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5, Issue 2, December 2022 INSIGHTS: Diana Osagie’s secret sauce for Courageous Leadership of Professional Learning by Sneh Wadhwaney, The British School New Delhi CPD Leaders Meetings: Connecting once again IN-PERSON

CPD Announcements

• The JAWS and Conference 2023-24 Bidding Form will be released at the beginning of Term 2, around mid - January 2023.

• The bidding for Webinars for Term 2 & Term 3 is now closed. The Committee is going through all the proposals and will soon release the list of shortlisted Webinars.

• Going forward, we would like to celebrate the CPD achievements of our Member Schools. In case you would like to share an article/blog post/photographs of CPD-related events at your school to be published in the FOBISIA CPD Digest, please get in touch with us at The priority would be given to FOBISIA CPD Events, however, we will try to share as many articles as we can with our CPD community.

Editor’s note

The Academic Year 2022-23 has had a great start. Term 1 has been a very exciting one - full of interesting CPD JAWS, Conferences and Webinars, in different formats - In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid. I hope we have been able to cater to all our Member Schools.

The CPD Leaders’ Conference was a huge success, it was wonderful to meet many of our CPD Leaders in person. Diana Osagie, who opened the Conference, was dynamic and inspired us all! She left us with a secret sauce recipe (more about this on page 24).

We are already all set for Term 2 - we have a great line of JAWS & Workshops. FOBISIA HQ is also busy planning the FOBISIA Annual Leadership Conference which will be held in Bangkok in March.

FOBISIA will soon go on Christmas break (19th December - 3rd January). FOBISIA HQ wishes you and everyone in your Team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Looking forward to many more great events and opportunities to meet all of you.

Happy Reading!


CPD & Safeguarding Executive, FOBISIA HQ

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Insights & Reflections

28 Oct 2022 Art- Technical drawing skills and developing schemes of work for KS3/4/5 JAWS (Hybrid) Regent’s International School Bangkok

31 Oct 2022 TA e-JAW-Conference The British School Manilla 9 7 Oct 2022 Aquatics and Swimming JAWS The Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur 13 14 Oct 2022 Intercultural Learning in World Languages JAWS (Hybrid) Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur

15 24-25 Nov 2022 CPD Leaders Conference (Hybrid) Bangkok Patana School 17 24 Nov 2022 CPD Leaders Meetings: Meeting the Leaders In Person! FOBISIA HQ 21 24 Nov 2022 Diana Osagie’s secret sauce for Courageous Leadership of Professional Learning The British School New Delhi

24 2 Dec 2022 Elevating the EAL Framework for Personalised Provision EAL EJAWS The British School New Delhi

28 6 Dec 2022 IB Core JAWS Dulwich College (Singapore) 31

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 3
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Upcoming CPD Events JAWS & Conferences

FOBISIA: Distance-Learning NPQs - Spring Cohort

FOBISIA - ESP - BPN 33 12 Jan 2023 Enhancing Teaching with Blended Learning in Geography

Shenzhen College of International Education

34 13-14 Jan 2023 English as an Additional Language eJAWS-Conference

Taipei European School, Taipei City 35 16 Jan 2023 Developing and Maintaining Successful Staff Collaboration - JAWS (Hybrid)

Nexus International School, Malaysia

36 3-4 Feb 2023 Primary Science JAWS

St. Christopher’s International School, Penang 37 10 Feb 2023 Early Years and Key Stage 1 eJAWs

Discovery Bay International School, Hong Kong 38 3 Mar 2023 6th Form Leaders, University Counsellors & Careers Advisors Network - In Person British School Phuket

39 10 Mar 2023 Provocative Pokes eJAWS Seoul Foreign School, Seoul 40 16-18 Mar 2023 Introduction to the Compassionate Systems Framework Dulwich College (Singapore) 41 17-18 Mar 2023 Bridging the Gap – Supporting Gaps in Language and Learning Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The British International School, Ho Chi Minh City

44 31 Mar - 1 Apr 2023 All Thing Music in Primary and Early Years JAWS Conference Hybrid

Prince of Wales Island International (Primary) School, Penang

45 17-19 Mar 2023 FOBISIA Leadership Conference FOBISIA HQ, Bangkok 46

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Upcoming CPD Events

FOBISIA Webinars | Term 1

11 October 2022 3pm ICT

Educate & Celebrate: PRIDE Youth Network: How to utilise pupil voice to enhance equity, diversity & inclusion Watch here

1 November 2022 3pm ICT

Bangkok Patana School: Taking Your School on a Sustainability Journey Watch here

8 November 2022 3pm ICT

The Stickman Consultancy: “What an effective marketing strategy looks like and why you need to LISTEN up!” Watch here

17 November 2022 3pm ICT

STEER Education: Change Management of the Pastoral Culture in your School Watch here

GRJ Education: Increasing Leadership Effectiveness: embracing a Leadership Mindset Watch here 29 November 2022 3pm ICT

22 November 2022 3pm ICT

Kellett School: Integrating Asian and world histories into a coherent historical narrative in an International school setting Watch here

6 December 2022 3pm ICT

Online Safety 4 Schools: Online Safety 4 Schools 2022 & Beyond Watch here

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 5


No, this is not the Twilight Zone world of online forums, Twitter and Facebook groups, this is FOBISIA CONNECT.

Connect is a new platform for staff at FOBISIA schools only, allowing them to chat, share events and brainstorm together in a professional space.

FOBISIA CONNECT is now live and we have specialised areas (Networks) for Early Years Practitioners, Teaching Assistants, KS5 and University Counsellors, CPD and Safeguarding leaders, teachers in PE and Sport, Drama, and Music and a network for Sustainability & SDGs, Marketing HR and Admissions among many others.


In case you have already registered you can visit FOBISIA Connect Feed here

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Art - Technical Drawing Skills and Developing Schemes of Work for KS3/4/5 JAWS (Hybrid)

28th October 2022

Regent’s International School,Bangkok

Over 14 art teachers and 6 online participants shared some excellent art practice and presented a wide variety of different skills.

From studying Da Vinci’s portrait model to working in different print mediums from Gelli plates to etching. Teachers were able to share examples of sketchbooks, sheets for GCSE and IGCSE and work for both A-level and IB Visual Arts. Extracurricular activities and guidance on unit planning were also discussed.

Teachers from Malaysia, Manila and Bangkok were present in person. It was fantastic to have so many art teachers in one room!

Regent’s International School, Bangkok

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 7


British School Manila

30th September 2022

On the 31st October, the British School Manila hosted an eJAWS for teaching assistants. Attended by over 130 delegates, the day embraced the theme of Concepts, Connections and Community with a variety of workshops and presentations from schools across the region.

Eva Cartwright, CEO of the Platinum Training and Consultancy Agency and prior Founder of the Teaching Assistant College, UK, delivered 2 keynote talks and a workshop about the magic TAs weave and how they can upskill their toolbox.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 9

Other workshops offered insights into strategies for dealing with neurodiversity, employing mindfulness, create a development program for TAs, phonics delivery and the joy of messy play. Such a variety of topics, think points and many ideas shared by all.

Special thanks to BSM and Ms. Maricris Santos (Primary Learning Assistant and Leader) for organising and hosting the event.

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CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 11 INSIGHTS & REFLECTIONS
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Aquatics and Swimming JAWS

16th November 2022

The Alice Smith School

The Alice Smith School JAWS event highlighted the amazing community we have across PE and sport in the region. Over 60 delegates attended the first-ever Hybrid Swimming JAWS and in keeping with the ethos of JAWS, they delivered!

JAWS stands for Job Alike WorkShops and provides a platform for colleagues to get together and share their expertise allowing for brilliant CPD for all.

The day started with a tasty breakfast and opening address from Head of School, Sian May. Delegates were able to select from 20 workshops on offer and what a selection it was.

Colleagues were treated to sessions that focused on stand up paddle, raft building, open water swimming, curriculum development, early years, GCSE, personal survival and much much more. It was a wonderful opportunity to actually get in the water, enjoy the outstanding Alice Smith facilities and embrace some of the activities that our students enjoy so much.

‘I really enjoyed the day and found the sessions very helpful’.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 13

A huge thank you to the following presenters; Garden International School (KL) - Jose Larossa

The Alice Smith School - Anna Sheppard, Cheng Low, Danny Hodnett, Denica Howell, Gemma Craker, Heldi Othman, Hildi Mohd Isa, Mark Atkinson, Melissa Ang, Nataliya Simak, Shareen Png, Warren Newbery

Prince of Wales International School, Penang - Sarah Evans Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok - Vicki Gill

The Alice Smith School

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Intercultural Learning in World Languages

21st November 2022

Garden International School, Kaula Lumpur

On Monday 21st November, the World Language faculty was delighted to invite delegates from around the region, including schools from Tokyo, Manila, Taipei, Kathmandu, and Hong Kong to participate in our intercultural learning conference.

During the day, participants attended a range of fascinating workshops designed to help teachers embed intercultural learning in their classrooms and nurture a sense of interculturalism in schools in general.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 15

Ms. Nicola Nelson delivered a thought-provoking keynote speech about inclusive leadership which led to some stimulating discussions about our curriculum and school ethos. Thanks to all staff who attended and especially those who presented at the JAWS.

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CPD Leaders Conference

24-26th November 2022

Bangkok Patana School

From November 24 – 26 Bangkok Patana School was proud to host the CPD Leaders Conference. Almost 70 member schools were represented with around 40 delegates now able to travel to Bangkok from as far afield as Kathmandu, Kazakhstan and New Delhi.

The event began with a Pre-Conference featuring Richard Gerver (author of several books including his latest, “Building Tomorrow’s Schools Today). Richard’s pragmatic and down-to-earth style was well received by everyone who tuned into the session facilitated via the Eduspark event platform.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 17

The face-to-face delegates arrived in a wet but warm Bangkok ready to reconnect with colleagues old and new. Delegates all received an attractive bamboo coffee mug thanks to the generous support of ESP, one of FOBISIA’s affiliate member and popular NPQ Providers. A full day of meetings helped everyone connect, sharing their foci for the 12 months ahead and also their challenges.

Day 2 dawned and following a warm welcome from FOBISIA CEO John Gwyn-Jones, our keynote speaker Diana Osagie did not disappoint, starting the Conference with a bang. She provided 8 steps to inspire staff with CPD and delegates were hastily scribbling her awesome one-liners all delivered in a fabulously loud and engaging manner. A favourite quote was, “You’ve got 20 minutes! Let them eat cake and finish before they fall asleep!”

Our line-up for speakers included:

Matt Seddon -Innovations in Evidence-Based Professional Learning

Susan Walter – Reinvigorating Online Learning and Fighting Zoom Fatigue

Andrew Mowat - The Future of Professional Learning

Cindy Adair – Using Social Media to Enhance Your Delivery of CPD

Helen Searle - Making Development Plan Progress through Performance Management and CPL

Brian Taylor - Trends in Personal Professional Portfolios and Professional Learning Provisions

Thanks to the generosity of another FOBISIA’s affiliate member – International Curriculum Association/ Fieldwork Education we were able to give out 2 lucky door prizes at each presentation. We opted to give away professional reads and the excitement was palpable as delegates awaited the announcement of the winners.

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Day 2 culminated in a fabulous Wine and Cheese social, which provided an opportunity for delegates and affiliate member along with key staff from FOBISIA HQ, to continue to get to know one another and form new friendships.

Day 3 of the Conference featured the more relaxed Round Table Discussions. After a hearty breakfast delegates spent 20mins at five different tables discussing a range of topics:

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 19
• Hosting
• Professional Book Clubs and Libraries as Hubs of Learning
Great Speakers

In a stroke of lucky timing, Bangkok Patana was also hosting FOBISIA Gymnastics AND a large British community event “The Ploenchit Fair” on Saturday, so following the obligatory photo and fond farewells, our visitors were able to take full advantage of these events before boarding their flights home.

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CPD Leaders Meetings: Meeting the Leaders In Person!

24 November 2022


During the CPD Leaders Conference, we had a series of business meetings lined up on the 24th of November - the CPD Leaders Executive Committee Meeting, the CPD Regional Representative Meeting and the CPD Leaders Meeting. These meetings were held in person after a very long time. While a few joined us virtually, we were pleased to finally meet most of our CPD Leaders in person.

The CPD Leaders Executive Committee met to discuss business and the format of the JAWS for the upcoming year. I was meeting most of these Committee members for the first time since I joined FOBISIA. They have all always been kind and generous, and meeting them in person was excellent. The level of discussion and collaboration during the meeting was very high, this was the perfect opportunity to plan for the next year. Even though our meeting spilled over, as all the committee members were at the venue in person, we met for a working lunch the following day where we were able to brainstorm ideas and initiatives and culminate our discussions in a highly productive manner.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 21

The CPD Leaders Regional Meetings were I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Following the opening of the Conference, we broke into the 3 groups depending on our CPD regions – physically as well as online. Thanks to our host Bangkok Patana School, we had the space as well as tech to bring in all the CPD Leaders of different regions in the same ‘room’. It was a great way to re-establish relationships and bond with peers. We celebrated our schools’ achievements and worked together to find solutions to the challenges they were facing. These meetings offered a chance for the schools to learn from each other and share their experiences making these meetings extremely beneficial.

22 |

As someone who is (relatively) new to FOBISIA, it was fantastic to see the community come together the way they did, reconnect and celebrate. I on behalf of FOBISIA HQ and the CPD Executive Committee would like to extend our thanks to all the CPD Leaders to take the time to join us in person and virtually. We also like to thank the Heads of the Schools for their constant support.

• Login using your school email address and visit Calendars

• Scroll down and click on the orange bell button on the top right corner of the calendar.

• Select the calendars you would like to subscribe to and reminder alerts will be sent to you email.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 23
You can now subscribe to FOBISIA CPD event reminders
Go to and visit Member Support

CPD Leaders Conference: Diana Osagie’s secret sauce for Courageous Leadership of Professional Learning

Published on 25 November 2022 - Blog post link-

I had heard Diana Osagie deliver an online keynote during the FOBISIA conference in March this year. I came away inspired. Diana has a knack for storytelling and research has proven the power of stories. Stories connect you, not only to the teller, but also to the person who the story is about. Diana creates real characters in her stories. She gives them a name and who doesn’t know Sam or Mohammad in Year 4? Who doesn’t have a Molly or Kaira in Year 7? Her characters are relatable, they can be found in any context.

Not only does Diana tell stories, but the stories are short and they are referred to throughout her presentation. The repetition makes it compelling that you pay attention. Now, Diana tells her stories with such passion and conviction that you have no choice but to stop and listen. There are times when your eyes well up. There are times when the traffic down the road may have come to a standstill. Such is the power in her voice.

Last weekend, on 25th November, I met Diana at the FOBISIA CPD Leaders Conference in Bangkok Patana School. In person! I heard her speak and heard one of her stories live, face to face. And she was no different. Yes, she did everything I have described above. She had me gripped for the entire duration that she talked. Even during the Q & A, I learnt something to take away.

Diana was presenting to a group of CPD / CPL leaders from various FOBISIA member schools. Her mission was to fire us up to lead CPD even more effectively in our schools. As she described it, we weren’t just leaders of CPD, we were leaders of relationships for CPD. I quite liked that. We are all humans first, leaders next and we have to be master relationship builders.

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The truth of the matter is : when you have effective teams and healthy teams you can achieve anything and when you have dysfunctional teams you can never achieve full potential. I have seen this pan out so many times, year after year. The teams that are effective, thrive. They have a sense of collective efficacy and they are unstoppable. Do you know of any such teams in your school context? What about outside your school context? Which team in your school is working to its optimum? Which teams are unable to reach their potential? Why?

Diana shared some key messages through her story and I am going to try to summarise my take aways and also pose some questions that have made me think things through. Here we go, Diana Osagie’s secret sauce.

Secret 1 – Share the why simply and powerfully. The depth of why has to be clear, shared and understood. When your narrative of why is linked to something or someone real it has clear and tangible benefits. The why makes people sit up, listen and engage. The narrative of why encourages people to go to the depths of engagement and not become passive attendants. People don’t buy into the ‘how’ or the process, it is the strong narration of why that attracts people, it’s the why that keeps us on fire. The why needn’t be long, but it has to be deep. The story around the why can keep changing, but the why will be constant. As leaders of CPD what is our powerful why? Does everyone in your school know the why? How do you ensure that the why is explicit? How do you ensure that the why is constantly referenced as a measure of accountability?

In the same context, I had a look at Chad Littlefields work (thanks to EduSpark) and he takes it an important step further. The why needs to have a ‘so that’. We should be clear in our intention on how it will impact the needs of others. ‘We need to do … so that’ … Next time you plan a session with a goal / objective or intention, remember the ‘so that’. Listen to the power of ‘so that’ in Chad’s own words here.

Secret 2 – Your stuff, my stuff . The example Diana gave to elaborate this was perfect. In any organisation there are multiple ‘stuffs’ that take up priority. Each ‘stuff’ is someone’s responsibility, someone’s agenda. Whose agenda is it? As a leader of CPD my stuff is ensuring there is impact of CPD on student outcomes, that teachers feel they are getting what they need from CPD, that there is a balance between self chosen and school directed CPD, that there are ample opportunities for growth, learning and development. That’s my stuff.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 25

Then there is the stuff of the teacher in the classroom, that teacher in the corridor on the 2nd floor. She has to plan for her students, ensure lessons are inspirational, respond to parent emails about after school activities, mark and give feedback to children and so much more. That’s her stuff. How can we make sure that both our agendas coexist and are ‘our stuff’? Diana suggests building and facilitating personal cycles of CPD to make ‘my’ stuff work. It has to be meaningful to the teacher and the stuff she is involved in day in and day out. How do we know that CPD is working? We need to get involved in their stuff to ensure that ‘my stuff’ becomes their stuff and the bandwidth for ‘our’ stuff increases.

Secret 3 – Let them eat cake and finish before they fall asleep. CPD must be comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable. It should be so good that colleagues want to get there early, they should run to come for any CPD opportunity! Can you imagine what that would mean? Get rid of the fluff from your session. Make it meaty and get to the crux quickly. If you’ve allocated 1 hour for it, get it done in 50 minutes. Surprise them!

Secret 4 – Embrace diversity of thought – pursue it, seek other voices; voices that are quiet. Think about whose voice has not been heard. You should be able to work on your own, with others and also through others. CPD is not one person’s job, it takes many hands and many minds. It is also important to identify who challenges your thinking when you are planning CPD pathways for colleagues to engage in. Who poses professional challenge to the way you are thinking? We need to bring in trusted voices outside of people who wear leadership hats into the thinking process that underpins the CPD programmes. Who are the people you consult outside of your normal box? Are there any? We want these colleagues to help us think about what it will actually be like and feel like. We need them to help us think things through.

Secret 5 – The Croc Brain has to feel safe. When you pitch a new and beautiful initiative to someone from your neo-cortex, it is not being received in their neo-cortex! Surprise! Remember it’s your stuff! No one is interested in your stuff because … ‘Hello! I have enough of my stuff to worry about’. Human nature is that it will be received in their croc brain. Your beautifully thought out neo cortex ideas are received by the croc brain! The croc brain has an MS-DOS processor. The old, really old slow, floppy friendly processor. It sees the new initiative as dangerous. It questions ‘Do I fight or run?’ ‘Is it boring?’ ‘Is it complicated?’ ‘How can I ignore it or spend the least amount of time on it?’ These could be the first responses of a croc brain. The croc brain is a cognitive miser. It’s aim is survival. But if you can get past a ‘croc brain’ through stories, connection and a compelling why and make your stuff, their stuff, then there is hope!

Fast fact on safety! Did you know that according to Google the number 1 characteristic of high performing teams was the degree of psychological safety that existed in the group? What it means is that when I showed up, did they have my best interest in mind? When

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somebody walks into your institution do they immediately feel that you have their best interest in mind?

Read more about croc brains

Secret 6 – Novelty. What’s special? What’s the novelty factor? When I thought about this in my quiet moment of self reflection I immediately thought of our initiative of ‘Pedagogy, Practice and Pastries’, our reading room with the director Ms Vanita Uppal OBE. The novelty comes from the fact that there are only 6 places each month for primary and secondary colleagues to read and discuss a shared article with the head of school. The places fill up faster than you can ever imagine and you can only sign up once! What have been some of the most creative ways in which you have launched a new initiative? What was the novelty factor that made it a success?

Secret 7 – Visuals. When a presentation has no visuals and lots of complex ideas explained through lots of texts, the audience is not going to offer you attention, they will offer you passive presence. Powerful visuals, minimal or no text is the way to go!

Secret 8 – Weave in Curiosity. Excite their senses, engage their emotions. Curiosity is the croc brain getting interested. It is addictive. The gap between what you know and what you want to know – that’s where curiosity lies. How do you ignite curiosity? Leave them wanting more!

Which one of the above secrets did you find most useful? How will you be able to apply it to your school context?

I leave you with a memorable moment from my first meeting with Diana Osagie.

Primary School

The British School, New Delhi Fan girl moment!

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 27

Elevating the EAL Framework for Personalised Provision EAL


The British International School, New Delhi

2 December 2022

The British School New Delhi (BSND) hosted EJAWS on ‘Elevating the EAL Framework for Personalised Provision’ on 2 December, 2022. The online event saw participation by over 30 attendees from 22 different FOBISIA schools. At the British School New Delhi, we implement intentional and practical strategies to create a safe environment for our multilingual students.

This eJAWS was a series of sessions with practical ideas on the steps taken at the BSND to capitalise on students’ background experiences so as to maximise language development and academic performance. The very first session of the day set the tone for ‘elevating’ the existing EAL framework. The participants broke off into smaller groups to connect, extend and challenge each other. They connected by reflecting on their practices, extending their ideas for supporting multilingual learners in their schools.

Following the icebreaker, ‘Personalised EAL Provision for Language Acquisition and Growth’ session talked about the current practices in place for further differentiation at BSND. The presenters gave an overview of transition, differentiation and mastery level programmes for EAL that cater to the needs of emergent, developing as well as learners

28 |

who are ready to be reintegrated to the mainstream classroom. An enriching dialogue followed about the need to identify and support multilingual learners at the right time with the right intervention.

Bangkok Patana School presented an engaging and valuable session on Translanguaging for Supporting Cultural and Cognitive Growth with a focus on their current HoLa (or Home Language) practices in place for Year 1 and Year 2. This session helped the presenters as well as the attendees to fine tune their own translanguaging practices. A key takeaway being inclusion of the parents and Year 13 learners as resources for HoLa translations.

Language cannot be taught in a vacuum, and the session on ‘Building Academic CapacityContent and Language Integrated Learning’ focussed on using language to build the content knowledge of multilingual learners. CLIL strategies were shared during the session to help the attendees understand the importance of using CLIL in the classrooms. A great dialogue followed with the various activities that engaged the participants.

As a befitting end to the idea of elevating EAL framework and support, the final session of the day focussed on ‘Integrating Culturally Responsive Pedagogies’. The session provided the attendees with an understanding of ‘What is Culture?’ and ‘Why Culturally Responsive Teaching (or CRT) is the need of the hour?’. The 7 Principles of CRT were explained in detail with exemplars from the classroom. The survey at the end of the session gave participants an opportunity to discuss their practices vis a vis each principle.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 29

Ms. Vanita Uppal OBE, DirectorBSND , reiterated the school’s vision of considering all teachers as teachers of language and language as the gateway to culture. The workshop attendees left enriched with concrete strategies to help multilingual students access grade level curriculum across the school (EYFS-IB) to validate, honour, and affirm students’ language and literacy while helping them attain higher levels of academic success.

30 |


Dulwich College (Singapore)

6 December 2022

The IB Core JAWS was held at Dulwich College on 6 December, with schools attending from across Singapore and over the border. Across the day attendees participated in 3 workshops of their choice on CAS, EE, TOK and the IBCP, in addition to hearing from Julie Stern, Angela Meikle and Lance King as the three keynote addresses.

Across the day several themes emerged as the key issues facing IBDP Core staff in all schools, the most urgent of which is how to equip students for success in a world in flux. Angela Meikle described this as a period of ‘social pain’ as technology has recently overtaken innovations in education and amply demonstrated how the IB Core is invaluable in providing students with the stable roots to explore the tensions such as modernising versus disrupting influences, or global versus local contexts.

Julie Stern’s keynote also addressed the issue of how we make students resilient knowledge-seekers and suggested concepts-based tools, such as the ACT model (acquire – connect – transfer) that IB Core sessions can deploy to develop students’ independent ability to organise ideas under discipline-specific concepts. It was easy to see how the similar transfer to dissimilar transfer model would help students develop interesting arguments in EE, TOK Essay and Reflective Projects by furthering confidence in drawing together skills and concepts from across the IB subject groups.

Lance King’s focus, superficially, appeared to be stepping away from the idea of reinforcing students’ skills for the future, with a bigger focus on the immediate impact of

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 31

social media in shifting attitudes. However, his greatly engaging discussion of how ATLs can be used to build understanding of the concept of ‘truth’ and how it permeates both reflection and coherent sensemaking very much had a focus on developing a future generation equipped to deal with a changing world. He demonstrated how all aspects of the IB Core can engage students in the very critical thinking attributes they need for success beyond school. The key takeaway was that if we wish students have increasing levels of self-management as they progress through the IBDP/CP years, then we must have meaningful conversations with them from day 1 on how to apply effort deliberately, so that it has the greatest impact.

Lance King also raised the issue of how technology had encouraged students to have a ‘horizontal orientation’ for knowledge construction, seeking out peer age group sources of information, rather than the more traditional relationship with staff, parents and mentors in ‘vertically orientated’ structures. The CAS, EE, TOK and IBCP workshops offered practical avenues to make this a positive shift, with John Sprague and Joe Loader developing the concept of knowledge communities within year groups as an entrance point to TOK and across the other workshops the idea of students forming peer networks, not just to support, but also to constructively challenge each other, developed as a major theme.

As always, the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day to do list and really engage with colleagues facing similar challenges was invaluable and hugely supportive. Our students are preparing to step in a very different version of young adulthood than we experienced, but the one message that shone through the day was how strong a position the IB Core is in to promote positive engagement with challenging discussions, and how valuable these two final years of the school experience can be, in allowing students to critically evaluate their influence in building the future world. It was exciting to hear where the IB is headed and that across the whole IB Schools network, these same conversations were taking place. We left with new support networks, heads full of initiatives and plenty of tips to share with colleagues.

32 |

National Professional Qualifications DfE Accredited Remote Delivery for FOBISIA Member Schools

Educational Success Partners (ESP) are delighted to be working with Best Practice Network (BPN) as the exclusive partner of FOBISIA to offer UK Department for Education (DfE) accredited National Professional Qualifications via distance learning to member schools

Specialist NPQs

Specialist NPQs

NPQ for Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)


NPQLTD is a 12 month programme for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for12 leading the development of other teachers in their school. They may have responsibilities for the development of all teachers across a school or specifically trainees or teachers who are early in their career. This programme is ideal for ECT Mentors and Induction Tutors.

NPQLTD is a 12 month programme for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school. They may have responsibilities for the of all teachers across a school or trainees or teachers who are in their career. This programme is ideal for ECT Mentors and Induction Tutors

NPQ for Leading Teaching (NPQLT)


NPQLT is a 12 month programme for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading teaching in a subject, year group, key stage or phase NPQLT participants often directly manage a team of teachers and their work is focussed on supporting effective teaching across the school.

NPQLT is a 12 month programme for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for teaching in a subject, group, key or phase NPQLT participants often manage a team of teachers and their work is focussed on supporting effective teaching across the school

NPQ for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC)


NPQLBC is a 12 month programme for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading behaviour and/or supporting pupil wellbeing in their school

NPQLBC is a 12 month programme for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading behaviour and/or supporting pupil wellbeing in their school.

Leadership NPQs

Leadership NPQs

NPQ for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)


NPQSL is an 18 month programme suitable for senior leaders with cross-school responsibilities, for example, an experienced middle leader, a deputy head, a special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO), an advanced skills teacher or a senior member of staff.

NPQSL is an 18 month programme suitable for senior leaders with cross-school responsibilities, for an experienced middle leader, a deputy head, a needs co-ordinator (SENCO), an advanced skills teacher or a senior member of staff NPQ for Headship (NPQH)


NPQH is an 18 month programme suitable for those who have recently been made headteachers or who are highly motivated to become headteachers, and no more than 18 months from applying for headship

NPQH is an 18 month programme suitable for those who have recently been made headteachers or who are highly motivated to become headteachers, and no more than 18 months from applying for headship

NPQ for Executive Leadership (NPQEL)


NPQEL is an 18 month programme suitable for colleagues aspiring to, or already in, leadership roles across more than one school This includes executive headteachers and directors of school improvement.

NPQEL is an 18 month programme suitable for colleagues aspiring to, or already in, leadership roles across more than one school. This includes headteachers, executive headteachers and directors of school improvement.

For more information or to register email or visit

The application deadline for spring 2022/2023 NPQs is 23:59 BST on 20 January with programmes commencing with induction in March 2023.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 33
34 | Enhancing Teaching with Blended Learning in Geography A case studies eJAWS approach Thursday 12th January 2023 09.00AM-03.00PM (BEIJING, UTC+8) SCAN TO JOIN US: SignupbyMonday12th December • Case Studies on: • Introducing the benefits of blended learning • Understanding the possibilities of virtual learning, focusing on fieldwork • with more to be announced Maximum of 30 places available to FORBISIA member schools only. All sessions are compulsory. Contact for further details SHENZHEN COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION HTTS://WWW.SCIE.COM.CN/ https://forms.offi hHqTB UPCOMING CPD EVENTS
CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 35 ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE F A C E T O F A C E C O N F E R E N C E ELIZABETH ALLEN JOIN NOW 13 & 14 JANUARY 2023 Taipei European School Mr Peter Collier Email: Tel: +886-2-8145-9007 ext. 1516 CONTACT BETH PUMA D e a d l i n e f o r R e g i s t r a t i o n : 2 3 r d D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 2 P l e a s e s c a n Q R c o d e f o r r e g i s t r a t i o n o r v i a t h e l i n k : h t t p s : / / r e u r l . c c / j G x N 5 n USD 75 / Delegate UPCOMING CPD EVENTS

information and sign uP 12th December for workshops 9th janunary for participants


36 |
FOBISIA hybrid Jaws at Nexus International School Malaysia Monday 16th january UPCOMING CPD EVENTS


Making it happen!

A look at different approaches to teaching Primary Science

Teaching Science in Primary Schools has been an unprecedented challenge over the past 3 years

Whilst pre-pandemic many schools were moving to a skills based approach, the momentum has been lost and we would like to use the JAWS to work out ways to make it happen again!

Adapting pedagogy for Science in the remote world and ensuring 'working scientifically' was considered became the toughest of all the challenges

Participants are encouraged to offer workshops along any Primary Science theme with the possible ideas:

Sharing what Science looks like in their schools

Sharing platforms that schools use to support primary Science Sharing ideas about how to teach Primary Science with limited resources

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 37
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Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th February, 2023
Science JAWS - Friday 3rd & Sat 4th February Deadline - Wednesday 11th Jan There is an expectation for delegates to present in some way Contact Details owen daniels@scips org my
JAWS focus The Challenges faced...
CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 39 UPCOMING CPD EVENTS


Building a culture where we put each other first lies at the heart of our approach to professional learning and development. We look forward to sharing the thinking, relevance and collaboration around 'Provocative Pokes', how this approach aligns with our school values, and the difference they are making to what happens in the classroom.

40 |
10TH MARCH 2023 1 PM-3 PM KST Register by March 9th: Contact details for further information: John Kett COST: NIL UPCOMING CPD EVENTS
CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 41 An Introduction to the Compassionate Systems Framework A pedagogical route to developing Global Citizens and support community wellbeing Dates - Thursday 16 March – Saturday 18 March (only the morning on the 18th) Meals provided Cost - 200USD During times of global crises, we often find that the apprehension, fear and worry of individuals can build to groups blaming other groups and even countries blaming UPCOMING CPD EVENTS

other countries; arguments and acrimony build in the Global community and other very human responses. These elements can also be seen in our own student communities in our own schools. The Compassionate Systems Framework developed at M.I.T directly addresses these issues and helps to develop ‘compassionate integrity’ in our students which is a cognitive and affective skills foundation for global citizenship. This workshop will introduce you to the classroom practices and approaches which build compassion, deep thinking (for example around the UNSDGs) and develop well-being for students.


42 |
The compassionate framework was developed by academics at M.I.T. - Peter Senge and Mette Böll

Workshop: An introduction to the Compassionate Systems Framework

We would like to invite you to participate in this workshop we are offering in Singapore. This workshop is available to all FOBISIA based educational professionals and will take place at the British Club in their conference facilities. There will be the opportunity to tour the Dulwich College (Singapore) campus on the Saturday after the workshop. This workshop is offered in association with the Centre of Systems Awareness at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The workshop will be facilitated by Jacob Martin (Deputy Head of College) and Charlotte Ruddy (Assistant Head of Junior School), two experienced Compassionate Systems Practioners.

The workshop is highly interactive and is focused on the classroom tools and the development of compassionate systems leadership. It includes contemplative practice, group work and reflection time.

Details of the framework

The framework combines two key components: the first, a series of systems thinking tools that can be used in any curriculum context to help students to understand the deep interconnectedness of the complex issues we discuss in the classrooms. These tools also structure their learning and encourage a conceptual understanding of the issue being studied; they are used in particular to explore complex issues like the UNSDGs which are the focus of many areas of our curriculum.

The second component is a set of practices and approaches which work to develop emotional literacy with the students. Students gain a deep understanding of some of the World’s most challenging issues, at the same time they gain the compassion and empathy to appreciate the human connectedness in these issues whilst not becoming overwhelmed by the challenges they bring psychologically and emotionally.

If you are interested, please complete the registration form by scanning the QR code.

CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 43

Bridging the Gap: supporting student gaps created by the COVID-19 pandemic

The last 3 years have thrown all sorts of educational challenges at students and teachers, and not all of these academic It is easy to assume that as we are all back at school, it is life as normal; but this is not the case, and it is only now we are beginning to better understand the gaps in learning, wellbeing and socialisation and how best to fill them This conference aims to begin the conversation and dig a little under the surface of what our schools are doing to help fill these gaps This Conference will be face-to-face, except for the Keynote Speakers.

Dates: Friday 17th and Saturday 18th March, 2023

Location: British International School, HCMC, Vietnam Course Fees: TBC

Keynote Speakers: Themes to be explored:

Social/Emotional gaps

Learning Support needs post Covid Language learning needs post Covid Utilising therapists

Many more to come

To find out more about this conference, click here or use the QR Code to open the document

Looking forward to seeing you here!

Register your interest here or use the QR Code below prior to the 3rd of March 2023

The British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, is excited to be providing all FOBISIA schools the opportunity to take part in this conference which will focus on arguably the biggest challenge to hit education in living memory, the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic. Whilst the ‘bounceback’ has been positive, many of us involved in education are still coming to grips with how best to support our students. This conference aims not to provide the answers, but to begin the conversation and dig a little under the surface of what our schools are doing to help fill these gaps.

We have lined up two outstanding keynote speakers, each with a very different focus, as well as a number of experts in their fields who will lead workshops over the day and a half of the conference. These range from educational psychologists, speech and language therapists to leaders of Learning Support and EAL departments. We hope to see you here!

44 |
Mr Shane Leaning, Head of Teaching Development for Nord Anglia Education Dr Angie Wigford, BSc(Hons), MSc, PGCE, DEdPsy To find out more about our speakers, click on the info link below or use the QR Code to access
CPD Digest, Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2022 | 45 UPCOMING CPD EVENTS
Email : Landline : +66 2744 4070 Address: 39/4 Todsamon Clubhouse Building, Mezzannine Floor, Soi Lasalle 39/1, Sukhumvit 105, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260
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