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For more than 50 years, intentional hands have cultivated the Willamette Valley into the world-renowned Oregon Wine Country. Rich in character and culture, you’ll find not only some of the best varietals to cross your palate, but unrivaled outdoor adventures and off-the-beaten-path epicurean experiences only this land can offer. Start your journey with the official Willamette Valley Travel Guide.

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Summer 2021


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42 TOP STATE PARKS To Escape the Crowds This Summer 56 ALBANIA’S AGRO TOURISM Evolved from a Proud Heritage 76 DISCOVER THE WORLD’S Most Mesmerizing Clifftop Resorts 88 THE GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP Destination: Empire State 104 ENJOY EXQUISITE AFTERNOON TEA This Side of the Pond 114 SUMMER VACATION HOMES That Boast Outrageous Outdoor Grills 128 THESE SECLUDED ISLANDS Await Summer Travelers 146 SUMMER’S MOST ROMANTIC Destinations to Heat Things Up 160 TOP SOUTHERN SUMMER Road Trip Destinations of 2021 174 TIJUANA STEPS to the Food Forefront


Summer 2021

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Avocado Toast with Fresh Blue Crab Bacon-Wrapped Haddock Strawberry Tart Blueberries Tuna Tartare Greek Veal Pastichio Beetroot Risotto


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Summer 2021


Discover a rich history, wild and scenic rivers, the magic of Lake Waccamaw. Discover one of the most beauuful parts of Southeastern NC by canoe or kayak, bicycle or car.










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t i s i V The NEW Tasty Destination!


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Plan your trip for delicious food, festivals and fun in Washington’s Yakima Valley. From spring through fall, find the air filled with food, wine, craft beer and music festivals, farm to table events, cultural celebrations and music in the vineyards.

Juneau Adventures

Discover the Captivating Allure of Juneau, Alaska Juneau’s history is one of courage and survival. Scholars believe indigenous peoples have inhabited Southeast Alaska for more than 10,000 years. Gold was discovered in Juneau in 1880, bringing in an influx of people. In fact, by attracting visitors with its Native heritage, prospector history and incredible scenery, Juneau has been a world-class travel destination since the early 1900s.

Summer 2021


Juneau Adventures

Fast forward to 2021 and tourism remains one of the city’s main industries attracting over one million visitors each year. Some come for the sightseeing while others are outdoor enthusiasts who crave adrenaline-pumping activities. Regardless of their reasons, visitors quickly discover the captivating allure of Juneau. And although often thought of a haven for cruise lines, Juneau is also easily accessible by plane and is just over two hours from Seattle and under two hours from Anchorage. Actually, Juneau is Alaska’s closest “big” city to the Lower 48 which makes it surprisingly reachable any time of year.


Summer 2021

Part of the region’s charm lies in the fact that Juneau remains true to its roots. Despite having all of the modern amenities of any major city, Juneau has not allowed its cherished land to be spoiled by commercial interests. There are only a dozen people per square mile, most of whom work hard and play even harder. Featuring 40 miles of roads and 250 miles of trails, it’s not unusual to see a black bear walking the streets of downtown Juneau, the state capital. There is only one drive-through chain burger place, and a few chain pizza places – the rest are all locally owned eateries.

Summer 2021


Juneau Adventures

Given the fact that Juneau sits inside the Tongass National Forest, the northernmost rainforest in the world, the area is bursting with scenery. A must-see is Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure, where you’ll enjoy a “lower gardens” tour and a unique opportunity to witness Alaskan botanical gardens featuring the one-of-akind Flower Towers. Visiting one of the region’s many glaciers by helicopter is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Glacier Bay National Park, with its incredible collection of tidewater glaciers and three million acres of wilderness, is just a short trip to the west. Believe it or not, many couples choose the top of a glacier


Summer 2021

The most spectacular wildlife viewing in the world

for their wedding ceremony. No visit to Juneau is complete without a whale watching experience. The best time to whale watch is from April to November when 600 humpbacks inhabit the waters of the northern Inside Passage. Daily boat excursions rarely return without a whale sighting, and often you’ll spot many on a single trip.

Summer 2021


Juneau Adventures

Food is serious business throughout Juneau which offers a thriving culinary scene. In Bocca Al Lupo Restaurant owner Beau Schooler was crowned champion of the Great American Seafood Cookoff, as was Lionel Uddipa, owner of Red Spruce Ak. Other noteworthy eating establishments include Deckhand Dave’s, Hangar on the Wharf, Barnacle, Tracy’s King Crab Shack and Alaskan Brewing Co, which is one of four craft breweries in town.


Summer 2021

Juneau boasts the widest range of accommodations in southeast Alaska, from big hotels to boutique inns. Alaska Northern Sands, located on the beach in Auke Bay, is a premier rental with spectacular views and great ambiance. The Alaskan Hotel & Bar in the center of the downtown historic district is listed on the National Register of Historic sites. Juneau is one of those places that flies under the radar, void of hype, pretension and fanfare, in many ways mimicking its residents. Above all, it’s a city that rolls out the red carpet for visitors to ensure that their stay is one they will never forget.

Summer 2021


Food for thought

Avocado Toast with Fresh Blue Crab

Lola 41 - Palm Beach, Florida

4 Servings

INGREDIENTS 4 slices of Sourdough bread – sliced to desired thickness & toasted 2 ripe avocados – sliced 8 oz fresh Blue crab meat 5 oz Hollandaise sauce 4 pinches pea shoots/ pea tendrils FOR THE HOLLANDAISE 4 egg yolks 1 Tbsp lemon juice, fresh squeezed ½ cup unsalted butter 3-4 dashes Tabasco sauce, or alternatively a pinch of cayenne pepper 1 pinch Salt


Summer 2021

INSTRUCTIONS HOLLANDAISE SAUCE: Put a medium sized pot ¾ full of water on the stove to simmer. While the water is coming to a light simmer, melt the butter in the microwave or on the stove. Meanwhile, in a medium size bowl whisk together the egg yolks and lemon juice. The mixture should look thickened and doubled in volume. Next place the bowl over simmering water. The bottom of the bowl shouldn’t touch the water. Whisk egg mixture rapidly. Do not let the egg mixture get too hot - otherwise the

eggs will scramble. Slowly drizzle the melted butter into the egg mixture while whisking and the mixture should thicken and double in volume. Remove from the heat and add Tabasco and salt. Cover and keep in a warm place until ready to serve. BUILDING THE AVOCADO TOAST: Slice Sourdough bread to desired thickness. (We recommend ¼’ – ½”) Grill or toast sliced bread. Slice avocados and lay on top of the bread. Finish by topping with Blue Crab, Hollandaise and Pea Tendrils.

Food for thought Bacon-Wrapped Haddock INGREDIENTS 4 6oz. Haddock Fillets 12 Thin Slices of Smoked Bacon Salt & Pepper FOR THE HASH 3 to 3-½ lbs root vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots, celery root, parsley root, turnips and/ or potatoes in any combination 2 medium onions, peeled 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, rendered bacon or pancetta fat, or brown butter ¾ teaspoon kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper FOR THE BEURRE BLANC 1 tablespoon butter ¼ cup finely chopped shallots 3 tbsp white-wine vinegar 2 tbsp dry white wine ⅓ cup heavy cream 8 tbsp butter, cut into pieces Salt to taste, if desired


with Vegetable Hash

Lay bacon three slices at a time and overlap slightly to create one solid piece (should be the same size as the length of the haddock portion). Season haddock and place on top of the bacon and roll. Place on a cookie tray with the ends of the bacon flat against the pan to create a seal. This could be made 6 hours in advance. COOKING METHOD: Heat a cast iron pan until pan begins to smoke, add 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and add bacon wrapped haddock and reduce heat to medium. Cook 3 minutes. Flip haddock and place in a 400 degree oven for 9 minutes. Remove from oven and place in a resting rack while you plate the rest of the dish. WINTER HASH: Peel the root vegetables. Cut celery root into 1-inch-thick slices, then cut each slice into ¼- to ⅓-inch thick strips; cut crosswise to make ¼- to ⅓-inch dice. If any of the other vegetables are thicker than 1-½ inches in diameter, cut them lengthwise in half, then cut crosswise into ¼- to ⅓-inch-thick slices. Cut the onions

into eights through the root ends, leaving the wedges intact. (You should have about 8 cups of vegetables.) Using a lightly dampened brush, brush a heavy baking sheet with some of the oil. Lay the onion wedges cut side down in one corner of the pan. Scatter the root vegetables over the rest of the pan. Using the brush dipped in the remaining oil, toss and brush the root vegetables until they are completely coated with oil, then brush the tops of the onions. Sprinkle all the vegetables with the salt and pepper. Roast, turning the vegetables every 15 minutes or so with a spatula, until they are tender and golden, about 45 minutes. BEURRE BLANC: Heat one tablespoon of butter in a saucepan and add the shallots. Cook briefly, stirring, and add the vinegar and wine. Cook until the liquid is almost totally reduced. Add the heavy cream and salt and bring to the boil. Add the pieces of butter, a few at a time, stirring rapidly with a wire whisk.

Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine Chef Andrew Chadwick

Summer 2021


Food for thought

Strawberry Tart Blueberries and Pistachios on Dacquoise Biscuit Base

Le Mas, France Chef Francois Morabito INGREDIENTS DACQUOISE BISCUIT: 160g of hazelnut or almond powder 150g of icing sugar 200g of egg whites 50g of caster sugar PISTACHIO CRÈME PÂTISSIÈRE: 400ml of milk 2T of pistachio paste 100g of castor sugar 4 egg yolks 40g of cornflour 100ml of whipped cream FOR THE TOPPING: 400g of Mara des bois strawberries 100g of blueberries 50g of castor sugar The chef has chosen a strawberry tart recipe as strawberries are one of the specialties of the Dordogne. Epicureans and gourmets know the Périgord for its quality cuisine and remarkable products such as foie-


Summer 2021

gras, duck and truffles but not many people know that strawberries from the Périgord region are exquisite. Several varieties are recognized by the IGP (indication that they are geographically protected). They have poetic names

Food for thought


such as the “gariguette” and the “mara des bois” but also less known varieties such as the “charlotte”, the “seascape” and many others. The availability is dictated by the seasons and all varieties have very

distinctive flavors. Here is my version of the famous strawberry tart. It looks complex but is definitely a simple recipe which will allow you to enjoy the first strawberries of the spring.

DACQUOISE BISCUIT: Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius. Line a large tray with baking paper. Whip up the eggwhites until they are firm, and then gradually add the caster sugar. Mix the hazelnut powder with the icing sugar, before gently folding it into the meringue mixture. Use a piping bag to create a large circle onto the baking paper. On top of the circle, create some dots with the piping bag. PISTACHIO CRÈME PÂTISSIÈRE: Whisk the egg yolks, castor sugar, pistachio and cornflour together in a large bowl. Pour the hot milk onto the egg mixture, and then cook it over a gentle heat while stirring continuously with a whisk, until the mixture thickens. Whip the cream until it is fluffy and light. Wait until the mixture cools down and add the whipped cream. TO PLATE: Cover your Dacquoise base with the light pistachio cream, before evenly placing the strawberries and blueberries on top. Just before serving, dust the cake with the icing sugar. After a few minutes, the icing sugar will make your tart look shinier. I strongly recommend you pairing this beautiful tart with a glass of a locally produced Monbazillac sweet wine.

Summer 2021


Food for thought

Tuna Tartare Elements Restaurant Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain, Paradise Valley, Arizona 4 Servings

INGREDIENTS 2 cups marinated cucumbers, peeled, julienned ½ cup kosher salt ½ cup Rice wine vinegar 2 cups Fresh Ahi Tuna, cleaned 1½ oz Pine nuts Salt and black pepper to taste 4 tsp Sesame seeds 4 oz Ginger vinaigrette 4 oz Wasabi oil 1 oz Sambal 4 Baked crostini Mixed greens for garnish GINGER VINAIGRETTE ¼ tsp Saffron threads 2 tbsp White wine, warmed 2 tsp + ½ cup Olive oil ½ cup Onion, diced 1-½ tbsp Fresh Ginger, grated 1 tbsp Garlic, minced 3 tbsp Lemon juice Salt and black pepper to taste 1-½ tbsp Cilantro, chopped WASABI OIL ¼ cup Spinach, blanched, heated 1 tbsp Wasabi, powder ¾ cup Olive oil, extra virgin BAKED CROSTINI 4 slices Baguette 1 oz Olive oil Salt and black pepper to taste

INSTRUCTIONS Roll cucumber pieces in a bowl of kosher salt and let soak for 5 minutes. Rinse. Place cucumber in another bowl and pour rice wine vinegar over the top. Refrigerate for approx. 1 hour. Slice tuna into small square pieces. Place tuna in a medium mixing bowl. Add cucumber, pine nuts, sesame seeds and ginger vinaigrette into the bowl of tuna. Gently mix together. Press each portion of mixture into a 3” ring mold to shape. GINGER VINAIGRETTE: Steep the saffron in the wine for about 15 minutes. Heat the 2 tsp. olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until tender, about 10 minutes. Add the ginger and garlic and cook an additional 4-5 minutes. Stir in the saffron infusion and transfer to a blender. Add the lemon juice to the blender, and with the motor running, add the remaining ½ cup olive oil in a stream. Season to taste with salt and pepper and transfer to a bowl. Stir in the chopped cilantro. WASABI OIL: Combine spinach and wasabi in a blender. Start blender motor and slowly add olive oil. Blend until incorporated. BAKED CROSTINI: Drizzle each baguette with olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Bake in 350 degree oven for approx. 6 minutes.







itka, Alaska is a coastal island town nestled between mountains and the sea. Sitka’s native Tlingit name is Sheet’ka, or “Shee,” which loosely translates to “the island behind the islands”. Sheltered from the open seas and high winds by hundreds of tree-studded islands, the calm, protected waters of Sitka Sound are perfect for kayaking. Sitka is home to over twenty-four nationally recognized historic sites, fourteen designated hiking trails, and 1,600 square miles of rugged backcountry wilderness – so there’s plenty to experience on land. The moment you get out on the water, however, adventure feels truly limitless. “The Sitka Sound area offers some of the nicest sea kayak paddling terrain anywhere in the world,” says John Dunlap. John is the general manager of Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures, a seasonal kayak guiding company that offers tours, outfitting services, and a treasure trove of local knowledge.


Summer 2021



SITKA “There are all kinds of great places to go, depending on what the conditions are, and there’s almost always somewhere you can go where the conditions are within your abilities,” he adds. And in Sitka, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time kayaker or a seasoned paddler. Regardless of your skill


Summer 2021

level, there’s something for everyone. Sandy white beaches are just a short trip away, and so are the underground bunkers located at Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park. A relic of Sitka’s WWII history, the park is only accessible by boat or kayak. Experienced adventurers often

kayak to Kruzof Island, where they can camp in a remote U.S. Forest Service cabin or summit the snowy rim of Mt. Edgecumbe volcano. And in the winter, packing ski gear in a kayak is not unheard of. You don’t need a destination to enjoy your adventure, either. Look in any

direction and you’ll see snowcapped peaks, islands the color of emeralds, and pristine ocean. In addition to the stunning surrounding scenery, kayaking is an opportunity to get up close and personal with Sitka’s abundant marine wildlife: humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, and otters.

The Mt. Edgecumbe trail is 6.8 miles of breathtaking views

Summer 2021




Scan for the blow of a humpback whale and the splash of a sea lion As a coastal fishing community in Southeast Alaska, the people of Sitka share a deep connection with the ocean and its ecosystems. Getting out on the water is the best way to experience Sitka like a local. Rain or shine, you can enjoy being in or on


Summer 2021

the water - jump into fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Here, seasons aren’t dictated by calendar months, but instead by natural cycles: the arrival of the herring, the return of non-resident humpback whales, the salmon runs. It’s no sur-

prise that sea to table dining is the center of Sitka’s vibrant culinary scene. Your salmon fillet or steaming plate of Dungeness crab arrives just off the dock, wild-caught in Sitka’s waters. Each local restaurant has its own specialty, from savory salm-


Stinson Beach Loop

on chowder to fresh oysters on the half shell. Sitka boasts a vibrant culinary scene, with passionate chefs that use local ingredients to create amazing delights for every taste. Visit the brewery to check out

Summer 2021



their rotating list of beers, and pubs that offer house made signature cocktails like Salmonberry Mojitos and Bloody Mary’s topped with beach asparagus. Sitka has bakers, and chocolate makers, handmade donuts and local catch ceviche! Look for other local ingredients on your plate like seasonal berries, wild edibles, and handcrafted favorites like artisanal sea salt and crunchy kelp pickles. Whether you prefer grilled steak and hand-made pasta, or are craving a food adventure in a Mediterranean inspired “Wild Alaska” paella, Sitka’s restaurants are ready to safely serve you. Explore the extraordinary in Sitka, Alaska. Plan your adventure and order your free guide at


Summer 2021




Ready for Delicious Northwest


There aren’t many destinations where you can sip award-winning wines with wine country vineyard views, tour a hopping craft beer trail right in the largest hop producing region in the world, have fun on the farm, take home hand-picked produce and seek outdoor adventure, from mountain trails and lakes to the desert. That’s what makes Washington’s Yakima Valley such a special place. It’s the 300 days of sun that shine on the birthplace of Washington State’s wine industry. It’s the aroma of freshly harvested hops. It’s the farm-to-table connection that inspires a thriving dining scene. It’s where you can ride, bike, hike, run, climb, fish, float, paddle, golf and more, all followed by an afternoon sipping craft beverages.

Raise a Glass in the Home of the Hops


With 75% of our nation’s hops grown in the Yakima Valley, it’s where they say, “We grow your beer!” Yakima Valley hop growers keep the U.S beer industry brewing but it’s the Valley’s craft beer scene that’s hopping! Yakima Valley brewers and hop growers rub shoulders in the field and in the taproom, so innovation to produce experimental hops fuels creativity in the breweries. This is why Yakima craft breweries boast accolades and awards. You could spend days touring the breweries and tap houses from one end of the valley to the other.

Summer 2021


Travel the Yakima Valley Wine Trail Yakima Valley wine country is wine country unlike any other. This is where winemakers and vintners alike take their craft seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously. So, they’re ready to hang out, kick back and share their passion and pride for the exceptional wines that come out of their beautiful corner of the world. The Yakima Valley AVA encompasses five unique sub-AVAs, each with distinct character. From casual gathering places to grand estates, come taste award-winning, handcrafted wines under sunny skies with warm welcomes and vineyard views.

Enjoy the Flavors of the Farm You won’t find agricultural diversity like this anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. More than 3,000 farms call Yakima County home, including more organic farms than anywhere else in the region.. Choose from hand-picked bounty you take home to your own table or farm-fresh deliciousness gathered from harvest festivals and fruit stands and farmers markets that dot the Valley from one end to the other. Yakima Valley restaurant chefs take inspiration straight from the field. During growing season, what you find on the menu just might have been growing a few miles away that morning. That’s farm-fresh!


Summer 2021

Festivals, Events and Celebrations Year Round


There’s a lot to celebrate here in the Yakima Valley – from wine, beer, food and music festivals to diverse cultural celebrations. Sip and savor at craft beer and food festivals. Tour the valley for annual wine country events. Enjoy a chef ’s table experience in the vineyard, hop field or orchard. Take in live music drifting over the vineyards.

Get Outside Under Sunny Skies The Yakima Valley’s central location means you’ll find outdoor adventure in every direction, from sub-alpine mountain trails, pristine mountain lakes and winding rivers, to the arid shrub-steppe landscape with towering basalt cliffs or nearby desert. Yakima is home to Washington’s only blue ribbon trout stream and the best white water in the state during the month of September. Plan your adventure with several outstanding outfitters who can get you all set up for floating the river or biking through wine country for tasting. You’ll also find exceptional guided fly fishing experiences and clinics and classes in trail running, mountain biking, hiking, snow shoeing, skiing and paddle boarding on rivers or mountain lakes.

Summer 2021


Craft Beer


Summer 2021


Get Away to Hop Country Did you know that most of the world’s hops are grown in a corner of the Pacific Northwest? Washington’s Yakima Valley is the home of the hops. It’s the place that grows your beer. So, of course it’s a great place for craft beer lovers to visit. What better place to raise a glass than minutes from where the hops in your glass were harvested?

Hop Country Craft Beer Trail


Being in the heart of hop country, deeply connected to the source, inspires the community of craft brewers in the Yakima Valley to innovate and craft exceptional brews. The valley is a unique place where you’re likely to find the brewer behind the tap room counter ready to share their passion. In hop country, you’ll find a diverse array of brews along the craft beer trail, earning accolades and awards both regionally and nationally. In addition to a trail of independent craft breweries, the valley is home to several hopping tap houses. And what’s better than the perfect beer and food pairing? All along the craft beer trail find house-made favorites and some of the valley’s favorite flavors from local food trucks.

Festival Frenzy Craft beverages make for the perfect festival. Every single hop cone gets harvested and processed over the span of 30 crazy days in September. It all culminates with the Yakima Valley’s signature Fresh Hop Ale Festival, one of the “Top 10 Beer Festivals in The Nation.” You can also celebrate hop country at music and food festivals from spring through fall. So, plan your trip to raise a glass in the home of the hops!

Summer 2021


Top State Parks to Escape the

Sky Meadows State Park, VA

Red Top Mountain State Park, GA

HomeToGo, the world’s largest vacation rental search engine, today released its 2021 State Park Index, ranking the most extraordinary parks in America for adventure travelers and solitude seekers. Taking into account factors such as park size, annual visitors, wildlife, activities and affordable


Summer 2021

accommodations nearby, HomeToGo compared state parks across the nation to find the best options for travelers to lay low and adventure far. “State parks have experienced record attendance highs this past year and this summer will be no exception. In fact, one quarter of travelers in our recent survey

noted they are likely to visit a state park in 2021,” said Caroline Burns, Head of PR and Travel Expert at HomeToGo. “With travelers eager to spend more time in the great outdoors and stay in nearby vacation rentals, we’re pleased to help them safely and responsibly plan their summer escapes by sharing this

Crowds this Summer

Wilderness State Park, MI

Silver Falls State Park, OR

year’s State Park Index with noteworthy under-the-radar options.” To rank each state park featured in the 2021 State Park Index, HomeToGo researched the following data points: Solitude: Annual visitors and overall size of the park. Wildlife: Number of observed spe-

cies (plants and animals). Activities: Variety of activities offered to visitors such as hiking, fishing, swimming, biking and kayaking. Accommodations: Total number of overnight accommodations within a 30-mile radius, including average nightly price per stay.

From ancient dinosaur tracks in Utah to water-carved canyons in Georgia, travelers will have plenty to explore when visiting these remarkable – and often underrated – Top State Parks to Avoid the Crowds, offering plenty of space for peace and quiet.

Summer 2021


Willamette Valley

World-Class Wine and Outdoor Adventures Widely known for its lauded Pinot noir, whose roots date back 50 years ago, the Willamette Valley is 150 miles long and up to 60 miles wide making it Oregon’s largest American Viticultural Area. Recognized as one of the premier wine producing areas in the world, in addition to Pinot noir the region consistently earns top honors for other such cool-climate varieties as Pinot gris, Chardonnay and Pinot blanc. Wine Enthusiast named Willamette Valley 2016 Wine Region of the Year. However, don’t let the allure of the grapes fool you. The Willamette Valley is home to far more than worldclass vineyards and wine tasting experiences. The Trail of Ten Falls boasts a patchwork of impressive waterfalls, many of which are more than 100 feet high. There’s plenty to be found in Salem, Oregon’s capital city, which is not just the political center of the state but rich with culture, heritage and history with easy access to the Willamette River.

Willamette Valley

Grab a paddle and discover the remarkable Willamette River – on the Willamette River Water Trail. Flowing through forests, meadows, parks, farms and cities large and small, this nationally recognized water trail connects communities and visitors to Oregon’s celebrated Willamette Valley. Canoe, kayak, SUP, raft or drift boat – all of these craft can be used at Willamette Water Trail campsites.


Summer 2021


Other activities include the Black Rock Mountain Bike Area for mountain bikers of intermediate to extreme skill levels only. Its four areas offer both free-riding and human-built features, all with ride-arounds to help you get down safely. With visibility of up to 200 feet, Clear Lake is considered one of the best spots for freshwater diving in America. You can also simply look down and marvel at the remains of an ancient forest.


Throughout the spring and summer of 2021, the McKenzie Regenerative Travel Project will bring travelers to the McKenzie River Corridor, where they’ll spend a weekend volunteering and enjoying all the region has to offer, including beautiful lodging options and exciting outdoor recreation. These trips will also combine tourism and stewardship, offering travelers hands-on forest restoration aimed to help public lands and communities affected by the catastrophic Holiday Farm Fire, which burned nearly 175,000 acres along the McKenzie River in the summer and fall of 2020.

Summer 2021


Willamette Valley


Summer 2021


The Valley is home to several unique overnight accommodations. Located in Oregon wine country, Abbey Road Farm is a working 82-acre farm, with an interesting spin of a bed & breakfast inside of authentic grain silos. For another picturesque getaway, check out Sweet Springs Family Farm. Just 40 minutes away from Eugene, this quaint bed & breakfast allows you to experience the beauty of Oregon in a serene farm setting. For a more secluded option on Airbnb, consider Wine Country Tree House & Herbal Farm, the small family farm located in the Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley. Just ten minutes from Newberg, the TreeHouse was built by The Treehouse Master himself, Pete Nelson of Animal Planet’s TreeHouse Master. Enjoy the serene atmosphere of nature and privacy located near


Newberg’s award-winning wineries and boutique restaurants. The Treehouse Retreat in Philomath features tree trunks growing through the deck, bunk beds and a full-sized bed under the eaves. Culinary options abound throughout the region. Located inside of the Allison Inn & Spa, Jory Restaurant is one of the most luxurious options in wine country. Also, the Painted Lady offers a refined dining experience. Set inside a turn-of-the-century Victorian home, it features Oregonian haute cuisine by chef and owner Allen Routt. With so much to see and do in the Willamette Valley, an overnight visit is never enough. Instead, pack your bags for a week’s stay or longer and let the charm of the region whisk you away.

Summer 2021


Exploring the



ocated just 35 miles east of San Francisco, the Tri-Valley offers Instagram-worthy views, award-winning wineries, and Michelin-starred restaurants. This bustling Bay Area region attracts the culinary prowess and cultural diversity of its better-known Bay Area neighbors while holding true to its farm-to-table heritage and small-town charm.

There is something here for everyone. The Livermore Valley AVA, nestled within the Tri-Valley, features nearly 60 wineries spanning from brand names like Wente Vineyards to smaller family-owned and operated labels like Wood Family Vineyards. While this tucked-away wine region remains a hidden gem, the Livermore Valley is actually one of the oldest wine regions in California. In 1889, Livermore Valley won America’s first international gold medal for wine at the Paris Exposition, making waves in the wine world. Today, the Livermore Valley Wine Country upholds its world-renowned reputation while maintaining a laid-back, “California” atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an elegant food and wine pairing, a breathtaking view, or a place where you can picnic with friends, there’s something here for everyone. Not sure where to start? Visit various wineries by hopping on the Livermore Wine Trolley or booking an electric winery bike tour with Pedego Livermore.

Summer 2021


Being so close to one of the most famous foodie cities in the world, the Tri-Valley has naturally become a culinary melting pot of talented gastronomic minds with the most delicious intentions. Whether you’re a fan of fusions, comfort foods, or ethnic cuisine, the Tri-Valley’s diverse restaurant scene has plenty of options - even for picky eaters. For starters, brunch at Denica’s Real Food Kitchen and try their Ube, Matcha, or Guava pancakes. For lunch, head to Danville Harvest and make sure to try their famous hush puppies complete with their housemade honey butter. At the end of the day pull up a seat at Sabio on Main, where you can taste their farm-to-table efforts in their upscale fare. Pair their Spanish-Californian cuisine with a glass of local Livermore wine or their awardwinning Tennessee Tiki cocktail. The Tri-Valley’s temperate weather and convenient proximity make it an ideal destination for outdoor events, festivals, and fairs throughout the year. The Alameda County Fair is ranked among the top 50 fairs in the U.S. and features


Summer 2021

nightly concerts and horse racing at America’s oldest one-mile dirt track. Looking for a live performance? Head to the Bankhead Theater for a variety of world-class productions, or snag a ticket to the Livermore Shakespeare Festival to watch a classic play underneath the stars in the vineyards. Other annual events like Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Livermore’s Pride Parade, and the Scottish Highland Games are also worth penciling into your calendar. While it’s perfectly plausible to wine and dine your way through the Tri-Valley, there are other ways to experience the rich history and cultural offerings of this region. Take a stroll through Livermore to see how many larger-than-life murals you can take pictures with throughout the city, or keep count of how many art installations in Dublin you can spot in one day. It won’t be challenging; public art is riddled throughout the region in the form of statues, mosaics, murals, light installations, fountains, and more. There’s also a wealth of museums and art galleries in the Tri-Valley. If you’re not sure where to start, the Blackhawk Museum is a Smithsonianaffiliate with five unique galleries to explore: The Classic Car Collection, The Spirit of the Old West, Into China, Art of Africa, and World of Nature. With 40 lodging options to choose from, Tri-Valley hotels are Clean + Safe Certified to ensure a safe and fun escape to the “Sunny Side of the Bay.”

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Albania’s Agro Tourism With its unspoiled landscape spread between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania presents a truly unique character and landmark. From the beautiful sandy beaches, the wild and untouched nature and the mountains along the rivers, charming Albania inspires with its mixture of civilizations and culture. Agro tourism has long been part of Albania’s heritage, and this small country offers excellent traditional food prepared by real masters who have dedicated countless hours to their profession. Such is the case with Altin Prenga. Raised in Fishta, a village that still depends heavily on agriculture, his family left Albania to escape poverty when he was 15 he became more and more acquainted with cooking. In Italy he learned how to cook, how to pro-


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Evolved from a Proud Heritage cess milk, cheese and Italian meat. He also learned to make marmalades. As time went on his passion for cooking became bigger and he decided to continue creating his own story, but certainly in his hometown. In 2009, Altin and his family decided to return to Albania and open a Slow Food restaurant in his native village, which respects the Albanian values and traditions. He makes a restoration of an old Albanian building to which he adds modern elements that fit ideally into the whole story. His restaurant is called “Mrizi i Zanave” which means traditional food. “Mrizi i Zanave” is part resort, part restaurant, part farm, part winery and part production facility, very popular facility in northern Albania and today the restaurant is part of the world gastronomic tourist maps.

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Adventure Awaits Forge your own path to Montana’s Trailhead and let the adventure begin. Born in the shadows of the Rimrocks, fed on the waters of the Yellowstone River, Billings offers you unparalleled views, just moments from downtown.


oster the foodie in you in historic downtown Billings, busy with retail and culture by day, and a lively hot spot at night. Whether you are seeking an unforgettable dinner with hand crafted cocktails, award winning burgers, or a brunch so tasty you will look forward to mornings, Billings will take care of you. Many of the city’s restaurants pride themselves on locally sourced ingredients and creative chefs who are sure to impress. Speaking of locally sourced, Montana has certainly embraced the Craft Beer Scene, and the Billings Brew Trail is the only walkable brewery district in the state. Billings’ boasts six breweries, two distilleries, and one cider house, most of which are within a 1.5-mile radius. To the west of the Brew Trail you can take in three more breweries and another distillery.

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Within an hour of Billings are two historic National Monuments, Pompeys Pillar National Monument and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Pompeys Pillar displays the only remaining physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, where William Clark inscribed his name in 1806. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument memorializes the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn which took place in 1876 between the US Seventh Cavalry and Sitting Bull and the Sioux. With over 50 miles of multi-use trails, Billings is an outdoor recreation town. For the mountain biker, Acton Recreation Area or Zimmerman Trail offer miles of trails for varying skill levels without the crowds. Hikers will enjoy it, too. Other popular biking and hiking spots include Phipps Park, Riverfront Park, and Dover Park. If you need paved trails, Swords Rimrock Park is a perfect place along the Rimrocks especially for sunrises and sunsets. And, don’t forget, some of Montana’s best State Parks are easily accessed via Billings. Check out Pictograph Cave or Chief Plenty Coups State Parks. You can also rent a paddleboard, walk the trails, or enjoy the beach at Lake Elmo State Park. Family-friendly adventures are around every corner in Billings, too. Start your journey at ZooMontana, the only zoo in the state! ZooMontana is home to more than 80 animal exhibits including Grizzly Bears, Amur Tigers, Red


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Pandas, Bison, Wolves and more. Most of the animals are rescues. ZooMontana’s newest resident is Montana’s first sloth. Come meet Winston while you explore ZooMontana which also offers amazing grounds including one of Montana’s only accredited arboretums. Families also love to stretch their legs on one of the many trails at Riverfront Park, where you can cast a line into near-by ponds or the Yellowstone River. You can check out the Montana Audubon Center and canoe, hike, fish, or bird watch. Want to extend the day? Pack extra pillows and blankets and plan a movie night at the Amusement Park Drive-In Theatre, too. Montana is full of scenic drives, but perhaps none more scenic than the incredible Beartooth Highway. Voted by the American Motorcycle Association and USA Today as the Most Scenic drive in North America, it is your scenic route to Yellowstone National Park. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day, this scenic byway is sometimes open longer depending on the weather. The Beartooth Highway provides breathtaking vistas from start to finish. Reaching a peak of 10,977 feet through the pass, Roadtrippers or motorcyclists will take in Montana’s highest mountain range with 20 peaks over 12,000 feet. Check out to start planning your trip! We can’t wait to host you.

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Food Network Star

Beau MacMillan Speaks with Food & Travel


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With stunning Paradise Valley as its backdrop, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa cultivates balance and pure relaxation through inspiring treatments and tranquil environments. Guided by the expertise of Food Network Star Chef Beau MacMillan and his talented staff, including Chef de Cuisine Samantha Sanz and Bar Chef Christiaan Rollich, dining at the mountain retreat is a special experience with a menu that features local, organic produce, sustainable seafood and hormone-free meat. Chef MacMillan recently spoke about his background and culinary philosophy. HOW DID YOUR INTEREST IN COOKING BEGIN? My interest in cooking began at a very early age. When I was a kid, I learned what true hospitality is by watching my grandmother and noticing everything she did for her family. I wanted to do that and bring that kind of joy to myself and others. My passion was accelerated by the cooking shows I would watch, like Great Chefs of America. I was mesmerized that those chefs could take something intangible and make it into something completely different. I knew cooking was my calling, and I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to make a career out of something I’m so passionate about.

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WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR SIGNATURE DISHES? While I’m constantly trying to evolve the menus and dishes at elements so they never become expected or stagnant, one of the most popular dishes at elements over the past 20 years is the Miso Glazed Wild Isle Salmon made with somen noodles, snow peas, heirloom carrots, ginger and coriander. Right now, my favorite menu item is the Wagyu Beef Cheek. It’s so tender and packed with flavor. For anyone who likes Korean BBQ , this is the dish for them. It comes braised with sweet corn puree, honjimeji mushroom shishito and green onion chermoula. DESCRIBE YOUR CULINARY PHILOSOPHY. My philosophy is to take simple and turn it into perfection. I always try to use ingredients that are recognizable. It’s not about overworking the ingredients but finding ways to turn food from its simplest form into something sophisticated and unique. Food doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. Sometimes the most flavorful dishes are the simplest ingredients prepared to perfection.

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WHAT LED TO YOUR REGULAR APPEARANCES ON THE FOOD NETWORK? One evening, a VP of production for Food Network dined at elements, and the next day he came back to ask if I would appear on Iron Chef. It was one of the best experiences of my life. WHAT MAKES DINING AT ELEMENTS SUCH A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE? Dining at elements is an incredible experience, and not just because of the food. Situated in Paradise Valley, the restaurant ambience features some of the most epic and mesmerizing views in the country. Accompanied with such quality food and cocktails, dining at elements is an unforgettable experience. We also pride ourselves on having a rock-star team. From the service team in the front to the masters of taste in the back, we are a team that works together like family and truly puts our guests at the forefront of our efforts. To complete our team, we recently welcomed two new powerhouse chefs - Chef de Cuisine Samantha Sanz and Bar Chef Christiaan Rollich. Chef Sanz started her career with us at elements and is now coming up with fresh new menu items our guests absolutely love. Bar Chef Rollich is an expert when it comes to spirits and is crafting the most incredible cocktails at jade bar. We’re thrilled to have both of them with us to elevate our already spectacular dining experience.

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Cody is synonymous with whatever adventure synonyms you can come up with. Basecamp, adventure HQ, retreat, quintessential Western town, any and all of these are accurate descriptions of Cody, Wyoming. It’s a laid-back jumping off point for yearround adventures into Yellowstone and the magnificent surrounding areas. Whether you’re into deep river canyons, tundra, wildlife viewing or zip lining over a river that runs through a volcanically active area of fumaroles; your only limits here are the amount of time you’ve got and your tolerance for breathtaking natural beauty. Unlike many of the other gateway towns to Yellowstone that were to some extent pitstops for weary travelers,


Cody was the vision of none other than William Buffalo Bill Cody, a scout, solider, buffalo hunter, war hero and global entertainment icon. Buffalo Bill was by all accounts a rock star in his day, touring the world with his Wild West Show, entertaining heads of state and even a Pope along the way. Generations later, his namesake town has become a romanticized, delightfully quaint municipality filled with Western folklore, history and nostalgia.

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At the eastern doorstep to Yellowstone, Cody is not only convenient, but it’s connected to some of the most spectacular ribbons of asphalt in the lower 48. One of those highways was described as “50 miles of the most scenic land in America” by the Rough Rider himself, Teddy Roosevelt; a man well acquainted with the epic outdoors. The Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway follows the North Fork of the Shoshone River and winds through the Wapiti Valley where you’re likely to break the internet with your unending stream of wildlife photos featuring bears, bison, moose, elk and deer. The Lamar Valley, accessible via the Northeast Entrance, is another must-see in the area that has been nick named the American Serengeti, for reasons that will become all-too obvious to everyone pressing their faces up to the windows in your vehicle.

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Clearly, wildlife viewing is one of the more popular activities here, but let’s not forget that recreational opportunities like climbing, biking, hiking, paddling, fly fishing, mountain biking and horseback riding are never more than a few minutes in any direction from Cody. Within the city limits, there’s much to see and do – like Cody’s rodeo legacy. Not only is it the nation’s longest running, continuous outdoor nitely rodeo, it’s also one that runs throughout the entire summer - June through August.

Cody is also home to what some refer to as the Smithsonian of the West or the Buffalo Bill Center of the West; a place made up of five distinct museums featuring exhibits that celebrate Western Art, Plains Indian cultures, firearm history, Buffalo Bill and so much more. The bottom line is this; if you’re looking for a truly authentic, wide-open, American experience, Cody should definitely be at the top of your road trip bucket list.

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Discover The World’s Most Mesmerizing



Take your next vacation to new heights by experiencing a mesmerizing clifftop vacation at a resort high above sea level, often secluded via sparsely populated, untouched landscapes. These unique clifftop resorts offer guests a wide variety of activities that are designed to both rejuvenate and relax.


Summer 2021

Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia This prestigious property is comprised of 67 ultra-luxury villas that sit cliffside on an elevated plateau that meets with limestone cliffs sweeping down to the Indian Ocean. Here guests will find an infinity pool which faces the panoramic Indian Ocean, where they can enjoy stand-up paddle board yoga classes. Its Cliff Edge Cabana is a hotspot for Instagramworthy photos and other activities like aerial yoga classes. A few luxurious cliffside suites even feature their own private infinity pools that look down on the beach below, including all Cliffside and Hillside Villas. The property also features a Cliffside Spa for the ultimate secluded spa paradise. The landscaping and architectural forms were derived from the local Bali savannah-like environment without intruding on the wild and seasonal surroundings. Using the idea of Bali’s rocky terrace fields and lush gully, the architects have created terraced planes, which protect cool gardens, with a focus on sourcing local bamboo used for the ceilings while locally sourced lava rocks used for the roofs of each villa.

Montage Laguna Beach Laguna Beach, California Perched cliffside on a coastal bluff overlooking the Pacific in the heart of the vibrant arts community of Laguna Beach, Montage Laguna Beach offers 30 acres of oceanfront luxury. When guests check into the coastal resort, they are greeted by a striking floor-to-ceiling window that frames both the Pacific Ocean, Mosaic pool, and the dramatic cliffside.


Summer 2021

Guests visiting the coastal resort can unwind in 20,000-sq-foot Spa Montage where they are serenaded by the sounds of waves splashing into the cliffside rocks while they relax by the salt water spa pool. Montage Laguna Beach offers a wealth of outdoor recreation, including three pools, beach and water sports and standalone bungalows.

Montage Kapalua Bay Maui, Hawaii

Montage Kapalua Bay is set on a coastal cliff of Maui’s west coast. Montage Kapalua Bay’s clifftop location provides an ideal venue for whale watching and both guests and locals spot resident turtles while snorkeling in the rocks below. The 24-acre intimate resort features over 50 res-

idences, grand residences and privately-owned Montage Residences ranging from one to four bedrooms with spacious living rooms, large private lanais, fully equipped kitchens, elegant master suites and luxurious bathrooms with designs that beautifully reflect the resort’s island heri-

tage. This spring, Montage Kapalua Bay welcomed back Champagne Hale at its intimate cliffside venue, Cliff House, a pop-up bar and lounge for guests and locals to experience the finest Maui sunsets while enjoying a variety of champagnes perfectly paired with an innovative dining menu.

Summer 2021


Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica This beachside resort is tucked away into the cliffside within a pristine 1,400acre private peninsula. In the lobby, guests will find that the forest has truly come within, with design inspired


Summer 2021

by the tropical area that surrounds it. Each restaurant on property features open air designs and breathtaking views to compliment the experience. In-room, guests will find floor-to-ceil-

ing windows and folding glass doors that invite the magic of the tropical forest into each living space. The Bay View rooms are especially perfect for a gorgeous cliffside lookout.

Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort Big Sur, California Big Sur is the ideal coastal getaway with cliffside towns, gorgeous ocean views, hiking trails galore, and consistently idyllic weather. The resort is located atop the cliffs overlook-

ing the Pacific Ocean. Its spacious community spaces featuring sweeping vistas, including The Sur House Terrace, where overnight guests get to indulge in breakfast and dinner,

and the Glass House Art Gallery. Perched 1,100 feet above the glistening sands below, this spectacular glass “case” caters to private dining experiences, proposals, events and more.

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Natchez, Mississippi: A Destination of Historic Proportions


esponsible. Perhaps no other word best summarizes Natchez over the past year or so as the health and safety of residents, visitors and guests has always been of utmost priority. Although social distancing and wearing masks have become commonplace, Natchez’s shops, attractions, restaurants and lodging properties are back open and ready to host you. Natchez, the birthplace of Mississippi, is known internationally as a quaint, Southern town with a rich culture and heritage shaped by people of African, French, British and Spanish descent. Its first inhabitants, however, were the Natchez Indians, a proud heritage that is honored by its namesake. As one of the oldest settlements on the Mississippi River with the largest collection of historic homes on the National Registry, Natchez boasts over 300 years of history.

Outdoor recreation – now more important than ever before – abounds throughout this charming town. The greatest natural attraction that Natchez has to offer is the Mississippi River, and the best vantage point from which to take in her beauty and splendor is Bluff Park. You will find nature at its finest throughout the Homochitto National Forest. Spend hours hiking along the many creeks and trails that thread this enchanting woodland. The Natchez State Park consists of a manmade lake, campground, picnic grounds, swim area and two hiking trails. In addition, a number of open air tours are available.


Summer 2021

Slowly but surely, festival and events are coming back to Natchez. Natchez experienced one of the most successful Spring Pilgrimages this year and is looking forward to Grand Fall Pilgrimage in the Fall. May will have several events such as The Natchez Bicycle Classic (May 22), and the start of Festival of Music (May – June 28). During Juneteenth weekend, the Soul Food Fusion Festival (June18-20) will return. July will kick off with Hank Williams JR performing July 4th live on the bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi River followed by a spectacular fireworks show. July also marks the Crepe Myrtle Festival (full month of July) which will celebrate the blooms of the over 10,000 crepe Myrtle trees in Natchez.

Summer 2021


Art and culture aficionados can soak in the many exhibits on display at the Conde Contemporary Art Gallery which specializes in narrative realism, photorealistic portraiture, and surrealism. ArtsNatchez showcases the talent of regional artists. The Forks of the Road site was one of the largest slave market in the United States. Today, visitors will find information panels discussing the slave trade in Natchez and around the South. A must-see attraction is African the American Museum of History and Culture, which chronicles the history and culture of African Americans in the South. The Little Easy Cafe, the newest brunch spot in Natchez, was opened by Tate Taylor and offers a Boozy Brunch, while Smoot’s Grocery is a great place to enjoy the many talented musicians throughout the area. Mag-


Summer 2021

nolia Grill features a casual dining room with an enclosed glassed deck and river views serving Gulf seafood, steaks and burgers. The newly opened Castle Restaurant at Dunleith Restaurant is set in the original carriage house and stables. Overnight visitors will discover a wide variety of accommodations including the Dunleith Historic Inn, recently renovated by the J. Collection of New Orleans. The upscale Grand Hotel overlooks the Mississippi River and is close to Magnolia Bluffs Casino. The Burn B&B is set at an 1834 estate featuring rooms with elegant period decor, an outdoor pool and three-acre garden. With its southern charm and downhome hospitality, Natchez welcomes visitors with open arms. Perhaps your next road trip should be to one of the most historic towns in the South.

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Few states are as geographically diverse as New York, with landscapes that range from vast, rural farmlands with apple orchards as far as the eye can see to the relatively small island of Manhattan, where elbow room is at a premium. Curious travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City can explore the state’s natural wonders and cultural heritage via the Empire State Road Trip, a fun-filled adventure designed to showcase three of New York’s most diverse and popular regions. Visitors of all ages will enjoy a diverse itinerary that includes stays at a variety of accommodations in waterfront properties. Located in western New York, Chautauqua County has been treasured by generations as a year-round destination for adventureseekers. Lovers of arts and entertainment, history buffs and leisure learners flock to the Chautauqua Institution, a community of artists, educators, thinkers, faith leaders and friends dedicated to exploring the best in humanity. Enriched by the beauty of five lakes, the region is enjoying added attention with the opening of the National Comedy Center in nearby Jamestown, the first state-of-the-art museum dedicated to telling the vital story of comedy in America, and the newly available luxurious accommodations of Chautauqua Harbor Hotel.

Summer 2021





Right on the way to Watkins Glen from Chautauqua, about 45 minutes east on I86, is the northern portion of Allegany State Park in Salamanca. This 65,000-acre gem has scenic views, hiking trails and restaurants. Located within the park is Red House Lake, where visitors can enjoy swimming, boat rentals and the Red House Restaurant. Before arriving at the hotel, make a pit-stop in the charming town of Corning, located just 20 miles from Watkins Glen. Visit the Corning Museum of Glass where visitors can watch glass take shape during a demonstration, learn the history or even try glassmaking. 90

Summer 2021

Nestled on the shores of Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel is the perfect vantage point from which to explore this vibrant destination. Showcasing some of Mother Nature’s most spectacular work, New York’s Finger Lakes Region is known for its award-winning wineries, unmatched outdoor recreation, historic attractions and more. Experience breathtaking natural beauty while exploring one of New York State’s treasures, Watkins Glen State Park, where the dramatic landscape features water sculpted rock and 19 cascading waterfalls. The park recently underwent a $6.5 million

renovation that saw the creation of a new welcome center, small outdoor amphitheater, improved educational displays and new viewing areas. Sample a wide variety of wines by following the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Comprised of 34 wineries situated around the glacially-formed lake that provides an ideal climate for growing grapes, the area is filled with wineries offering tastings of locally-produced wines such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and other notable varieties. Also dotting the landscape are craft breweries and distilleries where the public

may sip and savor the area’s local flavors. Quench the need for speed by visiting Watkins Glen International, home to automobile racing including NASCAR’s only appearance in New York State. Affectionately known as “The Glen,” this storied venue is also home to concerts and festivals. Explore the pristine waters of Seneca Lake, the largest of New York’s 11 Finger Lakes. Set sail with Schooner Excursions aboard the True Love or Remedy, travel under power with Captain Bill’s & Seneca Lake Cruises, troll for salmon and trout aboard a Reel Stories Fishing Charter, or practice Summer 2021





fly fishing or rent a kayak through Summit to Stream. A paradise for sightseers, outdoor enthusiasts, anglers and history buffs, 1000 Islands is a stunningly beautiful archipelago region of the St. Lawrence River that stretches from the northern tip of the Empire State to southeastern Ontario, Canada. Check in to 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel and discover a region with a storied past shaped by trade on the mighty St. Lawrence, War of 1812, Gilded Age and Prohibition. Spend a relaxing day exploring the charming town of Clayton, home to shops, restaurants, and the Clayton Opera House. Explore Thousand Islands Seaway Wine Trail, which features eight unique wineries, or enjoy spirits at the Clayton Distillery. Tour the Antique Boat Museum, the premier freshwater nautical museum in North America with galleries overflowing with over 300 unique and beautifullypreserved boats and thousands of artifacts. Explore the secret passages within Singer Castle, located on Dark Island, or visit Rock Island Lighthouse, complete with keeper’s quarters and museum. Experience the majesty of Boldt Castle, a turn-of-the-century castle rivaling those of Europe, built on the St. Lawrence River, in the heart of the 1000 Islands. When planning your road trip, take note that a three-hour ride separates Chautauqua Harbor Hotel from Watkins Glen and from Watkins Glen to 1000 Islands. It takes six hours to drive from 1000 Islands to Chautauqua. Summer 2021


e, TN l l i v s k r a l C o t ip Let a Road Tr


P gs in v a r C l e v a r T Satisfy Your

lanning spring and summer travel that’s a little closer to home is the aim for many Americans in 2021. Maybe you’re searching for a smaller, less crowded destination than your typical beach or theme park vacation. Maybe you’re ready for a convenient and affordable road trip with fun activities for the whole family. Clarksville, Tenn. is a mid-size and budget-friendly city northwest of Nashville that offers historic attractions, family entertainment, a charming downtown, scenic outdoor recreation and a surprisingly diverse food and beverage scene.

Step into the rural mid-19th century when you visit Historic Collinsville Pioneer Settlement. Explore the16 authentically furnished buildings over 40 expansive acres with a self-guided audio tour. Time seems to slow down a bit in amid the quiet rolling hills where you’re never in a hurry and have plenty of room to socially distance. Bring along a picnic and soak in the serenity. The Fort Defiance Civil War Park and Interpretive Center is a defensive earth works fort high above the bluffs of the Cumberland and Red River. Interactive displays inside the visitor center bring voices to the many faces of this turbulent era in our nation’s past. Outside, walk through the mounded grounds with canons, picnic areas and trails. Best of all are the panoramic views of downtown Clarksville. The stunning 1898 architecture at the Customs House Museum & Cultural Center is a wow-factor for all visitors. Recently, the museum added underlighting around the roofline and cornices, making the site even more spectacular and night. Inside, visitors will enjoy both permanent and rotating creative and historic exhibits. The lower level includes a large area for hands-on kids’ play, a family art room and a massive model train exhibit.


Summer 2021


Historic Attractions

Tap into our


From across the globe to down-home Southern fare, explore what makes Clarksville hip at heart and authentic from the start. Plan your trip today at

Dunbar Cave State Park is one of the region’s most popular outdoor sites. This 144-acre natural playground includes almost five miles of trails, picnic areas, wildlife, and seasonal cave tours. The meandering Cumberland Riverwalk is the city’s crowning jewel, where you can enjoy walking, biking, boating, or finding a swing to take in a spectacular sunset. The Riverwalk connects directly to historic downtown restaurants, entertainment, shopping, galleries and breweries via the urban Upland Trail. Rotary Park is a 111-acre forested city park with five+ miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, creeks, playgrounds, disc golf and picnic areas. You’ll also find large open spaces for play and a new 4,200-square-foot Nature Center with permanent and temporary displays and hands-on activities that show the natural history of the area. At North Ford St. Mountain Bike Park, cycling enthusiasts can enjoy a range of trails from a children’s area through technical routes that challenge advanced riders. Climbers of all skill levels will have fun and relish the birdseye river views at King’s Bluff Park. The limestone crag is 9.78 acres and has over 160 routes traversing the Cumberland. As at all natural attractions, please make sure to take out what you bring in and help leave the areas pristine for future visitors.


Outdoor Recreation



Family Fun Entertainment centers dot the perimeters of the city. The whole family will love indoor putt-putt and high-speed go-carts, axe throwing, trampolining or escape games. On summer weekends, enjoy free outdoor concerts at Downtown Commons or the top-rated outdoor Downtown Market with fresh produce, crafts, baked goods and entertainment.


Food & Beverage Highlight your time in Clarksville with a globally inspired food culture for an even more memorable experience. The influence of a major military installation, state university and international industries bring the world’s flavors and sips to the community. Breweries, a distillery, winery, and meadery give you a taste of the city’s passion for creativity and excellence. Start planning your trip today at or downtown the free VisitClarksvilleTN App.

Summer 2021


Columbus County, North Carolina

Outdoor Paradise Waiting to be discovered


hen it comes to excitement and adrenaline-pumping attractions, Columbus County, North Carolina packs a powerful punch. Here, outdoor enthusiasts can discover a veritable smorgasbord of activities designed to invigorate and energize one’s sense of adventure. As the third largest county in North Carolina by land area, Columbus is home to several large lakes, including Lake Tabor and Lake Waccamaw – one of the largest natural lakes on the eastern seaboard -- where an abundance of water fun awaits visitors.

A visit to Lake Waccamaw State Park unveils one of the most unique bodies of water in the world. A 700-foot boardwalk reaching into the shallow, tea-colored water accommodates wildlife viewing and fishing, and more than seven miles of trails allow hikers to explore multiple ecosystems and rare plants. The mouth of the Waccamaw River begins at the lake. Boating is a popular pastime at Lake Waccamaw. There is no boat access in the park, but two free public boat launch areas are available nearby. The Lumber River, designated a National Wild and Scenic River, offers miles of natural settings that one would normally expect in highly isolated areas. Grab a canoe and start your journey.

Back on dry land, Cape Fearless Extreme is a great choice to continue your outdoor adventures. Set on 25 acres of forest just 20 miles west of Wilmington, North Carolina, the courses contain a mixture of obstacles and challenges ranging from ziplines, Tarzan swings, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and much more. Spend the day enjoying nature’s beauty while experiencing a thrilling adventure in the trees. Tucked away on a quiet farm is one of Southeastern North Carolina’s best kept secrets; Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Tabor City. Whether you are an angler, enjoy hiking or just relaxing while camping, you will experience natural beauty like you’ve never seen before at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.

Summer 2021


Have you ever touched the bones of a Right Whale? Come face to face with a Cretaceous carnivore? Sat in the center of the Earth to hear a scientist talk? No visit to Columbus County is complete without experiencing The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Whiteville. History doesn’t get shorted, either. Columbus County features three revitalized railroad depots in Chadbourn, Fair Bluff, and Lake Waccamaw which serve as museums and civic spaces, and the Vineland Station in Whiteville which is the city’s civic center.

From hometown favorites to “ethnic” eats, Columbus County is bursting with flavor. Find out where the locals go to whet their appetites and satisfy their cravings for home cooking and tempting treats. For lip-smackin’ good barbecue, check out Joe’s Old-Fashioned Barbecue. In operation since 1964 (with a history that dates back to 1947 as Bennett’s BBQ) and known as the county’s oldest familyowned restaurant, this barbecue haven serves up tender BBQ , juicy ribs and chicken, pork chops, seafood, sandwiches, and of course Joe’s famous sauce. The Chef and the Frog serves French and Asian fusion meals with local ingredients, while Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries is a retro-themed chain with a 1950s soda-fountain look, dishing out familiar fast-food selections. Penn’s Grill is famous since 1946, for its legendary iron skillet fried steak sandwich with hand cut fries. 102

Summer 2021

Columbus County is sure to provide the type of accommodations you are looking for, including Quaint B&Bs, lakefront vacation rentals, name brand hotels or primitive camping. From the moment you step on the wrap around veranda of The Madison House, the charming country ambiance draws you in. This magnificent 6,700 square foot B&B is very tastefully furnished with antiques and relics of yesteryear. For more of an outdoor experience, Lumber River Campground is nestled on 60 acres of pristine countryside next to the scenic Lumber River in Columbus County, and is an excellent getaway destination for the horse or nature enthusiast. Columbus County embodies all the natural beauty and outdoor adventures this wonderful state has to offer. There’s no better time than now to plan your visit.

Summer 2021


Enjoy Exquisite Afternoon Tea

This Side of


Summer 2021

the Pond

The time-honored British tradition of afternoon tea is also flourishing in the States as tea rooms and hotels are serving brimming cups of tea along with delectable finger sandwiches, mouth watering scones and decadent desserts. Inspired by Shonda Rhime’s latest hit show Bridgerton, Nashville’s iconic Hermitage Hotel is now offering an afternoon tea befit for royalty. Every Friday through Sunday at 2 p.m. guests will enter the upper echelons of London’s high society for the afternoon, with a commemorative keepsake menu brimming with the hottest gossip from “Lady Hermitage.”

The exquisite afternoon tea features a wide variety of teas and a menu of royal Kensington biscuits, majestic apricot crumb bar, along with a chocolate tea cake. Tea sandwiches include cucumber & smoked salmon, herb cream cheese, marble rye, asparagus & parmesan quiche, fine herbs, poached chicken salad, baby pears, walnuts and brioche. Treat yourself to such delightful accompaniments as lemon curd & butter and Duchess Devonshire cream, or savory and sweet ladies spring garden scones.


Summer 2021

Afternoon tea has a long-standing history, from high society Londonites gathering to pass gossip to suffragists gathering in the 19th century to discuss women’s right to vote, so carrying on this proud tradition is a natural fit for the Hermitage Hotel, which in 1920 hosted both Pro- Suffrage and Anti-Suffrage groups during a legislative battle over a woman’s right to vote, which ultimately gave women equal voting rights.

Summer 2021



Local Cuisine and gorgeous scenic vistas;

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oster Blazing colors of autumn are truly mother nature’s masterpiece and if you’re looking for an idyllic autumn scene, Bangor, Maine is the place to be. Visiting Maine is always a great choice, and planning a trip can provide so many wonderful discoveries. The fall foliage is stunning, and the temperatures are still warm enough for kayaking, fishing, hiking, and exploring. With convenient non-stop service and connecting flights to Bangor International Airport (BGR), getting here is easy. Known to the locals as the “Queen City,” Bangor’s nickname does not disappoint. The jewel of the city is seen in the downtown architecture that speaks of the gilded age of the lumber industry. Once recognized as the

Summer 2021


lumber capital of the world, Bangor is rich with history and was once home to some of the most influential people of the American industrial age. Hugging the banks of the Penobscot River, Bangor is bursting with activity. The downtown streets are lined with unique shops, culinary delights, local microbreweries, and world-class entertainment. Visitors love Hollywood Casino for gambling and slot play and the Darling’s Waterfront Concert venue where some of the most famous acts in the music world perform. With a variety of overnight accommodations, including cozy inns, bed & breakfast spots, and brand name hotels, options are abundant. The food scene in Bangor is buzzing, and foodies have made it a hotspot! With options that excite the taste buds, Bangor offers something for everyone; from fine dining, homey farm to table, or food trucks along the waterfront. Rest assured, all the Maine classics like steamed lobster, poutine, and blueberry pie are offered on most menus. Be sure to sample some of the local microbrews as well. Want to make a day trip out of your love of craft beer? Plan your route around Greater Bangor at: Bangor is the perfect launching point for an abundance of day trips. Charming main streets, friendly locals, eclectic art galleries, and unique fairs or festivals are just a few examples of what you will find when exploring all the surrounding areas of the Bangor region.


Summer 2021

A leisurely drive will get you to Maine’s most spectacular regions; The Maine Highlands, Aroostook County, Down East & Acadia, and Maine’s Mid-Coast. Within 90 minutes, you can be sitting dockside enjoying a steamed lobster in Bar Harbor or hiking the trails of Maine’s highest peak, Mt Katahdin, in Baxter State Park. Of course, all the cozy towns and villages in between have an abundance of activities. Millinocket, Maine, is home to Baxter State Park and the majestic Mt Katahdin. Just a car ride away, visitors can try their hand at fly fishing, rent a side by side and explore the vast ATV trails, climb aboard a luxury pontoon boat for a moose tour, or get a bird’s eye view of Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park, and the West Branch of the Penobscot River on a seaplane. Visit Katahdin Woods and Waters, Maine’s newest member of the National Park Service and International Dark Sky registries. Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead Lake, located in The Maine Highlands just west of Bangor, has steamboat cruises on the historic boat The Katahdin. The fully operational steamboat offers sightseeing tours perfect for foliage seekers l, like the most popular three-hour tour past Sugar Island and other scenic landmarks or the Blues and Brews tour that provides local brew and live music. What are you waiting for? With so many activities to choose from, book your getaway to Bangor, Maine today!

Summer 2021


Maine is a lot more than lobster and lighthouses. We’re mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife. We’re fresh air and fine food. Bangor, Maine’s third-largest city, is your hub for day trips, nightlife and is moments away from outdoor adventures like mountain hikes and photographic moose safaris. Be sure to take a break from exploring to enjoy a feast of local fare and your fill of the best in craft brews.

It’s Bangor, naturally. And nature is calling.

Summer Vacation Homes That Boast Outrageous Outdoor Grills

Barbeque cookouts and summer go hand-in-hand. With the highly-anticipated vacation season around the corner, people who have been indoors for months are more anxious than ever to enjoy the great outdoors. TurnKey Vacation Rentals, which manages more than 6,000 luxury and premier vacation rental homes across the country, rounded up some of their top homes with the best outdoor grills and kitchen

setups that are sure to attract families and friends who are longing for a little fun in the sun coupled with a few hot dogs and cheeseburgers. Best yet, enjoy the company of each other all within the privacy and comfort of your own rental home. With top-notch cookout amenities and plenty of outdoor space, these homes will definitely be popular for summer vacationers.

Lake Travis, TX Top-of-the-world views of Lake Travis are yours at this immaculate Spicewood Villa. The outdoor living room has lovely plush furniture, a gas fireplace and a 55” TV. A matching dining set seats eight,


Summer 2021

and a gourmet outdoor kitchen has a six-burner grill, mini-fridge and wet bar. Restaurant-quality outdoor heaters let you enjoy this luxe outdoor space any season.

Na p a Va l le y , C A Experience the laid-back California lifestyle at this engaging 4BR/3BA getaway. The chef of the group will appreciate a stately outdoor kitchen with marble

countertops, a built-in gas grill and bar seating for five. Dine al fresco at the eight-person table then gather around the fire pit to watch the stars come out at night.

Fo u n ta i n H i l l s , A Z Enjoy stunning views of the Four Peaks from your private pool at this sophisticated 4BR/3.5BA getaway. With a gas grill, dishwasher and wet bar, the outdoor kitchen is

a chef ’s dream complete with polished bar and adjacent dining table. There’s also a beverage fridge in the shaded lounge. Kick back and watch the game on the smart TV.

Summer 2021


So u t h Wa l ton , FL A gem of a home named Wanderlust in Watercolor boasts a private pool and is within walking distance from a sugar-white stretch of sand. The home’s outdoor lounge is the perfect entertaining space, featuring a

huge outdoor kitchen, gas fireplace and 68” wallmounted TV. Overlooking the pool, a screened porch with a picnic table and wooden table is ideal for casual dining.

Indio, CA Whether you’re planning an annual retreat, family vacation or special celebration, Gentle Breeze is the ultimate destination. Whip up culinary creations in the stunning outdoor kitchen, complete with a 116

Summer 2021

gas grill, cooktop, griddle, warming tray, multiple refrigerators, dishwasher, ice-maker, five-tap keg system (additional fee), sink, cocktail station and two 4K outdoor smart TVs.


Sometimes fresh air, awe-inspiring vistas, and some good old-fashioned Western hospitality are reward enough. Start planning your Great American Adventure at or call 1-800-393-CODY




xplore Cayuga County and the Finger Lakes Region of New York to combine your love of the outdoors with your love of farm to table cuisine and boutique wines. Take scenic drives exploring the family-owned vineyards and wineries filling up on delectable and wholesome food. As much as we’d love the flavors of the Finger Lakes all day, we must fill other times of our day and what better way to do that than by getting out on one of Cayuga County’s eight lakes. We boast the most freshwater coastline in New York State, so the opportunity to get your toes wet are endless.


Summer 2021


No matter whether you like to fish for salmon, trout, bass, panfish, walleye, or northern pike, quality fishing for each of exists in Cayuga County. Lake Ontario is renowned for world class salmon fishing. The combination of outdoor adventure with food and wine will make you want to make an annual pilgrimage to Cayuga County’s waters for the fabulous fishing. If dry land is more up your alley,


Summer 2021

Cayuga County offers an impressive variety of places to get in touch with nature and pump fresh air into our lungs while exploring new spots. Spread throughout the county there are trails for every experience level, from tame, groomed walking trails to steeper trails leading to waterfalls. Experience Fillmore Glenn State Park and enjoy an invigorating walk to enjoy finding five waterfalls along the way.

Fall in love with Cayuga County

Summer 2021


ly stroll along the main drag for shops like the Village Market and eateries like the 1833 Kitchen & Bar. And no drive through Aurora is complete without a stop at MacKenzie-Childs. Browse their collections of ceramics, furniture and gifts. Or head north by Lake Ontario to the village of Fair Haven. The Community Arts Center and South Shore Artisans and the Doc Gallery all on Main Street provide an opportuni-

ty to shop from local artisans or take part of the action yourself, they have an artistic outlet for anyone working on nearly any medium. The town and landscape are another bonus if you’re an outdoor person! From the Sterling Nature Center to Fair Haven Beach State Park and the very walkable village sidewalks, plus the boat marinas, there is no shortage of adventures to be had outdoors.


Wander through small towns and beautiful county roads throughout the county. We take the saying ‘take the scenic route’ pretty seriously here in the Finger Lakes, since there often isn’t any other choice! The winding roads through charming small towns and villages are the perfect escape for recharging or reconnecting. The village of Aurora, for example is a village that defines the word quaint; enjoy a leisure-


Summer 2021


Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, New York and Cayuga Lake.



Summer 2021


Dotted throughout Cayuga County are award-winning culinary experiences and welcoming wineries specializing in hand-crafted wine and stunning views. We’ve got farm-to-table eateries and cooking classes with renowned chefs that give you exclusive access you can’t experience anywhere else. Throw in farm stands and farmer’s markets as far as the eye can see and you have a winning destination. Many of the local establishments boast their farm-to-table menus with the focus on local produce, but by no means think that that makes them all the same. The creative chefs and staff at these eateries are inspired differently by our region’s bounty. The variety and distinctive menus will have you rethinking the term “home-cooking”. Many great things come from visiting and shopping farmer’s markets and small farm businesses. There are places where you can mingle and meet the locals, get to know the people growing your food and supporting the local economy and the hard-working individuals and families that make their living by cultivating the foods we enjoy. Exploring Cayuga County through scenic routes, or by water will leave you wanting more. This is a destination with the making of family traditions through the generations, come and explore and know we’ll be waiting to host you again. To learn more, visit:

Photo Credit: Matt Champlian



Farm to Table


Plan your visit to the Finger Lakes, NY at 800-499-9615

These Secluded Islands Await

Summer Travelers

As summer sun seekers search for destinations that offer privacy and seclusion from crowded beaches and congested swimming pools, they often opt for exquisite island paradises that are off the beaten path. From a luxurious resort perched high atop a Greek Island to a private beach with a natural salt water pool, these island resorts offer guests both serenity and adventure. There’s no better time than now to book your reservation.


Summer 2021

Velaa Private Island, Maldives Nestled in the Indian Ocean with sweeping white sand beaches and luminous cyanblue water, the Maldives is the ultimate destination for truly restful getaway. Recently unveiled as part of VistaJet’s Safe Havens collection, VistaJet Members have the unique opportunity to experience the Maldives’ Velaa Private Island on an all-inclusive week-long getaway. Designed and curated with privacy and comfort as its guiding principles, Velaa Private Island features private villas suspended over water, personal butler service, in-villa dining and spa treatments and a romantic pool residence that can only be reached by boat. Other activities for guests to enjoy in private include golfing at the Velaa Golf Academy designed by pro golfer José María Olazábal and experiencing the Maldives’ only snow room in the Velaa Spa.

Summer 2021


Santorini Sky, Santorini, Greece Introducing Santorini Ski, a brand new boutique luxury resort made up of eight magnificent private villas situated high above the stunning Aegean Sea. At 2,000 feet above sea level, it’s the highest point on the Greek island of Santorini. Each villa features sensational panoramic views, indoor and outdoor showers and a private terrace with jacuzzi plunge pool. The Master Villa even boasts the highest infinity pool on this famously beautiful island. Santorini Sky enjoys a unique position in the center of the island. Away from the often-overcrowded main tourist spots, this is the place to come for the utmost in privacy and relaxation. While guests will feel on top of the world, the villas are just a five-minute drive from the winding streets, local shops and famous tavernas of Pyrgos. Situated an easy 15-minute drive from the new airport, Santorini Sky is also only 15 minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the island, and 30 minutes from the picture-perfect town of Oia.

Urashima Village, Kagawa Prefecture of Japan Newly opened, Urashima Village in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan is a remote inn located in the Seto Peninsula. A luxury ryokan experience with tatami floors, modern amenities, and filled with the famed Japanese omotenashi, Urashima is an idyllic spot that seamlessly blends beachside living and mountain forestry. During the day, travelers can step onto Maruyama Island, famed for its turquoise blue waters and vibrant red, orange sunsets and only accessible twice a day during low time. Each of Urashima’s spacious three, two-floor buildings can accommodate groups up to 11 people.

Summer 2021


Club Med Seychelles, Republic of Seychelles Retreat to the private island of Sainte Anne in the Republic of Seychelles with the March debut of Club Med Seychelles, the island’s very first resort and newest Exclusive Collection resort from Club Med – the pioneer of the all-inclusive concept. Respectfully integrated along a preserved Marine National Park and spread out across 50 acres, the resort features luxurious, nature-immersed villas, each complete with a private pool, outdoor shower and outdoor terraces for sunbathing and dining al fresco, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean and white sand beaches. Guests can also explore the virtually untouched destination through glass-bottomed kayak rides, snorkeling experiences, and locally-inspired cuisine. The eco-certified resort also features a wide range of wellness treatments using products inspired by the native flora and offers nature conservation experiences, like marine conservation and turtle nesting.


Summer 2021

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas Guests staying at this luxury oceanfront resort can set sail on a five-minute boat ride to the resort’s private island and hidden gem, Long Cay. Exclusive to resort guests, a day-trip experience to Long Cay includes waterside bungalows, a private beach, natural saltwater pool and activities like snorkeling, jet surfing and paddle boarding. Guests can also enjoy private butler service, island delicacies served by a personal chef along with beachside spa services upon request. There are great secluded beaches on the north side, with crystal clear water and clean white sand. Flamingos flock on the banks of the south shore and feed in the sandy bottom of shallow water near the flats.


Summer 2021

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez, Loreto, Mexico has remained a hidden gem locale that provides the ultimate luxury of space as people ease back into travel. Located on the eastern coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, travelers are able to explore the charming destination without the crowds. Part of Danzante Bay, Villa del Palmar boasts 4,447 acres, complete with an 18-hole golf course, four restaurants featuring fresh, local cuisine, 39,000 square foot Sabila Spa and five sparkling pools. Guests can choose from an array of suites and penthouses. Villa del Palmar and Danzante Bay can organize tours to the nearby islands as well as dives to explore the incredible underwater wildlife found off of the islands.

Summer 2021


Getaway to


The Best Ways to Spend Spring in the Finger Lakes Countrysides


ho’s to say spring break is limited to a set week? Our long winter months tend to linger, so cure that cabin fever by planning an escape before the busy summer months hit and your schedule fills up. The spring season is an underrated time to visit the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, and there’s many reasons why. Think fewer crowds, lower rates and the chance to see vineyards, farmlands and small towns come to life again. Venture on a wine tour, fishing trip, or romantic getaway to reset your mind and discover new experiences you never knew you needed. In addition to spending quality time with who you’re with, here are some suggested activities for your spring stay in the Finger Lakes Countrysides that will encourage you to opt outside. 138

Summer 2021

Burney Baron Photography

Alan Troidl Photography

A Four Season Destination in Upstate New York Recreation, relaxation, tasting and touring - it’s all here. Diverse accommodations and dining experiences Easy driving distance from Northeast metropolitans & accessible to various airports. Fox Run Vineyards

...Create your own escape


Take a tour at Fox Run Vineyards in Penn Yan

Plan a wine tour along a

Wine Trail

There are two established wine trails that border Yates County, Keuka Lake Wine Trail and Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Be sure to plan ahead as certain guidelines are in place to keep wineries open safely. Some require reservations and visitors should keep their groups small. Taste world-class wines and take in the view of country roads and growing vines with a Riesling or Dry Rosé – perfect warm weather sippers you’ll want on hand.

Fishing Whether you’re a beginner or a novice, you’ll enjoy your time and the stunning scenery that surrounds you. April and May offer ideal conditions to fish for species like Trout, Pike, Perch and Atlantic Salmon. Shore-fishing, boat rentals and guided fishing charters are all possibilities you can take advantage of.


Summer 2021


for days

Treat your

Sweet Tooth

Treat your sweet tooth with homemade ice cream from Seneca Farms, but only after you indulge in their famous fried chicken. Choose to take a seat at their ample outdoor space or utilize the drivethru and enjoy the deliciousness where you’re staying. Locals love their seasonal sundaes and limited time flavor twists.

Shop ‘til you

Drop Take a walk along the sidewalks of downtown Penn Yan where you’ll discover plenty of small shops to browse and find unique items made by local artists and creatives. The first and friendliest farm and craft market in Upstate New York, The Windmill, is a must stop to easily dive into the local agriculture scene that opens for the year at the end of April.

Summer 2021


Rent through Finger Lakes Premier Properties

Fresh Air therapy by foot, bike or boat


There are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors, some well-known and others are hidden gems! Outdoor enthusiasts love the Finger Lakes for its natural surroundings, pristine lakes, and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Take a boat tour on Keuka Lake for one of the best points of view you’ll have on your trip.

Rent a bike, kayak or paddleboard from Shoreline Rentals in Penn Yan


Summer 2021

Find an appreciation for

Local Art Visit art galleries, pottery studios and small shops that sell local handcrafted items you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll find that the Finger Lakes is not only known for local art, but also for its historic buildings and remarkable architecture. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a drive out to Garrett Memorial Chapel on Keuka Lake for stunning views and great photo opportunities.

There is a diverse selection of accommodations available from private rentals and cozy bed and breakfasts to camping and large chain hotels. For travel planning and Covid-19 safety resources, visit

Summer 2021


Catch You Next Time


Summer 2021

Fishing in the Finger Lakes It’s no shocker here that the Finger Lakes is a prime destination for planning your next fishing trip or spot to see your children cast for the first time. Fishing has always been a favorite past time and hobby for many, and in 2020 it became a popular activity perfect for peace, quiet and social distancing.

are prevalent in the area, and can be caught year-round. Seneca Lake is known as the “Lake Trout Capital of the World” and Keuka Lake also has plenty of them.

Where are the best spots?

What’s great about fishing is that you can do it year-round. Many find pure enjoyment during the warmer months setting out on a boat for the day, moving around the lakes at their leisure. During the colder months of the year, ice fishing may be another fishing opportunity for you. A bounty of pan fish, perch, pickerel, pike, crappie and bass are there for catching. Most of the lakes will freeze over near the shoreline in the winter, but Seneca Lake does not freeze due to its size and depth.

The opportunities that the Finger Lakes region has to offer for aspiring or experienced anglers are endless. It may be the beautiful scenic waterway of the Keuka Outlet that runs between Keuka and Seneca Lakes, from Penn Yan to Dresden. This waterway offers a bounty of spring run trout from Seneca Lake in April and fall run trout usually starting in October. The outlet is also home of many stocked trout species, large and small mouth bass, and pan fish species. If the open air and water are your pleasure, try casting a lure or live bait for the variety of trout the lakes have to offer. Pan fish, perch, crappie, bass, landlocked salmon and pike species

When is the best time to fish?

Be sure to plan ahead Please visit the Department for Environmental Conservation for fishing regulations that may apply, license information and more in depth details on fishing in the Finger Lakes.

Summer 2021


Summer’s Most

Romantic Destinations

Mount Pahia, Bora Bora French Polynesia There may be no better place in the world to discover romance or rekindle a relationship than the dream location of Bora Bora. While the destination is known for its pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, one hidden gem is that it provides excellent hiking trails. For adventurous couples, start the day with a hike to an iconic summit in The Islands of Tahiti, Mount Pahia, surrounded by coral reefs and hibiscus blossoms and the sound of cascading waterfalls in the background.

Adare Manor, County Limerick, Ireland

As one of the world’s most romantic hotels and the setting of over 100 proposals every year, Adare Manor has officially launched a brand new ‘Beyond Everything’ Proposal Menu. The Adare Manor team works their magic to create the dreamiest of

proposals, with all menu selections available to experience straight from castle grounds. Included are a Grandeur Guestroom Proposal complete with an opulent floral and candle lit display in one of Adare Manor’s striking suites, a private cinema viewing complete with

your favorite romantic film, a unique Bathroom Proposal with romantic rose petal bath or a horse drawn carriage with the perfect picturesque proposal spot. Adare Manor has a Proposal Concierge dedicated to ensuring the most romantic proposal straight out of a fairy tale. Summer 2021


Hotel MetropoleMonte-Carlo, Monaco


Summer 2021

Home to alluring historic streets of the old town to the glitz and glamour, the principality of Monaco provides a movie scene backdrop for a couple’s most unforgettable respite. Hotel MetropoleMonte-Carlo offers a dedicated Million Euro Proposal package that begins with a private jet ride to Monaco, a couples massage at Spa Metropole by Givenchy and a luxury shopping spree in Monaco complete with a personal shopper. The Suite Carre d’Or penthouse is decorated with rose petals and 1,000 candles on the terrace.

ESPACIO, The Jewel of Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Few places inspire as much romance as the islands of  Hawaii, the perfect backdrop for the ultimate romantic getaway. Relax at the rooftop infinity


Summer 2021

pool of ESPACIO, The Jewel of Waikiki, an ultra-luxury boutique hotel, where dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu skyline

await. Couples can reserve the elegant rooftop space for romantic evenings complete with white-glove butler service and private chef.

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, Morocco

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay is a luxury all-pool villa resort that blends romance with exotic Moroccan charm and provides complete relaxation with its understated Mediterranean vibe.

Couples can look forward to a myriad of romantic activities in and around Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay. These include engaging cooking workshops, romantic bike rides through the hills and

forests around Smir Lake and a romantic dinner enhanced by soft candlelight and torches while private staff discreetly serve a refined four-course meal beneath a crystal-clear blanket of stars.

Summer 2021


HarbourView Inn, Charleston, South Carolina

Regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Charleston’s intimate cobblestone allies and secluded gardens make for an enchanting getaway for those looking for a romantic vacation. HarbourView Inn offers couples an intimate approach to a 152

Summer 2021

bed and breakfast with the features of a luxurious boutique hotel complete with a private rooftop flanked by views of the harbor and famed Pineapple Fountain. Couples can experience charming amenities inspired by one of Charleston’s favorite love stories,

The Notebook. Embark on a fairy-tale getaway with Allie & Noah’s Timeless Romance Experience, where love birds can relive the movie scene-by-scene in actual filming locations with oneof-a-kind experiences at Charleston’s most whimsical landmarks

The Resort at Paws Up , Greenough, Montana The luxury wilderness retreat and home of glamping boast 37,000 acres of spectacular scenery, gourmet cuisine, rustic Wilderness Estates, adventure galore, and a cozy ranch atmosphere that together creates the ultimate charming setting for a romantic retreat. Enjoy a private hot air balloon or helicopter ride with champagne mimosa toasts and cozy blankets overlooking Glacier National Park’s snowy mountains, one of the most undiscovered and untouched of America’s national parks.


Summer 2021

Summer 2021


Savor Summer in

Gettysburg, PA


ettysburg stands uniquely positioned as one of our nation’s premiere travel destinations. Nestled in idyllic Adams County, it offers breathtakingly scenic landscapes, wide-ranging outdoor activities, adventurous dining and – perhaps most famously – an unparalleled look back at this country’s dramatic and inspiring past. The arrival of summer is always a particularly special time in Gettysburg, PA. As colorful wildflowers blanket the rolling hills and the sun shines down on the region’s magnificent orchards, vineyards and farms, guests from across the country return again and again to experience its incomparable history, enduring charm, recreational fun, and increasingly tantalizing agricultural, foodie and beverage attractions. Breathe in the fresh air of surrounding Adams County with a hike through beautiful state parks and a bucolic nature preserve just a short drive from town. As an added bonus, the winding trails are dog-friendly and perfect for those traveling with a furry companion. No trip to Gettysburg is complete without a firsthand appreciation of its rich backstory. Witness the hallowed battlefield and feel the full weight of its solemn significance. Among the powerful memorials, the enormous impact of our shared past truly resonates. See it as the soldiers did, with a horseback tour led by a Licensed Battlefield Guide or jump in a scoot coupe and hear the tale of the famous battle with the wind in your hair. Pause for a moment of inspiration in the Soldiers’ National Cemetery where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his stirring “Gettysburg Address”. Explore the story beyond the battlefield with a variety of venues that explain the story of the local aftermath of the battle, enabling you to stand in the shoes of everyday civilians whose simple lives were upturned by three fierce days of fighting in the place they called home. Summer 2021


meals by Enjoy unique ing chefs award-winn

Be sure to take a leisurely stroll through the historically preserved downtown area encircling Lincoln Square. Gain insight into our nation’s gripping legacy at interactive museums and state-of-the-art education centers. Test your wits at a period-authentic escape room. Find the perfect gift at quaint shops filled with one-of-a-kind antiques, handmade treasures and


Summer 2021

authentic Civil War artifacts. Visit nearby premium outlet shops, offering everything from the latest fashions to enchanting Christmas specialties. If the spirit is willing, snuggle close together when darkness falls for an eerie evening ghost tour of famous haunts. Discover artists who draw inspiration from local history, agriculture, and nature. Meet a potter who also operates

a family farm market stand supporting sustainable farming. Get to know a painter with a public art studio tucked among the hillsides of her country home. And, of course, the entire region is brimming with foodie-pleasing dining establishments, offering local farmto-table cuisine in a wide variety of styles. Enjoy unique, contemporary meals prepared by award-winning

There’s no town in America quite like Gettysburg

chefs, experience a period-specific food prepared in a landmark setting, or grab a quick bite at a popular pizza joint. Craft beers, wines, ciders, mead, and spirits produced in Adams County can be found along the popular Pour Tour beverage trail – or visit working farms and orchards on the Adams County Crop Hop, the region’s new farm and market trail debuting Spring 2021!

Whatever your tastes, Gettysburg has you covered and then some. Cozy bed & breakfasts, rustic cabins, luxurious inns, your go-to hotel with all the amenities, or that special guest house for the entire family – you’ll find accommodations of every type in Gettysburg, whether you want to stay in walking distance to everything or simply escape to a quiet, secluded retreat.

There’s no other town in America quite like Gettysburg –– and no better time to visit than the months of summer. Plan your getaway today. As we all define what the “new normal” looks like, Gettysburg is committed to the safety of their guests and community. Don’t forget to check the online safety updates and, for now, please remember to bring your masks.

Summer 2021


Top Southern

Summer Destinations of 2021

Widely known for its hospitality, the south rolls out the red carpet for visitors throughout the year. Although many snowbirds from up north fly south every winter to escape the harsh weather, the south is a true four-season destination offering a wide array of activities and attractions year-round. According to a recent national survey, more than 50 percent of Americans plan to take a road trip this year, and a good number of travelers plan on hopping a plane to their favorite summer vacation spot. While every southern destination features more than one attraction, these destinations stand out from the rest.

Lake Murray,

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts looking for a way to cool down should aim for Lake Murray, South Carolina. This large reservoir is a haven for fishing and boating, with activities ranging from tubing to sailing to paddling. Numerous tour companies have all your rental needs covered, whether you’re hoping to put the whole family on a pontoon boat for the day, or cast a line for bass. Back on dry land, visitors can take to the many hiking trails that lace the lakeshores, visit nearby Columbia’s array of museums, or grab a tee time at one of the 13 local golf courses. After a full day of play, Lake Murray Country’s vibrant dining scene awaits, with restaurants serving traditional southern classics alongside inventive new twists on age-old favorites. South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia, is home to a thriving and growing dining scene, bolstered by breweries, bakeries, and cafes —earning it national acclaim as an up-and-coming food destination.

South Carolina


Endless activities and a vast array of culinary choices await visitors to this quaint town ten miles from Atlanta. Visit the Perimeter Mall, the Southeast’s second largest mall. Brook Run Park has a multi-use trail spanning two miles, dog park and TreeTop Quest, an obstacle course with zip lines at heights up to 55 feet above the ground. For those who want to sit back and take in the fresh air, relax in Dunwoody Park and Nature Center’s hammock garden. Dunwoody is a foodie’s paradise and offers everything from breweries to bakeries. Alon’s Bakery and Market is a local favorite for European-inspired gourmet pastries and fresh-baked breads. Novo Cucina, a chic Italian restaurant, uses locally sourced ingredients. Wrap up the day with brews at Moondog Growlers, offering over 40 different brews. With over 1,800 rooms across several world-class hotels including the Atlanta Marriott, Le Meridien and Embassy Suites, the hotels in Dunwoody provide a welcoming, clean environment and Southern hospitality.


Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Few destinations anywhere offer the diversity of attractions found in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia. Whether it’s at a waterpark, on a hiking trail, on horseback, in a canoe, at a performance or festival, in a museum or on a wine or beer trail, activities are endless. The region is a hub of outdoor recreation, offering hundreds of miles of trails and roads to hike or bike. Rent a cabin and go horseback riding in a national forest all weekend, or canoe, fish and swim the storied Shenandoah River. You can play golf, ride an ATV or even rock climb. Massanutten Resort features 6,000 acres of mountain fun at its very best. Unique in both its size, variety of amenities and endless activities for mountain adventure and relaxation, Massanutten has earned its spot as one of the premier all-season resort destinations in the country. From its panoramic mountain views to the array of accommodations, Massanutten Resort attracts travelers looking to get away from the rush of a big city and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

and West Virginia

West Palm Beach,

Often in the shadows of Miami and Palm Beach, West Palm Beach is rapidly evolving into the city’s most exciting neighborhood, with bustling restaurants and a dynamic shopping scene. In the downtown 72acre, open-air Rosemary Square top hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers are all betting big and investing on the boom of tourism in West Palm. Visitors can see 2,000 feet of murals by famous street artists, eat some of the best food by highly credited culinary talent and browse experiential boutiques. Rosemary Square recently announced new restaurants by notable restaurateurs and leading chefs. The mix of new culinary offerings expands more than 16,000 square feet and includes a robust collection of first-ofits-kind concepts along with nationally recognized chains. Shopping options will soon increase as Rosemary Square welcomes an additional 27,000 square fee of retail offerings, complementing its already extensive and diverse collection of brands.


Discover the Historic Charm and Eclectic Flavors of

Lake Murray Country


t’s rare indeed to discover a region that artfully combines historic charm while bursting with every modern necessity, not to mention some of the south’s finest food. Such is the case with Lake Murray Country, South Carolina, where visitors can peruse 40 art galleries, collect timeless wares and fun threads at specialty shops and taste their way through the more than 60 restaurants and bars spanning a virtual globe with flavorful offerings, all without leaving the region. Burn off all of those good eats with a city walking tour and stroll the streets that are etched in civil rights and Civil War history. Continue to step back in time and explore the area’s antebellum homes or one of the many museums that call Columbia home. Make sure the little ones get in on the EdVenture – the largest children’s museum in the South -- or take them for a walk on the wild side at the nationally acclaimed Riverbanks Zoo, a 170-acre Zoo & Garden featuring two distinct parks along the scenic Lower Saluda River. This nationally recognized zoo houses more than 2,000 animals in natural habitat exhibits.

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Located in the middle of South Carolina, the Columbia/Lake Murray region is getting attention as an easy weekend getaway for Gamecock sports, outdoor activities along the rivers or Lake Murray, visits to museums and historical homes, or just simple times with friends. Take a tour of the State’s only national park, Congaree National Park. Canoe, kayak or hike through these preserved and serene marshlands. A home to the arts, visitors can catch a Broadway performance at the Koger Center, take a tour of the South’s premier international art museum – The Columbia Museum of Art – or catch a show at one of the oldest operating opera houses, the Newberry Opera House. Visitors are shop till they drop throughout the region. Shop funky and fabulous stores in Columbia’s Five Points, the hip district located near the University of South Carolina. A shopper can get everything they need at Columbiana Mall or the Village at Sandhill, where major retailers and specialty shops collide. Or, shop upscale boutiques on Devine Street where more than 95% of stores are locally owned and operated. Be sure your first stop on Saturday is on Main Street in Columbia for the Soda City Market, the place to find local food, crafts, music, and more from the 150 vendors. The market showcases Columbia’s diverse community and cultures and all types of food bites. Newcomers will want to explore the range of pimiento cheese options, including the pimiento cheeseburger, rumored to have been invented here. Blue Marlin Steaks & Seafood, located in the historic 170

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Seaboard Railroad Station, is legendary serving signature dishes with the Cajun and Creole influence of the Louisiana Delta. Dine just across the bridge in West Columbia on Terra’s shaded patio. Patrons looking for a full meal should stay for chef Mike Davis’ seasonal specials, prepared simply to highlight local ingredients. Black Rooster’s menu is French-inspired, but incorporates elements from all over the world. Recent specials included a Cuban-themed ramen bowl and chitarra cut pasta with brisket and pork meatballs, tomato ragu, and pecorino Romano. The War Mouth offers plates of ribs and slow-cooked whole hog barbecue as well as creative small plates like deviled eggs and wood-smoked South Carolina Pecans. In 1989, Motor Supply brought a fresh new concept to Columbia, farm-to-table dining with Chef Wesley Fulmer at the helm. Hampton Street Vineyard is an American brasserie with an extensive wine list and offers French classics like pork crepinette with sautéed kale, pickled squash, and honeyed beets. Bourbon Columbia boasts a bar with more than 400 whiskeys. The Bayou Burger, a one-third pound chuck and brisket-short rib ground beef patty served on a brioche bun, is spectacular.

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With a name like “The Grand on Main,” you can bet the expectations are high at this historic landmark in Downtown Columbia. The Grand is a boutique bowling alley, restaurant and bar featuring a swank décor, local art and seven bowling lanes. Among the favorites are the Tijuana Egg Rolls or Thai-style Calamari to start; Cinnamon Crunch French Toast, Lobster Benedict or a trio of crepes to choose for brunch. Chef Jessica Shillato at Spotted Salamander Café & Catering has a love for local ingredients and Southern cooking. Deviled eggs with special additions like bacon and blue cheese take the edge off of a mid-day appetite. The desserts are legendary, including an oatmeal cream pie or a slice of chocolate cookie butter pie. DiPrato’s Delicatessen is famous for pimiento cheese and DiPrato’s version is the gold standard. Ratio is an authentic, Peruvian twist on classic cuisine, focusing on seasonal food and drinks. The menu showcases Peruvian comfort foods in tapas, bringing unique, delicious, and healthy food to a new level. Oak Grove Fish House is one of the best fish houses in the entire state. They serve heaps of shrimp, oysters, scallops, flounder and catfish in taste tempting dishes like the Po’ Boy. Chef Kevin Schwab of Bistro on the Boulevard will wow you with his Voodoo Skillet tossed with blackened Angus filets tips, gulf shrimp and sausage. When you dine at Columbo’s, you’re likely to forget you are in a hotel. Chef Eric Crissey has created an international blend of flavors that suit the most discerning palate. Whether you’re coming by car or by boat, Liberty on the Lake is the place to be. This lakefront property tempts guests with a flavorful list of appetizers, like fried calamari and old-school chicken tacos to their take on a Lowcountry Mac and Cheese or their Disco Fries. 172

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Little Mountain Antiques Café offers daily soup and quiche specials, along with a southern chicken salad plate plus a variety of healthy salad choices. Griffin Chophouse is a classic steakhouse and barbecue joint. The Brisket Candy is a wonderful piece of barbecued meat, smokey, tender and flavorful. Private Property features a Cajun and Low Country infused menu highlighting Southern heritage and the chef ’s love of Louisiana cooking. Alodia’s Cucina Italiana is an authentic home style Italian restaurant in Irmo and Lexington, boasting skillfully crafted dishes like Shrimp Scampi, Veal Marsala and their sumptuous Eggplant Parmigiana. Lexington’s O’Hara’s Public House is South Carolina’s most authentic Irish Pub, and serves up Irish favorites like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash and corned beef and cabbage. Bodhi Thai Dining is Lexington’s premier fine dining restaurant. The chef and owner, Nivit Tipvaree, is a native from Thailand. The Panang Curry is an excellent choice with coconut milk, kaffir leaves, peanut and basil. Figaro the Dining Room is known for fine Dining with an eclectic southern twist. Chef John Worthington’s latest special is Cuban swordfish with red risotto and yellow pepper rouille. Steven W’s Downtown Bistro is located in an old drug store in downtown Newberry and brings a fabulous touch of exciting “big city” cuisine to a friendly small town. At Juniper in the small town of Ridge Spring, you must try the Juniper burger with Yon Angus beef, Pimento Cheese, a fried green tomato & smoked Barbeque bacon mayo and the Juniper Corn Chowder. It’s not just a soup, it’s an obsession. To plan your travels to this tasty destination, visit

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Tijuana Steps to the

Food Forefront Although tacos have become Tijuana’s most famous food export, innovative chefs below the border are bringing the city to the forefront of culinary excellence by preparing such creative dishes as horse mackerel and totoaba ham or traditional artisanal egg pasta. As a result, foodies are flocking to Tijuana in droves. Four new Tijuana restaurants with dynamic concepts, including one by well-known local chef Juan Cabrera, are getting ready to serve hungry crowds. They’re artistic, atmospheric, fun-filled and contemporary featuring Baja California ingredients and chefdriven food and beverages.

Casa Tijuana

Reigning in the kitchen is talented Chef Juan Cabrera. His food at Casa Tijuana is very fresh, innovative and dramatically plated with much flair from aguachile de polpo to tiramisu. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in N.Y. with a pastry specialty. Internationally known, Cabrera’s career includes cook, professional chef, food and beverage manager at various high-end restaurants (Le Cirque in Mexico City, Kyo in Monterrey, Perse in Villahermosa, Fonda Fina, Cocina Mexicana Contemporánea, Los Compas and others), educator, sommelier training and stints with Ferran Adria at El Bulli and with world-famous chef Enrique Olvera. He was selected for the second season of Top Chef México and is included in the 6th Edition 2021 of Larousse’s “Gastronomic Mexico Guide, The Great Chefs of Mexico.”


Fin de

A “Caliterranean” sensory escapist experience, ingredients range from Baja specialty seafood to Americanstyle steakhouse entrees, vegetarian options, and house takes on bao buns and tacos. All the elements here deliver a “plunge into the ocean” with a comfortable modern interior design, large tables and velvety booths encircling the entire room along with exciting architectural elements such as charred wood, huge metal rings, soft light panels and alabaster accents. Chef Sergio Chavez’s surf and turf cuisine adds to the sensory adventure with textures, aromas and flavors from the ocean, valleys, multiinspired influences from Mexico, Asia, American steakhouse and the Mediterranean. Food is artistically plated on handcrafted Tlaquepaque ceramics and served with Mexican artisan cutlery.


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Opening later this spring, located on the rooftop of Fin de California, Banger will be relaxed but with a permanent preparty glamorous atmosphere featuring “Cataliano” dishes created by Chef Tano – think traditional artisanal egg pasta, white and red Neapolitan pizzas with fresh ingredients from Baja such as fungi, squid, tuna, horse mackerel and totoaba ham and charcuterie and in-house gelato. In addition to local ingredients, the restaurant also sources premium meats from U.S. providers including Creek Stone Farms, Niman Ranch and 1885 Black Angus Beef. Banger is the first in the city to have Vera Pizza Napolitana certification. It’s an exciting, sexy modernistic architectural setting that transports to the Italy of the pop years with geometric shapes, striking colors and white arches, enhanced by the spectacular background of iconic Tijuana edifices. Cocktails are an integral part of the mood – flavors, colors, whimsical shapes and taste intensities. Food and drinks are served on custom designed tableware by Mexican artists and the finest world-class glassware.


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“Keep Ensenada Boring.” Made with Love in Baja by Locals for Locals. The ambiance includes an artistic setting with rustic walls, old sound systems and DJs playing a wide variety of vinyl records – a venue designed for music events. The creative cocktails, in collaboration with The Art Cocktail Club, feature quaffs such as Baby Corn concocted with Alto Reposado Tequila, Nieta, Colin Dry and Baby Elite, along with Is for You, Bizz Nizz and Umami, all with intriguing ingredients. Carefully curated menu highlights include lamb meatball pita, raw shrimp with fried head, spider crab salad, confit pork belly, along with daily specials.

La Bete Noir:

a p m a T e a B Florida’s most fresh-air adventures

a p m Ta e a B


ampa Bay is more than Florida sunshine. It’s where fresh-air fun meets a diverse array of outdoor dining adventures filled with innovative menus and stunning waterfront views. Food halls, fresh seafood, award-winning local craft beer and spirits, and Native-inspired flavors are all on the menu.

Many of Tampa Bay’s must-try dining destinations and finest places to stay are conveniently located along the Tampa Riverwalk. With 2.6 miles of scenic waterfront views, you can walk, kayak, stand up paddle board, bike or even water bike to restaurants, parks and attractions.


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Open-air Dining and Fun One major highlight of the Tampa Riverwalk’s south end is Sparkman Wharf. This waterfront, open-air dining and entertainment destination is sure to satisfy any appetite. Among its 10 outdoor dining choices are Edison’s swigamajig divebar and fishkitchen, where the chef is a four-time James Beard Foundation semifinalist, along with the Detroit-style pizzeria Corners Pizza and more. After dining, head to the Fermented Reality outdoor biergarten to savor some of Tampa Bay’s many award-winning local craft beers.

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a p m Ta e a B Savor Native-inspired flavors with a twist. Accessible from the Tampa Riverwalk and with a patio overlooking the Hillsborough River from the trendy Tampa Heights neighborhood, Ulele takes its name from a storied Native American princess. The menu includes an innovative mixture of Native-inspired flavors, many of which are cooked on a 10-foot barbacoa grill, with ingredients indigenous to local waters and farms. Look for loads of Gulf oysters, fresh Florida fish and locally grown beef. Then, top off your meal at the onsite Ulele Spring Brewery.


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A food hall experience

of historic proportions Armature Works at the Heights is a feast for the eyes, mind, and of course, palate. This food hall is set in Tampa Electric’s old streetcar warehouse. While the building’s history stretches back to 1910, many of the original materials have been carefully recycled in Armature Works’ design. The sheer variety of dining options offered makes Armature Works at the Heights a landmark in its own right. Barbecue, Mediterranean cuisine, wood-fired pizza, empanadas and more are all available, so you can mix and match your favorites before settling down to take in the view of boats passing by.

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Tampa Bay? Explore more of Tampa Bay’s many outdoor dining adventures and start planning your trip today.

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Food for thought A Gastronomic Journey from Your Home to


Ioannis Parikos, world-renowned chef at KRAMA restaurant of the 5-star Semeli Hotel in Mykonos town, is now opening his Greek doors into your kitchen. Those who visit Greece want to know what the country is all about; and a great way to do that is through cuisine. Chef Ioannis Parikos, one of the most talented and respected Greek culinarians, aims to present unique Greсian dishes with which you can fall in love.

Greek Veal Pastichio 4 Servings

INGREDIENTS FOR THE VEAL 2½ lbs of veal tail meat ½ cup red wine 1½ cup onions, finely chopped 1 cup celery, finely chopped 1 cup carrots, finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 bay leaf thyme, fresh 2 cups beef broth FOR THE BÉCHAMEL SAUCE ½ cup butter ½ cup all-purpose flour 2 cups whole milk Salt & pepper ½ teaspoon truffle oil Nutmeg, a pinch FOR THE PASTA 1 lb calamarata pasta (add the pasta to a pot full of salted water & boil for 8 minutes)

INSTRUCTIONS TO ASSEMBLE: chives, mushroom slices, truffle, parmesan cheese flakes. METHOD: Place a pot over high heat. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and sauté for 2-3 minutes on both sides until it is golden brown. Add all the vegetables, thyme & bay leaf and sauté for 3 more minutes. Add the wine, the broth and cook until the veal is soft. Once it is


Summer 2021

cooked, remove from the pot with tongs into a serving dish and use a strainer to strain the broth. Shred the veal and add it in your pot, add the strained broth and cook until your gravy thickens, Add salt & pepper to taste. Heat the butter in a pot over medium heat. As soon as it melts (do not let it burn), add the flour. Beat with a hand whisk and sauté the flour for

a few minutes. Add the milk, in small batches, whisking continuously so that no lumps form in the mixture. When ready, remove from heat and add salt, pepper & nutmeg. TO SERVE: Add a portion of pasta in each plate, add the cooked veal, béchamel sauce and decorate with chopped chives, truffle and parmesan flakes.




TRAVELJUNEAU.COM | 800.586.2201

Food for thought Beetroot

Risotto 4 Servings

INGREDIENTS 2½ cups beetroots, raw 4 cups chicken stock 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 lb rice for risotto ⅓ cup white wine ¼ cup olive oil 2 tbsp thyme, fresh, leaves only 1 bay leaf 1 oz chives, finely chopped 3 oz butter ¼ cup white balsamic vinegar 3½ oz goat cheese ¼ cup heavy cream 3 oz roasted hazelnuts 4 tbsp parmesan cheese

INSTRUCTIONS Wrap the beetroots with aluminum foil and bake them until they are cooked. Beat ½ of the beetroots in a food processor with half of the olive oil and the whit balsamic vinegar, until the mixture is completely smooth. Cut the remaining beetroots into cubes. Place a deep pot over medium to high heat and add the rest of the olive oil. Add the onion, the garlic & the bay leaf along with some finely chopped thyme leaves. Stir with a wooden spoon for 4 minutes. Add the rice. Sauté while stirring, until it becomes slightly translucent. As soon as it does, add the white wine and stir until it reduces and all of the alcohol has evaporated. Lower the heat and add


Summer 2021

2 spoonfuls of broth. Stir continuously, careful not to let the rice stick to the bottom of the pot. As soon as the risotto has soaked up all of the moisture, add another spoonful of broth. Repeat this process until all of the broth has been added and the rice is ready. Remove from heat and add butter, grated parmesan, cubed beetroots and chives. Lastly, add the beetroot cream and gently combine. Mix the goat cheese with the heavy cream in your food processor until it is soft and creamy. Serve the risotto with a spoonful of goat cheese cream and roasted hazelnuts on top.

S AV O R Find your inspiration. Again.

As one of America’s most beloved historic travel destinations, Gettysburg opens our arms and hearts to all new and returning visitors and foodies. Taste luscious, seasonal farm-to-table cuisine, discover the freshest produce on our new Crop Hop, and drink in the bounty of Adams County on our multi-craft-beverage Pour Tour. We’d love to see you this season as we work together toward a new era of safe recreation, dining, and travel. Please check our online safety updates.