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“It started as kind of a joke … ” around Southeast Georgia. Some of the Geechee people over on Sapelo Island, one of Georgia’s barrier islands, had taken to calling the free-spirited, music-lovin’, easygoin’ folks ‘Swamp Hippies.’ The fellas didn’t mind the nickname–in fact, they thought it was catchy. And it was certainly true. Next thing you know, they were settin’ up music festivals and barbecues and off-road events and god knows what else! With nary a negative word to be heard. One of the not-so-ragtag group leaders (though he claims to be just one of the guys) says that the philsophy of the Swamp Hippies is “really about going back to the basics, to

hippie? simply having a good time and enjoying our local culture for what it is. It’s about forgetting all the politics and tensions of the day. Anymore, people are just so stressed out and angry all the time. This is about calming down and letting the nonsense go. It’s about celebrating out differences, not fighting amongst ourselves or fighting anyone else. And hoping that everyone we meet will get it and embrace it and leave off any fighting they might be doing, too.” So let’s all take a deep breath, center our chis, hitch up our Junior Samples, and dig some great sounds and mellow vibes from the musicians and vendors and craftspeople and cuisine artists (aka cooks and servers!) who are with us on this special trip … SPRING 2018 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • 3

adam wakefield

All the country. All the soul. All the gospel of Rock & Roll. Adam Wakefield is a singer-songwriter who has secured his place in Nashville, TN, but is far from the typical artist one may expect to find in the Country Music Capital of the World. What certainly can be said about Adam Wakefield when it comes to the music industry is that he approached it uniquely, he entered it humbly, and he thrives in it confidently. It is those qualities that make Adam a standout, influential performer in a town that celebrates musicality and yearns for the type of atypical twist he brings to the country music format. 4 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • SPRING 2018

WOODBINE CRAWFISH FESTIVAL Friday, April 27 • 5-9 p.m. Saturday, April 28 • 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Woodbine Waterfront Park, GA FREE | WoodbineCrawfish.Com


Sean Clark & the Pine Box Dwellers

This crew is based in Waycross, a bastion of country music and deep emotional angst that lays claim to Gram Parsons, Burt Reynolds and Ossie Davis. Sean Clark usually solos, but we’re in luck– this week, he’s with The Pine Box Dwellers, laying down swamp rock, Southern rock and whatever else they please, with style, grace and an obvious love for music. The band: Jesse Herrin (bass), extended Dweller family: Ingram Connor Griffin (drums), Lee O’Neal (drums), John Pope (guitar), Willis Gore (guitar), Micahlan Boney (violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar, vocals), according to Facebook. 6 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • SPRING 2018

SPRING HAPPY FEST April 16-22 • 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Deep Bend Landing 164 Deep Bend Lane Waynesville, GA Tickets starting at $30 Details at SwampHippie.Com

BJ wilbanks

When you go to, the first image you see is a photo of Mr. Wilbanks, back to a window, blond hair highlighted through the rays of sun, lazily blowing smoke, seemingly contemplating yet another soulful tune. Like Gregg’s ghost, amirite? Wilbanks has a surefire recipe for superlative sounds: Take equal parts Americana, Motown and Delta blues and blend thoroughly. Add in gospel, ’70s rock from his parents’ vinyl stash and throw in more Stax-like blues. Top the whole thing off with reverential Southern rock and you got it: BJ Wilbanks’ own music, sweet sounds, raw emotion and ‘back porch soul.’

SPRING HAPPY FEST April 16-22 • 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Deep Bend Landing 164 Deep Bend Lane Waynesville, GA Tickets starting at $35 Details at SwampHippie.Com SPRING 2018 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • 7


seven days of peace, love MONDAY • APRIL 16 VIP Party

TUESDAY • APRIL 17 The Red Shed Band

WEDNESDAY • APRIL 18 Jamie Renee & The Walkers Matt Rogers Gitlo Lee

THURSDAY • APRIL 19 Hosted by • Greg Hester & Tommy Thompson The Pine Box Dwellers The Matt Brantley Band Shaw Davis & The Black Ties The Red Shed Band Special guest • Savanna Leigh Bassett


Greg Hester The Pine Box Dwellers The Red Shed Band The Matt Brantley Band Royal Johnson Kellie Parr Hambone Lee Stumps Gitlo Tommy Thompson 8 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • SPRING 2018


e, love, music & happiness! SATURDAY • APRIL 21 BJ Wilbanks Jamie Renee & The Walkers Sean Clark Ty Manning & The Slawdog Biscuits Savanna Leigh Bassett Lost Southern Boys 9AM-NOON Satilla River Challenge • SUP Race

SUNDAY • APRIL 22 Gospel with Albert Jerome Lee

APRIL 18-22 • MIDNIGHT - 5AM Swampy’s Mushroom Palace Stage Bring folding chairs; blankets will be available. Hosted by • XuluProphet Featuring Performances by: Obambo Colonial FX Vinay Aurora American Lesion Henry Jones Band Sara Ann Knight Perpetual Care Whiskey & Wine Clandestiny Raynbird SPRING 2018 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • 9

Shaw Davis & the Black Ties This acclaimed power trio, based in South Florida, has opened for notable blues-rock artists, including the ubiquitous GE Smith, Albert Castiglia and Mike Zito, sharing the stage on occasion as well. The high-energy, heavy-talented musicians pounding out psychedelic blues-rock are Shaw Davis on guitar, Bobby Van Stone on the drums and Patrick Stevenson doing the honors on the bass.

SPRING HAPPY FEST April 16-22 • 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Deep Bend Landing 164 Deep Bend Lane Waynesville, GA Tickets starting at $30 Details at SwampHippie.Com


savanna leigh bassett The lovely singer/songwriter plays somewhere around South Georgia and Northeast Florida darn near every night. Country-pop is one label; she plays a variety of stringed instruments with skill and passion, singing her own songs as well as favorites. She’s a happy woman, determined to spread happiness out among all who hear her.

SPRING HAPPY FEST April 16-22 • 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Deep Bend Landing 164 Deep Bend Lane Waynesville, GA Tickets starting at $35 Details at SwampHippie.Com SPRING 2018 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • 11

the matt brantley band Southern rock, country, country Western – this band can’t be pigeonholed into just one category. Their love for what they play – and who they play for – is evident in every note. Brantley himself, winner of Georgia Country’s 2016 Male Artist of the Year, is an accomplished vocalist. And these dudes really look the part, too—shades of Skynyrd.

BRUNSWICK BLESSING OF THE FLEET Friday, May 11 • 4-8 p.m. Saturday, May 12 • 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Mary Ross Park Brunswick, GA FREE | BrunswickBlessing.Com


moccasin creek off road We are so excited about this venue. It’s hundreds of acres on the Satilla River. There is a nice river run and we are planning all sorts of fun stuff. We are inviting Arts and Craft as well as food vendors. There will be three musical shows starting Friday night at 6 to 11:45 p.m., Saturday 6 to 11:45 p.m. and Sunday 4 to 10 p.m. Gates will open early morning and there is plenty of camping available if you want to stay all weekend. Plenty of RV space. This is a beautiful place and we are hoping to start something special. Make plans and tell your friends.

HIPPIES IN THE MUD August 31-September 2

Moccasin Creek Off Road Park 7055 Wilton Rd. Blackshear, GA MoccasinCreekORP.Com SPRING 2018 • SWAMP HIPPIE MAGAZINE • 13


Xuluprophet is a Psychedelic Funk/Reggae/ Rock Jam Band out of Savannah, who writes their own music as well as high-octane, grooveladen PARTY music. A power trio with Rhett Coleman on Drums, Xuluprophet has recently shared the stage with The Wailers and Passafire as well as headlining multiple festivals regionally. The groove-heavy rhythmic style has its roots in Caribbean and Latin rhythms while the dual guitarist sound has shades of ’60s psychedelia, ’70s funk, ’80s rock and ’90s grunge.


July All Month Long Sapelo Island, Georgia Facebook.Com/XuluprophetBand


Swamp Hippie Magazine Spring 2018  
Swamp Hippie Magazine Spring 2018