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We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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Uncorking Passion


In the picturesque landscapes of California’s wine country, passion intertwines with tradition to create something truly remarkable. For Kurt Russell, the pursuit of winemaking wasn’t just about crafting a product — it was a deep dive into a world of flavors, techniques, and stories that would come to define GoGi Wine.

Kurt’s fascination with wine began many years ago during cycling adventures with Goldie and their family across the renowned wine regions of France, Italy, and California. Those memorable journeys through scenic vineyards offered ample opportunities to taste a plethora of exceptional wines. Recalling his experiences with Burgundy wines, Kurt mentioned how they captivated his taste buds and ultimately stole his heart. It wasn’t long before Kurt’s dream of crafting his own fine wines, particularly Pinot Noir, took root. Engaging in meaningful conversations with various winemakers and producers across Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa further fueled Kurt’s desire to transform his winemaking fantasy into a tangible reality.

Engaging in meaningful conversations with various winemakers and producers across Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa further fueled Kurt’s desire to transform his winemaking fantasy into a tangible reality.
May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 8

Fast forward several years, while working on Quentin Tarantino’s film “Death Proof” in the Santa Rita Hills area of northern Santa Barbara County, Kurt stumbled upon award-winning wines that rivaled the beloved Burgundian varietals he cherished. Serendipitously, an old acquaintance of Kurt’s, Fess Parker, had been producing wines from his expansive and picturesque vineyard nearby in Santa Ynez. A casual discussion with Fess about delving into winemaking led to a pivotal moment when he encouraged Kurt, telling him that his passion for wine was worth pursuing.

Shortly thereafter, Kurt was introduced to Peter and Rebecca Work, pioneers of triple-certified wine (organic, biodynamic, and sustainable) in the United States. As the owners of Ampelos Cellars in Santa Rita Hills, they produce

“I was never interested in just slapping my name on a botle. I was commited to gaining the knowledge and insight necessary to be a handson winemaker,” said Kurt.

award-winning wines utilizing traditional methods. Devoid of shortcuts or gimmicks, Peter’s old-school winemaking process resonated with Kurt’s own ethos of authenticity and excellence.

“I was never interested in just slapping my name on a bottle. I was committed to gaining the knowledge and insight necessary to be a hands-on winemaker,” said Kurt. “For three or four years, I was able to spend a lot of time in the vineyards, learning about the process and intricacies

Page 9 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

of winemaking — terroir, weather patterns, barrel types, and all the other variables that impact how the grapes grow. I was extremely fortunate that the Works understood my vision and took me under their wing, helping me to develop the type of wine I wanted to create.”

There’s always room to grow.

Unlike those content with merely jumping onboard the celebrity spirit bandwagon, Kurt’s quest was one of deep understanding. He spent years in vineyards, learning the nuances of barrel tasting, blending, and biodynamic farming. His goal? To create wines that reflected elegance and liveliness, inspired by the Burgundian style he admired. Over time, Kurt has discovered the clones he prefers to use as his base and their proper percentages. He strives for a nice balance in GoGi Wine’s eccentricities. Trying to avoid having one component stand out so greatly that it becomes overbearing. It’s about having a taste that is fleeting, allowing it to be replaced with a flavor palate that is equally as intriguing. It should come as no surprise that blending day is what Kurt looks forward to the most.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 10

“There is something extremely fulfilling when the structure, texture and taste are all in alignment,” said Kurt. “To me, the beauty lies in the fact that there is no formula. Each year, you take what the ground gives you and try to make what you feel is the best and balanced wine to bottle.”

For Kurt, the most fulfilling aspect isn’t just the product but the journey itself—the creative process, the personal growth, and the social connections forged through wine. Kurt especially enjoys getting to hear about the experiences people share over a glass of GoGi Wine or what it was like when they tasted it for the first time. GoGi is a testament to patience, passion, and the joy of lifelong learning. The name of the brand and each vintage also holds a deeper meaning. With Kurt’s own nickname, GoGi, adorning the label he has also put thought into dedicating each blend to a family member.

“The unique character traits of each vintage reminds me of a loved one in my life and so I name that blend after them,” said Kurt. “Every year, the Chardonnay is named for Goldie. It’s a fresh, crisp take on the classic version that is topped with gold wax and gold lettering on the label.”

Other vintages are named for Kurt’s mother, father, siblings, children, and grandchildren. Like family, the wine holds stories and memories, evoking a sense of connection and heritage. The members of GoGi Wine’s intimate allocation list have become an extended family. They are serious GoGi drinkers and know it from everything else. Additionally, they understand and share in Kurt’s belief that wine is meant to be paired with food.

As GoGi Wine finds its place among enthusiasts and connoisseurs, Kurt looks towards the future. The next generation, with their own ventures and interests, becomes part of the winemaking tapestry. It’s a legacy of producing authentic fine wine made from grapes and knowledge that grows hand-in-hand.

GoGi is truly Kurt’s wine. His love for the craft and concept of the ideal blend exists in every bottle.

To learn more about GoGi Wine and where you can purchase a bottle (or few) of your own, please visit

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the newest release from michael david winery now available nation wide

Discover more at FOLLOW US
BUFFET | GRAB & GO | ACTION STATION | CATERING DISPLAY VISIT US AT NRA BOOTH 1445 Elevate food, beverage, and retail presentations with Southern Aluminum’s EVO mobile nesting tables, the next generation in event furniture solutions.

Snacking Innovator Snax-Sational Brands Gets Patriotic With Introduction of USA-Themed Special Edition Packaging

The Patriotic Launch Ahead of The Sweets & Snacks Show Features Candy Pop SNICKERS® and Candy Pop M&M’S® Wrapped in Red, White and Blue.

SNAX-Sational Brands’ premiere popcorn brand, inclusive of Cookie Pop, Candy Pop and Cereal Pop, continues retail expansion with the national introduction of a special edition Patriotic themed packaging. Flavors CANDY POP M&M’S Minis® and CANDY POP SNICKERS® just hit shelves nationwide, and will remain in all retailer partners inclusive of grocer, mass retail and convenience store partners such as Walmart, Publix, H.E.B., Meijer, ShopRite and others, plus e-commerce at, through summer, and phase out following Labor Day back to the signature packaging.

COOKIE POP M&M’S Minis® and CANDY POP SNICKERS® are two of America’s favorite sweet and savory popcorn treat leading flavors, both part of the partnership of Snax-Sational with MARS, now with a red, white, and blue upgrade for Summer! The combination offers consumers the ultimate snacking duo. The exciting packaging is perfect for Summer entertaining from picnicking to beaching, special seasonal occasions like Graduations, Memorial Day, July 4th, Father’s Day and Summer BBQ gatherings.

SNAX-Sational Brands is the leader in the industry as a sweet & savory pioneer, combining delicious signature candy flavors and cookie coatings with low-sodium, non-GMO corn, at only 150 calories per serving, with their popular Cookie Pop, Candy Pop and Cereal Pop flavor offerings. The combination has become the go-to snacking item at both Hollywood premieres, Gen-Z snacking and at-home movie watching for families. Families and friends alike can spend the summer entertaining proudly with the Patriotic packaging toll out.

“As the innovator in the semi -indulgence segment of the RTE category we are thrilled to bring the Patriotic bag to life for the Summer selling season along with our incredible partner MARS, highlighting two of our most popular Candy Pop Flavors, M&M’S Minis and SNICKERS. Consumers can’t get enough!” - Mike Hagan, CEO, SNAX-Sational Brands

SNAX-Sational Brands Group premiere popcorn brands, COOKIE POP, CANDY POP and CEREAL POP’s additional flavor profiles are available online and also include CANDY POP


POP BUTTERFINGER®, COOKIE POP made with NUTTER BUTTER® cookie pieces and CEREAL POP made with FRUITY PEBBLES® cereal and COCOA PEBBLES® cereal.

About Cookie Pop, Candy Pop and Cereal Pop:

SNAX-Sational Brands’ established premiere power duo COOKIE POP and CANDY POP, continues to be an innovative popcorn snacking leader combining everyone’s favorite things; ready-to-eat popcorn featuring America’s cookie and candy favorites, yielding the perfect, must-have snack creation, and recently adding CEREAL POP to their portfolio. The better-for-you-snack is made 100% in the U.S. with non-GMO corn, is low in sodium and only 150 calories per serving. The popular, low-calorie, cookie or candy-coated line was named a “Top 20 Snack” by Buzzfeed and continues to garner attention amongst consumers, media and celebrities, from Cardi B., Lance Bass, David Dobrik, Joey King, Victoria Justice, Kourtney Kardashian, Mario Lopez, Kevin Hart, Lucy Hale.

Additionally, SNAX-sational Brands is a proud supporter of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation Children’s Hospital Network nationwide. (www. The Seacrest Studios make it possible for children and teens to get behind the camera and mic to develop, star and interact in original TV and radio programming during their hospital stays, as well as provide entertainment to families and patients of the Children’s Hospitals that are there for care.

Follow @CookiePop_CandyPop #CookiePop #CandyPop #CerealPop on social media for news and updates, and visit the brand’s website inclusive of their e-commerce shop online at www.

Sales Inquiries: Chris Orland - SnaxSational Brands, LLC Sweets & Snacks Show Booth # 20028 www.

Page 15 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

The food service industry is expected to continue growing with 200,000 jobs projected to be added by the end of 2024, bringing employment to 15.7 million. What is the main driver of this growth? Teenagers and young adults, whose participation in the industry workforce has been steadily rising since the pandemic.

The industry has experienced its fair share of labor challenges in the past few years, including staffing shortages, high quit & turnover rates, and rising employee expectations. For example, at an average turnover rate of 75% in 2023, 62% of restaurants did not have enough employees to meet customer demand and 79% had difficulty filling job openings. As a result of these challenges, restaurants around the country are re-evaluating their benefits and pay structures in order to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

One popular solution restaurants are implementing is earned wage access (EWA), an employee benefit that provides employees with the option to receive a portion of their earned wages immediately after completing a shift. The benefits of EWA include increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention, as well as a leg up in the job market, as

79% of workers say they would be more interested in applying for a job that offers EWA. Further, EWA can save organizations up to $1 million annually.

Unfortunately, EWA is not always accessible to every worker. For example, teenagers are a large part of the industry’s growth and are already making up 25% of restaurant workers. Yet, some EWA products are unable to extend the benefit to underaged workers due to restrictions within their onboarding processes.

79% of workers say they would be more interested in applying for a job that offers EWA.

Earned Wage Access for Underaged Workers

Gen Z, which includes individuals aged 12-27, has expressed more interest in flexible payment options than any other generation – 87% of Gen Z reported they would be more interested in applying for a job that offers EWA. This percentage may be tied to higher rates of financial insecurity, as Gen Z experiences financial insecurity 70% more than

Page 17 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

other generations, as well as generally higher employer expectations among other demographics.

Despite the large number of underaged Gen Z workers within the food service industry, traditional financial tools often exclude them, hindering their ability to build financial security and independence. Financial wellness tools and resources should be available to all employees, regardless of situation or circumstance.

To offer earned wage access, providers can go about a number of different ways of verifying the age of their users - via Customer Identification Programs (CIP) or verification through an employer. Here’s the problem – because the majority of EWA providers work directly with employees, they are unable to verify the identity of employees who are under 18 years old.

However, by working directly with employers to provide early access to wages, a few EWA providers don’t run into this issue. As such, all workers are able to get their identities verified through alternative options via their employer, like their W2 form or their I9.

When evaluating an EWA program, it’s vital to choose a provider that offers pay access without restrictions –EWA to all employees, regardless of their age. As a result, restaurants can boost their talent acquisition efforts among younger workers while also improving the loyalty, retention, and satisfaction of their existing employees. In doing so, they are able to meet the unique needs of their underaged employees – a group that is driving the growth and future of the industry as a whole.

Tal Clark is

where he leads the organizational strategy behind the industry’s leading responsible earned wage access solution. Previous to working at Instant, Clark worked at Money Network as a member of the prepaid card team. In 2008, First Data bought Money Network; from there he continued his career at First Data in various leadership roles through 2018.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 18




Go BEST!™ Bundles Has Gained Exclusive Distribution Rights For Alcohol Armor At World-Class Casino Properties Citywide

Say goodbye to wasted mornings with Alcohol Armor’s newest distribution partner, Go BEST!™ Bundles. Las Vegas’ Premier Group Purchasing Organization is rolling out this veteranowned, USA made hangover prevention formula in Sin City. Alcohol Armor’s unique formula promises a care-free night out for partygoers and a variety of wellness benefits for the health conscious.

“We were originally introduced to Alcohol Armor while exhibiting at the Bar & Restaurant expo back in 2023,” said Adia Foster, Vice President of Go BEST!™. “With the product being new to the Las Vegas market, there was a need for local distribution. I became a big fan after it lived up to the promise and thought Alcohol Armor and their team would be a perfect vendor partner for GoBEST!™. Since then, we curated a launch event activation at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas, and have expanded into internationally recognized hotel casino brands including Wynn Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.”

Alcohol Armor is currently available at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas, all five resort pool bars at the Wynn and Encore, as

May Issue 2024

well as Influence: The POOL at The LINQ and the Flamingo Go Pool. Go BEST!™ Bundles is also focusing its efforts on venues nationwide ranging from food & beverage to adult nightlife.

“Working with Go BEST!™ Bundles has been great for Alcohol Armor,” said Jameson Govoni, Founder of Alcohol Armor. “They have long standing relationships and customers in the Vegas area they have been able to leverage for our product. We look forward to growing our footprint in Las Vegas and other key markets with Go BEST!™ Bundles.”


Discover the breakthrough in hangover prevention with Alcohol Armor, a scientifically formulated beverage designed to shield your body against the after-effects of drinking. Created by veterans with a unique background in high-stakes environments, Alcohol Armor empowers you to enjoy your nights out without sacrificing the next day. Our product features a potent mix of natural ingredients known for their detoxifying and hydrating properties, including Milk Thistle, Activated Charcoal, and Electrolytes, among others. These components work together to support liver health, enhance hydration, and aid in rapid recovery, ensuring that users wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their day. Alcohol Armor is available in two dynamic flavors, Slay Berry and Boujee Berry, both designed to be

consumed as a shot before alcohol intake or mixed with your favorite clear drink. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, soyfree, dairy-free, and contains zero sugar and zero caffeine, making it a suitable option for health-conscious individuals. Join the revolution in responsible drinking and experience mornings redefined. Embrace the science that backs our product and trust in a solution that’s not just promised, but proven.


Go BEST!™ is an all-in-one resource for operators in the hospitality and nightlife industry, concentrating in the areas of design, audiovisual solutions, marketing, food & beverage, web optimization, cybersecurity, entertainment coordination, hospitality training, POS, backend controls and more.

The Go BEST!™ team is comprised of industry specialists with twenty-plus years of experience each. Our experts provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from small stand-alones to nationally recognized multi-unit operators.

Founder Jason Mohney has successfully owned, operated and advised over a hundred businesses worldwide in the hospitality, nightlife and retail sectors. He created Go BEST!™ to fill a need in the industry and make his years of innovation and expertise accessible to operators seeking customized solutions for any circumstance.

Join the revolution in responsible drinking and experience mornings ned. Embrace the science that backs our product and trust in a solution that’s not just promised, but proven.
May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 20

Olmec Altos® Teqila and Actrss Busy Philpps Launch the Altos Teqila Emergency HotLime Just In Time for Margarta Seson.

Too busy to pick up limes for your margaritas? Call the Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime for a chance to get fresh limes (and other margarita making essentials) delivered directly to you.

The refreshingly honest and quick-witted actress, Busy Philipps, has teamed up with the award-winning Olmeca Altos Tequila to help ensure some lucky fans have ‘key’ lime ingredients to make Busy-approved margaritas at-home. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo - and continuing throughout the month of May – the Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime will deliver fresh limes (and other key margarita making essentials) to the doors of the lucky winners.

As a kick-off to Cinco de Mayo, starting April 24th, if you’ve forgotten your juiciest margarita ingredient, call the Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime

Margarita Essentials package. Eligible winners chosen will not only receive juicy limes via mail (thanks Tropical Fruit Box), but the Margarita Essentials kit will also include Altos Tequila branded swag (cantaritos cups, a bucket hat, lime squeezer) and of course, all the additional ingredients such as fresh limes and habanero mango honey to make a Busy inspired margarita. “This incredibly fun partnership is one I couldn’t resist! Besides helping

make sure people can have fresh limes to make delicious margaritas, I’ll also be surprising some winners and picking up the phone lines to chat,” Busy says. Select lucky callers will have a chance to talk about all things margarita related with Busy herself. Busy suggests, “You might want to add the Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime number to your speed dial now.”

Making margaritas at home is so on-brand for Busy and so is this partnership to launch the Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime. She shares,

“My margarita recipe is simple. A great tequila, like Altos, and fresh limes are a must. Add a touch of homemade simple syrup and a half-salted rim and you’re set. Easy peasy unless you realize you only have old, hard limes or no limes at all. We’ve all been there. So, I’m here to help fix that with my friends at Altos Tequila.”

Thanks to Altos Tequila, made with blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico, margarita making got a whole lot easier this season. For more information about the Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime and full

sweepstakes and participation rules, please visit Emergency HotLime Follow us on Instagram at @altostequila and @busyphilipps.


Altos Tequila Emergency HotLime Sweepstakes: No purchase necessary to enter or win. Purchasing a product will not improve your chances of winning. Must be legal number of eligible entries received. No alcoholic beverage is part of any prize award.

ABOUT OLMECA ALTOS®: Award-winning Olmeca Altos® Tequila is made from 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico. The agave is slow-cooked in brick ovens, distilled in copper pot stills and aged in ex-bourbon barrels, following centennial traditions for the purest expression of tequila. Olmeca Altos was created making tequila the right way, with respect for people and the planet.


Tequila 40% ALC/VOL. Pernod Ricard USA, New York, NY

ABOUT PERNOD RICARD USA: Pernod Ricard USA is the premium spirits and wine company in the U.S., and the largest subsidiary of Paris, France-based Pernod Ricard SA., the world’s second largest spirits and wine company. Pernod Ricard employs

of the CAC 40 index. The company’s leading spirits include such prestigious brands as Absolut Vodka, Avión Tequila, Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky, The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Kahlúa Liqueur, Malibu, Martell Cognac,

Irish Whiskey, Redbreast Irish Whiskey, Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Lillet, Jefferson’s Bourbon, TX Whiskey, Skrewball Whiskey, Smooth Ambler Whiskey, Rabbit Hole Whiskey, Pernod and Ricard; such superior wines as Jacob’s Creek, Kenwood Vineyards, Campo Viejo, Brancott Estate and Sainte Marguerite en Provence rosé.; and such exquisite champagnes and sparkling wines Perrier-Jouët Champagne, G.H. Mumm Champagne, Mumm Napa.

Pernod Ricard USA is headquartered in New York, New York, and has more than 1,000 employees across the country. As “creators of conviviality,” we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices in service of our customers, consumers, employees and the planet. Pernod Ricard USA urges all adults to consume its products responsibly and has an active program to promote responsible drinking. For more information, visit:

ABOUT TROPICAL FRUIT BOX: Tropical Fruit Box procures premium tropical and exotic fruits from around the world and delivers them directly to the customer’s door, with freshness guaranteed delivery in the continental U.S. The premier online fruit stand sources the most exquisite and rare fruits and roots from specialty farmers in the fertile soils of Florida, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, while offering varieties from all over the world.

Fruit lovers can choose from single fruit boxes or variety boxes like Taste the Tropics and Taste the Exotics, curated by the company’s Latina founder, Desiree Pardo Morales. Growing up around produce all her life, she partners with growers that have the best quality for seasonal fruits and year-round varieties. All tropical and exotic fruit boxes come complete with fruit reference cards, authentic recipes by chefs from the fruit’s country of origin, and a customized card at checkout.

With seasonal, year-round, and small batch options, fruit lovers can indulge on familiar fruit or try new things by creating their own tropical or exotic fruit box at Follow for fun and refreshing creations on Instagram. TropicalFruitBox

Press Contact:

Liza Howard and Pilar Ortiz-Diaz:

Inspiring flavors that elevate your menu. Register at using c ode FNB24. JUNE 23-25 , 2024 • JAVITS CENTER • NYC














“ ”
“ ”
“ ”

It’s colorful, aromatic and delivers taste and texture. For today’s consumers, fruit satisfies their cravings for sensory sipping experiences and healthy, yet indulgent beverages. For food operators, adding real fruit to beverage menus has proven to generate juicy returns.

Beverages are the leading application of fruit and meet trending consumer demand for drinks made with natural ingredients. Incorporating real fruit in lieu of syrups will instantly upgrade any beverage menu to something premium, regardless of whether it’s in cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages.

I grew up working in restaurants and made a career in the foodservice industry for nearly two decades before joining The Oregon Fruit Company. My direct industry experience helps me work with mixologists and culinary professionals behind the line to create original recipes that drive the bottom line. Here’s some things to consider when adding real fruit to your beverage menu.

Set Your Operation Up for Success

First, pick the right partner. A solution-driven supplier will provide the expertise and resources needed to successfully add real fruit to your beverage menu. When introducing real fruit, operators often encounter three challenges: price, labor, and equipment.

Real fruit doesn’t need to be picked fresh from the vine. Fresh fruit also generates a lot of waste, both in product and labor. Instead, incorporate cost-effective real fruit products such as Oregon Fruit Co. Diced Pourable Fruit and Smooth Pourable Fruit, both of which ship frozen so there’s no shelf-life issue and they take knives out of hands. Simply thaw and pour to create a beverage bursting with flavor and vibrant color. These products are also versatile. While primarily used in beverages and milkshakes, they’re ideal as condiments and in dressings, sauces, dips, salsas and more. Depending on your goals, fruited beverages can be introduced with pre-made lemonade products that are delicious on their own, while also pairing well with other fruit

Page 25 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

products or as a cocktail mixer. Additionally, you’ll need proper space and equipment. To minimize your upfront investment, seek a supplier with a turnkey equipment program, including bubblers, slushie machines, and countertop refrigeration solutions.

The End-User Should Always be Top of Mind

Understanding your customers’ taste preferences is key to developing a successful beverage menu. Are your customers adventurous and eager to try something unusual like a blood orange milkshake or prickly pear margarita? Or do your customers frequent your establishment because they want something familiar like blueberry lemonade or peach iced tea? Working with a supplier that embraces collaboration will help you understand your customers better and develop recipes informed by consumer trend data to foster brand loyalty and repeat business. For instance, we know that Millennials and Generation Z patrons are more adventurous than Generation X or Boomers and “Boomers are more attached to familiar and traditional tastes but also will experiment with lower-risk seasonal and limited-edition flavors.”

Embrace Innovation

Innovation is embraced through both ingredient profiles and beverage formats. The most common use of real fruit in beverages is smoothies. Fruited lemonades and teas are also popular (think strawberry lemonade or raspberry iced tea) and continue gaining popularity as more consumers limit their soda consumption.

As The Oregon Fruit Company’s resident culinary and mixologist specialist, I’ve recently enjoyed tapping into innovation by playing around with fruit in milkshakes. Fruit and dairy are a natural pairing and can be successfully introduced together as a creamsicleinspired milkshake LTO, for instance, offering patrons a nostalgic nod to orange creamsicles with a modern twist by using tangerine. The industry is also seeing a lot of growth in agua frescas, making water more profitable, and cold coffee is now ordered more frequently than hot coffee by Gen Z, further fueling cold coffee growth opportunities. Think fruited lattes, mochas and cold foams.

Seasonal fruit beverages offer great variety and are big sellers. With spring and summer right around the corner, consider LTOs featuring trending tropical varieties such as Purple Dragon Fruit, which has grown 24.2% YOY in both non-alcoholic and adult beverages. This seasonal fruit is ideal for lemonades and iced teas, or mojitos and mules on the cocktail menu. According to a 2023 Innova Marketing Insights trend report, at least one-third of consumers say “they are influenced by new, unique or different flavors, and one quarter want interesting or exotic flavors,” which represents an increase from 2022.

Develop a Marketing Campaign

Now that you’re ready to satisfy consumer cravings with fruitforward beverages, it’s time to get the word out! First, we know from Technomic that including the words “real fruit” in a product description increases purchase intent. “Real Fruit” gives customers something to feel good about when they’re making beverage selections and provides clarity into what they’re receiving. For instance, it’s not strawberry flavoring or syrup, it’s real strawberries.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 26

When I think of successfully marketing real fruit, I often refer to Dutch Bros. and the success of their Mangonada LTO in 2023, which was topped with Oregon Fruit Co. Strawberry Diced Pourable Fruit. Their campaign featured large window clings, menu and website callouts and social media all touting the use of “real fruit.” This single LTO drove more than 3 million drinks in a single quarter.

Finally, your patrons will help sell your new recipes, as the visual appeal of having fruit in a beverage makes it instantly more “Instagrammable.” We know that Millennials and Generation Z consumers are far more likely to make purchasing decisions based on social media, and will often try a beverage simply because it is trending on social media Tap into that FOMO moment with something that looks cool and tastes delicious.

With the new year comes new opportunity -- harvest the power of real fruit and you’ll uncover the secret ingredient to a more profitable beverage menu.


(1)Mordor Intelligence report: “Fruit And Vegetable Ingredients Market Size & Share Analysis – Growth Trends & Forecasts (2023-2028).

Page 27 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024


Technology and automation are key to helping restaurants thrive in a post-pandemic world

There is a special kind of solidarity felt between restaurant owners, born out of the unique challenges this group faced during the pandemic. While the days of forced closures and occupancy limits are a thing of the past, the road to recovery for restaurateurs post-pandemic is appearing to be longer and more complex than originally thought, as they grapple with new challenges like inflation, food supply and labor shortages.

celebrity chefs, restaurant owners and industry decision-makers gathered to discuss what’s top of mind as they navigate their recovery and where they feel the biggest opportunities for growth are. Hosted by American Express Canada and Square, the event focused on the prevailing themes of embracing automation and streamlining operations as key to increasing restaurateurs’ bottom lines.

Page 29 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

The event also highlighted the partnership between Amex and Square as the perfect pairing for restaurant owners seeking a seamless payment experience for customers. With Amex payment cards widely accepted across all Square tools at no additional cost to merchants, restaurateurs making use of both are at a clear advantage when it comes to saving on costs and ensuring a safe and secure payment experience at their place of business.

Kicking off the panel portion of the event, Kerri-Ann Santaguida, Vice President and General Manager of Merchant Services Canada for American Express Canada, spoke about what inspired the two companies to join forces. “With both companies being leaders in the payments industry, we’ve had a front row seat to the hurdles the restaurant industry has faced over the last few years,” she stated. “We knew it was important for our companies to come together to provide restaurant owners with a seamless payment technology experience to support their operations.”

The partnership gives chefs and restaurant owners access to helpful tools and personalized support to grow their businesses, in addition to cost savings from having all Amex credit card transactions processed at one set pricing structure. “The idea was to offer a solution that would make




running a restaurant smoother, to enable chefs and business owners to actualize their restaurant aspirations regardless of where they are on their journeys,” said Santaguida.

Celebrity chef panelists echoed the need for tools that can provide busy restaurant owners with peace of mind. Nicki Laborie, founder of Reyna Hospitality Group which operates restaurants in Toronto and New York City, said by refocusing on marketing, promotions, and events, along with the use of tech tools like Square, she started to turn profits post-pandemic.

Addressing inflation, rising food and labor costs, Patrick Kriss, chef and founder of Alo Food Group, said operating in a post-pandemic world has been an adjustment but it’s something you just have to roll with and find solutions to as you push for profitability. He said streamlining technology can go a long way.

“Everyone has been affected by the same challenges. There is nothing you can do about it,” Kriss said during the panel discussion. “You still have to give the customer a great experience. We look internally and try to make changes, to make us more efficient to cut our costs. Looking at our staffing structure. Looking at our suppliers, maybe lean on them to get better pricing. We haven’t changed too much on the front-facing. It’s on the back end that we really look at ourselves in the mirror.”

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 32

Derek Wasser, chief operating officer of The Food Dudes, echoed how tech has helped. “The innovation since Covid has been a massive benefit. When one to two percent could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s a really big benefit for us.”

The panel members also praised the use of automation and how a robust point of sale system can provide them with insights on customer spending and preferences that ultimately enable them to make better, more informed business decisions.

“Automation to me goes hand in hand with tech and the modernization of the tools that we use,” explained Craig Harding, founder and culinary director of Bar Prima. “One really good example is the way that different systems are talking to each other in the restaurant now, which has just been amazing.”

From revisiting their marketing strategies to revamping menus, it’s clear that today’s restaurateurs have little time to spare on making sure the fundamentals of their business are running without incident. Santaguida understands this need for operational ease and the role that payment companies play in supporting business owners, stating that “Amex acceptance on Square is a tool that gives restaurant owners what they ultimately need, which is the time back to spend on other things.”



September 15 - 17, 2024

Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

Henderson, Nevada

For more information contact: Amanda Tomsik Director of Foodservice & Adult Beverage or call 440-528-0474 MEET WITH THE BEST ON AND OFF PREMISE BUYERS IN THE WORLD
“I believe that every child, in every school, has the right to be nourished, active and supported.”
Ann Marie Krautheim, CEO GENYOUth

Leading RTD Cocktail Innovator BeatBox Announces Official Collaboration With

LSU (Louisiana State University)

As A Proud Partner of LSU Athletics, BeatBox Introduces A Limited Edition Hard Tea With LSU Packaging


this exclusive LSU edition of our Hard Tea, we’re not just celebrating LSU’s legacy, but also creating a unique opportunity for fans to enjoy their game days in a new and exciting way. We’re eager to see fans embrace this limited edition as a must-have during their LSU sports celebrations,” says Phil Jamison, EVP of Sales at BeatBox.

Leading ready-to-drink Innovator, BeatBox, announced their latest collaboration with LSU Athletics, Louisiana State University, staying within their Hard Tea flavor family with a custom Hard Tea LSU package design which was introduced on campus in March 2024. BeatBox continues to gain attention and notoriety in the sport and sporting event space, with the LSU partnership as its first college level collaboration in Louisiana.

BeatBox, the #2 rated highest selling single serve RTD brand in the USA currently, has been a pioneer in the RTD space since the launch of their popular original Party Punches, with the Hard Tea line as a welcomed extension from their loyal and ever growing consumer base. The collaboration with LSU will further align with their “party punch” signature repertoire, becoming the “official party punch” of Louisiana State University Athletics!

Zech Francis, Vice President of Marketing at BeatBox says, “We are thrilled to announce our latest Creator Series partnership with LSU Athletics, marking our first venture into collegiate sports in Louisiana. This special edition of our fast growing Hard Tea line extension, dressed in LSU’s iconic purple and gold, not only celebrates the spirit of Louisiana State University but also embodies the vibrant energy and innovation at the heart of BeatBox.”

The Hard Tea is a non-carbonated, Full flavor cocktail, with less than half the sugar and half the carbs compared to other “hard” teas on the market, specifically 100 calories and 5 grams of Carbs, in resealable, recyclable, ecofriendly packaging.

“With this exclusive LSU edition of our Hard Tea, we’re not just celebrating LSU’s legacy, but also creating a unique opportunity for fans to enjoy their game days in a new and exciting way. We’re eager to see fans embrace this limited edition as a must-have during their LSU sports celebrations,” says Phil Jamison, EVP of Sales at BeatBox.

The limited edition collaboration packaging features the identifiable BeatBox tetra wrapped in the LSU mascot graphic, Mike the Bengal Tiger, in their signature purple and gold school colors. Soon to be a collectors edition for all those LSU loyal fans! Visit for more and follow for updates @beatboxbeverages and @LSUSports on social media.

About BeatBox Beverages:

BeatBox is the “Original Party Punch,” offering fun & nostalgic flavors in a sustainable & resealable package, now also offering an array of flavorful Hard Teas. With a deep passion for live music, our community of super fans, and creating fun, BeatBox has become the brand that’s bringing the party to the alcohol industry. The journey began in 2012 in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, and the energy was contagious. So much so, that BeatBox was able to secure the largest investment in SharkTank history from Mark Cuban who, “invested in BeatBox because at heart I’m a 25 year old and saw that this is going to be a party phenomenon.” BeatBox quickly built a team of beverage leaders helping to define a new category of “Party Punch.” BeatBox has an impressive roster of famous investors in music and entertainment, including Mark Cuban, Rob Dyrdek, Party Favor, Louis The Child, Good Times Ahead, and many more. Today, BeatBox has become one of the fastest growing brands innovating the alcohol industry and the drink of choice for Millennial and legal drinker age Gen Z drinkers. Its passion for music, and connection to its consumers, has also made it the fastest growing and most engaged alcohol brand on social media. In addition to music, BeatBox has infiltrated the sportsfan space, now with three official sports team partnerships in place - Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, LSU Athletics. Like Mark Cuban said, this is a company that sells fun, and if anyone ever asks what this brand is all about, tell them that “BeatBox Brings the Party!”

Follow them on social media @beatboxbeverages and visit them online at

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 38


RTD Innovator BeatBox Introduces Limited Edition Patriotic Variety Pack For The 2024 Summer Season

The Red, White and Blue Variety Pack Will Also Debut A New Cherry Limeade Flavor

BeatBox, leading RTD innovator, goes Patriotic for summer, as they prepare to launch their latest and exciting American-themed brand expansion – The Red, White and Blue Variety Pack – just in time for Memorial Day!

extensive line of signature Original Party Punch

White and Blue BeatBox summer variety pack

BeatBox is a true pioneer in the RTD space,

graduation, Father’s Day, backyard BBQs,

Page 39 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

environmental footprint a continued focus of priority to the brand founders.

“We’re super excited about our Red, White, and Blue Variety Pack

-Zech Francis, VP of Marketing at BeatBox

“Releasing the Patriotic Variety Pack right before summer hits is our going to be a hit at all your favorite summer spots, from picnics to

“Releasing the Patriotic Variety Pack right before summer hits is our way of kicking off the season right with our wholesale and retail partners. Cherry Limeade is the latest addition, and we think it’s going to be a hit at all your favorite summer spots, from picnics to pool parties. This new Variety Pack is set to be our biggest product launch to date.”
-Phil Jamison, EVP of Sales at BeatBox

About BeatBox Beverages:

BeatBox is the “Original Party Punch,” offering fun & nostalgic

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 40

Somnium wines reflect the focus and intensity that Danica Patrick pours into every dream she pursues, and every challenge she accepts. Explore her vibrant portfolio of Napa Valley wines in Somnium’s sumptuous Calistoga tasting room.



Danica Rosé is Somnium’s French cousin. Inspired by her many visits to Provence, Danica Patrick dreamt of having her own fresh and elegant French rosé. Through her partnership with the Margnat family, whose winemaking tradition stretches back to the 1790s, Danica made another dream come true.

“Inline Plastics has been at the forefront of innovation, constantly refining its product offerings to meet the changing needs of consumers and foodservice providers,” says Senior Brand Manager Carrie Cline.

“This commitment to innovation is exemplified by the introduction of pioneering packaging designs, materials, and features aimed at enhancing convenience, freshness, and sustainability.”

A pioneer in the industry, the company in recent years unveiled Safe-

name—places a premium on food safety and security with its patented tamper protection. Inline Plastics has also made significant strides in sustainability, proving its claims that it adheres to strict environmental standards through independent third-party certification.

Inline’s innovative collection of all-clear packaging is tailored for hot food applications, ensuring the safeguarding and integrity of food

Page 43 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

from grocery or kitchen to table. The tamper protection feature is ideal for restaurants and cafes who use third party delivery services ensuring food reaches the consumer fully intact and uncompromised during transit.

characterized by its contemporary design. The packaging’s smooth, rounded scoopable corners facilitate easy access to every bite, while its sleek and attractive shape elevates the overall presentation of the food. With its high-clarity polypropylene

“Remember, Safe-T-Chef® isn’t just about packaging—it’s about enhancing the overall experience while minimizing environmental impact.”

consumers. Microwaveable safe with both vented and non-vented options, each featuring a leak-resistant seal to ensure sauces and liquids remain in place, the containers also come with both domed top and flat lid options.

The vented containers allow steam to dissipate, keeping food at peak freshness so it doesn’t get soggy while packaged. Consumers consistently stress the importance of visibility and excess steam can lead to a foggy layer obstructing the view of what’s inside.

feature making food visually more appealing and appetizing.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 44

safety, functionality, and aesthetics, positioning itself as the premier choice for discerning foodservice establishments and delivery services,” says Cline.

enhancing the overall experience while minimizing environmental impact.”

While domed lid products with a raised, rounded shape allows for extra space for taller food items or ones with decorative elements, offering generous room for showcasing a diverse array of foods ensuring their visual appeal remains uncompromised, while flat lid packaging is advantageous for space-saving purposes and items that can be shelved and stacked, explains Cline.

“Flat lids offer efficiency in stacking particularly in scenarios where space optimization is paramount, such as densely packed shelves, refrigerators, or transportation vehicles,” says Cline. “The introduction

presentation. This innovative offering not only meets the demands of the market but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to delivering reliable and forward-thinking products to its valued customers.”

For more information on their vast line of award-winning products, visit

How AUTEC’s Sushi Making Concepts Can Work for Your Operation

In restaurant kitchens across America, sushi robots are redefining the culinary landscape, seamlessly blending automation with the age-old art of sushi preparation. AUTEC’s high-tech automated machines work in tandem with chefs aiding them with some of the more time-consuming components of sushi making, allowing chefs to focus on other tasks.

“By streamlining the sushi making process, our sushi robots meticulously handle laborious and straightforward tasks, allowing chefs to dedicate more time to the artisanal aspects of sushi creation,” explains Steven Lim, a West Coast Sales Representative for AUTEC. “This separation of duties ensures that traditional sushi-making’s integrity is preserved, enabling chefs to innovate and elevate their craft.”

More than 3,000 locations are currently utilizing AUTEC’s sushi robot line including cruise lines, casinos, school cafeterias and universities, grocery stores, and large sports venues like Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Page 47 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

The product line offers a turnkey, comprehensive solution with robots capable of handling various steps of the sushi making process starting with the preparation of sushi rice–a traditionally labor-intensive task when done manually, especially in large quantities.

AUTEC’s Fujimak rice cooker, for example, can swiftly cook 30 cups of rice in just 30 minutes. The rice can then be transferred to a rice mixer which precisely mixes up to 40 cups of rice with sushi seasonings in as little time as three to five minutes. In total, the entire process of making sushi rice

take upwards of two hours when done manually.

Other specialty products include:

• The Maki Maker: a rice sheeter which can produce 20 sushi rolls in four minutes, compared to 12 minutes when done manually.

• The Maki Cutter: a robot and one operator can produce 20 sushi rolls in 2.5 minutes. Without the technology’s assistance, it would take a single staff member approximately 10 minutes to cut the same number of rolls.

“Our sushi-making technology empowers chefs to excel by automating and optimizing the most time-consuming aspects

The machines themselves are easy to use as well. Takuro Iwamoto, a company sales representative, says users need only a brief training period to be able to operate the machine efficiently.

“By automating the most labor-intensive tasks—such as sushi rice mixing, rice forming, and roll cutting—our machines enable users to produce sushi with precision consistently,” Iwamoto explains. “The sushi robots not only make sushi preparation more accessible to novices but also enhance the efficiency of seasoned chefs.”

Sales and Marketing Representative Alex Ito adds that the machines are also beneficial to experienced sushi chefs allowing for large-scale production during peak dining periods or when handling large orders for banquets or other events.

In addition to being user friendly, operators have found that the sushi robots produce sushi with uniform consistency while minimizing waste. Upon purchase, AUTEC works

Our machines can produce rice sheets and cut rolls more quickly and consistently, allowing for greater focus on creative presentation and innovative recipe development.
Our goal is to ensure that every kitchen, regardless

closely with the client to determine its needs taking into account the size of the kitchen, the amount of employees they have, menu complexity, and production volume, to recommend the most suitable machine configuration.

“Our goal,” says Lim, “is to ensure that every kitchen, regardless of size or style, can benefit from our sushi robots’ precision and efficiency, enhancing their operations and culinary offerings.”

But not only does AUTEC tailor their concepts to each individual’s kitchen size, they work with operators post purchase as well.

“We take pride in our active role, providing ongoing support and timely information to ensure our customers can fully leverage the capabilities of our technology,” Iwamoto says. “This commitment keeps their operations at the forefront of efficiency and innovation, fostering a strong and lasting partnership.”

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 50 @MozartChocolateUSA WWW.MOZARTCHOCOLATELIQUEUR.COM 1.5 oz Mozart Coconut Chocolate Liqueur 1 oz Rum, dark 1.75 oz Pineapple juice 0.75 oz Coconut milk 0.75 oz Cream Mozart Coconut Colada 1 oz Mozart Coconut Chocolate Liqueur 1.5 oz Rum, white 1.5 oz Pineapple juice 1.5 oz Orange juice 0.25 oz Lemon juice 1 dash Grenadine Mozart Coconut Bahama Mama Imported by Marussia Beverages USA | Cedar Knolls, NJ | ABV: 15% | Please Drink Responsibly


Wine Has Arrived
By Ryan Slattery

The seductive anthem “Birthday Sex” now has a playful namesake wine. Grammy-nominated R&B artist Jeremih recently released a Columbia Valley chardonnay named after his 2009 debut hit single. The catchy song peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Birthday Sex Naked Chardonnay launched under the LiveOne Brands, a new wine division featuring celebrity-backed and branded products. The collaboration between Jeremih and renowned Napa Valley/Sonoma winemaker Russell Bevan brings to market a striking Naked Chardonnay which, in keeping with Jeremih’s provocative song, comes with a rather risqué bottle design.

“We wanted the wine and the label to evoke a similar feeling as the song,” Jeremih explains. “It’s fun, sexy and playful and has that x-factor that is going to make you blush a little.”

Using grapes handpicked from premier vineyards in Washington’s Columbia Valley, Birthday Sex Naked Chardonnay is a unique blend of vibrant fruit flavors with subtle oak nuances. Jeremih describes the wine as having a bright citrus aroma which is balanced with a natural sweetness, and a taste that’s “luscious and round with notes of white peaches and apples.” The chardonnay is unoaked, leaving a more buttery finish.

The R&B superstar, who hails from Chicago, says he was educated on the process of winemaking during his collaboration with Bevan the architect of a collection that includes more than fifteen 100-point wines.

club, the studio—anywhere you wanna get a little loose. I’m excited to expand my entrepreneurial endeavors and showcase my creativity in a whole new way.”

Jeremih says his Naked Chardonnay is meant to be everything from a daily sipper to unwind after a long day to a celebratory vintage to toast success and achievements.

“It’s more than just a wine,” he says. “It’s a celebration of life’s finest moments. Blending past achievements with new beginnings, Birthday Sex toasts to it all.”

Birthday Sex Naked Chardonnay ($34.99) likely won’t be the only wine that comes out of this Jeremih-Bevan partnership either.

“The Naked Chardonnay is just the beginning,” Jeremih says. “We’re paying close attention to what consumers want and we’re already working on what could be next.”

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 52

Exploring the Culinary Treasures of Nayarit, Mexico: A Quick Gastronomic Journey

Nestled in Mexico’s Pacific coast, the state of Nayarit beckons travelers with stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and mouthwatering cuisine. With fewer tourists than neighboring Jalisco & Puerto Vallarta, in Nayarit you will find small towns with bustling markets, often referred to as “tianguis”, featuring a wide range of products from fresh produce and traditional Mexican cuisine to handcrafted artisanal goods and clothing. In Nayarit you will find quaint seaside towns, mountain villages and delicious eateries. Nayarit boasts a culinary scene that tantalizes the taste buds and captures the essence of Mexican gastronomy. Embark with us on an adventure through the diverse flavors and specialties of Nayarit.

With its extensive coastline, it’s no surprise that Nayarit is renowned for its fresh seafood. Stroll along the sandy shores and you’ll encounter a plethora of beachfront palapas serving up the catch of the day. From succulent shrimp to tender octopus, the seafood in Nayarit is simply unparalleled. Be sure to indulge in ceviche in Sayulita, a refreshing dish of marinated seafood mixed with lime juice served up dozens of ways. Nayarit offers many truly authentic experiences—head to the coastal town of Sayulita, where you can savor the seafood on the beach or at a restaurant with a gorgeous view. While in Sayulita, you will enjoy street food of grilled fish tacos and fresh ceviches while soaking in the laid-back ambiance of this surfers’ paradise.

Prepare your taste buds for a flavor explosion with aguachile, a dish that packs a punch with its fiery ingredients. Similar to ceviche, aguachile features raw seafood, typically shrimp or fish, marinated in a tangy blend of lime juice, chili peppers, and cilantro. The result is a dish that is both refreshing and intensely flavorful with the heat of the chili peppers tempered by the citrusy marinade. Served with slices of cucumber and avocado, aguachile is a popular choice among adventurous foodies seeking a taste of Nayarit’s culinary daring.

Yellowtail Pomegranate Aguachile


1lb. Baja Yellowtail, sliced thinly

½ cup small red onion, brunoised ¼ cup fresh ginger, minced kosher salt


1 whole jalapeño, stem removed

1 cup fresh-squeezed Persa lime juice

TO GARNISH: Sliced Jalapeño

Nasturtium Leaves


1. To Prepare Fishwill be needed per dish. Spread evenly on sheet pan and season lightly with kosher salt. Keep refrigerated and cold.

2. To make Aguachile - in a blender, add pomegranate juice, whole jalapeño, and lime juice. Blend until smooth. Strain thru fine mesh sieve. Season with salt.

3. To make Brunoise Mix - in a bowl mix cucumber, red onion, and ginger until well incorporated.

4. To Plate - place sliced fish into a circle overlapping slightly. Add brunoise mix sparsely around the edges of fish. Garnish with Nasturtium and Jalapeño. As a final touch, add Aguachile juice to the bottom of the bowl evenly throughout plates. Leaving Fish and Brunoise floating atop the Aguachile sauce.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 54

Fish Zarandeado With Quinoa Salad And

Avocado Cream With Coconut


1 cup quinoa, 2 cups water, 1 pinch Knorr Swiss powder, 1 clove of garlic. 1/4 pc white onion, 1 pc ball tomato (poached preferably).

1 small cucumber (peeled), A few sprigs of parsley, basil, and fresh mint. Little extra virgin olive oil. 1 pc green lemon, Salt and pepper. Optional: 1/4 cup black quinoa already cooked in salted water.


4 pieces of fish filet (150 grams per person maximum) choose small fish. They can be small filets of approximately 70 grams. Serve two per person. The freshest thing you can find! Red snapper, curbina, and rutabaga are perfect, Salt, Cold water.


8 pcs guajillo chiles, 1 pc chile de árbol, 1/4 pc onion, 2 cloves of garlic. Powder of five spices. Olive oil. Salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon commercial mayonnaise.


1 pc avocado, 1/2 cup coconut milk and a little water, A few sprigs of cilantro, 1 piece of green lemon. Salt and pepper.


Casserole to cook quinoa, Casserole or shallow frying pan to fry the marinade. Blender, Chopping board and knife of course, 1 plastic bottle (the kind where they put mustard at hot dog stands) 1 container to marinate the fish, 1 tray to bake the fish, Some containers to store preparations, Paper towels for cleaning. Soup spoons, Rubber spatula, Spatula to remove the cooked fish from the tray. Large individual plates to serve the fish, Oven to cook fish with the mode: BROILER or, failing that, the gratin mode, Have rosé wine preferably from the Provence region (France) very cold to enjoy with our fish and to drink while we cook. Those of us who cook have the right to drink before others!

On the seaside village of Punta de Mita you will find the innovative and exquisite cuisine of Chef Thierry Bluet at Tuna Blanca. Tuna Blanca offers a fine dining experience that showcases Chef Bluet’s passion for combining traditional Mexican flavors with French culinary techniques. Drawing inspiration from the fresh seafood and local ingredients of Nayarit, Chef Bluet creates dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. From his signature tuna tartare to his suckling pig tacos, each dish at Tuna Blanca is a work of art that celebrates the bounty of the region’s land and sea. With its elegant ambiance and impeccable service, Tuna Blanca is one of the top culinary destinations not to be missed for those seeking a taste of Nayarit’s gourmet offerings.

Biography: Thierry Blouet, Chef Owner

Born in Puerto Rico to French parents, educated in France and Mexico where haute cuisine is an essential ingredient of the good life. With a French Mexican culture, Chef Thierry uses the traditional base of French cuisine with modern techniques and flavors and ingredients from all Mexico.

He founded Café des Artistes Puerto Vallarta in 1990, where diners discovered gastronomic elegance within a magnificent and exclusive environment, distinguishing Café des Artistes as the iconic restaurant of Puerto Vallarta, the region and Mexico for over 33 years. Its excellence in service and the high quality of food, makes this restaurant a unique place for intimate celebrations and important business meetings. It holds the 4 Diamond award by the American Automobile Association (AAA), being the only restaurant in Puerto Vallarta outside a hotel with said award. It holds the 2 Glasses Award “Best of Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator for having a wine list with more than 400 labels from around the world. Distinguished among the 250 best restaurants in the “Mexico Gastronomic Guide” by Culinaria Mexicana.

Also owner of the restaurants Tuna Blanca in Punta Mita (opened in 2008) and later Café des Artistes Los Cabos (opened in 2015), both with the undisputed seal of Grupo Café des Artistes.



Cut the onion, leek and garlic into cubes. Put a saucepan with olive oil on low heat, add the garlic, leeks and onion. until it becomes translucent, always over low heat so that our ingredients do not burn. Once the respective ingredients (onion, garlic and leek) are translucent, add the cup of quinoa. (one cup of quinoa is twice as much water) then we add 2 cups of water and let it cook over low heat. Season with a little salt to add flavor during cooking, which lasts approximately 20 minutes.


Cut the cucumber into cubes (without the seed), cut the poached tomato in the same way (without the skin) and only use the seedless base. Finely cut the sprigs of straight parsley, basil, and fresh mint into julienne strips. Save in the refrigerator while we wait for the quinoa to be cooked.


Once the quinoa is cooked, set it aside so that it is warm and add all our vegetables that we have cut (cucumber, aromatic herbs, poached tomato).

Add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.


Peel the avocados and add them to the blender with the coconut milk, white pepper, salt and lemon. Blend everything together and check the seasoning.


Preheat the oven in a broiler or grill to 280 degrees. Clean the chilies (remove the seeds and veins).

Put 1/2 cup of boiling water and cook the chilies, garlic, onion, salt, pepper and 5 spices. Once cooked, blend and depending on the texture, add water, it should be semi-liquid. In a very hot saucepan with olive oil since it is smoky, add the marinade from the blender and fry it for about 5 minutes. Let it cool in the refrigerator. Once cooled, add the mayonnaise to the marinade. Put the fresh fish in a cooking tray. Put the marinade on top and season with salt. Once it is ready, put it in the oven until it reaches the top for 3 minutes at 180° C. It needs to brown a little.


Put the already prepared quinoa in the middle of the plate, the fish on top with volume and make dots of avocado cream (you can add passion fruit if desired).

Page 55 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024
Chef Thierry Bluet at Tuna Blanca
Makes 4 Portions

Coapan, a charming town nestled in the heart of Nayarit, offers travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s rural beauty and traditional way of life. One of the highlights of visiting Coapan is the chance to experience the authentic flavors of Nayarit at Rincón Campesino, with Chef Nayeli Flores, a rustic eatery that celebrates the region’s culinary heritage. Here, visitors can indulge in a traditional Nayarit breakfast that captures the essence of the countryside.

A typical Nayarit breakfast often starts with a steaming bowl of pozole, a hearty soup made with hominy, pork or chicken, and a flavorful broth infused with spices such as garlic, onion, and oregano. This comforting dish is served piping hot and garnished with crisp lettuce, radishes, and a squeeze of lime, adding freshness and acidity to the rich flavors of the broth. Accompanying the pozole is a basket of freshly made corn tortillas, their earthy aroma and tender texture perfect for

sopping up every last bit of broth.

In addition to pozole, a Nayarit breakfast may also include dishes such as machaca con huevo, a savory scramble made with shredded beef, eggs, onions, and peppers. This hearty and satisfying dish is bursting with flavor, with the tender beef complementing the fluffy eggs and aromatic vegetables. Served alongside refried beans and slices of ripe avocado, machaca con huevo is a classic Nayarit breakfast staple that showcases the region’s love of bold, robust flavors.

In Nayarit, every meal is a celebration of tradition, innovation and the boundless beauty of Mexico’s culinary landscape. Indulge your senses and embark on a gastronomic voyage exploring the culinary treasures of Nayarit—a journey that promises to delight, inspire, and leave an indelible mark on your palate and soul.

Biography: El Rincón del campesino

If we talk about El Rincón del campesino, we are talking about gastronomic heritage, which leads you to discover the love for the countryside and what it so generously offers us. A restaurant that began its operation in 2021 under group reservations only, inviting you to be part of the daily life of a livestock and agricultural community. And given the good response from its visitors, it opened its doors to the general public in April 2022, offering services on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. It is located in the town of Coapan, in the municipality of Jala a pueblo mágico (magical town), in the state of Nayarit. With a buffet of rural cuisine, surrounded by hills and slopes of the imposing Ceboruco volcano, on carpets of black sand and sheltered by the shade of a great tamarind tree, they make their visitors feel part of the rural environment, relaxing and warm. Alluding to what its environment offers is that it uses volcanic stone grills where an exquisite jerky is cooked. Its menu is based on products such as preserves and drinks made from seasonal fruits that are obtained from grandfather’s garden, traditional stews, handmade tortillas with sweet corn recognized for being the largest in the world, sauces made over hot coals, and delicious dairy products such as fresh cheese, panela, cottage cheese and one of the favorite products of its customers, the cottage cheese gorditas. El Rincon del Campesino is run by a local family that seeks to make you feel a unique experience through the flavors of the countryside.

Biography: Nayeli Flores.

My name is Nayeli Guadalupe Flores Franquez, originally from a small town named Coapan in the municipality of Jala, Nayarit. I was born in Ixtlán del Río on January 23, 1995, to my parents Fredy Flores and Inocencia Franquez, I am the eldest of three daughters, Nadia and Sonia are my sisters.

Since I was little, I have been quiet and this led me to be very observant. I liked to have conversations with my grandparents and especially with my paternal grandmother, Fernanda. While she patted the fresh cheese that she sold I played near her, when I saw that she was about to to finish, I asked her to make me a cheese popcorn, I loved that she gave me blue sugar eyes. Therefore, the happiest memories of my childhood are directly linked to cooking. Once in preschool, they taught us how to make “the potato lady” which was a happy face made of mashed potatoes, I have no idea how many people were my victims, but I prepared it for aunts and neighbors as many times as I could. This time has been a process of valuable learning, of meeting great people, of course overcoming mental and social obstacles, creating links with the public and private sectors, even creating some friendships with our clients, growth, vision, direction and a lot of gratitude.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 56

Pumpkin Atole


• Whole cinnamon 1 stick

• Piloncillo 3 pieces.

• Evaporated milk 1 can

• NOTE: quantities may vary according to each person’s taste, both in sweetness and consistency.

Cut the pumpkin into 2-to-4-inch pieces. Next, cook the pumpkin with a little water, once soft, remove from the heat and let it cool. In a pot add a liter of water, cinnamon, and piloncillo (this depends on the level of sweetness of your preference, we suggest 3 cones), let it boil over low heat, meanwhile, once the pumpkin is cold, peel the skin off with a spoon and blend with the condensed and evaporated milk and a pinch of cinnamon and the nixtamalized corn dough. Slowly add this mixture to the pot and stir slowly. Let it boil and taste its consistency and sweetness. Remove from heat and it is ready to serve.

Recipes El Rincón Del Campesino


Procedure: Blend the seeds with everything including the shells and a little water (approximately 1 liter), strain the mixture and boil it slowly until obtaining a dough consistency. Remove from the heat, let it cool and then strain and set aside. In a saucepan, put two tablespoons of oil and add tomato, onion, garlic, green tomato, previously cut into small squares, fry and add the dough obtained from the pumpkin seeds, season with salt to taste and add the finely chopped parsley, let boil for a few minutes and it is ready to eat.

Page 57 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

Prioritize mental health – from the back of the house to the front door – before it hits your team and your bottom line.

Create healthier and more engaged employees with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) at Work for Restaurants from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.

Your Workforce’s Mental Health Challenges:

Food and beverage industries scored in the bottom 10% for workplace mental health.

80% of employees in restaurant and food service industries report feeling burned out.

40% of employees say their jobs have a negative impact on their mental health.

Our Solution:

Increase employee productivity, morale and retention by cultivating supportive team cultures.

Address mental health and substance use challenges and reduce associated stigma by fostering open discussions that encourage the appropriate treatment.

Build resilience in an often fast-paced work environment impacted by peak serving hours, demanding customers and tip-driven competition.

Trusted by leading companies nationwide.

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El Cristiano recently announced the addition of its newest creation, Clase Reposado XR, the first-ever Extra Reposado tequila. El Cristiano XR is an Extra Aged Reposado, aged for 11 months in ex-bourbon American and ex-red wine French oak barrels, creating a unique and delicate blend of complexity and sweetness. El Cristiano’s dedication to producing pure and additive-free tequila is what sets them apart from other brands, with a focus on harvesting only mature agave aged for at least five years through sustainable agricultural practices. This process eliminates the need for additives that would alter the true essence of the 100% Highlands Blue Weber Agave. El Cristiano’s mission is not just to create delicious and pure tequila, but also to give back to the communities from which it is sourced. A portion of their sales is donated to the Arandas orphanage


Each bottle of Tamworth Distilling’s flagship spirit, Chocorua Straight Rye Whiskey goes towards its namesake, the Chocorua Lake Conservancy, based in New Hampshire. Comprised of house-made grain, locally grown herbs and botanicals and pure water, Chocorua Straight Rye Whiskey is the embodiment of Tamworth’s scratch-made ethos that gives back to the land it stems from. Each purchase of the 100% organic rye whiskey pays forward $1 to the protection and maintenance of the majestic Chocorua Mountain and Chocorua Lake Basin via donation to the Chocorua Lake Conservancy. This rye whiskey is the product of one single crop that is seasonally fermented, then batch distilled and laid

cherry-like nose, a slight pepper kick from the 100% rye grain, and a medium length finish.


Danica Rosé is the French cousin to Somnium, the Napa Valley estate of retired race car driver Danica Patrick. Rooted in the heart of France’s oldest and most romantic winemaking region, this fresh and elegant French rosé is made in collaboration with the Margnat family, whose winemaking tradition stretches Luberon, just north of Aix-en-Provence, produce fruit with bright freshness, vivid color, and irresistible charisma. A beautiful light pink color, the 2023 Danica Rosé bursts with ripe peach aromas and notes of zesty citrus. Lush tropical fruit aromas add depth to the bright, fresh core of tangerine and white flowers, while juicy red cherry and peach notes linger on a long, clean finish.

Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


22 Salute’s Fig-Vanilla Bourbon isn’t just a standout premium spirit—it’s a bold declaration of heart and duty. This exquisite bourbon, which earned Double Gold and Silver medals at the 2023 PR%F Awards, transcends the norm by uniting the rich, earthy tones of Mission Figs with the sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla, creating a taste profile that is both sophisticated and inviting. Yet, this bourbon’s value lies beyond its award-winning flavor. The brand embodies a profound commitment to supporting the mental health of veterans and first responders. Each bottle acknowledges the sobering daily statistics of veteran suicides, extending respect and recognition to their struggles. By choosing 22 Salute, drinkers are treated to a deluxe experience that also furthers a vital cause. Drinking 22 Salute Fig-Vanilla Bourbon is more than a luxury — it’s a tribute to heroism, a toast to bravery, and a commitment to change, one glass at a time.


distilled and led by women. The exquisite sipping tequila is derived from 100% pure Blue Weber agave responsibly harvested from the mineral-rich red soil of the Jalisco highlands to create an ultra-premium sipping tequila with a smooth

vintage American Oak barrels previously used for bourbon, resulting in a sipping tequila with luxurious notes of caramel and vanilla accented with notes of citrus

right to vote and celebrates the courage, tenacity and boldness of those who advanced equality then and those who continue to pursue equality for women around the world today.


on the belief that everyone deserves a great love and a great cocktail, this innovative twist on a classic Italian Amaro is ideal in both cocktails or sipping straight. The product was produced by famed oenologist, Riccardo Cotarella, a renowned pioneer of the Italian wine industry, and later bottled at the Pallini

is light upon entry, but immediately unfolds across the palate with mediumbodied weight and presence. With aromas of candied orange, oolong tea, ginger,

gives way to layers of citrus flavors and a more subtle, bitter finish than other aperitivos.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 62 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Aphrodise, a luxury Greek sparkling Rose, perfectly highlights the varietal character of Greece’s noble and indigenous Xinomavro grape variety. Aphrodise that grade and qualifies sparkling Charmat wines from Continental Europe. Each cuvee of LXL Aphrodise is curated by the cellarmaster using the Charmat method and a carefully selected blend of Xinomavro grapes, the most noble and best regarded grapes of Greece. The high altitude of Northwestern Greece produce wines displaying finesse and a rare aromatic characteristic. Aphrose offers an intense mousse and a bright cherry color, with pronounced aromas of ripe strawberry and cherry. An elegant low acidity adds balance and freshness while pairing harmoniously with the discreet presence of sugar.


R&B singer, Jeremih, has officially launched Birthday Sex Wine, inspired by his

Sex Wine is a Naked Chardonnay, described as meticulously handpicked from premier vineyards in the Columbia Valley of Washington. Each bottle offers a unique blend of vibrant fruit flavors and subtle oak nuances, making every sip love and respect for chardonnay and winemaking. The two worked together on developing the flavor profile for Birthday Sex Wine as Jeremih learned the details of the process. “People might think I’m a tequila or Hennessy drinker but I’ve always been a white wine kinda guy,” Jeremih stated.


Bluebird Hardwater caters to health-conscious consumers seeking clean distinctiveness lies in its purity, with no added carbonation, sugars, or sweeteners. contains only two ingredients, eliminating carbonation, preservatives, sugars, fake flavors, and artificial sweeteners commonly found in alcoholic beverages. The focus is on delivering a clean, high-quality drinking experience. Among distilled vodka, offering a bright pour that highlights vodka’s clean taste without the typical burn.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 64 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Bluebird Distilling, Pennsylvania’s award-winning grain-to-glass craft distillery, boasts a bevy of premium spirits, including its flagship Four Grain Bourbon, uniquely crafted with red winter wheat, rye, corn, and barley, as opposed to most bourbons that only contain three grains. Charred in American Oak Barrels of-a-kind flavor. Imbibers can expect sweet spice, oak, and vanilla on the nose, sweet corn, smoke, and vanilla on the palate, and a medium-dry finish of toffee and butterscotch.


Inspired by a true Caribbean legend, the Bumbu Rum Company portfolio of three exquisite, award-winning craft rums includes its flagship Bumbu Original, which has an approachable and smooth taste of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak, Bumbu XO, a traditional sipping rum aged in bourbon barrels and selectively finished in sherry casks, and Bumbu Crème, a unique liqueur made with Panama rum and real dairy cream that brings all the beloved flavors of coquito into one effortless pour. Bumbu is best served on the rocks or enjoyed neat. All three bottles are available at your local liquor store and for delivery online.


Casa Obsidiana are new ultra-premium small batch tequilas co-founded by the renowned Beckmann-Gonzalez family, owners of Tierra de Agaves, and Jean-Charles Boisset of the prominent winemakers Boisset Collection. The two families created Casa Obsidiana under a singular vision to pay tribute to the heritage art of tequila making, with an eye towards modern Mexico through its artful bottles and innovative French wine barrel finishings. Exceptionally inviting, Casa Obsidiana Reposado is an exquisite sipper for the ultimate tequila fanatic. Aged four months in French oak barrels that once held Napa Valley Chardonnay, it offers distinct aromas of hazelnut, toffee, charred peppers and stewed citrus followed by the taste of warm baking spices, caramel and earthy agave undertones. The ceramic, hand-crafted bottle of Casa Obsidiana Reposado is inspired by water’s fluid movement and ability to gently shape over time, with a color reminiscent of the Blue Weber agave plants.

Page 65 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Costa Tequila Blanco is unaged before being bottled. This award winning tequila was Costa’s first creation. It’s silky texture and long smooth finish is built for sipping but also pairs well with any tequila based cocktail. It is the epitome of

that intentionally brings together the flavor profiles from 100% Blue Weber Agave sourced in two traditionally separate tequila-producing regions in Jalisco, Mexico: “Los Altos” (the Highlands) and “Valle de Tequila” (the Lowlands). Their unique blend marries the fruity, sweet, soft notes of tequila plants from the mountainous Highlands region with distinct peppery, earthy, spicy characteristics of Lowlands tequila varietals.


Just in time for Father’s Day, DAOU is pleased to announce the highly anticipated vintage release of their critically acclaimed flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, 2021 Estate Soul of a Lion. Named in tribute to DAOU Founders Georges and Daniel Daou’s father, Soul of a Lion is a testament to the enduring legacy of Joseph Daou and the resilience that defines their family legacy. Exclusively sourced from the DAOU Mountain Estate in the premier Adelaida District of Paso Robles, this full-bodied wine is a harmonious expression of its terroir, characterized by ideal soils, microclimate, and elevation. The 2021 vintage displays remarkable intensity with abundant fruit aromas. The mouthfeel is concentrated and elegant, with round, vibrant tannins that carry into a commanding finish. With ultra-high phenolic levels, the DAOU Estate Soul of a Lion is an incredible wine that rivals the best Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa and beyond.


Desolas Mezcal is an artisanally crafted spirit that is thoughtfully produced from 100% Salmiana Agave found in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The Salmiana agave, also known as the “green giant,” is cooked in above-ground ovens resulting in a mezcal with a fresh botanical aroma and gentle smoke. Its grassy, earthy and agave-forward character are a product of the arid and chalking soil of San Luis Potosi. The female-founded, award-winning mezcal brand can be found in New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado and California and ships nationwide.

Page 67 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Emyla Añejo Tequila, an ultra premium añejo, is the epitome of luxury in a bottle. Every aspect of Emyla’s limited production is centered on unparalleled quality. The natural spring water and Kentucky bourbon barrels used in the aging process preserve the sweet, mellow flavors of the agave, culminating in a tequila that is both bold and exquisitely smooth. This careful aging not only enhances the flavor profile but also gives Emyla its mesmerizing golden hue. Emyla Añejo Tequila is not just a drink, but an experience. Designed for the discerning palate, it is best savored neat or with minimal accompaniment, allowing its complex profile to shine. Each luxurious glass bottle of Emyla is a work of art, reflecting the sophistication of the liquid within. Based in Los Angeles, Emyla, is a Californiaexclusive spirit available at select retailers and can be purchased online.


Fabrizia’s new ready to serve Limoncello Spritz is made with 3 ingredients: Italian sparkling wine, Fabrizia’s award winning Limoncello (crafted with Sicilian lemons), bubbly soda water and is more than a drink; it’s a symphony of flavors that transports you to the sun-drenched landscapes of the Italian Coast. Crafted with precision and infused with the soul of Italy, every sip encapsulates the essence of summer creating a flavor experience unlike any other. Each bottle comes with dried lemon slices to be used as a garnish for a truly authentic experience. Crafted with the same commitment to excellence that defines Fabrizia, their Limoncello Spritz is a testament to their brand’s unwavering dedication to quality, authenticity, and the pursuit of beverage perfection. Fabrizia is inviting you to join the movement and let their Limoncello Spritz elevate your upcoming summer experience to unprecedented heights.


Fast Penny Spirits has created a delicious 200ml canned cocktail with amaro, coffee, chocolate, and orange bitters. Their nitro-dosed Shakerato reveals a luscious velvety texture, blending the bold coffee and amaro notes with subtle hints of cocoa, citrus, and spice. This harmonious symphony of flavors offers a luxurious experience. Perfect for those on the move, it can be enjoyed straight from the can, shaken and poured over ice, or used as a cocktail base.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 68 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Fior Scotch is the only U.S. veteran-owned Scotch, and only Black-owned Scotch, available on the market. Fior Scotch stands out not only for its exceptional quality but also for the remarkable journey that led to its creation. After a distinguished 20-year military career with three tours in Iraq and two in Okinawa, Dominijanni started to mix a variety of his good scotches into a mixture which ultimately turned into a super blend! To fulfill his dream, Major Dominijanni tapped an industry expert to help recreate it. Fior Scotch is now conveniently available for online purchase nationwide online. With each bottle purchased, a donation is given to veterans’ causes, including Operation Gratitude.


Golan Heights Winery is proud to announce the debut of Yarden Cru Elite, the first single-vineyard, single-block duo of wines specially crafted to commemorate the winery’s 40th anniversary. Yarden Cru Elite is produced from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, meticulously cultivated in individual blocks from the Bar’on Vineyard. These two exceptional wines are available exclusively as pairs and are the first to bear the prestigious “Yarden Cru Elite” designation, representing the pinnacle of winemaking quality from Israel. Golan Heights Winery has produced price of $2,000. Imported by Yarden Wines in the U.S. and available nationwide at select restaurants and retailers, as well as online.


Grand Brulot combines the finest VSOP Cognac with rich Robusta coffee from Ecuador for the ultimate palate-pleasing blend that doesn’t overpower or underplay its two key ingredients. Grand Brulot revives a 200-plus-year-old French tradition where rich coffee was blended with Cognac to create an exquisite tasting drink: The Brulôt. Hand-crafted by the Tardy family on their estate in the Cognac region of France, cellar master Christoph Tardy meticulously selects the finest ‘eaux de vie’ to craft a unique VSOP Cognac which is blended with premium Ecuadorian 100% Robusta coffee beans selected for their concentrated richness. The blend is then aged in French oak barrels to allow the melding of beloved bars and restaurants in the world.

Page 69 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Granja Nómada Mezcal is a brand born out of San Dionisio, located in the Central Valley of Tlacolula, Oaxaca. Their Espadín Agave is sourced from farms in Yautepec and the Palenque belongs to Hugo Quinto. Hugo is continually inspired and his vision behind creating Granja is to be a pillar in the Mezcal making community; to work with farmers and producers that receive fair trade, pay, and are linked directly with Palenque’s as opposed to being tied to intermediaries. Granja’s growth will be that of which is done as a community, with each “Granja” (farmer) and farm involved. “Nómada” represents the idea of “Nomadic”. Granja’s approach to work with multiple farmers, is one solution to the unfair practices that exist in mezcal making today. Granja Nómada Mezcal is an introduction and opportunity to surprise and delight the richness arising from authentic craftsmanship in producing this gorgeous, perfectly balanced, mezcal.


No, it’s not crab flavored. It’s just a fine, quadruple distilled, organic vodka made along the Emerald Coast of Humboldt County, where the Redwoods overlook the fresh waters of the Pacific. Humboldt Organic Vodka is distilled from organic sugarcane. It leads with a flash of sweetness and a clean finish. Smooth enough to sip and perfect for mixing. There are no sweeteners, glycerin, or other additives in this spirit.


Jameson Irish Whiskey is a blended Irish Whiskey. Jameson takes the best-ofpot still and fine grain whiskeys, triple distills to give its signature smoothness, and then ages in oak casks for at least 4 years. Drink Jameson any way you like, just add your mates and widen the circle. On the nose, Jameson has a light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes. The taste is a perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness. Smooth, lingering finish.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 70 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Juliet is the luxury boxed wine with a lower carbon footprint, on a mission to make the wine industry more sustainable by creating pioneering products that are eco-friendly without compromising quality or design. Developed by female entrepreneurs Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher in the Summer of 2022, Juliet’s environmentally friendly container, the Eco-Magnum™, elevates the dayto-day experience with a design forward, innovative cylinder of super premium wine that champions great taste and the environment. Juliet’s Dry Rosé is delicate, fresh and delicious, featuring hints of bright strawberry, watermelon, and floral notes reminiscent of freesia to deliver a subtle spiciness. Like all Juliet wines, the Dry Rose is produced at a Certified California Sustainable Winery using a low intervention style to ensure a clean, fruit-forward product reflective of the excellent quality grapes used.


When Sixth Generation Beam Master Distiller Booker Noe fathered the Small Batch movement more than 30 years ago, he created Knob Creek® to reflect the flavor, strength, care and patience that defined pre-prohibition whiskey. It’s a philosophy that has made Knob Creek one of the top selling Super-Premium bourbons in the world. Knob Creek Bourbon is patiently aged for nine years in charred, American, white oak barrels and bottled at an honest 100 proof. The result is an undeniably big, full flavor that strikes your palate with layers of flavor and a smooth finish. It is rich and hearty – the way true bourbon ought to be –offering a great bourbon one sip at a time.


Patrons can elevate their summer with Koloa Rum Company’s Sparkling Hawaiian Rum Canned Cocktails, immersing in a tropical paradise with Guava, Pineapple, Mango, and Coconut flavors. Conveniently packed in four-packs, they can enjoy the sparkling and subtly sweet Guava, the vibrant Pineapple with its light and bright finish, the perfectly balanced Mango with creamy undertones, and the Coconut variant offering a bubbly texture and natural coconut flavor. Each flavor

Hawaiian rum at its Kauai distillery, inviting rum enthusiasts to savor the essence of Hawaii in every sip.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 72 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits

Cocktail enthusiasts can savor ‘The Spirit of Aloha’ and the essence of Hawaii a drink. This premium rum is made from pure cane sugar and pristine rainwater impressive steam-powered copper pot still. Quizzically dry at initial taste, the front of the palate, which then finishes with light toasted coconut, hints of fresh lime zest and caramelized pineapple.


In creating Lake Hour, Co-Founders Rich Peete and Wyatt Russell aimed to craft a sparkling cocktail that stood out from the artificially sweetened options saturating the ready-to-drink market. Their approach involved selecting top-shelf vodka and authentic blanco tequila as the foundational spirits, complemented by a modest 3.4 grams of natural, unrefined cane sugar. Lake Hour’s flavors bring a refreshing departure to the canned cocktail landscape, featuring vodka cocktails Honeysuckle Ginger, Peach Jasmine, and Rosemary Yuzu; and Watermelon Cucumber with tequila. Lake Hour’s variety pack features a little bit of everything, but not a drop too much, with two cans of each flavor. Rich and Wyatt’s approach extended beyond merely crafting an unforgettable canned cocktail. It was about weaving memories, drawing inspiration from their shared personal ties to idyllic childhood lake days.


displaying incredible balance and breadth from its robust nose through its long finish. McKenzie Bottled in Bond Wheated Bourbon Whiskey is aged for 4 years

rich, complex flavor and colorful finish.

May Issue 2024 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 74 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Launched in 2023 by longtime friends, actor Jason Momoa and entrepreneur

crafted with sipping neat in mind. When creating Meili, Momoa and Halvorson embarked on a seven-year journey to find the highest quality, uncompromised natural water and ingredients to deliver a vodka that was predicated on only four core components: water, grains, single-distillation and sustainability. The result: the only vodka you will find worth sipping straight.


The 2021 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon from Oleandri Wines comes from Napa Valley’s esteemed Game Theory Vineyard in the Howell Mountain AVA. This vineyard boasts treacherously steep slopes and volcanic ash-based soil, producing minuscule berries imbued with spicy nuances and robust tannins. Wines from this terroir become the crown jewels of any cellar, standing as a testament to the unparalleled quality of mountain fruit and structure. This wine spent 22 months of aging in new and neutral French oak, and every step was

dashes of Petite Verdot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot lend this wine complexity and elegance. Raspberry, cassis, and fig aromas segue into indulgent notes of dark chocolate, wild berries, and baking spice on the palate. The 2021 vintage, hailed as extraordinary, reveals a Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon rich in texture, with polished tannins and a lingering finish.


OOLA’s Signature Gin features cascading aromatics of citrus and rose petals on the nose that bloom into the subtle scent of juniper berry. Silky and light bodies on the palate, the velvet mouthfeel is a lush backdrop for a lively coriander and smoky black cardamom. The base spirit of OOLA Vodka leaves a long, finelytextured finish with notes of caramel and vanilla. After a long stint in the art world, Kirby Kallas-Lewis embarked on a new adventure and opened OOLA Distillery in 2010, named after his beloved German Shepard. Fast forward to a decade or so later, and it’s currently one of the oldest distilleries in the Seattle area with numerous awards to its name.

Page 75 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Pali Wine Co. is a family-owned winery with a passion for crafting exceptional wines in Santa Barbara County and the mission of bringing the California Central Coast to each of their outposts. Available for national shipping, Pali’s deep love for the region propels its three unique brands with three distinct wine making

made from sustainable, organic or biodynamically sourced grapes, crafted with as little intervention as possible. The original Pali Wine Co. brand crafts world class, critically acclaimed, site specific Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, from entrylevel to esoteric vineyard and clonal-specific. This perfectly balanced estate

wines express the nuanced characteristics discovered on remarkably unique and excellent vineyards.


villa overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany playing host to the likes of the Machiavelli and and Antinori families, Poggio Torselli was painstakingly restored in the early 2000s, not only bringing the historic villa back to life but resurrecting age old vineyards and olive groves. Today, Poggio Torselli produces awardwinning Chianti that is only recently available in the U.S. The Chianti Classico

garnet with aging. Plump and mellow, on the nose is complex and elegant, with a generous array of red berries, Morello cherry, rose petals with intriguing green pepper and sweet spice notes; those parting to reveal an elegant balmy undertone and subtle minty hints. Complex, mouth filling and elegant with silky tannins and a balanced freshness on a background of subtle and sleek oak; all coming to a long, generous finish. Full bodied with a good structure, this is a wine of great balance and longevity.


Saint Spritz is an Italian-inspired RTD brand bringing together your favorite iconic spritzes in a can, created by sisters-in-law JoJo Fletcher (former ABC’s Bachelorette) and Mallory Patton. Saint Spritz’ flagship flavor, Amalfi, launched in June 2023 direct-to-consumer on their online platform. Amalfi is an expertly crafted, bittersweet, orange spritz. Saint Spritz is your ready-to-drink spritz solution; made with orange wine, natural juices, and the perfect amount of

Page 77 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits
Imported by Marussia Beverages USA | Cedar Knolls, NJ | ABV: 42% | Please Drink Responsibly yonezawa family, distillers since 1917 Akashi city - Hyogo product of japan @hatozakiwhisky


Sipwell Wine Company is a female-founded and black-owned company based in Southern California that makes vibrant, award-winning canned wine. Owner, Hilary Cocalis is passionate about the planet which is why the single-serve, aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable and all of the wine is sourced from organically and sustainably farmed grapes in California’s Central Coast. Launched in May 2021, Sipwell’s four award-winning wines are available for sale at retail and

Tiny Victories smells like lemon curd, Fuji apple, and chamomile. The bubbles bring out some biscuit-y notes, balancing out its refreshing tartness.


Somnium is a dream come true for retired race car driver Danica Patrick, who fell in love with wine on a visit to Napa Valley. Her CCOF-certified organic estate vineyard is located in the Crystal Springs area, just below the boundary with the Howell Mountain appellation. Making Somnium is 100-point superstar Julien Fayard, known for his ability to express Napa Valley terroir with French flair. The

luxurious textures. Inviting aromas of sun-warmed berries and forest floor open into layers of rich cherry, blackberry, marionberry and mocha on the palate. Soft, graphite-infused tannins and gentle herbal notes of dried thyme and garrigue provide graceful support for the curvaceous fruit core. Waves of indulgent chocolate, vanilla, red fruit and berry bramble carry the wine through a long, raspberry caramel finish. 312 cases made.


Even though the Stage Seven tequila blanco is great on its own, it’s the perfect partner for margaritas or a classic ranch water. Flavor notes include green pepper and a hint of sweet citrus. Shipped from a family-owned, award-winning distillery in Tequila, Jalisco in Mexico, the process by which this tequila is made includes centuries old traditions which make Stage Seven an authentic and delicious tequila for everyone to drink with joy.

Page 79 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Imported by Marussia Beverages USA | Cedar Knolls, NJ | ABV: 46% | Please Drink Responsibly


The quintessential rosé of the season, Summer Water has garnered critical acclaim in recent years as a wine characterized by natural acidity and yearround drinkability. The highly-anticipated 2023 vintage, meticulously crafted by

strawberry, guava, pink grapefruit, and lime zest. The quality of the 2023 Summer Water Rosé is a testament to the distinct and vibrant terroir of California’s Central Coast combined with Zotovich’s principles of minimal intervention winemaking. Best enjoyed chilled, Summer Water evokes the essence of summer in a bottle, effortlessly transporting consumers to a laid-back state of mind with every sip. The 2023 Summer Water Rosé is available in retailers nationwide.


SummerFall is an easy and odd, sparkling sake—uniquely made with locally sourced California rice and enriched by wine fermentation methods. After earning global recognition for his creation of WAKAZE—the #1 sake in France— SummerFall founder Takuma Inagawa has expanded his mission of “sake for everyone” to the US, the most developed sake market outside of Japan. Handcrafted in California, SummerFall is made with white koji (vs yellow koji) and wine yeast (vs sake yeast), leading to a higher-acidity, easier-to-pair sake, seamlessly bridging cultures and introducing the 2000+-year-old beverage to a curious, yet notably newer, audience. Intentionally served in a can, the bubbly sake can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere—from backyard barbeques to the beach—and pairs well with everything from a five-course meal to your favorite takeout menu. Low ABV, sustainably crafted, and free of additives and sulfites, SummerFall allows for casual, stress-free sipping.


Tenango is a new spirit that honors Founder Sofia Deleon’s familial legacy and the culture and flavors of Guatemala. Authentically made in a Guatemalan distillery, Tenango is an homage to family, good times, and the entrepreneurial spirit. The rum is a vessel for cultural celebration and sustainability, and aims to support in the empowerment of Guatemalan communities via employing women and craftspeople to hand-make the vibrant covers that adorn each bottle. The traditional Mayan sheaths are woven on a traditional foot loom by a Guatemalan Kik’che’ Women’s co-op that specializes in this cultural practice.

Page 81 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024 Editor’s Top Pick: Wine and Spirits


Veuve du Vernay Ice Rose is the America’s favorite French sparkling with its sweet and vibrant mouthfeel, made from a blend of premium quality red grapes. This sparkling is well-balanced and full-bodied that perfectly matches the tangy notes on the finish given a pleasant freshness that leaves you wanting more. Drink it over ice.


with Natural Black Currant, crafted to have a unique taste that fills your senses with unexpected pleasure. Slightly tart and subtly sweet, it goes down smoothly blended whiskey. With its stunning gargoyle pour spout, you are sure to capture the attention of everyone around.

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Kicking off on Friday, April 26th and Continuing on Saturday, April 27th and Sunday April 28th,, celebrities Jameson Irish Whiskey Desert Dive

VIP attendees at the Jameson Desert Dive at Stagecoach included to date TYGA, Brandi Cyrus, Camille Kostek (Sports Illustrated Model),

Montana Tucker, Tessa Brooks, Marta Pozzan, Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor, Taylor Olympios, Blake Gray, Vas Morgan, Jessica Belkin of Pretty Little Liars, Erica Pelosini, Nour Khodr, Natalie Alyn Lind of Big Sky, Emily Alyn Lind of Ghostbusters and Gossip Girl, Kai

Sam Dameshek, Pami Baby, Jasmine Goode, Teala Dunn, Courtney Gibson, Lauren Gibson, Madi Monroe, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncadaj of Love Island, Mackenzie Dipman of Love Island, James Kennedy,

Shelton, Gillian Nation (Face of Guess),Cristina Symone Shelton,

Vas Morgan are all rocking the custom Jameson denim jackets and

Page 85 | Food & Beverage Magazine v May Issue 2024

American Idol’s Sam Woolf performed a special acoustic set, off the live stage performances lineup at Jameson Desert Dive on

28th. Sunday featured a high energy performance to close out the

Club for the 2024 Stagecoach Festival, country music’s biggest party of the year. The Jameson Desert Dive has been an on-demand tent

Spritz ready-to-drink.

Drink More Water campaign encouraging consumers to drink responsibly.

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exceptional flavor responsibly sourced Scan to see our full listing of spices, herbs and seasonings.


McCain® SureCrisp® Fries


























We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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The smell of freshly made french fries fills your car on the drive home as you anticipate getting to enjoy that first crunchy bite. You sit down at the table and bring the warm, salty goodness to your mouth only to experience the soggy fry letdown. Put simply, traditional fries are made to be eaten immediately. When they sit in a customer’s car or a delivery car for an extended period of time, they collect moisture and eventually get mushy. This isn’t just a concern for consumers — it matters greatly to operators who realize that having dissatisfied customers can negatively impact a restaurant’s hard-earned reputation. This is why there is a need for a superior product like McCain® SureCrisp® fries. It offers restaurant owners the opportunity to have an off-premises fry that consistently shows up crispy, which twothirds of their competitors are lacking.

“At McCain, we know that fries should stay crispy, no matter where they’re enjoyed. That’s why we make 10 different cuts of SureCrisp fries with a special batter that brings in-house crispiness all the way home,” said Chef Mark Slutzky, McCain Foods Director of Culinary. “In addition to elevating the taste and texture of delivery fries, this commitment to quality provides a complementary base for a variety of loaded menu concepts.”

The popularity of off-premises dining took off during the pandemic, and recent consumer trends indicate that delivery and takeout are here to stay. In fact, Americans currently place takeout or delivery orders once a week on average! And while fries are an undisputed favorite, consumers order them half as often due to the soggy results they’ve come to

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expect. This reveals a substantial unmet need that’s only becoming more apparent as the off-premises trend continues to expand. For this reason, SureCrisp fries are designed to meet the demands of consumers by offering extended hold times. They are an innovative and reliably crispy solution that elevates the delivery and takeout dining experience while driving repeat orders that result in sustainable business growth. Since its inception, McCain Foods has maintained a focus on quality and helping hardworking restaurant operators to succeed. In turn, they have earned a reputation as a trusted leader in the food industry.

“There’s a reason one in every four fries sold is a McCain fry. We’re experts in frozen potatoes, and we have been for

SureCrisp Lead. “We’re dedicated to offering various products and tastes that appeal to evolving consumer interests, and bringing SureCrisp fries to market has demonstrated that commitment.”

Since being introduced to the market, the product has received positive feedback from both customers and restaurant owners. Operator partners have been thrilled with their investment, which has successfully allowed them to deliver fries that maintain their crispness significantly better than any SureCrisp fries alternative. In fact, many operators have reported that they’ve received fewer complaints and negative reviews since switching to SureCrisp. This has led to an uptick in repeat orders, which bodes well for their bottom line.

“There’s a reason one in every four fries sold is a McCain fry. We’re experts in frozen potatoes, and we have been for more than 60 years,” said Faye Schoenherr, McCain Foods NA SureCrisp Lead. “We’re dedicated to offering various products and tastes that appeal to evolving consumer interests, and bringing SureCrisp fries to market has demonstrated that commitment.”
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“They’re as easy to prepare as traditional fries, but their extended hold time ensures delivery fry orders show up as hot and crispy as they would in-house, which is bound to keep customers coming back for more.”

The belief that everyone deserves to enjoy a crispy first bite, including off-premises customers, was the driving force behind SureCrisp fries. Developing the original recipe required time and an unwillingness to settle for anything less than the perfectly crispy, travel-friendly fry. The process involved research, development and thorough product testing in order to create a special coating that served as a barrier to sogginess.

“From waffle fries and spirals to crinkle and straight cuts, each product in the McCain SureCrisp portfolio sports a batter that holds their crispness for up to 30 minutes,” said Chef Slutzky. “They’re as easy to prepare as traditional fries, but their extended hold time ensures delivery fry orders show up as hot and crispy as they would in-house, which is bound to keep customers coming back for more.”

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Fries are possibly the most adaptive ingredients in a chef’s culinary arsenal, and McCain is constantly exploring new ways to include them in dishes that feature trending flavors and ingredients. The latest trends indicate consumer demand for spicy and globally inspired dishes. That’s why Chef Slutzky and the McCain Foods culinary team have created a number of applications that incorporate everything from hot sauce and Nashville hot seasoning to pico de gallo, Shawarma-spiced chicken, tinga-style mole sauce and more.

The versatility and exceptional quality of SureCrisp fries present plenty of opportunities for creative recipe application and menu inspiration. Here are just a few examples to act as culinary inspiration.

Enchilada Street Fries — deliciously pair red enchilada sauce with a bed of SureCrisp skin-on spiral fries covered

in shredded jack cheese, sliced avocado, pico de gallo and queso fresco.

Touchdown Taco Loaded Fries

topped with taco meat, melted cheese, avocado, tomato, green onion, and a dollop of sour cream.

Chicken Shawarma Fries

classic fries with marinated and grilled Shawarma-spiced chicken. Finish with a drizzle of garlic sauce and a side of Mediterranean salsa.

SXSW Brisket Nachos

waffle fries sprinkled with extra smoky BBQ rub topped with baked beans, chunks of slow cooked brisket, roasted red onion, dill pickle chips, and scallion.

Touchdown Taco Loaded Fries — SureCrisp waffle fries topped with taco meat, melted cheese, avocado, tomato, green onion, and a dollop of sour cream.

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Thanks to SureCrisp fries, there are countless ways for operators to deliver wow-worthy menu offerings to their valued patrons. This is the start of putting an end to the dreaded soggy fry letdown.

You’ll find additional menu ideas here. You can also learn more about these crispy fries made to deliver here.

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