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JULY 2014


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JULY 2014

Google’s All-Electric Foodtruck

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PEOPLE SELLING THE INDUSTRY ____________ 38 AROUND CHICAGO: EVAN’S ________________ 34 TRAVEL: PRINCESS CRUISES ______________ 40 DIRECTORY/CLASSIFIEDS ________________ 41 July is National Hot Dog Month and as one of Chicago’s unofficial favorite foods, we salute all of our vendors who have helped build “the Chicago-style” WRIGLEY FIELD of dog. At left: The famous taste of Wrigley Field Smokies™ goes re™ tail. Served at the home of the Chicago Cubs, SMOKED BEEF SAUSAGE they are made from their original Vienna® Beef 1893 family recipe, using premium, fresh, domestic beef and beef trimmings and a secret blend of seasonings. That familiar hickory-smoked aroma that greets baseball fans is 100% sig™ nature Vienna® taste, without fillers, artificial colors, or flavorings.


Vienna Beef sausage products are not manufactured to comply with any religious dietary restrictions and our natural casing products are manufactured using hog or sheep casings. For more information regarding our products visit our web site at ©2014 Vienna Beef Ltd.

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WOW-appeal: Delivery Concepts recently co-manufactured the first all electric, all green food truck for use on the Google office campuses. The truck plugs into any standard 110 volt outlet. According to Bernie Pfeiffer of DCI, the compartments are fully customizable. Watch for more innovations from DCI in the coming months.

When an all-electric vehicle pulls up to a crowd, people notice, and when it is a multitemperature controlled food delivery vehicle with a high-tech plastic exterior, crowds form, customers line up and you hear a lot of “WOW!” “Yes, we designed and co-manufactured an all-green vehicle, for Google,” noted DCI’s Bernie Pfeiffer. “The Google truck utilizes the Columbia chassis, which is made in Wisconsin; the body was designed and manufactured at DCI’s factory in Elkhart, Indiana, from recycled plastic. It goes 40 miles on a charge; it’s fully electric.” It can be charged in as little as a couple of hours or a deep-cycle charge which is overnight. It has a protective charger so you can’t overcharge the batteries. Because it’s an all-green vehicle it qualifies for the government tax incentives. “It has a holding oven that holds 32 full-sized

steam table pans of food, a full-sized steam table, and a refrigerator compartment that you plug in overnight; it stays cold for 30 hours. “It has a solar-panel assist to assist the oven, and it carries two people. It is street legal where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less.” DCI’s temperature controlled electric vehicle conversions are optimized in single or multitemperature configurations for delivering perishable cargo. With a seamless food-safe polyurea sprayed interior, the green, 100% electric vehicle is street legal and eliminates the hazards of dangerous propane gas or open flames or food contamination because it keeps temperatures consistent. “It’s got a lot of personality to it,” Pfeiffer said. “People who see it absolutely love it. I mean, even if you just park it in front of your store, it’s an attraction.” DCI’s ad appears on page 11.

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Food Industry News® June 2013

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Raising Minimum Wage May Actually Hurt Tipped Workers James Beard Awards Coming to Chicago

Both Kevin Pang in the Tribune and The New York Times confirmed that the James Beard Awards ceremony will be held in Chicago next year. Mayor Emanuel made the announcement in Millennium Park in late May. In February, city tourism officials were trying to pry the awards from NYC, where they’ve been since their inception in 1990. They have reportedly succeeded and are planning to hold the awards at the Lyric Opera House on Wacker Drive next May. Quoting JBF president Susan Ungaro saying, “Chicago made us a very appealing offer to host the show.” Rahm Emanuel, Choose Chicago, and Alpana Singh helped convince the foundation to make the move.

Food Industry News Valerie Miller President and Publisher Cary Miller Advertising/Vice President Terry Minnich, Editor Cary Miller, Features Editor Paula Mueller Classifieds/Office Management Nick Panos, Corporate Counsel Mark Braun, Associate Publisher ––––– James Contis 1927-2013 Food Industry News Issue 7, July 2014 (ISSN #1082-4626) is published monthly, $49.95 for a three-year subscription, by Foodservice Publishing, 1440 Renaissance Drive, Suite 210, Park Ridge, IL 60068-1452. Periodical postage paid at Park Ridge, IL, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Food Industry News, 1440 Renaissance Drive, Suite 210, Park Ridge, IL 60068-1452. ___________________________ For advertising or editorial information, call (847) 699-3300; Fax (847) 699-3307, or online: This publication cannot and does not assume the responsibility for validity of claims made for the products described herein. Copyright © 2014 Foodservice Publishing Co., Inc.

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A proposal to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers in Michigan from $2.65 per hour to $10.10 could actually lead to servers making less money than they do now, writes F. Vincent Vernuccio, director of labor policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Higher labor costs would mean many restaurants would have to cut employees’ hours and/or raise prices; a majority of respondents to a recent survey commissioned by the Mackinac Center said they would probably tip less if meals cost more. Nationally, tipped servers make an average of $16 to $22 per hour, according to NRA data. – The Detroit News

Yelp Gets Into Mobile Restaurant Reservations

Yelp is joining other online giants such as OpenTable and Google in the field of mobile restaurant bookings with a free Yelp Reservations service. Restaurants can sign up for the service by claiming their Yelp page, and they can manage the free system through Yelp’s business owner account service. – Adapted from TechCrunch

RestAuRAnt equipment RepAiR “Call MaCkay Right away!”

Mackay HeAting & meCHAniCAl

Specializing In Fast, Expert Repairs Of Refrigeration, Ovens, HVAC and All Types of Cooking and Food Prep Equipment CAll JoHn mACkAy:



Domino’s Eyes Italy

Domino’s Pizza is eying Italy as a possible expansion market for the future because while there’s plenty of pizza, there aren’t many options for delivery, said CEO Patrick Doyle. He talks about the chain’s international success, a new store prototype that gives customers a view of the pizza-making process and the process of changing peoples’ perceptions about the quality of the food. – AP

Dmk opens Henry’s swing Club

In a space that is “dark and moody with pops of color featuring urban street art”, Henry’s Swing Club, 18 W Hubbard Chicago, IL., is the latest creation by guys from DMK Restaurants. Henry’s Swing Club, created by David Morton, Michael Kornick, and Michael Rubel is the bar they want to hang out in.  Michael Rubel, who opened Violet Hour, Big Star and Billy Sunday, has created a great drink menu; Henry’s will offer simple, delicious and cheap eats created by Michael Kornick. Over 25 sliders & 3-bite sammies for $2 to $4. Crispy snacks including, New Mexican Hatch green chili nachos and Coney Island chili fries. Sweeten the deal with chocolate fondue and s’mores. The street-facing lounge features furniture sourced from local vintage shops giving it a groovy, modern feel. A sprawling 40foot bar boasts a huge selection of spirits to awe at.  Just like in past projects, DMK Restaurants and their design team -- 2to5 Design-- love to leverage their talented staff and enlisted one of their own artists, a team member at Ada Street, to create the space’s graffiti wall. The final touch will be DMK Restaurants’ secret sauce: Hospitality, love and respect.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Publisher’s Insight Valerie Miller

RetailLeach Food Equipment Specialists Food Equipment Distributors, LLC

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Live These Rules ■ One important key to success is self confidence. ■ The key to confidence is preparation. ■ Make accountability routine. ■ Stay away from people with troublesome illegal behavior. ■ Keep check on your ego. ■ Strongly believe: It takes hard work to be successful. ■ Know where you’re going. ■ None of us are as strong as all of us. ■ Customers are the final inspector. ■ Companies don’t succeed—people do. ■ Quality work happens when you care enough to do your best. ■ If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it. ■ A closed mouth gathers no foot. ■ Never miss a good chance to shut up.

If you’ve traveled recently you will notice some changes at the airport. Before, you would go to the ticketing agent to be checked in, you can still do this but now there are more kiosks allowing you to do self service check in. Follow the instructions at the kiosk, obtain your boarding pass and drop your bag off at the counter. They have airline employees in the area in case you need help checking in at the kiosks. The last time I traveled out of Chicago O’Hare, they had me tag my own luggage. When going through security, the best thing to do is be patient. Even though the line seems like it takes forever, it does move. Arrive early so you don’t have to rush to arrive at your gate. If you are bringing a carry-on bag, have your toiletry liquids in a front pocket, so you can pull them out for screening. The 3-1-1 for carry on -.3.4 ounce bottle or less, 1 quart sized clear plastic zip-top bag. 1 bag per passenger. Be organized. Take your laptop out of its case, take your shoes off, place your sweater or jacket and belt in the bin. The less stuff you carry, the faster you get through the line. A lot of people get discouraged to travel. They don’t want to go through the hassle. I believe it is so rewarding to travel. The thrill and excitement of visiting new places and having the opportunity to meet people and learn about their culture. Trying different cuisines, visiting historical landmarks and learning about the destination. Your eyes are the windows to the world. Seeing all these incredible places on this earth can never be taken away from you. The memories are priceless! To this day I have been to 67 countries and can’t wait to visit more. How do you find the perfect destination to go to? Granted everyone looks everything up on the internet, but sometimes that takes longer to find all the information you need. If you stop in a travel agency you can pick up some brochures and they can recommend a tour company or package to fit your needs. You can take as many brochures as you want. If you’re planning a cruise you can get info on more than one cruise line and compare. If you are interested in an air and land package they have so many options. Escorted tours, where travelers are escorted in a group to various destinations are one of the best ways to see the world. You get so much out of the tour because your day is planned for you, some or all of your meals are included and your sightseeing and accommodations are taken care of. Plus, you have the expertise of a tour guide. They get you from point A to B without any worries. I’ve talked with people who make it a point to take a trip every year; some of them have been traveling with the same tour company for over 20 years. Don’t let the years pass by and miss some of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime. Some of the best experiences happen on vacation. Make time for your kids, your spouse and your friends and take that trip. Down the road you will be so glad you did. Valerie Miller, Publisher

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Chef Profile NAME: Justin Ferguson

RESTAURANT: Ideology Entertainment - Blue Door Farm Stand / La Storia PHONE: 978.604.0904 ADDRESS: 980 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 1900, Chicago, IL 60611 BIRTHPLACE: Baton Rouge, Louisiana CURRENT POSITION: Executive Chef FIRST FOODSERVICE JOB: During high school, I was a sandwich and coffee maker at the Whistle Stop outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was before there were baristas. FAVORITE FOOD: Italian Food and Southern Creole Cuisine AWARDS/HONORS: Southern Breeze Magazine “Top Chef”; Louisiana Cookinʼ Magazineʼs Chef to Watch you can Grow! Thanks to your support we’ve moved to a new, larger facility to serve you even better. Our new, state of the art facility enables us to have greater flexibility and improved service, so you have a partner that works with you in every way to build your business.

Greater efficiencies Add Flavor To

WORST PART OF JOB: The hours. MOST HUMOROUS KITCHEN MISHAP: I drove a motorcycle through the kitchen. Everyone was having a rough day and it made them laugh. FAVORITE FOOD TO PREPARE: Northern Italian Cuisine PART OF JOB THAT GIVES MOST PLEASURE: Seeing a smile on one of my guestsʼ faces IF YOU COULDNʼT BE A CHEF, WHAT WOULD YOU BE AND WHY: Iʼd be a farmer. It is a real hobby of mine as I really enjoy the whole process of food. Back home in Louisiana, my family has two acres of land and I used to grow ingredients and use them in the restaurants I worked in there. It was great to see something like an heirloom tomato grow and end up on my customerʼs plate. BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Surround yourself with good people. insure complete, on time orders consistently.

Your Menu With Faster response

...with our conveniently located warehouse near 355 and Thorndale. ITALIAN SAUSAGE GYROS

More convenient will-call pickups ...from our facility which is close to every suburb.

Gyros, Italian Beef, Increased selections Italian Sausage, Hamburgers and more!

MEMORABLE CUSTOMERS: Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. They film a lot of movies in Baton Rouge, LA and the actors used to come in during our slow hours.

MARATHON CHICKEN BURGER HAMBURGERS dry, refrigerated and frozen items, including prepared,convenience and Call quickYour servePanos items! Rep Today For Your FREE Sample Presentation.

We are proud to be the leading family owned and operated distributor serving Chicagoland’s foodservice industry since 1975.

630-735-3200 1465 East Industrial Drive, Itasca, IL

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: In the United States, South Beach. But, I served in the army and was able to travel the world and my favorite place in the world is Trier. It is the oldest city in Germany and is surrounded by mountains and vineyards. I am also a sucker for Venice. I love drinking coffee in St. Markʼs Square, even if it costs 10 euros.

Trend Setting: Are Men Doing More Food Shopping? Women still do most of the nation’s grocery shopping, but trends including a move toward more stay-at-home dads and a growing interest in cooking among men have more dads doing the weekly shopping, according to a report from Midan Marketing. Almost half of 900 men surveyed said they do at least 50% of their family’s grocery shopping, and within that group, more than half said they made all the supermarket trips, the report said. – Adapted from The Boston Globe

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Smaller Form Factor Packaging Equals Profits PepsiCo’s introduction of macro snacking packages for products including Rold Gold Pretzel Thins, Twistos Snack Bites and Lay’s

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Air Pops helped drive net income for the first quarter up 13%. Meanwhile, 7.5-ounce mini beverage cans showed double-digit gains, and sales of 12-ounce glass bottles more than doubled. “These packages enable us to realize new price tag revenue benefits while providing flexibility to maintain price competitiveness,” PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi said. – Adapted from

Are You Getting Your Own Copy of Food Industry News? We’re FREE to qualifying foodservice operations. Call today: 847-699-3300 or visit:

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Delivery Service Helps Restaurants, Caterers and Suppliers Generate Income and Cut Costs

Typically, restaurants and caterers can only take a limited number of orders for delivery due to staffing and vehicle restrictions. Often, the cost of adding vehicles and the people without the steady demand becomes a high expense for businesses. These are some of the reasons that Chicago Messenger Service has added a division focused on providing delivery solutions to those in the food industry. The firm’s “On-Demand services” can meet all delivery or shipping needs at a moment’s notice. Many caterers have the need for daily, weekly, or bi-weekly “scheduled” delivery services, and the firm offers this service as well. The firm offers hot, refrigerated, frozen and dry temperature controlled vehicles to insure quality and consistency. So the next time you have 15 orders that all need to be there at noon, don’t turn down the orders, take them and call Chicago Messenger Service. The firm also works with many suppliers to deliver “special rush orders”. Their in-house, customer service staff supports a team of over 400 uniformed, professional couriers equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They can deliver any size shipment, from envelopes to full trailer loads. Chicago Messenger Service’s ad appears on page 14 of this issue.

Packaging Can Reinvent Brands

In an age of social media, millennials want authentic brands with good stories to tell, but that doesn’t mean brands with decades of history can rest on their laurels, branding experts say. Re-branding campaigns reinforced by redesigned packaging are often the key to revitalizing sales of older brands. “Packaging is your billboard in the store. It’s the number one ad media in consumer goods,” said Peter Murane of BrandJuice, which led the re-branding of KC Masterpiece. – SmartBlog on Food & Beverage

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Cost-Cutting Tip: Use Compulsory Cash Drawers

Chicago’s #1 Selling Italian Beef



(773) 522-7900

W W W. PA PA C H A R L I E S . C O M

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Bays Celebrates 80 Years It all began in 1934 when George Bay opened a bakery in Chicago’s Loop selling English muffins with a recipe his English grandmother brought to the U.S. in the 1800’s. Sold by the dozen in brown paper bags, the muffins were hand-delivered to restaurants, hotels and private clubs. In 1938, Bays was one of the first companies to package muffins in a box with a cellophane window. In the early 70’s, Bays products were selected to introduce the Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich. James Bay Jr. and George Bay are the third generation of the Bay family and actively run the business located in Chicago’s West Loop. Available in Original, Sourdough, Honey Wheat and Multi-Grain varieties, Bays English Muffins are sold in the refrigerated section of grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide including Walmart, Target, Publix, Kroger, Safeway and many more.

Growth in Chain Restaurants According to Nation’s Restaurant News, restaurant executives who gathered at the 2014 Baird Growth Stock Conference waxed optimistic about prospects for growth now that the frigid winter is behind them. Executives from chains including Buffalo Wild Wings, Noodles & Company and Texas Roadhouse also said they expect to weather temporary spikes in commodity prices and secure the key real estate they’ll need to continue adding new units. – Adapted from

One of the most common methods for controlling cash at that cash register is to only allow the opening and closing of the cash drawer by ringing a sale or pressing the “No Sale” key, both of which provide an audit trail. Some registers feature compulsory cash drawer functionality, which means the next sale cannot be rang until the cash drawer has been closed. However, you may have noticed that many cash drawers are attached to your POS system via the guest check printer rather than directly through the workstation. While this is not always the case, for many POS systems it is not possible to have drawer compulsion functionality when connected in this manner, meaning that a dishonest cashier or bartender could simply leave the drawer ajar to facilitate unrecorded cash sales. – Adapted from 50 Cost-Cutting Tips from

Malaysian Cooking Influence Southeast Asian chef Christina Arokiasamy last year was named Malaysian food ambassador to the U.S. by the Malaysian government and tasked with bringing the country’s spices and dishes into the mainstream. Arokiasamy, who trained in Four Seasons restaurants in Bali and Thailand, now lives in Seattle, where she grows traditional spices such as lemongrass and ginger and teaches locals the tricks of Malaysian cooking. – Reuters

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Here Comes the Bride

(but it won’t be cheap) The wedding season is coming, so be prepared: The average cost of a wedding is now $28,427. The economy isn’t much of a factor: A survey from wedding consultants The Knot found that only 26 percent of brides in 2013 said the economic picture affected how much they spent on their big day, a figure down from 29 percent in 2011 and 34 percent in 2009. Lace is still a popular choice for wedding gowns, along with textured fabrics featuring layers, tiers, and threedimensional appliqués. As for designs, dramatic backs with deep plunges are a hot trend. Bridesmaids’ dresses are likely to be shades of pink, yellow, gray, and purple in 2014.

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Chef Awards Can Impact Careers



Players in the culinary industry have many opportunities each year to win awards that can put their name and restaurant on the map, but how much do James Beard Awards and Michelin stars really impact a chef’s career? Top chefs and recent award winners such as Dave Beran of Next, Chicago say it’s an opportunity for like-minded people to celebrate what they’ve all accomplished and what they’ve been doing. –

Massive Revenue Potential With Allergy Conscious Menu Items!

Egg & Dairy Free Friendly! Call Now for Free Samples The Horton Group, one of the largest, privately owned insurance brokers in the Midwest recently hosted a private Wine Tasting downtown for nearly 100 business associates in conjunction with Plante Moran. The event was co-sponsored by The Horton Group and ACE Private Risk Services. Attendees were treated to exceptional wines, great conversations and important insights on wealth management.

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Show off your products when Shmoozefest returns Thursday, August 7 Sponsorship is open but limited. For information: 847-699-3300

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Food Industry News® July 2014

IRA Ask The Experts May 2014

Need RepaiRs NOW?


Since 1987, Blue Line has successfully constructed, remodeled and designed thousands of square feet of commercial property for nationally recognized companies.

Blue Line Store Repair does all major and minor business repairs. We are craftsmen who can take you from planning to permit to execution with minimal impact to your store or restaurant. We Offer: n Carpentry, Drywall Patching & Painting n Door Repairs n HVAC/Electrical Repairs n Department Renovations n Humane Pigeon Abatement Service n Rapid Response to Emergencies 24/7 n Display Case Repair n Repair & Refurbish Refrigerated Display Cases n Rodent Proofing n Renovations n Tile (Ceiling and Floor) Repair/Replacement n Plumbing n Safety/Case Wall Protector n Health Inspection Consultation & Aid n Graffiti Abatement n New Kitchen Equipment Installation n Pick Up, Delivery or Storage of Oversized Equipment

Blue Line Store Repair is available day or night, weekends and holidays. The only two days we are not available are Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

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Need RepaiRs NOW? Sound Waves Age nationally recognized companies & chains Bourbon in Minutes?


A New Orleans bartender, Max Messier is cutting the aging time of bourbon down to mere minutes instead of years using Sonicprep, a device that uses high-intensity sound waves to alter liquids. At Root Squared, where Messier works, leftover scraps of Jim Beam barrels are charred over a stovetop, then the wood and bourbon are “sonicated” to create “aged” spirits without spending any time sitting in a barrel.

(708) 652-3355 See our ad on page XX

– Adapted from

Are You Tracking Employee Turnover?

We often ask operators what key numbers they look at to determine how their restaurant is performing. Invariably we hear daily and weekly sales, check average, sales per labor hour, prime cost, food cost and similar measurements. Rarely does someone mention one that reflects one of the biggest challenges most restaurants have, that being “employee turnover”. High employee turnover wreaks havoc on nearly every area of a restaurant. It results in higher labor cost and causes managers to spend more time in hiring and training activities. Turnover impacts consistency and it’s harder for returning guests to build relationships with your staff when they are here one day and gone the next. One undeniable truth in business is that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. One way to get a sense of how you’re doing in managing and retaining your staff is to calculate and track your “employee turnover ratio”. The formula for calculating employee turnover is (total employees employed

july 9-16.indd 12

during a period less total employees employed at the end of the period) divided by the total number of employees employed at the end of the period. For example, if you employed 200 employees last year and had 100 employees at the end of the year, your employee turnover would be 100%. (200-100)/100 Knowing your employee turnover ratio and then tracking it over time can provide a way to gauge and evaluate your hiring and management practices and whether they are having a positive or negative impact on employee retention and turnover. Many chain operators track employee turnover quarterly and even monthly and it’s an integral part of their management bonus and incentive pay calculation. How well are you and your managers hiring, managing and retaining your staff? Start getting some regular feedback by measuring and tracking your employee turnover. – Adapted from

6/11/14 3:22 PM 4/1/14 1:05 PM

No Matter Which CHICAGO LEGEND You ChOOSE...

They Always Taste Better on Gonnella Bread & Hot Dog Buns!

Call Bob Nasshan to Taste and Experience Our Full Line of Traditional and Artisan Breads, Buns, Rolls and Bread Crumbs.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Euro USA 2014 Chicago Show



Superior quality bases, sauces, preps & mixes available, for the 1st time in any quantity. From a pound to a pallet.

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Tap Takeover Chicago Food Group organizers, Jerry Doorhy from Connor and Gallagher Insurance Services, Ben VanVlerah From First Merit Bank and Mike Moynihan From Freeborn & Peters put together another great event .  The event was to promote networking amongst food companies and their food clients to find avenues to do business together.

See All Products at SOUPBASE.COM CALL David for Foodservice Pricing 800-827-8328 - M-F 10am-5pm EST So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. — Christopher Reeve

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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Taste and Cost Over 30,000 Sqft. of Quality Used and New Equipment are Barriers to Choosing Gluten-Free Foods

Cleaned • Tested Guaranteed


While only 11 percent Quality Used and New Foodservice Equipment of U.S. households follow a gluten-free diet, about THE MOST RESPECTED QUALITY one in four consumers Hours: USED & NEW EQUIPMENT DEALER 8:30 a.m. to feel that gluten-free is IN THE MIDWEST 5 p.m. Daily good for everyone, reSaturday ports The NPD Group, a 8:30 a.m. to We Deliver leading global informaNoon Quality, Value tion company. However, & Service! the general healthfulness of gluten-free foods is Visit Our Showroom 930 Fullerton Ave., Addison, IL 60101 offset, consumers say, by 630-627-3031 • 800-858-3931 the high cost and taste of Sé Habla Espanol • these foods, finds NPD’s recently released Understanding the Gluten-Free Trend report. The perception that gluten-free is generally healthy is reflected in NPD’s finding that only 25 ALDI to create 5,000 new U.K. jobs in 2014 percent of those living in a gluten-free home say ceGermany-based discount supermarket chain ALDI liac disease or gluten sensitivity is the main reason. plans to add 5,000 workers in the U.K. this year, to Among the other reasons consumers cite for follow- staff both new stores and existing locations where ing a gluten-free diet are that it improves digestive sales and traffic are on the rise. ALDI, which has health and eliminates toxins from the body. been gaining market share from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, “There is clearly a segment of the population who ASDA and Morrisons, has more than 500 U.K. stores, avoids gluten for reasons other than gluten sensitiv- and it will expand nearly 30 and open about 55 more ity or disease, providing a greater opportunity for this year. The company also is creating an academy food manufacturers and retailers,” says Darren Seif- to help train full- and part-time employees. er, NPD food and beverage industry analyst. “Food – Adapted from The Telegraph PINTS marketers should pay close to attention to all of the reasons for a gluten-free diet and connect the rea- Treasury Wine therefore not in the best sons with appropriate messages in order to better Estates Rejects interests” of shareholdtarget your audiences.” ers. News of the bid in$2.78 Billion Food marketers also need to keep in mind that Acquisition Offer creased the Australian offsetting the consumer-perceived benefits of a producer’s share prices Treasury Wine Estates by 18% on Tuesday. Rugluten-free diet is what consumers consider the TRUFFLES ON A STICK downsides, which are the high costs of gluten-free has rejected a $2.78 mors that Treasury Wine products and the taste of these products not being billion acquisition of- would sell its U.S. assets up to par. Half of gluten-free consumers say that fer from private equity spread recently after CEO they may not be willing to sacrifice taste in order to group Kohlberg Kravis Michael Clarke told anamaintain a gluten-free diet; however, the most cited Roberts, citing that “the lysts that the company reason for choosing to not purchase a gluten-free proposal does not reflect has too many brands, product is that it was too expensive, according to the fundamental value this article says. – Adapted from FROZEN BANANAS of the company and it is Decanter online The NPD Group report. – For more information, visit ■ Alluring, Distinctive Dessert ■ Creative & Delicious Some Wine Buzzwords Are Not Necessarily Realistic ■ Pre-Portioned, No Waste Every distraction on Minerality has become a buzzword in the wine industry, used to describe the ■ Enhances Profits way some wines contain the flavors, textures and aromas of stone. Experts, how- the job, from texting to Full Selection of Foodservice ever, say the mineral content in wine is far below levels of human detection and some loudmouth yelling and Retail Items vine roots are not able to extract such compounds from rock. Such flavors, usualCall Now For jokes, costs you profit ly found in Riesling, chardonnay, Chablis, sauvignon blanc and fine red Bordeaux, Sample and Ordering Info and productivity. could be caused by yeast during the fermentation process, writes Beppi Crosariol, 847/455-5355 Ext. 22 but the exact cause is still unknown. The Globe and Mail – Adapted from The Globe and Mail



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8” TABLET POS Retail $895. Our Price: $295.*


Prices include installation, programs, 1 drawer, 1 printer, software licence. *Requires Credit Card Service

Ask About Our Credit Card Processing Guaranteed Low Rate

5035 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

Food Industry News® July 2014

$69.95* Per Station, Per Month




Snack Foods Rank High in Brand Recognition

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. — Abraham Lincoln

Lay’s, Kraft and Nestle ranked in the top five of Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint rankings, which surveys consumers in 35 countries to find the most soughtafter food brands. Bimbo and Mondelez International’s Oreo came in seventh and eighth, respectively. Oreo also attracted more new customers this year than any other brand in the ranking’s top 50, growing 10% between 2012 and 2013 and becoming the No. 1 cookie brand in China. PepsiCo’s Doritos brand broke into the top 50 for the first time with a ranking of 49. – Adapted from

Veggie Burgers Gain Ground As veggie burgers become more mainstream, chefs are using spices, legumes and other ingredients to create a satisfying burger that can compete with its meaty counterparts. Stack’d Burger in Milwaukee attracts vegetarians and omnivores alike with different veggie burger options such as black bean, portobello mushroom and chickpea walnut.

With Ms. X July 2014

BO-BO’S 20534 N. Milwaukee Ave. DEERFIELD, IL 847-325-5490. Fast food place with an extensive menu. House specialties; include burgers, gyros and chicken. I went for the special of the day which was a charred Vienna hot dog with the works, and an order of fries; they have skinny fries and give you a good sized portion and a drink. CUMBERLAND STATION BAKE SHOP 36 East Northwest Hwy. DES PLAINES, IL 847-827-7810. I picked up a pack of the pecan rock cookies which were made out of shortbread. They also have something called spaghetti bread. It was bread with cheddar, onions and poppy seeds in a pan. Get it whole or they can slice it for you. FARMERS FRIDGE 520 N. Michigan CHICAGO, IL 312-327-2300. On the 4th level of the North Bridge Shops. This is really a cool concept, and they have great packaging. It’s a vending machine against the wall containing healthy snacks and meal choices. Make your selection and you’re good to go in minutes. GENE’S SAUSAGE SHOP 4750 N. Lincoln CHICAGO, IL 773-7287243. This is what a European deli is all about. They have a beautiful display case of meats and cheeses along with a large selection of sausages. Plus they have a nice variety of European groceries and breads. On the second floor they have a beautiful rooftop beer garden. MA & I 1234 S. Michigan CHICAGO, IL 312-663-1234. Thai and Japanese cuisine. There are so many good things to eat here. Start with an order of their spicy tuna rolls. Then for a little heat, they have spicy fried rice and Pad Kee Moo which is a spicy noodle dish with chicken, shrimp, tomatoes, carrots, mushroom and jalapenos. Keep it spicy. MAX’S PANCAKE HOUSE 228 E. Main St. .ROUND LAKE PARK, IL 847-986-6605. Open until 3:00 during the week and open later on Friday & Saturday. This is a cute breakfast spot serving up an affordable breakfast along with excellent service and a great cup of coffee. I had the Popeye omelet with a side of pancakes. Everything was perfect! POPOLICIOUS 1460 Miner St. DES PLAINES, IL 847-390-7373. Fresh made popcorn with all sorts of flavors to choose from. You can get sweet, chocolate, caramel, cheese, bacon and more. I tried the buffalo popcorn which was nice and hot. They also sell boxes of Maurice Lenell cookies, so if you like pinwheels you can pick up a box here. SANDER’S 5320 W. Touhy SKOKIE, IL 847-673-2626. Family run restaurant with outstanding food & service. Their staff is so attentive, you never have to wait to be served. Breakfast is always a good choice; they have fluffy omelets and great pancakes. Now I discovered the pork chop sandwich with sweet potato fries and the Greek pork chops with Greek potatoes. The pork is so tender and seasoned so well. Delicious! STACKED 5273 W. 95TH St. OAK LAWN, IL 708-422-5555. Open daily 6 am -3 pm. This is a great breakfast place offering big portions. Choose from the stacked special which is 2 eggs, 2 French toast, 2 bacon & 2 sausage or the Tommy’s Stack It Upham off the bone, bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese on a toasted ciabatta. Other specialties include stuffed French toast and excellent skillets. You won’t leave here hungry, but you will be stuffed because everything is so good.

– Adapted from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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Chef Profile NAME: Anthony Luna

RESTAURANT: Moxee PHONE: 312.243.3660 ADDRESS: 724 W Maxwell St., Chicago, IL 60614 BIRTHPLACE: Evanston, Illinois CURRENT POSITION: Executive Chef/Partner FIRST FOODSERVICE JOB: Main Cafe & Deli

Chicken Pot Pie Filling

Made From ScratchControlling Since 1967


MEMORABLE CUSTOMERS: President Jimmy Carter

Labor Costs

Homemade Style BEEF TACO MEAT FILLING Gluten WORST PART OF JOB: Letting people go. ✓ Chili (4 Varieties) Free Know the optimum ✓ Oven-Baked Beans FAVORITE FOOD TO PREPARE: Soups And sauces sales and number And More Heat & Serve Items of PART OF JOB THAT GIVES MOST PLEASURE: People smiling

Made From Scratch Since 1967

Fresh SmallHomemade Batch Style ✓ Chili (4 Varieties) Roasted Coffees ✓ Oven-Baked Beans



And More Heat &Prices Serve Items n Better Coffee at Lower customers served per while they eat your food. n Free Machine & Grinder Programs labor hour for each IF YOU COULDN’T BE A CHEF, WHAT WOULD YOU BE AND day part. If you are usn Private Label Packaging Available WHY: School teacher—for the love of showing people new things and ing a POS system to enriching other peoples lives. n Low Minimums, Roasted to Order maintain time and atTry All of Our Items Try All of Our Items BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Never ever put on airs. tendance of your staff, Call Now For Samples & Ordering Call Now For Samples & Ordering Emerald House Coffee Roastery Information: Information: then you may already FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Any place I can. Now For Your Free Sample: (630)506-2540 800-510-3811 800-510-3811 have a built-in secret Call WHAT DO YOU ENJOY THE MOST ABOUT FOOD INDUSTRY FOOD MARKETING SERVICES 630-833-3000 weapon for controlling FOOD MARKETING SERVICES 630-833-3000 MACARONI NEWS: Serious commitment to keep industry folks aware on new things labor costs. Most syshappening in our industry. & CHEESE Why our beans tems include reports Made Scratch Since 1967 Made From Scratchshowing Sincethe 1967 are From BETTER amount Captain Ken’s Foods’ Homemade Style Homemade Style MACARONI & CHEESE MACARONI AND CHEESE of sales generated or is made with tender elbow ✓ Chili (4 Varieties) ✓ Chili (4 Varieties) macaroni then mixed with customers served for a rich creamy cheese ✓ Oven-Baked Beans ✓ Oven-Baked Beans sauce offering a tasty side dish for all to enjoy. every hour of labor And More Heat & Serve Items And More Heat & Serve Items Application opportunities include deli hot case, food expended. Sales per buffets, restaurant side Restaurants andsnowfood retailers face a steep chaldishes, resorts, ski labor hour (S/LH) or  Made from scratch and more. lenge whenlodges, it comes to raising prices to cover higher customers served per UPC 39080. Packed frozen,  Lots of real, fresh bacon! 4/5-lb. boilable bags. Approx. costs, experts say, as consumers who learned frugal OVEN-BAKED BEANS cost per oz. $0.09-$0.11 labor hour (C/LH) are  Slowly OVEN-BAKED, not canned habits during the downturn plan to stick with them Try All of Our Items a key indicator of proTry JUST All of Our&Items  COMPLETE PRODUCT. HEAT SERVE. JUST LIKE HOMEMADE! QUALITY THAT PEOPLE REMEMBER. during the recovery. About 94% of consumers said Call Now ForLONGER Samples & Ordering ductivity. When sales Call Now For Samples & Ordering QUALITY INGREDIENTS. HOLD TIMES. they’ll stay cautious and keep Information: spending at current Information: or customer counts are APPLICATIONS FOR DELIS, BUFFETS--levels even if MULTIPLE the economy improves, about the same 800-510-3811 800-510-3811 too low this indicates – Source: CNBC percentage as in 2010, according to Deloitte. JUSTFOOD LIKEMARKETING HOMEMADE! SERVICES 630-833-3000 possible scheduling FOOD MARKETING SERVICES 630-833-3000 QUALITY THAT PEOPLE REMEMBER or shift management If you have questions or need more information, please visit our web site at or contact your local food distributor representative or Captain Ken’s Foods at 651-298-0071. problems. Likewise, too many customers or too high of sales Coca-Cola Bottling United Co. has formed the Tenper each labor hour nessee Valley Division after expanding its territory Several of U.S.’s top chefs debuted dishes from expended could reveal by 40% following an acquisition of territory formertheir new restaurants opening around the coununderstaffing probly controlled by the Coca-Cola Co. The expansion try at the 2014 Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festilems resulting in poor makes Coca-Cola Bottling United the third largest val. Chef Fabio Viviani served up Chianti-braised customer service. Findbottler in the U.S. The consolidation is part of the pork cheek with herbs, Parmesan polenta and citing the optimum levels Coca-Cola Co.’s plan to expand five of its franchised rus micro greens as a preview of his forthcoming for your unique restau- bottlers. “Together with Coca-Cola United, we believe Miami restaurant, while Sven Mede offered hunrant and meal periods a strong franchise system is critical to our success gry festival-goers light fare that will be available ensures maximum pro- and achieving our 2020 Vision,” said Sandy Douglas, at his new seaside restaurant, Terrazza in Santa group president for Coca-Cola North America. ductivity. Monica, Calif. – Adapted from USA Today

Raising Prices Proves Difficult for Restaurants

4/6 lb. Plastic Tubs. Frozen. 6/6 lb. Aluminum Pans. Frozen. Approx. Operator Cost $0.09/oz.

For more information and point-of-sale, call Captain Ken’s Foods, Inc. St. Paul, MN 55107 651-298-0071 or your foodservice distributor representative.


Specialty Dishes Shared at Food & Wine Festival

Coca-Cola Bottling United Expands

Mac_Cheese_graphics_pg1_063010 product name tag.doc

Committed to Quality Since 1967

– Adapted from 50 Cost Cutting Tips;

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– Chattanooga Times Free Press

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McDonald’s to Refranchise 1,500 C & r EQUIPMENT SERVICE INC. Units

Chicagoland’s Custom sheet metal Fabricator

Walk-IN repaIrS WelCome!

Your Complete SourCe For CuStom aNd StoCk: n Stainless Steel Sheets n Sinks n Stainless Tubing n Hoods n Ductwork n Shelving n Carts Racks n Cabinets Steam Tables n Salad Bars n Counters n Buffet Lines n Waitress Stations n Stainless Steel Trim n Cooktop Ranges n Wok Stoves n Pot Sinks n Quilted Stainless Sneeze Guards n Wine Racks n Outdoor Patio Partitions n Stock Pot Stoves Griddles n Steamers n Custom Dish Room Tables n Two-Tier Ranges Most items available in Gas or Electric n UL and NSF Approved when required Excellent Prices n Fastest Turnaround n Professional Stainless Fabrication and Repair Center: 3601 South Halsted, Chicago

(Walk or drive in your stainless repairs. We can shorten, lengthen and repair all types of steel items)

All Phones: 773-523-0315 • 312-850-1818 •


MIDA, July 9-13

The Food Institute’s President Brian Todd will be presenting the power of the grocery shopper to attendees of the MIDA Conference in Puerto Rico. This year’s event brings together industry players from across the private food business for a week of networking and industry knowledge. For details, see

McDonald’s plans to refranchise at least 1,500 of its restaurants in the next two years, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions and Europe, CEO Don Thompson said Wednesday. The chain has vowed to boost shareholder returns by as much as 20% through share repurchases and dividends. – Adapted from The Chicago Tribune

Egg White Prices Soar

Prices for liquid egg whites increase 80% last year and they now cost more than whole eggs or yolks. Prices for dried egg whites are twice what they were last year. Producers are finding it hard to keep up with demand as quickservice chains including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell and Burger King look to create healthier egg white-based breakfast options. – Adapted from Entrepreneur online

Fatburger & Buffalo’s Café Expand Overseas ABOVE: Jim Earley, Tammy Duckworth at a Veterans dinner at Moretti’s. Congresswoman Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran, is the former Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Moretti’s was the sponsor of the dinner. “I was honored to sit next to Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth at a Veterans dinner in Bartlett,” said Jim Early. “It was very a very humbling experience sharing her story of her copter being shot down resulting in the loss of her legs and her working on behalf of the Veterans plight receiving care with the VA hospitals. She is a true warrior, patriot and hero. I was very proud to receive an award on behalf of Morettis work with the Vets.”

every great gambler and every fool knows what too many business start-ups refuse to hear: never go in over your head.

july 17-24.indd 18

Fatburger and Buffalo’s Cafe have signed a development deal with Eftech Lifestyle SDN BHD to bring 10 cobranded locations to Singapore. According to a news release, Eftech Lifestyle is a food and beverage, real estate, oil and gas development company, which is presently involved in developing multiple units in Malaysia with both brands.

Food Industry News® July 2014

local news Hart Davis Hart set another record with its Chicago auction of Burgundy, selling 100% of its offerings and bringing in $4.1 million. Buyers from more than 30 countries participated in the sale, which included a top price of a 2009 DRC Romanee-Conti case for $155,350, as well as strong showings for Leflaive, Leroy, Rousseau and a small, rare selection of HudelotNoellat and Remoissenet. - Drinks Business online The West Loop’s backwoods and southern comfort food fixture, Porkchop, celebrated three years of serving whiskey and smoked meats to Chicago’s finest restaurant goers and patio partiers. The celebrations kicked off on June 6 at Porkchop’s recently opened 2nd location in Hyde Park. The rooftop garden at Chicago’s McCormick Place will supply the convention center’s restaurants with about 6,000 pounds of vegetables and herbs this year, a testament to the growing demand for locally grown produce. - SmartBlog on Food & Beverage McCormick & Schmicks Seafood and Steaks celebrates their 35th anniversary this year. Chef/ Owner Paul Virant opened a new restaurant at 112 S. Washington St. in Hinsdale, IL. Mariano’s newest store in the Chicago

The Grill on the Alley on the Magnificent Mile is giving its lunch and dinner menus a complete makeover; the new menu is designed to allow guests more flexibility in customizing their selections. The Grill is celebrating its side dishes - encouraging guests to try more items on the menu - and share!

area opened recently, and it features a vegan grill, a tea bar and a juice bar that will serve kombucha on tap. The store’s offerings are the latest in the Roundy’s-owned chain’s efforts to draw more shoppers, which also include lowering prices on its pantry items by forging partnerships directly with distributors. “They’ve combined a real, great experience around the perimeter with good center-store prices,” said retail consultant Jim Hertel, who has dubbed Mariano’s “Whole Foods for the rest of us.” - Chicago Tribune Rick Bayless is planning to open Xoco Wicker Park in lateJuly. Interior construction is moving along and his team will commence hiring for the location this weekend. As previously reported, the new Xoco will be much larger than the original, featuring a full bar, table service, and street-side patio. -

– Adapted from

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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Offering a Full Selection of European, Organic & Kosher Breads, Rolls, Buns, Baguettes & Pastries PRETZEL RoLLS



Diversity, Creativity Drive Columbus Vegetable Oils Since 1936, Columbus Vegetable Oils has been serving the food industry with the highest quality vegetable oils and shortenings available. Originating as part of a small Italian grocery store business in Chicago, the company has remained family owned and operated for more than 75 years. Today, Columbus Vegetable Oils is headquartered in Des Plaines, Ill., in a modern 330,000 square foot facility with more than one hundred employees serving customers around the country. In addition to oils and fats sold to food manufacturers and processors, their products and brands are widely recognized within the foodservice and grocery channels. Columbus also provides oils to the cosmetic and soap markets. All vegetable oils and shortenings are packaged in the company’s OU Kosher certified plant and many products are Non-GMO Project Verified. Their oils, fats and dressings help businesses across the country deliver outstanding products to their customers. Market sectors they serve include: n Major food manufacturers and processors

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All of our products are made from scratch to your specifications. Call now: 773-921-8282




n Foodservice distributors and brokers n Institutional food service n Cosmetics n Small batch and artisan n Slicers n Band Saws soap makers n Grinders The Private Label, Custom n Shelving Blend Advantage n Scales n Dough Rollers One size does not fit all and n Panini Machines offer custom-blended prodn Sausage Stuffers ucts formulated in-house n Flake Ice Machines n Vacuum Packaging with expert chemists, R&D n Graters & Shredders and quality assurance supn Overhead Rail Systems port staff. Blending consists n Portion Control Slicers and full selection of packaging supplies, of a perfect equilibrium of This dramatic, showcase slicer has a patented motion system saw blades and anything that with no visible mechanical parts. Most hygienic design, removable carriage for ease of cleaning. Simple, yet elegant Italian design. flavor, stability, texture, and touches meat! Perfect for slicing fine, delicate Italian meats like Prosciutto. functionality, while designing a nutritional profile that fits their customers’ needs. 2308 n. 17th, Columbus has exceeded Franklin park, il global standards and is certiFlake Ice System Sausage Stuffer Tenderizers Portion Cutting Sausage Stuffer Skinning fied SQF (Safe Quality Food) Slicing Dicing Level 3 – the highest level available. This prestigious certification is a globally recognized rigorous, credible, food 2308 N. 17th Ave. Franklin Park, IL safety management system. 847-451-2222 n Create a group. Join up with another family Columbus is committed to 10 Ways to Spend Quality to share an occasional outing. quality and safety and every Time with Family n Buy a season ticket to something. It will force product that is packaged is n Make a date to break boring routine. you to shut down and relax. tested and inspected in their n Share the planning of the next activity. n Share a hobby. Choose pastimes that children state-of-the-art laboratories. It n Play and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow robs can often do better than adults. is tested when it arrives, when it’s blended and after it’s pack- us of all of our yesterdays. Take the time to enjoy n Cook a meal together. It teaches planning and aged. Their ad is on page 9. patience as well as creating something tangible. some playtime and hold it to your heart.


ViSiT Our SHOWrOOm (847) 451-2222 FOOD TECHNOLOGY


Industrial Scales

Vacuum Packaging

Sweden Made Sawblades


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FREE ESTIMATES ON: ● Welding Repairs ● Fastest Turnaround ● Fire System Installation ● Fan Repair and Replacement ● Hood Installation & Relocation ● Any Size, Any Shape



A.W.R. Welding (773) 491-5353 (773) 588-0110

Chef Profile

Matt Troost Executive Chef, Three Aces BIRTHPLACE: I grew up in upstate NY CURRENT POSITION: FIRST FOODSERVICE JOB: grill cook at the Alpen Rose restaurant in Holland, MI. FAVORITE FOOD: Usually pizza, but depending on the season it could be as simple as a perfect peach or corn on the cob in the summer to a good bowl of pho in the winter. AWARDS/HONORS: Are nice. MEMORABLE CUSTOMERS: There are so many that come into Aces; honestly the most memorable moment was when the Blackhawks coach Q came running in with the Stanley Cup and the place went insane! That was a lot of fun. WORST PART OF JOB: Staffing. FAVORITE FOOD TO PREPARE: We do whole-roast animals at Three Aces (pigs, lamb, goat, etc) and during the summer I love cooking them. It’s always a lot of fun to see the reaction people have to the food and the beast they chose eat. It also makes life a little easier for the kitchen when a whole party gets a pig instead of 25 different things. PART OF JOB THAT GIVES MOST PLEASURE: Butchery for sure. IF YOU COULDN’T BE A CHEF, WHAT WOULD YOU BE AND WHY: I’d probably build houses. There’s something to be said about a hard days work and the ability to see what you’ve accomplished. BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Keep it simple. FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: NYC for a few days eating like a madman or Mexico relaxing on the beach with a crazy cocktail... it’s a toss-up.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Man Finds Food - Original Travel Channel Series - Heads to Chicago In Adam Richman’s new original Travel Channel series, “Man Finds Food” the foodie and in-the-know host crisscrosses the country on the ultimate quest to uncover unique, surprising, and delicious hidden food treasures. In each of the 13 half-hour episodes, premiering with two back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, July 2 at 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, he unveils a combination of off-the-menu items and off-the-grid restaurants – some that are even hidden to locals! The first episode uncovers hidden gems in the city of Los Angeles, CA. In the second episode premiering at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, Richman heads to Chicago to share these Chi-Town secrets: ■ Scofflaw is a prohibition-era-inspired hideout known for its rather unique menu. While any dish is a winning pick, there is one so secret you not only need to order it by name, but you must also be one of the first five to say it! After learning that only five Guapichosa sandwiches are offered each day, the foodie host hustles to the kitchen to reserve one from Chef Mickey Neely. ■ Phil’s Last Stand is a hot dog joint in the Ukrainian Village. Richman gets an inside look from Chef Bob Corbett on an off-menu Fried Shrimp Po-Boy, learning about this secret NOLA staple with its Midwestern twist. ■ A Tavola is an Italian restaurant with the appearance of a residential house in West Town. After finally locating this unassuming dining establishment, Chef Dan Bocik lets Richman in on an offmenu dish known as the Italian Meat & Potatoes – a three-pound rib eye served alongside a generous portion of house-made gnocchi. ■ La Sirena Clandestina is a South American dive in the Fulton Market District. While there, Richman gets a taste of the off-menu Size Me Up – a hodgepodge of meats specially selected by Chef John Manion. Richman’s personal platter consists of short rib, skirt steak, sweetbreads, linguica sausage and chicken hearts – all grilled to perfection. – For more info, visit

Chicken Waffle Tender Brings Dividends for Popeyes Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is heralding the return of the Chicken Waffle Tender, one of several popular limited-time items that are part of a larger strategy to boost traffic and sales with a series of LTOs. The chain has reported same-store sales increases for each of the past 15 quarters. – Adapted Blomberg Businessweek

6/12/14 8:46 AM

Food Industry News® July 2014

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Chicagoland Neighborhood Dining Destination HOT LIST! Chicago’s Gold Coast, Michigan Ave. & Rush St.

3rd Coast Café & Wine Bar 676 Restaurant & Bar Alinea Allium Balsan Bandera Baisi Thai Bar Toma Big Bowl Billy Goat Tavern Bistronomic Bistrot Zinc Blue Agave Tequila Bar & Restaurant Butch McGuire’s Café Iberico Café Sushi Carmine’s Chicago q Da Lobsta Dave & Buster’s David Burke’s Primehouse Devon Seafood Grill Downtown Dogs eleven city diner Eggsperience Café El Souk Five Faces Fogo de Chão Foodlife Frankie’s Friends Sushi Gino’s East

july 17-24.indd 21

ing fresh 365 days a year. From Finally, a One-Stop Jones Sodain broken tiles, in drywall,ATM ATMplumbing, Placements Placements Shop for Food painting, electrical repairs to Locations Qualified Locations Rebrands Industry BusinessQualified complete department renova- Meirtran is a Meirtran is a provider Blue Line Store repairs itprovider and Expands of more than Facility Repairs of moretions, than 750 ATMs

ATM Placements in Qualified Locations

Meirtran is a provider of more than 750 ATMs in northern Illinois, working with all brands of ATMs. In addition to stand alone units, we also sell and install wall mounted and drive-up ATMs. Make an ATM your next great profit center. Call Mike Boyd, President:

all. Their professionals are dedi-750 ATMs in northern Getting repairs done for your Jones Soda has in northern Illinois, cated to providing quality work Illinois, working with food business can often resultworking in rebranded its Natural with all brands and excellent service. all brands of ATMs. frustration until now. Blue Line Jones Soda as Jones of ATMs. In addition to addition to stand matter the repair, the InStripped Store Repair is a repair servicestandNo and will exalone units, alone units, skilled and experienced profes- pand company specializing in all madistribution to we also sell and install also sell and install at Blue Line Store Re-wethe jor and minor commercial andwallsionals Pacific mounted and wall mounted andNorthwest, pair can restore your facility retail repairs. From plumbing, drive-up Texas and Canada ATMs. while your business is open and drive-up ATMs. broken tiles, drywall and electri-Make an ATM your next month. The Jones serving customers. They deliver Make an ATM your cal repairs to complete departnext great profit center. Stripped line contains great quality results, uncompro-next great profit center. ment renovations, Blue Line six Mike varieties with 30 Call Mike Boyd, President: Call Boyd, President: Store Repair does it all. Blue mising attention to detail, all on calories per serving. – Adapted from Line Store Repair specializes in time and within your budget. The company Blue Line was overnight repair during closed hours and offers 24 hour emer- founded on the principles of An honorable defeat is better than a gency service. All done without teamwork, integrity and comdishonorable victory. the expensive “Premium Time” mitment. Blue Line has the — Millard Fillmore highest ethical standards in the charged by others. Day or night, Their ad appears on page 12 their rates are the same low industry.


price. Blue Line Store Repair also offers a cost effective and humane pigeon abatement service to help solve bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Blue Line Store Repair provides timely repair services for restaurants, supermarkets, retail outlets, store chains, commercial banks, schools, shopping malls and other clients needing to keep their business look-



All Hood & Duct Cleaning Companies Are Not The Same! INDOOR AIR QUALITY SPECIALISTS

Only Olympia Maintenance has a 41 year track record of being recognized by its clients for excellence in integrity, quality, safety, reliability and protection.

The Difference

n Faster turnaround with our 3 men crews n Safety first to protect you from insurance claims and fires n We never miss scheduled appointments n Highly experienced, reliable technicians n Kitchen returned in operational condition

When protecting your largest asset and your business is your highest priority, call...

Olympia Maintenance (708) 344-0344

Call For A Free Estimate

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Food Industry News® July 2014

CHD Sees Positive Restaurant Outlook

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The Saloon Steakhouse The Signature Room at the 95th Tru Wow Bao Zed451

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show took place this past May in Chicago, hometown to leading foodservice data and analytics firm CHD Expert. In advance of the show, their latest data evaluation showed an overall rebound for the restaurant industry, with 2.7 percent net growth in the US restaurant industry in 2013. Even better, it was also the second consecutive year where more restaurants opened than closed. In 2008, both going out to eat and ordering in were some of the first household costs to be cut among consumers looking to save money. In 2009, there were almost twice as many restaurant closures compared to openings, with approximately 61,000 restaurants closing and 31,000 restaurants opening. Things began to change in 2010 however, where despite consistent restaurant closures, data showed an upturn in the amount of new restaurant openings. This reversal finally culminated in 2012, where more restaurants were opened than closed. Continuing into 2013, approximately 50,000 new restaurants opened vs. 29,000 closings, a stark contrast to just four years prior. This resulted in an approximate 2.7 percent net growth among the restaurant industry. Consistent with the uptick seen in 2013 net restaurant growth, CHD Expert also finds a steady growth among multiple commercial foodservice segments. The Wine Bar segment saw the largest net growth in 2013, with this segment showing a net increase of 12.7 percent. Restaurants, of course, comprise the lion’s share of the total foodservice market. As of May 2014, CHD Expert reports that there are over 665,000 restaurants in operation across the United States, accounting for 81 percent of the 822,000 Commercial Foodservice establishments. Further breaking down the current restaurant industry landscape, Full Service Restaurants (FSRs) and Limited Service Restaurants (LSRs) have almost even shares of the market, with FSRs making up 49 percent of the restaurant landscape. FSRs are defined as restaurants with wait-staff and table service, whereas LSRs, who make up 51 percent, require patrons to pay at a counter before receiving food. While the market is evenly split between FSRs and LSRs, the composition of each varies significantly. In the FSR market, Independent restaurants account for more than 90 percent of the total number of establishments. Conversely, LSRs are divided more evenly between Chains (57.5 percent of the LSR market), and Independent establishments (42.5 percent of the LSR market). California boasts the highest number of restaurants, accounting for 12.7 percent of the national total. However, after breaking the market down by FSR/LSR, and comparing Chain vs. Independent, different states demonstrate a clear preference for different types of restaurants and dining experiences that appeal to their citizens. For example, 17.8 percent of all restaurants in Kentucky are Full Service Chain Restaurants; they have the largest percentage of FSR Chain restaurants out of any state in the US. In contrast, FSR Chain restaurants comprise only 7.4 percent of California’s restaurant market. In the FSR Independent segment, Alaska is the leading state with FSR Independent Restaurants comprising of more than 95 percent of the state’s restaurant market. In the LSR segment, Vermont has the leading percentage of LSR Independent establishments, at 61.9 percent of total restaurants within the state. Iowa, on the other hand, has the highest percentage of total LSR Chain Restaurants which account for 72.3 percent of its restaurant market. These findings demonstrate the variability in the restaurant industry and the importance of detailed examination – and data – of each market segment. –

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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25 Years Later, Demitri’s® Shares A Surprising Start The year was 1988 when a young New Orleans bartender combined 14 natural ingredients to make the perfect Bloody Mary. Demitri Pallis now has his Demitri’s® mixes sold in distribution channels such as Costco, Whole Foods, Ruth’s Chris, Westin Hotels, Holland America. At the recent NRA show, we asked Demitri what the secret of his success was “If you have an idea, give it life.” Demitri told us if you ever catch yourself saying “They should do this” just imagine ‘you’ are the ‘they.’ If you have an idea, take little steps, keep coming back and be positive. And don’t be afraid to seek out the advice of entrepreneurs who you admire. Demitri wrote letters to business people including beauty mogul Paul Mitchell and he asked if he could take them to lunch. He found other entrepreneurs were very supportive. To date Demitri manufactures 20 product lines nationwide and has expanded the brand into rim salts and the highly popular Demitri’s Margarita Mix where he has partnered with baseball legend Edgar Martinez El Zacatecano as well as pairing his Bloody Mary mix with Absolut Vodka. Demitri’s® is “100% natural seasonings with no high fructose corn syrup, sulfites, MSG or anything else that’s artificial and unpronounceable.”

Knowledge and skill are the smarter, successful siblings of vanity and ego.

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SINCE 1983

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Christ Panos Foods Christ Panos Foods Corporation, one of the most respected family owned food distributors in Chicagoland recently moved into a new, state of the art facility located 1465 East Industrial Drive in Itasca. This location is convenient to 355 and Thorndale roads which is helping to increase the company’s efficiency in delivering product across its territory, which spans from Northwest Indiana to Southern Wisconsin, and from Joliet to Rockford. The firm now has 120,000 square feet of refrigerated, dry and frozen space which allows them

to increase their buying power and pass savings along to their customers. According to the company president and 2nd generation leader Sam Panos “Our new facility enables us to be an even better powerhouse delivering the brands our customers know and want. We now also have greater flexibility in being able to provide our customers with unmatched service that is only available from a family owned and operated business like ours.” To support this initiative, their new building has a training facility that can hold 40 employees. This space can also be used for customers to try new products because it has a complete commercial kitchen. Christ Panos Foods was started in 1975 and quickly became the choice for foodservice operators who demanded personalized service, national brands and fair prices. The corporate philosophy is to build relationships with their customers and help them to flourish. See their ad on page 6 of this issue.




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I should like to spend the whole of my life traveling, if I could anywhere borrow another life to spend at home. — William Hazlitt

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Summer Salads

Pasta salads get all of the attention in the summer, but oft-ignored rice salads have more flavor and are versatile enough to saddle up to any entree, writes Russ Parsons. Rice salad can be made with just about any ingredients on hand. Simply cook the rice until it’s firm but not crunchy, add olive oil and spices and mix in prepared meat or vegetables for a simple yet delicious dish. – L.A. Times

Food Industry News® July 2014

Stoelting’s Clear Bowl Series Frozen Beverage Dispensers Put your best drinks forward, where customers can see them, with Stoelting’s Clear Bowl Series Frozen Beverage Dispensers. Prominent display, menu variety and low-maintenance are the hallmarks of these countertop dispensers designed for operators who are looking to enter the profitable frozen drink market or add variety, capacity and flexibility to a frozen beverage menu. From fruit smoothies to iced coffee to slushes to specialty cocktails, chilled and frozen beverages are hot sellers from sun up to past sun down. The Clear Bowl Series dispensers are an easy entry into this growing and profitable market. Clear Bowl Series dispensers are easy to program, use and maintain by operators at all skill levels. Features include temperature and low-level indicators, night mode, and diagnostics for troubleshooting. Controls can be locked to prevent tampering. The two-blade horizontal/vertical auger design creates homogenously mixed beverages, including milk and alcohol based beverages – every time. The seal-less drive shaft design provides years of leak-free performance and eliminates the cost and down time of preventative seal maintenance. See Kool Technologies’ ad on page 16

If World War II were fought today, how many of our neighbors would still be willing to ration supplies when most of us won’t even stop cell phoning while driving?

Les Amis D Escoffier The Les Amis D Escoffier Society of Chicago held their dinner at the new Langham Hotel Chicago. The wines were selected and provided by Stephen Hirsch and the ambiance was spectacular. Chef Anthony Zamora received a standing ovation. Highlights of the evening included Jesse hoodsCobb, 2014 feb ads.indd 1 Jr. receiving the Chairman’s Award and Donald Smith receiving the Lou Kysela Award. The society also presented a scholarship check to Kendall College. Joe Aiello, Secretary of the Soci-

ety and President of the ACF Chicago Chefs Association, presented a $2000 scholarship check to Drummond Academy, Bert Cutino, Trustee of the school in California. New members were inducted. The Society’s membership of 99 is now full and includes members in 13 countries and 23 states. The Society thanks host President Emily Williams Knight and Joe Monastero Jr., along with Frank Santos of Allen Bothers Meat Co., which was a cosponsor of the evening.

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RATIONAL presents the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses

Rational announces its innovation that sets new standards in the professional kitchen at the 2014 NRA Show May 17-20, 2014 at booth 3140 and in the Kitchens Innovations 1/23/14 3:19 PM Pavilion, booth 2440W: The SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses is the first cooking system with five senses as it senses, recognizes, thinks with the chef and ahead, learns from a chef, and even communicates with him/her. Four intelligent revolutionary innovations make this possible, which even owners of the previous model can use for free.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Nuggets In 1951, White Castle patented their signature 5-holed frozen meat patty and revolutionized the fast food hamburger industry. At least 83% of American households love their ice cream, purchasing it at least once a year. Marriage is on the rise in the U.S. especially among college graduates. The Pew Research Center recently reported that the number of newly married couples in the U.S. rose from 4.21 million in 2011 to 4.32 million in 2012, an increase driven by people with college degrees. However, the overall stability of marriage may be dropping; Pew also found that the percentage of married people in the U.S. has declined slightly, from 50.8 percent in 2011 to 50.5 percent in 2012. The median age of men getting married in 2013 was 29 years, while brides’ median age was 26.6. Spending on Father’s Day—As the smallest of the American gift-giving holidays, Father’s Day is a blip on the retail sales radar compared to Christmas and Mother’s Day, but the sentimental importance of the occasion will never be overlooked by consumers. According to NRF’s 2014 Father’s Day Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights &

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Analytics, the average person spent $113.80 on neckties, tools, electronics and other special gifts for dad, slightly down from

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EssentialP lanning T VISI E Ideas TH ■ Related trends. Record any new trends that might have a bearing on your business and represent an opportunity. ■ Pin down obstacles and barriers. Note any problems that keep you from grasping certain opportunities. ■ Lavish attention on your best performers. Time is scarce. Devote your limited amount to boosting your best people, and the entire organization benefits.

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$119.84 last year. Total spending for the holiday was expected to reach $12.5 billion. Whiskey sees the largest growth of all alcoholic beverages on dessert menus. A piglet-killing virus has hit 4,700 U.S. hog facilities and killed about 8 million animals since May 2013, and the ongoing threat has been sending pork prices to record highs. Consumers and restaurants will also see higher prices for beef and chicken at the height of the grilling season. Food innovation labs are using 3D printers to construct dishes in creative new ways, and experts believe the printers can change the way we eat by turning previously unappetizing food, such as algae protein and insects, into something appetizing. Choc Edge sells what it says is the first 3D chocolate printer for roughly $4,865. -

BOOKSTAND Ms. American Pie: Buttery Good Pie Recipes and Bold Tales from the American Gothic House Beth Howard Race Point Publishing; $28.00 Hardbound; ISBN: 9781937994686 80 of author/baker Beth Howard’s celebrity-loved pie recipes (Streisand loves her lemon meringue, Dick Van Dyke enjoys her strawberry rhubarb) make this mixture of ridiculously excellent baked wonders with her philosophy a wonderful addition to your arsenal of kitchen weapons of mass love. Taking her Malibu Kitchen recipes into rural Iowa, Beth took over the American Gothic house, famously seen in Grant Wood’s iconic painting. Beth opened the house’s parlor for her annual Pitchfork Pie Stand, and offers readers how to bake pies that heal, pies that seduce and pies worthy of State Fair prizes. As a veteran writer, Beth Howard knows how to construct a terrific book (after all, she’s written for Elle, Shape, Real Simple and others). Ms. American Pie is magically good... as a keeper and as a gift that will be cherished in any kitchen. MB

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“Is This Worth It?” Face Adversity & Win


HomeMade Pizza Closes

One of the Great American HomeMade Pizza Co. has Equipment Companies Who ceased operations and closed its Are Eager to Serve You outlets, Crain’s reports. SHISH KABOBS/TORTILLA STEAMERS

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Eric Fosse and his brotherin-law Matthew Weinstein launched HomeMade Pizza Co. in 1997, a “fresh, all-natural, unbaked” alternative to neighborhood pizza parlors and national chains. At one time the company had nearly 40 company-owned stores in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York and Washington. Half those stores were in the Chicago area, where the company employed more than 200 people.

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If everything seems to be working against you, maybe it’s time to sit down and think about life for a little while. ■ What is it that you are struggling against? ■ Is it something you can change? If not, why are you struggling against it? ■ Are you wasting your time and energy? Is what you are doing worthy of your time and energy? Don’t waste your breath complaining about something to someone who can’t help you solve whatever has got your goat. Hokanson, says it pays to be a pragmatic complainer. He says that complaining to someone about something he or she can’t remedy is “akin to yelling at the rain.” The pragmatic thing to do? Find the person in charge of the sprinkler system—and ask him or her to turn the thing off. Effort to change something can bring about wonderful results, but only if the thing you are trying to change is appropriate. Contemplate the words of Jimmy Dean: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

NeedM ore Time? If you always feel harried and harassed to get everything done in your life, think about getting up an hour earlier every day. By getting up just one hour earlier every day for a year, you will add 15 entire days to your life to get things done, according to Leif Hokanson of Personal Best Consulting.

Food Industry News® July 2014

National News Darden Restaurants inked a $2.1 billion deal to unload its struggling Red Lobster business to Golden Gate Capital. Chuck Hughes continues his trek to find some of the most unique and appetizing dishes off the beaten path, in the third season of Chuck’s Eat the Street, premiering Thursday, July 10th at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on Cooking Channel. Throughout the season, Chuck will travel across the South, Midwest, and West Coast of the U.S. and into Vancouver, B.C., looking for the history and lore behind some of the most popular food streets around. Chef Katherine Humphus has led the kitchen at San Diego hot spot Bo-Beau since she was just 22 years old and now her bosses, restaurateurs David and Lesley Cohn, have tapped her to lead 300-seat BoBeau Kitchen + Roof Tap in Long Beach, Calif. “This is one of the biggest gambles we’ve ever taken and we’re putting a lot on Katherine,” David Cohn said. - San Diego Union-Tribune According to NBC News in Washington D.C., a large number of school children (over 60,000) lowincome students in the metro area are skipping lunch, dis-

Sauza Tequila Import Company in Deerfield, IL introduces Sauza® Sparkling Margarita Watermelon, which is the newest addition to the Sauza® Sparkling Margarita ready-toserve product line. It offers an authentic margarita taste with the unique addition of watermelon and effervescent bubbles. Sauza® Sparkling Margarita Watermelon offers a bold melon flavor for a fun twist on the classic margarita. Just open and serve over ice to transform any moment into a celebration!

satisfied with the food offered to them by their schools. The kids’ failure to eat is costing the schools big money, as they lose $3 in federal subsidies every time a student on free lunch forgoes taking a meal. That’s $180,000 a day, adding up to over $32 million in a school year lasting approximately 180 days. - www. TreeHouse Foods is acquiring Protenergy Natural Foods for $150 million according to the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. TreeHouse will invest $6 million in expanding Protenergy’s Cambridge, Md., facility and adding new equipment there. - The Washington Post New Orleans-based Dinner Lab has raised $2.1 million from an investment group led by Whole Foods board chairman John Elstrott to expand its pop-up dinner business to more cities. - The Times-Picayune

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Al Gelato Chicago Unveils New Retail Products at FMI

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They Said It Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. —Albert Einstein The only thing that can free you is the belief that you can be free. —Oprah Winfrey Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly and, if you speak, speak accordingly. —Benjamin Franklin The nice thing about egotists is that they don’t talk about other people. —Lucille S. Harper Food is an important part of a balanced diet. —Fran Lebowitz Those are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others. —Groucho Marx My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. —Woody Allen

Don’t Leave These Crucial Tax Documents Behind

Al Gelato Chicago introduced three new products at the just conTaxpayers often forget some important papercluded Food Marketing Institute show at McCormick Place June work when they visit their tax preparer or send doc11th – 12th, 2014: uments to their accountant. Keep this checklist to Gelato Pints make sure you’ve got all the right data: For over 35 years Al Gelato Chi● Social Security numbers. You’ll need the numcago products have been served at top bers for all dependents. restaurants, hotels and country clubs. ● Estimated tax payments. Find the exact amounts The company recently answered conand dates. sumer demand and launched 14 flavors ● Sale of property. Your accountant will need to of Gelato and Sorbet packed in beautifully designed chip board see all the paperwork involved. containers. Al Gelato’s famous robust flavors were enhanced. For ex● Child care credit. You should have the name, ample Banana Fudge Gelato now includes Peanut Butter Chocolate address, and ID number for all your child care proTruffles and Caramel Gelato has been upgraded to Sea Salt Caramel viders. with Sea Salt Truffles. ● Social Security benefits. Don’t forget Form SSAAnother quality improvement is the elimination of preservatives, 1099. artificial colors and corn syrup. A true “all natural” delicious dessert ● Contribution receipts. A receipt is necessary for fit for today’s demanding consumers. any single contribution of $250 or more. Gelato Truffles on a Stick Tartufo or Gelato Truffles have been an ItalDon’t Ignore These ■ Blood pressure ian favorite dessert for centuries. Now for the ■ Blood sugar Health Alerts first time Al Gelato Chicago has introduced ■ Prescription drug overuse ■ Change in your weight their Gelato Truffles on a Stick. Individually ■ Alcohol abuse packed 5oz delicious Gelato are coated with ■ Constant headaches. ■ Unhappiness gourmet semi sweet chocolate and topped with inclusions. Three ■ Heartburn flavors include: Chocolate & Praline Pecan, Sea Salt Caramel & ■ Constant colds and flu ■ Chronic fatigue Toffee and Vanilla, Caramel & Almonds. ■ Bad dental hygiene ■ Chest pains Chocolate Covered Bananas. ■ Sores that don’t heal ■ Frequent loss of balance Chocolate Covered Bananas are full size bananas on a stick coated When legendary editor Stan Lee was workwith gourmet semi sweet, all natural chocolate. A Note to the Boss Individually packaged and packed 15 per ship■ Keep an eye on your best people; your ing in Los Angeles, one of his overworked per for retail and 24 for food ervice this product staff will keep an eye on your worst people. staffers suffered a heart attack. It sent a signal makes for a potassium rich, low calorie “pick me ■ Are you burning out your best employee? that their workload was too intense, and that up” dessert. All three items are certified Kosher Don’t repay outstanding contributions by without filters, they were all dropping from and Halal. Their ad appears on page 15. stress. Stan and his staff organized daily 45

giving them even more load to carry. Learn when to cut your best producers a little extra The Big Cheese Poutinerie opened in Chicago’s Wrigleyville. It was slack; when you wear out your best worker, a top crowd favorite at Chicago’s Second Annual Poutine Fest in Febyou’ll be stuck depending on your worst ruary serving a traditional poutine with Momma Patti’s Homemade Pierogi’s worker. topped with double smoked bacon, sautéed onion and a sour cream drizzle. Poutine is a dish native to Quebec, first served in 1957. It traditionally consists of fresh-cut French fries, cheese curds and gravy. The Big Cheese will be offering this traditional dish as well as a wide variety of poutines paired with ingredients from around the planet. Take for example, the Taco Luchador Poutine, Oktoberfest Poutine, The Bombay Bomber and Yamtastic Poutine with sweet potatoes to name a few. It’s a welcome alternative to the usual burger, pizza and sandwich shops. Local veteran restaurateurs Rocky Aiyash (Owner of Pazzo’s Cucina Italiana) and Michael Stadnicki are teaming up with Travis Burke to bring Poutine to Chicago and franchise the concept globally. The Big Cheese Poutinerie Chicago will offer taste bud tantalizing poutines inspired from world-renowned Canadian and American chefs.

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minute walks outside... for everybody. You can never get the acclaim that your work deserves if you’re post-mortem. Know when to shut down.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Top 4 U.S. Food Trends

Cocina Las Tablas has a line of all natural, homemade sauces for the soul. Authentic Colombian sauces and seasonings are gluten-free and low sodium. Among their newest releases is MANGO HONEY SALSA, a sweet and spicy sauce as the perfect burst of Colombian flavor in any meat or vegetable dish. It is a delicious addition to poultry and seafood dishes, and newly available Summer 2014.

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1: Bite-sized snacks are hot. Restaurants looking for a small way to add big excitement to their menus found success with bite-sized food and snacks this year. Over 50 percent of respondents to a Technomic survey say they snack at least twice a day. One-third of them said they are doing so more than they were just two years ago. French Fry Heaven, which opened its first location in October 2011 now has more than 60 franchise deals nationwide. It was named one of the hot franchises in 2013 by USA Today. 2: Beverage innovation. As consumers continue to count calories and monitor caffeine intake, soda alternatives continue to “pop” up all over menus. Specialty drinks that include fresh fruit and teas are growing in popularity, and fruits and veggies that have an exotic image are becoming more popular. For those still needing a cola fix, products such as the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine fill the need for something different by giving people the ability to create their own soda from more than 100 flavors. 3: Organics. Organic/grassfed/ hormone-free. Terms such

as “organic,” “grass-fed” and “hormone-free” are becoming more important for consumers each year. Elevation Burger, sweetgreen and Chipotle, are three examples. Chipotle uses organic and local produce when possible as well as meat and dairy from animals that are free from antibiotics or added hormones, and Elevation prides itself on cooking its fries in heart-healthy olive oil and offering a variety of fresh toppings, including 6-monthaged, unprocessed cheddar cheese, organic bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, hot pepper relish and balsamic mustard. BurgerFi, a fast casual burger concept out of Florida, promotes the fact that the company sells only grass-fed, never frozen beef. 4: Concentration on breakfast. Dietitians have said for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now it’s become truer for fast casual restaurants, too. Proof: the many bakery-cafés such as Einstein Bros. that are continuing to see market growth. And as other concepts take notice, those cafés are having to differentiate by offering a broader menu selection.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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The Basics to Getting Ahead in the Workplace

What does it take to get ahead? Investor’s Business Daily identified 10 traits for turning your dreams into reality: n A positive attitude. Where your mind goes, you go. If you think you’ll fail, chances are good that you will. If you believe you’ll succeed—you’re halfway home. n A definitive goal. “I want to be a success” is a wish, not a goal. “I want to become a junior partner within two years” is a goal. Write down exactly what you want to achieve—and an action plan for achieving it. n A courageous spirit. It doesn’t do any good to devise an action plan if you never bolster the courage to act. The journey begins with a single step. Get started. n An inquisitive mind. Pursue learning in all its forms—reading books, returning to school, attending seminars and training classes, listening to those who are wiser and more experienced. n A strong heart. Few people are overnight successes. You have to be persistent enough to go the distance—no matter how long it takes. n An analytical brain. Do your homework; get the facts. Learn to analyze details. Often the best ideas stem from little seeds everyone else overlooked. n A focused eye. As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” You can’t prevent some setbacks, but don’t let today’s troubles keep you from tomorrow’s promise. n A fearless approach. Innovate. Be different. Those who are content to follow the crowd never get the chance to stand out. n A disciplined tongue. Learn the art of communicating effectively with others. n A clear conscience. Don’t forget those rules you learned in kindergarten: Play nice. Be dependable. Tell the truth. If you can’t get to the top by being true to yourself and straight with everyone around you, your success will be hollow—and probably short-lived.

Ice Cream Adapts

Ice cream producers have been venturing into new, more sophisticated flavor profiles and are now offering flavors such as tomato, balsamic vinegar, candied sweet potato and liquor-inspired flavors. The next trend in the industry will be a smoother, creamier texture, experts say. “You’re seeing the same kinds of trends in ice cream that you’re seeing in other foods. People are willing to experiment,” IDFA spokeswoman Peggy Tyson Foods made a $50-a-share bid for Hillshire Armstrong said. Brands, which topped the $45 per share offered by – Adapted from The Gazette (Colorado Springs) Pilgrim’s Pride. Like the Pilgrim’s Pride offer, Tyson’s deal is contingent on Hillshire dropping its effort to purchase Pinnacle Foods. “We believe that there is a Monogomy, like strong strategic, financial and operational rationale its name, works for only one. for the combination of Tyson and Hillshire,” Tyson CEO Donald Smith said. – Adapted from The Chicago Tribune

Tyson Bids for Hillshire Brands

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Costco Offers Home Deliveries to Stay Competitive Costco Wholesale has partnered with Google to offer same-day home deliveries in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the bulk retailer plans to add more product categories and sell memberships through discount and flash-sale sites in an effort to attract millennial consumers. However, Costco still expects much of its sales to occur in its growing number of warehouse stores, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti says. – Adapted from Supermarket News

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Food Industry News® July 2014

2626 Delta Lane, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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America’s Favorite Common Causes of Business Failure The U.S. is a land of entrepreneurs, and the fact Grocery Chains Trader Joe’s took the top spot on Market Force’s ranking of America’s favorite supermarkets for the second year, with Publix, ALDI, Costco Wholesale and Hy-Vee rounding out the top five. The annual survey asks consumers to rate stores based on criteria including price, assortment and whether they would recommend them to friends. – Adapted from Marketing Daily

that many, if not most, small businesses fail in just a few years doesn’t deter men and women from taking the plunge and starting their own companies all the time. If you’re thinking of joining them—or know someone who’s just starting out—pay attention to these reasons why most new businesses so often fail: n Not knowing customers deeply. Your product or service may indeed be groundbreaking, but do people really need and want it? How much are they willing to pay? You’ve got to understand your market thoroughly in order to provide what customers really value. n Growing too quickly. Maybe you’re successful right out of the gate. Can you sustain that success? You’ll need to be able to increase production, hire people, maintain quality, and keep paying your bills as your organization speeds up. Many small businesses start off with a bang and then end with a whimper. n Mismanagement of employees. You can’t do everything yourself, especially if you start to grow. But are you able to identify good employees before you hire them, and step back to let them do their jobs once they’re on board? Starting a business and managing a staff call for specific, separate skills that you’d better have or learn quickly. n Failure to communicate. You won’t sell many products if customers don’t know what you have to offer. And you won’t motivate your employees if you can’t share an inspiring vision of what you want to achieve. Focus on getting your message out as widely as you can—in person, in print, in social media, and everywhere else customers and employee candidates might be looking for someone like you.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

“All I want to do is sell.” If this is your mantra, your customers will vanish

by John Graham It was an early morning meeting chaired by the SVP. There wasn’t any reason to anticipate fireworks this particular day so the atmosphere was, to say the least, rather relaxed. A sales manager was the last to arrive, whispering to the person next to him as he sat down, “All I want to do is sell.” The meaning was clear. He viewed meetings and all other “non-selling” tasks as unnecessary interruptions keeping him away from the job of selling. His meeting intolerance was palpable, announcing at the start that he would be leaving early for an appointment. Taking a strong stand against all the ‘stuff’ that interferes with ‘making sales’ may seem long overdue to many in the business. But before getting too excited, the “all I want to do is sell” message cuts another way. Although the results are anything but new, the Gallup organization’s 2013 “Honesty/Ethics in the Professions” survey puts the socalled ‘persuasive professions’ at or near the bottom of the trust scale, including salespeople, lawyers, members of Congress, business executives and lobbyists. It’s ironic that the greater the emphasis on “making the sale,” whether of a product or an idea, the more customers pull back mentally, physically or both. No one wants to be cornered and made to feel inadequate and manipulated. When that happens, some customers run, while others cave in and buy what they don’t want or understand. Later, they’re angry, not just at the salesperson, but at themselves for not saying no. It doesn’t need to be this way. For salespeople who want to stand out from the crowd, here are four actions that will put them where they belong — high on the trust scale: 1. Manage the selling process instead of trying to control it. What drives customers crazy — and away — is a feeling of impotence when faced with someone who is skilled at taking control. Until recently, customers couldn’t do much about it. Now, they view themselves as better informed (sometimes more than they are) and refuse to be passive. Now that control has passed to customers, savvy salespeople have a unique opportunity to manage the sales process. This is a game changer and the opportunity to win customers by: 1. Asking questions that engage the customer 2. Listening intently and reflecting back to clearly understand customer issues 3. Clarifying objections for gaining insight into what a customer is thinking. 4. Encouraging feedback when offering choices All of this helps move the sales process forward to a conclusion that best fits the buyer. 2. Talk about what your company can do for customers instead of talking about your company. “One of the most important things a businessperson can do — especially an owner or someone who is involved in sales — is to learn how to speak about their business to others,” wrote Aileen Pincus in Bloomberg Businessweek several years ago. Being instantly able to speak clearly and persuasively about their company is a test everyone in sales must pass

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with flying colors. These words have become near ‘sacred text’ status to those in sales. Unfortunately, if you have such a ‘sales pitch’ or ‘elevator speech’, it’s time to get rid of it because no one wants to hear it. Of course articulating what your company does should be second nature, but the ability to express clearly and with enthusiasm what your company can do for customers holds far more interest and value. 3. Cultivate self-doubt to enhance your self-confidence. No one questions the immense role of self-confidence in sales. Even so, it’s easy for self-confidence to morph into being too confident. This is when customers back off; no one wants to be around someone who comes across as self-centered and arrogant. This is why self-confidence needs to be balanced with a healthy amount of self-doubt. Having too much selfconfidence makes it easy to dismiss criticism, ignore the need for improvement, and disregard suggestions from others. Most importantly, it keeps us from asking the important sales questions: n Do I understand what the customer is looking for? n Am I sufficiently prepared for this presentation? n What have I missed? What don’t I know that I should know? n Do I have a clear understanding of the competition’s solution? What could go wrong and am I ready to handle it? n Do I have the answers to the questions the customer is likely to ask? There’s a very fine line between self-confidence and arrogance and to cross it is to put a sales career in jeopardy. 4. Cultivate the response you want. Bill Pineo at The Tile City in Avon, Mass. is not an average salesperson. He came up to a couple looking at bathroom tile and gently entered the conversation. He asked a few questions and listened intently to what they said. He then guided them to several displays, where he asked more questions and pointed out certain tile characteristics, while encouraging them to take pictures of their choices. When finishing up, Bill asked for the order and the couple let him know where they were with their project. “Would you mind if I stayed in touch with you?” he asked. And he followed through, checking in with them regularly for several months. A few days after they hired a contractor, Bill called again and the couple placed the order. Bill Pineo did two important things right. First, by positioning himself as a facilitator or helper, someone who knew the tile business and wanted to assist his customer, Bill managed the sale. Second, by staying in touch, he let his customers know he was going to be there when they were ready. The process convinced the couple that Bill was serious and wanted the sale. “He deserved it,” they said. This story is an example of what Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, the famed persuasion expert, calls ‘The Principle of Reciprocation’. It’s what occurs when the salesperson helps customers and manages the sales process so they want to respond positively by placing the order or making referrals. It’s the difference between a good experience and a bad one. Anyone who wants to reach the top in sales should think seriously about reaching the top of the trust scale. John Graham of GrahamComm is a marketing and sales strategist-consultant and business writer. He publishes a free monthly eBulletin, “No Nonsense Marketing & Sales.” Find him at

12 Lessons in Leadership 1. Tell the truth. You have only one thing to sell: integrity. 2. Move. Most things you should do are obvious. Do them. 3. Listen to customers. You’ll hear uncomfortable truths. 4. Listen to your people. You really don’t know it all. 5. Do your homework 6. Communicate 7. Maintain your leadership 8. Remain clear-eyed and optimistic 9. Don’t try to motivate people—just remove de-motivators. 10. Admit your mistakes, take the heat and FIX THEM. — Adapted from Joann S. Lubin, WSJ

Fast Casual Top 100 Movers & Shakers


With more than 1,600 units, there’s no doubt that Chipotle is one of the most recognized fast casual brands in the world, but that doesn’t stop the company from continuing to spread its gospel of fresh ingredients and sustainable practices. It recently made history when it debuted its original comedy series, “Farmed and Dangerous,” on Hulu and Hulu Plus. The four webisodes provide a satirical look at the lengths the agriculture industry goes to manage perceptions about its practices. “Our goal in making the show was to engage people through entertainment and make them more curious about their food and where it comes from,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle and an executive producer of the show. “It’s not a show about Chipotle, but rather integrates the values that are at the heart of our business. The more people know about how food is raised, the more likely they will be to choose food made from better ingredients.” The brand also got a lot of attention in September 2013, when it released “The Scarecrow,” an arcade-style adventure game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Players fly through the fictional city of Plenty to transport confined animals to open pastures, fill fields with diverse crops at Scarecrow Farms and serve wholesome food to the citizens of Plenty. Chipotle’s commitment to “unbranded marketing” helps it resonate with consumers, said Danielle Winslow, who works in public relations and marketing for the chain. For example, both “Farmed and Dangerous” and “The Scarecrow” are meant to drive awareness about modern food production and industrial agriculture in an engaging way. “Our use of unbranded content is a proven and impactful way to tell the company’s food culture story, and this format allows the subject matter, issues and information about industrial agriculture to stand front and center,” she said. “We hope that the more we engage people, the more curious they will be about where their food comes from and the more inclined they will be to choose a restaurant like Chipotle.”

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Rules to Prosper By

business associates and I’ll tell you how success-

■ Hired–tired–fired. ■ Sales results: Know their business, know their stuff. ■ Attitude will defeat you before the competition. ■ To win financial success: Be first; the best; different. ■ Strength lies in tenacity. ■ Give more than you get. ■ Understand the strength of using the media. ■ Go out and see people. Go out and see people. Go out and see people. ■ Morals sold: You can never get them back. ■ The past, the neglected opportunity. ■ I would rather lose an eye then my good reputation. ■ When you go into any negotiation know your opposition. ■ Understand value. ■ Try walking in competitor’s shoes. ■ Let me see what you read. How you pay your commitments. How you treat family, friends and

Sometimes the best way to correct an employee’s behavior is to ■ Read, research, survey constantly. find out whether the employee realizes something is wrong. Instead of reprimanding, ask: “Do you know that when you come ■ Arrogance is a deadly sin. in late, someone else has to answer phones for you?” This avoids a ■ A dangerous practice is lying to yourself. confrontation while letting the person know, politely but firmly, ■ Sometimes the truth might make you cry, that the behavior is wrong and that they have a responsibility to but the person who delivers the truth is a true meet expectations not just you, but for coworkers and family. friend.

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ful you are.

■ A great word: “Listen.” ■ No one should even dream they’re above the

Before You Reprimand

Why We Do What We Don’t Do

Before a Decision

Ask yourself: law. Debt is a four letter word to 1. Will anyone be harmed by most. Here are some of the ex- this action? ■ Good work habits pay. ■ Save at least 10% of your income every week. cuses that people give for not 2. Can you live with the effects? 3. Are you thinking long term? paying their bills on time. ■ Build success brick by brick. No m oney ......................51% 4. Remember the golden rule. ■ Unless you can do it better, shut up and don’t Just forgot ......................46% 5. Remember the “platinum criticise. Procrastinator .................32% rule:” Act toward others the ■ Business is seasonal. There is always a Spring, Lost the bill ....................23% way they would like you to act. there are the dog days of Summer, there is the Was out of town .............16% This means putting yourself in third quarter harvest of Fall, and the time to have No time to pay bills ........11% other people’s shoes and honDon’t like paying bills .....11% estly thinking about how your saved for Winter. Blame online billing .......18% actions will affect them. ■ Mean what you say, say what you mean.

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ARE YOU COMPLIANT? Only if all of your food handlers have a Food Handler Certificate on file. New employees have 30 days from the date of hire to obtain a certificate.


Get 20% off your online course. Now only $12. Enter code EMPLOYEE20.

O N L I N E . S T A T E A P P R O V E D . AVA I L A B L E 2 4 / 7 . ©2014 National Restaurant Association (NRAEF). All rights reserved. ServSafe® and the ServSafe logo are registered trademarks of the NRAEF. National Restaurant Association® and the arc design are trademarks of the National Restaurant Association.

Minimum Wage Legislation Lacking Support A Senate proposal that would increase minimum wage to $10.10 could cost private employers about $15 billion in additional payroll expenses in fiscal year 2017. The bill also proposes to gradually increase the tipped minimum wage to 70 percent of the federal minimum wage. This comes at a time of intense debate between the effects on the economy and whether raising the minimum wage affects those that need it the most. Although the Senate bill currently is lacking sufficient support to advance, as changes are made it could gain support. –Courtesy of James Kapolas, Payville USA


Backstabbers are liars and manipulators. How do you protect yourself from them? Since the person who’s doing this has shown a proclivity for deceit and nastiness, you can do the math and figure out future prospects with the person. Workplace columnist Joan Lloyd says protecting yourself around a backstabber usually means that you have to walk a tightrope of keeping distance and sticking around. Why? Well, it’s easy to see why you would want to stay away from this type of person, but if you remain completely distant that gives the backstabber free rein to stab away. You might as well be sharpening the knives for him or her. The best plan is to maintain distance without completely avoiding the person. That way the violator is held in check at least a little bit.

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Confront the backstabber at some point, depending on how much damage you believe is being done. Gary Namie, the author of The Bully at Work says it’s probably best to do this in public, because you’ll have witnesses as to what happens, rather than the backstabber’s version if you do it in private. Also, if you confront in public, you can shame the person into either admitting or stopping the behavior. Some bosses have trouble dealing with these types of issues or people, and will sometimes say they’re “not getting involved,” and you’ll likely have to handle this situation on your own. Remember, your adversary is a sneak, and likes or feels that it is necessary to hurt and damage others. Don’t be paranoid, but deal with the little troublemakers of the office world accordingly. — From First Draft newsletter






Ad Revenue Growth Through TV & Web Web display and search ads will grow 15% in 2014 while TV rises 6.6%, helping the overall U.S. market rise 6.2% to $149.4 billion, according to MoffettNathanson Research. Projections are based on the first-quarter increase of 22% for digital spending and a 7.8% increase in traditional ad spending. – Adapted from MediaPost


2nd Annual U.S. Food and Beverage Industry Study Shows Growth in 2014 The Food Institute is once again proud to partner with WeiserMazars LLP, a leading accounting, tax and advisory services firm, to release the second annual U.S. Food & Beverage Industry Study, which found that sector decision-makers anticipate growth in sales, profit and employment for 2014. The study surveyed a selection of companies across the food and beverage industry. Major findings include an increase of 13% in average sales from 2012 to 2013, and a 17% increase in average net profits. Median labor costs and commodity prices both grew by 4% over 2012, with median fuel and energy costs increasing 9%. Despite these costs increase, respondents to the survey stated that 2014 will mark a period of anticipated growth due to a larger spike in sales. – For more information, visit

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Chicagoland Neighborhood Dining Destination HOT LIST!

Chicago’s Gold Coast, Michigan Ave. & Rush St.

Food Industry News® July 2014

AROUND CHICAGO With Valerie Miller EVAN’S PLACE Taste the Difference

Gaylord Fine Indian Cuisine Gyu-Kaku Chicago Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse Grand Lux Café Hash House a Go Go Heaven on Seven HomeMade Pizza Company Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap Jellyfish

NRA Saw Recent Uptick in Sales NRA’s Restaurant Performance Index rose in April, reflecting an uptick in sales and traffic from the month before. Some 51% of operators reported higher same-store sales in April, and 46% said they expect to see higher sales in six months. “The recent rise in the RPI was fueled by improvements in same-store sales and customer traffic, which are back on a positive trajectory after the winter soft patch,” said Hudson Riehle. senior vice president of the NRA’s research and knowledge group. – Adapted from

Kamehachi Kiki’s Bistro L’Appetito Lawry’s The Prime Rib Le Colonial Les Nomades Luxbar Mike Ditka’s Restaurant Morton’s the Steakhouse Mother’s Too

What is Trehalose, and What’s it Doing in Beef Products? Taco Bell’s news that trehalose is an ingredient in its seasoned beef has sparked industry curiosity. What is trehalose, and what are its benefits? Trehalose (brand name Treha®) is a carbohydrate ingredient that offers unique functionality in food and beverages. A disaccharide found naturally in mushrooms, honey and baker’s yeast, trehalose is commercially manufactured from starch through a proprietary process. Trehalose is approved for use in food in several countries. In the U.S., trehalose is generally recognized as safe for intended use as a multipurpose food ingredient, and is certified Kosher and Halal. Trehalose provides sensory innovation and freshness solutions. In meat, it helps maintain juiciness, texture and appearance; reduces drip loss; rounds out overall flavor; and reduces sodium while retaining quality. It also reduces freeze-thaw damage by impacting the size and shape of frozen water crystals. –Deborah Schulz, Product Manager, Cargill Health & Nutrition

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Nomi Restaurant Oak Tree Bakery and Restaurant Old Town Social Pelago Ristorante Perennial Virant Pierrot Gourmet Pippin’s Tavern Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta Pizzeria Due Pump Room Quartino Ristorante RA Sushi RL

Evan’s Place is a family-run fast food restaurant owned by Elia and Lambrini Georgantos. I would classify it as a full service restaurant without the waiters, considering their extensive menu. They offer all the regular fast food items: hot dogs, burgers, beef, and sausage but there is so much more. On the menu, you can get an order of pasta or chicken parmesan. They make their own soup and chili. Sandwich selections include: steak, pepper and egg, tuna, cod and grilled cheese just to name a few. Dinner choices include pork chop, pork steak, baked chicken, ribs, fried jumbo shrimp or a whole rotisserie chicken. Dinners come with garlic bread, coleslaw and fries. All dinner sides can be substituted with Greek potatoes or rice. Salad selections include, Greek, Julienne, grilled chicken Caesar or a gyros salad which comes with pita bread. House specialties include gyros sandwiches or gyros plate, chicken souvlaki (ka-bob) plate with pita and rice, pork ka-bob sandwich or the spinach pie. Portion sizes are pretty hefty. I usually get the Greek rotisserie chicken, the grilled chicken on pita or the Greek salad with grilled chicken. If you save room for dessert, they have cheesecake, homemade baklava, homemade rice pudding, ice cream and lemon Italian ice. This is really a great place to check out; the food and service are fantastic. Dine In –Carry Out-Catering-Delivery. Evans is located at 1900 E. Touhy Ave. in Des Plaines, IL For more info,

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Fintech Simplifies Beer Purchases Fintech provides data and payment services to over 275,000 beer distributorships between retailers and foodservice operators nationwide. With over 2,200 distributors sending invoices daily, Fintech processes over 17.2 million invoices and $14.4 billion annually for the grocery, hotel, convenience store, drug store, restaurant and hospitality industries. Benefits of Fintech n Recover your escrow deposits! Stop writing checks or money orders, paying cash on delivery, and the need for prepaid and escrow deposits n Simplify your business with unlimited electronic invoice payments from alcohol distributors n Start directly tracking your alcohol purchases with in-depth data and reporting n Stay in compliance with alcohol invoices always paid on time and according to State regulations n Strengthen security and prevent loss and fraud n Spend more time with customers and less with delivery drivers

If your’e not consistantly improving your business, you are exponentially losing it.

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RESTAURANT, TAVERN and NIGHTCLUB INSURANCE WE SAVED A Blue Island Bar ...............$4,150.00 A Chicago Nite Club .......... $28,400.00

A Wonder Lake Restaurant ....$3,400.00 A Chicago Nite Club ............$9,216.00

INSURANCE: 3 COMPETITIVELY PRICED 527 S. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60607

Gloria Cacciatore-Turan 312-264-6055

3 WELL SERVICED 45 S. Washington St. Hinsdale, IL 60521

Paul Cigna 630-557-1670

CVap® (pronounced See-Vap) stands for Controlled Vapor, and for the purpose of this explanation let’s think of vapor in its most fundamental form: water. Controlling water is important to food quality because all foods contain water, and if the water in food can be managed and controlled, then all of the important food characteristics - temperature, texture and yield - can also be controlled. Controlled Vapor allows the operator to select the exact temperature. Texture and yield for any product to achieve food quality and consistency never before accomplished. CVap’s unique ovens provides the opportunity to stage, roast, bake, steam, poach, braise, confit, sous vide, hold, in an all-in-one cabinet and all with unmatched precision end versatility. Available from Winston Industries.

Cleveland Range, Convotherm, Delfield, Frymaster/ Dean, Garland/U.S. Range, KitchenCare, Kolpak, Koolaire, Kysor Panel Systems, Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc., Manitowoc Ice, Manitowoc Beverage Systems US, Merco, Merrychef, Servend/Multiplex, Welbilt, Convotherm ® Elektrogeräte GmbH, Fabristeel Pte Ltd., Manitowoc Beverage MBS Systems UK, Merrychef. That’s quite a lineup of stellar equipment manufacturers, and all part of Manitowac Foodservice, a global company dedicated to bringing the right equipment to your operation to ensure your success. You can now connect with each manufacturer via apps. They are free and ready for (safe) download from the Appstore, Google Play and Go to to see the full collection and start getting closer to an amazing array of answers and information. See their ad on page 2.

Eli’s & Phoenix Bean Create Exclusive Vegan Cheesecake for Mariano’s Eli’s Cheesecake debuted its brand new line of Eli’s Vegan Cheesecake, a rich and creamy dessert containing no animal products or by-products, exclusively available at Mariano’s stores across Chicago. Certified vegan by the Vegan Awareness Foundation, Eli’s Vegan Cheesecake has not been tested on animals and is dairy and egg-free. Searching for the perfect tofu, Eli’s turned to local, familyowned Phoenix Bean, located in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. Phoenix Bean, owned by Jenny Yang, is Chicago’s top pick for fresh, artisan tofu. The combination of Phoenix Bean, Mariano’s and Eli’s Vegan Cheesecake is created by local products and artisans for a healthier dessert alternative to Chicagoans. “Mariano’s takes pride in being at the cutting edge of offering new, healthy and affordable products aligned to meet our customers’ evolving lifestyle and dietary needs,” said Bob Mariano, Chairman and CEO of Roundy’s, the parent company of Mariano’s. “We are thrilled to be the first retailer to introduce Eli’s Vegan Cheesecake at Mariano’s and I think our customers, whether vegan or not, will love this excellent dessert.” There’s no kidding there; Phoenix Tofu continually surprises consumers when they taste Jenny Yang’s offerings. The recent Good Food Show had fans of healthy food lined up around the aisle to sample (and resample) Phoenix Tofu’s versatile and tasty treats. “The vegan market is helping consumers who are altering their dietary needs who may not 100% need a drastic change, but this helps us balance some things out without giving it all up,” said Food Industry News Associate Publisher Mark Braun. “We shop at Mariano’s; I’m a big fan of Jenny Yang and we love Eli’s. This is superb!” Over the past five years, over 100 million people, vegans and non-vegans, are consciously choosing more plant-based foods. “The most important aspect for us was to make a vegan cheesecake that reflected the delicious taste and texture that our customers have come to expect from all Eli’s Cheesecakes and Desserts. We think we have succeeded,” said Eli’s Marc Schulman. Eli’s and Phoenix Tofu appear in this issue’s Directory beginning on page 41.

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Food Industry News速 July 2014

NRA, MccoRMick PlAce, chicAgo (MoRe Photos iN ouR August issue ANd oNliNe: fAcebook.coM/foodiNdustRyNws)

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Veggies Make Their Groupon, the Chicago-based online and mobile deals giant, recently unveiled two platforms that provide restaurants with the Craft Cocktail ability to run their business more effectively and form relationships Debut with every customer that walks through their door. The tools ad-

Groupon Lets Restaurants Determine When They Need Customers

dress two common challenges for restaurateurs: How to best manage available inventory to bring customers in when you need them most and how to give those customers the best-possible experience -- and bring them back again and again. Bookings Tool Groupon’s new bookings tool lets restaurants have complete control over the number of tables and times they make available on the site and enables diners to make a reservation at the time of purchase, delivering a better customer experience because they know exactly when they can use their Groupon before they buy it. Earlier this year, Rick Bayless’ popular Frontera Grill became the first Chicago restaurant to use the new tool by making a limited number of tables available during their shoulder period - early and late evening hours. Gnome Gnome, pronounced Gee-nome, is a tablet-based operating system rolling out to all partnering merchants that allows them to run their entire operation and create real-time promotions. Important features of Gnome include: redeem Groupons via Bluetooth or a customers’ name (no longer need to present a paper voucher or show a mobile device), customize marketing campaigns based on purchase history, share customer feedback via social media and respond to customer inquiries or comments. Gnome also acts as a point-of-sale device for those businesses that require a basic set of features. When it’s complete, Gnome will enable restaurants to push out real-time deals to Groupon’s more than 80 million mobile app users and let merchants know exactly exactly who a customer is (what their name is, how many times they’ve been there, what they’ve purchased, etc.) the instant they walk through their doors. “We’re giving restaurants the power to offer discounts only at the times they need customers, bringing them true yield management platforms to grow their business and drive revenue,” said Julie Szudarek, senior vice president, Groupon Local Deals. “These unique tools can save restaurants time and money and help them build lifelong relationships with their customers.”

To Succeed, Cut Off All Distractions Top CEOs are interrupted every 20 minutes. How do they get anything done? By working when and where no one can bother them. For results, you need concentration. The place where you use solitude to focus should be where nobody can barge in to distract you from getting your goals met. It was my personal habit, gained from a return to school while working full-time and caring for family: I’d wake up automatically at 5:15, and started “power-studying” by taking notes and beginning papers. I’d wrap by 6:45, shower, eat, watch 15 minutes of morning news and still be the first one in at work. That habit became ingrained. By the time other people would filter in, have coffee, check their email and snack, I’d already be working. –MB

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Mixologists are taking cues from the juice bar movement and blending vegetables into nutritious cocktails such as the cucumber Collins or avocado margarita. “Vegetables add another layer and complexity that guests are not typically expecting,” said Lisa Selman, assistant food and beverage manager at the Ritz Carlton Chicago. “Vegetables tend to be more mild, as opposed to the acidity and sweetness of fruit, so they bring out the herbaceous and earthy characteristics that you find in tequila, gin, rhum agricole, pisco.” – Adapted from The Chicago Tribune

Bottled Water Sales Increase Bottled water has joined the ranks of RTD tea/coffee and beer as a mainstay in supermarket beverage offerings. Sales of bottled water increased 4.7% in 2013, with single-serve bottles growing 6%, according to the Beverage Almanac published by Grocery Headquarters and Beverage World. – Adapted from

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. — Scott Adams

Food Industry News® July 2014

Cary Miller Presents

People Selling the Industry This month I am proud to be featured with one of our very loyal readers and friends, Bernardo Silva, the Pastry Chef at Rivers Casino. Bernardo’s commitment to excellence has earned him many accolades during his illustrious career and more importantly, the respect of other culinary professionals. If you visit Rivers Casino, be sure to check out the desserts. They are handmade and super premium! Mel Plotsky and Robert Brewer are with the Uncle Mel’s, a supplier serving local foodservice and grocery products. Uncle Mel’s produces and sells meats, sausages, produce, seasonings and famous sauces to the trade for over 32 years. New from Uncle Mel’s is their home made style, small batch, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce which is excellent on anything that needs more flavor and heat. Dave Seidel is the Head of Accounts/Business Development for Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato located across the lake from us in Fenville Michigan. The company recently began making soft serve frozen yogurt and now has over 70 flavors made without corn syrup and with all natural ingredients. If you have not tasted these products you should. You may see their ad on page 10 of this issue. Call them for samples today. Linda Loftstrom is the Midwest Division Manager for Van Gogh Imports, importers of the country’s finest flavored vodkas, Van Gogh. The firm also markets other great brands including Tap 357 Whisky, Molinari Sambuca, Spicebox Rye and others. Adding premium spirits and drink specials can ring up nice profits and repeat business. For ideas on how to drive your sales contact Linda or someone on the Van Gogh team today. You’ll be glad you did. Kim Wasilewski is the owner of Chicago Hospitality Training, a firm dedicated to providing foodservice sanitation certification to those in the food industry. We in Illinois have a new Food Handler Law that goes into effect July 1st, and Kim’s company is an excellent resource to help you stay compliant. Give him a call today. Kim’s ad appears on page 20 of this issue. Mary Budler is the owner of Quality Food Brokers, and she is joined by Ken Hillman, of Schar USA. Ken’s company produces a full line of gluten free products including gluten free Italian items like pasta and pizza dough. If you have not explored adding gluten free items to your operation, you should. It is one of the fastest growing trends in our industry today. Schar USA is represented in Chicagoland by Quality Food Brokers. Jesus Birikorang and Mama Joe are with Jud Calvary Inc., a firm providing readymade sauces and salsas to retailers and foodservice operations. Jud Calvary has become a wellestablished brand in local retailers because of their products flavor, versatility, affordable price and great taste. The flavor profiles of their ready to use sauces are not easily duplicated at home which makes them a “must have” for shoppers everywhere. Keep an eye out for this company and brand. They are growing every week. Terry Schwartz is a CPA with McGladrey LLP, a leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. They guide clients through complex business challenges by understanding their needs and bringing together the right team to address them. With more than 6,700 people in 75 U.S. cities and access to more than 32,000 people in 100 countries Terry’s firm is able to meet their clients’ needs wherever in the world they do business.

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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Princess Cruises -Tasty Tidbits

Under the supervision of Executive Chef Antonio Cereda and Maitre D’hôtel Mario Propato the following 520 crew members prepare and serve all of the tasty cuisine onboard Caribbean Princess From tHe galley Executive Sous Chef 1 Chef de Cuisine 1 Sous Chefs 5 Chef Crew Cook 1 Chef Butcher 1 Chef Baker 1 Chef pastry Cook 1 First Cook 29 Second Cook 40 Second Pastry Chef 5 Third Cook 27 Third Pastry Chef 3 F & B Storekeeper 1 Ice Carver 2

Assistant Cook 52 Galley Supervisor 1 Asst. Galley Sup 1 Dishwasher 18 Pans Cleaner 1 Galley Cleaner 34 Asst. Provision 5 From tHe dInIng room Asst. Maitre d’hôtel 1 Head Waiter 9 Sommelier 1 Buffet Supervisor 9 Waiter 102 Asst. Waiter 84 Buffet 74

FresH & FlavorFul cuIsIne Average amount of fish prepared daily 1700 Average amount of meats cooked daily: Poultry 1400 lbs. Beef 1700 lbs. Pork/Pork Products 1400 lbs. Veal 300 lbs. Average amount of salads served daily: 1600 lbs. Average amount of shrimps used daily: 400 lbs. Average amount of mayonnaise used daily: 13 gals. Average amount of sandwiches made daily: 1500 each Average amounts of pastas made daily: 500 lbs. Average amount of potatoes made daily: 2700 lbs. Average amounts of vegetables made daily: 2500 lbs. Average amounts of soups made daily 500 gals. Average amount of butter used daily 400 lbs. Average amount of asst. pastries prepared daily: 6000 Average amount of fresh fruits served daily: 6000 lbs. Average amount of coffee consumed daily: 470 gals

Hire people smarter than you, leave them alone and they’ll lead you to success; hire people dumber than you, leave them alone and you’re out of business

Engaging Customers Easier With Engage Made by Chicago-based Revamp Social, Engage is an in-store, iPad mini-based customer retention platform that makes it easier for your customers to connect directly with your business on social media and online while they’re in your store. When a customer interacts with Engage, the unit texts them a link to

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At the Buffet 1. Use utensils to put food on your plate 2. Use only the utensil that belongs to each dish 3. Don’t pick up food with your hands 4. Always use a clean plate, even if you go back for seconds 5. Don’t overload your plate, you can always go back for more

6. Don’t start eating while you are in line 7. If you drop or touch something, don’t put it back on the buffet 8. Be courteous to others around you, don’t cut in line 9. Small children should be accompanied by an adult 10. A small gratuity for server would be appreciated

Reviewing the New Illinois Food Handler Law

and train your whole staff in one day. The most important thing is that the training program is state of Illinois approved, or it The New Illinois Food Handler Law went is not valid”. into effect July 1st, 2014. Do we need it? How much is this going to cost me? We asked Kim Wasilewski of Chicago Hos“By law, the training belongs to the empitality Training if it is really that imporployee, so the employer does not have to tant. “The CDC, Centers for Disease Con- pay for the training. It is the responsibility trol, estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 of the employee to be trained and certified, Americans (or 48 million people) get sick, it is the responsibility of the employer to 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of have Certified Food Handlers. If you are foodborne diseases”, Kim said. “This not not in compliance, the operator is the one only helps protect the public but restaurant who will be in violation. Most of my clients owners also. You work so hard to build your don’t pay for their employees training, but business; just one food poisoning mistake some do. It is up to the operator”. It is past the deadline, will I be fined if could destroy everything you worked so the Health inspector comes in? very hard for”. “No, you have a grace period, until the But how do I get my entire staff trained? end of the year. You must keep a copy of “There are a number of programs on the market to fit any size operation. From on- your employee’s Certification on file for reline training programs to live classroom view by the Health Inspector. training, that can come to your operation Chicago Hospitality Training’s ad appears in this issue on page 20.

a custom Instant Page which provides quick access to links to your website, social media profiles, app downloads, online menus, online ordering systems, newsletter sign-ups, and more. Users don’t need any apps to interact with Engage and can even use Engage without a smartphone, which enables you to target virtually your entire customer base.

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Stay Safe During the Hot Summer Months

Auctions, Appraisals & Liquidations Inc. dba

Bob King Auctions

#1 In The Food Service Industry For 27 Years!

Serving Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan & Iowa

150 Corporate Dr, UNIT B, Elgin, IL 60123 847-458-0500 - WWW.BOBKINGAUCTIONS.COM Check Our Website For Upcoming Auctions Looking For Fixtures, Equipment or Smallwares? Our Liquidation Center is Open 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - 847-458-0500

More than just a bun warmer, EmberGlo steamers are the best way to re-thermalize any of your precooked menu items. They produce great results regardless if the food has been grilled, baked, broiled, boiled, or previously steamed. Many Chefs will precook certain bulk menu items such as pasta, potatoes, meat, or vegetables that take too long to finish while their customer waits. This also allows chefs to be better prepared for rush periods. An EmberGlo steamer will reheat these precooked menu items from a refrigerated or frozen state and finish them to perfection within minutes without drying them out. Steamers are also the best option for melting cheese, heating deli meats, and bringing back freshness to tortillas, bread, and buns. Grilled foods that have cooled can be quickly reheated with steam heat without removing any of the charbroiled flavor and juiciness. Made in the USA. See their ad on page 26.

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As we move toward the summer months, you may be working in hotter conditions whether your job takes you outdoors or not. Keep these tips in mind when the heat starts getting to you: ■ Drink plenty of fluids. When temperatures rise, try to drink a pint of water every hour. Avoid drinks with lots of sugar or caffeine, or anything alcoholic; these can dehydrate you more rapidly. ■ Eat frequent meals. Don’t let your energy get too low because of hunger. Light, balanced meals are best. ■ Wear your sunscreen. If you’re working outside, be sure to apply and reapply a strong sunblock to avoid sunburn. ■ Avoid sudden extremes. Don’t try to cool down with a freezing shower. The shock to your system can trigger more problems. ■ Pay attention to your body. If you feel dizzy or light-headed, tell your supervisor right away and move to somewhere cooler. Drink some water. Go to a doctor if you don’t quickly feel better. ■ Watch out for your co-workers. Someone suffering the early symptoms of heat exhaustion may not be aware of his or her behavior. Step in if a colleague appears woozy or otherwise ill.

Food Industry News® July 2014

TRAVEL With Valerie Miller DESTINATION: PRINCESS CRUISES Ship: Caribbean Princess Ships route: Mon. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tues. - At Sea Wed - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Thurs. -Cozumel, Mexico Fri. – At Sea Sat.- Fort Lauderdale

Getting There: Fly/Drive – ship departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida You can book your cruise package with or without air. Once you have made your booking, Princess Cruises has made it so easy for you. You can complete all the information needed on your reservation online. This makes the process when checking in so much faster. Tours are available online and can be booked ahead of time. If you prefer to sign up for a shore excursion aboard the ship you can at their tour desk. When you get off the ship at one of the ports, you can go off on your own. If you are on an arranged tour, the ship’s staff will guide you to where you need to be. Explore and have fun. Just be sure to be back on the ship at the time they tell you. Cruising is the ultimate vacation. Since you know that the ship is your home for the week, you can plan your activities accordingly. The only mandatory exercise you have to participate in is the life boat drill. Once you get familiar with the ship, you will have no problem getting around. Signs are posted throughout the ship with your current location.. Your room card is your ID card. This is used to get you in your room, on and off the ship and to make any purchases of drinks, food and items in the stores onboard. Everyday, you receive the Princess Patter at your cabin. This is your daily guide to life at sea. It’s a newsletter informing you of everything going on the ship that day. It is broken down from early morning to late night. Throughout the day, you can play bingo, backgammon, bridge or take in a port talk. If you want to be pampered they have a full service spa. There’s always a lot of action on the Lido deck. This is where the pools and hot tubs are located along with the movies under the stars. They have games and contests for the passengers along with live music. Every night they have SHOWTIME in the Princess Theatre, ranging from singers and dancers to comedians. Entertainment in the other lounges includes live music with a full orchestra, music and dancing with a band, Sky Walkers Nightclub plus Karaoke under the Stars. There is a casino with slot machines and table games too. Cuisine/Dining- The food on a cruise ship is in abundance. From the simplest to the pickiest palate, every taste can be accommodated. It begins from the moment you arrive. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the dining rooms daily. If you prefer to eat at the buffet, you can have all your meals and snacks there. There is a grill poolside serving, hot dogs, burgers, pizza and chicken. You can order room service. You will never be hungry! The food was amazing! If I had to sum up Princess Cruises in three words I would say they were accommodating, organized and impressive. The staff was so helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go that extra step to make sure your vacation was perfect. I love ship life! For reservations and more info log on to

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Food Industry News® July 2014

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Java Mania Coffee Roaster ____________________ 815-885-4661

Baker Tilly __________________________________ 312-729-8100

Biondillo/Today’s Temptations _________ Page 19 __ 773-921-8282

Rock House Coffee Roasting Co ________________ 312-350-6190

AWR Welding _____________________ Page 20 __ 773-491-5353


SS&G _____________________________________ 847-824-4006

Gonnella Baking Co ________________ Page 13 __ 312-733-2020




IL Mulino di Valenzano Bakery ________ Page 23 __ 773-934-1625

Chicago Coffees & Teas _______________________ 773-252-7000

Faucet Shoppe The ________________ Page 11___ 773-478-3890

Food Industry News __________________________ 847-699-3300

Forno Palese Baking Company _________________ 630-595-5502





$3.95 Coffee ________________________________ 847-671-9600

Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344

Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344

Danish Maid Butter Co ______________ Page 08 __ 773-731-8787

Java Mania Coffee Roaster ____________________ 815-885-4661

Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287




Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344

Danish Maid Butter Co ______________ Page 08 __ 773-731-8787

Perishable Distribution Solutions ________________ 888-491-1641

Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287




Prime Time Sports ___________________________ 847-637-3500

Gold Medal Products _______________ Page 29 __ 800-767-5352

Dacre & Youngquist LLC Architects ______________ 312-477-0773



Dearborn Architects __________________________ 312-939-3838

Sexton Complete Care ______________ Page 14 __ 847-827-1188

A D E Foodservice Equipment __________________ 630-628-0811

Sarfatty Associates ___________________________ 847-920-1100




GFS Marketplace ____________________________ 800-968-6525

Fogel Factory Direct/UFFB ___________ Page 30 __ 847-616-0711

Kikkoman Sales USA _________________________ 630-954-1244




Ignite Payments R Us _______________ Page 05 __ 847-845-6667

Papa Charlie’s_____________________ Page 10 _ 877-522-PAPA

Illinois Restaurant Association ________ Page 33 __ 312-787-4000


Vienna Beef ______________________ Page 07 __ 773-278-7800


Schmaus Cash Register & POS _________________ 847-675-6066


Meirtran ATM______________________ Page 21 __ 800-382-5737


Vienna Beef ______________________ Page 07 __ 773-278-7800


DCI Central _______________________ Page 11___ 800-468-7478


Tabahi Law _________________________________ 847-260-8182


Ignite Payments R Us _______________ Page 05 __ 847-845-6667


Chicago Ceiling Care _________________________ 708-233-6900


Bob King Auctions __________________ Page 40 __ 847-458-0500


Instantwhip Chicago ________________ Page 22 __ 800-933-2500


Chicago Booth ____________________ Page 33 __ 773-378-8400

New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234

Classic Design Awards ________________________ 847-470-0855

John Manson & Associates _____________________ 773-278-8280



Waco Manufacturing __________________________ 312-733-0054

Chicago Messenger Service __________ Page 14 __ 312-666-6800

Chesterfield Awnings _______________ Page 16 __ 312-666-0400




Apache Supply ______________________________ 708-409-1040

DCI Central _______________________ Page 11___ 800-468-7478

Biondillo/Today’s Temptations _________ Page 19 __ 773-921-8282

Charcoal Supply Company _____________________ 312-642-5538


Gerhard’s European Desserts ________ Page 24 __ 847-234-0023


Algelato Chicago ___________________ Page 15 __ 847-455-5355

Gonnella Baking Co ________________ Page 13 __ 312-733-2020

Eli’s Cheesecakes____________________________ 773-736-3417

Gerhard’s European Desserts ________ Page 24 __ 847-234-0023

IL Mulino di Valenzano Bakery ________ Page 23 __ 773-934-1625


Eli’s Cheesecakes____________________________ 773-736-3417

Forno Palese Baking Company _________________ 630-595-5502

New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234

New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234

FIRE SUPRESSION SYSTEMS Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287 FIRE-EXTINGUISHERS Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287 Henrichsen Fire & Safety Equip _________________ 800-373-9714 FIRST AID-EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Affirmed Medical Service ______________________ 847-322-9185 FLOOR MAINTENANCE Sexton Complete Care ______________ Page 14 __ 847-827-1188 FOOD BROKERS Sip & Company ______________________________ 708-452-8828 FOOD DISTRIBUTORS Christ Panos Foods ________________ Page 06 __ 630-735-3200 Devanco Foods ____________________ Page 26 __ 847-228-7070 Tec Foods Inc _____________________ Page 30 __ 773-638-5310 Anichini Brothers _____________________________ 312-644-8004 GFS Food Service Distribution __________________ 800-968-6515 US Foods __________________________________ 800-942-9470 FOOD EQUIPMENT Bob King Auctions __________________ Page 40 __ 847-458-0500 Gold Medal Products _______________ Page 29 __ 800-767-5352 FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY Al MacDonald Photography ____________________ 630-283-0038 FOOD PROCESSING EQUIP SALES & SERVICE LPS Corp ________________________ Page 19 __ 847-451-2222 FOOD PRODUCTS Lily From The Village Baked Goods ____ Page 11___ 800-498-2248 ____________________ Page 14 __ 216-381-9916

JR Dessert Bakery ___________________________ 773-465-6733




Lee’s Chemical Solutions ____________ Page 23 __ 844-550-5337

BKS Enterprises _____________________________ 847-352-1118

Instantwhip Chicago ________________ Page 22 __ 800-933-2500


Prime Time Sports ___________________________ 847-637-3500


FSI/Foodservice Solutions _____________________ 847-719-6088


Ridgestone Bank_____________________________ 262-789-1011


Lee’s Chemical Solutions ____________ Page 23 __ 844-550-5337


Captain Ken’s Foods________________ Page 17 __ 800-510-3811

Cintas Corporation ___________________________ 630-543-3666

Petritis Group Inc IL Lic 117001002 ______________ 847-705-6619




Pacific Cigar Company ______________ Page 40 __ 630-972-1189 _________________________ Page 08 __ 847-876-4115

Chicago Booth ____________________ Page 33 __ 773-378-8400



Waco Manufacturing __________________________ 312-733-0054

Food Industry News __________________________ 847-699-3300

Jeff Goworowski _____________________________ 312-738-1111




Ramar Supply Co __________________ Page 04 __ 708-233-0808

SuperClean _________________________________ 847-361-0289

Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344

Zepole Restaurant Supply ___________ Page 25 __ 630-783-1239



Airways Systems_____________________________ 630-595-4242

Losurdo Inc _________________________________ 630-833-2828 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT-REPAIR

Tec Foods Inc _____________________ Page 30 __ 773-638-5310 GFS Marketplace ____________________________ 800-968-6525 FOOD PRODUCTS-PREPARED Captain Ken’s Foods________________ Page 17 __ 800-510-3811 FOOD SAFETY TRAINING Chicago Hospitality Training __________ Page 20 __ 847-275-2636 Food Industry Training ________________________ 630-690-3818 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT Leach Food Equipment Dist __________ Page 04 __ 815-712-7707 March Quality Used & New Equip______ Page 15 __ 800-210-5895 Thunderbird Food Machinery _________ Page 28 __ 866-451-1668

Kool Technologies __________________ Page 16 __ 630-483-2256

Blendtec ___________________________________ 800-253-6383

Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287




Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448

Blendtec ___________________________________ 800-253-6383

Chicago Coffees & Teas _______________________ 773-252-7000

Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448

CSI - Coker Service Inc _______________________ 888-908-5600




Cobblestone Ovens __________________________ 847-635-0172

Chicago Booth ____________________ Page 33 __ 773-378-8400

Chicago Coffees & Teas _______________________ 773-252-7000

Kikkoman Sales USA _________________________ 630-954-1244





A D E Foodservice Equipment __________________ 630-628-0811

Chicago Booth ____________________ Page 33 __ 773-378-8400

Emerald House Coffee Roastery ______ Page 17 __ 630-506-2540

Hoods Chicago ____________________ Page 24 __ 773-552-9200

Losurdo Inc _________________________________ 630-833-2828

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Food Industry News® July 2014





CSI - Coker Service Inc _______________________ 888-908-5600

Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344

E Formella & Sons ___________________________ 877-598-0909

Classic Design Awards ________________________ 847-470-0855

Cobblestone Ovens __________________________ 847-635-0172

Airways Systems_____________________________ 630-595-4242




Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287

Devanco Foods ____________________ Page 26 __ 847-228-7070 _________________________ Page 08 __ 847-876-4115

Ramar Supply Co __________________ Page 04 __ 708-233-0808

Enviromatic Corporation of America ______________ 847-729-8000

Papa Charlie’s_____________________ Page 10 _ 877-522-PAPA Anichini Brothers _____________________________ 312-644-8004


GFS Marketplace ____________________________ 800-968-6525



Belvin/J&F Sheet Metal Co _____________________ 312-666-5222


Custom Cooler & Freezer ____________ Page 03 __ 630-879-3131


Ramar Supply Co __________________ Page 04 __ 708-233-0808


Hoods Chicago ____________________ Page 24 __ 773-552-9200


Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287

Kikkoman Sales USA _________________________ 630-954-1244

Henrichsen Fire & Safety Equip _________________ 800-373-9714



Berkel Midwest ______________________________ 800-921-9151

Vienna Beef ______________________ Page 07 __ 773-278-7800


Crawford Sausage ___________________________ 773-277-3095

Sarfatty Associates ___________________________ 847-920-1100

Red Hot Chicago_____________________________ 800-249-5226



Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344

Algelato Chicago ___________________ Page 15 __ 847-455-5355

Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream _________ Page 34 __ 608-221-8640

Enviromatic Corporation of America ______________ 847-729-8000

Homer’s Gourmet Ice Cream__________ Page 03 __ 847-251-0477


Instantwhip Chicago ________________ Page 22 __ 800-933-2500

Cozzini Inc _________________________________ 888-846-7785

Palazzolo’s Gourmet Ice Cream _______ Page 10 __ 269-561-2000

Maestranzi Brothers __________________________ 708-867-7323

New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234



Ajax Linen & Uniform _________________________ 800-244-4000

Kool Technologies __________________ Page 16 __ 630-483-2256

Cosmopolitan Textile __________________________ 773-254-6100


De Normandie Linen __________________________ 773-731-8010


Manitowoc Foodservice _____________ Page 02 __ 727-569-1111

Mickey’s Linen ______________________________ 773-545-7211

Schubert Painting ____________________________ 847-606-9660


Valley Linen Supply___________________________ 630-897-4474


FSI/Foodservice Solutions _____________________ 847-719-6088 GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE Hands on Gaskets & Hardware _________________ 708-641-7007 Just Gaskets And Hardware ____________________ 708-758-1289 GELATO Algelato Chicago ___________________ Page 15 __ 847-455-5355 Palazzolo’s Gourmet Ice Cream _______ Page 10 __ 269-561-2000 New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234 GELATO EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Kool Technologies __________________ Page 16 __ 630-483-2256 GIARDINERA E Formella & Sons ___________________________ 877-598-0909 V Formusa Company _________________________ 312-421-0485 GLYCOL REFRIGERATION SYSTEM & REPAIR Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448 GOURMET-FOOD PRODUCTS Chicago Importing Company ___________________ 800-828-7983 New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234

Columbus Vegetable Oils ____________ Page 09 __ 773-265-6500 OILS & FATS-COOKING Columbus Vegetable Oils ____________ Page 09 __ 773-265-6500 OILS & VINEGAR Pastorelli Foods ___________________ Page 32 800-SOS-AUCY OILS-COOKING/BULK Columbus Vegetable Oils ____________ Page 09 __ 773-265-6500 OLIVE OILS Columbus Vegetable Oils ____________ Page 09 __ 773-265-6500 ORGANIC FOODS Biondillo/Today’s Temptations _________ Page 19 __ 773-921-8282 Pastorelli Foods ___________________ Page 32 800-SOS-AUCY OUTDOOR FURNITURE John Manson & Associates _____________________ 773-278-8280 OVEN REPAIR & MAINTENANCE Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448 OVENS-SALES & SERVICE Cobblestone Ovens __________________________ 847-635-0172

LPS Corp ________________________ Page 19 __ 847-451-2222


Lily From The Village Baked Goods ____ Page 11___ 800-498-2248

Grove Ice Machines __________________________ 630-969-5199

LCSI, Inc ___________________________________ 847-836-0194

Tec Foods Inc _____________________ Page 30 __ 773-638-5310



Gust John Foods & Products Corp _______________ 630-879-8700

Empire Cooler Service ______________ Page 29 __ 312-733-3900

Northern Illinois Insurance ___________ Page 48 __ 815-226-9353




Ramar Supply Co __________________ Page 04 __ 708-233-0808

Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448

Peerless Liquors _____________________________ 773-378-3908

Grove Ice Machines __________________________ 630-969-5199




Perishable Distribution Solutions ________________ 888-491-1641

AAA Nadeau’s Ice Sculptures ___________________ 708-366-3333



LPS Corp ________________________ Page 19 __ 847-451-2222

Heil & Kay Insurance Agency _________ Page 26 __ 847-259-1421

Berkel Midwest ______________________________ 800-921-9151

Jos Cacciatore & Company __________ Page 35 __ 312-264-6022


Northern Illinois Insurance ___________ Page 48 __ 815-226-9353

Nueske Applewood Smoked Meats ______________ 800-382-2266

Caro Insurance Services_______________________ 708-745-5031


Clermont Specialty Managers ___________________ 800-504-7012

Devanco Foods ____________________ Page 26 __ 847-228-7070

Concklin Insurance Agency_____________________ 630-268-1600

Meats By Linz _____________________ Page 21 __ 708-862-0830

ISU Northwest Insurance Services _______________ 888-366-3467

Russo Meat & Pizza Supply __________ Page 22 __ 708-385-0500

Society Insurance ____________________________ 888-576-2438

Anichini Brothers _____________________________ 312-644-8004

The Horton Group ____________________________ 312-917-8610

Buedel Fine Meats & Provisions _________________ 708-496-3500


MEDICAL SUPPLIES Affirmed Medical Service ______________________ 847-322-9185

Devanco Foods ____________________ Page 26 __ 847-228-7070

Northern Illinois Insurance ___________ Page 48 __ 815-226-9353 Clermont Specialty Managers ___________________ 800-504-7012


Olympia Foods ______________________________ 773-735-2250

Farmers Insurance-Mark Holihan ________________ 847-823-6800

Instantwhip Chicago ________________ Page 22 __ 800-933-2500



New Dairy __________________________________ 312-421-1234

Devanco Foods ____________________ Page 26 __ 847-228-7070

Sarfatty Associates ___________________________ 847-920-1100


Vienna Beef ______________________ Page 07 __ 773-278-7800



MEK Design ________________________________ 847-858-1540


Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448

Devanco Foods ____________________ Page 26 __ 847-228-7070


Russo Meat & Pizza Supply __________ Page 22 __ 708-385-0500

Mechanical 24 _______________________________ 847-987-9738

Papa Charlie’s_____________________ Page 10 _ 877-522-PAPA

Petritis Group Inc IL Lic 117001002 ______________ 847-705-6619

Anichini Brothers _____________________________ 312-644-8004


Serrelli’s Foods ____________________ Page 31 _ 877-385-BEEF



AWR Welding _____________________ Page 20 __ 773-491-5353

Red Hot Chicago_____________________________ 800-249-5226

Gold Medal Products _______________ Page 29 __ 800-767-5352

Classic Design Awards ________________________ 847-470-0855

GREASE REMOVAL SERVICE American BioFuels Corp _______________________ 630-631-5714 Hopkins Grease Company _____________________ 877-404-7327 Kaluzny Bros Inc _____________________________ 815-744-1453 Mahoney Environmental _______________________ 800-892-9392 GREASE TRAP PUMPING SERVICE Tierra Environmental________________ Page 29 __ 888-551-1998 American BioFuels Corp _______________________ 630-631-5714 Hopkins Grease Company _____________________ 877-404-7327 Kaluzny Bros Inc _____________________________ 815-744-1453 GREASE TRAPS SERVICE & CONSULTING Mahoney Environmental _______________________ 800-892-9392 GREASE-EXHAUST CLEANING Olympia Maintenance _______________ Page 21 __ 708-344-0344 Airways Systems_____________________________ 630-595-4242 Averus _____________________________________ 800-393-8287 Enviromatic Corporation of America ______________ 847-729-8000 GREEK FOOD PRODUCTS Olympia Foods ______________________________ 773-735-2250 GYROS

july 41-48.indd 42

Ramar Supply Co __________________ Page 04 __ 708-233-0808 PASTA-FRESH AND FROZEN Pastafresh Home Made Pasta __________________ 773-745-5888 PASTRIES-WHOLESALE Gerhard’s European Desserts ________ Page 24 __ 847-234-0023 PATIO HEATERS TNG Industries ______________________________ 708-449-1100 PATTY MACHINES/FOOD FORMERS Berkel Midwest ______________________________ 800-921-9151 PAYROLL SERVICE Payville Usa The Hero’s of Payroll _____ Page 17 __ 630-366-2600 PEST CONTROL/PEST ELIMINATION Mc Cloud Services ___________________________ 800-332-7805 Presto X Pest Control _________________________ 888-627-5772 PHOTOGRAPHY Al MacDonald Photography ____________________ 630-283-0038 PICKLES & RELISH

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Food Industry News® July 2014 PLUMBING SUPPLIES

Page 43




Faucet Shoppe The ________________ Page 11___ 773-478-3890

Mackay Heating & Mechanical ________ Page 03 __ 847-381-0448

Columbus Vegetable Oils ____________ Page 09 __ 773-265-6500

Dewdrop Tea ________________________________ 630-335-7806


Accu-Tech __________________________________ 847-658-8440



Western Business Systems __________ Page 16 __ 773-878-7200

Berkel Midwest ______________________________ 800-921-9151

American Graphics _________________ Page 20 __ 888-774-6270

Phoenix Tofu ________________________________ 773-784-2503

Schmaus Cash Register & POS _________________ 847-675-6066

CSI - Coker Service Inc _______________________ 888-908-5600



Cobblestone Ovens __________________________ 847-635-0172

Classic Design Awards ________________________ 847-470-0855


Hobart Corporation ___________________________ 847-631-0070


Western Business Systems __________ Page 16 __ 773-878-7200

Mechanical 24 _______________________________ 847-987-9738

John Manson & Associates _____________________ 773-278-8280

HotSauce Technologies _______________________ 312-623-6007


Ignite Payments R Us _______________ Page 05 __ 847-845-6667

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Food Industry News® July 2014

Page 44



Real Estate Services Restaurant Brokerage Division

To place a classified ad, call 847-699-3300; All major credit cards accepted

Chicago’s Premier Hospitality Real Estate Brokers

Vince Ferraro

If you would like to speak with a consultant to buy, sell or lease your business or property; please call us at 312.575.0480 or visit us online:


Beautiful restaurant facility. Fully equipped. State of the art build-out and FF&E package. Dining Room, Bar and Banquet Room. Seats 120 plus 20 on Patio. Paved lot. Liquor license. POS system. Digital sign. SW Suburb. Your concept works here. Confidential. Great Lease. Key $125K!!


NEW LISTINGS Avondale - 3182 N. Elston Ave.

Storefront for lease at the highly traveled intersection of Elston, California and Belmont.

LOOK! NW side, Chicago. Freestanding, mixed use building on double lot! Vintage full service bar with decades of history and loyal patrons... Area’s “Hot Spot”! Includes 5 room, 3 bedroom apartment and 7 room, 1 bedroom apartment. Confidential. Call for details. REAL ESTATE BIZ & BIZ @ $650K

Open floor plan with 12 ft. ceiling. Ideal for any retail or restaurant use. Size: 2,350 SF Rental Rate: $23/SF (Net) Lease Term: Negotiable Agent: Scott/Jerrod

Deerfield - Confidential #650

Restaurant real estate for sale. Includes drive-thru and outdoor seating. Located on the high


traffic Lake Cook Road, next to the Deerfield Metra train station & Home Depot.

Excellent reputation. Located in prime spot of active center in affluent NW Suburb. High volume with verifiable, profitable financials. Fully equipped and fixtured. Perfect for chef/owner. CONFIDENTIAL! Business, FF&E @ $260K

Size: 2,350 SF Rental Rate: $23/SF (Net) Lease Term: Negotiable Agent: Jarrett

Kilbourn Park - 4460 W. Belmont Ave.

Hot dog stand/restaurant real estate for sale. Fully equipped restaurant including a hood


with black iron. Formerly restaurant Sideline Grill serving fresh to order fast food. Size: 725 SF Lot Size: 2,650 SF Price: $175K (R.E.) Agent: Adam

Famous Forest Park pub. Freestanding building with parking. Named in “100 BEST BARS” by Chicago Magazine. Fully equipped kitchen. Antique bar. Dining room. Patio. Capacity = 130. Liquor license = 2am/3am. Lease w/ renewal options. Owner retiring... Need enthusiastic new operators!! NEW PRICE! BIZ, FF&E @ $115K Total package w/ RE @ $595K

Lakeview - Confidential #654

Profitable, long-term established resaturant with a 3-season enclosed patio. Occupancy of 99 with opportunity of sidewalk seating. Incidental Liquor and Retail Food licenses included. Size: ~4,500 SF Price: $184,900 (Business) Rent: $5,800/Mo. (Gross) Agent: Jarrett

Lincolnshire - 21661 N. Milwaukee Ave. - Cubby Bear North (Formerly)

Two-story, free-standing building with adjacent land available. Full service entertainment complex, restaurant/bar. Near several coporate campuses. Redevelopment opportunity.


NW Chicago. 950 sf. 3 years “New”! Pristine! Carry-out w/ interior seating for 12 plus 30 on patio. Excellent exposure and signage at signalized bus stop corner. EZ operation. BIZ, FF&E @ $129K

Size: 30,000 SF on 8.4 Acres of Land Price: $4,232,850 (R.E. & Assets) Agent: Jerrod

Waukegan - 1801 Belvidere Rd. Armchair/Net Investment opportunity with a strong national tenant (TitleMax). Five year


lease through March 31, 2015 with two 5-year options to renew. 7% Cap Rate. Size: 2,000 SF Building on 16,000 SF Lot Price: $425K (R.E.) Agent: Scott

Former “Cugino’s”, 1881 E. Oakton, Des Plaines. Seated 120. Parks 36. No FF&E. Paved lot, 13,200 sf. Well maintained building, 2,600 sf. Liquor license available. Fantastic location at Oakton & River! REAL ESTATE @ $695K

Wicker Park - 1571 N. Milwaukee Ave. - Rasoi

Fully-fixtured restaurant on six corners of Milwaukee Ave. 5-Month old build-out with a large hood. Located in the historical Flat Iron Arts building with strong traffic and vehicle counts.


Turn-key operation, fully equipped with liquor license. Freestanding building with upper level living quarters. Located on a large, paved lot in booming Plover, Wi. Loyal local customer base plus tourists! Owner retiring after 28 years! Call for details. REAL ESTATE, BIZ, FF&E @ $387.5K

Size: 1,450 SF Price: $179K (Business) Rent: $5,054/Mo. (Gross) Agent: Juan Carlos

FEATURED LISTINGS Lincoln Square & Roscoe Village - Confidential #520 Well-known, locally owned sandwich chain available. All FF&E is included in the asking




Stoplight corner in near West suburb. Established 15 years. Seats 90. Parks 15. Patio. Solid lease. Spotless. BIZ, FF&E @ $150K


Won’t last. Corner. Seats 30. Parking lot. LEASE, FF&E @ $25K


Freestanding restaurant. Brick. Signalized corner. Signage. Seats 136. Parks 56. Great kitchen. Beautiful decor. Verifiable profit with current hours of 7am – 3pm! Or...easy to extend hours and secure liquor license for your concept. Established 30 years. Well maintained...pride of ownership shows! REAL ESTATE, BIZ, FF&E @ $395K...OFFERS!!


CALL 847/778-3571

july 41-48.indd 44

price. Roscoe Village space features a back patio area for al fresco dining. Price: $249K (Business Sale - Two Locations) Agent: Jerrod

Re Pr duc ic ed e!

Northwest suburban tavern with 2am liquor license! Borders Chicago!! Freestanding, mixed-use building with 2 apartments, 2 garages and parking! TVs, pool table, videos, darts, it all! Confidential. BIZ & REAL ESTATE. $795K

Kudan Group

Rogers Park - 1631 W. Howard St.

Fully built-out restaurant down the street from the busy Howard Red Line train stop. Large commissary kitchen with a newer hood and a built-in walk-in cooler. Food truck operators welcome. Size: 2,748 SF Rent: $18/SF (NNN) Term: 5-10 Years Negotiable Agent: Jerrod

University Village - Confidential #649

Established daytime restaurant prominently located on Taylor St. Occupies ground floor of a three-story mixed-use building. Open floor plan with a long bar/counter service area. Size: ~1,600 SF Price: $164,900 (Business) Rent: $2,500/Mo. (Gross) Agent: Jarrett

Wicker Park - Confidential #647

Recently built and highly acclaimed contemporary restaurant on Milwaukee Ave. All new mechanicals and plumbing are among the many upgrades. Size: 2,500 SF Price: $325K (Business) Rent: $38/SF (Net) Agent: Jarrett

Willow Springs - 8989 Archer Ave. - Courtright’s

Four-star restaurant set on two acres of woodland. Features custom redwood wine cellar, two event spaces, two fireplaces, floor to ceiling windows, outdoor garden and gazebo. Size: 11,188 SF on a 88,905 SF Lot Price: $2,100,000 (R.E.) Agent: Jerrod

Kudan Group, Inc. 156 N. Jefferson St., Ste. 201 Chicago, IL 60661 312.575.0480


6/12/14 9:10 AM

Page 45


Only From


Nick Di Brizzi 888-317-7721 BENSENVILLE ON IRVING PARK ROAD National Tenant Location

NORTHWEST SUBURBS Bar-Pub-Grill Trophy 3,000 SF turn-key. Sit-down, oval shape bar. Dining area-Large outdoor patio. 4 poker machines. Real $$$ Maker. Business only $295,000 with 50% down.

NEW - CHICAGOLAND AREA Fast food, $3,000 per day Established for years. Qualified buyers only. WESTERN SUBURBS - LAGRANGE AREA ON OGDEN AVENUE Fast food-drive in, corner stoplight intersection 3,000 +/- SF, seats 50, parks 20 For Sale/For Lease CHICAGO - TAYLOR STREET Come & join famous Taylor Street corridor Home of the original Rosebud, Tuscany, Al’s Beef, Pompei Baker, Bacci, Ferrara Bakery. Turn key, one-story restaurant, 2,365 SF, seats 50. Lot 3,540, parks 4. Everything new and shiny, must see to appreciate. Available real estate. Owner motivated to sell!


Class A elegant, newer free standing restaurant-bar 7,959 SF bldg on 1.4 acre. It has a restaurant dining area, large u-shaped bar, banquet room, 2 high end kitchen lines, an outdoor bar and covered patio area. Seating capacity is 326 inside and 170 in the patio area. Ready for any dining-bar concept. Asking price for Real Estate, Fixtures & Equipment: $3,100,000.

VILLA PARK ON ST. CHARLES ROAD Free standing 1,663 SF fast food bldg. Diner, drive-in on 10,000 SF lot. Seats 60; parks 25. Completely remodeled in 2010 For Real Estate, Fixtures & Equipment $359,000. Also avail. for lease $16/SF NNN

SOUTHWEST SUBURBS-ORLAND PARK Class A elegant, free standing 8,000 SF rest-bar-banquet turn-key plus outdoor patio Seats 280 plus 100 outdoor patio Parking for 300+/-. Ready for any fine dining bar concept. For Lease, Triple Net NNN $25 per sq ft; Real Estate taxes $7.75 per sq ft. SOUTHWEST SUBURBS 2301 W. Jefferson Street/U.S. Route 52, Joliet Hard corner free standing fast food w/ drive-thru National Tenant Location 2,700 SF bldg/22,500 SF lot Price: For Sale $999,500; For Lease $24 per SF NNN WESTERN SUBURBS 312 Main Street, St. Charles 7,524 SF on 2nd floor; 5,880 SF lot Excellent St. Charles demographics In the heart of St. Charles restaurant-barentertainment district. Plenty of night time foot traffic. For Real Estate $595,000 PIZZA!!! PIZZA!!! PIZZA!!! Real $$$ Maker. Very well established Rosemont– excellent cash flow, low rent Roselle– drive-thru

Corner, turn key free standing fast food restaurant with drive-thru. Presently operating as Brown’s Chicken & Pasta. Site was approved for a Popeye’s Chicken. 2,100 SF bldg., seats 40 on 97.47x150, 14,620 SF lot For Sale $495,000; For Lease $18 per SF NNN Real Estate taxes $6.29 per SF

NEW - SOUTHWEST SUBURBS TINLEY PARK Turn key 1,500 SF 50’s diner style, brand new Turn key, fully equipped restaurant Can be used as a breakfast/lunch concept or any fast food concept. CHICAGO LOOP Clark and Lake Fast food restaurant 1,000 SF. Turn key-fully equipped. Rent $5,273 per month gross Food Court-next to McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, etc. For Fixtures, Equipment and Leasehold improvements $59,500 CENTRAL WEST SUBURBS OAKBROOK TERRACE 8,000 SF restaurant-bar-banquet on 1.2 acres. Seats 350, parks 150. Asking price for Real Estate, Fixtures & Equipment: $1,300,000 LOMBARD Free standing 7,000 SF plus 3,000 SF lower level on 1.5 acres. Seats 300, parks 150. Turn key everything new & shiny. Offered at $16 per SF NNN

We have bank owned foreclosures; commercial and residential. For more Confidential Listings, Call Today! 1-888-317-7721. Se Habla Español.

Glenview Northbrook

TURNKEY OPERATION Established pizza business 10 years. BYOB 6 tables, 20 seats. Pick-up & delivery. Vioffice1990@gmail. com

847-477-7876 Ask for Mr. Boone

july 41-48.indd 45

Well established salad and wrap concept. Five years. 2,200 sq. ft. Seats 50. Turnkey operation. Fully equipped. Outdoor patio. Located in Glenview. High traffic outdoor mall with movie theater and other large anchor tenants. Priced to sell $78k. CALL for info. 708-975-0035


Du Page. Popular & Profitable Italian Restaurant & Bar. Income $1,100,000. Profit $170,000. Asking $379K. Orland Park. 5,000 sq. ft. Bar & Grill. Income $720K. Profit $150K. Asking $249K. West Du Page. Upscale Restaurant/Bar. Beautiful 3,600 sq. ft. Extremely Low Rent. Asking $139K. Addison. 3,600 sq. ft. Bar & Grill With Video Poker. Asking $139K Call Bill Sullivan 630.761.4535

REALPOUL REALTY “Commerce With Morality™”

2731 W. Touhy Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60645

THINKING OF BUYING OR SELLING? Please Call (773) 743-2100 or Email

Peter J. Poulopoulos, MBA Managing Real Estate Broker Licensed in: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin


CITY/STATE Merrillville, IN Elk Grove Village, IL Burbank, IL Deerfield, IL Chicago, IL Romeoville, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Morton Grove, IL Montgomery, IL Hobart, IN Hobart, IN Morton Grove, IL Elmwood Park, IL Lake Barrington, IL Des Plaines, IL North Chicago, IL

DESCRIPTION BANQUETS - Fine Dining - Catering - Property and Business - Don’t Miss it! BREAKFAST - Lunch only - 6 Days Only; Excellent Potential COMMERCIAL - Offices and 3 Apartments - Sit Back and Relax - Just Collect Rents FAST FOOD - 6 Days, EZ to Run, Fantastic Location, 50 Seats FAST FOOD - Free Standing - Long Established FAST FOOD - Free Standing - Same Owners for 22 years - Money Maker - Low Rent FAST FOOD - New Fixtures and Equipment - Small but Great! FOR RENT - 1,200 sq. ft. - Ideal for Any Type of Store / Office - High Visibility Area RESTAURANT - Free Standing - Well Known - Same Owners Over 40 Years RESTAURANT - Free Standing Corner - Huge Profits - First and Last owner 30 years RESTAURANT - Low Rent - Same Owner for 40 Years - A great Deal RESTAURANT - With 6-Apartments! - A Fantastic Deal - Super Opportunity RESTAURANT - With Property - Free Standing - Well Known - Excellent Business RESTAURANT ITALIAN - With Property - Profitable - Well Known SPORTS BAR - Restaurant , Pizza - With 3.5 Acres Property - A Supper Deal SPORTS BAR - With Property - Well Known Place; a Popular Destination SPORTS BAR - With Property -1.5 Acres, An Unbelievable Deal!

Moreover, call us at (773) 743-2100 for:

ASKING $1,095,000 $119,000 $425,000 $149,000 $130,000 $155,000 $69,000 $call $995,000 $590,000 $170,000 $650,000 $2,250,000 $1,195,000 $2,100,000 $795,000 $1,800,000






Food Industry News® July 2014

1) Property Management, 2) FREE Market Evaluation of your business, 3) FREE FARMERSTM insurance quote

6/12/14 2:18 PM

Food Industry News® July 2014

Page 46


• Newly remodeled. Free standing. 4,000 sq. ft. Restaurant + bars with 4am liquor license. Parks 50 plus. Favorable lease with option to buy property. Absentee owner. Asking $300K. •Free standing w/ Drive-Thru. Stoplight corner. Easy Access. Steady customer flow w/ great traffic. Prop & business. All for $349,900 OBO.


PANCAKE HOUSES AVAILABLE • 4,500 sq. ft. free standing facility. Seating for 150. Very favorable lease. Long time established. Western burbs location. Business only. Onsite parking for 50+ vehicles. Asking $249,900 OBO • Chicago location. 3,000 sq. ft. Seats 120. Long term, favorable lease. Asking $124,900



Free standing, famous fast food drive-in with 1950’s memorabilia & theme. Local favorite Known for Burgers, fries and shakes. Seats 80. Parks 90. Property and business $679K.


• Located in Western burbs. Est. 30 yrs. 6,000 sq. ft. Offered w/ or without property. Seating for approx. 250+ w/ banquet room.Possible seller financing. Call for details.


• Long-time established. Seats 80. In booming area. Great location. Business only. Asking $199,900.


• Restaurant w/ bar/banquets. American contemporary menu. Steaks, chops, seafood and comfort food! Known for its BBQ ribs. 4-Star rated upscale restaurant with casual flare. Approx. 7,000 sq. ft., seats 230 w/ parking. Real cash cow. Newly remodeled. Turn key. Cozy & warm atmosphere. High value. Low rent. Long term lease. Owner retiring. Upper $600K’s

ASIAN FLARE • Est. over 14 yrs. Seats over 350 w/ banquet room. Facility 11,000 + sq. ft. on 2.2 acres. High volume sales. Very confidential. Call for details.

Thinking of Buying or Selling? Call John Moauro!


NE Lake County. Signalized corner. Almost 70 yrs. of consistent success. Seats: 150. Parks: 50. Business and Real Estate $890,000 The numbers are there. Must qualify. John P. (224) 730-1953 CBS Realtors

PORTER HOUSE PROPERTIES “a cut above” NEW LISTINGS!!! Wilmette/Lincolnwood

PRICE DROP! 4800 N. Central Jefferson Park 4,100 sq. ft. Full Liquor NW Suburbs-Pasta $215,000 Lincolnwood Town Center $40,000 Wilmette $140,000 HAPPY 4TH OF JULY Dan Porter (847) 942-2291 COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL BUILDING Tavern with Real Estate. Corp. license with 4am and public place of amusement license. Total of 11 units in

Broker/Appraiser Always Confidential

(708) 361-1150




• Locally owned and operated since 2001 • Large catering business has been developed • The Village of Kohler has the #1 school district in Wisconsin, the highest per capita income, is home to the American Club and the only 5-star resort in the Midwest. • Marketing and social media knowledge will be a tremendous asset • Owner orientation and training will be provided • Ability to negotiate existing lease terms for new owner • Sale will include business and equipment only (food and supplies inventory additional) • Only financially qualified inquiries please

Call 920-980-4165 with any questions or for additional information

You can buy a career you and your family will love!


Bloomington Pizzeria in Business for 22 Years Nationally recognized for innovation, fully equipped, well maintained, unlimited plaza parking. Dine in, carryout, and delivery. Group accommodations and Extensive Memorabilia. Contact us at


Banquet Hall. SW Suburb. Well established. Busy location. 7,000 sq. ft. bldg, Seating 300+ building on 1 acre lot. Property and business. Confidential. Priced at $1,600,000


Contact Tom Traina 1-847-651-3834

7000 N. Clark area, Rogers Park. Property is 100x100. All brick. Has driveway and 3 car garage. Tavern is 1,200 sq ft. $975,000 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

5 parking spaces. 9999 West 143rd Street Orland Park, IL 60462

Village of Kohler, WI Restaurant

3 adjoining buildings.

10,400 sq. ft. warehouse



4131-33 N. Rockwell, Chicago Heavy duty electric. 600 amp service - 3-phase. Beautiful area / Residential 150 ft. to scenic Chicago River $975,000 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Call Wesley at 773-671-1273

High Volume Pizzeria – Lincoln Park • Ave weekly sales $12,500 + • Rent $5,300 • Asking $199k Restaurant and Bar – Lincoln Square • Approx. sales $360k • Great Patio with Fireplace • Seats approx. 90 • Price $225k Office Building Deli – NW Subs • $330k sales • M-F 7:30-3PM • ZERO rent • Price $250k Beef and Hotdog place with Bar – same owner 15 years – Far SW Subs • $300K Sales • Rent $2,850 • Asking $125k • Owner financing available with 50% down Sports Bar & Grill - Far SW Subs • $900k sales • Rent $4,350 • Asking $275k

Tobacco and Liquor Store - Far North Subs • Rent $1,260 mth • 2013 sales $700K+ • Price $79K + Inv Neighborhood Bar and Grill - Chicago • Rent $1,800 • Monthly sales 20k • Asking $99k Healthy Food Franchise – ZERO Rent • Downtown Chicago- Michigan ave. • Ave monthly sales $25k • Asking $119k Jamba Juice Franchise - Chicagoland • 7-8 store package - Call for details Asset Sale – Pizzeria $75k • NW Subs – 49 seats 3500 sqft • Fully equipped • Rent $5,200 one month free Moe’s Southwest Grill – NW Subs • Sales $700k • Rent $8,200 • Asking $225k Franchise Resale’s • Subways • Cold Stone Creameries • Red Mango • Papa Johns


july 41-48.indd 46

6/12/14 9:11 AM




Shmoozefest THURSDAY AUGUST 7TH, 5pm to 8:30pm Nightclub, 871 E. Algonquin, Schaumburg

■ Networking ■ Free Food ■ Cash Bar ■ Free Prizes ■ Fun

No RSVP Needed ■ Bring Your Industry Peers!

The event IS FREE, and will be open to foodservice operators, owners, chefs, students and suppliers. (Requires Your Business Card For Admittance)

Special Guest Speaker: Richard Labriola Richard Labriola, founder of Labriola Baking Company will speak about his experience starting a wholesale bakery and how he has transitioned it into a dynamic restaurant business. In addition to the iconic Labriola Café in Oak Brook and Stan’s Donuts in Wicker Park, Richard has two more Chicago restaurants opening in the fall. Join us for what is sure to be a fascinating discussion with an industry leader!



Exceeding Customers Expectations by Establishing Higher Standards in Food Equipment Repair and Maintenance

(888) 908-5600

Serving Chicago and Suburbs for 27 Years


july 41-48.indd 47

6/12/14 9:11 AM

NORTHERN ILLINOIS INSURANCE - Division of Northern Insurance Group -

NORTHERN ILLINOIS INSURANCE - Division of Northern Insurance Group -

Nick Ekonomou Nick Ekonomou

Cell (708) 655-4476

Cell (708) 655-4476

july 41-48.indd 48

Cell (312) 671-0071

Cell (312) 671-0071

Phone Phone (815) (815) 226-9353 226-9353

Cell Cell (309) (309) 212-5564 212-5564

6/12/14 9:11 AM

Fin july 2014 web edition  
Fin july 2014 web edition  

Food Industry News July 2014 web edition features all of the print edition in an on-line, easy-to-read edition.