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Karan Khanna, Founder of El Cristiano

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We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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Fundación El Cristiano: A Spirit of Generosity and Gratitude

In the sun-kissed landscapes of Los Altos de Jalisco, where the finest blue agave thrives, lies a profound commitment to community intertwined with the roots of El Cristiano. Made by third-generation master tequila makers, it is known as the world’s most delicious and additive free tequila. Unlike 85 percent of all other tequila brands, you won’t find any added sugar, flavor, or coloring in their products. Implementing a traditional process that has been perfected over the years, El Cristiano was conceived by a small group of friends with a shared integrity and refusal to take any shortcuts. Their genuine love for tequila and Mexico can be tasted in every bottle. But the spirit itself is just one aspect of a much bigger vision based on El Cristiano’s core values of purity, passion and purpose.

The story of FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO, a charitable component of the brand, is a testament to the founders’ unwavering dedication to giving back to its supporters. At the heart of the brand’s foundation is a profound sense of responsibility and acknowledgment of the challenges faced by those who share a home with this tequila. This journey is not just about philanthropy — it’s a symbiotic relationship, a bond forged between a brand and the people who make its existence possible.

Driven by a dual commitment for making exceptional tequila and fostering positive change, FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO recognizes the rich cultural tapestry and the intricate web of lives interwoven by the tequila-making process.

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“Our approach to philanthropy is deeply rooted in authenticity and connection,” said Karan Khanna, Founder of El Cristiano. “Guided by a genuine understanding of the needs of the Highlands of Jalisco, we carefully selected recipients aligned with our mission.”

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From educational initiatives to community healthcare projects, the organization’s aim is to be a catalyst for transformative change, particularly in the lives of children and families in Arandas and the surrounding areas. Some examples of the worthy causes FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO supports include:

• Casa Hogar Portal De Belen Del Nino Jesus, an orphanage located in Arandas, Jalisco. The home is a safe haven for children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years old.

• Public schools in Oaxaca, a state in Mexico where many indigenous people reside and have limited access to the resources necessary to receive quality education.

• CIDEA (Centro Integral De Desarrollo Especial Arandense), a center that provides care and consultation to individuals with various disabilities. It is primarily operated by volunteers including doctors, teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, and benefactors who selflessly dedicate their time to serve the community.

• Cristeros, a local cycling team that caters to riders of all ages, and Minotauros, a soccer team in Tepatitlan, that both foster opportunities in sports that help instill a sense of teamwork, commitment and personal growth.

The impact of FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO reverberates throughout the community, touching lives in ways that are both profound and tangible. “Through our support, essential resources and opportunities once deemed unattainable have become a reality for many,” said Khanna. “We’ve witnessed firsthand the power of education, mentorship, and community support in shaping brighter futures.”

Take, for instance, the inspiring journey of two brothers who found refuge in Casa Hogar Portal in Arandas. Through the foundation’s programs, one brother was adopted and has since blossomed into a successful architect, while the other, guided by dedicated counselors, now serves his community through government work. These

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“Through our support, essential resources and opportunities once deemed unattainable have become a reality for many,” said Khanna. “We’ve witnessed frsthand the power of education, mentorship, and community support in shaping brighter futures.”

stories serve as beacons of hope, driving FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO to continue its mission with unwavering determination.

Similarly, the program’s investment in local healthcare initiatives has not only improved the physical wellbeing of families but also enhanced a sense of unity and solidarity within the community. By addressing critical needs and nurturing a culture of care, this component of the El Cristiano brand strengthens the very fabric of society.

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“Central to our mission is a deep appreciation for the importance of family within Mexican culture and just as family is the cornerstone of society, it is also the foundation upon which our initiatives are built,” said Khanna. “Through our support for children and families, we honor this tradition, creating an environment where all members can thrive and fourish.”

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As the brand looks to the future, the vision for El Cristiano extends beyond excellence in tequila-making. The dedicated team aspires to expand their reach and impact, supporting more communities and pioneering new initiatives that address evolving needs. The goal is to leave a lasting legacy of positive change, ensuring that the communities of Los Altos de Jalisco continue to thrive for generations to come.

In the end, El Cristiano’s success as a brand is inseparable from the wellbeing of its communities. Through FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO, this tequila forges bonds of solidarity, compassion, and empowerment, embodying the very essence of what it means to be El Cristiano—a beacon of hope, a force for good, and a testament to the transformative power of giving back.

Learn more about FUNDACIÓN EL CRISTIANO here. Infused with a spirit of generosity and gratitude, each bottle of El Cristiano is helping to change lives for the better.

Get a taste of the El Cristiano Tequila products here. You’ll love the naturally balanced and clean profile with notes of caramelized agave perfectly blended with fruity, citrus notes.

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David Grutman, Founder of Groot Hospitality


























We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

Food & Beverage Magazine® is owned and published electronically by Beautiful People, LLC. Copyright 1995-2016 Beautiful People LLC. All rights reserved. Food & Beverage Magazine® and distinctive logo are trademarks owned by Beautiful People, LLC. “” is a trademark of Beautiful People, LLC. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of Food & Beverage Magazine. Requests for permission should be directed to: The information contained has been provided by such individual, event organizers or organizations. The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author, organization or public relation firm. Food & Beverage Magazine is not affiliated with any other food and beverage or hospitality publication.

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When dining out, a guest expects to receive professional customer service and great food in an enjoyable atmosphere. It all sounds nice but there’s nothing that stands out about the experience. If you’re looking to be fully immersed in the enticing world of entertainment dining — Groot Hospitality delivers the unexpected in all the right ways.

David Grutman is the Founder of Groot Hospitality and a globally renowned innovator in his field. He has made a

name for himself with an iconic infusion of high energy and transformative luxury across an impressive portfolio of restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs. As a native Floridian, Grutman possessed a love and appreciation for Miami’s wide array of food, beverage, and hotel options. Bringing a fresh perspective to the table, he has managed to transform this city into a modern hotspot.

For Grutman, the journey never felt forced. It was a matter of one idea leading to the next, using innovation

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and determination to bring them to life. “I have never set out to revolutionize the industry…I wanted to fill a niche market need that wasn’t currently being met in Miami,” said Grutman. “I developed Komodo as a restaurant with high energy and great food. Instead of focusing on just one vertical, I found a way to seamlessly merge entertainment and culinary delight.”

Although Grutman has made a name for himself among celebrities and the exclusive, high-end nightlife scene — it wasn’t always the case. He had to take risks, make tough choices and work extremely hard to get to where he is today. Starting out as a bartender at a restaurant in Aventura Mall, Grutman quickly realized his passion for the hospitality industry. Bartending was lucrative, providing a sixfigure income, but he wanted to delve deeper into the intricacies of the business. So, Grutman made

the bold decision to transition to a $30,000-a-year manager position, sacrificing financial comfort for invaluable industry knowledge. This move allowed him to learn the operational ins and outs that would later become the foundation of his entrepreneurial success.

A significant turning point in Grutman’s career is when he met Jeff Soffer, his current business partner in LIV Miami and Las Vegas. Jeff was a visionary in the hospitality industry and proved to be instrumental in allowing Grutman to expand his horizons. When Soffer was opening the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas, he eagerly anticipated having Komodo and Papi (two of Grutman’s highly sought after dining experiences) under its roof, marking a new chapter in collaborative ventures among these two trailblazers. Grutman also has many other notable partnerships including Pharrell William and Bad Bunny.

“I have never set out to revolutionize the industry… I wanted to fill a niche market need that wasn’t currently being met in Miami,” said Grutman.
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Komodo Miami

“My vision extends beyond just serving great food. I want every guest to leave my restaurants eager to share their experience with friends, on social media, and to return for more,” said Grutman.

A new chapter. A new set of challenges.

Venturing into entrepreneurship was far from easy. Establishing credibility outside of nightlife required immense effort. Despite these obstacles, Grutman persevered and successfully launched his first restaurant, Komodo, in 2015. Since the inception of Komodo, Grutman’s portfolio has expanded to include multiple successful restaurants in Miami, Las Vegas, and Dallas. “My vision extends beyond just serving great food. I want every guest to leave my restaurants eager to share their experience with friends, on social media, and to return for more,” said Grutman. “This is achieved through the incredible marketing and experiential team at Groot Hospitality. We continuously find ways to create unique experiences that we’ve deemed as escapist fun.”

Escapist fun encapsulates the exhilarating feeling of leaving daily life behind and entering a fantastical world. Groot Hospitality experiences are designed to transport guests from their everyday routines into a 360-degree immersive environment. A signature example is the Beefcase at Papi Steak, a 52 oz. wagyu

tomahawk steak presented in a gold briefcase with a light and music show that engages the entire dining room. There is also the Bad Bunny dessert at Gekko that lights on fire, or the lemon tree at Casadonna.

In addition to the in-person atmosphere, social media has been a cornerstone of Groot Hospitality’s marketing strategy. As the industry evolves, Grutman and his team are committed to adapting and integrating new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. The brand’s strong social media presence has been pivotal in its success, allowing Groot Hospitality to effectively connect with and engage its audience.

As Groot Hospitality continues to expand its well-established brands nationwide, the team strategically tailors the offerings to each market. Grutman recognizes that what works in Miami might not resonate in Las Vegas or Dallas, and vice versa. Each location provides a unique experience, ensuring that guests have something new to look forward to, even if they’ve visited another one of the Groot Hospitality restaurants.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 10
Papi Steak Las Vegas

A day in the life

Being in this industry is a 24/7 commitment. The days start early and end late with a rigorous schedule of meetings, calls, and hands-on involvement at the Groot Hospitality venues. Whether it’s discussing strategies with the nightlife team or overseeing dinner service, being accessible and present is key to success. “The most fulfilling aspect of my work is creating special experiences for others. This industry doesn’t allow for anyone to rest on their laurels,” said Grutman. “From new concepts and dishes to unique music moments, it’s an ever-evolving challenge that I embrace wholeheartedly.”

The future of Groot Hospitality looks bright as it continues to expand worldwide, introducing new concepts in hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs. Grutman and his team’s passion for what they do drives them to seek out the next exciting location and opportunity. There’s no doubt that Grutman will continue serving up priceless experiences to everyone who steps foot inside one of his restaurants.

Check out the impressive list of Groot Hospitality venues and make a reservation.

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Komodo Las Vegas Papi Steak Miami
Las Vegas LIV Miami







Creating great food is all about where you start — with quality ingredients that taste delicious and give back.

With Frontier Co-op®, it literally starts from the ground up — working with farmers across the globe to provide responsibly sourced products that beneft both the planet and the people who live on it. What began with two people and a clear mission has grown to a global presence. It goes beyond simply farming herbs and spices and cultivating soil; it’s about betering the communities in which they’re grown and nurturing the land. And through that commitment, ensuring every product you use is pure and of the highest quality.


YYour patrons expect the best, looking forward to authentic food that’s all your own. Exceed their expectations with distinctive favors from Frontier Co-op.®

Make an experience out of every bite and sip when you elevate your dishes and drinks with fresh, pure and sustainably sourced spices, herbs, teas, extracts and seasoning blends. Frontier Coop® sources from around the world to bring the best to your restaurant. Each of their seasonings carries a story, and every spice has substance.

Whether it’s robust organic turmeric, cardamom and allspice from Guatemala, the sweetness of Fair Trade Ceylon cinnamon

from Sri Lanka or the versatility of Kumaon black tea harvested along the majestic Himalayans, there is never a doubt that you’re cooking with the fnest. And with their array of oferings, you can buy a pinch or a pound to suit your needs.

Invigorate your menu, fnd new inspiration and support a brand commited to good favors and doing good, works.


The dishes and drinks you serve begin as a curated combination of ingredients — hand selected to produce the aromas, tastes and textures people love.

Take your favors to the next level.

Responsibly sourced products from Frontier Co-op® bring distinction and authenticity to everything you create — from signature sauces and mouth-watering entrées to decadent desserts and crafed beverages. Enhance all your menu items while enriching the Earth.


This has always been about more than food.

The best meals carry meaning, bringing us together around what maters. That’s especially true when those meals begin with responsible sourcing that helps people and the planet. Cooking with Frontier Co-op® guarantees that everything on the fnal plate is served with a sense of pride and purpose, delivering on a promise.

When you choose authentic, responsibly sourced spices from a brand that aligns with your values and fuels your creativity in the kitchen, you make a diference — one favorful meal at a time.


Where Boba and Pop Culture Collide

Boba tea is having a moment. The popular Taiwanese drink–made with tea and tapioca balls (or boba)–has flourished across the U.S. and especially Southern California. The sweet treat, which is available in a near endless amount of varieties and flavors, is especially refreshing on a warm sunny day.

One such shop to find it is Boba “N” Tings. Located in Reseda, California, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, this boba tea house is truly one-of-akind. Paying homage to not only to the art of creating your own drink, but the Japanese-inspired Boba “N” Tings goes beyond, doubling as an anime house that carries many rare collectibles including ones only available in Japan.

Page 15 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

“I’ve always been a huge fan of boba, anime, and collectibles–the real exclusive stuff. I love the culture,” says owner Michelangelo Falcon, as he talks about the decision to open the store. “We decided we wanted to launch a boba shop that doubles as a creative house.”

What Falcon alludes to when he says creative house is he’s looking to create a brand and franchise Boba “N” Tings and the characters associated with it. Falcon has drawn the shop logos and took pen to paper to create its mascot as well. It’s a panda named Ting that Falcon (who calls it his spirit animal) has tattooed on his body.

“Our goal is to create a world for

the people and things you want to protect. It’s just about being true to yourself.”

Of course, the collectibles–and freebies like stickers and pins when you buy a designated drink–along with Falcon’s artistry are only one part of the story. It’s about the boba. And Boba “N” Tings delivers above and beyond with quality drinks guests seek. They’re loaded with flavor and that unique boba-bursting texture fans crave. And while traditional drinks like matcha green tea and tiger milk tea rule the menu, customers to the two-year-old shop have the ability to build

“I’ve always been a huge fan of boba, anime, and collectibles–the real exclusive stuff. I love the culture...”
says owner Michelangelo Falcon


Mango, Peach and Lemonade Join The Original Party Punch

Hard Tea As BeatBox Continues To Expand Retail Footprint

BeatBox, leading ready-to-drink cocktail innovator, introduces their latest brand expansion with a Hard Tea variety Pack, featuring three all new flavor profiles. The Hard Tea Variety Pack joins their already popular Hard Tea flavor and extensive line of signature Original Party Punch flavors. All three new flavors are brewed with real tea, low in sugar, and pack an 11.1% ABV kick, highlighting the fruit tastes of Mango, Peach and Lemonade.

BeatBox has been a pioneer in the RTD space since the launch of their original Party Punches, with the Hard Tea line as a welcomed extension from their loyal and ever growing consumer base. The Hard Teas are non-carbonated Full flavor drinks with less than half the sugar and half the carbs compared to other “hard” teas on the market, specifically 100 calories and 36 Carbs.

The three new flavors, Lemonade Hard Tea (real tea with a wonderful mix of tangy lemons), Peach Hard Tea (real tea blended with sunripened peaches) and Mango Hard Tea (a fun fusion of real tea with

tasty ripe mangoes), join the original Hard Tea, that joined the flavor collection to much consumer anticipation. The Hard Tea is a smooth, confident flavor with subtle hints of lemon, and the new brand additions provide consumers an expanded fruit focused variety of exciting and flavorful options.

“We’re excited to further build out the BeatBox Hard Tea line extension with our latest variety pack launch. Our three delicious new Hard Teas really show our commitment to innovation and our passion for crafting cocktails that celebrate delicious flavor, all packed with an 11.1% abv punch. As we continue to expand our retail footprint, we aim to bring more of these new and exciting flavors to fans nationwide,” says Zech Francis, Vice President of Marketing at BeatBox.

BeatBox tetra packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly, with the environmental footprint a continued focus of priority to the brand.

“This launch is not just about diversifying our product line—it’s about opening doors to new retail partnerships and tapping into different

Page 19 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

consumer segments. By introducing this new Hard Tea variety pack we’re positioning BeatBox to capture more drinking occasions. Our goal is to make BeatBox a go-to choice across a wider array of venues and moments, broadening our market presence and driving growth in new and exciting directions,” states Phil Jamison, EVP of Sales at BeatBox.

The Hard Tea variety pack is now available nationwide at retailers such as 7 Eleven, Rite Aid, Total Wine, Ralphs, Smart & Final, and all local liquor and convenience stores. A full store list can be found at www.


BeatBox is the “Original Party Punch,” offering fun & nostalgic flavors in a sustainable & resealable package, now also offering an array of flavorful Hard Teas. With a deep passion for live music, our community of super fans, and creating fun, BeatBox has become the brand that’s bringing the party to the alcohol industry. The journey began in 2012 in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, and the energy was contagious. So much so, that BeatBox was able to secure the largest investment in SharkTank history from Mark Cuban who, “invested in BeatBox because at heart I’m a 25 year old and saw that this is going to be a party phenomenon.” BeatBox quickly built a team of beverage leaders helping to define a new category of “Party Punch.” BeatBox has

an impressive roster of famous investors in music and entertainment, including Mark Cuban, Rob Dyrdek, Party Favor, Louis The Child, Good Times Ahead, and many more. Today, BeatBox has become one of the fastest growing brands innovating the alcohol industry and the drink of choice for Millennial and legal drinker age Gen Z drinkers. Its passion for music, and connection to its consumers, has also made it the fastest growing and most engaged alcohol brand on social media. Like Mark Cuban said, this is a company that sells fun, and if anyone ever asks what this brand is all about, tell them that “BeatBox Brings the Party!” Follow on social media @beatboxbeverages and visit online at

SOCIALS: webapp=1&sender_device=pc

Jamison, EVP of Sales at BeatBox.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 20
Our goal is to make BeatBox a go-to choice across a wider array of venues and moments, broadening our market presence and driving growth in new and exciting directions,” states Phil

FROM ZERO TO 60: A Franchise’s Recipe for Expansion

Behind every thriving franchise expansion, there are essential ingredients that contribute to its success. Leading the growth of a single location into a robust network of establishments spanning cities or even countries is undeniably exhilarating. The journey from zero to 60 locations is not a stroke of luck or fate. It requires meticulous planning, strategic decision-making, a deep understanding of the industry landscape, and more.

Strategic Location Selection

The adage “location, location, location” couldn’t be truer for restaurant franchises. Selecting the right location lays the foundation for success. Perhaps equally as important is understanding a specific area’s demographics, foot traffic, and consumer behaviors. Franchisors conduct extensive market research to identify prime locations that align with their target audience. In addition to understanding the broader market dynamics, it’s imperative for restaurant franchises to identify their target customers and discern their dining habits. Knowing who their customers are and where they prefer to dine enables franchisors to pinpoint the most suitable locations for their establishments. This involves delving deeper into consumer demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle preferences to create a comprehensive customer profile.

For instance, if the target demographic consists primarily of young professionals with busy lifestyles, locating the restaurant in a commercial district with convenient access to offices and public transportation would be strategic. Conversely, if the target audience is families with children, selecting a location near residential areas and schools might be more advantageous. By aligning the location with the preferences and behaviors of their target customers, restaurant franchises can enhance their chances of attracting and retaining loyal patrons.

It is equally important to keep in mind that the success of your franchise expansion largely depends on the quality of your franchisees. Be selective in your recruitment process, seeking individuals or groups who not only possess the financial resources but also share your passion for the brand and dedication to its success. Look for those who align with your values and vision, as they will be your brand ambassadors on the ground.

Robust Operational Support

Behind every successful restaurant franchise expansion is a robust and highly organized support system. Franchisors provide comprehensive training programs covering everything from operational procedures to customer service protocols. Consistency is key, ensuring that every franchise maintains the same quality standards and brand experience.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 22

Continuous support doesn’t end after the grand opening. Franchisees should receive ongoing assistance, including marketing initiatives, supply chain management, and technological upgrades. This unwavering support empowers franchisees to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences while staying aligned with the brand’s vision.

Adaptable Menu Innovation

In the competitive landscape of the food industry, innovation is the lifeblood of success. Restaurant franchises must strike a delicate balance between maintaining signature dishes loyal customers love and introducing new menu items to captivate evolving tastes.

Menu innovation goes beyond just culinary creativity; it encompasses consumer trends, dietary preferences, and cultural influences. Whether it’s offering plant-based options to cater to healthconscious diners or incorporating global flavors to appeal to diverse palates, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Franchises that embrace menu innovation not only stay relevant but also foster a sense of excitement that keeps customers coming back for more.

Brand Consistency and Integrity

At the heart of every successful restaurant franchise expansion lies a commitment to brand consistency and integrity. Maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all locations instills trust and reliability among customers. From the logo and decor to the overall ambiance, every element should reflect the brand’s core values.

Consistency extends beyond the visual aspects; it encompasses service standards, food quality,

At the heart of every successful restaurant franchise expansion lies a commitment to brand consistency and integrity
Page 23 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

and overall customer experience. Franchisees must adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure that each visit to any franchise location is synonymous with excellence. Additionally, safeguarding brand integrity entails proactive measures to address any issues promptly. Open communication channels between franchisors and franchisees foster collaboration and enable swift resolutions, preserving the brand’s reputation.

The success of a restaurant franchise expansion hinges on a delicate interplay of strategic planning, operational excellence, innovation, and brand integrity. By meticulously cultivating these essential factors, franchise expansions can not only thrive but also leave a lasting imprint in the dynamic world of dining.

Open communication channels between franchisors and franchisees foster collaboration and enable swift resolutions, preserving the brand’s reputation.

Brian Shunia

Brian Shunia’s journey to establishing a company with an annual turnover of $25 million in a span of just six years is a fascinating one. His educational journey took an unexpected turn when he dropped out of high school during his sophomore year. This situation, however, propelled him to explore alternative paths to success. His exploration led him to the food industry, a sector where he found his true calling and has been contributing for nearly two decades.

Shunia, who co-founded the company with partner Jack Mashini, has a deep love for serving, satisfying, and feeding people. His passion for the food industry is the driving force behind his success.

Under Shunia’s leadership, Wing Snob consistently strives to identify market trends and deficiencies and address them effectively. The company introduced a learning management system platform designed to assist franchisees in streamlining their employee onboarding and training processes, thereby facilitating Wing Snob’s growth.

For Shunia, the establishment of Wing Snob is his crowning achievement. The successful expansion of the company, its profitability, and the creation of a loyal customer base are sources of immense pride for him.

Enhancing Hygiene and Efciency in Restaurant Operations with Freshwater Dishwashers A Spotless Reputation:

In the world of dining, cleanliness and presentation are essential. Whether it’s a casual café or an upscale restaurant, customers expect a pristine and welcoming environment where every detail adds to their overall experience. One necessary but often unnoticed element is the dishwasher in use.

A diner’s frst impression often comes from the table. Clean glassware, shiny cutlery and spotless plates show the restaurant’s commitment to quality. But achieving this level of cleanliness every single cycle can be a challenge with traditional tank dishwashers. Freshwater dishwashers are meeting this challenge and setting a new standard for hygiene and efciency in dining operations.

Page 25 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

Unmatched cleanliness

Unlike conventional dishwashers that reuse the same (often dirty) water, freshwater dishwashers bring in clean water for each wash and rinse cycle, resulting in consistently high-cleaning performance and hygiene with every wash.

This means every dish, glass and piece of cutlery is washed in clean water, free from leftover food and detergent. The result is exceptionally clean and hygienic tableware – without water spots and residue. Additionally, tankless technology eliminates the need for pre-rinsing, while still ensuring sparkling clean dishes and glassware.

Enhanced dining experience

Dining is about more than just taste and smell – the look of the table setting also matters. A spotless plate can make a meal more appealing, and a clean glass can make a drink more enjoyable. Customers notice and appreciate the attention to detail, which can improve their overall impression of the restaurant.

That attention to detail makes customers feel appreciated and valued, and more likely to both return and recommend the restaurant to others.

Consistency and reliability

For any dining operation, reputation is crucial. Even a small mistake, like a smudge on a glass or residue on a fork, can ruin an otherwise good experience. Freshwater dishwashers’ exceptional cleaning performance helps prevent these issues, resulting in a level of reliability that helps a restaurant keep its good name.

Using advanced dishwashing technology also demonstrates a restaurant’s commitment to excellence and innovation and tells customers and industry peers the restaurant is dedicated to providing the best experience possible. This dedication can set a restaurant apart in a crowded market, where customers look for not just a meal, but a memorable experience.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 26

Supporting sustainability

Despite using fresh water for each cycle, modern freshwater dishwashers are designed to optimize water usage. In fact, they often use less water and detergent overall by being more efcient in their cycles, which helps restaurants meet their sustainability goals. Shorter, more efcient cleaning cycles reduce the time dishes spend in the machine while maintaining superior cleanliness. By using water wisely and reducing the need for multiple washes, freshwater dishwashers can help restaurants be more efcient and environmentally friendly without sacrifcing quality.

From kitchen to table

Freshwater dishwashers can be the quiet heroes of an efcient, quality-focused kitchen. Their key role in making sure the tableware is always spotless translates to a standard-setting experience at the table for customers looking to turn meals into memories.

About Paulo Rocha

As the Head of Sales for the HCS (HoReCa, Care, and Self-Service) Business Unit at Miele USA, Paulo has been leading a team of sales professionals for over seven years, developing and executing sales strategies, and expanding the market share and customer base of Miele’s professional products and solutions. With decades of industry experience, Rocha has knowledge and expertise on laundry solutions like wetcleaning, specialty textiles/garments and disinfection (thermal & and chemical), across a variety of vertical markets like hospitality, healthcare, emergency services, veterinary and marine. He is passionate about innovation, quality and sustainability, and strives to provide the best solutions for the diverse and evolving needs of the market.



September 15 - 17, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Featuring guaranteed buyer meetings, networking, awards, and more in a fun and casual setting.

“I highly recommend ECRM’s On & O f Premise Adult Beverage Session. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with 30 buyers from national and international locations.”

- Rebecca Styn, Blind Tiger

For more information contact: Amanda Tomsik Director of Foodservice & Adult Beverage or call 440-528-0474

For many, success in South Florida’s hospitality industry is as elusive as catching lightning in a bottle. For Marc Falsetto, creating restaurants that people love is a lifelong pursuit.

Born in Ottowa, Canada to Italian natives who immigrated to North America, Falsetto moved to South Florida with his family in his teens and started working at the Miami restaurant his father and uncle owned. “My dad and uncle had a restaurant in Miami and on Sundays I would go in and cut the bread. By 16, I was bartending there. Hospitality is in my blood.”

Falsetto went on to graduate from the University of Central Florida in 2002 with concentrations in finance and real estate, but hospitality continued to call his name. He originally moved back to Miami to pursue a real estate career but had an opportunity to purchase a restaurant in 2008 at the Doubletree Grand Hotel in Downtown Miami. That restaurant, by the way, was the very same restaurant his father

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and uncle had owned back in the 1990s. Falsetto recalls the moment he realized that his life had come full circle. “I had goosebumps and the tears started rolling. Real estate was booming, but I just pulled the trigger,” he recalls. Falsetto named the spot Primo’s Restaurant and Lounge and brought his father, Rico, and Uncle Gino back into the fold.

After that one serendipitous restaurant deal, Falsetto’s restaurant career gained momentum. He opened up the first ROK:BRGR, a classic burger pub, which grew to four locations. Falsetto then opened Himmarshee Public House, the first of several Tacocraft restaurants, and Pizza Craft.

Falsetto says the key to his success is listening to the public. If he sees a good spot for a restaurant, he’ll first research what the neighborhood needs. “We develop the concept the neighborhood is missing,” he says. He then partners with his executive chef, Cordon Bleu graduate Robbyns Martinez to create a menu that’s both delicious and approachable. In total, his Handcrafted Hospitality Group manages about seven different concepts with more on the way.

From burgers to tacos to pizzas, Falsetto won’t choose between them when it comes to a favorite. “I love them all. It’s like having different kids. I don’t have any, but they say you never love one more than the other.”

There might, however, be one project that Falsetto is particularly proud of: The collaborative effort with Anthony Bruno and Pat Marzano to revitalize iconic Fort Lauderdale restaurant Anthony’s Runway 84. The restaurant, which opened in 1982, underwent an extensive renovation and reopened in January 2023 as an Italian supper club that would be a fitting backdrop to Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco a la Goodfellas.

“We thought it was a great fit,” says Falsetto, adding, “We blended family history and recipes with chef-driven techniques to transform the iconic space. Our combined Neopolitan, Calabrese and New York experiences came together.”

Though Falsetto’s philosophy of opening a restaurant to match the neighborhood’s needs has proven effective and lucrative, the restaurateur says his mindset has changed

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a little when looking toward the future. The restaurateur has his heart set on several new concepts and, in a feat of reverse engineering, this time he’s looking for locations to fit the concept.

“I’m working on an American concept, a new pizza concept, and an upscale American steakhouse,” he confides. Falsetto is also looking to partner with hotel properties on some cocktail bars. “I feel great and super excited about South Florida’s growth and how we can be part of that. Business is booming.”

Falsetto adds that, while he’ll always love the restaurants he has, he’s eager to expand to other concepts. “My first concepts were burgers and tacos. I’m ready to expand into my American steakhouse concept. People are looking for more culinary options and more elevated experiences. Consumers’ tastes are changing and we want to grow with them,” he says.

The business model of excellence has paid off for Falsetto. The CEO and founder of Handcrafted Hospitality has won several awards and accolades including the “Ultimate CEO” award by the South Florida Business Journal.

Falsetto, who just marked a milestone 45th birthday this year, says this is just the start of his success story. “I’m just getting my feet wet.”

The restaurateur also has some advice for people setting out in the hospitality industry. “The first thing you have to know is that it’s a business. And like any business, you need to learn all the aspects. You have to know finances and you have to know leases in order to succeed.”

Falsetto also recommends surrounding yourself with talented people. “Get a great team around you that you can trust — and a great lawyer to review all your documents.”

In the end, whatever concepts Falsetto opens, he strives for excellence in quality and service. “Danny Meyer once said that if you create a dish someone will copy it within ten seconds. We focus on what we can control and what we can control is within our four walls. We go above and beyond for our guests, so everyone leaves happy.”

Finally, Falsetto says it’s not about the money — it’s about the passion. “Don’t go into this business for money. Nothing is easy, but if you live the business and eat and breathe it, opportunities will happen. You have to start somewhere.”

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Cece’s Roland Park Unveils Grand Opening Date, New Details And Renderings Ahead Of Debut In The Village Of Cross Keys

Cece’s Roland Park to Bring an Elevated Dining Experience to Baltimore Led by Michelin-Starred Executive Chef Nick Sharpe

The Cordish Companies’ hospitality division is excited to announce the opening of Cece’s Roland Park in the Village of Cross Keys on Thursday, June 13, 2024.

The 7,000-square-foot interior and 3,500-square-foot exterior restaurant brings an elevated dining experience to Baltimore. Guided by the exceptional talent of Michelin-starred Chef Nick Sharpe, Cece’s features an innovative, continental European menu with coastal infuences. A carefully created wine and cocktail menu includes Cece’s Signature Martini, an impressive tequila selection, and an exceptional collection of French and Italian wine.

Featuring the upscale design of Rebecca Jones, Cece’s Roland Park has a beautiful main interior dining space and adjacent Cece’s Kitchen, as well as an exquisite open-air courtyard, becoming the perfect venue for a variety of occasions including a meal with friends, date night, happy hour, family gatherings and special celebrations.

“It is incredibly exciting to see Cece’s Roland Park come to life as we prepare to open,” stated Reed Cordish, Principal of The Cordish Companies. “We are thrilled to have the immensely talented Chef Nick Sharpe as the driving force behind

Cece’s. In marrying the redevelopment of Cross Keys with this elevated dining experience, we are confident that Cece’s Roland Park will fill a unique niche and become a cornerstone in the community for years to come.”

A Maryland native, Chef Sharpe began his culinary career nearly two decades ago and has worked under several chefs with James Beard awards and Michelin stars including Jeffrey Buben, Fabio Trabocchi, and Michael Mina. Prior to joining Cece’s, Chef Sharpe was with the Mina Group, most recently as Executive Chef at Michael Mina Bellagio, a Michelin onestar rated, Five Diamond Award-winning seafood restaurant with a focus on French and Japanese cuisine.

“It’s an honor to be able to come back to my home state of Maryland to join Cece’s Roland Park as Executive Chef,” stated Chef Nick Sharpe. “I’m excited to bring my experiences from working with some of the country’s most renowned chefs to Baltimore with a very special menu being curated especially for Cece’s. Cece’s eclectic offering of experiences will each be special, whether you’re coming in to enjoy our main interior dining space, enjoy hand crafted pastas and pizzas with the family in Cece’s Kitchen, or dine al fresco in the open-air courtyard.”

JOIN OUR TEAM: Cece’s Roland Park is currently hiring 100 team members for a variety of front and back of house positions including Assistant General Managers, Dining Managers, Sales Builders, Sous Chefs, Servers, Cocktail Servers, Hosts, Lead Hosts, Food Runners, Bussers, Bartenders, Barbacks, Line Cooks, Pastry Cooks, Butchers, Prep Cooks and Dishwashers. Learn more here or by visiting the Hiring Suite located within Cross Keys at 84 Village Square, Baltimore, MD 21210, adjacent to Williams Sonoma. The Hiring Suite is now open weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10am – 4pm or by appointment on Monday and Friday. Contact Eric Oppel at eric@ for all front of house inquiries and Nick Sharpe at for all back of house inquiries.

Cece’s will be operated by Live! Hospitality & Entertainment, one of the largest and most successful developers and operators of restaurant and entertainment concepts in the United States and a recognized leader in the food, beverage and entertainment industries. Interested candidates can expect a unique work environment with competitive wages, flexible schedules, meal discounts, team referral bonuses and exceptional career growth opportunities.


Cece’s Roland Park, which features 7,000 square feet of indoor space and a 3,500-square-foot open-air courtyard, will offer the perfect venue for private events and special occasions. From happy hours to cocktail parties, galas, banquets, and receptions, Cece’s can accommodate guest counts up to 400 people. For more information and to book your event, contact Rachel Foster at

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @CecesRolandPark to stay up-to-date on new announcements. For more information, including hours of operation, please visit Reservations are now open and encouraged on OpenTable

About the Village of Cross Keys

Cross Keys was originally developed in 1965 by Jim Rouse, the visionary founder of The Rouse Company. The property was acquired by Baltimore-based Caves Valley Partners in 2020 and has been comprehensively redeveloped, including a complete renovation of Village Square and the addition of two new retail buildings. The fully completed development will include the addition of nearly

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350 apartments, as well as an additional office building. For more information, visit

About The Cordish Companies

The Cordish Companies’ origins date back to 1910 and encompass four generations of privately-held, family ownership. During the past ten decades, The Cordish Companies has grown into a global leader in Gaming; Commercial Real Estate; Entertainment Districts; SportsAnchored Developments; Hotels; Residential Properties; Restaurants; Coworking Spaces; and Private Equity. One of the largest and most respected developers in the world, The Cordish Companies has been awarded an unprecedented seven Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence for public-private developments that are of unique significance to the cities in which they are located. The Cordish Companies has developed and operates highly acclaimed dining, entertainment and hospitality destinations throughout the United States, many falling under The Cordish Companies’ Live! Brand, highly regarded as one of the premier entertainment brands in the country. Welcoming over 55 million visitors per year, these developments are among the highest profile dining, entertainment, gaming, hotel and sports-anchored destinations in the country. Over the generations, The Cordish Companies has remained true to the family’s core values of quality, entrepreneurial spirit, long-term personal relationships, and integrity. As a testimony to the long-term vision of its family leadership, The Cordish Companies still owns and manages virtually every business it has created. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter.

“The Cordish Companies,” “The Cordish Company” and “Cordish” are trademarks used under license by independent corporations, legal liability companies and partnerships (“Cordish Entities”). Each Cordish Entity is a separate, single-purpose legal entity that is solely responsible for its obligations and liabilities. No common operations or financial interdependency, and no intermingling of assets or liabilities of the Cordish Entities exists, or should be deemed to exist, as a result of the potential common reference to multiple independent entities operating under the names “Cordish,” “The Cordish Companies” or “The Cordish Company” here or elsewhere.

About Live! Hospitality & Entertainment

Live! Hospitality & Entertainment is one of the largest and most successful developers and operators of restaurant and entertainment concepts in the United States. Recognized as a leader in the food, beverage and entertainment industries, Live! Hospitality & Entertainment has created and developed multiple award-winning concepts including growth brands Sports & Social and PBR Cowboy Bar, branded concepts such as NBC Sports Arena and Budweiser Brew House, concert and special event venues such as Arlington Backyard and The Hall, and in partnership with premier chefs and celebrities like Guy Fieri and Troy Aikman. Its portfolio of over 100 concepts can be found at the front door of professional sports stadiums and arenas, high profile entertainment districts, and world-class casino resorts around the country. Live! Hospitality & Entertainment is a division of The Cordish Companies, one of the oldest and largest real estate development companies in the country now in its fourth generation of privately held family ownership. For more information and to join the team, please visit

Media Contacts:

Cari Furman, The Cordish Companies, 330-807-4079

Mitchell Brown Mitchell Brown Consulting/Village of Cross Keys, 443-519-8856

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Prioritize mental health – from the back of the house to the front door – before it hits your team and your bottom line.

Create healthier and more engaged employees with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) at Work for Restaurants from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.

Your Workforce’s Mental Health Challenges:

Food and beverage industries scored in the bottom 10% for workplace mental health.

80% of employees in restaurant and food service industries report feeling burned out.

40% of employees say their jobs have a negative impact on their mental health.

Our Solution:

Increase employee productivity, morale and retention by cultivating supportive team cultures.

Address mental health and substance use challenges and reduce associated stigma by fostering open discussions that encourage the appropriate treatment.

Build resilience in an often fast-paced work environment impacted by peak serving hours, demanding customers and tip-driven competition.

Trusted by leading companies nationwide.

Learn more at


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At the heart of the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago is the love of food. And Unilever Food Solutions and Future Menu Trends put together one of the most eloquent nights for understanding why we do what we in our industry. Guests were invited to Esmé the Michelin Star restaurant under the culinary brilliance of Chef Jenner Tomaska, a visionary force in the world of gastronomy. With a deep-rooted passion for local and seasonal ingredients, Chef Jenner’s goals to unite the trends with an experience few will forget.

“Many of the Future Menus North America 2024 trends naturally align with our vision for a dynamic and interactive dining experience, so we were excited to collaborate with Unilever Food Solutions to bring these trends to life,” said Jenner Tomaska, Chef and Owner, Esmé. “We utilized local ingredients alongside Unilever’s branded ingredients like Hellmann’s and Knorr to develop a menu that told a story, with each course representing at least one trend.”

Our salad was a product of spring leaves and the puree of food scrap ingredients, creating a trio of flavors that when blended together created an interactive and delicious dressing. Innovative methods of recycling food scraps, that demonstrated a deep respect for the environment while still delivering exquisite flavors.

Chef brought together his commitment to Local Abundance which was palpable in every dish that graced our menu. His innovative approach to minimizing waste while maximizing

flavor showcased a rare blend of creativity and sustainability. Chef Jenner’s emphasis on reimagining Modernized Comfort Food classics was artistic as well as succulent, a testament his culinary prowess. Our main dish was Lecohon En Clay, which melted in my mouth and I felt like it push boundaries of flavor. Chef Jenner’s reverence for vegetables as culinary stars shines throughout his dishes, be it a salad bouquet or edible art veggie deserts.

Unilever’s Food Solution’s Future Menus 2024 is a detailed trend and recipe guide packed with solutions to industrywide challenges, from cost-saving initiatives that ease labor shortages to recipes backed by forward-thinking trends. While each trend can live on its own, many of the Future Menus trends naturally align to create vibrant, nourishing menus that both chefs and customers can feel good about.

When it comes to embracing the future of food, Esmé effortlessly incorporates key food trends that are shaping the culinary landscape. Chef Jenner was able to unite Unilever’s Future Menu Trend report with culinary artistry, he and Esmé continue to redefine the dining experience, a true culinary exploration that embraces the future of food.

Esmé’s culinary prowess in integrating these food trends seamlessly into a single dining experience left me in awe. It was not just a meal but a journey through the future of food, where sustainability, creativity, and flavor harmoniously converged on each plate.

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Farm Egg and Asparagus, Fava Bean Tart, Plum and Kinmedai, Strawberry and Wagyu, Sunflower and Caviar


Spring Garden Salad and trio of colors


Lechon en Clay, Mojo, Beans & Rice



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Dover Sole, Squash Vin Juane, Pine Nut Edible Art, Fennel, Green Tomato, Farmers Cheese, Zucchini











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This spring, Eric LeGrand Spirits, a New Jerseybased bourbon brand, announced expansions to New York and Massachusetts. The news comes after the brand launched in March 2023, originally sold in-stores in New Jersey and Kentucky. It’s now available in select liquor stores, bars, restaurants in all four states for everyone to enjoy.

In May, Eric LeGrand Bourbon expanded to New York in a distribution partnership with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), one of the nation’s leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors.

This July, the brand is expanding to Massachusetts in a distribution partnership with Martignetti Companies, the leading distributor of wines, spirits and beer in New England and the sixth largest wine and spirits distributor in the country. The back to back expansions will help the brand reach a new audience through key retailers.

Eric LeGrand Bourbon was co-founded by Eric LeGrand, the former college football defensive tackle-turned-businessman and spirits entrepreneur Brian Axelrod. Eric’s inspiring story has served as a foundation for the NJ-based brand’s story. His life changed in 2010 when he became paralyzed after a tackle while playing football for Rutgers University. He’s paralyzed from the chest down and this injury inspired him to launch his first spirits brand. He launched the brand to end the stigma that those with disabilities aren’t able to enjoy the finer things in life. The purpose-driven brand is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, distilled in Owensboro, Kentucky, and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. It was created with quality heartland grown corn, limestone purified water, the freshest rye and barley available.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 42

The brand promises to donate $5.20 of every case sold of Eric LeGrand Bourbon to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. The foundation supports those living with and are impacted by paralysis by finding the cure for spinal cord injuries. The amount represents Eric’s number (52) while he played football at Rutgers University. In March 2024, the brand celebrated its one-year anniversary and presented a check of $9,064.00 to the foundation.

Through this expansion, the brand is now available in New Jersey, Kentucky, New York, Massachusetts and is available DTC on with a suggested retail price of $39.99 for a 750ML bottle.

Notable New York Restaurateur Eytan Sugarman Launches

Hudson Street Hospitality Group Along With Plans for The Hudson Club and Ownership of The Paris Cafe and Ambra Italian Restaurant

Seasoned New York Hospitality entrepreneur, restaurateur Eytan Sugarman, has announced the formulation of Hudson Street Hospitality Group, his official umbrella company housing the multitude of his expeditiously growing empire, many years in the making. With his rapidly expanding Made In New York Pizza empire (Featured on the cover of F&B August 2023), the success of Hunt & Fish Club, and ownership of the historic White Horse Tavern, Sugarman has been known in the New York hospitality landscape as a respected owner and operator for over twenty five years. Sugarman is also known among peers and hospitality industry alike for his strong sense of community and dedication to the people of New York City, layered with regular philanthropic endeavors.

Paired with the formation of Hudson Street Hospitality also comes the announcement of The Hudson Club, a sophisticated cocktail bar and restaurant, which will open its doors this Summer on West 55th Street. Furthermore, Sugarman also announces the acquisition of historic South Street 150 year old brasserie The Paris Cafe, and an ownership stake in the

recently opened Greenwich Village Italian restaurant, Ambra Italia Trattoria.

Sugarman, a native New Yorker that grew up on the Upper West Side, has been behind iconic restaurants and venues such as Suede, Destino, Strawberry’s Sports Grill and Southern Hospitality BBQ, and for the last decade, has been at the helm of his successful midtown steak and seafood haunt, Hunt & Fish Club, which further established his name into the fine dining space. Hunt & Fish Club recreates the glory of 1960’s New York through a ritzy steakhouse aesthetic featuring 50,000 lbs of marble, with an original design by renowned contemporary artist Roy Nachum and architect Studio Iyor.

The announcement of Hudson Street Hospitality is long overdue, as Sugarman, a respected hospitality leader, continues to be a voice for New York owners and operators, with goodhearted and pure interest in offering a positive contribution to the ever-evolving Manhattan landscape. Sugarman has spent the last decade focused on mainstay establishments, rather

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Matt Shendell, John DeLucie, Shaun Rose, Eytan Sugarman, Richie Romero, Andrea Lenna

than trendy spots that are short-lived. Sugarman’s vision for Hudson Street Hospitality was based on these leadership beliefs, actioned to form a group representative of his three decades in the business, therefore formulating an instrumental executive team comprised of a carefully chosen group of seasoned industry players and respected friends; Matt Shendell (Chief Operating Officer) - Ainsworth , Richie Romero (Chief Branding Officer) - Hearsay, Nebula, and Shaun Rose (Chief Marketing Officer) - Goldbar. Executive Chef of Ambra and The Paris Cafe John DeLucie also takes on a role as Head Chef of the group consulting on all venues overall, and Andrea Ienna as Operating partner, the original owner of Ambra.

Adds Hudson Street Hospitality Owner & Founder Sugarman, “I want to continue to offer New Yorkers both new dining destinations and reinvent historic institutions, with an unwavering goal to continue to create familial, institutional spots for both local and visiting patrons that are inviting, hospitable, and aimed at the experience of the customer. The landmark spots preserve the history of the city, while our new creations are part of the continued, positive evolution.”

In 2018 Sugarman introduced the Made In New York Pizza brand, currently sitting at four locations around Manhattan spanning from Hudson Street in West Village to Midtown West

and two on the Upper West Side, with additional locations set to open. Made In NY Pizza is a joint partnership with Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Oseary, DJ Clue, and One Direction frontman Ryan Tedder, at the hand of Sugarman. The pizza shops are designed with custom graffiti art and murals from both onthe-rise and established New York street artists, paired with delicious and authentic New York style pizza offerings. They serve as neighborhood staple pizzerias and in-demand delivery destinations for Manhattanites. Barstool Sports “One Bite” had Immediately rated the signature pepperoni an 8.3 and classic cheese slide 7.9 within the first week of opening, paired with rave verbal reviews. Adds Sugarman, “The core values of Made In New York ultimately come from the culture of the brand. It was a brand born of passion, love, and friendship.” This is a mindset Sugarman is known for carrying into all of his projects, whenever possible.

In 2019, Sugarman bought the historic West Village landmark, White Horse Tavern, a pub-style bar and restaurant established in 1880, located at 567 Hudson Street, in order to preserve its legacy, which includes the notoriety of regular patrons and literary icons like Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas, and Jim Morrison. Keeping authentic to the White Horse brand, but aimed to reinvent the Greenwich Village watering hole, Sugarman expanded the tavern footprint with a street side covered

Matt Shendell, Shaun Rose, Eytan Sugarman (Top), Richie Romero, Andrea Ienna, John DeLucie (Front) The Paris Cafe

dining patio, and floral exterior adornments which have kept it an in-demand Hudson Street landscape staple. The restaurant and bar offers an extensive lunch and dinner menu, and recently announced the introduction of weekend brunch, catering to the demand from area locals. Their cocktail, beer and wine menu is of course quite vast, with signature drink favorites, known in the neighborhood for a staple happy hour layered with ongoing seasonal drink specials. Despite some resistance by neighbors during the Pandemic due to the swift evolution of the Hudson block, the landmark quickly re-established itself as a prominent neighborhood bar and gathering space for Greenwich locals, as well as a newly discovered hotspot bar for Gen Z’ers that are attracted to the quaint pub aesthetic and in search of more intimate, low-key downtown venues to frequent.

As Sugarman continues to expand his hospitality empire, the newly formed Hudson Street Hospitality group also has acquired an ownership stake in White Horse Tavern’s buzzing Hudson Street neighbor, Ambra Italia Trattoria. Ambra, located just next door at 569 Hudson, has gained much popularity due to its picturesque neighborhood dining aesthetic, and incredible homemade Italian menu by Executive Chef John DeLucci (Gramercy Tavern, Lion), since its September 2023 opening. Having already become

“I want to continue to ofer New Yorkers both new dining destinations and reinvent historic institutions, with an unwavering goal to continue to create familial, institutional spots for both local and visiting patrons that are inviting, hospitable, and aimed at the experience of the customer. The landmark spots preserve the history of the city, while our new creations are part of the continued, positive evolution.”

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Interior Shots of Ambra
Interior Shots of Ambra
Hudson Street Hospitality Owner & Founder Sugarman

a favorite to A-List New York personalities and the fashion community, Ambra not only serves delicious cuisine favorites inclusive of meat, vegan and seafood options, but features a full bar with an extensive mixology menu and wine program. Along with its neighbor White Horse, Ambra has also introduced a new weekend brunch program timed to Spring 2024. The ownership stake creates a partnership between Sugarman and Ambra owner, restaurateur Andrea Ienna.

Also keeping with the desire to preserve Manhattan landmark haunts and watering holes that reek of history and incredible storytelling, Hudson Street Hospitality has taken ownership of South Street restaurant and bar, The Paris Cafe, which dates back to 1873. Hudson Street Hospitality is currently planning the relaunch of New York City’s oldest brasserie, located at 119 South Street, with a strategy that still honors the history of The Paris Cafe but evolves it to current day appeal, with programming soon to be announced in conjunction with a menu and cocktail program transformation. (Favorite of Teddy Roosevelt - he was in all the time), Jimmy Hoffa, Billy The Kid)

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Sugarman donated over 4,000 pies to hospitals and first responders, and he continues to offer Made In NY Pizza to those less fortunate on all major holidays as a free meal - Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas - so that no family is without food. His philanthropy truly has no end, always present at a variety of city wide charity galas and events annually, and also notably hosted a fundraiser with New York Yankees’ High Socks For Hope to benefit the victims of the Oklahoma Hurricanes. He has also hosted a variety of fundraisers at his restaurants such as Hunt & Fish Club for the

storm victims of Puerto Rico following the weather disaster devastation, Prayers For Puerto Rico, co hosted by NY Yankee legend Jorge Posada and Laura Posada, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Sugarman will never be questioned on his patronage and leveraging his resources to propel relief and support those in need.

The Hudson Club vision is to offer an upscale restaurant and bar in midtown that will pay homage to vintage New York in a fully custom designed sexy yet sophisticated setting. The goal is to offer New York patrons an elegant and elevated cocktail bar and dining experience with a familial and inviting vibe. Sugarman, known amongst his peers for his keen eye for detail, is constructing The Hudson Club from scratch, working with the design team on every element of the much anticipated soon-to-open venue. Picture old New York with a modern twist, essentially a destination for those seeking a membership club experience without a membership being required. Accessibility and sophistication in one destination.

The Hudson Club, similar to Hunt & Fish Club, will cater to an elevated clientele, looking for a sophisticated yet fashionable evening, layered with glamor and class. The cuisine and culture of Hunt & Fish Club has maintained itself as an in-demand fine dining destination for a decade now, at the hand of Sugarman’s dedicated direction and skilled vision. The Hudson Club adds another level of sophistication to Sugarman’s repertoire, establishing an exclusive hospitality driven cocktail lounge and dining room, sure to serve the desire of the evolving New York clientele.

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at CHAIN Pop-Up in LA with Pernod Ricard USA Brands

On Thursday, May 16th, notable actor and comedian Paul Scheer hosted his ofcial book launch party at CHAIN pop-up in Los Angeles for his new book, “Joyful Recollections of Trauma.”

CHAIN is the World’s First Gourmet ‘Chain Food’ pop-up featuring Chef-driven versions of chain restaurant classics like Friendly’s, Pizza Hut and more with incredible interactive and retro inspired elements throughout the space to engage guests and consumers. Founded by actor BJ Novak, in collaboration with chef Tim Hollingsworth, the immersive dining experience that reimagines familiar chain restaurant favorites is a time capsule of favors and aesthetics for generations of consumers.

Codigo 1530 tequila, Absolut and Jameson liquor brands were featured at the event celebrating Paul’s new book. The speciality drinks included Paul’s Punch with Codigo 1530 tequila and FoutainStyle Vodka LemonLime which featured Absolut Vodka.

Notable guests in attendance among many actors and comedians included, Paul Scheer, Adam Scott, Jerry O’Connell, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson, Roman Royale, Kyle Newman, Rob Huebel, Jason Mantzoukas, Jack McBrayer, Tessa Sanchez GreenField and Michaela McManus.

“It’s a hilarious essay collection about trauma. Yes, really.”—People Magazine

June Issue 2024
Photo credit : Startraks / Michael Simon

From award-winning actor and comedian Paul Scheer, a candid and hilarious memoir-in-essays on coming to terms with childhood trauma and fnding the joy in embracing your authentic self.

Paul Scheer has entertained countless fans and podcast listeners with stories about the odd, wild, and absurd details of his life. Yet these tales have pointed to deeper, more difcult truths that the actor and comedian has kept to himself. Now, he is fnally ready to share those truths for the frst time—but, of course, with a healthy dose of humor.

Chain Codigo 1530 Tequila Absolut Vodka Jameson Irish Whiskey

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Sprinkles and Smiles

Pinkbox Doughnuts Delivers Fun in Las Vegas and Beyond

There are doughnuts and then there’s Pinkbox Doughnuts. With its fanciful flavors, colorful box and fun atmosphere, Pinkbox Doughnuts has delivered an entirely new doughnut culture to Las Vegas. It’s a brand so many have fallen in love with. Just as CEO Stephen Siegel did before purchasing the Pinkbox in 2018.

“Being from Los Angeles, I grew up eating doughnuts my whole life. There was a doughnut shop on every corner,” Siegel says. “But it was never on my mind to get into the business.”

That only happened when the businessman stumbled upon the brand when his wife brought home a box of doughnuts. He said once he saw the name and the logo he thought it had “unlimited potential.” At the time, Pinkbox consisted of two small shops.

“The name and logo really stood out, but it was unbranded,” Siegel recalls. “So, I created a concept and a brand around the name. Now, there’s not a detail that’s missed on the inside or out. Every single piece of the business is branded. It’s what we call “Pinkboxed out.”

As an eye-catching roadside attraction inspired by Willy Wonka and Disneyland, Siegel says his goal is to “spread smiles” and “overwhelm the customer” with the whimsical decor and mindblowing doughnut offerings.

“Pinkbox is a fun, modern day version of the old-fashioned doughnut shop, with a few twists,” says Siegel.

The creative nature behind the doughnuts has built a cultlike following. Pinkbox has hundreds of doughnut varieties in rotation and routinely offers more than 70 types of doughnuts


is a fun, modern day version of the old-fashioned doughnut shop, with a few twists,” says Siegel.

Page 53 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

in its display cases, yet it’s when Siegel pulls or retires a particular doughnut that he hears about it.

“We like to rotate flavors in and out,” he explains. “Often, when we do, we get tremendous feedback. People absolutely freak out. It happens all the time. I don’t think there’s one doughnut that I removed where there was just total silence.”

Of course there are doughnuts that will never fade away. Pinkbox’s most popular is the OG, a plain glazed American classic, while trademarked signatures like Pinky®, Pooh® and its DoughCro® line of croissant doughnuts in flavors like blueberry, Nutella, and maple-bacon are popular picks. The company also has licensed partnerships with the Raiders, Vegas Golden Knights and Care Bears to produce branded doughnuts. In addition, Pinkbox releases seasonal flavors and a new doughnut of the month flavor. It’s an exhausting, but rewarding, dance that includes every-Thursday tastings to pick the next best flavor.

Siegel is big on appearances and the shops are meant to be entered and explored. Each Pinkbox location is different–Siegel says they don’t want to

take a “cookie cutter” approach. Once “gung-ho” on the drive-thru concept, he admits he doesn’t love it as much even though drivers will soon navigate their cars through a ring of giant doughnuts upon its launch.

“We have some fun stuff coming,” Siegel says. “But really our brand is for you to walk inside. I want you to walk in, see the case and be overwhelmed by the amount of doughnuts and that just can’t happen on a menu board.”

In recent years Pinkbox has grown. The company now has 12 shops with nine in development and expansion outside of Las Vegas fired up. Siegel says the future includes several shops in Salt Lake City, another in St. George, Utah, and possibly Arizona.

“Slow and steady growth,” says Siegel. “I mean we’d love to have 500 stores tomorrow, but you know we want to make sure that we have everything right. Everything we do is about putting a smile on someone’s face.” For more information visit:

“But really our brand is for you to walk inside. I want you to walk in, see the case and be overwhelmed by the amount of doughnuts and that just can’t happen on a menu board.” - Siegel
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Grab your favorite drink, put on your cozy slippers and join me as I tell you the feelgood story of a company that is like a friendly and popular neighbor with a big heart – the one who knows his neighbors by name and owns all the right tools that everyone wants to borrow! think4D is not your average packaging company, but it’s a close-knit group of expert salespeople, designers, and project specialists that you’d want your parents/ family to meet. They are the company that you want to be friends with because they like to have fun while creating a lot of noise – albeit politely - and making a difference in people’s lives. They want you to read their story and find out more about them on a personal level. How is this possible with a company?

Since the beginning, the think4D family is well-known for being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, but in today’s world of webcams and virtual interactions, customers crave real communication and connections to a living, breathing, caring individual who is available to answer every question, protect their interests and be flexible with time, design and production issues.

Let’s take a quick peek at one of our customers, a grassroots company who discovered think4D when they needed us the most…. and it was all about timing. Patrick Steptoe, of the Luther Dryers company recognized a kindred spirit in think4D as he met with the team, talked and formed a close partnership in the beverage packaging industry. Luther

Page 57 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

Dryers Lemonade had a legacy born from the idea and resourcefulness of one man, a centuries-old family recipe, and a product waiting to be dressed up in just the right package. This is where the ingenuity and packaging expertise of think4D came in, because a fantastic product called Luther Dryers Lemonade, became a great product, that literally jumped off the shelves simply through the magic of packaging. But it’s more than just getting the job done in a timely manner.

In Patrick’s own words, he explained, “….it’s all about building relationships, as you deal with projects; ………and I think it’s important when a company can really get the vision that you’re trying to convey, as far as your packaging and a company that’s willing to

listen, and at least have an interest, and not just be so tied up with what their perception of what your vision is. Those are some of the things that really swayed me. And I’m glad I have because the relationship is great, and we’re ongoing as we keep working on additional projects.”

As if this story isn’t compelling enough, there’s more to tell. think4D has always had a secret weapon at their disposal: employee-ownership. This is a unique business model because when an employee is an owner, they look at every aspect of the business in a different light. The salespeople, designers, and production staff are more likely to ensure that the words they speak and the products that pass through their hands are crafted to the best of their ability. There’s a

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 58

certain unspoken guarantee that all employeeowners will deliver a quality product, every single time. Why? Because, their reputation is on the line, not to mention the reputations of their fellow employee-owners and think4D, the company that has provided the umbrella under which they work.

After all is said and done, the conclusion of this story is actually just the beginning, for our customers and our employee-owners. We would like nothing better than to create a lasting partnership with you and write each packaging story based on your individuality and our expertise. We care about every person and every project that we engage with because think4D is a packaging company with a heart.

Welcome to think4D – come in, take off your coat and have a seat. We’ll help you tell your story to the world.

“…it’s all about building relationships, as you deal with projects; ...and I think it’s important when a company can really get the vision that you’re trying to convey, as far as your packaging and a company that’s willing to listen,
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Sweet Florda Whiskey

A Craft Whiskey Company is Changing the Way People Think about Spirit

Page 61 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024

Perhaps one day, Chris Stapleton will start singing about sweet Florida whiskey. That’s because Von Payne Black is making inroads not only with longtime whiskey drinkers but attracting newcomers, including women, with their smooth blended whiskey infused with black currant.

Former tech CEO Steve Allen founded Von Payne in Clearwater, Florida as an approachable whiskey his daughters would enjoy. He launched the brand in 2022 with a mission, he says, “to bring interesting people together for great conversations.”

“Often people have a negative perception of whiskey or brown spirits in general. Our goal was to give them something that would introduce them into an experience,”

Allen explains. “For us, it opens a new market. It’s like the person who doesn’t like sushi, but gets the perfect sushi roll from a friend and all of a sudden it changes their mind about the whole category. We were trying to do the same thing with whiskey. It’s a process of discovery. We believe that Von Payne Black will be a hit with discerning whiskey lovers and cocktail enthusiasts. We’re changing the way people think about whiskey.”

What differentiates Von Payne from other whiskeys is its unique blend and infusion process. While flavored whiskeys are enriched with artificial flavoring, say peanut butter or cinnamon, that masks the original taste, by contrast infusing whiskey with a hint of the source flavor–in this case black currant–the whiskey retains its smell and overall taste profile.

“By infusing, and not favoring, it adds a light additional taste that is slightly sweet and the case of black currant slightly tart notes to the whiskey,” -Allen says.

“By infusing, and not flavoring, it adds a light additional taste that is slightly sweet and the case of black currant slightly tart notes to the whiskey,” Allen says. “It still tastes like the source bourbon we use, with an added finish. More experienced bourbon drinkers will find it similar to an old fashion, but not quite as sweet.”

Von Payne is great as a sipping whiskey over ice but Allen says it’s a versatile spirit that gives a kick to mixed cocktails and the name lends itself to some creative cocktails.

“Von Payne is excellent on its own but is also a wonderful key ingredient for cocktails,” says Allen. “We have fun with the Von Payne name creating them. For example, if you make a whiskey mule out of Von Payne, we call it a Payne in the Ass. A twist on a Kir Royale using champagne is a Royal Payne. And the Gotha-rita is our take on the traditional Margarita.”

Allen also had fun with the packaging, creating a glass, decanter-style bottle with a metal gargoyle pour spout–inspired by his visits to Paris with his wife and Notre Dame Cathedral–that makes for a wow moment and sparks intrigue and conversation.

“With a personal history being involved in fringe cultures, we built our brand around this,” Allen says. “Von Payne represents everybody’s alter ego, wanting to participate in interesting experiences and to discover a little bit more about the dark and sexy side of life. The Von Payne tribe are the people who are looking to be a part of something different. A little outside of the everyday norm.”

Von Payne is available at retailers in nine states and online

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Elevate your summer culinary experience with the convenience and excellence of 4 Rivers products delivered straight to your door. The Sampler is a package full of BBQ classics including the Signature Angus Brisket, St. Louis Style Ribs, and Pulled Pork, complemented by a bottle of 4R Signature Sauce. Whether you are a grilling enthusiast or just looking for a night of delicious foods, this package will elevate any summer cookout. With approximately 6-8 servings, it is the perfect choice to satisfy your BBQ cravings and entertain guests with the mouthwatering flavors of 4 Rivers.


Experience the taste of Italian summer with A l’Olivier Tomato Basil Vinegar. This exquisite vinegar blends the vibrant intensity of fresh basil with the ripe sweetness of tomatoes, creating a flavor profile that elevates any dish. Ideal for deglazing white meats like veal, it brings out a burst of summer flavors when combined with diced tomatoes and mozzarella. Whether drizzled over salads or used as a marinade, this tomato and basil vinegar transforms simple meals into gourmet experiences. Let A l’Olivier’s culinary creation take your culinary adventures to new heights. Now available at The French Farm.


Alden’s Organic has expanded its national product portfolio with new dessert bars made from organic Greek yogurt. Available in six delicious flavors, these bars are crafted with simple, better-for-you ingredients and are Certified USDA Organic with live and active probiotic cultures. Each bar contains up to 3 grams of protein and only 100 calories, making them the perfect summer treat for 2024, both for families and the environment.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 66 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Mezcal Amarás is crafted from 100% Americana agave, this artisanal mezcal boasts a bittersweet smell with hints of roasted banana on the mouth and a silky, almond finish - making it a stellar sipping mezcal or the perfect spirit for a summertime cocktail, from a Mezcalita to a Paloma & more.


AVID Cider Co.’s Tuesday Cocktail Club is a fresh, new lineup of ready-to-clink cocktails featuring three elevated, all-natural flavor combinations: Mango Margarita, Peach Bellini, and Marionberry Mojito. The class and craft of a cocktail-bar experience are more accessible than ever when there are bubbly, fruity cans Tuesday Cocktail Club in the fridge. These adventurous yet balanced glutenfree, wine-based cocktails are breezing in at 10.5% ABV. Tuesday Cocktail Club takes the fresh-made cocktail experience and mixes it up with premium fruited wine and bold bar flavors for a perfectly balanced taste of elevated and easy.


Badger Bevs’ Sparkling Blood Orange is the newest addition to this premium line of cocktail mixers. Boasting the highest carbonation levels of any mixer in the industry, Badger complements top-shelf spirits, but also stands alone, delivering an unparalleled taste experience. Using the finest all-natural flavors sourced from around the globe and proudly produced in the USA, Badger’s Sparkling Blood Orange is naturally overflowing with citrus and delivers a floral, tart, and refreshing range of flavors, perfect for the Summer season.

Page 67 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Vya Sweet Vermouth enchants a Manhattan with baking spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg that harmonize with the oaky flavor components of whiskey and bourbon: vanilla, coconut and spices.

For a better Manhattan, use at least 1 oz. of Vya Sweet Vermouth and enjoy the difference.

@OfficialVyaVermouth |


Bartesian is the premium craft cocktail maker that brings the cocktail lounge to your home, creating your favorite cocktails at the touch of a button. With over 60 cocktail varieties available, Bartesian prepares exquisite cocktails and mocktails, no stirring, shaking or measuring required, in just 30 seconds! Each Bartesian cocktail is consistently-balanced and pre-measured with only the finest, premium sourced, ingredients. Bartesian’s smart technology allows for several layers of customization, including: Beverage Strength –Choose the strength of each cocktail your Bartesian crafts, from mocktail to strong; Spirit Choice – Fill Bartesian’s canisters with your favorite spirit brands for an even more curated experience; Cocktail Recipe – Bartesian offers 60+ cocktail capsules, with recipes to fit any season, occasion or taste preference.


Bay State Milling’s SowNaked® Mindfully Farmed Oats are a unique variety of hulless oats that deliver 40% more protein and 50% less carbon emissions than traditional oats, and are grown following gluten-free Purity Protocol. SowNaked Oats are grown and processed in a highly specialized, closed loop, gluten-free supply chain—resulting in oat flakes with less than 5 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, dramatically below the 20 ppm threshold set by the FDA for a gluten-free claim. SowNaked Oats are an excellent ingredient for a wide variety of gluten-free foods and beverages.


Beech-Nut Jammin’ Waffles are a mini waffle treat with a delicious fruit filling! Made with fruits like apples, peaches, and mangoes, this new toddler snack is filled with flavor and fun. Jammin’ Waffles come in 5 single-serve pouches that are perfect for on-the-go. Jammin’ Waffles are available in two tasty flavors, Peach Mango and Pear Raspberry, and are non-GMO and free of artificial colors or flavors. Recommended for toddlers 12 months and up.

Page 69 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Bionaturae Organic Apricot Fruit Spread is produced using handharvested organic fruit from small family farms. The flavor of Italian fruit is sweet, intense and true. The air-tight cooking method and superior quality fruit enables the team to use very low temperatures and much less sweetener, enhancing the fruit’s goodness. Boasting sweet, intense and true flavors, no added cane sugar, processed at low temperatures and cooked slowly to preserve the fruit’s flavor, made in small batches, and no preservatives added.


Raised responsibly onshore in Florida, the proprietary U.S. Bluehouse® is revolutionizing aquaculture with a product that is sustainably sourced and delivered fresh, resulting in low carbon emissions and a fraction of the carbon footprint. Using water sourced from the Floridian Aquifer, the end product is not only great for the environment and ocean safe (rated green choice by Seafood Watch and recommended by Ocean Wise), but heart-healthy, clean and lean for the consumer — high in Omega 3s, non-GMO, and free of antibiotics and hormones.


Brekki’s dairy-free and gluten-free Ready to Eat Oats stand out for their innovative approach to providing a breakfast solution that caters to a growing demographic of individuals with dietary restrictions. By offering a product that is both dairy-free and glutenfree, the brand demonstrates a commitment to the greatness of oats in a ready-to-go format to satisfy the needs of consumers while maintaining a high standard of taste and quality. These oats are luxuriously creamy, enveloping your palate in a smooth, velvety richness. Brekki’s Dark Chocolate Ready to Eat Oats feature premium dark chocolate, providing a satisfyingly rich and indulgent flavor profile for when you have a sweet tooth and a full schedule. Packed with essential nutrients, fiber, and the goodness of glutenfree oats, this chocolatey twist on Brekki’s signature blend of readyto-eat oats and ancient grains is sure to delight.

Page 71 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Maui Mule is summer in a can! This spicy, tiki twist on a classic Mule cocktail is made with Cardinal Spirits award-winning vodka, plus real passion fruit juice, and zippy ginger— so it’s got that kick you crave in a mule. Maui Mule is a ringer for lake days and bonfire nights, picnics in the park and backyard hangs. Pack it in the cooler, bring it on vacation, crack it open when you want a delicious summer cocktail with none of the work. It also makes a dynamite slushy, just combine one can and a big scoop of ice to a blender and give it a whirl!


Caroline’s Banana Pudding Cake is made with sumptuous layers of moist banana cake filled with banana cream pudding and finished with decadent vanilla buttercream icing. Each cake is generously adorned each layer and the outside of the cake with crushed vanilla wafers, creating a confection that pays homage to the beloved flavors of Grandma’s kitchen. This indulgent new offering is a tip of the hat to those precious family moments centered around the dinner table. Ideal for sharing, the 9-inch round cake serves 14–20 people, making it a perfect addition to any social gathering or a sublime indulgence for those special quiet moments at home. With the summer season on the horizon, there could not be a more perfect time for cake aficionados and dessert lovers to savor this new treat.


CAULIPOWER Dill Flavored Chicken Bites are made with all-natural chicken raised with no antibiotics ever and a crispy veggie-packed coating, making them the FIRST cauliflower coated chicken bites and one of the few gluten-free options in the market. The convenient snack is ready in minutes, delivering crispy, flavorful bites that are perfect on-the-go or as an after-camp treat in a wrap, on a salad, or all by themselves. These trendy, Dill-flavored Chicken Bites bring the taste of a very famous fast-food restaurant into your home, but with a better-for-you twist. The best part? Consumers can enjoy these protein-packed bites any day of the week! Since its launch of the groundbreaking frozen cauliflower crust pizza in 2017, CAULIPOWER has been using the magic of veggies and the power of taste to reinvent America’s favorite comfort foods.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 72 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Cedar’s Topped Organic Hot Honey Hommus has sweet notes of honey mixed with the spicy taste of chili, a soothingly delicious taste that adds a kick to your Mediterranean spreads. Like all of Cedar’s hommus, this blend is organic, non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and crafted with fresh ingredients. The culinary world has embraced the hot new trend of subtle spice—a nuanced approach to flavor that avoids overwhelming heat while adding that elusive “je ne sais quoi” to dishes, and it’s sure to continue in 2024. This creation marries sweet honey with a gentle chili kick, resulting in a perfect harmony of savory and sweet. This hommus is versatile and can be used as a dip, spread, or topping for various dishes. It offers a balance of savory, sweet, and spicy elements, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy bold flavor profiles in their food.


Chameleon’s new limited-edition 8 oz. cold-brew lattes feature a range of flavors inspired by America’s beloved Girl Scout Cookies, blended with Chameleon’s exciting new French Roast cold-brew. The Chameleon Cold-Brew Girl Scout Cookie™ Inspired product line includes three delicious flavors: Thin Mints™ Cold-Brew, Coconut Caramel Cold-Brew, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cold-Brew. Each decadent blend is gluten-free, soy-free, contains approx. 150mg of caffeine and 10g of sugar or less.


Unveiled at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, Chunk Foods’ groundbreaking Slab is the largest whole-cut plant-based meat on the market and set to revolutionize plant-based dining. Using proprietary solid-state fermentation technology, Chunk’s Slab delivers a deeply satisfying experience, mimicking the texture, color, and taste of beef. Unlike other brands, Chunk’s revolutionary process creates a delicious product while utilizing fewer resources like water and energy. Chunk’s new Slab is the largest whole-cut product made from plants to hit the market and is ideal for briskets, pastrami, smoking, grilling, and carving tableside. Weighing in at more than three pounds, it is the largest piece of plant-based meat ever introduced. Having earned headlines for making history with the launch of their plant-based steak at Florida’s Charley’s highend steakhouse chain and a global partnership with Better Balance, Chunk is featured on hotspot menus nationwide, as well as in Mexico and Spain, making plant-based eating accessible and delicious.

Page 73 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer



In 2024, Civilized Coffee emerges as the quintessential summer beverage, captivating taste buds and cooling souls with its refreshing Instant Cold Brew Coffee. Crafted to perfection, it offers a harmonious blend of rich flavors and invigorating aroma, delivering a burst of energy with every sip. Versatile and convenient, it seamlessly transitions from morning pick-me-ups to afternoon delights, effortlessly elevating summer gatherings and adventures. As temperatures rise, Civilized Coffee remains the go-to choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a satisfying and revitalizing experience, embodying the essence of summer in every chilled sip.


A classic combination gets a gourmet twist. This tasty nut mix features a medley of almonds and cashews, each perfectly seasoned with a tangy, lip-smacking salt and vinegar punch. Each savory nut mix is created by the Clif Family culinary team to be everything from a solo snack to the star of your charcuterie board. These flavor-packed mixes pair well with your favorite wine, add an unexpected crunch to salads, or elevate your adventures. These aren’t your average nut mixes. As a B Corp Certified business, Clif Family crafts them with care using only the finest, high-quality, organic ingredients, ensuring each bite is good for the planet and your palate.


Inspired by the Flo & Basy – a cocktail from Coppinger Row in Dublin, Ireland, this small batch craft gin has refreshing floral and citrus notes, an herbaceous bouquet of basil on the nose, a uniquely fresh, and floral finish of elderflower on the palate. Sip neat or over ice, or pair with light-bodied fruits, herbs, and spices in a cocktail.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 74 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Launched in 2019, Costa Tequila aims to redefine conventional tequila with its innovative Hi/Lo blend. The brand currently offers four unique tequila varieties: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Costa Café, a mild yet smooth tequila-based liqueur infused with natural coffee flavors, and notes of caramel and vanilla. Costa Tequila’s distinctive approach involves blending 100% Blue Weber Agave from two renowned tequila-producing regions in Jalisco, Mexico: “Los Altos” (the Highlands) and “Valle de Tequila” (the Lowlands). This method combines the fruity, sweet, and soft notes of Highland agave with the peppery, earthy, and spicy characteristics of Lowland agave, creating a one-of-a-kind tequila experience. The Reposado is aged for eight months in American Oak Barrels, this award-winning Tequila has hints of caramel and vanilla with a subtle peppery finish. Its balanced and more complex flavor profile makes our signature HI/LO ™ blend truly memorable.


Culture Pop’s Strawberry & Rhubarb Probiotic Soda is refreshingly tart, delicious, crafted with herbs and spices & full of flavor. Each can contains a subtle sweetness with savory strawberry notes that’s refreshing from first sip to the very last drop. Culture Pop Strawberry & Rhubarb Soda is made of real, organic fruit juice, herbs and live probiotics without the use of artificial sweeteners or added sugars. Each 12 oz can is only 45 calories and includes billions of live probiotics at the time of canning. Culture Pop Soda is vegan, certified NON-GMO, Kosher, and does not contain stevia which can be found in other drinks in the alternative beverage category.


The widespread popularity of rosé wine in the United States inspired the idea of bringing the De Nigris Sweet Rosé Vinegar from Italy into the American market. The Sweet Rosé Vinegar, with its naturally fruity and floral notes, is ideal for summer culinary creations when compared to the more intense, bittersweet notes of the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Prepared exclusively in Italy with the finest Ancellotta grapes in the region, the sweet wine vinegar is produced to adorn fresh dishes with bright, fruity accents. The slow cooking process of the grape must, along with the aging of up to three years in oak barrels, results in a sweet yet slightly acidic quality and gives the vinegar its signature pink color. This versatile product creates nuanced flavors in simple foods such as grilled vegetables or white meat and is perfect as a final touch in more delicate, summertime favorites.

Page 77 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Ripened and packed on the vine in peak perfection, these bright red tomatoes feature vibrant aromas, tantalizing all the senses. These tiny treasures pack a punch of flavor and freshness, making them a versatile ingredient to enhance a wide range of dishes. Whether you’re looking to add a burst of sweetness to your salads, a rich depth to your pasta sauces, or a vibrant topping for your bruschetta, these tomatoes are sure to impress even the most discerning food enthusiasts. With their convenient bite-sized form, the greenhouse grown, DelFrescoPure® The Original Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine™ are perfect for on the go snacking or incorporating into your gourmet creations. Bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, they not only tempt your taste buds but also provide a healthy snack option. Keep an eye out for these little bites of luxury in the produce section of your local stores and get ready to take your culinary endeavors to new heights with the addition of these exquisite tomatoes.


Just Southwest of the Devils River is another unique feat of nature known for the unusual, spiney leafed Agave plant. A national treasure to Mexico and spirits-lovers worldwide, the Blue Agave is renowned for being the primary sources of agave nectar, a syrupy sweetener, and the key ingredient in mezcal, tequila, and now, Devils River Agave Bourbon. We start with our award-winning, Devils River Bourbon Whiskey and add a touch of organic, unfiltered Blue Agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico to create a truly one-of-akind Texas-Mexico whiskey experience, Devils River Agave Bourbon Whiskey, 80-proof 40% ABV. Devils River Agave Bourbon is the perfect touch of sweetness, and makes sinfully smooth cocktails, such as the Devil Rita, our take on a bourbon margarita. Perfect to enjoy all summer long. Dare to be bold, and dare to try Devils River Agave Bourbon.


The 2022 Dineen Vineyards Sémillon is the quintessential summer wine. Grown on estate vineyards in the Yakima Valley, WA; this wine boasts body, depth, and concentrated flavor balanced with fresh acidity. It delights with aromas of gooseberries, honeysuckle, and honeydew melon, reminiscent of sweet tart candy. The round, viscous palate features mouthwatering salinity and pronounced citrus notes. This Sémillon pairs beautifully with bold bold flavors of Asian or Latin foods and compliments all types of seafood, especially shellfish, as well as light meats like chicken or pork. Celebrate summer with the 2022 Dineen Vineyards Sémillon—a refreshing and vibrant wine.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 78 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


The new line of tonic waters adds to Goslings’ quality mixers which are made for everyone, from professional bartenders to home mixologists. Zingy yet balanced, adventurous but appropriate for leisure, Finest Tonic Waters are available in three flavors that will be sure to elevate any cocktail. The 7.5oz cans are available in Original, Citrus, and Tropical, with a subtle hum of cardamom and ginger detectable in each variety, a through line that honors the brand’s best-selling ginger beer while celebrating the flavors of Bermuda. Goslings recommends mixing the all-new tonic waters in a classic cocktail like a Gin and Tonic or in the sailors’ favorite: Goslings Black Seal Rum and Tonic.


Discover the non-alcoholic canned cocktail collection from Greenbar Distillery, LA’s first distillery since the Prohibition which is redefining alcohol-free indulgence. Greenbar’s N/A highballs embody the essence of classic cocktails in offerings like the Hibiscus UnSpritz, a modern take on an Italian staple, and the UnGin + Tonic and UnRum + Cola, two lightweight sips ideal for soaking up the sun. Through traditional distillation and infusion techniques, followed by boiling off alcohol in a special dealcoholization process, the collection is made sober-friendly while ensuring the real and organic aromas, textures and tastes are captured authentically. So whether lounging beachside or hosting a backyard gathering, Greenbar’s coolerfriendly, non-alcoholic highballs promise refreshing alternatives that encourage imbibers to slow down and embrace the spirit of summer!


Guayakí Yerba Mate’s Berry Lemonade is a refreshing, ready-todrink beverage crafted from the naturally caffeinated leaves of the South American holly tree, Ilex paraguariensis. This drink blends tart lemon and sweet strawberry flavors, providing a no added sugar option within Guayakí’s beverage lineup. With just 20 calories and 2 grams of sugar per can, it offers a healthier alternative to traditional coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Berry Lemonade not only delivers a smooth energy boost and can improve focus, but also celebrates the cultural roots of South American yerba mate. Like all Guayakí products, it uses regenerative, organic, and fair trade certified ingredients that are better for both people and the planet. Now available nationally, Berry Lemonade is an ideal choice for those seeking a vibrant, low-sugar drink that energizes and supports a brand committed to a Market Driven Regeneration business model, aspiring to create a net positive impact globally through its operations and supply web.

Page 79 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Gundry MD’s Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil is supercharged with up to 30x more hydroxytyrosol polyphenols than many conventional olive oils, which help to promote heart health, reduce inflammation and support cognitive function. This olive oil is made from uniquely potent Moroccan oil trees that are brimming with healthy fats and polyphenols - that’s why you may notice it tastes pretty different from other olive oils on the market. It’s got a slightly bitter and more robust flavor, and can be taken straight like a shot or added to any of your favorite foods. Crafted by distinguished cardiologist, heart surgeon, medical researcher, and regenerative medicine expert Dr. Steven Gundry, he recommends baking with it, dressing your salads with it, or using it to sauté your veggies and proteins.


Launched in May, this is a global first for a functional lemonade in a reusable Aluminum bottle and is part of their commitment to reducing plastic globally. With less calories and sugar than mainstream sodas, they have added 8 minerals and vitamins to help the immune system, and use all-natural ingredients for the healthconscious consumer. Offering a range of 3 amazing flavors, such as the delicious Pink Punk Raspberry lemonade inspired by the classic Shirley Temple, Turtle Juice (mango and coconut), and classic Lemonade (Miss Mojita). Independently proven through blind taste tests to beat other similar brands, thwy are also Carbon Negative, offsetting 2 grams of Carbon for every 1 created & removing plastic from our oceans. GUNNA gives functional soda consumers exactly what they want – a healthy, tasty & planet friendly choice. You are Gunna love it.


Just in time for Summer is the refreshing H2OPS Organic Grapefruit Hop Water. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, this pioneering brand is distinguished by their new USDA organic certification. H2OPS brewers expertly brew with Mosaic and Citra hops and blend in bright organic grapefruit extracts. Available in 12oz and 16oz cans.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 80 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Hella Cocktail Co. recently introduced its first line of alcoholic beverages Hella Margaritas— canned margaritas made with real blanco tequila, fruit juice and organic agave syrup! Hella’s Pineapple Margarita is a canned margarita with pineapple fruit juice and made with subtle notes of Hella’s Aromatic Bitters. Each can is 12 FL ounces, 5.9% ABV, naturally gluten-free, and made with no artificial ingredients that you may find in other canned cocktails. With only 200 calories and 6 grams of total sugar, it’s a tasting margarita made with a dash of Hella Bitters to bind it all together!


Blaze Orange is the latest addition to the HOIST IV-Level hydration lineup, developed in collaboration with Realtree. This citrusy-sweet orange-flavored beverage features HOIST’s trusted rapid-fire isotonic formula and is wrapped in Realtree’s new APX camouflage pattern, making it a refreshing complement to any outdoors Summer adventure. The HOIST hydrating formula outperforms water and is clinically proven to hydrate longer than water. With no artificial additives and three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks, Blaze Orange by HOIST offers a healthier alternative to other hydration beverages on the market. Blaze Orange promises unmatched performance, making it a must-have drink to recover from high temperatures and extreme exhaustion.


HTeaO announces the launch of HTeaO Energy Shots, available in four delicious fruit flavors. The new energy shots are available at all HTeaO locations and customers can enjoy them straight or use them as a “tea topper” for an extra kick of energy. Unlike typical energy shots loaded with synthetic ingredients and additives, HTeaO Energy Shots are crafted with care, using only natural ingredients. Each shot is tea-based, gluten-free, and kosher certified, ensuring a guilt-free energy boost for consumers. With four unique, delicious flavors including Lemon, Georgia Peach, Watermelon, and Blueberry, HTeaO Energy Shots offer a delightful burst of flavor without any artificial additives. HTeaO Energy Shots contain L-theanine; L-theanine is known for its ability to support mood, reduce stress, and enhance focus, making it the perfect addition to these energy shots.

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Invivo is proud to release the newest addition to its five-year partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker: Invivo X, SJP Pinot Noir 2022. This is the third release and the first red wine in the award-winning collection, including Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc, and French Rosé. As with the other wines, Sarah Jessica Parker personally lends her palate to the tasting and blending process, collaborating with Cofounders Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron to ensure it reflects their collective vision. Invivo X, SJP Pinot Noir is sourced from the finest parcels in Marlborough’s cool southern valleys with a dash of Awatere River drama to add depth and complexity, followed by eleven months in French oak barrels. By blending the two regions together, this delicious medium-bodied wine has the best of both worlds with fine tannins and a crisp and delicious finish.


Shohei Ohtani, Japanese professional baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been named Global Brand Ambassador of ITO EN, creator of Oi Ocha, the world’s #1 unsweetened green tea beverage. As MLB’s greatest two-way player in a century (both pitcher and designated hitter for the LA Dodgers), Ohtani is an avid fan of Oi Ocha Green Tea thanks to its incredible taste and wellness benefits. Ohtani shared that the brand’s Oi Ocha is a “beloved piece of home he was able to take with him from Japan, and he’s thrilled to share this habit with people all over the world as Global Brand Ambassador.” Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, ITO EN’s carefully sourced and curated selection of senchas and green tea blends embody the pure essence of Japan’s revered tea culture. Through long-standing traditions, the brand brings the great taste and unmatched health properties cultivated from Japan’s pristine fields straight to your cup – without any additives or preservatives.


The 2022 J. Lohr Estates Riverstone Chardonnay exhibits enticing aromas of ripe citrus, white nectarine, and baking spices. The rich texture and balanced acidity on the palate from barrel aging sur lie offers flavors of ripe Meyer lemon, citrus cream, hazelnut, cocoa, and a hint of oak on the long finish. The bottle’s new blossomthemed label is bright with a flowering quince border, evoking the wine’s cool-climate origins and the stone fruit flavors within. The label proudly showcases that the wine is ‘barrel fermented, barrel aged,’ bearing the Certified California Sustainable seal and a Stelvin screw cap closure to align with the demands of today’s on-the-go consumer lifestyle. The wine itself is an ode to the Arroyo Seco region and 50 years of J. Lohr: the debut of the iconic Chardonnay was back in 1987. Planted by J. Lohr Founder Jerry Lohr himself in the Arroyo Seco region of Monterey in 1972, these vines have been the backbone of Monterey’s Chardonnay style ever since.

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JonnyPops Organic Cotton Candy Cloud is a whimsical water ice pop that captures the essence of your favorite nostalgic treat in four delightful layers. With every layer being a different flavor of cotton candy, these pops are the perfect frozen treat for summer! “A Better Pop for a Better World!” JonnyPops mission has always been to make high-quality frozen treats and to make the world a kinder place. All JonnyPops are free from artificial dyes and flavors, made in a peanut-free facility, and have a kind deed printed on every pop stick.


Karl Strauss, San Diego’s longest continuously operating postProhibition brewing company, released Follow the Sun Lager as a new core beer for the summer. The 4.2% alcohol-by-volume (ABV) brew is available on draft and in six packs of 12-oz cans at Karl Strauss’ nine Southern California locations, as well as at restaurants, bars, and retail outlets throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. The light-bodied American lager has notes of crisp malt and a subtle hop bitterness. Head Brewer Paul Segura said, “The words ‘crisp’, ‘clean’, and ‘refreshing’ are thrown around a lot with lagers, but we really feel like we hit that trifecta with this beer.” Karl Strauss has five San Diego County locations, as well as brewpubs in Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Downtown Los Angeles, and Temecula. Also be on the lookout for Follow the Sun in 19.2-oz cans at select sports and music venues.



Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ Super Lemonova (5.1% ABV) is a light and bright blonde ale with a twist of lemon. The crispness of this classic blonde ale is met with the invigorating citrusy notes of lemon zest. Fruity but not overpowering, the Super Lemonova recipe was created by Lawson’s Finest Liquids Brewer Brian Wendt. The brew’s origin dates back more than 10 years ago, as one of Wendt’s first homebrews. Like every Lawson’s Finest brew, Super Lemonova is Cold Stored. Cold Shipped. Cold Shelved.™ to stay brewery-fresh. Look out for Super Lemonova for a limited time at Lawson’s Finest Liquids destination brewery in Waitsfield, Vt., and on draft and in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans at retailers across Lawson’s Finest’s ninestate distribution area in the Northeast.

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Lemon Perfect is the flavored lemon water brand made for your summer adventures. With seven refreshing flavors to choose from including fan favorites like Dragon Fruit Mango, Peach Raspberry, and Strawberry Passion Fruit, Lemon Perfect is as flavorful as it is hydrating. In each bottle, you’ll find the juice of half of an organic lemon, 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C, no sugar or artificial ingredients, and just five calories. Lemon Perfect is available in all 50 states in retailers including Publix, Kroger, Costco, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, Target, Albertsons, CVS, and many more. Or, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, catch Lemon Perfect’s Hydration Tour this summer to sip on samples near you.


Made with freshly milled tahini, lemon juice, roasted garlic and date molasses, Little Sesame has meticulously crafted a fresh and smooth Tahini Sauce that’s perfect for spreads, elevating a dish, or drizzling on top of sweet and savory. Destined to be your new “everything sauce,” it’s versatile and has a thick and creamy texture that makes it delicious as a dip, spread or drizzle.


Marin French Cheese Co.’s brand new Petite Garlic & Pepper (4 oz.), is a rich and buttery Triple Crème Brie enhanced with garlic and cracked pepper for an aromatic and savory burst of decadence. Inspired by a fresh cheese made in France’s Auvergne region, Petite Garlic & Pepper exemplifies Marin French Cheese’s mission of marrying French tradition with California vision. This indulgent cheese is perfect for a new take on Raclette, folded into baked or scalloped potatoes, or served on a grazing board for an extra creamy and peppery punch. The introduction of Petite Garlic & Pepper stands as a testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to diversifying its collection of small-format cheeses, catering to the evolving tastes of consumers.

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Patrons will embark on a gastronomic journey with Maui Gold Pineapple, the ultimate ingredient to elevate their summer dishes. Renowned for its unparalleled sweetness, these exquisite pineapples are cultivated on the scenic slopes of Maui, ensuring a flavor profile that complements any dish. Available on, each pineapple is freshly picked and shipped the same day from the farm to the patron’s doorstep. Hand-harvested at optimal ripeness, these pineapples boast exceptional sweetness, elevated Vitamin C levels, and low acidity. Customers are presented with some enticing options: a quarterly subscription and a monthly subscription. Patrons can also purchase a one-time shipment. The opportunity to enhance one’s culinary experience during the summer awaits with the freshest and sweetest pineapples from Maui Gold.


Crisp notes of vibrant citrus fruit, white peach, crisp apple and juicy mango are paired with pleasant acidity and a hint of gravel and minerality on the finish. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just down for a good time, Misfits & Mavens was created for you. Wines to celebrate our differences while coming together, one glass at a time. All natural wines, sustainably grown and harvested in California.


Monte’s Fine Foods is marking its first foray outside the sauce category with the launch of dried pasta. The new pasta line debuts with two custom shapes that you won’t find on other American grocery shelves: 3 Buchi and Rotolini, made from 100% organic durum wheat semolina and water only. Proudly prepared and produced in the USA, the pasta is slow dried, bronze die extruded, and non GMO. Monte’s is one of the only American made pasta manufacturers to create pasta in the old Italian tradition. Extruded through bronze dies which leaves a rough surface to better soak up sauce. This new line is available for purchase at Pop Up Grocer and through the brand’s website when customers sign up to be part of Monte’s Social Club, the brand’s new membership program. The pasta line will roll out to select retailers over the coming months.

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Natalie’s classic Orange Juice is the brand’s iconic staple. Made from fresh oranges, Natalie’s Orange Juice is rich in Vitamin C and folate, both known to promote healthy immune function and prevent cell damage. Voted a favorite product by Cook’s Illustrated, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Bon Appétit, The TODAY Show, The Kitchn, Southern Living and Serious Eats, Natalie’s Orange Juice is handcrafted in small batches, with a focus on sourcing highest quality ingredients, to ensure world-class quality. Made with only fresh Florida oranges, Natalie’s Orange Juice doesn’t get more nostalgic and authentic than this.


NoAlchCo is a chic, socially inclusive, and distinctive alcoholremoved wine brand for sophisticated and intentional consumers looking for quality, mindful indulgence, and a pleasurable drinking experience. Crafted with health in mind, NoAlchCo wines are low in calories, contain no added sugars, and boast a natural taste with no artificial flavor. NoAlchCo’s Rose provides a crisp, mineral, and refreshing finish with hints of rose and strawberry. It has a beautiful light pink hue reflecting its refreshing and crisp flavor profile. This non-alcoholic wine provides the flavor profile of a luxurious Rosé from Côte de Provence without the alcohol. This rosé is the definition of “rosé all day.” No added sugar or artificial flavors, and has 20 calories.


NOVA has partnered with the San Diego Padres to collaborate on Sunset Slam Mango Lime hard kombucha, and it is available all summer long at Petco Park, NOVA’s Ocean Beach taproom, and its sister NOVO sports pubs in Mission Valley, Otay Ranch, and Imperial Beach. The kombucha, which features the colors of the Padres’ City Connect uniforms, also is available in single 16-oz cans and in six packs of 12-oz cans at retail outlets throughout San Diego County. Sunset Slam is 8% alcohol-by-volume (ABV), and it is gluten free and vegan.

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Olli Salumeria, the fast-growing producer of authentic Italian-style salami, has teamed up with That’s it., innovators of America’s #1 fruit bar, to launch the “Official Snack of Summer.” Offering the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors, the new Olli x That’s it. Snack Packs contain Olli salami products, paired with cheese slices and a That’s it. fruit bar to provide a delicious, gluten-free, highprotein snack that can be enjoyed from anywhere while on the go.


Once Upon A Coconut is a brand that revitalizes the timeless allure of coconuts into a modern lifestyle choice. This innovative company has captured the essence of paradise in each of its products, offering consumers not just hydration, but a sip of tropical bliss. From the humble beginnings of a simple coconut water, they have expanded their product range to include a variety of coconutbased delights, designed to cater to health-conscious individuals seeking natural and refreshing alternatives to processed beverages. The company prides itself on sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that every coconut used is harvested with the utmost care for the environment and respect for local communities. This commitment extends beyond the product, as Once Upon A Coconut actively engages in initiatives that support the ecosystem and the farmers’ livelihoods, fostering a sense of community and support. Each purchase goes back to nurturing its source, making Once Upon A Coconut not just a choice but a statement of conscious consumption.


Your summer soda situationship is here - poppi’s latest flavor innovation, Orange Cream. It’s the juicy-meets-creamy soda you never knew you needed to stay cool this summer. Maybe it’s a fling or maybe it’s an entire love affair, but either way, it’s gonna be a memorable one. Smooth vanilla joins zesty orange for a flavor that’s nostalgic and totally fresh, reimagined with 5g sugar and prebiotics for a better-for-you twist on this soda shop classic.

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Pour More Sunshine™ this summer with a bottle of Four Peel Gin. This award-winning spirit from Ohio’s Watershed Distillery has been changing minds about gin for over a decade with its unique blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime citrus peels. Kick back, relax and enjoy the hot summer nights ahead with a cool, crisp, refreshing and citrus-forward cocktail.


The Président® Whipped Crème Original with Madagascar Vanilla is an extra rich and creamy whipped cream with flavors of vanilla. Président®, one of the world’s premiere cheesemakers and Europe’s leading dairy expert, recently introduced its line of gourmet-style whipped cream. An authentic restaurant-style experience right out of the can, this whipped cream has an authentic Chantilly recipe that acts as the secret to turning any simple recipe into an indulgent, hand-crafted masterpiece. Plus, it’s corn-syrup free and has a stronger hold that resists melting and dripping during your hot summer events and is sure to impress. No one will know you didn’t whip it yourself! Whether you are preparing a dessert for any occasion, whether hosting a party or just trying out a new recipe, Président® Whipped Crème provides the perfect pairing to any treat.


Pressed Juicery is the leading premium cold-pressed juice and functional wellness brand that provides a holistic approach to wellness and beauty. Known for their best-selling juice cleanses, their beverages provide a high degree of functional natural ingredients that promote beauty from the inside out. Prepare to unlock a beach-worthy glow with their new Vacation Prep Pack, designed to help you look and feel your bloat-free best. Featuring Pressed Juicery’s viral 7-day Simple Cleanse Juice and Hilma Wellness Shot, this dynamic duo is your solution for reducing bloat, cleansing your digestion, and unleashing natural radiance. Whether you’re a modern jet-setter, bride-to-be, or simply seeking an extra dose of self-love, this system will leave you feeling revitalized, with everything you need to detox, debloat, cleanse and glow from the inside out wherever your travels take you this summer and beyond!

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PS Seasoning is revolutionizing the summer grilling scene with its latest creation, “The Works” Burger Seasoning. Capturing the quintessential flavors of a fully loaded burger, this seasoning blend offers an all-in-one solution for burger enthusiasts. Infused with the tangy zest of ketchup, the sharpness of mustard, the crunch of pickles, the savory depth of onions, the creamy richness of cheese, and the smoky notes of bacon, “The Works” transforms any patty into a gourmet experience. This innovative seasoning eliminates the need for multiple condiments, making it an ideal addition to any grilling repertoire. Its unique blend not only saves time but also ensures a consistently delicious flavor profile with every bite. Launching in May for National Burger Month, PS Seasoning’s “The Works,” is a game-changer for burgers, but is versatile enough to be used on veggies, chicken and more. It’s a must-try for anyone looking to enhance their summer cookouts.


REBBL Smoothie Starter™ transforms morning rituals, offering consumers an organic and convenient base to create nutrientdense smoothies in seconds — without the mess. With just the simple additions of ice, fruit, or greens, users can quickly and seamlessly blend up a protein-packed and gut health-supporting smoothie to fuel their day. Offered in Coconut Milk and Oat Milk liquid base varieties, Smoothie Starter™ delivers 20 grams of plantrich protein to kickstart the day and features amplified benefits through postbiotics to support gut health.


RISE Brewing Co.’s Oat Milk Vanilla Latte is bound to elevate any excursion this summer. The oat milk vanilla latte blends top-tier organic oat milk, nitrogen-infused cold brew and real vanilla extract to fuel any adventure. Each can is organic, dairy free, vegan, plantbased, non-gmo and offers 80 mg natural caffeine per 7 oz serving and 100 mg natural caffeine per 10 oz serving.

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The perfect companion for summer spritzes, Ritual Zero Proof’s award-winning Aperitif Alternative is best described as sunshine in a glass. With its show-stopping red hue, Ritual Aperitif Alternative combines the assertive bitterness of an Italian aperitivo with the complex sweetness of a French vermouth—without the alcohol or calories. As an ounce-for-ounce replacement, it’s easier than ever to craft non-alcoholic or low-ABV summertime favorites like Spritzes and Negronis. Ritual Aperitif Alternative is bright and full of bittersweet citrus, perfect for moderation and mindful consumption without sacrificing taste or authenticity. One sip is enough to transport anyone to a sunny day on the Mediterranean coast.


SER!OUS Bean Co makes no apologies for their unexpected, hardhitting flavors. The newest flavor, Hot Honey Baked Beans are a perfect side option to crank up summer BBQs. They are made with real honey and smoked bacon for a perfect combination of sweet and medium heat, while also providing a good source of fiber and 7g of protein. They are preservative-free, free of high fructose corn syrup, gluten-free, and come in BPA-free-lined cans, all with easyto-open pull-top lids.


We all know that feeling when you take a sip of your margarita and realize it wasn’t made with fresh juice, but this summer, there will be nothing fake in sight. Because you are going to use the ultrapremium, clean-label margarita mixers from Simple Times Mixers, right? Like the craft distillery of the ultra-premium mixer world— all its juices are created by hand in its Midwest facility. They hand juice everything for these margarita mixers and offer flavors like Simple Margarita, Cranberry Margarita, Strawberry Sage Margarita, Pineapple Coconut Margarita, and more!

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SimplyProtein®, maker of nutritious, great-tasting, plant-based protein snacks that are gluten-free, and kosher, announces the launch of their protein tortilla chips. SimplyProtein’s Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips are made with corn, quality pea protein grown and manufactured in North America, organic sunflower oil, and other ingredients. Each one-ounce serving of 14 chips contains 7 grams of protein, 140 calories, 7-8 grams of fat, just 11-12 grams of carbohydrates, and no added sugar. A better-for-you option containing more protein than conventional offerings, they are available in three delicious flavor profiles: Sea Salt – The simplicity of sea salt compliments the sweetness of the toasted corn flavor and allows for versatility in dipping; Hint of Lime – Salty, zesty, and pleasantly tart, the fresh tanginess of lime marries the crunch of a restaurant-style tortilla chip; Hint of Habanero – The smoky flavors of a roasted habanero pepper deliver just enough heat to make you want more.


Smeraldina Water recently introduced their still and sparkling water in a 920ml/31oz glass bottle format just in time for summer. The new size delivers on aesthetics and convenience – offering a sleeker design that’s easier to handle and transport to all your summer happenings so you can stay hydrated and refreshed. Smeraldina prioritizes excellence and sources premium quality water derived from the depths of Sardinia’s “blue zones” island. It is virtually untouched by pollution and universally acknowledged for its healthy living and high number of centenarians. Sourced from nearly 1,000 feet within the Monti di Deu or the “Mountain of God,” the purest and most compact granite filters and enriches the clean and wellbalanced water that is Smeraldina, assuming the role of a natural production plant.


Zurge’s supercharged, scientifically backed brain supplement coffee blend is here to keep you fueled for those action packed Summer days! Serve Zurge as an iced coffee or blended icedlatte, a game-changer in your summer morning routine! Packed with innovative ingredients like CognatiQ® to boost BDNF levels, Lion’s Mane Mushroom for nerve growth, and Coffeeberry® for that perfect touch of sweetness, this 100% Colombian espresso blend is a powerhouse of flavor and functionality. Say hello to a revitalizing and enhanced coffee experience with Zurge. Get ready to kick start your hot summer days with a burst of excitement and flavor like never before!

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Spark Plug has combined Nitro Infusion, Madagascar Vanilla and a higher ABV to elevate its status as the ultimate Espresso Martini Cocktail experience. The addition of Madagascar Vanilla enhances the drink with an aromatic flavor that complements the rich bitterness of the coffee and the potency of the vodka, creating a harmonious blend of contrasting tastes that excite the palate. Moreover, infusing the espresso martini with nitrogen makes it an invigorating choice for both casual drinkers and cocktail connoisseurs. The Nitro foam creates depth and complexity to the cocktail, ensuring a more robust and satisfying drinking experience. In addition to its delicious taste, the espresso martini also provides a much-needed caffeine boost during social gatherings or nights out. This makes it a versatile choice for those looking to enjoy a cocktail while staying alert and energized. Whether sipped at a trendy bar or crafted at home, the Spark Plug espresso martini guarantees a memorable and satisfying drinking experience that continues to captivate cocktail enthusiasts worldwide.


Splash Protein Drink™ is the first ready-to-drink protein beverage packed with candy-juice flavor. Designed for the on-the-go lifestyle, Splash Protein Drink™, is perfect for anyone seeking a convenient way to simplify their protein intake. Each serving contains 24g of high-quality whey protein and is sugar-free and lactose free. With a commitment to nutrition excellence and indulgent flavors, Splash Protein Drink™ is meticulously formulated not only to complement but to elevate your daily routine. Flavors available are Blue Sharks (raspberry), Sour Cherry, and Candy Peach.


The quintessential rosé of the season, Summer Water has garnered critical acclaim in recent years as a wine characterized by natural acidity and year-round drinkability. The highly-anticipated 2023 vintage, meticulously crafted by longtime Winemaker Ryan Zotovich, boasts a vibrant blend of 85% Grenache and 15% Syrah grapes, with notes of minerality and acidity boosted by bright flavors of strawberry, guava, pink grapefruit, and lime zest. The quality of the 2023 Summer Water Rosé is a testament to the distinct and vibrant terroir of California’s Central Coast combined with Zotovich’s principles of minimal intervention winemaking. Best enjoyed chilled, Summer Water evokes the essence of summer in a bottle, effortlessly transporting consumers to a laid-back state of mind with every sip.

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This refreshing blossom has a vibrant flavor much like juicy cranberries and raspberries and makes a full-bodied base for the natural flavors of sweet tangerine and yuzu. Yuzu is an aromatic Japanese citrus that tastes like a mix of lemon, grapefruit and lime with floral notes. Add one pouch of this cold brew hibiscus tea to a pitcher and steep for 10 minutes to sip a caffeine-free treat at any time of day. Cold brew hibiscus will bring bright tropical flavors to all summer soirees like brunches, picnics, outdoor parties and more in as little as 10 minutes.


Tia Lupita was launched by Mexican founder Hector Salvidar, who immigrated to the US in 2005 and regularly received care packages from his mother with her delicious hot sauces. All his friends raved about his mother’s hot sauce which inspired him to create Tia Lupita, named after his mom – using her recipes to keep the tradition going. Salsa Macha is a rich Mexican Chili Crisp - a savory mixture of chile oil from 100% olive oil and nuts (like peanuts and pepitas), with no additives or added sugars.


True Lemon offers a variety of powdered drink mixes to enhance the flavor of water with a fruity taste making it easier for many to increase the amount of water they are drinking, and thus staying hydrated. The newest flavor, Triple Citrus Lemonade, helps you stay happily hydrated with a delicious blend of lemon, lime and orange, for a new twist on classic lemonade. Made with only simple, clean, non-GMO ingredients, each serving has only 10 calories and no artificial sweeteners or ingredients you can’t pronounce. The water enhancers come in a small packet that’s convenient to carry in a backpack, beach bag, picnic basket, or car console. Perfect for the pool, the beach, camping, or a road trip.

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Tsingtao 0.0 is the latest innovation from Tsingtao Brewery, the #1 Chinese imported beer in the US. With only 63 calories per unit and an ABV of no more than 0.03%, Tsingtao 0.0 provides a guilt-free drinking experience while still retaining the delicious flavor profile it is known for. Its light flavor is perfect for warm weather. Brewed and fermented with a gentle alcohol removal and blending process, it has a fruity flavor with slight malty notes, making it a refreshing choice for summer gatherings. Tsingtao 0.0 is the perfect beer for summer, offering a low-calorie option without compromising on taste.


UME Plum Liqueur is a delightfully tart, mildly sweet purple plum liqueur. As the weather warms up, switch out the spring/summer Aperol Spritz for a different, deliciously sweet flavor like UME. Additionally, UME’s eye-catching color, uniquely designed bottle shape, and delicious taste would make a great liqueur addition to any home bar collection or cart too! UME is a bright purple 17% ABV liqueur that is handcrafted in California. Each batch of UME is made from all-natural plums, dark cherries and grapes with hints of green apple and lemon! UME is naturally gluten-free combined with a six-times distilled grain neutral spirit made from corn. It’s also half the sugar of comparable liqueurs and apéritifs, making UME a great choice for consumers who want to limit sugar intake when drinking this summer! UME is delicious on its own or pairs beautifully in classic cocktails with any base spirit from vodka and tequila to whiskey and gin. UME’s ease of use and limitless versatility position it as a category-defining spirit that adds more excitement to standard cocktails.


Upton Tea Imports’ Sun Moon Lake Tea (Ruby 18) is the first of four limited-edition teas released this year to celebrate Upton Tea Imports’ 35th anniversary. When brewed, a brisk mineral cup of this black tea encapsulates an experience of sweet and spicy flavors accompanied by a velvety, smooth mouth feel. Developed by crossbreeding a wild Formosa tea plant varietal with a Burmese/Assam strain, Sun Moon Lake tea is one of the most popular black teas in Taiwan, grown near the famous Sun-Moon Lake region in Nantau.

June Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 94 Editor’s Top Pick: Top Products for Summer


Verde Farms has announced the launch of their newest offering, burger patties. The 80/20 organic and 100% grass-fed burger patties, available in 4-packs, are now accessible nationwide through Amazon Fresh and Verde’s leading retail partners. Alongside this nationwide debut, Verde introduces innovative packaging designed for both convenience and freshness. Each patty is vacuum-sealed and perforated, ensuring easy opening, mess-free handling and storing. This innovative design not only optimizes shelf space but also extends the patties’ freshness, offering consumers a longer shelf life compared to traditional packaging methods.


VOYANT™ by Danica is a home scent collection personally designed by Danica Patrick. As a confident woman who brings a clear vision to her endeavors, Danica curated VOYANT for everyone aspiring to create their own sensory-rich environments. VOYANT means “the Seer,” a reference to the “Inner Eye” chakra, one of the key energy points in the body essential to wellness and healing. VOYANT is a doorway to openness and imagination. A catalyst in our daily journey. Whether you’re connecting with others or enjoying alone time, VOYANT strives to beautify the home and the soul. To create a haven of peace and joy. Opening the heart and the mind… “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle – happiness never decreases by being shared.”- Buddha


Wildbrine’s Organic Dill & Garlic Kraut is a must-have for every barbecue and summer gathering. This vibrant kraut blends the fresh, aromatic zest of dill with the robust flavor of garlic, making it the perfect companion for summer favorites like hot dogs, burgers, and salads. Expertly crafted through wild fermentation, each jar of Wildbrine’s Dill & Garlic Kraut not only elevates the taste of traditional barbecue dishes but also enhances them with health benefits. Rich in naturally occurring probiotics, it supports digestive health and bolsters the immune system—essential for enjoying the long, active days of summer.

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Discover the ultimate WYNK Experience pack, featuring an array of irresistible flavors. This pack contains four six-packs, offering a total of 24 cans, in our signature all-natural, refreshing tastes: Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, and their latest sensation, Tangerine THC Seltzer. Each flavor is crafted with a perfect 1:1 balance of THC and CBD, ensuring a delightful, light buzz. With this diverse selection equipped to cater to any taste preference, it makes every gathering a hit with WYNK’s bubbly, thirst-quenching delights. WYNK has zero calories, zero sugar and is available in 2.5 and 5 mg doses in respective 7.5oz and 12oz cans.


Start a summer day right with Zeal for Life, an award-winning, high quality, functional food beverage. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Zeal provides a powerful boost of energy and vitality to fuel your adventures. Its delicious flavors and convenient single-serving packets make it the perfect companion for staying energized and hydrated on the go. Available in a bag of 10 single-serving packets – gluten free - making this the perfect travel companion. Zeal for Life contains over 100 whole food constituents and has been clinically shown to reduce stress and increase productivity while making you feel vibrant, focused, calm and confident. Zeal’s natural source of clean energy can provide a boost of consistent and stable, long-lasting energy throughout your travels.

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