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february 2011

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Guardian Ad Litem Program partners with local children and teens to provide a voice for the community. Dentists Buckenheimer and Bulnes personify community values and provide care for the community. Contributor Emery Jones shares his political outlook.

hiDDen hiStORY

Tampa General Hospital’s presence on the Bay is explained in this installment of Hidden History. Learn the background of Tampa’s leading teaching hospital.


The Spring gives parents a look at the truths and pressures behind teen dating. Don’t be caught unaware, The Spring provides resources.


We sat down with Tampa Orthodontist Dr. Randy Feldman to uncover his passion for Orthodontic work and charitable involvement here in Tampa and overseas.

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Experience the eclectic, modern style of Bin 27 Bistro on Kennedy. The Supper Club compiled their favorite food and wine into this review and explained the creative mood. We’ve also added a follow-up to last month’s review of The Stone Soup Company to display their focus on health, conservation and giving spirit.

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It’s not NEWS, It’s LIFE. It’s about you. Have a Story to tell? We are always looking for a good story on people or organizations making a positive difference in the community - email us at:

resolved in my mind that 2011 was going to be a year full of great change, opportunity, and hopefully successpersonally, professionally and of course, I expect the same here at FOCUS! My personality has traditionally been adverse to change, as a result, I shy away from meeting new people as there’s always a small feeling of inadequacy when you put yourself out there. However, the last few issues of FOCUS I’ve embraced the opportunity to meet new individuals and put their stories in print so all can know the talent, commitment and dedication in our community. Our South Tampa Publication is growing on so many levels. I believe the magazine is getting better…even though we’ve only done a few, they’re progressively improving. As a staff, we’re growing together. We’ve become quite the little family pulling late nights to get the paper to print and editing articles to bring you a publication as near to flawless as we can get it. We’re supporting each other inside and outside of our professional lives and trying to build each other up to reach our highest potential. As I’m writing this article, I’m frantically thinking about getting this issue out so I can walk down the aisle for my impending marriage in the upcoming week and spend my Honeymoon without FOCUS worries. But to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My Creative Writing degree has been sitting on the shelf in my office collecting dust for quite some time now and I’m thrilled to be putting it to good use finally! I paid plenty for it…so every article or column I write is a little breath of fresh air for me. I believe in what we do here at FOCUS. Giving back to the community has been a passion instilled in me by my parents. The last few issues we’ve concentrated on influential business owners with finances and resources available to them that the average person will never be able to access. But, my encouragement to our every day reader is that you find something you can give back to the community. Serve a bowl of soup as a volunteer, give your time as a tutor to an area school, pay someone else’s toll on the Veterans or visit a person in the hospital with no family in the area. The reward you will receive will feel more substantial than the time you invested. We’re investing something in this community, will you invest with us? Let’s change as a community and expect great things together…We’ll all be better for it. Thank you for being a part of our success.

Christina Drummond Editor-in-Chief

FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


Local » Focus

Local Attorney’s Volunteer Work Helps Teens Achieve Milestones New Tampa Legal Counsel

Participates in the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program to Provide Voice and Guidance for Children in Foster Care Written By: Kim Francis


oday’s teenagers have certain rights of passage: applying for their first parttime jobs, getting their driver’s licenses, shopping for the perfect homecoming dress or tux. For most, these important milestones come easily with the guidance and support of their parents. But for children and teens in the foster care system or group homes, these everyday events can be filled with stumbling blocks. That’s where the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program comes in. The Program is a partnership of community advocates and professional staff providing a powerful voice on behalf of Florida’s abused and neglected children. Staff members and volunteers work


february 2011

to ensure that the best interest of the child is represented and defended in court, and in many cases, the volunteers also step up to guide the children they represent through life’s challenges. Volunteers like Anissa Morris, Esquire, who got involved with the Guardian ad Litem Program last year. “I heard a volunteer tell the story of a young woman who had aged out of the system and had rented her own apartment. She had accomplished so much on her own, finding and paying for her small space, but she didn’t understand why the lights wouldn’t work like they did when she viewed the apartment. She didn’t have anyone to tell her to contact

the electric company to get the lights turned on,” said Morris, a family law attorney and founder of New Tampa Legal Counsel. “That story made it clear to me just how much these kids, especially the teenagers, need our support, and I became a volunteer.” Volunteers for the Program don’t have to have a legal background, but attorney volunteers are in great demand. Attorneys can donate their time accompanying lay volunteers to court when they report on the child’s progress. Or attorneys can volunteer as Guardians ad Litem which enables them to serve dual roles as they represent themselves as the volunteer in courtroom proceedings. Morris, who serves as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem for the Program, has seen the benefits of the agency’s work first hand. “One of the teenagers that I represent wants to open a savings account, but she needs identification to do it. Normally, this isn’t an issue, but when you’ve been in the system,

basic documents like birth certificates can get lost. I’m working to help her establish the identification she needs to achieve her goals,” said Morris. “It feels good to make a difference in someone’s life.” Morris has been an advocate for children throughout her career, first as an Assistant Prosecutor for Kenton County, Kentucky, where her primary responsibilities included child support enforcement and child dependency, neglect and abuse cases. In this role, she served as the voice of children in the courtroom. Today, her New Tampabased firm provides resolution, protection and closure to parents and their children in the areas of marital and family law, estate planning, and probate and trust administration. “Florida’s Guardian ad Litem volunteer program gives me the opportunity to work directly with teenagers who need legal services the most,” said Morris. “But to me, the Program is so much more than that. It’s the opportunity to be there for a child when they really need you.” For more information about the Florida Guardian ad Litem program, visit www. To learn more about New Tampa Legal Counsel, go to http://

Local » Focus

Buckenheimer & Bulnes: Local Firm with Dental Practice Exceeds the Call to Heal Community Values W Submitted by: Harrison Tropp

hile the semi-annual journey to the local dentist’s office is certainly disheartening for most, let’s dispel the common misconception. After all, our mouths are riddled with germs, food, and utter grossness yet what do we do when we receive our appointment notice? We cringe and curse the practice of dentistry as some satanic cult of professionals simply willing to drill and inflict pain at our own expense.

Even though some taint the image of these sterile saviors, willing to cross enemy lines and enter a cesspool of bacteria we call our mouths, the necessary work dentists do to relieve our oral pain is considered a luxury to many who cannot afford such treatment. No practice is more exemplary of community outreach in the area of dentistry than the South Tampa firm of Buckenheimer & Bulnes, located off S. Dale Mabry on W. Neptune Ave. Following his graduation from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980, Terry Buckenheimer ventured to Florida to perform his residency. Although he took on various partners in the process, none quite mirrored his personality quite like Christopher Bulnes. As Buckenheimer notes, “Even though other partners didn’t work out, I was fortunate enough to have found Chris in 2001. I’m lucky we share the same set of values, as well as the same direction for this practice.”

A native of Tampa and graduate of USF, Bulnes did his residency at Southern Illinois University before coming back to Tampa to practice and eventually partnering with Buckenheimer. When asked about his interest in dentistry Bulnes responded, “I had a calling to be a dentist after many cavities. I was in the dentist’s office so often and liked the way I was treated. I was intrigued by the profession.”

Bulnes bought the practice from Buckenheimer this past year and their level of service and belief in fair treatment has remained constant. Each year, Buckenheimer and Bulnes give out $75,000 of free treatment to patients who cannot afford their work. “I have a strong belief in karma. If you give, you receive.” notes Bulnes. During my interview with Bulnes, he mentioned a brief story which I felt obliged to include in this article. One day while at the local YMCA with his two children, Bulnes’ young daughter noticed a woman’s discolored and seemingly rotted teeth. Aware of his daughter’s interest, Bulnes asked his children if they thought he should help the woman. Immediately excited by their father’s question, both children agreed. Upon hearing the news of free treatment, the mother of eight broke down in tears at the doctor’s generosity. Bulnes’ explanation of the event was simple, “If I was in that situation, I

would want someone to help me.”

Both dentists profess a need for community involvement inside and out of the medical community. Bulnes for instance is the Chairman of the membership council for the Florida Dental Association (the same association which Buckenheimer will be President of in two years.) Further, Bulnes is President of the Hillsborough County Dental Association and in that capacity, always looks for ways to better serve the dental community.

Buckenheimer’s motto for public service is of no deviation from that of his partner. “Take care of patients first. Rewards will come if that is done” says Buckenheimer. Of course his interest in community involvement does not only serve his patients. Buckenheimer for example gives free treatment to the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay if any of their members get injured and need oral treatment. Also, he has spent the last eighteen years involved with Christina’s Smile which is an organization that provides free dental work to children in need. As far as future work goes, both men have a “the sky is the limit” mentality, with each future project designed to serve others. Buckenheimer for instance has expressed an interest in getting involved in his profession on a more influential level. “I would like to use the perspective I have with patients

on a national level and help set policy” says Buckenheimer. Somewhere in between, he still makes time for his family, travels, and golf. When asked his ultimate goal, Buckenheimer humbly responds, “to see my children succeed.”

Bulnes looks to maintain the same level of future community involvement with his charity work and interest in medical expansion in the Tampa Bay area. Bulnes comments, “I would love to form a nonprofit and give people access to dentistry. I would also like to lobby for a dental school somewhere in central Florida, primarily Tampa.” Like Buckenheimer, Bulnes has an equal interest in the success and development of his family. Aside from coaching his children’s sports teams, Bulnes is an avid runner and marathoner. I truly believe there is something to be said about selflessness in an era crippled by greed and distrust. Terry Buckenheimer and Chris Bulnes are two medical professionals who simply do what is right; not for attention, fame, or monetary excess, but rather for the simple sake of helping others. Even though they are highly regarded doctors in Tampa’s elite medical arena, Buckenheimer and Bulnes use their talent of dentistry and gift of generosity as a unified vehicle to perform good. If more of these gentlemen existed, what a city this would be.

FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


Local » Focus

The Credentials of a True Leader D Written By: Emery Jones

oes anyone find the redundancies in party bickering simply, well, boring? Day in and day out political elites from two parties spend countless hours shouting at the rain in the apparent interest of the American people. It’s a display which can be mirrored only to that of young children fighting over a toy. And the “toy” you ask in my modern example? You and I.

It seems as though age, leadership experience, and a vast network of credentials would dignify American politicians from the rest of the population. The fact remains, however, not even these Ivy bred lemmings are capable of independent thought. While they speak of patriotism and leadership, politicians vote according to special interests, party interests, future campaign interests, and oh yeah, “our interest.” Now, I am not advocating an Independent Party, but rather free thinking within existing leadership. Let me briefly add, my knowledge of politics in modern culture is hardly extensive, in fact minimal at best. Other than majoring in the subject and working briefly in the political


february 2011

arena, the opinions of this editorial are solely based on my limited understanding. If you find my credentials to be sub par, then stop reading. Otherwise, I will be happy to give you an example of my frustration.

Parties have dominated the political landscape of our country since the inception of democracy. From Jefferson and Hamilton to Carter and Reagan, political opposition has reigned supreme over the last five centuries. Over that time, our Republic has seen depression, industrial revolution, war, disease, triumph, and again failure. Despite the cyclical series of events which play out every decade or so, do some politicians have the “right stuff ”, or are they simply victims of a circumstance, crediting themselves with an outcome which would seemingly erupt with or without proper leadership? My answer would encompass a variety of both choices. I believe that if we briefly take note of historical examples we thankfully have the right leaders in place at the right time. I will not give specific examples in the interest of containing reader outrage, but

these examples are innumerable. Taking into account my current tone, there is something to be said about conviction in a time of national chaos. Aside from these particular events, I have to say the daily incompetence of party leaders is outrageous.

Moving away briefly from the political arena, even news sources refrain from independent thought. As soon as I turn on the news, the instantaneous wave of bickering is more overwhelming than the news itself. Like clockwork, Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olberman spend more time taking jabs, editing sound bytes, and grab assing rather than actually professing political opinion. (Since they are both syndicated hosts, their shows are not designed to report news, but rather comment on news.) Even so, a show that was not held hostage by partisan media moguls would be quite refreshing. Though this article probably did not give an indication, I am a person of strong political opinion who is also the last person to impose my beliefs, or those of a particular party, on anyone who does not ask. I further

believe that a persons’ moral and political convictions are as important as anything else and I certainly give props to those who remain steadfast to opinion. From the phrase coined by the Tom Clancy based move Clear and Present Danger, there exists no “Potomac Two Step” in my vocabulary. Reflecting on current issues involving domestic and foreign policy, and aside from my personal convictions, I will say the need for compromise is essential for the future of our beloved country. Politicians do not exist for the sole purpose of erecting road blocks or stop signs, they exist to facilitate and protect the interests of the American people. Political ideology is blinded from race, religion, and ethnicity. The sole requirement you may ask? An interest in the preservation and perpetuation of liberty. If deviation from this ideal occurs, we all lose. Recent political activity has shown a clear indication that Americans have an unequivocal voice worthy of compromise and action. It’s time to do what is right. It’s time someone started to listen.

Hidden History » Focus

Photo courtesy of Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital: Florida’s South Tampa Hospital Committed to Medical Leading Care FacilityDevelopment and Building Expansion I Written By: Harrison Tropp

f you have ever driven down Bayshore Boulevard you will agree that this piece of Tampa’s Hidden History is hardly “hidden.” In fact, the grandiose spectacle formally known as Tampa General Hospital (TGH) sits nestled on the calm waters of Tampa Bay serving as one of the states leading health care centers. While the history of this premier medical facility is extensive, its record of years is only surpassed by its numerous developments and advancements in the fields of technology and medicine. Although various care facilities associated with TGH have existed in Tampa since 1908, the current site on Davis Islands was deeded to the City of Tampa in 1925 along with a $1 million bond to build the hospital. Originally known as Tampa Municipal Hospital, TGH opened on Davis Islands in 1927 with 127 beds. As the city developed and population grew, an expansion appropriation of $200,000 was approved in 1935 and the hospital became accredited two years later. With growth continuing throughout the mid 20th century, groundbreaking began in 1955

for massive renovations, which eventually led to accreditation by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals. Two years later, Tampa Municipal Hospital officially changed its name to Tampa General Hospital and began further development in the following years, including the building of an intensive care unit in 1963. Perhaps one of the more significant affiliations occurred in 1970 with a partnership between the University of South Florida and TGH. The agreement signed between TGH and USF College of Medicine made TGH the university’s primary teaching hospital.

Throughout the economic boom of the 1980’s TGH was issued a $160 million bond in 1982, which was used to triple the size of the hospital, and by 1984, TGH opened a 59 bed rehabilitation center connected by a pedestrian bridge to the main hospital. Following several successful organ transplants decades later, the board of directors approved a 5 story expansion in 2003 as well as a new Bayshore Pavilion with the Emergency and Trauma Center and the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit. While TGH is a private not-for-profit

hospital, its progress in foundation and medicine makes it one of the most inclusive medical facilities in West Central Florida, serving a dozen counties and a population of over 4 million. With 1,004 beds and 6,700 employees, TGH is not only one of the largest hospitals in Florida, but one of the regions leading employers.

As Florida is certainly a leading state in medical advancement, TGH boasts the area’s only Level I trauma center and one of only four burn centers in the state. Additionally, a fleet of five medical helicopters are used to transport critically injured patients from 23 surrounding counties to this premier facility. In the area of organ transplant, TGH has performed over 6,000 successful surgeries, including the state’s first successful heart transplant in 1985. The hospital further boasts a repertoire of successful additions including comprehensive stroke, cardiovascular, orthopedics, urology, and endocrinology centers, as well as its 32 bed Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit. It was announced at their annual foundation meeting this past October that TGH was

able to raise $17 million from their two capital campaigns. With growth over the past three years at around 100 patients per day, the Tampa City Council formally approved a plan to build a new rehab hospital on Kennedy Boulevard and Willow Avenue this past October. According to the plans, the new care facility will contain 59 beds and include space for future expansion. The plans further include the construction of a medical office building, as well as housing for families of long-term patients who travel from out of town. With the continued development of medical facilities, departments, and technological resources, it serves as no surprise the dozens of accolades and awards the hospital has received over the years. Tampa General Hospital continues to collect national attention for the quality of care and level of medical service it provides. Most recently, U.S. News and World has ranked TGH among the country’s top 50 hospitals in the medical specialties of diabetes and endocrinology, geriatrics, heart and heart surgery, kidney disorders, orthopedics, and urology.

FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


The cast and crew of Gaspar -- A Pirate Fantasy would like to thank the Tampa Bay community for supporting the arts and our local charities

American Red Cross (Tampa Bay Chapter) Operation Homefront (Florida) Drew's Shoes


february 2011

feature» Teen Dating

Your Teen is Dating. Is it Serious …or is it Abuse? L

orrie remembers the day her handsome date gave her the small gift-wrapped package as they were driving to the movies. “I was excited and flattered that he had gotten me a gift!” But something made her feel very uneasy when she opened the box to find a small diamond ring. “It didn’t feel right. It was only our third date. I wasn’t ready to make a commitment,” she explains. “I told him so, and he said the ring was to represent his commitment to me! I felt trapped, but I liked the idea of having a boyfriend. I didn’t know it was the beginning of an abusive relationship…” February is designated National Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month and it is critical that we take this time to remember that domestic violence is not just a problem for adults. One in three adolescents in the US will be a victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse from a dating partner. Nearly 80% of girls who have been physically abused in their intimate relationships continue to date their abuser, and 81% of parents don’t know how to recognize abusive relationships. Two-thirds of teens who are in an abusive relationship

never tell anyone about the abuse. It’s time to shine a light on this issue. In our community, The Spring of Tampa Bay has launched an awareness campaign targeted to Bay Area youth to help them recognize the signs and find help should take the lead in raising awareness and preventing teen dating violence. There are many ways that you can take part. Take the time to educate yourself and others about teen dating violence. You may be in an abusive relationship if a partner: • Immediately seeks a committed relationship • Acts jealous and possessive • Is suspicious about everyone you speak to • Hides controlling behavior behind concern for your safety • Discourages or controls what you do, where you go and who you see • Expects you to always be available or with them • Makes you afraid to express an opinion or idea that will upset them • Often displays sudden mood swings • Ridicules or insults everyone you know • Believes all their problems are someone else’s fault • Sees everything as a personal attack and is

easily insulted • Blows things out of proportion • Forces you to do things sexually that you don’t want to do • Puts you down or makes you feel stupid in front of others • Believes males and females have very specific roles • Was abusive to a previous partner

Let educators know you’re concerned. Request that school leaders provide prevention and referral materials targeted to youth in their guidance offices. Encourage schools to establish “Safe Places” for youth to talk to grown-ups about dating abuse. Teens spend the majority of their time in school or at school-related activities and without policies in place to protect them, domestic and sexual violence among teens will continue to cause upheaval at home and at school.

signature. Also, a parent or guardian may petition for an IP on a minor’s behalf. Like Lorrie, many teens sense when something just doesn’t “feel right,” but recognizing abuse in a relationship can be difficult. There are many types of abuse that young people may believe are normal in a relationship. Even though teen relationships may be different from adult relationships, teens can experience the same types of abuse. Teens also face unique obstacles if they decide to get help. They may not have money, transportation or a safe place to go. They may also have concerns about confidentiality, knowing that many adults are obligated to make reports to police, parents and/or child protective services. If you or a teen you know needs help, call The Spring at (813) 247-SAFE (7233). Our advocates are on duty 24 hours each day, and all calls are strictly confidential. For more information, visit www.thespring. org

Know the laws of the State of Florida. Did you know that Florida law allows minors to petition for Injunctions for Protection (IPs) on their own behalf--although the petition form requests (but does not require) parental FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


Remember Valentine’s Day! Make Your Reservations Today.


february 2011



Richie Merritt of the Marcels will be performing in the Red Rose Dining Room with P.J. Leary and the Las Vegas Sounds.



Singer-songwriter and comedian, Jim Stafford will grace the stage in the Red Rose Ballroom on this evening for his special birthday celebration. His hits include: Swamp Witch, Spiders and Snakes, and My Girl Bill. Jim’s music has been covered by George Jones and Jerry Reed and he has contributed to several movie soundtracks. Also performing - PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds before and after the show. Space is limited, so please RSVP for this great dinner show soon!

JANUARY 21 & 29



Enjoy a romantic evening of continuous hits – “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” “Only You,” “Twilight Time,” “Enchanted”... and more in a supper club atmosphere. Plus, PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds in the Red Rose Ballroom.



It’s a three hour Las Vegas style show, in the Red Rose Dining Room, featuring adult contemporary music including show tunes and those special romantic songs for just the right Valentine’s atmosphere!




Richie Merritt of the Marcels will be performing in the Red Rose Dining Room.

Performing in the Red Rose Dining Room


“A Night in Vegas” Las Vegas Hall of Fame Entertainer! Rich, smooth voice- and great impressionist! PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds will also perform.



Performing in the Red Rose Dining Room



A dynamite crowd pleaser! P.J. Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds perform before and after the show.


A dynamite crowd pleaser! P.J. Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds perform before and after the show.

Come get boppin & rock’in for this fabulous show that will make you yearn for the days of ... (as Paul McCartney would say) – Yesterday! Space is limited, so please RSVP for this great dinner show soon!


50s & 60s Rock and Roll – The Van Dells are a unique blend of comedy, choreography and tight harmonies... the group is nonstop action from start to finish! Plus, PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds will also perform before and after the show in the Red Rose Ballroom.

Back by popular demand. This group will thrill you with the hits that we have loved for so long... including: “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg and “Papa Was A Rolling Stone!” Plus, Richie Merrit and PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds.


MARCH 19 & 25



FEBRUARY 4, 12, 19 & 26

The annual is event is underway for another spectacular extravaganza! The celebrity line up includes: The DelPrados, George Galfo’s Mystics, The Edsels (performing Saturday night only!), Terry Johnson’s Flamingos, P.J. Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds, Destiny andRalph Allocco & Second Wind. Many activities areincluded to enhance the weekend and to take a trip down Memory Lane, including Hula Hoop, Dance and Costume contests!



“One of the Nation’s Most Sought After Oldies Show Bands.” Tributes to Bobby Darin, Ray Charles, Sinatra, Sonny & Cher... and much more! Plus, PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds.



A dynamite crowd pleaser! P.J. Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds perform before and after the show.


MARCH 11 & 12




Doo Wop At Its Best! Relive the 50s & 60s as though it was yesterday. “Forever in Love,” “Just Over the Brooklyn Bridge.” Plus, PJ Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds.

The Premier Showplace for Talent in Florida




Bob Ryman “The Fiddler” was a legend in the area for many years when The Red Rose was Lanny Purcell’s Holiday Inn and was also a favorite at Florida The Strawberry Festival®. Because of his fans’ request, The Red Rose Inn is bringing “The Fiddler” back. P.J.Leary & The Las Vegas Sounds will open & close the show in the Red Rose Ballroom.

SHOW RESERVATIONS Please call for ticket prices. Shows in the Red Rose Ballroom are in a supper club atmosphere with a four course meal (seats also available for the show only – for a lower price!) NO COVER CHARGE for shows in the 5-Star Red Rose Dining Room with the purchase of dinner. Show Guests - inquire about our special room rates when staying overnight after a show!

TEL: 813.752.3141

I-4 Exit 21 • 2011 N. Wheeler St.• Plant City, FL 33563


Mrs. Evelyn Madonia - Owner/General Manager

FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


Orthodontics At Its Best Dr. Randy Feldman makes an impact through his Orthodontic Practice Story by Christina Drummond Photos by Ben Drummond


february 2011

spotlight » Dr. Randy Feldman


f you’ve been in South Tampa for any length of time, you’ve probably been flashed a smile or two. Maybe it was flirtatious, or a gesture of thanks or just great customer service. Regardless, I can guarantee Dr. Randy Feldman of Feldman Orthodontics was behind a few of those smiles. The Feldman office on W. Neptune and S. Dale Mabry is bustling and full of patients anxiously waiting the unveiling of their new smile. “I love my practice. I love what I do. I love straightening teeth and putting nice smiles on kid’s faces. Dr. Feldman dove headfirst into the South Tampa Community by joining the Chamber of Commerce. After moving here from Columbus Ohio in 1982 (yes, he’s a diehard Buckeye!), he needed a way to get involved and become part of his community. This connection with local business owners opened many doors for him. “When I got involved with the chamber, I’d be the only doctor or dentist involved, so they’d always ask me questions. They want your opinion because you’re in the realm with them. Most doctors or dentists don’t take the time to get involved in that realm, whether it’s community service or charities. There just aren’t a lot of them unless it’s a pure medical foundation,” says Feldman. It’s become a passion of Feldman’s to master the art of giving nice smiles back to the community, as part of his every day practice and with charitable acts. He bases his benevolent spirit off of a word of advice from an instructor at his alma mater, Ohio State. “He said to me, Randy, you need to learn to make money, and how to give it away. That’s probably what the focus of my practice has been. I love what I do and I’m not necessarily saying I’m Robin Hood, but I’ve been very blessed to have a very successful practice in Tampa…and as soon as I got here I started getting involved in charities,” Feldman says. Feldman’s charitable involvement is diverse and broad in Spectrum. Currently he is the President of “More Health, Inc.”. They were established in his office in 1989 as a Junior League Project. He has been serving as President for five years but has held a seat on the board for 8 or 9 years. Their impact is large and they recently taught their two millionth kid. “We actually teach injury prevention and health to every school age child in Hillsbourgh and Pinellas Counties. We have these teachers now who go into

each grade from Kindergarten to High School and they teach a subject just one time. It started out being just dental, now we have everything from computer safety to fire arm safety to abstinence. We just had our 20th Anniversary Celebration. It’s a non-profit to make sure we don’t have more incidences like Columbine. That’s probably the most active thing I’m involved with in the community,” Feldman says. Although “More Health, Inc.” started out with a focus on medical related issues, Feldman has also branched into different charitable roles. For example, in 1992, he started a group called the “13 Ugly Men”. Basically he and some friends were trying

to meet girls and throw great parties. After seeing the number of people attending, they decided to sponsor a charity for each party. “We’d have all these great parties at the beach, then we started having parties at Downtown’s Frankie’s. We would get these huge crowds. One year we had something like 2,000 people in Downtown Ybor and we made something like $70k. We didn’t want to keep it, so we formed a 501C and called it the “13 Ugly Men”. I’m now an Alumnae. We’ve given away over $300k since the year 2000. We pick different charities. We usually have 4 or 5 events a year. We have our annual “Freak Show”, we have a “Let’s Get Roasted with 13 Ugly Men” which is on Wishbone

Wednesday,” Feldman says. With each year and each event, “13 Ugly Men” sponsors a different charity to pump notoriety for the charity and raise between $10,000 to $25,000. The group is comprised of 28 men from all walks of life in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. Any opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community is far from lost on Dr. Feldman. Recently he was involved with Voices of Children. “I’m a Guardian Ad Litem. I was on this board for 4 or 5 years. In 2006 I was what they call their Champion For Children. They pick someone who’s involved with the community who is a Child Advocate. I raised about $55k at that event.

FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


spotlight » Dr. Randy Feldman Recently I retired from that,” Feldman says. Also in the past, he has been a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts and still finds time to promote boxing. He and friends sponsor a “Fight Night” at area businesses and they always give a percentage of the proceeds to charity. The benevolence doesn’t just stop here in the United States. In the past, Feldman has made trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti with a group of Pediatric Dentists to do free “mission” work. While there, Feldman and a team of dentists, and Peace Corps members go into poor, dirty villages to help pull teeth. “I’ve been to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. All I do there is pull teeth. We’d see 6 people in a row and I would numb them all up. By the time I numbed up the sixth one, they’d all be ready. The little kids would dress up for you, like it was a big deal, in their only dress. I didn’t want to get any blood on them so we had the Kmart shopping bags and we’d punch a hole in the top and put it over their bodies. Only their heads would stick out. They were very happy. It was very fun and rewarding. We did it for about a week,” Feldman says. Feldman says pulling teeth in a third world country is harder than you think, and not because of the working conditions, but rather the food that is eaten over there. “When you’re in third world country, you don’t have a lot of Fluoride, but they have a lot of sugary food. They chew on sugar cane all day long so their teeth are rotted out. The problem is, from an extraction standpoint, they’re rock solid. See in the United States we have very soft foods. They’re good teeth because you don’t have the sugar problem, but they’re easier to take out. The teeth were very difficult to take out sometimes. But, we got them taken out. I always get my tooth,” Feldman says. After meeting Dr. Feldman and understanding his passion for orthodontics, I assumed he must have had a life changing even that pushed him into Orthodontics, but his reason for choosing this career path isn’t quite as self-serving as one would think. In fact, he chose it because of a girl! In High School Feldman had no ideas of what the future held and his first year of College he studied General


february 2011

Knowledge. “Somewhere during my second year I met a hygiene student. She was so cute we started dating. I was at her apartment one day and she was carving these teeth out of wax and I said, that looks like fun, I can do that. I carved some teeth and she thought I was really good. One of my friends had already been accepted to Dental School and he was telling me how awesome it was. They call you Doctor, it’s never any big emergency. If your kid needs an extra bike, you just do an extra crown and buy your kid a bike. I was still a little shallow and superficial so between that story and my hygiene girlfriend, I applied. When I applied, I told the entrance committee that exact same story and they let me in,” Feldman says. Even with this hilarious start to a career, Feldman has become an excellent Orthodontist well-known and respected in the community for his work inside and outside of his practice. His office was one of the first in the country to begin using Invisalign. “We were number 1 in Florida and number 11 in the World because I got into that early. Because I got in early on,

we’ve done more than anyone else. From a business stand point Thank God I did it. How many young adults want braces? I won’t say it saved my practice, but it definitely helped in this downward economy. If you’re 20 or older or even in teens they want this [InvisAlign],” Feldman says. He maintains his status of Team Orthodontist for University of South Florida and until recently made every mouth guard for every athlete at the school. He now provides the athletic center with the supplies and products to make the Green and Gold mouth guards there on campus. Using his degree in Oral Medicine from UNC Chapel Hill, Feldman is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Medicine and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at USF and sits on the Cleft Pallet Program. “I do cranial facial which is very specific. I see newborn kids with clefts. I’ve been doing that since my days in Chapel Hill. It’s one in 800 births. We have to put these pieces together for the plastic surgeon. Every third Friday of the month, I see kids with cranial facial birth defects,” Feldman says. Because of his success, Feldman has been

able to use his practice as a vehicle to give back as well. “Profit’s not necessarily a bad word,” he says. “I do tons of free work. Faith Children’s Home calls up. Or a lot of times people just call up out of the blue saying they know a kid who doesn’t have any money and needs their teeth straightened. I’m very blessed to have a great practice. I enjoy what I do,” Feldman says. Often success and recognition causes one to stumble and focus inward on how much one has accomplished. Instead, Dr. Randy Feldman has taken the blessings of his practice and molded them into a legacy of community giving and building happier healthy lives. As Dr. Feldman mentioned, we should see more good from him in the near future. He and his practice are going to focus on a stronger impact in the community and giving back as much as possible.

press release » Focus

“SCOUTING FOR FOOD” DRIVE STRIVES TO PROVIDE 100,000 MEALS FOR THE HUNGRY Thousands of Scouts deliver bags in annual “Good Turn” effort; Food Bank will match canned goods contributions with fresh items submitted By: FEEDING AMERICA TAMPA BAY


esidents are asked to watch for Scouts visiting their neighborhood in February to deliver their annual “Scouting For Food” bags to collect donations for the hungry. The official “drop date” is Saturday, February 12. The Scouts will return Saturday, February 19 to gather any nonperishable food items left on doorsteps for pick-up. 350,000 bags were produced for this year’s “Good Turn” effort, and the Gulf Ridge Council Scouts hopes to collect enough food to provide 100,000 meals. Residents receiving the bags are asked to generously contribute essential foodstuffs such as canned meats, tuna, macaroni and cheese, cereal, canned vegetables and fruits. Personal care items are also needed. The food will be distributed through Feeding America Tampa Bay and its network of partner non-profit feeding programs. The Food Bank will also give these agencies a pound of fresh meat, produce, or dairy items to distribute for every pound of food collected by the Scouts.

“Feeding America Tampa Bay is looking for creative ways to secure more dry goods and efficiently distribute the perishable fresh items that we’re receiving, and Scouting For Food can help us accomplish both objectives”, said Rogers. The annual food drive also enables Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturers and Explorers to fulfill their “Good Turn” commitment to the community, in keeping with Scouting’s effort to promote a culture of service to others.

network of over 600 charitable organizations across West Central Florida. The Tampabased food bank provided 17 million pounds of food to its 10-county service area in 2009. Feeding America Tampa Bay is a member of the national Feeding America network. About Gulf Ridge Council, Boy Scouts of America “The Overall Mission of the Gulf Ridge Council, Boy Scouts of America, is to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and to prepare them to make ethical choices during their lifetime in achieving their full potential.” The Council serves youth

in the counties of Citrus, Hardee, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk and Sumter.

The Boy Scouts and the Food Bank are asking for the community to remember to put their bags on their door knobs for pick-up on Saturday, February 19. Contact Walter McKnight with any questions: (813) 6437343. Residents who do not receive a bag can get one by calling the Scout Service Center at (813) 872-2691.

Last year’s Scouting For Food generated over 25 tons of donated food that were turned over to local food banks and pantries for sorting and distribution. The drive’s February timing has helped replenish supplies after the holiday season. “The Scouts know that hunger is a critical problem that exists year ‘round, and staging our effort after the holidays might help raise awareness among everyone”, said Jennifer Thomason, a senior district executive for the Scouts.

“We hope the pound-for-pound match gives residents a further incentive to donate to Scouting For Food, and inspires the Scouts too”, said Feeding America Tampa Bay’s executive director Pat Rogers.

The USDA reported in November that 14.2% of Florida households are food insecure -- meaning they lack consistent access to a nutritious, well-balanced diet. An earlier study released by Feeding America found that 1 in 5 children in Florida was at risk of hunger.

Rogers explained that most supermarkets now donate excess fresh products almost daily, providing a substantial supply of highly valued nutritious produce and protein items. But canned and boxed dry goods donations are harder to come by and these foods are the traditional staple of most emergency pantries the Food Bank supports.

About Feeding America Tampa Bay (formerly named America’s Second Harvest of Tampa Bay) Founded in 1982, Feeding America Tampa Bay receives surplus food donations from growers, manufacturers, supermarkets and organized community food drives and distributes it to the hungry through a FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


eNtertaiNmeNt » eveNt caleNdar

soutH taMpa

caleNdar of eveNts

if you have an upcoming event and would like us to add it to our calendar of events please email the information to:

FeB 1st, tuesday

USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave


Destruction® driven by Tom Meents, El Toro

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Philadelphia Flyers

starts at 7:30pm at the St. Pete Time Forum.

Tickets are $20. Parking fees range from $10$14. For more information, visit:

Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Maximum Loco® driven by Marc McDonald, Monster Mutt® driven by Joe Miller, Advance Auto

Parts Grinder� driven by Lupe Soza, Mohawk Warrior� driven by George Balhan, Lucas Oil

Crusader�, Superman driven by Chad Fortune,

Gunslinger driven by Scott Hartsock, Eradicator


driven by Andy Slifko, Backdraft driven by

FeB 2nd- FeB 20tH

Jeremy Slifko, Shock Therapy driven by Jon

Zimmer, Excaliber driven by Chris Lagana, and


Bad Habit driven by Joe Sylvester.

Don’t miss the Broadway performance that

has thrilled audiences worldwide and won 10

Tony Awards in 2009 including Best Musical.

“Billy Elliot the Musical” will be at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (Straz Center)

from Wednesday, February 2nd through Sunday, February 20th.

For more information visit: http://www.tbpac. org

For information visit http://www.monsterjam. com/Tickets/2011/02/05/Tampa,_FL/


Ybor City Saturday Market at Centennial

Park. Every Saturday from 9am- 3pm, rain or shine. Free Admission, Free Parking, Pets are Welcome. Check out our website at www.

FeB 4tH, Friday

For more information visit the Tampa Bay



Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Washington

Convention Center Website http://www.tbpac.

Capitals starts at 7:30pm at the St. Pete Times

Forum. Tickets are $22. Parking fees range from $10-$14. For more information visit: i7euo4?brand=forum


Junior League of St Petersburg 2011 Golf

Tournament at the Bayou Club. 7979 Bayou Club Blvd. Largo, FL 33777

Tournament Entry: $125 per player

(includes golf, cart & Last Shot Awards Ceremony Dinner)


The 7th Annual Surf & Turf Golf Classic,

For those that don’t care to golf: 19th Hole

benefiting The Florida Aquarium and Kids

Launch Party $40 per person (includes wine

Air Force Base.


Charity of Tampa Bay, will be held on Mac Dill

tasting and Last Shot Awards Ceremony

For more information visit: http://www.

Questions: email


Parking ranges from $10-$14.

will benefit the Museum of Fine Arts.

Patron Couple

For more information visit: i7euo4?brand=forum

FeB 8tH, tuesday »

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Buffalo Sabres. St.

Pete Times Forum 7:30pm. Tickets start at $20. Parking fees range from $10-$14. For more information visit: i7euo4?brand=forum

FeB 10tH, tHursday »

Contact: 727-896-2667, ext. 197 or


The Florida Orchestra: The Great American

Songbook. 8:00pm-10:00pm at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

Celebrate an evening consisted of song favorites

about love, joy, hope, and dreams come true with hits by Johnny Mercer, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Irving Berlin and more. Broadway

stars Teri Dale Hansen and Norm Lewis will join while Stuart Malina conducts.

For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www.

or email

The Florida Orchestra: Orchestra Showcase.

Progress Energy Center for the Arts-Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg.

Alastair Willis conducts a Coffee Concert

featuring Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, R. Strauss’ Serenade and Vaughan

Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. Complimentary coffee and donuts are available as well as a pre-concert conversation one hour before the concert.

For more info, call 727.892.3337 Visit


FeB 11tH-12tH, Fri & sat »

Tickets: $225 Individual, $350 Patron, $650

Wild at Heart. Lowry Park Zoo. Celebrate

Valentine’s Day with friends (21 and older) at a

progressive dinner and tour through the zoo with stories about pairings, partnering and mating habits of the zoo’s animal residents. Tickets: $55

Visit content/media_information/documents/ Wild%20At%20Heart


Nights on Broadway: Jukebox Edition Tampa

Preparatory School’s Smith Black Box Theater. 8:00pm-11:00pm.

Tampa Preparatory School’s Theatre Arts

Department celebrates Nights on Broadway’s 6th year with a “Jukebox Edition”. Broadway

veterans join Tampa Prep students and faculty

for a spectacular performance, featuring R&B/ Motown classics with a few modern favorites. Scheduled artists include Caroline Daly

(Annie) and Darius de Hass (Rent, Kiss of the Spiderwoman). All proceeds benefit Tampa Prep’s Visiting Artists Fund.

Enjoy snacks and drinks served to your table by

student performers and an after-show reception where you can meet and mingle with the talented cast.

Tickets: $75/seat.

Contact Melanie Rodriguez at mrodriguez@ or 813.251.8481 to reserve your seats today.

FeB 12tH, saturday

813-935-8552 ext. 276


FeB 11tH, Friday

Songbook. Progress Energy Center for the



FeB 5tH, saturday

FeB 6tH, sunday

6:30pm at the Museum of Fine Arts.




with an evening of fine food and wine with

Monster Jam II at Raymond James Stadium.

Show starts at 7pm. Gates open at 5pm.


february 2011

For more information visit

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. St. Louis Blues St.

Pete Times Forum at 3pm. Tickets start at $20.

First Annual Wine Auction and Gala.

The Stuart Society hosts the first annual event unique silent and live auction items. Proceeds

The Florida Orchestra: The Great American

Arts-Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg 8:00pmCelebrate an evening consisted of song favorites

about love, joy, hope, and dreams come true with hits by Johnny Mercer, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Jerome Kern, Richard

entertainment » event calendar Rodgers, Irving Berlin and more. Broadway stars

Teri Dale Hansen and Norm Lewis will join while Stuart Malina conducts.

For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www. or email ticketcenter@


WEDU Sojourn Gala, 6:30pm at the

Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club.

6th annual black tie gala with stylish food and wine pairings and spectacular décor. The year’s destination theme is South Africa. Tickets are $250 and up

Contact: 813-254-9338, ext. 2241 or

The Florida Orchestra: Gershwin’s Concerto in

Anthony’s Hospital Foundation.

Celebrate Valentine’s day at this annual festive

Performing Arts.

Contact: 727-825-1086 or

and K.C. Patel Research Institute.

“breathtaking,” Stewart Goodyear plays Gershwin’s

Contact: 813-615-7663

Osvaldo Golijov and Dvorak’s Symphony No.

Feb 15th, Tuesday

Sanderling conducts.


Sweet Heart Rodeo Dinner Dance. 6:00pm at

TPepin’s Hospitality Center.

F. 8:00pm-10:00pm at the Straz Center for the

dinner and dance to benefit Pepin Heart Hospital

Praised by the San Francisco Chronicle as

Tickets: $250 and up

Concerto in F on a program with a new work by


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Philadelphia Flyers.

7:30pm at the St.Pete Times Forum.

Tickets start at $22. Parking ranges from $10-$14.

8 with its Bohemian-inspired melodies. Stefan For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www. or email ticketcenter@

For more information visit:

Feb 19th, Saturday


Tampa Children’s Expo. 10:00am-4:00pm at the


Admission is free.

Ybor City.

Feb 17th, Thursday

For more information visit or

new additions, including a new VIP hospitality



Tickets start at $20. Parking ranges from $10-$14.

7:30pm-9:30pm at the St.Pete Times Forum.

begin at 7th Avenue & Nebraska Avenue at 7:00

For more information visit:

Street and end north on 23rd street.

The 2011 parade festivities will feature exciting

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Detroit Red Wings.

area, VIP Family Tents, as well as an Official

The Sant’Yago Illuminated Knight Parade will

For more information visit:

Tickets start at $20. Parking ranges from $10-$14.

p.m. It will then move east on 7th Avenue to 23rd

The Krewe of the Knights of Sant’Yago emerged


enhancement of its Latin heritage and culture.


For more information visit

Mahaffey Theater.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers.

Feb 20th, Sunday

Center (Straz Center). Doors: 6:30 p.m.

Ticket Price: $41.50 +Service/Facility Fees

For more information visit


Opera Tampa Gala. All day at the Straz Center

Tickets: $250 per person gala, $325 patron

For more information visit:

concert after dining on Dinner-By-The-Bite set in

“breathtaking,” Stewart Goodyear plays Gershwin’s

Tickets: $150

Osvaldo Golijov and Dvorak’s Symphony No.


Sanderling conducts.

The Florida Orchestra: Gershwin’s Concerto

in F. 7:30pm-9:30pm at Ruth Eckerd Hall,

Tickets start at $20. Parking ranges from $10-$14.

Al who attend will enjoy a special musical violin

Praised by the San Francisco Chronicle as

the lobby.

Concerto in F on a program with a new work by

Contact: 727-820-1000, ext. 242

8 with its Bohemian-inspired melodies. Stefan

Feb 13th, Sunday


For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www.

Feb 18th, Friday or email ticketcenter@

Center at 12:00pm. Ticket Price: $7.00, if ordered


Feb 23rd, Wednesday

$9.00 door price.

Ticket Prices: $25.00, $45.00 & $55.00


Ozzy Osbourne- St.Pete Times Forum. Doors

Jeff Dunham at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts

gala dinner.


The Great Bridal Expo. Tampa Bay Convention

Feb 24th, Thursday

Evening includes preconcert cocktail party and


auction to benefit Florida Holocaust Museum.


Coppola award honoree Placido Domingo.

7:30pm at the St.Pete Times Forum.

holocaust at the annual Loebenberg Award and

Opera followers will enjoy a concert of Anton


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Carolina Hurricanes.

For more information visit:

for the Performing Arts.

Come out to celebrate and remember the


Tickets start at $15. Parking ranges from $10-$14.

Starts: 7:30 p.m.


To Life, Music of Hope. 6:00pm at the

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Phoenix Coyotes.

7:30pm at the St.Pete Times Forum


7:30pm at the St.Pete Times Forum.

in 1970, dedicated to the preservation and


i7euo4?brand=forum Illuminated Sant’Yago Knight Parade 7:00PM.

Tampa Bay Convention Center.


Tickets: $50


Open 6:30 p.m. Show Starts 8:00 p.m.

For more information visit

(prices exclude service or facility fees.)

Dinner and Awards. 6:00pm at the Renaissance


Parking: $ 10.00

Vinoy Resort and Golf Club.

Feb 14th, Monday

For more info visit

Enjoy donor appreciation and awards dinner


featuring Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, physician,

St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation Legacy

social activist, and author. All proceeds benefit St.

Contact: 813-222-1275


Handbags & Happy Hour. 6:00pm-9:00pm at

the Centre Club

A fabulous night pairing of ladies, handbags,

and martinis. Saks Fifth Avenue is teaming with

Make-A-Wish Foundation to provide a drop-off

point for donating gently-used designer handbags that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Tickets: $45 per person

Contact: Dawn Keglor at 813-288-2600

Feb 25th, Friday »

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New Jersey Devils.

7:30pm at the St. Pete Times Forum

Tickets start at $15. Parking ranges from $10-$14. For more information visit:

FOCUS Magazine south tampa february 2011


entertainment » event calendar i7euo4?brand=forum

for eternal peace, Friede auf Erden (Peace on

or call 813-254-7866.

Fiesta Day is Ybor City’s official day of rest and


in celebration of hope and the human spirit:

Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Chaos. St.Pete Times

The International Parade of Flags takes place at

Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. Stefan Sanderling

Doors Open: 6:00 p.m.

A Pair to Remember. 11:00am-2:00pm at the

Tampa Yacht & Country Club

Easter Seals’ Tampa Bay to host this event for ladies with a passion for fashion. This ladies’

gourmet luncheon and shoe auction is an enjoyable event, where Tampa Bay’s well-heeled ladies can

put their hearts and “soles” into enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities. Guests will delight

Earth), the orchestra and chorale come together Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Featuring The conducts.

For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www. or email ticketcenter@

in all the designer offerings at this très chic event.


together to auction off this spring’s hottest shoes,

A fun casino night that features music, great food,

Tampa Bay’s familiar faces, and voices, will come all in the name of Easter Seals. Celebrity models will cater to women at the luncheon.

For more information visit: http://www.


The Florida Orchestra: Beethoven’s Symphony

No. 9. 8:00pm-10:00pm at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

9th Annual MaSquerade. All day at the TPepin

Hospitality Centre.

silent and live auctions, open bars and gaming tables including poker, blackjack, roulette, and

craps. Proceeds to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Tickets: $100

Visit: or contact Linda at 813-287-2253

Opening with Arnold Schoenberg’s ethereal hymn


Earth), the orchestra and chorale come together

Experience your Gasparilla Half Marathon and

Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic 15k & 5k.

for eternal peace, Friede auf Erden (Peace on

7:00am-12:00pm on Bayshore Blvd.

in celebration of hope and the human spirit:

perform to the next level by forming a team


Main Event:

7:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

The Tampa Bay area’s only high octane-fueled

theatrical freestyle motocross touring production in the United States.

Tickets: $20.00, $40.00, $50.00 and $100.00

Coupons and discounts available through website (prices exclude service or facility fees)

Tampa Bay Convention Center Website aspx?id=758

Tickets available at the St. Pete Times Forum Box Office, all Ticketmaster Outlets, online at www., or charge by phone at (800) 745-3000.


2011 Queen of Hearts Ball. Hilton St.

celebration of its ethnic heritage and culture.

the Fiesta Day Main Stage, showcasing musical rhythm, ethnic dress and vibrant colors as a

beautiful tribute to the cultures it represents. Fiesta Day also hosts an Arts Marketplace and a variety of Ethnic Foods to please any taste.

Fiesta Day and the Ybor City Saturday Market

will host Flan Fest in Centennial Park from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Visit Ybor City on Saturday, February 26th

for this fantastic cultural event, featuring free

entertainment activities and, education for people of all ages as well as the Cigar Shops, Coffee

Houses, Restaurants, Bars, and Unique Shopping Ybor City has to offer.

Fiesta Day is a fundraiser for the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce. Admission is free.

For more information, please call 813.248-3712 or visit us on the web at

Petersburg Bayfront - 6:30PM

Feb 27th, Sunday

community women volunteers with an evening


PACE Center for Girls and St. Petersburg


Tickets: $100.

hymn for eternal peace, Friede auf Erden (Peace

The 53rd annual black tie ball honors outstanding

The Florida Orchestra: Beethoven’s Symphony

of dinner, dancing and auctions. Proceeds benefit

No. 9. Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater- 7:30pm-

Woman’s Club.

Opening with Arnold Schoenberg’s ethereal

Contact: 727-422-3301

on Earth), the orchestra and chorale join forces

Feb 25th-26th, Fri & Sat

• Teams must have a minimum of four members,


in its celebration of hope and the human spirit:


Skull for competitive teams and Cross Bones for

A dinner and auction to benefit the Children’s

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Featuring The

Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. Stefan Sanderling conducts.

For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www. or email ticketcenter@

and participating in the Fifth Third Bank Half

Marathon Team Challenge. The Fifth Third Bank Half Marathon Team Challenge is open to all

runners, running club members, groups of friends, co-workers and corporate teams too. Tickets: $85.

STARS & PARS. Emeralds Greens Golf and

but no more than ten.

Country Club - 7:00pm-10:00pm.

Bay Convention Center.

runners of all abilities.


perform to the next level by forming a team

Challenge will offer Team and Individual Awards

8 On Your Side Health & Fitness Expo. Tampa

Experience your Gasparilla Half Marathon and

The Fifth Third Bank Half Marathon Team

and participating in the Fifth Third Bank Half

in the following divisions:

Half Marathon Team Challenge is open to all

Open Female

co-workers and corporate teams too.


Marathon Team Challenge. The Fifth Third Bank

Open Male

runners, running club members, groups of friends,


For more info visit:

Feb 26th, Saturday »

The Florida Orchestra: Beethoven’s Symphony

No. 9. 8:00pm-10:00pm at the Progress Energy Center for the Arts-Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg.

Opening with Arnold Schoenberg’s ethereal hymn


february 2011

In addition to the Gasparilla Half Marathon

Long Sleeve Nike Dri-Fit Participant Shirt, each

team member will receive a Fifth Third Bank Half Marathon Team Challenge Hooded Sweatshirt

that will include their Team Name and access to the private and catered Fifth Third Bank Half

Marathon Team Challenge Race Day VIP Tent.

For more information visit

Contact: 813-864-1532


Einstein of Wine. Museum of Science and

Industry- Saturday 6:00 p.m. VIP/ 7:00 p.m. General

Wine and food spread through the museum for a fun wine and food tasting.

Tickets: $125 VIP, $60 members, $70 nonmembers, $80 after Feb. 20 Contact: 813-987-6077


Ybor City- Fiesta Days & Flan Fest. Centennial

Park- 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

for one of the most life-affirming works of music Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Featuring The

Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. Stefan Sanderling conducts.

For more info, call 727.892.3337, visit www. or email ticketcenter@


Tampa Theatre’s Oscar Night America. All day

at the Tampa Theatre.

The official Tampa Bay area Academy Awards event celebration with red carpet festivities followed by a live broadcast of the awards. Tickets: TBA.

Contact: 813-274-5507


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Story behind “The Stone Soup Company” The Stone Soup Company dishes up more than soup to the community written By: Jodi Lokay


f you caught last month’s supper club review about The Stone Soup Company, you may remember the homemade soup and unique sandwiches. What you haven’t heard is the story behind these healthy comfort foods that melt the heart. Owner, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Ilya Goldberg, has launched a personal mission to transform the manner in which we eat food while dishing out hearty servings to both patrons and those in need. “The initiative started a little over a year ago when the economy was starting to collapse. Watching the lines stretch longer for the soup kitchens on Kennedy really upset me and I decided we needed to do something about it,” Goldberg stated. While spending time with Goldberg, he introduced the Stone Soup Company with the reason behind the name of his newly established restaurant. Many of you probably may have heard the Stone Soup story as a child, but in the event you are like me and forgot the tale, allow me to debrief you. The folk story tells the tale of a hungry pack of strangers who travel to a village with nothing but an empty kettle. The travelers try to convince the local village people to give them food. Wearily, each neighbor declined the travelers free food, unwilling to share their meals. After a little brainstorming, the travelers had an “Ah Ha!” moment. They filled their empty kettle with water and dropped a stone that sunk to the bottom. They traveled to the middle of the village square and lit a fire in order to heat their “famous stone soup”. While the villagers strolled through the town and into the market they were curious of what the visitors had stirred up. As each villager passed and questioned them, the travelers answered, “Well we were just about to enjoy our wonderful stone soup, but we just need a little bit of garnish to improve the flavor.” The day went on and more and more villagers passed the crew to return to their

families for supper. Each villager shrugged their shoulders only to contribute a garnish, a vegetable, a pinch of spices, etc. By the end of the day, the travelers had a hearty and delicious soup which they shared and enjoyed with all the villagers even those whom did not contribute. The folk tale has set the mission statement for the Stone Soup Company and has inspired their dedication to serve delicious food to all. By supporting the locally grown resources and utilizing local vendors this health food can be offered while compromising neither flavor nor price. Since Goldberg steadily purchases all his products locally, food deliveries are more frequent than most restaurants. This has allowed the Stone Soup Company to be environmentally and socially responsible in a multitude of ways: less storage space, zero waste, supporting the local market economy and best of all, always fresh natural food! As Goldberg gave me a tour of the restaurant, he led me out to the dumpster, and asked, “Ever work in a restaurant before?” “Sure,” I answered, “I have been around food my whole life.” So why are you showing me the alley? I wondered… “Trash duty is pretty easy when no food item goes wasted,” Goldberg said pointing to a domestic sized trashcan that looked more at place in my kitchen than an Ybor back alley. “Look in that trashcan” he continued, as I peered into the can it was only half full, mostly of cardboard and plastic wrap, “I bet you’ve never seen a restaurant with only one bag of trash a day.” To be frank he was completely correct. It is bewildering to see how “no wasted food” restaurant operates, but the most profound feature would have to be the one bag of trash a day. So how does Goldberg keep true to his “No Waste Philosophy”? Anyone in the restaurant industry knows once foods

are about to “turn” most chefs salvage the almost spoiled food by making a Frankenstein concoction stew for the rest of the week’s “du jour” (or simply just chuck it out the back door). Previously an engineer, this methodology disturbed Goldberg, yet inspired him to be able to build an efficient and responsible business practice. The Stone Soup Company uses all of the fresh goods to make the daily soups for their patrons. But once the fresh food no longer meets his high serving standards Goldberg makes a “Stone Soup” to donate to those in need. They have identified two local charities whom are the lucky recipients of the hearty soup.

the atmosphere to offer a more extended dinner menu in an intimate bistro setting which would allow patrons the ability to escape Ybor’s crazy night life and enjoy tasty tapas. 3) Offering outside coffee umbrella vendors to be able to enjoy the Best Café Con Leche in Tampa para llevar (on the go). 4) Local Artist display for patrons to view and support. 5) Bottling or canning the soups for a wide scale distribution. Stone soup has already has begun to jar soup with “Get Well Soon” décor and is available on site. 6) Beer and Wine License. “We Know We Know, we’re working on it!”

Goldberg identified charities that were dedicated to inspiring and rehabilitating those in need through acknowledgment of nutrition and sustainable cooking. Tampa Cross Roads, a recipient of the soup, not only serves the soup but also teaches nutrition and light cooking lessons. They believe it is important not only to feed the hungry but to teach life lessons in the hopes of rehabilitation. Goldberg continued, “I have seen so many people that are accustomed to eating fast food, so I wanted to choose a charity that not only fed the homeless but taught them the value of money and how to use it proportionally. Unfortunately, people have been accustomed to taking $10 and feeding their families on dollar menu items instead of buying at a food market to make a well rounded meal to feed and then save.” While Goldberg is inspiring patrons one by one in the community with his story, he knows it just is not enough. The only way a difference can be made is to inspire other proprietors that are willing to contribute. “It’s not enough if I am the only restaurant that donates to a few charities. I hope to inspire other local restaurants to do the same. Then we can really make a difference,” Goldberg explained.

The culinary menu’s bottom line is healthbased natural food. You may find some chicken tenders and French fries on the menu like any other Bar & Grille, but you will never find grease or fried food as The Stone Soup Company uses a special convection oven to air bake their food. The Stone Soup even goes as far as “stiffening” out fats, grease of the products they do receive. Furthermore, Goldberg even took the Fountain Soda Machine out of the establishment and replaced it with old school bottles of soda. Hoping this may limit the consumption of sugary beverages.

While Goldberg may be busy changing the world one bowl of soup at a time, it certainly has not deterred his creativity. In upcoming months visitors and patrons can expect many new features and improvements at the Stone Soup Company. Some ideas that are already in the works include: 1) The B1G1 initiative- Buy a soup to Give a Soup. For every cup of soup sold in the restaurant, a cup of soup is donated to charity. Goldberg, is seeking grants to be applied for the program and trying to inspire other restaurants to adopt his ideology. 2) Expand the night life scene by changing

Stop by and check out the Stone soup Company as it provides a humble and generally fun place to relax. Upon arrival you will find petite tables on each side and a Gelato Bar and a To-Go Bar at the finale of the restaurant. If you pick the right table, you may even find a flat screen with one of your favorite video games as a child. Didn’t get a video game table? Pick up a puzzle, checkers, dominoes or Jenga. If you peer underneath the table clothes you’ll find one of Goldberg’s upcoming projects: decorating each table with a staple Soup poem and historical Ybor memorabilia. Gazing up you will find contributing local artist’s paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art posted on the brick rustic walls. I guarantee you will fill up with more than just comforting food once you leave.

Stone Soup Co. 1517 7th Ave Tampa FL 33605 phone: 813-247-soup Website: mon 10-6 tues-thurs. 10-8 Fri-sat 10-12am sun 11-7

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entertainment » dining Profile that would have been a determinental mistake to the meal. Bin’s Cobb has taken a typically boring salad and added an ultramodern fashion by incorporating all the original ingredients and adding a twist. The gem lettuce was fanned out over the plate lightly covered by a chipotle ranch as a fusion concoction lie in the middle ready to be indulged. The mixture included a tomatillo braised chicken giving a tad spice and pieces of ginger glazed pork belly contributing sweet and savory essence. The gorgonzola fried fritters, avocado, grape tomatos, sieved eggs, and shaved blue cheese finished the dish to be unbelieveable.

Photo by Harrison Tropp

Bin 27 Brings Creativity with “Finest Fusion Dining on the Right Execution the Bay” T written By: Jodi Lokay

he Supper Club has met its match again as Harrison Tropp and I encountered South Tampa’s Bin 27 Bistro. While I’ve passed Bistro multiple times due to its location on Kennedy Boulevard while headed towards downtown Tampa, Harrison and I had not had the opportunity to dine there. Well it’s safe to say we are glad we stopped by. We once perceived the Bistro as a tucked away restaurant, but as we entered, it opened up with enthusiasm. The Bin 27 Bistro was the perfect amount of class with a twist of posh contemporary style. Not knowing what we were in for, we were thunderstruck by Bin 27 Bistro menu collection of varietal dishes ranging from American, Latin American, European, and Asian flavors. The Bistro’s menu


february 2011

pallet offers a number of unique dishes with eclectic fusion cuisines. As well as an extensive Wine List of over 100 different bottles ready to paired up for our upcoming meal. For those of you who are not familiar with fusion, as it has become a relatively new description of a method of cooking although it has been practiced for thousands of years, Bistro does it right. Fusion is a cuisine style that challenges chefs to craft new dishes and inspire new flavor conmibations by pairing nontraditional spices in effort to create a matchless taste. Nevertheless, Bin 27 has tuned up the creativity and executed with perfection. Harrison and I were immediately consumed by all of the dishes we wanted

to taste and share. Naturally, we deferred to the Executive Chef, Jason Cline, who started us off with his phenomenal version of Shrimp and Grits. This appetizer is a must have, yet must be shared. The rich Shrimp Etouffee spread over the hearty grits topped with sweet roasted red peppers chive garnish. The roux perfectly complimented the granular grits that were spiced with a home made chorizo, making the dish 3-dimensional to the taste buds. Harrison and I dished the shrimp and grits on the accompanied lavash which had originally made the dish appear vertical prior to our attack. Next, Cline brought us the infamous Bin 27 Cobb Salad. I along with many others probably wouldn’t think to order a Cobb Salad at a contemporary bistro when there are so many intriguing choices, however,

Although I could have gone home after the first two dishes praising Bin’s culinary expertise, we topped off the night with a few more dishes. Starting with the pan roasted blackened Wahoo Steak which was delicately placed atop creamy grits and a corn-jicama slaw. A smoked citrustomato jam opened on top extending the flavors. Next, we had an undremt of grilled “spinalis cut” steak. The spinalis cut is actually cut right outside the Ribeye therefore it contains the entire flavor with less the fat. The meat is complimented by what started as a light bernaise sauce that transformed into a delicate foyot once the veal gloss folded in bringing out all the charred steak flavors. The lightly fried leeks, grilled asparagus and a roasted sweet potato were all unique counterparts, each bringing intricate flavor to the dish. I tried to spike a breakfast deal with Cline, as I could eat his confetti hash with sweet grilled corn kernels everyday. Also if you are any fan of Napa wines, you are probably a fan of Broman Cellars Winery. Don’t miss Bin 27 Bistro Broman Wine Dinner that will be hosted on April 27th. Each wine will be paired with Bin 27 Bistro’s courses. Stay tuned to the website the next upcoming weeks for the menu and details to be released.

Bin 27 2702 West Kennedy Boulevard Tampa, FL 33609 (813) 878-2700 dinner hours of operation Tuesay - Thursday: 5pm-10pm Friday & Saturday: 5pm-10:30pm lunch hours of operation Tuesday - Saturday: 11am-3pm

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Letting some steam off Written By: Jodi Lokay


ver the past few years I have done my fair share of traveling, stopping along the way to see what each city has to offer. Throughout my treks I have marked some trends that are beginning to infect the service industry. Now, I understand there are different types of establishments that are deemed for different levels of attention. Not each one requires the most eloquent serviceability. However, I have personally witnessed some “no brainer” faux pas recently. This is my attempt to share all my pet peeves in blood boiling order hoping to restore anyone’s special night out: 1) Dining for One or Two? – Let me preface, I understand most servers are trained to clear a plate from a guest when their meal is finished. Nonetheless, were they trained that it is rude to clear a guest’s plate if their counterpart is not finished yet? How do you think it makes the person feel to finish their dinner alone? Plus it just cost the server an extra trip… 2) The Cattle Call – All restaurateurs please join me by saying it is not respectful or appetizing to arrive to the table and shout out the ordered dishes. “I have a burger, medium, I have the linguine and clam sauce, and I have two Filets medium-rare.” Interrupting guests from conversation, while they hold up their arm and give a light wave. I would rather the server make a mistake and receive someone else’s food and just casually exchange then to call out my chosen selection. 3) Don’t read to me, Talk to me- Depending on the restaurant, the chef may change the specials every day with long complicated adjectives and foreign words. In my humble opinion, marked only by impression,


wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the server to convey the “specials” as truly special? A conversational presentation engages guests versus a monotone reading from a stale list of items off a green and white pad of paper. Tell me, what is so special about that?

with FOCUS

4) The drop off point- Restaurants can be a very hectic environment and trust me the hostess is not just sitting around to look cordial. I understand hosts or hostesses are busy and have a lot of additional duties. Nevertheless, hostesses throwing menus on the table and walking away is not my idea of the best welcome gesture. Walk slowly, occasionally looking back to confirm you have a following, presenting the dining facility, waiting for guests to be seated then hand delivering the menu goes a long way to give a hospitable impression upon arrival. Remember this can set the tone of the whole evening.

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5) Timing is everything- Ahh the bill, the most important event of the experience to the wait staff is turning over that table. Most folks agree and find waiting for the bill to be the most irritating. They came, they ate, and they conquered….time to go home.

Jim Duke 813-390-5526

Be that as it may, many guests treasure their time out and are bound to leave on their own terms. For example, sliding the check too early can be just as aggravating, resulting in an unfavorable tip. Why should I feel like I have to crunch numbers while chewing? Or why don’t I deserve more water because you cleared my plate?

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e at: Anytim s U it is V ent dentalc ic r t ia d pe


We, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, urge that children have a regular dental program established by age two. Not only is it important to your child’s physical well-being, but proper dental care impacts self-image and social development from an early age.








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8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday • Evening Hours by Appt. 24-hr. Emergency Care • Military Provider ACCEPTING MOST DENTAL INSURENCE PROGRAMS

PLANT CITY – 659-3407 • SOUTH TAMPA – 254-8457

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