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A locally founded and independently run festival planning their fourth event

Fabi Reyna of Sávila Photo Rain Henderson



VOL. 35, ISSUE 14

INSIDE... 14 In The Stars | Horoscopes Isa Barrientos

15 Theatre Listing

17 Holiday Gift Guide Kale Boucher


Comedy Listing

23 Lewis Black Interview Rob Nicholson


46 Art Listing

48 Paper Gallery Artist Review Isa Barrientos

48 Paper Gallery Artist Review Isa Barrientos

54 Sports Listing

55 Flound Pounder Shelton Hull

Film Reviews Harry Moore

26 Perfecting the Art of American Traditional Tattooing Kasey Batchelor

28 From The Archives

30 The Coolest Music Festival in Jacksonville Rain Henderson

32 Concert Listing



Live Music Listing

Guitarist Fabi Reyna, former member of Pacific


Northwest surf-rockers La Luz and the founder of She Shreds, the country’s only woman-focused

Loggerhead Classic Vincent Dalessio

guitar magazine playing in Latin pop band, Sávila, during Winterland Festival III at popular Riverside bar, Root Down.

JOHN M. PHILLIPS, ESQ. publisher

ISA BARRIENTOS staff writer

HARRY MOORE contributor

TERESA SPENCER general manager

VINCENT DALESSIO staff writer // sales

SHELTON HULL contributor

ROB NICHOLSON sales director

KERRY SPECKMAN copy editor


RAIN HENDERSON creative director

JOHN LAWLESS audio/video

KALE BOUCHER contributor





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WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA CEREMONY: Saturday, December 18th Jacksonville National Cemetery




Celebrating 17 Years! Good Food Has An Address.

216 11th Ave. S., Jacksonville Beach | 904-241-1112 | 11



IT’S IN THE STARS December Horoscopes Isa Barrientos



The moon will come out from the shadows soon, ending a

You’ll make a little room for someone else in your life. They will

year and a half cycle of transformation. You’ve now mastered

settle you down. Increased attention on your daily responsi-

the art of being in your body, you’ll be rewarded with good

bilities will clear up some of the fog over your work life. Some-

luck and good spirits. Take time to rest, the new year will come

thing sinister could happen in the dark. Focus on healing for

at you fast.




The horrible beauty of suffering and love will cover you. The

Romance will be on your mind nonstop. Much of your energy

deep end of your heart space will show you that grief can only

will go toward love and self-expression. Starry-eyed as ever,

end in acceptance—in the meantime, hold your breath and be

you’ll romanticize pure cruelty from the one you love. It’s a

there. Be tactful as an aggressive side of yourself could come

favorable time for getting your priorities in order and acting in

out around your friends.

service of others.



It’s been a year of hard work and big blessings. You’re at the

Your creative output is peaking. Take advice from a partner—

top of your game. You’ll want to take it higher, to work through

they will hold your feet to the ground before showing you how

the weekend, but it’s in your best interest to just enjoy the

far you can really go. Much of your activity will take place in

fruits of your labor for now. The true heart of it all is where it’s

the home, but all of that energy might create tension and hos-

quiet and still.

tility. Step outside for a minute.



Turn your delusions into practical dreams and let them guide

The wish for a nice place to lay your head will be granted

you as you think about who you want to be to the world. Study

soon, but you won’t feel safe there until you work through the

and travel will help you get there. A tragedy might happen

knots at the roots of your subconscious. Your brain fog will

within your circle of friends. It will bring you closer together,

clear up when you’re alone. You have a bit too much to say—

it’s all for the best.

choose your words wisely.



You will be more straightforward and concerned with the truth

Your mind will be on the money, but the biggest bounty will

than usual. It’s a favorable time to feed your spirit far from

only come when you get your health in check. Something dark

home. The people you meet there will speak in prophecies.

will hit close to home. The only way is through. The other end

You’ll be driven toward transformation. Look to your dreams

is a place of infinite love. Take some time to talk to your neigh-

for direction.

bors about it.



Try to find a balance between being free and showing up. It

Look at something red, harvest that energy, use it to fulfill a

will be a time of great expansion and personal power if you

promise that you made to yourself years ago. Be tactful or

lend yourself to it. You’ll find that you’re more committed to

risk injuries to the head. Your words will take on a new depth.

someone than you’ve ever been. Watch out for jealousy. Re-

Write them down. You will have great luck in money matters,

member to be gentle.

perhaps with the help of your family.


Theater in Jacksonville THROUGH DEC. 24

DEC. 12

Christmas Carole,

A Hip-Hop Nutcracker With Special

Alhambra Theatre & Dining

Guest Emcee Kurtis Blow,

Florida Theatre

DEC. 1 Friends! The Musical Parody,

DEC. 15

Florida Theatre

Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular,

Florida Theatre

DEC. 2 Cirque Dreams Holidaze,

DEC. 16-19

Times-Union Center

Frozen Jr. presented by APEX

Theatre Studio, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

DEC. 3-5

ABET presents Steel Magnolias, The Foundation Academy

DEC. 17-19

First Coast Nutcracker featuring the Jacksonville Symphony,

DEC. 3-18

Times-Union Center

Miss Bennet Christmas

at Pemberley, Amelia Community Theatre

DEC. 18-19

St. Augustine Ballet presents The Nutcracker, Lewis Auditorium at

DEC. 3-4

Flagler College

St. Augustine Winter Spectacular,

Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College

DEC. 21 Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer:

DEC. 3-23

The Musical, Florida Theatre

A Christmas Story,

Limelight Theatre

DEC. 26 Magician Adam Trent,

DEC. 7-12

Florida Theatre

Come From Away,

Times-Union Center

DEC. 31 & JAN. 2 Verdi’s La Traviata

DEC. 10-11

presented by First Coast Opera,

30th Annual Community

Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College

Nutcracker, Florida Theatre DEC. 11 Sharonda Lynn Presents: The Hidden Truth, Ritz Theatre & Museum


TASTE the Life

Jacksonville Beach | St. Augustine Beach | Fernandina Beach 16

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Words by Kale Boucher | Art by Coleman Tatum Ah, yes, the holidays, the time of year when we are bombarded with idyllic images of hands clasped around hot chocolates and couples strolling through outdoor shopping malls. Maybe it’s just the Florida in me, but I never understood the appeal of trudging through snow, bulky shopping bags in tote, meandering from department store to department store. Online shopping though, is not as satisfying as in-person. There isn’t the tactile reward; the pondering of picking things up is replaced with clicking between tabs. With COVID-related supply-chain difficulties, there’s no guarantee mail will arrive on time either. Could there be another, more appealing option out there? One that embodies what this season is trying to get at: community, care, spreading joy and the works. You’ve probably heard this solution frequently, but its message remains important: shop locally. Shopping locally builds friendships, keeps money in the community and provides unique gifts your recipients aren’t likely to get anywhere else. Although compiling a shopping list may seem daunting with holidays fast approaching, it’s always important to pause and contemplate what it’s all for. Even if I am a bit of Scrooge when it comes to cliche ads of ribbons atop cars, I still get those warm fuzzy feelings when it comes to “true” holiday spirit. Spending time with friends and family, having more cause to be kind and loving, strengthening a sense of community: This is the basis as to why the season is special. Gift giving as a love language generally gets a bad wrap (pun intended). This expression of affection can carry undertones of materialism and vanity. Despite these negative connotations, there are a lot of positives that can arise from exchanging presents, especially when supporting local businesses. While you can’t put a price tag on love, you can invest some time into considering how to express it. Shopping for loved ones should never feel compulsory or stressful. Instead, let’s be excited by the excuse the holidays provide to embrace our most sappy and romantic selves. This guide is here to encourage reflection in your gift giving this year and help restore some meaning into the phrase “it’s the thought that counts.”


WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY WITH THE PRESENT? I listen to you and know who you are.

I’d like to support you in achieving

I appreciate spending time with you.

your goals. You can gift something that references a

Quality time and gift giving, a two-for-one deal

specific conversation you’ve had or a niche

You can help foster your loved ones’ hobbies

in the love language department. Carve out

interest they hold, whatever reminds your

or desire for a new skill by enlisting them in a

some time to spend together.

friends/family of the close relationship

class or providing learning materials. Be the

you have.

spark that finally gets them to try that thing they can’t stop talking about.

Yesterday and Today Records, an independent

Wick, a pour-your-own-candle bar experience, come away with a tangible memento of time spent together

record shop in San Marco with an assortment

Atlantic Pottery Supply, offering ceramic

of vinyl, cassettes, CDs, sound equipment and

classes, private lessons and supplies in


Orange Park @atlanticpotterysupply


@wickandcandlebar Jax Cooking Studio, cooking classes for all ages to “build culinary confidence and

Rooted with Love, the place to foster a new

promote fellowship and bonding”

Riverside Arts Market, a weekly marketplace

houseplant obsession


featuring works by local artists and artisans


and locally sourced products @riversideartsmarket

MOSH, an interactive science and history Beaches Rock Gym in Atlantic Beach or The

experience for any age

Edge Rock Gym in San Marco, a day pass to


Vagabond Flea Pop Up Shop, an ever-

try out a new sport

changing array of items from rotating local

@beaches_rock_gym / @theedgerockgymjax

vendors @vagabondfleajax

San Marco Books and More, Chamblin’s Bookmine, Chamblin’s Uptown, The

Tomato Vintage, a vintage and vintage-

BookMark, the classic gift of books

inspired clothing shop in Riverside

@sanmarcobooks / @chamblinsbooks /


@beachestowncenter Jax Surf & Paddle, surf school, what more is there to say? @jaxsurfandpaddle


WHO BENEFITS WHEN YOU’RE SHOPPING? POC and/or women-owned businesses:

Going above and beyond for the community:

Businesses that consider the planet:

bstartistry, art and other goodies to decorate

Groundworks Jacksonville, a non-profit that’s

Joyfull, a zero-waste store that provides

the home

working to restore natural areas in urban

alternatives to single-use plastics in your daily


neighborhoods, gift a membership or donate

life @shopjoyfull

in someone’s name Mixed Fillings Pie Shop, a speak-easy style pie


Streamsong Golf, a golf resort in Central

shop for the loved ones who can never say no

Florida developed in collaboration with the

to sweets

Jacksonville Humane Society, a free and

natural landscape, here walking is the only


unconventional gift for any pet lover that also

transportation permitted through the courses

provides some fun for a sheltered animal

to aid in the land’s preservation

Levity Interiors, a design consultation business

called the Dog Day Out program


that recently opened a top-notch vintage


decor shop @levityinteriors



DEC. 1-3

DEC. 5

DEC. 17

Frank Del Pizzo, Comedy Zone

Andrew Schulz: The Infamous Tour, Florida

Julie Scoggins presented by Phatt Katz



Jax Comedy Club

DEC. 3

Gabriel Iglesias, Veterans Memorial Arena

DEC. 9-11

Val Storm, Comedy Zone

DEC. 18

Lewis Black, Florida Theatre

DEC. 3

“Whose Live Anyway” featuring Ryan Stiles,

DEC. 10-11

Greg Proops, Jeff B. Davis and Joel Murray,

Marvin Hunter presented by Phatt Katz

DEC. 30-31

Florida Theatre


Burpie, Comedy Zone

Jax Comedy Club DEC. 3-4

DEC. 31

Sherman Golden presented by Phatt Katz

DEC. 16-18

Robbie Sumner Comedy & Concert,

Comedy, Jax Comedy Club

Al Ernst, Comedy Zone

Eclipse Bar & Nightclub




LEWIS BLACK: His “Off The Rails” tour and how he got back on the rails. What it’s like to be with Lewis alone in 10 weeks of lockdown in Manhattan. Bob Newhart was an inspiration, Really? The difference between acting and stand up comedy, why being angry is funny. Finally, Lewis’ attitude toward the US military and how he enjoys This American Ride.



MOVIE REVIEW Reviews by Harry Moore


King Richard

Last Night in Soho

The feel-good sports drama is alive and well in this film about the drive

British filmmaker Edgar Wright, who was behind cult classics such

of parents of child athletes. Will Smith stars as Richard Williams, the

as Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, returns to his

incredibly driven father of tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams,

native London for this twisty and trippy horror mystery. Last Night in

whose plan for his daughters put them on the path to sports superstardom.

Soho follows Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), a shy and burgeoning fashion student who moves from the British countryside to the big city to find

King Richard follows the Williams family from early on in the girls’

it isn’t the place she had romanticized about. While struggling to fit in

burgeoning tennis careers, with Richard coaching his daughters in

with her peers, Ellie is transported back in time to 1960s London and is

the game on a concrete court in a park in Compton, Calif., with a few

immediately drawn into the bright lights, swinging music, flash fashion

guys hanging out on the street corner as their only audience, through

and an alluring club singer named Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy). But her

to Venus’ first professional tournament with a crowd of thousands

dream quickly turns into a nightmare, as Sandy gets seduced by the

at the film’s climax. The film shows her rise to the professional level

city’s dark underbelly and Ellie begins to be stalked by creepy men,

and also portrays the class-based inequalities within the sport, as this

losing her grip on reality. Wright’s films are known for their high kinetic

family from a low-income background are met with exorbitant fees to

energy and infusing humor with various genre tropes, but he largely

get access to the required caliber of coaching and the country club

abandons those hallmarks here for a more straight-laced psychological

competition circuit.

horror. Wright’s love of pop culture remains, which is evident in the film’s eclectic ’60s pop soundtrack, but the self-aware references to

Richard is a stern parent, who from the outset may appear to be

his cinematic idols have given way to more grounded themes such as

unorthodox in the training of his immensely talented daughters, with

coming of age and dealing with grief.

repetitive drills on their stances on the tennis court to life lessons about sportsmanship by watching classic Disney cartoons. Richard’s

Ultimately, the film is about the damaging side of excessive nostalgia

methods ultimately prove fruitful and to be coming from a place of

and the inherent falseness of most nostalgic feelings, as Ellie’s lust for

fatherly love, as he consistently puts his daughters’ education and

the past is thrown in her face when she is presented with its reality.

well-being above their sporting endeavors, creating a sharp contrast

Wright has been among the most exciting filmmakers of his generation

to the typical courtside parents that push and berate their children,

for a long time, and his latest film suggests that he is showing signs of

as well as the personal struggles of young tennis champion Jennifer

maturing as a director.

Capriati which serve as a cautionary tale for the Williams sisters. The Harder They Fall The film has assured and steady direction from Reinaldo Marcus

Netflix’s western boasts a terrific cast but ultimately struggles to match

Green, who hits all the expected heartstring-tugging notes that are a

the sum of its parts. Produced by rap icon Jay-Z, the film plays with

staple genre and also authentically shows the wildly divergent worlds

norms of the western by featuring only black actors in the principal cast.

of a Compton park and country clubs. The ensemble cast lead by Will

Unfortunately, the story features no such ingenuity. The plot follows

Smith is uniformly strong, with Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton

outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) who reunites his old gang when

giving terrific performances as the young Venus and Serena. Jon

he learns his old enemy, Rufus Buck (Idris Elba), has been freed from

Bernthal does his best to steal the film as tennis coach Rick Macci,

prison, a fairly perfunctory western plot that offers no real twist to

but ultimately, this is Will Smith’s film. The movie star gives one of the

the proceedings.

strongest and most human performances of his career as Richard Williams, striving for a level of commitment and vulnerability he has

The film was directed by Jeymes Samuel, a music video director making

not shown since The Pursuit of Happyness in 2006, which has led to

his feature debut. If you were not aware of Samuel’s career background,

him being considered a front runner for next year’s Academy Awards.

then it should become readily apparent while watching the film, which more often than not resembles a music promo with overly excessive

Whether Smith achieves Oscar gold remains to be seen, but his

editing and cinematography gimmicks. The screenplay is incredibly

performance in King Richard shows a level of nuance and emotional

indebted to Quentin Tarantino, with the dialogue often sounding like a

commitment that has been largely missing from his output for the better

rough draft from the auteur. The film is even scored by rap artists (most

part of a decade. Perhaps this new role, and the acclaim he is receiving

likely a demand from the producer), which didn’t particularly work in

for it, will signal a new path for Smith’s career toward more dramatic

Django Unchained and definitely doesn’t work here. The actors all do

work, something to break the monotony of his blockbuster films.

their best, Elba, Regina King, LaKeith Stanfield and Delroy Lindo are some of the finest actors working today and bring enough gravitas to

King Richard is the type of feel-good movie star vehicle that was once

make their characters compelling. Like many western villains, this

a cornerstone for Hollywood and award season but is made far too

film misfires.

seldom these days. It is a welcome reminder of Will Smith’s supreme talent and charm.


Joshua Tremble: Perfecting the Art of American Traditional Tattooing Kasey Batchelor


Born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, 32-year-old Joshua Tremble

“This year, I’ve been to Three Kings in NYC, Sweet and Sour in

has been working in various tattoo shops since around 2012 and

Greenville, Amulet Tattoo in St. Petersburg, a private studio in Ventura,

tattooing in Jacksonville for four years following an apprenticeship

California, Sailors Grave in San Diego and Edgewood Tattoo Club

with Jeff Jibran—and with the help of “a few others along the way.”

in Atlanta,” Tremble said. “My favorite place I’ve worked, by far, is

Currently, Tremble works with Jibran, Matt Fleeceback and Brandon

Edgewood. Every chance I get to stop at Edgewood for a few days. It’s

Mann at Idle Hands Tattoo Company in Mandarin. He’s been there

always a great time.”

ever since he first started tattooing. Prior to Idle Hands, he was a shop helper and piercer at Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo Studio.

When asked about his proudest moment as a tattoo artist, Tremble explained he doesn’t necessarily feel pride but rather immense gratitude.

Tremble’s work boasts a bold style and precision, embracing classic American traditional style and imagery.

“I felt very aimless before I decided I wanted to tattoo. Tattooing has given me a sense of purpose and stability that I may not have found

“I gravitate towards the classic American traditional style. I approach

elsewhere,” he said. “I’m in a great position, and I’m very grateful to

everything I do using the framework of traditional tattooing to build

work alongside someone with such a decorated history as [Jeff].”

powerful and lasting imagery. I personally prefer using colors, but any design can be done in black and gray or color, it’s all depending on the

In regard to his future, as long as there’s more tattooing involved,

client’s preference,” he explained.

Tremble has a lot to look forward to.

An average workday for Tremble varies but, nevertheless, revolves

Follow Josh on Instagram: @josh.idlehands

around always improving and perfecting his craft. “I usually have anywhere from one to four appointments per day, and any time that isn’t spent tattooing is used painting flash for the walls,” he said. “Even if I’m not physically working on flash, I’m planning what I’m going to do next. I feel the closest thing to tattooing is painting flash, so any tattoo artist worth their weight should exercise that muscle frequently.” For Tremble, inspiration is found in other tattoo artists, as well as any individuals who take pride in individuality, commitment and hard work. “Within the realm of tattooing, I celebrate the ones that came before me. Without them, I am nothing. Specifically, a few of my favorites are Don Nolan, Ed Hardy, Pinky Yun, Bob Roberts and Anthony Polito. As for people currently tattooing in Jacksonville: Mike Wilson and Jeff Jibran. Outside of tattooing I’m inspired by anyone that carves their own path,” explained Tremble. Tremble’s favorite part of being a tattoo artist is being able to travel to different shops around the country.





The Coolest Music Festival in Jacksonville Rain Henderson

Winterland, a locally founded and independently run music

“Winterland is here to last and that means together finding

festival, is planning their fourth event kicking off Feb. 26, 2022

ways towards a more sustainable future,” Van Dyke said. “In

at the Riverfront Plaza downtown. Since 2017, Winterland has

every lane we can, we are choosing to be sustainable, and we

been responsible for bringing big names into town, like The

are starting within our community.”

Shivas, Worn-Tin, Lady Lamb and Surfer Blood, and throwing them in the mix with popular local acts including Sailor Goon,

This ideology isn’t new for Van Dyke, as they and other

The Dewars, Bebe Deluxe, Mr. Al Pete … the list goes on. This

members of the post-world-self-help band/cult, Kairos

year they’re adding to the repertoire of headliners with neo-

Creature Club, hosted a tech-trash drop-off and sustainable

psychedelic California band La Luz, Slothrust, Reggie Watts

market at their recent residency at The Echo in Los Angeles.

and Caroline Rose’s Party Lord Set.

And the most recent tape produced by the Winterland Records? Yes, it was made from recycled plastic and recycled

Accorindg to the press release:

card stock, in a 100% carbon neutral facility. The innovative

“Our COVID gap year allowed us to regroup, a

mixture of music and sustainability will be a gasp of fresh air in

silver lining that kept our brains percolating for two

the littered scene of downtown Jacksonville.

years, ultimately brewing the plan for this outdoor arrangement,” festival founder Glenn Michael Van Dyke

Winterland IV is free this year, partnering with Red Bull and

said in a press release from the festival. “After a long

certified B-corp brewery New Belgium, to bring sustainability

two years of facing our collective mortality, we want to

in music to light. “Even though this year’s festival is free, we

celebrate life and art together,” she said of the themes

still need support,” Van Dyke said. “The festival is run by artists

that Winterland will explore with its 2022 festival.

for artists and music lovers of all kinds. We want to continue to build a creative ecosystem where musicians can network and

Touching on the current state of affairs, including

inspire each other.”

climate anxiety and broad social and political unrest (what the festival runners are referring to as “living in

Artist support packages, which will include exclusive festival

a world of digital and natural decay,”) Winterland IV

merchandise, secrets, discounts and eco-friendly goodies, go

has put an emphasis on sustainability and community,

on sale Dec. 3.

partnering with local organizations like youth-centered surf nonprofit the Jax Board Riders Club and local artists on experiential installations made from recycled materials.


Rickolus by Miguel Emmanuelli

C O N C E R T S 32

DEC. 1

Under the Streetlamp:

Tomáseen Foley’s A

Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

The Wood Brothers, Ponte Vedra

Hip to the Holidays,

Celtic Christmas, St. Paul’s

Christmas Eve and Other

Concert Hall

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

By-The-Sea Episcopal Church

Stories, Veterans Memorial Arena

DEC. 2

DEC. 5

DEC. 11

DEC. 18

Dave Koz & Friends Christmas

Holiday Pops Concert At The

Old Dominion, St. Augustine

Skyview, Bryan-Gooding

Tour, Florida Theatre

Beach, Palms Presbyterian




Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky

Futurebirds, Bier Hall at Intuition The Outlaws, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Mike Cooley, Bier Hall at Intuition

Thunder, Ponte Vedra

Ale Works

Ale Works

Concert Hall

Trace Adkins With Lonestar,

DEC. 18-19

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Tab Benoit’s Swampland Jam

DEC. 12

Handel’s Messiah,

& The Samantha Fish Band,

A Holiday Concert with the

Times-Union Center

Thrasher-Horne Center

First Coast Wind Symphony,

St. John's Cathedral

The Wizards of Winter, Thrasher-Horne Center DEC. 8

DEC. 21 Chris Thile & Aoife O’Donovan,

A Peter White Christmas

Hope & Anticipation

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

DEC. 3

featuring Mindi Adair and

featuring UNF School of Music,

The Jazz at Lincoln Center

Vincent Ingala, Ponte Vedra

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Orchestra with Wynton

Concert Hall

Marsalis, First Baptist Church

Foster, Times-Union Center


An Intimate Evening With David

DEC. 13

DEC. 9

Jacksonville Symphony Youth

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong with

Orchestras, Times-Union Center

DEC. 30

X106.5 Next Big Thing

special guest Electric Kif,

Donna The Buffalo, Ponte Vedra

featuring Bastille, St. Augustine

St. Augustine Amphitheatre


Backyard Stage

DEC. 15

Sounds of the Season With the St. Augustine Orchestra,

DEC. 31

DEC. 3-4

DEC. 9-10

Lightner Museum

New Year's Eve: Rhapsody

Mozart’s Dream: Piano

The Fab Four—The Ultimate

in Blue Eyes,

Concerto No. 21,

Tribute, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Times-Union Center

Concert Hall

Times-Union Center EMMA Concert Association

presents Holiday Pops Concert, DEC. 9-12

Lewis Auditorium at

New Year’s Eve Gala

DEC. 4

Holiday Pops,

Flagler College

featuring John Ford Coley,

Christmas Goes Gospel,

Times-Union Center

Alhambra Theatre & Dining

Ritz Theatre & Museum

DEC. 16 DEC. 10

Classic Albums Live:

How The Big Band Stole

How the Big Band Stole

Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed,

Christmas, Theatre Jacksonville

Christmas, Theatre Jacksonville

Florida Theatre

Lauren Daigle:

Joe Bonamassa,

RickoLus & The Angel

The Behold Christmas Tour,

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Garcia Quartet, Bier Hall at

Times-Union Center

Intuition Ale Works Sax, Strings, & Soul,

The Temptations and The Four

Ritz Theatre & Museum

Tops, Florida Theatre





Dec. 21 Josh Ford and the Groove Bender

Cliffs Bar and Grille: live bands at 8

Mercury Moon Bar and Grill

Lillian's Sports Grill

Dec. 22 Mommy’s Little Helpers

p.m., Friday and Saturday

Live music every Monday, Wednesday

Live music from 7-10 p.m., Friday

Dec. 26 Suffering Overload

and most Fridays BEACHES

Mr. Chubby's Wings

Dec. 27 Digdog PONTE VEDRA

Live music from 8:30 p.m.-midnight,

Dec. 28 Stephen Carey Dec. 29 Heated State of Aggression

Blue Jay Listening Room


Palm Valley Outdoor Bar

Jazz Jam, Tuesday

Sunset Tiki Bar

Live music, Friday-Sunday


Live music at 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday

Fionn Maccool's

Dec. 1, 8, 16, 23 and 30 Groov

Whitey's Fish Camp

Live music at 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday

Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Live music at 6 p.m., Monday, Saturday

Palm Valley Outdoor Bar

Jax Craft Beer

Dec. 2 and 16 Bold City Classics at 7:30

and Sunday

Live music, Friday-Sunday

Live music from 7-9 p.m., Friday

Woody's BBQ

Jerry's Grille

Live music, Friday

Live music from 7:30 p.m.-midnight,

p.m. Jerry's Grille


Live music from 7:30 p.m.-midnight,





Mavis Seafood Restaurant

Pianist Brian Iannucci from 5–9 p.m,

Live music from 6-10 p.m., Friday and

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday

The Casbah Café


Pianist Carl Grant, Thursday, Friday and

Live jazz at 9 p.m., Sunday



The Garage

Live music, Wednesday-Saturday Sliders

Dec. 30 The Pauses


Pili Pili at 6 p.m., Wednesday


Veterans United Craft Brewery Live music, Friday ST. AUGUSTINE

Live music Friday and Saturday

Arnold's Lounge


Live music from 7-11 p.m., Wednesday

DJs from 9 p.m.-close, Wednesday;

and Thursday; and 8 p.m.-close, Friday-

Tad Jennings from 6-10 p.m., Thursday

CopperTop Bar

10 p.m.–2 a.m., Thursday-Saturday


The Surf

Dec. 3 Gratello

Rain Dogs

The Cellar Upstairs Winery

Live music from 5-11 p.m., Friday and

Dec. 10 Highway Jones

Live music from 7 p.m.-close,

Live music from 1-4 p.m. and 8-10 p.m.,


Dec. 31 Lift



River and Post

Dec. 2 Colonial Oak Music Park Country

Eric Charlton at 7 p.m., Saturday

Night Featuring Dewey Via

Surfer [Bar] DJs and dancing from 11 a.m.-2 a..m.,


Saturday, and 11 a.m.–3 p.m., Sunday DOWNTOWN

DJ Brooks from 3-7 p.m., Sunday

Dec. 9 Country Night Featuring Kenny

47 Heaven Park


Yarborough and Southern Tide

DJ Capone, Wednesday

Live jazz, Saturday; DJs, Sunday

Oak Outreach Winter Festival

DJ Jaso, Thursday

Dec. 10 Music by Istoria

Dos Gatos

DJ Paco, Friday

Live disco music, Friday; DJ NickFresh,

Big Dawgs


Dec. 16 Country Night Featuring


Live music, Wednesday

Jack Rabbits

Dec. 17 Paul Is All: Paul McCartney

James Weldon Johnson Park:

The Daq Shack

Dec. 2 The Backseat Lovers

Tribute Show

Live at Lunch (live music and food

Live music at 6:30 p.m., Sunday

Dec. 3 Luna In Sanguinem/Corrupted

Dec. 19 Groove Coalition

trucks) from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday

Dee's Music Bar


Dec. 21 Danger Bird

and Friday

Live bands, Friday and Saturday

Dec. 4 Lost Club

Dec. 22 STArtnow Spotlight

Jazz in the Park With Joe Watts from

Hilltop Restaurant

Dec. 8 Possessed Obsessed by Paul

Dec. 23 Country Night Featuring Davis

11:30-2 p.m., Wednesday

Live music in the lobby from 4:30-7 p.m.,


Loose and Kaylee Rose

Myth Nightclub


Dec. 9 Spencer Crandall

Dec. 24 Stephen Pigman

Dec. 11 Dirt Money

The RiverHouse

Dec. 10 Glimmers

Dec. 27 Colin Kosco and John


Live music, Friday

Dec. 11 Roccout Rocci

Parkerurban & Friends

Dec. 11 Feat Fiddlehead

Tom and Betty’s

Dec. 12 Messer

Dec. 28 Kat Hall Band

Dec. 30 Medal Militia/Elite

Live music at 7:30 p.m., most Fridays

Dec. 15 Circle Jerks

Dec. 29 STArtnow Spotlight

Dec. 17 Solafide

Dec. 29 Flo-J

Dec. 18 The Dog Apollo

Dec. 30 Country Night Featuring

Dec. 19 Kyle Smith

Tabasco Brothers

Southern Chaos

Dec. 20 Apple Truck

Meehan's Irish Pub Live music from 2-6 p.m., Thursday; and 1-5 p.m. and 9 p.m.-midnight, Friday-Sunday


Prohibition Kitchen Live music Wednesday-Monday TAPS Bar and Grill Live music Wednesday, Friday and Saturday TradeWinds Dec. 3-4 Blistur Dec. 10-11 LiveStream Dec. 24-25 Cotton Mouth SAN MARCO/ST. NICHOLAS The Breezy Jazz House Live jazz from 6-9 p.m., Thursday Cuba Libre Bar Live music most Friday nights Grape and Grain Live music from 8 p.m.-close, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday DJ every Saturday The Parlour Live music most weekends The Locals Live music most weekends

The Wood Brothers Dec. 1, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall The Wood Brothers are an American roots band consisting of brothers Chris (upright bass) and Oliver Wood (acoustic and electric guitars), as well as multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix. Their music is a combination of folk, gospel, blues and jazz. Trace Adkins Dec. 2, St. Augustine Amphitheatre Trace Adkins is an American country music singer and actor. Adkins made his debut in 1996 with the album Dreamin' Out Loud. Since then, Adkins has released 10 more studio albums and two greatest hits compilations. In addition, he has charted more than 20 singles on the Billboard country music charts, including No. 1 hits "(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing,” "Ladies Love Country Boys",and "You're Gonna Miss This." The Outlaws Dec. 2, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Outlaws are an American Southern rock band from Tampa best known for their 1975 hit "There Goes Another Love Song,” the extended guitar jam "Green Grass and High Tides" from their 1975 debut album and their 1980 cover of the Stan Jones classic "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky". Old Dominion Dec. 11 & 12, St. Augustine Amphitheatre Old Dominion consists of Matthew Ramsey (lead vocals), Trevor Rosen (guitar, keyboards), Whit Sellers (drums), Geoff Sprung (bass guitar) and Brad Tursi (guitar). Their music is contemporary country with rock instrumentation and pop overtones. The band’s third album, released in 2019, included the singles "Make It Sweet" and "One Man Band,” both successful on the country charts. Their latest, Time, Tequila & Therapy, was released in 2021. Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder Dec. 11, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Vocalist and mandolin player Ricky Skaggs is a legend in country music having won 15 Grammy Awards and being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and Bluegrass Hall of Fame, among others. His band, Kentucky Thunder, features an all-star line-up, as well, with Russ Carson (banjo), Jake Workman (lead guitar), Dennis Parker (vocals, guitar), Jeff Picker (bass, vocals), Mike Rogers (vocals, guitar) and Billy Contreras (fiddle).

We’re launching back into Best of Jax. From retail and dining to civics, BOJ 2021 is going to be stellar.


Starts Monday, November 1 & ends Wednesday November 17. Top fives nominees advance to the voting ballot. No write-in canidates.


Begins Thursday, November 18th & ends Friday, December 17th


Announced Wednesday, January 19th 2022









Break Time

Local surfer leads by example by hosting Loggerhead Classic Vincent Dalessio There is no better expression of Jax culture than when our subcultures

“I remember when I was kind of their age before I had sponsors and stuff,

cross over. The Justin Quintal Loggerhead Classic does just this by

that's kind of how I was able to get by, it was just contest to contest. Also

bringing local artists and musicians together with the East Coast’s top surf

working part time like bussing tables or doing construction or whatever,”

talent for a one-day traditional longboard competition and celebration of

Quintal explained. “But, you know, $2,000 or $1,000 here and there just

surf photography and music in Jacksonville Beach.

helped keep the dream going long enough. And finally got me to that next step. So hopefully this helps some kids on their way.”

Back for its third year on Dec. 11, the surfing event, which takes place at the Jacksonville Beach Pier, is a platform for up and coming surfers to

Traditional longboarding is an art form. Rather than surfing waves aggres-

show off their longboard prowess and a way to pad their pockets with a

sively with progressive maneuvers like aerials, traditional longboarding

couple extra bucks.

focuses on the beauty of wave riding. Cross stepping, nose riding and the glide take precedence over tossing buckets of spray. What used to be

Sixteen women and 32 men will compete for their shot at part of the

considered an antiquated art form has now taken space in the front row

$7,000 prize purse, split evenly between male and female competitors,

of surf media and stepped to the front of the line-up in (or out the back)

and a coveted invite to the Vans Duct Tape Invitational longboarding

at nearly every noteworthy break in North Florida. The Loggerhead also

event. Followed by an after-party at the historic Hotel Palms with live

pays homage to legends like Joe Roland, Bruce Clelland and Dickie Rose-

music, artists and vendors, this grass roots event is more an exhibition of

borough while paving a way for modern talent to step in.

traditional longboarding and celebration of cultural heritage than solely spotlighting competition.

The Jacksonville community has a very colorful surf culture and has deep roots in surfing history, and modern talent is filling the shoes of those left

Quintal has a laundry list of achievements himself including World Surf

behind. An art show following the day of competition shows that Jackson-

League longboard champion in 2019 and nine-time Vans Duct Tape Invi-

ville’s subcultures can, and should, cross over.

tational winner. He’s hung 10 under the Northern Lights and has probably spent more time in the North Florida green rooms than your whole surf

Slide out to the Jax Beach Pier Dec. 11 to check out the finest exhibition

crew combined. The Jacksonville native started the Loggerhead Classic

of traditional longboarding the East Coast has to offer and hit Hotel Palms

back in 2018 as a way of using his success to give back to North Florida

after to see how these cultures come together.

and provide a platform to the young longboard talent easily found up and down the East Coast.




The North Florida Green Chamber makes being green cool and convenient. Our creative tools and innovative programs bring our business community together on green initiatives while connecting you with thoughtfully sourced resources, news and data.

JOIN A COMMUNITY MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Become a North Florida Green Chamber member today!



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Nationally-recognized art museums and galleries co-mingle with burgeoning local galleries to create a vibrant art scene that is bringing beauty, discussion and change to Northeast Florida. This is in no way a complete list of venues to appreciate the talents of artists—both local and international, as it, too, is a work in progress. Don’t see your favorite museum, gallery or visual art venue listed? Let us know at



10 Year Anniversary Holiday Show, Dec. 10-12

“Tom Schifanella: Faces of the Alcazar” through March 7, 2022 “Picturing a Nation: American Art” through Sept. 30, 2022 THE CORNER GALLERY AT THE JESSIE

Tony Rodrigues: “Flex Deficit,” through Feb. 2, 2022

MOCA JACKSONVILLE “Doug Eng: Structure of Nature | Nature of Structure,” through


Jan. 2. 2022

“Innovation and Imagination: The Global Dialogue in Mid to Late 20th Century Art,”through Dec. 31

“Left Side Ride Side,” through March 6, 2022

“Rebecca Louise Law: The Journey,” through Jan. 9, 2022

“Techno-Innocence,” through Feb. 13, 2022

“Imprisoned but Empowered: Cheyenne Warrior Artists at Fort Marion,” through Feb. 27, 2022


Works by Eileen Corse, Jim Draper, Fallon Pepper, C. Ford Riley, Alice Williams, MacTruque and Jeff Foxwothy


(yes, that Jeff Foxworthy)

Art hubs located at James Weldon Johnson Park, The Jessie

and Vagabond Flea at VyStar Tower, Dec. 1

THRASHER-HORNE CENTER “First Coast Plein Air Painters: Scene Through Our Eyes,”


through Dec. 10

Highlights of the Student Annual, through Dec. 3, North Campus

Gallery UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA “WeaveTales,” through Dec. 3, Downtown Campus Gallery

“Art & Feminism: Research-Driven Student Artwork,” through December, Cynthia and Walter R. Graham Jr., M.D. Student

Student Holiday Celebration, through Dec. 8, Kent Campus

Art Gallery


Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts, through Dec. 16,


Deerwood Center Gallery

“Age of Cognizance” featuring new works by Ricder Ricardo,

Mimi Tran and Kirsten Williams, through Dec. 22


134 W Monroe Street Jacksonville, FL 32202 |

watch for us on tv! watch for us on tv!TV Show We We are are featured featured on on The The Balancing Balancing Act Act TV Show

We are featured on The Balancing Act TV Show featuring featuring Montel Williams featuringMontel MontelWilliams Williams::: WTLV-NBC Saturday PM WTLV-NBC Saturday December 11th 12:00 PM WTLV-NBC SaturdayDecember December11th 11th----12:00 12:00 PM WJXX-ABC WJXX-ABC Sunday December 12th 1:30 PM WJXX-ABCSunday SundayDecember December12th 12th--1:30 1:30PM PM

Ugly Uglyholiday holidaysweater sweaterday dayat atjwj! jwj!

Wear Wear your ugly sweater, enjoy hot chocolate, and take photos Wearyour yourugly uglysweater, sweater,enjoy enjoyhot hotchocolate, chocolate,and andtake takephotos photos with The Grinch during Live at Lunch with music by Big Papa with Fish! with The The Grinch Grinch during during Live Live at at Lunch Lunch with with music music by by Big Big Papa PapaFish! Fish! Friday, Friday, December 17th 11am to 2pm Friday,December December17th 17th---11am 11amto to2pm 2pm

Happy HappyBirthday BirthdayJWJ JWJPark! Park!

Join Join us in the Park during lunchtime for free Cake Pops Joinus usin inthe thePark Parkduring duringlunchtime lunchtimefor forfree freeCake CakePops Pops (while supplies last) (while supplies last) (while supplies last) Tuesday, Tuesday, January 25th 11am to 2pm Tuesday,January January25th 25th---11am 11amto to2pm 2pm


1st 1st Wednesday of Every Month 1stWednesday Wednesdayof ofEvery EveryMonth Month Wednesday, Wednesday, January 5th Wednesday,January January5th 5th Featured Musical Performance: The Featured Musical Performance: The Groove Coalition Featured Musical Performance: TheGroove GrooveCoalition Coalition Wednesday, February 2nd Wednesday, Wednesday, February February 2nd 2nd Art Walk Date Night! Art Walk Date Night! Art Walk Date Night! Featuring: Featuring: Speed Dating, Fashion Show, Live DJ Featuring:Speed SpeedDating, Dating,Fashion FashionShow, Show,Live LiveDJ DJ For more details and to learn how you can participate For more details and to learn how you can participate in our For more details and to learn how you can participatein inour our February Speed Dating Event, scan our QR Code above! February Speed Dating Event, scan our QR Code above! February Speed Dating Event, scan our QR Code above!

coming comingininfebruary: february:

JWJ’s JWJ’s Hip Hop Festival Lifting Duval’s Legendary Voices JWJ’sHip HipHop HopFestival Festival---Lifting LiftingDuval’s Duval’sLegendary LegendaryVoices Voices 47

Paper Gallery ART I S T REVI EW


ARCISSA JACKSON Arcissa Jackson is a multimedia artist that works mainly in tattooing, but has a finger dipped in many mediums, coloring them pastel with a strong streak of personality. Her art is Kawaii, a style that’s qualitatively cute which she picked during her upbringing in Japan. Jackson’s personal expression of it comes through with an air of soft nonconformity. “It’s a rebellious energy. Even though it seems very non threatening because it’s adorable, it’s a bold statement. It’s cute aggression,” she said. “That really sums up what I do. It’s aggressively cute.” Jackson started making art at an early age, but didn’t develop her style until age 15 when she started to embrace her femininity: “I kept this softness from Japan with me throughout my journey in art. I’ve always been attracted to masculine expressions of art in a very feminine way.” From there, she dove into an array of cultures: hip hop, spray painting, skateboarding, and astrology, and incorporated all of them into her work as an artist and designer. “Culture is a big deal for me,” said Jackson, “I like to try new shit and immerse myself. I immersed myself into a lot of cultures in my late teens, but I would always want to do it kawaii. That was my thing, being extremely girly and very feminine. I was almost always the only girl doing it. Not just being the only girl, but the only black person, too, it made me have to embrace my individuality because I was always the odd one.” As a longtime student of astrology, her paintings carry celestial themes of divine femininity, with clouds and stars lining each canvas. As a resident of the twelfth house, she considers painting a way to express her pure creativity in her alone time without having the constraints of cooperation as she does with tattooing. “It’s a bit chaotic but it’s also very forgiving,” she said, “I love that about painting over tattooing.” Instagram @artofarcissa


MOLLY WALSH Through bright eyes and 35 millimeters, Molly Walsh captures the transcendental beauty of flora and fauna in the natural world in between meditations, waiting for the light to hit the leaves just right. “You have one shot. That’s the beauty in it,” they said on the medium. “I’ll sit there and wait by a tree, the wind will be moving, it’ll change the shadows and the way the sun’s hitting, and I wait for the exact right second to shoot. It’s a lot of patience.” Using their intuition to find the perfect moment, with the lens gently ajar to create leaks and warps, Walsh creates dreamy landscapes rife with refraction. “Pixels are not for me,” Walsh said earnestly,. “I come from the generation right between where kids would play outside before they would just be on their phone, so I really like to reside in that space where science and art meet.” Thus the processing begins. Walsh uses methods of soaking negatives to create holographic distortions in their images, adding to the effects of refraction in the photographs. Everything from a picture of a lone flower to the scene of a sunny day takes on a quiet reverie. Walsh’s eye for the natural world is inspired in part by druidry, a spiritual practice involving reverence for nature and life in every aspect.

Instagram @mollwall10


DALLAS PRIMAVERA There’s excruciating meaning within each of Dallas Primavera’s paintings. The abstract pieces are what he calls a “frankenstein” of genres, inspired by lowbrow, expressionism, and modern art to create a breed of painting all its own. From portraits to macro landscapes of the natural world, Primavera injects a surrealist vibrancy into each piece in a color code of visual poetry—something that’s never been done before. “Each piece is a time capsule,” Primavera said. “On the back of my paintings, I write journal entries or poetry to document where I was in my life when I painted the piece. I paint directly what’s happening to me in my life when I’m painting.” He developed a system to bring the prose on the back of his paintings to the front in color. The corner of each piece has a key with 26 dots of 26 colors representing A - Z, so the viewer can decipher the words through color. “For example, the back of one of my paintings says, ‘Chris Cornell hung himself today.’ Then it’ll say, ‘Someone just stole a painting of mine off of Green Room’s wall ,” he explained. “Whatever’s happening when I’m painting that piece, if it’s important, I’ll put it on the back.” The results are paintings deeply personal yet expansive, rife with symbolism based on his daily life. Primavera’s wife moved from Estonia, so he includes the colors of her flag and the American flag in each of his pieces. All of his paintings had one flower before he met her, two after they married, and three after they had their son.



Join Jaguars’ Player AJ Cann’s Pledge It Campaign benefitting Guardian ad Litem Foundation

Be the voice for a child in need. Help us raise money to support abused, neglected and abandoned children in Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties by pledging a donation for every offensive touchdown the Jaguars score. Make a one-time donation or pledge a donation for each touchdown. Individuals, donors and sponsors can all get in on the action this football season and help the vulnerable children in our community. Win, win!



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Edward Waters Women’s Basketball vs. St.

DEC. 19

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Orlando Solar Bears,

Thomas, Adams-Jenkins Complex

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans,

Veterans Memorial Arena

TIAA Bank Field JU Men’s Basketball vs. UNCW,

DEC. 2

Swisher Gymnasium

Edward Waters Women’s Basketball vs.

JU Women’s Basketball vs. Ave Maria,

LeMoyne-Owen, Adams-Jenkins Complex

Swisher Gymnasium

UNF Men’s Basketball vs. ​​Austin Peay, UNF Arena

DEC. 22

UNF Men’s Basketball vs. ​​Edward Waters,

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Atlanta Gladiators,

UNF Arena

Veterans Memorial Arena DEC. 12

UNF Women’s Basketball vs. BethuneDEC. 4

Cookman, UNF Arena

DEC. 28

JU Women’s Basketball vs. Florida A&M, S

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Atlanta Gladiators,

wisher Gymnasium

Veterans Memorial Arena DEC. 14

Edward Waters Women’s Basketball vs. DEC. 7

Columbia International, Adams-Jenkins Complex

DEC. 29

Edward Waters Men’s Basketball vs. Benedict,

Jacksonville Icemen vs. South Carolina

Adams-Jenkins Complex

Stingrays, Veterans Memorial Arena DEC. 15

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Greenville Swamp DEC. 8

Rabbits, Veterans Memorial Arena

JU Men’s Basketball vs. Carver, Swisher

JU Women’s Basketball vs. Warner,


Swisher Gymnasium DEC. 18 Jacksonville Giants vs. St. Augustine Glory,

DEC. 30

DEC. 10

Christ the King Catholic School

UNF Men’s Basketball vs. ​​Florida National,

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Greenville Swamp

UNF Arena

Rabbits, Veterans Memorial Arena JU Women’s Basketball vs. Webber Jacksonville Sharks Open Tryouts, Jangro Stadium at Episcopal High School

DEC. 31

Taxslayer Gator Bowl, TIAA Bank Field

International, Swisher Gymnasium Edward Waters Men’s Basketball vs. LeMoyneOwen, Adams-Jenkins Complex

DEC. 11

Jacksonville Giants vs. Florida All-Stars, Christ the King Catholic School

JU Men’s Basketball vs. Webber International,

Swisher Gymnasium

Jacksonville Icemen vs. Orlando Solar Bears, Veterans Memorial Arena

UNF Men’s Basketball vs. Trinity Baptist, UNF



Real Big Fish

Flounder Pounder pays tribute to a local legend Hans E. Huntsinger Shelton Hull

The 12th annual Flounder Pounder Fishing Tournament will be

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The

pretty similar to previous events, but there will be one huge piece

changes included raising the minimum size for fish from 12 inches

missing: Hans E. Huntsinger, craftsman and raconteur, who died last

to 14; reducing the limit for recreational fishing from 10 flounder to

year, at age 59, after a long battle with interstitial lung disease. Hun-

five and reducing the commercial limit to 150; and banning all floun-

tsinger had been a key member of the volunteer team for almost its

der fishing entirely during the month of November. These changes

entire existence, and it was also Huntsinger who first introduced me

are designed to increase stocks of the fish in local waters, which

to Flounder Pounder founder Chip Davis, shortly before the event

will presumably result in larger, more plentiful fishing for everyone,

last year.

including the participants.

“I knew Hans way back in the ’80s,” Davis said. “He was three years

The captain’s meeting is mandatory for at least one member of each

older than me, but we all grew up on the Westside. He always had

boat and takes place on Thursday night, Dec. 2. Friday is set aside

so much freakin’ energy!” They bonded over a shared love of fish-

for rest and preparation, and fishing begins on Saturday morning,

ing and surfing. When Davis launched the tournament, Huntsinger

Dec. 4. The tournament ends on Sunday, Dec. 5.

was one of the first people to get involved. When it comes time for weighing the fish, participants will be “He did my mom’s eulogy,” said Davis, who dedicated last year’s

grouped into three specific categories: big fish, women and junior

tournament to her memory. This year’s tournament is dedicated to

anglers (14 years old and under). Winners in all categories will get a

Huntsinger, whose photo will hang in a place of honor and name

trophy and a prize package, with goodies to be announced.

has been placed front and center on this year’s commemorative t-shirt, along with the dozens of sponsors supporting the effort

While the Flounder Pounder has grown by leaps and bounds, Davis

this year.

has also expanded his vision to include a clothing line. Unlike the tournament, whose revenue all goes directly to JSA, the Flounder

Davis, an award-winner angler in his own right, developed the con-

Pounder clothing line is a privately-held company. Davis created

cept almost by accident. Twelve years ago, he enrolled his son Ty-

the company, in part, to leave something behind for his son, Tyler,

ler in the Jacksonville School for Autism, which is funded entirely

who serves as CEO. For Davis, this is not about personal uplift. It’s

by private contributions with parents encouraged to help with fund-

all about the kids—his own and all the others.

raising efforts. Davis deferred to his area of primary interest and expertise, which is the dense, diverse array of anglers in Northeast

Huntsinger embraced death with the same relentless zeal with

Florida. The first two tournaments were held at Ft. George Island

which he lived his life. Even as his illness aggressively sapped his

Marina, and all the ones since have been at what is now called

strength, it never weakened his passion for public service. He drove

MAVI. Organizers are expecting between 100 and 175 boats this year.

from his home on the Westside all the way to Flounder Pounder homebase in Jax Beach, with a heart full of love and a pickup truck

The inaugural tournament came together in about six weeks and

full of oxygen tanks, just to sit there and watch, and support. It was

raised $16,000, according to Davis. More recently, they have raised

one of his final public appearances before going into cardiac arrest

over $100,000 in each of the last three years, hitting a peak of

a few weeks later.

$171,000 in 2020. This year’s numbers may fall short, but it’s still a remarkable achievement, given how precarious the fundraising

Hunsinger’s life is over, but his story is not, and this year’s tourna-

situation has been for non-profits in this community.

ment will serve as a fitting epilogue.

The Flounder Pounder has raised more than $800,000 for the JSA

since 2010. If current trends hold, which they should, they’ll break that magic million-dollar mark sometime around September 2023. That would have never happened without the help and support of many, many, many people. But perhaps the finest man among them, Hans E. Huntsinger, is no longer among us. Nah, that particular Big Fish is swimming up in the skies now, where only the Fisher of Men had just the right technique to finally reel him in. This year’s tournament was pushed back by about six weeks, due to wide-ranging rules imposed on flounder fishing last year by the

IMPETUS A Debut Jazz Album by

DeAndre L ettsome “DeAndre Lettsome is a dual force to be reckoned with, both as a fresh and original Alto Saxophonist and as a brilliant composer” - Marcus Printup Now Streaming on All Platforms www. b o l d c i t y m us i c . c o m / i m p e tus



Instead of billing health insurance, our patients pay a monthly fee and are seen as often as they need whenever they need. Our members have access to discounted labs like cholesterol panel for $3.52, and wholes sale meds like a Zpack for $2.45 or cholesterol meds for 6 cents per pill.

Would you like to learn more about Cardona Direct Primary Care or are you happy with your current health care arrangement?

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