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Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017



MAGAZINE 6 THE full monti with Monti rock iii The highly anticipated return of a F&B magazine alumni Sir Monti Rock III.

on the cover Steve SCHIRRIPA


Jacks Restaurant will be located in the hotel’s lower lobby of the Portola Hotel & Spa

14 bmi Where Do Music licensing Fees go? Songwriters and Business owners speak out.

16 UNCLE STEVE’S - Steve SCHIRRIPA Newly Labeled Jars Of Its Uncle Steve’s Tomato Sauce To Retailers And Online Merchandisers Nationwide.


Has Become The Hospitality Industry’s Authority On Tabletop And Presentation Trends.


Once Again Delivering What’s Going On In The Foodie World Across The Border Of Canada


Restaurateur Doug Hogrefe has spent more than 20 years in the restaurant industry. As co-owner at 4-Top Hospitality,

44 ROM Krupp-Founder & ceo of marketing vitals An Award-Winning Company Providing Game-Changing Analytics Software For Restaurants Of All Shapes and Sizes.

62 SPOTTSWOODE ESTATE VINYARD & WINERY Receives the 2017 Green Medal Environment Award at the third annual Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards.

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WINDSETFARMS.COM Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017


Crisp, Crunchy and Refreshing ! It’s the heart of salads and the fresh

ensemble. An amazing combination

crunch in sandwiches, burgers and

of lettuces including butter, oak leaf and

wraps. Discover Windset’s velvety fresh

frisée, making it the perfect salad mix.

and fully flavored SYMPHONY® lettuce

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Residencies, have become the new norm for Las Vegas. Whether it is for a couple of days per week, or a few months per year, it is referred to as a residency. Isn’t it time for the PR folks to come up with another term for these rotating engagements? I have been looking for a residency for six years – one time a week – but still no takers. This week there was a tribute on NBC honoring Saturday Night Fever in which I gained my film cameo fame as the DJ. I was sorry back then, that I was not nominated (at least a nomination) for an Academy Award back in 1977 – realize – made in 1977 – now it is 2017 – 40 year anniversary of a cult classic film! The Coachella Festival – an annual slam bang music fest – that brings concert goers from all across the country – had Lady Gaga sing – because Beyonce, who was going to star in the concert series could not make the event due to her mom-to-be status with twins. It was a disappointment for many of Beyonce’s fans who had bought those expensive tickets, but, Lady Gaga was waiting in the wings (the same as her costume) – well, it sure like wings to me --- and she flew away with the great set of songs that she sang in Beyonce’s stead. Kanye West did not appear as slated...although the Kardashian’s were there.. interesting! In the audience was Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and many other stars as this event has become the A-List concert series since its inception. Fashion follow ups and designers actually create ensembles for the concert goer to Coachella – it is a retro and nouveau boho hippie look – but more like Chanel ‘s interpretation. Can you believe it? Janet Jackson finally has shown her newborn to the public – but she has already filed for divorce. Remember, he is a billionaire and there was no prenuptial agreement. This is a divorce that will be interesting to follow. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have finally received their legal divorce. They are going to have an amicable divorce with co-custody of their three children. Rumor has it that Ben is dating again. So many divorces have hit the Hollywood set recently that it is not looking like a time for June weddings.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017



It is the one year anniversary of Prince’s passing. Now, many people from his camp are getting a great documentary together to celebrate the great parts of his life and his contributions to the music world. The man also passed away without the covering of a Will or a Trust. The residence – his estate – is now a museum – Paisley Park – which is open to the public in Minneapolis, MI. Let’s give Prince his due – he was an innovator, a creative force who knew how to handle his handlers (by that I mean his break from certain controlling corporations and people – the time he used a symbol that was comparable to Egyptian hieroglyphics – and he maintained his mystique and privacy while still being a great star. Billy Idol – of the great 1970’s – is back with a force! He is going to be performing in a residency in a smaller venue on the Strip. Billy Idol has many, many fans – this includes the powerful money backing baby boomers who will gladly pay to see him perform live. He is a great commodity besides being a fine artist. Legends – Kay Ballard is now in her 90’s – can you believe it that she is doing a documentary in Palm Springs. This week, Carol Cook, Mimi Hines, and many stars in that age group, are doing a concert together as a mutual swan song. It is a legacy that needs to be done and give each person a chance to have closure in their careers. Kay Ballard lives in the old Desi Arnaz estate in Palm Springs. Remember, DesiLu Productions produced Mother-In-Laws, a sitcom in the 1980’s which starred Ms. Ballard.

• I went to have dinner at the Wynn with some friends and the Wynn now also has paid parking.

This again is a slap in the face to patrons who go to a hotel/casino/resort and spend a good deal of money on dining, entertainment, or gambling. Why should locals – that is the main concern for me and many others, have to pay the tariff for these parking spots! We pay taxes for our homes and also have a hefty sales tax imposed upon us when we buy anything – especially gasoline! The gas tax has risen the price per gallon. Many of us need to use 91% gas – supreme- and that gets costly. Taxation is a home issue and therefore, the casinos where we spend our hard earned dollar should realize that locals count!!!

• On the reality TV scene – King Kong is headed to the reality world of TV!

This is a first – a big ape as the main (person) character – how will it talk??? Confusion lies around this project,. I am so tired of haggling and I am so tired of Andy Cohen – not one of my favorite is not personal – just whatever.. I do not have a jealous bone in my body – do you believe that?

• The new season on TV – the news media especially, Paula Francis’ retirement has brought a lot of spotlight-

ing on her – will there be a political office that she may seek? Let’s see and wait – remember, that is exactly what happened with Jan Jones. The rest of the female reporters on the average are average – but look like plastic surgery clones. They might have different colored hair – but the bodies are soooo similar and the faces are seemingly perfected by third parties. w w w . f o o d b e v m aContinues g . c o m on| next M a page y 20 17 >>



• I tend not to mention friends’ names, but this time, it is extra special. After many years of domestic partnership, two special people who are my friends, Isabel Tinghino and her husband to be, Tony Scotto, are going to be wed on May 1st and – this is it – I will be officiating as the Reverend who will listen to them exchange their vows for the rest of eternity! This is an honor for me to perform the wedding of the year in my inner circle. I wish them the best of luck in their soon-to-be new status as husband and wife. I caught The Fate and The Furious in the cinema – the remake of The Fast and Furious sequels. This one was much too long and needed to be edited to a suitable under 120 minutes, or less! How many car crashes and chases can you squeeze in among the bad guys and the good guys in 136 minutes – answer: TOOOOOOOO MANY! Dwayne Johnson, who stars in this sequel along with Vin Diesel, is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood – currently at 65.5 million this past year. Dwayne continues to churn out amazing products – this one just was not one of them. I loved when he portrayed an overweight young man in an earlier film. He obviously surpasses Arnold Schwarzenegger in talent – and has a matching or even better phyphy sique. Remember, as an actor ages, his physical state ages too, even with constant work-outs and ‘help’ – it is hard to keep up with the new and emerging contenders. Way to go, Dwayne! In closing, we had Easter, then tax day, and soon April becomes May and the start of all new hot things. To my readers, Zozo and I love you! Reverently, The Reverend, Monti Rock III


Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017




My singular focus has always been attracting top talent in reaching our destination. Jim’s appointment as CEO will greatly help our efforts in expediting strategic partnerships that will enhance shareholder confidence and value. Furthermore, Jim’s experience in preparing and bringing companies to acquisition is Jim Greco vital to True Drinks as AquaBall grows into this stage of development. His leadership and direction will take our brand to new heights.” About True Drinks, Inc.

Mr. Greco had previously been recruited directly by former CEO, Kevin Sherman and appointed as a Director of True Drinks on February 6, 2017. He will now take over day-to-day operations as the Company’s CEO. Mr. Greco, CEO of True Drinks, added, “I’m A few key points: excited to be joining True Drinks at this time in its history. I believe over the past nine • Jim Greco will take over day-to-day as months the Company has taken a number True Drinks CEO. Kevin Sherman will of actions that position it for rapid growth remain on as President. including product reformulation, new packaging and a new sales team. Combined with • Greco is not taking a salary for the first a change in consumer attitudes toward what six months, only stock, given his confi- we feed our kids, the Company is in the right dence in the continued, rapid growth of place with the right product at the right time. the company. I look forward to working with Kevin and the True Drinks Appoints Food and team to realize this potential and create signifBeverage Industry Veteran James icant shareholder value.”

J. Greco as CEO

Makers of AquaBall™ Naturally Flavored Water, the healthiest children’s beverage on the market with no sugar, preservatives, calories, or artificial flavors, is pleased to announce the appointment of food and beverage industry veteran James J. Greco as CEO. Mr. Greco had previously been recruited directly by former CEO, Kevin Sherman and appointed as a Director of True Drinks on February 6, 2017. He will now take over day-today operations as the Company’s CEO. Kevin Sherman will retain the role of President. Kevin Sherman, President of True Drinks, commented, “As I mentioned in my March 31 letter to shareholders, the biggest challenge facing us was the ability to engage the countless opportunities before us. Having an accomplished and seasoned CEO with a significant track record of adding shareholder value on our team will provide me with the time to pursue these opportunities fully.

About James J. Greco Mr. Greco (59), currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Pilgrim Holdings, LLC, a position he has held since October 2001. Mr. Greco previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Newk’s Franchise Company, LLC from July 2014 until October 2016, as well as President from January 2016 until October 2016. Prior to his time with Newk’s Franchise Company, Mr. Greco served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Sbarro LLC from January 2012 until October 2013, and as the Chief Executive Officer of Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc. from August 2003 to December 2011. Mr. Greco currently serves as a director of the Palm Beach County Food Bank, as well as an operating advisor for Lincoln Road Global Management. Mr. Greco is a member of the Connecticut and Florida bars. London, England. He earned a B.A. in Economics from Georgetown University and a J.D. from the University of Miami, School of Law. He has also completed International Studies at City University, London, England.

True Drinks Holdings, Inc., the holding company for True Drinks, Inc., is a healthy beverage provider which produces AquaBallTM Naturally Flavored Water. AquaBall is a healthy alternative to the other products in the children’s beverage market. True Drinks has licensing agreements with Disney and Marvel for use of their characters on bottles of AquaBallTM. AquaBall™ is a naturally flavored, vitamin-enhanced, zero-calorie, preservative-free, dyefree, sugar-free alternative to juice and soda. AquaBall™ is currently available in four flavors: fruit punch, grape, strawberry lemonade and berry. Their target consumers: kids, young adults, and their guardians, are attracted to the product by the entertainment and media characters on the bottle and continue to consume the beverage because of its healthy benefits and great taste. For more information, please visit and Investor information can be found at

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By Donshe Usher Editorial Director

Jacks will be located in the hotel’s lower lobby and offer locally sourced produce and other products native to Monterey County including sustainable Monterey Bay seafood. The entire menu will focus on featuring California “Cultural” cuisine. California epitomizes the melting pot of America. Chef Danny Abbruzzese’s inspiration and passion for creating signature dishes has brought him full circle to highlight different flavor profiles unique to cultures from around the world. Chef Danny uses traditional techniques from immigrants who call California home, while highlighting our locally sourced, sustainably conscious ingredients found throughout Monterey County. Jacks will be open 7 days a week serving lighter fares at lunch and sharing plates at dinner. THE ATMOSPHERE Situated steps away from Monterey, California’s iconic Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row, Jacks welcomes patrons with an atrium lobby restaurant and bar designed by the inspirations and colors across the Monterey Peninsula. Jacks design was inspired by the weathered wood from nearby docks and canneries, clear blue water teeming with marine life and the pink and sage flora spotted along the coast. The ambiance at Jacks will be created by the existing clean architectural lines, natural light and live trees in the atrium, and further enhanced with modern furnishings, locally inspired materials and augmented lighting inviting guests to dine, explore and enjoy all Jacks has to offer. Jacks will become known as the place in Monterey where locals and hotel guests alike, gather to enjoy drinks, food, a few laughs and a sophisticated (not pretentious or pricy) dining experience provided by four diamond service. THE MENUS The culinary team at Jacks will work closely with local farms including Coke Farms, Monterey Farms, Christopher Ranch, and Route 1 Farms to serve the freshest local ingredients throughout the Tri-County regions. Jacks lunch menu is moderately priced and will feature salads, sandwiches, pizzas and more including a Strawberry Fields Forever salad created with locally grown strawberries, arugula, almonds, goat cheese fritter and aged balsamic; Chef Danny’s mama’s secret recipe for Eggplant Parmesan; and Pizza of the Season with asparagus, pesto and burrata cheese prepared in our new state of the art Neapolitan gas fired oven. The dinner menu will include solo plates and share plates to provide patrons with an opportunity to try a variety of menu items and engage in a shared dining experience with their family, friends or colleagues.

Jacks dinner menu will include sharing plates featuring the Signature Artichoke Bread with creamy artichoke and pecorino cheese baked in cast iron skillet; Jacks N’ Cheese Bake created with locally sourced Schoch Farms Monterey Jack cheese and persillade; Halibut Paupiette served with Asian vegetables, shitakes, steamed rice, black beans and garlic sauce; Pajaro Pastures Goat Moussaka created with baby broccoli and herb béchamel sauce; and Harris Ranch New York Strip with potato gratin, prosciutto, watercress salad and pink peppercorn butter. THE BAR

The wine selection at Jacks will include 30% local, Monterey County Wines including Top Tier Wines such as Hahn Chardonnay and Boegenoogen Pinot Noir all served by the glass. Jacks will offer wine on draft from 10SPAN Vineyards including their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 10SPAN supports the Ventana Wildlife Society’s mission to conserve the native wildlife and habitats of California’s Central Coast. Jacks bar menu will include craft beer from the onsite and awarding winning, Peter B’s Brewpub in addition to guest drafts and two locally crafted ciders from William Tell. In addition to local wine and award winning craft beer, Jacks will feature house cocktails garnished with local trimmings and created by onsite mixologist Tuyet. Jacks has partnered with Elyx Vodka to create an exciting new program where drinks are served in a copper pineapple for two to share or a large copper pineapple for four or more to serve with your own ladle in what we call a “Group Effort”. One of Tuyet’s Elixor creations features Elyx Vodka, hibiscus bitters, mint-honey syrup and soda.

Jacks will be introducing Mocktails, featuring highly creative non-alcoholic beverages for all ages to enjoy. The mocktail menu will feature a Rosemary Blush created with fresh blueberry puree, lemon juice, rosemary, honey, and sparkling water and a Watermelon Aqua Fresca served with watermelon juice, coconut water, mint and a hint of jalapeno agave.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017




BOSTON-BASED, Drizly, the tech-

nology company behind the first and largest ecommerce alcohol app, has teamed up with the Boston Red Sox for The Drizly Home Run: a first-ofits-kind, season-long promotion that will give fans of legal drinking age opportunities to win exciting prizes, special surprise appearances from Red Sox Legends, and a VIP Green Monster viewing experience. Turning the alcohol industry on its head, Drizly connects consumers with best-in-class local alcohol retailers, allowing anyone to shop for beer, wine, and spirits right from their smartphones and desktops by simply downloading the Drizly mobile app (App Store and Google Play) or visiting the website at Ordering Drizly throughout the season gives New England fans the chance to win exclusive prizes like Red Sox tickets, a VIP Green Monster Game Experience or even a surprise visit from a Red Sox legend during their Drizly order delivery. Follow Drizly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all season long for details on how to win and tips for how to make this season the best yet. “As lifelong mega fans, we are honored to partner with the Red Sox for this exciting promotion,” said Nick Rellas, CEO and co-founder of Drizly. “Drizly amplifies the at-home game-watching experience by bringing your favorite alcoholic beverages right to your front door so there’s more time to focus on the game, making this partnership a no brainer.”

“We are excited to partner with Drizly for the 2017 season to bring elements of the Red Sox and Fenway Park to its users,” said Red Sox Executive Vice President Troup Parkinson. “Using innovative technology to provide convenience for fans is something we focus on at Fenway Park and we are proud to partner with a local company that exemplifies those elements.” Drizly, available in 40 markets across the U.S. and Canada, is a one-stop shop for beer, wine, and spirits (and even a range of popular soft drinks, juices, ice and other mixers), allowing consumers to arrange fast delivery or in-store pickup through their favorite local liquor store. The Drizly mobile app and website offer deep wells of information, packed with cocktail recipes, pro tips, popular adult beverage trends, and advice from The Drizly Top Shelf Bloggers: best-in-class local experts on alcohol, entertaining and lifestyle.

About Drizly Drizly is the world’s largest alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop beer, wine, and spirits. With the speed and convenience of on-demand delivery, in-store pickup, or home shipping, customers can easily browse and order their favorites from the Drizly website or mobile app. By partnering with the best retail stores in over 40 markets in North America, Drizly provides consumers a rich ecommerce experience that offers unrivaled selection, competitive pricing, and personalized content to users of legal drinking age. Drizly operates across the United States and Canada, from Austin to Boston, Calgary to Tampa, New York City to Denver (and beyond).

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Nora O’Malley

Phoebe Connell

A NEW CURATED LINE OF MODERN PANTRY ESSENTIALS, LAUNCHES Owners of the East Village, New York wine-on-tap-bar Lois have launched Aida, a new food brand that features multi-functional modern pantry staples and entertaining essentials. Available now to select retailers and launching online in April 2017, Aida features a line of specialized cookies, nuts, and crackers wrapped in shelf-popping packaging designed by Studio XXXI that aims to transform the way cooks and hosts entertain at home. The design-forward pantry items take the guesswork out of entertaining, whether they’re served alongside cheese and wine or incorporated into homemade recipes. The driving mission behind the brand is to inspire home cooks and hosts to create food experiences that are both unique and delightful, while still maintaining simplicity. The initial 2017 release will include five anchor items that feature modern riffs on classic staples including: Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017



• Currant Crisps: a spiced interpretation of the shortbread cookie. SRP $10. • Lemon Candied Pepitas: salty pepitas with a healthy dose of sweet citrus and a subtle peppery kick. SRP $8 • Szechuan Candied Pecans: punchy pecans candied with a combination of hot red pepper and mouth-numbing Szechuan peppercorns. SRP $10 • Sourdough Crackers: perfectly salted and addictively crunchy sourdough crisps. SRP $9 • Rye Crackers: Old World flavors, both complex and comforting. SRP $9 Aida is the brainchild of wine-aficionado Nora O’Malley and specialty chef Phoebe Connell, both Cleveland natives and co-owners of the East Village wine bar Lois. “At Lois, we found that our customers became friends who looked to us for suggestions on eating, drinking, and entertaining,” says Nora. “They wanted to bring the Lois lifestyle into their homes including, most importantly, our food. Aida is an extension of Lois and our philosophy on eating and entertaining—it should be delicious and it should be easy.” For more information about purchasing Aida products, please contact Nora O’Malley at to be placed in contact with a local representative in your market.

ABOUT Aida is a New York City based, women-owned business that makes a curated line of pantry staples and entertaining essentials. Founded in 2016 by Nora O’Malley and Phoebe Connell, Aida products are inspired by the small plates and customer favorites that they developed in their tiny East Village all-tap wine bar, Lois on Avenue C aka Loisaida Avenue. Today, Aida’s mission is to make eating fun and simple by offering inspired and reliable go-to products. Aida’s products are available on their website at and at gourmet retailers. w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | M a y 2 0 1 7



Where Do Music Licensing Fees Go? SO NG W R I TE R S A N D B U SIN E SS O W NE R S S P E A K O U T Whenever business owners or consumers pay for goods or services, it’s important for them to get their money’s worth. On the flip side of the coin, it’s crucial for companies providing commodities to follow through on their promises in order to stay in business. One of the best ways to find out if they’re pleasing their customers is by listening to what people who have used their product are saying. So, when someone raises the question, “Where do music licensing fees go?,” BMI routinely asks some of its more than 750,000 songwriters, as well as some of the owners of its more than 650,000 licensed businesses, for answers. When it comes to songwriters, BMI, which operates on a non-profit-making basis, provides them with income to pay their bills when their music is used publicly by businesses, per U.S. copyright law. This means that other than BMI’s operating expenses, which are approximately 12 cents on every dollar, all of the money collected from licensing fees is paid out as royalties to songwriters. These 12% operating expenses include costs associated with processing data on billions of performances, including those that are live, which cumulatively give BMI an accurate model of what is being played by all types of music users. In every quarterly statement they receive, BMI songwriters can see what sources they’re being paid from, as well as how much is being distributed per source. Along the way, many of these songwriters have talked about this process. For example:

Featured (L-R) before the performance are: TRA Austin Chapter President and owner of Hoovers Cooking, Hoover Alexander; BMI’s Jessica Frost; BMI songwriter Kristen Kelly; owners of Guero’s, Kathy and Rob Lippincott; and TRA President and CEO Richie Jackson.

Duncan Sheik, the writer of megahit “Barely Breathing,” among others, is grateful for the licensing fees businesses pay, saying, “BMI has been fantastic, especially during those kind of leaner years in the beginning of the millennium; those quarterly checks were among the things that kept me afloat. It’s obviously an incredible resource and BMI has always been supportive of me. I’m really happy to be a part of it for, I guess, 20 years now.”

Rob Lippincott, owner of Güero’s Taco Bar in Austin, TX, and a BMI customer since 2008, says, “Eight years ago, we introduced live music in our garden area in an attempt to increase sales on Thursdays which were traditionally the slowest night of the week for us. Thanks to the crowds that come to hear the music, Thursdays are now the busiest weekday for food and beverage sales.” For 77 years, BMI music has been among the most performed across the globe. The Company now proudly represents 12 million musical works, all of which were created by songwriters who need to pay their mortgages, feed their kids and keep a little saved for the leaner times so they can continue to do what they do best -- create music for eager listeners.

For licensed businesses, BMI provides cost-effective blanket copyright clearance to play music in order to help businesses prosper. In a very competitive environment, an enticing ambiance, as well as good food or beverages, is key, so it’s fair to say that the music licensing fees paid by For more information on how to obtain a business owners are going back into BMI music license, please visit www.bmi. their businesses as an investment to com or call a BMI representative at (800) 325-1395.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017



Lisa Loeb

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HAS A NEW LOOK Next week Brooklyn based Italian Specialties Group LLC will start shipping newly labeled jars of its Uncle Steve’s tomato sauce to retailers and online merchandisers nationwide. Actor Steve Schirripa’s signature tomato sauce will now have his photo on each jar. “When we started this company I wanted to create the best tasting, cleanest products. The sauce wasn’t about me, the guy from The Sopranos, it was about the product. Our customers have requested my picture on the jar repeatedly,” said Schirripa, “so we’ve made the change.” “I also wanted to change the label because we are now Certified Paleo and it’s important to have gluten free and no sugar added right on the front of every jar. My face is an extra bonus,” quipped Schirripa. Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties was created by Schirripa in 2014. Each jar of tomato sauce is produced in small batches using imported organic whole Italian plum tomatoes, vegetables and spices. “Our products are USDA certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, kosher and contain no added sugar. With no GMOs, no harmful pesticides, and nothing artificial, you can be confident you are feeding your family not only great tasting products, but nourishing them as well.” said Schirripa. “My mother cooked her sauce for many, many hours so the tomatoes were completely broken down. She never used puree and we don’t take any shortcuts either.” Steve Schirripa can be seen Friday nights on CBS’s Blue Bloods as Detective Anthony Abetemarco. Uncle Steve’s is available in three flavors: Marinara, Tomato Basil and zesty Arrabiata. The brand is available at Whole Foods Market North East, ShopRite, Albertson’s, Safeway, Stop ‘n Shop and many other grocery and health food stores across the USA. For more information or to purchase by mail, go to Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017


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Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017



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20 C A R P I O ’ S CO R N E R

Celebration of Canada’s

Liberty Grand, Toronto.

Cristina Carpio Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

Winning Recipe-Baro Toronto.

C R I S T I N A C A R P21 IO

Cocktail Culture

Judges Panel Masterchef Eric Chong and Mixologist Blake Speares (middle) of R&D Restaurant

Judges Panel

Winner-Jamison Cass of Baro Toronto

Wes Galloway-MadeWithLove Toronto Ambassador

TORONTO’S most recent cocktail event is more than just a competition. It’s an annual celebration of the restaurant industry showcasing the best of Canada’s top mixologists. Eighteen talented mixologists in Toronto rocked Canada’s most extravagant cocktail competition held on March 28 at the popular venue, Liberty Grand. Over 700 guests filled the room of the popular and was attended by many industry professionals, cocktail enthusiasts and the local bar community to support bartenders representing different parts of the city. The bar chefs sure did not disappoint and impressed their audience with their well though-out cocktails along with the perfect food pairing to complement their concoctions. Made With Love was founded by Pierre-Olivier Trempe in 2009. Trempe has always been amazed by mixologist’s passion and skills behind the bar. He thought they were really cool people and wanted to create events where they would be the star. w w w . f o o d b e v m aContinues g . c o m on| next M a page y 20 17 >>


C A R P I O ’ S CO R N E R

Celebration of Canada’s Cocktail Culture

The event’s mission is to demystify the cocktail culture. The cocktail scene is not what it was 7 years ago in Toronto; it had changed, grown and diversified according to Trempe. The events are meant to offer unique cocktail experiences in a fun, creative and competitive environment while giving the stage and showcasing the best talents in the mixology scene. Wes Galloway, one of Made With Love’s ambassador says that Toronto is an eclectic and diverse community. All the participants have something unique to offer. He says there’s always something special about a talent that is willing to showcase their best when put amongst their peers. As a bartender, Galloway believes competitions like this are paramount to his development and participation can only elevate the interest in cocktails and help the culture grow in a positive way. From showing off their tricks and techniques to presenting a detailed verbal presentation of their drinks in front of the judges, the talented bartenders did not hold back. The renowned judges did not have an easy task as they tasted, savored and admired a variety of breathtaking cocktail creations from the finalists who competed for the titles of public’s choice and jury’s choice. Jamison Cass representing Baro restaurant won both the jury’s choice and the public choice award with his Tequila-based cocktail.

Cass says he is truly humbled by the recognition and thanks his team for supporting him at the event. He says “team work makes the dream work”. He says competitions like this can only open doors for him. Nick Incretolli representing Bar Sazerac won public choice 2nd place with his rum-based cocktail. The two barchefs will be competing against the best Canadian mixologists at the Made With Love finale on May 16th in Montreal. The competitions are also held in Mexico and Spain.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017



I grew up in a third world country in Asia and so I know what it’s like not to have food on the table. Food waste is a global issue that some countries really take seriously but unfortunately some don’t. What constitutes food waste? It is when food is thrown out while it is still suitable for human consumption. And that happens a lot. When I walk into a high-end grocery store with freshly prepared foods, bakery items and other delicious treats, I often wonder what happens to them at the end of the day. So I went to one popular grocery store and asked the staff what they do with all the unsold prepared foods and I was told that everything is thrown away and not even sent home to employees.

Research by Value Chain Management in 2014 shows that 10% of food waste occurs at the retail level. This is a higher proportion than transportation and distribution (4%), equivalent to farms and restaurants (10% respectively), half that of processing (20%) and significantly lower than consumers who actually account for nearly half of all food waste (47%).

I was in complete shock and thought of the millions of households struggling to find food to eat and organizations who can really use food donations like food banks or homeless shelters. France has taken this issue seriously and became the first country to ban grocery stores from destroying and throwing away unsold food and instead mandating that they donate the food to charities and food banks. The UK also has a similar food waste bill with comparable provisions.

Research by Value Chain Management in 2014 shows that 10% of food waste occurs at the retail level. in landfills or composters each year.

The Value Chain research report also showed that $31 billion worth of food end up in landfills or composters each year.

According to the organization, the food system is “under stress” and avoidable food waste can increase costs of up to 10% for consumers. Food waste is a logical focal point for many Canadian businesses like Loblaws, Canada’s largest grocery store chain. A spokesperson says that they understand the disconnect between the levels of food insecurity and the levels of food waste in Canada.

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C A R P I O ’ S CO R N E R

While retail is a relatively small contributor to food waste volumes, Loblaws understands the impact they can play throughout the value chain and with consumers. For example, they recently launched a very popular brand of small or misshapen fruits and vegetables which captures food that wouldn’t have otherwise been sold and offers it at a 30% discount.

When they asked their customers which subjects they think should be a priority for any large grocery retailer, food waste was named by 27%. As an issue it ranked fourth behind fair wages and working conditions, local sourcing and healthier choices. Food waste is an important issue for their customers as over the last three years it has been a top ten issue named by 20-30% of customers. When it comes to donating and diverting food they follow the usual hierarchy, first trying to feed people, then turning to animal feed, composting, industrial uses, energy production and so on. The company’s choices rely heavily on available infrastructure and they are extremely proud of their food donation programs where stores are paired with local agencies supporting hunger-relief programs in partnership with food recovery organizations. They believe reducing food waste can not only help others but it can also help the company’s bottom line.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

Miranda Malisani is a food waste activist and a health food shop owner who grew up experiencing the harsh reality of food insecurity having used food assistance during her childhood and adolescent years. Miranda knows first-hand the challenging emotional and physical effects of not having the right nourishment. “When we think as a community, we can channel this understanding into action and elevate the connection, the care and support we feel from each other”. Miranda says healthy food is an essential part of living well and when we waste food that could have nourished someone going through one of life’s struggles, she says this isn’t thinking as a community. Through her Eat It Forward Health Food Shop, Miranda is determined to give back by donating part of the sales in the form of healthy non-perishables to food banks in need. About 1.3 billion tons of food get thrown each year and the food discarded by retailers and consumers in the most developed countries would be more than enough to feed all of the world’s 870 million hungry people, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Debra Lawson, Executive Director of Second Harvest suggests to “shop your own fridge; It’s the number one tip in reducing food waste at home. “We often decide what we want to eat and then see if we have the ingredients in the fridge and buy what we’re missing. If we reverse that and decide on our meal based on what’s already in the fridge, a lot less of those fruits and vegetables will go to waste.” Second Harvest is an organization started out by two Torontonians who drove around the city asking restaurants and grocery stores to donate excess fresh food to those who are hungry. Their goal is to rescue and deliver fresh surplus food to feed people experiencing hunger. Today, Second Harvest provides a critical service to thousands of locals and prevents 100 million pounds of food from going to waste. Donations to food banks and other organizations who can reuse edible fresh food can also help re-direct waste away from our landfill contributing to a healthier environment. Here’s the real bottom line, food is created to be consumed, not wasted. With the help of the government and support of local politicians to help ensure all collective methods are effective, we can all take part in contributing to a hunger-free world.





Here’s a shocker, science has proven that not all fat is bad for you. In fact, research shows healthy fat is necessary and beneficial to our health. The key is being able to distinguish the good from the bad and making the best choices when it comes to incorporating fat into our diet. So as you can see you shouldn’t be too quick to judge “fatty” foods. Here’s what you need to know. In the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, for the first time in 35 years, the US Departments of Agriculture and Health removed the limit on total fat consumption in the American diet. Evidence and studies show that eating the good fats actually has benefits as they help to absorb vitamins and minerals while making you feel satisfied which encourages you to eat less. This allows us to control our weight and even help us lose those extra pounds. Parents tend to keep their kids on a low fat diet but it’s really not necessary. Good fats actually have a lot of benefits. Here are some of my favourite high fatty products I keep in my kitchen. 1.) Cheese – As a high fat dairy product which contains powerful fatty acids cheese helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, it’s a great source of calcium and is rich in protein. 2.) Coconut milk and coconut oil - Coconut fats consist largely of medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are metabolized differently and studies show that medium-chain fats suppress the appetite helping people to consume less calories and boost your metabolism. These types of fats can also help those with Alzheimer’s and are known to reduce belly fats. 3.) Full fat Yogurt - Loaded with probiotic bacteria full fat yogurt helps with digestive health and fights heart disease. But be careful because a lot of store bought yogurts are low in fat but contain high levels of sugar. Grass-fed goats milk yogurt is my new favorite product. Fairly new to the North American market, grass-fed yogurts are high in Omega-3 fats and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) , an important natural fatty acid which is one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the world. It also helps to reduce heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

4.) Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate is high in calories and contains over 50% of the recommended daily (RDA) intake of iron, magnesium, copper and other nutrients as well as being loaded with antioxidants. 5.) Whole Eggs – Many people think eggs are unhealthy because the yolks are high in cholesterol and fat. In fact, eggs contain 71% of the regular recommended cholesterol intake. Whole eggs are also full of vitamins and minerals. They contain powerful antioxidants and choline, a brain nutrient that 90% of people don’t get enough of. 6.) Mayo - This is an excellent source of Vitamin E and K and contains the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium as well. Mayo helps to prevent you from over eating because mayo has a high caloric content and is very satisfying. Homemade mayo is so easy to make and a lot healthier than the store bought brands which contain other unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients. 7.) Chia seeds -One ounce actually contains 9 grams of fat and its calories are made up of 80% fat so it is an excellent super food. The majority of the fats in chia seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids and it helps lower blood pressure.

INGREDIENTS 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg ½ teaspoon ground cloves ½ teaspoon ground ginger 1 cup mashed bananas (approximately 3 very ripe bananas, mashed on a plate using the back of a fork) 1 cup canned coconut milk, mixed well before measuring ½ cup canola oil 2 teaspoons white or apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract 1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips (dairy-free) Powdered sugar for garnish (optional) PROCEDURE Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a 5- x 10-inch loaf pan.In a large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. In a separate bowl, whisk together bananas, coconut milk, oil, vinegar, and vanilla. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture and whisk until just combined. Fold in the chocolate chips; do not over mix. Spread the batter evenly into the prepared loaf pan and bake for 50 to 60 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean with a few crumbs clinging to it. Rotate the pan halfway through baking time. Let cool then sift with powdered sugar.

Source: w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | M a y 2 0 1 7



killed restaurateur Doug Hogrefe has spent more than 20 years in the restaurant industry. As co-owner at 4-Top Hospitality, Hogrefe oversees 14 Tennessee and Mississippi restaurants in the group’s independent multi-concept portfolio. Hogrefe is an active partner leading operations and managing the frontof-house while focusing on sales and service. Concepts from partners Ben Brock, David Conn, Doug Hogrefe and Paul Schramkowski range from neighborhood Italian restaurants to upscale steakhouses and chef driven hotspots running the gamut from $15 to $70 checkouts. Their broad set of tastes led to success in multiple markets and a diverse customer base. It began when the group took over four Amerigo restaurants after working in chef, server and management positions at various locations for several years. They’ve since expanded their footprint in Jackson, Mississippi to include French bistro Anjou, Mexican kitchen Sombra, steakhouse Char and oyster bar Saltine (which was on Bon Appetit’s list of Top 50 Best New Restaurants in 2015). Up in Nashville, they added Etch and etc., both fine dining restaurant from locally-renown chef Deb Paquette.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017


F&B MAG • Doug •

EVERYONE HAS A STORY. TELL US HOW YOU KNEW YOU WANTED TO ENTER THE HOSPITALITY FIELD. WHAT WAS YOUR “LIGHT BULB” MOMENT? It’s a total cliché. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after I graduated from college so I thought I’d take a year off. A buddy of mine was waiting tables and making pretty good money and he got me a job where he was working. And 28 years later, I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do after college. Back when I was still a GM, I kind of did everything myself. I figured I could do it quicker, better, and “my” way, so why have someone else do it? Then one day it dawned on me that I worked with quite a few people that could actually do things much better than me and that I needed to start using that talent to make my job, their job, and the store itself better. I started working smart, not hard, as one of our current GM’s likes to say.

F&B MAG • Doug •

F&B MAG • Doug •

F&B MAG • Doug •

CAN YOU NAME A PERSON WHO HAS HAD A TREMENDOUS IMPACT ON YOU AS A LEADER? WHY AND HOW DID THIS PERSON IMPACT YOUR LIFE? When I found myself, along with my partners, in a position to take over the company that I had worked for my entire adult life, someone told me that I was making the biggest mistake of my entire life and that I would be bankrupt within a year because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. There were a lot of expletives mixed in with that prediction. I wouldn’t say that was the only spark that lit the fire, but it was pretty close. I vowed to do everything I could to prove that person wrong. Almost ten years later we have grown by 350% and I’m still not bankrupt (knock on wood). WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS YOU MAKE AS ONE OF THE LEADERS OF YOUR ORGANIZATION? How to grow while still protecting each and every person that we work with. A large number of people have put their faith in us that we will not only protect their jobs, but also continually provide opportunity for growth. So you have to balance that. We have been extremely conservative with our cash which hopefully gives us some cushion if things ever go south for some reason. But that cash has also given us the credit and ability to grow. A lot of “experts” told us early on that we should pay ourselves and not sit on the cash. They were wrong. I don’t need a boat. We don’t need a plane. WHAT SETS YOUR VENUES APART FROM OTHER RESTAURANTS IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY? Myself and my four partners were all servers or cooks for at least 8-10 years before we even got into management, much less ownership. And none of us have forgotten what it was like to make $20 on a slow Monday night or get sent home early because “they” needed to save money on labor. Because of that, I think we spend a lot more time focusing on staff than a lot of other restaurant groups. Because if your staff is happy, then your guests are happy. And that leads to a happy restaurant. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind having mean, scary managers. The job is hard enough at its core without having to deal with ugly management. Management should be there to help and teach, not yell and criticize. w w w . f o o d b e v m aContinues g . c o m on| next M a page y 20 17 >>



F&B MAG • Doug •

F&B MAG • Doug •

HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE CREATIVE THINKING WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION? BY GETTING OUT OF THE WAY. First off, I am a micro-manager. Owners that say they aren’t are either lying or stupid. I know what’s going on at my businesses. But, if things are going well, then I give our people the autonomy to do their jobs as they see fit. I try to simply be a resource for our people. However, if things aren’t going the way we want them, I can micro-manage down to the last bar towel. But I find that I rarely have to do that. We have good people that want to take ownership in areas that interest them. And I let them run with that. AS ONE OF THE PARTNERS AT 4-TOP HOSPITALITY GROUP, WHICH DO YOU THINK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION—MISSION, CORE VALUES OR VISION? Core values. I’m not big on slogans or mission statements and I can’t see into the future. But what I can do, on a daily basis, is focus on the two things that are most important to the business: our guests and our people that take care of them.



Doug •

The nice one. We hire the one that understands that while the food is important, if he/she does not respect their staff as much as they do their food, then they are not going to be a very good chef. The screaming chef stuff people see on TV doesn’t work in real life. It’s unnecessary and I choose not to be around it.

F&B MAG • Doug •

F&B MAG • Doug •

WHAT IS ONE CHARACTERISTIC THAT YOU BELIEVE EVERY LEADER SHOULD POSSESS? The ability to turn it off. I’m trying. I’ve gotten better. I wish email had never been invented. There is no template for what makes a great leader. But every leader needs to be able to turn it off at some point. When someone boasts about working 100-hour weeks, I quietly think to myself, “Well, that’s your problem, not mine.” CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE IMPACT, IF ANY, THAT SOCIAL MEDIA HAS MADE ON YOUR ORGANIZATION AND YOU PERSONALLY? Organizationally, it’s another marketing tool that can be very effective if used properly. It’s a decent way to gauge the guest experience, but you have to take it with a big grain of salt. Personally, I find it frustrating. It probably does more harm than good in a lot ways. It’s really irritating to read a scathing review and reach out to the person and then never here back from them. And that’s almost 100% of the time. Whereas if someone emails or calls about a bad experience, we are always able to get them back in for another chance. So, when you almost never hear back from someone that posts a bad experience on a review site, then you have to wonder how many of the online reviews are even real. Because you don’t want to start making decisions from things that may be fake. And it is real easy to do that.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

K I T C H E N 2 T H E TA B L E




Doug •

There is an episode in the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers” called “The Breaking Point.” It’s ostensibly about a stalemate during the Battle of the Bulge. But it’s really about leadership and why people choose to follow and respect certain types of leaders and how strong leaders can get people to do anything, while the weak ones just get people, in this case, killed. The book “Moneyball” is a great read for people that are stuck in a culture that will not change because change is scary and bad. And I always say that while people think “The Godfather” is a mob movie, it’s really a business movie if you think about it.

F&B MAG • Doug •

F&B MAG • Doug •

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ENSURE YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AS A LEADER? I self-evaluate daily. I think I am a pretty good critic of myself. Maybe too good, sometimes. I understand that leadership is a never-ending developmental process. There is no finish line in learning how to lead. WHAT, DO YOU DO TO RELAX? While we do enjoy going to restaurants, my wife is a really good cook and I’m pretty good at all things wine, so we very much enjoy dining in. And then there is music, hiking, history books, and the Nashville Predators. I now love hockey and I never saw that coming.

Thank You, Mr. Hogrefe

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By Mattie Jackson

With warmer days right around the corner a crisp, chilled glass of champagne is a refreshing way to elevate any Spring or Summer soiree, but not everyone can splurge on a $450 bottle of Moet & Chandon MCIII. Luckily Mattie Jackson of Salt & Vine has shared a list of her top 5 sparkling substitutes for Champagne lovers on a budget. DOMAINE DE LA ROULETIERE ‘GILET’ CRÉMANT NV Chenin Blanc Vouvray, France $19.99 From the small town of Vouvray in France’s chilly Loire Valley comes a range of enigmatic, mineral driven white wines. My favorites are made from Vouvray’s flagship variety, Chenin Blanc — a plump, creamy, yet intriguingly aromatic grape. Though traditional sparkling wines are made with more neutrally flavored grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier), the floral, peachy, playful notes of Chenin Blanc in crémant (sparkling) form can bring a sense of celebration and revelry to day to day drinking. Drink if you like Laurent Perrier Brut NV.

JUVE & CAMPS ‘ESSENTIAL’ RESERVA CAVA NV Xarello Catalonia, Spain $19.99 This outside the box single varietal sparkling comes from one of the oldest Cava houses in Spain, Juve & Camps. You’ll see J&C bubbles poured everywhere from neighborhood bars in Barcelona to crystal flutes at the royal palace. Cava, the domestic sparkling pride of Spain, is made in the traditional champagne method, but typically uses a blend of local grape varieties, Xarello, Macabeo, Parellada. In their ‘Essential’ bottling, they isolate Xarello to yield a savory, dusty style sparkler. Drink if you love Brut Nature or Zero Dosage Champagnes.

CRUZAT RESERVE EXTRA BRUT SPARKLING NV 75% PINOT NOIR, 25% CHARDONAY Valle de Uco, Argentina $22.99 An international forerunner for premium sparkling wine in South America, Bodega Cruzat has taken advantage of some of Mendoza’s highest elevation vineyard sites in the Valle de Uco, planting classic Champagne varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They boast extended aging sur lie (meaning in contact with the yeast) for at least 18 months then age the wine further in bottle for 24 additional months to ensure the bready richness of the wine comes together in complete harmony. Very elegant at an under $25 price point. Drink if you love Taittinger ‘La Francaise’ Brut NV.

SOLOUVA FRANCIACORTA BRUT NV CHARDONNAY Lombardy, Italy $32.99 Perhaps the closest to a true Champagne in terms of overall character and ageability, SoloUva prides itself on natural farming practices and ‘metodo classico’ style winemaking that shows on pitch with some of France’s best sparklers. Made from 100% Chardonnay, aged in bottle for 18mo to soak up all the beautifully savory bready flavors that Champagne lovers long for, this bottle beats out the big Champagne houses by at least $15 a bottle and shows a delicious dark horse alongside them. Drink if you love Bollinger Special Cuvee NV.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

SOLOUVA FRANCIACORTA BRUT NV CHARDONNAY Lombardy, Italy $32.99 Perhaps the closest to a true Champagne in terms of overall character and ageability, SoloUva prides itself on natural farming practices and ‘metodo classico’ style winemaking that shows on pitch with some of France’s best sparklers. Made from 100% Chardonnay, aged in bottle for 18mo to soak up all the beautifully savory bready flavors that Champagne lovers long for, this bottle beats out the big Champagne houses by at least $15 a bottle and shows a delicious dark horse alongside them. Drink if you love Bollinger Special Cuvee NV. About Mattie A Nashville native, Mattie got her taste for the grape while studying abroad in Greece and traveling to Tuscany to visit century old classic wineries. After returning to the U.S. and studying under her mentor in Austin, she completed the CSW & Certified Sommelier before moving to Napa to intern with Joseph Phelps Vineyards where she was the only female on the cellar crew for their 2013 harvest. Mattie is now the proud owner of new Nashville hot spot SALT & VINE which includes a boutique bottle shop carrying incredible yet affordable labels to fit every taste.






WITH OUR AWARD-WINNING BOTTOMS UP GINGER BEER! Bottoms Up Ginger Beer from The Ginger People, is, as you’d expect from a company of ginger connoisseurs, quite simply one of the finest ginger beers you’ll ever taste.

We haven’t changed our ingredients,” adds Leeson. “But we did make a few upgrades!”

Bottled in California through a strategic partnership between The Ginger People and Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, Bottoms Up targets ginger beer purists. Made with single origin ginger and one of the cleanest ingredient lists in its category, Bottoms Up stands out in terms of pure ginger flavor. By not filtering, blending, using extracts or adding confusing fruit juices, Bottoms Up offers consumers a classic ginger beer option that hits all the right notes: a delicious fiery kick of pure, gingery loveliness. Additional ingredients include lightly carbonated water, cane sugar and citric acid, and each is carefully chosen to make the taste the very best it can be: P Warmth: the single origin, fiery-fresh ginger is hand selected and juiced by The Ginger People P Water: lightly carbonated water that has passed through three stages of filtration and reverse osmosis, is used to create the perfect bubble P Sweetness: we’ve gone for cane sugar because it’s a touch lower in sweetness and what our consumers want P Balance: and a splash of citric acid for its subtle citrusy note and perfect balance!

The newly rebranded Bottoms Up Ginger Beer is available in stores/ bars nationwide and costs from $8.35 for a case of four 12 fl oz With so many ticks, it’s hardly surprising bottles. For details of your nearest that Bottoms Up was the first in its category stockist, visit www.gingerpeople. to win the coveted “Outstanding Beverage” com award from the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade, New York in 2000.

Its authentic flavor also makes it an ideal mixer in today’s increasingly popular ginger cocktails or quite simply a tasty non-alcoholic alternative to conventional soft drinks, juices and water. Vegan friendly, GMO free and with less sugar and consequently fewer calories than previous batches, Bottoms Up is healthier than ever before and completely on trend. About The Ginger People On top of cutting the sugar content, The Ginger People have also made the switch to pry-off crown seals so as to maintain the highest quality and optimum oxygen barrier. Used in craft breweries worldwide, pry-off crown seals are a sign of premium quality. Commenting on the recent changes, company founder and president Bruce Leeson says “Staying fresh and embracing change is a big part of what makes our industry fun. We’ve been making ginger beer for more than 15 years and felt it was time to freshen things up with branding that celebrates the bold personality of our ginger beer.

Family-owned and operated, The Ginger People was established by Australian Bruce Leeson in 1984 to promote the goodness of ginger. Today, Ginger People Group owns the most award-winning ginger brands in the world and is the preeminent purveyor of value-added ginger food, beverage and dietary supplement products. The company remains true to its original vision: increase awareness of ginger, both for its vast culinary talents and healthful benefits, through innovation and community.

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DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017




Roasted Red Onion & Chickpea Salad A fabulous summer salad featuring our signature SYMPHONY® lettuce ensemble and our beautifully colored SYMPHONY® tomato ensemble.


2 red onions, peeled

4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 heads Symphony® Lettuce Ensemble, washed

1 red onion quartered, root end attached

1 - 14 fl oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained

10 oz - 2 cups Symphony® Tomato Ensemble, halved (optional)

16 oz smoked trout, flaked with bones removed


1 cup whipping cream

1⁄3 cup prepared horseradish

2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 Tbsp fresh dill, chopped

1⁄2 tsp Kosher salt

INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 400F. To roast onions, leave root ends attached and quarter. Lay onions on a baking sheet and drizzle with the 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Bake for 40 minutes and flip onions often until caramel in color. Cool. For dressing, whisk cream, horseradish, 2 tablespoons oil, 2 tablespoons vinegar, chopped dill and cayenne in small bowl to blend. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place Symphony® lettuce ensemble in large bowl. Add 1/3 cup cream dressing and toss to coat. To serve, mound Symphony® lettuce ensemble in center of plate. Top with roasted red onion and trout. Sprinkle with chickpeas and sliced Symphony® tomato ensemble tomatoes. Spoon over remaining dressing. Garnish with dill sprigs if desired.


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Kahiki Foods Wins Big. $25 Million Big BY: PERFORMA NCE S OL U T I ONS BY MILLIKEN P R ACT I T I ONE R S KAHIKI FOODS, has long been one of the most respected companies in the food industry. From its origins in the early 1960s as a single Polynesianthemed restaurant, Kahiki has grown into a multi-million-dollar Asian frozen food company whose unique, gourmet meals are found in the freezer sections of many of the nation’s most successful supermarket chains. Expansion, however, came at a cost to Kahiki’s productivity. In the mid 2000’s, the company purchased a 25-year-old building that was five times larger than its prior manufacturing facility and built a frozen-food plant within its four walls. There were numerous delays and cost overruns during the two-year time period between the purchase of the building and the actual move in. The company found itself way over- extended, both financially and in production capacity. Within 10 weeks of moving into the new facility the company had lost $550,000 off the bottom line. Since entering into a partnership with Performance Solutions by Milliken, Kahiki has begun to attack its problems and transform itself into a leading branded, value-added food company by simplifying processes, developing metrics, and driving greater accountability for results. Along the way, it has improved its profitability and cash flow, providing the fuel to invest in marketing and innovation. By taking advantage of the Milliken Performance System, Kahiki was able to compress its learning curve and leverage the skills and expertise of Performance Solutions practitioners to drive rapid results. Kahiki started working with Performance Solutions by Milliken and quickly experienced a sea change in the way it does business.

The company has even been able to take market share from major competitors like Nestle® and its Lean Cuisine® brand and Heinz’s Smart Ones® brand, all of whom offer a line of Asian products. “On a scale of competitiveness, productivity and quality, we felt we made high quality products,” said Hoover. “But in looking back, our quality wasn’t as good as we thought it was. We were always competitive but there was no money for research and development, or promotions.” “Now we’re starting to generate more money and have identified over $20 million in opportunities to reduce our costs in the upcoming year. That will help us be more competitive by addressing the needs of the consumer—as we should.”

“We thought we were out of capacity,” said Alan Hoover, Kahiki vice president of manufacturing and logistics. “Performance Solutions said that we weren’t out of capacity, we just had to do a better job of optimizing what we already had.” ABOUT PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS BY MILLIKEN “We’re definitely making a better quality product today,” said Hoover, referring to the Performance Solutions by Milliken consistency of its finished products. “We’re brings a unique, Practitioner-based measuring things we never measured before.” value proposition to its clients and The company now engages in more preven- has built an enviable record of tative and predictive maintenance than ever helping companies achieve subbefore, alerting floor personnel to potential stantial and sustainable improveproblems before they result in a machine shut- ments in their operations and safety down and subsequent loss of productivity. excellence efforts. This approach, built on the foundation of lessons For example, they now attach simple and learned while Milliken & Company inexpensive heat strips to all their motors to created and implemented its own tell them whether any have exceeded their world-class performance system, maximum tolerances, which could lead to a helps client organizations engage failure. and empower their associates by working side-by-side to establish a “We’ve implemented daily team maintenance culture of continuous improvement and are getting our associates more involved and drive breakthrough operations in daily cleaning, tightening and lubing of the impact. Performance Solutions curmachinery,” said Hoover. Significant results rently serve companies in more than have been realized in the all-important area 100 operating locations in 28 counof overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), tries across a wide range of induswhich is a true 24/7 metric that measures try sectors. manufacturing equipment efficiency pared to best in class.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017




Successfully solving the problems of using vacuum technology to convey the delicacies of the food industry, such as nuts, seeds, beans, candy, as well as nutraceutical tablets and capsules, Piab’s piFLOW®t conveyor is dedicated to the gentle handling of delicate ingredients and products. Promising to revolutionize the automated handling of fragile goods, the piFLOW®t features innovative and groundbreaking new technology (patent pending). “A controlled low speed, guided entry into the conveyor, and the elimination of all sharp edges are the keys to our success, ensuring that products are handled with great care in our conveyors. There will be no more chipped candy in plants using piFLOW®t,” states Jarno Tahvanainen, Vice President of Piab’s Material Handling division. Suitable for transporting up to four million items per hour, the piFLOW®t conveyor can be used to transport any fragile goods within a processing plant. For the food industry this enables the safe handling of, for instance, coated sweets, candy, roasted coffee beans, whole nuts, and nutraceutical tablets.

Eliminating the use of inadequate standard equipment and alternative, often back-breaking, manual procedures, piFLOW®t will safely transfer ingredients and products between the various processing units, such as tablet presses, coating drums, and packaging lines, avoiding all risks of damage. At the core of piFLOW®t is the proprietary piGENTLE™ an innovative technology (patent pending) that maintains a gentle flow by regulating the feed pressure of the pump, ensuring that fragile ingredients or products are handled as delicately as possible. piFLOW®t is an extension to Piab’s popular and high quality range of piFLOW® conveyors for powder and bulk materials, and is specially developed to meet

the stringent demands regarding operational safety and hygiene within the food (piFLOW®f), pharmaceutical (piFLOW®p), and chemical (piFLOW®i) industries. opping off 2016, BMI writer/artist Eric Church, along with country hit makers Shawn Camp, Liz Rose and many others, wowed the Maui Songwriters Festival, adding a bit of Nashville to drive traffic to businesses on the tropical island. Established in 1951, Piab designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world. As a reliable partner to many of the world’s largest manufacturers. Contact us to conduct a lab test of your fragile goods.

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ShopRite of Danbury teamed up with Eversource on a series of energy efficiency improvements to their lighting and refrigeration equipment. Formerly an A&P store, ShopRite acquired the location on Padanaram Road and transformed the space with sustainability in mind. “We partnered with ShopRite on a whole building approach to renovate the store and conduct a retrofit of existing lighting and refrigeration equipment all at once,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency spokesman Enoch Lenge. “Delaying to upgrade old, inefficient equipment can cost more money over time. This holistic approach will help ShopRite to not only save money, but also, make their energy-efficient investment back in two-and-a-half years.” “The store was very dark when we first bought it,” said Rocky Cingari, president of 11 family-owned ShopRites, including the Danbury location. “I have a philosophy: ‘if you can’t see the product, then you won’t buy it.’ I need my products to sparkle, so having the best lighting possible is important. This project made that happen.”   ShopRite partnered with Eversource and All Services, LLC, to evaluate existing equipment and determine upgrades that would bring a bright, airy ambiance to the store. Eversource also ensured the upgrades were eligible for Energize Connecticut’s business solution incentives.

ShopRite first replaced existing lighting with high-efficiency lighting measures, like LEDs, throughout the store. Censors were also added to the coolers and back rooms, which automatically shut the lights off when not in use.

In addition, LEDs were installed in the front and back parking lots. “We saw a big difference in those areas. The lighting created safer and brighter surroundings for our customers and employees. Plus, it provided clearer visibility for our security cameras,” added Cingari. ShopRite also replaced its evaporator fan motors in its refrigerators with electronically commutated motors (ECM). Ennio DiNino, a contractor for All Services, LLC, explained, “Commercial refrigeration is non-stop energy consumption, but that doesn’t mean it has to be inefficient. These ECMs will consume less energy and use less heat to evaporate the refrigerators.” Now, ShopRite of Danbury is expected to save approximately $209,000 annually from the upgrades.   “The fresh and clean lighting creates a more harmonious feeling for the customers. We’ve already saved on maintenance costs too. You can’t go wrong there,” Cingari said.

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A beautiful visual breakdown of one of the desserts available at the Jean Philippe Patisserie at the ARIA Resort Hotel & Casino -- perfect to gear readers up for their next trip to Las Vegas, or inspire them to get into their own kitchen. World Baking Day is coming up in May, after all! w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | M a y 2 0 1 7


SWEET CHICK OPENS ITS DOORS IN LOS ANGELES FAIR FAX AT MELR OS E A DDS C HIC KEN & WAFF LE S TO ITS WHO: New York-native and restauranteur, John Seymour, is bringing his chicken & waffles concept, Sweet Chick to Los Angeles. WHAT: Backed by rapper Nas, Sweet Chick is a fresh take on beloved chicken & waffles concept. Hitting LA’s hottest block, Fairfax at Melrose, Sweet Chick is bringing southern comfort vibes to the city. Enter its doors and expect twist-onclassic dishes, guzzle-worthy cocktails and desserts that make you feel like a kid again. And, with deep roots set in music and hip hop culture, those that eat can look forward to the occasional live music break out.

New York-native and restauranteur, John Seymour, and rapper NAS, in front of Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick is promised to be the neighborhood “spot” – there to provide, not only the best food, but to build a sense of community – customers eat and feel like family. On any given day, you’ll find Sweet Chick owner John Seymour behind the bar talking and bonding with his customers, not just serving them. Sweet Chick will open its doors to Angelenos on Thursday, April 20. For more information on Sweet Chick, please visit:

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

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CHEESEBURGER BURRITO ADDS MEXICAN FLAIR TO WALK-ON’S MENU Latest ‘Burger of the Month’ available through May 31 Is it still a burger if it’s wrapped in a tortilla? Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar says yes, and their guests are invited to taste it for themselves next month. Beginning Monday, May 1, Walk-On’s is debuting the Cheeseburger Burrito, a fresh 8-oz. burger patty, American cheese, pickles, onions and ketchup aioli wrapped in a chipotle burrito. For only $11.99, May’s Burger of the Month even comes with a side of shoestring fries. For all the adults indulging in this South of the Border sensation, Walk-On’s recommends pairing it with … you guessed it … a cold Corona Extra! The Cheeseburger Burrito only has a limited engagement, so be sure to visit your favorite Walk-On’s* before they waive adios on May 31. (*Metairie location excluded.) Walk-On’s now has 12 locations: four in Baton Rouge, two in New Orleans, one each in Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport, Lake Charles and Bossier City, La., and one in Lubbock, Texas. Other locations are on the way in Alexandria and Prairieville, La.; Austin, Beaumont, Dallas/ Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Tyler, Texas; Auburn and Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Gainesville and Tallahassee, Fla., Gulfport, Miss.; and Knoxville and Nashville, Tenn. Several additional markets across the Southern United States are likewise on the drawing board.

To inquire about franchising opportunities, qualified applicants may contact Scott Taylor at For a complete menu and more information, visit ABOUT WALK-ON’S ENTERPRISES Based in Baton Rouge, La., Walk-On’s Enterprises is the creator of Walk-On’s Bistreaux & BarSM – voted ESPN’s “#1 Sports Bar in North America” in 2012. The company is expanding across the country thanks to its winning combination of delicious, affordable food and drinks presented in an uncommonly warm and friendly atmosphere. For more information, visit, or contact Ladd Biro at Champion Management at lbiro@ or 972.930.9933.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017


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Bob Kopach, Agave Loco LLC Public Relations (312) 852-0132


Avenues Classics Partners with RumChataâ on Bold New Dessert Line

Award-Winning Cream Liqueur Brand Introduces Premium Desserts to National Market

AVENUES CLASSICS PARTNERS WITH RUMCHATAÂ ON BOLD NEW DESSERT LINE CHICAGO — April 4, 2017 — Avenues Classics announced today that it has secured a license agreement with Agave Loco, LLC for its award-winning cream liqueur – RumChata. The partnership will bring a line of RumChata-branded premium dessert products to restaurants, retailers and consumers across the U.S. The new RumChata dessert line is launching with three distinct products: RumChata Cheesecake, RumChata Chocolate Gateau, and RumChata Mousse Cake. Additional RumChata branded desserts are in development including bundt cakes. “RumChata’s rich blend of real flavors is a natural fit with our artisanal approach to desserts,” said Tony Birch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Avenues Classics. “The first time we baked with RumChata, we were blown away by the profile. It just made total sense.” RumChata is bottled from a proprietary made-from-scratch cream liqueur recipe, using five-times-distilled Caribbean rum and fresh real dairy cream, with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and other secret flavors. These dynamic flavors are infused throughout every layer of the new desserts from Avenues Classics — from the creamy white chocolate RumChata mousse of the Mousse Cake and Cheesecake to the velvety RumChata chocolate ganachethat of the Chocolate Blender. “When you combine distinct flavor Gateau. with the innovative recipes of Avenues

Classics, finalyou product is wonderfully decadent and the delicious.” Blender. the “When combine that distinct flavor with innovative recipes of Avenues “RumChata presents a unique recipe ingredient that gives baked goods that remarkable Classics, the final product is wonderfully decadent and delicious.” RumChata flavorand everyone loves,” said partnership Tom Maas, was RumChata Founder and Master The RumChata Avenues Classics facilitated by Agave Loco’s licensing agency, and Perpetual Licensing. The RumChata Avenues Classics partnership was facilitated by Agave Loco’s licensing agency, Perpetual Licensing. About RumChataâ The award-winning About RumChataâRumChata is the world’s #1 selling rum cream. A delicious blend of aged Caribbean rum,RumChata real dairy cream, cinnamon, and vanilla, RumChata is a product The award-winning is the world’s #1 selling rum cream. A delicious blendof of Agave Loco, LLC. More than 30 million bottles of RumChata have been shipped since aged Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, cinnamon, and vanilla, RumChata is a product of launching in 2009 now30available in all of 50RumChata states and in 26 countries, U.S. Agave Loco, LLC. and Moreisthan million bottles have been shipped since territories business with in significant inroads in large launching and in 2009 and issegments now available all 50 states andbeing in 26 made countries, U.S. international markets like Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, N Ireland, Mexico, territories and business segments with significant inroads being made in large Spain and Germany. more information, please visit international marketsFor like Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, N Ireland, Mexico,

Spain and Germany. For more information, please visit About F o o d & B Avenues e v e r a g e Classics Magazine |May 2017 Avenues Classics is a premium commercial bakery based in Kansas City delivering


Blender. “When you combine that distinct flavor with the innovative recipes of Avenues Classics, the final product is wonderfully decadent and delicious.” The RumChata and Avenues Classics partnership was facilitated by Agave Loco’s Blender. “When you combine that distinct flavor with the innovative recipes of Avenues licensing agency, Perpetual Licensing. Classics, the final product is wonderfully decadent and delicious.” The RumChata and Avenues Classics partnership was facilitated by Agave Loco’s About RumChataâ licensing agency, Perpetual Licensing. The award-winning RumChata is the world’s #1 selling rum cream. A delicious blend of aged Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, cinnamon, and vanilla, RumChata is a product of Agave Loco, LLC. More than 30 million bottles of RumChata have been shipped since About RumChata launching in 2009âand is now available in all 50 states and in 26 countries, U.S. The award-winning RumChata is the world’s #1 selling rum cream. A delicious blend of territories and business segments with significant inroads being made in large aged Caribbean rum, real cream, cinnamon, and vanilla, RumChata is a product of international markets likedairy Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, N Ireland, Mexico, Agave Loco, LLC. More than 30 million bottles of RumChata have been shipped since Spain and Germany. For more information, please visit launching in 2009 and is now available in all 50 states and in 26 countries, U.S. territories and business About Avenues Classics segments with significant inroads being made in large international markets like Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, N Ireland, Mexico, Avenues Classics is a premium commercial bakery based in Kansas City delivering Spain and Germany. For more information, please visit unforgettable dessert experiences throughout the U.S. Combining traditional European artisanal methods and innovation at the highest level, Avenues Classics desserts begin About Avenuesfamily Classics from authentic recipes using the highest quality ingredients. Contemporary Avenues is aflavor premium commercial bakery based in to Kansas City customers delivering concepts Classics and unique profiles allow Avenues Classics offer our unforgettable dessert experiences throughout the U.S. Combining traditional European distinctive premium desserts. For more information, please visit artisanal methods and innovation at the highest level, Avenues Classics desserts begin from authentic family recipes using the highest quality ingredients. Contemporary concepts and unique flavor profiles allow Avenues Classics to offer our customers distinctive premium desserts. For information, please visit # # # more RumChata® Caribbean Rum with Real Dairy Cream, Natural and Artificial Flavors, 13.75% alc./vol. ### Produced and Bottled by Agave Loco Brands, Pewaukee, WI 53072. Please Enjoy Responsibly.

w w . f oFlavors, o d b e v13.75% m a g . calc./vol. om | May 2017 RumChata® Caribbean Rum with Real Dairy Cream, Natural and w Artificial

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Rom • My

career in restaurant technology began in the mid-90s when my cousins, who owns a few restaurants, asked me to help them select their operational technology. I didn’t anticipate staying in the industry but I fell in love with the constant need for innovation because it is such a fast moving vertical. Restaurant careers are both dynamic and stable since we know everyone enjoys dining-out experiences.


Marketing Vitals, an award-winning company providing game-changing analytics software for restaurants of all shapes and sizes. With over 20 years of experience, working with over 400 brands and assisting with technology systems, Rom Krupp is now in the business of helping restaurants turn “data into dollars.” Winner of the 2014 Start-up of the Year and 2015 Company of the Year Awards by Business Innovation Group (BIG), Marketing Vitals is a software platform enabling restaurant owners, consultants, and the C-suite of national and international restaurant franchises to pinpoint what’s working in their organization and what isn’t. Rom Krupp was named 2015 Executive of the Year by BIG and speaks at industry events across the globe sharing his ground-breaking vision, perspective and insights.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

My “light bulb” moment, which ultimately led to the launch of Marketing Vitals, happened after 17 years of working with hundreds of brands. It became clear that too often solutions are built to solve operational problems without taking a data-first approach. Simply, no one was paying attention to learn more about their guests. We were fixing problems in silos without connecting guest behavior, frequency, menu, or staff. Every silo had reporting without a call to action that would integrate all of these areas. Silo data gives silo information but never tells the full story. To avoid missed opportunities, restaurants would need to connect all of the data points to create a customer story on behavior, frequency, menu choices, staff, etc. My light-bulb moment happened when I realized too much attention was being given to the results of data to improve the mathematical results but not the story that leads up to it which is the customer experience. Having a platform that bridges the results and the story is the key and we have done that



Q&A -Rom Krupp F&B Mag • Rom •

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PLEASE BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE VALUE THIS TECHNOLOGY HAS FOR RESTAURANTS? Our platform is an easy and effective way for restaurants to listen to their guests and take action so their customer’s experience can get even better. Every transaction tells a story through the data from what guests like to eat, how they want menu items modified, how much they are willing to pay, how they respond to discounts and marketing campaigns, and more. Instead of relying on guests to speak out (which most will never do), we have created a way to listen through the data and make changes accordingly. Restaurants face a very expensive and unpredictable situation when they attempt any kind of change. Experimenting to see how customers will respond can be very costly. Our value removes the guesswork and mystery so restaurants can make adjustments based on real-time THE TERM “CUSTOMER INTERCEPTION, AND THE MEASURABLE IMPACT”. PLEASE EXPLAIN? The two traditional methods of restaurant marketing fall under awareness & acquisition. Awareness would be brands on Billboards and TV and radio commercials while acquisition is typically coupons and loyalty program promotions. Both are ways we pay for a customer to walk through our doors. Customer interception is different. First, it is one-on-one marketing which is possible and profitable in today’s world of social media footprints. Second, it is intercepting the customer by anticipating what the customer will need and when, sending the right message at the right time, and getting the desired action you want. The measurable impact is when customer interception brings you in the business even before your competitors have had a chance to compete. If I know a customer will be at the local basketball game and my analysis of their transactions show a regularly ordered certain beer or entrée, I can reach to them with a fast campaign that is relevant to their individual purchasing behavior. Customer interception is marrying the data and then creating a custom, relevant, and valuable communication that will lead to their return. WHAT IS INCENTIVIZEME! THIS TERM MAY BE NEW TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. EXPLAIN? Our IncentivizeMe! app provides gamification and performance based rankings to normalize team members. Employees are rated based on their conversion rate of upselling or cross-selling instead of using non-normalized results such as total sales achieved or sales per hour which implies that every hour has equal opportunity to sell and we all know that’s not the case in the restaurant industry. It has been especially effective for Millennials who attach a great level of importance to being treated fairly while understanding what is going on and why. It has been successful in motivating team members at every level because it rewards those who are the most effective versus those who work the most hours. Plus, it is designed to divide the incentive programs into seasons (like a sports game) to keep every employee interested in the entire incentive which includes tracking their own performance as it relates to others. This incentive system has provided a long-term goal that keeps short-term motivation exciting and energizing. WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS YOU MAKE AS A LEADER OF YOUR ORGANIZATION? Knowing when to walk away. Holding onto our company vision and value system while evolving with shifts in the needs of the market requires thoughtful and balanced decision-making. Deciding what we want to do vs. what we need to do takes careful review while understanding speed is often necessary. Staying true to our vision and values sometimes means we have to walk away from business opportunities that aren’t a smart fit. Growth is critical but only when it is aligned with our mission, vision, values and purpose. . Q&A, w w w . Rom f o o dKrupp bevm a g . cContinues o m | MOn a yNext 2 0 Page 17



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F&B Mag • Rom •

HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE CREATIVE THINKING WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION? Everyone at Marketing Vitals knows our mantra is making sure each new week is better than the last in product, culture, customer service, and company operations. We achieve this by having a culture that encourages opinions, suggestions and, after serious review, implementation of the top ideas. To stay competitive, our platform must continually be improved while adding more innovation. This can only happen in an environment that inspires and motivates everyone across our workforce. Recently, one of our interns offered a fresh perspective to an existing solution, and after initial testing, we enhanced that feature. We know creativity is not limited to the C-suite so we ask all of our employees to WHEN FACED WITH TWO EQUALLY-QUALIFIED CANDIDATES, HOW DO YOU DETERMINE WHOM TO HIRE? Hiring always comes down to which candidate is the strongest cultural fit. Every work team and department at Marketing Vitals have their own dynamic and karma. New hires should always join and expand this positive energy and not interrupt it. That is why the final part of the interview selection is done by the people on the team that the candidate will be joining. This process has served us well with a workforce that is focused, unified, imaginative and collaborative. AS CEO, WHICH DO YOU THINK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION— MISSION, CORE VALUES OR VISION? For us, all three overlap because they are equally important. Our mission can only be achieved when our vision and core values are aligned. We make decisions, revamp priorities, hire our staff, and reach goals with all three being front and center.

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Empathy. Leaders need to have a genuine understanding of their employees and put them first because they interact with our customers much more than we do. In effect, employees are customers to us and our clients are customers to our employees. Leaders lead and don’t touch customers everyday -- but they can touch employees who actually do touch customers and carry the vision. Empathetic leaders with purpose can make a real difference in both the employee and customer experience

The speed in reach and relevancy. From our own corporate marketing, to the use of social media, as well as the data collected and analyzed from our platform by our clients, the overall impact has been immeasurable. Often, social media is the basis for effective customer interception success. Both myself and the company are active on social media and appreciate the shared posts and interaction across groups, as well as relatable content which allows us to connect with others quickly and efficiently. WHAT ARE A FEW RESOURCES YOU WOULD RECOMMEND TO SOMEONE LOOKING TO GAIN INSIGHT INTO BECOMING A BETTER LEADER? I have two. My external resource is my local Vistage chapter. This peer group of other CEOs, with shared sensibilities, is an effective way to gain insights and process problems with others who face similar challenges and industry changes. My internal resource is my workforce across all levels. The executives, managers and front-line workers are the best critics because they can identify what is working and what isn’t. .

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017


Rom •

Every CEO should take employee comments and suggestions seriously and create a forum or open door culture to hear ideas that can be considered for potential action. Regardless of what position they hold, your own staff are the people who can “point” to patterns, inconsistencies, even positive outcomes that should be reinforced. Leaders need to listen and learn from their teams and have them hold you accountable when needed.

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ENSURE MARKETING VITALS CONTINUED SUCCESS, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AS A LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY? We are constantly evaluating changes in the industry overall and individually with our clients. We identify market shifts, capture new trends and move swiftly to advance our solution to better serve our customers. Much of our technology disrupted traditional manual processes but other features of our platform are brand new ways of managing restaurant operations. We are very conscious not to build solutions where there isn’t a problem. Our growth will always be in developing and building purposeful innovation that will lead to our customers gaining valuable and actionable data to grow.

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WHAT, DO YOU DO TO RELAX? Photography. Since the age of 10, I have loved cameras and taking pictures. So much so that my grandmother turned one of her rooms into a dark-room for me so I could develop and enlarge my own film. While I have switched to digital, the process of photography and studying each picture is relaxing and helps my focus because it is through the details that I shape the big picture. Unfortunately, this hobby is now reserved for longer work breaks and stretches of time when I can be away from the office. For my day-to-day, I relax with a regimented daily work-out with co-workers at our office gym!

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As part of the California Wines: Down to Earth Month celebration of sustainable winegrowing, Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery will receive the 2017 Green Medal Environment Award at the third annual Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards. Presented to four wineries each year in the categories of Environment, Leader, Community and Business, the Green Medal Awards recognize the leadership of California wineries and vineyards committed to sustainability. The awards, which are presented by a who’s who of leading industry organizations, including the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, California Association of Winegrape Growers, Wine Institute, Napa Valley Vintners and Sonoma County Winegrowers, will be presented at a luncheon featuring CalEPA Undersecretary of Environmental Protection Gordon Burns as the keynote speaker. When announcing the award, the judges singled out Spottswoode for exemplifying “the idea that going green leads to superior quality.”

Spottswoode, which was founded by the Novak family in 1972, has long been recognized as a pioneer and environmental leader in the California wine industry. In 1985, decades before words like sustainable and green became commonplace in the wine industry, Spottswoode’s owner, the late Mary Novak, and her renowned founding winemaker, Tony Soter, transitioned the historic Spottswoode Estate Vineyard to organic farming, and in 1992, Spottswoode became only the second estate vineyard in Napa Valley to earn CCOF organic certification. More than just establishing Spottswoode as one of Napa Valley’s most environmentally conscious wineries, this decision had an industry-wide impact. Because Spottswoode’s Cabernet Sauvignons are recognized as among the finest in the world, with numerous wine writers comparing Spottswoode to the great First Growths of Bordeaux, this decision helped to shape the thinking of generations of California vintners—proving that being green is in no way incompatible with making great wine.

Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

Farming organically is just one aspect of Spottswoode’s commitment to the environment—a commitment that has been continued, and greatly expanded, by the second generation. Spottswoode president, Beth Novak Milliken, started working alongside Mary in 1987. Beth spearheaded additional environmental initiatives that include a solar program that offsets almost all of the winery’s energy needs, the restoration of the Spring Creek Vineyard and the adoption of biodynamic farming practices. In 2007, Spottswoode’s belief in ethical and environmental causes also led the winery to join 1% for the Planet. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Spottswoode contributes 1% of its annual gross revenue to organizations that share its environmental values, including significant contributions to The Land Trust of Napa County, Community Alliance of Family Farmers, Napa Vine Trail, The Trust for Public Land and Edible Schoolyard. In addition to holding CCOF organic certification since 1992, Spottswoode is also Napa Green and Fish Friendly Farming certified, and in 2016 it was honored with the “Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices Award of Excellence” by The Great Wine Capitals.




“We are deeply honored to receive this award,” says President Beth Novak Milliken. “It is both a wonderful testament to the decision my mother made to farm organically more than three decades ago, and to the values that have always defined our winery.” In addition to honoring Spottswoode with the 2017 Green Medal Environment Award on April 19th, the Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards will also be presenting Francis Ford Coppola Winery with the Green Medal Leader Award, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards with the Green Medal Community Award, and Monterey Pacific, Inc. with the Green Medal Business Award.

ABOUT SPOTTSWOODE ESTATE VINEYARD & WINERY After a decade of growing winegrapes at their historic Napa Valley vineyard, the Novak family made its first vintage of Spottswoode Estate Cabernet Sauvignon in 1982. In the years since, Spottswoode has become one of Napa Valley’s defining wineries. Stewarded by Beth Novak Milliken, Spottswoode has stayed true to an elegant, balanced and age-worthy style that captures the character of each vintage and the complexity of the Spottswoode Estate Vineyard. Originally planted in 1882, the Spottswoode Estate Vineyard has been farmed organically since 1985, and has earned acclaim as one of the finest sites for Cabernet Sauvignon in the world. To learn more, visit w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | M a y 2 0 1 7


Food & Beverage Magazine |May 2017

Food & Beverage Magazine May 2017  

On The Cover: UNCLE STEVE’S - Steve Schirripa, Newly Labeled Jars Of Its Uncle Steve’s Tomato Sauce • The Full Monti-Monti Rock III • BMI--...

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