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Career & Technical Training Career Development • Continuing Education Workforce Development • Professional Advancement Certification & Licensure SUMMER 2013


Career Training Automotive Brake Systems Troubleshooting and Repair

This course covers principles of operation and types, diagnosis, service, and repair of brake systems. Date: May 20-July 22 Time: 7p-9:30p Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/E

BioWork Certificate Program (Level I)

Students who complete this 136-hour BioWork Certificate course will gain the basic skills and general knowledge needed for entry-level process technicians in Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Manufacturing, as well as, participate in the Human Resource Development aspect of the course. Interested students must attend one of the regularly scheduled Information Sessions at the Workforce Development Center. C a l l 9 1 9 -

2 0 9 -2 5 9 1 for in form a t ion on up com in g I n form a t ion Se ssion s! Registration Fee: $175

Book: $110

Loc: W

This 40-hour course is a refresher for former truck drivers wanting to reenter the workforce. For more information please call 919-464-2331. A L L

R e f r e s h e r c l a s s e s a r e h e l d a t t h e J C C / TD T B u i l d i n g . May 13-16 June 10-13 July 8-11 August 5-8

Time: 7a-6p Time: 7a-6p Time: 7a-6p Time: 7a-6p

Fee: $650 Fee: $650 Fee: $650 Fee: $650

Loc: Loc: Loc: Loc:


CDL Test Preparation Course

This 12-hour course is a preparation class for individuals wanting to take the written tests required to obtain a CDL Class A or B learner’s permit. F o r

m or e infor m at ion p lea se ca ll 9 1 9 -4 6 4 -2 3 3 1 .

Date: May 21-22 Date: July 23-24

Time: 8a-3p Time: 8a-3p

Fee: $65 Fee: $65


Cosmetology CE - New Haircolor Trends 2012 & Fearless Hair Color Correction - SS* Date: June 10 Date: August 12

Time: 8:30a-5:15p Fee: $65 Time: 8:30a-5:15p Fee: $65

Loc: W Loc: W

Cosmetology CE - Build New Business with Ease & MultiDimensional Highlighting - SS* Date: July 24

Time: 8:30a-5:15p Fee: $65

Loc: CC

Culinary Arts - Recipe for Success/Cybercafé

Johnston Community College is partnering with Johnston County Industries, Johnston Health, and Capital Area Workforce to offer this Culinary Training program. This 12 week program provides dislocated workers the opportunity to pursue a career in the food service industry (the 5th largest job growth industry in Johnston County). To be eligible for this program, students must meet dislocated worker eligibility. Contact Vic McCormick at 919-209-2595 or Shirley Chamberlien at 919-971-6926 for more information regarding this program.

Developing a Lifelong Trade (DALT)

The DALT program provides career opportunities for young adults while simultaneously providing an additional avenue of hiring to meet the needs of local business and industry employers. Students must be between the ages of 18 to 30 to be eligible for this program. Contact Vic McCormick at 919-209-2595 for more information.

Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Initial Training

This 8-hour initial training is for contractors whose work on a pre-1978 structure disturbs more than six square feet of interior painted surface or 20 square feet of exterior surface. Pre-registration is required. All classes are held at the Cleveland Center – 8a-5p on the following dates. Date: June 18 Time: 7a-6p Fee: $65 Loc: CC Date: July 16 Time: 7a-6p Fee: $65 Loc: CC Date: August 13 Time: 7a-6p Fee: $65 Loc: CC

NA I Certification Course

Date: May 13-August 13 Times: 7a-3:30p

Time: 8:30a-5p Loc: JCC/H M/T/TH Time: 8:30a-5p Loc: JCC/H M/T/W Time: 8:30a-5p Loc: JCC/H TH Time: 8:30a-5p Loc: JCC/H T/TH Time 5:30-9:30p Loc: JCC/H Saturdays (5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 7/13, 7/20) M/TH Time: 5:30-9:30p Loc: JCC/H Saturdays (5/18, 6/1, 6/15, 6/29, 7/13, 7/27, 8/10) Loc: JCC/H

NA II Certification Course

This 160-hour course meets the requirements of the N.C. Board of Nursing for listing on the Nurse Aide II Registry. Date: May 7-August 13 Time: 830a-3p Loc: JCC/H

Notary Public

CDL Refresher Training for Truck Drivers - SS*

Date: Date: Date: Date:

Date: May 08-June 26 Date: June 10-July 30 Date: July 08-Aug 14 AND Date: August 1 & 8 Date: May 4-August 1 Times: 7a-3:30p

Nursing Assistant Level I (160 hours) provides basic personal care training for individuals seeking employment in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and home health agencies.

This 6-hour class is required for people who wish to apply through the NC Secretary of State’s Office to become commissioned. Participants must present a valid picture ID prior to entering class. Attendees must have a GED or Diploma in order to obtain a Notary commission and be at least 18 years of age. Date: May 20-21 Time: 6-9pm Fee: $65 Loc: CC Date: June 6 Time: 8am-3pm Fee: $65 Loc: W Date: July 11 Time: 8am-3pm Fee: $65 Loc: B Date: July 22-23 Time: 6-9pm Fee: $65 Loc: K Date: August 8 Time: 8am-3pm Fee: $65 Loc: W

Tactical Medical Operator Course

This introductory course (40 hours) will fill that gap in training which has become more apparent as violence against the public and public safety personnel alike continues to rise from sources such as gang activity and domestic terrorism. If you have any questions, please contact Greg Stevens at 919.464.2299. Date: July 22-26 Time: 8a-5p Fee: $120 Loc: JCC/PSB

Wastewater Treatment Operator I & II

This course is designed to provide the individual with a general knowledge of the operation of wastewater treatment systems. Date: April 18-July 25 Time: 6-10p Fee: $175 Loc: W

Computer Training Beginner’s Guide to Computer Operations

This course is designed for the beginner. The student will gain knowledge in computer and the Windows 7 working environment, to include, basic computer terminology, basic file management, word processing and basic internet operations. Date: May 20-June 12 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $68 Loc: JCC/W Date: July 1-Aug 6 Time: 6-8p Fee: $68 Loc: W

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007

This course will instruct students on the basic functions and features of Excel. This course is great for beginners and for those who need to refresh their Excel skills. Date: May 20-July 7 Time: 6-9p Fee: $68 Loc: W Date: July 17-Aug 8 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $68 Loc: JCC/W

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007

This course will provide students with the working knowledge necessary to create and print documents in a variety of formats using MS Word. Date: June 17-July 9 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $68 Loc: CC


This 24 hour course is specifically for those who are seeking to learn the keyboard through touch-typing. Date: May 21-June 13 Time: 6-9p Fee: $68 Loc: JCC/W

PowerPoint 2010

Students will gain knowledge on how to create professional slide show presentations which can be used for business plans, workshops or instructional environments. Date: June 19-June 27 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $67 Loc: JCC/W

Employability Skills Effective Communication

Identify your personal communication style, build confidence and learn how to accurately communicate your skills and abilities. Date: May 20-22 Time: 6-9p Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/W Date: June 4 & 6 Time: 9a-2p Fee: $65 Loc: B Date: Aug 6 & 8 Time: 9a-2p Fee: $65 Loc: B

Effective Strategies for Your Job Search

Stay one step ahead of your competition. This 3-hour workshop will provide effective tips on topics critical for a successful job search. C l a s s i s h e l d a t

t h e D e pa r t m e n t o f Em p l o y m en t S e cu r i t y , S m i t h f i e l d. Date: May 21 Date: June 27

Time: 9a-12n Time: 9a-12n

Fee: $65 Fee: $65

Job Search – What’s New, What’s Missing

Tweak your resume toward a job description and learn different social media and job websites you might not have heard of to help you with your job search. Date: May 17 Time: 10a-2p Fee: $65 Loc: Clayton Library Date: Aug 8 Time: 10a-2p Fee: $65 Loc: Clayton Library You are welcome to bring a snack or lunch

Job Searching Using Technology

Teacher Training BSAC (Basic School-Age Care)

The state of North Carolina requires BSAC training for school-age professionals who plan and ensure the implementation of daily activities or supervise groups of school-age children in licensed child care programs. For more information contact Heidi Harris at 919-209-2159. Date: 5/20-27 Time: Online Fee: $18 Loc: Online Date: 6/24-7/1 Time: Online Fee: $18 Loc: Online Date: 7/29-8/5 Time: Online Fee: $18 Loc: Online

Effective Teacher Training for Substitutes

Would you like to be a substitute in the public schools, but you’ve never had training? This course provides training in presentation skills, learning expectations, monitoring student interactions, social interactions, and time management. Date: 6/3-4 Time: 8:30-3:30 Fee: $65 Loc: CC

Math in the Preschool Classroom

Participants will discuss two of NAEYC’s Position Statements: Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Early Childhood Mathematics. Date: 5/6-20 Time: 5-8p Fee: $20 Loc: JCC/H

Pathways to Teacher Assistant

This class is designed to fulfill 48 of the 96 hours of continuing education credits as well as the WorkKeys Skills assessments necessary in order to be “highly qualified” and employable by Johnston County’s Title One schools.

This course is designed to enhance the job seeker’s ability to use technology in the job search process. Date: June 3-13 Time: 9a-2p Fee: $120 Loc: JCC/W Loc: K Date: June 19-July 11 Time: 9a-3p Fee: $120 (30hrs) Date: July 29-Aug 8 Time: 9a-2p Fee: $120 Loc: JCC/W NOTE: FLASH DRIVE REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES

I n or d er t o reg ist er , st u d en t s w ill need t o sch edu le a b r ief in for m a t ion se ssion w it h H e id i H a r r is a t 9 1 9 -2 0 9 -2 1 5 9 .


This curriculum prepares individuals to work with children in elementary through middle grades in diverse learning environments. Date: 6/3-21 Time: Online Fee: $30 Loc: Online

Attendees will learn how to sign up, build a profile and add work experience and education. Additional information will be given on how to accept and send invitations, messaging, finding and joining groups, following companies, manage LinkedIn settings, and how to use keywords in your profile for career development. Date: June 10 Time: 6-9p Fee: $65 Loc: K Date: August 6 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $65 Loc: K

Résumé Writing for Job Seekers

In this class you will learn how to create a successful resume for your next employment and how to complete an online application and attach a resume to the file. Date: May 22-23 Time: 9a-2p Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/W Date: June 25-26 Time: 9a-2p Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/W Date: July 8-10 Time: 6-9p M/T & 6-8p W Fee: $65 Loc: W NOTE: FLASH DRIVE REQUIRED

Skills for a New Career

Quality Care for School-Age Children

Teacher Assistant Training One

This class is designed to fulfill the remaining 24 hours of the 96 hours of continuing education credits necessary in order to be “highly qualified” and employable by Johnston County’s Title One schools. ‘Pathways to Teacher Assistant’ is the pre-requisite for this class. Date: 6/4-27 Time: 5-8p Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/LRC

JCC Class Locations B = Benson Conference Center, 303 E. Church St, Benson, NC 27504 (Use the Hill Street entrance) CC= Cleveland Center, 9046 Cleveland Road, Clayton, NC 27520 K = Kenly Center, 408 South College Ave, Kenly NC 27542

Can you sell yourself to potential employers? Build your self-confidence, and learn how to network and professionalism in the workplace. This class will introduce social networking, online applications, and include a selfassessment. Date: June17-20 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/W Date: July 22-25 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $65 Loc: JCC/W

JCC/E = JCC Smithfield – ELSEE Building, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577

Workkeys - Career Readiness Certification

JCC/LRC = JCC Smithfield – LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577

W hat is the CR C?

The Career Readiness Certificate is a portable credential that promotes career development and skill attainment for the individual. The CRC confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic workplace skills in reading, applied math, and locating information–essential skills required by the vast majority of jobs today.

WorkKeys®-CRC Test Prep

This class is designed to prepare students to take the WorkKeys® assessments. Date: June 10-July 8 Time: 9a-12n Fee: $65 Loc: CC Date: July 22-August 12 Time: 6-9p Fee: $65 Loc: W

JCC/H = JCC Smithfield – HEALTH Building, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577

JCC/PSB = JCC Smithfield – PUBLIC SAFETY Building, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577 JCC/TDT = JCC Smithfield – TRUCK DRIVING TRAINING Building, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577 JCC/W = JCC Smithfield – WILSON Building, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577 W = Workforce Development Center, 135 Best Wood Drive, Clayton, NC 27520

Non-profit Org. US Postage PAID Smithfield, NC Permit No. 73

245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577 919.934.3051 •

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JCC Career & Technical Training Summer 2013  
JCC Career & Technical Training Summer 2013  

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