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National Excellence Awards 2070 August


FNCCI National Excellence Awards 2070 was not simply as a celebration of success but also as recognition of the efforts of the business sector through extremely challenging times. Held amidst a distinguished gathering of business leaders, political heads, bureaucrats, academia, young entrepreneurs, media persons and socialites, the FNCCI National Excellence Awards took place at the Radisson Hotel on August 27, 2013. Chief Guest at the event was Rt Hon. President of Nepal, Dr Ram Baran Yadav. The awards was first constituted in 2001 and was held for the sixth time this year. Fourteen awards were presented this year while five new categories have been introduced. The evening was dedicated to the spirit of entrepreneurship and business excellence, an acknowledgement of true business acumen. Following were the winners in the different categories:

National Excellence Award Small scale category: Get Paper Industries Medium scale category: Quest Pharmaceuticals Large scale category: Unilever Nepal Service Excellence Award Small scale category: F1Soft International Medium scale category: Advanced Polyclinic Large scale category: Ncell People Excellence Award Large scale category: Nabil Bank

NRN Business Person of the Year Dr Upendra Mahato Best Brand Peoples’ Choice Award Multinational Nepalese Company: Ncell National Company: Wai-Wai NYEF-Young Business Achiever Male: Prabal Gurung Female: Nikita Poudel and Meeli Shrestha Lifetime Achievement Award Prabhakar SJB Rana

Businessperson of the Year – Editors Choice Award Min Bahadur Gurung The evening also featured live music by the very talented and versatile duo, Salil Subedi and Nikhil Tuladhar on the theme of excellence while Pranav Rajouria and Yuvash Vaidya hit the notes of celebration to conclude the evening with a jazz composition. The event was hosted with a lot of panache by young business leader and chair person of the FNCCI National Excellence Award Committee 2070, Saurabh Jyoti. President of FNCCI, Suraj Vaidya reiterated FNCCI’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for better business practices and the culture of excellence.



from the fncci President Suraj Vaidya

Saurabh Jyoti

Ajay B Pradhanang

Bishnu Dass Dangol

Indu Bikram Joshi

MD, Fleur Himalaya Ltd

Exec. Chairman, Bhaktapur Craft Paper

Director, Nepal Bureau of Standards & Metrology

Dharma Raj Rajkarnikar

Jeevan Kansakar

Ramesh Man Singh

MD, Oriental Wood Carving Industries

Director, FNCCI Secretariat

MD, BISCONS Dev. and Mgmt. Consultants

Director, Jyoti Group

It is a privilege to present the FNCCI National Excellence Awards 2070 not simply as a celebration of success but also as recognition of the efforts of the business sector through extremely challenging times.


My term as the President of FNCCI has been one of the greatest learning experiences. Even as I have endeavoured to lead the apex business body of the country, I am humbled by what I get to learn and experience through the incredible efforts of entrepreneurs far and wide, of all sizes and scales, of different age groups, and of extraordinary dreams and achievements. I have had the opportunity to understand what it really means to be an entrepreneur, not just through my experiences but through the collective understanding and practices of the business community of our country from the faraway mountains and terai to the centre of commerce in the capital. The challenges are many, but not insurmountable. It is a time when we cannot simply use our intelligence, but must rely on wisdom. Because every choice we make today as entrepreneurs, as leaders, as citizens and as a nation will determine the future of the generations ahead. We must make meaningful choices today - choices that will steer Nepal onto the course of economic progress and a better life for her citizens. We need to address with absolute emphasis the energy, education, healthcare, infrastructure and tourism sectors. We need to put into place policies that allow business to grow and create jobs and opportunities. This is a world of plenty, we must work so that no child lacks a decent education, no woman dies during childbirth, no person dies of hunger and poverty, and no youngster has to stand in a queue for days to leave his country for work opportunity on foreign lands. At FNCCI, we know that this is a time to keep success and failure – both - in perspective. It is time to make tough decisions but with integrity. Though times have been tough, we are today tougher as a nation. FNCCI is committed to creating an enabling environment for better business practices. We need to connect, reach out and give back even as we create a culture of excellence.

FNCCI NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2070 Consultant Execution & Support

Charu Chadha

Preeti Rajeshwori Shah

Pratishya Pant

Editor, Media 9 (Business 360 & WOW)

Officer, FNCCI

Asst. Coordinator, Awards 2070


Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain Quality Expert

Rameshore Khanal

Professor, SAIM College

Prof. Subas KC Dean, KUSOM


Roshan Rathi

MD, Skills to Earn Pvt. Ltd

Arun Sharma

Visiting Faculty, KUSOM

Manohar B. Shrestha Treasurer, NQPCN


The Awards tonight is a way of honoring people and companies that have achieved success in their vision and goals besides having contributed to economic development. I am privileged to be a part of this success tonight and express my gratitude to all the participants, the awards organizing committee, and my heartfelt congratulations to the winners. Madhav P Pradhan

Technical & Project Mgmt., Jyoti Group

Saroj Rai

Adjunct Faculty for MBA in Strategic and Development Mgmt

Ramesh Sthapit

Former Jt. Secretary, Ministry of Industry



Chairperson of the FNCCI National Excellence Awards Committee 2070 Saurabh Jyoti

Harshwardhan Shahani

CEO / Creative Director, V-chitra

Ranjit Acharya

CEO, Prisma Advertising

Sanket Lamichhane MD, Linez

Ujaya Shakya

MD, Outreach Nepal


Dr. Bimal Koirala

Former Chief Secretary, GoN

Dr. Sunity Shrestha Hada Professor, TU

Rameshore Khanal

Professor, SAIM College

Prof. Bishwambher Pyakuryal

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. - Steve Jobs

Professor, TU


FNCCI National Excellence Awards is a tribute to celebrate the spirit of companies and individuals who constantly strive to improve and deliver outstanding outputs in products, services, work systems, structures and policies. As a developing nation, we have to prioritize our focus on qualitative rather quantitative and work towards building quality into our systems and organisational structures so that we can compete not just nationally, but internationally also.

Ajaya Bhadra Khanal

Editor, The Himalayan Times

Madan Lamsal

Editor, New Business Age & Aarthik Abhiyan

Prateek Pradhan Editor, Nagarik


Ashutosh Tiwari

Country Representative, WaterAid Nepal

Maggie Shah

Chairperson, Himalayan Distillery Ltd

Sanjib Raj Bhandari

President, NRN Association

Suraj Vaidya

President, FNCCI

Editor, Kantipur

SME’s play a critical role in the economic transformation of a nation hence we need to work on developing the capacity of SME’s and support them and get them into the economic mainstream. With this in mind, we have introduced National Excellence Awards in small and medium business categories to recognise and encourage them. With a trade deficit of 1:8 ratio this year, we need to find immediate measures to move from an import based economy to a manufacturing based one, and the only way we can do that is to focus on quality and adopt Total Quality Management Systems for widespread acceptance, growth and sustainability of our industries.

CEO, Mercantile Office Systems


Jiba Lamichhane

Sudheer Sharma

The objective of the Awards is not only just to recognise the winners but it also adds tremendous value to the participating companies by providing feedback reports from professional assessors. Moreover the winners also share their best practices by which all participants benefit. I believe that with hard work, dedication, commitment and consistently working towards a process of continuous improvement, we can strive for excellence  enhancing capacity of our Nepalese Industries, Products and Services so that we become globally competitive.


Governor, Dr Yuvraj Khatiwada being welcomed

Shrawan Pradhan Director of Business Development & General Manager, Gham Power These types of awards encourage young business like ours to a large extent. Our hardship and dedication are the main ingredients that have helped us win this award tonight.

Rt. Hon. President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav being welcomed at the FNCCI National Excellence Awards 2070

Government officials attend the Awards

Dr. Upendra Mahato Winner, NRN Businessperson of the Year Award The major challenge in investment is to start. After starting there are no challenges. We hear lot of negative things in the business sector but tonight it was all about good things. If you work hard with positive thoughts, you will be rewarded. So, my request to everyone is instead of waiting for the right time, start investing today.

All rise for the national anthem


Finance Minister, Hon Shanker Pd. Koirala

Sr. Vice President Bhaskar Rajkarnikar welcomes former President FNCCI, Pradeep K Shrestha

Binod Tuladhar Bluebird Mall It was a very well oraganised event and FNCCI should carry it as a tradition. The event was important to inspire all businessmen and it’s continuity can be a wonderful platform to share the achievement.

Governor, Dr Yuvraj Khatiwada

Ranjit Acharya CEO, Prisma Advertising Well organised and equally well crafted event. The new categories of awards have brought intensive competitiveness in the entire business arena. I like to believe that nobody is a loser as this was the perfect opportunity for organisations to find out their strengths as well as their weakness. Awards like these provide a platform especially for small and medium enterprises to boost their networking and builds confidences for the growth of the internal team.

Finance Minister being welcomed

Minister for Foreign Affairs being welcomed

Title sponsor, Anand Bagaria of NIMBUS

National Excellence Award (small enterprise) - GET Paper Industries

Host for the Awards, Saurabh Jyoti

National Excellence Award (medium enterprise) - Quest Pharmaceuticals

People Excellence Award (large enterprise) - Nabil Bank

NRN Business Person of the Year Dr Upendra Mahato

Service Excellence Award (small enterprise) - F1 Soft

President FNCCI, Suraj Vaidya

National Excellence Award (large enterprise) Unilever Nepal

Certificate of Commendation : Gham Power Nepal Pvt Ltd

Ncell takes the Best Brand People’s Choice Award (Multinational Nepalese Company)

Service Excellence Award (medium enterprise) - Advanced Polyclinic

Certificate of Commendation : Sipradi Trading Pvt.Ltd

Prabal Gurung’s mother receives the Young Business Achiever (male) award on his behalf

Nikita Poudel - Young Business Achiever (female)

Service Excellence Award (large enterprise) - Ncell

Certificate of Commendation : Butwal Power Company Ltd.

Meele Shrestha - Young Business Achiever (female)

WAI WAI wins Best Brand - People’s Choice Award (Nepalese Company)

Vote of thanks delivered by Ajay Pradhanang

Business Person of the Year 2070 - editor’s choice award received by Min Bahadur Gurung

Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2070 Prabhakar SJB Rana


Krishna Gyawali Secretary, Ministry of Industry I liked the way FNCCI National Excellence Award ceremony was run. Professional, flawless and playful MCing by Saurabh Jyoti with support from Charu Chadha, monotonybreaker visuals and music, short speeches with motivational narratives only by the hosts, impressive size of quality audience, and refreshing drinks with delicious dinner. Congratulations to the younger brains behind for making it a success. The public sector needs to learn such things from the private sector. Prabhakar SJB Rana shares insights into his life

Sanket Lamichhane Avani Advertising The award has given recognition to new and small scale companies as well. Regular names and big brands they are always there but it’s important to encourage new ones as well. As the award comprised of various categories, it was very inclusive and competitive at the same time.

Full house at the FNCCI National Excellence Awards 2070


Bijay Bdr. Shrestha, Nalin Mandirata

BK Shrestha, KB Manandhar

FNCCI President Suraj Vaidya in conversation with Rt Hon President Dr Ram Baran Yadav

Samir Thapa

Restha Jha

Laura Anne Watson

Suhrid Jyoti

H.E. Thai Ambassador

Niranjan Shrestha

Sanju Koirala Corporate Communication Director, Ncell Winner, Best Brand People’s Choice Award and Best Multinational Company Award We received the award for service excellence which indicates that we care about our customers and we are trying our level best to provide excellent services to them. This kind of awards always motivates us to strive more for enhancing our services. It feels great to be voted as the best brand from the general public at the same time. We believe that with success comes responsibility, hence now it is more challenging as we cannot afford to lose the trust of our valued customers.

The distinguished front row

Sashin Joshi, NIC Asia

Suraj Vaidya, Yankila Sherpa

Milee Shrestha Winner, Young Business Achievers Award (Female) There are very few young women who are into business and it’s not because of challenges but also because of the job-seeking attitude. More and more young women should get into entrepreneurship as there are big opportunities waiting. It’s important to target quality of service and products instead of targeting profit and this is what I have been doing.

Suraj Vaidya, Kumud Dugar

Saurabh and Srijana Jyoti

Sanjib Rajbhandari, Banita Mittal

7 Siddharth Rana, Nakim Uddin amidst the audience Anand Bagaria, Siddharth Rana Suraj Vaidya and Shashi Agrawal

Anil Gyanwali

Ritu Vaidya cheers the winners Bhawani Rana, Chandi Raj Dhakal, Kush K. Joshi

Manish Jha, Biswas Dhakal, Deependra Chaulagain Prof. Subas KC

Salil Subedi entrances the audience

Nikhil Tuladhar sets the beat

Dr. Hemant Dabadi, Denis Shrestha, Dr. Upendra Mahato, Saurabh Jyoti

Anand Bagaria, Charu Chadha

Dr Sunity Shrestha Hada, Maggie Shah

Minister of Finance with Yankila Sherpa, Pramila Rijal, Barsha Shrestha, Shanti Chadha, Maggie Shah

Min Bahadur Gurung Founder, Bhat Bhateni Supermarket Winner, Businessperson of the Year —Editors’ Choice Award When I started, the business capital was a big challenge for me. I started with small capital of Rs 35,000 and to be awarded amongst the top business entrepreneurs is a matter of great honour for me. I am feeling so encouraged that I now would like to invest more and expand the business further.

The theme of Excellence - Salil and Nikhil


All eyes on the winners

Suraj Vaidya, Barsha Shrestha

Bhaskar Rajkarnikar with business associates

Prabhakar SJB Rana

Bhaskar Rajkarnikar, Bhawani Rana, Pashupati Murarka

Dr Hemant Dabadi, Dr Upendra Mahato

Harsha Shahani, Saurabh Jyoti, Charu Chadha, Suraj Vaidya raise a toast to the winners

Gen Next - Young talent Pranav Rajouria and Yuvash Vaidya perform

Mandira Bhattarai Get Paper Industry Winner, National Excellence Award (Small Enterprise) I would like to thank FNCCI for organising this event and I hope it gets continued in the coming years as well. It’s more important to recognise small industries like ours. As a member of World Fair Trade Organisation, we keep our focus on social and environment responsibilities as well besides looking at efficiency and quality of products.

Samjhana and Bikas Rauniar

Abhishek Murarka

Gyanendra Lal Pradhan, Pradeep K Shrestha

Ajay Pradhanang

Dr Upendra Mahato, Chandra Pd Dhakal

Lok Man Golchha

Maggie Shah Jury Member FNCCI National Excellence Award Owner, Himalayan Distillery As one of the jury members of the award, I am quite pleased with the selection criteria. It was a very competitive one and the best ones have become the winners. The organising committee has done a great job to make the evening a memorable one and I am happy that FNCCI brought forward young and dynamic entrepreneurs like Saurabh Jyoti and Ajay Pradhanang.

Dinesh Chapagain with wife

Shreya Singh

Rishesh KC General Manager, Swell Investment Pvt Ltd The award function was inclusive and FNCCI was quite successful in comprising every sector from small, medium to large enterprises. The success of the event is encouraging for all the entrepreneurs in times of political transition.

H.E Bangladeshi Ambassador

Kush K Joshi, Ajay Mudbhari

Gokarna Awasthi Business Bureau Chief, Kantipur Daily The event was well organised and the duration of the event was also perfect. I think all the awarded people and organisations were deserving but it would have been better if President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav had awarded all the winners instead of the selected ones. The new added categories was also another positive step and including editors in jury panel was other good aspect.


Suraj Vaidya, Hon. Minister of Finance Shanker Koirala

Umesh Shrestha

Suraj Vaidya, Ranjan Sharma

Preeti Shah, Shekhar Chettri

Unilever Nepal celebrates

Raveena Desraj Shrestha Chief Consumer Banking and Corporate Affairs at Mega Bank It was a wonderful program and I am really impressed by the quality of business in Nepal. The quality, in my opinion has been enhanced in various sectors, compared to some years back, and an event like this works as a good platform to bring more positive changes.


Roshan Rathi

Bijay Bdr Shrestha, Jeevan Kansakar

Kabir Thapa, Anil Malik

Binoy Lama, Dhruba Shrestha

Dr Upendra Mahato being congratulated

Shanti Chadha, Himal

Anil Shah

Dileep Agrawal

Sharada Rijal

Bishnu Das Dangol

Biswas Dhakal CEO, F1Soft International Winner, Service Excellence Award (Small Enterprise) I was not expecting to win the award and I am overwhelmed to receive it. I would like to dedicate this award to my team of F1 Soft. What we are today is the result of our dedication, quality of service and team work. Dr Upendra Mahato, Chandi Raj Dhakal, Dr Bharat Rawat, Governor Yuvraj Khatiwada

Kishore Maharjan

Nirvana Chaudhary, Harsha Shahani Anuradha Koirala, Bishwo Khadka

Yankila Sherpa, Saurabh Jyoti, Pramila Rijal, Meera Jyoti, Shanti Chadha


Ratish Basnyat, Preeti Shah, Tsiring Tamang, Anup Shrestha

Shambhu Shrestha, Padma Jyoti

Winners 2070

Pashupati Murarka, Anand Bagaria welcoming members and invitees

Ritu Vaidya, Suryansh, Sanjib Rajbhandari

Fncci excellence award 2070 newsletter