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Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay


Putting the Pieces Together At Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, we provide the only therapy for autism with over 30 years of proven results. Our learners:

• More than double their skill set with as little as 5 months of therapy • Learn how to communicate. They ask & answer questions, follow directions, talk & socialize • Become ready for school with writing, reading, cutting, coloring & math skills

We collaborate with other autism providers for the best outcome including ST, OT, PT, and biomedical interventionists. We accept insurance! Tricare, Aetna, Cigna and United Behavioral Health, and we can help you work through the insurance paperwork.

Call us today! “The amount of energy & dedication you’ve shown has been absolutely amazing & our son is blooming as a direct result . . . We are getting our little boy back!” “Within three days of starting therapy, she was imitating sounds and words! Her progress in the early weeks was nothing short of amazing.”

Analysis - Instruction - Achievement

813.265.0210 •

Locations: Tampa Wesley Chapel


VOLUME 1 ISSUE 4 - JUNE 2010 publisher ELIZABETH EDWARDS eDitor in chief MarC palMer



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June is finally here! To myself (and leisure-lovers everywhere who vowed to be a “Toys R Us kid” forever), this translates into the beginning of summer. Carefree, sunny days and breezy, cool evenings lie in store for the next three months. While I have been out of grade school for entirely too many years to showcase, I still get that antsy feeling whenever the first of June is approaching, like the final bell of the semester will ring any minute, projecting me like a springboard into 104 days of adolescent bliss. Barbecues, water balloon fights and firefly-catching competitions invade my responsible thought process and suck me into a battle of work ethic versus poolside lounge sessions with my girlfriends. I can barely stand the inhumanity! June continues to delight with the anticipation of Father’s Day, when dads around the world finally get some credit for playing a part in the whole “birthing” process. For my father, June is particularly fabulous because his birthday, his wedding anniversary and this special day all occur within the same week. While he may get three presents, he holds firm that the best gifts he has ever received are meeting my mother, and then meeting me (Awwwww). This year, I think I’ll make him a summer playlist (my personal favorites include “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago, “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry and anything Beach Boys) and plan at least one thing for us to do each month to reacquaint ourselves with our love for summer and each other. June also brings great excitement for the FOCUS team and our affiliates, with the launch of Panache Swagger and Icon Savvy. Panache is a concept that came to fruition after many months of tedious brainstorming sessions and hard work. The theory was transformed into a quarterly insert for FOCUS magazine, highlighting current trends in fashion, beauty, arts, events and entertainment in the South Tampa area. The insert will include fabulous photos from the world’s most popular runways, coverage of the latest beauty products on the market, as well as beauty trend and brand information. Icon Savvy is a locally-produced news show that incorporates aspects of lifestyle, entertainment, business and the community within Tampa Bay. Viewers can expect to be entertained, informed and inspired through the content and delivery of this up-and-coming show. The host of the show is local personality Brandi Kamenar, who was nice enough to sit down with me and share how her dream of the show came to culmination and how she is truly living the dream today. Icon Savvy TV airs every Friday at 10 a.m. available at June is a jubilant time for all of us within the South Tampa community. Between new beginnings and summer in full bloom, it seems there is a newfound pep in the steps of everyone I encounter. So in closing, let’s all follow the advice of Dave Matthews when he states, “Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain.” Carpe Diem

Elizabeth Edwards FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


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june 2010


business profile

Green Dog Wash

The Eco-Friendly Answer to Pet Care S t o r y by C h e r y l J o h n s to n

Even dogs think green is great. They are also great motivators for the owners who love them. Meet Brian Corby, whose laid-back Chocolate Lab dog, Presley, inspired him to discover ways he could protect her health and calm her fear of trips to the groomer. Eventually his passion for entrepreneurship and dogs resulted in the August, 2009 opening of Green Dog Wash, the eco-friendly and fun alternative to typical dog grooming in South Tampa. Even though Presley was a goldmedal winner in water retrieval, she hated bath time. She shook water and bubbles all over the bathroom. Trips to the groomers were no better. Corby grew frustrated with expensive and careless groomers when Presley returned from appointments with whiskers partially shaved off and nicks on her paws. One day Presley refused to enter the groomer’s store and her owner decided, “Enough!” Then, after the nationwide contaminated pet food recall several years ago, Corby started exploring safer, more natural foods and products to keep Presley safe. He learned that many are made overseas and can be quite harmful for pets. When 13-year-old Presley died, Corby was prompted to use his new knowledge to create a better grooming option for dogs – including his new friend, Seven, a silver-colored Lab. Corby contacted his friend, Greg Bitel, and the two developed a concept for a safe, green and fun self-service dog wash. Corby, 41, moved at age nine with his family to Tampa from Morristown, New Jersey. The family did not have pets due to allergies and they were always on the go, playing different sports every season. Although he used to enjoy playing basketball, softball, and football, he now spends

spare time golfing, beachcombing, and sitting in the bleachers at Rays and Bucs games. His previous career in sales and management in the IT industry provided marketing know-how for this one. Today, Corby’s family is 100% behind him. He said, “At first they thought I was a bit crazy to leave a great job with Hewlett Packard. Once we opened Green Dog Wash, they could see my vision, so it made understanding the career change easier.” GDW co-founder and Strategy Director, Greg Bitel, is in the “do something else phase” of his career after 20+ years as a management and strategy consultant. He lives in Windermere, Florida with wife Darlene, and daughters, Lyndsey, 9, and Addison Marley, 2. Although currently dogless, he has a long history of significant dog relationships, including BrownDog, Amber, Dogzilla, Lumpy, Bean, and Moose. A second Green Dog Wash will open in Boulder, Colorado this summer and other locations in Florida and throughout the U.S. will follow. Even though Corby has only had two dogs, he realizes “the key is to treat them as the individuals they are.” Seven, his second dog, is a 3-year-old, silver-coated Chocolate Lab who Corby says, “loves swimming, jumping off docks, conserving energy under golf course shade trees, and occasionally showing bursts of energy not related to her quest for more food. Special feats include opening the back door and chewing paper into very, VERY small pieces.” Her new responsibility at GDW is Chief Toy Tester. Corby and Bitel are especially excited about the company’s participation in a terrific program

with an organization called “A Matter of Trust.” GDW collects and donates the dog hair from grooming appointments to A Matter of Trust, which then weaves it into hair mats used to help clean up and absorb the oil from destructive spills, such as the current BP spill. GDW has been participating in in the hair recycle programsince they first opened doors in September 2009. Customers can help Green Dog Wash help the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup by scheduling grooming appointments. Any hair shipped out now goes directly to help Florida beaches. A Matter of Trust has also set up local warehouses and Boom

BQ parties to make the hair mats and hair booms to help in the Gulf. GDW can provide scheduling information to those who’d like to get involved in a greater way. For detailed information on hairmats and oil spill relief, please visit While Corby is aware of other selfservice dog washes, he says he “hasn’t found one that focuses on the two core principles- a true self-service dog wash and a ‘green’ or environmentally friendly facility. The competitors he has found “more or less let you use a tub to wash your dog, versus designing an environmentally conscious facility promoting pet nutrition and dog grooming.”

FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


Green Dog Wash is more than tubs and suds. Dog lovers are a social breed and this company is about community. In the clean and socially engaging setting, people can economically pamper their dogs and connect with other like-minded patrons. The company’s planned events, special programming and social networking (including dog wash dates, pet birthdays and dogand-me happy hours) are designed to bring pet owners together regularly. In fact, the website where activities are posted is so much fun to use that dog lovers typically bookmark it for ready reference. Corby and Bitel credit the great design team at Walker Brands for the creative pages and links. Owners can even submit their pet’s name or share their recent experiences in the makeover section or on the blog. Each week one GDW happy customer is featured as “Dog of the Week.” The favorites from recent satisfied pups can be seen on the company’s Facebook Fan Page, where they post photos taken in the Wash. The company uses and sells only products that the owners and employee’s use on their own pets. After researching the many vendors for dog products, a few were selected which meet GDW criteria for excellent quality at a fair price. The company strives to only offer American made products and food. Several special products include GDW ShamPooch, Natural Balance Food and Treats, West Paw Design, Wagging Green, The Good Dog Co., and SmartPups- which are a new dog smoothie, are loaded with vitamins and supplemnets and make


june 2010

an excellent frozen treat. The SmartPups come in three different flavorsHip&Joint, Skin&Coat, and Digestive Health. GDW is always interested in new products that customers have found- and Seven is willing to test. You can send product requests to: Seven@greendogwash. com The popular self-service wash and full-service grooming options provide a cool setting that avoids muddy paw prints in the house, saves owner’s backs – and saves Mother Earth. Frequent customer Kristen K is a fan for sure. She said, “The only time my two pups have been bathed while I remained dry was at Green Dog Wash. The self-service concept is a great idea. GDW has professional bath stations, harnesses to secure the dogs in the bath (always a problem with my Boston Terrier!), regulated water temperatures, organic, locally made soaps, drying towels, and stylish, waterproof aprons to keep you dry. Baths range from $12-20ish. Full service grooming is also available, though I’ve never tried it. The friendly staff is extremely helpful- Brian was even willing to teach and help me use the professional nail clippers on my wiggly Jack Russell. Seven, the friendly resident store dog is eager to play with four-legged customers. She tells all her dog-owning friends, “GDW is a great place to wash your dog if you live in a small apartment or don’t have a utility tub. I would recommend it to anyone

***Greener Dog ($16): Same as Green Dog plus disposable toothbrush and natural toothpaste for dogs, along with the use of Peti-Cure Elite Nail trimmer. ***Greenest Dog ($22): Same as Greener Dog plus Pre-Wash furminator de-shedding treatment
 ***Self Service Options include rental of Peti-Cure Elite Nail Trimmer, forced air dryer, or 30-minute Clipper. Furminator De-Shedding Treatment is also a popular choice.

who doesn’t want dog hair in their tub!” German Jordan and his golden retriever, Travis, are pleased with the improvement of the dog’s skin allergies after consistent baths at GDW. Travis was one of the dogs photographed by Fox13 News when they featured a short segment on the eco-friendly business. Just The Suds: Dog Wash & Dog Grooming Options Green Dog Wash is committed to canine happiness whether clients wash their dogs themselves or have their pets groomed by one of the trained stylists. First visits include a comprehensive orientation during which owners are patiently trained on eco-friendly bathing techniques. The personal attention and fun continue with every visit. Before long, dogloving families have turned a routine chore into a cherished new tradition of quality bonding time that encourages good pet behavior. Self-Service Dog Washes are on a first-come, first-served basis from 10am-8pm- Monday thru Thursday, 10am-7pm Friday, 8am-8pm Saturday, and 9am-4pm- on Sunday. The last wash is 30 minutes before closing time. Current pricing and options include: ***Green Dog ($12): Wash with GDW natural ShamPooch, Towels, Eye and Ear Wipes.

***The Frequent Wash program provides one free wash with five prepaid or 10 pay-as-you-go. 
 Full-Service Grooming is by appointment or groomer availability only and requires verification of rabies vaccination. GDW will communicate with the individual veterinarians if necessary when customers provide contact information. Prices vary depending upon breed and requested services. Hours are M-F from 10am-7pm, Saturdays until 7pm, and Sundays from 10am-3pm. Call 813-443-5714 or fill out request form at www. to schedule an appointment or check availability of groomer. Green Dog Wash, located at 533 S. Howard Avenue, #2, is a cage-free environment in which undivided attention is given to your dog during Full Service care. Since there are no kennels for long-term care, the staff caters to each dog on a oneon-one basis. Owners are advised of approximate times for completion of services in case they need to run an errand before pick-up is expected. Why not give your best friend the treat of his lifetime? You will discover that a clean, green dog is a happy dog. Then, don’t be surprised the next time your pet shares a bark or friendly tail wag with another canine friend – the translation would probably go something like this: “Hey pal, if you haven’t been bathed at the Green Dog Wash, you don’t know what you’re missing. Check it out, and soon!”

local artist corner

Tampa Artist Emporium “For Artists, By Artists” By M e l i ss a W i l s o n

“For Artists, By Artists” is the new tag line for the Tampa Artist Emporium, which is now under new ownership. Local fine art photographer Shelby Boggs first opened the gallery in July 2007 as a place to showcase, sell, and promote the talents of local artists. Melissa Wilson and Anthony J. Peck, both local artists themselves, are excited about picking up Shelby’s original vision and taking the gallery onward and upward. They have reincorporated the rear half of the space (previously sublet by a retail store) back into the gallery itself, which will serve as artist work space and for various classes. The gallery houses over 100 local artists in a multitude of FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


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media- jewelry, painting, photography, glassblowing, sculpture, fabric and pottery.


june 2010

TAE kicked off the new era by inviting 75 additional local artists to show in the gallery’s

new space gratis for all of April and the “Artist Appreciation” opening reception had an amazing

turnout of over 200 guests. As promised,

Built around quality, safety, technology and superior education, USF’s two new outpatient centers are places where systems center round the patient’s needs and concerns. The University of South Florida has a lot more to cheer

about this year than just a new football coach. With two new centers for advanced healthcare, the prestigious Dr. Stephen Klasko hard at work to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently, and an experienced physician’s group making great strides, USF Health is on the fast track to being even more successful and credible than it already is.

Patients First USF Health invested more than $150 million in its Centers for Advanced Healthcare -- the Carol & Frank Morsani Center and the South Tampa Center. The centers were created with a customer-service focus and concierge-level staff to accommodate patients and their families. Sophisticated electronic health records (EHR) greatly reduce paperwork and provide online access for making appointments. EHR allows patients to email physicians and request prescriptions, giving patients more control over their care. Built around quality, safety, technology and superior education, USF’s two new outpatient centers are places where systems center round the patient’s needs and concerns. Both centers house comprehensive diagnostic imaging centers and on-site pharmacies, which offer convenient, rapid access to prescriptions sent electronically from the exam rooms to the pharmacy downstairs. FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


REBUILDING HEALTH CARE The University of South Florida has a lot more to cheer about this year than just a new football coach. With two new centers for advanced healthcare, the prestigious Dr. Stephen Klasko hard at work to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently, and an experienced physician’s group making great strides, USF Health is on the fast track to being even more successful and credible than it already is. Patients First USF Health invested more than $150 million in its Centers for Advanced Healthcare -- the Carol & Frank Morsani Center and the South Tampa Center. The centers were created with a customer-service focus and concierge-level staff to

accommodate patients and their families. Sophisticated electronic health records (EHR) greatly reduce paperwork and provide online access for making appointments. EHR allows patients to email physicians and request prescriptions, giving patients more control over their care. Built around quality, safety,


june 2010

technology and superior education, USF’s two new outpatient centers are places where systems center round the patient’s needs and concerns. Both centers house comprehensive diagnostic imaging centers and on-site pharmacies, which offer convenient, rapid access to prescriptions sent electronically from the exam rooms to the pharmacy downstairs. Carol & Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare The Carol & Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthare was made possible by a founding gift from Carol and Frank Morsani, matched by the state, with a commitment by the Florida legislature and USF faculty physicians. Instead

of patients moving from doctor to doctor, services like X-rays, CT’s, ultrasounds, MRIs and lab tests are brought to the patient. Patients don’t have to schedule appointments at three different locations for their annual exam anymore, because everything is taken care of in just one visit to the Morsani Center. The new Monsour Executive

When it comes to caring for patients, Dr. Stephen Klasko is an impatient man. He wants to currently be able to give patients the kind of care that everyone else will be providing 10 years from now. VISION FOR THE FUTURE As the CEO of USF Health and dean of the USF College of Medicine, Dr. Klasko is in charge of educating tomorrow’s doctors, nurses and public health professionals. But he has another mission as well: improving the care that USF doctors and healthcare providers give to patients. When USF began to talk about renovating its health clinic, Dr. Klasko decided that wasn’t enough. He didn’t want to provide the same kind of care a little bit better. He wanted to give USF Health patients a whole new kind of care. Dr. Klasko’s vision was to provide care that is built around the patient’s needs. CENTERED ON PATIENT’S NEEDS The way the new centers are set up makes it easier for doctors to consult with each other about a patient’s care. Patients are treated according to their medical needs, rather than by the school’s faculty departments. Similarly, some of USF’s key specialties have been organized around the medical treatment, rather than the school’s faculty departments. USF’s division of cardiovascular services, for example, includes cardiologists and surgeons. Its sports medicine program includes orthopedists, family practitioners trained in sports medicine, and physical therapists. “Patients don’t view their lives as departments,” he said. “If you have a headache, you don’t know whether you have a neurologic headache, a family practice headache, a psychiatric headache or a neurosurgical headache. But in Tampa, you’d have to go to four different doctors to find that out.” At the Centers for Advanced Healthcare, patients don’t have to make separate appointments at different locations for testing. A woman who schedules an appointment with a physician at either the Morsani Center or the South Tampa Center can receive her annual well-woman exam and mammogram the same day. The results will be available to her physician the next day for quicker follow-up. REACHING HIGHER Approaching his six-year anniversary leading the medical school, Dr. Klasko has built a reputation as an innovator. He holds an MBA and advocates an entrepreneurial approach to medicine. During his first year, Dr. Klasko re-organized the health colleges to bring medicine, nursing and public health closer together. The new enterprise was dubbed USF Health. It encourages faculty members from different colleges to work on joint research projects and requires students to take classes in different colleges. Over the past few years, Dr. Klasko has brought in leading faculty members from prestigious institutions, from the Cleveland Clinic to Brown University. It’s only part of an ambitious list that includes a project to introduce electronic medical records to doctors around the region, transforming USF’s diabetes care and building or partnering with a new hospital. Dr. Klasko knows none of it will be easy. But as a long-time marathon runner, he’s fond of quoting from an Adidas sneaker campaign: “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion... Impossible is nothing.” He brings the same lessons to leading USF Health.

Sites of Care USF Health Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare 13330 USF Laurel Drive • Tampa, FL 33612 USF Health Medical Clinic 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. • Tampa, FL 33612 USF Health South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare 2 Tampa General Circle • Tampa, FL 33606 Wellness Center within the Morsani Center combines medical expertise with the latest in advanced technology to efficiently meet the needs of today’s busy executives. The one-day, confidential Executive Health Program offers a personal healthcare concierge, comprehensive pre-assessment and a thorough, individualized examination with full access to the team of specialists and resources at USF Health. South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare This center offers a full range of specialized services, including a highly trained team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists and pediatric surgeons to care for women expecting babies with birth defects or other high-risk conditions requiring complex testing and treatment. In partnership with Tampa General Hospital, USF Women’s Health (gynecology) jumped to number 22 in U.S. News and World Report’s 2009 hospital rankings of specialty programs. The South Tampa Center also houses an advanced Urogynecology and Reconstructive Surgery group with extensive experience treating pelvic floor disorders. USF Health physicians are skilled in minimally invasive, robotic, open and vaginal procedures and offer sacral nerve stimulation for severe bladder control problems, and botox with pelvic floor physical therapy for pelvic pain.

USF Health is creating a model of health care based on understanding the full spectrum of health. The USF Physicians Group, Tampa Bay area’s largest multispecialty group practice, includes more than 350 physicians and 100 other health professionals who see patients throughout the Bay area. The concierge-level staff will ensure every patient’s needs are accommodated. Patient information will be stored in sophisticated electronic health records so patients won’t have to fill out any paperwork. Patients will be able to request appointments, send email messages to doctors and request pre¬scriptions online. This group is training the faculty and students to focus on our patient’s overall well-being. By combining the best in medicine, nursing, public health, physical therapy and pharmacy and focusing on the entire continuum of health from birth to end-of-life issues, the USF Physician’s Group is promoting good health and pre¬vention so patients have a healthier future. The USF Physician’s Group has a variety of specializations, including: brain and breast health, cardiology, dermatology, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), pediatrics, physical therapy, endoscopy, ophthalmology, orthopedics and sports medicine.

USF Eye Institute 13127 Magnolia Dr. • Tampa, FL 33612 USF Health Psychiatry Center 3515 E. Fletcher Ave. • Tampa, FL 33613 Harbourside Medical Tower Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic 5 Tampa General Circle • Tampa, FL 33606 17 Davis Medical Building Department of Dermatology 17 Davis Blvd., Suite 402 • Tampa, FL 33606 All Children’s Hospital Children’s Health Center 800 6th Street South • St.Petersburg, FL 33701 USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute 4001 Fletcher Avenue • Tampa, FL 33613

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(813) 974-2201 or visit FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


extra healthy living

Living a Healthy Lifestyle S u b m i t t e d by A a r o n R e e d

Life is always better when we feel good. its as simple as the feeling that comes over us from hearing our favorite song or a getting a random compliment from a stranger, better still it could be time to get off work Friday evening after a long week! What ever it is, that is a feeling nobody gets tired of experiencing. But how come most of us are always trying to so hard to achieve it? Why doesn’t it come natural? Why can’t we feel it all the time? We find ourselves saying phrases like, “if I could just make a little more money I would be happy? Then what? Could it be our perspective is the problem? Maybe it’s nothing more than our mind set? So what is the solution? Well, everyone has a different outlook on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle but how often do we think about what makes us happy? Being happy is the key to “living a healthy lifestyle.” They seem to go hand and


june 2010

hand. There has to be balance. When we feel good everything seems to be so much easier. When we are feeling tired, down or unhappy, simply getting out of bed can be a chore. So here is a list of things that will help everyone increase their quality of life. SmileA smile is always a good way to start the day. Even if it doesn’t feel natural do it anyway and watch the world smile back. Eat Something Nutritious- Don’t starve the body by waiting too long in the day to eat. The mind and body work together don’t let poor sources of energy hold the body down. The better we feed the body the better it will function. Exercisewhen the body is forced to use energy it will begin to produce more energy for the days to come. It may be tough at first but soon it will come with ease.

Get some Sunit has been proven by many reports that people who don’t receive enough sunlight experience depression, lack of motivation, even thoughts of suicide! So get at least 15-20 min of sun daily, Notice how it feels. A good attitudeRemember we all have good qualities, let’s focus on those and forget about the negatives. A positive thought can only produce a positive action; it’s the same with negativity. Don’t engage in negative conversations no matter how appealing they may seam. Nothing good will come of it. A positive environmentFind a place where the attitude or vibe is good. Like anything else it’s contagious. I get my daily dose from PowerHouse Gym DownTown Tampa 5-6 days a week. In closing, Attitude is everything. Many people are waiting for happiness

to come to them, but the reality is, happiness is waiting within us. I teach my students, our outward life is a direct result of our inward thoughts. So, mind your thoughts like a garden and harvest the fruits of “living a healthy lifestyle.” Aaron Reed Certified Personal Trainer “Health and Nutrition Specialist”

local healthy living by the fooD coach

Fruits and Springtime by i . r a M S e y- g r e aV e S

Spring time is here and we are rushing into summer time - Florida. Beaches and Bodies goes hand in hand, just as fresh fruits and vegetables . “Where the sun shines in, the doctor stays away. Where fruit is eaten in abundance, there is no need for medicines. “ -Old Proverb. The first thing you notice about fruits and vegetables are how appetizing they look. To humans, there is nothing more pleasing and healthy to eat than fruits. Fruit produces sensory stimulation to all five senses sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste, even with the addition of so much artificial flavors nothing dull the taste of a tree ripe fruit.

h c a o C d o o F


working budget and your pantry - we teach - we cook - you enjoy

“healthy cooking for your lifestyle” Chef Ramsey Greaves


Fruits are said to be the edible portions of plants that has been developed by a flower, however there are some fruits that are considered to be vegetables, some of these are tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants. Considering the composition of fruits we are lead to believe that there are little nutrients and is sometime dismiss as water and sugar mostly. They are sometime excluded from various diets because of their sugar contain. The majority of living beings synthesize their own vitamin C, however humans must take it In with their food. We humans need vitamin C and it can only be met naturally by eating fresh fruits. Fruit is the best and most natural source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber making it healthy. It is wise to include eating fruits with breakfast as they assist with the absorption of the nutrients from the accompanying foods. Thoroughly washing fruits before eating the skin is a must, buying organic fruits maybe best

as to eliminate pesticides and other contaminants that may be on the surface. Eating the whole fruit give you, the most of the nutrients, from that fruit. When buying fruits, they are best when in season, with a pleasant smell, firm not hard to the touch, with no bruising, an even coloring. Fruits are attractive, appetizing, easy to eat and very refreshing. It can be eaten naturally without cooking and are living food. It is synonym of good health having many preventive and healing properties. It also provide you with uncontaminated water with biologically active substances, sugars glucose and sucrose which is naturally absorbed by your body giving you quick energy, fiber works like a natural laxative, organic acids facilitates the vitamin C, Vitamin A & C these offer powerful beta-carotene and antioxidants, minerals particularly potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, flavonoids and phytochemicals maintain the fluidity of the blood and healing properties.

Pineapple Kiwi Salsa Ingredients: • 4 cup medium diced fresh golden pineapple • 2 cup medium diced kiwi • 2 tablespoons fi nely chopped red onion • 1 tablespoons fi nely chopped green onion • 2 tablespoon fi nely chopped red bell pepper, • 1 tablespoon fi nely chopped fresh cilantro • 1 tablespoon honey • dash ground red pepper fl akes • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh coriander • 2 teaspoons fi nely minced jalapeno pepper, optional • juice of 1 fresh lime • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper Preparation: Combine all ingredients; cover and refrigerate for two hour or more to blend fl avors.. Serve with grilled fish, chicken and pork. Makes 6 cups of salsa

FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


local health within the autism community. In October, the Tampa Bay Business Journal named Prince a finalist in their Health Care Heroes Awards and in April, she accepted the Autism Impact Award from the International Center for Autism Research and Education, which recognizes an organization whose efforts play an instrumental role in


june 2010

the Tampa autism community. Florida’s Window of Opportunity Act has also had a tremendous effect on Prince’s increase in clientele, as well as the autism community. “Governor Crist signed the legislation into law last year, which became effective in January of this year,” says Prince. “The Window of Opportunity Act stipulates

that insurance companies cover up to $36,000.00 of therapy each year, which includes Applied Behavior Analysis, for a child diagnosed with autism.” Behavioral Consulting has already been approved as an in-network provider for several of the larger carriers and is currently working with many other insurance companies to determine coverage for current

and potential clients. For more information on services provided by Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, or to schedule a free consultation and tour the facilities, contact them at 813-265-0210, or visit their website at

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Special Connection Behavioral Consulting by k i m f r a n c i s

Recent statistics show an alarming increase in the number of children affected by autism, with the Center for Disease Control reporting 1 in every 110 children receiving a diagnosis. While the root cause of autism remains unknown, one local Tampa-based company is actively working with children and their families, to provide quality services with proven results. Kelley Prince is the founder of Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay and utilizes the only therapy with more than 30 years of research and statistics proving its effectiveness. “All of our therapy models at Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay revolve around Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy,” explains Prince. “We’ve found it’s really the best method for helping children on the autism spectrum.” While a student at USF, Prince enrolled in a course covering Behavior Modification and began studying how to bring about a change in behavior using positive and negative reinforcement. Around the same time, she answered an ad requesting assistance with a couple’s 4-year-old son who was diagnosed with autism. Prince continued her

studies while dedicating 20 hours a week to the child’s intensive therapy; after a year and a half, she observed his successful transition from a special-needs classroom into a mainstreamed-learning environment. Determined to help more children, Prince became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and continued conducting on-site therapy sessions at client’s homes. As she began assembling a team of therapists, she also expanded, her already dedicated, client base. Sensing a need for an outside therapy center’s environment, Prince opened her first office in 2005 and moved to her present Westchase office in 2008. Increased demand for her services lead to an expansion into Pasco County where her second location opened a year later. The dual locations have allowed Prince and her team the opportunity to connect with a larger portion of the community than she ever imagined. “Everyone within our organization is wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause,” Prince says. “We’re always on the lookout for another way to help, whether it’s through a free screening for parents who may be questioning their

child’s developmental progress to a Parent Appreciation Night where clients can enjoy a kid-free evening to organizing fundraisers to benefit Autism Speaks. “ Autism Speaks is the nation’s largest autism science and

advocacy organization and last year, the Tampa chapter named Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, Most Valuable Resource. Prince has also received recognition for her efforts

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FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


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SI Real Estate

South Tampa’s “Street Talk” Written By: Lindsey Fowkes Lic. Real Estate Agent | SI Real Estate

We are Seeing the Signs

The signs are everywhere that our Tampa Bay real estate market is re-emerging; you just have to look a little further than your own front yard. I am a big proponent of passing along positive market trends and many real estate professionals can reflect on the first half of 2010 and see significant signs of progress. So much of our real estate industry is determined by the ever changing financial market and the ability of the lending institutions to adapt to our economic conditions. South Tampa’s real estate market enjoyed lively competition for inventory homes I 2009, which were in part purchased by many first time homebuyers motivated by an $8000 tax credit, along with moveup home purchasers who were also eligible for a

tax incentive. In many cases these buyers espoused a conservative approach with their upfront spending and purchased homes that require a lower down payments South Tampa stands tall! If a home is priced correctly, If it shows well, If you have a listing agent who is properly marketing your home giving it the maximum exposure available, the statistical data indicates your South Tampa home will likely sell for around 97% of the listing price. Otherwise, results for high end and luxury real estate owners, builders and sellers, is that they have experienced a pull on listing prices, in part due to buyers being successful finding funding resources available to them. This factor led to some sale contracts concluding at a sale price lower than sellers had initially anticipated for luxury homes. A significant sign of progress begins to surface within

Splash! Into Summer Katie Crider | SI Real Estate

It’s now official! It is summertime in South Tampa. And it is HOT! Not only weather wise, but also in the world of real estate. While the real estate market in many regions across the country and in the Tampa Bay area itself have struggled, South Tampa real estate is still in high demand. The beauty and benefits of the South Tampa lifestyle far outweigh factors that have affected other real estate markets. The natural beauty of South Tampa is immediately evident to those who live in South Tampa and Tampa’s Urban Areas. Newcomers relocating find it a destination point. South Tampa is a perfect setting as it fits snugly between the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay and the fabulous skyline of downtown Tampa. Panoramic and breathtaking! Do you like an active lifestyle? Bayshore Boulevard boasts the world’s longest continuous sidewalk ideal for walking, running, biking and skating. Of course, boating is a huge part of the


june 2010

outdoor fun for the water enthusiasts. Isn’t that just Tampa Bay? Of course! Let’s face it, South Tampa is not only a naturally beautiful place to live, it is also a stylish place to live. High demand, high quality of life! An eclectic array of restaurants ranging from pet friendly outdoor cafes to upscale bistros, South Tampa has something for everyone. Early risers can take a stroll in Hyde Park and enjoy their favorite coffee or tea to get their day started. For those who are in the mood for a night on the town, a vibrant nightlife awaits. Trendy clubs pick up the pace for the night owls as the sun goes down and the music gets turned up. Sitting on the western edge of South Tampa is the Westshore District, a major business center for the Tampa Bay area. Savvy business professionals know that approximately 4,000 businesses call the Westshore District there home

the luxury real estate sector. Several major lenders are getting more aggressive and creative with originating jumbo loans, which have been extremely difficult to obtain in our current market. Programs are being developed with low interest rates and other incentives to entice savvy buyers to purchase luxury homes. What does this mean for real estate in South Tampa? Luxury and high end real estate sellers could begin to see an influx of interest from buyers who now can qualify and obtain these jumbo and high value loans. That influx could lead to fresh homebuyer traffic, greater competition for prestigious homes, and a higher sales price. The return and reinvention of the jumbo loan programs should come as exciting and refreshing news for sellers who have been indecisive about the timing of listing their home for sale! Summer time in South Tampa should be particularly bright! Do you See the Signs? Keep up to date on current real estate trends by visiting our South Tampa Blog Spot Have a Real Estate Question? 813.631.5144

making it an easy drive to and from work for those living in one of South Tampa’s incredible neighborhoods, downtown or even the suburbs. When speaking of South Tampa, we cannot leave out the University of Tampa and its impact on the area. The University of Tampa is truly a gem. The private, co-educational university offers numerous courses of study. The elaborate minarets reflect its Moorish Revival architecture making it one of the most beautiful campuses in our country. The fantastic education, fascinating architecture, combined with Tampa’s reputation as being as great place to live continue to attract students from around the world adding to the diverse makeup that is distinctly South Tampa. All of that being said, what really lies at the heart of South Tampa is its incredible real estate. Varied architecture, stunning estates, upscale condominiums, new homes, historic homes, all give South Tampa its special look and feel. Let’s not forget “location, location, location” either as South Tampa sits right in the middle of everything Tampa has to offer. The real estate here has enjoyed stabilized

home values, and it continues to be a red hot market for buyers and sellers. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or relocation, once you have found South Tampa you won’t want to live anywhere else. Business and medical professionals, students, the young and the old – all love the unique vibe of the South Tampa lifestyle. So, let’s splash into summer together. With Memorial Day behind us and July 4th ahead, let’s soak up the sun and fun and sizzle in South Tampa this summer! Call us at 813.631.5144 or e-mail us at YourHome@SIRealEstateInvestments. com if you would like to learn how you can get into the South Tampa real estate market. For more updates on real estate trends, visit our South Tampa Blog Spot at www.SouthTampaRealEstate.blogspot. com www.SIRealEstateInvestments. com Call SI Real Estate to reach a Team Member: 813.631.5144

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SI Real Estate | South Tampa | Our Mission The mission of SI Real Estate is to provide the finest real estate service in any form to any buyer, seller, investor, landlord, relocation or tenant by employing our skills, experience and values to the benefit of our clients as we complete real estate transactions of all flavors with unmatched personalization and quality. Why Choose SI Real Estate? If You Want To Sell Your Home You Want SI Real Estate On Your Side. SI Real Estate offers an advertising and marketing plan that is unsurpassed. Our SI Team of experts are savvy in internet marketing. Results are that rankings are high, and provide our clients strong exposure locally, nationally and internationally. The combination of our company websites, the MLS, internet flyers equal visibility on more than 85 websites. Sellers enjoy incomparable exposure for showcasing your South Tampa Real Estate. SI Real Estate promises to: • Define the distinct features and benefits of your home that will make it an attractive purchase to buyers within and outside the South Tampa area. • Use SI Real Estate’s specific methods to determine the appropriate price point. • Utilize cutting edge marketing tactics to help expedite the exposure and ultimate sale of your home. • Negotiate! We will provide raw data to all parties when offers are made and when sale prices are being discussed so as to reach a sale price that becomes a transaction of benefit. • Walk you through the financial details associated with selling your home to give you an estimate of your net expectations at closing after all parties have been paid. Your success depends on the sale of your home, but our success depends on your complete satisfaction in doing so. The greatest reward we can receive is in having you tell others about your experience and returning to us for your next real estate transaction because selling your home is not only our business…It is our livelihood! Why Choose SI Real Estate? If You Want To Buy A Home You Want SI Real Estate On Your Side. Your decision to buy a home is both a sound financial decision and a commendable achievement. SI Real Estate and its agents are here to help you. SI Real Estate promises to: • Lead you through every step of the home buying process. • Help you define your “wish list” of features you desire in your new home, neighborhood, and school district. • Walk you through the mind-boggling financial details associated with buying a home. • Monitor all new listings in the greater South Tampa neighborhoods, developing a personalized search and alert you when new homes that meet your specific criteria have just entered the market. We know success depends on client satisfaction, which keeps us focused on our core values: honesty, integrity, trust, and dedication. We integrate these values into everything we do, using our diverse competencies to foster our clients’ purchase. Finding the perfect home in Tampa Bay for you is our business! Regardless of your real estate goals, you will want SI Real Estate on your side! After all, we are “Real Estate In Every Way!” SI Real Estate | 813.631.5144 |

Nibal Elsaadi | Real Estate Broker

Nibal Elsaadi entered his entrepreneurial career as the owner and developer of a construction company shortly after graduating with an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas. Nibal later acquired Professional Engineer status working as a Project Engineer, coordinating development plans with legal professionals, builders, residents, and developers. And later, as the owner of two retail establishments, Nibal successfully increased gross revenue while enhancing his operational, sales, finance, and human resource knowledge. In 2006, continuing with his background in construction and engineering, Nibal completed the steps in becoming a Florida Licensed Residential Contractor. Furthermore, recently he has attained Real Estate Broker License and is affiliated with SI Real Estate Investments, LLC.

Pamela Elsaadi | Director of Operations

Utilizing her B.S. in Business from the University of Cincinnati, Pamela has acquired a wealth of business and marketing knowledge that has made her a successful businesswoman for over 30 years. Throughout her professional history, she has gained immeasurable experience in business development and management. In her role as Operations Executive for an international corporation with 12 subsidiary companies, Pamela learned to budget, forecast, and analyze project costs in a global environment. After specializing in real estate, she became quite skilled in property acquisition, development, marketing, and client relations. With Pamela’s education and her diverse background she is well equipped for her current position as Director of Operations for SI Real Estate Investments, LLC.

Lindsey Fowkes | Real Estate Specialist

Lindsey has lived in the Bay area for several years since graduating from West Virginia University in 2002, with a B.S. in Agronomy and Environmental Microbiology. Her initial interest in real estate sparked from successfully supporting a property management production with well over 100 properties in the New Tampa area. Lindsey joined the SI Team in 2008 as a Licensed Realtor and has since expanded her comprehension of real estate today and thus is capable of delivering the expertise expected along with exceptional customer service. She specializes in not only the rental sector of the market, but working with buyers, sellers, and investors in the Downtown |South and Central Tampa | Carrollwood | and New Tampa geographies. Her exceptional professionalism, dedication to outstanding service, market knowledge , and down to earth honest approach have lead to her achievement in the industry and aided her to stand out in a crowded world of realtors.

Katie Crider | Broker Associate & Marketing Coordinator

Katie joined the SI Real Estate Team in 2009 with dual roles as Broker Associate and Marketing Coordinator. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1995. After spending eight years working in administrative roles for the State of Florida, Katie decided to pursue a career in the real estate industry. She became a Licensed Realtor in 1997 and a Licensed Real Estate Broker in 2000. She owned and managed a real estate brokerage business for many years where she listed and sold residential properties and renovated, leased and managed residential and commercial properties. Katie also has several years of experience promoting professionalism and education in the building industry. Katie’s wealth of real estate and administrative experience combined with her commitment to excellence make her a welcome addition to the SI Real Estate Team of professionals. FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


entertainment Dining profile


Dill-icious The Real Dill

by e l i z a b e t h e d Wa r d S p h o to g r a p h y by a S h l e y a r e n dt

Tucked away within the confi nes of a small plaza near the intersection of South Westshore and El Prado lies a haven where foodies can convene and chow down on some seriously tasty concoctions. The walls inside that surround the tiny chocolate-colored café tables are lined with city art, giving The Real Dill a downtown-style feel without all of the crowded, smelly tourists packed within. Owner and head chef Eric Cromwell stands behind the clean white counter, smiling and eager to recreate some of his most popular medleys. I tell him to surprise me, and begin to explore the

room. The smells wafting in the air are intoxicating, and I am anxious to ask Eric questions about how he got started in this business. He manages to whip up two sandwiches, a hearty salad and a dinner entrée complete with two side dishes while answering my eager questions, periodically poking his head through the kitchen doors to make eye contact. How polite! I quickly learn that Eric hails from Buckeye territory in Ohio (love it) and has been in the restaurant industry for many years. He moved to Tampa in 1995 to attend the University of Tampa and his love for cooking blossomed. Over his career, Eric has trained with many different chefs (mostly in the Tampa Bay area) but

The deli’s most popular order, the Turkey Avocado Flatbread Sandwich served with tomato mozzarella salad and a dill pickle spear.

maintains that his biggest influence comes from the home. “I learned a lot from my mom,” Eric asserts of how he became such a pro. He opened The Real Dill in December of 2008 and truly put his skills to work. While the sign outside reads “The Real Dill Delicatessen”, this destination is so much more than just a sandwich shop. Open Monday through Friday from 9am until 7pm and Saturdays from 8am until 3pm, the restaurant’s menu spans breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Breakfast items to perk up your morning (and wallet) include the “B.E.L.T.”, a solid helping of bacon complemented with egg, lettuce, tomato and a roasted garlic mayo for only $3.75, or the cinnamon crisp French toast for $6. Lunch provides an array of bountiful salads, homemade soups, picnicperfect side dishes, a variety of grill items and sandwiches as far as the imagination can stretch (categorized by deli, flatbread and specialty sandwiches – all accompanied by a side and dill pickle spear, of course). As if this assortment wasn’t enough, Eric and his staff have incorporated dinner into their repertoire, with all meals ranging from $7-9. Entrées are available after 4 p.m. and include garlic rosemary chicken, bacon wrapped meatloaf and grilled sirloin. The meals also include homemade mashed red potatoes or oven roasted potatoes accompanied by the fresh steamed vegetable of

The beautiful Strawberry Apple Fields Salad, topped with sweet raisins, Roma tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, toasted pecans and balsamic vinegar.


june 2010

the day. You can also indulge in their tray of sweets, with options like Nutella-stuffed cookie bars and an array of fresh-baked cookies that rival the size of a small child. While I like to think of myself as some sort of Cuban sandwich connoisseur, bear with me on this one, fellow fans – I think this South Tampa sandwich shop is onto something. The fact that The Real Dill makes all of their meats in-house with no preservatives is defi nitely a plus when trying this frequently-impersonated Tampa staple. The company is currently hosting Cuban Saturdays, during which the sandwich, a side dish and a massive pickle spear is only $5. For more information on The Real Dill, visit their Web site at or call them directly for your catering and delivery needs at (813) 839-2900. You can fi nd the restaurant’s catering menu located online along with their weekly specials.

The Real Dill (813)-839-2900 Mon.-Fri. 9am-7pm Sat. 8am-3pm

Are You  the  Leader  

You’ve Always  Wanted  to  Follow?  

Good Question.  

This  is  where  the  old  way  of  thinking  that  we  either  need  to  be  a   Leader  or  Follower  takes  a  new  direction.  That’s  right  –  when  we  truly   look  at  this  question  we  will  realize  that  the  two  can  truly  be  the   same.  You  are  the  Leader  and  the  Follower.  But,  first  you  need  to  do  a   little  self-­‐discovery.  Like,  what  really  matters  to  you?  What  are  you   passionate  about?  And  what  is  your  Purpose?      

Perhaps not  simple  questions,  but  the  answers  are  shaping  what  is  to   be  a  “whole”  new  way  of  leadership  and  thinking.  Exploring  our   intrinsic  values  of  PURPOSE  and  PASSION  to  discover  the  “whole”   person  and  creating  “healthy”  leaders-­‐followers  is  the  key  to  what  lies   inside  of  great  companies.  Let  us  help  you  discover  –  your  greatest   potential  –  call  Sherri  Sutton  at  813.466.1197  ext  3597.

Cool Classics Look Hot Kit's Well Dressed Hyde Park

714 S Village Circle, Hyde Park 813-250-1253 Mention you saw this ad in FOCUS and receive 20% off your favorite Item. d

styled by


Indie fashion designer Ben Chmura recently





of Lifetime’s Project Runway and thoroughly appreciated the opportunity.

Ben Chmura Tampa’s Fashion Design Star Story by Cheryl Johnston

He credits the youth of Tampa Bay for their fashion sense, explaining, “They are looking for something new and for new outlets to express themselves. They are yearning for what’s next. From a fashion standpoint, this area has great potential.” Chmura encourages fashion-minded locals to support the small indie designer community here and now, so they don’t end up leaving for greener pastures. He believes the Tampa area is primed for a fashion boom because of all the hybrid events and venues scheduled here – those that combine art, music, and fashion.

He has two suggestions for anyone who would like to take their wardrobe collection up a notch. 1) Find a great piece of vintage clothing and have it tailored to fit your shape. This will become a classic in your closet and you will probably have it forever. (He still wears a favorite burberry jacket he purchased in Savannah during his college years.) 2) Be adventurous and try some pieces a little out of your comfort zone. This will bring you attention in a good way. Experiment and have fun, regardless of age. Chmura also offers this advice to anyone interested in the fashion design industry. He believes that education should be a priority, saying “It’s important to know the rules before you can break them.” In other words, attend school for two to four years to learn the sewing basics, pattern drafting, and draping. For overseas production, it is helpful to also have CAD experience (computer assisted design). He highly recommends Savannah College of Art and Design because its amazing professors have helped it to become one of the most recognized national college fashion programs. Other schools he considers tops are Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Parsons, and Otis. Internships within the fashion industry also provide invaluable experience. Thirty-year-old Chmura was born in South Meriden, Connecticut, but Florida vacations beckoned regularly since his mother’s family lived here. He attended middle and high school in Dunedin. He began drawing at 18-months-old and says his family always knew his career would involve artistic expression. As a young child, Chmura learned perspective, shading, and composition in sketching and painting. By age 10, he was into comic books – collecting and illustrating some of his own. He studied the craft to find his own style and artistic voice. During his junior year of high school, he applied to Savannah College of Art and Design with the intent to learn everything he could about art. He credits one of his first professors, a woman from

Paris, who mentored him as he moved into fashion design work. Chmura’s first independent fashion show following his 2001 graduation with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design, “Feral,” was a collection of menswear inspired by Mad Max. Recognized as one-towatch, Chmura was selected as one of four seniors to discuss his work and career plans with Andre Leon Talley, Editor-at-Large of Vogue. During a two year stay in New York City, Chmura was employed at Fishman and Tobin and assigned to the Sean John Denim

Division. He also did freelance designs for companies such as TSE, Men’s Express, Ralph Lauren and American Eagle, After returning to Tampa, he designed several collections including his Red Hood menswear collection, Ozmapolitan for men and women, Welcome To The Jungle; Azteca; and Venom. In Tampa Bay’s fashion design community his name is well recognized because he delivers quality designs. His latest retro-futurism inspirations are prime examples. Chmura prefers to work with as many natural fabrics as possible and says he is

“not a fan of synthetics.” Fabrics such as raw silks, silk linens, and cotton sew cleaner, with more of a luxe feel. These also allow more comfort in Florida’s hot and moist climate. Ben Chmura and Bobby Pappadeas celebrated their lifetime commitment to each other in a ceremony on February 28, 2009. Bobby is passionate about his partner’s design work and a great encourager. They share their Seminole Heights bungalow with Malfi, a Scottish Terrier puppy who Chmura describes as “inquisitive and stubborn, but a dog with great character.” The front porch is an especially favorite spot for drinks and conversation. Cooking for informal dinner gatherings is another creative outlet – both like the idea of making something friends will enjoy. Chmura is an avid reader and loves classic literature and collections with literary merit. At the moment he is reading Madeleine L’Engle’s, A Wrinkle in Time. Don’t be surprised if its influence reflects in his Spring/Summer 2011 fashion lineup. Sketching, movies, and music also provide inspiration. “Movies are affordable,” says Chmura, “thanks to Netflix and Redbox.” He calls himself a “huge music fanatic” and he looks for inspiration for his own work in the creative work of others. He had always wanted to learn piano and violin, but his art took precedence. As far as musical preference, Chmura likes “a little of everything – pop, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Muse, Roison Murphy, and Janelle Monae. He is specifically intrigued by musicians with “dynamic looks that create personas.” Chmura makes a conscious effort to stay in shape. He has great intentions when it comes to exercise and even owns the Wii Fit program. Like most, he would like to do more. Continued growth and success in the fashion industry awaits Chmura in New York, where he is presently interviewing for new opportunities. Industry contacts in major markets allow more exposure for a designer’s work, which is a critical component. Obviously, talent is necessary, but networking and connections are vital. The move to New York will take Chmura away from his family, whom he credits for their amazing support. He said, “I would never have been where I am today without my family. No matter what facet of art I’ve pursued, Mom and Dad have been very influential.

Chmura hopes to work with a design team to increase his knowledge of the business side of fashion. A personal goal is to distribute a small capsule collection nationally through boutiques and retail stores. At this time, his specialty is sample sizes from 2 to 4, but he dreams of expanding his reach. One day he would like to produce designs for a broader spectrum of women’s sizes and activate the option to mass market certain styles, which requires funding. Tastes in fashion can be fickle – what’s in today, isn’t tomorrow. Indie designers rely on customer loyalty as their work is marketed through smaller businesses and often by word of mouth advertising. Generally, customers don’t know what to look for with regards to quality, uniqueness, and details that really work. Chmura explains, “Price points must be higher than people are used to because most pieces he creates are “one of a kind. Once it’s sold, it’s gone.” Chmura makes everything himself, from creating the patterns to draping the fabric to sewing the final product. His pieces are truly unique. He also does his own marketing to present his line to the retailers or boutique owners. Locally, a great shop in Safety Harbor offers Chmura’s line. Lace is a vintageinspired boutique located two doors down from Starbucks near the Safety Harbor Spa. The one-year anniversary of its opening was celebrated on May 22nd and Ben enjoyed the personal connection with the clientele who purchased his work. His recent Project Runway fame drew excited crowds to the Garment District 813 showing of his Resort Collection, Lamia’s Wrath on May 1st in Tampa. Amanda Allwood reviewed the show on Creative Loafing’s “The Daily Loaf” and described Ben’s “ fun collection full of interesting, colorful and playful looks. He plays with color like a master.” She also said, “And honestly, I just think he’s a super-nice-guy and I am so proud to have him represent Tampa in the fashion world and on the prestigious airwaves of the Lifetime Network.” Those in the know see Chmura’s star on the rise. So more than likely, the Tampa experiences will reflect in future designs and continue to color our local fashion scene. And he agrees: “Florida will always be special to me, and especially the bay area.”

FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


clothing by Ben Chmura / Jewelry available at Georgette’s

Creative Staff

creative director: brian edward kenny fashion director: idris odun stylist/makeup: annalysa longworth set assistant: nicole jackson behind scenes photographer: jamie michelle photography and jheri badenhorst For behind the scenes footage logo onto


june 2010

FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


clothing from Georgette’s


june 2010

clothing and accessories from Georgette’s

FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010




june 2010

FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


Savvy Says It All

Brandi Kamenar brings her spark to the screen with Icon Savvy, a show no trendy Tampanian will want to miss. By Elizabeth Edwards Photos by Jheri Badenhorst

Anyone that knows Brandi Kamenar is well aware that she is a woman of many talents, traits and trades. What this population may not know is that Brandi has a whole new adventure on her already-packed agenda‌and it involves the big screen (we knew it would happen eventually, it may be the only medium she hasn’t conquered). To be more specific, a computer screen, where her charisma comes alive as she introduces viewers to an informative and entertaining new show that encompasses the latest trends in the worlds of business, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle within the community.

As I wait inside the Panera Bread located just around the corner from Brandi’s office, I can’t help but get a little nervous for our interview. For someone like me that studied the field of public relations for years, Brandi is an icon herself. After spending time at the University of Pittsburgh as well as the International Academy of Design putting her creativity to the test, Brandi migrated south and began to even more actively pursue her dreams (a fellow Northerner to boot – I knew we were destined to be friends). She spent six years at Image Depot Custom Logo Products as the group’s Vice President of Marketing, during which she helped the company grow from a $300,000 business to a $2.3 million business through the relationships she formed within the community as well as strategic branding, marketing and public relations practices. Brandi then went on to create Icon B. Marketing and Publicity Group, which she claims would not have been possible without the help of her tremendous team of experts in the fields of fashion, luxury and beauty. Since its creation in 2007, Icon B. has emerged within the Bay area as the go-to agency for advertising, public relations, graphic design, printing, event coordinating and a variety of other couture services. While Brandi remained proud of her accomplishments, she continued to challenge herself within the industry to find more inventive and effective ways of reaching out to the community. As a result of her untiring work ethic and determination, Icon Savvy TV was born. Icon Savvy is Brandi’s current science project, and she could barely contain her enthusiasm when she began discussing the details with me. “It is going to be like Entertainment Tonight meets Oprah!” Brandi proudly exclaims of her new show. “So many great shows are strictly newsworthy or entertainment/event-based. We are excited to explore the in-between.” Brandi is the producer and host of the show, and she actively helps write the scripts for each episode. She also put together the entire crew for Icon Savvy, with which Brandi feels “so blessed that these amazing and talented individuals put so much faith into the show, even before seeing the first segment.” A few of these generous and hard-working

characters include Michael Harris (photography), Roy Naccour of J Joseph Salon (hair), Saks Fifth Avenue (wardrobe), Reality Edit (video editing and directing), Linny Correa (makeup), Linda Zipkin (fashion styling) and actor/model Robert Kirkland, the first scheduled guest host of Icon Savvy. The premier segment featured the Glazer Children’s Museum, which opens this fall. Brandi interviewed Heidi Shimberg, Vice President of Development and Marketing for the group as well as Angela Ardolino, local parenting expert and chair for the Imagination Gala held in May to benefit the museum. Brandi is on the edge of her seat to expose these amazing individuals that make a difference within Tampa, and is looking forward to finding out what makes them tick. “If you’re leading in your community, I want to know, why do you want to do this? What got you here? What are you passionate about?” Brandi feels incredibly privileged to give back to the community that has supported her so much within her professional career, and strives to inspire her audiences every day with her work. Brandi Kamenar is living proof that if you love what you do, no matter how unyielding your work may be or how gruesome the hours, the task at hand will never truly be considered “work.” She is completely modest when it comes to recognizing her accomplishments, unless she is passionately describing her love for her career, staff and clients. While those that meet her for the first time might be intimidated by her model-like stature and successful background, she is extremely down-to-earth and friendly. She describes herself as “quirky” and a “perfectionist,” two traits that make Brandi an asset to her trade. “I’m a tough customer, but that’s what makes me great at running an agency. If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for my clients.” Luckily for those that put their trust in Brandi, she will not rest until they are more than satisfied. Luckily for the community, she has no intention of leaving any time soon. Icon Savvy airs every Friday at 10 a.m. and can be accessed at www. For more information on Brandi and her agency, visit www. FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


proudly presents the

2nd Annual

Tammy Levent Birthday Bash We are Family

One Community…THREE CHARITIES…One UNBELIEVABLE night An amazing evening where local businesses come together with award-winning performers to raise money for three remarkable charities all under one swanky roof!

July 29, 2010 | 6:00pm to 9:00pm SAKS FIFTH AVENUE WESTSHORE PLAZA | Tampa, FL

Sister Sledge

Special performance by legendary and Grammy® Award winning

…A chance to break into the “Family Safe” to win $25,000… …Stroll vendor tables for deep discounts on products and services offered only during this event… …Enter for a chance to WIN trips, jewelry and other luxury items… and much, much more!



General Admission: $75


VIP: $150

Official VIP after party at Blue Martini, Bay Street, International Plaza

Visit or call 727.726.9090 for event details and to purchase tickets. A portion of the proceeds to benefit Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Friends of Joshua House and Hands Across the Bay in support of domestic violence victim, Audrey Mabrey.

To view exciting highlights from last year’s event, please visit Facebook

clothing from Georgette’s

FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


clothing from Georgette’s accessories from Rebourn Couture


june 2010

FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010



june 2010

Paws-itively Purrfect Pet Sitting

- In home - Dog walking - complete pet care services with a personal touch.

-book now for summer vacations

Call for details.

References provided Ask For JODY


FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010



june 2010

FoCUS Magazine SoUth taMpa june 2010


Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s keep it that way!

South Tampa’s Best kept secret is now


What are you waiting for? YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE THE BEST. Enrolling Now for fall semester. Academic EXCELLENCE for 51 years

Our Mission we have accepted is …… 813.839.0665 44

june 2010

to provide academic excellence within a safe, Christian environment where students from diverse backgrounds will be academically, spiritually, and morally equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

local faith

Greetings in the name of Jesus need writer n ame

Hi. My name is Lee Stisser. In 1983 I was a captain of a volunteer fire department. One evening in early February, I was driving a fire truck to a structure fire alarm. I was traveling along a parkway beside a river. A young man, who later testified that he didn’t want to wait for the fire trucks, came out of a side street and raced across the intersection toward a bridge on my right. Well, he misjudged, and before I could stop, he hit me in the driver’s door. The impact broke the truck’s steering and brake lines. The inertia from the impact sent me over the bank cab first. Later in the ambulance, my radio


june 2010

operator asked me, “Do you remember what you said as we went over the river bank?” “No, I replied. My mind must have been filled with how we were going to survive. He said, “You said, ‘Lord, please don’t make it painful, just make it quick.’” Then I remembered. As I looked through the broken windshield, I saw the river coming at us. I believed we were going to die and I didn’t want to suffer under water. “When you said that,” he went on, “immediately the truck flipped around and the back end of the truck slid down to a stop in the mud above the water.”

Now I was trapped in my seat by the crushed roof, the crushed door and the steering wheel. My radio operator was not injured and went to get help to extract me from the truck. As I sat in the driver’s seat waiting for help, every bone in my body hurt. In fact many of my ribs were broken. Breathing was almost impossible. Yet as I sat there, looking almost straight up to the sky, I realized I was still alive! The stars in the night sky were full of life. The cool night air felt wonderful in my hurting lungs. Sometime during those moments before help came, I looked up and prayed, “God, you saved my life. I don’t know why, but I’ve got to find out.” There is another twist to this story. At the same time all this was happening, my mother was in a car with a friend on their way to their Wednesday night Bible study group. They were approaching the river from the west. They would cross the river on the same bridge that young man hoped to reach before I got to the intersection. As they came close to the river, they saw a fire truck appear to be standing on end on the east bank of the river. My mother’s friend exclaimed, “Ruth, isn’t that the fire truck Lee drives? Do you want to stop and see if he was in it … see if he is ok?” “No,” mother very calmly responded. “Somehow I know Lee is in the truck. But he is in God’s hands. He will be ok. We must continue to our meeting so we can pray together.” My mother had always been a faithful woman. She and my father had always taken us children to church as a family. They taught us about Jesus and the importance of faith in our lives and for our eternal salvation. Yet, when I heard my mother tell of her conversation in the car with her friend that night, I was still surprised at the degree of her calm and trusting faith. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I learned the background to her faith. In an unrelated conversation, she told me that when she was about

16 she began praying to God that when she grew up and got married, if God would give her a son, she would make sure he would become a minister for Him. That was why on the night of the accident in the fire truck, my mother was so calm and able to continue to her group Bible study. She had made a deal with God! How could she do that! I spent my years from the time I was on my own trying to avoid God. Oh, yes, I believed in God. I just wanted to live my own life. My mother knew God would watch over me until she could keep her part of the deal! There was no hope for me to continue avoiding God. When a person of faith makes a covenant with God, first of all, we know God is going to keep His promise. Even through life-threatening accidents, the gates of hell cannot prevail against Him! Then three years later, still not knowing this, I thought I had made my own decision. I entered seminary graduate school at St. Catherines, Ont. Canada enrolled in the Master of Divinity program. I was ordained in 1991. It was just a few years ago when the conversation came up, my mother said, “Oh, didn’t you know? I’ve been praying for you everyday since I was 16 for you to become a minister. I never gave up.” And that’s how I got here: through the tragedies of life, prayer, true, real-life miracles and the never-ending love and providence of God. These are the things I wish to share with you in the coming months on this page. No one gets through this life without traveling on some often difficult, and sometimes terrifying roads. But the love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ overcomes all things. I want to share with you the joy of knowing and loving Jesus, who never goes back on His Word. God has a Word for each one of us. I pray that I may be an instrument in bringing that Word to you. God bless you until next month.

FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


Our emotions  get     the  best  of  us.  


We can’t  help  it.  We  love  what  we  do.     When  what  we  do  is  all  about  Helping  You  THRIVE  –  that’s  exciting.   But  what’s  even  more  exciting  is  how  we  do  it.  We’re  not  your  typical   wellness  provider  that  delivers  wellness  programs  through  the   Internet  or  other  electronic  means.  We  believe  that  wellness  happens   in  the  experience.      

That’s right  our  programs  are  experiential  and  life-­‐changing.    Here’s   just  a  small  sampling:  Arts  &  Healing,  HealthRHYTHMS®  Group   Drumming,  Food  Wisdom,  Joy  of  Yoga  -­‐  but  there’s  more  and  we   invite  you  to  visit  us  at  or  call  Diane  McMillen   at  813-­‐466-­‐1197  ext  3645  and  see  why  we’re  so  excited.

entertainment local nite out


The posh interior of The Kennedy was certainly filled with flash and flare on the evening of May 20, when FOCUS Magazine partnered with local organizations to produce a fun-filled night for all those in at-

tendance. It was an evening of unveilings, as Icon Savvy and Panache Swagger were introduced to South Tampa and welcomed with open arms.

The support from the community was immense, and appreciated by all that worked hard at making the

event a success. Local personalities and business owners arrived dressed to the nines and happily ready to mingle. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tampa Bay put on a sultry burlesque performance that de-

lighted the audience, which was followed up with a knockout runway show that featured a variety of local fashion designers. A portion of the night’s proceeds went towards the American Cancer Society, which made those that worked the event all the more obliged to help.

All in all, the affair was a huge success that could not have been made possible without the support of our sponsors, advertisers and loyal readers. So thank you, again, for regularly reminding us at FOCUS what makes our jobs so rewarding.

entertainment local nite out


june 2010

FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


entertainment calenDar

• Phone: (813) 258-3302 June 17th Living History [Visual Arts]

Tuesday, june 15

at 7:30 p.m. • St. Pete Times Forum 401 Channelside drive, tampa Fl 33602 • Maxwell creates a mellow R&B feel with an easy, rich, sensual voice. He’s joined by the versatile Jill Scott, whose elegant, laid back style perfectly complements Maxwell. • Price: $39.75-$165.75 • Categories: Concert, Date night, Music • Phone: (813) 301-6500

Tuesday, june 15

dinosaurs, butterflies, iMaX and more [Exhibits (Science)] Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI), tampa MoSi, a not-for-profit educational institution, is the largest science center in the Southeast. Museum highlights include two replica diplodocus dinosaur skeletons; the IMAX Dome Theatre and its 82-foot hemispherical movie screen; BioWorks Butterfly Garden, an engineered ecosystem that emulates natural wetlands; the Back Woods, 40 acres of special water conservation elements and outdoor exhibits; and Kids In Charge! The Children’s Science Center, an educational center created from theories about intergenerational play, learning and skill-building. Permanent exhibits include Demystifying India, which features items reflecting India’s history, culture and contributions; Disasterville, which consists of dramatic simulations that demonstrate the science behind natural disasters occurring throughout the world; and the latest, Amazing You!, an exhibit that explores each intricate stage of human developmental life, from the beginning through adolescence. Museum hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat.-Sun. general admission: $23.95 adults, $21.95 seniors, $19.95 kids ages 2-12 (includes IMAX film and entry to all exhibits); member admission $3.

singles in The CiTy Thursday, june 17 aT 7 P.m.

• Mangroves Seafood Grille and bar 208 S Howard Ave., Tampa FL 33606 • A mingle event open to singles ages 30-55 only. Enjoy appetizers, drink special and make some new friends. Benefits abilities Foundation. • Price: $20 advance, $30 at the door • Categories: Benefits


june 2010

a collection of more than 60 landscape and portrait paintings and drawings by Cuban artist alberto de lama, depicting the eclectic architecture, places, events and people that define contemporary Tampa. On display through June 27. tampabayhistorycenter. org. Tampa Bay History Center 801 Old Water St. Tampa [map]

june 17Th Networking Urban Professionals [Association/Club]

this group is open to motivated people who are interested in meeting contacts and networking with other professional folks. For additional information, visit www. or call 404298-5337.

Thursday june 17Th the Caribbean house 5469 Memorial Drive Tampa [map]

dead man’s Cell Phone Friday, june 18 aT 8 P.m.

• David A. Straz Jr. Center for the performing arts 1010 n Macinnes place, tampa Fl 33602 • Wildly imaginative comedy about a woman who is sleepwalking through life until she answeres a dead man’s cell phone. Turns out to be the wake-up call that might change her life. • Price: $24.50. • Categories: Theater • Phone: (813) 229-7827

arT aFTer dark Friday, june 18

at 8 p.m. • Tampa Museum of Art 120 gasparilla plaza, tampa Fl 33602 • A celebration of art, music and entertainment, with libations from a cash bar. the theme this month is african dance. • Price: $10, free for museum members. • Categories: Art events, Date night, Exhibits, Museums, Music, Outdoors • Phone: (813) 274-8130

FaTher’s day CeleBraTion june 20, 2010 - june 20, 2010

• Address: 401 W. Kennedy Boulevard, tampa, Fl 33606 • Times: 12 noon-5pm • Admission: Free for Dads. $10 for adults, $7 for seniors, $7 for students and $5 for children 4 - 12 years. • Contact: Sally Shifke • Phone: 813-258-7302 as our gift to all Fathers, free admission to the Henry B. Plant Museum on Father’s Day! Bring your Father to the Museum and let him escape to the former Tampa Bay Hotel. Are you aware that the former Tampa Bay Hotel was touted as the only fireproof building south of baltimore? it is made of brick, concrete from crushed Florida oyster shells and the walls are reinforced with steel cables that were left over from the Brooklyn Bridge. The mahogany throughout the Museum is from Cuba, the light bulbs are reproductions of the thomas edison carbon filament light bulb and the furnishings are from all over the world. Don’t miss this most unforgettable journey…experience what it is like to be a time-traveler.

Thursday, june 24

at 7 p.m. • Nordstrom at International Plaza international plaza, 2223 n West Shore blvd., tampa Fl 33607 • The Tampa Bay Rays Wives hosts this annual event with the latest fashion trends being modled by Tampa Bay Rays players, coaches, executives and their wives. Also includes a raffle, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a celebrity players mix and mingle. Players expected to participate include Jason bartlett, reid brignac, lance Cormier, Wade davis, Matt garza, John Jaso, Evan Longoria, Carlos Pena and many more. Benefits the Children’s Dream Fund. • Price: $75 advance, $100 at the door, $50 children • Categories: Benefits, Celebrity appearance, Family, Fashion • Phone: (813) 875-4400

TamPa Bay sTorm Vs. Bossier-shreVePorT BaTTle Wings Friday june 25, 2010

miss aBigail’s guide To daTing, maTing and marriage sunday, june 20

at 4 p.m. • David A. Straz Jr. Center for the performing arts 1010 n Macinnes place, tampa Fl 33602 • Abigail Grotke’s website, Miss Abigail’s Time Warp Advice (missabigail. com), has been giving advice on everything from beauty and charm to flirting to etiquette for engaged people since 1998. Her tips are pulled from the more than 1,000 advice books she has accumulated at her home in Takoma, Maryland (she works at the Library of Congress). Grotke compiled a book, Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage: Classic advice for Contemporary Dilemmas, which came out in 2006. Now a play has been made from it. Written by Ken Davenport and Sarah Saltzberg, and directed by Davenport, the play is described as “like late night Catechism but for love!’’ and stars Laurie Birmingham as Miss abigail. • Price: Tickets start at $29.50. • Categories: Theater • Phone: (813) 229-7827

rays on The runWay

from 7:45pm - 9:45pm • St Pete Times Forum • 401 Channelside Dr tampa, Florida 33602 get directions

june 25ThBusiness Masters golf event

Starting 11am- networking, 12 noon a workshop from renowned speaker Mark Katz “The 8 Success Factors of Business” presented by Big Yellow Services and 2pm a round of golf or 1 hour lesson from the pro. This event is like no other where you can meet other business professionals, managers, owners and decision makers to talk about doing business together and then actually go golf 18 holes where business takes place. this event includes the Speaker, Lunch, Giveaways and Golf or Lessons for only $ can register online at or call (727) 224-9455 with any questions. 16101 9 eagles drive Odessa, Fl 33556

saTurday, june 26 CSI: The Experience

[Exhibits] Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI), Tampa Everyone wonders whether the uberadvanced criminal-catching technological techniques the investigators on CSI use are actually real -- and now you can find out. Learn scientific principles and real investigative techniques -- from DNA to latent prints to forensic anthropology and toxicology -- in a hands-on, multi-media environment with special effects direct from the TV series. Runs through Sept. 6.

Free Wine TastingsJune 27th [Wine tasting] Each week, Total Wine and More features a different selection of 4-6 wines from around the world. Official web site Sundays, 1-5 p.m. Fridays, 4-7 p.m. Saturdays, 12-6 p.m. free. Total Wine and More 1720 N. Dale Mabry Tampa [map] 813-350-9601

SharePoint 2010: The Business Collaboration Platform Launch for Tampa Bay • June 29, 2010 June 29, 2010 • Address: 201 N. Franklin Street, 38th Floor, Tampa, FL 33602 • Times: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. • Admission: Admission is free, please register at http://www.magnetic. com/event-registration.aspx. • Contact: Magnetic • Phone: 813-932-9675 SharePoint 2010: The Business Collaboration Platform - free seminar and networking event for business and technology leaders. At the event, host Magnetic and guest speakers from the Moffitt Cancer Center and Lockheed Martin will speak on best practices using SharePoint 2010 social computing tools, analyzing up-to-date information and increasing security controls.

Sting July 3rd 2010

Performing his most celebrated songs featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Venue: Ford Amphitheatre at The Florida State Fairgrounds Tampa Telephone: 813-740-2446

Patriotic Past July 03, 2010 July 03, 2010

• Address: 4800 highway 301 North, Tampa, FL 33610 • Times: 10am-4pm • Admission: Adult- $7, students (6-12 years old) and seniors-$6, children (5 and under) -free, veterans-half price, active military free with ID • Contact: Susan Obarski • Phone: 813-627-4225 • Email: Patriotic Past - July 3rd, 2010 – 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Come explore a 19th century Independence Day celebration! Patriotic ceremonies & music highlight a day of crafts, games, competitions and a big slice of Florida history. Remember all of the regular year-round work, like butter making and laundry, would still have to be done despite the time of year. So come on out and lend a hand.

July 4th Fireworks July 04, 2010 July 04, 2010

• Address: 615 Channelside Dr., Tampa, FL 33602 • Times: 9pm • Venue: Channelside Bay Plaza 4th of July Family Funfest Sunday, July 4 at 6 p.m. • SS American Victory 705 Channelside Drive, Tampa FL 33602 • Games. food. fireworks, crafts and more family fun. This is one of the closest points to view the fireworks, so plan early. 2009 sold out! • Price: $12, $7 children • Categories: Family, Holiday, Kidfriendly

Talent Quest Florida at the DoubleTree Airport July 08, 2010 July 08, 2010

• Address: 4500 W Cypress St., Tampa, FL 33607 • Times: Semi Finals Friday July 9 and Saturday, July 10 8:00am till midnight; Finals, Sunday, July 11-Noon till 7:00pm • Admission: $15 per day for Semi

Finals and $30 for Finals • Contact: Mark Magnum • Phone: 865-386-5241 • Email: We are a karaoke singing competition. We have three categories divided into male and female divisions: Country, Contemporary and 50-And-Over. Contestants must qualify for our regional contest at local venues throughout the state. That list of bars, restaurants and clubs can be found on our Venues page. Check often because the list is always growing. Venues have multiple opportunities for singers to qualify for the local finals. Talent Quest Florida judges and an emcee will come into your local venue to oversee your local final. Those who qualify in their local venue will compete in their respective category at Talent Quest Florida 2010 in Tampa next summer in Tampa. A detailed regional schedule will be released early next year. Contestants must be 21 years old by the time of the National contest and are judged on three areas: Vocal ability, appearance and stage presence. Winners of Talent Quest Florida (one male and one female from each category) get paid entry, air fare and hotel stay at the national Talent Quest Karaoke competition in Laughlin, Nevada in September!

July 8th-

Art Classes with the Tampa Regional Artists [Visual Arts] Weekly workshops include: “Watercolor” with Genie Shannon (Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-noon, 813-991-5519); “All Media” with Dee Lobo (Mondays, 1-3:30 p.m., 813-251-8201); “Art for Seniors” with Lyla Haggard (Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30 p.m., 813-254-2624); “Sculpture” with Candace Knapp (Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.-noon, 813654-3616); “Children’s Art Classes” with Tatyana Hankinson (Thursdays, 4-5 pm., 813-245-6945); “Advanced Art Classes for Older Children and Teens” with Tatyana Hankinson (Fridays, 5-6 p.m., 813-2456945). Visit for more info.

July 14, 2010

• Address: 615 Channelside Dr., Tampa, FL 33602 • Times: Varies Join us as we celebrate Tampa Bay’s rich maritime history featuring the magnificent International Sailing Ships of the World. The celebration begins with a spectacular “Parade of Sail” as the ships enter the Port of Tampa with thousands of spectators lining the shoreline. The 5-day festival will feature nightly fireworks, live music and dockside tours of the ships located in the Channel District, known as Channelside.

July 11thJourney of the Senses [Exhibits]

Ruby Alvara-Nelms is thinking outside of the frame: her latest exhibit includes accompanying music for each piece, to transport the viewer each photographed Mexican scene. For example, an image of the Mission Dolores Basilica is joined by Bach’s Prelude for Lute in the hopes of bringing sanctuarylike tranquility to each onlooker. On display through the month on June. Old Hyde Park Art Center 705 W. Swann Ave. Tampa [map] 813-251-3780

July 12th- Tampa Bay Aquanauts [Association/Club] A new club for people who enjoy a variety of water-oriented activities. For more info, call 813-933-5014.

Old Hyde Park Art Center 705 W. Swann Ave. Tampa [map] 813-251-3780

Little Black Dress Night at 717 Restaurant July 9th- 8 to 11 p.m 717 S Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 250-1661

Second Monday of every month, 7 p.m. Kate Jackson Community Center 821 S. Rome Ave. Tampa [map]

Sail Tampa July 10, 2010 FOCUS Magazine South Tampa june 2010


Make a Connection

at the new Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore Experience a feeling of welcome unlike any other at the newly-renovated Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore. Fresh from a multi-million dollar renovation, this amazing all-suite hotel has unveiled a whole new look. Centrally located in the middle of the Westshore business district and just a short complimentary shuttle ride from the airport, we are an ideal choice for business or leisure.

Book at or call 813 873 8675

Š2010 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Sheraton and its logo are the trademarks of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., or its affiliates.


june 2010

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FOCUS South Tampa Issue 01-04 June 2010