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april 2011


Life Is Best When Driven

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april 2011 Volume 3 issue 11

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In the Spotlight this month are five Winter Haven pastors. Read to learn more about their work, their churches, and their passion for ministry.

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april 2011

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The Finest Seafood and Angus Beef A Local Favorite for More Than 20 Years! "$ZQSFTT(BSEFOT3E 8JOUFS)BWFO '-t




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FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


letter from the publisher


encourage you to begin reading this issue by starting on page ____ with our adventure story before reading the rest of my letter.

Sophia wrote that article from her perspective of our experience deep sea fishing. I cannot explain to you the adrenaline rush I was feeling for all that time I was holding on to that line, using all my strength to battle a very strong shark. During that moment, I didn’t know how much longer I would have the strength to make it. Mentally I just kept fighting through it, knowing the battle would well be worth it. The word disappointed is not sufficient enough to describe what it felt like when I ended up with an empty line. It felt as if all my fighting had been in vain. I had no epic story to bring back home to my sons. I lost. It was a feeling of defeat after he got away. But then I recently attended a local Relay for Life event. You read the stories of these men and women who have fought cancer and all the pain that comes with it. We celebrate the survivors and we grieve for the others. But for the ones who fought hard and lost, was their fighting in vein? No. Of course not. I can only imagine that the devastation of that defeat is the anticlimactic feeling I felt multiplied times a thousand. The beauty about fighting the battle, is that it is not fought alone. When I was holding the line with all my strength, I had six people behind me feeling every emotion I was for nearly an hour. Though I was the only one exerting physical strength, my defeat was as much theirs. And had we successfully worn out the shark and reeled him in, my celebration would have been no greater than theirs. We were a team. I needed their support. And when we celebrate a cancer survivor, it is not a battle they won alone. In fact, it can’t be done. Every cancer victim needs a team behind them feeling the emotional fight with them. And while they may be the only one feeling the physical pain, the pain for the friends and family is no less significant. So when the battle ends in victory, it’s a celebration for all. The Winter Haven Relay for Life is coming up on April 29th at Lake Region High School. If you’ve ever been to one of these events then you know how powerful it is, especially if you’ve ever walked through life on a cancer team literally. The teams on that track represent the millions of teams that have fought and are currently fighting. We celebrate the survivors because their victory is ours to rejoice in as well.

Mike Floyd Publisher


april 2011

Wood Grain, Vinyl and Laminate are now offered by Williford Flooring Company in addition to our great selection of Hardwood Flooring

Monday - Friday 9-5:30 Saturday and evenings by appointment



Since 1946 FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


local » focus providing resources for families affected by Autism and Autism Related Disabilities. Presently, sponsors include (in alphabetical order) Bernie Little Distributors, Cassidy Homes, CC Calhoun, Cheap Bounce Houses, Focus Magazine, Groupon, Hampton Inn - Winter Haven, Holiday Inn - Winter Haven, Hughes Corporate Printing, JLM Promotions, Inc., The Jules Burt Foundation, Keep Polk County Beautiful, 97 Country, and Webber International University. Don’t miss a great opportunity to reach a broad market in a fun and family friendly way. Entertainment will include favorites such as Bracken Smith, The Gerry Williams Band, Pablito’s Way, Adrienne Plati & Travis Williams, Soul2Earth, and Sean Chambers, one of the top 50 blues artists in the nation.. The first come/first serve open field seating is ideal for blankets and lawn chairs (no personal tents in the live music areas). Performance times are posted online and listed in the daily schedule.

blues, brews, &inaugural bbQfundraiser aT TriPle to benefit canoPy ranch families affected by autism F Written by: cheryl Johnston

or those who love firsts, the inaugural event of the free Blues, Brews, & BBQ at Triple Canopy Ranch is just around the corner - April 15, 16, & 17, 2011. Registration for competitors in the Florida Bar-B-Que Association rule-guided contest, touted as the “BBQ Event of the Year,” and camping reservations for enthusiasts are now underway. Guests will enjoy award-winning BBQ from competition teams across the southeast and entertainment by the best local bands and regional recording artists offering a mix of Country and Blues. Beer enthusiasts can compare notes about the 60+ craft beers to sample. Tickets must be purchased for the two available sessions of Brewtopia,


april 2011

the Craft Beer Festival and “Party within a Party”(for which tickets are required) on April 16.

Awards in the Backyard Division of the BBQ Competition include trophies and $1,000 for Grand Champion and $500 for Reserve Champion, respectively. Various category winners earn ribbons and prize monies ranging from $250 for 1st Place to $50 for 5th Place. Competitions for Best Sauce and Best Wings earn $100 each.

Make site reservations online now for daylong or weekend long camping at one of the most exciting event venues in Central Florida. Bring friends, along with your ATVs, UTVs, golf carts or buggies (sorry, no mud trucks this weekend).

Family activities abound. Participate in games, hayrides, buggy rides, prizes, facepainting and a bounce house in the Interactive Kid’s Fun Zone. Browsers and shoppers will enjoy perusing the arts & craft and specialty item vendor displays. An onsite ATM and ticket booths for food/drink purchases using TCR Bucks are conveniently located throughout the venue. Sponsorship and Vendor Opportunities are still available. A VIP/Sponsor party is scheduled for Friday night. This event will attract thousands of attendees who travel an average of 96 miles to spend the weekend at Triple Canopy Ranch. This “Party with a Purpose” is a major annual fundraising event benefiting the Jules Burt Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization

Families won’t find a better entertainment value than events like those hosted by Triple Canopy Ranch. The non-refundable festival ticket prices vary depending on single-day or multiple-day attendance, but are surprisingly affordable. Daily parking is only $5 per vehicle. Purchase online for timesaving and convenience at Don’t hesitate because of weather - the show goes on, rain or shine! Festival times are as follows: Friday, April 15 from 3-11p.m; Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. - 11 p.m., and Sunday, April 17 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Triple Canopy Ranch is located at16950 C.R. 630 in East Lake Wales. Phone 863-508-1063 or view driving directions at www.triplecanopyranch. com.


Adventure three Offshore Fishing

ur fishing trip had been underway for several hours when Mark, our captain, noticed the bent pole at the back of the boat.

Tony, one of our graphic artists, and myself were relaxing in the ocean wate r. We had been in the gulf for several hours, caught an ice chest full of fish, and were cooling off from the sun. The rest of the staff lounged in the boat, and Holly had climbed the ladder to the top to sunbathe. Two fishing poles hooked with large bait had been readied for hours wait ing for something to take notice underwater. I was floating in the wate r about 10 feet away from the boat when I saw Mark quickly grab one of the back poles with a look of strug gle on his face. I asked “Did something bite?” and he quickly shouted to Tony and me, “You guys need to get in the boat. NOW. This one’s big!”

Julie landed the first catch.

Earlier in the day Holly reeled in a fourfoot sandbar shark and we all took turn s having our photo op. I had to help hold her waist during the 10 or 15 minutes it took to reel in the suck er. However, this time around, Mark wasn ’t reacting the same. He quickly hand ed the pole off to Mike Floyd, our publisher, and went to get the belt. Mike was struggling to hold the line. We just kept hearing it reel away, not in. Then Mark started clear ing everything off the dock and mak ing lots of room. He didn’t do this when Holly had a shark, so this was obviously a different scenario all toge ther. As Mike was using all of his strength to hang onto the pole and try to reel it in inch-by-inch, Mark went over to the wheel and start revving the motor. This sucker was heavy and he was not moving. Mark estimated that he had to be around 300 pounds and was just sitting on the bottom of the bay rocking his head back and forth in an attempt to steal away the bait. He guessed it was probably an 8-10 foot shark. Meanwhile, the rest of us were experienc ing a range of emotions. We were anxio us, excited, nervous, scared. We didn’t know what to imagine! I mean , we had jaws on the hook down there and we were going to attempt to reel him into the boat! Time continued to fly by and 30 minu tes later Mike was still wrestling with this big boy. By now the shark had been on every side of the boat and under it, but never close enough to the surface for us to see this creature. Ever y time we thought we were getting closer, the shark would change its mind, and we would hear the line start spinning away out of cont rol.

heading out for adventure number 3.

holly and her catch.

mike’s agony of defeat.

Another 20 minutes went by and every one’s eyes had been glued to the actio n without any rest. Mike was using all his strength to hang in there . Mark said we were just going to have to wear him out until he gave up, but that he had never seen a fighte r like this and estimated this could poss ibly be the largest shark he’d ever caught in all his years. And as we were all watching the line closely, all of a sudden it just fell. Sudd enly Mike’s arms were at rest and there was nothing fighting back . He had gotten away. He was gone. There are no words to describe the inten sity of the anticlimactic emotion that filled the air. Sudden disappointment doesn’t do justice to describe how we all felt. Mike reeled it in only to find a broken hook. After almost an hour of fighting for the bait, the shark had broken our hook , stolen the fish, and went on his merr y way. However, all hope had not been lost. We left home before dawn that morn ing and headed straight for the marina with one goal in mind: to have an adventure. And by golly, we certa inly did. Many of those on our staff had never been offshore fishing, and I had never been fishing at all. We had more fish in our cooler than we could possibly eat, photo ops with giant grouper and a small shark, and an amazing experience we shared as a staff. But now, when Mike starts to talk abou t his hour-long struggle with a “we think ” 300 pound, 10-foot hammerhead shark, we just laugh and say “almost doesn’t count.”

We can’t wait to hear what stories com e out of our next adventure. Hopefull y they don’t include Tony and me swimming in 30-foot water with giant sharks circliing beneath our feet. [On Tuesday, March 22, the Focus Mag azine staff set out on #3 of 11 Adventur es of 2011. The offshore fishing charter was provided by Mar k Lyons of Lyons Charters. You can visit him on the web at www. or call 727-776-7719 for more information or to arrange a charter for your group]

tony wishing it was grouper season

anthony was awarded smallest catch of the day.

Go Online To Check Out THe full

Video at FocusTV > Plant City

FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


Local » Focus talented high school performers. Through a nomination and selection process that included an audition, Booher and other accomplished student musicians from across the country were brought together at Carnegie Hall to comprise an honors orchestra. Jacob played principal trumpet. Rehearsals and teachings for the week prior involved internationally acclaimed conductors and instructors. The week concluded with a performance before concert-going patrons and invited collegiate and professional music program representatives. Jacob comes by his talent naturally. The entire Booher family is musically gifted. Mary Booher teaches music in public school and was her son’s first band director. Jacob’s dad, Brent Booher, also plays trumpet and his sisters are school band members, too. The family performs together in their own variety band known as the ‘Brass Heart Band” and frequently performs in local theater presentations. Jacob has played for 10 Broadway shows in Polk County. As the honors orchestra students also enjoyed visiting the best of sights and performance arts venues in New York City, one special highlight for Jacob was seeing “The Lion King” on Broadway. This was not Booher’s first experience at Carnegie Hall. During his freshman year, he went to NYC with the Winter Haven High School band. French horn and trumpet are the instruments he enjoys most. Prior to Winter Haven High, Booher attended Winter Haven’s Jewett School Of The Arts. This young talent has also performed with the Lakeland Jazz Orchestra, Sebring Highlanders, Late Night Brass, the Polk County Youth Orchestra and for the last four years with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra. What a resume!

Jacob Booher Plays Trumpet at Carnegie Hall P Written By: Cheryl Johnston

ractice improves performance and Jacob Booher can confirm this truth.

The senior trumpeter at Winter Haven


april 2011

High School has practiced enough to earn all-county and all-state music honors, along with superior assessment ratings at district and state levels.

But perhaps the best result of practice for him recently was performing at Carnegie Hall after being selected in 2010 for the American High School Honors Performance Series, which was established to showcase

Booher is also a patriot. ROTC is a favorite class and he auditions this month for his dream job as a U.S. Army band member. What a great graduation gift that would be a focused young man, his horn, and a chance to play for his country. A man with a plan usually wins!

local Âť focus

Kiwanis 14Th annual golF TournamenT get your game on, grab your bag, and go golfing for a great cause. Written by: cheryl Johnston


n Saturday, May 7, the Kiwanis Club of Winter Haven will hold its 14th Annual Golf Tournament. Proceeds from this event will go directly to projects that help kids and families in the Winter Haven area. This year Kiwanis is focused on assisting Habitat for Humanity in their 100th build. The club will help to fund and physically build the new home for a fortunate family. Kiwanis Club of Winter Haven was instrumental in funding the very first Habitat home in Polk County through the efforts of former member Carroll Teeter. Sponsorships are also still available. Players, donated prizes, and financial sponsors are also needed. This tournament features cash prizes for the top three teams and plenty of great door

prizes for anyone to win. A hole-in-one might just win a Chevy Malibu or trip to Vegas. For more information contact Sal Moraco at 863-289-4720.


Cypresswood Golf and Country Club


6:30-8:00 am registration 8:00 am shotgun start 11:30 am lunch


$350 per 4 person team. Includes hole sign and lunch. $75 per player. Includes lunch. $100 for a hole sign FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011



or any community to thrive, it depends on leadership from all different places. The histories of our communities recognize, the

important role faith and as importantly, the critical role the leaders

of faith played in the development of our towns, our way of life, and

our society. As the central meeting place, church was often one place everybody met, and the influence of the early church leaders was enormous. In fact, recently I read that when the Continental

Congress wanted import documents spread through the country, they depended on leaders of faith to read the documents from the pulpit.

Today our churches and our Leaders of Faith are more important and needed than ever. Their importance and the community’s need

for them can be measured simply by looking at there numbers. We

have hundreds of churches in our area to serve the people of East Polk County and they do so much good in the communities they serve.

Leaders of faith, like most true leaders, including most of our country’s

founding fathers, didn’t desire the mantle of leadership. They were called and have followed that calling and have dedicated their lives

to bringing the good news to the lost and to disciple believers in a life of service. This month we met with five leaders from churches in our area. Please let us introduce you to a few of our communities’ leaders of faith.


april 2011

Pastor George Gasperson Christ Community Church

Rev. Jonathan Frusti grace lutheran church

Pastor George Gasperson is a North Carolina native, and has been with Christ Community Church since 2009. He was called into ministry 12 years ago following a career as a Physician Assistant in Orthopedics. George is passionate about understanding the culture and making the Gospel relevant to today’s generation. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys fishing, boating, and rooting for the Tar Heels.

Rev. Jonathan Frusti entered the full time ministry in 1980, serving first as a pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Pipestone Minnesota, followed by a ministry spanning 25 years as an active duty Navy Chaplain. Following his retirement from military chaplaincy in 2009, Pastor Frusti accepted the call to serve as Senior Pastor of Grace Lutheran in Winter Haven. He is now in his second year at Grace.

Personal Challenge: These are certainly challenging times, and a personal challenge for me is to help people view the circumstances of their lives in terms of Christ and eternity. Our society isn’t welcoming to the element of faith, and without faith, we are left to cope with hardships and interpret disappointment in the absence of hope. I want to help people understand that we don’t have to come up with the answers to life: Christ is the answer.

Unforgettable Ministry Experience: Over 30 years of active ministry have provided many unforgettable experiences. Nonetheless, my most unforgettable are those associated with my ministry to Sailors, Marines, and other members of our military community. I will never forget our Service members’ dedication nor the sacrifices they make on our nation’s behalf. Being transported by helicopter from ship to ship to conduct worship services during deployments was a particularly memorable experience.

Effective Outreach: I believe most people are interested in hearing about Christ, but they don’t share the same interest in going to church. Don’t get me wrong; church is essential. But it’s time we stop expecting people to have to come to church in order to be introduced to Christ. Effective outreach happens when Christians take the Gospel out to where people are. That seems to be the way Jesus operated. Greatest need of the church as a whole: It’s my opinion that Christian churches have lost their sense of interconnectedness, and as a result we have lost the power that comes from unity. Now believe me, I get the reasons why there are denominations, but it often feels like we’re more concerned with “our tribe” of Christianity than reaching a lost and dying world. I happen to think that Christians share many more similarities than differences, and I wonder what we could accomplish for God if we concentrated on working more closely together. Advice for the Future: My advice would be that it is never too late to follow Christ and change the trajectory of your life. It is so easy to make bad choices that lead to guilt, condemnation, and broken relationships. Once that happens, we start believing that Christ has given up on us. But nothing is farther from the truth. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, Christ loves you and will forgive you. It’s not too late.

Effective Outreach: Effective outreach is based on building relationships. It begins at the point of understanding that God cares – cares enough to have sent His one and only Son Jesus. It views the person being reached through the eyes of a God who loves them and upholds each person’s worth and human dignity. It builds on the foundation of a Christ-like service and meets each person at the point of his or her own need. Effective outreach intentionally invites people into an exploration of God’s love and upholds and honors Christ as the source of its care. Greatest Need of the Church as a Whole: The greatest need of the Church as a whole is to remain faithful to the God who is its head. Its purpose is to reach the world with the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ and to serve as God’s faithful instrument - to love as it has been loved and to care as it has been cared for. Advice for the Future: Prepare for it. Approach it with the assurance that God will not lose interest in His creation nor will He abandon it. Each of us is the object of God’s love and concern and we can approach the future in the confidence that our faith can overcome fear and that God can meet its every challenge. FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


Pastor Ed Kendrick Heartland Community Church

Pastor Ed Kendrick, a Polk County native, too somewhat of an unconditional route to becoming pastor of Heartland Community Church. Kendrick grew up in Winter Haven, and was a banker for more than two decades in Polk County. In 1999 he and his wife Nancy and daughter Lauren packed up their comfortable lives in Polk County and left for seminary. When they returned to Winter Haven in 2002, they started Heartland Community Church. Since that time, Heartland has grown to a church with four campuses located in Winter Haven, Auburndale, Eloise and Dundee/Haines City. The church has grown from the original small group of around 30 people to about 1000. Personal Challenge I guess my biggest personal challenge is to balance my professional and personal lives. It’s exciting to pastor a growing church, but along with the growth comes more responsibility and the demand for more time. I have to be purposeful in my time management and organizational efforts. Unforgettable Ministry Experience When I started Heartland, my vision was to make an impact on Polk County for the cause of Christ. My unforgettable ministry experience has been the entire process of God making that vision a reality. Each time we have had to move to a larger venue or we have started a campus in another community, we can see God moving us towards our vision. Each step along our journet serves as an unforgettable memory that keeps us motivated to see what God is going to do next! Effective Outreach Each of our campuses looks into their specific community for areas for outreach. Our Eloise Campus is unique in that it serves as an “outreach center” for the Eloise Community. In addition to worship services for both the Anglo and Hispanic communities, Heartland provides a clothes closet, food pantry, English and Spanish language classes, special projects for the community throughout the year and even free dance classes for the children in the community. In addition to local outreach, Heartland takes at least one missions trip per year outside the U.S. This year we are going to the Dominican Republic. Greatest Need of Church as Whole The church needs the courage to teach God’s Word in a straight forward manner with confidence and without apology. We need sound biblical teaching that helps people understand God’s Word and apply it to their everyday lives. Advice for the future My advice for my congregation and for everyone is that we should take God more seriously and try to understand Him and understand what He wants for us. If we don’t take the spiritual part of our lives seriously and if we’re not really focused on knowing God better and finding out what He wants for us, we never will achieve our purpose in life. We never really have peace and have joy in our lives. If we really focus on God and trust in His Son Jesus, our lives come into alignment with His purposes and life works the way it was designed to work. Biggest Challenge for the community Finding Ways to help so many families that are struggling due to the current economic climate. Many new families are facing tough times because of the economy and many others who were already struggling are in worse shape. The results is a greater amount of dysfunction in many areas of family life. Relational problems, financial problems, issues with drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, etc... Are all plaguing our community today. Role of faith I believe the role of faith is huge. First, many of the problems I mentioned earlier are a result of making bad choices in the face of difficult times. When people hold a worldview that is based on the teachings of God’s Word, and they place their trust in God’s promises and teachings, they make better choices which produce better results for their lives. As churches, we should do everything possible to lead people into a life of faith and to help nurture growth in their faith. Churches and Faith based organizations have many of the resources necessary to help with the problems families face. It would be great to see churches working together to pool their resources to help the community. FAVORITE VERSE Colossians 1:17 He ( Jesus) is before all things and in Him all things hold together. Favorite Bible Character The Apostle Paul ... He fearlessly and unapologetically proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to a culture much like ours today. A culture that filled with all kinds of false teachings and belief systems. Paul didn’t water down the message or twist scripture to make it more palatable so he could draw a crowd. He simply preached and taught the truth.


april 2011

Pastor Ronnie Luke Village Church of God

Pastor Ronnie C. Luke came to Village Church of God in Winter Haven in October 2006. He pastored from 1974 -1979 in Mississippi. The next 27 years were spent in Georgia, the last seventeen at one Church. In 2006 God redirecting his ministry and the door opened for him to come to Village Church of God. He also serves the Church of God as a Regional Bishop in the central Florida area. He and Beverly have been married 37 years. Personal Challenge:
 The greatest personal challenge I face today is maintaining a relevant ministry and
message to this ever changing world while still remaining faithful to truth and inerrancy
of the word of God. This generation demands new methods and new ideas that still retain
and reflect the same message that Jesus preached. Unforgettable ministry experience:
 Several years ago my wife and I traveled to the country of Bulgaria, at that time one
of the poorest of the Eastern European countries. While there, I had the opportunity to
preach in a city church, a village church and also was taken to a Gypsy village where I
preached in home with the floors covered with goat skin rugs. There I was privileged
to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who had never heard it before. The
people of that Gypsy village then presented us with beautiful flowers that they had grown
themselves. It was an unforgettable moment. Effective outreach: 
Our local church has a food bank ministry to the community called OASIS. We provide
food on a monthly basis to numerous families in the Winter Haven Community without
any charge remembering that Jesus inasmuch as you have done this unto one of the least
of these, you have done it unto me. Greatest need of the church: 
It has been said, “As goes the church, so goes the nation”. The sad truth is that the
church has been in decline in the United States for the past several years. There has been
no county in the entire nation that has shown an increase in church attendance. Therefore
I believe that the church and the nation need another Great Awakening. Pastors and laity
both need to seek God and ask for Revival to return to our churches and our nation. Advise for the Future:
 These are difficult times but they should not be surprising times. Jesus warned us that
there would be cataclysmic in these days. People need to develop a personal relation ship
with Jesus Christ and trust Him to direct their lives in days to come. Biggest Challenge facing the community: 
As economic stress continues we are faced with the dilemma of caring for people without
creating a generation of individuals and families who become totally dependent on
someone else to supply their needs. We must be compassionate while helping people to
realize that they have a responsibility for their own future and destiny. Role of faith in facing challenges:
 Faith is paramount in facing the challenges that life presents to us today. The Apostle
Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Three times we have
face serious life threatening circumstances during the birth of one of our children and
two of our grandchildren. My grandson had open heart surgery less than 24 hours after
he was born. I know from experience that our faith, and the faith exemplified by our
children was of invaluable strength to us in overcoming these difficult times.
And God is no respecter of persons; what He has done for us I know he can and will do
for others who put their faith in Him. Favorite verse:
 My favorite verse of scripture has changed over the years. As I have gotten older I think
Philippians 1:6 speaks to my particular life circumstances: Being confident of this very
thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus
 Christ. Favorite Biblical Character:
 That would have to Joseph. He was sold by his brothers into slavery at a young age, he
without a bible; without family support; even without a place to worship maintained a
life of integrity, faith and morality even when it put him in prison. But because of his
faithfulness God raised him up and made him a ruler and deliverer in land of Egypt where
he was once a captive and then restored his family whom through his faithfulness saved
from a great famine.

rev. andrew s. doan the solid rock church


EAS ER Church Listing CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH 1895 Overlook Dr., Winter Haven, FL. 33884 (863) 875-1090

VILLAGE CHURCH OF GOD 6 Coleman Road, Winter Haven 863-293-0782 Pastors Ronnie & Beverly Luke

Palm Sunday: Sunday at 9:00am & 10:40am At Christ Community Church

EASTER EVENTS: Palm Sunday Service (10:30am) Good Friday Living Cross Production (7:30pm On Front Lawn) Easter Service (10:30am with Egg Hunt following) SERVICE TIMES: Sunday’s 9:30am. Sunday School 10:30am Worship 6:00pm Evening Service / Speciality Classes Wednesday 7:00am Family Training / Youth / Children

Good Friday Service: April 22nd at Noon At Christ Community Church Egg Hunt: Saturday, April 23rd In Various Neighborhoods n the Community Go to for sites Fr. Andy grew up in New Jersey, and graduated from Florida Inst. of Tech. in Melbourne, FL in 1976. He has been happily married to Kim for over 34 years and has three grown children and six grand children. Andy gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1984, was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1989 and in 2008 helped found the Solid Rock Church, a member parish in the Anglican Mission in the Americas. Andy and Kim have lived in the Winter Haven area since 1993. They love riding their motorcycles (yes, Kim rides her own) long distance too. Personal Challenge: Other than ending world hunger, establishing world peace, and eliminating the national debt, weeds are my greatest challenge. Seriously, my greatest personal challenge is to be faithful to God as He has revealed Himself and His truth in the Bible. God loves everyone, and when we come to Him as He has bid us to come we can know Him and His ways and His blessings. This always makes life here and now more enjoyable, it honors God and prepares us for eternity too. What a deal! The challenge is to share His Word as accurately as one can. Effective Outreach: The Solid Rock Church is involved in local and international outreach. We are active in supporting the local ministries of The Mission, Meals On Wheels, LifeChoice Pregnancy Center, and Street Angels. Internationally, we support the Sonrise School (orphanage) in Rwanda helping four youths get their schooling through high school, and we have supported Good Samaritan Orphanage in Mbeya, Tanzania. Also we administer small fellowship and Bible study groups so all can learn and apply the Bible to their daily lives. Greatest need of the Church as a whole: To become more familiar with and “conversant” with the Bible; not to merely use it as a “self-help” book and to see it as God revealing Himself to all people. My advice for the future: For all people to see themselves not as physical beings that may have a spiritual experience once in a while, but to see one’s self as the Bible sees us: as spiritual beings who are having a physicalexperience. That physical experience will end one day… then what? The Bible has the answer.

Easter Sunday Service: Sunday, April 24th @ 10AM At The Chain O Lakes Baseball Stadium Behind The Orange Dome THE SOLID ROCK CHURCH 3601 Cypress Gardens Rd Winter Haven, FL 33884 863-875-4825 Sunday School - Middle School thru Adults 9:00 a.m. (except 4/17 & 4/24) Sunday Service 10:00 a.m. - Nursery & Children’s Chapel Wednesday - Soup supper 6:00 p.m. Program 7:00 p.m. Holy Week Holy Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Maundy Thursday 7:00 p.m. Good Friday Noon & 7:00 p.m. Easter Sunday 10:00 a.m.

GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL 327 Avenue C, SE Winter Haven, FL 33880 April 24 | Easter The Resurrection of Our Lord 6:30am Outdoor Sunrise Service 8:00 & 10:30am Easter Festival Service 9:15am Joyful Praise Celebration 7:00am - 10am Easter Breakfast, Trinity Hall Children will recieve a special Easter gift! Church Office - 863.293.8447 School Office – 863.293.9744 Early Childhood Office – 863.299.9186 HEARTLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH Winter Haven 5624 Cypress gardens Rd. Haines City/Dundee 29010 Highway 27, Dundee Auburndale 408 Pilaklakaha Ave Eloise 110 1st Eloise Street

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Palm Sunday Service (10:30am) Good Friday Living Cross Production (7:30pm On Front Lawn) Easter Service (10:30am with Egg Hunt following) SERVICE TIMES

Sunday's 9:30am Sunday School... 10:30am Worship 6pm Evening Service / Speciality Classes Wednesday 7am Family Training / Youth / Children

Village Church of God 6 Coleman Road, Winter Haven 863-293-0782 Pastors Ronnie & Beverly Luke


april 2011


GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH APRIL 24 | EASTER SUNDAY | THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD EASTER OUTDOOR SUNRISE SERVICE !EASTER FESTIVAL SERVICE - 8:00 & 10:30 AM */9&5,02!)3%#%,%"2!4)/. !- %!34%2"2%!+&!34 42).)49(!,, !- !- #(),$2%.7),,2%#)%6%!30%#)!,%!34%2')&4


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It is our passion to make the wedding of your dreams beyond memorable.

Winter Haven’s Premier Florist!! 200 First Street South, Winter Haven, FL 33880 Call and Schedule Your Free Consultation



april 2011

Satu rday April 16 10am – 5 pm

A day of Artists, Interactive Art Experiences, Live Music and Soulful Conversations. 10 am Welcome: Rhythms of Life Drum Circle 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Nourishment for your Soul:

1 pm – 4 pm Soul Art by our Local Talented High School Artists: Local High School sidewalk art competition. Judging at 4 pm and winners announced.

farming, art and inspiration on the lawn throughout the day. Speakers list and topics available at Drops of Jupiter and The Center for Personal Growth now through April 16 or at the Drops of Jupiter Facebook page listed in events.

10 am – 4 pm Soulful Rhythm and Rhyme: Poetry Readings by contestants in Poetry Competition at varied times throughout the day. Contest winners announced at 4:30 pm.

10 am – 5 pm Art that Speaks to your Soul: Local artists’ exhibits featuring “Art to Inspire Your Soul.” Items are for sale throughout the day.

Location Days events at Drops of Jupiter, 253 Ave. A, SW and on the lawn of The Center for Personal Growth, 151 2nd Street SW, Winter Haven.

5 pm

For event details see the Drops of Jupiter facebook page. Phone: 863-287-2656


Healing Arts

Giving Wings to Personal Growth

D esigned bZ$/1t Clark/Ni kdel/ Powel l

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Nationally recognized heart care is right here.

That’s the Bostick advantage.

Winter Haven Hospital’s Bostick Heart Center is recognized by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons as being in the top 10 percent of Heart Programs in the United States, and ranked one of the nation’s Top 50 Heart Centers by a leading consumer advocacy magazine. We give our heart patients every possible advantage by combining the best clinical experts with the latest technologies and the most effective rehab services available. And it’s all backed by the hospital you trust, Winter Haven Hospital. Learn more at or call 863-292-4688.


FIND A BOARD CERTIFIED DOCTOR CLOSE TO HOME: Call the Winter Haven Hospital Physician Referral Line. 800-416-6705.

business » business profile

Country Primitives & Homespun Crafts I Written By: Brent Simmons

know why so many folks visit the downtowns of our communities. With the art galleries, antique shops, unique boutiques, and stores that sell crafts, every trip to Main Street is an adventure of treasure hunting proportion. A year ago Main Street Winter Haven added a new addition, Country Primitives & Homespun Crafts. There are two stories to tell concerning this new addition to Main Street. The first is to tell you how the mother and daughter team of Vicki Houmard and Nicki Harrision settled on Main Street and the other is to tell you about what they do and about the incredible experience that awaits you when you visit with Nicki and Vicki. Vicki has been a craft artisan for over 30 years and turned her passion into a business by attending craft fairs and events to display and sell her creations. She was inspired by the primitive crafts of Pennsylvania and Ohio country, but she also expanded her crafts to include Southern Country Crafts. For many years Vicki traveled with her crafts to as many as 15 shows or fairs a year. As time passed she grew weary of the travel and hard work required of those who work the shows. Nicki grew up under influence and was

inspired by her mother’s creativity. She has been crafting since she could walk. Nicki’s life with a wonderful husband, great children, and a good job was going along well, but suddenly life took a devastating twist. Her husband of 17 years was killed in an accident by an intoxicated driver. Nicki has a strong spirit that reminds me of what those first settlers to this land must have been like. This terrible tragedy didn’t stop her, as it would have me, and when she had the opportunity to resign her job, she did. Next she approached her mother about opening a store together. The mother-daughter team creates most of what they sell. They are big on using products and materials made in the U.S. Since their February 2010 opening, business has been brisk. A great website and an interesting blog invites visitors to view and purchase products online.

When I walk into Country Primitives, I recall another time in our past. The sights (simple artifacts from our past that were made with pride from what was on hand and a doll with buttons for eyes was the greatest gift to a young girl), the sounds (bluegrass gospel playing softly in the background), the smells (cinnamon, and a host of other delightful scents), and the people (this is a family affair with husbands building things and mother and daughter finalizing finishing touches) create an atmosphere of sweet yesteryear. These are good, decent hardworking folks, and they’re also excellent neighbors). While I’m there I am reminded of community, family, and friends.

Country Primitives & Homespun Crafts 200 1st Street South Winter Haven, FL 33880 813.307.1161

I bought a little something just to have a reminder of what these primitive and country crafts represent to me.

Stop by soon to visit and do what I did.

The second story here is the store itself. The small storefront belies the size inside. The interior space is divided into rooms and then further divided into smaller cubbyhole areas. Prepare to spend some time perusing floorto-ceiling filled rooms of wonderful pieces of Americana. The maze of specialty items and products range from candles to handcrafted primitive Christmas trees and hand woven rugs. FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


Main Street Winter Haven

n w o t n w o D r You

Main Street Winter Haven


May 21st 2011

Modeled after Conch Scramble in the Fla Keys

A Golf Tournament like NO OTHER! There will be a total of 20 teams. Each team has 4 players and a designated driver. Each team is given a burgee to display on their boat identifying them as player. Each player gets (2) shots (with the option to buy mulligans - max 5 per player) at a floating target positioned at varying distances from the tee. The golf balls are biodegradable and become fish food after 96 hours.

Hole Locations are restaurants, bars, docks hotels, homes Golf Carts are replaced by Boats Golf Course is replaced by the Chain of Lakes Holes are replaced by floating targets Sponsorships still available Call 863-295-9422 For more information


Welcome to The Official Newsletter of Main Street Winter Haven

april 2011


CloseOut on Select Items POLK’S LARGEST VARIETY OF BEDS AND MATTRESSES Latex, Memory Foam, Airbeds, Adjustable Beds, Platform Beds, Water Beds, Daybeds, Headboards, Sofa Beds, Bedroom Furniture, Our Famous Recliners and More Next to orange Doom Behind Boston Market

“We’ll be there when you need us.�

1806 First St. South, Winter Haven Becca Sole Owner












813-986-1230 FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


T H E M O S T A D V A N C E D H E A LT H C A R E I S R I G H T H E R E .

He had a stroke last October. Today, they’re leaving on a cruise.

Bon voyage, John and Nancy.

When it’s a stroke, every second counts. That’s why knowing the symptoms— and having Winter Haven Hospital’s nationally recognized Stroke Center right here—is so important. Stroke symptoms can include: severe headache; sudden one-sided numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg; slurred speech or inability to understand others; and loss of vision in one eye or double vision. If you or someone near you have symptoms, don’t wait. Call 911 immediately. Recognized by the American Stroke Association as one of the nation’s top rated stroke centers, Winter Haven Hospital’s Stroke Center combines the best physicians and nurses with the latest of research-based protocols and rehabilitation services to provide the best stroke care possible. All backed by the hospital you trust, Winter Haven Hospital. Learn more at



april 2011

FIND A BOARD CERTIFIED DOCTOR CLOSE TO HOME: Call the Winter Haven Hospital Physician Referral Line. 800-416-6705.

Become a fan of Focus Magazine on Facebook and be the first to know.

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extra » auto review

Just Two2011Good Ol’ Boys Never Meanin’ Dodge Charger Roars to Life and Brings Back Memories No Harm I review By: Brian West

n the late 1960’s and 3arley 1970’s, muscle cars were in their prime and the Dodge Charger was one of the leaders. The car was later revised through The Dukes of Hazard television show. Bo and Luke Duke drove a charger through the countryside jumping cars, trucks, rivers, running from the law – basically the things that every young American male behind the wheel of a muscle car wants to do. The 2011 Charger is a wonder remake of the earlier versions. This is the first new model from post-bankruptcy Chrysler, and if they keep this up they’ll do well for themselves. They’ve re-introduced the door scallops from the 1968-1970 Charger. There’s also the


april 2011

driver-centric one-piece instrument panel inspired by the 1971 Charger. The interior still has the simple 1970’s look, although this time it’s done in real leather. Overall, this Charger is a far better version that the original models introduced some 40 plus years ago. Hey, even Sheriff Gee is driving a Charger.

Something even more amazing is the bang for your buck. The 2011 Dodge Charger SE sells for for $25,995. This is less than a 2010 Charger and Dodge has cut the base price of the V8-equipped Charger R/T ($30,995) $2k from 2010. Now that’s the way we want to see prices moving. There are three different suspensions

available on the 2011 model — Touring, which is standard on V6 models, Performance, for the rear-drive R/T, and Super Track Pak, which is optional on the rear-drive R/T. The 19 inch wheels hold it all together to give it a 21st century appeal.

I drove the R/T V-8 and there’s plenty of power. The car feels fast as soon as your turn the ignition. Handling was good and smooth, probably a direct result of the additional weight compared to older models. The muscle under the hood moves the Charger quickly when needed. I found the exhaust to be a nice fit. Too often the exhaust seems to be overpowering, even at an idle, but that just isn’t the case with the

Charger. In fact, it’s what you want it to be, low and growling, when you jump on it. In the end, if you’re looking for a bad boy car, Charger delivers. The single biggest overall change is the interior. Ther8.4-inch touch screen is optional on all trim levels, and is located in the center of the soft-touch dash. The designers did a nice job of neatly integrating it into the same bezel as the gauges. There’s also keyless entry and a USB jack. So if you’re looking for a car from yesterday with muscle car flare, but 21st century technology, you’ve got to consider the Charger. The bad boy image may not hurt either.

extra » city of winter haven Sponsoring groups will help plant the trees in designated locations. Individuals are also invited to plant their own golden trumpet tabebuia trees in honor of the Winter Haven Centennial. The stunning ornamental trees are easily cared for when planted locally. The slowgrowing trees reach a height of about 40 feet, making them a great addition to most home landscape plans. Blooms are 1 to 4 inches wide, but appear in dense brilliant clusters. The tabebuia tree’s splendid blooms appear for several weeks before its leaves appear in later spring, making the profuse display of blooms more prominent and colorful. Spring is also the time of year to prune drooping, or low-hanging branches. The tabebuia’s no-fuss care requirements make it an ideal landscape tree that can essentially be left to thrive on its own. During summer months, after new leaves appear, the tabebuia’s spreading canopy makes it an attractive shade tree for Florida’s hot summers. Native to tropical American climates, the golden trumpet tabebuia tree grows well in Florida’s sandy soils and performs best when placed in a nice sunny location where there is rich, well draining soil. The tree is drought tolerant, but newly planted trees should be watered regularly for the first several weeks. Contact your local plant nursery for information about purchasing your own tabebuia tree.

The Yellow Tabebuia picture is an example of the 100 trees being planted throughout Winter Haven.

Celebrate the Centennial T

plant a tree

Written By: Joy Townsend

he golden yellow flowering tabebuia tree has been chosen as the Centennial Tree for the City of Winter Haven. One hundred of the spectacularly blooming trees will be planted on public property

throughout the City.

Also known as the golden trumpet tree, the yellow tabebuia is a great tree to designate as the City’s centennial tree. What better way to recognize the City’s history, as

well as promote the future, than to plant a tree? School and community groups and volunteers are invited to “sponsor” a tree planting on any of 27 planting designated sites around the City. Tree plantings will be scheduled until all trees have been planted.

Let’s bring out the color of Winter Haven, plant a tabebuia or two. To help plant a tree at one of the designated public sites, call the City’s Landscape Services office, at 863-2915745.

Bond Clinic, P.A. is proud to be one of the oldest businesses in Winter Haven. Founded in 1948 by Dr. Benjamin Bond, the clinic has grown throughout the years from our four doctors to more than 50, encompassing 23 specialties. While many things have changed in the last 60 years, our values remain the same. We will deliver high-quality health care in a compassionate, ethical and efficient manner. We will always attempt to treat our patients, our employees and our colleagues with dignity. We will promote our community by being a model corporate citizen and provide value to our business partners.

500 East Central Ave. • Call 293-1191 today for an appointment FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


extra » al reuchel responsible for making sure the state secured the right away on which to build the rail. Former State Senator Jim Sebesta loves rail and still believes is does fit in the picture…. somewhere. He says this particular plan was ill-conceived from the get go because it failed to tie together the two major airports and Pinellas in a way that would have insured ridership by attracting the folks who do most of the traveling: business folks and tourists. Now, if that train had a way to get 18-wheelers on and off that stinking stretch of I-4, I’d even hold a fundraiser on its behalf. So if its not rail.. at least not yet… what is it? Try education-- building partnerships with the companies that produce the jobs and the institutions that are producing the job seekers. And it needs to reach down lower than that. Cue the fireworks. For argument’s sake let’s get away from the teacher salary loggerhead. Somebody, somewhere has to have the courage and guts and smarts for us to answer these simple questions. 1. How can we best educate our children? The word “best” is such a tricky thing in a democracy where we want every child to be able to have equal opportunity to become whatever they want. When you find a onesize-fits-all education plan… let me know. 2. Are we as a society willing do whatever it takes to make that wonder plan happen? In theory, maybe yes, but in reality the answer is no. We only tend to fund what gives us the most outcome right now. When the economy is so tight, we are too worried about paying today’s bills, much less tomorrow’s dreams. Parents would be for it… some fixed income folks, seniors, couples without kids… might find it hard to swallow.

On the verge of something! Y Written By: Al Reuchel

ou get the sense the Tampa Bay Region is on the verge of something if you can figure out what that something is.

For the past several months we all thought it might be high speed rail with its promise to tie Tampa, Orlando and Miami into this giant super destination. Sorry that Pinellas was left out of the picture.


april 2011

Well, for a billion and a half reasons that all start with S and end in T that was taken away. I’m kind of a science geek so anything that goes fast and is cool and filled with exciting possibilities turns my crank, so to speak. I still can’t get over that the shuttle program is going away. This is going to be one huge bummer of a summer.

Back to rail, I talked with the folks who crunched the numbers on both sides and it appeared to be the old moon is made of green cheese, or is it Swiss argument. No one would go so far as to say someone was lying… but something didn’t quite fit. Let’s not pretend there weren’t a lot of reasons for and against the project particularly from one of the guys who was

3. Do we even care if the United States regains its position as one of the most innovative, educated nations in the world? Put me down as a yes on that. I’m not so sure the rest of the electorate feels that way. Heck, they barely show up at the polls to vote for their own leaders. And here’s the bottom line on this “verge of something” idea. Until we can all agree on what that is and dedicate even just a portion of our energy in that direction, the Tampa Bay region will always been known as the region that HAD a Super Bowl champion, that HAD a Stanley Cup champion, that HAD a World Series contender, that HAD a shuttle program. Looking in the rearview mirror is no way to get to the future.

dining & entertainment » dining profile

Azteca Mexican Restaurant A Written By: Brent Simmons

t the end of last year we started counting our readers votes for their favorite restaurant in our Annual Readers Choice Awards (RCAs). When we got to the best Mexican Restaurant category a new name popped up, Azteca Mexican Restaurant. I wasn’t even sure where Azteca was, but so many of our readers voted for them that they won the category. When we got to what must be the most coveted category, Best Overall Service – you voted for them again. I was stunned that hidden somewhere in Winter Haven was a Mexican Restaurant with great food and impeccable service as told by the votes of our Focus Readers. We felt the need to test our reader’s pick, and tell you about this great restaurant with an interesting story. Azteca Mexican Restaurants are a chain that began near Seattle Washington, but the great story begins before that. It is a story as old as our country and even though some may think in the past tense, but I promise you it is a story that happens everyday in this great country of ours. A young man from Mexico wants to make his mothers excellent cooking famous. He gets a chance to move to the USA, and takes menial jobs often leaving one job to go to the next.

He worked hard kept his hand to the task and saved up enough to open up a 24-seat restaurant. As his business grew he brought his mother and brothers to the states to help him run and grow the family business. This is a chain restaurant, but it is still a family business. Founder Pepi Ramos summed up the philosophy of the enterprise, “Serve good food at a fair price. Treat your employees well, and they’ll treat your customers well.” Winter Haven’s Azteca Mexican Restaurant is managed by two brothers Atenojenes Preciado, the Operating Partner, and Azaul Preciado is the Manager. Azual sat down with us to discuss the restaurant and we finally sample some of the food so many of you thought was so good. Azual started with Azteca in Seattle washing dishes 14 years ago. He has worked his way up the ladder and was selected to open the Winter Haven store. He credits his success to those managers that shared with him and taught him what to do, but by observing their mistakes he also learned what not to do. He is passionate about providing each guest with a wonderful meal in a clean, inviting environment with unmatched service. I spoke to our server Isidro, who has been with Azteca for 5 years, and found that the management of Azteca has done a great

job getting buy in from their employees, The passion and commitment that started with Pipi has been passed down, and that commitment is why you selected them as best in Winter Haven for Mexican Food and for Service. Pipi simple formula for success has proved truthful. I love Mexican food, and I haven’t had any better anywhere. The facility is spotless and in fact, the service is impeccable. Stop by and give them a try, and remember this story it is just another example of how with a good idea, a lot of hard work, and by treating people the right way you can still achieve in this great country of ours.

azteca mexican restaurant 313 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven Village Shopping Center 863-295-9080

FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


entertainment » eVent calendar

winTer haven

calendar of eVents

if you have an upcoming event and would like us to add it to our calendar of events please email the information to:

Friday, aPril 01, 2011 » Pickin’ in the Park 6:30pm - 8:00pm 401 Ave. B

Career Opportunity Focus Magazine is looking for account managers to joing our team in 2011.

Responsibilities include: Appointment setting and presenting marketing plans to prospective clients. Being able to persuade customers to purchase print and online advertising by presenting proposals on how we can increase business. Develop and maintain relationships with clients. Resolve customer problems and communicates with other departments to assure quality service. Ensure proper/effective input from client for advertising campaign development and evaluation Skills: • Six months or more of related experience (preferred). • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and public. • Ability to use computer programs: word, excel, internet. • Extreme focus on client service: client retention and growth • Multi-tasker

sunday, aPril 03, 2011 » 2nd Annual Celebration of the Horse benefiting Summerlin Academy 2:00pm - 5:00pm 6415 Garfield Rd

saTurday, aPril 09, 2011

» Winter Haven Centennial Parade 10:00am Cypress Gardens Blvd Chain of Lakes Centennial Celebration 19112011.... Celebrate 100 years of achievements as We Honor the Past and Focus on the Future! Come Be A Part of the Fun!

saTurday, aPril 09, 2011 » 2nd Annual BBQ for Homeless Pets 11:00am - 5:00pm 2175 E. Edgewood Drive

sunday, aPril 17, 2011

Office 813.707.8783 Fax 813.764.0990 702 W. Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd. • Plant City, FL 33563 OWN A FOCUS MAGAZINE. LICENSING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE. CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION.


april 2011

» Bartow Performing Arts Series presents “The Cemetary Club” 7:30pm - 10:00pm Bartow Elementary Auditorium BPAS presents its first non-musical play to end the season on April 30 and May 1 back at Bartow Elementary auditorium. “The Cemetery Club” is a bittersweet comedy about three Jewish widows from Queens as they learn to move on with their lives after losing their husbands. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. on April 30 and 2:30 p.m. on May Tickets for the 2010-11 season go on sale Wednesday, Oct. 20, and unlike most other things in life, the price hasn’t gone up. General admission tickets are $15 per show. Senior (55 or better) tickets are $12 per show and students K-12 are $10. A child not yet in school is free with a paying adult. Season tickets offer savings when purchased before the opening show in December. General admission adult tickets for the season are $50 for all five shows, $35 for seniors, and $25 for students. This is a $25 savings for the five-show season. For more information on the Bartow Performing Arts Series, tickets or sponsorships, call the Bartow Chamber of Commerce or the Bartow Area Chamber Foundation at 533-7125.

» The Bartow Adult Concert Band Presents Free One - Hour Concert 2:30pm-3:30pm 2250 South Floral Avenue

saTurday, aPril 30, 2011

» Help Keep Bartow Beautiful with the Great American Cleanup 9:00am - 11:00am Contact SWD for Cleanup Zones Take part in the largest community cleanup event in the City of Bartow. The Solid Waste Department (SWD) and Keep Polk County Beautiful are partnering to kick-off the Great American Cleanup, a nationwide cleanup initiative. This cleanup event has taken place across the country for the past 24 years. Last year, over 300 Bartow citizens and thirteen different civic clubs volunteered to join in the cleanup effort.

saTurday, aPril 30, 2011 MAGAZINE

saTurday, aPril 30, 2011

» Bartow Health Fair 10:00am - 2:00pm Carver Recreational Center Vendors interested in participating in the Fair are urged to contact the Department of Heath at (863) 519-7900, extension 11199, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please ask for Evonne Cobbett, or email her at evonne_ Vendor applications may also be picked up at the Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce.

Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s keep it that way!

Nationally Accredited, Affordable, Career Education

Pharmacy Technician 1050 Hours

Evening Program 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays August 2011

RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! Only 24 seats available

Call Us Today! s r


Debit Accepted

Career Center 7700 S.R. 544, Winter Haven, FL 33881

863.419.3060 Financial and Veterans Assistance Is Available to Those Who Qualify. FOCUS Magazine winter haven april 2011


“ESCAPE FROM THE ORDINARY” Estate and Custom Jewelry


“I wanted to exceed her expectations And to set her apart.”

and Unique Gifts

Tiffany Lamp Designs

Unique Gifts Porcelain

Custom Knives Asian Accents

Alaskan & Yukon Adventures

Museum Quality Models

Oriental Rugs


FOCUS Winter Haven 03-11  

FOCUS Magazine Winter Haven Edition Issue 03-11

FOCUS Winter Haven 03-11  

FOCUS Magazine Winter Haven Edition Issue 03-11