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The Modern, Data-Rich Store Locator for CPG Brands


Toast with a Bloody Mary


Chips or Fries: Chipperbec Potatoes


The Food Venture Gals Q&A


Piero’s Award-Winning Iconic Restaurant


Making The Return To (A Better) Normal


Turkish Tastes: Fruits and Vegetables

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Siempre Tequila


The Shift to Precision Food Management


Re:her Hits Washington, Dc


Show. Me. The. Money! FobeSoft


Anne Kenny Interview






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THE MODERN, DATA-RICH STORE LOCATOR FOR CPG BRANDS Where to Buy is the affordable, modern, store locator that connects consumers to food brands in-store

It is estimated that there are more than 4.62 billion social media users globally, equating to 58.4 percent of the total world population. One of the biggest hashtags, #food, has taken over social media with millions of posts as consumers are always on the hunt to try new foods and products. Savvy food & beverage companies have utilized this trend promoting their food and beverage products on various platforms, including videos, posts, tweets, and ads. There is one problem. Once a consumer knows about a great new product, they can find it challenging to locate where they can buy it. Good news—the solution is Where to Buy, an affordable, data-driven, feature-rich Consumer Packaged Goods store locator. Brands can now connect consumers to tens of thousands of retail outlets and online retailers that carry their products by tapping into dynamic, on-shelf availability across over 200 grocer banners. This advanced store locator solution, designed specifically for food and beverage companies, regularly updates product location availability data from stores and online grocers who carry their products. It’s the new way for Consumer Packaged Goods to capture accurate, comprehensive product location data and help brands drive consumers in-store for a fraction of

“This advanced store locator solution, designed specifically for food and beverage companies, regularly updates product location availability data from stores and online grocers who carry their products”

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the cost of similar services, in a quick, efficient manner. Where to Buy was built based on the passion of Co-Founder and CEO Brian Hack and Co-Founder and Managing Partner Brit Woyma. The two have spent decades working with Consumer Packaged Goods brands to develop strategic campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive purchase. They understood that more was needed than just great advertising to connect the dots between awareness and informing consumers where they could buy. “So much effort and energy is spent on getting consumers to know the brand,” says Brian Hack, CEO and Co-Founder of Where to Buy. “There is a lot of noise on social so once a brand gets in front of the consumers they have to then be able to take it one step further to drive people down the funnel. Where to Buy does that by giving brands a tool to drive people in-store with accurate data in an easy to use interface.” To make Where to Buy extremely effective, relevant, and modern, the company teamed up with Consumer Packaged Goods analytics leader Datasembly in an exclusive partnership. Accessing grocer, click & collect, and e-commerce websites

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from tens of thousands of store locations across the U.S. and Canada, Datasembly is able to provide accurate, on-shelf production location data that Where to Buy uses to power their tools. “The partnership between Where to Buy and Datasembly allows us to break the mold on how companies can gain access to this data using comprehensive, exacting data collection methods,” says Brit Woyma, Co-Founder of Where to Buy. “We are making something that is often expensive and tedious to acquire more accessible and affordable for Consumer Packaged Goods brands, ultimately helping to drive their consumers in-store, shortening the path to purchase.” Participating brands add the Where to Buy locator right on to their websites. With the ease of one click, consumers find all available locations to buy the product in their area, increasing sales for both the brand and retailer carrying the product. The data that powers Where to Buy is updated frequently to ensure location availability is as accurate as possible (something extremely important as brands continuously grow

and pick up new distribution), helping brands provide the most accurate picture possible for consumers. “We are thrilled at the rapid growth of Where to Buy in such a short time. We’re not only proud of the product we’ve created but excited at being able to maintain high-touch customer service and continuously helping brands find solutions that best fit their needs regardless of their size.” Woyma states. Where to Buy has an impressive list of clients, including Bantam Bagels, High Brew, Veggies Made Great, Rowdy Mermaid, Kerasal, Amylu Foods, John Soules Foods, Sugar Bowl Bakery, and many other top and emerging CPG brands. Both Where to Buy co-founders agree that success is measured by “our client’s satisfaction with our

software and services. We intentionally set it up to be transparent and keep the dialog open. Our clients can cancel for any reason, at any time, which ensures we listen to what our clients want and continually improve the product. We are in partnership with our clients,” Hack says. “We want to build a tool that not only provides value to our clients but feels like they are getting a service along the way. We want to be partners with our client, not just another software provider. When they are happy, we are happy,” adds Woyma. Interested brands can schedule a live demo to see why so many leading brands choose Where to Buy as their go-to store locator solution. For more information, visit, and follow-on LinkedIn at

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KEY FEATURES: U.S. and Canada Data Data collected from over 200 grocer banners Unlimited UPCs Online Grocer Integration Drive to Cart Product Page Widgets Shoppable Landing Pages No Long Term Contracts Robust Analytics Data Clean-Up & Upload Map Customization Easy Implementation

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INDULGE TOGETHER It’s time to regain what you’ve been missing. The only question is, which craving will you satisfy first?

l as vegas



• NOBU LAS VEGAS KASSI BEACH HOUSE April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 10


Toast with a

BloodyMary Diane Mina’s Garden Grown Blends® uplifts the iconic drink to new heights

By Debbie Hall Photos Supplied

Founder and restaurateur Diane Mina crafts her own version of the Bloody Mary with Diane Mina’s Garden Grown Blends®. This first-of-its-kind bloody mary mix is made with 100 percent Italian tomatoes and fresh herbs, originating with Diane’s Bloody Mary. The iconic Bloody Mary Cocktail is a delightful blend of spirits (vodka, tequila, bourbon, gin), tomato juice, spices, and flavorings, including Worcestershire sauce, hot sauces, garlic, herbs, horseradish, celery, olives, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, lime juice, and celery salt. Diane’s Bloody Mary’s are affectionately considered the Chef’s Choice with the carefully chosen ingredients, the technique in which she combines her products, and the promise to deliver the freshest tasting bloody Mary mix to the food and beverage industry. Mina created this Italian tomato blend from her 35 years of restaurant and hotel operations and event design. Her signature blend consists of heirloom tomatoes, herbaceous herbs, savory spices, organic celery seed, rich olive brine, horseradish root, lemon, and lime citrus.

“Our No. 1 ingredient is the tomato from Italy, and the rest of our proprietary select ingredients are from various family-owned, family-operated farmers and growers from the U.S.,” explains Mina. Born and raised in Long Island, Mina said she fell in love with the Bloody Mary while at her families’ “social gatherings.” These were more like fullblown traditional east coast clambakes that included delicious seafood, sweet corn on the cob, chicken, and baked potatoes, all steamed over a pit either in-ground or large grill typically under a bed of seaweed. There was always a self-serve build-your-own Bloody Mary packed with hot sauces, savory spices, pickled veggies, and various salts and peppers. Guests could create what they considered to be the perfect Bloody Mary. According to Mina, the Bloody Mary continues to be a favorite drink because “of the complexities of the folded in ingredients and the playful nature of its evolution such as rich umami flavors with a sweet and salty finish.” As for the many variations of the Bloody Mary, “My take is that from its origin in 1921 by Fernand Petiot, bartender who

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Bloody Mary continues to be a favorite drink because “of the complexities of the folded in ingredients and the playful nature of its evolution such as rich umami flavors with a sweet and salty finish.”

We want all our guests to feel welcomed, valued, and loved through every aspect of their dining experience in our restaurant business and enjoy our garden-grown bloody mary mixers.

has been noted to have invented the Bloody Mary at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, these simple ingredients of tomato juice, tabasco, lemon, salt, and pepper, finish with your spirit and voila. It was such an enticing burst of flavors that many wanted to show their flavor moves. It’s a playful cocktail. “Once a Bloody Mary connoisseur lands their perfect concoction, it becomes very personal, and they wear a badge of pride claiming their famed creation alongside the visionary bartender, Fernand Petiot.” Mina entered the food and beverage industry because “It was a beautiful result through the love of entertaining and service in both my personal and professional restaurant career.” As for any challenges she faced as a woman in the industry, “any obstacle I faced in bringing a product to the marketplace was not genderspecific. It’s having the courage, support, and vision to make a great

product with the goal of making people feel good about using it. I will say it is wonderful to see more’ women created, women-owned, women operated’ companies in our beverage category.” Diane and her husband, celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author and founder of the Mina Group, Michael Mina, have shared the love of food, celebrations, and hospitality for over three decades. The restaurant management company operates over 45 restaurants worldwide. “Working with my husband is an absolute gift. In my 33 married years, my experience as co-creator in our restaurant collaborations, we are in line. We didn’t disagree too much when operating and running our restaurants because we both love to serve and make certain people have memorable experiences. We are very passionate people and are blessed to work with very talented people in both our companies who feel that same desire and passion for extending that vision and love hospitality to each guest. We want all our guests to feel welcomed, valued, and loved through every aspect of their dining experience in our restaurant business and enjoy our gardengrown bloody mary mixers.” Diane Mina’s Garden Grown Blends® are available at Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits (California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada), Sysco (Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Georgia, Washington, D.C.) Additional store locators are online at Both Diane’s Original and Dirty Diane’s Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mixers are served at Mina Group restaurants, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriot Hotels, and 300 outlets within MGM hotel properties in Nevada and Florida. The blends are available in outlets in airports in Atlanta, Detroit, and Washington D.C. Follow on social media on Facebook @ dianesbloodymary and Instagram @ dianesbloodymary.

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Diane’s Original mixer


100 percent Italian tomatoes, olive brine, grated horseradish, organic celery seed, Worcestershire (fish free), lemon juice, red wine vinegar, red pepper, salt, honey, five peppercorn blend.

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Dirty Diane’s Jalapeno Mixer Turning up the heat to Diane’s Original, adding cilantro, jalapeno, key lime and organic coriander seed.

“Our No. 1 ingredient is the tomato from Italy, and the rest of our proprietary select ingredients are from various family-owned, family-operated farmers and growers from the U.S.” explains Mina.

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!"#$$%&'%()*+,-,+%.)#.),"%)/+01)).,-21-&1)#2)3&4#2/)$+,-,+%.5 One food staple remaining popular with all demographics is fries. According to, 83 to 84 percent of Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers respondents like to eat fries. The global potato chip market is expected to grow through 2026 and remains one of the most popular snack foods, according to Chipperbec Potatoes are quickly becoming the absolute gold standard as “the” frying potato. The Chipperbec potato was developed about 15 years ago as a prospective program developed from restaurant roundtables and input from chefs. About 13 years ago, Matt Hornbuckle had a simple dream of providing quality frying potatoes—the ultimate farm-to-table experience. The concept around using the potato for restaurants was created by the Kirschenmann Family Bakersfield CA circa 1980, supplying In N Out Burger. In 2015, with the help of Chicago restauranteurs, Hornbuckle coined and gave birth to the branded potato, Chipperbec. Dominic Carnazzo joined the family in 2020, and together with the same dream and vision, Hornbuckle and Carnazzo soon became the dynamic duo sharing and educating the restaurant industry of the world-class Chipperbec branded potato. “I feel blessed to finally find happiness in my carrier in agriculture, marketing, and sales, and that I can call home. Since graduating college, I am in my fourth carrier, experiencing

Page 17 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

industries such as banking, real estate development, home building, and now agriculture. The fun and excitement, seeing and feeling the reaction of my customers [chefs], when providing a product, bringing them success in their own carrier, keeps me coming back each and every day to spread more success. “My Chipperbec team is my family! Without them, I would not be successful within my career. Success for me is surrounding myself with a positive, energetic, diverse team and integrity within each one’s telos. According to Aristotle, we have a telos as humans, which is our goal to fulfill. This telos is based on our uniquely human capacity for rational thought.” I stand behind this core value and is a driver for our passion and success within the Chipperbec family,” Hornbuckle says. “As my self-awareness grew stronger, I realized that I needed to be with a group that not only invested in people, but visions outside the box and a mission for growth. With the Chipperbec family, it feels like an investment for the future. Not only do we invest in people, but we’re building a legacy. The goal is not to be motivated by what others are doing, but to blaze a trail of strength, innovation and distinctiveness. All while [metaphorically] building the largest building. “Since joining the Chipperbec Family, it has been somewhat of an ethos or a renewed compass if you will. One that has

manifested itself and guided me towards more creative and entrepreneurial goals both personally and professionally as it regards to future of the company,” adds Carnazzo. Hornbuckle and Carnazzo are passionate about potatoes overseeing aspects from multiple areas across the United States and Canada. They pride themselves on being experts on chip potatoes and oversee multiple full-scale operations, shipping to restaurants and stores across the country. Allied Potato Inc and its brand Chipperbec is the grower, the packer, and the shipper spanning six generations of potato growers that propagate, grow, and harvest their own seed. Its historic growing processes throughout the country ensure that restaurateurs, chefs, and consumers can rely on the quality and flavor of its product throughout the year. With their dedication and expertise, the Chipperbec potato and the company operations have become the country’s largest fresh chipping potato and potato exporter.

!"#$"%&'$("$)*$+%,*-#$+%$ .*".&*/$01#$)*23*$01+&(+%4$ 5$&*456'7$$89*$4"5&$+-$ %"#$#"$0*$:"#+,5#*($0'$ )95#$"#9*3-$53*$("+%4/$ 01#$#"$0&5;*$5$#35+&$"<$ -#3*%4#9/$+%%",5#+"%$5%($ (+-#+%6#+,*%*--7 “Fries and chips are social comfort food. All ages and all demographics can enjoy them without hesitation and especially because they are so scrumptious,” says Carnazzo. While offering the best potatoes for chefs, the reliable and innovative company is laser-focused on the land’s sustainability, development, and improvement. Chipperbec potatoes have been developed for restaurants over the past 40 years by its most experienced potato farmers to meet all of the demands of chefs and restaurants. The Chipperbec potato has evolved into the Gold Standard in frying potatoes offering high solid, low sugar, low moisture potato that is available year-round. Its seamless growing operation ensures that they are able to operate year-round and ship from four different locations guaranteeing availability to customers. Allied Potato Inc., the incubator for the Chipperbec potato, advances a geographic forward distribution and supply April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 18

chain with the goal of the ultimate customer service experience. It’s all about the end result—making the customer happy and executing their vision by delivering the highest quality and service levels. For the retail market, they have captured the distinct flavor profile and performance with Chipperbec fresh potatoes— developing them into fully prepared, ready-to-cook craft frozen fries. It is more than just potatoes, it is about the Chipperbec Potato, and on the company’s website Chipperbec U is a virtual learning experience that communicates the story of these special potatoes. The product’s history, growth, viability, and uses and the value in the lifestyle brand are part of the learning experience. Chipperbec supports and is a member of “The Society of Fellows at The Culinary Institute of America. “We as supporters serve as dedicated ambassadors and ardent champions of the college and its students. Resources provided by the Fellows help to fund scholarships, strengthen academic programs, and provide for facilities and technology that enhance the quality of education and the lives of students on CIA campuses.” Allied Potato, along with Chipperbec annually focuses on giving back to their community working with, and supporting, nonprofits such as the Scott Kirschenmann Family Foundation, inspiring the Kern County youth by helping to fund grants, scholarships, and other community investments increasing the young skilled labor workforce, in and around Kern County. The founders’ vision is that Chipperbec Potato is globally the No. 1 frying potato. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook @ Chipperbecpotatoes, Instagram @ chipperbec_ potatoes, and Twitter @chipperbec.



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14 T Cayenne Pepper 5 T Brown Sugar 1.5 T Chili Powder 1.75 T g Paprika 2 T Onion Powder Combine all ingredients and season Chipperbec fries liberally


½ c Mayo ½ c Sour Cream ½ c Buttermilk ¾ t Dried Dill ½ t Dried Chive ½ t Dried Parsley ¼ t Granulated Onion ½ t Granulated Garlic 2 t Lemon Juice S+P to taste Combine all ingredients and season liberally

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01+2)%34 5'6)

Dear FVP Gals:

“The tourism and restaurant industry has been hit incredibly hard over the past two years. Thankfully, it looks like restaurants may be able to re-open without restrictions in most states soon. What are your suggestions for encouraging foodies back to restaurant dining?


Sincerely, Bringing Foodies Back As mandates are beginning to lift it can be challenging to ramp up foot traffic. There are many ways to switch things up to get all eyes on your restaurant. Have you considered promoting yourself as a destination? As foodies return to the table, they’ll be looking to catch up on the experiences they’ve missed over the past 2 years! Here are some ways to promote yourself as a destination for culinary tourism:

TELL YOUR STORY! Let everyone know why you make the food you do, whose recipe it is, and how it’s connected to the region you live in. Social media stories are free!

TAKE GREAT PHOTOS AND KEEP POSTING THEM. Take photos with your beautiful dishes, with clients and with regional landmarks.

CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for you and your clients to be on social media. Offer them a cutout with your logo that they can use as a frame around their plate or their faces. Place a business card near their plate so it shows in their pictures. Wear your restaurant T-shirt or hat and offer to take a picture with them that they can put on their pages! Everyone loves a picture with the chef!

FIND PLATFORMS like Trip Advisor to get people talking. This is where visitors will look for recommendations. See where the AirBNBs are in your area, and offer them incentives for sending you guests! If you are looking for new income sources through your business, including new ideas on how to elevate the culinary tourism experience in your restaurant, Food Venture Program is offering a Recipe to Retail program. This is a 6 session program that offers expert advice on understanding the tourism landscape, branding and storytelling, improving your food and revamping your food photography and social media skills, and extra classes that will help you turn your favorite recipes into retail products! This program is offered in partnership with Culinary Tourism Alliance, Nourish Marketing, and expert photography Joanna Wojewoda. For more information on this program visit:

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AWARD-WINNING ICONIC RESTAURANT Piero’s Italian Cuisine brings people together for 40 years with great food, service and history.

Sharing a meal with family and friends remains a special time to share food, beverages, and laughter while creating lasting memories. The family-owned Italian restaurant Piero’s Italian Cuisine treats everyone as if they are part of the family. Founded by Freddie Glusman in 1982 directly off the Las Vegas Strip, Freddie has become the patriarch of this treasured Vegas institution. His son, Evan Glusman, is its operating partner, but Piero’s is so much more to him. It is indeed in their DNA, with a third-generation expanding their operation. When it opened, Piero’s quickly became the hangout for politicians, celebrities (including the Rat Pack), conventioneers, locals, and even notorious mobsters. Today, Piero’s has a long and impressive list of regulars and guests, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, and Justin Timberlake. Las Vegas regulars include the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Raiders Owner Mark Davis, Mike Tyson, Dana White, and Steve Lawrence. Piero’s creates that polished old-school Italian aesthetic, where fine dining and service are at the forefront of the guest experience. The menu still has most of its signature dishes from its inception in 1982. Piero’s continues to receive annual awards for its incredible Italian food and seafood and five-star service under the operation of Freddie and his son, Evan Glusman. Speaking of mobsters, film buffs might recognize the old-school Italian restaurant in Martin Scorsese’s film “Casino,” filmed and released in 1995. Based on the real-life gangster Tony Spilotro who operated the Leaning Tower of Pizza, Joe Pesci’s character, Nicky Santoro, ran Leaning Tower Restaurant in the movie. Pesci also is a real-life fan of Piero’s.

Page 25 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

“Joe [Pesci] came to Piero’s one night and lit up a cigar. He is a friend of mine, but I had to tell no cigars in the restaurant,” explains Freddie. “When the producers came back to use the restaurant for the movie [Casino], Joe had a lit cigar and blew the smoke in my face. But I had to laugh.” Evan was in high school when the movie Casino was filmed at the restaurant, and he told all of his high school friends that they had to come to see Sharon Stone during her scenes. The restaurant was closed for five days, and Evan and his friends ditched school to watch Sharon perform. Another funny story is when Freddie used to operate the pizza parlor in the Stardust with the president of the Stardust. One day, the president asked Freddie to make him a bag of chocolate chip cookies, and Freddie did. The president gave the bag as a gift, but the man with the bag of cookies was arrested when law enforcement mistook the bag for money being skimmed from the casino. Evan remembers very clearly the time Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, former New York police detectives until retiring to Las Vegas, were arrested in Piero’s. Evan was bussing tables and, suddenly, AR15s came out with law enforcement swarming the place. In many ways, Piero’s reflects Las Vegas, the story of moving to Las Vegas from somewhere else, working several jobs, and finding success. Born in Canada, Freddie personifies the Las Vegas dream. He became a U.S. citizen, served in the Army, and moved to Las Vegas from California in 1957. He operated different businesses, sold carpet,

“All of us at Food & Beverage Magazine felt honored to be invited to attend Piero’s 40th Anniversary celebration. To award Piero’s with the Icon Award was truly special and well-deserved,” says Food & Beverage Magazine Publisher, Michael Politz.

Italian Cuisine Linguine Clams

and then began his culinary career at the Las Vegas Sporting House athletic club, one of the most upscale gyms back in the day. He started the restaurant with a close friend, Chef Piero Broglia, with a desire to help the chef start a business. Freddie then had to ask him to leave six months later but kept the restaurant with the exclusive right and ownership of the name “Piero’s.” When the two parted ways, Freddie brought on sous chef, Gilbert Fetez, who was Piero’s chef for 38 years before he retired.

Piero’s Tarkanian Room by Anthony Mair

“Chef Piero made the best pasta and I always loved the food he made. He was a great chef and I still think he is a great chef to this day.” As for the secret to Piero’s 40 years of success, “I am good looking,” laughs the 85-year-old Freddie. “The secret to Piero’s success is the minute the customer comes here, there is the valet who takes care of your car, and there is no charge. Then the customers walk in, get seated, and are introduced to the staff who will take care of them. Then the table is served the best bread in town,” he emphasizes, which is the only food item not made in-house. The next item is the Caesar salad, as Freddie explains it, “is second to none. When you go to a restaurant, the first two things most customers eat are bread and salad.

Piero’s Exterior

His second secret to success is “not to overprice. If we have to raise them, we do, but we keep it reasonable.” Next, “keep it consistent. The menu item a customer orders today will be the same tomorrow, next week, and next month.” Going to Piero’s is like coming home, with Freddie sitting in his booth for 40 years and Evan making sure everything is “off the charts, including the service and

Italian Cuisine Osso Buco by Tony Tran April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 26

food. My dad knows so many people who walk in this room, and as for the younger generation, myself, Billy, Pat, or my bartenders know them. We have been doing the same thing for 40 years, and it works.” Even as Freddie’s son, Evan, started at the restaurant as a busboy and worked his way to general manager. “I couldn’t find another job,” laughs Evan. “I have always loved the restaurant business, and this is the best place to work.” The menu at Piero’s is solid and not trendy. “Osso buco is one of the best items on the menu. Yes, we did change our Caesar salad and add some items, but it is still one of the best, and many of our competitors try to steal our recipe.” According to Evan, people try to duplicate many items on the menu, especially their creamed corn, but they add their own touches, making their dishes unique. For example, they butterfly the veal chop and then cook it. The dish remains a traditional Italian favorite but with an extra touch. Their signature steaks, lamb chops, linguini and clams, and pasta, along with their specials will make all meals memorable. While changes and additions are made to the menu, Piero’s keeps it consistent.

Freddie and his son, Evan Glusman

Another unique feature that sets the restaurant apart from all others is its artwork, especially the monkeys. When the addition was added to the restaurant, they wanted to include local artists, so they included the work of Jose Bellver. The painting in the entranceway with a monkey on the left and a monkey flying away on the right represents someone he loved who passed. Another picture depicts Adam and Eve with Eve holding a lemon, “because women can be sour,” says Freddie, who has been married four times. The paintings in the dining room depict many of the Las Vegas luminaries that had dined in Piero’s over the years, including Jerry Tarkanian and Jerry Lewis. At one point in the business, Piero’s maintained over $1 million in wine inventory. Customers’ tastes have evolved, and there is not as high of a demand for high-end wines, but Piero’s maintains a great list of wines for every taste as every price point. Before the pandemic, Piero’s experienced its best year ever, with its busiest year in 2020 as the business continues to improve. In fact, Piero’s held a celebratory 40th anniversary party attended by VIP guests and customers. “We have been doing great for 40 years and will continue with each generation,” states Evan.

Piero’s Wine Room by Anthony Mair

ADDRESS Piero’s Italian Cuisine 355 Convention Center Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.369.2305

Page 27 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

Piero’s creates that polished old-school Italian aesthetic, where fine dining and service are at the forefront of the guest experience.



Non-GMO Free from Gluten, Soy and Dairy Good source of protein and iron Suitable for Vegans Clean Recipe Ready in less than 10 minutes

LEARN MORE April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 28


The restaurant industry certainly felt the impact when Covid-19 lockdowns swept across the country in Spring 2020. Businesses were forced to explore resources and many relied on takeout and delivery to survive. The pulse of the restaurant industry is now returning and many businesses have been able to reopen in-person dining to a reasonable capacity. People are missing their pre-pandemic lives and, this past month, we are seeing more restriction being lifted, inching closer to what feel like a distance memory of normal. So, how do we get back to normal? First, we need to think of it as a new normal or as I like to call it “a better normal”. The food and beverage industry learned many lessons over the past 24-months. The two largest influencing factors moving forward: 1. Flexibility – Key in hiring, training, menu options, and hours of operation. 2. Cleanliness – Attention will be focused here by all. Be aware that surfaces are cleaned and sanitized more frequently. It is comforting to customers to observe wiping down menus, tables, and washing hands often.

Post pandemic research shows that only 32% of employees hired are full time, leaving 68% to flexible shifts, or part time work. Now that we are approaching the busy summer months, the challenge before us is hiring and training in order to prepare. How do we cleverly approach this and get the “right” employees? Post pandemic research shows that only 32% of employees hired are full time, leaving 68% to flexible shifts, or part time work.

Page 29 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

This statistic requires us to take a different approach than pre-pandemic, a more personal approach. Hiring should be based both on the needs of the restaurant and on the needs of the employee. Consider hiring split shifts if your establishment is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Flexible options will attract quality employees that can benefit from various shifts and feel valued by their employer – retain more staff with this personal approach. Embrace technology. The food and beverage industry is pushing toward tech savvy approaches to everyday issues. With new training programs, ways to approach facets in the industry, delivery services, even initial interviews can be online – the past 2-years have been a tech revolution. There are many affordable, efficient training platforms for the food and beverage industry, saving us time with one-on-one or group training, providing the employee time to learn at their own pace, and getting results in both customer service as well as product sales. Restaurants with bar or wine service can increase revenue in a big way with the right training. Servers should have basic education of wine, proper table service, and ability to offer food and wine pairing suggestions. Empower the employee to sell and engage with the customer. The company’s bottom line will reflect the increase in sales and your server will see an increase in tips. Culinary Wine Institute is a training platform that is specific to the service industry, designed by former servers and sommeliers. This educational system has a proven track record. Encourage employees to develop critical skills that open multiple opportunities for their career development, rather than preparing them for the one role they were specifically hired for. We have all had to adapt and, through the adaptation, proved it can be done successfully. Sure, you can return to some of the previous methods but, if you want to push ahead in this changing climate, it’s time to be on board with innovative ways to accomplish your goals. Working smarter, not harder. PamelaWood, is a Certified Sommelier, American Wine Expert and one of only 443 Certified Wine Educators in the world. Visit to learn more. CWI, 2100 Park Avenue #682594, Park City, UT 84068

Can we make it any clearer? To learn more about what we’re working on, visit us at booth 5431 in the South Hall during the National Restaurant Association show, May 21–24, 2022, or email


FRUITS & VEGETABLES Founded in 1966, Aegean Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Exporter’s Association is uniting the exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables and products located in the Aegean Region under a single roof. Basic goals of the association are to improve the reputation of the sector and to carry out activities toward increasing exports of the region. With its more than 600 members and over a billion dollars annual exports all over the world, Aegean Fresh and Processed Fruits & Vegetables Exporter’s Association offers a sustainable partnership for Aegean tastes. We aim to be your permanent address for tastiness and freshness by producing a wide range of products due to the climatic variety of coastal areas, supplying most of the domestic demand, exploiting broad transportation links of the area, obtaining high quality output as per international requirements, maintaining traceability of production & transportation, providing sustainable & organic products. Advantages of Mediterranean climate, fertile and irrigable lands and prolonged sun exposure make it possible to produce wide range of agricultural products. This atmosphere also sets the grounds for the development of a processing industry of almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables and products. The primary factors

regarding such development are; the climate, specifications of the land, proximity of products and ease of transport. Therefore, the majority of the population in the Aegean Region make their living by agricultural activities. Half of our nation’s consumption is distributed from the region. There are 2 main sectors under the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association. One of them is the fresh fruit and vegetable sector and the other is the fruit and vegetable products sector. Approximately 70% of our exports are fruit and vegetable products, and 30% are fresh fruit and vegetable products. Fruit and vegetable products cover a wide range of products and pickles, fruit juices, dried tomatoes, tomato paste, frozen fruit and vegetables, beverages, sauces stand out as important export products. Among the fresh fruit and vegetable products, products such as cherries, grapes, satsuma tangerines, figs, strawberries, peaches, pomegranates, chestnuts, which are identified with our Aegean Region, are at the forefront in exports. Main export markets are; USA. Germany, England, Iraq, Holland, Italy, France, Israel, Russia

Advantages of the Region



Number of Countries Exported to


Types of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Types of Processed Fruits and Vegetables


Page 31 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

Excellent climatic advantages to enable our region to grow and process various products for both export and domestic consumption. Geographical advantages on the doorstep of Europe with excellent transport links to all continents. Modern agricultural techniques, traceability, good agricultural practices, organic production with bio diversity. Modern state of the art processing plants, abundance of good raw material, young labor force, market leaders in most products in global export markets.

Su n D ri


matoes o T • •

Dried tomatoes are among the most important exports of the Aegean Region. The long and hot Mediterranean days, ideal for drying tomatoes in the summer months, make Türkiye an industry leader supported with purpose-built ovens to dry tomatoes virtually year-round. Turkish sundried tomatoes, preserved in excellent Turkish Olive oil marinated with herbs make an extremely tasty antipasti, seen on supermarket shelves globally. Türkiye is the second largest dried tomatoes exporter in the world.

Pi c kl

es • • •

• •

ndime n t Co s

Excellent growing conditions enable Türkiye to produce the best vegetables especially tomato paste Ideal Natural conditions enable Türkiye to produce a wide variety of canned and jarred products that are wholesome, additive-free and excellent quality for be used is all kitchens from different cuisines around the world. Chopped Tomato and Paste are also very suitable and practical for households Türkiye Ranks No 6 globally in tomato paste exports

Sauces e t s a Pa


Toma to

Numerous exporters Technologically and hygienically advanced facilities Exported to all corners of the World Many options from production to packaging

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 32

Fruit Juices and Other Beverages

More than 50% of processed fruits and vegetable processing companies are located in the Aegean Region. Main Advantages besides ideal conditions, include close proximity to growing regions of the raw materials, helping to both reduce costs and carbon footprint but also maximizing the quality and health properties including nutrients before being processed and preserved.

• • • • • • • •

ready-to-eat meals Ready to eat products are made using the best quality raw materials, in the most hygienic conditions with traditional methods and special care to replicate that World renowned home-made taste and flavors that Türkiye is known for globally. Stuffed Vine Leaves Stuffed Cabbage Leaves Red Kidney Beans Stuffed Pepper Stuffed Eggplant Hummus


Recent investments in technology and infrastructure have catapulted Turkish wines and beers to be enjoyed for their unique quality and taste.

or e juice

ves ea

Page 33 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022


Frozen Tomatoes Frozen Peppers Frozen Potatoes Frozen Spinach Frozen Corn Frozen Onions Frozen Mixed Vegetables Frozen Strawberries Frozen Cherries and Sour Cherries Frozen Raspberries Frozen Figs Frozen Pomegranate Arils

g an


Being frozen within hours of harvest, all Turkish fruits and Vegetables are renowned worldwide for their quality and freshness, making them a year-round favorite globally. • • • • • • • • • • • •

Excellent quality and varieties make our Fruit juices the preferred choice in international markets.

fe d

Frozen fruits and vegetables

Being one of the largest growers of apples and citrus fruits, make Türkiye one of the most important suppliers globally in fruit juice production worldwide.


• • • • • •

Apple Juice Orange Juice Lemon Juice Mixed Fruit Juices Spring Water Mineral Water Wine Beer

infused dried fruits Grown in Türkiye premium grade fruits are carefully sourced and processed using advanced osmotic dehydration technique. Selection: • • • • • •

Blackcurrants Wild blueberries Orange segments Quince dices Sour cherries Strawberries

Celebrate the moments worth keeping.

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 34

please taste responsibly


The Rose that Grew from Adversity By Kristi Hill

When you hear the word “tequila”, do you automatically think of drunken nights in college or syrupy-sweet happy hour margaritas from your neighborhood Mexican restaurant? If so, you are among many of us who have felt the same. Oftentimes, cheap tequila manufactured in bulk amounts are found in cocktails everywhere. These lower quality spirits are enough to give anyone a headache and the desire to never drink again. Luckily, there is a craft tequila company, just waiting to tickle your taste buds and make you into a tequila believer once more.

Humble Seeds

Siempre Tequila was created in 2015 by Alex Lacroix and Monica Sanita. Their love for each other is shown through the hard work and dedication it took to start the company together. Alex’s unlikely story is a testament to what determination and commitment can do in order to rise from the trenches of a less than ideal lifestyle of his past. Several years ago, Alex Lacroix was faced with a felony and potentially many years

behind bars. He knew that this wasn’t the path he needed to take and began to take steps to turn his life around. Alex had an infant daughter and wanted to spend time with her, not cellmates. The future entrepreneur enrolled in Seneca College in Toronto and majored in their creative advertising program. Eventually, Alex’s criminal case went to trial and he was given one year of house arrest. During this time, Alex met his life partner, Monica Santita. This meeting was the beginning of a journey that would change both of their lives.

Blooms of Purpose

Alex and Monica began their road to creating Siempre Tequila in 2014. Siempre translates into “Always” in English-a perfectly fitting way to describe their relationship and their brand. Monica’s grandmother and great-grandmother made mezcal, agave-based liquor. Essentially, tequila is in her blood and the ideas started flowing. Originally, the couple wanted to find a tequila that they loved and import it for others to enjoy. After tasting numerous types and brands,

Alex's unlikely story is a testament to what determination and commitment can do in order to rise from the trenches of a less than ideal lifestyle of his past. Page 35 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 36

they were not able to find one with a quality that they were willing to back. After hitting this roadblock, the idea to make their own tequila was born. The first batch of Siempre was bottled in September 2015. To begin with, the initial 150 cases were sold in Ontario, Canada. This time marked the beginning of a long journey for Alex, Monica and their friend Matte, who joined them in the business. At this point, the couple quit their jobs and Siempre became their life. According to Alex and Monica, “We like to think that Siempre is the rose that grew from adversity. The flowers, both dead and alive in the hand-drawn label, represent beauty born from struggle.”

“Siempre translates into “Always” in English-a perfectly fitting way to describe their relationship and their brand.”

Page 37 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

Fruitful Harvest

Through a lot of grit and hardcore determination, Siempre has thrived at the hands of the trio. Now, Siempre Tequila is sold in multiple states and countries. More states are lined up to begin selling the award-winning tequila soon. Siempre Tequila is available in three different, distinct varieties. Siempre Tequila Plata-This tequila is a 5X gold medalwinning tequila. It is made with 100% agave from two different regions. This tequila is great for sipping and is fantastically smooth. Siempre Tequila Reposado-This tequila is perfectly aged for 6 months in American White Oak barrels. This smooth tequila has notes of honey, vanilla and oak. Siempre Tequila Anejo-This tequila is patiently aged for 24 months in American Bourbon barrels. Many like to enjoy this treat in a snifter, alongside dark chocolate. You can purchase Siempre Tequila online at

What Cocktails Can I Make With Siempre? In order to taste the complex layers of Siempre, it is best enjoyed neat. If you are in the mood for a cocktail, try one of these, curated by Siempre Tequila.


Jalisco Old Fashioned

1. Rim glass with salt or Tajin mix.

1. Add 2 oz Siempre Tequila Anejo to a mixing

2. Add 2 oz of Siempre Tequila Plata to a shaker


3. Add ½ oz fresh lime juice

2. Add ¼ oz agave nectar

4. Add ice

3. Add 3-4 dashes of orange bitters

5. Shake well!

4. Add ice

6. Strain into a glass

5. Stir well!

7. Fill glass with Coca-Cola (extra points

6. Pour into a rocks glass with an ice cube

for Mexican Coca-Cola!) 8. Add lime for garnish

El Melocotonero de Jalisco 1. Add 1.5 oz of Siempre Tequila Reposado to a shaker 2. Add ½ oz Aperol 3. Add 1 oz of a peach-ginger-habanero shrub 4. Add 1 oz lemon juice 5. Add 1 oz peach nectar 6. Add ice 7. Shake well! 8. Strain into your glass 9. Add peach for garnish

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 38



PRECISION FOOD MANAGEMENT Pandemic. Climate change. War. The world has felt the grips of these forces on our lives. We cannot deny the feeling of uncertainty that these issues have raised within each one of us. Our behaviors have been altered and forever changed because of them. Two years ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, shutdowns began and stores became rattled by high demand and low capacity for re-supply. As hoarding ensued, supply issues were amplified. Businesses and people alike felt the strain of low inventory. The lack of precision food management usage may have resulted in a loss of food for businesses as well as consumers.

VACUUM SEALING EXTENDS THE LIFE OF FROZEN FOODS 3-5 TIMES WHEN COMPARED TO REGULAR PLASTIC BAGS What makes up Precision Food Management (PFM)? The concept is simple – food preparation that results in optimal storage and consumption. Freezing in bulk is a common practice for food storage and preparation. However, freezing food in the traditional sense may result in a loss of the food’s integrity. Traditional freezing cools a product at a slow rate which allows large ice crystals to form, microscopically speaking. These crystals permeate the cell membrane of the product. Once thawed, the item may have an altered taste and mushy consistency. An alternative method of food preservation is blast freezing. Blast freezing cools the product down much quicker by circulating air at high speed, which reduces the size of crystals that form on the food product, thus reducing

the amount of cellular damage. Foods frozen using a blast chiller will maintain the same consistency and flavor when thawed.


The vessel that a food product is stored in can also be problematic. Freezing food in a loose plastic bag can lead to freezer burn. However, vacuum sealing can help eliminate food waste by reducing the likelihood of freezer burn. Additionally, vacuum sealing extends the life of frozen foods 3-5 times when compared to regular plastic bags. Vacuum sealing can also be environmentally friendly when a compostable vacuum sealing solution is incorporated, such as VestaEco. Lastly, it is important to touch on a notso-obvious PFM element – precision temperature cooking. If you are looking for consistent quality and waste reduction, precision temperature cooking can help. Precision temperature cooking, also known as sous vide cooking, is a unique method of cooking foods by immersing them in a water bath. Of course, food safety is paramount – as well as education within government agencies and oversight committees for broader adoption to be possible. Yet, it is an aspect that should be considered as part of every precision food management strategy. Consider your processes and identify how a precision food management plan could help your business and your community. Contact Vesta Precision at to learn more about Precision Appliance Technology and how we are innovators in the precision food management realm.

Page 39 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022



8,000+ DISHES • 1,200+ CHEFS • 10 CATEGORIES OF FOOD • $100,000 GRAND PRIZE

More food, more dishes, more challenges than ANY food competition on the planet! That’s the World Food Championships, where Food Sport comes to life like nowhere else. From custom dining experiences to certified judging opportunities, our playing field has a position for every Food Brand and an unforgettable moment for every Food Fan! Come see for yourself! Every fall in Dallas, Texas, where culinary artisans and innovative cooking challenges collide for the biggest week in Food Sport! @WorldFoodChampionships /worldfoodchampionships @WorldFoodChamp


April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 40


:;.1% <'=>('=>%


Hank’s Oyster at the Wharf in DC bubbly with optimism, energy and excitement March 14, 2022 was a groundbreaking night Photos by Ana Isabel Martinez Chamorro

Why should consumers care about this? Why should people of means want to invest in Re:HER? “Pre-pandemic, the restaurant industry was one of the top 3 employers in the US and over 90% of the $760 billion spent in hospitality goes right back into the economy. Restaurants make up the social fabric of our communities, where we gather to restore ourselves and make memories together - losing them can be devastating to our cultural and social health. And the best way to future—proof this industry is to ensure that women hospitality entrepreneurs are empowered with equal opportunities and investment.”

FROM LA TO DC The first in an expected 20 new RE:HER Cities in the next 5 years. As Founder Mary Sue Milliken said, her voice assured and smile aspirational- “We chose DC for our beta because you have enormously talented women in hospitality here and, frankly, we want to be in the room where it happens.”

“While the industry has not been in good health for a long time, post MeToo, George Floyd, Covid-19 and unprecedented worker scarcity…now is the time to accelerate rebuilding efforts and women are rising to the occasion.” Page 41 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022


The time is now because the future won’t wait “With RE:HER in mind, I see a future for women in the food industry that is safe, supportive and successful. I see equal pay for equal work.”


“I see parity for women CEOs + women leaders,I see equal access to capital. Equal recognition in media coverage, accolades and awards. I see a future where women have confidence and capitol to create a different food industry, modeled on their shared values of women’s equality”


April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 42


Show. Me. The. Money!

FobeSoft solves the dilemma of tracking expenses, revenue, and profits in real time.

Page 43 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

By Debbie Hall

Restaurateurs, owners, chefs, and management need to know how much money is being made, including revenue, labor, and expenses that translate into profit. FobeSoft (Food and Beverage Software) has solved that problem. “After spending years in the hospitality industry, mainly restaurants ranging from fine dining to fast-casual, the realization that this industry is a rearview mirror business set in,” says Founder and President Geordy Murphy. “Restaurants will operate for a month, and if they are on top of it, they might get their P&L by the second week of the following month.” The problem is that most restaurants will not know if they made a profit and how much until the following month, even if they have an accountant or use QuickBooks. FobeSoft users see where they stand every day. “If there are issues with labor, food costs, controllable and non-controllable expenses, those issues are compounded into the next month. What we have done with FobeSoft is to give a restaurant a full Profit & Loss statement, running month-to-date every single day of the month.” For example, suppose someone has purchased an excess of liquor, wine, linen, or restaurant supplies. In that case, the operator will know that day, and it can be fixed promptly because the numbers the manager is looking at are being compared to their budget. One of the most important tools is the budget since, without a budget, owners, operators, and managers have no way of knowing where they stand financially and how much can be spent in each category. Even a very basic budget is required to reach the goal of a profitable business. The team of FobeSoft professionals is dedicated to the success of all users’ restaurants. Users can send numbers (P&L or spreadsheets) from any period, or the restaurateur can answer a few basic questions, and the FobeSoft team will write a customized budget. The biggest difference between successful restaurants (big and small) is having a budget (a plan), but this can be an intimidating idea for the chef, owner, or manager. FobeSoft completely simplifies the idea of writing a budget, and the team at FobeSoft actually does all the work for the restaurant. The next step is a quick budget review with the owner/operator and the team at FobeSoft to review opportunities and get buy-in on the plan. “I find that many owners and operators have not created a budget since they raised the money to open the restaurant,” says Murphy. “This budget might work at the beginning, but typically, in the industry, no one updates their budget, or worse, doesn’t have one. It is proven that if you operate with a budget, you will be 20 to 40 percent more profitable.”

Many restaurant managers were promoted from within the business. Boots on the ground chefs and restaurant managers are the ones making the decisions on what to spend on things like food, supplies, and people. It is so important for them to understand how the decisions they make every day affect the bottom line profit. Restaurant managers do not need to be a bookkeeper or accountant to use FobeSoft. Just five minutes a day will give users a crystal-clear picture of what is going on financially in the restaurant. Simple enough that chefs and managers will easily understand but also robust enough that the CFO will appreciate. FobeSoft turns restaurant chefs and managers into restaurant operators! “Most owners and operators will hand the keys to a business doing more than $2 to $3 million to a new chef or manager who might have received on-the-job training instead of formal education. This chef/ manager is now operating a $3 million restaurant but has never been taught restaurant accounting,” says Murphy. The system is not complicated, and it is easy for all users, even those with little experience using computers, spreadsheets, and accounting software. FobeSoft’s easy-to-use computer-based accounting system is available on all devices from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and was designed for ease of use with assistance from FobeSoft’s staff. Restaurateurs, owners, or managers can review this information and choices affecting their day-to-day operations. It only takes five minutes per day with three simple entries. Sales, labor for front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house (salaries, taxes, and workers comp are already in the backend and populate the cell every day), and what invoices were received that day. Entering this information will help guide in making decisions that will positively impact the bottom line. The result will be adding more profit to the bottom line. Paying attention to the daily Profit & Loss statement (P&L) is the key to success with FobeSoft. The team at FobeSoft guides in creating a custom budget, navigating the system, and then helping spot trends in your business. FobeSoft will also help analyze progress so users can decide how they are doing and increase their profit. “We have numerous clients that call us, The Team, monthly to discuss how to become more profitable. We are like the KPMG for restaurants!”

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 44

FobeSoft allows the operator to manage the bottom line. “Clients can determine what profit they need to make from looking at the restaurant’s revenue, follow the P&L and budget every day and, at the end of the month, the client will have managed their bottom line.” However, Murphy emphasizes that “businesses still need an accountant. This professional will produce the financials, file taxes, and other services. We are not trying to replace their bookkeeper or accountant. We are an enhancement to QuickBooks. We offer services such as a daily P&L statement and a budget. We also teach the chefs/ managers how to understand and read a profit and loss statement and how to impact the restaurant’s financial performance. An example I would share is we generated a true labor figure every day, including salaries, workman’s comp, payroll taxes, and unemployment compensation to give a detailed report. Every day a portion of the rent and cam charge populated the cell. Accountants can only generate a P&L after the bills for the utilities are received. Every operator knows what their utilities are, being so, Fobesoft factors a portion of the utilities into the daily P&L. Fobesoft generates daily P&L compared to their budget running month-to-day.” Every day! As for financial software, “we are a conduit and enhance software such as QuickBooks. What FobeSoft does is we can go from the point of sale system to FobeSoft and push the information to QuickBooks. One of the reasons to use Fobesoft is that most of the off-the-shelf accounting software does not figure out the cost of goods for a restaurant the way it is supposed to be configured. They determine the cost of goods as a manufacturing plant or a retailer would; everything is divided by the total sales figure, which is not the true cost of goods for a restaurant. The food costs are divided by food sales, wine costs are divided by, and liquor costs are divided by liquor sales. The total cost of goods is divided by total sales.” Murphy is a serial entrepreneur and partner in Long Life Noodle Company, which operated six restaurants in the San Francisco bay area. He wanted to know how the restaurants were performing every day, so he used the first version of this product to get daily intel. Murphy sold the company, moved to Florida, and started another company, Cypress Hospitality Group, one of the premier headhunters in the hospitality industry still operating today! But friends opening a restaurant would call him about developing a budget for them and reviewing their P&L. “I was listening to the audio version of Steve Job’s book, which stated that if you can identify and solve a problem, you have an opportunity,” he says. He partnered with a program, Rajkumar Chidambaram, one of the co-founders, equity partner, and CTO, to develop FobeSoft and teach management best practices in operating a restaurant. “By using FobeSoft, we will increase a restaurant’s profit from 20 to 40 percent,” states Murphy. If the restaurant is currently making a profit of 10 percent, using FobeSoft will bring profits up to 14 percent. FobeSoft will find one full percentage point of profit in the cost of goods and one full point of profit in labor cost, either back- or front-of-house. Every restaurant we work with has at LEAST one full point of profit in their controllable expenses, including linen, laundry, glasses, silverware, and kitchen supplies. They will analyze non-controllables such as advertising, credit card fees, and other costs to find more profit. The FobeSoft program also offers theoretical cost analysis. Looking at food costs, the client can determine how much of each food item is sold, what are the highest cost food items, and if one food item is selling really well, the operator can see what raising prices for that one item by 25 to 50 cents, and the restaurant will

Page 45 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

do to the bottom line. These figures can then be entered into the FobeSoft program, which will show the figures theoretically how food cost has dropped. You don’t have to just increase the price of every item to lower the food cost. It is all about best practices in the restaurant industry, and FobeSoft has created the tool to lower costs and increase profits. For more info, visit Follow on Facebook @ FoodBevSoftware, Twitter @ fobesoft, and LinkedIn @ fobesoft.

I am addicted to FobeSoft! I look forward to inputting my numbers every day to help keep us on track with the budget that I have in the system. It truly keeps us in line with where we need to be SCOTT ADEEB - Strings SPORTS BREWERY

So far, using FobeSoft, we have been able to take a look at areas to reduce our payroll in our kitchen after seeing how the numbers were coming in daily. Same thing with our food costs. Being able to track purchases to sales daily allows us to make better-educated decisions for the business. Dave Pate - Angelina Woodfired Kitchen

FobeSoft is a great way for our staff to engage in company profitability and initiatives. They are able to make realtime adjustments improving overall efficiency. we’ve certainly seen the impact to our bottom-line Ryan Battles - Aqua Terra Bistro

I just got all of our P&Ls! It is unbelievable! I wish that I had had this tool years ago. It really challenges our GMs. We are picking up $3,000 to $5,000 a month per store on the bottom line since we started with FobeSoft. JOE ADEEB - BONOS BBQ

James Lee II

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 46

Page 47 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 48

8"?.1 :1%


ANNE KENNY Founder, Caring Ink

Anne Kenny found a muse in her CSA box. Inspired by the simple beauty of local produce, she took a leap from tech to much more careful and highly personal connection. Her handmade cards set a mood, bring on the flavor and feel for the moment. Not to mention Caring Ink cards are just plain old stunning. I am partial to her strawberry and lemon (which then inspire a sip of the same!) and you will find your own favorite. Better still, sending snail mail offers a certain, nearly lost connection - a way of saying I care. Caring Ink includes cards for the spectrum of motherhood, including loss and other realistic moments of the journey. I caught up with Anne and was struck by her love and honesty in all she says and does. Read on and then grab a pen and write on…

Page 49 | Food & Beverage Magazine v April Issue 2022

By Julia Beck

WHAT IS ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU WISH YOU COULD OFFER YOUR FORMER, EXPECTANT SELF? Spend less time creating the “ideal” birth plan and more time learning about and preparing for postpartum. There’s a lot of emphasis for expecting moms on making it through labor, but there is not enough conversation or support for what happens right afterward. AS A YOUNG MOTHER, YOU MADE A CHOICE TO WALK AWAY FROM A CAREER IN TECH. YOU TALK ABOUT LEAVING AN ORGANIZATION THAT BOTH HAD A COMMITMENT TO MOTHERS AND FAMILIES AS WELL AS AN ARRAY OF BENEFITS TO ENCOURAGE RETENTION. YOU LEFT FOR YOUR OWN WELLBEING. YET YOU CONFIDENTLY DID SO WITH ABOUT A PLAN. AS YOU BEGAN TO MAKE SENSE OF YOUR “WHAT’S NEXT” YOU FOUND YOURSELF SKETCHING FOOD FROM YOUR WEEKLY CSA BOX. FROM THERE, CARINGINK WAS BORN. DO TELL WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF AS YOU CONTINUE EVOLVE THE WAY YOU SPEND YOUR DAYS AND THE FOCUS YOU HAVE ON YOUR ENTIRE AND GROWING LINE OF CARDS. When I left the corporate world, I really missed being in an uninterrupted flow state and coworkers. I crave illustrating because it provides that flow state, and I enjoy collaborating with others as a proxy for having coworkers. When I was deciding if I wanted to officially sell my cards, I reached out to Gia Graham, an illustrator, teacher and mom of two. She had built and then sunsetted a stationary line, and I asked if I could pay her to share your experience with me. Her advice to go “slow and steady” has become one of my mantras. With limited time, I try to keep taking small steps. CARING INK HAS A REMARKABLE FEEL FOR GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER, BE IT FRESH FOODS, NEW MOTHERS, PREGNANCY OR INFANT LOSS, BREASTFEEDING CHALLENGES, ETC. - HOW DOES IT FEEL TO KNOW YOU ARE SUCH A POWERFUL SOURCE OF SUPPORT FOR WOMEN WHO OTHERWISE FEEL A BIT UNSEEN? Thank you. It still feels nascent but I love when someone recognizes that it’s a new category of cards that doesn’t exist and feel seen and validated for all the work they do that often goes unacknowledged.


INSIGHTS YOU WANT TO PAY FORWARD ? AND WHAT WOULD YOU SHARE ARE KEY LEARNINGS OF THE EARLY DAYS OF HANGING YOUR OWN SHINGLE? Entrepreneurship is appealing because it affords more flexibility and control than the corporate world. I wish there were more parttime options for moms to be able to integrate their home and work lives. After leaving my job, I wrestled a lot with my identity. Most social interactions revolve around the questions, “What do you do?” or “How’s work going?”. I found myself saying, “Well, I used to…”, and that talking about my kids to people who weren’t moms themselves would quickly end the conversation. I swung the pendulum from working at a hyper-growth startup to being a full-time mom. I’m still figuring out something in between that works for me and my current phase of life.



YOU WORK LONG HOURS AND OBVIOUSLY POUR YOUR DEDICATION INTO ALL YOU DO. YOU ARE ALSO AN ALL-HANDSON-DECK MOTHER TO TWO BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. DESPITE IT ALL, YOU MAKE THE ART YOU CREATE IN HONEST AND SO VERY SOOTHING. THIS SEEMS LIKE A LOT TO DO, LET ALONE SO AS WELL AS YOU DO IT! HOW DO YOU PREPARE? HOW DO YOU KEEP YOURSELF RESTED AND WELL? AND OF COURSE, WHO CARES FOR YOU!?!? My husband is both supportive of this passion project and engaged in our day-to-day routines. I’m lucky to have family close by who are my proverbial village. I’ve learned that if I pay for exercise classes I’m much more likely to regularly exercise. And, I try to.

April Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 50

WHAT WERE YOUR BIGGEST COVID LEARNINGS? HOW DID YOU HANDLE THE TRICKY CHALLENGE OF SUPPORTING YOUR CHILDREN AND A NEW BUSINESS AND ALL THAT INCLUDES? HOW DID THIS IMPACT YOUR FRIENDSHIPS? MARRIAGE? DID YOU EVEN HAVE MOMENT TO REST? AND OF COURSE, WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU NOW, IN THIS BRAVE NEW WORLD? Creating a predictable schedule was helpful for my sanity. I also had to get over my personal FOMO; having time by myself recharges me as a parent. I carve out time for my own unicorn space and try to support my husband to have his.

THINKING BACK, WAS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE AS A NEW MOTHER WORKING AT THE TECH COMPANY? CAN YOU GIVE SOME FLAVOR TO THAT TIME IN YOUR LIFE? IF MOTHER WAS NOT YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE, WHAT WAS? Understanding norms and “what’s expected.” For example, should I put “pump” on my calendar? Is it okay to leave work early? Am I expected to attend an overnight offsite that everyone else is so excited about but I’m secretly dreading? If ways of working aren’t explicitly communicated, working parents spend a lot of mental energy thinking about these types of questions and their implications.

WHAT PRO-TIPS DO YOU HAVE TO SHARE WITH OTHER NEW OR EXPECTANT MOTHERS? Band together! I met so many moms through prenatal yoga, birthing classes, work, and playgrounds. They continue to be a critical source of support. Becoming a mom helped deepen my friendships with coworkers in a way I didn’t expect.

WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? WHO DO YOU MENTOR? Informal and official working parent advocates, Genevieve Pearson & Henri Loh, who helped me navigate my pregnancy and return to work. When I hear a woman is expecting, I share resources and advice I wish I had known. FILL IN THE BLANKS: As a working parent, I never expected ____________ would be so hard and ____________would be so much easier. As a working parent, I never expected the invisible parts of motherhood (breastfeeding, pumping, supporting children during their meltdowns, emotion coaching) would be so hard and, sadly, I can’t think of something that’s so much easier. Even things like getting dinner on the table every day is no small feat!

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Julia Beck, founder of the It’s Working Project has been an active and engaged industry innovator for more than 25 years. As the category’s definitive elder statesman and strategic partner, Julia and her team have been on the leading edge of the conversation and challenges at the center of the intersection between work and the female and parent universe. Julia’s unique perch and her cadre of cross-industry connections have led her on a path that at once supports economic growth, women and families. Julia’s passionate focus on the quality of and recognition of women is just part of the story. An avid traveler and home cook, Julia has an unparalleled enthusiasm for the whole of the food and beverage space. She is known for hosting an annual Cheese Suite in New York, dinners - ranging from high to low and is often found enjoying a bar-dine at some of her favorite spots. Ask someone where they met Julia, the answer will likely be right there - tasting and talking her way through a night at Gramercy Tavern, Eventide or Ris. Look for her too exploring new cities, cultures and food halls never forgetting her Philadelphia roots (pretzel, please). Julia’s career can best be categorized as consistently vibrant, evolving and certainly exciting. Her signature enthusiasm, humor, natural leadership and genuine care for her clients and the world as a whole have led Ms. Beck on an exciting path. We are thrilled to have her here, introducing us to some of her most beloved food finds, the remarkable mothers who define the world of Food and Beverage.


WHO WAS YOUR BIGGEST SOURCE OF SUPPORT IN RETURNING TO WORK AS A NEW MOTHER? Women who had recently returned to work, a Slack channel for moms, and friendships that grew in the pump room.

– Alan D. Wolfelt

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

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