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TIGER’S 2 YEAR Local Music Guide Event + between Gallery Listening and Artists You Need to Know

Fiddlehead by Zack Rogers

It’s me again! Switching from a feature on Tiger King in Folio’s print issue to this digital issue’s cover story on Tiger Records has been comical. A co-worker even commented on my tiger tattoo stating, “That’s crazy because, you know: Tiger King.” Truth be told, my tattoo is not a symbol of love for Joe Exotic but actually for a tribute to Parquet Courts’ album Sunbathing Animal. Tiger Records is celebrating its two-year anniversary this month. If vinyl had really ever left, it’s back. And the vaccine has pressed play on the previously paused live music scene. It’s not trust-fund babies spending daddy’s money on vinyls they could easily download into their airpods or Elon Musk brain chip moving the music either…it’s baristas, pizza boys, bike couriers, underpaid creatives, unemployed-ers and hungry musicians. James Siboni, who owns Tiger Records, said, “I hope the future is a lot like the last two years have been: great music, friends and conversations in a great community.” Music can be and is the tie between all walks of life, and maybe if we keep progressing we can fill in the blank on this stupid meme with “MUSICAL”!

With you I leave a blip of the most recent newsletter from Jacksonville Music Experience (sign up & follow if you want to read the best musicians and writers in Jacksonville), headlined with the phrase “Music is Essential (insert star emoji)” written by the Director of Arts & Culture, Matt Shaw: “Years later, I was teaching part-time in San Francisco while my now-wife attended law school. Given our financial situation, there were few activities in that expensive city that I could partake in. But at least one day each month, I’d ride the N-Train to the top of the Haight Ashbury district, kicking off a few hours worth of crate digging at the sprawling Amoeba Records before pillaging the one- and two-dollar bins at Groove Merchant or Rasputin’s and foraging for obscure soul and jazz albums at Rooky Ricardo’s or Grooves. If little else, I figured, we might as well have music in our 500 square-foot apartment.” P.S. I pitched a new logo and it got approved yesterday!! This is the first place you’ll see it. Can’t wait for the love and hate mail. Love u xoxo Rain Henderson

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Winners of Jacksonville’s best haunted house, Daniel’s Dungeon Haunted Horrors

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic led toward the struggles of city

fulfilled our spooky and scary needs this Halloween. Starting in one Jacksonville

workers to pick up trash due to a pandemic labor shortage. Floridians criticize

family’s backyard, it turned into the best scare in Jacksonville.

this lingering odor and multiplication of flies after several weeks of waiting for this waste to be picked up. There continue to remain complaints regarding overflowing trash bins and littered lawns.

BRICKBAT TO THE JACKSONVILLE GO-KART THIEF The city of Jacksonville has a Go-Kart thief among us. Our Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office asks for information regarding stolen Go-Karts and trailers. JSO offers a possible reward of up to $3,000 for any tips regarding this stolen property or any possible suspects.




134 W Monroe Street Jacksonville, FL 32202 |

Featured Featured Upcoming Events: Featured Upcoming Upcoming Events: Events:

ART WALK BEER GARTEN 1st 1st Wednesday of Every Month 1st Wednesday Wednesday of of Every Every Month Month November November November Big Papa Fish + Tabula Big Rasa Beer Specials Big Papa Papa Fish Fish ++ Tabula Tabula Rasa Rasa Beer Beer Specials Specials December December December Christmas Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Christmas Tree Tree Lighting Lighting Ceremony Ceremony Holiday Holiday Entertainment Holiday Entertainment Entertainment Sun Sun King Beer Specials Sun King King Beer Beer Specials Specials

TOTALLY LIT HANUKKAH CELEBRATION HOLIDAY FOOD TRUCK TAKEOVER with with Santa Claus and The Groove Coalition 11 4pm with Santa Santa Claus Claus and and The The Groove Groove Coalition Coalition 11 11 ––– 4pm 4pm

Stay Staytuned tunedfor for2022 2022events eventsincluding including

JWJ’s JWJ’s Hip Hip Hop Hop Festival: Festival: Lifting Lifting Duval’s Duval’s Legendary Legendary Voices Voices 9


Celebrating 17 Years! Good Food Has An Address.

216 11th Ave. S., Jacksonville Beach | 904-241-1112 | 11

IT’S IN THE STARS November Horoscopes Isa Barrientos



You’ve come to feel comfortable in who you are, though you

Pick your poison: love or work? There’s nothing to sacrifice

still identify as formless. It might seem that your partner is a

but something to give. A new page will turn in your relation-

loose cannon – remain as solid as you are. Supplement with

ship. You’re bringing the turbulence. Your partner will provide

affection and long conversations.

stable ground for you to walk on. Be sweet.



You will deal with everything going on beneath the surface.

Your backed-up responsibilities will spill out in front of you to

The aim to better yourself could be stifled by something in

trigger a dark spot in your mind. Take care of the mess and

the workplace, if not by your hostile self-talk. Lean on your

your health to get your head together. Expect harsh words in

words and your money.

the workplace. Fire back with a snide remark.



With a look in the mirror, you’ll find that you are more beautiful

Financial opportunities begin to open up when you do what

than ever. Your social life will come to the forefront, and you

you love. The turmoil in your friend group might go right over

will receive downloads in conversation on building a better

your head – you’ll be too busy experiencing pure joy and

world. Pursue your leisure time aggressively.

reading love letters addressed to you.



A new height in your career will have you floating on a cloud

Your day-to-day tasks will soon be bubbling with pleasure.

on top of the world. Mayhem in your home life will bring you

Family takes on a new meaning for you, though it might be

back to earth. Keep it confidential. It’s a good time to make

at odds with your position in the world. Balance it all on the

plans for the future as you are thinking big but playing it safe.

awareness of the life you want to live.



Don’t be scared to ask for what you deserve. On your quest

You’ll romanticize your life and the darkness within it. A differ-

for meaning, your dreams keep getting bigger, your actions

ent commute will lead the way to the life you always wanted.

more intentional. A broken car and imaginary limitations can’t

Find virtue in small talk with friendly neighbors. To philoso-

stop you from getting there.

phize is too much.



Numbers are on your mind, the ones in your pocket, the ones

You’ve found your wishing well, it’s dripping with gold. Each

that you wish to have. Create a budget to avoid overspending,

reflection that your eye catches creates a new vision, every

make room for fun with friends. Your natural charm on the job

glimmer has healing powers. Don’t get ahead of yourself

could bring you new opportunities for growth.

when it comes to investments.



Theater Acknowledgment Molly Britt

Now more than ever, people are emphasizing the importance of supporting local businesses and organizations by making an effort to spend their dollars with those

Theater in Jacksonville ABET Steel Magnolias Nov 19-Dec 5 ALHAMBRA THEATRE & DINING Young Frankenstein (PG-13) through Nov. 7 American Pride, A Tribute to the Statler Brothers Nov 8-9 FLORIDA THEATRE Untold Stories: Ebbs and Flows Nov 27

who have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. The local theater community is one group that has been hit hardest. Between having to shut down completely then adapting to various CDC guidelines, it has been difficult to put on a play. Remaining open is now their biggest task. Players by the Sea has been operating for over 50 years and is a volunteer-based organization. The actors, backstage crew, set designers and others donate their time and talents out of a passion for the theater. According to their website, Players by the Sea “reimagined new experiences for [their] patrons and students, including virtual education initiatives like [their] New Voices program, and streaming events” as a result of the pandemic. In addition to live theatrical productions, Players by the Sea also offers classes, summer camps and workshops and hosts art exhibitions, providing an outlet for anyone interested in the fine arts to explore their passions and develop their skills. PBTS staff also made sure that when the doors did reopen, the environment would be a healthy and safe place for guests to go. They even produced a play that was streamed online so audience members did not have to leave home. This year, the theater was able to start up live shows again while introducing new restrictions and guidelines to follow while inside, such as requesting audience members to keep their masks on at all times.

FSCJ ARTIST SERIES Fiddler on the Roof Nov 2-7 A Christmas Carol Nov. 28 RITZ THEATRE Until You Do Right By Me Nov 20 THE 5 & DIME The Thanksgiving Play Nov 12-14

Though the theater has reopened its doors, Players by the Sea’s mission is still being threatened. It is the funding from ticket sales, donations and sponsors that helps run the facility, its shows and other programs, but between closing the doors and many people losing their jobs, the money coming in to fund the theater decreased. Recently, I took the opportunity to attend a production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Players by the Sea in Jacksonville Beach. Prior to the performance, PBTS’ artistic director Jerome Rackett addressed the audience personally about the struggles the theater has been having. With the fear of having to shut down permanently looming, Rackett encouraged attendees to spread the word about Players by the Sea and the importance of supporting community theater. It is his hope that more light drawn on the theater and their work in the community can bring in more guests so that they (and other local theater groups) no longer have to worry about going dark forever. It would be heart-breaking for locals and other surrounding areas alike to lose an

THEATRE JACKSONVILLE Beehive: The Musical Nov 5-21

asset like PBTS, biu the hardworking volunteers are more determined than ever to do what they can entertain the community. It’s up to the rest of us to support them. Visit to learn more about upcoming shows and auditions, purchase tickets and find out how you can get involved.


Trivia in Jacksonville

General Knowledge Trivia unless denoted otherwise


BEACHES Firefly Bay Wednesdays 7:00pm Sahara Cafe Tuesdays 7:00pm Dicks Wings (Atlantic) Thursday 7:00pm and Saturday 7:00pm Darbys Dungeon Thursday 7:00 Hoptinger Wednesday 9:00 pm ARLINGTON Jerry's Sports Grille Tuesday 7 p.m. Dick's Wings Tuesday 7 p.m. Time Out Sports Grill Wednesday 7:30 p.m and Friday 6:30pm SAN MARCO Sidecar/ V Pizza Thursdays 7:30pm Southern Grill Tuesdays 7:00pm ORANGE PARK Dick’s Wings Thursday 7:00pm AVONDALE Mellow Mushroom Monday 7:00pm Harps American Grill Tuesday 7:00pm and Wednesday 7:30pm (Pop Culture) MANDARIN Dick’s Wings Wednesday 7:00pm Jax Craft Beer Tuesday 7:00pm V Pizza Wednesday 6:30 (Pop Culture) SOUTHSIDE Dicks Wings-Tuesdays 7:00pm Bottlenose Brewing Thursdays 7:00pm Whiskey Jax Monday 7:30pm Gators Dockside Thursdays 7:00pm Hurricane Grill and Wings (Roosevelt) 7:00pm MURRAY HILL/5 POINTS/RIVERSIDE El Jefe Wednesday 7:30pm Hoptinger Wednesday 7:30pm Rain Dogs Tuesday 7:00pm Mellow Mushroom 7:00pm


As the 67th fattest city in the country, according to WalletHub, Jacksonville knows a few things about food. The fact that burgers, wings, pizza, fried chicken and/or tacos are practically mandated on local menus probably has something to do with that. But anyone who takes the time to explore the culinary landscape will undoubtedly discover dishes that are far more interesting—and creative—not that the previously mentioned delicious foods can’t be interesting and creative, of course. With cuisines spanning the globe (still waiting on that Icelandic restaurant, though), the food scene in the River City truly is a melting pot. Not having any chefs or anyone who identifies as a “foodie” (whatever that means) on the staff, we wouldn’t deign to identify the best restaurants in Jacksonville. We do, however, love to eat. And we have a lot of opinions. That said, we hereby present to you a starter list of some of our personal favorite restaurants. Consider it an appetizer with more courses to come. And if you don’t see your favorite below, let us know!

Angie’s Subs (Jacksonville Beach)

Monroe’s Smokehouse (Westside)

Arepa Please (Riverside)

Moon River (Murray Hill and Fernandina)

Bearded Pig (multiple)

New Berlin Fish & Oyster House (Northside)

Blue Bamboo (Mandarin)

On the Fly (Downtown)

Cool Moose (Riverside)

Orsay (Avondale)

Columbia Restaurant (St. Augustine)

Picasso’s (Mandarin)

Cowford Chophouse (Downtown)

Pine Grove Deli (Avondale)

Crispy’s (Springfield)

Ragtime (Atlantic Beach)

Cruisers (Jacksonville Beach)

Renna’s Pizza (multiple)

Domu (Town Center)

Restaurant Doro (Neptune Beach)

Don Juan’s (Mandarin)

Salt (Amelia Island)

European Street Cafe (multiple)

Silkie’s Fried Chicken & Champagne Bar (Springfield)

The Floridian (St. Augustine)

Singleton’s Seafood Shack (Mayport)

Flying Iguana & Tequila Bar (multiple)

Soul Food Bistro (Westside)

Foo Dog Curry (Riverside)

Southern Roots (Riverside)

The Fox (Avondale)

Spliff’s (Downtown)

Ida Claire (Town Center)

Sun Deli (Jacksonville Beach)

Island Wing Company (Southside)

Taco Lu (Jacksonville Beach)

Jazzy’s Restaurant and Lounge (Riverside)

Taqueria Cinco (Riverside)

La Cena Ristorante (Murray Hill)

Taste of Thai (Not Far From Memorial Hospital-side)

Lulu’s Waterfront Grill (Ponte Vedra Beach)

Taverna (San Marco)

Maple Street Biscuit Company (multiple)

Town Hall (San Marco)

Marker 32 (Intracoastal West)

Treylor Park (Nocatee)

Matt’s Italian Cuisine (Arlington)

Tuptim Thai (Ponte Vedra Beach)

Modu Ramen (Southside)

Umami Japanese Curry (Mandarin)


Giving Thanks to Those Who Cook…So We Don’t Have to Rob Nicholson

The traditions of Thanksgiving dinner haven’t gone away completely, but the world has certainly changed and more than anyone would have thought. The days of spending several days in the kitchen to get ready for a meal that most people can eat in 15–20 minutes have been falling by the wayside for years and now even more so. Fortunately, retailers, restaurateurs and caterers realize the need and offer fully-prepared meals you just heat and eat. As expected, offerings vary but typically are served family style. Some packages can be personalized and even include dessert. Most can be ordered online or by phone, just do it ASAP because Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. For those of you, who do decide to carry on the tradition of a homemade meal and need to make a list-minute trip to the grocery store, we included their holiday hours, as well. And if you don’t see your favorite restaurant on the list, ask if they are doing Thanksgiving to-go meals.



PUBLIX Closed Thanksgiving Day



Also open for dine-in Thanksgiving Day


Open limited hours Thanksgiving Day

SPROUTS Open limited hours

HARVEY’S Closed Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day Open limited hours Thanksgiving Day


Closed Thanksgiving Day

17 Closed Thanksgiving Day

MUSIC comedy NOV 1

NOV 20

Dave Ross, Eraser Records

Kathleen Madigan, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

NOV 4-6

Josh Blue, Comedy Zone

NOV 24

A Night of Laughter in Remembrance of Grandma NOV 5-6

Lee, Comedy Zone

Josh Pray presented by Phatt Katz Comedy,

Jax Comedy Club


NOV 26-27

Shaun Jones, Comedy Zone


Steve Hofstetter, Underbelly underbellyjaxcom

Nov 27 Bubba Dub presented by Phatt Katz Comedy,

NOV 11-14

Jax Comedy Club

Affion Crockett, Comedy Zone

comedyzonecom NOV 12

The Robbie Sumner Comedy Show, Eclipse Nightclub facebookcom/eclipseriverside Stephen Lynch, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall pvconcerthallcom First Coast Comedy Presents: Improv Night, Murray Hill Theatre

firstcoastcomedycom NOV 12-13

Daphnique Springs presented by Phatt Katz Comedy, Jax Comedy Club NOV 18-20

Trevor Wallace, Comedy Zone NOV 19-20

Tony Tone presented by Phatt Katz Comedy, Jax Comedy Club NOV 20

First Coast Comedy Presents: Improv Night, Jax Craft Beer

Comedy listings Kerry Speckman




FALL MOVIE REVIEW Reviews by Harry Moore

After a summer movie season with a somewhat limited number of releases, in comparison to years past, the fall promises to be full of exciting releases both in theaters and at home. From explosive blockbusters to artistic awards contenders, there is something for everyone. Here is a breakdown of some of the highlights on the way: The Many Saints of Newark: A Sopranos Story

a certain level of perverse lovability. And ultimately, Gandolfini’s

When The Sopranos began airing on HBO in 1999, it had an

shadow looms largely over the newly released prequel movie The

immediate and profound impact on pop culture and the television

Many Saints of Newark.

industry. The Sopranos gave its audience an unvarnished look at the lifestyles of made men, as the mafia entered its death spasms

Written by the series’ creator, David Chase, Newark follows the rise

at the changing millennium, and delivered a wide cast of unsavory,

and inevitable fall of mobster Dicky Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola),

burgeoning on deplorable, characters that viewers couldn’t help

Tony’s beloved uncle from his youth. The teenaged Tony is played

but root for. A sensation that is never truer than with the show’s

by Michael Gandolfini, James’ son, and the young actor does an

protagonist, Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolifini.

admirable job of inhabiting his father’s famous role. Even small

For many, a key component for what made The Sopranos an adored

flourishes in Michael’s performance, be they a slight squint of the

sensation rests on the actor’s burly shoulders as he navigated the

eye or a tilt of the head, are eerily similar to some of his father’s

many facets of Tony’s deeply troubled psyche, all while maintaining

on-screen quirks.


The film is set with the 1967 Newark race riots as a backdrop

returning; Billy Magnussen giving a strong turn as the film’s heavy;

and dabbles with racial injustice as a theme, as the mobsters use

and Knives Out star Ana De Armas stealing the show in a brief

the unrest caused by the riots to carry out their violent deeds

cameo. Rami Malek’s mysterious villain, Lyutsifer Safin, may be the

undetected. Many of the film’s performances are very strong,

film’s weakest link as his character’s motivations are murky and the

particularly Vera Farmiga, who inhabits the role of Lidia Soprano,

actor doesn’t make a major impression like past Bond villains have.

while Billy Magnussen gives an unexpectedly understated rendition of Paulie Walnuts. Unfortunately, the film’s runtime may

The Last Duel

have been its greatest enemy. Clocking in at 120 minutes the film

Ridley Scott directs this tale of quarrelling knights, who face off in a

may have bitten off more than it was able to chew, as the runtime

duel to the death when the wife of one of them accuses the other

pales in comparison to a lot of the classics in the gangster genre.

of raping her. The film is the type of adult epic that Scott has built

This leads to some of the film’s storylines lacking enough room to

his career on (Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Blade Runner, etc.) and

breathe, as is the case in the rivalry plot line between Dicky and

Hollywood makes all too rarely. The film’s scope is sweeping, as

Harold McBrayer (Leslie Odom Jr.). Since the film’s release, HBO

14th century France is created on screen in painstaking detail, with

has announced they and David Chase are developing a new TV

lavish costumes and brutally choreographed battle sequences.

series set in the Sopranos universe, and perhaps, this story may

Told in a Rashomon-like style, revealing each character’s “truth,”

have been better served if it were told in that medium.

it stars Matt Damon and Adam Driver as the clashing knights, both of whom give strong performances. But it is Jodie Comer, playing

Halloween Kills

the wife at the center of this duel, who is a revelation. Comer plays

Following immediately after the events of 2018’s Halloween,

all sides of this character with aplomb, playing both how she is

Michael Myers manages to escape Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee

perceived by the two men and how she truly is elegantly. There

Curtis) burning home and continue his murderous rampage on

are some incredibly difficult sequences to sit through, particularly

the citizens of Haddonfield, Illinois. David Gordon Green’s 2018

Comer’s character’s perspective of the rape, which is very graphic

film managed to revive Michael Myers for a new generation and is

and may be upsetting to some viewers.

arguably one of the strongest entries in the 40-year-old franchise. However, there is much to recommend in this sweeping epic, Damon However, this second part of his planned trilogy is a baffling mess.

and Ben Affleck co-wrote the screenplay (their first since Good Will

The issues start early on as Michael emerges from the burning

Hunting) alongside screenwriting veteran Nicole Holofcener, and

building he was trapped in at the previous film’s climax only to

one has to wonder why the two actors and longtime friends haven’t

then take out an entire crew of firefighters, as though it were John

had more screenplay collaborations during their careers, as they

Wick behind the mask. In this telling of the story, Michael is in his

clearly show a strong knack for it.

60s, at least, and the script constantly reminds you of this. A not insignificant portion of the film is spent with characters repeating

Dune: Part One

the phrases like “evil dies tonight!” and “40 years ago…” that it

Frank Herbert’s science-fiction tome has been subject to

truly becomes exhausting. Given that this is the middle chapter of

adaptation numerous times in the decades after its publication.

a trilogy, Laurie is stuck in a hospital bed for the majority of the

Much like when Peter Jackson brought Middle-Earth to life in the

runtime, delaying the final encounter between Michael and Laurie

early 2000s, Denis Villeneuve has remarkably adapted a famously

for next year’s Halloween Ends. The film also explores the overly

“un-adaptable” novel for the big screen. Timothee Chalamet stars

relied on, and, frankly cliched at this point, theme of “what if man

as Paul Atreides, a young nobleman burdened with divine purpose,

is the real monster,” as a rabid mob hunting Michael accidently

whose family is in the midst of an endless war with evil forces.

causes the death of an innocent mental health patient. It feels

Villeneuve creates a series of sumptuous visuals by combining

incredibly overwrought and half-baked as we have seen Michael

both practical and computer-generated effects that must be seen

brutally murder a dozen people in this film alone. But the film’s

on the biggest screen possible to fully appreciate. Every actor

biggest issue is that it is played with all seriousness, despite the

of this massive cast understood their assignment and created

ridiculousness of the proceedings.

characters who appear to be truly living in this world. Toward the end of its two and half hour long runtime a character says, “This is

No Time to Die

only the beginning,” and I couldn’t be more excited to see where

In what’s been the longest ever wait between installments, Bond

the rest of this tale goes.

is finally back. Daniel Craig makes his definitively final appearance as Her Majesty’s secret agent in this espionage epic. Craig closes his tenure on a high note, sealing his rendition of the character as among the best. Cary Joji Fukunaga does an admirable job of helming his first blockbuster and manages to bring some of his art house sensibilities honed in past projects like Beasts of No Nation and True Detective to this broader canvas. The supporting cast is generally very strong, with Lea Seydoux and Jeffrey Wright


TIGER’S 2 YEAR Photos Zack Rogers & Jordan Hoover | Words Kasey Batchelor

This December, Jacksonville’s almighty Tiger Records

To celebrate the occasion, Tiger Records is hosting a Two-

celebrates its second anniversary.

Year Anniversary Show with an exciting lineup including Fiddlehead, Day by Day, Slowfire Pistol and Method of

Located on Stockton Street at the old Inksmith and Rogers

Doubt. The show takes place Dec. 11 at the newly re-opened

Riverside location, Tiger Records is owned by James Siboni

Underbelly in Downtown.

and Myra Oh. The shop boasts an eclectic inventory of both new and used 45s, LPs, rare and collectable albums

“Tiger is such a dream come true, it’s an idea I was obsessed

encompassing genres as diverse as punk, hardcore, hip-hop,

with for years before it was a reality, so the shop turning 2

rock, soul, indie, jazz, pop and metal. They also sell both new

feels amazing,” said Siboni, “And I’m very excited for the

and vintage shirts, pins, merchandise, equipment and more.

show in December.”

Tiger Records has quickly become a staple in the music

Tickets for the show are $10 and can be purchased either

community in Northeast Florida.

online or in person at Tiger Records.

“I couldn’t really ask for more,” Siboni said of the shop’s first

Hailing from Boston, Fiddlehead blends post-hardcore,

two years in business. “I love going in to work every day. I’m

post-punk and ‘80s emo into a distinct sound led by vocalist

very thankful to have a great staff and amazing consumers

Pat Flynn. Day by Day, with vocalist (and artist) Ian Dolan,

who share a love of music and culture.”

is a powerhouse hardcore band repping the legendary


South Florida name. Atlanta’s Slowfire Pistol’s hardcore-

“I hope the future is a lot like the last two years have been:

based sound has also described by Stereogum as “inense,

great music, friends and conversations in a great community,”

dramatic, new screamo.” Method of Doubt is from all over—

said Siboni.

South Florida, Atlanta and Jacksonville—recently released two singles off their upcoming LP: “Kudzu” and “One Million

In addition to the anniversary show, Tiger will also be having

Copies Sold.”

a special sale and releasing some new limited merchandise. There will be tons of new records hitting the bins as well as

“Every band playing are friends of mine, and they have all

new band shirts, plus $1 and $5 records.

been supportive of the store, and they’re all just so good,” Siboni said. “I wanted bands that we don’t get to see here in Jacksonville very often. It’s actually Fiddlehead’s first time playing Jacksonville!” This anniversary show is sure to be a fun and memorable ode to how far Tiger Records has come, as well as a cheers to future successes for the shop.

Fiddlehead by Zack Rogers



Jordan Hoover

“I hope the future is a lot like the last 2 years have been: great music, friends and conversations in a great community,” 25


TASTE the Life

Jacksonville Beach | St. Augustine Beach | Fernandina Beach 27





Jax Craft Beer

Meehan’s Irish Pub


Live music every Friday from 7-9pm

Live music on Thursdays from

Pianist Carl Grant plays every

2-6pm and Friday through Sunday

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thrasher-Horne Center Nov 10 Melissa Etheridge 7:30pm


Nov 13 Help Somebody’s Atlanta

from 1-5pm and 9pm-midnight DOS Coffee and Bar


Rhythym Section, Pat Travers Band,

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Oct 9th Live artist

and The Curt Towne Band at 7pm

Nov 4 Galactic ft Anjelika Joseph

Ancient City Brewing Company

Daily’s Place

Hilltop Restaurant


Live music Saturday starting at 7pm

Nov 12 & 13 Kane Brown 7pm

Live music Tuesday-Friday from

Nov 12 The Time Machine Tour

and Sundays starting at 4pm

Florida Theater

4:30-7pm in the lobby


The Roadhouse Bar

Nov 13 Robert Cray 8pm

Live music every Thursday-

Palm Valley Outdoor Bar

Saturday night

Live music every Friday, Saturday

Iggy’s Bar and Grille

Anderson 7pm

Dee’s Music Bar

and Sunday

Nov 19 BTM 7pm

Nov. 10 Blockhead 8pm

Live music every Friday and

Fionn MacCool’s

Nov 20 Pop & Latin Music by

Nov 11 Marty Stuart and his

Saturday night

Live Music every Friday and

Mandella Band 7pm

Fabulous Superlatives 8pm

Big Dawgs

Saturday at 9pm

Nov 24 “RC” on the Patio 6pm

Nov. 13 Aaron Gillespie 7pm

Live music every Wednesday

Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Nov 27 The Chris Thomas Band

Nov 13 Straight No Chaser (A

Tom and Betty’s

Live music on Friday nights


cappella) 8pm

Nov 5 Orleans 8pm at the WJCT FRUIT COVE

Nov 7 Brian Culbertson ft. Marcus

Live music most Fridays at 7:30pm Nov 13 Jeff Joslyn Band 7:30pm


Nov 14 A Celebration With ZZ Top ST AUGUSTINE


Nov 20 Boogie Freaks 7:30pm

ft. Tim Montana 8pm Nov 16 The Gipsy Kings ft Nicolas

The Daq Shack

The St. Augustine Amphitheatre

The Breezy Jazz House

Reyes 8pm

Live music on Sunday starting at

Nov 6 A Day to Remember 6pm

Live jazz on Thursdays from 6-9pm

Nov 19 Brothers Again 8pm


Nov 11 Justin Moore and Tracy

Grape and Grain

Nov 20 Classic Albums live

The RiverHouse

Lawrence 7pm

Live music every Wednesday,

performing Hotel California 8pm

Live music Fridays

Nov 19 Brett Young 6:30pm

Thursday and Friday from 8pm-

Nov 26 Everytime I Die/’68/Candy

Colonial Oak Music Park



Nov 4, 11, 18 Country Night at the

Live DJ every Saturday

Nov 30 Black Violin 8pm

Oak 7pm

The Parlour

VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena

The Casbah Café

Taps Bar and Grill

Live music on most weekends

Nov 4 Elevation Nights w/ Steven

Live jazz every Sunday from

Live music every Wednesday,

Cuba Libre Bar

Furtick 7pm


Friday, and Saturday

Live music most Friday nights

Nov 7 The Millennium Tour 7:30pm

Arnold’s Lounge


Nov 13 James Taylor with special

Live music on Wednesday and

Live music most weekends

guest Jackson Browne 8pm



Thursday at 7-11pm Friday,

1904 Music Hall

Whitey’s Fish Camp

Saturday, and Sunday from 8pm-

Live music every Monday, Saturday



and Sunday 6pm

Café 11

CopperTop Bar

Jacksonville 6pm

Mr. Chubby’s Wings

Nov 3rd Robert Jon & the Wreck

Nov 5 Highway Jones

Nov 6 Roosevelt Collier 9pm

Live music every Friday from


Nov 12 Lift

Nov 7 Florida’s Most Wanted

8:30pm to midnight

Nov. 4 The Reverend Peyton’s Big

Nov 19 JINXX

Showcase 7pm

Sunset Tiki Bar

Damn Band 8pm

Live music every Friday and

Nov 14 Seth Glier 8pm

Saturday at 7pm

Prohibition Kitchen

Mercury Moon Bar and Grill

Live music Wednesday-Monday

Cliff’s Bar and Grill

Nov 6 Cultivated Mind and Root

Live music every Monday and


Live music 8pm on Friday and

Sea doors open at 8pm

Wednesday and most Fridays

Nov 5 & 6 Blistur 8:30pm


Nov 19 KCAMP w/ guests at night

and Sacrifice, and Vitriol in

Nov 9 Grayscale/Girlfriends/ ARLINGTON

Nov 19 & 20 Spanky 8:30pm

Cemetery Sun/Young Culture 6pm Underbelly

Nov 12 & 13 LiveStream 9pm SOUTHSIDE

Nov 1 Dying Fetus, Terror, Brand

Nov 20 Days Gone By/ Vilano, MANDARIN

Nov 26 & 27 Cotton Mouth 8:30pm

Giants of Atlantis, Losing Daylight, and Legions Blind

Veterans United Craft Brewery

The Cellar Upstairs Winery


James Weldon Johnson Park

Live music on Fridays

Live music every Tuesday through

Pianist Brian Iannucci plays every

Live music every Monday and

Friday 1-4pm and 6-10pm

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Friday 11:30am-2pm

SIC Jazz in the Park with Joe Watts

Sadler Ranch

“Island Music” Sundays from


every Wednesday from 11:30am-

Nov. 9 Seckond Chaynce 8pm


Live music most weekends,



Times-Union Center for

Tad Jennings 6-10pm every

Performing Arts


Nov 5 Patriotic Pops 11am & 7:30pm

Pili Pili 6pm every Wednesday

Friday Musicale

Nov 9 Hed PE and Andrew W Boss

Nov 12 & 13 Tchaikovsky’s Fifth

The Surf

Nov 12 Chris Thomas Band

and Pigweed 7pm

Symphony 7:30pm

Every Friday and Saturday 5-11pm


Nov 10 Tuff Turf, Pajama Dogs,

Nov 16 Neil Berg’s 50 years of Rock

Blue Jay Listening Room

Nov 21 Kyle Dzapo 3-5pm

North By North (Chi), And Jackie

and Roll 7:30pm

Nov 27 & 28 Will Blackburn

Rain Dogs

Stranger 7pm

Nov 18 Mannheim Steamroller


Live music/bands Thursdays,

Nov 12 Mustard Service 8pm-1am

Christmas by Chip Davis 7:30pm

Nov 30 Sierra Ferrell 8-10:30pm

Fridays and Saturdays

Nov 13 Cloak, Demiser 7:30pm

Nov 19 A Journey Through

Coop 303

River and Post

Nov 30 Yautja, Yashira and More

Beethoven 11am

Every Friday and Saturday at 9 PM

Eric Charlton every Saturday 7pm


Dos Gatos



Live disco music every Friday

Nov 11 Ventura Latin Band 7:30pm

Live DJs Wednesday 9pm-close,

DJ NickFresh Saturdays

Nov 13 Caribe Groove 10pm

Thursday through Saturday 10pm-

Intuition Ale Works

Nov 19 Live Fireball Band 7:30pm


Nov 6 Surfer Blood ft Las Nubes,


The Garage

Dirtbike, and SeaGate 7pm

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Nov 13 Circles Around the Sun 8pm


midnight and Saturdays 9pm-1am,

Brix Taphouse

Reggae Sundays with DJ Brooks

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Jazz on Saturdays and Djson RIVERSIDE

Sunday nights Archetype

The Fly’s Tie

Jack Rabbits Live

Surfer [Bar]

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Nov 13 Illiterate Light 8pm

DJs and dancing on Saturdays

Ocean 60

Nov 19 The 502’s and Samuel Herb

11am-2am and Sundays 11am-3pm

Live music Wednesday 6-9pm and


Jerry’s Grille

Fridays 9:30pm-Close

Nov 28 American Aquarium with

Live music every Friday from

Hurricane Grill & Wings (Neptune

Samantha Crain 7pm



Nov 30 The Brummies with Vlad

Mavis Seafood Restaurant

Live Music on Friday nights at 7pm

Holiday and The Forum 7pm

Live music Fridays and Saturdays

Monkey’s Uncle


Live bands Thursday and Friday nights 9:30pm to close and live

Music listings Kemp Preston

Las Nubes by Gabriel Duque

We’re launching back into Best of Jax. From retail and dining to civics, BOJ 2021 is going to be stellar.


Starts Monday, November 1 & ends Wednesday November 17. Top fives nominees advance to the voting ballot. No write-in canidates.


Begins Thursday, November 18th & ends Friday, December 17th


Announced Wednesday, January 19th 2022






Nationally-recognized art museums and galleries co-mingle with burgeoning local galleries to create a vibrant art scene that is bringing beauty, discussion and change to Northeast Florida. This is in no way a complete list of venues to appreciate the talents of artists—both local and international, as it, too, is a work in progress. Don’t see your favorite museum, gallery or visual art venue listed? Let us know at



“Oversteet Ducasse Triggered: Catalyst to Activist”

• “Doug Eng: Structure of Nature | Nature of Structure,” through Jan. 2. 2022 • “Left Side Ride Side,” through March 6, 2022


• “Techno-Innocence,” through Feb. 13, 2022 • “Rebecca Louise Law: The Journey,” through Jan. 9, 2022


• “Imprisoned but Empowered: Cheyenne Warrior Artists at Fort Marion,”

through Feb. 27, 2022

Works by Eileen Corse, Jim Draper, Fallon Pepper, C. Ford Riley, Alice Wil-

• “Innovation and Imagination: The Global Dialogue in Mid to Late 20th

liams, MacTruque and Jeff Foxwothy (yes, that Jeff Foxworthy)

Century Art,” through Dec. 31



“First Coast Plein Air Painters: Scene Through Our Eyes,” through Dec. 10 Jeremiah Jossim: “Fragile Horizon,” through Nov. 12



• La Fond Solo Exhibition, through Nov. 12, UNF Gallery of Art

• “Art & Feminism: Research-Driven Student Artwork,” through December,

• Lauren Hussey and Molly Riefler, through Nov. 16, Kent Campus Gallery

Cynthia and Walter R. Graham Jr., M.D. Student Art Gallery

• Benjamin Muñoz through Nov. 18, South Campus Gallery

• “Yet We Are: Personal Narrative and Shared History,” through November 12,

• “WeaveTales,” Nov. 15-Dec. 3, Downtown Campus Gallery

Lufrano Intercultural Gallery

• Student Holiday Celebration, Nov. 23-Dec. 8, Kent Campus Gallery • Highlights of the Student Annual, through Dec. 3, North Campus Gallery


• Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts, through Dec. 16, Deerwood

Center Gallery

“Age of Cognizance” featuring new works by Ricder Ricardo, Mimi Tran and Kirsten Williams, Nov. 5-Dec. 22

THE LIGHTNER MUSEUM • “Tom Schifanella: Faces of the Alcazar” through March 7, 2022 • “Picturing a Nation: American Art” through Sept. 30, 2022


Memory, Surveillance and Perception: the Xygoat Collective’s First Gallery Isa Barrientos

After a year and a half without a major collective exhibition, Anh

Pham and VanDyke got to work bringing in artists of different

Pham and Casey VanDyke’s xygoat brought the gallery scene back to

backgrounds. Though many of them didn’t know each other, they

Jacksonville on Oct. 15.

drew connections in the themes of their work and the way they would complement one another.

It was the offspring of an idea months in the making. In the early spring of this year, Anh Pham was on a walk when she had a prophetic vision:

“We were looking at people’s styles that were similar but had some

an exhibition with her work alongside other painters and photographers,

creative tension that would create something new,” said Pham.

something to celebrate a grand collaboration among artists. She posted the idea to her Instagram story over a scenic video.

They first met with the artists in early June and created a five-month timeframe to prepare for the show. There they decided on themes of

“The only one to respond was Casey VanDyke,” said Pham, showing his

advertising, surveillance, perception and identity, which collectively sum

response: “this sounds really cool!”

up the works of Pham, VanDyke and participating artists: Silvana Smith, Nick Phitides, Sasha Kovalenko, William Bishop, Alyssa Castleman,

VanDyke is a mixed-media artist based out of Springfield. His work

Nico Gomez, Jordy Bowen, Mia Larson and Pat Conklin. Phitides and

draws from Dada and surrealism, bringing them into modernity with a

his work’s focus on memory and perception became integrated into

shadowy 21st-century vision. It’s on the other end of the spectrum from

xygoat’s overarching concept during a collaboration with Pham on

Pham’s hyperreal, saturated pop-art portraits, but the themes that draw

writing the exhibit’s manifesto. Kovalenko utilized her graphics design

them together are curiously similar. They work from a lens of advertising

background to foster visuals from xygoat’s written elements and logo.

and surveillance, challenging late-stage capitalism and its implanted memories.

“We grow up in a social media age where things are observed from a window where you kind of experience these things indirectly. They’re

The message was the first material spark of connection between the

artificial experiences,” said Pham, “which ties into advertising because

artists that would otherwise exist only in a network of algorithms and

when you’re projected an image, it’s artificial, but it embeds itself in your

friends of friends. After a few weeks of throwing ideas back and forth

memory. That’s where the themes come into play.”

virtually, Pham and VanDyke met up in person to start planning. Pham hosted the fashion show, “Anharchy in the 2K,” which put a spin “We were sitting at Bold Bean—there were a lot of Bold Bean meetings,”

on Y2K fashion with garments hand-sewn by Pham herself from recycled

she said, “and talked about what came to mind when we thought about

materials. They tied the punk elements from the performing artists with

a bunch of artists coming together, the biological definition of coming

pop art and surrealism. The show included collaborative pieces designed

together. Then we messed around with the spelling.”

by Mia Larson and Jordy Bowen. Bowen incorporated her screen printing techniques onto Larson’s upcycled canvas garments to highlight the

It became “xygoat,” as in “zygote,” with “goat” to symbolize creation

overall artistic integrity of xygoat. Makeup artists Seven Meave, Glacys

and “xy” for the chromosomes. Pham designed the logo as a nod to

Agustin and assistants Charlie Durso and Miles Alexander furthered the

Byzantine art—the eye, in fact, is a rotated mandorla, the shape at the

creative direction of the fashion show through Pham’s vision.

intersection of two circles, symbolizing the space between heaven and earth.

The musical performances combined the visual aspect of the exhibit with sound to close the show and emphasize the collaborative nature

Pham already had a venue in mind. She met artist Momo Show Palace at

of xygoat. Coltrane Mackendrick and Tyler Fleming directed this portion

her opening exhibition “How 2 Be a Butterfly” at Bold Bean San Marco

of the event and incorporated projection pieces showcased during

a few weeks prior, when he invited her to come check out his studio in

the fashion show with live performances from The Black Toilet, Senski,

historic Springfield. This gave Pham a lightbulb, she said, as a warehouse

Golfer 2, Ten Gallon Tangerine and Everything to Me.

seemed like the perfect space for a Jacksonville crowd. The collective has more exhibitions to come. Find updates via instagram @xygoa.t.




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Paper Gallery ART I S T REVI EW


ANA BOULINEAU Folk artist Ana Boulineau’s eerie, dreary paintings suggest innocence and despair. They made their first appearance as a visual artist at Folio’s Paper Gallery last month in five paintings, a series that represented the course of a day in Boulineau’s life. It was their first time out in almost two years: “It was a lot to take in after being a vermin for so long,” they said. Boulineau was born an artist. They have been drawing since childhood, but their primary medium of expression was poetry – until it wasn’t. “I didn’t start painting until around this time last year, like October/November 2020,” said Boulineau. “I had a lot going on at the time, and I had really bad writer’s block, so I was like, ‘I'm just gonna try and paint.’” Artistically, Boulineau had always been into the masters like Francisco Goya, which certainly inspired the shadows in their work. The pressure from a rigid standard of what “good art” was, especially being self-trained, kept them from pursuing painting. “I held myself hostage with that standard for a long time. It was me trying to do that,” said Boulineau. It wasn’t until they started studying mid-century folk art that their vision really came through. “When I started doing it for the sake of painting and doing whatever came to mind, it took on its own thing.” The works tell a story of emotional dysregulation, black-and-white-thinking, and emptiness: a muddied view of a kitchen table, recalling a trauma, piecing together childhood memories, slipping into a dark place at the end of the day. “Painting is a way for me to express what I can’t say with words when I'm in a hole,” Boulineau said. Find their art on Instagram at a_parade_for_fish.


EDDIE CASTRO Though street-style photography and the midst of rural Florida may seem like an impossible match, film photographer Eddie Castro marries the two seamlessly with his Middle Florida series, presented at October’s Paper Gallery. Castro has been shooting film since age 17. He got his first roll developed at Fototechnika, where he now works. He uses the medium in all of his photography, from his work with local clothing label Bonsoir, the Black Beach exhibition, and Sunday Football Club. He also has series shot in Puerto Rico and California. “There's a tangible feeling with film. Doing things with your hands feels better than plugging it in,” said Castro, who is intimately involved with every part of the film process. “Processing it with your hands, making prints, it just feels more authentic. The concept for his latest series struck this summer as he helped his sister move down to Tampa. On the way there and in subsequent trips around rural Florida, he shot the colorful, spacious photographs that would go on to make Middle Florida. “Driving there, I just hadn’t realized how interesting that part of Florida is,” Castro said. “Most street photographers, being in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, they have to commute by foot. They have their camera on them, they see what the city has to offer them. Here, if you're commuting by foot, it's not really worth it.” It put street-style photography on a scale wide and slow, getting to his subjects in a car instead of on foot, with open skies in the background rather than tall buildings. He captured a gas station on A1A outside of Daytona, a movie theater in Starke, a classic Florida car in Palatka, a cow in an unincorporated town near Macclenny, and a friend on an old car west of Jacksonville. Find his work on or on instagram at eddiercastro.


LIZ HARTLESS Though film photographer Liz Hartless has a casually cheerful demeanor, their work is melancholic and intense, exploring themes of identity, space, and time in portraits. The untitled series that Hartless displayed at Paper Gallery is a string of self-portraits posing as different characters. Hartless has been shooting 35mm for four years. She started with taking candid photographs of her friends, which soon became the poignant portraits in her portfolio today. The untitled series came about after Hartless saw Cindy Sherman’s untitled series in New York. Using obscured lighting and wigs in a variety of sets, they created a system of alters that tell a story much bigger than the prints themselves. “A lot of them breed chaos and uneasiness,” said Hartless. They each put the viewer in surreal spaces straight out of the Twilight Zone: walking into an elevator to someone with a finger on a button and their face not far behind. A somber shower scene. A shrouded, vaguely sexual figure on a windowsill. Before a swinging baseball bat. On a couch in a barren apartment. The photographs are impressive not only for the feelings they evoke, but for the way they were shot on self-timer on a medium that can’t be looked at until it’s developed. Hartless, in fact, develops film herself in a small closet that was converted into a darkroom. “I love developing and printing film. That's my favorite part,” they said. “I sit in this really tiny closet I put a pillow in. I sit on my pillow, I get all frustrated in the dark. My hands are sweaty trying to bottle open this film, making sure there's no light leakage, turning all the lights off in my house.” Hartless plans to start a red room to start printing film again. Find them on instagram at hartless.liz.


SPORTS NOV. 6 EWU Basketball vs. St. Thomas Adams-Jenkins Complex, Edward Waters University, 2 p.m. NOV. 9 JU Basketball vs. Trinity Baptist Swisher Gym, 7 p.m. NOV. 16-19 NOV. 12

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Maine Mariners

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers

Veterans Memorial Arena, 7 p.m.

TIAA Bank Field, 1 p.m. NOV. 18 NOV. 12

UNF Basketball (women’s) vs. Webber

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Orlando Solar Bears

UNF Arena, 7 p.m.

Veterans Memorial Arena, 7 p.m. NOV. 20 NOV. 13

EWU Basketball vs. Grand View Adams-Jenkins Complex, Edward Waters University, 2 p.m. NOV. 20 UNF Basketball (men’s) vs. Webber International Jacksonville, Fla. UNF Arena, 2 p.m. NOV. 21 UNF Basketball (women’s) vs. FAU UNF Arena, 9:30 a.m.

JU Basketball vs. North Carolina A&T Swisher Gym, 2 p.m.

NOV. 23 Jacksonville Icemen vs. South Carolina Stingrays

NOV. 13

Veterans Memorial Arena, 7 p.m.

UNF Basketball (women’s) vs. Trinity Baptist UNF Arena, 2 p.m.

NOV. 24 Jacksonville Icemen vs. Florida Everblades

NOV. 13

Veterans Memorial Arena, 7 p.m.

EWU Basketball vs. Paine Adams-Jenkins Complex, Edward Waters University, 4 p.m.

NOV. 26 & 27 Jacksonville Icemen vs. Florida Everblades Veterans Memorial Arena, 7 p.m. NOV. 27 JU Basketball vs Coastal Georgia Swisher Gym, 6 p.m. NOV. 28

NOV. 13-14

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons

SLS Super Crown Championship

TIAA Bank Field, 1 p.m.

Riverfront Plaza


Join Jaguars’ Player AJ Cann’s Pledge It Campaign benefitting Guardian ad Litem Foundation

Be the voice for a child in need. Help us raise money to support abused, neglected and abandoned children in Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties by pledging a donation for every offensive touchdown the Jaguars score. Make a one-time donation or pledge a donation for each touchdown. Individuals, donors and sponsors can all get in on the action this football season and help the vulnerable children in our community. Win, win!



| INFO@GALFIRSTCOAST.ORG | (904) 255-8440


A Look at the Jaguars Season So Far Quinn Gray

The Jaguars have had a rough go of it so far this season, which

Murray to zero passing touchdowns and one interception,

is to be expected for such a young team. Despite their less-

although the speedy quarterback was able to score a rushing

than-ideal record, the team has shown flashes of brilliance

touchdown. The highlight of the game was again by Jamal

that give fans hope for what’s to come after the bye week

Agnew, who took a 68-yard field goal attempt 109 yards

and beyond.

home for a kick-six touchdown, with the stadium erupting into cheers. Like the first two games, the Jaguars showed flashes

Week but were to their finishless-than-ideal the job. The Jaguars have had 1: a Jaguars rough go@ofTexans it so far this season, which is to be expected of forgreatness, such a young team.unable Despite record, the team has shown SCORE: TEXANS 37, JAGUARS 21 flashes of brilliance that give fans hope for what’s to come after the bye week and beyond. Jaguars MVP: Josh Allen, DE

Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

In both QB Trevor Lawrence and HC Urban Meyer’s first


NFL games, something was bound to go wrong… and it did.

Jaguars MVP: James Robinson, RB

Lawrence showed the skills that made him the first overall pick

The Jaguars headed to Cincinnati on Thursday Night Football

in the draft, and also that he has much to learn as a rookie.

to take on the Bengals. The game started out great, with the

The young quarterback completed 54.9% of his passes for

Jaguars up 14-0 at the half. It could have been 17-0 if not for a

3 touchdowns, as well as 3 interceptions. The team suffered

bad play call to go for it on 4th down instead of kicking a field

Week 1: Jaguars @ Texans

from tons of penalties, including countless illegal formation goal, a decision that would come back to bite the team later SCORE: TEXANS 37, JAGUARS 21 calls. Despite having a weaker team, the Texans used their in the game. The Bengals came back from the half focused Jaguars MVP: Josh Allen, DE experience to their advantage and defeated the Jaguars, and hungry for the win, and rallied to bring the score to 21-21. In both QB Trevor Lawrence and HC Urban Meyer’s first NFL games, something was bound to go wrong… and it did. Lawrence showed the skills that made him the bringing Jacksonville to 0-1. With 2 seconds left, they lined up for the kick, and it was good. first overall pick in the draft, and also that he has much to learn as a rookie. The young quarterback completed 54.9% of his passes for 3 touchdowns, as well as 3 Despite this horrific choke by the Jaguars, James Robinson interceptions. The team suffered from tons of penalties, including countless illegal formation calls. Despite having a weaker team, the Texans used their experience Week 2: Broncos @ Jaguars had an outstanding game with two rushing touchdowns. to their advantage and defeated the Jaguars, bringing Jacksonville to 0-1. SCORE: BRONCOS 23, JAGUARS 13 Trevor Lawrence was good as well, completing 17 of 24 Jaguars MVP: Jamal Agnew, WR/RS

passing attempts and adding a touchdown on the ground. To

The Jaguars headed back home for their first game at

add insult to injury, head coach Urban Meyer chose not to

TIAA Bank field this year. Just like in week 1, the Jaguars

fly home with the team and instead decided to party at an

inexperience was exploited by an older, more experienced

Ohio bar with a young woman which was caught on video. A

Week 2: Broncos @ Jaguars

team. Lawrence had an incredible first drive, and after that, bad look and a PR nightmare for the coach, who already had SCORE: BRONCOS 23, JAGUARS 13 it seemed like the offense could get nothing going. Jaguars coaching blunders that night. The team’s performance was Jaguars MVP: Jamal Agnew, WR/RS kicker Josh Lambo, who has since been released from the overshadowed by the loss, and if not for the poor coaching The Jaguars headed back home for their first game at TIAA Bank field this year. Just like in week 1, the Jaguars inexperience was exploited by an older, more team, also missed two field goals. However, there was one decisions by Meyer, it’s likely the team would have won. experienced team. Lawrence had an incredible first drive, and after that, it seemed like the offense could get nothing going. Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo, who has bright spot in this otherwise dark day, when return specialist since been released from the team, also missed two field goals. However, there was one bright spot in this otherwise dark day, when return specialist Jamal Agnew Jamal Agnew turned on the jets and took a Broncos kickoff all Week 5: Titans @ Jaguars turned on the jets and took a Broncos kickoff all the way to the house for a touchdown. Overall, the Jaguars played a sloppy game and fell to 0-2. the way to the house for a touchdown. Overall, the Jaguars SCORE: TITANS 37, JAGUARS 19 played a sloppy game and fell to 0-2.

Jaguars MVP: James Robinson, RB Things got off to a rough start for the Jaguars during their first

Week 3: Cardinals @ Jaguars Week 3: Cardinals @ Jaguars

drive, as the officials seemed to forget the rules of football and

SCORE: CARDINALS 31, JAGUARS 19 SCORE: CARDINALS JAGUARS 19 WR/RS Jaguars 31, MVP: Jamal Agnew, Jaguars MVP: Jamal OnceAgnew, again WR/RS at home, the Jaguars were faced with the Once again at home, the were facedthe withundefeated the challenge of trying(who to beat challengeJaguars of trying to beat Cardinals

ruled an incomplete pass to TE Dan Arnold as a fumble, which turned into a Tennessee touchdown. Despite James Robinson

having a career game with 149 rush yards and a touchdown the undefeated Cardinals (who gone on to have thewas strongest record in on 8.3 yards yards per carry, thehave Titans’ powerful offense the league). Sidenote, I had on theto pleasure of attending game I got to sit next the Cardinals sideline,defense, where their Lee,the was practicing his have gone have the strongest this record in and the league). tootomuch for the Jaguars’ andpunter, DerrickAndy Henry, punts. Overall, the Jaguars played better than expected, and were able to hold MVP front-runner Kyler Murray to zero passing touchdowns and Sidenote, I had the pleasure of attending this game and I got to Jaguar slayer, ran for 3 touchdowns, something he seems toone interception, although the speedy quarterback was able to score a rushing touchdown. The highlight of the was again Jamalthe Agnew, whoIt’s took a 68-yard field goal sit next to the Cardinals sideline, where their punter, Andy Lee, do every timegame he matches upby against Jaguars. worth attempt 109 yards home for a kick-six touchdown, with the stadium erupting into cheers. Like the first two games, the Jaguars showed flashes was practicing his punts. Overall, the Jaguars played better noting Urban Meyer’s baffling decision to put in Carlos Hydeof greatness, but were unable to finish the job. and were able to hold MVP front-runner Kyler than expected,

on 4th and goal when Robinson could have easily punched in


the touchdown or Lawrence could have taken the QB sneak

Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals into the end zone. Plays like that are what make every Jags

SCORE: BENGALS 24, JAGUARS fan scratch their head 21 in confusion. Overall, this game showed Jaguars MVP: James Robinson, RBRobinson can do when the coaching staff fans what James

The Jaguars headed Cincinnati on and Thursday Night Football to takeHenry on theis Bengals. The game started out great, with the Jaguars up 14-0 at the half. It could givesto him a chance… reminded fans why Derrick have been 17-0 ifthe notaffirmative for a bad play to go for it on 4th down instead of kicking a field goal, a decision that would come back to bite the team later in the game. king call of running backs. The Bengals came back from the half focused and hungry for the win, and rallied to bring the score to 21-21. With 2 seconds left, they lined up for the kick, and it was good. Despite horrific choke by the (in Jaguars, James Robinson had an outstanding game with two rushing touchdowns. Trevor Lawrence was good as Weekthis 6: Dolphins @ Jaguars London) well, completingSCORE: 17 of 24 passing attempts and adding a20 touchdown on the ground. To add insult to injury, head coach Urban Meyer chose not to fly home with JAGUARS 23, DOLPHINS the team and instead decided party atWright, an Ohio Jaguars MVP: to Matthew K bar with a young woman which was caught on video. A bad look and a PR nightmare for the coach, who already had coaching blunders that night. The team’s The Jaguars headed over toperformance London to was hostovershadowed the Dolphins by the loss, and if not for the poor coaching decisions by Meyer, it’s likely the team would have the second game abroad this season. Let’s just say, fans wish this one was held in TIAA Bank Field so they could experience firsthand the Jaguars’ first win in over a year. The

Week 5: Titans @ Jaguars game was a close one, with the Jags taking an early lead only

to see it shatter by the half. The Jaguars have had struggles SCORE: TITANS 37, second JAGUARS in the half 19 this season, but this time, something was Jaguars MVP: James Robinson, different. Trevor RB Lawrence seemed more comfortable, and the

Things got off tooffense a roughwas startchugging for the Jaguars their first drive, the officials seemed to forget the rules of football and ruled an incomplete pass to TE Dan along. during Matthew Wright hit anasamazing Arnold as a fumble, whichfield turned a Tennessee touchdown. James 54-yard goalinto that barely scooted into theDespite goal post to Robinson having a career game with 149 rush yards and a touchdown on 8.3 yards yards per carry, tie thethe Titans’ powerful offensehad wasa too much foron the4th Jaguars’ defense, and Derrick Henry, the Jaguar slayer, ran for 3 touchdowns, something he game. The Jaguars crucial stop and 1 to seems to do every matches up against the Jaguars. It’s worth notingthe Urban Meyer’s baffling decision to put in Carlos Hyde on 4th and goal when Robinson gettime thehe ball back. After a couple of offensive blunders, could have easilyJaguars punched in the touchdown or on Lawrence taken the QB sneak into the end zone. Plays like that are what make every Jags fan scratch were able to convert 4th andcould 8 to have get into field their head in confusion. Overall, this game showed what James Robinson goal range. A clutch timeout by fans Meyer barely stopped thecan do when the coaching staff gives him a chance… and reminded fans why Derrick Henry is the affirmative kingone of running backs. clock with second left. Fans held their breath as Matthew Wright walked out for the field goal. To the delight of every Jacksonville citizen, he made it, ending the Jaguars’ long losing streak and securing the win! The entire team played

Week 6: Dolphins @ Jaguars (in London) to their potential, giving fans hope for the rest of the season.

Fingers crossed this win was the fuel the team needs to begin SCORE: JAGUARS 23, DOLPHINS 20 turning the corner. Jaguars MVP: Matthew Wright, K

The Jaguars headed over to London to host the Dolphins in the second game abroad this season. Let’s just say, fans wish this one was held in TIAA Bank Field Record at the time of writing: 1-5 so they could experience firsthand the Jaguars’ first win in over a year. The game was a close one, with the Jags taking an early lead only to see it shatter by the New record prediction based on current record: 4-13 half. The Jaguars have had struggles in the second half this season, but this time, something was different. Trevor Lawrence seemed more comfortable, and the offense was chugging along. Matthew Wright hit an amazing 54-yard field goal that barely scooted into the goal post to tie the game. The Jaguars had a crucial stop on 4th and 1 to get the ball back. After a couple of offensive blunders, the Jaguars were able to convert on 4th and 8 to get into field goal range. A clutch timeout by Meyer barely stopped the clock with one second left. Fans held their breath as Matthew Wright walked out for the field goal. To the delight of every Jacksonville citizen, he made it, ending the Jaguars’ long losing streak and securing the win! The entire team played to their potential, giving fans hope for the rest of the season. Fingers crossed this win was the fuel the team needs to begin turning the corner. Record at the time of writing: 1-5 New record prediction based on current record: 4-13








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