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July/August 2017

The Heroin Epidemic

Part 3

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July/August 2017

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TABLE OF CONTENTS St. Charles County Municipality Mayors ....................page 4 Publisher’s Note | Meet the Team............................page 5 Advertiser Directory.................................................page 6

O’Fallo n: Gre en Darde nne Pra

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JULY 1st, 2nd ,

Lak St. Cha e St. Louis: rles:

S vs. GAT 8:00 am -- 12:0 0 pm • EWAY The GRI

St. Wentz Peters: Blu e ville:

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Meadow ZZLIES s, - 6:35 , and pm • CarS Lake St. Louis Saturday 4th pm; Tues • Cost , 5:00 hield Field SATUR day, Para -DAY, , O’Fallon : Free de at 10:0 10:30 pm; Sund SUNDAY 0 am, 12:0 ay, 12:0 , MOND 0 -- 10:3 0 -- 10:3 AY AN 3rd, and 0 pm; 0 pm with O’FALL Monday, D TUE Fireworks ON’S 4th SDAY 12:00 HERITAG SUNDAY at 9:20 -- 10:0 -0 pm • pm • Fron 10:30 pm with E & FRE , MOND Ozzie Fireworks EDOM tier Park Smith Spor AY , St. Cha FEST AND at 9:20 JULY ts Com Sunday, rles • Cost TUESDA 4th plex, O’Fa 4:00 -: Free Y TUESDA 10:00 llon • Cost pm; Y : Free Monday, at Luek 4:00 -tenhaus 11:00 Blvd. Star pm; Tues ting at day, 12:0 10:00 JULY noon, FREE 0 am • Para 7th, 8th activities de begi , and at Prog ns at Holt 9th ress Park St. Jose FRIDAY . Wentzvill High, travels ph Cath east on , SATUR e olic Chu Pearce DAY, rch, Cott Friday, 7:30 Blvd., endi AND JULY -- 11:0 leville • ng SUNDAY 7th 0 pm; Cost: Free Saturday FRIDAY SUNSET , 12:00 -- 11:0 Cost: Free FRIDAYS 0 pm; MARISS Sund ay, 12:0 A HAR RIVER 0 -- 6:00 MS AND CITY RAS pm • WADE CALS TRENT vs. SCH JULY 6:15 -AUMBUR 8th 8:30 pm G BOO SATUR • 370 MERS DAY Lakeside 6:35 pm Park, St. • CarS Peters • hield Field RIVER , O’Fallon CITY RAS 8:00 am 7:00 pm CALS vs. SCH -- 12:0 • JULY Win djammer 0 pm • AUMBUR R. SEATON 9th The Mea Park, Lake G BOO SUN by ROBIN RIVER dows, er MERS St. Louis Lake St. CITY RAS DAY Staff Writ 6:35 pm • Cost: Louis • CALS 28, 1992 Free • CarS vs. SCH AUGUST hield Field Cost: Free JULY FRIDAY, AUMBUR 11th , O’Fallon G BOO - TUE 63376 e over O’FALL MERS no bridg MISSOURI ON JAM SDAY 4:05 pm PETERS, there was MIN’ ROAD, ST. • CarS es, since NN servic DAN hield Field ERMA JULY CE FLO worship 500 JUNG 12th , O’Fallon OR RIO attending on time. - WEDN T 6:30 BER 44 ted the land nne at the electric to NUM dona , Darde 2 ESDAY -- 9:00 Histor VOL. first settler as to who pm • Civic church. A d ry and the in 1960 and today a discrepancya new catholic Park, O’Fa nne tributa tions of groun h , there is JULY for system for years Darde dona Again creek llon has, works the 6:00 -two the 14th churc • Cost: From side of 8:00 pm Parish lists ruction of a new - FRIDAY Free , a waterthe City of St. Peterse of social and 1927 the east • Stree All Saints Etienne power in ts of St. ibe St. family of for the const landfill site, with the convergenc Resume of the descr h sed ical Creek from Charles SUNSET alike nne a propo was the churc whose • Cost: small town ents and visitors FRIDAYS on the Dardefirst parcel of land vin Bernard for Free combined a in of others families rd for a Resid 10 | fo FEATUR (rated pg) eth Voisa the chagr e change. 1815: the Mary Louise Lange focu at in on whos mic Elizab usO ING JOE s n Mag often land 8:30 pm and econo h and and ation of donating MANCU a new city, d in St. Peters soil azine • Boulevar Bernard d from Josep again as mill was estabered matur Peters as SO TRIO d Park, the secon yet unfett es list Gatty deeply plante grist sight; a Oluous Lake St. are sourc 6:15 -Mill. is Other the innoc nne tributary. h. In 1815 Louis • roots 8:30 pm the Denn cemetery. witnessed the churc Cost Free • 370 ,”thus, the ly the Darde was called side for Lakeside have:little son wrote village on the east Dennis and to who initialthe food es as the , St. Park hed Charl mill furnis discrepancy , indicative of Peters • lished by body and Costa: slight St. Peters sources s to be Free for the d” (Some known as There seem h furnished what is now ing of the term “settle the churc settled in the soul.” in the mean food for this confusion throughout utilized conthe year old and During first restory were or no iden1823, the of St. tained little to author as corded name uri is us tification Misso Vario her). Peters, ding to by or publis compiled found, accor h may ty resources Coun es Olson (whic Trenley the St. Charl ty name for Socie account as the Historical as the noted y being in St. PeJoseph Trenleof St. Pefirst settler ). It was first settler ugh 1823 (altho in ters Jeters in 1823 an effort year the not also the to there was and s came the town suit priest to estab to survey until village St. Peters ds chose St. create a ers recor memb Parish h 1868). l. The parish name of the town. Saints Churc Parish mission schoo and the of the All , dein 1796 lish the Jesuit new patron Saint,the church, St. Peterspledged, state that aint a their ved and of Touss name of Peter as i) established scendants of Fort de d from the M. Dunand, appro new church. One Mississipp derive the of the was ty. s side e,” for Dardenne at that time, Society dat(on the Illinoi in St. Charles Coun peirre Sacre the Historical The priest in Chartres ent et une settlement’s creek were the s article the ornem of ed “un Indian camp along an unnam “Was the beginning because he could i Valley area,Historical Soci, ar author of Mississipp a “St. Peed 1984 asked promise? It is uncle es from the time in the bly head ed Oct. rather than ’s During that rbial warpath. Sourc residents proba the priest to a sacred stone as the fort name in on the prove that St. Peters’ area by militia, such referring ty of the te have been patrolled in the vicini ety indica 12, 1956 January ctive forts,” by Louis Jannetot, is likely that some ter.” yer dated for “prote time after Park. It s. W. Cono ibed the y 731, built a Industrial the Indian attack on surve by Prof. John News descrconsummated), as to Arrowhead An article Charles Banner was e this present-day residents fell victim Purchase that befor by Edna the St. ana early for states article Louisi He al the belonged of these st.” es Journ first land 1803 (after movement in earne settle on land that into the St. Charl given the to , Sr. was ximately to a 1960 “westward ers did not want settlers came the trail d John Gatty ber 290) of appro from the According by which ded from man name time, pione king. One trail (Num in 1796, ry and which exten the village on the Olson, a services St. Peters a foreign Lick Trail, at his war i Territo n to now es for is ssipp ana bega Boon grant what Missi the d the Louisi donated trail which listed at along the area was salt was t, who owne late the area. Gatty 382 acres the Salt Rivered the bluff lands side ty, where Governmen proper to the west Spanish a and follow now in Pike Coun yer states that the aign to popu church built on d a camp lic h created Dardenne, had starte for the first catho to Salt River,of salt springs. Cono of the churc ent as rty location northward 1804 docum floodthe prope nne Creek. The from a series and listed in an obtained of the Dardethe seven families high waters came difficulty for had When h. often problem es of the churc the creek, famili members around ed the area zine sOn Maga 14 | focu


JULY 2nd,

Up Coming Events .................................................page 10 History of St. Peters, Missouri .................................page 14 inbusiness with Jack Johnson ..................................page 16 St. Charles County Veterans Museum .......................page 22 Life on Venus ........................................................page 27 Leaders: Step into the Fire ......................................page 28

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Life on Mars .........................................................page 33 Gabe Sheets - 15 yearold Fim Director ....................page 34


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Craft Beer Taste-Off 2017 ......................................page 30

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Medical Minute with Cheryl Hohe ...........................page 36



Chasing the Dragon - The Heroin Epidemic Part 3 .....page 41 Page 16

Habitat for Humanity - St. Charles County ................page 45 Speed is the New Black - Paul Jones ........................page 46 Movie Review - Baywatch ......................................page 49

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AUGUST 18th - FRIDAY SUNSET FRIDAYS - DAWN WEBER JAZZ TRIO 6:15 -- 8:30 pm • 370 Lakeside Park, St. Peters • Cost: Free BEACH BLAST - D.D. REVIVAL 7:00 -- 10:00 pm • Brightly colored or Hawaiian attire encouraged • Cultural Arts Centre, St. Peters • Cost: $7 per person

AUGUST 19th AND 20th - SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Ashford Knoll Subdivision, 607 Glenberry Place, Cottleville

Saturday, 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm; Sunday, 12:00 -- 5:00 pm •

AUGUST 19th - SATURDAY 8:00 am -- 12:00 pm • The Meadows, Lake St. Louis • Cost: Free 6:00 -- 9:00 pm • City Hall Park, Dardenne Prairie • Cost: Free

AUGUST 21st - MONDAY Barathaven Park, Dardenne Prairie • Contact Alicia for

details 636--755--5314

12:00 pm • Peruque Valley Park and Progress Park, Wentzville. Viewing glasses available for purchase at Progress Park and City Hall for $1 • Cost: Peruque Valley Park - $5 per car load includes reserved parking and 4 sets of protective viewing glasses. Progress Park - $8 per person includes reserved seating, pair of protective viewing glasses, a hot dog, chips, a drink and ice cream. $80 per reserved table; includes, 10 hot dogs, 10 chips, 10 sodas, 10 ice creams and 10 pairs of protective viewing glasses. For more info, call 636-639-2169

AUGUST 22nd - TUESDAY O’FALLON JAMMIN’ - POP & ROCKET (Top 40s hits) 6:30 -- 9:00 pm • Civic Park, O’Fallon • Cost: Free

AUGUST 25th - FRIDAY 5:00 -- 8:30 pm • St. Charles Community College, Cottleville

AUGUST 26th and 27th - SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Ashford Knoll Subdivision, 607 Glenberry Place, Cottleville

Saturday, 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm; Sunday, 12:00 -- 5:00 pm •

AUGUST 26th - SATURDAY 8:00 am -- 12:00 pm • The Meadows, Lake St. Louis • Cost: Free



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by ROBIN R. SEATON Staff Writer VOL. 2 NUMBER 44


From the Dardenne tributary and the first settler, to electric power in 1927, a waterworks system in 1960 and today a proposed landfill site, the City of St. Peters has, for years combined a small town with the convergence of social and economic change. Residents and visitors alike describe St. Peters as a new city, often at the chagrin of others whose roots are deeply planted in St. Peters soil and whose families have witnessed the innocuous yet unfettered maturation of the little village on the Dardenne tributary. There seems to be a slight discrepancy as to who initially settled in what is now known as St. Peters, indicative of the confusion in the meaning of the term “settled” (Some sources utilized throughout this story were old and contained little or no identification as to author or publisher). Various resources compiled by the St. Charles County Historical Society name Joseph Trenley as the first settler of St. Peters in 1823 (although there was not an effort to survey the town and create a village until 1868). Parish records of the All Saints Church state that in 1796, descendants of Toussaint Dardenne of Fort de Chartres (on the Illinois side of the Mississippi) established a camp along the creek in St. Charles County.


attending worship services, since there was no bridge over Dardenne at the time. Again, there is a discrepancy as to who donated the land on the east side of the creek for a new catholic church. A Historical Resume of All Saints Parish lists two donations of ground on the Dardenne Creek for the construction of a new church in 1815: the first parcel of land was from the family of Etienne Bernard and Mary Louise Langevin Bernard for the church sight; the second from Joseph and Elizabeth Voisard for a cemetery. Other sources list Gatty again as donating land on the east side for the church. In 1815 a grist mill was established by Charles Dennis and was called the Dennis Mill. Olson wrote,”thus, the mill furnished food for the body and the church furnished food for the soul.”

During that time in the Mississippi Valley area, Indians were on the proverbial warpath. Sources from the Historical Society indicate that St. Peters’ area residents probably headed for “protective forts,” patrolled by militia, such as the fort on survey 731, built by Louis Jannetot, in the vicinity of the present-day Arrowhead Industrial Park. It is likely that some of these early residents fell victim to the Indian attacks.

During the year 1823, the first recorded name of St. Peters, Missouri is found, according to Olson (which may account for Trenley being noted as the first settler in St. Peters in 1823). It was also the year the Jesuit priests came to St. Peters to establish the Jesuit mission school. The parish members chose St. Peter as their new patron Saint, and the name of the town was derived from the name of the church, St. Peters Parish. The priest at that time, M. Dunand, approved and pledged, “un ornement et une peirre Sacree,” for the new church. One author of an unnamed article in the Historical Society dated Oct. 1984 asked, “Was the beginning of the settlement’s name in the priest’s promise? It is unclear because he could have been referring to a sacred stone rather than a “St. Peter.”

According to a 1960 St. Charles Journal article by Edna Olson, a man named John Gatty, Sr. was given the first land grant for his war services (Number 290) of approximately 382 acres listed at what is now St. Peters in 1796, from the Spanish Government, who owned the Louisiana Territory and had started a campaign to populate the area. Gatty donated the property for the first catholic church built on the west side of the Dardenne Creek. The location of the church created a problem for the seven families listed in an 1804 document as members of the church. When high waters came and flooded the area around the creek, families often had difficulty

An article by Prof. John W. Conoyer dated January 12, 1956 for the St. Charles Banner News described the time after 1803 (after the Louisiana Purchase was consummated), as a “westward movement in earnest.” He states that before this time, pioneers did not want to settle on land that belonged to a foreign king. One trail by which settlers came into the area was the Boones Lick Trail, which extended from the trail proper to the Salt River trail which began at the village on the Dardenne, and followed the bluff lands along the Mississippi northward to Salt River, now in Pike County, where salt was obtained from a series of salt springs. Conoyer states that the

14 | fo focus usOn Magazine

movement had little effect upon the village until the middle 1830’s. The area was still mainly made up of French settlers. By the 1830’s, German immigrants began seeking new homes in the middle-west. The landscape or the little community resembled their homeland, while the religion established in their own faith had some attraction. Throughout the 1840’s and 50’s more German settlers followed, along with the Swiss from German speaking areas and Irishmen. Names like Weinert, Ell, Kirchoff, Auchly, Wies, Arnold, Ziegemeier, Fetsch, Olendoff, Reineke, Schneider, Gue, Iffrig, Ohmes, Zerr, Wanderer, Ills, Stiefvater, Loeffler, Schlenke, Radell, Huellewig, Mahon, McConnell and others were added to community and parish lists. The Germans who settled were craftsmen as well as farmers, bringing saddlers, harness-makers, shoemakers, tailors, wagon makers, blacksmiths, and others to enrich the talents and businesses of the community.

The year 1855 brought many changes to St. Peters, including a post office, (another) new church, and a railroad. The post office was established December 31, 1855, with August Radell as first Postmaster. The new church was completed in 1856 and was named “All Saints’ Church.” The North Missouri Railroad, later called the Wabash, was extended westward from St. Charles in 1855.

On February 24, 1910, sources stated, the population of 269 voted to incorporate as an 83-acre village (St. Peters became a fourth class city on August 29, 1959). At the time, St. Peters had its own bank, barber, confectionery, millinery, lumber yard, hotel, two blacksmiths, and at least two saloons. April 6, 1926 was a joyous day for St. Peters - the day ninety voters went to the polls (women now included) to decide whether their village would have electricity. Since the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, “when the glories of electricity were shown”, St. Peters residents had wanted it for themselves - and on that day they achieved it. Then January 30, 1960, a proposition was passed to issue bonds of the City of St.. Peters, Missouri to the amount of $71,000 to pay for construction of a waterworks system to be owned exclusively by the city. A man named Carl Patton, a businessman and member of the ‘Trustees of the Village,” recalled in a 1973 article (author unknown). “Now there would be water flowing from faucets in every home and eventually there’d be proper sewerage too.” St. Peters has been called the “fastest growing city in the nation” on many occasions as residents have watched farmers’ fields turn into roads, subdivisions, malls and industrial plants seemingly overnight. They’ve watched their families grow and prosper, along with a city that seems to prefer change to stagnation, yet continues to maintain a hometown ethic about which it’s residents can still boast. Proving again that although closeness and community support still exist in St. Peters, numerous and eventful changes have come about since a traveling fur trader set up shop on the Dardenne so many years ago.

Present Day City Hall

With the addition of the railroad, St. Peters farmers could now produce a surplus and feel assured it would reach the market. As Conoyer put it, “With the coming of the railroad, the community began to pass from an advanced pioneer stage to a very early modern one. The lack of good roads tended to weld the people of the community more closely. With this, community cooperation ties became almost too close. Neighbor married neighbor, and most of the people of the community were related. Family ties were deeply ingrained, and outsiders were viewed with apprehension.” Even today, St. Peters is filled with families and friends who have known each other for years, some even generations. And St. Charles is forever so close and yet so far from St. Peters, both, culturally and socially. The fourth and present church of All Saints Parish was built in 1874. The residential sections of St. Peters slowly encircled the “church on the hill” as the years passed - its cemetery having accepted the parish dead for over 170 years. focus fo usOn Magazine | 15



with Jack Johnson

I hope you had a chance to see my last article in the May/June edition of Focus On St. Charles County Magazine. It’s exciting and inspiring to watch this publication grow. The process has been small business at its best. What started as an idea was set into motion when ad sales were made, content was gathered, and it was brought to life. They started with a local area business marketing idea. If you remember this magazine was first known as MyCottleville.

It Starts With an Idea:

Ideas are the nucleus of anything that will become something. All businesses begin with an idea you then have to put into motion. It’s obvious that the more creative an individual is the more ideas they have BUT that doesn’t guarantee success. Success is in turning that idea into a profit…The ability to birth your idea is what separates the doers from the talkers, the men from the boys, the haves from the have nots…you get it. Ideas play a constant role in developing your business, your products and your strategy. Once you come up with a killer idea, you have to figure out a way to introduce it to the market place… A cool name is awesome, but it may not describe what you do. If you have a new concept or type of business, having to explain what you do to everyone will be very time consuming. Even worse, you may never get the opportunity or audience to explain it to them.

Choosing a Name:

Choose a name that helps describe your business as much as possible. The easiest form of marketing can be within your company name. You want to tell as many people as possible what you do, simply by hearing the name of your business. i.e.: OMG Painting and Wallpaper. When naming your business, you may also want to think of a broader scope name especially if you intend to grow in the future. Don’t get ‘name caged’ from the beginning. The name you choose could pigeon hole you in the future when trying to expand your business. Sometimes first ideas don’t work out and you have to adapt, so you need a name that will adapt with what you might be doing five years down the road. Even if you don’t know what that is yet. I made the mistake of name caging myself a few years ago. I had developed a business plan and a website database with a matching URL web address that was specifically built for one small demographic of physician, those on a J1 Visa seeking employment www.J1VisaMD.com. As this business began its very slow take-off, I soon realized there wasn’t much I could do to grow it as the name caged me into one small demographic. It took me a year or so to realize/admit/do something about my mistake. I changed the name to www.PhysicianEmpire.com. That simple change broadened our appeal across the entire marketplace, but it cost me. Lesson learned I would have been better off had I simply thought it through a little longer in the beginning. That’s why I’m here and you’re reading this! So you can learn from my mistakes. This magazine is another example of name caging. After realizing they had limited their scope of advertising coverage by being called MyCottleville Magazine they thought a bigger more encompassing name should be used to broaden their base and so it became: Focus On St Charles County. Now after choosing a name (which you’ll do a better job of now that you’ve read this), the next step is getting that well-named company in front of potential clients.

Be You Own Commercial:

Have an ‘elevator speech’ ready at all times. An elevator speech is a brief, concise presentation of your business and what you offer potential clients. You need to be able to deliver this speech in the time it takes to go up a few floors in an elevator. Don’t bore them with details, just stick to the facts. Practice makes perfect, as a small business owner you will surely be the best at telling your story. 16 | focusOn Magazine

Nerd stuff: You will likely need internet attention on your website to make your business a success, which means you need to know about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This is the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic to your site, and increase awareness of search engines. There are so many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites connect to you on the web. I highly suggest you leave this to the pros, as this sort of thing changes almost daily and if you are presently doing old school tricks to your site, thinking you are driving traffic, you may find you’re not accessible at all via some search engines. If you haven’t updated your website and SEO settings in the past three years your site likely doesn’t even comply. If you don’t pull up on a Google search in the first 2 pages, you do not exist. There are many companies that can get you there. And although it will require some time and effort, you will be seen.

You’ve got mail: Mass email marketing is very complicated and you can get into trouble quickly. Sending every email address you have an advertisement isn’t really going to work well - especially if you send the email from your own account. All it takes is a few people on your list to mark your email as spam, and you can be black balled as a spammer, which will block your email address from receiving any correspondence to any potential clients or anyone else. Cover yourself here as these are time consuming issues to straighten out once you’ve been black balled. The best way to get around that is to prevent it. Hire a mass email marketing company to do mass mailings. They can offer reports as to how many people received, opened and clicked on any links, etc. There are several to choose from and some can also provide the proper demographics and access to the e mail addresses you may need. Good advice isn’t always the right advice for everyone but I hope I have at least shined a light on something good for you this time. I’ll be back in the next issue to talk about what the difference is between an order taker and a great salesman! See ya next time. Jack Johnson promedjack@yahoo.com

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St. Charles County Veterans Museum

O’Fallon, Missouri

Story by: Jim Frain - Contributor

The Man...The Mission...The Museum...

Ralph Barrale was born to a proud St. Louis Italian family on January 22, 1924. Working at a defense plant, Ralph joined the United States Army in May of 1943, just 19 years into his life. He proudly served his country as a Private in the United States Army for 36 months. “In August of 1944, I landed on Utah Beach as part of the First Army,” said Ralph. “We never slowed down and I fought in France with the Third Army and in Holland with the First Army.” The fighting for Ralph and the Army continued with the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest on the German-Belgian border. “My unit received a personal request by General Patton to fight in the Battle of the Bulge where my outfit secured the Remagen Bridge on the Rhine River in German, as well as the Pontoon Bridges at Remagen.” replied Ralph. “What General Eisenhower wanted us to do was to push the Germans back to where it started, and we did,” states Ralph. Ralph was upgraded to Private First Class when he landed in England. “The flashbacks still come to me every once in a while - from the intense fighting, the never ending artillery fire, the constant bombs and the strafing from planes,” admitted Barrale. “However, I must say that the hardest memory that never goes away is when it snows here - the cold. It was the coldest winter in Europe in 100 years during the Battle of the Bulge and we only had summer uniforms. I never saw more snow or felt colder in my entire life and now, when I see the snow and feel the cold, there are times when I also remember the blood in the snow.” responded Ralph. As a member of the 821st Combat MP’s, Ralph was a member of the troops who entered the Dachau concentration camp after its liberation and he also served as an MP at the police station during the Nuremberg trials. Now, at the age of 93, Ralph Barrale has battled on to make sure that we never forget what our military has done for us. “It was my honor to work with every city from St. Charles to Foristell to have the service road renamed Veterans Memorial Highway. It took two long years to convince every city to go through the complications of changing the name and addresses, but it worked and I am proud of Veterans Memorial Parkway, “ smiles Barrale. 22 | fo focus usOn Magazine

Ralph also saw the vision, created the design and implemented Veterans Memorial Park in Lake Saint Louis. As the statue of a soldier guards the memorial along with a new water feature that runs all year, the memorial was opened to the public in 2008. “We are very proud of the Veterans Day, Memorial Day and other patriotic ceremonies that take place here. I truly believe that we provide residents with the finest ceremonies in St. Charles County, maybe the State of Missouri.” smiles Ralph. As a “Man on a Mission”, Ralph has focused his attention on yet his most ambitious mission - the Saint Charles County Veterans Museum. While the world has many “dreamers”, Ralph is a “doer” and his long time vision of a Veterans Museum has come a long way in the last few years. “There is a vital need for a Veterans Museum in Saint Charles County”, states Ralph. “We need a museum for the current and future generations of the residents of our county to see what happened well before many of them were born. To see, feel and hear the sacrifices that the men and women of our armed forces endured to maintain the freedoms and liberties we have today can only be understood in a museum, not simply out of a history book that is scanned quickly in their schools,” replied Ralph in his most serious tone. “Our first, and most important step for a veterans museum was to secure a building.” stated Ralph. “I quickly learned that buildings are hard to find, especially when you are looking for a building at the lowest cost possible, and when I say low, I really mean low,” smiled Ralph. After some fruitless efforts in search of a building, Ralph attended a Veterans Job Finding Program at O’Fallon City Hall. Always ready to talk about his museum vision, Ralph took the opportunity to meet O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy and to share his ideas for a veterans museum for the entire county. “I could tell that Bill Hennessy was listening intently while I talked with him, and when I finished a big smile came over the mayor’s face,” chucked Barrale. Without hesitation Bill Hennessy said. “I might just have a building for you Ralph.

Be patient, I will see what I can do and I will get back with you because I want that museum to be right here in O’Fallon, the middle of St. Charles County.” To make a long story very short, Mayor Bill Hennessy came through with the possibility of a building. However, there were some big hoops to jump through and a team effort was needed.

Based upon a final 10-0 vote by the O’Fallon City Council, the City Annex building was made available to the Saint Charles County Veterans Museum Committee with the promise of an extremely fair lease. “I have been on ‘Cloud 9’ since Mayor Hennessy mentioned the chance of a building for our museum and now with the final approval of the voters on Prop Parks and the approval of the O’Fallon City Council you might say that I am on ‘Cloud 10’,” stated Ralph with a twinkle in his eyes. Now, the work has begun. The Museum Committee meets on regular basis, all members have their assignments as to how they will support the museum, the fund-raising efforts are now starting with meetings with every Veterans organization, county businesses, civic groups and individual residents. “Although we will soon be signing a lease with the City of O’Fallon for $1 per year, we are going to be responsible for a percentage the operation of the building, insurance, utilities, etc., so fund-raising on a guaranteed basis is very important to us right now,” stated Ralph.

The building Mayor Hennessy was hoping to use for the veterans museum was the former City Annex on 410 East Elm Street. Presently being used by the Parks and Recreation Department for dance classes and rentals for meetings, the only way this building would be come available is through the passage of Prop Parks on the August 2nd ballot in 2016. If the proposition would pass by 57.1% of the residents of O’Fallon there would be a creation of a new passive park, called O’Day Park, a major upgrade and enlargement of Alligator’s Creek and a new Multi-Purpose Building in Civic Park. Upon completion of the new building in Civic Park, the City Annex building would be available for lease by the city.

It is the feeling of Ralph Barrale and all members of the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Committee that a high percentage of residents of the county have military memorabilia boxed away, without any idea of what to do with it. Whether the memorabilia is a uniform, a flag, medals, military records, photos, etc., it is the hope of the committee that a strong marketing effort will result in these items being loaned or donated to the museum. What better way could there be to display the military memorabilia of the families in St. Charles County than in a museum just a few miles from their Home? “I learned the true meaning of liberty during World War II as I witnessed first hand the lack of liberty of those we fought to free from German rule,” stated Ralph. “Unfortunately, we take for granted the freedom and the liberty of our lives and I am certain that the museum that we are creating will provide a true understanding to all that visit with us.”

Super-Heroes supporting Prop Parks Turning “if’s into when’s” the O’Fallon Parks Action Team (OPAT) and the Saint Charles County Veterans Museum Team took their marching orders and began to work for passage. It is always difficult to pass a bond issue and a great deal of effort was necessary to pass Prop Parks. However, the hard work by both committee’s, many great residents and the full support of every member of the O’Fallon City Council, Prop Parks did receive a positive 59.7% vote on August 2nd, surpassing the needed 57.1% required for passage.

The Veterans Museum for Ralph Barrale is more than a vision - a reality.

To make donations of military memorabilia for the museum, contact Ralph Barrale at 636-332-4696 or text Jim Frain at 314-780-1811 or email to jimfrain@aol.com. focusOn Magazine | 23

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a humorous look at life by Kayleen Ziegemeier

“Bunny Heaven” As a family, we try to give back as much as we can. We donate school supplies, clothes, toys, we rescued both our pit bulls, we talk to the kids about helping others when needed, etc. Well with all that being said, one hot day in June we let the dogs out to go to the bathroom. Our female pit went and did her business, but our male pit was not leaving this section of landscaping alone. I walked by on the way to water our garden and notice an itty, bitty bunny dragging his little body away from ace. His two back legs seemed to not be working correctly. My first thought is the mom probably left him because he was injured and I was just going to let nature take its course. I leave it alone and walk back to the garden to water it and I hear, “MOM! MOM! Look what I just found! Can we keep him and make him better?!” I turn around to see my oldest son cradling this scared, injured, shaking baby bunny with Ace right at his side. Oh My Lord, I was thinking. What the hell was I supposed to do? I couldn’t say no. So, I did what every crazy Mom would do and said, “Yes. We can bring him inside and see what’s going on.” All three of my kids start jumping up and down with excitement thinking we are actually going to keep this thing. My husband was at work, so I do what any wife would do and text him a picture of this rabbit with a caption saying, “the kids new pet.” His text said something like, “Are you serious? Please tell me you are joking. We are not keeping that! seriously...WTH.” I just let him sweat it out at work and when he got home, the kids ran to the door so excited about this “new pet”. They also named him Peter, for Peter Cottontail. At this point the Peter wasn’t going to the bathroom, wasn’t eating, and wasn’t using his back legs. So, we decided if anything we will give the rabbit a safe place for his last day of life or so. My husband started to examine the rabbit’s legs and said well let’s clean him up. We sat in the dining room and cleaned Peter up, putting Neosporin and Band-Aids around his legs. Much to our surprise Peter started eating and going to the bathroom within 24 hours. “WOW,” I thought we are going to save this thing and have to let it go and the kids are going to be heartbroken. After four days of keeping his wounds clean he started jumping around. A few more days with us and he was going to be good to let go back into the wild. With Peter doing so well we left and went to a parish picnic. For those of you who don’t know what a parish picnic is, it is a Catholic’s excuse to give back while heavily consuming alcohol; which any good catholic loves to do. When we got back we put the kids all to bed and my husband and I went on the deck and had some drinks. We had decided it was time for bed and while I was cleaning up my husband went to check on Peter. “Babe. I know I am buzzed but I can’t see the damn rabbit.” “What do you mean you can’t see him?” “I can’t find him, he is gone.” After about 20 minutes of being down on our hand and knees we finally found him behind the couch. I can only imagine what this would have looked like from an outside perspective. Two grown, and heavily buzzed, adults on their hands and knees using iPhones as flashlights calling out for “Peter”. We had to look like two lunatics! After this we knew for sure we would have to let him go, he was getting too crazy. Two days later I was getting the kids breakfast and again couldn’t find the damn rabbit. We looked everywhere! I was running so late and I had to leave. I left a message for my husband saying that I looked for Peter and I couldn’t find him... good luck. When we got back we searched high and low the house had never looked so good! We were cleaning as we went; pulling out beds and couches. He was gone and we couldn’t figure out how he escaped. Maybe one of the dogs ate him... who knew? After a few hours of searching we gave up, and I went to clean the dishes. I started with the crock pot that I had soaking overnight in the kitchen sink. When I went to dump the water out, I yelled, “FOUND HIM!....So gross. O my God, O my God come get him out!” The poor bunny had jumped out of his bucket, we had him in, and right into the water in the crockpot and drowned! It was so sad...to have a near death experience outside and then to actually die in the house that saved him. I guess when it’s your time to go, it really is your time to go. I just really hope he wasn’t committing bunny suicide, I know our house is crazy, but I did not think it was THAT crazy. Never a dull moment in our household...EVER. focusOn Magazine | 27

Leaders Step into the Fire By: Ken Willard - Contributor

First responders are amazing people. These men and women run toward dangerous situations, while the rest of us run away. Yes, that is part of their training. However, I also believe that these courageous individuals are wired different from other people. Studies have found that when people are put in stressful or threatening situations, changes in the brain functioning occur. The more sophisticated frontal-lobe portion of the brain—which is responsible for planning, impulse control, problem solving, and organizing—shuts down. Most of the brain’s activity is registered in the amygdala, which is in a more primitive part of the brain. This triggers the “fight-or-flight” responses that are geared toward self-protection. The same type of changes in brain functions happen when a person gets angry, is insulted, or generally feels threatened. I’m sure we can all recall times where we were in environments that were not physically threatening, but a person or a situation was making us feel so uncomfortable we started having trouble thinking clearly or even communicating coherently.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” - Laurence J. Peter What does all this have to do with leading in the workplace? While most leaders are not dealing with life-threatening situations each day, we are often encountering conflict which causes stress and thus lowers productivity. In the wonderful book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, author Patrick Lencioni makes the case that constructive conflict can be beneficial in any organization. He defines constructive conflict as engaging in unfiltered and passionate debate about ideas. Too often, conflict in our places of work (and other places) is anything but constructive. Recognizing the sources of conflict is fundamental to understanding and working through conflict. Some conflict situations are easily resolved, while others seem almost impossible. Often, the source of the conflict determines how easy it is to resolve the conflict. Here are the four main sources of conflict: 1. Facts – People can see the same facts differently, or they can disagree on what the facts are in a situation. Conflicts over the facts are often the easiest conflicts to manage because they can be resolved by sharing information or getting reliable data. 2. Methods – People can also disagree on how to do something. Since conflict over methods assumes a common goal, it can usually be resolved by problem solving. 3. Goals – People can disagree over goals, where the disagreement is around what should be done. Collaboration— working together to come to an agreement on goals—can help solve these conflicts. 4. Values – People can also disagree over values, or basic principles or beliefs. This is the most difficult kind of conflict to resolve because people identify strongly with their values. Values are deeply rooted and people resist changing them. The sources of conflict become progressively more difficult to resolve as you move down the list from facts to values. Fortunately, knowing the source of conflict and verbalizing it can go a long way toward minimizing the conflict or resolving it altogether. 28 | focusOn Magazine

When we don’t know how to handle conflict, little troubles can become lethally toxic. People tend to display three types of toxic reactions: they brood (usually demonstrated by total withdrawal from the conversation; they blow-up (usually disproportional to the issue); they triangulate (telling their side to others to gain support), we triangulate because we lack trust in others or self-confidence in ourselves. None of these will resolve the conflict. The quickest resolution between two points of contention is always 1-to-1 conversation. Over the years, we have all acquired preferences to how we deal with conflict. Influences likely include how we have seen other leaders deal with conflict, watching and copying other role models, even our experiences with conflict at home. There are generally five recognized ways to handle conflict: 1. Avoid (I lose, you lose) – While leaders should not make a habit of avoiding conflict, there are times where it may be appropriate. When you are unprepared and/or when passions are too high to make the conversation productive. In these cases it might be best to deal with the conflict at another time. 2. Accommodate (I lose, you win) – This style might be appropriate with you value the relationship higher than the issue causing conflict. Be careful from using this style just to avoid conflict altogether. Leaders should be seen as cooperative, not weak. 3. Compromise (We both win, we both lose) – True compromising involves honesty and reasonableness. This style will usually resolve the conflict quickly, but may be a challenge in the long run due to neither party feeling totally positive about the outcomes. 4. Compete (I win, you lose) – Best used when the outcome is extremely important and the relationship is of little importance. Overused this style can have a very detrimental effect. 5. Collaborate (I win, you win) – Both parties are trying to resolve a common problem to a mutually satisfying outcome. Each party starts by sharing information instead of concessions. Using this style takes time and an investment from both parties. While there is no “right” style, collaborating is generally seen as the most appropriate style. In most cultures a “hero” is someone who runs into a dangerous situation without thinking about themselves. Much like the first responders mentioned earlier. A true leader is someone who steps into a conflict situation to resolve it instead of turning away. No leader will ever bat 1,000 when it comes to dealing with conflict. However, all of us can get a little better over time. Set the goal to grow your leadership skills this year. One great place to start is how you deal with conflict. Be a leader, step into the fire! Here are a few suggested next steps to grow your conflict resolution skills: 1) Visit the HRD Press website (www. hrdpress.com) and order Dealing with Conflict Instrument. This is a great tool for identifying your preferred style and learning more about the appropriate uses of each style. 2) Read the book Crucial Confrontations by Petterson and Grenny. 3) Work with a professional coach who can partner with you in a confidential and results focused process. 4) Engage with a professional trainer and facilitator to work with you and your team. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a Conflict Resolution Skills seminar.

Professional, Certified Coaching for Pastors, Churches, and leaders at all levels

Leadership Development—Design, develop, and deliver curriculum based on your needs

Church Consulting—working with churches of all sizes and types to provide the catalyst you need to reach your Kingdom potential

Seminars—interactive sessions with groups of all sizes on a variety of topics

Speaking Engagements — Ken Willard speaks to groups at churches and local businesses on topics such as coaching, leadership, strategic planning and time management

Ken’s book is available now on Amazon, Cokesbury, or other online retail book stores.

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Deja Brews &


fc S T .

30 | fo focus usOn Magazine





Photos by: Debbie DeClue

July 7 – Marissa Harms/Wade Trent (Pop/Country/Rock/Acoustic) July 14 – Joe Mancuso Trio (Jazz) July 21 – The Catapults (Blues/Funk) July 28 – Oh Brother (Rock) August 4 – Acoustic Music Jam (Acoustic) August 11 – Dawn Weber Jazz Trio (Jazz) The Corporate Pavilion seats more than 300 guests comfortably on outdoor furniture and provides a large courtyard and grassy area for extra seating if you’d like to bring your lawn chairs and blankets. Come early and enjoy a delicious dinner, snacks and refreshments including ice cold beer, soft drinks and wine served by the Gator Island Grill starting at 6 p.m.* *Outside alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the Corporate Pavilion area. Food, soft drinks, beer and wine are sold at the pavilion.

Our friendly and cheerful Caregivers have been assisting St. Charles area families to remain at home since 1995. Home Instead provides personalized and compassionate companionship, home help, personal care, transitional services, respite, hospice support and Alzhemier’s and other dementia care.

To us, it’s personal! Call to Learn More!

St. Charles County (636) 477-6025 www.homeinstead.com/782

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humorous look at life by Kevin Ziegemeier

HOME REPAIR LESSON 101 Last week I discovered a crack in one of our toilets. Now, I am a pretty handy guy around the house. I can do all the regular man chores like mowing the grass, cleaning the garage, washing the cars, and painting the shed. I also am pretty handy when it comes to home improvement projects. I can install doors, hang drywall, and several other light carpentry projects. However, I stay away from any project that may end up flooding or burning down my house. So when it comes to electrical or plumbing projects, I call in the professionals. I called a plumber to come over to the house to replace my broken toilet. I had already purchased a replacement toilet, so all he had to do was the installation. I really was not concerned about the price because, let’s face it, happy toilet…….happy life. This plumber was well worth the money. He had the old toilet removed and the new toilet installed in less than an hour. And the best part….it flushed with no leaks. Unfortunately, while the plumber was working, he noticed that the faucet needed replacing as well. Now a faucet is different from a toilet. We can almost do without a good faucet. I mean, if worse comes to worse, we can just flush the toilet and wash our hands in our new toilet. But since the toilet was new, I figured a new faucet would be nice as well. I asked the plumber for a quote. $125.00. Holy cow. Now my man pride starts to kick in. I can change a faucet. What could possibly go wrong? I told the plumber thanks, but no thanks. So I head to the local do-it-yourself warehouse to purchase a new faucet. I find a nice one in my price range and head home to tackle this project that should not take much more than an hour to complete. I get home, get out my tools, and get to work. I squeeze myself under the sink and start loosening one of the water lines. WAIT!!!! It dawns on me that maybe I should turn off the water supply. Good catch….crisis adverted. I turn off the water supply, squeeze myself back under the sink, and start disconnecting the water lines. Even after tuning off the water supply, I still have water squirting all over me. I guess it would have made sense to make sure the water lines were drained. No matter, I mop up all of the water and finish removing the old faucet. I am still on schedule and under budget. I open up the new faucet and take out all the parts along with the instruction manual, which I toss to the side. I am a man, I don’t need directions. I get the faucet replaced and I am ready to hook up the water supply lines. Much to my dismay, the old supply lines are too short. I need to get new hoses. Time to make another trip to the hardware store. I make a list of everything I think I will need to complete this project because I want to be as efficient as possible. Time is money. I get to the store and realize I forgot my list. No problem, my mind is like a steel trap, I can remember exactly what was on the list. I am heading to the plumbing supplies and……..what is this? A sale on pressure washers. Holy cow, the things I could do with a pressure washer. I could wash the cars, wash the house, and wash the driveway. I will be the envy of all my man neighbors. There is a gutter cleaning attachment, an extension wand for the high spots, a floor cleaning attachment, and special cleaning solution. I got to get all of it. I load up the cart and check out. I got home so happy with my new purchase. Can’t wait to get to use it. I go inside to go to the bathroom and…..shoot, I forgot to get the stuff to replace the faucet. Now I am behind schedule. I grab my list and head back to the hardware store. I get my supplies and squeeze my way back under the sink. Since I did not measure how long of a hose I would need, of course the hoses I purchased were too short. Back to the hardware store. Finally I get the correct hoses, squeeze back under the sink, and get the hoses installed. I turn on the water line and, what do you know, everything works. I thought I was done, but while looking in the box in which the faucet came, I discovered a new drain. I figured since I have this much time invested in this project, I may as well go all out and replace the drain. As I start taking the drain apart, I wanted to clean the rest of the pipes. Big mistake. The pipes contained a black, slimy hairball that smelled worse than my mother-in-law’s feet. Once I regained consciousness, I cleaned the pipes and hooked up the new drain. Everything was hooked up and I turned on the water. The drain was leaking. What did I do wrong? I go ahead and break the man code and read the instructions. I forgot to caulk the downspout. Yet another trip to the hardware store. The job is finally done. Five hours of labor. Four trips to the store. $857.39 spent. Having the wife and kids think I can fix anything around the house………priceless. focuson Magazine | 33

You’re Never Too Young . . . St. Louis Teen Directs Ambitious Film By: Jessica Ambuehl

Don’t underestimate the passion of youth. They can change the world! And that’s exactly what Gabe Sheets of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, at age six, began to do. When most kids were learning to count to 200, he was creating his own movies. Little did he know that it would pave the way to a talent that has grabbed the attention of filmmakers nationwide. Now, at the of age 15, Gabe wrote and recently directed his second project, a short, action-packed film entitled, “Fugue.” The 20-minute film quickly hooks the audience as they follow a man who struggles to determine if his memory is reality or simply a compilation of falsities. Is his identity in law enforcement or crime? Gabe noted, “Fugue came to me when I was in the middle of writing another screenplay . . . and I feel like I stumbled upon a story that will grab the attention of the audience.” The intriguing script weaves through a variety of scenes that even a seasoned filmmaker would find challenging to bring to life. The ambitious project took place throughout the greater metro area: locations such as Progress West Hospital (psychiatric ward scenes), Olive Street in downtown St. Louis (foot chase and car stunt), and a large, rundown warehouse in Granite City, Illinois (shootout scene with a SWAT team). But, with the help of 11 main cast members, over 25 crew members, and over 50 extras, the ambitious film came together over eight days in June. Many of these professional, dedicated filmmakers from Chicago to St. Louis to Kansas City donated their time and talent to make this story a possibility, including Pirate Pictures, Brothers 3 Studios, and Under The Tree Designs. And the support of Gabe’s parents to follow his dreams has been nothing less than remarkable. He shared, “I have the greatest parents ever, and they’ve been 100 percent behind me in everything.” Ken and Mary Kay Sheets not only wanted to see their son succeed by bringing his screenplay to life, but also are teaching him the business side of the industry. Gabe was heavily involved in every step of the pre-production process with the assistance of his mom (executive producer), a lead producer, and multiple department heads. He learned more during this multi-month process through the eight days of production than most students obtain in a couple years of college. The invaluable, hands-on experience gave him a dose of filmmaking reality, including budget constraints, equipment failures, crew changes, and unexpected weather delays. It left Gabe feeling exhausted, stretched, and challenged, but also hungry to push forward to see the project through until the very end, even if it meant compromising on a few of his desired shots. “This film has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. I felt like I was crawling to the finish line. Instead of one step at a time, it turned into ‘one pull at a time’.” What Gabe lacks in age he more than makes up for with an impressive experience level in the industry. He has worked on numerous films and video productions over the last few years and continues to push himself to not only exceed others’ ideas of success, but his personal expectations as well. With the support of numerous filmmakers around the United States, Gabe aspires to write and direct films to make his lifetime dream into a full-time career. 34 | focuson Magazine

World-renowned cinematographer, Shane Hurlbut, has worked with Gabe during his intensive film Masterclasses in both Chicago and Los Angeles. Shane and his wife, Lydia, who run The Hurlblog and Shane’s Inner Circle, shared, “Gabe Sheets is a filmmaker to pay close attention to in the coming years. He is a talented teen writer/director wise beyond his years with an amazing work ethic and ‘put it all on the screen’ attitude. Gabe studies the craft, pays attention to details, pushes himself artistically, and is a pure joy to be around.” (Mr. Hurlbut is the Director of Photography for films such as “The Rat Pack,” “Terminator: Salvation,” “We Are Marshall,” and “Fathers and Daughters”). Post-production is just around the corner and is expected to be completed in time for an early 2018 release, with an additional six-part, behind-the-scenes series to accompany the film. An entire team of videographers and photographers were on set each day documenting the filmmaking process of this young creative force. It will bring transparency to the difficult decisions and, many times, challenging process of making movies. But it also highlights the teamwork required to see “Fugue” through to the last page of the script. Thinking ahead, Gabe commented, “It’s really hard to say what excites me the most. There is so much to be excited about with making films. But let’s be honest, it’s really the people that you work with that makes things special. The collaboration of it all is the most rewarding part. Doing the thing that makes you happy is a blessing.” Following in the steps of other famous filmmakers like David Fincher, who began making movies at age 8, and Steven Spielberg who started his journey at age 12, Gabe also has a love for this art form. He pulls from these and other inspiring filmmakers who not only strive to tell moving stories, but also study the philosophy, psychology, and sociology of this industry. His dedication far surpasses his youthful stereotype. This Generation Z teenager is destined to be a world influencer in front of and behind the camera. You can follow Gabe’s journey and “Fugue” online at www.idirectfilms.com. Be inspired. Be challenged. Be the change needed to continue great storytelling in the Midwest and beyond. Gabe Sheets is proof that you’re never too young to follow your dreams!

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medical minute with Cheryl Hohe, MSN, ANP-BC

Remember the days when smoking was cool? When people thought it was sexy and suave’? Well, its not cool. People who smoke, do not look sexy-especially when they get older—it increases wrinkles, changes your skin color, stains your fingers, gives you bad breath and makes your hair and clothes and everything around you stink. I can say these things, because I used to smoke. I was smart enough to quit when I was younger-hopefully, the effects of my poor judgement will not come back to haunt me later in life. Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the U.S. according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, with more than 41,000 of these deaths from exposure to secondhand smoke. Smokers have increased risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, hypertension and of course cancer. Smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in your body including bladder, blood (leukemia), colon and rectum, esophagus, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach, and of course lung. Did do know that smoking can make it harder for a woman to become pregnant? Smoking can also affect men’s sperm, which can reduce fertility and increase the risk for birth defects and miscarriage. Smoking can affect bone health causing weaker bones. It affects the help of your teeth and gums and can cause tooth loss. It could increase your risk for cataracts and cause macular degeneration. Smoking can cause type 2 diabetes and can make it harder to control. The risk of developing diabetes is 30-40% higher for active smoker than for nonsmokers. It can cause decreased immune function. It can also cause rheumatoid arthritis. Quitting smoking cuts cardiovascular risks. In just 1 year after quitting smoking, the risk for heart attack drops sharply. Within 2-5 years the risk for stroke may reduce to about that of a nonsmoker since. The risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus and bladder drop by half within 5 years. Ten years after quitting smoking the risk of lung cancer drops in half.

“Help with Quitting” It is not easy to quit smoking. Nicotine is addicting. People go through nicotine withdrawal when they tried to quit smoking. When you smoke, nicotine reaches the brain in about 10-20 seconds. This causes a chemical called dopamine, to be released in the brain. Dopamine provides a feeling of pleasure. Over time, you become addicted to the nicotine. 36| focuson Magazine

For most smokers, smoking is more than just habit. It is an addiction. And as with most addictions, when you take away the thing that you’re addicted to, you will experience physical withdrawal symptoms. With smoking-it is no different. You take away the nicotine, and that may cause a body to go through nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It can be tough, but the symptoms will lessen over time.

Common signs of nicotine withdrawal are: • • • • • • • • •

Urge to smoke Depressed mood Insomnia Irritability, frustration, or anger Anxiety Difficulty concentrating Restlessness Decreased heart rate Increased appetite and weight gain

And don’t forget, no matter how to tough nicotine withdrawal symptoms may seem at first, they will lessen over time. Until then, think of the symptoms as a sign that your body is cleansing itself of nicotine-and that a positive thing. Talked year doctor to discuss your progress and any withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing. Your doctor can prescribe medication to help you through the process.

If you want to quit smoking, you will need to make a plan. First you need to recognize your risk situations. 1. Try to understand the situations that put you at risk for smoking. Then think about how you could use your quit strategies to deal with them. Quit strategies may include talking about it with someone. Go somewhere you can’t smoke. Switch up your routine. Take a shower. Take several deep breaths. Do something active. Leave the situation. Meditate. Visual the future. Chew gum. Carry a water bottle and drink plenty of water. 2. Build a support network: First, set a quit date. Then, let your closest friends and family know your quitting. This may help you stick to your goal. 3. Sign up for a quit smoking support plan: Get expert advice and support. This can help you change the way you think about and act on smoking. So when you are faced with an urge, you’ll be better prepared for it. Visit www.mytimetoquit.com for help with quitting. Cigarettes are expensive. If you smoke just 1 pack a day, you will spend approximately $2000 a year on cigarettes. When you decide to quit, put the money you would have spent on cigarettes into a separate savings account. At the end of the year, celebrate your success by going on vacation somewhere special!

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99.9 FM KFAV KF serves ves the St. Louis Westplex, W which includes what has been recognized as some of the fastest growing counties and communities in the United States. We serve St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren Counties primarily, however we also have a listenership in Franklin, Gasconade, Montgomery, and St. Louis Counties. Our track record and constant goal has been to serve the cities of St. Charles, St. Peters, Cottleville, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, Troy, Winfield, Silex, Moscow Mills, Wright City, Warrenton, and Washington, Mo. With 10 local newscasts each Monday through Friday, local sports information, live broadcasts, and promotion of Westplex events and local fairs, KFAV offers more than other St. Louis metro radio stations when it comes to serving our area. Since 1991, KFAV has been dedicated to the phrase “Serving The Westplex!”


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www.thehairylepehant.com 38| focuson Magazine

One in Four “Daughters in the Workplace” Experience Stigma Due to Caregiving St. Charles Home Instead Senior Care Offers Resourcesto Support Employees Caring for Aging Parents A new survey by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, found that half of working female caregivers feel they have to choose between being a good employee and being a good daughter. In addition, a quarter (25%) of working daughters report they find a workplace stigma in being a caregiver, and 23 percent have found that their supervisor is unsympathetic. In an effort to start a conversation about how working family caregivers can be better supported in the workplace, the Home Instead Senior Care network has launched a new public education program, Daughters in the WorkplaceSM. The new program offers free resources to help working family caregivers feel empowered to talk to their employers about their needs, while also identifying caregiving support that may be available. The program also provides information to help employers understand what their employees want and need as caregivers, including Caregiver Friendly Business Practices. “All too often we see working caregivers feel that they have to make a choice between work and their aging loved one,” said Mark Adkisson of the Home Instead Senior Care office serving St. Charles County. “They are often unaware of what resources are available and how to navigate those conversations with their employer. That is why Home Instead is committed to not only empowering family caregivers with the knowledge of the help that is available to them, but also bringing awareness to employers on the importance of creating a supportive workplace environment for caregiving employees.” Research shows that women are twice as likely as men to spend more than 30 hours a week on caregiving. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), working female caregivers average nearly double the amount of time caring for aging loved ones, compared to their male counterparts (9.1 hours a week vs 5.7 hours). What’s more, many women are a part of the sandwich generation, caring for an aging parent or relative while also caring for their own children.

According to Home Instead’s survey, 91percent of female caregivers report having had to take action to accommodate being an employee and a caregiver. The most common actions include taking paid time off, switching from full time to part time, avoiding certain responsibilities and turning down promotions. All of the hours spent caregiving – combined with the sacrifices made in the workplace – can leave daughters in the workplace with undue strain and stress in their lives. While women make up two-thirds of family caregivers, the solutions to addressing caregiving challenges in the workplace are gender-neutral. Drew Holzapfel, ReACT (Respect a Caregiver’s Time) convener, explains that a significant issue facing all working family caregivers is often that they don’t realize the benefits they may be eligible to receive from their employers. “Flexible time can have a stigma, and working caregivers might not know they can use FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) for senior care, or they might not know how to access their EAP (Employee Assistance Program),” said Holzapfel. To help educate working family caregivers on these resources, DaughtersintheWorkplace.com includes an interactive quiz in which caregivers can equip themselves with the knowledge of protected family leave rights that may be available to them. Additionally, the website includes conversation starters and health tips for caregiving employees, as well as communication tips for employers and signs caregiving employees need support. “The hope is that by highlighting the struggles that family caregivers experience, and providing them with solutions and tips they can implement in their home and work lives, we can help ensure they are happy and healthy in their work lives while also being able to provide their loved ones with the care they need,” explains Adkisson.

Family caregivers and employers can view program resources and tips at www.DaughtersintheWorkplace.com. Or, contact laura.mccoy@homeinstead.com


MyCottleville focusonMagazine Magazine||31 39

40 | focuson Magazine

By: Darlene Fischer - contributor

focus fo usOn

Part 3

: The Heroin Epidemic is Here!

The Woman Behind the Movement an interview with Gee Vigna

Q: I can’t even imagine the horrible pain. So you have to bury your daughter and try to put the pieces of your life back together. Is that when the walks started? Gee: “Yes! I have always been a walker but primarily walked for exercise. After Nicky passed away I made up a shirt with Gee the words STOP HEROIN printed on the front begin to walk. This time it wasn’t for exercise, it was to breathe. I walked to tune out the world and try to wrap my head around what had just happened to Nicky, to our family. Within two days of walking, I had two separate neighbors stop me and tell me their personal stories of family addiction. How could this be? All of this time I thought we were the only ones experiencing this pain. That is when I reached out to Nicky’s older sister Brittney, and Walking for a Wellness Stop Heroin began. The silence of addiction had to stop. We did not have to go through this alone.” Q: Did you ever think it would take off so fast? Gee: “No. I was more amazed that it wasn’t just us going through this. I had no idea how widespread heroin was and how quickly social media helped connect us to others that were suffering from loss or addiction. At first it was just a couple neighbors. Shortly there after people started approaching us all the time. They wanted to share their story. Talk about their loved one. Learn how to start walks in their areas. My daughter then created a Facebook page and website and people started contacting us from all over the country. I don’t even know how they found us. It just blew up. Pretty soon we had 10 different Stop Heroin Walks going on in six different states. Families and loved ones everywhere had had enough. They were tired of their community being ravished by heroin.” Q: So your main reason for starting the walks was to raise awareness? Gee: “Yes, in the beginning it was to make people aware. Hopefully people would see us in our neon pink, green and orange shirts and start talking about heroin. That they would be curious and wonder ‘what the heck are these people doing? Is heroin a problem in our community?’ Then it transformed into a family of people who were all taking a stance against this opiate epidemic. It may be from loss. It may be from recovery. It may be from proactive behavior. Regardless of why they come and walk, our walks will always be a place where they could be 100% accepted. We can help each other. We became each other’s resources, support, and friends.”

Gee & her daughter Nicky foc fo cus usOn On Magazine | 41

Q: Many people know about the walks or have seen the bright colored shirts around. But since starting the walks, you have become involved in many other community out reaches. Can you tell us about some of those? Gee: “Well after the walks I saw a growing necessity to help those, who like our family, were left with the grief of losing their child or family member. We reached out to Barnes Hospital in St. Peters and SSM St. Clair Hospital for meeting rooms. With the help of their donated space, we now have grief support meetings every month for families who have lost a love one due to an opiate overdose.” Q: You also go to local schools to help spread awareness right? Gee: “Yes. We speak with kids at both middle and high schools. We have some amazing volunteers who are in recovery share their personal stories with the kids. Thankfully, these people have survived, but they make it very, very clear how difficult their lives were, and continue to be, based upon bad choices they made at young ages. We try to take advantage of any opportunity within in the community to get the “Not Even Once” message out.” Q: I’ve seen you at other community events as well. Teaming up with Fire and Rescue and local police departments. What do you do when you attend these events? Gee: “It’s about raising awareness and telling kids ‘Not Even Once!’ At family day events we hand out candy and colorful ‘Hugs not Drugs’ bags to the little kids. For the parents we talk about the warning signs of heroin use and provide them with safe prescription pain medication disposable drug bags. We make ourselves available to answer questions and provide resources. Some people give us the ‘not my kid’ look, but more often than not they will begin to share a story of ‘someone’ they know who is using or who has died.” Q: You recently received an award from the DEA. This award is only given out once a year to two different organizations within the whole nation. I know that you have also worked with the DEA on their project 360. Is there anything else that I’m not aware of? Gee: “Well we also offer support at teen summits with other area organizations, interact with C.R.U.S.H, work with the St. Charles Drug Court Program,” and she smiles as she tells me, “my living room is my on-line store where we package, ship and process all orders.” Q: Can people contact you directly if they need help or have any questions? Gee: “Absolutely. They can reach me through Facebook.com/stopheroin. Or they can contact me through my website www. stopheroin.org. Or they can email me direct at cgeevigna@charter.net.” Q: I know you give so much of your time and hand out bracelets, bags, stickers, everything for free. How can we, in the community, help you Gee: “Wear a Stop Heroin shirts. Put a Stop Heroin window decal on your car. Talk to your kids about heroin. Learn the warning signs of opiate abuse.” (NCADA reports parents who have talks with their kids about the dangers of drugs, those kids are half as likely to use them). Q: I really want to thank you for your time and all that you are doing to help. What 3 things would you especially like to tell parents in our community? Gee: “Don’t ever think it can’t be your family! If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is!” Gee: “What you don’t know can or will hurt you. Don’t underestimate your enemy. We did. We thought she would grow out of this. We underestimated the hold heroin had on Nicky. It is a mistake I will forever regret.” Gee: “Be aware of prescription pain medications…of usage and storage!”

FOOTNOTE: To help Gee stop heroin in our community please visit www.stopheroin.org. You may also help by putting a Stop Heroin decal on your car, ordering a Stop Heroin shirt or making a donation on their website. Walking for Wellness Stop Heroin is a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax-deductible. Please talk to your kids about the dangers of drugs. If they haven’t tried drugs, don’t think for a minute they could not access them within minutes. They are readily available and cost less than what you typically give them for lunch money each day. 42 | fo foc cus uson on Magazine

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In an effort to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, the FBI and DEA have released “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict,� a documentary aimed at educating students and young adults about the dangers of addiction. More at www.fbi.gov/ChasingTheDragon focus fo usOn Magazine | 43

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of St. Charles County

Celebrating Their 20th Year! Habitat St. Charles has served 77 families throughout St. Charles County since its inception and needs your partnership to continue their amazing work. Donations and volunteer labor allow Habitat St. Charles to build affordable housing for hard working families in St. Charles County. Contrary to popular belief, Habitat for Humanity does not give away houses. Partner families pay a 30 year, interest free mortgage and perform 350 sweat equity hours toward the purchase of their homes. The Habitat St. Charles County program is truly a hand up, not a hand out! 100 percent of your financial donation goes directly construction of the homes in St. Charles County because Habitat St. Charles has a revenue source to cover all operating costs! The ReStore in St. Peters is a building materials, appliance, and furniture resale store located next to Value City Furniture near Mid Rivers Mall. It’s open Wednesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm for shopping and has a drive through for your donation convenience. There is even a “pick up” option available for larger donations. By selling donated items to the public, Habitat St. Charles County is able to pay all of their bills, payroll and administrative costs, without using any of your donation dollars. There are so many ways to get involved with Habitat St. Charles, from volunteering on the build site or in the ReStore, to working alongside a partner family as they journey into home ownership. When you are looking for a volunteer opportunity there is something from everyone with Habitat. Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County is all about community. The store has recently implemented a program called 1SDS; One Stop Donation Shop, which enables Habitat to take donations of all types of items, even ones they don’t sell, and distribute those to other non-profits in St. Charles County that have a need. The goal is to make donating items even easier. Even though there are some items the ReStore simply cannot accept, they are doing their best to simplify the donation process. Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County hosts an annual fundraising gala in November called Celebration of Tree’s. This year’s event is being held at Ameristar on November 11, 2017. Professionally decorated Christmas trees, wreathes, centerpieces, as well as many silent auction gift baskets are available for purchase at this black tie optional event. Registration information is available through habitatstcharles. org. Please, help Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County give a hand up to our partner families. To learn more, visit: habitatstcharles.org

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s e n o J l u Pa By: Robin Seaton Jefferson

airs on Velocity

It started out in a 600-square-foot warehouse with no electricity and barely enough room for six cars. Now just 11 years later, the classic and specialty car dealership and reconditioning shop offers paint and bodywork and boasts a custom interior shop. But St. Louis’ Classic Car Studio is getting noticed for a different reason of late. The specialty restoration and custom build shop now has its own cable television show.

Paul Jones worked at a tire store as a teenager. He worked at the parts counter at Northgate Motors—where the senior Jones had retired from. He also served at the parts counter at Suntrup Pontiac GMC (Now Suntrup Buick GMC) in St. Peters for 10 years, since his near-photographic memory allowed him to remember part numbers better than anybody. Some of his coworkers even called him “Rain Man.”

“Speed is the New Black” on Velocity channel features Classic Car Studio owner, Noah Alexander and his crew as they build some pretty amazing cars and trucks. The show brings a potential 62 million American viewers inside Alexander’s shop where cars are tailor-made for each client’s lifestyle, environment, driving style and driving mission.

“I’ve always been in the automotive industry,” I didn’t really have any work experience. I learned everything from dad.”

An American commercial-based, high-definition, cable and satellite television network, Velocity channel is owned by Discovery Communications. The network targets 18-to-54-yearold men specializing in nonfiction programming and focusing on cars and sports (particularly motorsports) and leisure. According to tvbythnumbers.com, as of February 2015, some 62.3 million American households were receiving Velocity. “Speed is the new Black” took its place on Velocity with the likes of “The Auto Firm with Alex Vega,” “Barrett-Jackson LIVE,” “Bitchin’ Rides,” “Graveyard Carz” and “Junkyard Empire” when it premiered May 24 with the first of eight episodes for Season 1. It airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Shop foreman and mechanic Paul Jones of O’Fallon has been working on cars in some capacity since he was three years old. “I’ve been working on cars since I was old enough to hold a wrench,” Jones said. “That’s all dad ever did. I’ve been drag racing since I was 16.” Jones said his dad taught him everything he knows. And the 42-year-old husband and father paid him back in triplicate when he presented his dad with a 1937 Willys the crew at Classic Car Studio restored for an episode of “Speed is the New Black.” Jones’ father, James Jones, is retired now, but he spent his 30-year career as a mechanic. Both of James’ brothers were mechanics as well. 46 | focuson Magazine

The father/son team worked out of their garage repairing, restoring and updating cars for a while as well, before Paul went on to work at Bier Brothers Performance in O’Fallon and later Old Dog Street Rods off of Dorsett Road in St. Louis. It was there that the owner took Paul off of the parts desk and gave him a shot at working in the shop. “I would be explaining to customers how to build cars over the phone. Then the owner asked me to put in a couple of days a week in the shop,” he said. Classic Car Studio has grown a lot since 2013 when Paul started. He was one of four guys in its shop then. Today, he said, the 40,000-square-foot space employs 16 guys (actually 15 men and one woman, he said) between three departments—service, upholstery, and body and paint. Classic services, repairs and custom builds classic and muscle cars. The team also does body and interior work on any car. “Speed is the New Black” came about out of the urging of a shop customer who worked with a production company. He had pitched ideas to the cable networks about a new non-fiction car show. Discovery Communications bit. Three months later, and more hours than anyone wanted to count, the show was an eight-episode Season 1. “Every show was done with remote control drones,” Paul said. “I was overwhelmed because we were getting so busy.” Paul said the team built “Tiffany” first, a shop truck that is used to advertise the business as well as turn heads. A 1966 Chevy C10, Tiffany was left in its original paint for a retro look, though a twin turbo engine was added. The truck won awards at the Detroit Autorama, also known as “America’s Greatest Hot Rod Show.” The Autorama is a showcase of custom cars and hot rods held each year at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan.

Along with being part of the team on “Speed is the New Black,” Paul was asked to play a technical role, answering viewer questions on everything from cam shaft, engine and torque specs to compression ratios, on commercial breaks during the show. “That is where my memory is coming in handy,” Paul said. “The show was not scripted.” It features Paul as he is questioned by producers with inquiries sent in by viewers. It’s the network’s way of keeping viewers from changing channels during commercial breaks. Viewers have probably noticed a spike in the number of TV commercials designed to look and feel like whatever show they’re watching. Think “Walking Dead.” They’re called podbusters, DVR busters or interstitial ads, and they’re designed to remove viewers’ fingers from the fast-forward button during blocks — or “pods” — of ads, according to NPR.org. In the case of “Speed is the New Black,” it’s called the “Love Tune-up.” “Dear Love Tune-up,” one viewer wrote, “My husband is more interested in building his carburetor on his ’32 Ford than building our marriage. Paul said he begins with something like, “Is what you have worth rebuilding?” He then continues by talking more about building cars. “It’s been a big hit. We did one and they wanted three more.” From a 1928 Model A to a 1962 Bellaire Wagon to a 1990 Porsche 911, Paul said the team built 16 cars in three months for the first season—quite a feat while still maintaining an open shop to customers. “We did eight complete builds from basket case to show-winning masterpiece packed with tons of luxury and performance,” he said. There was also a 1957 Chevy, a 1969 Chevelle and a 1962 Chrysler 300 which the team put a Viper engine and transmission into for starters. And fabricator and welder, Scott France hand-built a 1969 Camaro from a customer’s rendering.

Paul said the show is starting to get noticed, and so are its stars. “It’s still kind of surreal. We’re still getting used to it,” he said. “We are just now starting to get noticed in the public a bit. People are starting to realize what we’ve done—16 cars in three months. We had more overtime than we had straight time during those three months. Car shows are our passion. None of us does it for the paycheck. It hasn’t changed anybody though. We have a tight awesome group of super talented guys. Everybody there knew each other or they were handpicked.” Paul said the goal is not in the money, at least not in the short run, but rather the notoriety that will avail the shop of more opportunities for them to do what they do best—build cars. “The plan is, if we’re going to be on TV, one of the benefits is getting noticed. We’re all hoping it will open other doors for us, like maybe a new product and some really good endorsements or commercials for products. After all, it’s building cars and showing them at car shows that drives them. From local St. Louis shows to the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world—the SEMA show in Las Vegas, it’s what car enthusiasts love. “My ultimate favorite thing about the show, though, is all the guys I work with—oh, and one unbelievably talented fabricator and body woman—coming together making this happen, because the goals were unrealistic, and we all doubted it would, but we made it happen.” Classic Car Studio always carries a selection of finely restored classics. It is located at 1002 Hanley Industrial Ct. in Brentwood in St. Louis County. For more information on Classic Car Studio, call 314-567-4200 or visit http://www.

classiccarstudio.com/. For more information about “Speed is the New Black,” visit https://www.velocity.com/tv-shows/speed-is-the-new-black.

Filming an Episode of Speed is the New Black focuson Magazine | 47


At the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, people carry flowers representing their connection to Alzheimer’s — a disease that currently has no cure. But what if one day there was a flower for Alzheimer’s first survivor? What if there were millions of them? Help make that beautiful day happen by joining us for the world’s largest fundraiser to fight the disease. Register today at alz.org/walk.

ST. CHARLES St. Charles Community College Saturday, Sept. 30 | 8 a.m. 48 | focuson Magazine

Movie ReviewS by: Kevin Ziegemeier

Baywatch Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra

Rated R

Rating scale 3 Screws… EXCELLENT, A MUST SEE

2 Screws… Good, Wait for video release

1 screw… Average, Wait for Netflix release

You’ve been screwed… do not waste your time or money

Wehrenberg Theatres Town Square 12 Cine

7805 Highway N, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

(636) 625-1209

Regal Cinemas O’Fallon 14

900 Caledonia Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63368

(844) 462-7342

Wehrenberg Theatres Mid Rivers 14 Cine

1220 Mid Rivers Mall, St Peters, MO 63376

(636) 279-2734 Wentzville Tower 12

Not all movies are an original idea. Some movies are based on actual events, some are based on a book, and some are based on a television series. Whether the television series was highly rated or just had a cult following, the fans of these shows have a vested interest in how their show will be portrayed on the big screen. We want to see who will be playing our favorite characters and what direction they will take the story. One of the more successful formulas is to take a T.V. drama and make it more humorous and even spoof the main characters or theme of the original show. In recent years, television series turned into movies such as The Dukes of Hazzard, Starsky and Hutch, and 21 Jump Street have used this formula with some good success. For anyone not familiar with the original series, Baywatch was T.V. series that ran from 1989-2001. It was a somewhat campy lifeguard soap opera set on a Los Angeles beach with a lot of drama, suntan lotion, and bikinis. When seeing the trailer for the first time, it was obvious this movie would try to spoof the theme of the T.V. series and be more of a comedy than a drama. Based on the decision to release this movie on Memorial Day weekend, Hollywood must have felt this would be a summer blockbuster. Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) is the head of an elite lifeguard unit that not only saves lives on the beach, they solve crimes as well. It is that time of year when several hundred lifeguard hopefuls get a chance to try out for the squad. Matt Brody (Zac Efron) is a 2 time Olympic gold medalist swimmer who is living with the disgrace of partying the night before a relay race and barfing in the pool. Even with his superior swimming skills, Mitch does not believe Brody is cut out to be on the team. Mitch eventually lets him on the team but they are constantly at odds over Brody’s casual attitude towards the job. There is trouble on the beach as a drug trafficker (Priyanka Chopra) is causing some major malfeasance on the Baywatch sand. As Mitch and the local police department butt heads over who has jurisdiction, Mitch, Brody, and the rest of the team come together to catch the perps. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I had watched the original series and was looking forward to seeing what direction they would take the story. Unfortunately, the plot was weak, the pace was choppy and somewhat confusing, and overall not very funny. Even cameos by David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson did little to help the movie. I think Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are good actors but did not have much of a script to work with. I was going to give this movie 1 screw. HOWEVER………… let’s face it, the movie provided the eye candy that most of us fans were wanting to see. I mean, ladies, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron shirtless 90% of the movie…….enough said. Fellas, Kelly Rohrbach and Alexandra Daddario do not disappoint in their red bikinis. And if you have never seen or heard of Priyanka Chopra, you will want to see this movie. This lady could possibly be the most beautiful woman in the world. I would not spend the money to see this at the theater, but it is worth a look as a rental.

100 Wentzville Bluffs Drive, Wentzville, MO 63385

(636) 279-2734

Wehrenberg Theatres St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine

1830 S 1st Capitol Dr St. Charles, MO 63303

(636) 946-1862

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St. Louis Co. (314) 647-0604 • St. Charles Co. (636) 388-4100

TRANE makes the air conditioner, The difference is Since 1967, Unique Heating and Cooling has been an industry leader in the installation and service of heating, air conditioning, humidifying and air filtration systems. With NATE (North American Technician Excellence) trained and certified technicians to maintain all types of indoor comfort systems, Unique Heating and Cooling provides customers with unsurpassed service and solutions for your comfort. As an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ Dealer, we strive to be more than a heating and cooling service company. We want to offer you a Unique experience as we help you navigate through your total home comfort process. From maintenance and service repair, to total HVAC system installation, our mission is to provide each customer with solutions that will give you peace of mind, knowing you made the best decision for your family, your home or your business.

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