat on Ross River in Townsville. It took me only about four sessions to paint it. I was quite pleased with the result as it was dramatic and the colours vibrant. I signed it as we do when we are satisfied that the painting is finished.

However, when I showed it to Lenny, one of the most experienced artists in our group, he asked if I was completely happy with it. For a moment I wavered. He offered some advice about how the painting could be even better. To start with, the main part of the sunset should not have been right in the centre. Also, the reflection in the water was not done correctly. So I was given the offer of instruction to improve my work. I agreed. Then came the devastation as major parts of the painting had to be painted over. I began to wish that I had taken a Cont’d next page





photo of the original painting, because now it seemed to me that it was being spoilt. But I had agreed to Lenny’s offer of instruction, so I battled on. It took many weeks. I grumbled at times and complained that I had actually been happy with it before, and now all I could see was a mess. I felt that I was losing my enjoyment in painting. Finally my sunset painting was looking good. All of the effort of following Lenny’s instruction had paid off. I could see that it was certainly now a much better painting than the original one had been. It reminds me of what we are like when we go our own way with no thought for God and no place for Him in our lives. We are sometimes happy with the life we are living, but do not realise how much better life can be when we follow God’s instructions given in His guide book, the Bible. Following Him is not always easy. The journey is sometimes quite bumpy, but He has promised never to leave us or forsake us. He is always there to comfort and guide us. He sees the end result, whereas at times we complain about the suffering and pain. He is the Master Painter. How much better it is to follow His instructions! Pearl Badham, Thornlands QLD.


e all feel we fail, but there is a big difference between feeling a failure and being a failure, and it is important we don’t confuse the two. I was pondering this recently, and realised that the feelings of failure we have are often tied in more with hopes and dreams rather than with reality. Look at it like this: when you start out as a young adult or as newlyweds, you have a picture of the path you think your life would take. The details may be vague, but you have a general vision of how you see yourself in the



role of parent, spouse etc. You have an idea that in ten year’s time you will have had this many children, be at this point in your career, have a house like that etc. You have an expectation that you’ll do certain activities as a family; take these types of trips or holidays. I know I did. But it hasn’t been like that for us a lot of the time. My husband has worked on the weekends for most of his life, and thus for most of our son’s life. We have had a number of health issues, all of which seemed to require extended recovery times. We have found ourselves in and out of employment unexpectedly.

hope for, and the life we actually have. I suspect that the greater the disparity, the greater the sense of failure. I realise too, that this is my grief alone. My husband had a different picture of how he thought our life would go; he doesn’t grieve any of the things I grieve. Our son didn’t have a picture at all – he has never missed what he hasn’t had and so he is not disappointed with his life. I know now that I am not a failure – I have risen to meet the challenges and I have done the best job I could with the resources available to me at the time.

a FAILURE ... I have recently had a strong sense of failure because our life hasn’t taken the path I had hoped. We haven’t done the things with our son that I would have liked, or achieved the goals I hoped for. Reflecting on this with God, He showed me that it wasn’t that I have failed – I couldn’t control the circumstances of our life; I couldn’t make our “ideal” life happen – but I am grieving the loss of my dream. This sense of failure is, I believe, tied into the disparity between the life we

I spent some time grieving for what hasn’t been; no doubt I will grieve again as we ‘fail’ to reach another goal. With a sense of release (I haven’t failed), and with God, I can start out from now. I will enjoy our family, our activities and our successes, and live with what we do have, rather than regretting what might have been. Pamela Heemskerk, Toowoomba Q.


“I had judgements about people who went to prison. Then I became one of them!” These are the words of Trish Jenkins, a Brisbane mother of three, who in the past ten years has gone from prosperity, to prison, to purpose. But rather than hiding the shame of her past, Trish has bravely chosen to use her experiences to protect others, by teaching them the warning signs of fraud. As Trish explains, “My message is more important than my pride.” Trish and her husband achieved “financial freedom” before they were forty – their investments doing so well, they were both able to quit working. Upon learning that she had unwittingly breached the Corporations Act, all Trish expected was a fine or slap on the wrist— instead, she was sent to prison for eight months. Separated from her husband and small daughters, locked away with criminals, Trish very quickly found out who her real friends were.

I met Trish last year at a women’s business networking event, knowing beforehand that she was a Christian. I was curious to see how she could successfully present her testimony as a “motivational talk” in a secular setting, and I wasn’t disappointed. The first rule of investment Trish told us was: “Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Rule number two is to see rule number one!” Cont’d over page


10 Wealth Weapons Regardless of whether you have lots of money or very little, Trish offers the following ten strategies for handling wealth, using the double-edged sword as a metaphor. 1. It cuts both ways. Wealth can do a lot of good eg helping people, but can also create problems. Money doesn’t change people. It brings out what they are really like, good or bad, strong character or weak. Its loss magnifies who they are. 2. It has a protective cross-guard to prevent your hand slipping onto the blade. It’s what holds us back from danger. It’s important to place boundaries in your financial life that protect you from your own eagerness. 3. The size must fit the person wielding it. If it’s too heavy, you might be tempted to let it drop, or someone can deceive you into letting them hold it. A sword that is too small speaks of an inadequate tool that is too small for the job required. Sometimes you do just need more money! 4. If you are not content, you are managing out of fear or greed and there will never be an amount of money to satisfy you. Achieving your goals will feel hollow instead of satisfying. Don’t be discouraged, contentment is an attitude that can be learned. It’s a lot like patience. 5. Quality over ostentation. You only need one sword, but it should be a good one. 6. Maintenance. The sword must be oiled, prepared for battle, and afterward must be cleaned. Keep honest records and a clear conscience. Otherwise, cross contamination will affect you. 7. Learning and practice. Read widely, keep up to date in your field of expertise, listen to CDs, visit great websites, join networking groups and think critically. 8. It must be held firmly, but not too tightly. Clutching it hard will result in poor performance, too loose and it will fall away from you. 9. Be prepared to give it up. It is a tool, not an idol. Treat it like a tool and you will not be heartbroken when it is taken from you. Tools are replaceable; you’ll get another one. You will know how to use other skills and implements. The new won’t fit with the old. 10. Warriors are adaptable. One of the best books on change is Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson. If you choose the way you respond to change, then no matter what comes your way, you will cope and even thrive. Find out more at


10 Wealth Weapons


I loved the way Trish was able to weave her faith so naturally into her talk. “I don’t accept karma,” she told the group, “because I live a life of grace.” She explained that we all make mistakes – but God is able to forgive, and so should we— and went on to highlight the biblical principle of sowing and reaping. The women were entranced by her every word, and clustered around her afterwards, anxious for more. Since her time in prison Trish has written three books to share the lessons she has learnt about money—

Weapons of Cash Destruction: protect your fortune from fraud; Dangerous Wealth: what every successful woman needs to know to avoid being ripped off!; and Treasures of Darkness: a prison journey. Trish now regularly presents at events ranging from business functions to church groups. Her message is relevant to all because as Trish says, “You may not have been in (actual) prison but we’ve all felt trapped or that there’s no escape.” It is her great joy to share her keys to freedom with others. Janet Camilleri, Cleveland QLD. Photos courtesy of Trish Jenkins. Used by permission

My Favourite Scripture I also learned that the portions assigned to the Levites had not been given to them, and that all the Levites and singers responsible for the service had gone back to their own fields. So I rebuked the officials and asked them,, “WHY IS THE HOUSE OF GOD NEGLECTED?” Then I called them together and stationed them at their posts. Nehemiah 13: 10 & 11


am Mum to a 9 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. It is a full-time job. And a worthwhile one. And a tiring one. We were in our early forties before we were blessed with children. At times, I wonder if it is any easier when people have children earlier in life. There always seems to be so much to do, and I often seem to be so tired!

there are things to do, and that’s one reason I’ve become very frustrated. There’s just no time for me.

Things were different a few months ago. I was walking the dog on our farm at least four days a week. I was eating more healthily and I was making time to do things I really enjoyed – writing, sewing and scrapbooking. I For quite a while felt good! I now now, I have realise that been struggling since I stopped with pent-up making time to frustration. I do those things, couldn’t really the frustration identify why has been because I do building. Like love being a most of us, I’ve wife and Mum. I always known I am married to a should exercise, wonderful man other’s M A eat healthily, and and I do enjoy n o i t a have activities I my children – they truly are an Frustr enjoy, but I now incredible gift from God. feel I have a mandate from God to not neglect His house – me! As I read the above Scripture, I felt the Lord challenge me: Why are you neglecting yourself, the temple of my So I have made a commitment to make time for myself and to do things that I Holy Spirit? As I paused, I realised He was right. Yes, I have my daily time with enjoy. As Mums this is vital! We spend so much time and energy on our God (most mornings), but then the families, we need to realise that we, too, busyness begins. Shopping, washing, are important. That’s enough writing for cleaning, cooking, involvement at now. I’m off to walk the dog! school, kid’s sporting commitments, the list goes on. I have always found it very Janelle Moore, Torrington QLD. difficult to stop and relax when I know


Looking like a LADY “Ma, you’re looking like a lady!” Miss Three was not impressed. Her little nose curled up in confusion. “Aren’t I a lady?” Was my gender being questioned? What had I done to cause this rebuke, except to apply a dash of face powder? “No! You’re a Ma!” “Is Mummy a lady?” “No! She’s a mummy!” In her eyes I have no other identity except being her Ma! Her security comes from knowing we are her Ma and her Mummy, not impersonal “ladies”. And I love being her Ma. Is there any better identity? As Children of God, our security comes from knowing that God is our Father. He’s not only the Great Creator of the Universe. No, He’s our personal Daddy. He’s the one we are intimate with. So if God is starting to feel far away, it’s time we ducked under the blood of Jesus and rushed back under His wing. He is our Dad. That’s His favourite identity! Jo Wanmer, Kallangur QLD. Win a pass to the


WORD WRITERS GETAWAY on the SUNSHINE COAST, QLD (more info on our back cover)

Prize includes accommodation, meals & conference, valued at approximately $300! To enter: Part 1: Sign up to attend on the website ( by downloading the sign up form, or register your interest and desire to attend. Part 2: Submit an article of no more than 500 words to Footprints for consideration, and mention “Word Writers Getaway Entry”. Entries close midnight 31 August. Winner drawn at random from entries received.






impact heart fruit

example blessing

choose life














ords are powerful. A well chosen word at the right time can heal wounded hearts, give hope for the future and help people to accept themselves. For example, I’m not massively into “dressing for success” and I rarely wear makeup. But that wasn’t always the case. When I first met my husband, I hated him to see me unless I was fully made up – I wanted to look beautiful so he would love me. However, one day he asked me why I wore makeup all the time. I was puzzled, but he went on to remark, “You don’t need makeup – you are

beautiful just as you are!” (Can you see why I married him?). This affirmation of my worth (and my looks) affected me powerfully and positively. A remark to the effect that I needed makeup to look good definitely wouldn’t have had the same effect! Choosing to bless, or affirm, people with our words isn’t hard to do. We need only to be open to noticing the good things that others do, and commenting on them. Something which takes such a small investment of time can have a lasting impact! Nicola Saad, Bracken Ridge QLD.

Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21 The Message

God Answered My Prayer


or months, Susan had been working diligently towards her driver's licence. One day she asked me, "Hey Mum, how will we find a car that I can own?' I asked, "What sort of car would you like?" "A pink Micra!" she replied. "Susan, let's do what we always do when we are working on a new project. Let's pray and sow a seed into this." Then I added, "I think that the car you would like is close by where we live.” So we began to pray and sowed a seed into this new project. In our family we have a habit of sowing a financial seed into the offering or a mission or charity for projects that we are praying about. So we sowed this seed, believing specifically for a pink Nissan Micra for Susan. But where to start looking? Honestly, I don't recall having even seen a pink Micra in Rockhampton; Susan had to show me a picture on the internet. Armed with this picture, we asked our Father for His provision.


A few days later, Susan's brother James announced that he had seen a pink Micra for sale not far from our home. James had been eating pizza with a couple of friends at the park. He noticed a pink Micra in the driveway of the house opposite, with a small “For Sale” sign in the window. It turned out the car was only 2 years old and had done just 14 000 km. It looked like new, and was the colour that Susan had dreamed of owning! The owner loved her car but was expecting a baby, and had to sell it as she couldn't fit a pram in the boot. But how could we even afford to buy this car with five children to raise? Several months earlier, my husband Andrew had told me that he probably wouldn't be getting any work bonus this year. But the very day we inspected the car, the boss rang to say that there would be a bonus in their next pay – and it would be about three times larger than in previous years! This was enough to cover all the costs of buying the pink Micra!

God can do

Book Review God really provided for Susan. Not only did we have the money just when we needed it, but God ensured that James “just happened� to be in the right place to notice the small sign on an otherwise unadvertised car on a quiet street. What are the odds of that? But there it was ... a pink Micra in mint condition with tinted windows and even a cute heart shaped exhaust pipe at the back. We were ecstatic that Susan received just what she had asked for. God loves to bless us. He loves for us to come to Him with our requests, large or small. He can do more than we can think or imagine. He wants us to come in faith, simply believing for what we need. Christine McTaggart, Norman Gardens QLD.

Connecting with your Asperger Partner


on't let the title fool you! This book by Louise Weston is adaptable for children and teenagers. Psychologists and teachers are among many of the most frequent buyers of the book; and parents are also waking up to the value of this book and how they can use it. There is really only one chapter that focuses on partners.

Connecting with Your Asperger Partner is a goldmine of information and tips for anyone living with an "Aspie"; a beacon of hope in these often troubled relationships. If you want a more enriching relationship with your friend or loved one with Aspergers, or want to relate better to a friend, patient, colleague or relative who is an Aspie, this book is for you. It has already sold 2000 copies, been a finalist in the non-fiction category of the 2011 CALEB Awards 2011, and is still a popular seller. Written by a Brisbane-based Christian author and with a foreword by Professor Tony Attwood, this book is a must on your bookshelf. Tammy Copley, Keperra QLD. For more information see



was standing at the dock looking down into the icy cold water: I knew I was about to fall. What I didn’t know was: how far? This was how I felt at the transition into adulthood. I had prayed for God to make me into a warrior for His cause in whatever way He needed to. It took

the form of being an au pair for six Jewish children in the United States. In October 2010, at 19 years old, I boarded a plane to San Francisco and a week later, to Memphis in Tennessee. I’d never been away from home, let alone the other side of the world for thirteen months on my own. But, I had faith that God would protect me. The journey has been tremendously painful. There were times when I was sinking and couldn’t stay afloat. I wanted to quit and just go home. There have been tears, insomnia, yelling and distrust. Yet despite this, there was always something greater at work; God’s faithfulness.

God is my Life Guard


Whenever it seemed too much for me God would provide the life ring to help me get my strength back. Small moments of “coincidence” that renewed my faith in Him: a phone call from a friend, a coffee invitation, a stranger who became a new friend or a church sermon that was written just for me. At His sovereign timing there’d always be a glimpse of His hand that gave me the lift I needed. I grew so much through this adventure, in ways that would never have happened had I stayed at home. I’ve experienced two different cultures working for an orthodox Jewish family in the United States. I’ve almost gotten over my fear of meeting new people. I’ve met people who have blessed my life


enormously and, ultimately, I’ve confirmed what I knew to be true; God is always walking beside me no matter where in the world I am. When we zoom in on our problems too much we can’t see the bigger picture. That was often my problem. But God stuck by me and kept reminding me of His faithfulness and love for me. When life gets too hard, push into God’s embrace further. Pray for peace, read His Word, meditate on His promises to you. Enjoy where you are because He is using that to create an even stronger warrior for His cause. I have seen and experienced it with my own eyes. Felicity Squire, Kadina SA.

The Maverick’s Roundup The Maverick’s Roundup is the story of a man who overcame debilitating illness and poor education to follow the call of God. The call carried Bruce into Aboriginal camps situated along the River Murray in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Later the Call led him onto the opal fields of the remote north and into pulpits across the mid north of South Australia. From toolbox to pulpit Bruce has needed to think outside the box and maverick or not, the job was done. Finally, Bruce came to rest in Port Augusta, South Australia. The Call has not left him, instead God has strengthened his stake and lengthened his cords and he finds himself extending aid to ministry outside of Australia.



elationships are everything to me. Friends and family are a source of immense joy, so the thought of a serious fracture in my close relationships is extremely painful. Yet, this is what happened in the year 2001.

declined to attend Dad’s 60th birthday party, because they had arranged a weekend away with Brad’s family.

This was war, and harsh words were spoken. We were especially angry with Brad, as we felt he Our feature on family estrangement was deliberately My sister Lucy and I last issue struck a chord with many drawing Lucy away had always been inof you—as you will see on our from us and I was credibly close, and letters page (p29). forthright in telling were practically him so. After a inseparable. This One reader has a very special story number of heated changed, however, arguments, Brad and with the advent of her of how her own family was once Lucy cut themselves boyfriend, Brad. From torn apart—but has now found off from us, refusing the time that Lucy healing and reconciliation ... to maintain any met Brad at church, contact. We apologised to Lucy, even they were totally wrapped up in each though we still felt that they were partly other. They did everything together. at fault, but her allegiance to Brad was Brad was fun and Lucy really loved unwavering. We were estranged. spending time with both him and his family. So, was I jealous? No! We were delighted for Lucy – she was 25 when Brad appeared on the scene, whereas I was married and happily popping out babies. Over time however, we noticed a trend. My extended family has always been close-knit and loved getting together for a big feed. We would plan celebrations, but Lucy and Brad would attend briefly and sporadically. Even more frustrating, Brad always prioritised time with his family over time with ours. Then they got engaged, and were married six months later. What should have been a happy occasion was tinged with tension. Things came to a head in early 2001 when Brad and Lucy


There are no words to describe this time in my life. My parents and I were terribly, terribly hurt. My husband, bless him, tried hard to keep me on an even keel emotionally, as my distress affected our children terribly. I spent many hours crying and praying that God would restore my relationship with my sister. I also spent many hours praying for Brad (though usually that God would smite him with something nasty!). I was angry and my prayers reflected my pain. The situation was not quickly resolved. Our estrangement lasted through the birth of children, ours and theirs, while we kept track of Lucy and Brad through mutual friends. My parents were

devastated that they weren’t permitted to see their other grandchildren. After several years, we re-established limited contact with Lucy and sent gifts for their children’s birthdays and Christmas. But Brad was adamant. He would have nothing to do with us. Toward the end of 2007, a course I was involved in prompted a re-examination of my feelings about this ongoing situation. As I was wallowing in self-pity, and reliving my hurts, I heard God say clearly: You weren’t the only one – Brad was hurt too! Suddenly I realised that although I had apologised to my sister, I had never apologised to Brad. So, I sat down and Cont’d next page

Recovery from


*Some names and circumstances have been changed to protect the privacy of the author and her family.


Recovery from



penned an apology. It contained no selfjustification, no blame, just an unreserved apology for the way I had treated him. I prayed and sent it off, but received nothing in return.

sporadically) and opened to the next reading: “Jacob and Esau are reconciled”. My heart quickened. When I got to the passage “But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around him and kissed him. And they wept.” (Gen 33:4) I felt a stirring of excitement. Was this a promise of God for this year – that my sister and I could be fully reconciled?

It was really hard at this time to keep my attitude sweet. I had tried so hard to A couple of months later, I received a do the right thing! notification that Brad We would never had added me as a Weeping may endure for a night, be fully reconciled “Friend” on but joy comes in the morning. with Lucy if Brad Facebook. I popped Psalm 30:5 hated me. onto his profile page and caught up with About six months later, I was trawling what had been going on in his and through Facebook. On a cheeky whim, I Lucy’s lives. Over the next few weeks sent my brother-in-law a “friend rewe began corresponding, and quest”. Not that I expected him to “add” eventually received an invitation to me! come over for a BBQ. Within months, our family were all reconciled with In the early hours of the following New Brad, Lucy and their children. It was Year, we returned from visiting friends with joy that I was able to embrace my and put the kids to bed. As my husband sister and weep for the fulfilment of pottered around the house, I decided to God’s promise to me. read my Bible. I pulled out my devotional book (something I did *Jocelyn Miller

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Ahhh...MEN! You gotta love ‘em, especially when they make you laugh!

Lunch Leftover Hubby is the designated lunch maker in our family. Sadly, we had a problem in my office with lunches being stolen from the fridge – although I was one of the lucky ones. When I told hubby, rather than being happy that I’d never been a victim, he was most offended that “his” lunches obviously didn’t make the grade!

Mincing his words After a lengthy family gathering at Sizzler, my teenage son was keen to head back home to his beloved computer games. “Not yet,” my husband told him. “We should wait until they bring out some mints.” Looking puzzled, our teenage son asked, “What on earth would you want that for? We’ve already eaten!” He thought my husband had said “mince”, not “mints”!

TIS THE SEASON: 3 cheers for Christmas!

PRAYER PARTNERING: It could change your life ...

Nice girls DON’T finish last!

Crumbs! Hubby was sitting in front of the TV snacking on some potato chips when I noticed he had dropped crumbs on his shoulder. Being a caring and devoted wife, I reached out to brush them off, telling him, “You have a chip on your shoulder”. For some funny reason he took offense to this, until he realised all I meant was that he’d made a mess with his snack ... Janet Camilleri, Cleveland QLD.

A READER’S STORY: Losing Sarah, Finding HOPE. Out Nov 2012




hank you for another gem of an edition of Footprints! … the article on family estrangement can only do good in helping to remove the stigma that is unfortunately out there. People so falsely assume if you're having problems you are “unchristian” or “unsaved”. They forget our awesome compassionate A Magazine and tender God is so close to the broken hearted, that He knows and understands ... I take great comfort in that—that He saw, sees, knows and understands EVERYTHING ... Name & address withheld by request.


ongratulations on “Estranged”. How important it is to bring reality to Christian lives by sharing the very hard times. It is heart-wrenching to know your pain; it is overwhelmingly inspiring to see your trust in His Word. Thank you. Bless you and the others who shared. May many lives be encouraged by such honesty. Name & address withheld by request.

for the Real World!


njoyed reading this issue this afternoon… just the “pick me up” I needed. Lynda Kay, Stanley, TAS.

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Even Chickens... I would never have believed I could have a God-moment involving a chicken—especially since I am mortally afraid of them! The past week had been frantic, leaving me feeling very stressed and unsupported. My husband had been out of town working, my children were in the middle of exams which triggered my eldest having a four day migraine, I was working two roles at work and had been having health issues. After a week like that I was longing for some peace. Sunday morning rolled around. Great! I thought, I’ll get into church and just relax

support from other people. I am the one you can turn to. They are not. I am.

for a couple of hours.

As I took that in, I was gradually able to focus on what was being said around me and relax into His love and care.

And then I walked through the doors. CHICKENS! Some of them had escaped their coop, and were free-ranging in the foyer. My stress levels rose to somewhere in the middle of the upstairs children’s church, as I hurried through to take my seat. Then offering time came around. Missions Sunday. The chickens came into church, a visual example of where missions giving was going that month, along with a soundtrack of clucking to add to the atmosphere. My husband tells me that by this stage I was twitching.

I still don’t like chickens, but they’re now a part of my journey with God because I will forever remember the lesson they taught me. The things that I do to worship God—church, reading my Bible, singing, going to conferences, connect group—cannot take His place. Even if all these things disappeared, God can use the most amazing things to speak His truth. Even chickens!

Somewhere in all that, God grabbed my attention and reminded me: I am your peace.

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things – and the things that are not – to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before Him.—1 Cor 1:27 – 29

I am the source of your rest. Not church. Not relaxation exercises. Not medication. Not

Kylie Rutherfurd, Springwood QLD.


Winter / Spring 2012 issue of Footprints

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