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January 26, 2010

Writings from Our Readers!

We are not always able to put all the writings we receive from our readers in the issue of Plain Country nearest in time to when we receive the writing, but

submissions are never thrown away. Here are some of the never-before-published letters, poems and such we received last year and saved up for this first Plain Country of 2011!

Jacquie Foote

The Fate of the Infamous Fruitcake from 2010 … Two writers sent their thoughts on last year’s fruitcake contest.

The Wonderful Fate of Our Delicious Fruitcake By Martha Byler

This recipe was given to me from my sister. I don’t know where she got it. If everyone would make their own fruitcake using this recipe, all health conscious friends and relatives would help make it disappear; pets would love it; horses would eat it, and no one or no pet would get sick from eating it. (I wouldn’t think so anyways.) I felt so sad to hear of the fruitcake’s sad fate, as I love fruitcake, any fruitcake. I once gave some of our family fruitcake to our mail carrier, and she exclaimed how delicious it was and ate it all before she got a quarter mile down the road. Maybe, someday you could have another contest where the fruitcake deserves its just merit. I am sending this in, and you can do with it what you want. No hard feelings if it gets ignored. I was just stating my feelings.  I am also sending the recipe along “just in case”. (Martha’s fruitcake recipe is on page 3, in case you want to cut it out and save it for next fruitcake season.)

Making Fruitcake Disappear By Elizabeth Miller

To help make your fruitcake disappear serve it with a fruit dip, caramel ice cream topping or your own homemade dip. Chocolate sauce is very good too. Just cut your fruitcake into bite size pieces to serve and dip. (Recipes for Elizabeth’s carmel dip and fruit dip are on page 3.)

Snow Ball Fight

The Plain Country and Memories

By Dorothy N. Miller

By Jeannette Giles from Parkman

May and Amy were playing, In the fresh fallen snow. May was throwing snowballs, They were pretty low.

I thought I’d like to make a comment on the little Plain Country newspaper that I read each third week. I really enjoy it immensely! I’m a retired grade school (mostly kindergarten) teacher and taught in several Geauga County schools for about 35 years. I also drove school bus for five years. I live in Parkman and so I taught there the most. I had three daughters and have

Amy started throwing snowballs, too. They were having fun. Mom said, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” And then they were done.

touch with the three Amish “girls” that were my main “babysitters”. They have grown old with me, as I’m now 92 years old. I have kept in touch with many of my Amish students. I’ve been so pleased to have them come up to me while shopping at a store, but, of course, I can’t always remember your names. Some of you smile and nod to me – it makes me feel good. Anyway, keep up this little paper – the “kids” are doing a fantastic job!!

kept in

Our next issue of Plain Country is Feb. 16. Deadline for submissions is Monday, Jan. 31. Advertising deadline is Monday, Feb. 7. Please send the information that you’d like to share with Plain Country to P.O. Box 626, Middlefield, OH 44062. You may also call 440-632-0782 or fax to 440-834-8933.

Plain Country

January 26, 2011

Wanted for our Next Issue Please send us: • Your thoughts on the question:

“Is February mid-winter or is it early spring?” • Stories or memories of sugaring • Recipes using maple syrup • Tips for getting gardens ready • News from the schools • News of benefits • Birthdays • Letters to the editors Send your letters to: The Plain Country, P.O. Box 626 Middlefield, OH 44062 Letters must be received by Jan. 31 for us to be able to use them for our next issue.

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Thanks to all who sent in birthday announcments and other information for us to share with the community.

Happy Birthday!! Jan. 26 Jan. 26 Jan. 28 29 Jan. Jan. 30 Jan. 31 Feb. 5 Feb. 7 Feb. 7 Feb. 14

The Geauga County Health District will continue to offer seasonal influenza vaccinations on Friday mornings from 8:30 until 11 a.m. at 470 Center St., Building 8, Chardon. These clinics are walk -in clinics; no appointment is necessary. These clinics are open to anyone 19 years and older. Pregnant women must have a signed order from their obstetrician. The charge for a flu shot is $25. If you have traditional Medicare Part B, there is no charge, Any child six months to 18 years of age can receive a flu shot at the children’s immunization clinics. There is no charge for children at these clinics. If you have any questions, please call the health department at 440- 279-1950.

Dec. 18 Leona M. Miller (10) Dec. 21 Lori Ann Miller (4) Dec. 23 Mrs. David (Barbara) Byler (33) Dec, 23 Mrs. Marvin (Rosanna) Miller (34) Dec. 25 Mrs. Donnie (Nancy) Miller (66) Dec. 25 Mrs. Joe (Esther) Weaver (67) Dec. 25 Mrs. Lester (Sue) Mullet (58) Dec. 28 Mrs. Melvin Ray (Linda) Shetler(48) Dec. 30 Mrs. Joey (Nancy) Miller (33) Jan. 2 Nathan M. Miller (7) Jan. 6 Elmer J. Byler (73) Eli A. Detweiler (26) Jan. 8 Lucinda Miller (20) Mrs. Jonas (Betsy) Byler (24) Jan. 12 Mrs. Ben (Mary) Byler (73) Aaron Shetler Jr. (10) Jan. 12 Lester Burkholder Jr. (48) James H. Miller (7) Jan. 13 Wayne Miller (16) Mrs. Dan R. (Betty) Yoder (58) Jan. 13 Kristine Miller (13) Firman J. Miller (30) Jan. 16 Mrs. Paul Yoder (22) Wayne M. Miller (11) Jan. 18 Mrs. Marvin Kurtz (40) William Byler Jr. (15) Jan. 21 Melvin Shetler (73) Martha W. Byler (2) Mrs. Melvin Ray (Leona) Shetler, Jr. (25) Jan. 22 Mrs. Jake (Sarah) Yoder (78) Jan. 23 Mrs. Sam (Liz) Weaver (65) Olin Yoder Jr. (70) Jan. 23 Mary Ann Kuhns (59) Mrs. Andrew (Mary) Yoder (57) Jan. 23 Smiley Betz (65) William Albert Miller (52) Jan. 24 Rudy D. Detweiler (63) Mrs. John H. (Clara) Shetler (77)

In Memoriam

Esther D. Miller, age 54, of Parkman Township, entered eternal rest Sunday morning, Dec.19, 2010 at her residence surrounded by her family and friends. She was born on June 3, 1956 to Dan J.P. and Martha A. (Miller) Miller. She was a lifelong resident of the Parkman area and a member of the Old Order Amish Church. Esther will be sadly missed by her mother; siblings Menno (Sarah) Miller, Edna Mae (Eli) Detweiler, Albert (Mary Ann) Miller, Raymond (Barbara) Miller, Jerry (Ruth) Miller, Susan (Allen) Miller, and Danny (Frieda) Miller; stepgrandmother Mabel Miller; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She was preceded in death by her father and her sister, Betty Miller. Funeral services were on Wednesday, Dec. 22 at 16373 Madison Rd., Parkman Township. Her final resting place is in Yoder Cemetery in Parkman Township. Visitation took place until the time of service.

Children’s Immunization Clinics

Geauga County General Health District hosts local children’s immunization clinics. Immunizations for children and adolescents are free of charge for all Geauga County residents regardless of income. For non-Geauga residents, there is a $5 fee per child, per visit. MIDDLEFIELD CLINIC - Second Wednesday, Feb. 9 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Clinic will be held at St. Lucy Mission, 16280 Kinsman Rd. (Route 87 east), Middlefield. Third Wednesday, Feb. 16 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Clinic will be held at St. Lucy Mission, 16280 Kinsman Rd. (Route 87 east), Middlefield. Third Thursday, Feb. 17 from 3 to 6 p.m. Clinic will be held at St. Lucy Mission, 16280 Kinsman Rd. (Route 87 east), Middlefield. NEWBURY TOWNSHIP CLINIC - Wednesday, Jan. 26 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Clinic will be held at Grace Evangelical Bible Church, 14951 Auburn Rd., Newbury.

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Jemima D. Miller (nee Miller),

61, of Burton, entered eternal rest Wednesday morning, Nov. 24, 2010 at her residence. She was born May 19, 1949 to the late Dan D. and Saloma J. (Weaver) Miller. A lifelong resident of the Burton area, she was a member of the Old Order Amish Church. Jemima will be sadly missed by her children, Dan (Sylvia) Miller of Burton, John Meadows of Louisville, Ky., and Kevin Meadows of Roaring River, N.C.; grandchildren Rosanna (Aden) Troyer of West Farmington and Danny Ray, Paul, Andrew, Cindy, Chester, and Timothy Miller, all of Burton; great-grandson Adam Troyer; brothers Allen D. Miller and Ervin D. Miller; and sisters Martha Miller and Esther Wengerd. She is preceded in death by her parents and brothers, John Dan Miller and Andy D.J. Miller. Funeral services were Nov. 27 at Joe J.S. Miller’s residence on Shedd Road in Burton Township, with Bishop Crist R. Hershberger officiating. Jemima’s final resting place is in Yoder Cemetery in Parkman. Visitation was until the time of service.

Mary N. Wengerd, age 25, of Mesopotamia Township, entered eternal rest Sunday evening, Jan. 9, 2011 at her residence after a lifelong illness. She was born Feb. 14, 1985 to Nelson L. and Katie A. (Miller) Wengerd. She was a lifelong resident of the Mesopotamia area and a member of the Old Order Amish Church. Mary will be sadly missed by her father; step-mother Martha (Bricker) Wengerd; siblings Wilma (William) Byler and Nelson Wengerd Jr.; maternal grandmother Emma (Miller) Miller; maternal step-grandparents John W. and Elizabeth (Fisher) Bricker; two nieces, one nephew and many friends. She is preceded in death by her mother; paternal grandparents Levi J.C. and Mattie (Yoder) Wengerd; and maternal grandfather Andy E. Miller. Funeral services were Jan. 12, 2011 at 5228 Parks West Rd., Mesopotamia Township, with Bishop Harvey Frey officiating. Her final resting place is in Wilcox Road Cemetery in Mesopotamia Township.

Mary C. Schlabach (nee Byler), 88, of Middlefield Township, entered eternal rest Sunday afternoon, Dec. 26, 2010 at her residence surrounding by friends and family. She was born March 15, 1922 to the late Crist and Elizabeth (Detweiler) Byler. Mary was a lifelong resident of the Mesopotamia area and a member of the Old Order Amish Church. She is survived by: her loving husband of many years, Milo; daughter, Esther (Dan P.) Hostetler of Middlefield; siblings, Jake Byler of Burton, Dan Byler of Parkman, and Bill Byler of Mesopotamia; 7 grandchildren, 14 greatgrandchildren, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. Mary is preceded in death by: her parents and siblings Ida, Katie, Mattie, Crist, and Wallace. Funeral Services were held at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010 at Dan P. Hostetler’s residence, 14631 Hayes Rd, Middlefield Township, Ohio, with Bishop David J.S. Miller officiating. Her final resting place is in the Wilcox Road Cemetery, Mesopotamia Twp. Visitation was held before the time of services. Arrangements were entrusted to Best Funeral Home. Online condolences may be sent to

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Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

Mrs. Dan (Sarah) Detweiler (75) Mrs. (Sawmill Joe) Sarah Byler (69) Mrs. Dan C. (Sarah) Byler (79) Mrs. Ray (Rachel) Miller (54) Mrs. Mary Ann Stoltzfus (62) Joe D. Kurtz (77) Mrs. Allen Yoder (21) Jacob Miller (12) Mahala Gingerich (57) Mrs. Ervin Troyer (71)

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January 26, 2011

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Plain Country

Recipes By Dorothy N. Miller We don’t need soup or sweets to keep us warm, ‘Cause LOVE does it all!

Fruitcake Disappearing Dips

Whole Nut Fruitcake

Caramel Dip

By Martha Byler

2 cups flour (unbleached organic preferred) 2 teaspoons baking powder (aluminum free) 1/4 teaspoon salt (I use real salt) 8 eggs, separated (farm fresh!) 2 cups sugar (organic) 1/2 cup milk (farm fresh where possible) 1 cup candied fruit* 1 cup chopped dates (organic) 1 cup whole candied cherries** 2 cups walnut halves (organic preferred) 1 1/2 cups Brazil nuts (organic preferred) 2 cups pecan halves (organic preferred)


January 24TH–29TH SATURDAY January 29TH

*May substitute1 cup well drained pineapple bits.


** This is the only thing I put in that isn’t healthy, but you can substitute drained canned or dried cherries, or omit completely. If you omit cherries, just add a little more dates and nuts. Beat egg yolks until thick. Add sugar, beating constantly. Add milk and stir well. Mix in flour, baking powder and salt. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Mix fruit and nuts in large bowl. Add to batter and mix well. Spoon mixture into any pan well greased with butter and floured. (I use an angel food cake pan.) Bake in slow oven at 325 degrees for approximately 1 1/2 hours. Cool and remove from pan. When cold, the fruitcake can be glazed with Karo and butter that have been boiled together for 1 minute and cooled. (You may substitute maple syrup and butter or honey and butter.) Decorate with whole walnut halves.

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Hearty Hamburger Soup Submitted by Sarah Miller 2 tablespoons butter 1 cup sliced carrots 1 pound hamburger 2 cups tomato juice 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1 1/4 teaspoon pepper 4 cups milk 1 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped peppers 1 cup diced potatoes 1 teaspoon seasoned salt 1/4 cup flour Melt butter in pan, brown meat, add onion and cook until transparent. Stir in remaining ingredients, except flour and milk. Cover and cook on low heat until vegetables are tender, about 20 – 25 minutes. Combine flour with 1 cup milk. Stir into soup mixture and boil. Add remaining milk and, again, heat to boiling.

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By Elizabeth Miller 1 small jar caramel ice cream topping 1 container Cool Whip (8-ounce) 1 package cream cheese (3-ounce) 1 /2 cup powdered sugar Mix cream cheese and powdered sugar. Add topping and Cool Whip. Store in refrigerator.

Fruit Dip By Elizabeth Miller 1 package cream cheese (8 ounce) 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 package Cool Whip (12 ounces) Any fruit flavor yogurt Mix cream cheese and milk. Add rest of ingredients and mix well.

Golden Cream Soup Submitted by Sarah Miller 6 cups diced potatoes 1 cup diced celery 1 cup diced carrots 1 /2 cup minced onion 2 chicken bouillon cubes OR chicken- flavored seasoning 2 teaspoons parsley flakes 1 teaspoon salt Pepper to taste 2 cups water 3 cups milk 1 /4 cup flour 1 pound Velveeta cheese Combine all ingredients except milk, flour and cheese in a pot and bring to a boil. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until all vegetables are tender. In another pot, slowly add milk to flour, stirring until well blended. Add milk mixture to vegetables and cook until thickened. Add cheese, stir until melted.

Arlene’s Cappuccino Submitted by Katherine Byler 1 cup dry milk powder 1 cup Nestle chocolate milk powder 2 packages vanilla instant pudding 1 /2 cup instant coffee granules 1 cup French vanilla creamer powder 1 cup powdered sugar (or 1/2 granulated and 1/2 powdered) Mix all ingredients together well. To serve; mix 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of powder mixture in a cup of hot water.


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Plain Country

January 26, 2011


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January 26, 2011

Katherine’s Korner

News from Windsor

By Katherine M. Byler

By Barbara Ann Detweiler David Burkholder had an accident with a chainsaw and received a gash in his hand. He needed surgery and is now on the mend. Lester Coblentz Sr. is having severe pain again and can’t walk without help. Steven and Barbie Byler are in Mexico for a few weeks, trying to get help for her fibromyalgia. Wayne Detweiler had a life threatening heart attack Nov. 23 and was rushed to Hillcrest Hospital. They did immediate surgery and put in a stent to open an artery that was 100 percent blocked. Two weeks later, he went in to have another stent put in an artery that was 90 percent blocked.

Geauga County

Raccoon Hunters

Meetings are held at the club on Peters Road, the 2nd Thursday at 7pm

Attention Trappers Little Beaver Furs will be at the club every Wed., evening throughout trapping season buying pelts

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Parts and Service

Mom’s Diary


German and English


By Barbara Ann Detweiler

(Nov. 13 - Dec. 3) Saturday, Nov. 13: A nice, warm day. Wayne and John went hunting, and John got another deer. I drove to the freezer to put in the hamburg from his other deer. Sunday, Nov. 14: It rained some this morn. It seemed strange to hear it after the nice sunny week we had. I made a big breakfast for all, then popcorn for snack and turkey and trimmings for supper. A very enjoyable day at home. Monday, Nov. 15: Rose Edna went to help clean Wayne’s parents’ house. I sewed and made overnight salad for the hot lunch at school tomorrow. Wayne and the boys cut up John’s deer. Tuesday, Nov 16: I went to the hot lunch at school today, then Wayne and I went to Costco tonight. Wednesday, Nov. 17: Went to a ladies gathering. Laura went along, and then Mom took her home with her for the night. Thursday, Nov. 18: Drove down to Mom’s for the day and to pick up Laura. Some of my cousins and aunts were there for a couple hours for Mom’s birthday, which is Nov. 30. Friday, Nov. 19: Our dog had puppies, and the little girls are overjoyed. They could hardly believe it. Wayne and I went to Clymer tonight to a benefit fish supper for his brother David. Saturday, Nov. 20: A normal, busy Saturday. Wayne went to the horse auction and bought a new horse, which is desperately needed. Our other one is on his last leg! Sunday, Nov. 21: Church was next door at Reubens. We had lots of visitors. Monday, Nov. 22: What an unforgettable day! At 3:30, Wayne was fixing the washing machine motor when, all at once, he didn’t feel good. He came upstairs and couldn’t hold still. He finally took a shower and lay down. He couldn’t relax and his face was pasty grey. He had chest discomfort and pain. I instantly thought heart attack and gave him two aspirins. I called someone and we rushed him in to Hillcrest Hospital, where they had him on a bed within seconds and in surgery in under 10 minutes. He had a 100 percent blockage in an artery and still has a 90 percent blockage in another. They opened the one and they also had to shock his heart because of the abnormal rhythm. They also put a stent in, so now he’s on blood thinner besides other meds to help keep his arteries open. Dad Detweiler and sister Sally and Steven came up to the hospital for a while tonight.

Three hundred and thirty-three days to Christmas!  (OK, I’ll shut up now!) Right now, I’m chomping on an apple and looking into all the corners of my brain for something to write. A grandson called this morning and said, “Pray for me that I’ll get a deer today.” Six grandchildren and two daughters-inlaw have birthdays this month so will have to see what’s in my stash to dole out! Thankfully, February has only one family birthday, total! Grands also report 20 some mice killed in their teacher’s (Bill S’s) domain. I believe this is the first time he’s been invaded so badly. And, as February nears, so does Bill’s sixty-second birthday. Wow! Oh, that ‘possum story is true – how a fellow skinned one and threw him on a pile and later it was seen walking away. Sick puppy! (I mean ‘possum!) Sis Betty Weaver says husband John never missed a deer! Of course, he never went hunting for one ... unless you count Oct. 9, 1975, the day they were wed! We will miss having our Aunt Mary, Mrs. Milo Schlabach, with us when we get together. She passed away from congestive heart failure on Dec. 26. Then, my other Aunt Mary, who goes by “Mary S. Miller,” Gates Road, had to be hospitalized with a blood clot. She’s 89 and has had her ups and downs in life, like many others. Uncle Milo and daughter Esther Hostetler, sis Betty and I visited Uncle William C. Byler one afternoon. He sits and looks at the four walls until his broken femur bone is healed. He is not to put weight on that foot (left). He is anxious to go to Florida for their yearly vacation. So is their special son, Jacob. Here at our house, we could easily say goodbye to winter. For myself, it would be great to say it from the bus window on our way to Florida! Till next time ...

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Plain Country

Wednesday, Nov. 24: It was a long night at the hospital. I can’t sleep sitting in an upright position, and I didn’t want to leave Wayne. I finally made a bed on the floor. I rested but slept very little. I finally got up at 3 and then dozed off in the chair. Wayne is holding his own. He has no strength, and he has to stay flat on his back until 1 because of his angioplasty. Visitors tonight were Dad and Mom, our children, brother Chester and Lydia, Mom Detweiler and sis Betsy. Thursday, Nov. 25: I got hardly any sleep last night again. I feel like a zombie! It is Thanksgiving Day … at the hospital! And we do have much to be thankful for! Wayne is alive and on the mend. He felt better as the day went on but is still very weak. The doctor says he may possibly go home tomorrow. Visitors tonight were Crist Burkholder, Dad, John, Andrew and driver Freddie. Wayne was well enough that I could go home tonight and sleep in my own bed! Friday, Nov. 26: Yay! We came home from the hospital at 2:30. Wayne is still weak, of course, but he can rest on his chair. Now, for a different way of cooking! He can’t have salt and fats. Saturday, Nov. 27: I went to Giant Eagle to get Wayne’s seven different prescriptions. It is rather overwhelming trying to keep everything straight. I tried to buy heart healthy food. It’s like one of the doctors at the hospital told Wayne – “Basically, you can just eat grass!” Brother Joe, Mary Jane and family came tonight, as did some of the neighbors. Sunday, Nov. 28: We had lots of visitors, and Wayne couldn’t talk much. He had a bad day, but he says he enjoyed just listening. Monday, Nov. 29: Wayne felt better this morning. We went to the doctor today. They scheduled another angioplasty for next Tuesday to open the other artery and put in a stent. John got his third deer today. Tuesday, Nov. 30: Wayne’s brother David came for the day. He lives in Clymer, so seeing him was a rare treat. Wednesday, Dec. 1: It snowed almost all day. I went to do some Christmas shopping, then came home and wrapped some gifts. Thursday, Dec. 2: John is now doing Wayne’s job at the mill, and brother-in-law Norman is helping out. Wayne walked out to the shop for the noon hour for some male company. Friday, Dec. 3: Wayne is starting to get bored. He walked out to the shop again at noon. He uses a cane and walks very slowly. He looks like an old man. Hopefully, after the next procedure, he will get well very fast.

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Plain Country

January 26, 2011

Hello From the Amish Crossing Corner ...

Hello from Huntsburg

A very lucky boy as it could Jan.14 … Winter continues to Chuckle months. have been much worse! stay with us. Lots of snow piles from A North Carolina We will be hosting the Maple pushing snow off the driveway. man had a flat tire. So Syrup Producers meeting again Mr. Stomach Flu made a he pulled off on the side of this year, on Friday evening, stop at our house. I sure hope the road and put a bouquet Jan. 21 and all day Saturday he won’t hang around too long. of flowers in front of his car and Jan. 22. Last year, we fed 140 Maybe if I stay on a liquid diet another bouquet in back of the people, and they expect long enough, I can lose a few car. Then he got back into the some more this year. We pounds ... car and waited. Pretty soon a usually serve a chicken Thursday, Jan. 13, quite policeman cruised by and took in dinner plus homemade ice a few vanloads of relatives the scene. He stopped and asked the cream and pie. went to the funeral of Mrs. motorist, “Sir, is there a problem?” Mrs. John Mat Miller Andy Clara Miller. This was The man replied, “I got a flat tar.” is planning to move into in Hartville. She was 88 years The patrolman asked, the apartment at Dan and old. They were formerly from “But what’s with the flowers?” Sylvia Miller’s at the end of Geauga County. The driver answered, this month. She was living Kenny, 10-year-old son of “When ya break down they tell on Grove Road. Her new Wayne and Judy Miller, spent ya to put flares in the front address will be 15060 Shedd three days in Rainbow Children’s and flares in the back. Rd., Burton, Ohio. Hospital from Jan. 2 to Jan. 4 Hey, it don’t make since We are getting ready for the after falling on his head coming to me neither.” Bloodmobile here on this Saturday. down the upstairs barn steps. He fell There is always a shortage, so we between 8 and 9 feet. Now, he must be hope for a good turnout. careful and not play any sports for three

We started a new year. We have all the Christmas cards put away. We got 93 Christmas cards this year. Anna says now the house looks bigger. Jacquie says time for more turkey tracks. Happy birthday to daughter Susan, Mrs. Mahlon Detweiler, born Jan. 7, 1977. She was named after grandmother Mrs. D. Y. Byler, deceased. William Schmucker and some of their married children spent Old Christmas with his mother, Agnes Schmucker. They are from Holmes County. Andy Shetler was nice enough to bring me a calendar. On the eighth of January, it was 58 years ago that Melvin Miller and I had that sled accident with a car. Somehow it didn’t do any damage to the car, but Melvin and I were in Forest Hills Hospital for over two weeks. Father did fix my sled. I did take a lot more rides on that sled since but not out a driveway. When Uncle Andy R. Byler lived where Dan S. Yoder lives, we did a lot of sled riding. Then, when they moved to Delaware, he gave me the sled. Joe Brickers and most of their children had Christmas at Uria Bender’s. They were here from Cass City, Miss., Fredonia, Pa. and Clymer, N.Y. It doesn’t do any good to write about the weather, as we all know it is snow and more snow. Anna and I had our Christmas with son William and Barbara and the grandchildren, Mervin and William III. I did not go after deer today – too much snow for this 68 year old. I am getting older every year. They took Owen’s store down in Huntsburg. How long is the Johnson Hardware building going to stand? How many of you remember King, the big dog Paul had in his store? I remember when the post office was in one corner of his store. Huntsburg has had a big change during my 68 years. Maybe I can’t remember all 68 years, but I can name a few old timers of Huntsburg: Fred Hubbard, Paul Adams, Eb Hunt, Cliff Burton, and Cliff Moss. These are just a few. I could go on and on.

By Sarah Miller

By William Bender

Understanding Horses

Greetings from the Plain Community

By Daniel Fisher

Some box stalls are just the right size for a horse to kick against a wall while eating grain ... Some horses start kicking the wall because their feet itch from mites, but some do it because they are bored. Many of the horses that do this have picked up a habit. They will kick against a gate or wall at any time. If it is block or concrete, this can cause lameness. What you have to do is to put on hoof (or kicking) rings as they are called. You take five inch steel bars and shape them like horseshoes. You leave the heel ends open so you can slip them over the pasterns. Drill a hole in each heel so that you can put shoestrings through so the horse can’t loose them. They should lay right on the coronary band at the top of the hoof. Always put a hoof ring on both hind feet, as they will massage the coronary band, which will increase hoof growth. They will also make stronger hooves. Have the rings removed if you turn the horse to pasture and if you use him. If the horse tries to kick when wearing these hoof rings, it will give him enough discomfort that they will quit kicking. If a horse kicks the buggy axle while tied to a hitching rail, all you have to do is put a strap from the back ankle to the bridle bit. Take this strap through the shaft loop so he cannot get tangled in it. Until next time … Daniel C. Fisher is proprietor of D & S Farm & Garden Supply LLC, 4738 Gates Road, Middlefield. Call his voice mail at 440-693-4632 for more information.

Donnie has had a few health problems since our Dec. 1st issue, but he is back home from the hospital now and on the mend. We wish him a speedy recovery. He will write to you again in our next issue.

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Greetings from Garrettsville By Rachel Miller

Jan. 2 ... We have 22 degrees this morning, and the sun was out a little while ago. The snow is all gone after an all-day rain yesterday. This is hard to believe with all the snow we had. Today is our day to rest, read and write. We would have liked to go over to John’s annex at Eli Troyers, but Ivan isn’t feeling the best. He has a cold and cough. So we won’t go see his sister Sarah either. Sarah slipped on ice and fell a week ago Thursday evening and broke her leg in two places. She has it in a cast and is at home. Sarah (Mahlon Byler) is 80 years old. Yesterday, I did the white laundry and hung it in the basement; we had most of the weekly cleaning to do as well. Tomorrow, I want to do the color laundry and can chili soup. I have the juice canned, and I’ve got the rest of the ingredients. It will make a canner full, which is 20 quarts. I also have a dress cut for me and must sew some on it. Our family got together on Jan. 15, for our Christmas at son Ray’s. So I had plenty of time to sew my dress before then. I had already made a shirt for Ivan. I’m planning on cleaning out drawers and closets as well as washing my china cabinet dishes this winter. This way, when spring comes I can work outside. (I also have more sewing to do.) Barbara and I work on puzzles in the

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C ountry

evenings. We are on our fifth one. One we did had 750 pieces. The others were all 1,000 pieces. Two of these we glued and famed. But one had four pieces missing, so we gave it to the grandchildren. They can put it together and do what they want with it. (It was a nice John Deere one, and new.) Ivan does word search in the evenings. He doesn’t want to do puzzles. Tuesday, Urie Bylers, Kathryn Byler, Harvey Weavers, Jonas Millers and we visited with widow Alta (Dan) Weaver in the forenoon. We got a sandwich at Corner Café’ and visited with Amelia (Jake) Byler at Andy (Lucy Ann) Millers in the afternoon. Amelia is from Mercer, Pa. and is staying a while. Her son Elmers in Mercer are busy with their butcher shop through January, doing deer meat. Amelia fell at home and was in the hospital a week or more. She isn’t able to be at her own home yet. (She still has an older boy living at home.) Tomorrow, besides the color laundry, I think I will do the curtains and windows in the living room. We need to do a little mid-winter cleaning. Valentine’s Day is Ivan’s sister Ada’s birthday. She will be 71 years old. Feb. 7 would be my mother’s birthday if she were living. She died Dec. 19, 1994. Mother was born in 1916, so she would be 95 this year if she were living. We still miss her.

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January 26, 2011

Mom’s Diary


By Barbara Ann Detweiler


Dec. 4 – Jan. 7 Saturday, Dec. 4: Wayne is doing as well as can be expected. It’s hard to cook for him – can’t have salt or fats. Mom and Dad and brother John and Laura and family came tonight and brought supper. Sunday, Dec. 5: The older children went to church while Norma and I stayed home with Wayne. We had some visitors this afternoon, which helped to break the monotony. Monday, Dec. 6: It has been snowing for days now. I enjoy it, as long as I don’t have to go out in it too often. Norma went outside three different times today! She likes to ride the sled tied behind the pony cart. Wayne’s stent surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Somehow we’ll have to get there through the snow. Tuesday, Dec. 7: We left for the hospital at 6 a.m. on snowy roads. I was on pins and needles all the way in. They took Wayne in around 9 a.m. for his surgery and were done by 9:45 a.m. He rebounded quickly. By this evening, he seemed his usual self, but he has to stay the night. Wednesday, Dec. 8: They discharged Wayne around 10 a.m., and we were home by noon. I’m so glad that’s over with. Thursday, Dec. 9: Wayne feels good but needs to build up his strength. He went for a short walk. It actually didn’t snow today. Friday, Dec. 10: Wayne got up this morn and was bored just to think of doing nothing today. He helped a bit in the house and took a walk out to the shop. Saturday, Dec. 11: All the Bylers got together at my brother Joe and Mary Jane’s for Christmas. It’s early, but that’s OK. We had brunch and snacks in the afternoon and Mom gave everyone gifts – a highlight for the grandchildren. Sunday, Dec. 12: A day that seemed like three! We had very few visitors, and everyone was bored. I was glad when bedtime rolled around. Monday, Dec. 13: A winter wonderland this morning. I went Christmas shopping to some Amish stores. Tuesday, Dec. 14: Wayne actually helped a bit at the shop, driving the loader. The school children are practicing for a Christmas program at school. Wednesday, Dec. 15: Went to the Middlefield Post gathering this afternoon with Jacquie. Very enjoyable. Betty and Norma are having a countdown until Christmas. They made a chain out of construction paper and tear one off each day. Norma says she wishes daylight would also be night, and then Christmas would come faster, Thursday, Dec. 16: Rose Edna and Laura went to Punderson tonight to sled ride. They thought it was fun. Friday, Dec. 17: Wayne goes out to the shop daily now and does the debarking and other less strenuous work. Saturday, Dec. 18: Another long, boring day. I guess I need to find some more work for everyone. Sunday, Dec. 19: Went to church and then to my parents for the evening. Andrew, Katherine, Betty and Norma went sledding on a hill close by and had a ball. Monday, Dec. 20: Program night. The children were all excited. They drew names, so they also had a gift exchange. Tuesday, Dec. 21: No school until next Tuesday. What will I do with everyone!? Wednesday, Dec. 22: Grocery day and last minute Christmas shopping. The evenings are long, so Wayne and the children play games.

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Thursday, Dec. 23: John went to Punderson tonight. Rose Edna, Laura and I made some candy and snacks to eat over Christmas. Friday, Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Day. The little girls can hardly contain themselves. The big girls and I cleaned house and made more snacks. Larry and Liz Byler, our former neighbors who now live in Kentucky, stopped in for a while this afternoon. We each opened one gift tonight. Saturday, Dec. 25: Betty and Norma were up at 5 this morn! So I got up around 5:30 and started making breakfast casserole while waiting for the rest of the bunch to get up. Of course, we had to yell at the oldest to get up because the little ones could wait no longer. By 7 a.m. the gifts were being opened and, all too soon, it was over. Dad and Mom came up this afternoon. Sunday, Dec. 26: By tonight I was all rested out! Two days of not doing much can get old. I’m glad for a workday tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 27: My Great Aunt Mary Schlabach died yesterday, so I went over today for a few hours. She is the last of four sisters to pass away, one of whom was my grandmother. There are still three brothers living. Tuesday, Dec. 28: Norma and I were alone today, so I helped her with her preschool workbooks. She knows most of her sounds and can read some words. It was so nice to have school again today.  Wednesday, Dec. 29: I went to the funeral of Great Aunt Mary today. So touching. She was loved by many. We will miss her. Thursday, Dec. 30: Betty was taking water upstairs with a glass and I asked her whom it’s for and she said, “Oscar”. I asked, “Who’s Oscar?” She said, “Laura’s flower plant!” Friday, Dec 31: Cleaning day. Shuffleboard evening for the men. Rose and Laura were at a friend’s house, so the three youngest and I were alone. I enjoy it once in a while. Saturday, Jan.1: New Years Day. Wayne and John cut up the deer John shot a while ago. It was frozen solid for a while. Wayne drove down to his parents this afternoon – the first time he drove since his heart attack. Sunday, Jan. 2: Went to church at Tim’s next door. Then home to rest and make supper for a few of John’s friends who were here, and, after that, Dave, Ida and children came over for the evening. It made for a short day. Laura made a misstep on the stairs and came down bumpety bump. It sounded horrible, but at least she’s still all in one piece! Monday, Jan.3: Rose Edna and Laura went to help my Mom for a few days. I went to a church ladies gift exchange tonight. Tuesday, Jan. 4: I had to bake something to take along to the parent-teacher meeting tonight. Wednesday, Jan. 5: Wayne had to go get his cholesterol checked. We’ll find out next week what it is. Thursday, Jan. 6: Today was the Detweiler Christmas gathering at Leroy and Barbara Bender’s. Friday, Jan. 7: Norma was looking at picture books and trying to read the words. Under the picture of a rabbit was the word “ r a b b i t” and she had in her mind “bunny”. But she recognized the “r”, so she asked me if it would be rrrunny. She knew it didn’t sound right and laughed at herself afterwards. It will be very quiet around here this fall when she goes to school.

Plain Country

January 26, 2011

Parkman Pathways By Ellen Hershberger

Books in Review

Wednesday, Nov. 24: After shopping for two hours, several of us had a nice lunch and then went home to finish the dinner for tonight. The family all gathered for a delicious turkey supper with singing afterwards. We heard of the passing of Jemima Miller this morning. Thanksgiving Day: We had another family gathering, getting our fill of turkey and the trimmings. Friday, Nov. 26: I had a morning of free time to get caught up on paperwork and a few sewing repairs before heading to a six-hour cooking stint. Sunday, Nov. 28: Yesterday I worked almost 13 hours cooking so bed felt real good when I got there. Today, our church services were at Noah Yutzy Jr.’s. Monday, Nov. 29: I was at a new place today, then back to my regular job tonight for 24 hours. Wednesday, Dec. 1: How nice to wake up to a white December first! Today, I finally got around to washing the ceilings and walls of the two bedrooms and bathroom. Some people do fall cleaning, but some of us clean “after the fall.”  I also made a raisin nut spice cake and some gingerbread. Of course, I can’t eat it all myself, so the family gets subjected to my “wares”. Thursday, Dec. 2: Four of us cousins visited cousin Naomi Bricker in Pennsylvania today. Cousin Mattie stayed behind to be with the Andy Miller family whose wife and mother passed away this morning. For several years I sold many jars of Millers’ jams at my dinners. Friday, Dec. 3: Today at Brooks House, the residents exclaimed how contented they are to be inside watching the snowstorm!  Saturday, Dec. 4: I had the special and unique experience of being with a 102-year-old lady who, emphatically, tells us she is 202!  This evening our family celebrated a special occasion by eating Chinese at a buffet. Sunday, Dec. 5: Sister, her hubby and I paid a visit to our Aunt Fannie and Mel Yoder this p.m. She is confined to a wheelchair since she broke her leg four weeks ago. Monday, Dec. 6: It is a beautiful sight to watch the snow pile up on every branch and weed in Chardon! Occasionally, we catch sight of deer in the back yard. What a treat! We are in the throes of the distressing failure of a certain item in the house called a “john.” Water 4 inches deep on the floor, confusion, and delays. Thankfully there is an extra bathroom upstairs, but not so handy for the aged. Tuesday, Dec. 7: A normal day except for a wonderful highlight ... a new necessary item installed this p.m. Peace restored! I overnight tonight at a new place. Wednesday, Dec. 8 – Thursday, Dec. 9: I made an effort to get some sleep before overnighting, but one day I had to shop and the next I had a noon dental appointment. Friday, Dec. 10: Sleeping and cooking makes up the day, but that’s OK, the weekend is coming and I can catch up. Saturday, Dec. 11: Today was a flurry of hurry. My floors were very dirty, so, in between baking pies and making date pudding, they did get washed. Then, I had to finish food preps by 3:30 to serve the annual Christmas dinner to a group in the Historical Society’s basement in Middlefield. With good helpers, we were cleaned up and home by 9:30. Blessed rest, and my own bed. Sunday, Dec. 12: It was raining and cold for twins Enos and Rhoda to walk on the ice, snow, slush, ruts on the driveway back to church at Noah Yutzy’s. Monday – Thursday, Dec. 13 – 16: These four days are occupied with overnight, home to sleep, get house warm, and back again to overnight. Friday, Dec. 17: My thoughts go to Nancy Miller in our district as she copes with two broken elbows and one broken wrist. There is a shower announced in the church paper for her. After the p.m. cooking stint, I was called to do an overnight which is a tough shift to stay awake on. Saturday, Dec. 18: It’s time to sleep, do laundry ... catch up at home. I still do take time to brush my teeth, talk to the “little people,” read the Bible and budget, etc.  Sunday, Dec. 19: A blessed day of rest. I believe we heard that this was the day Esther D. Miller passed. It is remarkable that two Esther Millers about the same age passed away so close together. Monday – Friday, Dec. 20 - 25: Because of filling in for others over the holidays, this whole week is a blur of elder care and sleeping, Sunday, Dec. 26: We enjoyed a holiday brunch at sister and hubby’s house, with games and snacks into the evening. Monday – Friday, Dec. 27 – 31: This last week of the year is ending with Thanksgiving to GOD for work and health and family, friends, church and community. Saturday, Jan. 1: I start the New Year with, what else? WORK and thankful for it! We get extra pay to work on holidays, so I fill in whenever possible. Sunday, Jan. 2: We paid a long overdue visit to Aunt Ellen and Bill Detweiler this p.m. She is not able to be out of bed due to Parkinson’s. Thursday, Jan. 6: It’s been a busy week, but today I finally get time off to be with family for a good dinner and gift exchange. Sunday, Jan. 8: Work occupied me yesterday. Today is the last of our holiday celebrations, and it’s with the family of my deceased brother, Leer. See you next time!

By Jacquie Foote

“The Secrets Beneath” by Kathleen Fuller and published by the Tommy Nelson Publishers, Dallas, copyright 2010 is the second in the Mysteries of Middlefield series. It, like the first book, is a very realistic look at youngsters in their early teens and how they struggle with “self” in learning to follow the Amish way taught by their parents and upheld by their community. Taking place in Middlefield Township, the story is about Rebekah Yoder and her curiosity, which borders on the nosiness her parents work to help her curb. With her unwanted friend, Caleb Mullet, she becomes involved with spying on the doings at the recently sold house next door to the Yoders. Another bit of kindling to the fire of Bekah’s curiosity is the mystery behind her cousin Amanda coming to stay for the school year. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that

Bekah’s nosiness about the happenings next door could put her in danger ... and her curiosity about Amanda could lead to even greater sadness for her cousin. Kathleen Fuller, as always, writes with respect for the Amish way of life. She does a fine job of interleaving people and events (and even animals) from her previous stories taking place in Middlefield so that the new book seems part of a whole and very real. This, plus the engrossing style of Kathleen Fuller’s writing, makes “The Secrets Beneath” a marvelous read. “The Secrets Beneath”could easily be read by children in the fifth grade; the story is engrossing enough to keep the adult reader interested. This is the kind of book that would make those cold winter’s evenings when you have reading time something to look forward to.

Bookmobile News By Jane Attina

2010 was a special year for the Bookmobile. We checked out 268,894 items! This is the highest since our service began in 1986. It is also the highest circulation for any one bookmobile in the state of Ohio! Many thanks to all of our patrons who made this possible. It was the day after Christmas, and the stores already had Valentine candy and cards out for shoppers. Though it was a little too early for my personal taste, I must say it brought back memories of long ago. I was always excited about our school classroom party. My mother made heart-shaped cookies with sprinkles on them or sometimes cupcakes to share. Treats were always good, but my favorite part was decorating a small box in which my classmates would put valentines. Sometimes it was a brown lunch bag, but regardless, I adorned it with cut out paper hearts or heart-shaped doilies decorated with glitter. Before we had our treats the teacher would let us walk to each other’s desks (always in a very orderly fashion) and place a special Valentine card in our friends’ brightly decorated boxes. The sugary treats came next, and soon after it was time for dismissal. I couldn’t wait to get home to open my treasure box and look at all of the cards with mother by my side.

Valentines Day still holds a special place in my heart, and here at the library I am always looking for a good read at this time of the year. “Valentines, A Collector’s Guide, 1700s-1950s” has nearly 1,300 photographed cards from many countries. “Valentine Promises: Heartfelt Reminders of   True Love” by Lean Weiss. From God’s timeless love letter to real-life expressions of true love, readers can enjoy heartfelt displays of devotion. “A Catered Valentine’s Day “ is a mystery with recipes by Isis Crawford Nora Roberts Bride series, which includes, “Vision in White” (Bride Quartet, book 1), “Bed of Roses” (Bride Quartet, book 2), “Savor the Moment” (Bride Quartet, book 3), “Happy Ever After” (Bride Quartet, book 4) For children, check out these titles: “The Legend of the Valentine: An Inspirational Story of Love and Reconciliation” by Katherine Grace Bond is a thoughtful, Christian picture book. “Today is Valentine’s Day” by P.K. Hallinan “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond “Be my Valentine Amelia Bedilia” by Herman Parish

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January 26, 2011

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It’s a Winter Drawing Contest

Our Logic Puzzle contest was a huge success!

Thanks for entering. Your wonderful response and kind comments mean we will be having another such contest soon! The first 25 entries with all correct answers were sent their prizes on January 19.

Bits and Pieces from the Past

Bits and Pieces of Yesterday Submitted by Sarah Miller Welshfield, Ohio Dec. 22, 1899

Please join our Winter Drawing Contest! The age categories are 5-7, 8-10, 11 and older. There will be two prizes awarded in each category. The prizes will be sketching pads.

“Roads are all in good condition; snow is all gone and we are having very fine weather for this time of the year. “Bishop David Kauffman of Indiana is visiting among friends here. Bishop Jonas Byler of Lawrence County, Pa, who had been visiting relatives and friends here, returned home today. “Ben J. Schrock intends to start for Holmes County tomorrow. “Abe C. Troyer, Andy Yoder and Albert J. Schlabach of Tuscarawas County are also journeying among friends here at present. “Jonas D. Schmucker of Marshall County, Indiana arrived here last Tuesday. “The Cleveland Shagrin Falls and eastern electric railroad is now graded as far as Jug Street. I think they will stop here, as it would not pay them to go any further. “Would like to hear from Jonas and Rebecca C. Hershberger of Marshall County, Indiana. “This leaves us all well.” – Joe I. Hershberger

To enter you must: • Use white paper. Size should be between 3 inches by 5 inches and 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. • Draw a picture of what you think of when you think of winter. • Include at least one snowman (or snowwoman) in your drawing. • It does not matter if you color your picture or not. • Put your name, age and address on the back of your picture. If you do not want us to use your picture for a coloring contest or to use it as a picture in the Plain Country, please tell us on the back of your drawing. If possible, do not fold your picture more than once. Send your picture to: The Plain Country, P.O. Box 626,Middlefield, OH 44062 Send your picture by Jan. 31. The winners will receive their prizes by mail on or before Feb. 16.

Valentine’s Day By Katherine Detweiler

Valentine’s Day, I can’t wait. It can’t be too soon, It can’t be too late. Valentine’s Day, Oh, what fun, Now we buy candy, One by one.


Here is a drawing from our 8 year old. His Dad uses one of there pre-haulers at his logging job. – Mrs. Eli Troyer

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Plain Country

Plain Country January 26th, 2011  

Plain Country January 26th, 2011

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