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Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



6 M c Cormack for Chefs

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Chef Amanda Is Showing Chefs How To Move Vegetables From The Side Dishes To The Center Of The Plate.


8 MONTI ROCK III, the full monti

The Glitz, The Glam, The Glib Only Monti Rock Can Deliver.


Each Month We Will Focus On What Goes On Beyond The Lobby Of Major Hotels.




International Travel, A Food-Industry Professional, Indulging In Cultural Cuisine.


Cynthia Torp is President of Solid Light, a full service firm that designs and builds exhibits and visitor experiences.

34 Q&A RANDALL GOLDMAN CEO, Patrick Hospitality Group Celebrity Chef John Tesar. The Sharpest Knife In The Kitchen, Takes the Helm of Element’s Kitchen and Cocktails in Denver.

Mr. Goldman for two decades carried out the vision of lovingly restoring Charleston’s most historic properties.


America’s Best Sports Bar Sets Sights On The Magnolia State.

46 FRONT OF THE HOUSE & PerfectlyPlated chefs

Front of the House® Porcelain Satisfies All of Your Plating Needs

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“Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.”

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Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



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Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



When crafting nutritious meals, spring vegetable season presents new offerings to inspire menus but elevating beyond a simple side dish demands a fresh perspective to truly win with diners. McCormick’s Chef Andreas Pias got behind the line with Chef Amanda Cohen for a delicious turmeric-vegetable inspired collaboration and pro-tips on texture and technique to get more diners eating green.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR APPROACH TO PICKING INGREDIENTS AND DEVELOPING A DISH? Big flavor and plate identification. People might not know how we got to it on the plate but they understand that it started as a regular carrot. I want to hear non-carrot lovers say, “I never knew carrots could taste this way.”

DO SPICES PLAY INTO YOUR COOKING PHILOSOPHY? They play a big role, vegetables can be boring without them. I skew towards lighter spices like cumin or coriander which bring out the vegetable flavors. There are hundreds of vegetables, spices, and infinite possibilities of what you can do with them.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON TURMERIC? Most people still use it as a color which I don’t understand because it’s such a good flavor and backbone spice. You don’t want to have it hit you in the face with its flavor, but you want to know it’s there because being so citrusy, earthy and gingery, it adds so much to a dish.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT YOUR APPROACH TO TECHNIQUE? We focus on how many textures we can get into a plate using multiple layers. Vegetables have a uni-texture. Think about that carrot, with the same texture all the way through, versus something like a fat, chewy piece of meat. We’ve figured out how to do that with a vegetable through roasting, dehydrating, spiralizing, juicing or turning it into ribbons. We then layer those flavors and textures on top of each other to get a more satisfying bite. Tofu w/ Turmeric Beurre Blanc & Zucchini Ribbons

HOW DO YOU USE SPICES & HERBS IN YOUR KITCHEN? I focus on the vegetable’s flavor and complement it with herbs and spices. It’s about creating unique combinations that accentuate the dish while remaining true to the main ingredient.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU USE TO BRING MORE FLAVOR AND INDULGENCE? We use dairy which brings a lot to the cooking process, making things taste better. While it adds that fatty flavor to the plate, the number one flavoring technique we rely on is smoking. People associate it with past favorite meats so the more we can apply that to a vegetable, the more they’ll want to eat it.

For more of Chef Amanda Cohen’s winning vegetable dishes and flavorful cooking techniques visit:


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Locally, we have the great moments of the Memorial Day Weekend - fireworks - ice cream eating, red, white and blue - parades, acknowledgments of those who served our country - please, go to the Vietnam memorial (80% sized down scale) and etch with a pencil and paper those who you lost in that great historical period of the ‘non-war’! Classmates, fathers, brothers, cousins, friends, children, some so young they never got to enjoy life itself, gave their lives in this battle for justice. Now, we reflect upon all the changes it created in society and sometimes, we silently weep...

The Billboard Awards blasted through Las Vegas at the great T-Mobile Arena. Celine was incomparable. Ensconced by a crystal chandelier, she sang My Heart Will Go On in a white incredible creation with angel like shoulders and a black stone embellished front. She was other worldly! Oh - Celine - you are the diva’s diva!!! Talent, showmanship and presentation - the triad of entertainment! Drake tied the record with Adele for receiving 13 awards in a single ceremony! Drake was a gentleman - and elegant! Ludacriss, who co-hosted the event - was slightly ludicrous. But - Drake - who had pre-taped his hit, Gyalchester, at the fountains of the Bellagio, was supreme. The other co-host, Vanessa Hudgens, was a lady and did a fine job. Imagine Dragons, LV’s very own home grown group, brought the louse down with It’s Time, Bet My Life, and of course, Radioactive. Jesse Garon, the Elvis impersonator, was filmed while the Florida Georgia Line group was performing Smooth downtown last week. Many of the real performances were from true troopers - and Miley Cyrus shocked me - she was not in a shock the world mode - she was actually wearing something that was covering over her bottom - and she performed with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. At the end of her set, a blizzard - like a snowstorm of balloons, started pouring down on the crowds -10, 500 people who filled T-Mobile to capacity! How does one queen on the top, pop all those balloons - with a lot of help!!!!

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



It was also a red carpet showcase of do I have the better dress/ensemble than you - or him, for that matter - and each person seemed to make this another designer drama diva deal with who was wearing what, and by whom? After all, designers do their part in the making of these events - and the mannequins are real stars! The icon, the legend, the 71 year old incredible Cher received the Icon Award and sang Believe and If I Could Turn Back Time...please, go see both Cher and Celine at their residencies - Cher at the Park Theater and Celine at the Colosseum they are moments of enjoyment that you can never capture on a video - a cell phone camera (I am a big anti-cell catching the entire show person) - I cannot stand seeing a sea of lit up cell phones capturing the performances instead of the people watching them with their own eyes! The magic is when you feel it - when you watch it with your own eyes - and not through the lens of a camera - live is live! Please, put those cells away - they are distracting to the people around you! Also, don’t stand for the entire concert - everyone else has to stand too then - in order to see the stage - (it is not fair after spending a lot for tickets I, for one, want to sit and enjoy a live performance..).

• I had a great buffet (as always) with my close comrades at the red Rock Resort last week.

They are the only local buffet that actually has my favorite - paella! The staff is extraordinarily gracious and accommodating.

• Human Nature made the news - the group from Australia has now had 1500 shows under its belt after being

headliners on the strip for eight years! Way to go, my Aussie friends. I have seen that show dozens of times and still feel the newness of it each time I go. The same group also brought to our Strip, Thunder From Down Under

• Now - the best for last - MY BIRTHDAY on May 29th - I was 78!!! It was celebrated with a series of private dinners and friends all over town. Everyone who came was part of my life - my very special friends who did not abandon me when my partner passed away last June 24th. These are the real friends - these are the ones whom I have to thank - and we also had a one year celebration of life for my devoted Bruce. I still miss him very much! And so - the weather is getting hot, hot, hot and so are the people all over -clothes are skimpy and tempers may flare. I can smell bar-b-que all over - and yes, it is the time for summertime bliss and a heat wave!  Is your pool ready?  Time to dive in for summer fun. Zozo - the wonder dog - and I just want to say thank you to all for making this a great week and making my celebrations fantastic!  Bless you all and bless the USA!  Thank all of you who have  served our country! The very reverend, The Reverend, Monti Rock III and Zozo - the greatest puppy who is now my very own Hollywood diva son!

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Editorial Director

El San Juan Hotel is pleased to welcome Puerto Rican native, Chef Juliana Gonzalez, back to Puerto Rico for the opening of the resort’s signature restaurant, Caña by Juliana Gonzalez, and Gonzalez’s first culinary venture on the island. Lunch: 11:30am to 4:00pm Dinner: 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Created and co-founded by Chef Juliana Gonzalez, Manuel Suarez-Inclan and Daniella Rezai, founders of Miami’s tapas hot spot Barceloneta, Caña reflects Chef Gonzalez’s cultural upbringing and international culinary repertoire. Chef Gonzalez has composed a collection of tapas-style dishes that are cooked using seasonal produce scouted locally throughout Puerto Rico. The signature menu conveys a blend of classic Puerto Rican flavors, with touches of international cuisines such as Spanish, Middle Eastern and Asian, which reflect the work of Chef Gonzalez throughout her career.

The opening of Caña will be Chef Gonzalez’s first venture in her native Puerto Rico. With the return to her island, Chef Gonzalez fuels a new wave of socially and environmentally mindful ways of eating, working with local farmers, fisherman and small businesses to craft an original concept that bonds Puerto Ricans with their heritage and opens up an entirely new culinary scene for tourists and guests of El San Juan Hotel. “El San Juan Hotel has been at the center of Puerto Rico’s rich culture for decades; the iconic property has hosted countless celebrations and has welcomed some of the most acclaimed names in entertainment to perform on its legendary stage,” said Chef Juliana Gonzalez. “I look forward to becoming an intrinsic part of this new chapter in the El San Juan Hotel story. It is an honor to open my first hometown locale at this landmark property.” To develop the Caña menu with authentic flavors, Chef Juliana Gonzalez and Chef de Cuisine Pablo Rosas embarked on a culinary tour throughout Puerto Rico. The resulting concept is a menu showcasing bits of every culinary style that the island has to offer. From Longanizas Ahumadas de Naranjito, a smoked sausage from an artisanal sausage maker in the town of Naranjitos, served with ajili mojili, taro root puree and pickled onions, to locally sourced rabbit from the mountain town of Juncos, marinated, deep fried and served with “salsa rosa,” Caña offers flavorful, authentic Puerto Rican cuisine served through a tapas-style menu. Chef Juliana Gonzalez brings a touch of home to the Caña kitchen incorporating her mother’s Beef Empanada recipe in to the menu.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

Caña will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and pool service at the El San Juan Hotel. Dishes will be served family style, to the center of the table, so that guests can enjoy a shared dining experience with a feeling of community. The menu will feature a selection of signature tapas such as bacalaitos with cilantro alioli, camarones al ajillo and yucca mofongo, chicharron de conejo, arepas de beiques, arroz manposteao, and more. In addition to serving savory Puerto Rican cuisine, Caña will be home to a classic rum bar that is entwined with modern elements, showcasing the new, the old and the forgotten rum cocktails that etched the fiery liquid on to the map.

Chef Juliana Gonzalez For more information on Caña please visit www.canapuertorico. com and to book a reservation please contact 787.710.8221.





Chef Tatiana Rosana

As the head of The Envoy Hotel’s popular

restaurant, Outlook Kitchen & Bar, Chef Rosana leads the innovative dining experience in the city’s Innovation District; however, cooking was not always her first passion. With dreams of becoming a doctor, Tatiana had to rethink her degree in biomedical sciences after failing her college calculus class twice. Instead, she spontaneously shifted her focus to cooking and writing, both elements that were strong in her traditional Cuban upbringing. Tatiana later graduated in 2010 with a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Chef Rosana began practicing her skills in Boston at Harvest Restaurant under the tutelage of Chef Brian Young and former Iron Chef Contestant, Mary Dumont, whom Rosana credits for shaping her culinary career. She then worked at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, cooking under award-winning chef and mentor, Chef Rachel Klein. It was here that Rosana honed her style and technique, quickly rising through the ranks to become Chef De Partie and also meeting her now wife Alexis, whose Korean heritage inspires Rosana’s cuisine. Rosana has created her own cooking philosophy inspired by her curiosity for new culinary experiences. Her fusion of Korean and Cuban cuisine, French techniques, and New England style and ingredients has defined her culinary approach.

“We are excited to partner with Drizly for the 2017 season to bring elements of the Red Sox and Fenway Park to its users,” said Red Sox Executive Vice President Troup Parkinson. “Using innovative technology to provide convenience for fans is something we focus on at Fenway Park and we are proud to partner with a local company that exemplifies those elements.” Drizly, available in 40 markets across the U.S. and Canada, is a one-stop shop for beer, wine, and spirits (and even a range of popular soft drinks, juices, ice and other mixers), allowing consumers to arrange fast delivery or in-store pickup through their favorite local liquor store. The Drizly mobile app and website offer deep wells of information, packed with cocktail recipes, pro tips, popular adult beverage trends, and advice from The Drizly Top Shelf Bloggers: best-in-class local experts on alcohol, entertaining and lifestyle.

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Music is Instrumental in Providing “SOC I A B I L I TY ” F O R B U SIN ESSES A VIBRANT NIGHTLIFE is important. In fact, it’s like money in the bank for cities everywhere. Between tourists, conference-goers, and regular locals, people like places that promote “sociability” and that’s where they like to spend their hard earned cash. And when you think of the term “sociability,” what comes to mind? That’s right. Places to eat, drink and listen to music. The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI), a private, non-profit organization founded in 1983, is one of the BMI’s singer-songwriter Rob Baird performed at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que during this leading sources for events, resources year’s Responsible Hospitality Institute’s (RHI) leadership summit, held at The Omni in Austin, and consultation services on night- Texas. Photo Credit: Greg Giannukos. life. At their recent summit in Austin, So, ask yourself what it would be like Texas, one of the primary focuses to have the radio go silent, the Internet was on the value of music. During stripped of its music and the themes of the presentations, which included any TV show or movie removed. Pretty “Make Live Music Thrive in Your City,” the facts couldn’t be stated But they do have a choice of where bleak. Fortunately, we, like the custom- and music can be a deciding factor. ers of bars and restaurants, have a choice. enough: No matter where a business is situ- We can continue to support music creators, “Live music draws tourists, attracts ated, the way it sounds is important. and in doing so, support ourselves and the businesses we run. new residents and provides an authentic cultural experience. A city BMI represents songwriters because can achieve global recognition for its we, too, love music and what it adds local music. But it also has concrete to our culture. Over the past 77 years, benefits for the local economy. The the Company has seen how our affilmusic industry generates tax revenue iates’ work has been the soundtrack and creates jobs. Hotels, restaurants, to the exuberant highs and lows that and taxis also indirectly benefit from bring people together as a community. These 750,000 music creators music fans.” come from small towns, big cities The beauty of this statement is that and everywhere in between, all with the power of using music not only the same goal in mind – to create applies to cities, it also applies to music that reaches people and makes small businesses that can become their day a little brighter, and a lot destinations as well. People have to more “sociable.” What other com- For more information on how to obtain a BMI music license, please visit www.bmi. modity can provide all that? eat and drink, that’s a fact. com or call a BMI representative at (800) 325-1395. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


Lisa Loeb

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Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



Sweet, flavorful and fresh ! We believe that variety is the spice of life.

give you the variety you need for colorful

So naturally, we created this mixed bag

salads, stir-frys, and salsas. These firm,

of our favorite MAESTROÂŽ sweet bell

flavorful and fresh peppers are easy to

peppers in yellow, orange and red, to

prepare, and even easier to devour.

r e p u S

Sweet! WINDSETFARMS.COM w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7



Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •

F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •

EVERYONE HAS A STORY. TELL US HOW YOU KNEW YOU WANTED TO BECOME PART OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY…WHAT WAS YOUR “LIGHT BULB” MOMENT? Growing up in New York, I enjoyed spending time at the beach. I worked at Magic’s Pub a bar at the beach. I fell in love with excitement, energy and all of the social aspects. Then I took a positon at Club Pie. While working there, I realized I had potential to become a chef.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO INCORPORATE THE TAGLINE “THE SHARPEST KNIFE IN THE KITCHEN?” I didn’t come up with that Line. The PR department did, I liked the way is sounded so I went along with it.

F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar • F&B Mag • Chef Tesar • F&B Mag • Chef Tesar • F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


Great project. Element Hospitality ask me to get involved, I agreed and it’s a pleasure. Denver is an Amazing City with some awesome Chef’s and good food. I’m looking forward to raising the bar and elevating the concept. Better tasting food and ambience. It’s going to put patrons in the mind of an Upscale Sports Bar. Amazing, the infrastructure is changing rapidly. They are upgrading and opening very nice restaurants that’s serving good food.

I don’t have favorite, however I do like a variety. I enjoy well thought out food of quality. Soulful food, full of flavor and that taste good.

Presentation is important. In our society we are more visual and that attracts us. However, if it don’t taste good then it’s meaningless.

New York Style Pizza, greasy, thin slice and orange in color.

WHO WAS YOUR GREATEST COOKING INFLUENCE? My mother and a French Chef that inspired and taught me how to cook.



WHAT CELEBRITY YOU WOULD LOVE TO COOK DINNER FOR? OR HAVE COOKED FOR? George Clooney. I would love to just sit down and talk with his while he enjoy one of my meals. I was Maria Carey and Tommy Mottola’s personal Chef. I’ve also cooked for several musicians ,such as Billy Joel, Barbara Walters and several other Rock Stars.

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F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •


F&B Mag • Chef Tesar • F&B Mag • Chef Tesar • F&B Mag • Chef Tesar •

Eric Ripert from The Le’Bernardin Restaurant in NY. His food is fresh, sophisticated, elegant, spontaneous and well thought out. We are now the new modern day Celebrity. We can be very creative, we travel, meet interesting people, as a result we benefit from all the exposure. It’s amazing being a chef, however you must make sure you have good food, but also that it taste good, supporting your creation.

HOW DO THE TERM GLUTEN-FREE, MAKE YOU FEEL? I would create any dish in order to please my customer’s happy if they are reactive gluten products

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WITH ASPIRATIONS OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL CHEF? Be prepared to work hard. Do your research, keep an open mind, stay innovative and always remember” Your Soul must be in it and this is a life style verses a career.

LASTLY, WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN RELAXING? Sleeping on the Beach. I love the Beach!

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


Are you looking for a tasteful

Moroccan product ?

www.foodfrommorocco.ma Visit us at the Summer Fancy Food Show,Javits Center, New York Level 3, booth # 2204

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C A R P I O ’ S CO R N E R

Ciragan Palace Ottoman Dinner Experience My first stop for the show is Turkey. To be quite honest, I was not sure what to expect as I’ve never been to the country before. I have to say, my visit exceeded my expectations. My Turkish food experience started immediately upon boarding the plane, when I hopped on board with Turkish Airlines.

THIS is an opportunity to explore destinations for luxury business and leisure travel. As a food-industry professional, my first thought (of course) is indulging in culture, delicious cuisine, and the best chefs.

The airline has a unique Chef on Board program, offering world class in-flight dining experiences. In business class a Chef plates all meals, with special attention to detail. From the use of seasonal and fresh ingredients to food presentation along with a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, anyone flying business class will leave as an impressed traveler.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

Dinner Presentation Their globally recognized CIP Lounge in Istanbul also offers some amazing Turkish food items like Manti, a traditional Turkish dumpling typically served with yoghurt, garlic, red pepper ground sumac and dried mint (so delicious). Another favourite of mine was the baklava station which offers a variety of scrumptious types of baklavas, from walnut to pistachio. This paper-thin pastry is widely considered as the most popular Turkish dessert. Turkish cuisine is rich in history, different flavors and textures that go back to the Ottoman Empire-founded by Turkish tribal leader Osman at the end of the thirteenth century in Anotolia, Turkey.



One of the longest reigning and most powerful empires, the cuisine was influenced by elements from Circassian, Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan and Greek cuisines, resulting in a unique food celebration that stands on its own.

Fresh Ingredients One of the longest reigning and most powerful empires, the cuisine was influenced by elements from Circassian, Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan and Greek cuisines, resulting in a unique food celebration that stands on its own The culinary centre of Turkish cuisine lies in Istanbul, in the region of Marmara where the Bosphorus strait divides the city. It is the only city in the world that lies both in Asia and Europe. This strait also connects the Sea of Maramara to the Black Sea. What better way to start my Turkish food journey than by dining at the Ciragan Palace, the only Ottoman Imperial Palace and hotel right on the Bosphorus. The hotel and restaurant on site gives you a glimpse of the genuine ultimate luxury of an Ottoman palace. I dined at the Tugra Restaurant where they served Ottoman and Turkish inspired dishes. Executive Chef Sezai Erdogan has taken his inspiration from recipes recorded in the archives of historic sites. From the elaborate food presentation to the variety of dishes experienced, I really felt like I was taken back in time and given a glimpse into how the people dined at the Ottaman palace so many years ago.

Dinner Presentations This dinner was one of my most unforgettable experiences during this trip. I enjoyed learning about Mezze, which are small plates of hot and cold appetizers that are meant to be shared. These unique plates, served hot and cold, are a big part of the Turkish food culture whether you are in a casual or formal setting.

Kapha Restaurant in Alacati Continues on next page >> w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7


C A R P I O ’ S CO R N E R

Mezzes often include white cheese, yogurt with cucumbers, stuffed peppers, eggplant puree and more. The food did not stop all night at Tugra Restaurant and I was most impressed when a table consisting of a massive, fresh caught salted seabass was served tableside and cracked open from its casing by one of the chefs. Not only was I captivated with the food, I was also blown away with the spectacular service we received. The attention to detail, service quality and genuine hospitality from the staff; the overall dining experience was truly unforgettable. This first dinner in Turkey really gave me a birds-eye view of what was to come for the rest of my journey in regards to experiencing Turkish food and hospitality.


Turkey’s cuisine is multi-faceted and influences vary from region to region, says expat and Istanbul food scene expert Antony Doucet. He is a contributor to Louis Vuitton City Guide for Istanbul and also the Brand Director of House Hotel Group, a chain of chic hotels in Turkey. Antony is based in Istanbul and notes that the city has become even more popular in recent years as a destination for travelers as the food scene continues to thrive. He says their business in particular is thriving, and they are opening a new location in Miami Beach, Florida where he plans to continue to bring the warm Mediterranean hospitality and Turkish food traditions. After Istanbul, our crew travelled to Alacati, a small quaint town in south Turkey. Located on the western coast of Izmir Province on the Aegean Sea, this area is considered the Hamptons of the region. It’s all about sophistication and elegance in this town, particularly with the food offerings. Turkey tourism expert Haldun Dinccetin is the Vice President of Finn & Partners, a group responsible for promoting Turkey tourism, and is considered one of the greatest ambassadors of the country. His goal is to always help attract tourists to his homeland. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

He knows that food is a big part of why tourists enjoy visiting Turkey from all parts of the world. Haldun says while simplicity is the hallmark of Turkish cooking, the cuisine provides a density of flavor and texture as well as extraordinary variety (eggplant can be cooked 40 different ways). This is the result of centuries-long focus on food as an important ritual of everyday life with the influence of the imperial palace. From the central Asian origins, Haldun says that Turkey’s cuisine has evolved into cosmopolitan fare based on the diverse agrarian tradition that makes Turkey self-sufficient in the production of food. The country’s multicultural heritage has generated a diverse cuisine notable for grilled meats, seafood, local fruits and vegetables and fine wines. This was exactly what I experienced in Alacati at the popular modern Turkish restaurant Kapha. Executive Chef Sedat Arslan brings earth and sea to table concept and only uses the finest ingredients produced from the regions water and soil. During our dinner, what stood out for me was the tuna tartare dish made from a 550 pound Orkinos (tuna) from the western coast of Turkey. The tuna was caught fresh out of the water the day before, butchered on-site and served right on our table. Chef Arslan adds a modern twist, creating a fusion of Turkish traditional cuisine combined with modern styles of Mediterrenean cuisine.

Urla Winery Cittur is a destination management company in Izmir that has been around close to 30 years, designing tours around the Aegean region’s culinary traditions. They took us to one of the regions most popular wineries called Urla Winery.

The winery aims to rescue indigenous grapes that have long vanished in the region. After six years of extensive research, they were able to locate the vine of the true Urla Karasi.


The winery hosted us with a welcome feast before the tour with an abundance of popular mezze items and homemade breads, a staple in Turkish food traditions, accompanied by their famous olive oil. Our last stop was beautiful Cappadocia in central Turkey known for it’s historic fairy chimneys and rock formations and of course, also known for it’s authentic traditional Turkish cuisine. We met with Cappadocia’s expert travel service, Travel Atelier, considered the most popular tour operator in the region. Owner Murat Ozguc says that the food culture in Cappadocia attracts a lot of travelers, and we could quickly see why. We filmed bread making and cooking in a traditional and ancient style tandir oven. The sight, smell and taste of the food tickled all of the senses; an experience sure to leave travelers in awe because of it’s authenticity. This experience was probably one of the biggest highlights of my Cappadocia adventure.

Turkey has now become one of my favourite places and now I understand why its one of the most enduring and popular tourism destinations in the world. From not knowing anything about the country to getting educated on the rich history, fascinating culture and experiencing some of the best food and wines in the world, this is a place that has left an impact on me and I will definitely be back to explore even more. Join my journey and follow my global food and travel adventures on Twitter: @ccarpio01 and Instagram:@cristina.carpio01 or @goingglobaltv

Traditional Breadmaking Using Tandir Oven

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Canada and European Union Unite North America’s Largest Food Innovation Show

Eu Commisioner Of Agriculture And Development Phil Hogan And Canada’s Minister Of Agriculture Lawrence Macaulay

CLOSE to 15,000 people attended North Ameri- The tradeshow had a record

ca’s largest food innovation tradeshow held in Toronto, May 2-4, and Canada’s 150th birthday celebration was a major influence on the event. The highly anticipated SIAL Canada, a global leader in agri-food events had 60 countries in attendance, showcasing their best food and beverage products. Europe was the region of honour for the 2017 Toronto festivities held at the Enercare Centre. Food and Beverage Columnist, Cristina Carpio was selected to be the Master of Ceremonies/Moderator for the EU Pavillion for the three day event. The European Union is considered the biggest player in the food and beverage scene and the country’s 2nd largest influential partner after the United States according to SIAL Canada. The show has over 500 million people as a consumer base and has annual economic activity of $18 trillion.

SIAL Canada’s innovation expert, Dana Cauley says that Canada is on the cusp of big changes within the trade landscape. SIAL Canada provides an international audience and gives entrepreneurs and business leaders the opportunity to talk to other businesses from other countries. This is an ideal time to strategize and figure out how to collaborate and grow in this changing landscape. With the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) coming into force this year, the tradeshow is the premiere venue to open doors and provide countless groundbreaking opportunities to Canadian food and beverage entrepreneurs. CETA is meant to break custom duties and other related trade barriers. Some of the benefits once this historic agreement takes place relating to Canada’s partnership with the European Union include significant reduction of certification costs as well as providing room for expansion in the agriculture markets with 28 countries involved under the EU market.

breaking 1000 exhibitors, each showcasing and showing off their world-famous food and drink products. Not your typical food show where families and kids enjoy sampling and presentations, this was purely a business and industry event with a lot of wheeling and dealing happening between businesses in the food and beverage industry worldwide. There were also multiple education seminars and B2B meetings held to introduce the EU’s top delegates to the top Canadian businesses in the food and beverage industry from coast to coast. Many of these businesses under the EU are still not represented in Canada and are trying to break into the country’s food and beverage scene. It was all about opportunities at the SIAL Canada tradeshow, and businesses were there to proudly showcase and educate people about their best products, which they are hoping to launch in the Canadian market. The EU has become the biggest exporter of agricultural products on the planet. In 2016, it reached a record of €126 billion of agriculture exports. More than half a billion people in the Atlantic will benefit with CETA coming into action; EU products with geographic indications (GI) specifically will be showcased throughout Canada.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

Geographical Indication is a distinctive sign of a high-quality EU product, strict specifications must be adhered to before getting the status. This ensures that products that enter into the Canadian market under this agreement have a unique story linking to the traditions and culture from the place of origin of the product. This status also means that once under the (GI), the product only uses the finest ingredients and the best production techniques. From cheese competitions, olive oil contests, multicultural cocktail events, B2B conferences and other off-site activities, there was never a dull moment at the three-day tradeshow. One of the highlights was the International Food innovation contest where companies from around the globe submitted products for consideration to win the prestigious best food innovation award. The winner will be touring the world at the many international SIAL tradeshow destinations, have a free booth, $30,000 worth of Nielsen design audit prize not to mention bragging rights for winning an international food innovation competition. This opportunity can only open doors and provide extensive exposure to the winning product and business. The delegates and Canadian entrepreneurs alike enjoyed the networking opportunities and variety of events available at SIAL Canada. The biggest excitement was the businesses getting exposed to other products they’ve never seen or heard of before. The tradeshow also educated attendees on the importance of Food Waste Awareness. SIAL Canada has chosen to partner with The Daily Bread Food Bank who received the surplus food produced from the event.


w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7




Cynthia Torp is President of Solid Light, a full-service firm that designs and builds exhibits and visitor experiences that engage, enlighten, and inspire. Champions of their client’s vision, they help bring powerful stories to life through comprehensive, start-to-finish content, design, fabrication and installation services.

Food & Beverage Magazine |M J uanye 22001177



w w w . f o o d b e v m a Continues g . c o m on | Jnext u n page e 20 17 >>



Cynthia Torp


F&B Mag • Cynthia •

F&B MAG • Cynthia •

EVERYONE HAS A STORY. TELL US HOW YOU KNEW YOU WANTED TO ENTER THE DESIGN FIELD. WHAT WAS YOUR “LIGHT BULB” MOMENT? Although I always knew I wanted to work in the design field, the “light bulb” moment that affected my thinking – for my design work and in the rest of my life – was in college. I’d taken at least five art history classes in college, but then I enrolled in one where I learned about the great women artists of the world. All the other classes had left out the women. This class changed my life: It was my first lesson in how the same story can change dramatically depending on the point of view it’s told from. It’s something I keep in mind to this day with Solid Light’s exhibit design work.

PLEASE BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SAGAMORE SPIRIT DISTILLERY VISITOR EXPERIENCE? The developers of Sagamore Spirit commissioned Solid Light to help bring the Sagamore Spirit brand to life and to design an immersive visitor experience for the distillery in Baltimore that would inspire a restoration and renaissance of Maryland’s forgotten heritage of crafting American rye whiskey. To develop the experience, our research team found historical documents and images, and spoke to historians to understand what distilling in Maryland looked and felt like before Prohibition. This information became the foundation the team used to create interpretive graphics and interactive media elements, including a digital map of Maryland and Baltimore distilling throughout history. Additionally, we wanted to ensure visitors understood how Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey is made. So, everything from the visual media components to the look and feel of the tasting venues were designed and created by Solid Light to highlight the unique importance of the water and triple distillation process, and take visitors on the 22-mile journey from the spring waters at Sagamore Farm — trucked in daily to make Sagamore rye whiskey — to the distillery in Baltimore. By blending the historical with the contemporary, the visitor experience tells the stories of Baltimore’s distilling pioneers and the new Sagamore Rye in a way that resonates with today’s audiences.

F&B MAG • Cynthia •


F&B MAG • Cynthia •


Working with the Sagamore team on the Sagamore Spirit Distillery was one of those milestone projects in a career. The entire team was so passionate about the project and the more stories we uncovered of Maryland’s distilling history, the more our fascination grew. It was an exciting project to work on because in helping to bring the Sagamore Spirit brand to life, not only were we uncovering a forgotten part of Maryland’s past but we were also creating a love story for Maryland that inspires visitors to be a part of the renaissance of Maryland whiskey.

Solid Light is unlike others in our industry because we provide comprehensive content, design, media and fabrication services all under one roof. This means we completely own and control the quality and costs of the entire project for our clients, rather than relying heavily on outside vendors. This allows us to seamlessly meet our clients’ needs.

Food & Beverage Magazine |M J uanye 22001177



We develop strong relationships with our clients throughout our process, and many of them come back to us, because they know they can count on us. We helped Heaven Hill, a distilled spirits company, develop their first visitor center in Bardstown, KY, and when they decided to build another in downtown Louisville, they called on us to be their partner to create the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.

F&B Mag • Cynthia •

WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS YOU MAKE AS A LEADER OF YOUR ORGANIZATION? Ensuring that we remain true to our mission, core values, and vision in making every decision is key. Providing opportunities for our team and meeting our clients’ needs also guide me.

F&B Mag • Cynthia •


F&B Mag •


Cynthia •

Creative thinking is at the core of our process as storytellers. At Solid Light, we have an incredible group of creative designers, builders, filmmakers and writers that are passionate about the work we do, so encouraging innovative thought is easy. When we take on a new project, I challenge my team to look at the story from several different points of view to create an immersive visitor experience that inspires powerful personal connections and relevance, helping to transform the visitor’s understanding, or change their perspective.

When I founded Solid Light, my vision was to create a full-service firm that plans, designs and builds exhibits and visitor experiences that matter and help visitors learn how we are all more alike than different. Spatial storytelling that impacts people and culture is at the core of what we do. I believe it takes all three—mission, core values, and vision to guide our company. Our mission is to create visitor experiences that enlighten the world and impassion the heart, and is why we are passionate about our work. Our core values and driving principals are elevate, amaze, and transform—both within our team and externally—and these are how we do our work. Our vision provides the roadmap for what we are working toward everyday—to be the premier experts in creating powerful, innovative, and sustainable visitor experiences.

F&B Mag • Cynthia •

F&B Mag • Cynthia •

WHEN FACED WITH TWO EQUALLY-QUALIFIED CANDIDATES, HOW DO YOU DETERMINE WHOM TO HIRE? When hiring new team members, qualities I look for beyond proven results in their specific expertise, include someone who will be a passionate champion of our client’s vision and possesses an enthusiasm for storytelling that connects and transforms visitors. It is important that a candidate embraces our core principles, and can live them in daily life.

WHAT IS ONE CHARACTERISTIC THAT YOU BELIEVE EVERY LEADER SHOULD POSSESS? Creating possibilities for our employees is the foundation of our company vision. I believe a leader should provide opportunities for others to grow and achieve their goals. As the founder of a 100 percent woman-owned business, one of my main causes is elevating other women. Through my work as a member of the board of directors of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, I’m privileged to help provide opportunities that inspire courage and confidence in girls in my home state of Kentucky and southern Indiana. I’m also a founding member of Bourbon Women, which creates a national network of women professionals in an industry traditionally dominated by men. w w wCynthia . f o o dTorp b e vQ&A, m a g . Continues c o m | JOn u nNext e 2 Page 017



F&B Mag • Cynthia •

CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE IMPACT, IF ANY, THAT SOCIAL MEDIA HAS MADE ON YOUR ORGANIZATION AND YOU PERSONALLY? Social media is changing the way we tell and share stories with others by emphasizing short, visual and personal stories to create empathy with our audiences. In addition, messages need to be clear, concise, and direct, since today’s visitors are conditioned by the length of texts and tweets. And we often present difficult or controversial issues by sharing opposing views, and posing the question for the visitor to ponder, rather than providing a definitive point of view. Personally, there is a lot of pressure to keep up with the constant communication onslaught. These are valuable business tools, yet there isn’t enough time in the day to be as responsive as I would like to be. I often find myself catching up late at night or early in the morning.

F&B Mag •


Cynthia •

Social media is changing the way we tell and share stories with others by emphasizing short, visual and personal stories to create empathy with our audiences. In addition, messages need to be clear, concise, and direct, since today’s visitors are conditioned by the length of texts and tweets. And we often present difficult or controversial issues by sharing opposing views, and posing the question for the visitor to ponder, rather than providing a definitive point of view. Personally, there is a lot of pressure to keep up with the constant communication onslaught. These are valuable business tools, yet there isn’t enough time in the day to be as responsive as I would like to be. I often find myself catching up late at night or early in the morning.

F&B Mag • Cynthia •

WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX? My husband and I live on 95 acres of Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Classified Forest and Wildlands in southern Indiana. Caring for the forest and tending our gardens is a passion that releases me from the pressures of running a business. The connection to the land provides a vital source of energy and inspiration for everything I do.

Thank you, Cynthia Torp

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



“Sagamore Spirit is one of those milestone projects in a career,” - Cynthia Torp Solid Light Owner/President

Solid Light Inc. Sagamore Spirit Distillery Project Continues On Next Page

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Solid Light and Sagamore SPIRIT Developers Create a Love Story for Maryland

SAGAMORE SPIRIT DISTILLERY, and Solid Light,a full-service firm that plans, designs and builds exhibits and visitor experiences, are leading a modern-day renaissance to restore Maryland’s forgotten heritage of crafting American whiskey. The new rye whiskey distillery opens on Friday, April 21 – complete with three tasting venues and a visitor center that makes guests part of the unforgettable stories of the people of Maryland’s past. To bring Maryland’s whiskey history alive, Solid Light’s research team found historical documents and images, and spoke to historians to understand what distilling in Maryland looked and felt like in its prime – before Prohibition. This information became the foundation the team used to create interpretive graphics and interactive media elements, including a digital map of Maryland and Baltimore distilling throughout history. By blending the historical with the contemporary, the visitor experience tells the stories of Baltimore’s distilling pioneers in a way that resonates with today’s audiences.

Beyond the exhibit design and build, Solid Light worked with Sagamore Spirit’s developers to bring the brand and visitor experience to life — taking the project from renderings to the fabrication and installation of each design element— while acting as a key driver for the many stakeholders, architects, and vendors to ensure a cohesive design and meaningful visitor experience. “Sagamore Spirit is one of those milestone projects in a career,” said Solid Light Owner/President Cynthia Torp. “Everyone felt such passion and enthusiasm for this project, and the more stories we uncovered of Maryland’s history, the more our fascination grew. Helping to bring the Sagamore Spirit brand to life, driving and managing the project, and telling the stories of Baltimore’s distilling pioneers was exciting, challenging and fulfilling. This is spatial storytelling that visitors will remember long after they leave.”

“Sagamore Spirit commissioned Solid Light to design and create a unique and memorable experience at the distillery that would inspire all of our guests,” said Brian Treacy, President of Sagamore Spirit. “The team understood what we were trying Everything from the visual media com- to accomplish and helped us bring the ponents to the look and feel of the tables Sagamore Spirit brand to life, as well as in the tasting venues were designed and sharing Maryland’s rich distilling history.” created by Solid Light to virtually take visitors on the 22-mile journey from The result is a Sagamore Spirit love story the spring waters at Sagamore Farm — for Maryland that inspires visitors to trucked in daily to make Sagamore rye discover, renaissance of Maryland whiskey — to the distillery in Baltimore. whiskey. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

About Solid Light

Solid Light designs and builds exhibits and visitor experiences that engage, enlighten, and inspire. We are passionate champions of a client’s vision, bringing powerful stories to life through comprehensive, startto-finish content, design, fabrication and installation services.




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Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



As CEO of Patrick Properties Hospitality Group, Randall Goldman has for two decades carried out the vision of lovingly restoring Charleston’s most historic properties, shaping distressed heirlooms into national monuments of preservation and valuable generators of revenue for the surrounding community. Goldman cofounded PPHG as managing partner. Motivated by a deep passion for conservancy and keen grasp of business investments, his foresight guided the acquisition of the company’s four historic Charleston venues – including three properties in the heart of Upper King Street. The meticulous transformation of the American Theater, Fish Restaurant and William Aiken House has proven instrumental in revitalizing a wave of new business and development currently changing the face of this downtown neighborhood. w wwith w . f oRandall o d b e Goldman v m a g . cContinues o m | J On u n eNext 2 0Page 17 Q&A



Q&A with

Randall Goldman F&B Mag • Randall •

EVERYONE HAS A STORY. TELL US HOW YOU KNEW YOU WANTED TO ENTER THE HOSPITALITY FIELD. WHAT WAS YOUR “LIGHT BULB” MOMENT That’s easy, I was ser ving in the Coast Guard at a small boat station in southern Mar yland doing search and rescue when it dawned upon me that my mood hinges on two factors, sleep and eating. Search and rescue calls came in any time day or night with the opportunity of being under way for dozens of hours. The cook of our small boat station didn’t like his job as he was a former New York policeman and longed for the calls of the station. This was my opportunity. I could cook for the station, and he could go be the cop on the water. Napoleon said “An army marches on its stomach,” which was true then and at the small boat station, the crews returning from a 12-plus hour call began to look for ward to their return as ever y meal was a welcome home. While cooking, as an employee at the Federal Prison, I was told early on that the compound ran on the mood of the kitchen. My career today shows me that festivals, special events, and even a simple date night or family night out can be made incredible if they involve sitting around the table having a great meal. My “light bulb” started at that small boat station when I learned the value of communal dining.

F&B Mag • Randall •

CAN YOU NAME A PERSON WHO HAS HAD A TREMENDOUS IMPACT ON YOU AS A LEADER? WHY AND HOW DID THIS PERSON IMPACT YOUR LIFE? Not one person but rather one family, Dr. Celeste Patrick, her husband Charles and their two kids Laura and Charlie. During my college days here in Charleston at Johnson and Wales, I cooked for the family in the evenings after classes. It began with three days a week, then grew to five and sprinkled in was the occasional party at their home on the Batter y, located on the tip of the Charleston peninsula. The blessing they have came through their hard work and sacrifice. I quickly learned the value of friendship as they are incredibly loyal to those close to them. They also believe strongly in the inspiration of former President Kennedy’s famous obser vation, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required,” which can also be found in Luke 12:48: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” When our company first began restoring historic properties, Dr. Patrick was asked what she wanted to do with the American Theater to which the architect said, “if you build residential, you’ll help a family, if you do commercial you’ll help a community.” Commercial responsibility to one’s community is at the heart of our business. The heart of our business is the team from which our loyalty is to the guests and their experiences. Watching how they conduct their personal and professional lives sets the code of ethics for me and ever yone here at the company. Be loyal, care and get active within your community, and do only the projects that are right for what you do. Then create a team that can see that vision and let them go.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


F&B Mag • Randall •

F&B Mag • Randall •

F&B Mag • Randall •

F&B Mag • Randall •


WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS YOU MAKE AS ONE OF THE LEADERS OF YOUR ORGANIZATION? Each of our historical properties required incredible resources to return them to the grandeur in which they were originally built. The best craftsmen, carpenters and masons around worked on these properties, each bringing a multi-generation depth of experience that you just don’t see anymore. This is true in our kitchens and in the front of the house. You buy only the best and hire only the best to create the meals and experiences we do. The most important decisions I make have to do with quality of product, be it an HVAC system that I could get for half as much then get half the life, purchasing a paint that is of the highest quality so it stands up to the rigors of our events, to working directly with the farmers and fishermen and ranchers. Buy the best the first time, hire the best the first time, and you will not have to do it over again, ultimately saving tons over the life cycle which creates for only the best experiences. HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE CREATIVE THINKING WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION? As Steve Jobs said “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” For me it goes back to the dining experience which is centered at a table. Invite ever yone to sit at the table, be open to contracting views and offer ample time for them to express their opinions. If ever yone has a voice then the end product or ser vice will always be better. Back to the old sayings, in Africa they say, “If you want to run fast, run alone; if you want to run far, run together.” For me it’s always about the team. Opposing views will either change my position or strengthen my resolve by challenging my opinions. Respect, however, is key and that must go both ways. Any CEO balances the same reactions when confronted with a member of the team who doesn’t do their best. If you hire right the first time, the mere mentioning of the situation in a long context can undermine the best of constructive guidance. We will all drop the ball at some point and the team will pick it up together. Each of us expects more from ourselves than anyone else could ever dream of asking from us, so the fact that we let ourselves down first is devastating.

AS CEO, OF CHARLESTON HOSPITALITY. WHICH DO YOU THINK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION—MISSION, CORE VALUES OR VISION? Hands down, core values. You can never truly achieve your mission and have a team that sees your vision and is then able to implement it if you yourself don’t have a strong set of core values. Core values are also the company’s ethos, which permeates throughout ever ything you do and is felt by guests, vendors and the community. I was recently asked a similar question but with ethos, pathos and logos, Aristotle’s “ingredients for persuasion,” to which I replied with Paley’s teleological argument which is based on the analogy: watchmaker is to watch as God is to universe.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR VENUES/RESTAURANTS? I would describe them as owned National Historic Landmarks. Actually, we are mere caretakers of these properties as they will long surpass my days. I use the term owned as there is a tangible existence that is felt by someone who owns something, a sense of pride that you don’t get when you rent. The histor y within our walls speaks to something larger than any one of us and the attention to detail in their restoration is our standard. These buildings have a stor y to tell and we tell their individual stories through the ser vices we provide. w wwith w . f oRandall o d b e Goldman v m a g . cContinues o m | J On u n eNext 2 0Page 17 Q&A



F&B Mag • Randall •

WHEN FACED WITH TWO EQUALLY-QUALIFIED CANDIDATES, HOW DO YOU DETERMINE WHOM TO HIRE? This is about the details and personalizing one’s experience. Some time ago I was in this ver y position when tr ying to fill a ver y senior level position. Each candidate came from a great industr y-related school, with perfect and well-thought-out lists of references, measured with ever y career move, and had done extensive research on our company, key members of the team and myself. In my last conversation, the candidate who received the offer noticed a small item in my office that was ver y special to me and then complimented me on it. They told me they too had a similar item and told me their stor y on what made theirs so special. To this day I never asked if they learned through their research how important it is to me and if they used that stor y as a closing argument. I didn’t need to know at that point. What I needed was someone who was interested in the smallest of details, like many of which go unnoticed yet profoundly create an unforgettable experience.

F&B Mag • Randall • F&B Mag • Randall •

F&B Mag • Randall •

F&B Mag • Randall •

WHAT IS ONE CHARACTERISTIC THAT YOU BELIEVE EVERY LEADER SHOULD POSSESS? Empathy. If one can understand where someone else is coming from then dialogue can happen and if dialogue happens, things start to change.

CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE IMPACT, IF ANY, THAT SOCIAL MEDIA HAS MADE ON YOUR ORGANIZATION AND YOU PERSONALLY? Social media is last year’s campfire, last week’s water cooler, a place to share a stor y. The highest level of engagement happens when things are personalized while showing a range of interests. We use social media to tell the stor y and histor y of our National Historic properties and the people who make the moments matter. The travel market is composed of experiential travelers and diners. People are looking for that special place that will set the stage for an unforgettable memor y, and social media gives us the opportunity to tell our stor y.

WHAT ARE A FEW RESOURCES YOU WOULD RECOMMEND TO SOMEONE LOOKING TO GAIN INSIGHT INTO BECOMING A BETTER LEADER? My first resource is faith, having a belief in your higher power answers all questions and comforts all situations. My next “go to” is my mentors, people whose thoughts, ideas, inspirations and morals I value. The one who immediately comes to mind is a person who was incredibly successful, started a company, and grew it from one person to hundreds then thousands, all while being a great father and husband. We meet ever y other month and I always have three to four questions I need answered, and ever y time he organically raises the conversation to the 60,000’ view. I never get the answers to my particular questions, rather I get answers to the origin of my situation and never deal with the symptoms. Surround yourself with people that challenge you to do better and that will be the best resource.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ENSURE YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AS A LEADER? Listening and watching. I listen to the people around me and make sure I include people who have opposing opinions and beliefs, including my community and our guests, as they can help you see things from a different perspective. Watching where the elected officials are investing as the infrastructure needs to be there before development can happen. Mayor Riley, the Mayor of Charleston for 40 years, was a visionar y and all you had to do was watch where he was going and that was where you needed to be.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



Personally I find that I become most creative when I am away from my natural surroundings, as it gives me a chance to watch others and learn how they became successful, be it at Disney or listening to a legend like Danny Meyer. The books by my bed are Danny Meyer’s “Setting the Table,” “Lessons in Excellence from Charlie Trotter,” “Creating Magic” by Lee Cockerell, “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne and finally, “Prisoners of Our Thoughts” by Alex Pattakos.

F&B Mag • Randall •

WHAT, DO YOU DO TO RELAX? I spend time with what’s most important, my wife and son. That makes me relax and puts things into perspective.

This commitment to local service is at the heart of Goldman’s

leadership. The company was awarded the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s National Preservation Award in 2002, a significant milestone as first privately held company to receive the honor in the state of South Carolina. The distinction recognizes significant contribution to historic preservation and sustaining the economic, environmental and cultural heritage of the community. With the addition of Lowndes Grove Plantation, Patrick Properties Hospitality Group today hosts more than 500 events with a total of nearly 60,000 guests annually. The company has also grown from a staff of 11 to more than 120 full-time employees under his direction. Among a long list of civic involvement and charitable outreach, Goldman is a current member of the James Beard Foundation National Advisory Board, immediate past chair of the Board of Directors for Charleston Wine + Food Festival and member of the Board for both South Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association and Greater Charleston Restaurant Association. Randall is also immediate past chair of the Hospitality & Tourism Management School at the College of Charleston. He sat on the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Aquarium from 2010-2015, and acts as past chair of the Local Development Corporation – a privately funded micro-lending agency that provides gap loans to small local businesses. Goldman also serves as co-chair of the Charleston Police Fund and is an Honorary Commander of the Joint Base Charleston. He was named a fellow for the National Security Forum hosted by the USAF Air War College.

Randall Goldman

CEO of Patrick Properties Hospitality Group

w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7


AMERICA’S BEST SPORTS BAR SETS SIGHTS ON THE MAGNOLIA STATE Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar executes development agreement to bring four restaurants to area The “#1 Sports Bar in North America” is heading to Mississippi. Walk-On’s Enterprises co-founder and owner Brandon Landry announced today that the company has executed an Area Development Agreement with franchisees Matt Gallagher and Jeffrey St. Romain to bring an initial four Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar locations to Jackson, Hattiesburg, Oxford and Southaven. “We have been going to Walk-On’s for years, so we knew it was exactly the kind of sports bar concept we always wanted to own,” said St. Romain. “Everything about the brand is superior – the incredible Louisiana-style food, the wide array of cocktails and craft beers, the franchisee structure, the family-friendly sports atmosphere and the commitment to outstanding customer service. Matt and I are excited to join Brandon and his incredible Walk-On’s team, and we can’t wait to introduce the concept to the great people of Mississippi.” St. Romain currently owns Greystone Development Group, which specializes in the development of shopping centers, medical office buildings and residential communities. Gallagher owns Gallagher Properties, which manages property foreclosures for multiple national banks. Prior to the construction business, Gallagher was with Outback Steakhouse for 20 years in Covington, La., as Managing Partner. “We’ve had an eye on Mississippi ever since we started franchising, and we feel very fortunate to have Matt and Jeffrey leading the way there,” said Scott Taylor, Walk-On’s Enterprises President & COO. “We look forward to working with these two talented business men and their team as they scout locations, share our vision for WalkOn’s with the local communities and plant our flag across Mississippi.” Walk-On’s is renowned for its signature Louisiana-style menu served up in a game-day atmosphere by our All-American Team. Walk-On’s now has 12 locations: four in Baton Rouge, two in New Orleans, one each in Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport, Lake Charles and Bossier City, La., and one in Lubbock, Texas. Other locations are coming soon in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas, with several additional markets across the Southern U.S. likewise on the drawing board. In May 2015, New Orleans Saints superstar Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany, bought into Walk-On’s Enterprises as co-owners. Drew pointed out that Walk-On’s is “a great place to bring my family, teammates and business colleagues” and that they were excited to help “expand the brand across the nation.”

To inquire about franchising opportunities, qualified applicants may contact Scott Taylor at franchise@walkons.com. For a complete menu and more information, visit walk-ons.com. ABOUT WALK-ON’S ENTERPRISES

Based in Baton Rouge, La., Walk-On’s Enterprises is the creator of Walk-On’s Bistreaux & BarSM – voted ESPN’s “#1 Sports Bar in North America” in 2012. The company is expanding across the country thanks to its winning combination of delicious, affordable food and drinks presented in an uncommonly warm and friendly atmosphere. For more information, visit walkonsfranchising.com, or contact Ladd Biro at Champion Management at lbiro@championmgt.com or 972.930.9933.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7




Has been honored with a prestigious sofi™ Award in the New Product category at the Specialty Food Association’s 2017 Awards competition, which took place last month. A sofi is one of the highest honors bestowed in the $127 billion specialty food industry. “sofi” stands for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation and represents the best of the best from members of the Specialty Food Association. ExtravaGONZO was one of 154 Winners selected by a national panel of 62 specialty food experts from 3,000 entries across 39 categories. Every entry is carefully assessed by professional chefs, culinary experts, academics, food writers, and category buyers. Products are judged on taste, ingredient quality, and innovation. The sofi Awards are sanctioned by the Specialty Food Association, a not-for-profit trade association established in 1952 for food artisans, importers and entrepreneurs and boasts more than 3,400 members in the U.S. and abroad. Entrepreneur Tom Stevens’ story of creating extravaGONZO is almost as tasty as his company’s products. After wearing many hats – he worked for the USDA Forest Service, drove a taxi, sold life/health insurance, then commercial real estate and even art, and served as a lumber broker – the avid cook almost accidentally embarked on his culinary career. It was in Idaho during Thanksgiving 2006 when Stevens realized the roasted garlic oil he’d been using for many years just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. “I had an idea how to improve the process and gave it a try,” Stevens recalls. “I made two gallons of roasted garlic oil on the kitchen stove, and sent it off to family and friends. Everyone loved it and that inspired me to develop it further. Next thing I knew, I was driving around the country in my pickup truck and selling my oils at farmers’ markets and mom and pop shops, and it just kept growing and growing. Now we are, quite simply, the most-unique infused olive oil in the world, and we’re in many top stores and available online.” Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

Since introducing the Garlic flavor, he created Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange and Jalapeno Lime, all blends of 80% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 20% grapeseed oil. The Balsamics (white and red from Modena, Italy) were introduced at the Fancy Food Show last June.





Every LongHorn Steakhouse across the country has a team of expert Grill Masters specially trained in the art of grilling. This summer, these certified Grill Masters will share their expertise with at-home grillers to help them become masters of their own craft. LongHorn’s Grill Us Hotline will return for the fifth year, connecting guests directly with these top Grill Masters when they dial 1-855-LHGRILL. Experts will be standing by on the days leading up to summer’s biggest grilling holidays to help guests prepare for cookouts with family and friends. The Hotline will be live from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET on the following dates:

Over the past five years, Grill Masters have received a variety of questions from guests, ranging from grilling basics to hard-core techniques. As summer heats up, here are some of their top tips based on some of the most popular questions since the Grill Us Hotline began. • Grill Open vs. Grill Closed: It depends on what’s going on the grill. For steaks, boneless chicken, pork, fish or vegetables, keep the grill lid open. Close it up if to make bonein chicken or hamburgers. ABOUT LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE®

• Grilling A Lot of Steaks at Once: Set up temperature zones on the grill. Designate a “hot zone,” and heat it to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, create a “warm zone” on a quarter of the grill, and set the temperature between 100 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. When a steak reaches the right temperature, move it to the “warm zone” so it stays hot but doesn’t get overcooked.

• ExpertGriller.com: LongHorn’s web site, www.ExpertGriller.com, is dedicated to chef-inspired recipes, cook-out guides and even more expert advice.

• Making a Great Grill Seasoning: LongHorn restaurants have a secret blend, but a solid substitute is called “The Big Four.” Mix salt, pepper, granulated onion powder and granulated garlic powder. Pat the mixture into both sides of a cut of meat – and don’t be shy with the seasoning.

To help grill-out To helpmake makeevery every grill-out successful, LongHorn has even successful, LongHorn has even more more resources available to resources available to guests. guests. • Engage on Social Media: Guests can chat live with LongHorn for expert advice from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, seven days a week, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This summer, LongHorn is also debuting an allnew Grill Hero Facebook Messenger, where fans have round-the-clock access to mouthwatering recipes and grilling know-how tailored to their personal tastes. This new feature is now available on LongHorn’s Facebook page. • Text “GRILL” to 55702: Guests can get some of LongHorn’s top tips and recipes delivered straight to their phone all summer and tips will change every week.

For more information and to locate the closest restaurant, guests can visit www.LongHornSteakhouse.com.

LongHorn Steakhouse is known for fresh, boldly seasoned and expertly grilled steaks – like the signature bone-in Outlaw Ribeye® – all served in a relaxed, warm atmosphere inspired by a rancher’s home. LongHorn has more than 490 restaurants across 40 states and is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others in the community. As part of this commitment, LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants have donated more than 17 million pounds of food to local non-profit organizations across the country. For more information and to find a location near you, visit www.LongHornSteakhouse. com. Fans can also follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/LongHornSteakhouse or on Twitter and Instagram @LongHornSteaks.

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Front of the House


Front of the House®, a leading authority on tabletop, buffet ware, and serving solution trends, has been at the forefront of the porcelain plating revolution for the past 15 years. Made from a proprietary recipe of high-quality, commercial-grade porcelain, and further strengthened with a dominant percentage of aluminum oxide, Front of the House’s porcelain plate ware is specifically designed for commercial use and durability. The FOH® porcelain manufacturing process includes a superior glaze that will never fade or stain with continuous high-volume use and commercial dishwashing’s. These products can also withstand high temperature firing as these pieces have double fired in excess of 2500°F by master technicians.

Front of the House®, a leading authority on tabletop, buffet ware, and serving solution trends, has been at the forefront of the porcelain plating revolution for the past 15 years. Made from a proprietary recipe of high-quality, commercial-grade porcelain, and further strengthened with a dominant percentage of aluminum oxide, Front of the House’s porcelain plate ware is specifically designed for commercial use and durability. The FOH® porcelain manufacturing process includes a superior glaze that will never fade or stain with continuous high-volume use and commercial dishwashing’s. These products can also withstand high temperature firing as these pieces have double fired in excess of 2500°F by master technicians. Most of the porcelain items are stackable allowing for easy cleanup and compact storage. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



Porcelain Satisfies All of Your Plating Needs

Purchasing FOHÂŽ porcelain is a great investment for any chef or restaurant owner as it is guarantees to solve all of your plating needs. w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7



Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


F&B mag • Lisa • F&B mag • Lisa • F&B mag • Lisa • F&B mag • Lisa • F&B mag • Lisa • F&B mag • Lisa •

F&B mag • Lisa •


WHY CHOOSE FOH DISHWARE? I chose FOH dishware because it’s the perfect accent to my food and décor. HOW IMPORTANT IS PRESENTATION? Presentation is extremely important. If you want creativity on the plate, you must showcase it through color and shape. These two items are the canvas for the cuisine presentation. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LINE FROM FOH? Kiln is my favorite line from FOH because it’s both earthy and strong at the same time. . WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO PLATE? My favorite way to plate is non-fussy, colorful and bold. DO YOU HAVE ANY PLATING TRICKS YOU CAN SHARE? In order to keep being innovative in your plating, keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE THIS WAS YOUR CAREER PATH? I chose this career path because creating great dining experiences is the essence of hospitality. Cooking great meals and the guest experience is aligned with giving service, which I have been doing since my past career in the fashion industry. WHO WAS YOUR GREATEST COOKING INFLUENCE? My greatest cooking influence was my nanna when I was growing up because she taught me real soul food.

F&B mag • Lisa •

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INGREDIENT TO COOK WITH? My favorite ingredient to cook with is love.

F&B mag • Lisa •

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WHITE WINE? FAVORITE RED? I really enjoy Vermentino by Tenuta Argentiera, which is a white wine. As far as a red wine, I like a well-rounded cabernet sauvignon like Ferrari Carano for the reason that I drink a glass of red wine every night. This particular style is lush with medium tannins but always in balance with my palette.

F&B mag • Lisa •

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT? My favorite dessert is vanilla bean gelato with limoncello drizzled over it, paper-thin homemade lemon wafers for dipping, and a great guy to eat it with–haha! Q&Aw with w w . fChef o o d Dahl b e v mContinues a g . c o m On | J uNext n e Page 2017




F&B mag • Lisa •

WHAT CELEBRITY YOU WOULD LOVE TO COOK DINNER FOR? I would love to cook dinner for Oprah. ( And hopefully Gayle would join us! )

F&B mag • CHEF WHOSE STYLE OF COOKING YOU REALLY DIG? Lisa • I like the cooking styles of both Lydia Bastianich and Mario Batali because their style of Italian cuisine is very similar to the style of Italian I love and love to cook with! Additionally, I like their cooking styles because they always have earthy and real elements with their cuisine, which I also adore.

F&B mag • BEST THING ABOUT BEING A CHEF IS? Lisa • One of the best things about being a Chef is that it gives an opportunity every day to improve your skills and to become a better communicator. Most of all, if you succeed in achieving consistency, the accolades are worth all the hardships you endure in the process.

F&B mag • HOW DO THE TERM GLUTEN-FREE, MAKE YOU FEEL? Lisa • The term “gluten-free” is very unsexy. I wish we could give it a

better name, but when people have real dietary needs that must be addressed, it’s all the more makes me want to raise their expectations of an alternative meal. I want to make the meal exceptional.


OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL CHEF? My advice for someone aspiring to become a professional Chef is to realize that it is a calling that is so much more than just preparing artful food. It can be the most rewarding work if you know what it is all about. But it can also be the most demanding, stressful and make it hard to find a partner that understands this kind of career means you are almost always “on call

F&B mag • LASTLY, WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN RELAXING’S? Lisa • To relax, I walk or ride my bike thinking about new ideas, places I want to travel for inspiration, food preparations, food presentation, etc. Don’t forget – not only am I the Chef of my four restaurants, but I own them as well so, the “R” word as in “relaxing” is something I am striving to work on every day!

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


Mariposa - Patina Cone & Kiln


Mariposa - Kiln Pepper

Mariposa - Kiln Round Pepper

Mariposa - Kiln Oval Pepper

Mariposa - Kiln Round Pepper

Mariposa - Kiln Oval Pepper

Thank you, Chef Dahl About Chef Lisa Dahl For more than 20 years, Chef Lisa Dahl has pioneered the culinary scene in Sedona, Ariz. as the executive chef and owner of four extraordinary restaurants in Northern Arizona’s red rock country that have earned international acclaim: Dahl & Di Luca Risorante Italiano, Cucina Rustica, Pisa Lisa and the newest, most buzzed-about addition, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill. Dahl was the first to introduce fine dining to the small town of Sedona in the late ‘90s and she remains the largest restaurateur in the area with accolades spanning the culinary spectrum. In recent years, she’s been widely credited for Sedona’s emergence as a national “foodie destination”. Along with being a self-taught chef and successful restaurateur, Dahl is also a best-selling cookbook author and designer, having single-handedly designed the interiors of each of her restaurants. She lives by her mantra, “when you cook with love, you feed the soul” and believes that flavors should never be overworked, food should speak for itself and only the best ingredients should prevail. w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7



Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



F&B mag • Jay •


F&B mag • Jay •


F&B mag • Jay •


F&B mag • Jay •

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO PLATE? I love using white plates, typically rectangle or square in shape. My favorite plate features quality ingredients with lots of vibrant colors. DO YOU HAVE ANY PLATING TRICKS YOU CAN SHARE?

F&B mag • Jay •

Front of the House has great trendy designs, they are very affordable, and the plates are beautiful and a great price.

Presentation is one of the most important aspects of cooking. When plating a dish, the food must look amazing and the quality should be top notch. Having different kinds of plates is another key to presentation. Size, shape, and design are all in sync and part of a chef’s arsenal.. I really like the nouvelle collections for plating entrees and appetizers. I also love the new root boards for carrying charcuterie plates, as well as to serve a nice Angus burger on.

I like to puree vegetables and use them as my base when plating, which adds a nice smooth texture contrast. This technique lightens the dish nicely.

F&B mag • Jay •


F&B mag •


Jay •

F&B mag • Jay •

My first job in the cooking industry was as a dishwasher. After only three days, they gave me the opportunity as a cook and the rest is history. I was drawn to the intrigue and the intensity of the job, along with the creativity, energy, and the livelihood of being in the kitchen. I have been lucky enough to work alongside some great chefs such as Chef Christophe Eme in Los Angeles, and Chef Jason Tuley, who was my mentor for a couple of years. My newest mentor is Chef Ted Peters, the VP of Culinary of Remington Hotels. I also greatly admire Chef Thomas Keller.


My favorite ingredient is seafood because I can do so many great things with it. Some of my favorite types of seafood include Alaskan Halibut and Alaskan King Salmon. I also enjoy Hawaiian seabass - it is one of our signature dishes at Azurea, and it is delicious.

Q&A with Chef ww w . f Mendoza, o o d b e v mContinues a g . c o m On | J uNext n e Page 2017



F&B mag • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WHITE WINE? FAVORITE RED? Jay • My favorite white wine is a sauvignon blanc and for red, I enjoy a cabernet sauvignon.

F&B mag • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT? Jay • My favorite dessert is New York-style cheesecake. It is plain and simple but delicious when done right.

F&B mag • Jay •

WHAT CELEBRITY YOU WOULD LOVE TO COOK DINNER FOR? I would love to cook for either Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan

F&B mag • CHEF WHOSE STYLE OF COOKING YOU REALLY DIG? Jay • I am a big fan of the farm to table cooking style by chef Dan

Barber of Bluehill. I also enjoy Nobu Matsuhisa’s cooking style when it comes to Japanese fusion.

F&B mag • BEST THING ABOUT BEING A CHEF IS? Jay • My favorite part about being a chef is seeing someone’s reaction after tasting my food. I feel honored to have the opportunity to cook for people.

F&B mag • HOW DO THE TERM GLUTEN-FREE, MAKE YOU FEEL? Jay • I take no issue with the term gluten-free, especially now that a lot of dietary restrictions require it. As a chef, I take everything as a challenge whether it be gluten-free, vegan, and any other restriction, and aspire to create an amazing dining experience for every guest.


F&B mag • Jay •

OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL CHEF? My best advice for an aspiring chef would be to read books and absorb all of the knowledge that you can. I would also suggest learning how to accept criticism because as a chef it is very important to be able to learn from your mistakes. Finally, I would say practice finesse and speed in the kitchen.

LASTLY, WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN RELAXING’S? Relaxing for me involves spending quality time with my wife and 2 kids. I also enjoy reading cookbooks and doing research.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017




Kiln Plate Vanilla Bean

Oval Kiln Plate Pepper

Monaco Bowl

Tides White

Thank you, Chef Mendoza About Chef Jay Mendoza Azurea restaurant remains true to its local surroundings, providing an elegant atmosphere where a view of the ocean is accessible from any seat in the house. Azurea’s menu changes with each season, representing the latest trends and the finest ingredients available. As a Wine Spectator award of excellence restaurant, Azurea is one of three AAA four-diamond awarded restaurants in Northeast Florida. Bringing knowledge and experience in the luxury hotel and restaurant market, Chef Jay Mendoza has worked at top-rated hotels and restaurants in New York, California, Alaska and Louisiana, including three Michelin star rated restaurants. Mendoza’s professional experience spans more than 14 years at an array of restaurants, resorts and hotels throughout the country. Embarking his culinary career in California, Mendoza held positions at Los Angeles hotspots including, Bouchon Bistro, Sona Restaurant, Ortolan Restaurant and Patina Restaurant where he developed his gift for engaging with guests and the community, which he has carried throughout his career. Mendoza went on to hold a chef de cuisine and executive pastry chef position at Hotel Indigo in Santa Barbara, Calif. and executive chef and director of food and beverage positions at Stonebridge Companies/Hilton Properties in Anchorage, Alaska and Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans, La. Mendoza’s responsibilities included menu development, staff recruitment and management while overseeing daily restaurant and bar operations. As the resort chef, Mendoza leads the day-to-day operations of the culinary program at One Ocean Resort & Spa and Azurea. w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7




Two of the top stars of Mexican hospitality – the director of one of the country’s top-rated hotels and the chef of one of Mexico’s best new restaurants – are collaborating on a metro-chic brasserie opening July 2017 in the colonial heart of San Miguel de Allende. “The dining scene in San Miguel de Allende is on fire, making it the ideal location for our exciting new brasserie, Bovine,” said Bruce James, director of Hotel Matilda, which has received numerous kudos from top magazines including recently HOTELIER Bruce James being ranked the top hotel in Mexico in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2016 Rare for restaurants in Mexico, in addition to the dining room there Reader’s Choice Awards. will be dining in a spacious bar area Mr. James is partnering on Bovine with comfortable seating, creating a with Paul Bentley, the Australian casual and welcoming scene. Local chef who has taken Mexico by and national products will be emphastorm. He has garnered rave reviews sized. Adding depth and diversity recently for his menu as chef of Mi to the dining experience will be a Amor in Tulum, while his Magno seafood bar, with fresh fish, oysters, Brasserie in Guadalajara was named clams and more flown in from the Best New Restaurant in Mexico Ensenada. Bovine will serve lunch in Travel + Leisure’s 2016 Gourmet and dinner daily. Awards. With a menu of surprises, meat “We are reinterpreting the tradi- lovers will discover that Bovine is tional meat-with-vegetable concept not your average steakhouse. An of a steakhouse by focusing on cut- old favorite is being resurrected but ting-edge preparation techniques with a new twist: Steak Tartare with and trends,” explained Chef Bentley. truffles and tarragon aioli. Braised “We are designing comfort food with Beef Ribs are smothered in a red complex and layered flavors that wine reduction with bacon, onion, bring an exciting new metro-chic radishes and carrots. The Bovine dining experience to San Miguel.” Hamburger patty is a mix of brisket, ribeye, chuck and braised shortribs Chef Bentley describes his menu as and infused with lemon zest. Lamb simple, hearty and honest – hence Ribs are dressed with miso, eggplant the moniker of a ‘brasserie.’ The and gremolata. Suckling pig is laced beef will be dry-aged in-house, the with lavender, honey and smokedsalt jus charcuterie homemade. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

Chef Paul Bentley

Purists will savor the finest meats, including Cote de Boeuf dry-aged 45 days and top tier Rib Eye and New York Strip steaks, cooked on wood grills. The menu is populated with many fish and fowl choices as well, including: Whole fish with Fennel Salad and Lemon Vinaigrette; Wood-Fire Roasted Chicken with Lemon Marmalade, Green Sauce and Sorrel; Tuna Tartare with Ponzu, Flaxseed, Shallot and Yuzo Koshu; and Grilled Octopus with Gremolata and Potatoes. One-of-a kind salads are tossed with bold flavors, such as Tomato Buratta with Tomato Juice, Black Olives, Basil Oil and Peaches, Roasted Baby Beets with Raspberry, Orange Oil, Goat Cheese and Macadamia Nuts, and Charred Leeks with Smoked Buttermilk, Cured Yolk and Scallion Oil. Desserts will emphasize baked treats from the oven, from strudels and a Paris Brest with Hazelnut Cream and Praline Ice Cream, to Lemon Pie with Lemon Curd, Sour Cream and Lemon Peel Puree and Frangipani Pie with Almond Cream, Seasonal Fruits and Sugar Glacé. A catalyst for San Miguel’s rise as a culinary hub was Mr. James’ collaboration on a new restaurant at Hotel Matilda with superstar Mexican chef Enrique Olvera.


Opened in 2012, Moxi quickly evolved into a foodie destination and helped spark a restaurant renaissance in San Miguel that today is in full bloom – making the celebrated colonial town a new dining Mecca of Mexico. Moxi in particular has gained fame by hosting extravagant culinary evenings called Supper Clubs that are often combined with art showings and feature top restaurant and hotel chefs as guest chefs.



Under Mr. James’ direction, Hotel Matilda has forged an international image for its sophisticated ‘Matilda lifestyle’ guest experience, that has translated into top ratings in media polls and surveys. Previously, he guided some of the most iconic and trend-setting luxury hotels and hospitality companies in Mexico – including general manager of famed Hacienda de San Antonio near Colima, the flagship Habita Hotel in Mexico City’s chic Polanco district, Quinta Real Acapulco and Casa del Mar in Los Cabos – and in the process developed extensive ties in the country’s culinary world as well as spearheaded trend-setting dining at the properties he managed. Cook, baker, pastry chef, entrepreneur, visionary, tattoos, loyalty, affinity and Magno Brasserie define the personality of Paul Bentley, an Australian with deep passions and values that determine each moment of his life journey. It all began for Chef Bentley in his native Southwestern Australia when, sparked by his inherent curiosity, he began to see the connection and natural coexistence between agricultural production and the sea – an understanding that became his greatest asset as a chef. His connection with the kitchen begun during his adolescence, when his affinity for cooking allowed him to be part of the culinary world from a very young age. Mastering his cooking skills enabled him to learn the necessary commitment that kept him out of trouble. Over more than 20 years of experience in gastronomy, he has been part of some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Australia, Europe and New York as well as Mexico. His cooking style is elegant and contemporary, with French technique, rustic scenes and depth of flavor. Bovine is ideally located in the heart of scenic San Miguel, on bustling Canal Street.

w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7


r e p u S


DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017




Medley Salad Rolls Simple and perfect for any time of year, these MAESTRO® sweet bell pepper salad rolls make for a no-cook, fast and delicious lunch or dinner. GINGER LIME DIPPING SAUCE • • • • • •

½ cup fresh lime juice ½ cup Thai fish sauce 1 Tbsp fresh ginger, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 3 Tbsp sweet chili sauce ½ Gusto® mixed hot pepper, very thinly sliced (optional)

SALAD ROLLS • • • • • • • • • • • • •

½ package small rice noodles 8 large rice paper wrappers 2 cups rotisserie chicken, shredded 1 cup fresh cooked shrimp 1 Maestro® sweet bell pepper, seeded and thinly sliced 8 leaves Delicato® Living Butter Lettuce 1 cup Concerto® Gold Grape tomatoes, halved ½ Fresco® long english cucumber, thinly sliced 2 spring onions, thinly sliced 3⁄4 cup salted peanuts, chopped ¼ cup fresh mint, torn ½ cup fresh Thai basil, torn ½ cup fresh cilantro

INSTRUCTIONS Mix lime juice, Thai fish sauce, ginger, garlic and sweet chili sauce. Place rice noodles into a large bowl and pour boiled hot water over noodles until submerged. Let sit covered for about 5-7 minutes or until tender, drain and rinse in cold water. Pour remaining hot water onto a large baking sheet until three-quarters full. To soften rice papers, submerge one at a time under the water. Remove and place rice paper on a tea towel to blot. Add one Delicato® living butter lettuce leaf in the middle of the wrapper. Fill with one-eighth of the Maestro® sweet bell peppers, Concerto® Gold grape tomatoes, Fresco® long english cucumbers, shrimp, chicken, rice noodles, peanuts, spring onions, Thai basil, mint and cilantro. To roll salad rolls, press down on filling, fold the bottom of wrapper over filling, then fold in sides, roll tightly and press edges to seal. Cut the rolls lengthwise and serve with dipping sauce.

FOR MORE GREAT RECIPES VISIT WINDSETFARMS.COM w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7


Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


Are becoming fashionable nowadays making loved ones outdoor barbecues less complicated than ever before! Cooking on the grill is a good method to entertain business associates or just feed the family without to heat up the indoor cooking area while Running to and fro through the house and back to the patio IS BECOMING OUTDATED.

w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7



NOWADAYS GRILLING is simpler and enjoyable by assembling an outdoor

kitchen. Even the most convenient of set-ups can make outdoor cooking more efficient. The fanciest types mean you will not have to go back inside until all your guests leave due to the fact everything is proper at your fingertips! Charcoal was great before hand but the gas grill took over as a result of its convenience. Today’s most advanced grills have side burners, storage space and work places made proper in. Anything is incorporated for your outside patio and entertaining is no longer a chore to prepare. Installing an outdoor kitchen area may be just the thing to suit your needs if you’ve frequent cookouts and everybody is intrigued together with your barbecue skills. Perhaps you grill in large volumes and have to have a lot more of a simpler approach to do this. An outside home also might be just for you personally if you possess an unused patio or deck. If you are needing to move past the burgers and dogs and try out some savvy dishes an outside kitchen may be ideal to suit your needs.. Also if you are tired with the outrageous electric bills because of your heating up the house and your air conditioning unit working overtime. If some of these suggestions resonate with you, it is possibly time to do some outdoor cooking area shopping. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017

An outside house can be as little or elaborate as you would like using the grill being the centerpiece. The most common grills come with wheels which you can take with you whenever you proceed and arrive in a wide variety of sizes, features and selling price. These are also fun to take to the beach as nicely. When you’re preparing to build an outdoor kitchen area as a permanent aspect of your house, decide on a made in grill that will drop into an area with cabinets and countertops shop around search the internet.



During those days when the weather’s nice and you just want to spend some time in your back yard, it is definitely annoying to have to cook food inside and bring all of it outside. Outdoor kitchens are very useful and are considered one of the trendiest additions you can add on to your home. You will need to look for a place to build your outdoor kitchen before anything else. You can attach it to your patio or put it underneath a gazebo. You can choose to add in countertops and cabinets to store the food in and to put food on top of to eat. This is a good way to save space instead of putting in tables. It is also possible to add in a sink so that you can wash your hands and the dishes before and after eating.

This really is significantly like your house inside. Some outdoor barbecue utensils and accessories are a must have. Side burners are included in most grills nowadays but a camping stove can get the job done. Make sure your function room is sanitized for preparing food. You will find a variety of lights for your outside cooking area but direct light is better for the work area. Clip ons are around for clip directly onto your grill so you are able to get your meat excellent in the center! Think about the design of your kitchen, since this will affect the decorations and the overall theme of the kitchen.

Also, it is important to think about the kind of climate you have in your area. If it is often very hot or rainy, it is important to have a shaded area for your kitchen. If it is cold in your area, you might want to have a fireplace to warm the kitchen up. but you will have to have them all weatherproofed since they will be outdoors. You can attach it to your patio or put it underneath a gazebo. Warming drawers to continue to keep food heated till time to serve. An ice machine is favorable (no ugly, bulky coolers) and obviously the wine storage. Don’t forget the corkscrew! The kind of cooking area you decide on will affect the type of food that you can cook

Yet another consideration can be a patio heater or fire pit if you are planning to use the room year round in chilly environments. Insects can ruin probably the most elegant and well-planned parties so always bear in mind to have repellents conducive to your physical location. But you will have to have them all weatherproofed since they will be outdoors. Smoke inside your guest eyes is not comfortable so do not neglect the exhaust hoods. Other significant things to recall are owning adequate electrical outlets, a refrigerator, sink and warming drawers to continue to keep food heated.

w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7



Caliente Beverages International AB Caliente’s new flavor is the perfect match with food Caliente Beverages are proud to announce the launch of this summer’s most exciting non-alcoholic still drink – Caliente Plum Rosemary Chili – developed in collaboration with local Malmö Chef Titti Qvarnström.

Plum Rosemary Chili is developed by Michelin Chef Titti Qvarnström and has fresh and earthy tones. In practice it also means sugar content can be kept at just 5,9%, without the need to add sweeteners – a big no-no for the Swedish drink start-up.

–The options without alcohol are still very limited, and a great majority is either boring or unhealthy; sugary sodas, juices, water, and of course the sad non-alcoholic versions of wine. We try to do something totally different, by replacing the taste and effect of alcohol with chili heat – Capsaicin. And we’re so happy Titti wanted to help us come up with tasty and unexpected flavor combinations! founder Thomas Adner says.

Titti Qvarnström normally houses at Bloom in the Park in Malmö –

Plum Rosemary Chili is great to sip on its own on warm summer days. But it has also been developed specifically to go well with a wide variety of foods. Both when it comes to the heat level, which is balanced, and flavors.

and certified organic ingredients.

a restaurant serving innovative and local fare – one of few Swedish restaurants to be awarded a Michelin star in 2016. This is the second flavor in

which she’s been involved. Blueberry Lemongrass Chili was launched earlier this year and is already on export to Europe and beyond.

Plum Rosemary Chili is a fresh; light and fruity drink with a moder-

ate chili heat level. It’s great paired with a variety of foods, in particular European and earthy flavors, such as duck and wild meats, but also to mushrooms and nuts. All are bottled in Småland, Sweden, of 100% natural

Caliente’s full range now consist of:

Unlike what many think, a moderate chili heat doesn’t “kill your taste buds”. Instead (just like alcohol) it brings out other flavors, creating a whole new dining experience. We’re used to enjoying spicy foods with a cold beer, but letting the heat come from the drink is something entirely new, says Erika Ollén, the marketing director.In practice it also means sugar content can be kept at just 5,9%, without the need to add sweeteners – a big no-no for the Swedish drink start-up. Titti Qvarnström nor- Caliente is a new kind of drink, in which we’ve replaced alcohol with chili mally houses at Bloom in the Park in Malmö heat. Because the stuff that makes chilies hot - capsaicin - gives us a unique a restaurant serving innovative and local fare and great tasting drink. And because it triggers the release of endorphins, one of few Swedish restaurants to be award- creating a natural high. Crafted in Sweden from organic ingredients, it’s ed a Michelin star in 2016. This is the second the ultimate choice for people who are after a complex non-alcoholic drink flavor in which she’s been involved. Blueberry Lemongrass Chili was launched earlier this that’s low on sugar. year and is already on export to Europe and Since the launch 2015, Caliente has won some amazing awards and got fantastic reviews! beyond.

Plum Rosemary Chili

Blueberry Lemongrass Chili

Ginger Lime Chili Cranberry Pomegranate Chili

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


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The winery unveils a new modern, hand-crafted label and adds new flavor descriptors to the front of each bottle to allow consumers to easily choose the perfect wine for their next occasion. CK Mondavi & Family today unveiled a completely redesigned label and new packaging for their CK Mondavi and Family wine brand. As part of the redesign, CK Mondavi has been officially renamed as “CK Mondavi and Family” which is a nod to four generations of family winemaking. The redesign also includes a new modern, hand-crafted label and flavor descriptors on the front of each bottle that help consumers choose the perfect wine to pair with their food, preference or occasion. The new CK Mondavi and Family wines will hit shelves nationally starting June 1, 2017. “For 74 years our family has been committed to quality grape growing and winemaking practices that simply cannot be found in other wines at this price point,” said Marc Mondavi, Proprietor of CK Mondavi Family Vineyards. “CK Mondavi and Family wines showcase quality that matches much more expensive wines. We attribute this to our strong winemaking tradition and family owned vineyards.”

CK Mondavi and Family’s winemaker, Charlie Gilmore, boasts, “The truth is, we are intimately close to our grape-growing which gives us total control and consistency.” The rebranding was created to highlight the unique CK Mondavi and Family attributes and includes: - New flavor descriptors on the front of each wine with specific taste profiles like “bright and fresh” and “rich and velvety” for anyone who wants to easily grab a bottle of wine for their specific food, preference or occasion. - A gold seal on the front of each bottle features the image of winery founder, Cesare Mondavi and is a nod to the family’s 74-year commitment to quality winemaking. - CK Mondavi and Family’s “Made in USA Certified®” logo is included on each back label indicating that the wines are the first and only wines to be 100% made in the USA. This designation officially indicates that all aspects of the wines—from the grapes, to the bottles, closures and labels—are all made in America. This American tradition is something the family is extremely proud of and is rare in this value price point. CK Mondavi and Family’s grapes are 100% sourced from California vineyards, utilizing sustainable farming techniques and winemaking practices that are more typical of expensive wines.

Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017



Their relentless commitment to quality winemaking and hands-on small lot sourcing sets them apart from other value wines. The CK Mondavi portfolio consists of the most popular varieties of wines, handcrafted under the close stewardship of C. Mondavi & Family. The wines are made with grapes grown on the family’s 1,850 acres of vineyards and from California family winegrowers that the Mondavis have had partnerships with for generations. CK Mondavi produces wines that are consistent, vintage-to-vintage, providing consumers with a value and quality they can trust. “We are proud of our heritage and are grateful that our fourth generation has entered the business. Our new label is a great representation of our Mondavi family winemaking tradition,” adds Marc Mondavi.

The latest CK Mondavi and Family wine releases include: • 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Rich & Velvety • 2015 Merlot // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Silky & Smooth • 2015 Zinfandel // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Luscious & Smooth • 2014 Scarlet Five (55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 13% Petit Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 1% Malbec) // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Soft & Flavorful • 2016 Chardonnay // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Bright & Fresh • 2016 Pinot Grigio // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Fresh & Crisp • 2016 Moscato // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Floral & Fruity • 2106 Sauvignon Blanc // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Crisp & Refreshing • 2016 White Zinfandel // SRP: $6.99 // Flavor descriptors: Fruity & Fresh

All CK Mondavi and Family wines have a suggested retail price of $6.99 and can be found at restaurants, bars and retailers nationwide. Anyone interested in finding a CK Mondavi and Family wine can go to our wine locator online at www.ckmondavi.com/find-wine.

About CK Mondavi and Family CK Mondavi and Family wines are produced in the Napa Valley by the iconic C. Mondavi & Family. For consumers desiring consistently delicious, everyday wines, CK Mondavi and Family wines are surprisingly underpriced. Based in the Napa Valley for almost seventy-five years, CK Mondavi and Family’s grapes are 100% sourced from California vineyards, utilizing sustainable farming techniques and winemaking practices that are more typical with expensive wines. Their relentless commitment to quality winemaking and hands-on small lot sourcing sets them apart from other value wines. A large portion of the grapes in CK Mondavi wines are estate grown on the family’s 1,850 acres of vineyards and the family is committed to working with American growers that they’ve had partnerships with for generations. CK Mondavi and Family are the first and only wines 100% “Made in USA Certified®” and the family produces wines that are consistent, vintage-to-vintage, providing consumers with a value and quality they can rely on. Today, CK Mondavi and Family remains one of the most successful wine brands in America because of its excellent quality and great value. They can be found online at CKMondavi.com, or on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram @CKMondaviWines. w w w. f o o d b e v m a g . c o m | J u n e 2 0 1 7



Consecutive Year as 44th Annual Daytime

GLUTEN-FREE & SUGAR-FREE FLAVORED VODKA BRAND FEATURED ON DAYTIME EMMY’S RED CARPET National Academy of Arts & Sciences Recognizes Devotion Vodka for Contributions and Support Devotion Vodka, the world’s only Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Flavored Vodka and the first-ever vodka brand to integrate nutritional information on their bottles, once again served as the exclusive vodka partner of the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards, hosted by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). 2017 marked the 3rd consecutive year where the 100% Made in the USA flavored vodka family enjoyed an expansive on-site presence and branding exposure during awards week, which encompassed the Creative Arts Emmy Awards and the Annual Daytime Emmys at the Pasadena Civic Center, as well as the 44th Annual Nomination Dinner at the Hollywood Museum. Devotion Vodka’s on-site brand presence was highlighted by step and repeat signage on the Daytime Emmy’s Red Carpet, as well as the backstage winners’ lounge.

“It gave us an opportunity to expose the Devotion brand to a Hollywood audience, which served as the launching pad for a successful partnership where Devotion Vodka is now sharing the red carpet alongside many major brands.” As gluten-free and sugar-free living has become an accepted lifestyle for millions of individuals who must adhere to dietary restrictions, as well as those who choose to adopt specific diets, Devotion Vodka is a pioneer in the spirits industry - having created a new category. Added Calleja, “It’s been a fantastic 3-year run with the Daytime Emmys, and as the Devotion Vodka brand continues to expand across the country, we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.” Devotion Vodka, which has an SRP of $19.99 is currently available at prominent National grocery retailers, major restaurant chains and retail stores, bars and nightclubs across the U.S. For more information, please visit www.devotionvodka.com.

At the Annual nomination dinner, Bob Mauro, President of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented Mike Calleja, Partner/COO of Devotion Vodka, with a recognition award, highlighting the About Devotion Spirits, Inc. innovative Vodka brand’s significant con- Launched in November 2009, Devotion Spirits, Inc. (DSI) is the first tributions to the event since 2014. company in the world to offer a completely new category in premium spirits, and marketed under a single brand - Devotion Vodka, World’s “My wife (actress Renée Marino) was film- First Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free American Made Vodka Family. The ing Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys on the Company was created by entrepreneur Drew Adelman, a nightlife Warner Bros. lot the same year the Daytime and dining aficionado and fitness advocate, searching for a way to Emmy’s were premiering their show at that marry his two passions. Devotion Vodka boasts 80 proof, six-column location,” said Mike Calleja, Partner/COO, distilled vodka (made from the finest American Corn), and is the only Devotion Vodka. flavored vodka brand made exclusively in the USA. Food & Beverage Magazine |June 2017


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68 I N H O U S E P R O D U C T R E L E A S E

Bloody Mary Mix

Available for Purchase In house Chef’s Secret Recipe Now Widely Available throughout California


Additional Locations include 25 stores around the Bay Area: San Francisco: 6001 California St Market, Arguello Market, Eezy Freezy, Harvest Urban Market, Le Beau, Tower Market, Real Foods on Stanyan, Whole Foods on Valencia, Mollie Stone’s in Burlingame , Castro SF and Grand Central SF Wine Country: Big John’s, Healdsburg , Browns Valley Market, Napa, and Cal Mart, Calistoga Other locations: Cal Mart, Palo Alto, Cal Mart, Sausalito, Oceana Market, Pacifica, Scotty’s Market, San Rafael, Seascape Aptos Shopper’s Corner, Santa Cruz, Star Grocery, Oakland, Summit Store, Los Gatos, United Market, San Anselmo, and United Market, San Rafael.

SAN FRANCISCO’S famous Cliff House announces it’s Cliff House Classic Bloody Mary Mix, the restaurant’s most popular brunch beverage, is available for purchase. As a crown jewel of San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreational Area, the Cliff House is a popular weekend brunch spot among locals and tourists, alike, for its delicious cuisine and Bloody Mar y’s paired with spectacular views of nearby cliffs and the Pacific Ocean. “We’re proud that locals and visitors have made us a part of their San Francisco weekend experience for many years,” said Chef Ralph Burgin, Managing Partner, Chef de Cuisine of Cliff House and CEO of Cliff House Classic. “After an excursion through the Sutro Baths or a hike on Lands End trail, our Bloody Mary has become a staple in the experience this beautiful, historic district of San Francisco and we’re excited to make it available beyond our restaurant. “ The Bloody Mary Mix was developed in 2014 by Chef Ralph Burgin.

As a part-time farmer himself, Chef Burgin grows an abundant crop of tomatoes that ser ves the Cliff House’s tomato needs from July through fall’s first frost. Come summer, Chef Burgin’s 1,500 tomato plants proliferate in the hot Sonoma County sun and are added to the bar and dining room menu.

About The Cliff House: The world-famous Cliff House is part of the Sutro Historic Landscape District and is also the crown jewel of the largest urban national park in the United States. Our website is filled with fun and helpful information about the Cliff House, its history, the surrounding area, and the fascinating people — past and present — who created its rich history.

Whether you are in the mood for a casual “By making the mix available for purchase, fun afternoon, an elegant evening out, or I wanted to extend the experience of one of a play day with the family, there is always the Bay Area’s most beloved brunch des- something to enjoy at the Cliff House. tinations outside of the restaurant. Locals can find the taste of the landmark restau- For your dining pleasure we offer the casual Bistro Restaurant on the main level rant right at home,” said Burgin. Burgin describes the product as full- bodied, and the elegant Sutro’s at the Cliff House complex and balanced, a nice clean kick at on the lower level. Our Sunday buffet the end, full of UMAMI from the clam juice, brunch in the Terrace Room is a San Francisco tradition offering free-flowwith a long finish. ing champagne and a delicious buffet. The Cliff House Classic Bloody Mary Mix For over 100 years San Franciscans have is available in a single 33.8oz. (1 liter) bottle been celebrating their events at the Cliff for $7.95 and is available for sale at the Cliff House and that tradition continues today with our beautiful banquet facility and atHouse or online at Cliff House Classic. tached private terrace.

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iced tea recently introduced new, simpler recipes with fewer ingredients and a new line of premium, real-brewed teas. To celebrate National Iced Tea Day on June 10, and encourage consumers to try the new NESTEA, you can get a free 18.5 oz or 23 oz bottle until June 19, 2017 at www.nestea-usa.com/free-tea-coupon. ABOUT THE NEW NESTEA:

A beloved brand since 1948, NESTEA® has been a trusted iced tea choice for almost 70 years. The company’s “less is more” reinvention is inclusive of a new brand look, new bottles, reformulation and premium product line with a focus on simplicity

NESTEA’s new premium real-brewed iced teas are made with up to five ingredients (tea, real sugar, water, rooibos and citric acid) and are available in four varieties: • • • •

Unsweetened Black Tea Slightly Sweet Black Tea Slightly Sweet Black Tea with Rooibos Slightly Sweet Organic Green Tea

NESTEA’s reformulated Classic iced teas are sweetened with real sugar and stevia extract. All teas are GMO free and do not contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors. Enjoy the delicious new Classic teas in three flavors: • • • •

Unsweetened Black Tea Slightly Sweet Black Tea Slightly Sweet Black Tea with Rooibos Slightly Sweet Organic Green Tea

For more information about the new NESTEA, visit NESTEA’swFacebook, w w . f o o dInstagram b e v m a gor. cTwitter o m | channel. June 2017


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