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from the desk of Michele D. Tell



elcome to PR%F the Magazine. On our cover this month is ShakaCan—an amazing forward-thinking invention to get our customers to interact with their cocktails. It made its debut at PR%F Awards 2021, and the judges’ eyes lit up at the imagination and genius behind creating its own shaker system as part of the experience. Welcome to our cover this month, and we are thrilled to share your story. PR%F Awards 2021 just wrapped up, and we are notifying the hundreds of winners from this year’s double competition PR%F Awards—Double Blind Tasting “Masked” and PR%F Awards Total Package. All that entered had a chance to win two medals per SKU. Our special PR%F Awards Magazine Winners Edition will be out on January 2, 2022, featuring our Most Innovative Spirit Awards and all of the winners in both categories. I want to thank our amazing partners Westgate Las Vegas, Delta Sky Club (especially Dave Hoemann), The NEAT Glass, Food & Beverage Magazine, and Fat Ice for their support and fantastic comradery and passion for the beverage industry. This year, our lead spirits judge Brittney Chardin (Delta Sky Club) and Lead Wine Judge Matthew Loren Lindsey (Blended Festival, West Coast Beverage) led a talented team of amazing spirits and wine buyers from across the US, including representatives from Bashas Grocery Chain in Arizona, AJs Fine Food, Carnival Cruise Line, Liquor World, Specs Online, Craft Shack, Liquid Distributors from Atlanta, Influx Consultants, JING, Chinglish, 18bin, Little Rituals-Arizona, Breakthru Beverage, Sugar Factory, Horse & Cow Pub, Art by Kailava, Opulent Wine & Spirits, Boyd Gaming Group, Peter Madrigal (Vanderpump Rules), Frankie’s Uptown, and so many more. We will be highlighting our judges in our special edition coming out in January 2022. PR%F Awards 2021 showcased our first trade-show style, Total Package Awards, where the entire panel of judges walked up and down each row, rating each brand for juice, bottle, logo, price-point, and more. At the end of the day, we are a buyers’ competition; this is what makes our spirits and wine competition special. We provide a private atmosphere for our judges (all buyers) to go shopping, learn and taste new and emerging brands, focus on trends, focus on what they need to fill the shelves of their cruise line, airline, restaurant, bar, nightclub, distributor, retail shop, liquor store and more. Each outlet has its own specific targeted market, and this fantastic showcase gives our judges a two-day private shopping experience. I want to give a special holiday shout-out to our entire team as we prepare for PR%F Awards 2022 in July 2022 in Las Vegas. There will be an incredible line-up as PR%F the Magazine editions lead the beverage, spirits, and wine industry trends. These special events are designed to bring move visibility to our PR%F Awards entrants. So here is gratitude to Michael Politz and the team at Food and Beverage Magazine; our PR%F the Magazine editor-in-chief Debbie Hall; our PR%F Director of Graphics RJ Dixon; our Business Development Director Colleen Banks; our Director of Competition Terry Hart; our competition managers Brandon Freter, Almas Khemseth and Roberto Trendel; our Directors of Bar Services Rob Smith and Alys Zic, Daniel De Anda Fast, Ben Harrison; John Harrison, Cheryl Wingate, and Shannon Bentham, The NEAT Glass creator George Manska and James Beard Award Winner Jennifer English, our editor at large and chief correspondent of PR%F Live! Special thank you to Dave Hoemann, Gordon Prouty, Dawn Rawle, and the entire team at Westgate Las Vegas. Happy, Healthy Holidays, and have a spectacular New Year.

Cheers & Namaste Michele D. Tell Executive Director, PR%F the Magazine Founder, PR%F Awards

PR%F the Magazine


Glitz & Glam of

Celebs, Food, Beverage and M Epicurean Charit

By Debb Photos by Joseph Don

.S. 2021:

f Vintage Vegas

Mr. Las Vegas come to benefit table Foundation

bie Hall nato (Cashman Photo)

PR%F the Magazine


m.e.n.u.s. 2021

M.E.N.U.S. 2021 Glitz & Glam of Vintage Vegas, the dine-around event of the season, showcased the tastings from more than 30 restaurants and delicious drinks from 16 bars. The festive outdoor event, held on the Event Lawn at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, is the largest fundraiser for the Epicurean Charitable Foundation. The need is greater than ever for high school seniors looking for ways to attend college. The Epicurean Charitable Foundation provides full-ride, four-year college scholarships, including fees, books, and tuition for four years, to high school seniors entering hospitality, food, beverage, meetings, and conventions. Many of E.C.F.’s scholarship recipients come from difficult backgrounds and face financial hardships, abuse, and homelessness. For students applying, the E.C.F. scholarship may be the only way they are able to afford a college education. M.E.N.U.S. 2021 celebrated all things Vegas with entertainment provided by Zowie Bowie and Kenton Weaver as attendees showed off their festive vintage glitz and glam cocktail attire. Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, was this year’s honoree as an entertainer who gives back to his community.

Epicurean Charitable Foundation is comprised of top food and beverage and hospitality executives who come together and found a way to help deserving students who are passionate about a career in the culinary arts or hospitality. These gifted but often financially underprivileged students are provided with a way to pursue their dreams and become future Las Vegas hospitality industry leaders through scholarships and mentorship opportunities. E.C.F. selects its scholarship recipients based on academic ability, extracurricular achievements, personal background, and financial need. For more information, visit

spirited inspiration

Spirited Inspiration Renée K. Quinn Photos courtesy of FEW Spirits


During the lockdown, I reached out to my spirited friends to learn about their passions. I connected with several with our mutual love for whiskey. One special friend stands out, so meet the dynamic Paul Hletko from Evanston, Illinois, and his passion, FEW Spirits.

is definitely a highlight, as is being named an Icon of Gin and being on the cover of Whisky Advocate Magazine. But, another one is when my mom had to buy copies of Playboy Magazine because they had an article about me (without pictures, thankfully). How did you create your concept?

Paul Hletko

President, FEW Spirits

• Former President, American Craft Spirits Association • Whisky Advocate Craft Whiskey of the Year • Icons of Gin, World Distiller of the Year • Advisory Board Member, DISCUS • Notable Entrepreneur Chicago, Crain’s Chicago Business 2020

What are a few highlights of your decade in the beverage industry? I’ve been pretty lucky and have more highlights than I can count. Most of them revolve around the creative freedom I have and the amazing people I get to work within this craft spirits world. Having my whiskies named among the best in the world

PR%F the Magazine

The concept of making whiskey is really a creative outlet, and we try to put liquid art in a bottle. The concept of the brand of FEW is trying to connect that creative outlet with a place and time that relates to who we are both personally, geographically, and historically. The brand is premised on the 1893 World’s Fair here in Chicago, which represented the best and brightest that the world could create at the time. While numerous terrible things happened then, and we aren’t trying to avoid that reality, we are trying to focus on the positives and represent the pinnacle of human achievement. At least here in Chicago, the World’s Fair represented the rebirth of the City of Chicago post-great-fire, and we strive to represent the rebirth of artistry in distillation. Must-have ingredients in your home bar would include: FEW Spirits whiskey and gin! I don’t cocktail at home often, usually preferring neat pours, but when I do cocktail, I usually make Boulevardiers, so I need sweet vermouth (Carpano Antica ideally) and an Italian bitter (Capelleti and Leopold’s are favorites, and I also love Campari and Aperol.)


spirited inspiration

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Starting a distillery with a wife and three kids is a pretty major risk, but betting on yourself is frequently the best risk you can take. Who are your role models or mentors? I look up to so many people and in so many ways. I really look up to Todd Leopold for his vision and integrity and Tom Mooney for his passion and drive. I look up to the creativity and hard work of the Grateful Dead and their willingness to risk it all every night. What’s the best book you’ve read this year? I haven’t been doing as much reading as I’d like, but I really enjoyed a book written about the Grateful Dead’s show on May 8, 1977, Cornell ’77: The Music, The Myth, and the Magnificence of the Grateful Dead’s Concert at Barton Hall, as well as Phish’s A Live One (33 1/3), a book about Phish’s album, A Live One. What does success look like for you?

What’s in your home bar? I have a rather substantial home bar stocked with a pretty full selection across the spirit category. Many of the bottles are trophies or souvenirs, autographed by friends who made them! What music complements your drinking style? I’m a pretty chill drinker and experimental, so I’ll say jam bands, especially the Dead. What’s the craft spirit trend that’s going to move us forward in 2022? Craft spirits have a lot of room and are the trend. People will continue to want to be a part of craft spirits and enjoy innovation. What would readers be surprised to know about you? I don’t think I’m secretive, but I’m a dorky suburban dad with an extreme fondness for dad jokes, which isn’t surprising. Maybe that when I was a pro guitarist, my band got airtime on the radio?

Success is really only measured internally, and I see success as a fleeting goal and the wrong goal, frankly. There is no “success;” there is only a journey, and as long as you are on the journey you wish, you are succeeding. What’s the best cocktail you’ve tasted this year? I’ve been home for almost a year, but I had a great margarita-to-go from my favorite taco joint! What is your essential bar accessory? Whiskey!

Motto Always Be Depleting.



spirited inspiration


Featured Cocktails Few Cold Cut Cola

» 2 oz. FEW Cold Cut Bourbon » 4 oz. Cola » Lime wedge

Stir and enjoy with a FEW friends. FEW Cold Cut offers a unique twist on any traditional whiskey cocktail.

Top with soda water.

Few Immortal Dragon

» 2 oz. FEW Immortal Rye » 3/4 oz. 8 immortals oolong tea syrup » 3-4 muddled dragon fruit chunks Top with soda water.

PR%F the Magazine

Renée Korbel Quinn Spirited South Florida @SpiritedSFL #getspiritedsouthflorida


marketing your brand


Notes from a PR & Social Media Marketing Specialist

How to connect with influencers this holiday season, and why are influencer partnerships important during the holiday season? By Meghan Sperry - Socialite Media


t’s exciting to be in a world where technology and social As the temperature drops, the demand for influencers rise. Companies are leaning more and more on influencers to spread the holiday cheer. If you’re unfamiliar with influencers and the impact they make in digital marketing, let me fill you in on why companies are paying more than a million dollars for a top influencer to promote their product. An influencer is an online personality who impacts their followers’ purchasing decisions based on the type of content they curate. They have established credibility in a specific niche that their followers also have an interest. They use their online presence through Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and other social media platforms. Usually, Influencers will collaborate with different companies that have a similar brand to their own. Influencers have a major influence over their followers for a reason. Whether that be bringing relatable content to their audience or inspiring them, their followers feel like they know them on a personal level and trust their opinion. (This also includes trusting your favorite influencer on what the yummiest platter or cocktail to serve at the Holiday party is!) An influencer can be any online personality, from a YouTuber to a major celebrity. According to Digital Marketing

Institute, “Christiano Ronaldo comes out top on the highest-paid Instagram influencer list, making $1.6 million per sponsored post. His 318 million followers are privy to several of those sponsored posts, including his paid partnerships ranging from Nike to his own underwear line.” Keep in mind that the more followers on a platform influencers have, the more they can charge a company to agree on a collaboration. Now that you know a bit about why influencers are such a big deal in marketing let’s focus specifically on holiday marketing. It’s very well-known that holiday marketing brings immense amounts of revenue for millions of businesses. According to, “there is a 50% increase in ad impressions during the Holiday season.” This is no surprise, as everyone is gift shopping or planning holiday gatherings. The competition also rises,

marketing your brand


important for the restaurant industry. This is a time where restaurants want to really push their new holiday specialty cocktail or their gift card specials, which is exactly where influencers come in handy.

which pressures businesses to find the perfect, most influential influencer for their campaign. According to, “Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined have been projected to generate over $10 billion in sales.” It’s difficult to actually wrap your head around how large of a number that is, but let’s agree to be on the same page that it’s a huge one. Influencer partnerships with businesses prove to be even more beneficial during the holiday season compared to any other time of the year. This is due to people who wouldn’t typically be checking social platforms daily turning to social media for gift inspiration and purchasing. According to Join marketing, research in the database shows that “influencers’ engagement rates are up to 12% higher in the month of December compared to the other months.” This data proves that it’s a critical period for your business’s marketing strategy. Relating to my personal experience, Socialite Media has gained several clients within the months of November and December (more than we usually would within a two-month span.) This is because our clients want to boost their social media presence during the holidays when they know it will be a busy time of year for consumers searching on the market. Influencer marketing during the holiday season isn’t just for products such as clothes or jewelry but also just as

PR%F the Magazine

If you have an influencer in mind and are looking to collaborate with them this holiday season, reach out to us at

Socialite Media is a boutique social media marketing agency with headquarters located in downtown Chicago and Las Vegas. Their goal is to provide companies with successful social media marketing in their ultra-competitive industries. For more info, visit and follow on @socialitemediagroup. Meghan Sperry

the science of spirits



A Simple Spirits Evaluation Procedure


n Tasting Methods 1, we discussed development of aroma recognition. A simple evaluation procedure used consistently will standardize all evaluations on to a fair and level playing field for all spirits and wines.

GLASSWARE: Tulips concentrate anesthetic ethanol at the nose, restrict swirling, and are too tall to allow many low-concentration aromas to rise to the rim for olfactory detection. NEAT glass or a wide-mouth tumbler avoids ethanol anesthesia and renders truthful evaluation. Tulips, originally designed for 20% ABV sherry and other fortified wines are useless for 40% ABV spirits. Wash glasses in hot water, no soap, hand-polish to remove all detergent and surfactants (spot removers). SMALL SAMPLE SIZES: Three or four samples for each tasting session enhances total focus. Pour ½ to 1 ounce in each glass (same size and type eliminates aroma delivery characteristic differences). Always take notes. “Note” means write

PR%F the Magazine

it down. Repeat three times on three different days and compare new notes with those from previous sittings. Notes consistency is a sure sign of building evaluation skills. Repeat blind (another party pours and presents samples randomly) to verify identification skills, and optionally in black glasses. A SIMPLE TASTING PROCEDURE, S9: With poured samples lined up, place covers (sanitary paper hotel glass covers, coasters, or clean glass petri dishes to entirely cover glass mouth openings to ensure aromas stay in the glass and will not saturate the atmosphere or taint your aroma evaluations. Covers are essential.


By George F Manska, Corporate Strategy Officer, inventor & entrepreneur, Chief Research & Development Arsilica, Inc.


the science of spirts

until confident all subtle nuances have been noted, recover and swirl for each trial. Using NEAT or a tumbler, complex character aromas appear at the center of the rim plane and more ethanol at the rim edge. This is the ortho-nasal olfactory (smell) evaluation step.

4. SIP:

Remove cover, take in a small sip (about ¼ ounce) of spirit. Inhale through nose while sipping.

1. SEE:

Lift sample to eye level, examine color and clarity (write it down).


Holding covered sample level, swirl to coat glass sides, note legs or tears as the liquid flows down the sides to its reservoir. Tears are the result of different surface tensions of ethanol and water and do not indicate body or sweetness (myth busted). If glasses are clean/soap-free, legs appear, aromas are intensified.


Just before sniffing, uncover the glass, keep it level and place nose at top-center of the glass at the rim plane, and sniff slowly, focusing on aromas while moving from center to rim. Inhale lightly through nose only, mouth closed (not preferred if you insist on using tulip-shaped glasses). Write down all aromas detected. Repeat


Manipulate tongue and expand/deflate cheeks to completely wash all areas in the oral cavity, back of tongue, under tongue roof of mouth, outside gums, etc. Taste buds and chemoreceptors are everywhere; utilize all of them to maximize flavor and chemo-sensation detection.

the science of spirits


Tilt head slightly forward to cover inside of lips with liquid sample, suck in air through thinly parted lips to aerate the mixture of spirit and saliva. Slosh around again.


Move mixture to the back of tongue, swallow slowly in small amounts or trickle (don’t gulp). Controlling the swallow, sets up the retro-nasal finish evaluation step. Finish combines olfactory, mouthfeel, and palate sensations all into a single, inseparable package transmitted to the brain through the tri-geminal nerve. Take this most important step seriously, focusing on tastes and mouthfeel. At the finish, one notices subtleties which make or break final approval. Did the tongue jump or flex upwards in the middle or back of the oral cavity attempting to stop the swallow? Acceptable finish is comfortable all the way down.


After swallowing, breathe in slightly, smack tongue against the roof of the mouth to break saliva mixture surface tension and release more aromas. Close mouth and exhale slowly to move aromas through the pharyngeal opening at the back of the throat into the olfactory cavity and out through the nostrils to provide strong finish. Now you can trust all the receptors you have subconsciously relied upon since birth to provide all possible information and consciously focus on interpretation to turn aromas into a useful language to share.

PR%F the Magazine



Simplicity is in the ordered regimen. Remember S9, review and practice until the order is automatic. We spend big bucks on wine, beer, and spirits. Perception is much more than singular, stark, shallow impressions of aroma or taste. Evaluate, appreciate, take copious notes, and unify all steps into a single smoothly flowing process to get your spirit or wine money’s worth. In Tasting Methods 3, we will explore organizing the information into a usable format which reinforces the steps and provides useful information to others.

George F Manska Chief of Research and Development, Arsilica, Inc., engineer, inventor of the NEAT glass, and sensory science researcher. Mission: Replace misinformation with scientific truth through consumer education. Contact Information: Phone: 702.332.7305

Email: Business mailing address:

452 Silverado Ranch Blvd, Ste #222, Las Vegas, NV, 89183.

For decades spirits lovers drank from tiny copita and tulip glasses completely unaware that flavors are masked by concentrated alcohol. Tulips were designed for fortified wines, and spirits turn them into a nose-bomb of overabundant anesthetic alcohol quickly numbing your sense of smell. Sensory science designed NEAT eliminates numbing, enhances aroma perception, and exposes all flavor nuances, good and bad. Taste the truth in bourbon, scotch, rum, tequila, and all spirits and liqueurs.

Official judging glass of 34 major I n t e r n a t i o na l s p i r i t s c o m p e t i t i o n s


As a serious spirits lover, drinker, or collector, you don't mind spending big bucks to discover the rare and exceptional. Get your money's worth with the glass that delivers the truth and the perfect experience. Visit Us

a ground-to-glass whiskey farm


A Ground-To-Glass Whiskey Farm A tradition for five generations, Frey Ranch Distillery produces great spirits as a destination. by Debbie Hall

Frey Ranch, surrounded by the stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern Nevada, continues the history of farming that dates back to 1854. Frey Ranch Distillery was founded by CEO and cofounder “Whiskey Farmer” Colby Frey, who started the distillery in 2006 with his cofounder and wife Ashley on the Frey family’s 1,500-acre farm in Fallon, Nevada. Colby is a fifth-generation farmer who grew up working on his family’s 1,500-acre ranch in Nevada’s high desert. He was involved in planting, growing, and harvesting crops like alfalfa, wheat, and barley alongside his father, from whom Colby inherited his passion for agriculture. Frey Ranch Distillery is one of only a few whiskey producers in the world to grow 100 percent of its

grains onsite, malt, distill and bottle the spirits on the ranch. The property is stunning, with an impressive home for the family with a luxurious guest house. Of course, the distillery and other buildings are part of the ranch with extensive lawn, gazebo, and acres of crops, including corn, alfalfa, wheat, rye, and barley. VP of Operations, Master Distiller, Certified Crop Advisor, and Maltster Russell Wedlake expresses his passion as he oversees each stage of the production process. The professionalism and love is seen with the farming and harvesting of the grains, distillation, maturation, and bottling of the whiskeys and ryes.

Be good to the land, and the land will be good to you.


a ground-to-glass whiskey farm

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey is 100 percent sustainably grown, malted, distilled, matured, and bottled on the Frey Ranch, creating a distinctive, long-lasting product from the quality grains grown and perfected for generations. Its flagship four-grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey, bottled-in-bond Straight Rye Whiskey, and Single Barrel Bourbon are part of its line of whiskeys. The family’s motto, “Be good to the land, and the land will be good to you,” is engraved on the bottom of each bottle of Frey Ranch whiskey.

Frey Ranch Distillery is about an hour’s drive from Reno as a year-round working farm that hosts tours and tastings. Tours include a look at various stages of production including a view of the fields where grains are grown and harvested to the distillery and barrelhouse, complete with a tasting of Frey Ranch whiskeys in the onsite tasting room. Frey Ranch Distillery is open to the public and offers complimentary tours and tastings every Saturday from 12 to 4 p.m.

For more information, call 775.423.4000, visit and follow Frey Ranch Distillery on: • Instagram @freyranchdistillery • Facebook @freyranchdistillery • Twitter @freyranch


Frey Ranch’s four-grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for an average of five years, and this 90-proof bourbon is smooth yet complex with oak and citrus aromas followed by vanilla, caramel, banana chips, and dried hay on the palate. With a mash bill of non-GMO corn, winter cereal rye, winter wheat, and two-row barley malted onsite, this is a flavorful bourbon that can easily be enjoyed on its own or in any whiskey-based cocktail. Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available in California and Nevada and can be purchased online for nationwide shipping.


Frey Ranch Straight Rye Whiskey holds the coveted “bottled-in-bond” designation, which requires that a spirit is produced by a single distiller within one season, aged for a minimum of four years in a bonded warehouse, and bottled at precisely 100-proof. With a mash bill of 100 percent Winter Cereal Rye, this whiskey maintains a smooth, complex flavor that sets it apart from the pepper-forward flavor profile found in many ryes. Aromas of wood and rye spice, vanilla, and caramel lead into a perfume of grapefruit zest, almond, and honey. The palate is full-bodied and buttery with plenty of black pepper spice and ginger upfront, followed by a long, lingering finish bringing forth velvety honey, raisin, and cacao nibs. Frey Ranch Rye is currently available in Nevada and at select retailers in Northern California.


Frey Ranch introduced its inaugural single barrel program in November of 2020. This single barrel bourbon is offered at barrel strength, typically ranging from 120-132 proof. Made entirely from grains grown and malted onsite at Frey Ranch and aged for over five years, the bourbon has a unique four-grain mash bill of non-GMO corn, winter cereal rye, winter wheat, and 2-row barley. Frey Ranch single barrel offerings consist of a small selection of Colby and Ashley Frey’s favorite barrels, each of which is unique in its own way. These select barrels are offered to retailers as “store picks,” available exclusively at these partner retailers’ locations. Frey Ranch Distillery has also launched the first two expressions from the Single Grain Series, a line of whiskeys created to highlight the individual grains. Frey Ranch Single Grain 100% Oat Whiskey (50% ABV, 375ml, $59 SRP) and Frey Ranch Single Grain 100% Wheat Whiskey (50% ABV, 375ml, $49 SRP), both of which are made entirely from grains grown and malted onsite and aged for six and a half years in barrels.

Proof Awards - double blind taste test 3X WINNER!

Clean Functional Ingredients Only 9 grams Organic Cane Sugar No Artificial Sweeteners Added


holiday gift ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

Share, welcome guests and toast with essential spirit Wild Turkey By Jennifer English

James Beard Award Winner Editor-at-Large and Chief Correspondent of PR%F Live!

Photos courtesy of Wild Turkey

Once and for all, Benjamin Franklin did not nominate the Wild Turkey as our National Bird. That is a myth. We find ourselves deep in Harvest abundance and gratitude each year, preparing to celebrate with food and drink. However, Roast Turkey is, in fact, the National Bird of our collective Thanksgiving Table, memorialized by ritual, confirmed by custom, and idealized by Norman Rockwell. In short, while the Wild Turkey was the runner-up in America’s National Bird pageant, it became even more beloved than the bird on the dollar bill. This time of year is a celebration of gratitude with family and friends through food and drink and giftgiving. For 2021, with so much to be grateful for, it became important to show the people who are special to me just that. With that in mind, I decided to curate my 2021 holiday gifts from the Wild Turkey family of bottlings.

Today, Wild Turkey Distilling operates one of the most fascinating and welcoming locations on both the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the American Whiskey Trail in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. From here, the Wild Turkey tradition, which dates back to 1891 when Thomas Ripy founded what was then known as the Old Hickory Distillery, is generating well-deserved global acclaim for the range of bottlings produced. The company is owned by the Austin Nichols Division of the Campari Group, which acquired the distillery from global spirits powerhouse Pernod Ricard in 2009. Today there are many bottlings under the Wild Turkey brand, including both the Rye and Bourbon whiskies.

holiday gift ideas

To start with, as essential to the Thanksgiving Table as the roast turkey is, Wild Turkey 81 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the essential spirit with which to welcome guests and toast to our collective gratitude. Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is, at 81 proof, one of the most delicious, distinctive, and prized examples of the Kentucky Bourbon distiller’s craft. For Bourbon connoisseurs and novices alike, the beautiful, rich amber color and soft vanilla notes make this Kentucky Bourbon so popular that it has spawned a significant “cult” culture and become as famous in music, film, and song as any product could ever dream of achieving. Of the dozens of films that feature Wild Turkey, one of the most apropos is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Wild Turkey 81 is a superb “spike” for any egg nog recipe, but it works especially well in this one here. As for my own Christmas List? I asked Santa for my favorite, the Wild Turkey Spirit, a delicious single barrel 101 proof bourbon hand-selected by the Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. In order to get one of these rare bottles, you need to visit the Wild Turkey Gift Shop, which is the only place to get a bottle. This amazing bottling is worth coming to Versailles, Kentucky, and staying at our beautiful Landmark Olde Woodford Hotel to acquire some.

May Your Holidays Be Safe, Merry & Bright.

PR%F the Magazine



holiday gift ideas

Olde Woodford Hotel Egg Nog Recipe Ingredients:

• 4 cups heavy cream • 3 cups milk • 9 large eggs, separated, the whites at room temperature • 3/4 cup sugar

• 1 cup Wild Turkey 81 • 1 teaspoon Massey’s vanilla • ¼ teaspoon salt • Whole nutmeg for grating on top

use a power er, and everyone takes a turn. But yes, you can beat egg k -cran hand oned ashi old-f an use to r. Either way, I prefer silky ribbons is better with a hand crank mixe to ing Gett l. bow t gian a in eggs the beat her large bowl, mixer to thick and pale and drips satin ribbons. In anot is ure mixt the until ther toge r suga and s beat yolk es to soft peaks. soft peaks. In another large bowl, beat whit hold they until es whit egg the of s third ly, thoroughly. beat twobined well and fold in the whipped cream gent com until ure mixt yolk into es whit the fold e, whisk in the Lovingly ue cut glass punchbowl. When ready to serv antiq an in this e serv we l, Hote d dfor Woo t is best. Just At the Old l the eggnog, covered, 4-6 hours, and overnigh Chil salt. the and , milk the lla, vani the ey, Wild Turk before serving, grate fresh nutmeg on each cup.

Gift-Worthy Offerings from Wild Turkey • • • • • • • • • •

Wild Turkey 81 Proof Wild Turkey 81 Proof Rye Wild Turkey 101 Proof Wild Turkey 101 Proof Rye Wild Turkey Rare Breed (a barrel proof blend of 6, 8 and 12-year-old stocks) Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit (a single barrel 101 proof bourbon) Wild Turkey Longbranch (86 proof bourbon refined with oak and Texas mesquite charcoal) Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year (100 proof) Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades (104 proof) Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival (101 proof)


the 12 wines of christmas

That classic holiday carol with the repeating lyrics is a classic. So let’s sing all about wine repeated, over and over, making this my favorite new holiday song. The lyrics are all about our choices for holiday wine purchases, whether for gift giving or holiday gatherings.

food or no food at all, but really, try it with fried chicken! A dosage is added to the wine to help sweeten it and make the acidity more palatable. Look for the terms Brut Nature, Extra Brut, or Brut for a drier style. Look for Extra Dry or Dry for an “off-dry” style. Try Demi-Sec or Doux for a sweeter Champagne. Only one bottle, but it’s worth it for your special holiday moment!

Is everyone ready to sing along?

by Jerry Hammaker

The 12 Wines of Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me…


One bottle of Champagne.

Yep, just one bottle. Invest a bit and get the real thing for your special holiday moment. “Stars in a glass” is (probably incorrectly) attributed to Dom Perignon, but the description holds true. Classic champagne is a blend of chardonnay, pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes. You will find bracing acidity, green and yellow apple flavors, cream and almond, citrus, and brioche all aged a minimum of three years. Champagne pairs with almost any


Two bottles of Sauternes.

A luscious, sweet beauty, Sauternes is a region in Bordeaux, France, that benefits from a microclimate that provides thick, morning fog and warm, sunny afternoons. This combination causes a fungus called Botrytis (or “Noble Rot”) to cling to the grape skins and “drink” from the water inside the berry, causing the grapes to shrivel and concentrate the sugar. Centuries ago, a desperate winemaker probably found their grapes in this unattractive condition, hand-picked the grapes, and made the wine anyhow. It turns out to be a godsend to dessert wines! Sauternes is deep gold in the glass and tastes like a nectar from the gods. Honey, caramel, butterscotch, marmalade, and baking spice combine into a wine that makes a great pairing with cheesecake, fruit tarts, baked goods, and rich cheeses. This wine is a must for your holiday dessert table!

the 12 wines of christmas


Three bottles of Chardonnay.

This popular white grape is grown worldwide. Pick a region and find a different style of chardonnay. Classic Chablis from France is usually not aged in oak. You will find a lean white wine with mouthwatering acidity, citrus flavors, and aromas of spring blossoms. Sip on its own or pair with shellfish, veal, and cheese plates. California chardonnay has sometimes been described as an oak bomb. The addition of oak aging adds texture, baked apple, and butter flavors. Pair with creamy or buttery dishes of fish or chicken. Chardonnay, all the way, this holiday!


Four bottles of Syrah/Shiraz.


A French charmer or an Aussie powerhouse, Syrah and shiraz come from the same grape, found in different parts of the world. Also, pronounced differently, think soft, sophisticated French for SIH-rah or hard, straight-forward Aussie for sure-RAZZ. As for the wine, cooler climate regions (Northern Rhone) tend to produce higher acid-driven wines with red fruit characteristics and a savory style. Warmer regions (Southern Australia) tend to produce more fruitforward, dark fruit versions with big tannins. Pick up two bottles of each style for side-by-side comparison at your New Year’s party!


Five bottles of Chenin Blanc.

The most versatile grape varietal features high acidity and wonderful flavor so that this grape can be turned into wines from bone dry to dessert sweet, still, and sparkling. You can also find oaked and un-oaked styles. Think yellow or baked apple, melon, ginger, and even butterscotch on oaked styles—an excellent wine for your holiday dinner or a fantastic sparkling alternative. Choose a bottle from South Africa or a Vouvray in the French wine section.


Six bottles of Malbec.

An Argentinian smoker, this French grape has flourished in Argentina’s climate and high elevation vineyards. Luscious dark fruit-forward flavors with cocoa, vanilla, sweet tobacco, and a smokey finish all in one glass. The magenta-tinged rim is a classic blind tasting “tell” in this opaque deep purple wine. Pair with grilled burgers and red meats.


the 12 wines of christmas


Seven bottles of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.

This lesser-known gem from Loire, France, a light and citrusy Muscadet, begs to pair with oysters, shrimp, and light seafood dishes for your holiday party. Grown close to the sea, you might notice a saline-like quality along with a somewhat creamy mouthfeel from aging on the lees (dead yeast cells). So surprise your holiday guests with this real wow of a seafood pairing.


Eight bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Big red and a great pairing with your holiday standing rib roast is big, bold, and classy. Choose a Left Bank Bordeaux for black and red fruit, earthy notes, and balanced tannins. Pick a California Cab for black fruit, tobacco, oak influence, and big tannins.


Nine bottles of Provence Rosé.

Pretty, pink deliciousness, rosé is often misunderstood to be sugary gunk. We aren’t talking about your grandmother’s white zinfandel here. The French do pink a bit differently in Provence. Think fruity and flavorful, enough so that some will think it is actually sweet. This rosé is dry and sophisticated to pair with food or just add some color to your holiday gathering. Nothing prettier, in a glass, than a fine rosé lit up by the lights on the tree.


Ten bottles of Cava.

Delicious and affordable bubbly, Cava is Spain’s answer to champagne, using similar production methods and aging while using Spanish grapes. You really can’t beat Cava for an impressive yet affordable sparkling wine; great for a special occasion, with food, or no special reason at all. My favorite bubbly for use in a holiday mimosa!


Eleven bottles of Pinot Noir.

Wine for those who usually don’t drink red to true wine snobs, Pinot Noir will pair with food from charcuterie to pork to turkey. Try a Pinot Noir from Bourgogne. We suggest something from easily remembered Mercurey (France, not the planet) as an out-of-thisworld wine for your holiday gift-giving!


Twelve bottles of Riesling.

Easy drinking, crowd-pleasing Riesling, so keep the best choice for last and get a whole case! Most anyone can find a style they like, from bone dry to dessert sweet, crisp, refreshing, and a great sipper at any holiday party. Try a dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes in New York for a bright, green apple and lemon taste, with a kick of minerality. Get enough Riesling for the whole crowd at your holiday party!

Jerry Hammaker,

Owner, Certain Aged Ventures Wine Consultant, PR%F Awards


shake it (out)


shake it (out)

Shake It (Out) ShakaCan Revolutionizes the Drinks Industry By Debbie Hall Photos courtesy of ShakaCan


hen is a can not a can? When it’s a ShakerCan by ShakaCan! Whether someone is a mixologist who knows how to make the perfect drink or a regular Joe who just loves a quality beverage, ShakaCan offers everyone a premium cocktail with little effort and zero compromise everywhere and anywhere. Their expertly crafted, canned recipes and patent-pending ShakerCan are transforming the way people make “at-home” cocktails by introducing an entirely new segment to the market of ready-to-shake (RTS) cocktails. Bruce Lee once said, “out of chaos, find simplicity,” and ShakaCan is a concept created amid the chaos of COVID-19. In fact, all four founders previously worked in the food, drink, and hospitality industry and were significantly affected by the pandemic. Co-founder and innovator Richard Nicholls re-imaged the concept of quality at-home cocktails for the masses with the concept of the ShakerCan, a top that transforms a can into the body of a cocktail shaker. His brother Andrew Nicholls, a world-renowned mixologist, began working on recipes for consistent and balanced flavor that could be contained in a can. Together with entrepreneur Diego Salvatierra and businessman David Nicholls, the four set up a production lab and canning line to create all-natural, quality cocktails that are sure to revolutionize the beverage industry along with their patent-pending ShakerCan. “The ShakerCan is the biggest innovation within the cocktail industry since

shake it (out)


The ShakerCan is the biggest innovation within the cocktail industry since the 19th century. It transforms a standard, fullaperture can into the base of a cocktail shaker, bringing to life an entirely new segment of RTS, ready-to-shake, cocktails to the market.

the 19th century. It transforms a standard, fullaperture can into the base of a cocktail shaker, bringing to life an entirely new segment of RTS, ready-to-shake, cocktails to the market,” says Richard. The top is made up of four parts, jigger lid, strainer, click-ring and stainless steel seal, that come apart easily for cleaning, even in the dishwasher. It is built to last up to 100,000 uses and is incredibly easy to transport alongside the ShakaCan RTS cocktails, allowing everyone to enjoy a better drinking experience everywhere, anywhere. “Our cocktails include natural ingredients. All of the juices in our cocktails are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, predominantly sourced from the Amsterdam-based company Instock, which saves food items that would normally have been unnecessarily discarded,” explains Andrew. “The sugar in our cocktails is stabilized with grade one natural acacia gum, and to keep the drinks from spoiling over a long period of time, we use a tiny amount of the preservative potassium sorbate to keep everything safe for our consumers.” Only high-quality alcohol from award-winning distillers and blenders is used in ShakaCan cocktails.

PR%F the Magazine

“Our rule of thumb is that if the spirit isn’t good enough to be enjoyed on its own, we won’t use it in our recipes,” laughs Diego. For example, the rum blend in the ShakaCan Mai Tai was developed over two years by the Something Something Rum brand. It was, in fact, explicitly created to come as close to the original rum in a Mai Tai as possible, as the rum originally used is no longer available. “In addition, we could not find an orange distillate close enough to what we wanted for the Mai Tai, so we developed one ourselves with an Amsterdam-based distillery, the Stillery, to once again try and come as close to the original Mai Tai recipe as possible. Everything we do at ShakaCan is aimed at creating the best cocktail possible,” states Andrew. Each RTS cocktail includes exactly one full serving per can, which is precisely 110ml. However, being the first ready-to-shake cocktails on the market, the decision was made to use 330ml cans to ensure there is enough space for consumers to add ice into the can to have the perfect shake once closed with the ShakerCan.


shake it (out)

The ShakaCan RTS (ready-to-shake) cocktails can be stored anywhere and do not need to be cooled before drinking, which is why ice is essential when making an RTS cocktail. For the same reason that mixologists shake a cocktail in a bar, the RTS cocktail is shaken with ice to chill the cocktail to the right temperature and bring out all the flavors that its mixologists developed. “Quality is a key component of the company. ShakaCan does not want to be another canned drink on the market but instead pushes itself through production to create truly premium cocktails,” says David. The ShakaCan team takes on a hands-on approach when working on each and every cocktail production line, making sure to clarify juices for natural flavor and balanced taste.

Quality and innovation drive the team. They thrive on bringing quality through new concepts for everyone everywhere and anywhere without compromise. The company is now working on creating new cocktails, including non-alcoholic recipes for 2022. Their goal is to develop complex mixtures using botanicals and other ingredients to give consumers not only a better drinking experience everywhere, anywhere but also a great alcohol-free experience whenever desired.

For more info, visit: Follow on: Facebook @ shakacandrinks Instagram @ shakacandrinks Twitter @ shakacandrinks



Please Zing Zang® Responsibly.

© 2021 Zing Zang, LLC, Chicago, IL 60611.


westgate las vegas resort & casino

MANILOW: LAS VEGAS - The Hits Come Home! Legendary singer will surpass Elvis Presley’s longstanding performance record at the Westgate


he legendary Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino announced that GRAMMY®, TONY®, and EMMY® Award-winning singer-songwriter, arranger, producer and musician, Barry Manilow and his MANILOW: LAS VEGAS – The Hits Come Home! has extended his residency at the Westgate International Theater into 2023. The iconic performer will set a new record for

performances on this historical stage, surpassing the long-standing record set by Elvis Presley. In September, Barry Manilow returned to Las Vegas to reopen the wildly successful MANILOW: LAS VEGAS – The Hits Come Home! performances on the International Theater stage at Westgate Las Vegas.

westgate las vegas resort & casino

“It’s an honor to extend our relationship with Barry further as he commits to additional years of delighting audiences at Westgate Las Vegas,” said David Siegel, Founder, President & CEO of Westgate Resorts. “Barry is a timeless entertainer and a once-in-a-generation talent. We couldn’t be happier to continue to have him call Westgate Las Vegas his home.” “I love it here,” said Barry. “Westgate Las Vegas is my home away from home, and I look forward to performing here for a long, long time.” MANILOW: LAS VEGAS – The Hits Come Home! made its debut in May 2018 to rave reviews and sold-out audiences. This spectacular show is unlike anything Manilow has ever done with massive video walls, sets, and special effects in a non-stop evening of Manilow’s impressive catalog of Top 40 Hits.

“ I love it here. Westgate Las Vegas is my home away from home, and I look forward to r o f e r e h g n i m r o f r e p a long, long time.” PR%F the Magazine


With the addition of 105 show dates into 2023, Barry Manilow firmly establishes his place as one of the greatest entertainers of all time, surpassing the record number of performances on the International Theater stage previously held by the one and only Elvis Presley. Having sold more than 85 million albums worldwide, Barry Manilow is one of the world’s alltime bestselling recording artists. The GRAMMY®, TONY®, and EMMY® Award-winning musician has had an astonishing 50 Top 40 singles, including 12 No. 1s and 27 Top 10 hits. In addition, he is ranked as the No. 1 Adult Contemporary Artist of all time, according to Billboard and R&R magazines. The home of legendary performer Barry Manilow, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino features entertainment options in the International Theater


westgate las vegas resort & casino

and the Westgate Cabaret. It has recently undergone nearly $300 million in renovations that have encompassed every square inch of the property, including the addition of 300 timeshare villas, a new suite of fine dining restaurants, a fully renovated pool deck, 2,100 remodeled Luxe Rooms & Signature Rooms, and the luxurious Serenity Spa in Las Vegas. This iconic world-class destination and the home of Legendary Vegas Safe Fun offers a unique blend of amenities and excitement with all favorite table games, hottest slots on the market, incredible restaurants, endless entertainment, more than 225,000 square feet of meeting space, and the world’s favorite Race & Sports SuperBook®, which is home to Nevada’s largest wagering system and more than 4,500 square feet of newly-updated state-of-the-art HD video screens, in a comfortable, smokefree environment. Westgate Las Vegas provides a range of culinary adventures with eight Las Vegas restaurants, including the world-famous Benihana Village, the award-winning Edge Steakhouse, and Fresco Italiano.


February 10-12, 2022 February 17-19, 2022 March 3-5, 2022 April 7-9, 2022 April 21-23, 2022

MANILOW: LAS VEGAS – The Hits Come Home! tickets can be purchased at, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino WOW Rewards Center at (702) 252-6000 ext. 5050 or online at or For more info, visit www. and follow on Facebook @barrymanilow, @barrymanilow, and Instagram @barrymanilowofficial

For more information or to book in Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, call toll free at (800) 732-7117 or visit



atelyn Ford is Chef de Cuisine at Fresco Italiano in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Katelyn and her award-winning team have taken Fresco Italiano to the top of TripAdvisor’s Italian restaurants in Las Vegas and the number 4 ranking among restaurants overall.

Katelyn took on her current role at Fresco Italiano in 2019 after six years at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where she ascended the ranks at Wicked Spoon Buffet and The Henry. She started her culinary career in Kentucky after studying culinary arts at Sullivan University. Katelyn’s passion for the industry started when she was a teenager working for her grandmother’s 50’s-style soda shop. “My career in culinary has always been my passion, not only for the food, but for the smile on people’s faces when they experience something really delicious,” Katelyn said. She added, “the teamwork in the kitchen drives me. The chance to motivate and lead by example is everything to me.”


ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN LAS VEGAS 3 000 Paradise R oad, Las Ve g a s , N V 8 9 1 0 9 - 1 2 6 7

Love Cork Screw is the wine and lifestyle brand you bring to a game night with friends, the brand you introduce to board members at an annual gala, and the brand you experience for the first time at a couples paint & sip event. Because of our deep commitment to providing quality, we are sure to quickly become one of your favorites! Launched in Chicago December 2013 by Chrishon Lampley, Love Cork Screw transformed the industry as the first Black woman-owned wine to launch whimsical labels.

Chrishon Lampley

Bold, resilient, tenacious, and innovative are a few words to describe highly accomplished entrepreneur Chrishon Lampley. Her road to success has not been an easy one, but to Lampley, success is inspiring at least one person to follow and reach their dreams. She learned early on that in order for her to achieve her dreams, she would have to overcome limitations and challenges. Since then, she has built a successful career and shattered every glass ceiling imaginable. Did you know that less than 1% of wine industry negociants are black women? Lampley is not only an experienced negociant, but she is also a wine enthusiast and founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC. LCS Entertainment, LLC is a licensed wholesaler, importer, and a certified Minority Business Enterprise that features Love Cork Screw wines. Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals December 2013 in Chicago. Lampley expanded the brand by touching all senses and adding five wine-scented candles to the portfolio in 2014. After spending nearly 15 years pursuing her passion, Chrishon Lampley developed a keen awareness of what the traditional wine novice and enthusiast enjoys. She has traveled all around the world to produce quality wine and this year she has made it a priority to make sure that the LCS brand adds nutritional value to each and every label. Transforming the industry as the first black woman-owned wine to launch whimsical labels, Lampley has grown to become a force whose ambition will leave a lasting imprint for years to come. Lampley, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., has a well-known commitment to giving back to youth in Chicago. Her passion for philanthropy and youth development led her to mentoring young women and budding entrepreneurs. She gives her time and resources greatly to nonprofit organizations through sponsorship and speaking engagements. Lampley has mentored youth through Urban Broadcast Media, Chicago Sky and Polished Pebbles, to name a few. Chrishon Lampley has laid an unbreakable foundation and remained optimistic about her purpose. She looks forward to what the future brings and is encouraged by the opportunity to continue to build LCS, Entertainment, LLC. LCS Entertainment, LLC is a licensed wholesaler and importer, and a certified Minority Business Enterprise.


the rebirth of gin


Rebirth of GIN By Gwendolyn J. Jackson Photo of Hendrick’s by The BlackRabbit Photo of Bombay by Annie Spratt Photo of Tanqueray by Stephen Andrews


ong believed to be a poor man’s drink, gin has seen a rebirth of brands that have been around for over 50 years to ones that are new on the scene. In the spirit world, the brand that has the ability to capture the market in the moment is the brand that wins. This is especially true of brands that understand that they have to change with the times. In the gin category, some people may say there is no rebirth, but the fact that established brands like Gordon’s, New Amsterdam, Tanqueray, and Hendrick’s are presenting new versions of the gins that made them famous, would say otherwise.

the rebirth of gin

Hendrick’s has established lighter, nicer versions of themselves, by introducing their blends with botanicals created to make the liquid smoother and more favorable from beginning to end. The cucumber flavored is their nod to the Latin community that has previously embraced the same flavor in other beverages. Their branding strategy has included presenting private Latin-inspired activations for social media influencers offering curated drinks infused with berries, beets, and simple sugars, paired with complimenting food and collaterals that included decorative fans and a chance to take photos in front of a wall adorned with flowers.

Newcomers to the gin game, like Ìrísè, which means Spirit (www.iriseoti. com), is pointing itself toward the spiritual world that uses gin for purification. A vibrant community that supports products robustly, especially when created by one of their own. Ìrísè describes itself as a neutral grain spirit processed with citrus. It has a perfected gin clarity and smoothness that anyone can handle even if they were not in love with gin before.


Keeping itself completely in the game, Tanqueray now offers specialty distilled versions that also stay true to the characteristic heat or dryness that is great gin. Their new Rangpur Distilled gin is made with rare Rangpur limes and other botanicals.


the rebirth of gin

Other newcomers are actually new versions of old like the line of J. J. Whitley Gins, which includes a Plum Gin and other varieties that are now being presented as specialty flavors, seasonal specials, and limited editions.

the rebirth of gin

Mainstays like Bombay Sapphire continue to be a leader of the pack by just staying true to what has made them a consumer favorite both in the U.S. and from its hometown of London since 1761. Their commitment to the dry category is what gives the gin a balanced category of dry, distilled, and now infused. Their unexpected Bombay Bramble is an exciting blend of blackberries and blueberries. It offers everything you need to have your favorite mixed drink straight from the bottle to over ice.

Even unlikely new players in the game are companies like the national grocery chain Aldi. They have created their own label, Haysmith’s, of fruity gins with the range, including a mango flavor. In any spirit category, innovation is what keeps the wheels turning toward what consumers want and what they are going to enjoy. This rebirth of gin is no different than any other category; it is simply a statement that gin is loved and has a place in the spirits industry. From martinis to cosmopolitans, gin brands, both new and old, are ready to add fun to your favorite drink, and there is nothing dry about that.

Gwendolyn J. Jackson Boutique Distributor Liquid Distributors, LLC.


Never a Spectator The Papa’s Pilar Legacy Curator: Renée K. Quinn Photos by Renée Korbel Quinn and Papa Pilar

Ernest Hemingway was an author, a freethinker, an adventurer, a conservationist, and a bon vivant. The one thing he was not as a spectator. Papa’s Pilar Rum was crafted to harness that same spirit of adventure. As a spirited adventuress, I am excited to share their newest addition to the family. A rye enthusiast, this is my favorite dark rum. Here’s a peek into their world.

never a spectator


How did Papa’s Pilar Rum create their concept? Steve Groth was an original founder of Angel’s Envy. Seeing the success of Angel’s Envy, the Hemingway family (through a mutual friend) asked Steve and his team if they would collaborate with the Hemingway Family to build a great brand in which they could use as a vehicle to support their conservation literacybased philanthropic efforts. Steve and his team had been deeply involved in these areas of “social good” for decades, and were adventure-driven, outdoor enthusiasts and huge Hemingway fans - so the relationship was an instant fit. Papa’s Pilar’s objective was to become a spirit honoring the great Ernest “Papa” Hemingway and a life well-lived because that’s the only life worth living.

Who is Papa’s Pilar? Papa’s Pilar Rum was aptly named after Papa and his boat, the Pilar, to pay homage to Papa’s adventures and serve as an inspiration for yours. Hemingway was a man who held many passions, but his one true constant was his beloved boat, the Pilar. She was the esteemed vessel that allowed America’s literary giant to reach beyond the shoreline and feast on life. Not to mention, rum historically was served aboard warships, rationed to civilization-changing explorers, and sustained the Founding Fathers as they plotted revolution. It was consumed by men who understood you only get one shot at life. Hemingway was this kind of man.

Who is the team behind Papa’s Pilar Rum? Ron Call is Master Blender and Distiller. He has extensive experience making fine brown spirits with whiskey distilling from his family history to the 1780s. That, combined with his decades of

PR%F the Magazine

experience running production and innovation for Cruzan rum and dozens of other brands at Florida Distillers, made him perfect for the job. A 7th-generation distiller with over 45 years of elite spirits industry experience crafting rum and whiskey, Ron helped develop the brand’s flagship expressions and the newly released Legacy Edition 2021. Ron also directly oversees all operations and innovation, including new releases. Following a family tradition almost as old as the United States, the Call family’s spiritmaking heritage dates back to the 18th century and is shared by Ron and his sons today.


never a spectator

Featured Expression

Which characteristic most contributes to Papa’s Pilar success? Papa’s Pilar believes in reconnecting rum with its gutsy roots by leveraging innovation in the rum world (the art and science of blending, wood cooperage, finishing, and aging) and bringing Papa Hemingway’s adventurous spirit to the forefront. Our innovation goes beyond the still, between our Master Blender, Ron Call; Master Sommelier and Cooperage Consultant, Andy McNamara; and additional Rum-Making team members Shawn Martin and Bahama Bob, Key West Rum Makers; we’re pushing the limits of rum-making. We’re testing various proof levels and finishes, taking inspiration from the scotch and whiskey world, and bringing disruption to the forefront of rum.

Tell us about Papa’s Pilar expressions and what makes them unique. • Dark: Papa’s Pilar Dark is an ultra-premium

In celebration of a legacy so rich and multifaceted, Papa’s Pilar Rum is releasing the first annual Legacy Edition 2021. This commemorative 86-proof Dark Rum blend double-solera finished in Rye Whiskey barrels, and Amontillado Sherry Casks boasts personality and creativity with a profoundly smooth and rich finish. As the first annual Legacy Edition release, the 2021 Edition will feature an authentic, pure leather retrofitted canteen wrap around the bottle honoring the bottle’s WWII canteen format – a true collector’s item. This Edition allows Papa’s Legacy and our Master Blender’s Legacy to collide, creating a moment to honor. The recommended serve for the Legacy Edition 2021 is neat or on the rocks.

sipping rum, bold and complex, much like the man who inspired it – Ernest Hemingway. Our Dark rum blend is comprised of nine different hand-selected premium rums from five sources aged up to 24 years. The rums originate from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Barbados, and Florida. The blend spends time in Bourbon barrels, Port Wine casks, and Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. This 86 proof award-winning rum has a rich, caramelized orange, maple, vanilla, and toasted almond taste profile and a long velvety finish.

• Blonde: Papa’s Pilar Blonde is the first-ever

“Blonde” Rum, similar in color to the light rums Papa Hemingway enjoyed in Key West and Cuba during the ’30s. Our Blonde rum is composed of six different hand-selected premium rums from four sources aged up

never a spectator

to seven years. The rums originate from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, and Florida. The blend spends time in Bourbon barrels and Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks, marrying the blends into one perfect pour. At 84 Proof, it boasts a creamy mouthfeel with notes of crisp almond, butterscotch, and hints of pineapple, mango, and key lime. This is a perfect rum for your Hemingway Daiquiri, boat drink, or tiki cocktail. This exceptionally smooth blend represents the original spirit of rum. We inadvertently created a new category; the outcome is a beautiful straw-colored rum with a creamy mouthfeel and exquisite taste profile. Perfect for sipping, however, it creates an indulgent but deserving premium and classic cocktail where the spirit shines through.


What would readers be surprised to know about Papa’s Pilar? Papa’s Pilar Rum works with a number of charitable organizations and causes that also serve Hemingway’s legacy, creating awareness around local and regional organizations, including but not limited to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Coastal Conservation Association, and the International Game Fish Association. In addition, they generously supported our local Real Men Drink Pink campaign, raising awareness and over $18,000.00 for the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Drink Pink campaign curated by Spirited South Florida.

• Sherry: Papa’s Pilar Sherry Finished rum

expression embraces a similar methodology used in Scotch Whiskey. The goal is to allow the rum blend to continue to meld together while interacting with the Sherry and French Oak. It’s also a method used by Cuban rum makers in their best rums, as they cannot easily source used American Bourbon barrels. This interaction has led to a strong base of flavors, such as vanilla, cinnamon, maple, coffee, and almond, with hints of Port and Sherry. There is a new layer of slight sweetness, followed by a unique spicy finish, imparted by the French Oak. Best described as a very complex rum with a great mouthfeel. Why Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks? Sherry is a fortified sweet white wine from Andalusia, Spain. Spanish Oloroso (“scented” in Spanish) Sherry is a type of dry Sherry. It is darker than other sherries (Fino, Amontillado) and has more character. Sherry barrels influence the taste imparted on anything within them. Dried fruits and spices are characteristic flavors of being aged in Sherry casks. This aging makes it possible to add fruity notes as well.

PR%F the Magazine

The Hemingway family graciously donates a majority of their proceeds from Papa’s Pilar Rum to charity. They select organizations that embody adventure, literacy, and conservation causes dear to Hemingway and his heirs. Now that’s a true legacy.

Distillery 201 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040 (305) 414-8754 Instagram: @papaspilar @HemingwayRumCo Facebook: @PapasPilarRum @HemingwayRumCo

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