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WELCOME In less than two weeks, we’ll all be queuing up, strutting and fretting our second upon the voting stage to decide whether Malta should introduce divorce or not. And all this, to sustain the reference, against the background of sound and fury as the pro- and anti-divorce movements battle it out with words, billboards and the kind of discussions that have Carry On potential. I will be voting in favour of divorce, for various reasons. First, this is strictly a civil issue, because divorce will not affect, in any way, the religious aspects of a Roman Catholic marriage. Secondly, the arguments against divorce have not convinced me in the least – to say that a woman who suffers abuse from her husband should not be allowed to divorce because that would free her abuser and unleash him on other unfortunate women means ignoring the plight and personal tragedy of a precious individual.

the Pope game and acting as if they had a direct line with God and the Virgin Mary. It’s like having politicians dictate fashion. Of course, they can wear whatever they like, but heaven forbid they impose the kind of ties or suit-and-sock mismatches they sport on us. It would be better if politicians actually spent their well-paid time on political issues rather than religious ones. And it would be better for others who have raised their voice to step back and hopefully realise that their lines of thought are more terrible and fundamentalist than those nursed by the Taliban. Divorce is a personal issue. I am happily married and have two beautiful daughters. Yet not everyone is as lucky in love, and they should have the right to withdraw from an abusive, failed relationship. Finally, responsible divorce is a question of freedom. The same argument applies to censorship – adults should be free to decide whether something is harmful to them or not, without anyone else, least of all a nanny state, leading them by the hand. Read on and enjoy.

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In less than two weeks, Malta goes to the polls to decide on whether to introduce divorce or not. FM listens to two sides of the divorce story.

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54 It’s a classic

A celebrity fave with fans like Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry – get inspired and be your very own vintage vixen.

56 What I bought this month

Tiziana Gauci’s fashion world is virtual, yet her wardrobe is real.

20 The final score

63 Out of the Closet

23 Heel girl

66 Go with what flow

Luxurious sportswear that’s destined for anywhere except the gym. Glam up and work it.

For Celine, it’s casual by day and killer heel drama by night.

27 The heat is on

It’s the first of the summer whine as you start on the tone, tan and wax regime. Maria Michela Formosa helps you get ready for the beautiful season.

31 Yummy mummy

Does your bump look big yet stylish in this, asks Daniela Brockdorff.

36 Gone to print

This season is all about printed matter. FM goes for a special edition of geometric, animal and floral patterns.

Stylist Luke Engerer gives ballerina Ilona Attard a makeover that has her dancing with the stars.

As it gets hot, hot, hot, Anne Marie Spiteri finds the cold solution to quench your thirst and dehydrate your body.

68 Bad hair day

They’re hair today and hopefully gone tomorrow. FM has a scissorhands moment with the worst hairstyles of the season.

6 - FM / May 2011

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We’ll always have Paris, says Mona Farrugia as she finds that, in the city of light, everything is illuminated.

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Young photographer Tamara Webb is on her way to becoming a shooting star.

50 What I know about style

Jewellery is a girl’s best friend says Nadège Renée Cassar as she shines on her precious creations.

Hair Michelle Galea at Roots Hair Salon, San Gwann 2745 4164

Model: Andrea - wearing Peacocks bikini, €26.00

CONTENTS FM interviews Irina Garbati, World Fashion Channel (Europe) CEO.

Stylist Kira Drury

Make-up Nicola Powell M: 9986 5369

And then there is the fact that the divorce issue has been wrongfully politicised, with a number of politicians playing the holier than

9 Big fashion on the small screen

COVER CREDITS Photographer Tonio Lombardi W:


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Big fashion on the small screen FM interviews Irina Garbati, World Fashion Channel (Europe) CEO, in Malta for the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week. FM: The WFC boasts headquarters in Milan, a fashion capital of the world. Yet with fashion weeks being organised all over the world, do you think that fashion is becoming more decentralised? IG: The main four fashion weeks – New York, Milan, Paris and London – still remain the structural pillars of the fashion system. Yet in the last few years a great amount of local fashion weeks have been organised – this, in my opinion, is a logical response to the general economic development and also to the market request to make fashion more accessible. Local fashion weeks are a very efficient instrument to introduce international brands to a local market as well as to introduce local designers to the general public. It is very important to give local designers such an opportunity and experience to participate in a fashion week, even in a smaller one.

FM: The World Fashion Channel has revolutionised the way we see fashion, making it more accessible without removing any of fashion’s aspirational qualities. To what do you owe your success? Irina Garbati: The success of World Fashion Channel lies in its professionalism and the quality of the content. Fashion is a fascinating world and a lot of people are attracted to it, but not everybody knows what is going on behind the scenes.

This was exactly the idea of WFC’s President Mr Igor Udalov when he launched the channel in 2005. By watching World Fashion Channel, you can look at how great designers work, how model castings are made and how fashion shows are organised. Most content is produced by our internal team of editors, journalists, cameramen, and others – this is all content that you can only see on our channel – I am sure our viewers appreciate it a lot.

For this reason WFC collaborates not only with the world’s top fashion weeks, but also supports emerging fashion weeks. This is why we are very happy to support Malta Fashion Week this year, in the same way that we supported the Malta Fashion Awards for the past two years. We are also trying to create local WFC versions in different countries. For example, we have WFC Russia and WFC Kazakhstan which contain up to 40 per cent of local fashion contents and which broadcast in the local language.

FM: You have a potential 2.5 billion viewers – what are, roughly, the demographics, and do women still follow fashion more than men? IG: Our audience in the world is very large thanks to distribution by different technologies, including satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile networks. WFC is targeted for active, goalaimed and successful people who want to follow constantly the latest fashion news and trends. On the basis of our research, the majority of our audience are young people (18-34 years old – 42 per cent and 34-54 years old – 28 per cent) having a middle-high income level and who are active consumers of fashion and luxury goods. And yes, women still make up the majority of our viewers, up to 66 per cent. FM: What should young and upcoming designers look out for? IG: I would advise them to continue working, develop their talent and creativity and try not to miss the opportunities that may come up from time to time. In any success story there is always an element of luck, so young designers should take every possibility to promote their creations, participate in local fashion events, meet new people, and if their talent is real it will be noticed for sure. FM: Can designers from small countries such as Malta ever make it big?

Support for women Mexx celebrated women’s day by raising awareness on breast cancer and ways to reduce the risk. Mexx collaborated with The Breast Care Support Group Europa Donna Malta by handing out breast care pins and books to all customers, in return for a donation to the charity. The campaign lasted two weeks, which concluded with Mexx offering their own donation to the group they believe very strongly in. President of the group, Gertrude Abela expressed her appreciation to the retail brand. FM / May 2011 - 9


The World Fashion Channel collaborates not only with the world’s top fashion weeks, but also supports emerging fashion weeks.

IG: It does not matter whether you come from Paris or from Malta – if you are talented, hard-working and goal-oriented, you will be successful. Of course, if you are from Paris and your family, for example, is connected to fashion, you will have a great advantage and you will have more opportunties to start a career in fashion. Yet that is not a key factor. Nowadays, with all the technologies we have, a great amount of information and tools are accessible for aspiring designers. It is just necessary to use them in the right way. FM: What do you think of the upgrade from Malta Fashion Awards to Malta Fashion Week? IG: It is a great step. I remember that when Adrian Mizzi, founder of the Malta Fashion Awards, contacted us two years ago in order to start this collaboration, we were quite surprised to receive such a request from a country like Malta, almost not known in the terms of fashion industry. Adrian was creating Malta Fashion Awards practically from scratch, and we decided to support his initiative by broadcasting all over the world the best moments of this event on World Fashion Network – this had a great response from our viewers. Then came the second edition, with an even bigger public feedback, and now the first Malta Fashion Week which will last not only one day, but a whole week with various events and performances. FM: Have you ever visited Malta? And what is your impression of the local fashion scene? IG: I will be visiting Malta this year for the Malta Fashion Week. As to the fashion scene, I can judge only on the basis of the videos from Malta Fashion Awards, and I can say that there is potential which needs to be developed. I know that apart from designers there are a lot of professionals from Malta working in the fashion industry, like make-up artists, hairstylists and models – these should be given more attention too. I also hope that Malta will introduce WFC to its TV networks to make the world of fashion more accessible to the local population.

The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week, supported by Estetika, kicks off today at the Radisson Golden Sands and will culminate with the Diet Coke Malta Fashion Awards this Saturday, May 21. During the fashion week, an exclusive audience will enjoy a charity auction of designer dresses at Villa Francia, a fashion show at Casino Maltese and Charles & Ron’s highly anticipated collection. The general public will be able to enjoy a weddings event at the Radisson Golden Sands and fashion shows in Paceville, The Grand Hotel Excelsior and the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa. The latter is being organised by upcoming designers and sponsored by Mango. Throughout the week, various local and foreign fashion photographers will be exhibiting photos in a collective fashion exhibition at The Point, sponsored by Deco Manufacturing Ltd and The Point. The exhibition will also feature Designed in Malta fashions from various past, present and future designers. Staff from the University for The Creative Arts (UK) will also be present to give information on degrees in the fashion industry. Some of the VIPs visiting Malta during the Malta Fashion Week include the President of The European Fashion Council, the Chief Executive Officer of World Fashion Channel and British fashion designer Julien Macdonald who will be at the Debenhams store at The Point to launch his collection this Saturday, May 21, which collection will also be paraded during the Diet Coke Malta Fashion Awards that same evening. For more information and a full calendar of the Malta Fashion Week visit

10 - FM / May 2011


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In less than two weeks, Malta goes to the polls to decide on whether to introduce divorce or not. FM listens to two sides of the divorce story.

FM: The pro-divorce movement has been accused by the Zwieg Bla Divorzju movement of playing dirty. What is your defence against such accusations? DS: The actual accusation is that we are using bullying tactics. Considering the political and Church heavyweights supporting and abetting the pro-divorce movement this is, of course, ridiculous. It is like Goliath saying David was bullying him. The pro-divorce movement cannot withstand criticism and this is being consistently described as ‘bullying’. Moreover whatever is said about the pro-divorce movement in the media is ascribed to us, which is not the case. FM: If the Maltese decide to vote against divorce, what will be your personal reaction?

Deborah Schembri, 35 Chairperson of the pro-divorce movement Iva ghad-Divorzju Lawyer FM: Why should referendum voters vote in favour of divorce? Deborah Schembri: Divorce is a declaration of a state of fact, the fact that a marriage no longer exists. The type of divorce proposed is not some type of quick fix divorce. It is a very responsible type of divorce that can only be obtained after four years of separation and failed reconciliation. People should vote in favour since one should not take it upon oneself to make decisions for others who might be in a bad predicament. Divorce gives one a chance at love and family life within a legally recognised family unit. FM: Is divorce a social right? DS: Yes, divorce is a social right. Having said that, at the moment it is a right that only a section of the population enjoys, basically, those who can somehow obtain a divorce from abroad. I believe that this is plain and utter discrimination against other Maltese citizens who do not have the means to obtain a divorce abroad and have it recognised here.

DS: One of great disappointment. Forcing people who would otherwise love to get married and form a legally recognised family, to co-habit and have children out of wedlock is not a situation to be proud of in a secular, modern, European state that professes to be democratic. FM: Has the divorce issue been wrongfully politicised? DS: The issue of divorce is a public policy issue and hence it is a political issue. However in Malta the two main parties have both pro-divorce and anti-divorce factions. Party politics, therefore, should not come into it. On the other hand, politicians have a right to have an opinion about this issue. Expecting politicians not to voice their opinion would be expecting way too much. What is worrying is that some politicians who are in favour of the introduction of divorce have not taken a stand according to their real feelings.

FM: Do you think there is enough awareness about the difference between divorce, separation and annulment? DS: There is a substantial minority who do not understand the difference between annulment, separation and divorce. Unfortunately the way the campaign is going is not helping these people. I would have preferred if the government took steps to explain the differences between the three and let the people decide.

In the referendum people are not going to be asked whether they are in favour of divorce but whether the state – as a secular and lay state – should legislate to make divorce possible for those who want to avail themselves of such a law.

FM: Isn’t divorce a personal issue rather than a national one?

FM: Can a Catholic vote in favour of divorce?

DS: Whether one who is in a broken marriage resorts to divorce or not is a personal issue. Whether the state of Malta should have a law that allows for this to happen is a national issue. Even so, I would have preferred if the politicians had approved it without going to a referendum as it is only a minority who need to use this right, whether today or in future. However, once the decision for a referendum was taken, we had no alternative but to campaign for the yes vote.

DS: The Catholic catechism is clear that divorce per se is not morally evil. Any Catholic living abroad who applies to their Curia to start marriage annulment proceedings is told by the Catholic authorities that before these proceedings can start, he or she must get a divorce decree. I don’t think Catholic Bishops abroad are asking their faithful to make a sin. There is however, a subtle point. In the referendum people are not going to be asked whether they are in favour FM / May 2011 - 13

Divorce of divorce but whether the state – as a secular and lay state – should legislate to make divorce possible for those who want to avail themselves of such a law. FM: Does divorce harm children? DS: All marital breakdowns hurt children. Divorce does not hurt children more than separations or annulments do. Besides, children born out of wedlock would be able to benefit from the whole situation if their parents decided to get married. FM: Will the pro-divorce movement respect the referendum outcome, even if it is against divorce? I am confident that in the case that divorce is approved in the referendum, the majority of MPs will approve the divorce law. This is what matters.

FM: Why should referendum voters vote against divorce? Andre Camilleri: The best marriage is a lifelong commitment as a basis for a stable family relationship. Being a human relationship, it will inevitably encounter problems, but the commitment of the spouses and, where needed, professional support, will help family members resolve these problems rather than walk away from them. Divorce weakens this lifelong commitment for all marriages in society and weakens the resolve to manage conflict without giving up on marriage. This weakening of the marriage commitment is evidenced in all countries. Not only does the rate of marriage breakdown increase, there is also a trend to discard marriage altogether, leading to an increase in cohabitation. In Ireland, cohabitation increased by 400 per cent in the decade after divorce was introduced. Referendum voters should also vote against divorce because this referendum process has seen one episode after another of disloyalty and deceit. The voting public had kept out of Parliament the only party with divorce on its agenda. Then an MP from the government side, intent on pushing a personal agenda and without the decency of alerting his party leader or his colleagues, catapults the nation into a rushed decision on what is a major piece of legislation with a historic and highly significant impact on our society.

Chairperson of the anti-divorce movement Zwieg Bla Divorzju Lawyer

FM: The Zwieg Bla Divorzju movement has been accused by the pro-divorce lobby of playing dirty. What is your defence against such accusations?

FM: Is divorce a civil right? AC: No. Civil rights protect individuals from unwarranted infringement by

FM: Has the divorce issue been wrongfully politicised?

AC: Social rights are those seeking to guarantee access to adequate and affordable housing, accessible, effective healthcare facilities for the entire population and free primary and secondary education. These are enshrined in the European Social Charter.

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14 - FM / May 2011

An MP from the government side, intent on pushing a personal agenda and without the decency of alerting his party leader or his colleagues, catapults the nation into a rushed decision.

AC: If you are referring to the accusation that we consider children as being directly affected by this issue, then this is clearly a false accusation. On the contrary, time and time again, it is the pro-divorcists who insist on hiding the real and serious problems in this debate, including the fact that the bill before Parliament is a nofault divorce law; that the bill allows one spouse to impose divorce on an unwilling spouse; that there can be no guaranteed maintenance, unlike what is implied in the referendum question; and that the impact on children is being swept aside.

FM: Is divorce a social right?

Andre Camilleri, 58

governments, and ensure one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression. These rights are determined by every society. In other words, the Maltese are free to determine whether to introduce divorce in their legislation, and no external party, whether the United Nations or the European Union, can impose it on us.

AC: Yes. Politics is an important aspect of the democratic process. What is very unfortunate is that our society is using marriage and the family as pawns in party politics at its worst. In this debate, the substance is being ignored and many in the media and some politicians are going for the smear. In the process, marriage and the family are being sacrificed for personal and party interests. FM: Isn’t divorce a personal issue rather than a national one? AC: Marriage and the family are a major policy issue to a nation. Marriage

Divorce cannot be relegated to a mere private arrangement between two persons. It is a core social institution which helps to ensure everyone’s economic, social, and emotional welfare. FM: Do you think there is enough awareness about the difference between divorce, separation and annulment? AC: No, there is not. I still meet persons who are unaware that spouses can separate under Maltese law and look on divorce as the only mechanism for separation. There are also many in Malta who believe that, following a divorce, the spouses can marry again in church. FM: If a marriage is hopelessly nonreconcilable, what is your proposed remedy? AC: Unfortunately, there isn’t a remedy for everything that goes wrong with marriage. But, most certainly, divorce is not the remedy for hopelessly irreconcilable marriages. All you need to do is look at the state of marriages in every other country in Europe and see whether marriages improved or worsened with divorce.

16 - FM / May 2011

FM: Does divorce harm children? AC: It is children who unquestionably suffer most through divorce, and they remain voiceless and vote-less in this debate. They suffer whenever their parents experience conflict, and the suffering increases tremendously at separation. But divorce brings in a new mum or dad and, also, the hope of reconciliation, no matter how faint, is gone forever.

Divorce is not the remedy for hopelessly irreconcilable marriages.

FM: Will the Zwieg Bla Divorzju movement respect the referendum outcome, even if it is in favour of divorce? AC: Whatever the outcome of the referendum, we shall respect the decision of Maltese voters. FM: If the Maltese decide to vote in favour of divorce, what will be your personal reaction? AC: I have lived for 12 years in countries where divorce is on the statute books, and I have worked with divorced colleagues. My involvement in this Movement is based on my conviction that divorce weakens the

resolve to make marriage work. It is also acknowledged that divorce is contagious, and I have witnessed this among colleagues. Should the vote be in favour of divorce, therefore, my personal reaction will be one of sadness. I hope that such an outcome, misguided as it may be in my view, will be a wake-up call to our representatives in Parliament who have abysmally neglected a coherent family policy for decades.

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ma é - Slie n g i T , t n The Poi rkara i k r i B Road, Naxxar , GOZO Arkadia


Legalising it Dr Claudine P Zarb, BCGL Advocates explains the difference between divorce, seperation and annullment Marriage, whether religious or civil, is a contract whereby two parties undertake to a lifelong commitment to an exclusive union. Notwithstanding this commitment, not all marriages succeed, leading to break ups in the relationship between the parties concerned. When this occurs and there is no hope of reconciliation, the parties proceed to obtain a legal separation. This means that although the parties are still married to each other, their duty to live together ceases and in such cases the parties agree on how the different issues relating to, amongst other things, right of habitation in the matrimonial home, maintenance, dissolution and liquidation of the community of acquests, and the care and custody of any children is to be dealt with. In default of agreement, the parties would have to proceed to court for it to decide on these matters. Notwithstanding this, when spouses separate, the marriage still subsists and they remain husband and wife. A declaration of nullity of marriage, either because of a defect

18 - FM / May 2011

in the required formalities or because of defects in the capacity or consent of the parties, means, in layman’s terms, that the marriage was invalid and therefore did not exist. In such cases the parties are not deemed to be bound by marriage and are free to get married. However, the Roman Catholic Church does not recognise civil annulments and for religious purposes, for one to be able to dissolve a Catholic marriage, one would have to resort to the Canonical Tribunal to have the Catholic marriage declared null. Once a Catholic annulment is obtained, one can apply to the Court of Appeal to have such declaration of nullity recognised civilly as well. Divorce, on the other hand, is the dissolution of a valid, civil marriage. In such cases, although the parties would have entered into a valid marriage, if grounds subsist at law for it to be dissolved, a divorce can be obtained. Divorce, however, does not affect the religious aspects of a Roman Catholic marriage. Consequently, while the parties can re-marry civilly, they cannot enter into another Catholic marriage.

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The final score Luxurious sportswear that’s destined for anywhere except the gym. Glam up and work it. Photography - Tonio Lombardi, Stylist - Kira Drury


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01. Esprit trainer, €59.95 / 02. Mexx berry bag, €65.00 / 03. Carpisa gold wallet, €17.90 / 04. Morgan boob tube, €22.50 / 05. Orsay shades, €12.95 06. Ralph Lauren bikini top, €31.50 / 07. Ralph Lauren bikini briefs, €31.50 / 08. Tommy Hilfiger yellow shorts, €130.00 / 09. Ralph Lauren yellow towel, €70.00 / 10. Mango blue top, €19.90 / 11. Piazza Italia white shorts, €12.99 / 12. Mango green dress, €44.90 / 13. New Look booties, €32.99


Heel girl For Celine, it’s casual by day and killer heel drama by night.


harles, or rather, Celine, loves dressing up. “We all do,” the hairstylist says, giving a glittering nod at a lovely part of the population that sets new standards in glam. We have a chat with her a few days before she shoots off to Dusseldorf, where she styled Glen’s hair at the biggest gayfest in Europe – the Eurovision Song Contest.

I like black but I also enjoy a splash of colour.

FM: Which occasion would you have loved to dress up for?

Actually we’ve just given you €20,000. What would you spend the money on?

Celine: William and Kate’s royal wedding. Wasn’t that fantastic? All those hats and stylish dresses. I would have had such a fabulous dress made for the occasion. What an outfit that would have been.

Celine: Gorgeous clothing, shoes, make-up and cosmetics because taking care of my skin is my first priority. Since I like casual clothing, I’d probably go for an outfit by Dolce & Gabbana.

FM: Who do you think looked good on the day?

FM: A frock? A skirt? A jacket? In lace, block colour or plain?

Celine: Victoria Beckham. I love how she dresses – she is utterly stylish. If I were going to a wedding, that’s the style I would go for, sexy but not vulgar. Or else I would just go for the whole Lady Gaga look.

Celine: I think I would go for a frock. I like black but I also enjoy a splash of colour. I love fabrics so my choice would depend on the occasion I was going to wear it on and how elegant, or vamp, I wanted to look. For a casual party, I would go for a D&G animal print kaftan, and for drinks or a wine bar, my choice would be a black, three-quarter-length dress.

FM: But Lady Gaga wasn’t at the wedding. Celine: No she wasn’t, but I love her style. FM: Who are your favourite designers? Celine: Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared and Giorgio Armani. FM: Main lines or diffusions? Celine: It all depends on my budget. FM: Let’s say money wasn’t an issue.

FM: What do you think of Marchesa’s beaded silk-satin wrap dress? Celine: It’s lovely. I made a very similar one for a wedding and on my way in a woman came up to me to tell me it looked gorgeous. Actually she said, “Miss, your dress is so beautiful,” and I thanked her in a whisper. I thought she was going to tell me I was at the wrong wedding.

Catwalk for charity For the Stars Model Boho event, personalities will colour the catwalk in magical, unique dresses while inspiring musicians will hypnotise the crowd in aid of Puttinu Cares. The event, produced by Michelle Micallef and Sarah Spiteri, is being held on Friday, June 11 at Razzet l-Ahmar, Mosta. The event will include designer wear by Majka, music by 4th Wall, Kultural and Jay-Sun, and a belly dance show by Artemocion. Donation tickets cost €15 and include welcome drink and finger food. For more information call on 9948 8320 / 7981 9820.

FM / May 2011 - 23


Celine’s wardrobe During the day I have to wear comfortable shoes because I’m standing up all the time, but at night I love all the drama and the heels.

FM: Do you sew yourself? Celine: Mostly I make my glam frocks at my trannie friend Paula’s. She’s even made me clothing fashioned like a huge but subtle flower in ivory. I love frocks where the top is a bustier and the rest is slinky. Sometimes I buy off the peg. It depends on what the occasion is. If I’m going in for a competition or I’m a compère for the night, I get stuff especially made. For weekend wear I go to my friend Nadia and I also love Charles & Ron’s work – I have a gorgeous pink dress with feathered fabric which they designed.

Tiger print short kaftan by D&G

FM: What about shoes? Do you have issues with your shoe size? Celine: I’m lucky because I wear a size 41 so I mostly find what I like. FM: Back to the budget – you still have some €19,000 left. Celine: Let’s spend it all on shoes then. I adore Manolo Blahnik. I’m a total Sex and the City girl. Louboutin is lovely too. So is Nicholas Kirkwood’s footwear. Stilettos – that’s what I like. During the day I have to wear comfortable shoes because I’m standing up all the time, but at night I love all the drama and the heels.

Marchesa beaded silk-satin wrap dress

Shape up The improved Shape Up Organic formula contains 10 plants. Green tea, gurarana, mate and green coffee help to detox. Fennel, celery and dandelion help to eliminate toxins. Chicory and black radish help to purify while kola helps to tone up. Available in apple, peach and vanilla flavour, Shape Up Organic is an ideal complement to a detox or calorie controlled diet plus regular exercise. Available from all leading pharmacies. For trade enquiries contact PharmaCos Ltd on Tel: 2144 1870.

24 - FM / May 2011

Manolo Blahnik Poznansa pump

Nicholas Kirkwood pearl pumps

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The heat is on

It’s the first of the summer whine as you start on the tone, tan and wax regime. Maria Michela Formosa helps you get ready for the beautiful season.


ummer is just a lick of an ice cream away. And so is the panic and rush to wax, tone up, and get a hint of a tan so that on our first day at the beach, we don’t end up competing with the sun for the whitest glare. It’s time to get set for summer with a little bit of toning and dieting that can whip you into a beach-ready state of mind. The winter season is about gaining a few kilos and hiding them in layers of clothing. Therefore, if you do not want summer to reveal your wintry sins, start exercising, dieting, toning and putting together a holiday wardrobe. Right now.

Get a bikini body Drink smarter You should drink more water and less soda, energy or alcoholic drinks. Be active “When you work the legs, the entire body gets a workout and it burns more calories,” says Henry Richardson, the Houston Define Body and Mind guru. No wonder footballers have a body to walk a mile for. Manage stress During the three months prior to summer, hectic is one suitable word when dealing with work. During these peak months try to book a weekly facial or a monthly massage because stress affects not just your behaviour but also your skin. Get adequate amounts of sleep: Seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night is necessary to ward off weight gain, so do not stay up too late. Beat the bloat The trick is to eat regular portions of food, not carb-laden meals that fill you up.

Kick start your legs After a winter in tights and jeans your legs will probably be dry and neglected. Here are four different options to get ready to bare your legs.

Ten out of tan Having a glowing tan without harmful sun exposure is possible. Especially designed for fair skin or skin that should avoid sun exposure, La Roche-Posay Autohelios is a moisturising self-tanning gel-cream that gives an even, healthy and natural-looking tan while nourishing the skin. Easy to apply thanks to its highly spreadable texture and suitable for face and body. €12.90, only in pharmacies. La Roche-Posay: Tel: 2146 1851,

The wrap Soaked detoxifying bandages are wrapped from the waist down to the ankle and are kept on for 40 minutes. Your legs will feel refreshingly tingly and tight and it will give you an instant confidence boost. The refresher This is a chemical-free leg-pepping treatment using only natural ingredients. First, exfoliating scrub made of pomegranate is applied, followed by a cooling mask of avocado and yogurt. Finally, shea butter is massaged into the

FM / May 2011 - 27

Feature legs to tone and encourage circulation. It is like having a healthy three-course meal on your legs. This treatment will leave you with visibly softer and smoother skin. The tan A tan has a slimming effect and smoothens your skin. Spray tans will help you avoid the embarrassment of showing your white, pale skin for the first time in summer. The massage This treatment removes excess fluid and toxins. It increases circulation and improves the skin’s appearance. It is perfect for detoxing your legs and they will feel automatically lighter.

Get it on After all this dieting and toning effort, it is time to finish everything off with a shopping spree. Buying the key features of the season is a must because retaining your style during this hot sticky season will definitely make you the centre of

28 - FM / May 2011

attention. So as the sun starts to rise and shine, get on first name basis with summer’s trends and colours. Block colours Wear statement clothes this season. A crash of Crayola colours will send the message that you are bold and not afraid to experiment with electrical neon colours. Take a walk on the bright side of life and splash your wardrobe with sunshine colours – be a rebel for once. Opt for bright pinks, hot oranges and eccentric blues. The runways shimmered with colour blocking that showcased an eccentric vibe. As for accessories, chunky is still in – the chunkier the better. The maxi dress This is undoubtedly summer’s must have. It is free flowing over the body so that it flatters all shapes and sizes. Designers such as Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana both added a maxi piece to their runway collection for this season. Printed, one colour or floral will turn heads.

Nautical stripes The fisherman look has been reinvented. Brass buttons and military references are splashed onto sailor reds and navy blues for an admiral take on the classic trend. Hippie shake Channel the 1970s look with a clash of floral prints. Finish this hippie cum western look with earthy and fringed accessories. Nude sandals and light brown fringed cross body bags are in this season. These shades create a modern day urban uniform that looks great with a tan. Summer sweetheart Powder pastels in nude and blush skin tones create a romantic feeling to summer clothing. 1950s chic paint a picture perfect feminine style for this season.

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Angelina Jolie

Yummy mummy Does your bump look big yet stylish in this, asks Daniela Brockdorff.

Gwen Stefani


or all the mothers-to-be, I’m sure that nothing can take the glow off your faces knowing that soon enough you will have a cute and cuddly little one by your side. Obviously, however, it’s not always such a bed of roses during these nine months and now that temperatures are soaring and you feel that your belly can’t possibly stretch further, I’m sure that some good groaning is in store. Most probably, your favourite question these days is how to dress your bump. Of course, you probably can’t keep on wearing your favourite pair of tight-fitting jeans or your crop top any longer. Don’t worry though. Maternity clothing isn’t just about vast, shapeless sacks and elastic-waist baggy pants – times have changed and nowadays, if you’re pregnant, you can still look as amazing as ever. There are countless maternity stores which stock fashion lines that are just as chic and glamorous as any other clothing. In fact, it is high time that you started flaunting those newly emerging curves by spicing up your wardrobe. If you’re looking for any tips, the internet, as always, has plenty. I would suggest browsing through websites such as, and These sites publish heaps of guidelines to lead you through your mom-to-be months. Even if you’re not a fashionista, with a quick glance at these tips, I’ll guarantee you’ll look fabulous.



Simple is best. Basic items such as a pair of jeans, a black dress, a wrap dress and classic shirts and shorts should definitely be in your wardrobe. You can mix and match and dress yourself up with pashminas, scarves and cardigans that you already own.

You might have seen pregnant Angelina Jolie wearing those fashionable maxi dresses of hers and she looked great. Of course, it helps if you have Brad Pitt on your arm. But still, you don’t have to be Angelina Jolie to look stunning – grab a maxi dress or two from a store and you’ll be fresh and looking good all summer.

Indulge yourself in guilty pleasure Gucci Guilty is for a woman who knows what she wants. Gucci Guilty makes you indulge in moments of guilty pleasure and experience the thrill of feeling in control. Receive a Gucci Guilty purse spray when purchasing Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette 75ml. Ask in store for further offers on Gucci Guilty. For trade enquiries contact VJ Salomone (Marketing) on Tel: 8007 2387.

FM / May 2011 - 31


Leggings Nothing is as comfy as leggings and you will definitely need something comfy for the panting and huffing of the summer months. Simply match them up with a tunic top and you’ll be perfect for a day out or even a night out in the summer breeze.

Nightwear Satin pyjamas not only look good but they also feel good. Obviously you’ll need to give your growing belly room to breathe, so make sure they have an elastic waist to your pants and preferably a frog-closure jacket to match.

Black clothing Be it pants, jeans, dresses, anything, you can never go wrong with black.


What’s more, a monochromatic dress that gently fits and hugs your bump will give you the leaner look you desire. Simply add a colourful necklace or light scarf for a touch of colour. And keep in mind that A-line cuts or Empire waists will flatter your figure marvellously – they’re wonderfully comfortable and there are no irritating buttons in your way. Now that’s an added bonus.

Tunic tops They look good if you’re pregnant or not, a celebrity or not. Go for printed and funky tunic tops if you’re in a daring mood, or opt for nice and plain if you want to play safe. Tunic tops are a must-have for every pregnant woman. With an eye-catching neckline that shows off your pregnancy cleavage, you’ll definitely look gorgeous. And if you want to look slimmer, try wearing a belt just underneath your bump. That will do the trick.

Instant pain relief New Scholl blister plasters with hydraguard instantly protect and cushion painful blisters and provide the ideal healing conditions for up to 48 hours. Discreet, breathable and waterproof, Scholl blister plasters keeps the blister hydrated and flexible, minimising friction. Available from all leading pharmacies, Scholl Foothealth Centres and leading supermarkets. For trade enquiries contact Pharma-Cos Ltd on Tel: 2144 1870.

32 - FM / May 2011

If you still think that pregnancy and style don’t go together, check out what Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, P!nk, Natalie Portman and the three ex-Spice Girls Mel B, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton wore when pregnant. During an interview on Heart FM, mother of three boys and mother-to-be again Victoria Beckham said she has found it “really difficult” to maintain her trademark look since her baby bump began to show. As for actress Jessica Alba, she has admitted that it was rather difficult to adjust once again to her baby bump. “But I do feel more feminine. When you have bigger breasts and bottom and tummy, embrace the flowy dress. I [will] probably wear a lot more boy cuts. I think [it’s about] just getting to know my body and what I feel good in, and knowing what silhouettes are flattering,” she said. It seems as though the key words here “difficult” and “tough” and obviously it is so, but that doesn’t mean that the celeb mummies ditched their style. Victoria Beckham is often spotted in tight jeans and flowing black tops paired with fantastic looking heels and Jessica Alba looked amazing in her flowing maxi-dresses. One precious tip is not to buy all your maternity clothes at once on one mega shopping spree. Give your body time to grow, see to its needs and buy accordingly. Ultimately, never ditch your personal style. You don’t have to throw it out of the window now that you’re pregnant. It still has to be there whilst you’re pregnant and it will still have to be there once your baby is born.

Alyssa Milano

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Make mine a Scotch & Soda

The Amsterdam-based brand dresses you up in classic, yet fast forward fashion.


cotch & Soda loves to make great garments that suit every individual. We want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Scotch & Soda products are of high quality, rich in detail and affordable. The designers at Scotch spare no effort or expense in detailing and fine-tuning samples, all the way to the neatly finished interior of each garment. We invest in the product, which is typically informed by the best tried and tested classic and vintage styles, enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world. Though Scotch & Soda has been around since the 1980s, the Amsterdam-based brand as we know it today originates in a brave new start in 2001, when three new owners joined their broad experience and shared love for making good garments. After Scotch & Soda was re-launched for Spring/Summer 2002 with great success, it was soon followed by the launch of a women’s collection. Maison Scotch entered the market with the Spring/Summer 2010 collection and it already accounts for a large part of the company’s continuous growth. Scotch’s youngest and most ambitious project, Amsterdams Blauw, will hit the stores in Autumn 2011, and is a compact high profile denim collection that could only come from the Scotch kitchen. Scotch & Soda currently holds over 30 own retail stores worldwide and more than 7,000 other sales points. Scotch & Soda is classic in many ways, but young and fast forward when it comes to bringing great clothes onto the market place. Both brands are stocked exclusively by Junction, Level 3, the Plaza, Sliema FM / May 2011 - 35


Gone to print

This season is all about printed matter. FM goes for a special edition of geometric, animal and floral patterns.

Peacocks - €26.00


hy stick to plain old colour when this season, you can have all the bold, bright prints you want? After all, what you want on those hot summer nights is to stick out like a manicured thumb and look amazing in floral, geometric, animal and mixed prints. This season, there’s a print for everyone. Designers had a field day creating all kinds of prints, from simple, lightly coloured and subtle to complex, pop and wild. Of course, if you’re brave enough, you can mix and match more than one pattern – this summer, make your own rules.

Animal kingdom Animal prints ruled the catwalk last summer, and they’re set to rule this one as well. That animal prints are fine for the catwalk but too wild for real life is just a misconception. Of course, they can come across as aggressive, but they can also be sexy and subtle. And they’re a rainbow bursting through your wardrobe. Leopard spots growling against an orange, turquoise or pink background add a playful twist. Blumarine’s colourful creations are especially gorgeous. Animal prints add sex appeal to any outfit – they are feminine, exotic and colourful. This season, there’s also the addition of snake print. Adapt to your mood – it all depends on whether you’re feeling as brave as a leopard, agile as a zebra or slinky as a snake.


Look young, feel young

New Look jumpsuit - €37.99 bag - €18.99 scarf - €9.99 shoes - €29.99

36 - FM / May 2011

The fight against lines and wrinkles is crucial to preserving a youthful appearance. Olay Regenerist approaches anti-ageing cell by cell. Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream and Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Serum are designed to help visibly firm areas such as the eye area, jaw-line and neck, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring elasticity and suppleness. Available from leading pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarkets. For local trade enquiries, call VJ Salomone (Marketing) on 8007 2387.


New Look dress - €34.99 belt - €12.99 bangles - €12.99

Accessorize - €7.00

Esprit - €99.95


Spot on Polka dots have been around since your parents were still doing the twist and parading down Kingsway in all their fineries. Yet polka dots never go out of fashion and this season, they make a hot, colourful return to dresses, accessories and, in Christian Louboutin’s case, to shoes. Louis Vuitton’s polka dots were bold and bright, Moschino’s black and white polka dots an ode to classic style, while Marc Jacobs went for the kind of dots that are pure 1970s.

Esprit - €39.95

Polka dots also add a retro vibe that goes with the rhythm of the 1970s vibe that this season’s catwalk dances to. Esprit - €49.95

Stella McCartney

Flower power After the long, dark and cold days of winter, floral trends always come as a breath of fresh air.

Peacocks - €26.00

38 - FM / May 2011

This season, floral prints are as varied as a summer garden – Dior went wild with flowers, presenting them on anything from skirts, gowns and tops, Vera Wang gave them a Japanese makeover with bright floral motifs on dark, kimono style sheath dresses, while Alberta Ferretti proposed an ethereal catwalk with dreamy flowers and soft foliage. New Look tank - €24.99 cardigan - €29.99 skirt - €59.99

Olay Regenerist 3 point treatment serum and day cream Our most concentrated range for firmer looking skin in just 5 days on face, jaw line and neck

Love the skin you’re in.



The Barometer The Barometer The Barometer The The Barometer Barometer Wear Doutzen Kroes in a Giambattista Valli number from the AW/11 collection – stunning.

Accessorize - €85.00

Hot shorts in a hot climate. The MercedesBenz Malta Fashion Week.


In the mix Just because prints come in various guises, it doesn’t mean that you should stick to just one print. Rather, such variety is the reason why you should mix and match. You can combine different patterns and various sizes or colours of the same pattern. Also, be wise in your choice – minute prints will help you disguise your extra curves while larger, eye-catching prints will highlight your assets.


A maths lesson The digital age always inspires with dreams and hopes of technological perfection – on the catwalk, this is translated into geometric prints. Just like numbers, geometric prints are infinite. You can go for coloured or monochrome designs, simple or complicated lines. With geometric prints, you can also mix and match to your heart’s content, as long as you don’t look like a scribbled equation.

Esprit - €59.95 Orsay - €34.95

The wedding season – the love is on.


Karl Lagerfeld’s chocolate suite – hurts the teeth. Divorce – it’s personal not political. It’s summer, and the muffin top is back. Crowded beaches.

Fashion collection OVS industry, the leading Italian trendy apparel brand, has inaugurated its second store in Malta, inside Pavi shopping complex, Qormi. Catering to men, women and children, the store offers a unique, stylish fashion shopping experience. As a partner for the opening, OVS industry chose Fashions Ltd, sister company to Dorkins Ltd, which operates 10 local franchise retail outlets for major international fashion brands. Colours and natural materials set the scene for collections created by OVS industry fashion designers, capturing both the Italian and international emerging fashion trends. Men’s and women’s wear is available in OVS Young, Casual and Business.

40 - FM / May 2011

Blog watch The who, what, why, wear of the net Your daily dose of beauty Curiosity didn’t kill the fashion cat Does what it says in style



TAMY 36 - 41 / €90.00

LYR 36 - 42 / €60.00

ZIMI 36 - 41 / €79.00

AEDICULA 36 - 41 / €70.00

25.481.79 36 - 42 / €95.00

25.781.17 36 - 42 / €95.00

25.781.17 36 - 42 / €95.00

MAKIRA 36 - 41 / €58.00

SCHOLL AND GABOR ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE SCHOLL FOOTHEALTH CENTRES IN SLIEMA, VALLETTA, MOSTA, FGURA, SUFFOLK (VALLETTA) AND ABELA’S HEALTH AND BEAUTY CENTRE (VICTORIA - GOZO) While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this brochure, prices may be subject to change and not all sizes and colours may be available

Hello sunshine

Photographer - Tonio Lombardi Stylist - Kira Drury Hair - Michelle @ Roots Make-up - Nicola Powell Shot at The George Urban Boutique Hotel, St. Julians Models Susan - Andrea - Justine

Susan wears Morgan swimsuit, €66.50 / Mango peep-toe heels, €69.90 / Peacocks shades, €8.50 / Accessorize camera necklace, €14.90 Andrea wears Bata sandals, €59.00

42 - FM / May 2011

Andrea wears French Connection bikini â‚Ź107.00 FM / May 2011 - 43

Justine wears New Look one-piece, €29.99 / New Look crochet waistcoat, €18.99 Nine West denim clogs, €99.00 / Tally Weijl pink sunglasses, €5.95 Andrea wears French Connection bikini €59.00 / New Look clogs, €39.99 / Carpisa straw bag, €39.90

44 - FM / May 2011

Susan wears New Look animal print swimsuit, €22.99 / New Look feather earrings, €8.99

FM / May 2011 - 45

Justine wears Tommy Hilfiger striped swimsuit, €80.00 / Peacocks necklace, €13.00 / New Look shades, €6.99

46 - FM / May 2011

Susan wears Golden Point khaki bikini, €20.90 / Morgan feather necklace, €17.00

FM / May 2011 - 47

Andrea wears Monsoon bikini top, €24.90, briefs, €24.90

48 - FM / May 2011

Andrea wears Monsoon blue and white print swimsuit, €59.00 / Peacocks white sandals, €35.50 / Accessorize hat, €27.00

FM / May 2011 - 49

Style wise

What I know about style Jewellery is a girl’s best friend says Nadège Renée Cassar as she shines on her precious creations. I’ve always been intrigued by jewellery. When I was young, I used to make jewellery out of pasta, wooden or glass beads, and textiles. My interest in metals took off when I was reading for a diploma in 3D Design. Since then I have been designing and producing silver jewellery and established my brand name as Nadége.Renée. I also furthered my studies with a degree in design, again focusing my dissertation project on jewellery. I am now in the embryonic stage of turning this venture into my career. I don’t know what triggers off my inspiration, but most of the time it is a fascination with a new technique that I would have just discovered and would want to experiment with. Or it can be some new material or equipment that I would want to ecstatically use just like a child with a new toy. A piece of jewellery starts with sketches, cardboard models and brass test pieces, which are essential to test the feasibility of an idea. I mainly use silver sheet which I hammer, dome, bend, or solder to other components to obtain the desired form. Silver jewellery making techniques are endless and adjustable to one’s needs. Usually I bezelset my stones and I also apply needlecraft techniques, like crochet, to silver wire jewellery – this creates an elegant effect. Granulation is also a technique that I like to unconventionally apply, by soldering tiny balls of metal together, slightly filing off their roundness. Highly-polished surfaces are also a favourite, as they bring out the gleaming beauty of silver. I classify jewellery in two types – art and commercialised. Art jewellery gives more insight to creativity, new techniques and materials. I think both can 50 - FM / May 2011

be trend setting and function on different levels. Jewellery trends vary greatly between social classes, ages and styles, so the spectrum is always broad. Stainless steel has been in vogue for these last couple of years, and we have seen a revival in the use of gold. Transformable jewellery has also taken a step forward, which is also the notion behind one of my latest projects, The Boomerang. The idea is to provide the wearer with a multitude of wearable modes by a simple attach and detach concept, thus adapting to different moods and styles. Jewellery can so striking as to be the outfit itself, or it can complement an outfit to make the look complete. Jewellery has the ability to express different emotions, and it can be serious, fun and sensual – these emotions can either complement those transmitted by the rest of the apparel or contrast each other for unusual and creative outcomes. Good jewellery design can be timeless, unlike most fashion apparel which is seasonal and usually short-lived. I have produced some male jewellery on a commission basis, although it is not an easy task for me. To design jewellery for men, I have to train myself to think like a man. It is so easy to overdo an item, just because there is a very fine line to cross and the least of a decoration might make an item look feminine or heavy. I find this issue most common in the modern, minimal type of male jewellery, whereas the more laid-back, ethnic style of male jewellery is easier for me to execute. Nonetheless, I like to challenge myself. Read on. Join our Femme Magazine page.


Imagine if during your period that fresh just changed feeling could last. As well as its new groundbreaking design, Always absorbs hour after hour, after hour. So you can continue to feel fresh for up to 8 hours.

And with new Alldays Daily Liners you can feel clean and fresh, day after day, after day.

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Hour Confidence

with Always’ Little Feminine Touches

We all know that during your period it can sometimes be difficult to feel your feminine best. What with PMT, spots, and bloating, it’s often the time of the month when you feel least confidence. Always knows that if you look and feel pretty and feminine, you feel better – there’s no question about it. Not just a bit better - a heck of a lot better. And it’s the little feminine touches, however big or small that help you put a spring in your step and give you confidence. Always also knows just how far the way us girls look affects how others see us. We may be burning up inside after a painful break up, or with nervous anticipation before making that work presentation. But if you’re wearing a killer dress or super chic suit, and your nails are beautifully manicured (in the latest, must-have nail colour – even better) you project something quite different. You look great, pulled together and in control – and that gives you a quiet, inner confidence, like a serene, beautiful water lily floating on the water’s surface.

8 Fabulously Feminine Confidence Boosters: • • • • • • • •

Use a new scent Wear silk underwear! Wear your favourite lippy – even when picking up the kids from school Keep a sexy pair of heels under your desk at work in case of last minute evening plans Get a new haircut Use highlighter cream on your cheek bones & cupids bow Wear statement earrings! Use a floral water spray to keep you feeling fresh all day

Newly Designed Always allows you to feel fresh and clean for up to 8 hours New microchannels take liquid and odours deep 8h into the core of the pad, away from skin, leaving you feeling fresher for longer.


It’s a classic A celebrity fave with fans like Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry get inspired and be your very own vintage vixen.


Photography - Tonio Lombardi, Stylist - Kira Drury 02 01. Peacocks rosebath salts, €2.00 02. Carpisa bag, €35.90 03. Accessorize Clutch, €39.00 04. Nine West pumps, €69.00 05. Gabor @ Scholl Shoes, €95.00 06. Orsay lace dress, €34.95 07. Accessorize Ring, €12.95 08. Mexx owl necklace, €11.95 09. Tommy Hilfiger belt, €60.00 10. Morgan heart blouse, €45.00 11. New Look bow cardigan, €29.99 12. New Look shorts, €24.99 13. Accessorize necklace, €13.90






10 08


09 12


54 - FM / May 2011



Stubborn, hard skin? Not such hard work anymore. TARGETS HARD SKIN

FINALLY you can take the hard work out of removing hard skin.

BRAND NEW Scholl Hard Skin Softening Cream doesn’t just moisturise. Its special formula actually breaks down the bonds between stubborn hard skin cells & helps them to loosen & shed, whilst plumping up the skin beneath... to reveal soft, supple feet.

Visibly softer skin in just 7 days* Also part of the NEW Scholl Hard Skin range: NEW Scholl Hard Skin Softening Pen to target small areas of stubborn hard skin NEW Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover with unique safety blade design, to instantly remove hard skin visit




lis t

NEW Hard Skin Softening Range

i ’s N ec o . 1 F o o t c a re S p



What I bought this month

Tiziana Gauci’s fashion world is virtual, yet her wardrobe is real. “My interest in fashion was a gradual process,” says Tiziana Gauci. “I was already deeply into fashion when I realised I was so passionate about it. “From then on my interest only increased. In fact, this is what inspired me to set up my blog, I love to analyse the catwalk season after season so I thought creating a blog would help me express my reveries. Moreover, while many dominant fashion websites and magazines out there are targeted towards a non-Maltese readership, I thought the Maltese fashionista needed a place to know what’s going on in the fashion world, high-street buys worth a mention and products that are available to them locally.” “My love for fashion was also inspired by my mother, who is always perfecting the little details around me and who used to dress me up like her little doll when I was younger. Even now, from time to time, she still sews me a pretty dress inspired by my own designs and her input, with grandma supervising the sewing process. These dresses are my most coveted of all my wardrobe pieces.

Age: 19 Studying: Law and philosophy at the University of Malta Passions: Observing fashion everywhere and constantly. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”

Tiziana’s May wardrobe “SS/11 is so versatile. I loved the fringing at Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Christian Dior, the ballerina-like touches at Lanvin and Chloé, and the divine whites at Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang and Celine. The all-white look will always remain a classic and I will definitely be working it this season. “The 1970s vibe is also dominant, though I won’t take that too far. It’s a challenging look, but a fun one to play around with, although I personally think it’s done best in small doses, through statement lips and accessories. “This month, I bought an electric blue blazer, black heels and belt, all by Zara, Revlon Matte Stormy Pink lipstick, Stradivarius cat-eye sunnies and a Miss Selfridge off-white Bengaline Dress.”

“Another precious item is a pair of ankle boots, a gift from my boyfriend. They’re a very effective moodbooster, maybe because they make me feel so much taller.” Tiziana sees her wardrobe as more edgy than cute. “Still, I never miss an opportunity to look elegant, so I do have a few feminine pieces which I love and wear repeatedly.” The fashion blogger also appreciates vintage pieces. “Vintage clothes and accessories carry so many stories and a sense of mystery – it all makes it so much fun. I wish we had more vintage shops in Malta.” When it comes to fashion capitals, Tiziana is all out for London. “I love London for its spontaneity and laid-back approach towards fashion, Milan for its sophisticated yet fun ambience, Paris for its elegant charm and New York for its classy and religious attitude towards fashion.” Being a dedicated shopper, Tiziana goes fashion trawling once a week. “Of course, when opportunity knocks, I may even go two or three times a week, apart from shopping online. My credit card often determines the limit. “I admit to planning my shopping trips in great detail. However, I sometimes give in to a good bout of retail therapy – this is only effective if there is some impulse buying involved.”

Read on. Join our Femme Magazine page. 56 FM - FM/ /April May2011 2011- 56


T he

scouting challenge FM and have teamed up to scout for the next FM model. If you think you have model looks and style, e-mail your photos to and you will have the chance to be selected and photographed for the FM model page, be part of models. and participate in a fashion editorial on Malta’s leading fashion magazine, FM.

This month’s model Name: Eve Warrington Age: 16 Star sign: Leo What are you doing at the moment? Studying sciences at St Aloysius Sixth Form One thing you cannot live without? My Blackberry What is your dream? It’s difficult to pin down any one dream, but I would like to be able to make a difference in the world

Photography: Pierre Camille Styling: Carina Camilleri

58 - FM / May 2011

What are you wearing? Blouse, shorts and satchel by Miss Selfridge and my own ring.

Promo Before


Semi-permanent make up by

Michelle Lasts up to 5 years

Wake up to make up


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? You, courtesy of


ow many times have you woken up and rushed out of the house, skilfully avoiding the mirror because you don’t feel like applying even the most basic makeup, or because you’re late for work or dropping the children off at school?

Every woman has been through that, although some can get away with it more than others. Yet now, there’s a solution that is the equivalent of waving a magic wand and having your face made up with zero effort and time. Semi-permanent make-up means you can say goodbye to waking up with smudged panda eyes or spending the time filling in sparse eyebrows in the morning. You can also forget having to retouch your lipstick over and over again throughout the day. Semi-permanent make-up can be applied to eyes, eyebrows and lips for a naturally beautiful look that lasts for years. If semi-permanent make-up conjures up images of drag queens and your aunt’s really bad lip liner, then it’s time to think again. The new generation of stay-put make-up looks natural. Colour pigments are inserted into the skin through fine

Michelle will reconstruct and shape the eyebrow with hair strokes. semi-permanent by Michelle. The result ismake-up incredibly realistic and natural looking.

strokes to achieve a lasting look that can be worn day and night.

a task that is tricky and time-consuming, which is why a trained hand is helpful.

It’s important to find a qualified specialist to do the procedure for you. When you allow someone to do something to your face, you want to make sure that they are qualified and that they will do a good job. Before you have this procedure done, make sure that the specialist has gone through adequate training.

Michelle can enhance the eyes’ appeal by making them perfectly lined with the kind of precision that an untrained hand can never achieve. It doesn’t look at all dramatic but the difference is immediately noticeable.

For an extra dose of sex appeal, Michelle can restore and boost your youthful pout with natural-looking semi-permanent lip Applying eyeliner is tricky and lip time-consuming. Withlip semi-permanent Michelle at Pebbles Beauty Clinic has liner or full colour. The technique make up you can wake up with beautifully defined eyes. mastered this precision art form under the is also used by many to add rosiness guidance of renowned UK trainer Andrew to dull lips or correct any shape or Stassi. She is a natural perfectionist, symmetry concerns. receiving glowing reviews from happy clients on her clinic’s Facebook page. The whole procedure lasts up to an hour, and the initial appointment includes “I don’t do party looks, because the point a six-week follow-up where the ink is is to achieve a natural look. It’s all very topped up to ensure it lasts, and where natural and I enhance or correct features. It’s you can go a little thicker and darker if make-up to wake-up in,” Michelle says. you wish. Michelle will guide you through the process from start to finish, and ensure Michelle creates natural-looking that you get exactly what is promised. eyebrows for those who have overplucked and uneven brows or those who For a free consultation with Michelle have lost hair through chemotherapy. Pebbles Beauty Clinic onflatter 2167 3382 Correctcall any shape or symmetry concerns, or just yourself with anYou inviting pout. Michelle reconstructs and shapes the or 9942 3731. can also send an e-mail eyebrow with hair strokes, and the result is to or visit the incredibly realistic. Pebbles Beauty Clinic Facebook page.


luscious lips

Perfectly defined eyebrows give the complexion a groomed, fresh and youthful appearance, but it’s the eyes that are the ultimate markers of expression and that’s why women spend so much time trying to master the application of eyeliner. It’s Pebbles Beauty Clinic Triq il-Kuncizzjoni, Zabbar T. 21673382

M. 99423731

E. FM / May 2011 - 61

漏 2011 The Gillette Company.

A lot of things irritate my sensitive skin. Shaving shouldn始t be one of them.

Gillette Fusion Cool White and the Series shave care lineup Great performance, even on sensitive skin. Try the complete Series lineup. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.* * Fusion razor

Trade Enquiries VJ Salomone (marketing). Tel: 8007 2387


The Style Council FM’s makeover team is made up of stylist Luke Engerer, photographer Tonio Lombardi, make-up artist Melanie Gregory and hairdresser Michelle Galea at Roots Hair Salon.

Out of the Closet Stylist Luke Engerer gives ballerina Ilona Attard a makeover that has her dancing with the stars.

You should be so lucky

Before I visit Ilona at her parents’ house in Zejtun. She immediately shows me up to her room and points me in the direction of her wardrobe. I only need to take one look to realise that it’s bursting at the seams. Although Ilona admits to being a shopaholic, she doesn’t know exactly what she has in her wardrobe. So I dive in and start exploring.

Every month, stylist Luke Engerer and his makeover team will visit one lucky reader, rummage through her wardrobe and give her a restyle. It’s all treats but no tricks as Luke & Co. only use your own clothes to create a new style for you. If you want to be our lucky makeover girl, visit our Femme Magazine Facebook page, upload your photos on our wall, and the girl who gets the most likes is in for a makeover treat.

The first item to catch my eye is a really cute black cardigan with a seagull print. I also go for a striped red and white halter neck and a black and white pencil skirt. The next day I meet Ilona at Roots Hair Salon. She has come straight after work and is wearing a pair of jeans, a beige and black striped top belted at the waist and a beige blazer. We discuss the proposed look and then the whole makeover team starts working the magic.

About a girl I’m a bubbly, fun-loving girl with a very positive outlook on life.


Melanie Gregory, M: 7772 8043

My style is feminine yet quirky. I like to mix and match various styles – especially vintage and classic – depending on the mood I’m in.

“I first apply a light foundation and flawless mineral powder as a base. Then I go for a pink blusher on her cheekbones and add a touch of shimmer. On Ilona’s eyes, I use a natural sandy colour combination on the contour, black liquid liner and mascara. I finish off with a bright pink lip tint.”

I think my eyes are my best physical feature. On the other hand, I have some small issues with my hips and short legs. But I still embrace my body just the way it is, with all its beauty and imperfections. My favourite wardrobe items are blazers, which can be both smart and casual, and dresses, because they’re just so easy to wear and style. With a dress, you just put it on, maybe layer it with something, and you’re ready to go.

The nominee Hair

Michelle Galea at Roots Hair Salon T: 2745 4164, M: 9945 4164 “Ilona has difficult hair as it has the tendency to frizz. I start by washing and conditioning her hair and follow with a treatment. I decide to warm up her colour and go for a copper tone. Then I blow-dry Ilona’s hair and curl it for added volume.”

Our nominee for this month is community worker Ilona Attard, 24. Ilona works at Agenzija Appogg and her role is to conduct projects for children within the Cottonera community. Ilona is also an advanced ballet teacher and helps out in her father’s business. Ilona wrote to us, saying how she would love to be pampered, even for just one day. “I would love to spend a day with the FM makeover team and feel like Cinderella.”

I have a weakness for shoes and handbags. It’s strange that I always think I never have enough shoes and bags. My beauty routine is pretty simple. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and evening, and when I have time I treat myself to a facial and body massage. I’m always late to get ready, even though it only takes me half an hour to shower, decide what to wear, put on my make-up, style my hair and rush off. I couldn’t live without my camera. I just love taking photos of every single moment which I share with my loved ones. FM / May 2011 - 63

Makeover “The overall look is just great. Lately I’ve been opting for comfy clothing, so to get a feminine, glam look is such a boost.

After “I love the outfit that Luke chose for me – it’s quirky, fun and very feminine. And it’s amazing how the various shapes, patterns and designs flow together,” says Ilona. “I enjoyed every second of the makeover. I was very excited to see how I would look, and Michelle and Melanie did such a wonderful job. The photoshoot was also a new experience which I truly enjoyed. I thank all the FM makeover team for making me feel so special.” FM / May 2011 - 65

Spot the symptoms of dehydration


Go with what flow As it gets hot, hot, hot, Anne Marie Spiteri finds the cold solution to quench your thirst and dehydrate your body.

I Fashion does not limit itself to clothes, and the latest drink to enjoy a surge in popularity is coconut water.

never found water particularly exciting. Then I discovered that it can be poisonous. Although it does not possess the romantic aura which surrounds arsenic or cyanide, plain old water can actually cause enough harm to the human body to lead to death. In order to prevent general panic, I must hurry on to specify that water is only harmful when taken in grossly excessive doses. When a good number of litres of water are consumed in a very short interval, the body is not given enough time to get rid of the excess liquid. The brain swells up and vital functions such as breathing are disrupted and eventually completely halted. Several cases of water intoxication have been reported, and some of them have resulted in fatalities. This goes to show that too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a very bad thing. However, good things taken in correct amounts will yield beneficial effects, and water is no exception. It aids digestion, lubricates joints and eyes, and enhances the excretion of toxins by the kidneys. Other benefits include the promotion of a healthy skin, weight control and headache prevention. These alleged benefits often come under fire due to a general lack of definite scientific evidence. Still, it is undeniable that water is essential to life.

Hottest footwear Bata Shoes has launched the coolest collection ever. For the 1970s look, Bata’s floral footwear adds a touch of girly elegance while if you want height but do not want to sacrifice comfort, Bata’s range of wedges and platforms is the perfect solution. Work your look with ballerina shoes and team up with bags. Bata is giving away €24 worth of free vouchers to spend on your favourite shoes and bags. Bata – Valletta, Sliema (The Point & Tigne) and The Duke Gozo.

66 - FM / May 2011

Water makes up two thirds of a healthy human body and, being continuously lost through skin, lungs and urination, it must be constantly replaced. A water intake of about eight glasses spread throughout each day is usually recommended. This intake should be pushed up when sweating increases due to warmer weather or exercise. Even after increasing intake, there are times when water alone is not enough. When profuse sweating occurs, say during intense exercise, considerable amounts of essential salts are also lost from the body. These need to be replaced, and sports drinks, which contain a cocktail of electrolytes such as sodium, will help to replace the salts lost. Sports drinks also contain sugars which help keep energy levels up during exercise. Their mix of ingredients promotes faster absorption from the gut and thirst stimulation, thus encouraging hydration.

Dehydration occurs when there is as little as a one per cent decrease in body weight due to fluid loss. The main symptom of dehydration is thirst. Other signs of mild dehydration include dizziness, feeling tired, headaches, dry mouth, lips and eyes and the passing of infrequent, small amounts of dark, strong smelling urine.

As always in life, there is a caveat, as sports drinks are not the best beverage to be sipping on while sitting at your desk at work. Sports drinks are only really needed after about an hour of strenuous exercise. And no, furiously typing an assignment which was due an hour ago does not classify. When sports drinks are consumed unnecessarily, they will simply provide a load of excess salts and sugars which the body then has to deal with, and in the long term they may also contribute to weight gain. Another downside is that the sugar content will cause a fair amount of harm to the teeth. Fashion does not limit itself to clothes, and the latest drink to enjoy a surge in popularity is coconut water. The trend hails from exotic places such as Southeast Asia and Hawaii, where this drink is widely consumed. Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts, and apart from being pleasantly refreshing, it also contains considerable amounts of potassium and other minerals, and has thus been touted as a natural sports drink. However, its sugar and sodium content is lower than that in commercial sports drinks and its composition varies according to the maturation of the coconut. Therefore, though it is suitable for people who engage in moderate exercise, coconut water may be insufficient for athletes who undergo more intensive training. While some people like to sweat it out, a sizeable chunk of us prefer to sit down and enjoy the action while guzzling down a cold beer. Although certainly a liquid and definitely thirst quenching, beer, along with all alcoholic, does nothing to hydrate the body. In fact, alcohol is a diuretic – it increases urine output and thus dehydrates the body. This explains the frequent bathroom visits and the hangover effects after having one drink too many. The teetolars sitting back sipping their tea or coffee have nothing to titter about – both drinks also act as diuretics. All this does not mean that we should replace the contents of our coffee cups and cocktail glasses with plain old water. As Paracelsus wisely declared way back in the 16th century, it is the dose that makes the poison. Different substances are harmful at different doses, so as always, it all boils down to a cup of knowledge, a pint of moderation and a shot of common sense.

The list


They’re hair today and hopefully gone tomorrow. FM has a scissorhands moment with the worst hairstyles of the season.


Sharon Stone Half a century old and she’s still one of the most gorgeous women on screen. Which is why it’s hard to find a valid reason why Sharon Stone chose this hairstyle for this year’s Oscars. There is such a thing as too much volume.

Scarlett Johansson Maybe it’s Johannson’s attempt to de-prettify herself and accept the fact that the rest of humanity is not as beautiful as she is. And she has succeeded with a hairstyle that looks like the supporting actor in one of those obscure Victorian dramas.

Agyness Deyn Even a top model can have a not-very-catwalk day. Deyn’s hair looks like one of those bowl cuts popular in early 1980s Malta, when mum was your hairdresser, the kitchen was her salon and Catch was the chocolate bar of no choice.

Kelly Osbourne

Helena Bonham Carter

The daughter of the former prince of darkness has had plenty of bad hair days. This is one of her worst so far this year – too middle of the way to be anything. And she has the gall to think of herself as a style guru.

It’s one thing taking on wacky roles, and another erasing the thin red line between film and real life. The blue-blooded actress looks like she’s hiding something in her bird’s nest hair.


Russell Brand Donald Trump


Marek Hamsik

Prince William

We suspect that Russell Brand first styled his hair this way as a joke, but now it has gone too far. What is it exactly? And where does the straight bit end and the curls begin?

A not so special offer that gives us two bad hairstyles for the price of one. Looks like someone has been experimenting with their chemistry set. Can’t wait to see what the Irish twins’ hair will look like at the Eurovision.

True, the Slovak midfielder has powered Napoli to the top half of the Italian league table. But that doesn’t justify the kind of hair that could take out a fellow player’s eye out if he’s standing within a onemetre radius.

Yes, he’s a goodlooking lad and has just starred in the wedding of the century. Yet the future king of England had better accept his bald spot before he does a Donald Trump.

68 - FM / May 2011

Taking the comb-over where no man has gone before. A unique style which has a life of its own and which comes and goes with the wind. Just goes to show that money cannot buy you a happy hairstyle.

Look who is back in town!

Valletta I St Julian’s | Sliema | B’Kara | MIA | Bugibba | Gozo | Bay Street

Out & About

French missing We’ll always have Paris, says Mona Farrugia as she finds that in the city of light, everything is illuminated.


o you know how, no matter how often you go abroad, sometimes even if you have just returned from some fabulously exotic holiday, your friends’ trips still elbow you in the stomach with jealousy? I do not mean the kind of greeneyed monster that leaves you seething at home on your sofa. Rather, it’s the bit where you go, “I’m so happy for you, and I want to go there too. Soon.” It is a joyful, hopeful feeling. I get this with Paris every time. During certain periods of the year – February, April, October, November – flight prices to Paris take a dip so it’s almost the norm to find a €100 return ticket with Air Malta. When this happens, most of my friends start to vanish to the city of light. I can’t say I blame them – Paris is the one city nobody can get enough of. Isn’t it wonderful how Paris is the only city where clichés come to life in such an attractive way? As you walk through the city you are a figure in the postcard, just another face in your favourite childhood landmarks – the Pont Neuf, the Opera, the Champs-Élysées and of course, the Tour Eiffel. No matter how many times I go, visiting the tower is always on the list. I have five hundred pictures of it constantly projected in my head and the one romantic thing I remember hubby doing, years ago, is whisking me off to stand beneath it, in the freezing December weather, as the tower did its blinking light set at midnight. I loved him for it.

Shopping – it’s personal Unlike London, where streets are almost inhuman and taxis and the tube a necessity, Paris is made for walking. My favourite area to stay in is St Germain des Prés, the sixth arrondissement, because of its sheer accessibility. The shops around St Germain are small, mid- to high-range and signify shopping as it should be. The original Christian Louboutin shop is here – incidentally, the manager’s grandmother is Maltese. There will be nobody looking down your nose inside as the staff are courteous and nice to both the rich and the merely enthusiastic. Metres away there is the most perfect shirt shop known to woman – Anne Fontaine. It is now a chain and the selection of brilliantly-fitting black or white (or black and white) shirts are available even in the UK, but I find great satisfaction in visiting the original. Especially during July and January sales: these shirts are anything but cheap. The unique character that small, personal shops have is so Parisian. It also means that you will come across some interesting characters, such as the owner of Sabbia Rosa. The shop is devoted solely to stupendously expensive hand made silk camisoles. The shop is decorated with Vogue cut-outs of Kate Moss and other celebs showing off their Sabbia Rosa underwear. The owner is a little dotty and while there I witnessed a onehour rant on the phone, staff and customer mistreatment. My obsession with camisoles that cost almost €200 each, as you can imagine, is not that strong so I walked out.

Christian Louboutin shop in Rue de Grenelle

The Sabbia Rosa owner

Sabbia Rosa’s silk camisoles FM / May 2011 - 71

Out & About One stuffed croissant, one apple Danish, a few bits and bobs of chocolate and half a baguette ripped out by hand and smeared in hand-churned butter from right across the road later and I thought I had an idea. Incidentally this area of Paris is brilliant for food shops. Cheese, butter, charcuterie – everything is hand-made, hand-wrapped, placed in jars by hand. Oh, and the guy at the corner café doesn’t mind if you order a cappuccino and eat Delmontel’s baguette.

As you walk through the city you are a figure in the postcard.

If you love buying food, or are into cupcake and cake decorating, head to the Grande Epicerie, literally, the ‘big grocer’. And big it is too, not just in dimensions but also in scope. I adore its jars of violet decorations (made from real violets), gold and silver hundreds and thousands and its poulet de Bresse. Foucher’s divine chocolate creations

It’s bonbon All those who say that restaurants in Paris have lost their verve, are too expensive or too stiff have obviously never been to Les Papilles, where a €40 set menu feeds you a fabulous threecourse dinner in a convivial and casual atmosphere close to the Sorbonne. Les Papilles is a wine shop, the real bistrot, so you choose whatever wine you like from the hundreds on the shelves and pay the same corkage fee no matter if you choose a €10 euro one or one which costs €100. For sheer and utter Frenchness you must go to Jacques Cagna, in St Germain des Prés. Sitting in the banquettes, surrounded by chintz, you will be dazzled by Cagna’s love of terroir, his brilliant twists on favourites (such as sweetbreads in a rosemary crust) and the top-notch service. My unabashed adoration of Atelier Joël Robuchon is well documented. The Atelier, run by the affable and stupendous Philippe Braun, is right up there on the ‘favourite restaurant in the world’ list for me: chic, decked out in red and black and with fabulously modern seating (all sit around the ‘bar’ while small eats wind their way to you) this is where modernity meets classicism to make sweet, culinary love. Do you understand what I mean about my going a little super enthusiastic with anything Parisian? I just do, which is why I cannot leave out Delmontel. A few years ago this bakery in the Quartier Pigalle won the annual Best Baguette Award, a hotly contested competition between bakers (a year later a Tunisian won it and the Parisians had a fit). I just wanted to know what made it a winner.

72 - FM / May 2011

For more fowl play, wake up early on Sunday mornings and go to the organic market at the Bastille. It’s not just chicken, of course – you will find everything from honey to hand made soaps and sheepskin slippers here, but I always buy myself a chicken. A poulet de Bresse retails for an average €40 but it’s worth every euro cent.

Brasserie Lipp

Back in time

Hotel D’Aubusson

Room with a view I always camp out at the Hotel D’Aubusson, a 17th century luxury boutique hotel moulded in the old style with chintz and a massive fireplace on the ground floor, a deliciously varied breakfast (this is where I first discovered that if you pay enough tea bags come in silk pyramids), a beautiful bathroom with views over the Parisian rooftops and a room which is a little larger than the norm – in Paris, hotel rooms are the size of a fist and swinging a cat does not begin to describe it. The D’Aubusson is a few metres away from the Pont Neuf. Jacques Cagna is almost right outside the door and so is the food market in Rue de Buci.

Paris does good shopping but what it does is best is vintage shopping, especially in the Marais district. Beware though – vintage does not come cheap. A 2.55 Chanel bag in excellent condition still retails for around €1,000 (sorry if that has made you faint – you are obviously not aware of how much a new one costs) but I have found Hermès scarves at €100. I have also bought full-length fur coats and boots the heels on which snapped. Sadly I was in Malta when this happened and could not take it back – that is one of the ‘snags’ of le vintage.

Relax and do it I adore the parks in Paris and if you get a sunny day you will too. My favourite is the Jardin du Luxembourg. Isn’t it wonderful how the Parisians take out all those old-fashioned deckchairs and metal chairs and read and sunbathe in that huge green expanse? How different the parks here are from the regimented ones in London – you can run on the grass, lie on it or make love to your heart’s content. The Parisians are still all for liberty, which is why I feel so at home in their capital.

Mona Farrugia edits and writes for restaurant review, food and travel website

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Last word

Snap happy Name: Tamara Webb Age: 20 Studying: Interior and product design at MCAST

In development Young photographer Tamara Webb is on her way to becoming a shooting star. The first time I held a camera was on holiday. It was still one of those film cameras. I remember being fascinated with how it could possibly work and how the photos were developed and printed. The best part was going to pick up the developed photos – mum and dad would hold the filmstrips against the light so that I could see the actual prints. I got my first digital camera as a present. At the time, digital cameras were still a new technology, and I couldn’t wait to unleash it on the world and take all the photos I wanted without film restrictions. When I was young, I used to love organising shoots with my cousin – I would direct her to drape herself in a curtain and pose for me. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. Since I was a little girl, my reading mostly consisted of fashion magazines. Yet I never aspired to be a model – rather, I envied the people organising and styling the shoots and, mostly, the photographer. 74 - FM / May 2011

My first experiment with fashion photography was at school. We were given a task which included focusing on our personal spaces. The personal space I enjoy most is changing rooms, so I decided to organise a shoot replicating a changing room. I painted the walls and installed a mirror and props. Then I asked a friend to pose for me. That day, I realised that this was something I wanted to do. To keep myself updated on fashion trends, I use the latest magazines as study books and trawl fashion blogs and websites which feature the latest shoots. Milton H. Greene, who shot some of the most amazing photographs of Marilyn Monroe inspires me because he always captured Monroe’s inner soul in the photographs rather than only her beauty like other photographers did. I also like capturing natural moments and movement in a shoot.

For me, colour photography brings out the character and enthusiasm of a model, while black and white is just beautiful. During a shoot, the stylist, model, makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer have to work as one. Encouraging models to give their best is the part I love doing most. Knowing your models is important, as is gaining their confidence. And I enjoy making them laugh, even if I have to make funny faces or jump around. At the end of a shoot, if I know I have the shots I want, I let the models do whatever they want, without any direction, so that they can be themselves. I am currently busy with school projects. I am also participating in the Malta Fashion Week exhibition and a photo shoot for the Search for Miss World Malta. I am pleased that my tutors encourage me to make time for everything and I have their full support. I am also working with Marisa Grima, who has been a great help, on her SuperNova Models project.





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