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Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC

49er Bottle Jamboree PREVIEW Saturday, August 6, 5:30-7pm or By Appointment

Live Auction 49er Bottle Jamboree FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo McClellan Conference Center, Sacramento

Saturday, August 6, 2016—7-10 pm Starting Time: 7pm PDT LOT PICKUP Sunday, after the sale AUCTION LOCATION Lions Gate Hotel—Club Ballroom 3410 Westover St., Sacramento

Bid Live, Online, by Mail, Fax, or Phone visit or call us at 775-851-1859 Copyright Holabird’s Western Americana Collections, 2016. All rights reserved. All items sold for their collectible value only; they have no securities whatsoever. Bid online at or call 775-851-1859


Welcome to the FOHBC 2016 Sacramento Na-

tional Antique Bottle Convention & Expo annual auction at the ‘49er Bottle Jamboree. This year, we’ve done something different- we are presenting a wide variety of bottles and related pieces that help define Western collecting. We solicited bottles that are an iconic representation of the bottle collecting genre from different geographic areas. In the West, it isn’t easy. Bottles from some of the Western states are flat-out rare, so much so that nobody wants to sell their gems. We can’t blame them! The wonderful world of Western collecting has brought us some of the most cherished pieces imaginable. It has also brought us dozens of pieces literally unknown to the bottle collecting world – pieces that have come out of the wood work from non-collectors. Some of these are great rarities. Others are sparkling mint examples of rarities, seldom, if ever, seen on an auction block. We’ve separated the catalog into divisions by major collecting genres Beers, Bitters, Medicines, Sodas, Whiskey and Wine and an “Other” category (including grenades). Inside each of these major collecting genres, the categories are split by state. This allows collectors to view like-kind items from different areas and find gems they may have not known about. Western collecting is different from the mainstream world of bitters and eastern bottles. We live in a world that started with the California Gold Rush, which brought thousands of people West and the influx of $50 million per year for ten years. Then the great Comstock Lode was discovered where Virginia City sits today. That added another $35 million per year to the national coffers. With the money, came people and the need for goods. Merchants quickly figured out that advertising on a bottle was a great way to garner business. 2

The first successful glassworks in the West came in 1862-1863 with the Pacific Glassworks. Several efforts were made at glassworks in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, but all failed. The Western glassworks developed their own unique styles, easily recognizable to many collectors, especially with some medicines, whiskies and soda bottles. Prospectors searched the mountains of the West for gold and silver for decades. They left behind a myriad of mining camp ghost towns, something not seen in the East. Thousands of towns sprung up, only to disappear over time. Thankfully, a few bottles were left behind to remind us of that rich history. Collecting these Western items isn’t easy. Collectors will tell you that if you are a condition “freak”, you’ll never get the bottle you want, unless it has been professionally conserved (polished, scratches and chips removed). This is especially true with many of the Western bottles, and is evident here in the sale. We have unique examples of pieces that are not mint – but they are unique, or nearly so, and represent a rare opportunity of acquisition. As you browse the catalog, you’ll see examples form Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, as well as choice rare examples of great rarities from around the country. This year’s auction is a collaboration among a number of major FOHBC players. We’d like to thank Ferdinand Meyer V, president of FOHBC; Richard Siri, Sacramento National Co-Chair; Jeff Wichmann of American Bottle Auctions; Mike Polak, author of Antique Trader Bottles Identification and Price Guide (many editions). We’d also like to thank the dozen or more State bottle reference works we’ve cited throughout the catalog, and recommend acquiring those books. Our best, Fred Holabird

Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC


You can bid live at the sale, absentee by submitting bids by mail, email, fax or phone. You can also use an agent. We can recommend several. If you bid absentee in advance, please call to be sure we got your bids. There is a 15% Buyers Premuim added to all bids and purchases. Local sales tax will also be added unless you provide a current valid California or Nevada Resale Permit.

Phone Bidding If you really want a lot, and can’t attend the sale, sometimes the best way to ensure acquisition is to be on the phone with us during the sale. Please call our office in advance and we can arrange a phone line at no extra charge. We call you a few minutes before the lots comes up, so be ready to bid.

Online Bidding Process There are five live internet bidding platforms: ICollector: this is the main platform and has no cost to you. It is accessible through our web site,, or through ICollector (Holabird auctions). This platform allows you to watch and participate in the auction on a real time basis. Its like a Reality Show, only with you in it. Invaluable: Invaluable owns three separate and distinct live auction platforms. When you are searching the web for things you like, these things might come up under any of the following three companies, allowing you to bid there. There is a separate fee attached that goes to the online company, generally about 5%. These bidding platforms increase visibility by thousands of people: Invaluable AuctionZip eBay (live) AuctionMobility: This is the most modern Ipad and Iphone application available, and is simply fantastic. You can register to bid with any of these services, or you can call our office and we can walk you through the process, it is really simple. 775-851-1859

You are responsible for inspecting each of the bottles prior to purchase. We also welcome phone calls for detailed verbal descriptions. You may also request additional photos posted online. The items in this sale are made of glass, and imperfections can be found in virtually every piece. Western glass is typically never “attic mint”.

Bid online at or call 775-851-1859


Consigning with Holabird Western Americana Collections We’ve sold many fantastic collections over the years and we’re always excited for more great material! Consign with us and enter into a lasting and beneficial partnership.

Why should you consign with Holabird Western Americana Collections?

We combine the elements of historically researched descriptions, professional photography, artfully designed catalogs, and a team of specialists to consistently produce record prices. Consign your items to the experts and let us help you realize the most for your collections.

What do you get when you consign with us?

The Process:

Holabird Live: Live internet auctions put your material in front of a larger audience than ever before. Our internet presence has opened up the market to a whole new generation of bidding. Not only do we offer live online bidding at no additional charge, but we also offer phone bidding and have live agents readily available to secure bids on all platforms. Never before has bidding in one of our auctions been so easy.

Appraisal & Inspection: We begin the process with an informal inspection of your item(s). We can do this in person or through photographs and descriptions, via email, fax, mail, or telephone. Once we have the opportunity to evaluate your items, we will then provide you with a professional opinion of value.

Historically Researched Descriptions: Our team of research writers craft colorfully written historical descriptions that tell the stories behind the items we sell. Through these accurately written descriptions we paint a picture for the collector and create a need and desire for your items. Professional Photography: Colorful, vibrant, high resolution photographs tell a story all their own. Our expert photographer will give your items the attention they need to make them look amazing both online and in print.

Cataloguing: Full color, high quality, artfully designed catalogs put your collections on the coffee tables of collectors worldwide. Our print catalogs are more than a just a catalogue of goods for sale, they’ve become historic reference works that our clients have come to know and love.

Marketing: We market extensively to advanced collectors through online advertising, national print advertising, trade shows, and direct proprietary marketing among other publicity. We’re seasoned marketers so you can rest assured knowing your material will get the recognition it deserves.

Superior Customer Service: At Holabird’s Western Americana Collections, we pride ourselves in offering a high level of customer service that you can count on. Our commitment to you is what sets us apart from the rest. You want someone you can trust, and we are by your side every step of the way.

Submit your photographs & descriptions to:

Holabird’s Western Americana Collections 3555 Airway Drive, Suite# 308 Reno, NV 89511 Email us at Call us toll free 844-HWAC-RNO (4922-766) or send us a fax 775-851-1834.

Consignment: Once we’ve determined that your material is a good fit for us and one of our upcoming sales, we will discuss the perfect venue for your items and spend some time with you to go over reserves, estimates, and sellers commission. Our commission rates are highly competitive and all inclusive. We have no photo or cataloging fees, no insurance fees, and no other hidden charges or gimmicks. Estimates & Value: We use decades of sound experience and judgment to assign estimates. We market extensively through national advertising and participation in trade shows, and we find that most items sell for premium prices. There are, however, unpredictable times when items sell for less than expected. This is usually balanced by items selling for premiums. We cannot predict market prices or conditions and, ultimately, our buyers set the prices. Shipping & Transportation: There are many ways to get your material to us for processing. You can arrange to bring your material directly into our Reno office, we can arrange to pick up your collection, or you may ship your items to us.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help guide you through this simple process so you can see your hardearned collections meet the right hands for the right prices. Contact our office for more information or for a consultation. Here at Holabird’s Western Americana Collections, we don’t only achieve record-breaking sales prices–we create legends.

Note: First Time Bidders

Please don’t forget, if you anticipate spending over $25,000, you must be pre-approved for bidding. We request two references—Bank or Auction House 4

Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC

Contents 49er Bottle Jamboree Live Auction — Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday, August 6–Starting Time: 7pm PDT



Bitters 14 Medicine 15-17 Soda 17-29 Whiskey 30-40 Others 41-42

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Bid online at or call 775-851-1859


Terms & Conditions

49er Bottle Jamboree

Absentee Bidding will end Wednesday, August 3. Internet bids accepted any time

Terms and Conditions

1. This is a Live Auction conducted by Holabird’s Western Americana Collections (HWAC). 2. Live (Floor) Bidding: Please arrive a few minutes early to check in and receive your bidding paddle. We will open lots with more than one bid at the current high absentee bid or 50% of the low estimate at the auctioneer’s discretion. Please be sure to bid on the correct lots during the live auction. Our auction progress is at a rate of between 100 and 200 lots per hour. When the auctioneer says “sold”, he will identify the successful bidder by number and announce the winning bid amount. If you are not sure whether you won the lot or not, it is your responsibility to ask for clarification immediately. Auctioneer reserves the right to reopen the lot in the case of an immediate dispute at the actual time of the sale. 3. Telephone Bidding: Telephone bidding requests MUST be scheduled prior to this auction. If you do not schedule in advance, and choose instead to call on the day of the auction to request a line for bidding, you may find that we are unable to accommodate your request. Please limit your telephone bids to items of value greater than $500, or to a string of items with a similar total. 4. Agent Bidding: There are numerous professional agents available to assist you should you require this service. Please contact the office for a list or to arrange for representation on the floor during the live auction. HWAC is not responsible for any acts or omissions by agents acting on behalf of bidders at our auctions. 5a. Live Auction Absentee Bidding: Absentee bids for the live auction MUST be received by 5pm pacific time the day before the auction. Bids accepted after the cutoff time will be represented live only if an agent is available and will not be considered absentee or given first priority as such. It is your responsibility to submit all lot numbers and bid amounts accurately. Absentee bids should be equal to at least 50% of the low estimate if an estimate is provided. Bids on “No Lots” or “Withdrawn” Lots are considered no-bids. Bids made in amounts that do not conform to the bid increment table in item 8 below will be automatically rounded up or down by the computer, or rounded to the nearest proper bid increment at the discretion of the auctioneer. Absentee bids are entered into a computer which will bid live on your behalf at the auction. Absentee bids will compete live against other absentee bids, live internet bidders, floor bidders and phone bidders. 5b. NEW BIDDERS: Bidders unknown to us must provide commercial references or a deposit of 25% of the amount to be bid in order for the auction staff to execute bids. Deposits will be credited towards lots won and any balance will be refunded within 10 business days after the auction has concluded. New online users will be given a spending limit at their initial request. In order to increase this limit, you may be required to provide a letter of authorization from your bank in addition to providing references. Please contact our office at any time if you have questions regarding spending limits or references required to bid. 6. Internet Bidding: Absentee and Live internet bidding are both available through our live auction network. If you wish to bid LIVE via the internet, you MUST pre-register. A live video and sound feed will be accessible during the auction for those bidding via the internet. Online bidding remains open through the live auction and online absentee bids may be placed anytime. Live bidding will open when the auction starts. Internet bidding is offered as a convenience for those who cannot attend the live sale. Please note


that there may be delays or interruptions in internet connectivity that are beyond our control. Attending the live auction or arranging for an agent is the most reliable way to secure your bids. WARNING: Auction participation through the live internet bidding site is not 100% foolproof. The technology for this process is still under development, and the operation of it and the corresponding internet connectivity issues are far beyond our control. Some folks have attempted to use the live internet bidding process as their primary method of bidding, and have been quite successful. Others have failed completely. Depending upon your computer, server, host, and other factors, internet signals may be delayed, such that bids may not be received in time. We cannot be held responsible for these delays, or for the lack of placed bids in a timely manner, or any other factors leading to unaccepted bids that are far beyond our control. Bidders should always have a backup plan for lots they highly desire. Live participation is best, followed by phone participation. We will not reopen lots for missed bids. 7. Reserves: Most of the lots in this auction are unreserved. Gold is generally reserved at or near spot, though it could be slightly below spot. 8. Bidding Increments: All bids must be submitted in U.S. dollars and in whole dollar amounts only in the appropriate increments as outlined below. If you choose to submit bids in an increment not listed below, your bid will be rounded to the nearest increment and you will be expected to pay the amount to which the bid was rounded should your bid be the winning bid. If you have any questions about an appropriate bid amount, please call us. From: To: Increment: $1 $95 $5 $100 $190 $10 $200 $475 $25 $500 $1,450 $50 $1,500 $3,400 $100 $3,500 $9,750 $250 $10,000 $30,000 $500 $30,000 up $1000 9. Bid Reduction: All winning absentee bids will be reduced, if necessary, to the next bidding increment up from the last competing bid, as long as the minimum bid requirement has been met. For example, if you submit an absentee bid of $1000 and the next highest competing bid is $250, then you will win the lot for $275. 10. Bid Information: Collectors often ask in advance the price level of a particular lot. We will give out the current high absentee bid until we close the day before the live auction. You may also view absentee bids online at While we try to update the absentee bids as often as necessary, bids received close to the bidding deadline might not be reflected online, and we disclaim any responsibility for any bids made in reliance upon inaccuracies on our website. 11. Bid Cancellation: If you wish to cancel or change a bid after you have submitted your bids to us due to an error, you MUST PHONE us to advise us of this. Bid cancellations through mail, email, or fax are not advisable. Errors are easy to make and we are happy to assist all callers. 12. All stock certificates, checks, warrants, and other financial documents sold herein are sold as antiquities, and have no financial, securities, or public trading value whatsoever. 13. We reserve the right to reject any bid we feel is not made in good faith. 14. The placing of a bid shall constitute the bidder’s acceptance of these terms of sale.

Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC

Terms & Conditions 15. Buyer’s Premium: There will be a 15% Buyer’s Premium added to each lot. These premiums include a 3% discount on the buyer’s premium for transactions paid with cash, checks, money orders or wire transfers. All other forms of payment are not subject to the 3% discount and the Buyer’s Premium will be calculated at 18%. 16. Sales Tax: Sales tax will apply, according to state law, for any items that ship to or is picked up in Nevada (7.725%) unless a current, valid resale certificate is faxed to us at 775-851-1834 before bids are placed. California sales tax is 7.5%. Other local taxes may apply. 17. Invoicing: Shipping charges will be added to all invoices. Invoices are mailed or emailed within two business days after the close of all portions of the sale. Within 15 calendar days of receipt of invoice, payment is due in full to Holabird’s Western Americana Collections, 3555 Airway Dr., #308, Reno, NV 89511. Sales tax will be added to all sales picked-up after the auction or shipped to Nevada addresses, according to state law, unless a resale certificate is provided. 18. Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Money Order/Cashier’s Check, Personal Check or PayPal. A 3% cash discount is automatically calculated to the Buyer’s Premium on all sales. That discount will be reversed if payment is made with a credit card or through PayPal. To pay via PayPal or CC, you must contact our offices beforehand. All returned checks are subject to a $25 fee. Cash received in amounts greater than $10,000 is subject to the filing of IRS form 8300, as required by law. 19. Shipping: Shipping will be estimated prior to invoicing, based on the size and weight of your purchase. All shipping will result in a minimum charge of $19.00. Additional shipping fees may be invoiced separately. The buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for shipment of large or special items. A $5 handling fee will be included in the shipping charge. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges. We do not ship any purchases until the auction invoice is paid in full. Purchases will be shipped via our approved, insured carriers: Federal Express or the US Postal Service. All items shipped Federal Express or USPS will be insured for the full value determined at auction by HWAC at no extra cost to the buyer. Federal Express shipments will be sent the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday following receipt of payment. Pick up is available from our Reno office the next business day after the auction. NOTE: Some shipments (of unusual size, dimension, or weight) may require special handling for which individual costs will be calculated and applied to the shipping charge on the invoice. 19a. Shipping Insurance of 1% of hammer will be applied. It will appear as a 1% tax on your invoice. 20. Non-Payment: HWAC reserves the right to cancel any invoice not paid in full within 15 days. A cancelled invoice does not relieve the bidder from their obligation to pay seller fees and buyer’s premiums compensating HWAC for its services in conducting the auction. Interest shall run on all outstanding balances at the highest rate permitted by law. HWAC shall have a lien against the merchandise purchased by the bidder, and any other of bidder’s property then held by HWAC or its affiliates, to secure payment of the invoice, and with respect thereto HWAC shall have all the rights of a secured creditor under the Nevada Commercial Code, including but not limited to the right of sale. HWAC may sell the lot(s) securing the invoice to any underbidders in the auction that the lot(s) appeared, or at subsequent private or public sale, or relist the lot(s) in a future auction conducted by HWAC. A defaulting bidder agrees to pay for the reasonable costs of resale (including a 10% seller’s commission, if consigned to an auction conducted by HWAC). The defaulting bidder is liable to pay any difference between his or her total original invoice for the lot(s), plus any applicable interest, and the net proceeds for the lot(s) if sold at

private sale or the subsequent hammer price of the lot(s) less the 10% seller’s commissions, if sold at an HWAC auction. If HWAC refers any invoice to an attorney for collection, the bidder agrees to pay attorney’s fees, court costs, and other collection costs incurred by HWAC. Any bidder who fails to follow the terms of payment will be reported to icollector and may be barred from participating in future Holabird’s Western Americana auctions. 21. Condition: We strongly recommend that you attend the live preview to see lots in their entirety. Conditions are not always noted, and large lots may not be itemized due to catalog restraints. For questions, detailed information, or additional images of any lot please contact our office at 775-851-1859. Bidders are responsible for understanding the condition of items. Conditions noted are subjective, and may differ in the opinion of different people or collectors. 22. Return Policy: All items are guaranteed to be authentic unless otherwise noted. If authenticity is challenged, please call our office for assistance. You may return any piece that was significantly inaccurately described by calling our office within 15 days of receipt of item(s) and notifying us of the error and reason for return. We do not refund postage or insurance. We have attempted to describe the items and their condition accurately. If no condition is given, assume average. Please call us if you require a more specific condition report. Any items that are returned must be returned in the exact, unaltered condition. NGC certified tokens that are returned must be original, unaltered NGC holders. Any tokens removed from the original NGC/NCS certification holders or items returned in an altered condition are deemed not returnable under any circumstances. When we receive your bids we will assume you have read the description in the catalog, viewed the image of the item, have contacted us regarding any questions you may have on any lot and/or have previewed the lot in person. Therefore, returns are only accepted if prior approval is given by Holabird’s Western Americana Collections. 23. This sale is being held under the laws of the state of Nevada, without reference to choice of law rules. 24. HWAC shall not be held responsible for any problem due to the bidders failure to follow the rules, terms and conditions of this sale, or any failure to bid due to the loss of the online auction process provided by any of the online auction networks; or missed bids, changed bids or cancelled due the bidders failure to follow the proper bidding procedure outlined herein. 25. By placing a bid or otherwise participating in the auction, Bidder accepts these Terms and Conditions, and specifically agrees to the dispute resolution provided herein. 26. HWAC shall not be responsible for consequential damages, incidental damages, compensatory damages, or any other damages arising or claimed to be arising from the auction on any lot. Bidder’s sole remedy for any proven act or omission shall be rescission of sale and refund of the amount paid by Bidder. 27. Any claim, dispute, or controversy in connection with, relating to and/or arising out of the Auction, participation in the Auction, award of lots, damages of claims to lots, descriptions, condition reports, provenance, estimates, return and warranty rights, any interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, any alleged verbal modification of these Terms and Conditions and/or any purported settlement shall be exclusively heard by, and the parties consent to exclusive in personal jurisdiction of, the Superior Court of Washoe County, Nevada. THE PARTIES EXPRESSLY WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY. Any claim must be brought within one (1) year of the auction from which the claim arose or the claim is waived. In every case, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of its attorney’s fees and costs.

Bid online at or call 775-851-1859


Holabird Western Americana Collections aka “HWAC” and “FHWAC” Holabird Western Americana Collections was founded in 2012 and morphed into a new company in 2014 to fill the needs of Americana collectors looking for rare and unique collectibles below the minimum lot prices of most larger auction houses. The goal of the company was to put the fun back in collecting and bring an array of noteworthy collectibles to Americana aficionados with all budgets. The Holabird name in the title of the company draws its roots from Fred Holabird, company advisor, co-founder and the fun spirited auctioneer we’ve come to know and love. Fred managed Holabird-Kagin Americana from 2006-2014 and headed up the production team that produced dozens of fixed price and auction catalogs with sales in excess of 16 million. When Holabird-Kagin Americana closed the Reno office in May 2014, Holabird’s Western Americana Collections expanded their operations into the former HKA building and are excited to now bring some of the best and rarest collectibles at all price points to meet the needs of collectors everywhere. HWAC is devoted to bringing collectors only the greatest Western Americana rarities, with an emphasis western Americana mining collectibles, gold rush collectibles and numismatics. Under the leadership and

direction of Fred Holabird—and assisted by the hardworking Reno HWAC office—we combine our efforts to bring you a unique piece of western American history in every item we sell and in every catalog we publish. It is our goal to ensure our clients the most accurate, detailed item descriptions and well-researched, historically factual backgrounds. We specialize in buying, selling and appraising western Americana, numismatica (coins, ingots, banknotes), exonumia (pioneer minor coinage/trade tokens), western antiquities, and railroad/mining goods. Our auctions typically feature wide selections of coins, tokens, stocks certificates, documents, photographs, assay certificates, postcards and other antiques and collectibles relating to western history, numismatics and mining, dating from c.1800 to c.1930. We hold several Americana and numismatic auctions each year inclusive of some of the greatest rarities extant, working personally with our clients to help them build significant collections. We have become known for our well-researched histories on the mining companies, historical figures, and mining districts of the items we sell. Here at Holabird’s Western Americana Collections, we not only set record-breaking sales prices at our auctions, but we create legends.

Meet the Team Fred Holabird has been

active in the mining industry for more than 25 years. He began his career as a mineral exploration geologist, and quickly moved into a position as Mine Geologist at a producing gold mine. Always interested in the historical side of the mining business, Holabird has invested in mining related documents and books for many years. At one point, he headed a large-scale business dealing in collectible Americana, culminating with the marketing of the Atocha treasure at Caesar’s Palace.

Fred is well published in both technical as well as hobby related mining and western publications. He has been responsible for discovery and production at two Nevada gold mines, also overseeing their operations. Since running his last gold mine (which also involved the cleanup of extensive mercury tailings and cyanide left by former operators), he has been involved in a lengthy EPA-related mine and mill site cleanup in Colorado. Part of his current work involves consulting to many sectors of the mining business. Recently, he consulted for the Treasure of the SS Central America, a ship that sunk in 1857 with tons of gold on board. The ship has been recovered and was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary.

Bid Live, Online, Via Phone, Fax or Email 8

Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC

Travis Lord comes to us with a background in graphic communication, ties to the jewelry industry, and is a Navy veteran with roots in the gold country of Northern California. He currently contributes to the production of our auction catalogs as researcher, photographer and image editor. An avid rock hound/prospector and futbol aficionado.

Uwe Nikoley is our photographer and imaging expert. With an academic background in electrical engineering, Uwe has brought the latest technological advancements and efficiency to his position at HWAC. His long hours, dedication, perfectionism, and determination have been an invaluable asset and continue to improve the quality of our catalogs. Joe Elcano is an advocate for the importance of history to the world we live in today. As a former educator for 36 years, he understands the importance of bringing that history to life. As he likes to say, “It is all about the story!” Born and raised in Reno, he is a serious Nevada history buff and collects anything from Nevada with a story! He has chosen to work with the fine people at Holabird Western Americana in his retirement for the excitement of learning new things and finding new stories! Bret Allen has been working at HWAC over the Summer before school starts again helping to get this killer auction off the ground. Cole is my older brother and we are going to college in the fall at the University of Nevada. Keeping it real since day 1.

Bid online at or call 775-851-1859

Katrina Lasko is our graphic designer. She also writes descriptions, does photography, and exhibits. She is an contempory artist and uses unusual, often recycled, materials in addition to traditional paint. Her work often crosses between painting and drawing and sculpture. When not in the studio she likes walking and exploring new places and things.

Grant works as a researcher and cataloger. After growing up in So. Lake Tahoe, Grant completed his undergraduate degree in Nature & Culture at UC Davis and his master’s degree in English at Univ. of Nevada, Reno. He taught university writing in Reno, Tahoe, and Colorado before deciding to change careers and pursue a life-long interest in geology. He bought his first piece of ephemera from Fred five years ago and has been collecting mining ephemera ever since, especially when it’s from the Comstock or Bodie. When not describing historical items, he enjoys hiking. Grant is now telecommuting from Colorado,

Pepper is our office manager and master herder. She makes sure that all of our work is done in an appropriate timely manner and is key to keeping Uwe focused on his tasks.


ABSENTEE BID SHEET Holabird Western Americana Collections


3555 Airway Drive, #308, Reno, NV 89511 Tel: 775-851-1859 Fax: 775-851-1834 Email: Website:

Entered by Date

BID SHEETS DUE BEFORE: 5pm PDT, August 2, 2016 Name:__________________________________________________________________


Bid Increments From:

$1 $100 $200 Address:_________________________________________________________________ $500 City:_____________________________________ST___________Zip:_______________ $1,500 $3,500 Email Address:____________________________________________________________ $10,000 Phone:____________________________Alternate Phone:_________________________

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$5 $10 $25 $50 $100 $250 $500



Absentee bidding is offered as a convenience to our clients who cannot attend the live sale. We are not responsible for any errors or failures to execute bids. For highly desired lots, bidding live in person is always the best way to secure your bids, followed by live phone bidding. If you have questions or concerns regarding bidding, please contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process and help you find the best method of bidding for your circumstance. By submitting these bids, I agree that I have read and will honor all terms and conditions of the sale. I have submitted all lot numbers and bid amounts correctly, and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to submit them accurately. I understand that a 15% bidders premium will be added to the hammer price on all items. Signed____________________________________________________________________Date_________________


Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC

49er Bottle Jamboree~Beer Lot # 1000 California, Glendale ABC Beer Trade Token Knotty Pine Buffet good for 1 beer. The back advertises “Famous ABC Beer on Draught”. Knotty Pine / Buffet / GF / one / Beer / 230 No. Brand Blvd / Glendale, Calif. // Famous / ABC / Beer / On Draught. Round, Aluminum, 29mm. MS 62. Est. $50 ~ $100 HWAC # 38934 Lot # 1001 California, Los Angeles The Mathie Brewing Co. Beer Tray The Mathie Brewing Co. beer tray. Image of three men sitting at a table with their glasses of beer reading about Mathie’s Famous Beer. Los Angeles Brewer, California bears on left and right sides of tray. “$1000 Guarantee for Purity and Quality of Our Beers”, at lower edge of tray. Wear along edges, some paint chips along the lip, please inspect. Scarce. Est. $50 ~ $500 HWAC # 38168

Lot # 1003 California, San Francisco Regal Beer Pictorial Trade Token Genuine token for Regal Beer at their brewery in San Francisco. Has a pictorial mug of foaming beer on the back. Regal Products Co. / Good Only / At / Brewery / San Francisco. / 675 Treat Ave // GF / One / Glass of Beer. Round, Aluminum, 27mm. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38938

Lot # 1004 California, Truckee C. Thomas Amber Beer C. Thomas, Truckee, Cal. Extremely rare half pint. Amber tooled top beer bottle with original cork. Bottle was found in the wall of a house in Truckee about 1979. It dates to about 1900. As far as we know it is one of two or three known specimens. It’s certainly must be the finest known example or perhaps tied. See Holabird, Vol. I, pp137-140. Holabird collection. Est. $1,000 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 26464

Lot # 1005 Colorado, Telluride GW Tallman Telluride, Colo. GW Tallman Telluride, Colorado. Tall clear (pink tinge) pint blob top beer bottle. Similar to Preble B 200, however, the top is similar to B 190, the classic beer blob top. This is an unlisted variety. This example has the insignia on the base, the embossing in a circular slug slate, is clean, clear, and crisp with the exception of some base wear and a base chip. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 39500

Lot # 1002 California, Sacramento Buffalo Brewing Co. Covers for Incoming Orders Lot of 50 postal covers for the Buffalo Brewing Company. Nearly all are for incoming orders. See who was ordering from this important brewery in the early 1900s! Some interesting postal cancels/addresses: Athlone (Merced County), Flournoy (Tehama County), Tahoe City, Hobart Mills (Nevada County) , Mount Bullion (Mariposa County), and Oilcenter (Kern County). Many of the others are from either San Francisco or Sacramento, with more from in and outside of California. Most date to between 1908 and 1910. No contents. [Ref: California Place Names] Burt Collection Est. $250 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 21570

Lot # 1006 Nebraska, Omaha Krug Brewing Co. Advertising Plate Advertising plate dated 1909 from Fred Krug Brewing Company. The front of the plate has a vignette of Fred Krug and notation of the 50th anniversary. The reverse has a vignette of the brewery in 1859 at the top, a beautiful vignette of the brewery in 1909 at the center, and complements of Fred Krug Brewing Company at the bottom. The plate has two prominent chips at left and some discoloratiEst. $150 ~ $200 HWAC # 38901

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Beer Lot # 1007 Nevada, Carson City Carson Brewing Bottle Suite Three different bottles from the Carson Brewing Co. in Carson City. Tall seltzer with blue enamel “Carson brewing Co., Carson City, Nevada”; a amber quart with original paper label for “Delicious American Root Beer, bottled by Carson Brewing Co., Carson City, Nevada” (circa 1910), extremely rare (possibly unique), and a Tahoe Famous as the Lake clear crown top soda bottle. X-Holabird Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 39751 Lot # 1008 Nevada, Reno Sierra Lager Beer Tray Sierra Lager, Reno Brewing Co., Inc. beer tray. Drink Sierra Lager, three men drinking beer, eating sandwiches. 11” in diameter. A very attractive and ornate beer tray, with professional repair of image. Rare, a choice Nevada collectible. Est. $400 ~ $800 HWAC # 39514

Lot # 1010 Nevada, Reno Sierra Beer Suite Suite of two different Sierra Beer bottles and the cone top can. The cone top can is one of the classic Western beer cans. This grades about 1. The tall bottle is embossed with “SL” in a vertical oval, with Sierra Lager paper label over the top, though part is gone. See page 301 of Holabird, Volume 1. This is the only example of the Sierra Lager paper label on the SL embossed aqua beer that we’ve ever seen. The third piece is the more common Sierra Beer paper labeled squatty beer. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 39546 Lot # 1011 Nevada, Reno Reno Brewing Co. Seltzer Teal cobalt Reno Brewing Company seltzer bottle. X- Holabird. The cobalt Reno seltzer is extremely rare. It is thought that only two are presently known. When the large group of seltzers from the Winnemucca Soda Works was discovered a number years ago, only one of these was found in that group and it had a broken top. Surface wear, displays beautifully. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 39519

Lot # 1009 Nevada, Reno Royal Beer Cone Top Beer Can This is the Cone Top Royal Flush beer can. It is one of the great American beer can rarities. This can would grade Grade 1, except for two small flesh colored paint spots, which could be removed by conservation. Put out by the Reno Brewing Co., this beer is emblematic of what Reno used to be all about - Gambling. It has a vignette of the royal flush poker hand on the face. Est. $1,000 ~ $3,000 HWAC # 39545

Lot # 1012 Nevada, Reno Reno Brewing Co. Tin Sign 26” x 33” tin sign, one of the all-time classic beer signs from Nevada. Three small repairs in spots about the size of a quarter. Slight damage, upper right corner. The sign shows the Reno Brewery with Sierra Lager advertising. Colors are bright, considering the age, circa 1900. Wood frame reverse, as original. Edge appears touched up with fresh black. Est. $7,500 ~ $15,000 HWAC # 60193 12

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree~Beer Lot # 1013 Nevada, Reno Gray, Reid & Wright Co. Beer Glass Extremely rare Nevada beer glass. Gray, Reid & Wright Co., Reno with etched picture of their building in downtown Reno about 1900. 2.75” in diameter 3.75” tall. Possibly the only one known. Beer glasses from the turn-of-thecentury from Nevada are extremely rare. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 39516

Lot # 1014 Nevada, Tahoe Tahoe Collection Collection of 5 pieces from the “Tahoe” brand of beverages from the Carson Brewing Co. that includes beer, soda, and sparkling water bottled in Carson City. The largest bottle is for “Tahoe” Sparkling Water ‘Bubbling with Energy’. It is 1 qpint, 13 Fluid Oz. Textured clear bottle with pristine labeling and no cracks or chips 12” Tall. Another soda bottle is a green paper label for “Tahoe” Pure Sparkling Ginger Ale 9.75” Tall . No cracks or major chips. The last soda bottle is a crown top embossed clear bottle for soda “Tahoe, Famous as the Lake”, with an embossed ‘C’ at the bottom for Carson City. 8.75” tall . The final bottle is a short amber paper label beer bottle for “Tahoe” beer. Pristine condition with original bottle cap and contents 6.75” Tall. . The final piece is a cone top beer can for Tahoe Beer. Steel can with surface rust and one indentation about half-dollar size. Some of these are very difficult to acquire. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 39753 Lot # 1015 Nevada, Yerington Sierra Beer Trade Token One of the all time great beer tokens for “Sierra Beer” from Yerington NV c. 1905. C.M. Coddington / Agent / Yerington, Nev // Good For 1 / Glass / “Sierra Beer”. Rectangular, Brass, 20mm x 34mm. MS 62. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 38932

Lot # 1016 New York, Rochester Monroe Brewing Co. Beer Tray Monroe Brewing Company beer tray, “King of Rochester Beers”, New York. Very attractive 12” diameter tray with near vertical walls, 1.5” deep with a image of a king and his mug of beer. A few edge scratches as usual very nice. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38167

Lot # 1017 New York, New York Brewing Checks Lot of 10. Includes: seven receipts for beer cask deliveries from Louis Bierbauer in Canajoharie, 1878, some in rough condition; two receipts from Amsdell Bros. Brewery in Albany, 1880 and 1882; and one receipt from Cushman & Co., Brandies, Gins, Whiskies, Wines etc. in Canajoharie, 1879. All items have soiling. Neat set! (Prag Collection) Est. $50 ~ $200 HWAC # 24359

Lot # 1018 Virginia, Alexandria Portner’s Hofbrau Tip Tray Portner’s Hofbrau, Alexandria, Virginia Small beer tip tray. The tip tray has a picture of the embossed Hofbrau Lager Beer bottle with paper label. Generally very fine. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38974

Lot # 1019 Washington, Olympia Olympia Brewing Company Stock Certificate 1937 A rare brewery stock certificate from the Olympia Brewing Company issued in 1937 to Amy Allbright Schmidt and signed by a Schmidt as vice president. Cert. #2521 was issued for 100 shares. Company incorporated at Olympia, Washington in 1896. Leopold F. Schmidt built a brewery at Tumwater, Washington, where there were artesian springs. Thus, the company’s slogan, “It’s The Water” was born. The certificate has two diamond shaped cut cancels through the signatures. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 35436

Lot # 1020 Washington, Seattle Bay View Brewing Company Bay View Brewing Company, Seattle Washington. “Not To Be Sold” on back side. Pint, bright green applied top beer bottle. Thought to be extremely rare, a choice and desirable bottle. Bright and vibrant. Minor inside lip bruise at right. Est. $1,000 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 38173

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Bitters Lot # 1021 Large Early Ale Bottle Large early ale bottle. Pontil, 9” tall, 3.75” diameter. These are the heavy dark green to black glass bottles so typically used during the 1700s. this example is a very dark amber. They are often found on the treasure ships off the East Coast. It is difficult to put a collection of these together today. They are a wonderful example of 1700s glass work. Est. $80 ~ $150 HWAC # 38954 Lot # 1022 British Columbia, Victoria Victoria Brewing Co. Choice green Victoria Brewing Co., Victoria, BC beer bottle. “Not To Be Sold” on reverse. Heavy whittle as usual for these green beer bottles. Quart size. This bottle was made about the time when the crossover of applied and tool tops took place. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC #

Lot # 1025 Connell’s Brahminical Moonplant Connell’s Brahminical Moonplant. East Indian Remedies. (The definition of BRAHMINICAL is; A member of a cultural and social elite, especially of that formed by descendants of old New England families). Image of 2 feet, surrounded by 10 stars and Trade Mark on reverse. Signature on the base. Very clean, very nice bottle in medium amber. two green Amber. Double roll applied top. Scarce and popular bottle. Please inspect. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 38165


Lot # 1023 California, San Francisco Bennett’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters Bennett’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters, Jos. N. Souther & Co., Sole Proprietors San Francisco. Square, light to medium amber, applied top bitters. Bright and vibrant, you’ll want to inspect this bottle. Ring number B73. Circa 1880s. Scarce. Very nice example. Est. $400 ~ $800 HWAC # 38164

Lot # 1024 Nevada / California, Virginia City / San Francisco Alpine Herb Bitters Broadside c1890 Bitters broadside. Very rare (thought to be 1 of 2 known). From the Thomas Taylor & Co. Sole Agents for their choice product. This broadside has vibrant colors, and the image is both artistic and realistic. The image itself measures 12.5” x 20”, and the frame measures 23” x 31”. This particular bitters was produced in both San Francisco and Virginia City, Nevada, from about 1888 to the turn of the 19th century. It was patterned after the European bitters of the time, prepared from herbs indigenous to the Swiss and Italian Alps. There is 1 small repair in the right corner of this broadside. Est. $5,000 ~ $10,000 HWAC # 39551


49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

Lot # 1026 Old Sachem Bitters and Wigwam Tonic Old Sachem Bitters and Wigwam Tonic. Medium to darker amber. Blank base. No pontil. Ring O46. Slightly different top. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38966 Lot # 1027 Old Sachem Bitters and Wigwam Tonic, #2 Old Sachem Bitters and Wigwam Tonic. Medium amber. Blank base. No pontil. Ring O46. Nice Example Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38965

49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine Lot # 1028 Arizona, Phoenix Worner’s Rattler Oil Worner’s Rattler Oil, Phoenix, Arizona. This small clear rectangular medicine, 3 1/2” tall is one of the all-time classic western bottles. There are two versions of this rattlesnake oil bottle, though both are very similar. Worner probably ran his drugstore business in Phoenix, perhaps from the 1890s-early 1900s. As far as we know, this is the only rattlesnake oil bottle in America, or the world for that matter. This is a perfect bottle to have been made in Arizona. During my time doing fieldwork in Mining Geology, I (FH) can tell you that there were many times in Arizona, Nevada, and eastern California where we were surrounded by dozens or more rattlesnakes, which causes great anxiety. Michael R. Miller published “A Collector’s Guide to Arizona Bottles and Stoneware”. We highly recommend you get this book if you collect Western bottles. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38166 Lot # 1029 California, Bodie Stewart Drug, Bodie Classic strap-sided Stewart Drug from Bodie. 3.5” tall, sparkling mint and clean. Stewart is one of the better known western druggists. His story is unique, coming from a Missionary family who moved from western Europe to Glen Ellen Canada in the 1850’s to manage a community of transferred African emigrants in a remote area of Canada. Alex Stewart made his was into the United States about 1871. He worked with Boisot in Silver City, started a drug store in Gold Hill, Virginia City, Bodie, and Silver City all in the 1870 decade. The Virginia City drug bottles are the rarest, and the Bodie the most popular. See Holabird, Vol. 2, pp 320-330. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39543

Lot # 1030 California, Bodie Stewart, Bodie Drug Bottle, Penn Oval Classic Penn Oval Stewart Drug from Bodie. 6” tall, sparkling mint with minor stain, never cleaned. Stewart is one of the better known western druggists. His story is unique, coming from a Missionary family who moved from western Europe to Glen Ellen Canada in the 1850’s to manage a community of transferred African emigrants in a remote area of Canada. Alex Stewart made his was into the United States about 1871. He worked with Boisot in Silver City, started a drug store in Gold Hill, Virginia City, Bodie, and Silver City all in the 1870 decade. The Virginia City drug bottles are the rarest, and the Bodie the most popular. See Holabird, Vol. 2, pp 320-330. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39544

Lot # 1031 California, 2 AB Stewart Trade Tokens 2 Trade tokens for Alexander B. Stewart for 5c and 25c in merchandise. A.B. Stewart was a pharmacist in Virginia City and has some of the top drug bottles in Nevada and California. Alexander B. Stewart / Exeter, / Calif. // GF / 5c / In / Merchandise. Round, Aluminum, 19mm. MS 61. Alexander B. Stewart / Exeter, / Calif. // GF / 25c / In / Merchandise. Round, Aluminum, 29mm. MS 60. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38931

Lot # 1032 California, Oakland Brown’s Celery & Phosphate Brown’s Celery & Phosphate, label under glass fifth from Oakland California. Choice 11 inch tall label under glass, 4 x 4.5”. “Brown’s Celery and Phosphate Syrup for preparing a delicious and invigorating health beverage.” Made by the Brown Phosphate Co. of Oakland, California, with an eastern branch in Camden, New Jersey. Less than 1% alcohol. The label is choice, the bottle is clear, clean and without blemishes. Rare. Not listed in 1895, 1901 or 1911 Mercantile Guides. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38929

Lot # 1033 California, San Francisco The Owl Drug Co. San Francisco The Owl Drug, San Francisco. This is an unusually shaped amber medicine bottle, “The Owl Drug Co., San Francisco, Cal.” with a sunken panel square area to the right of the embossing near the bottom of the bottle. This sunken panel is 2” square. The bottle is 8.75” tall. “610” on bottom of bottle. No obvious chips, dings or otherwise. The bottle is clean, bright and vibrant. Rare. Est. $400 ~ $600 HWAC # 38956

Lot # 1034 California, Truckee Dr. S. McCurdy Rail Road Drugstore Dr. S. McCurdy, Rail Road Drugstore, Truckee, Cal. 4 1/2 inch tall, clear rectangular drugstore. This is one of the rarest of the Eastern Sierra Nevada drug bottles; there are perhaps only two or three known examples. McCurdy’s Drugstore, which may have succeeded Dr. Curless, is important in western history. McCurdy was a doctor on board steamers on the Pacific coast during the California gold rush. Curless was not only a doctor of a similar nature, but he was on board the SS Central America when it sank in 1857 carrying $3 million worth of gold. Today it would be worth $250 million for its collector value. This bottle is essentially dead mint, although it does have a minor scratch; it has never been cleaned by a professional. See Holabird, Vol. II, pp 375-376. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38762

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine Lot # 1035 California, Watsonville Krough’s Watsonville Drugstore Bottle Cobalt blue Krough’s Watsonville Pharmacy, drugstore bottle. W. T. & Co. USA on bottom of bottle. Sunken panel, indented slug plate for the drugstore name. 5.5” tall. This is one of the ultra rare California cobalt blue drugstore bottles. Western cobalt drugstore bottles are rare. Ed Miller, in “California Embossed Drug Store Bottles”, shows only eleven blue or cobalt drug bottles. This includes the common Dickey of San Francisco and three druggists who made two cobalt variants. Bottle appears problem free, please inspect. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38170

Lot # 1036 Indiana, Indianapolis Large Amber Poison Bottle Large size amber embossed poison made by the Lilly Company, c 1900-1920. This large poison is a choice bottle. 10.25” tall with the original top and original paper label; the paper label is difficult to read. Never been in the ground. Clean, bright and vibrant, problem free as best we can tell, Please inspect. Est. $150 ~ $300 HWAC # 38959

Lot # 1037 Missouri, St. Louis A. A. Mellie, Pharmacist Deep Cobalt Medicine A. A. Mellie, Pharmacist, St. Louis. Large rectangular deep cobalt medicine, 8.25 inches tall. No chips, only very minor cleaning scratches on the edges. No sales records found in Brown. Appears extremely rare. Record on the Internet of one dug in Memphis in 2009. Est. $300 ~ $700 HWAC # 38918

Lot # 1038 Nevada, Carson City F. J. Steinmetz, Druggist F. J. Steinmetz, Druggist, Carson City, Nevada. Opposite post office. MF & Co. on the bottom. Clear drugstore, never cleaned, 8.75” tall, 16 ounces. This is the large size Steinmetz drug bottle with the “Opp. Post Office” designation. It may be the only known 16 ounce example, or perhaps one of two. Steinmetz ran the City Drug Store in Carson City from 1893-1909. This is the same Steinmetz that made an embossed bottle in Palo Alto. See Holabird, Vol. 2, pp 309-316. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38176


Lot # 1039 Nevada, Carson City Dr. J. M. Benton’s Liniment Dr. J. M. Benton’s Liniment Carson City, Nevada. Aqua patent medicine, three sunken panels, tool top. This is one of the few patent medicine style bottles from Nevada. J.M. Benton was one of the most well-known livery operators in the state through history. He is perhaps best known for owning the stage line that went from Carson City to Placerville, through Glenbrook. His most famous stage driver was none other than Hank Monk. This bottle is believed to have been made sometime around the late 1890s. It is extremely rare, perhaps less than five specimens are known. Benton was also a well known locally because of a high-profile killing on his property. R. L. Higgins, the man who made the rare and wonderful Higgins Ink from Virginia City, had a partner whose name was James Duffy. Duffy and Higgins ran the Nevada Soda Mine, providing soda to Comstock mills. Benton caught Duffy one night trying to rape his wife and shot him on the spot. A very fine example of this rare aqua patent medicine Nevada bottle. See Holabird vol. two, pp 57-63. Est. $700 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39508 Lot # 1040 Nevada, Elko/Eureka Twiaba Warranted. Aqua Patent Medicine Twiaba Warranted. Aqua patent medicine style bottle, elongated hexagon, applied top, full of sea bubbles, semi crude, never professionally curated. See Holabird, Vol. 2, p377-383. The Twiaba bottle dates from about 1872, when it was distributed from Elko and Eureka, Nevada. The Twiaba product was patented in March 1871. It contained a hair restorative of white sage. The Holabird article, which shows three different shades of aqua, discusses white sage around the Elko and Eureka areas in some detail. There is a remote chance that the white sage used for this cure was a special white sage known to the Shoshone to grow up to 12 feet high and have exceptional flowering during blooming season. There are thought to be about a half a dozen of these cares known today. Est. $700 ~ $1,200 HWAC # 38177

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine, Soda Lot # 1041 Nevada, Reno McCollough Druggist & Apothecary J. B. McCollough Druggist & Apothecary Reno, Nevada. This is the exceptionally rare misspelled variety, unknown to most collectors. It is thought they’re only about three known. The bottle dates from the 1890s, and has the spelling “MCCOLLOUGH” instead of McCullough. This appears to be a mint example. See Holabird pp193-199. J. B. McCullough ran his drugstore in Reno from 1891-1910 and had a wide variety of embossed bottles. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 39509

Lot # 1042 Nevada, Reno McCullough Pharmacy, The unique McCullough Pharmacy Reno, Nevada. Citrate of Magnesium bottle. Embossing in around slug play. Twopiece mold. Tooled top, clear, turning light purple. Illustrated on p199 of Holabird volume two. In all the years of collecting Nevada bottles only one example of this citrate has ever surfaced. It is one of only three different citrate of magnesium bottles from Nevada. Estimate $1000-$3000 Est. $1,000 ~ $3,000 HWAC # 39510

Lot # 1043 Nevada, Ruby Hill Chas. M. Fassitt, Druggist Bottle Charles M. Fassitt, Druggist, Ruby Hill, Nevada. “WT & Co.” embossed on face. Classic 4 ounce size, 5 inches tall. This bottle is a pristine choice example, with no chips dings or scratches of any kind. It only retains a little bit of original stain. Ruby Hill was a small mining camp 1 mile west of Eureka Nevada. It housed one of the largest silver mines in Nevada, which today is one of Nevada’s great open pit gold mines. At one time for there were only two mint examples of this bottle known, one in the Haddock collection and the other in the Bob McKay collection, who was the caretaker of Ruby Hill. Holabird eventually acquired both bottles and this is probably one of the two. Since that time several others have been dug, but this remains one of America’s top ghost town drugstore bottles. Est. $700 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38760

Lot # 1044 Nevada, Seven Troughs Owl Pharmacy, Seven Troughs 16 oz Drug Bottle c1909 The Owl Pharmacy bottle from Seven Troughs is unarguably one of the great American ghost town bottles. Seven Troughs was a mining community in central Nevada that was a late-stage discovery, coming on the heels of the Tonopah-Goldfield discoveries. The camp didn’t get its start until 1907, and struggled until about 1909, when so much gold was found that it exploded in growth. Unfortunately, a rare flood came crashing down the canyon in 1912, wiping out the town. Today, little is left except the occasional piece of purple glass and a rusty piece of a tin can. There are two of the sixteen ounce bottles known. This one is the only one of the two in completely original condition. It was dug by Walt Walker in Hazen, Nevada, the site of one of Nevada’s last hangings. X-Holabird. See Holabird, V2, pp239-241. Est. $1,000 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 39527

Lot # 1045 Nevada, Virginia City Glass Drugstore Ephemera from A. M. Cole’s Virginia City Store Group

of five glass items from A.M. Cole’s drug store in Virginia City. The group includes two label under glass master ground top drug bottles with original stoppers that held “Pulv. Gallae” and “French Chalk”. Both bottles have AM Cole’s paper label on the bottom, 9.5” tall, clear glass. A third bottle is a cobalt blue label under glass “Fl. Ext. Mandrak. Co.”, 8” tall, with original stopper partial Cole paper label on back. A fourth example is a clear label under glass bottle “Fl. Ext. Inulae”, 8” tall, with original stopper and remnants of Cole label on the back. The fifth example is a decorative hand-blown pestle, 6.5” tall, probably for window advertising. This piece is very early, perhaps 1850’s. Est. $200 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39549

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine Lot # 1046 Nevada, Virginia City A. M. Cole Apothecary Bottle A. M. Cole Apothecary, Virginia City, Nevada. Octagonal shaped, rectangular bottle, classically used for hand creams or lotions. All embossing is in script. A classic A. M. Cole hand cream bottle. This bottle has no chips, scratches or dings of any kind; the only drawback is minor staining as originally found. These are often considered one of the prettiest of all Nevada drugstore bottles. A choice example. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38761

Lot # 1047 Nevada, Virginia City A. M. Cole Apothecary Amber A. M. Cole Drugstore bottle from Virginia City. Near mint. There are less than 10 amber Coles known today. Nevada only has two Amber drugstore bottles, this one and the Amber Thaxter bottle from Carson City. See Holabird volume 2, pp 85-108. The amber Cole dates from approximately 1878-1880. X-Holabird. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 39520

Lot # 1050 New Mexico, Four Different NM Drugstore Bottles Four different New Mexico drugstore bottles. Dr. Slack’s Mexican Catarrh Remedy from Clayton, New Mexico, with a slightly rounded top, minor stain, no apparent chips or cracks. Rectangular drug 4.25 inches, Elite Pharmacy, First National Bank building, Deming, New Mexico. Crack. Light purple. Rupee’s Cosmopolitan Pharmacy, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 3 1/2 inches. Stain. Minor lip chip. O’Rielly Company Druggists, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2.75 inches, probably the smallest size, lip chip. Nice group of four different New Mexico drug bottles. Est. $200~ $300 HWAC # 38906

Lot # 1048 New Mexico, Albuquerque Albuquerque Drugstore Bottles Four New Mexico drugstore bottles from Albuquerque. Two different embossed pattern Rupee’s Cosmopolitan Pharmacy.

One is 3 1/2 inches the other 4 1/2 inches. One with lip chips another with bottom crack. Pillsbury and Walton Druggists, Albuquerque. 5 inches, cracked. O’Rielly Company, Albuquerque, hand cream style bottle, 5 inches, cracked. Est. $150 ~ $300

HWAC # 38907

Lot # 1049 New Mexico, Albuquerque Pillsbury and Co. City Drug Store Bottle City Drug Store, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Pillsbury & Co. Aqua pan oval drug bottle 6.75 inches. Chips in top. Very rare. This may be the earliest embossed New Mexico drug bottle. Dates to the late 1880’s. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38916


Lot # 1051 New Mexico, 2 New Mexico Drug Bottles 2 nice New Mexico drug bottles. Slack’s Mexican Catarrh Remedy from Clayton, New Mexico, minor stain otherwise mint. Rupee’s Cosmopolitan Pharmacy, Albuquerque with crack in side. 3 1/2 inches tall. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38909

Lot # 1052 New York, Sallade & Co. Magic Mosquito Bite Cure and Insect Destroyer Sallade & Co. Magic Mosquito Bite Cure and Insect Destroyer. Suite of three different colors of this cure bottle from New York. We wanted to get these bottles in the Western bottle auction because of the prominence of mosquitoes (for those of us that live in or near the Sierra Nevada range.) No markings on the bottom. Oval-shaped flasks, 7.75” tall, 3.25” across and 1.5” deep. The three bottles here are light to medium cobalt, light to medium lime green, and aqua. All appear to be free of scratches and chips. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38957

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine, Soda Lot # 1053 New York, Lyons Powder Bottle, #1 Lyons Powder. B & P, New York. Open pontil. Light puce. 4.25” tall. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38975

Lot # 1054 New York, Lyons Powder Bottle, B & P, #2 Lyons Powder. B & P New York. Open Pontil. Deep puce. 4.25”. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38976

Green Lyons Please see Lot 1193, p42

Lot # 1057 USA Hospital Bottles Pair of USA Hospital Department bottles. The first is a gorgeous medium cobalt with embossing on the shoulder, height 7.25”. The second. Is aqua, 7” tall, embossing inside of an oval slugplate. The cobalt bottle is a three-piece mold. The aqua bottle is a four piece mold. No makers mark on either bottle. The USA Hospital Department bottles are thought to have been made during the Civil War and used perhaps through the early 1870s. They are among the most popular of American medical bottles because of the wide variety of beautiful colors. Est. $500 ~ $700 HWAC # 38950

Lot # 1058 The Owl Drug Co. Poison The large cobalt triangular The Owl Drug Co. Poison. 9.75” tall. 4.25” across each face. Image of large owl. No makers mark on the bottom. One panel has the word “Poison”, a second panel “The Owl Drug Co.”, the third panel a right wing owl sitting atop a mortar and pestle, the usual Owl logo. No chips, no scratches, no dings. Appears mint. Est. $700 ~ $1,500

Lot # 1055 Australia, Two Warner’s Safe Cure Bottles Two Warner’s Safe Cure bottles, found while prospecting in Australia. 1) Warners Safe Cure, Melbourne. Applied top, deep amber, 7.25” tall, never professionally cleaned. 2) Warner’s Safe Cure Concentrated. Amber, 5.6” tall, never professionally cleaned. Est. $100 ~ $150 HWAC # 39522

Lot # 1056 Poison Coffin Bottle Amber coffin poison. 5” tall. This is one of the most popular shapes of poisons to collect. Bottle has raised diamond shaped projections. “Poison” embossed horizontally on one side and vertically on the other side, See Polak, fifth edition, p 293. The bottle originally contained mercury chloride. Estimate $700$1000 Est. $700 ~ $1,000

HWAC # 38951

Lot # 1059 Owl Drugstore bottle The large-size Square cobalt Owl drugstore bottle. 9.75” tall 3” wide. Single panel embossed with an owl with the wing on the right sitting atop the usual mortar and pestle. WT & Co. on the base. Light staining on top shoulder and inside. Never professionally cleaned. Choice. Est. $1,000 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38952

HWAC # 38939

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine Lot # 1060 Square Cobalt Owl Square cobalt Owl, 6.25” tall, 2.5” wide . Some white stain, never professionally cleaned, no chips or cracks evident. Please inspect. Bold embossing. Est. $200 ~ $300 HWAC # 38953

Lot # 1063 11 Owl Poisons 11 different sizes of the famous triangular cobalt blue Owl Poison. The sizes are: 9.75”, 8”, 6.5”, 5.5”, 4.5”, 4”, 3.5”, 2.75”, 2.8”, and 2.4”. The group includes the standard rounded corner variety, and at least two examples of the earlier sharp angle cornered Owl. This is as choice a set of triangular blue Owl poisons you will find anywhere. Est. $1,500 ~ $3,000 HWAC # 39526

Lot # 1061 Amber Whiskey Top Owl Bottle Amber Whiskey Top Owl bottles. 12” tall, 2.75” wide. Embossing of the classic Owl logo on one panel only. Bright, clean, vibrant, a few bubbles. Tiny ding bottom base. Choice. This is one of the most sought-after of all the Owl bottles. Est. $400 ~ $600 HWAC # 38955

Lot # 1064 Clear Rectangular Poison Bottle Clear rectangular poison bottle with bold embossing 8” tall. 2.75” wide 3.5” across. Nothing on base. Clear, bright, vibrant, problem free, choice. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38960

Lot # 1062 Five Whiskey Top Owl Bottles Suite of five different size clear square whiskey-top Owl bottles. The five sizes are 11 1/2” tall, 11” tall, 10.3” tall, 8” tall, and 6 1/4” tall. Each of these has turned a light purple from the magnesium in the glass. This is a very nice suite of whiskey-top Owls, generally in excellent condition, with only one of the bottles having light stain having never been professionally cleaned. Please inspect. Est. $800 ~ $1,200 HWAC # 38958


Lot # 1065 Two Cobalt Oval Poison bottles Beautiful oval shaped cobalt blue poison bottle. Circa 1890-1900. This deep cobalt bottle is embossed on the bottom “Davison, Gregory, Brooklyn, New York USA.” Deep cobalt, choice mint, outstanding example. This lot also contains a nearly identical bottle with the screw top. Both bottles have raised pointed circles as a design. Our collectors tell us this screw top version is much rarer than the tooled top version. This screw top bottle unfortunately has a very hard to see crack in the base. The crack has been slightly discolored by the original contents. See Polak fifth edition, p 289. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 38961

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree~Medicine, Soda Lot # 1066 Skull and Crossbones Poison Bottles Two choice skull & cross bone cobalt poison bottles. Poison, Tincture of iodine. 3 tall and 2.2 tall. Indecipherable embossing on the base. Very slight interior stain as original, never professionally cleaned. Est. $200 ~ $300 HWAC # 38963

Lot # 1067 Electric Balm Poison Bottle Unusual clear rectangular poison bottle, with “Poison” embossed on the neck. Three panels with embossing. “Electric Balm”, “Use Externally Only On the Living,” G. M. Roades, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bright, clean, please inspect, 6.75” tall, 1.75” wide 2.75” across. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38964

Lot # 1068 Attention! Poison! Bottle Light green poison bottle with skull and crossbones embossed on three panels. Vorsicht! Gift! Attenzione! Veleno! Poison! Attentions! Poison! 9” tall 3” square. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38969 Lot # 1069 Amber Poison bottle Amber poison was skull and crossbones. Ovalshaped. 4.75” tall. 1.3” wide. Embossed criss cross pattern. See Polak, fifth edition, page 287. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 38970

Lot # 1070 Poison Bottle with Ring Pull Small rectangular poison bottle. Has original cork top with ring pull, with replacement coffin shaped pills inside. See Polak, fifth edition, page 286. Appears clean and mint. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38971

Lot # 1071 Jacobs Biochloride Jacobs bichloride. Small octagonal shaped amber poison bottle with skull and crossbones. Appears original cork and contents. 1.25” tall 1 1/2” in diameter. Est. $300 ~ $500

Lot # 1072 Reynards Insect Powder Reynard’s Insect Powder Small aqua bottle, 5 inches tall, in the shape of the Lyons Powder. Open pontil. Wear along the top of lip, please inspect. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38978

Lot # 1073 Arizona, Tombstone Union Soda Works Union Soda Works. Medium aqua, some whittle, no Pontil. Lip damage in the back. Clean and sparkling. Applied top. Union Soda Works got its start in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881 under the proprietorship of Valentine Mandt, according to Michael R. WMiller in “A Collector’s Guide to Arizona Bottles & Stoneware”. He only manufactured soda for one year in the 1880s, hence the incredible rarity of this bottle. It is the only blob soda from Arizona. This illustrates how difficult it was for many of the mining camps throughout the American West to use embossed bottles as an advertising product. The remote locations added great difficulty in receiving goods from Western (or Eastern) bottle manufacturers. There are probably less than 10 union Soda Works bottles known today. Quite a stir took place about a decade ago when 3 specimens were dug, one In a greenish hue. These bottles have long been prized by collectors because they came out at a time when the Earps fought the Clantons at the OK corral. Est. $700 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 30440

Lot # 1074 California, Alma Misenheimer & Hall, Alma Soda One of the great Western rarities, with Pacific Glassworks embossed on the bottom. The bottle dates to the approximate 1863 period. Blue aqua, with professionally repaired top. There are thought to be only three of these in collections in any condition. Misenheimer had a hotel at Alma Spring on the stage road from San Jose to Santa Cruz. He ran a soda works next to the hotel for only a short period of time. The only other embossed soda bottle with the Pacific Glassworks on the bottom is the W.S. Wright soda from Virginia City, made in December, 1862. Alma today is underwater in the Lexington Reservoir. This is a chance at an exceptionally rare western soda bottle. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39538

HWAC # 38972

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Soda Lot # 1075 California, Bodie area Castalian California Natural Mineral Water Castalian California Natural Mineral Water. From the Wayne Mortimer Collection. This bottle is extremely rare, a new discovery, and is one of three known. The bottle was described in Tom Chapman’s “Bottles of Eastern California”, pp 81-82. This bottle has stain and some scratches, has never been professionally cleaned, and is thought to have been found in the hills surrounding Bodie by Mr. Mortimer perhaps 60 years ago or more. Extremely rare. The aqua specimen is Lot 1097. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38752

Lot # 1078 California, Sacramento Boley & Co., Union Glassworks Philadelphia Union Glassworks Philadelphia. Boley & Co., Sac (ramento) City, Cal., Iron Pontil. Deep cobalt blue. There are several different embossed variants of the popular Boley bottle. Boley Soda Works was in business from 1850-1862. They were located in what we know today as “Old Town Sacramento”. This example is as nice as you will find, with little or no wear to the letters. It also appears to never have been buffed. Est. $500 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 30406

Lot # 1079 California, Sacramento C. & R. Eagle Works C. & R. Eagle Works Sac (ramento) City. Deep cornflower blue cobalt soda bottle. This is a choice example of color in this rare soda. Tiny base ding. Probably 1860s. Very rare. More than 10 times rarer than its counterpart, the C. & K. Soda. Markota was unable to find a specific reference to C & R, but we might postulate. Martin Rancich may have been a partner to Casey for a very short period in the early 1860’s. Est. $500 ~ $1,500

Lot # 1076 California, Congress Springs Pacific Congress Springs Pacific Congress Springs. Gorgeous deep aqua, heavy whittle, crude glass applied top. Western mineral water. Green streak in the neck. Double color top. Minor base ding or imperfection, otherwise a spectacular example. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38174

HWAC # 38179

Lot # 1077 California, Sacramento M. R. Soda Bottle M. & R. Sacramento. Deep cobalt blue with hint of purple. This version has no slug plate, and has the word Sacramento spelled correctly. Martin Rancich ran his soda works in Sacramento from c.18511863. There are a number of these bottles with the word “Sacramento” misspelled. It also comes in green. It has been argued that the cobalt bottles and green bottles held different flavors of soda. This is a sparkling example with a minor base chip in the front. Est. $1,000 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 30515


Lot # 1080 California, Sacramento Eagle Soda Works Bottle, Embossed Eagle Eagle Soda Works, Sacramento. Beautiful medium green pontil, western soda with applied top. This bottle has been long thought to have been from the Eagle Soda Works in Sacramento. It is embossed with a right facing Bald Eagle. There are two versions of this bottle, one with the eagle inside a slug plate and the other with the eagle boldly embossed on the face of the bottle. This bottle is the latter. This is a classic gold rush 1850s soda bottle from California’s gold mining days (c.1852-1860). A few surface wear spots, bright and vibrant, bold embossing; please inspect. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 30456

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Soda Lot # 1081 California, Sacramento Benecia Glass Eagle Soda Sacramento Eagle Soda Works with the bold eagle embossed on a rectangular slug plate. Medium green., Pontil. This bottle is special because of the beautiful rainbow oxidation on the exterior surface. Known out west as “Benecia glass”, these rainbow patina bottles have become very popular with collectors. The wetlands near Benecia were the home to a large scale gold rush era trash dump, and the unique soil and water conditions reacted with the surface of the bottles to create this effect. Est. $300 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 39534 Lot # 1082 California, Sacramento Henry Winkle Sac City Henry Winkle, Sac (ramento) City, XX. Choice 1852-1854 California Gold Rush soda bottle. Winkle was unusual, using aqua glass to show off the color (or clarity) of his soda water. Most are full of bubbles, made with a very crude glass, and all are pontiled. This example is a green-aqua, and about as nice as you’ll ever see for a Gold Rush era soda. Markota has quite a story of Winkle in his book on California soda bottles. Est. $300 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 39540

Lot # 1083 California, San Francisco Lynde & Putnam Mineral Waters Lynde and Putnam Mineral Waters, San Francisco Cal., Union Glassworks Philadelphia. Deep cobalt, pontil, old soda. This example is one of the few L & P gems, with bold embossing and almost no visible wear on any of the letters. It is a choice example, bright and vibrant. Please inspect. This bottle is one of the earliest California gold rush bottles, produced in the 1850-51 period. Choice. Est. $300 ~ $900 HWAC # 29795

Lot # 1084 California, San Francisco Eastern Cider in Yellow The California soda bottles in amber can be counted on one hand. At the top of the list are the Eastern Cider bottles, which are generally medium amber, though known in green-amber, root beer, chocolate and in this very rare yellow. The company produced these soda bottles from about 1877-1882, run by Don C. Mitchell on Bryant Street in the first three years. This is an exceptional example. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 30012

Lot # 1085 California, San Francisco Thompsons Premium Mineral Water, Union Soda Works, San Francisco. Thompson’s bowling pin shaped soda in an unusual light green color. Good whittle, clarity. Somewhat crude glass with lots of bubbles. The lip has an area that appears professionally curated and polished. This is a sparking beauty. Please inspect. Thompson got his start at the front end of the Gold Rush. By 1872, he was producing these bottles, which were unusual in shape. They are rare. Est. $200 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 39536 Lot # 1086 California, San Francisco B & G San Francisco Classic California Gold Rush cobalt blue soda bottle. It dates from 1852-1853, managed by Bache & Grotjan. Pontil. “Mug” or fluted base. In a study group of 14 of these bottles purchased over 40 years, there were no real color variations or embossing varieties. This is an excellent, apparent problem free bottle. Please inspect. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 39537

Lot # 1087 California, San Francisco Two City Taylor Soda This is the rare Taylor & Co., Soda Waters, San Francisco, Eureka. Pontil, cobalt blue. elongated bubbles, some surface wear, as usual. This is the San Francisco soda version of the Valparaiso Taylor & Co. This particular example has a thick glass rim next to the pontil, almost a giant open pontil. Like the B&G, it is only known in cobalt. Classic early California Gold Rush. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39541

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Soda Lot # 1088 California, San Francisco Taylor & Co. Valparaiso This is a choice example of the Taylor Valparaiso soda bottle. Unusual teal-green, full of elongated bubbles. Pontil. This example was in the Grapentine Collection. Taylor ran the Jessie Street Soda Factory in San Francisco in 1854. During that time, anxious people were making their way to California goldfields. Their first stop after rounding the horn in South America was Valparaiso, a European port established more than a century before the Gold Rush. As such, it was an exceptionally important way station for the weary would-be prospectors. Taylor took advantage of this and had a soda outlet there, though he also used the bottles in San Francisco, as evidenced by their being found in SF. Est. $300 ~ $900 HWAC # 39539

Lot # 1089 California, San Francisco Crystal Soda Water, Taylor’s. Crystal Soda Water Co., Patented Nov. 12, 1872, Taylor’s U.S.P.I. Medium cobalt blue. Collar top. No holes (as made). This is as nice an example of this beautiful soda bottle as you’ll see. It is one of a suite of Taylor’s bottles in this sale, all of which are premium examples. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 39542

There are auction records of four or five of these bottles, although we are not certain how many of the entries represented the same bottle that may have changed hands multiple times. No chips no apparent scratches or dings. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38919

Lot # 1092 California, San Luis Obispo Soda Trade Token A San Luis Obispo trade token for 1 glass of soda or 5c at the German Bakery c. 1890’s- 1908. German Bakery / H. Berkemeyer / prop / San Luis Obispo // GF / 1 / Glass of / 5c / Soda. Round, Aluminum, 22mm. MS 63 Est. $50 ~ $100 HWAC # 38946

Lot # 1090 California, San Francisco Crystal Soda Water Co., Deep Cobalt, Blob Top “Crystal Soda Water Co., Patented Nov. 12, 1872, U.S.P.I.” This deep cobalt soda is an unusually dark cobalt color. It has the blob top, as opposed to the collar top in the more common examples. Markota stated this was one of the rarest varieties. No holes in the top, as are found on some of the aqua blob top examples (also very rare). This bottle is all original- never having been professionally cleaned or polished. No chips or dings evident. Choice color. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39535 Lot # 1091 California, San Francisco Cassin’s English Aerated Waters Deep Blue Aqua Cassin’s English Aerated Waters. Deep blue aqua, applied top, round bottom soda. Full of bubbles with some whittle. Circa 1870’s. The Cassin Brothers were in business in San Francisco from about 1867 until the 1880’s. They produced a spectacular and rare embossed whiskey bottle, a spectacular bitters bottle that is unarguably one of the great western bitters bottles, and this very rare soda bottle. This San Francisco soda is one of the more desirable western sodas and is found in numerous shades of aqua and green.


Lot # 1093 California, Shasta W & B Shasta W & B, Shasta. back side of bottle: Union Glassworks Philadelphia. Superior Mineral Water. Deep cobalt, fluted base, applied top. This is one of the all-time greatest western ghost town bottles. W & B were in business from c.1855-1860. This example first surfaced at a bottle show about 1980. It has a small base stain on two sides with a little bit of wear. There are probably less than six Shasta sodas known. It is a great example of a soda from a California gold rush mining camp ghost town. Est. $9,000 ~ $12,000 HWAC # 38175

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree~Soda Lot # 1094 California, Truckee C. Thomas Hutch, Deep Aqua 1880 C. Thomas Truckee, Cal. Deep blue aqua applied top hutch, the earliest version of two different Truckee hutches. Untouched by bottle conservation, crude top, choice color. Extremely rare, we have only seen about three of these bottles. Please inspect. Circa 1890. The Thomas bought bottles are described in Holabird volume one, pp 137-140. Est. $600 ~ $1,200 HWAC # 26465

Lot # 1095 California, Truckee C. Thomas, Hutch, Light Aqua 1907 C. Thomas Truckee, Cal. embossed in round slug plate, aqua Hutch soda. Appears to have been professionally conserved, a beautiful example, please inspect. Circa 1900 to 1905. Rare, probably less than 10 known, we have seen about 6 specimens. See Holabird, vol. I, pp.137-140. Est. $600 ~ $1,200 HWAC # 26466

Lot # 1096 California, Soda Water Ephemera Group of letterheads and ephemera from soda works and mineral water manufacturers, mostly Western. About 23 items. Yager (Wyoming), Carroll (Long Island), Frank Bros. (Nevada), Hub City (Marysville), Bethesda (Wisconsin), Turlock Soda Works (Cal), Tokay Grape Juice (Cal), others. Est. $50 ~ $100

HWAC # 39529

Lot # 1097 California, Castalian California Natural Mineral Water Castalian California Natural Mineral Water. Aqua, flared lip. This is thought to be the only known example of this rare bottle from Inyo County. This is the bottle photographed in Tom Chapman’s book of “Bottles from the East Sierra”. The Castalian mineral water was a famous mineral water site in Inyo County. Extremely rare. Est. $500 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 38756

Lot # 1098 Colorado, Telluride G. W. Tallman Telluride, Colo. G. W. Tallman Telluride, Colorado. Classic American Hutchinson’s style soda bottle. Medium aqua. This bottle has the appearance of being mint and never cleaned. The bottle is S295 in Preble, dating from 1899 to 1900. Tallman played a major part in Telluride politics. He was sheriff in the 1909-1912. This is one of only two hutches from Telluride. Very rare. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 39501

Lot # 1099 Georgia, Savannah John Ryan Savannah, Georgia John Ryan Savannah Georgia, 1852, Excelsior Ginger Ale. Lime green. Inside stain, never cleaned. Applied top. No Pontil. Everybody that collects American soda bottles has a cobalt blue John Ryan. The Ryan bottles may be the most common in America. But lime green? This is an extremely rare bottle with exceptional eye appeal. A beauty. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 39503

Lot # 1100 Kentucky, Maysville Hamilton Gray & Co. Blue Lick Water Hamilton Gray & Co. Proprietors, Maysville, Kentucky. Blue Lick Water, with picture of deer. Amber, double roll applied top. Minor whittle, a few nice bubbles; mint with the exception of a few minor scratches. A choice rare bottle. Not found in Brown’s Auction Price Reports. Extremely rare, no sales records easily located. On the obverse, underneath “Hamilton Gray”, is an area with slugged out letters. The slugged out letters appear to read “USA Hospital Dept.”, and in fact, this bottle was probably poured in the USA Hospital Dept. mold. 9 1/2 inches tall. Blue Lick Springs is located between Ellisville and Fairview Kentucky on Highway 68. It is the site of a Revolutionary War battle in 1782 that included Daniel Boone, and is now a state park. The springs are listed in Bell, A. N.; Climatology and Mineral Waters of the US; 1885, p185 and Walton’s The Mineral Springs of the US and Canada, 1874, pp191-2. Walton noted that the waters were sold bottled from the Upper Blue Lick Springs “bottled and barreled water is sold largely in all of the leading cities of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.” A paper labeled amber Blue Lick Springs bottle is known from approximately 1900. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38917

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49er Bottle Jamboree~Soda Lot # 1101 Nevada, Eureka Nevada Soda Trade Token Trade token for one H. Mau & Co. drink, and advertises H_r_agemann & Co. Cigars on back. Token graded XF Details with environmental damage on back. c. 19081915. One / H. Mau & Co. / Drink // Smoke H_r_agemann & Co. / Cigars. Round, Brass, 24mm. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38947 Lot # 1102 Nevada, Goldfield Goldfield Bottling Works Co. Soda Works Sparkling Dark Purple Goldfield Bottling Company Soda Works, a sparkling dark purple clean example. This choice rare crown top soda has only a minor ding on the base. The large embossed letters G.B. Co. are visible on the front, and are an abbreviation for the Goldfield Bottling Company. The bottle probably dates to the earliest of this company’s existence, c. 1904-1906. This was the important development period for Goldfield, one of the West’s largest gold ore deposits. It produced in excess of 8,000,000 ounces of gold over time. There are probably less than eight of the G.B. Co. sodas in premium condition like this piece remaining today. Est. $700 ~ $1,200

Lot # 1104 Nevada, Las Vegas J. J. Tuckfield Soda Bottle J. J. Tuckfield, Las Vegas Bottling Works Nevada. Four piece mold Crowntop soda bottle. Sparkling clean, bright and vibrant. The Tuckfield soda is one of only two embossed bottles from Las Vegas from the early period, c19051910. Both are exceptionally rare. There are only two specimens of the Tuckfield bottle known, though there is a report of a third specimen. Of the two known, both have a crude “W” etched in the shoulder which probably was the initial successor of Tuckfield. Tuckfield started his soda works in 1907 in Las Vegas. It lasted until at least 1915. By then the majority of Tuckfield’s business was beer, so he probably didn’t last long as the prohibition approached. Of the two specimens known, one has been known for decades. The second example surfaced recently in an eBay sale. We had heard about that bottle for more than 25 years, and had wondered what it would finally come out of the woodwork.. See Holabird, Vol. l, pp 141-142. Est. $2,000 ~ $4,000 HWAC # 38178

HWAC # 38923

Lot # 1103 Nevada, Goldfield Eagle Bottle Works Soda Eagle Bottling Works, Goldfield, Nevada. Crown top, four piece mold, purple soda. X- Holabird. Near mint. One of a handful of choice rare Nevada mining camp crown top sodas. Rarely seen at auction. See Holabird volume 1, pp 67 to 68. This bottle had a short production run as evidenced by the rarity of the bottle. There are far less than 10 mint specimens known today. The bottle dates to the approximate 1914 period. Est. $700 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39515

Lot # 1105 Nevada, Las Vegas Pollard Soda, Las Vegas 1908 This is the incredibly rare Pollard crown top soda from Las Vegas. It is the only embossed bottle of any kind from the early first period of the life of Las Vegas, c 1905-1909. For decades, there was only one known example, and a second is now rumored to exist. Little is known of Pollard’s business activities prior to Las Vegas. In 1909, he leased the bar for the Overland Hotel, then the largest hotel in Las Vegas. He later ran another saloon between Delamar and Las Vegas, along a route known as the Monkeywrench Stage Line. See Holabird, v1, pp109-112. This bottle was lightly polished in the 1980’s to remove light stain. X-Lomprey, X-Holabird. Est. $3,000 ~ $6,000 HWAC # 39528


49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Soda Lot # 1106 Nevada, Virginia City Stephens & Jose Soda Bottle Stephens & Jose, Virginia City, Nevada. “J” and “S” embossed in center of back side. Gravitating stopper. Aqua. Never touched by professional cleaning. A true gem, probably one of the finest known. Please inspect. Stephens & Jose was a soda firm in business in Virginia City just prior to the fire of 1875 which burned and destroyed the business. Jose moved to Reno shortly after and began his own soda works, using what few leftover Stephens & Jose bottles he had. There are less than two dozen of these bottles known, and it is one of the all-time most popular Nevada embossed bottles. Est. $1,500 ~ $2,500 HWAC #


Lot # 1107 Nevada, Virginia City Wright Soda, Seed Bubbles This is one of the nicest examples of Wright known. It has an exceptional quality, full of tiny bubbles., with “Pacific Glassworks” embossed on the bottom. These bottles were ordered by Wright in December, 1862 from the new Pacific Glassworks in San Francisco, and are thought to be among the very first bottles produced from that factory, which was the first successful glassworks on the West Coast. Wright produced not only the first western soda, but the first Nevada embossed bottle from the new Nevada Territory. It is an exceptionally important piece in the field of western glass collecting, and this is a premium example. X-Holabird. See Holabird Volume 1, pp163. This example is the bottle fourth from the left in the photograph. Est. $600 ~ $2,000

Lot # 1109 Nevada, Virginia City G. P. Morrill Soda Bottle Medium green G. P, Morrill soda. Applied top bubbles sparkling, vibrant, exceptional. See Holabird volume one pp 97-102. Morrill’s soda bottles date from 1868-1872. Morrill’s business in soda water was never very large, resulting in the ultimate rarity of the soda bottles. What few are known are generally aqua. This medium green example is an exceptional specimen and perhaps the deepest green of any known. This is the example shown at the far right on p102 of Holabird Volume One. Est. $600 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39511 Lot # 1110 Nevada, Winnemucca Johnson & Ramdohr Soda Bottle 1901-1907 This may be the earliest crown top bottle from Nevada, pre-dating the Pollard bottle from Las Vegas. It comes from a time of changeas Hutchinson-style bottles gave way to the more mass produced crown top machines. This example is the finest known. Johnson & Ramdohr had a small saloon in Winnemucca, the center of “cowboy” country, and also the center of a mining region (it still is both today!). Ramdohr had been an assayer, one of just a few Nevada assayer merchants who used embossed bottles. See Holabird, V1, p155. (Fassett, Stowell, Phelps were the others. See Holabird, Volume 2.). There are less than five of these known today. Est. $500 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 39532

HWAC # 39547

Lot # 1108 Nevada, Virginia City W.S. Wright Soda, Deep Blue This is one of the darkest blue examples of Wright known. It has an exceptionally thick base, is full of tiny bubbles., with “Pacific Glassworks” embossed on the bottom. These bottles were ordered by Wright in December, 1862 from the new Pacific Glassworks in San Francisco, and are thought to be among the very first bottles produced from that factory, which was the first successful glassworks on the West Coast. Wright produced not only the first western soda, but the first Nevada embossed bottle from the new Nevada Territory. It is an exceptionally important piece in the field of western glass collecting, and this is a premium example. X-Holabird. See Holabird Volume 1, pp163. This example is the bottle at the far left in the photograph. Est. $600 ~ $3,000 HWAC # 39548

Lot # 1111 Nevada, Nevada Coca-Cola Bottles Six Coca-Cola bottles manufactured for use in various places in Nevada that include Reno, Las Vegas, Caliente, Tonopah, and Ely (2). No cracks in any of the bottles and no major chips. Each is embossed with the city on the bottom. The Reno and Tonopah Coke bottles are Christmas Cokes, from 1923. The others are “D” Cokes. Excellent collection, missing only the ultra rare Elko Coke. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 39752

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Soda Lot # 1112 Nevada, Reno / Las Vegas Suite of Four Nevada Bottles Suite of four Nevada bottles. Two of these bottles are Frank Brothers seltzers from Reno, both with different engraved patterns on the faces. One has a top with FB company. The third bottle is a pint Rainier Beer Bottling Works, Reno, Nevada amber beer bottle, a scarce Nevada beer. The fourth bottle is the well-known” Best By a Dam Site” crown top soda bottle from Las Vegas. This bottle has much stain and wear but no apparent chips. From the Mortimer collection. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38753 Lot # 1113 New Mexico, Albuquerque A. Harsch Aqua Hutch A. Harsch, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aqua hutch. Embossing in circular slug plate. Blank base. Several cracks in side, chipped top, otherwise clean, scarce. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38913

Lot # 1116 New Mexico, Las Vegas G.A. Rothgeb Aqua Hutch G. A. Rothgeb, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Fluted base, tall aqua hutch. Embossing in round slug plate. Blank base. Cracks in base and top. Clean, rare. Est. $250 ~ $500 HWAC # 38915 Lot # 1117 New Mexico, Silver City Broadway Bottling Works Hutch Broadway Bottling Works, Silver City, New Mexico. Hutch. Embossing in circular slug plate. Blank to base. Tool top, circa 1900-1910. Aqua. Face chip. Rare. Est. $250 ~ $500 HWAC # 38912

Lot # 1118 New Mexico, Socorro Johnson and Corbett Socorro, NM Hutch Johnson and Corbett, Socorro, New Mexico hutch. Embossing in circular slug plate. Blank base. 6 1/2 inches tall. Aqua. Told top, circa 1900 to 1910. Large lip chip. Rare. Est. $250 ~ $400 HWAC # 38911

Lot # 1119 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Philadelphia Glassworks, Burgin & Sons Soda Philadelphia Glassworks, Burgin & Sons. Applied top soda, no pontil, very rare light purple or light puce color. This is a common bottle in aqua, but we’ve never seen it this color before. Some wear at the base of the top collar, otherwise clean. White potstone in the center at right side in a bubble, with no radiating cracks from the potstone. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38920

Lot # 1114 New Mexico, Albuquerque Rare City Soda Water Works Aqua Hutch City Soda Water Works, Albuquerque. Rare aqua hutch, no slug plate, blank base. 6.25 inches tall. Rare. Est. $200 ~ $300 HWAC

# 38914

Lot # 1115 New Mexico, Deming John Corbett Deming NM Hutch John Corbett, Deming, New Mexico hutch. Embossing in circular slug plate. 6.3 inches tall. Blank base. Aqua. Tooled top, circa 1890-1905. Rare. Small base chips and wear. Est. $250 ~ $400 HWAC # 38910


Lot # 1120 Pennsylvania, Wilkes Barre Rueffer & Bausch, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania Rueffer & Bausch, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Aqua soda, no pontil, heavy whittle, some stain on the interior though minor, never touched by a professional. Appears mint, please inspect. From the Mortimer collection, thought to be found in the hills surrounding Bodie. Bottle hunters often found embossed bottles in odd places in Nevada, typical, because many people came West to prospect, mine, or investigate business opportunities. Eastern bottles have commonly been found in the

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Soda railroad camps of the Central Pacific RR (1868-onwards), as well as the Comstock mining region. Est. $50 ~ $100 HWAC # 38755

Lot # 1121 British Columbia, Victoria Two Morley Soda Bottles Two Morley applied top sodas from Victoria, British Columbia. Greenwood and Morley, Victoria, BC. Tall aqua soda, larger than the classic Pacific Glassworks manufactured soda. Bubbles clean and vibrant. Appears to have been professionally cleaned. No visible damage. The second bottle is C. Morley, Victoria, BC. Light lime green, embossing vertically. Professionally cleaned. Neither of these bottles appear to be produced by a western US glass manufacturer. They are distinctly different than the other blob sodas produced in the west. Est. $700 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 39666 Lot # 1122 California, Angels Camp Davy Crockett Whiskey Token Advertising token for the Davy Crockett Liquor Co. and for the merchant Bert Morgan. Davy Crockett Liquor Co. was a trademarked manufacturer with 2 variations on their Pure Old Bourbon bottle with a glop top and tool top. See Barnett pg. 55. Davy Crockett / Liquor Co. / Bert Morgan / MGR. / Angel’s Camp, Cal. // Vignette of a man in a chair. Round, Aluminum, 34mm. Est. $150 ~ $300 HWAC # 38943

Lot # 1123 California, Gilroy J. H. Cutter Saloon Token J. H. Cutter Saloon token from Gilroy CA. The J. H. Cutter brand was a major whiskey manufacturer with 15 different embossed whiskey bottles and this token was good for 5c in trade at its saloon. See Barnett pg. 49-53. J.E. Kannely / Cutter / Saloon / Gilroy, Cal / Patrick & Co // GF / 5c / IT. Round, Brass, 21mm. Est. $150 ~ $300 HWAC # 38936

Lot # 1124 California, Napa Best Four Postcards of Italian Swiss Colony c.1907-1910 Lot of 4. 1) c. 1907. Great advertising postcard for Italian Swiss Colony. Postally unused. 2) Three RPPCs with three different views: World’s Largest Wine Vat, Vineyard and Winery, Our

Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. All postally unused. One has toning on back. Est. $30 ~ $100 HWAC #


Lot # 1125 California, Napa Napa Wine Cover Collection Collection of ten corner advertising covers from California wine vintners or wholesalers, circa 1900. Includes Inglenook, Italian Swiss Colony, Calif. Wine Assn., Simi, Brand Bros., Goldberg Bowen, Schilling. Est. $120 ~ $250

HWAC # 36136

Lot # 1126 California, Nevada City Liquor and Tavern Licenses for Rector Bros. 1887 This is a lot of 3 fabulous pieces from the booming years of Nevada City! The Rector Brothers came to California in 1874 and eventually became the proprietors of the Union Hotel in Nevada City. In 1886, the two acquired the National Exchange, which became known as the National Hotel. All 3 of the following pieces in this group were issued to the Rector Bros. 1) Three month tavern license, no. 151. It is dated April, 6, 1887 and was good until July 6, 1887. The piece has some wear, including some pin holes on the corners. 2) Three month tavern license, no. 838. It was dated sometime in January and good until April of 1887. The writing is extremely faded on this piece. 3) Three month liquor license no. 415. It was good from April 1 to July 1 of 1887. This piece has some wear including a large crease down the center. [REF: A Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California] Est. $50 ~ $200 HWAC # 221

Lot # 1127 California, Redding Double Eagle Whiskey Token A commemorative / advertising token for E. Borbeck Wine & Liquor Merchant highlighting Double Eagle Whiskey on one side and a Vignette of Redding on the other. Double Eagle Old Bourbon was a premium trademarked product of Royal Eagle Distilleries in San Francisco. See Barnett pg. 57. E. Borbeck / Wine & Liquor / Merchant / Redding Cal. / Double Eagle / Whiskey // Grand Encampment I.O.O.F. Redding, Cal. / 1900. Round, Aluminum, 34mm. Est. $120 ~ $200 HWAC # 38944

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1128 California, Sacramento Hilbert Bros Saloon Whiskey Token Trade token for 5c at Hilbert Bro’s Saloon in Sacramento Ca. Hilbert Bro’s was a whiskey merchant in San Francisco with 3 different embossed whiskey bottles from 18921901. See Barnett pg. 77. Hilbert Bro’s / Saloon // GF / 5c / IT. Round, Brass, 20mm. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38935 Lot # 1129 California, San Diego Newport Bar Whiskey Jug 1910 Newport Bar, A Merry Christmas, 1910, Newport E. O. S. Two tone whiskey jug. Small chips on lip, professionally repaired. Jug is 3” diameter and 4” tall. Extremely rare. Est. $200 ~ $500

Lot # 1132 California, San Francisco Rathjen Mercantile Co. and L.A. Scharff Distilling Ephemera 191314 Lot of 4 pieces. 1) & 2) are small advertising cards from Rathjen Mercantile Co. they were importers of wine and liquor located in San Francisco at 3249 Filmore St. The 2 cards feature 2 young ladies with the months of June and April 1913 underneath. Both cards have little wear. 3) & 4) are billheads from the St. Louis based distillery L&A Scharff Distilling Co. Both billheads have some wear including stains and creases. Est. $50 ~ $100 HWAC # 217

Lot # 1133 California, San Francisco Henry Campe Miniature Whiskey Bottle Suite of two different Henry Campe Co., San Francisco whiskey bottles. The first is the miniature Henry Campe, a square whiskey bottle with a fluted neck. The second is the classic fifth, four piece mold. Clear, turning purple, Barnett 92. Est. $100 ~ $300

HWAC # 39523

HWAC # 36177

Lot # 1130 California, San Diego Youngs Special Whiskey Youngs Special. Northwest Corner of Sixth & F Streets. San Diego, Cal. 12 oz. Embossing in round slug plate. Pint pocket flask, tool top, clear, turning purple. Extremely rare. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 39524 Lot # 1131 California, San Francisco AAA Old Valley Whiskey AAA Old Valley Whiskey, “G-Mc-M-F” in cross. Classic single roll applied top whiskey flask in medium amber with medium whittle. Bottle appears mint with no scratches or dings, but should be inspected. This particular specimen has been in the northern Nevada bottle rumor circle for more than a decade. During construction in south Reno near Winco Foods, construction workers found a small cache of bottles from the 1870’s, and this was the highlight of the find. We had heard about it, but never seen the bottle until it was brought to our office. Early 20th Century maps seems to place this find near a corral at the Brown Ranch. Est. $700 ~ $1,500 HWAC # 38905


Lot # 1134 California, San Francisco Wolters Bros. & Co. Wolters Bros. & Co., 221 California St., San Francisco. Amber sunken panel, applied top. Medium to medium dark amber. Minor kick-up in the base without any base markings. This is Thomas number 176; the earliest and rarest version of the Wolters Bros. bottles. It dates to the early 1880s. For some reason Thomas doesn’t discuss the sunken panel nature of the slug plate. This bottle, like the one mentioned in Thomas’s book, has a slug out area under the address. Please inspect, tiny scratch on face, easily removable. Est. $600 ~ $3,000 HWAC # 38161

Lot # 1135 California, San Francisco Big Seven 7 Liquid Food Whiskey Big Seven 7 Whiskey, “The Whiskey That Sells, Liquid Food”. The Rosenblatt Co. / San Francisco Cal. Amber quart, fluted shoulder whiskey bottle, 1908 only. Barnett number 41. Rare, seldom seen, this example is new to the collecting world. Inside screw threads crude glass at the top. Please inspect Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38171

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1136 California, San Francisco Levy & Rowe, The Cabin Whiskey Bottle Levy & Rowe, The Cabin, San Francisco, Cal. Circa 18921893. Generally mint purple pint pumpkinseed whiskey bottle. Double roll top, tooled. No whittle, no sea bubbles. No chips or scratches apparent. Never been cleaned. Very light inside stain, original. Not listed in Thomas’ Picnics, Coffins and Shoeflies, 1977. Thought to be unique. Edward Levy got his start in the liquor business with the Rosenthal Brothers liquor operation in San Francisco. August Rowe was a saloon owner in San Francisco, who ran a saloon at 500 5th Street in 1890, while he was working for Rosenthal. The pair apparently got together for The Cabin Saloon c.1891-1894, but didn’t last during a tough economic depression. By 1898, Rowe had taken a job out of the liquor business. In 1895 Levy still had a saloon at 219 Grant, but had a different partner. More research necessary. (1882, 1885, 1890, 1895, 1898, 1907 San Francisco Directories consulted.) Est. $300 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 38921 Lot # 1137 California, San Francisco Louis Taussig & Co. Amber Pit Sal Double Roll Whiskey Louis Taussig & Co., 205 and 207 Battery St., San Francisco. Amber pint small double roll whiskey. Embossing in circular slug plate. No dings scratches or detractions visible. Thomas number 59. The flask is one of two different Taussig embossed amber applied top flasks. Thomas estimated less than ten known, and when the new addition was published in 2002, the numbers hadn’t changed. Taussig was a prolific whiskey manufacturer, especially by the turn of the century. His early embossed bottles from the 1880’s are quite rare. He stepped up manufacture of the bottles in the nineties through the early 1900’s, getting widespread distribution all over the West, particularly in Nevada and California mining camps. This is a choice example of a rare western whiskey flask. Est. $800 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 38922

Lot # 1138 California, San Francisco Miller’s Extra Old Bourbon Miller’s Extra Old Bourbon, E. Martin & Co. Double roll applied top. Medium amber. Bright and vibrant, apparently problem free. Please inspect. Thomas lists two varieties, one with large and one with small letters. This is the large embossing, Thomas number 19. When I was working the mines around Owens Valley in Inyo County, California,

I came across a collector who found approximately 30 of these choice flasks. I corresponded with Thomas regarding the find, discussed the color variations and whittle. Some of those comments were incorporated into his book. A very nice bottle. Est. $400 ~ $800 HWAC # 38160

Lot # 1139 California, San Francisco Phoenix Bourbon, Naber, Alfs & Brune, San Francisco Phoenix Bourbon, Naber, Alfs & Brune, San Francisco with image of the “Phoenix Rising” in center. Medium to dark amber, bright luster, choice bold embossing. 284 on the bottom. A choice example. Thomas number 123. Tooled top, circa 1890’s. A premium example of one of the most popular “picture” whiskies. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38925

Lot # 1140 California, San Francisco Bell of ‘76 Whiskey Token A trade token for the joint whiskey and cigar manufacturer “Bell of ‘76”. The token is good for one Bell of ‘76 whiskey with a cigar. Good For / One / Bell of ‘76 / Cigar // 5c. Round, Brass, 23mm. MS 64. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38933

For another great whiskey flask, see Lot 1193. p42


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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1141 California, San Francisco Spectacular Gold Dust Whiskey The fabulous rare Gold Dust Whiskey. Of the five different embossed Gold Dust whiskies, this is the John Van Bergen variety, the oldest and first of the five. John Thomas, in his master work Whiskey Bottles of the Old West, discusses the bottle at length (Catalog number 154). Dated as 1871-1874, it is one of the oldest of the Western embossed whiskey bottles. With full face embossing, plus the pictorial nature of the bottle with a horse, and the great name of “Gold Dust Whiskey” , which renders it an inescapable part of the California Gold Rush, this bottle is absolutely one of the most desirable western bottles. When Thomas initially published his work in 1969, there were only about five examples known. By the time the final reprint and update came out in 2002 after his death, only three more had surfaced. Thus in approximately 47 years of intense bottle digging in the West, only eight specimens are known and the bottle remains one of the best of the best. This bottle was originally found in a cabin in the southern Mother Lode region of California. It has never been in the ground and never been mishandled. It has the original cork still in place, and this cork is a testament to its originality and perfection. There are no chips. There are no scratches. There are no bubble bursts. There are no flashes. There are no chunks of charcoal in the glass. There is no “case wear.” There are no chips or wear to the letters, to the lip, or to the base anywhere. It is simply perfect in all respects. On a scale of 100, this is a perfect 100. For color and visual appeal, it can’t get much better. The bottle is very heavily whittled. It is so whittled that you can’t read the embossing from the back. The color is that “early” yellowgreen we sometimes see in these really early applied top whiskey bottles. In fluorescent light, it looks green. But it really is a yellow-green. John Van Bergen got his start during the California Gold Rush in San Francisco in the late 1850’s. In 1870, parallel to huge discoveries of gold and silver in Nevada which brought with it a massive influx of prospectors to the West (all clamoring for whiskey!), Van Bergen went after one of the popular Kentucky whiskey brands, Gold Dust Whiskey, made by the Barkhouse brothers in Louisville. The company registered the brand in late 1871. John’s brother Nicholas took over the reins in 1874, leaving future whiskey bottle collectors a tough task of finding a rare bottle that was only used for basically two years. To put this bottle in perspective, only eight embossed western whiskey bottles date back to 1871, rendering the John Van Bergen bottle as one of the first seven embossed Western Whiskey bottles. Only fifteen bottles date back to 1872. Western Whiskey collector Fred Kille stated when he first saw this bottle in my office “The is one of the finest of all the whiskies. Forget if you already have a Gold Dust. This is superior. You’ll have to own this one.” Est. $10,000 ~ $20,000 HWAC # 39550

Lot # 1142 California, San Francisco Old Bourbon Castle Whiskey Old Bourbon Castle Whiskey flask. F. Chevalier & Co., Sole Agents. Very rare, and one of the most desirable of all California whiskey flasks. Double roll applied top collar, pint. Dark amber. This is one of the all-time great western whiskey flasks. This flask comes to us from an important California collection. Thomas originally rated it as one of the top two Western whiskey flasks. Approximately six specimens are known. Flask has outstanding physical display appeal. Very minor roughness or wear on the bottom right edge at the front of the bottle. Est. $2,000 ~ $5,000 HWAC # 38159 32

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1143 California, San Francisco OPS Bourbon Whiskey OPS Bourbon Whiskey, A. P. Hotalings Private Stock San Francisco. Thomas lists two varieties of this very popular full faced embossed western whiskey bottle. Thomas number 53 lists the second version as not having the word “Old” before the words “Private Stock”. This is that second bottle. Thomas has an amusing story for this bottle, since no whole specimens were known prior to 1974. Until then only pieces had been found. For half a decade one lone example was all that was known, which was found in Virginia City. By the time the 2002 edition was printed only four whole specimens were known. Small crack along the base in back. Please inspect. Display is absolutely beautiful. Est. $1,000 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 38163

Lot # 1144 California, San Francisco Tea Kettle Old Bourbon Tea Kettle Old Bourbon, Shea Bocqueraz & McKee, agents, San Francisco. Thomas number 136. This is probably the most popular western whiskey by far, particularly because of the full faced embossing with a picture of a tea kettle. They were mainly prevalent in Virginia City, Nevada, and very popular during the Comstock mining days of the 1870s. This bottle dates generally to the 1870s and early 1880s. Nice classic example of this applied top whiskey bottle with crude glass swirls in the lip. Est. $1,000 ~ $3,000 HWAC # 38169

Lot # 1145 California, San Francisco Gilt Edge Whiskey Saloon Token Gilt Edge was a San Francisco whiskey manufacturer from 1882-1915 with 8 different trademarked embossed bottles. See Barnett pg. 163. Gilt Edge / 5 /Saloon // P.J.O.D. Round, Aluminum, Punched, 24mm. Est. $50 ~ $100 HWAC # 38940

Lot # 1146 California, San Francisco Different Gilt Edge Saloon Token Gilt Edge was a San Francisco Whiskey brand that has 8 embossed trademarked bottles with various dates that range from 1882-1905.

See Barnett pg. 162. Gilt Edge Saloon / Beer or Porter/ 1014 J. Street // GF / 5c / IT. Round, Brass, 21mm. Penguin or creature vignette on front. Est. $100 ~ $150 HWAC # 38941 Lot # 1147 California, San Francisco William H. Spears Co., Old Pioneer Whiskey Pioneer Bear, William H. Spears Co., Old Pioneer Whiskey, Fenkhausen & Braunschweiger, Sole Agents SF. Thomas number 4. Circa 1880. Amber, applied top. This is the earliest variety of the four different bear picture whiskey bottles (walking bear) listed by Thomas. This bottle is from a very old California collection and undoubtedly is one of the first of the specimens logged in by Thomas when he published his first edition in 1969. Medium red Amber. Bright vibrant. Minor wear, show signs of professional polish on the back. Est. $2,500 ~ $4,000 HWAC # 38172

Lot # 1148 California, Stockton Gilt Edge Whiskey Token Gilt Edge Saloon whiskey token from Stockton CA. Gilt Edge was a major trademarked whiskey distiller with 8 different embossed whiskey bottles. see Barnett 162. Gilt Edge / Saloon / L. Salzgeber / Stockton / L H Moisesi // GF / 5c/ In Trade. Round, Brass, 21mm. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38937 Lot # 1149 California, Inglenook Winery Postcard Group Lot of 8. King of the early California cabernet sauvignon! 1) Two early cards with the same exterior view. One mailed in 1912 and the other in 1916. 2) Six unused RPPCs: five of the same exterior view of the winery (four are identical, one has different text), and one of a different exterior view. Some have bends. Est. $100 ~ $240 HWAC # 19034

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1150 California, Western Whiskey Documents Thirteen checks and receipts for (embossed) Western whiskey merchants. The date range is about 19021910. Most items are Wells, Fargo &Co. related. Whiskey merchants include: Hall, Luhrs; Adams Booth Co.; Tillman & Bendel; Kirk, Geary & Co.; Lindley; Goldberg, Bowen & Co. Est. $50 ~ $100

Lot # 1153 Iowa, Miniature Iowa Whiskey Jug Miniature Iowa whiskey jug. Classic twotone miniature whiskey jug, complements of C. Rhynsburger, Pella, Iowa. Appears blemish free. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38962

HWAC # 39530

Lot # 1154 Kentucky, Louisville Borgmann Louisville Ceramic Jug Very nice, classic Kentucky whisky two tone ceramic one gallon jug. 1903 ad in “Kentucky Irish American” puts his address at 214-16-18 Seventh Street, Louisville.Stamped, “ WM. BORGMAN, DISTILLERY AGENT. DEALER IN WHISKIES AND WINES, LOUISVILLE, KY”. Measures 11” x 7”. Nice condition. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 35409

Lot # 1151 Colorado, Denver “The Windsor” Denver Amber Applied Top Whiskey “The Windsor” (Hotel) N.E. Corner of 18th and Larimer, (1881-1915) Denver. Amber applied top whiskey. Four piece mold. Dark amber. No scratches or chips, appears in premium condition. Bottle is circa 1885 and can be seen on pages 322 and 185 of Preble’s “Impressed In Time Colorado Beverage Bottles, Jugs & ETC., 1859-1915”. No discovered rarity. Thomas number estimate $1000-$3000 Est. $1,000 ~ $3,000 HWAC

# 38926


Lot # 1152 Connecticut, Westford Westford Glass Co. Whiskey Flask Choice green amber whiskey flask, double roll, applied top, no pontil. Beautiful example. Loaded with seed bubbles. Westford Glass Co., Westford, Connecticut. Embossed wheat sheaf with tools on reverse. Est. $300 ~ $600 HWAC # 38968

Lot # 1155 Kentucky, Louisville J. W. Vandagrift’s Old Kentucky Clear back bar handled whiskey jug. “JW Vandagrift’s Old Kentucky Original Short Horn Club Bourbon.” Trademark, Louisville, Kentucky. age of steer’s head at center. Professional engraving of obverse, reverse blank, bottom blank. This bottle is a match in construction form to the Casper jug. Thought to be extremely rare. Originally had a custom fit top. John W. Vandagrift (18271909) was a successful carpenter turned miner, turned whiskey distiller. Born in Pennsylvania, he and his family, including his brother James, went to California to prospect for gold in 1869. Even though they were in California after the gold rush and the Comstock Rush, they were successful. Unfortunately, they were attacked by Mexican bandits and James was killed. John and family thus chose to return to Pennsylvania, and started what was so popular in the West, a liquor business, in 1875. They built a plant on the Monongahela River at Fredericktown, which they continued to operate until 1920. Jack Sullivan wrote an article entitled: “John Vandegrift: The Carpenter who Crafted Whiskey” in 2014, available on the web. Note: Bottle shows name as “Vandagrift”, book title uses “Vandegrift” as spelling. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38948

49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1156 Kentucky, Simmonds Nabob Simmonds Nabob, Pure KY Bourbon Whiskey, with image. Thomas lists five different embossed variances. Two are classic picture whiskeys. This bottle is the earliest of the two, Thomas number 142, dating to c.1880. This bottle is medium amber with a very strong strike of the picture of the nabob; it has moderate whittle as well. The specimen is medium amber, bright and vibrant, with only a small where abrasion on the shoulder. Please inspect. Est. $400 $1,200 HWAC

# 38162

Lot # 1157 Kentucky, McKenna’s Nelson County Extra Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey McKenna’s Nelson County Extra Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, W & K sole agents. Amber applied top whiskey. Four piece mold. This bottle is a choice example. Deep chocolate, sharp features, bright texture, lacking damage. Unarguably, one of the finest known examples. Please inspect; it’s a beauty. Thomas number 168. Blank base. Thomas stated that this bottle was at one time as popular as the famous Teakettle Whiskey bottles. One of the reasons would be that it comes in nearly all shades of amber from light yellow to green-amber and chocolate (as is this bottle). Little is known of this company. Not listed in the 1880 Louisville Directory. In the 1880 San Francisco Directory (the 1878, 1887 are similar), there are no specific wholesale liquor distributors with the initials “W & K”. There are three distributors that show the first surname with a “W”, but do not list the partners. These are: Wm. Ward & Co., J. Waterman & C0., and H. Wilhelm & Co. This is one of the rare cases where Thomas had no information and offered no speculation about the merchant history, yet the wide distribution of the bottles indicates a possibly very successful business. More research is needed. Est. $1,200 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 38924

Lot # 1158 Kentucky, Old Valley Whiskey Saloon Trade Token Old Valley Whiskey was one of the early Kentucky distilleries from 18671873 and it was famed throughout the US until prohibition. See Wilson pg. 112. Belcher& Grove / Old Valley / Saloon // GF / 5c/ In Trade. Round, Brass, 21mm Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38942 Lot # 1159 Kentucky, Rare WH Kirby Pinchback Whiskey Bottle Rare WH Kirby pinch back bar. Clear. Gilt filled engraved letters. Kirby was a whiskey brand name manufactured by the Bonnie Brothers Company in the 1890’s in Louisville, Kentucky. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 38908

Lot # 1160 Kentucky, Old Lexington Whiskey Clear lead glass, raised white enamel lettering, back bar whiskey. Not found under whiskey trademarks. Probably different from the current Lexington Bourbon Company of today. No records found of this bottle. Rare. Clean and mint. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38928

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Lot # 1161 Kentucky, Kentucky Tavern Whiskey Saloon Painting A framed print of a painting of a man in a saloon drinking Kentucky Tavern Whiskey, Frame Size: 27.75” x 21.75” Unknown Artist Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC

# 32925


49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1162 Minnesota, St. Paul Geo. Benz & Sons Pickwick Rye George Benz & Sons Pickwick Rye. Back bar whiskey decanter with custom fit top. Clear with raised white and orange enameled letters. Damage to a portion of the R and Y in Rye. No manufacture shown on the bottom. C.1900-1910. Overall height 12” including the top; the diameter of the decanter is 6”. George Benz (18381908) emigrated to the United States from Germany, ultimately landing in St. Paul, Minnesota. He got his start in the liquor business in 1865 with partner C.J. Becht. Benz took over the business when Becht died in 1875. He brought his sons into the business about the late 1880’s, changing the name to include them. Benz marketed more than a dozen trademarked whiskies. Est. $150 ~ $300 HWAC # 38949

Lot # 1165 Nevada, Eureka Oberfelder Flask Max Oberfelder clear half pint coffin whiskey flask from Eureka, Nevada. This flask is in remarkable mint condition. It comes with an unusual story since it was found in Kentucky. Oberfelder ran a saloon in Eureka from about 1877 to 1880. He came from the whiskey manufacturing business in Louisville, Kentucky during the early 1870s. Evidently Oberfelder or one of his family members visited Eureka and took home one of the Eureka bottles to Kentucky. For a more detailed story on Oberfelder, see Holabird Pages 221 through 226, Nevada History Through Glass, Volume One. Est. $1,000 ~ $2,000 HWAC # 38904

Lot # 1163 Montana, Bottle Label Manufacturer Letter Possibly unique pictorial letterhead for a label under glass bar bottle manufacturer in Maryland. Dated July 1900, this pictorial letterhead has a full letter discussing label under glass back bar bottles made for a merchant in Great Falls, Montana. Extremely rare. Est. $100 ~ $200

Lot # 1166 Nevada, Reno Kane’s Café Reno Nevada Kane’s Café Reno Nevada. Amber embossed pint whiskey. Screw top with original, appears sparkling mint. Thought to be only two or three known. This bottle probably dates from the opening of Kane’s Cafe in 1912. It was run by William J. Kane, and remained open past 1921. See Holabird volume one, pp 213 to 214. Est. $1,000 ~ $3,000

HWAC # 37371

Lot # 1164 Nevada, Elko Bartlett & Ostreicher Gem Saloon Bartlett & Ostreicher Gem Saloon Elko Nev. Clear quart coffin whiskey bottle, turning purple. Damaged base and lip chip. This is one of the all-time great rare Western flasks. There are only two known at present, a half pint and this quart. This quart bottle was found by the Woods family at Mineral Hill, Nevada in the 1960s. The bottle was acquired by Holabird about 1980 and for nearly a decade was the only known example until the half pint showed up in Pennsylvania. As an embossed saloon bottle it has greater importance. See Holabird volume one p187-190. The bottle was produced between 18851892. Exceptionally rare. Someone will be lucky to get this bottle. Est. $500 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 39513


HWAC # 39507

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49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey

Lot # 1167 Nevada, Virginia (City) Thos. Taylor & Co. Importers

Green Thos. Taylor & Co. importers Virginia. N. Spectacular green fifth, one of two known. Base chip. Never conserved, exactly as found in the

early 1970s by Gene Shields, Reno. For decades this was the only known green Thomas Taylor, one of the most popular of all Western whiskey

bottles, and one of the earliest embossed Western whiskey bottles. Terry Older dug the second one in the 1980s, which also has some damage. Both bottles are exceptional and have only been displayed together

once at Reno Bottle Show in the 1990s. See Holabird volume one pp

229-248. Taylor himself operated in Virginia City from 1863-1874. This green fifth must have been the first of his three different embossed

bottles bearing the Virginia City name. There are several other bottles

and a single flask known from Taylor’s operation out of San Francisco, probably after the business was sold when he died suddenly. It is thought that this bottle dates to 1865-1869, approximately. It is

certainly one of the five earliest embossed cylinder Western whiskeys. This bottle is the prize gem of any Western collection particularly any Nevada collection. Est. $15,000 ~ $25,000 HWAC # 39512

Lot # 1168 Nevada, Virginia City Crystal Saloon Shot Glass Extremely rare shot glass from the Crystal Saloon in Virginia City, c.1870s-80s. The shot glass, possibly the only one known, was dug by Holabird behind the Miners Union Hall. It was an exciting discovery at the time, and it is unknown if others exist. This is a choice Virginia City collectible from the heyday of the whiskey days in the 1800s. Please inspect. X-Holabird. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 39517 Lot # 1169 Nevada, Unique Nevada Whiskey Bottles Two choice unique Nevada whiskey bottles. Both bottles were made by Nevadans for prizes of exhibits at the Las Vegas and Tonopah bottle shows in 1968. Adele Reed, a Bishop collector and early bottle book author, won these prizes for her fine displays. Ruth Kallis made both bottles, signed on the bottom. In the early days of bottle collecting, collectors came up with unique ways of presenting awards for displays. You’ll probably never see anything like this again. X-Holabird. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 39518

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey Lot # 1172 North Carolina, Casper’s Whiskey Bottle, North Carolina Casper’s Whiskey “Made by Honest North Carolina People”. Fluted shoulder cobalt blue whiskey. Four piece mold. Clean, bright, vibrant. Appears choice. Please inspect. Est. $400 ~ $600 HWAC # 39505

Lot # 1173 North Carolina, From The Caspers Co. Inc., Whiskey Bottle From The Caspers Co. Inc. WinstonSalem, North Carolina, New York, Chicago, St. Louis. Embossing in circular slug plate. Fluted shoulder cobalt whiskey. Extremely rare, companion to “The Honest North Carolina” piece. One of the three different Casper whiskeys in this sale. Tiny little chip at right. Otherwise bright and vibrant. Est. $500 ~ $700 HWAC #

Lot # 1170 Nevada, Group of Whiskey Bottles Group of whiskey bottles found in Nevada. We put this little group of whiskey bottles in the national bottle auction to show that things are still being found in the wild West. A number of our friends are mining geologists, who relentlessly walk the mountains throughout Nevada in isolated terrain looking for elusive ore deposits. Along the way, they find prospects and sometimes the occasional prospector’s camp with bottles. 1) Louis Taussig & Co., wholesale liquor dealers, San Francisco, two-piece mold, amber fifth with original lead seal intact. Barnett #708. The neck is obscured by the lead seal, so we can’t tell if it’s applied or tooled top. 2) Amber pocket flask embossed with the star, screw top with the ground top typical of the 1870s-1880s. 3) Old Joe Gideon Whiskey, 1904. 4) or Haines Distilling Company. (small rectangle) 5) Reiger &Co., Kansas City quart. 6) Aqua pint pumpkin seed. 7) Light purple half pint pumpkin seed. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 39521

Lot # 1171 North Carolina, CasperWinston Very Old Corn Whiskey Back bar, handled whiskey jug. Clear, 7 1/2” tall, 6” diameter plus top. “Very Old Corn” (whiskey). “From Casper-Winston, North Carolina. Lowest Price Whiskey House. Write for Private Terms”. Professionally etched on obverse face. Reverse face blank. Bottom blank. Originally had a stopper. This exceptionally rare whiskey back bar may pre-date its two companions, the two different cobalt blue Casper whiskey bottles. Cecil Munsey, veteran FOHBC Board member, wrote “Casper’s Whiskey, Made by Honest North Carolina People”, now available on the internet ( pdf) This wonderful article outlines Casper’s history and discusses and shows many of the Casper products including this backbar bottle (Figure 22). The company was founded in 1861. After 1865, the founder’s son, John C. Casper, a Confederate soldier, managed the distillery. Years later, came John C. Casper’s son John L. Casper. Munsey stated he “was the family’s marketing genius”. With John L. came the beautiful bottles we know today. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38930



Lot # 1174 Pennsylvania, Galeton Galeton Fine Whiskey Galeton Fine Whiskey. White enamel lettering, clear fifth backbar whiskey bottle. Raised white enamel. Minor blemish to the W of whiskey. No records found under whiskey trademarks. Probably from Galeton, Pennsylvania, a lumber community in the last half of the 19th century in far north central Pennsylvania. No records found of this bottle. 1850-1902 Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38927

Lot # 1175 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia H.B. Hauchy Bar Whiskey Token A 10c trade token for the H.B. Auchy Saloon in Philadelphia PA. It is unusual because it is a token for bar whiskey and not a name brand or “drink”. Compliments / of / H.B. Auchy / 917 / Girard Ave. Philadelphia // The Best / 10c / Bar / Whiskey / Sold in Philadelphia. Round, Brass, 28mm. Est. $50 ~ $100 HWAC # 38945

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey

Lot # 1176 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Rare Washington Taylor Whiskey Flask Rare Washington Taylor whiskey flask in deep puce/purple. Open Pontil. Slope shoulder applied top. 7.5” tall, 4.5” wide, 2” deep. “The Father of His Country” with large image of Washington. The other side “General Taylor Never Surrenders” with large image of Taylor. Also, written above the oval of Taylor “Dyottville Glassworks Philada”. The bottle has spectacular color, with an incredibly deep puce color, and apparent heavy whittle. This bottle is new to the collecting universe.

It was discovered in one of the Northern California gold camps. It has some surface wear, but has never been handled by a professional bottle conservator. For those of you who are also gold miners, you have seen this bottle before. It was on display at Cinnabar Sam’s Grill in Willow Creek, California for 25 years, from 1988-2012. Willow Creek is a wonderful little mining camp on the Trinity River about 30 miles inland from Eureka/Arcata. It is also the “Bigfoot” capital of the west. Est. $3,000 ~ $6,000 HWAC # 38158


Bidders unknown to us must provide commercial references or a deposit of 25% of the amount to be bid in order for the auction staff to execute bids totaling over $25,000. Deposits will be credited towards lots won and any balance will be refunded within 10 business days after the auction has concluded. New online users will be given a spending limit at their initial request. In order to increase this limit, you may be required to provide a letter of authorization from your bank in addition to providing references. Please contact our office at any time if you have questions regarding spending limits or references required to bid.

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey, Other Lot # 1177 Washington Territory, Tacoma A. Weinberg Tacoma, W. T. Coffin Flask A. Weinberg, Tacoma, W. T. (Washington Territory). Half pint clear coffin whiskey flask. Initials “A W” embossed in center. Unlisted in Thomas. This bottle is a new discovery to the bottle world. It was found by someone walking on the beach at Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, Puget Sound. Ralph Van Brocklin mentions this flask in his article “Collecting Western Flasks” in Bottles and Extras, Winter, 2003. In the article he mentions that there are less than 10 of these half-pint flasks known, though it was unknown at the time Thomas published his book in 1977. Est. $500 ~ $1,000 HWAC # 39531 Lot # 1178 Paul Garrett’s Special Beer Tray Virginia Dare, Garrett and Company, Paul Garrett’s Special, Norfolk, Virginia and St. Louis Missouri. Beer tray, The scene in the bottom is of her young man and woman. American wines at top, Paul and Virginia at bottom with picture of two of the Virginia Dare bottles at left. Nice scarce tray, some edge wear at top. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 38973

Lot # 1179 Foreign Wine Stock Certificates Lot of 3 items. 1) Cherdon Wine & Champagne Company Limited, stock no. 3. It as issued to a John Chickele Plowder of London for 200 shares on October 18, 1928. It has some wear including creases and small tears. 2) Merrydown Wine Company Limited. Certificate for 800 shares, #1304, sold to Mrs. Hilary Dora Taylor of St Lawrence, Jersey CI. This dated October 11, 1982. 3) La Fameuse Bulle de Champagne. Color photo postcard showing a family picking champagne grapes in a picturesque French vineyard. This 3.75”x5.75” card has a cutout where the stamp would normally go, and is sealed in a plastic envelope, in near perfect condition. Est. $50 ~ $100

Lot # 1180 Hand Painted Whiskey Flasks Beautiful hand-painted pair of strap sided pint whiskey flasks, circa 1885. The pair are hand painted with multicolor flower patterns, with the initials of the owners, TW and MBW. This is an unusual matched pair of whiskey bottles, quite unique and colorful. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 37357 Lot # 1181 Two Whiskey Bottles in Wicker Pair of double roll inside screw amber whiskey bottles in wicker with handles. The amber bottles are the approximate size of the USA hospital bottles. The bottles are approximately 9.25” tall, and 3.75” in diameter. This is an unusual pair of early wicker whiskey bottles. From the Mortimer collection. Est. $100 ~ $150 HWAC # 38754 Lot # 1182 Saloon Trade Cards Group of 5 saloon advertising trade cards, all circa 1880 to 1900. Only one of the trade cards has advertising on the back. The saloons are from Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Minnesota. All about 2.5 x 4”. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC #

HWAC # 203


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Lot # 1183 Colorado, Telluride Two Telluride Bottles, Beer and Medicine Two Telluride bottles. City Bottling Works Telluride, Colorado. Back side, “This Bottle Not To Be Sold”. Aqua to limegreen, crown top beer. This is an unlisted color, the other bottles in Preble are shown as clear. Bright and sparkling, lip damage and crack from top down 3 1/2”. The second bottle is a W. R. Samson Druggist Telluride, Colorado. Clear, 1 ounce, small lip chip. Samson ran a drugstore in Denver from 1881-90 where he used three different embossed drug bottles. He ran the Telluride Drugstore from 19011912. Scarce. Est. $80 ~ $120 HWAC # 39502

49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Whiskey, Other Lot # 1184 Nevada, Carson City / Reno Two Different Embossed Nevada Bottles. Two different embossed Nevada bottles. Folsom Dairy Milk Route, Carson City. Clear court, a beauty. Wielands Bottling Works Reno, Nevada. Four piece mold, aqua crown top soda. A very nice pair, circa 1908-1915. Est. $100 ~ $200 HWAC # 39504

Lot # 1185 Green Amber Cone Ink Beautiful green amber cone ink with open pontil. “X” embossed n the bottom. 2.25” diameter at base, 2.25” tall. Bright and vibrant, problem free. Est. $200 ~ $400 HWAC # 39525

Lot # 1186 New York, First Higgins Ink Aqua 7.5” tall “Chas. M. Higgins & Co., New York” “16oz” with original paper label in recessed band in the center. 3” diameter. This is thought to be the first, or one of the first, Higgins Ink bottle from about 1885. The company was founded in 1880. No chips, scratches, or discoloration. A gem for the ink collector. Used for the illustration of Higgins Ink in Holabird, Volume 1, p288. x-Holabird. Est. $200 ~ $500 HWAC # 39533

Lot # 1187 Harkness Fire Destroyer Grenade Spectacular “Harkness Fire Destroyer” grenade [ribbed glass bottle form hand fire grenade]. 6.5” tall, body 4”in diameter. This example of a Harkness Grenade is unarguably one of the finest examples known, if not the finest. It is a deep cobalt blue with spectacular read puce bands running through the glass. No chips or cracks or scratches evident. Smooth base. Don’t miss personal inspection of this bottle. For those of you that collect color you can’t beat it. X Klingensmith, and X Wichmann. Est. $5,000 ~ $8,000 HWAC # 38327

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Other

Lot # 1188 Bottle Advertising Covers 13 advertising covers for bottle products. All post 1900. All but three covers have color vignettes or advertising. Products include seven food covers, one beer cover, two Coke covers, and three miscellaneous covers. Products include Schlitz beer, Coca-Cola, blue label chili sauce, ketchup, others. Est. $150 ~ $300 HWAC # 38900

Lot # 1189 Canary Yellow Candle Holder Beautiful canary yellow Sandwich glass single candle holder. 7 1/2 inches tall and base 3 3/4 inches wide. This is a choice rare color for sandwich glass. No chips or scratches a parent. Est. $150 ~ $250 HWAC # 38903

Lot # 1190 Aqua Pepper Sauce Bottle Choice unusual aqua pepper sauce bottle, with five stars embossed on each of three panels and fancy coil embossing along each of the four edges. Graphite pontil. 9” tall. Bright, clean, vibrant. Est. $100 ~ $300 HWAC # 38967

Lot # 1191 Desktop Inkwell Collection Desktop inkwell collection. Four different desktop inkwells, three with original fitted bases. All from the collection of Reno attorney Wayne Mortimer. Two of the inks are in a custom fitting stand, The Sengbusch Self-closing Inkstand. Mr. Mortimer used a glass paperweight for the top of one of the inkwells. Est. $200 ~ $300 HWAC # 38979


Lot # 1192 Fabulous Picture Whiskey Pumpkinseed Bottle. “I Got My Fill at Jakes But Where Did I eat That Dog?” with classic scene of a drunk leaning on a lamp post. Pint. Light purple, as mint as they get. This is perhaps the most famous of all pumpkinseed bottles. It is exceptionally rare, with less than five known. This bottle has always been in great demand, but has only come to auction once. John Thomas (#115) had it listed at 2.5 times the price of the average embossed Western pumpkinseed flask wghen he published Picnics, Coffins and Shoo-flies in 1977. This piece comes with an original Carte de Visite (c1870’s) of the same scene, “A Grecian Bender After Midnight”. So far, no one has figured out where Jake’s saloon was located! There was one in Goldfield, but where else? Est. $400 ~ $1200 HWAC #26476 Lot # 1193 Lyons Powder Bottle, #3 Lyons powder. B and P New York. Open Pontil. Deep green. 4.25” tall. These little bottles are very popular here on the West Coast, and are often used in bottle shoot outs. Est. $300 ~ $500 HWAC # 38977

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49er Bottle Jamboree ~ Other

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Absentee bidding is offered as a convenience to our clients who cannot attend the live sale. We are not responsible for any errors or failures to execute bids. For highly desired lots, bidding live in person is always the best way to secure your bids, followed by live phone bidding. If you have questions or concerns regarding bidding, please contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process and help you find the best method of bidding for your circumstance. By submitting these bids, I agree that I have read and will honor all terms and conditions of the sale. I have submitted all lot numbers and bid amounts correctly, and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to submit them accurately. I understand that a 19.5% bidders premium will be added to the hammer price on americana and 17.5% on numismatic items as outlined in the terms and conditions. Signed____________________________________________________________________Date_________________


49er Bottle Jamboree - August 6, 2016

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