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WELCOME Falling in love means losing control. Your daily routine is uprooted and shaken like a dead plant as you spend your days bunching up your lover’s tributes, whispering sweet nothings over the phone, and sending so many SMSs that with the same money you spend on virtual kisses, you could support a small African community. And your days become a countdown until you see her or him again. But falling in love is also change. You scrub up with more enthusiasm, do things which were out of bounds in your previous life, and change your wardrobe.

We also visit the London Fashion Weekend to check out the latest fashion, celebrate the hottest arm-candy, and hail this season’s most versatile trends – prints – in all their tribal, animal, floral and geometric glory. Our fashion shoot for this issue is by talented photographer Amelia Troubridge and celebrates this season’s trends. We also get in the ring with beatboxer Dana McKeon, keep the time on fashion on the streets of Lugano and meet young yet talented photographers, models and designers. Once again, this year we are the official magazine of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta and proudly support such an important event which contributes towards putting Malta on the fashion map. Read on and enjoy.

In this issue of FM, Francesca Falzon interviews two couples to see how they changed their partner’s wardrobe and whether they are a match made in fashion heaven.

COVER CREDITS Photographer Amelia Troubridge Photographer’s Assistant Nicky Scicluna Stylist Kira Drury Make-up Diandra Mattei using Givenchy Tel 79828414 Model: Anastasia @ wearing French Connection sequin dress, €345.00 and Accessorize hair band, €43.00

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11 Capital fashion Christina Goggi falls in love with this season’s trends at the London Fashion Weekend.

15 Love what you’re wearing Is your other half a match made in fashion heaven, asks Francesca Falzon.

19 Illegally thin It’s all very well to blame the fashion industry for the increase in the number of eating and anxiety disorders. But what about the fast food industry, which has helped double the obesity rates, asks Alison Bezzina.

20 Style star One of the hottest ladies in the biz right now, with a massive fashionista following. Effortless, vintage and preppy, Lana Del Rey we salute you.

23 Dressing a masterpiece For Jean Fares, woman is a masterpiece by nature. Here is how the fashion designer dresses her up.

26 Street style Famous for watches, the Swiss also keep themselves updated on fashion. Romina Farrugia moves with the fashion time in Lugano.

31 Print job If you’re looking for love, FM can be your Prints Charming.

41 Style stalker Kira Drury opens her wardrobe to summer.

59 In the ring Beatboxer Dana McKeon keeps the beat on music, fashion and shopping.

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61 What I know about style Martina Spiteri designs this season’s trends.

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63 Style snaps

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FM hits the local party scene to snap the hottest looks. It’s time to dress up.

66 In memory of For photographer Valentina Lupo, photos are treasured memories.

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London Fashion Weekend

CAPITAL FASHION Christina Goggi falls in love with this season’s trends at the London Fashion Weekend. Photos by Christina Goggi.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


s the sun rises and colours the sky with hues of reds and streaks of indigo, as if the weather knows that today there is no room for rain or clouds, I look out of my hotel room’s window with a warm cuppa in my hands and a smile that grows larger and larger with every tick of the clock – today I get to see one of the world’s highest profile designer showcases. Way before I started preparing my camera gear, the preparations at Somerset House have been endless for everyone involved in making London Fashion Weekend another success. With a trendsetting catwalk, four floors dedicated to London’s best emerging and heritage designers selling one-off work at heavily reduced prices, and luxury pampering booths, this event has been designed to be any style-savvy label lover’s nirvana (and my bank savings’ greatest nightmare).

A cosmopolitan queue of people showing off their individualistic, vibrant and creative looks waits for the doors to open. And as it strikes 10am, this long awaited day is finally brought to life. Luckily for us, the catwalk show is the same throughout the event and at different times, meaning that there is no way anyone can miss out on the different designers’ collections for S/S 12. Attendees swarm over every fashion compartment. They can feel the textures of the fabrics, see the skill put into the weaving and witness the vivid colours. They can even try on their favourite designers’ pieces – euphoria. After I pay for my new fashion acquisitions, I head to the official British Fashion Council Show Space, join the rest of the press (never have I embraced my job this much), and get ready to capture an array of this season’s trends.

Prim Rose Inspired by Philip Lim 3.1, Louis Vuitton and Twenty8Twelve, Prim Rose’s S/S 12 collection is all about dreamy, clean and summery pastels, combined with the cute collars which have now become the designer’s trademark. The subtlety of these hues encourages experimentation.

FM April 2012 - 11

London Fashion Weekend

Jasper Conran Jasper Conran’s S/S 12 collection plays with symmetry. At first glance the collection’s straight cut look seems simplistic and conservative, yet the rectangles of colour on Conran’s designs reveal as much as they cover up, giving an arresting and more-than-meets-the-eye look. Each dress works a single tone, although the colour palette varies from the natural shades in his starting styles, to bold pinks, reds and blacks later on. This look can be complemented with one-colour hairbands.

Antipodium Antipodium draws inspiration from the trendy, smart and sporty styles of east London. The natural palette and the prints (including pets illustrated by Miriam Ivanoff), make this collection an inspiration for S/S 12. Most importantly, this is a commercial and wearable collection.

Personal fashion statement The latest Massimo Dutti S/S 12 is every woman’s must have – feminine, classy and uberstylish. Neutrals, eye-popping shades, florals, polka dots, lace, clean silhouettes, show-stopping handbags and shoes – it’s time to rethink and revamp your wardrobe. So welcome the warm sunny days in style! Think pretty pastels, daring prints, unusual colour combinations and glitters for a grand entrance. Add uniqueness to your wardrobe, have fun and put together headturning combos! The Massimo Dutti S/S 12 collection features everything you need in order to make your own personal fashion statement.

12 - FM April 2012

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Game On Game On’s S/S 12 collection combines tracksuits and heels, gorgeous silks with techno fabrics, and also prepares us for the beach sporting some bright red swimwear.

As the catwalk show comes to an end, the audience’s applause echoes our hearts’ beating. The event has truly uncovered a culture of ideas, youth and talent. With my camera’s memory card exhausted, and the same smile I started off with still imprinted on my face, I walk out of Somerset House, greeted by that same sky that is now preparing to let the night take over.

HF Saving the best for last, HF’s S/S 12 collection is definitely my favourite this season. With gorgeous Asian and tribal prints, and powerful and vibrant colours, this look is a musthave for any fashion lover searching for an amalgamation of elegance and fun.

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FM April 2012 - 13


LOVE WHAT YOU’RE WEARING Is your other half a match made in fashion heaven, asks Francesca Falzon. Photos by Christian Sant Fournier


hen you meet that special someone, everything changes – suddenly, life is beautiful, you have a spring in your step and your wardrobe gets an instant makeover. Chantelle Butters and Luke Borg both work as sales advisors in two leading retail outlet shops in Malta. This means that every day, they are bombarded by the latest fashion trends and updates. On the other hand, Sarah Gruppetta and Jamie Stephenson are both medical students currently in their third year of studies. Despite following such a demanding course, finding time to look good and being stylish has always been one of their top priorities. So what do they think of each other’s fashion sense? And what would they change in their partner’s wardrobe?

A classy, black dress would surely make her look sexy.



FM: What is Luke’s current favourite item?

FM: How would you describe Chantelle’s style?

Chantelle: A leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans.

Luke: Unique. She certainly tries to move away from the stereotypical fashion trends to create her own original style.

FM: Does he follow fashion trends? Chantelle: He adapts to the general trends but ultimately chooses what suits him best. FM: What would you never dream of seeing your boyfriend wearing? Chantelle: Baggy trousers. FM: Is there a particular piece of clothing or accessory which he wears repeatedly? Chantelle: Military boots in winter. FM: Do you find yourself pushing each other to improve your image?

FM: What fashion items does Chantelle buy most frequently? Luke: Leggings and accessories. FM: Any fashion disaster you recall Chantelle having? Luke: No. That would certainly be a very rare occasion. FM: How does Chantelle keep up to date with new fashion trends? Luke: By surfing the net and trawling websites which are fashion-oriented.

Chantelle: Very rarely, since we’re both very much involved in the world of fashion so it comes natural for us to want to look good.

FM: An outfit which would flatter Chantelle would be…

FM: When choosing an outfit, do you keep in mind what your better half might think of it?

FM: Do you remember what your girlfriend was wearing the first time you asked her out?

Chantelle: Yes I do, but we usually have the same taste so I rarely have such dilemmas.

Luke: Yes. A pair of jeans and shirt, together with a pair of flat sandals because she thought she might be taller than me.

FM: When giving gifts to one another, are they always fashion related? Chantelle: Yes, because we can never go wrong like that. FM: Was his keen attitude towards fashion an important aspect which made your relationship kick off? Chantelle: Yes it surely helped – it was a plus. FM: Can being too stylish ever tip a couple into being superficial about their relationship? Chantelle: Yes it can if you dedicate your conversations and time to fashion alone.

Luke: A classy, black dress would surely make her look sexy.

FM: Who is her style icon? Luke: Florence, the singer from Florence and the Machine. FM: Has Chantelle had an impact on how you dress? Luke: Not really, because I have always been very conscious about my appearance and have always taken good care of how I look. FM: Would you describe her as being obsessed about fashion? Luke: Most definitely.

FM April 2012 - 15

Fashion “She encourages me to wear She encourages items which bring out the best in me to wear items me.”

which bring out the best in me

JAMIE FM: How would you describe Sarah’s style? Jamie: It varies. Sometimes it’s a hippie look but in the evenings she tends to shift to a smarter look. FM: What fashion items does Sarah buy most frequently? Jamie: Bags. She must buy one every time she goes shopping. FM: How does Sarah keep up to date with new fashion trends? Jamie: By surfing the net and checking out the new fashion trends in online stores and magazines.

SARAH FM: What is Jamie’s current favourite item? Sarah: A pair of rolled up chinos, brogues and an open shirt with a t-shirt underneath. FM: Does he follow fashion trends? Sarah: He does, but he will choose something which he personally likes and finds comfortable to wear. FM: What would you never dream of seeing your boyfriend wearing? Sarah: Baggy trousers.

FM: Any fashion disaster you recall Sarah having?

FM: Is there a particular piece of clothing or accessory which he wears repeatedly?

Jamie: Well, not in public. However, when she gives me a lift at night she tends to wears her pink pyjamas tucked in a pair of boots. Since it’s dark she thinks she can get away with it.

Sarah: Brogues and the pair of fashionable glasses he’s wearing today.

FM: An outfit which would flatter Sarah would be… Jamie: A black, lacy dress makes her look very sexy.

FM: Do you find yourself pushing each other to improve your image? Sarah: Yes. In fact, he helps me out a lot when shopping. To my surprise, he manages to find items in a shop which I immediately like and wouldn’t have even seen on display.

FM: Do you remember what your girlfriend was wearing the first time you asked her out?

FM: When giving gifts to one another, are they always fashion related?

Jamie: A pair of leathery, brown trousers and a striped, off-shoulder top.

FM: When choosing an outfit do you keep in mind what your better half might think of it?

FM: Who is her style icon?

Sarah: Yes, I do tend to keep in mind what Jamie would like or not.

Jamie: She has no particular style icon. FM: Has Sarah had an impact on how you dress? Jamie: Yes, definitely. She encourages me to wear items which bring out the best in me rather than going for an ordinary look. FM: Would you describe her as being obsessed about fashion? Jamie: No. ‘Interested’ would be a better word.

16 - FM April 2012

Sarah: Not always but occasionally.

FM: Was his keen attitude towards fashion an important aspect which made your relationship kick off? Sarah: Yes definitely. It was another thing we discovered to have in common. FM: Can being too stylish ever tip a couple into being superficial about their relationship? Sarah: Yes. If fashion is the only thing in common and all aspects of life revolve around it can surely happen. Striking a balance is always healthy.

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ESART Brand: Scholl Colour: Taupe, Black Size: 36 - 41 Price: €80.00





Brand: Scholl Colour: Taupe, Off-white, Black Size: 36 - 42 Price: €59.00

Brand: Scholl Colour: Black, Cherry, White Size: 36 - 42 Price: €59.00

Brand: Scholl Colour: Black, White, Black/Beige Size: 36 - 41 Price: €85.00

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Brand: Scholl Colour: Sage, Black, Tan Size: 36 - 41 Price: €80.00

Brand: Gabor Colour: White, Dark Brown Size: 36 - 42 Price: €85.00

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ILLEGALLY THIN It’s all very well to blame the fashion industry for the increase in the number of eating and anxiety disorders. But what about the fast food industry, which has helped double the obesity rates, asks Alison Bezzina.


s a child I was relatively healthy but labelled over-active because I was one of those restless children whom you’d be tempted to lock up and throw away the key. ‘Why’ was my favourite word and I would rather climb a wall than collect stamps. I owned three bicycles, 10 footballs, five scars, and had tan marks all year round. I also felt physically inferior to other children, because despite my physical abilities, according to my family’s standards, I was way too thin. My parents had been widely exposed to fashion images of the 1960s – an era during which the average model was about 1.6 metres tall and weighed just over 58.5 kilograms. Though still slim, models of those proportions still had a few curves. Unfortunately I didn’t have any, so I grew up thinking that I looked as attractive as a sickly skeleton. I was incessantly told that clothes hung off of me like they would off a hanger, and every time I fell ill with the usual childhood ailments, it was my lack of extra flesh that got the blame. When I finally started putting on some weight and

looking a little bit more like a real human being, dried-up stickinsect models started to adorn our fashion media like they were the best thing since sliced bread. Today, the average model is two centimetres taller than she was in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and weighs a staggering six kilograms less. If only my parents knew that I was simply a little bit ahead of my time, they might have spared me the lectures and forcefeeding threats. Jokes apart, heaps of awareness-raising articles have been written about the effects of such images on society, especially on young women, and many have blamed the fashion industry for the increase in the number of eating and anxiety disorders. But with the resurrection of Twiggy-like models, not only have these images continued to appear, but the ultimate goal of fashion artists seems to have become that of emulating the look of those in the last throes of heroin addiction. In an attempt to control the spread of such impossible and unhealthy body aspirations, back in 2006, fashion designers in Spain set a minimum Body Mass

Index for all models, and the Madrid Fashion show as well as the Milan Fashion week banned models who weigh too little from their catwalks. In Israel, two per cent of girls between the ages of 14 and 18 suffer from severe eating disorders – unfortunately, this case is not particular to Israel but a rate very similar to other developed countries. Yet Israel decided to take action and last month introduced new legislation, which surprisingly was backed up by a good number of people in the fashion industry. According to the new law, every model working in the Israeli market has to produce a medical report not older than three months verifying that the she is not malnourished. The standards of malnutrition are those set by The World Health Organization BMI standards. According to WHO, a BMI below 18.5 indicates malnutrition, and anything above 25 is considered to be overweight. So according to this standard, any model standing at 1.74 meters tall, which is the average height of today’s female models, must weigh a minimum of 54 kilograms in order to appear in fashion shoots aimed at the Israeli market. Top model agent Adi Barkan estimated that about half the professional models who currently work in Israel would have to gain some weight in order to be allowed to work again. I welcome such a law with open arms, because forcing a super thin ideal on the public affects public taste which is in turn harmful to society at large. However, which industry do you think will come out as the ultimate winner? Will it be the fast food industry which has managed to double the obesity rates for children and adults alike in the last 20 years, or will it be the fashion industry which keeps pushing the weight down? As the healthcare costs of obesity-related illnesses keep increasing, should fast food chains be forced into advising their customers about the abnormal sizes of their portions, and the dangerously high calorie and fat content in their food? Or should they perhaps be forced to reduce their portions and increase their prices? Or could it be that fast food chains and the fashion industry are simply the new pet peeves of the health industry? And, finally, I can’t help but wonder – what would my childhood have been like had I been born in the 17th century when luscious curves were the order of the day? Alison Bezzina has been writing for the past 17 years. People have laughed, cried and shared her exasperation reading her pieces. Her online blogs have given rise to the ever-growing online discussions and controversies.

FM April 2012 - 19



One of the hottest ladies in the biz right now, with a massive fashionista following. Effortless, vintage and preppy, Lana Del Rey we salute you. Photography-Nicky Scicluna, Stylist-Kira Drury


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14. 13.


1. Peacocks stripe dress, €20.50 / 2. Accessorize shades, €23.50 / 3. Accessorize moustache necklace, €9.90 / 4. Accessorize nail varnish, €5.90 / 5. Accessorize lip gloss, €4.50 / 6. Armani floral dress, €150.00 / 7. Bata patent heels, €59.00 / 8. Tommy Hilfiger denim shirt, €119.00 / 9. Accessorize corsage, €9.90 / 10. Pois white jeans, €54.00 / 11. Carpisa bag, €22.90 / 12. Esprit red tee, €15.95 / 13. Esprit black hi-top trainers, €59.95 / 14. Accessorize glasses necklace, €9.90 / 15. Mexx denim shorts, €55.00 20 - FM April 2012

Malta Fashion Week

DRESSING A MASTERPIECE One of the main highlights at this year’s Malta Fashion Week, celebrity fashion designer Jean Fares gives FM an exclusive interview.

Your creations are a stunning presence on the red carpet. How long and difficult was the journey here? The journey was long - it all began in 1992, when after graduating from Fashion University, I started my own atelier for haute couture right away. It wasn’t easy, yet with my passion for fashion, perseverant hard work and my ambitious nature, I was able to accomplish what I have accomplished today. How do your Lebanese roots influence your designs? My Lebanese roots highly influence my designs and fashion in general. The beautiful Lebanese nature with its Mediterranean sea, four seasons, mountains, and evergreen trees has always inspired me to create and to give more. As for the Lebanese culture, this has always acted as a bridge between western elegance and oriental charm. Also, Lebanese have always been known for their refined taste and creativity. All these are obvious in my style. Your creations are intricately detailed and are an ode to craftsmanship. Yet you still manage to make them appear simple and elegant - how do you manage to combine these qualities? My Lebanese roots play a role in this, and enable me to combine detailed embroidery with simple, flowing silk or chiffon dresses. I love beautiful embroidery yet it must respond to my designs, I don’t follow embroidery, it follows my design in a personalised manner. But what’s more important is the dress should be simple enough to show the beautiful lines of the female body, as it is part of identity. It's not just a piece of art- it must speak with the woman and flirt on her body, so the dress ought to be simple enough, yet it should also have the sparkle and glamour. The Jean Fares Couture Facebook page quotes an aphorism by Einstein, saying that, "If you are out to describe the truth, leave your elegance to the tailor." How does this apply to your creations? My creations are honest and they reflect the true identity of the woman who wears it. I encourage all women who would like to wear Jean Fares Couture despite their diversity to feel their identity adding to it my spirit. We work to make a woman’s body which is a masterpiece by nature, stand out even more: below is a quote from me which reflects it all: “Your lines are yours. Between the lines are us. Jean Fares Couture values your given body and admires your unique shape, so leave between the lines to us. Behind every line is a secret - dare to imagine, to dream, to feel your elegance. Angie Harmon FM April 2012 - 23

Malta Fashion Week How powerful yet elegant is the Jean Fares Couture woman? The Jean Fares Couture woman is a daring woman. She is strong and confident of her femininity and her sex appeal. She knows what she wants and is beautiful, refined and elegant. How will you be present at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta, and how are you forseeing your visit to the Maltese Islands? I have always been fascinated by Malta, this beautiful Mediterranean island with its Phoenician and multi cultural roots is so similar to Lebanon, my designs and I feel at home here. I am so excited to be part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta, I am sure we will have a great success there.

Carrie Underwood

MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MALTA 2012 EVENT PROGRAMME THURSDAY MAY 3, 2012 Private Launch Party Location: Medasia, Sliema Entrance: Strictly by invite only. Medasia will host the launch party for the Mercedes Benz Fashion week Malta and the Trussardi Jeans Malta Fashion Awards. This event is private for media, sponsors and participants. SATURDAY MAY 5, 2012 Fashion Photography Exhibition Location: Pjazza San Gorg, Valletta Entrance: open all day to the public. Pjazza San Gorg in Valletta will host the largest ever fashion photography exhibition in Malta. 40 huge photos of 3m x 2m each presenting the work of Maltese and foreign fashion photographers will be exhibited for an entire week. The public can walk around the posters in Pjazza San Gorg and admire the artistic work of these

photographers. The exhibition will show until Thursday May 10, 2012. SUNDAY MAY 6, 2012 The Bridal Show Location: To be confirmed. Entrance: Ticket hotline 2388 9380 or from Pronovias outlet at The Strand, Sliema Fashion show of the latest collections from world-renowned brand Pronovias. Event is by invite, which may be obtained from Pronovias free of charge. MONDAY MAY 7, 2012 Charles & Ron Collection Location: Mediterranean Conference Centre Entrance: request invite by e-mail (info@ or SMS 9922 2085 with address. Malta’s most established designers C&R launch their A/W 2012 collection at Mediterranean Conference Centre. TUESDAY MAY 8, 2012 Period Costumes Show

Location: Kind’s Autosales Showroom, Lija

requests email Melissa@

Entrance: Ticket hotline 2143 3601 or igrech@ A collection of vintage costumes from Teatru Manoel will be taken out of the theatre to be put on public display for the first time. Apart from viewing these fantastic costumes, guests will also enjoy a fashion show with replicas of period costumes.

12 upcoming designers will be launching their collections in this fantastic event promoting young Maltese talent and serving as a launching pad for their careers.

WEDNESDAY MAY 9, 2012 Kelinza Couture Fashion Show Location: The Villa, Corinthia Palace & Spa Attard Entrance: Strictly by invite. For invite requests email Melissa@ Fashion show by designer Fleur Kelinza’s collection. THURSDAY MAY 10, 2012 Upcoming Designers Show Location: To be confirmed. Entrance: Strictly by invite. For invite

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2012 From Russia with Fashion Location: To be confirmed. Entrance: Limited invites may be obtained from the local designers or by sending an email to Melissa@fashionweek. Maltese and Russian fashion designers will showcase their collections side by side during this event which is being organised in collaboration with The Russian Centre for Science and Culture. The event is being covered by various prominent Russian media who will be coming to Malta specifically to report this event. Designers include Alexandra Serova,

Sergey Pugachev, Petriiski, Pippa Toledo and Joe Callus Exclusive Leather Designs. SATURDAY MAY 12, 2012 The Trussardi Jeans Malta Fashion Awards Location: MFCC Ta’ Qali Entrance: Tickets from €10.00 (standing) to €50.00 (prime seated). Now in its 14th edition, this is the most anticipated fashion party of the year. Apart from handing out the much coveted awards to the top people in fashion this year, the event includes spectacular hair shows from the finalists of The Wella Trend Vision Awards, a gathering of fashion shows held during the whole week, plus international designers from Sweden, Lebanon, UK, and more. Also attending Jean Fares and Aminaka Wilmont. Foreign media will cover the whole event including the international fashion television station

FTV, with whom this event is being done in collaboration. SATURDAY MAY 12, 2012 Fashion Week Closing Party Location: MFCC Ta’ Qali Entrance: Strictly by invite. After months of hard work and a whole week of events, it’s time for everyone to let their hair down and relax in a casual and fun party atmosphere. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta and the Trussardi Jeans Malta Fashion Awards are made possible entirely with the support of sponsors. These include the official airline Airmalta, official hotel Corinithia Palace Hotel, the official footwear supplier Aldo Shoes and Accessories, Fimbank, Diet Coke, Estetika and others. This event is being organised in collaboration with FTV. This programme is subject to change. For latest updates and further information, visit www.

It’s the one Dolce & Gabbana is a passionate and provocative brand, the essence of Mediterranean indulgence. Dolce & Gabbana the one sport celebrates the most genuine values of sport and life. Sport is equilibrium of mind and body, a pure all-Italian ideal inherited from classical Greece to ancient Rome. Dolce & Gabbana the one sport is a fresh, clean, energetic scent with an unmistakable Mediterranean aroma of rosemary, the freshness of water and saltiness of the sea to make you feel vigorous. This eau de toilette is available in 100ml, 50ml and 30ml. Receive a Dolce & Gabbana sports bag with every EDT 100ml or a Dolce & Gabbana pouch with every EDT 50ml. Offers are available from authorised retailers only. For trade enquiries call VJ Salomone (marketing) on 8007 2387.

24 - FM April 2012

© 2012 adidas AG. adidas, the Trefoil logo and the 3-Stripes mark are registered trademarks of the adidas Group.

all originals make moves








Famous for watches, the Swiss also keep themselves updated on fashion. Romina Farrugia moves with the fashion time in Lugano.

Name: Alisa Nationality: American Where I love your bracelet. bought I m? fro it get did you celet bra this cyclops cuff born ian tin en Arg an m fro in z, pe Ló n Jua designer, m Granada. It’s made fro funky recycled glass and it’s and chunky. are you When shopping, what home k bac go to ly like more h wit sed ses with? I’m ob n 60 shoes. I have more tha . set clo my pairs in lerina Are you a heels or bal have to type of girl? When I aring rest my feet after we foldable heels, I take out my g. ballerinas from my ba

Name: Charlotte Nationality: Swiss

Will you be wearing col oured trousers this season? Definitely. My fashio n mission in the next weeks is to find myself a coral pair. When shopping, what are you more likely to go bac k home with? I would proba bly go back home with a bit of everything because I can’t resist clothes, access ories or shoes. Which of this season’s trends will make its wa y to your wardrobe? Pro bably something by Herm ès.

Name: Natalia Nationality: Russian

What colour will your trousers be this season? I’m looking for a pair in fuschia because it’s a colour people notice. When shopping, what are you more likely to go back home with? I would go back home with a pair of high heels because they are very feminine. Which of this season’s trends will make its way to your wardrobe? I love the new two or three tone shoes that are out in the shops at the moment. So far I’ve resisted but it won’t be long before I get myself a pair or two. Favourite designer? Christian Dior.

26 - FM April 2012

Name: Dieter Nationality: Swiss

Will you be wearing coloured trousers this season? I would probably go for a navy blue pair. When shopping, what are you more likely to go back home with? My wife does the clothes shopping for me. She has great taste so it works for both of us. Which of this season’s trends will make its way to your wardrobe? I love Vans slip-ons and will probably get a new pair very soon.

Name: Petra Nationality: Slovakian

Name: Luca

What colour will you r trousers be this season ?I saw an amazing pair in mint that have my na me written on them. When shopping, what are you more likely to go back home with? I would ret urn home with clothes or a pair of shoes, but I als o love jewellery and ba gs as long as they have a unique touch to them. Which of this season’s trends will make its wa y to your wardrobe? Th is season’s patchwork is very particular – it’s like wa lking around dressed up in a mini work of art.

Nationality: Italian Will you be wearing coloured trousers this season? I’ll go for an acid green colour because it makes a statement. When shopping, what are you more likely to go back home with? I’d probably go back home with a pair of original shoes such as the type I’m wearing today. Favourite fashion designer? Karl Lagerfeld but I also love Dries Van Noten.

Name: Flavia Nationality: Swiss What colour will your trousers be this season? It would definitely be a yellow pair. When shopping, what are you more likely to go back home with? I find shoes irresistible. Which of this season’s trends will make its way to your wardrobe? I will pick and choose what I like and what blends in with my style but I won’t follow a particular trend. Again, for this summer I’ll choose yellow which I’m also using a lot in my cakes as I’m a cake designer. Are you a heels or ballerina type of girl? I love heels but for comfort I also like to wear ballerinas, especially when I’m running errands.

Name: Jean-Marie Nationality: French Are you just visiting or do you live here? I live in Geneva but tonight there’s a vernissage at an art exhibition I organised, so I’m in Lugano for the weekend. What colour will your trousers be this season? I only wear blue trousers. When shopping, what are you more likely to go back home with? It would definitely be a jacket. It’s the only item I would splash out on. Favourite fashion designer? Jean Paul Gaultier for men and Rien à Mettre by Giulia Mazzer for women.

We love men It’s not all about the ladies this season (though yes, we admit, we all love to spoil you). However this time round Peacocks wanted give men an opportunity to look their best at affordable prices! Peacocks menswear range is now also available at Republic Street in Valletta on level -2. Check out the new spring/summer menswear arrivals at Peacocks currently available at The Plaza, Sliema; Republic Street, Valletta; and Arkadia Commercial Centre, Gozo.

FM April 2012 - 27


ACCESSORY HEAVEN Essential accessories by Parfois. Photography-Nicky Scicluna, Stylist-Kira Drury

2. 1.


5. 6.

4. 7.

10. 9.


11. 12.


Valletta & Gozo




1. Stud bag, €19.90 2. Drawstring bag.€32.90 3. Ballerina pumps, €17.90 4. Floral compact mirror, €4.90 5. Saddle bag, €24.90 6. Gold bangle, €5.90 7. Earrings, €6.90 8. Brooch, €6.90 9. Purse, €17.90 10. Tiger bangle, €9.00 11. Necklace, €9.90 12. Cream watch, €32.90 13. Polar ring, €9.90 14. Butterfly ring, €5.90 15. Double belts, €12.90

FM April 2012 - 29

photo > art&concept > z-one creative team concept

TM sold only in professional salons

Imported by Trade enquires Phone 99472152


PRINT JOB If you’re looking for love, FM can be your Prints Charming. From tribal, graphic and animal to floral, geometric and natural, prints are all the rage this season. There’s a print for everyone – paisley and floral for the nostalgic, wildly geometric and kaleidoscopic for the adventurous, and natural for those who love a frolic in the sun. And they go from one extreme to the other – you can opt for simple stripes or else go wild with mashed up and mixed prints. You can also wear prints from head to toe, including print accessories and shoes. So go ahead, hit the print button.

Carolina Herrera

Do your maths Mulberry

Geometric prints carry a clean aesthetic and bold lines. The simplest geometric patterns are vertical or horizontal stripes and polka dots while for the more adventurous there are zigzags, checks, triangles and mashed up or multiple prints.

For your eyes Matthew WIlliamson

Animal kingdom Indulge your wild side with tribal, ethnic and animal prints. The perennial favourites are the leopard and zebra prints, although they come in a variety of colours. The snake print is also popular, slithering for attention on anything from jeans and tops to accessories.

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of sunglasses or spectacles, you will enjoy O’Hea Opticians’ spring/summer collection. This season there is an ever-expanding range of designer sunglasses and specs. You may choose from stylish, comfortable, good quality, branded designer ones. Sorbet colours, floral image prints, the retro look, cat eyes and aviators lined the catwalk this season. Enhance your shopping experience even further and visit O’Hea Opticians during Bulgari week starting from Monday, April 23. All Bulgari sunglasses and specs shall be on a special promotion during that week only. You may also sample the new Bulgari Omnia fragrance instore. O’Hea Opticians, 191, The Strand Gzira. Call on 2131 5590/7931 5590 or visit

FM April 2012 - 31


The Barometer Wear Clements Ribeiro’s Swan range – for those with beautiful curves.

Anna Sui

Mad Men is back – and so is the slicked-back hair look.


Printed silky trousers. We love.

Tear This season’s pyjama look – what, off to sleep already?

Marc Jacobs’ enormous hats for AW/12. These hats will not be a hit.

Without fail, floral prints make an appearance every summer. This season, floral patterns featured in all major collections – some designers used florals for a feminine, dainty effect while others took it to extreme levels. Whatever your taste, there’s a floral pattern for you.

Through the kaleidoscope This season, kaleidoscopic prints are best showcased in collections by Julien Macdonald, Emilio Pucci and Matthew Williamson. As with all prints, you can either go for one separate item in this print, or make an outfit out of it. Only for those who want to look fabulous. And who doesn’t?

Purple – nowhere to be seen this season.

Blog watch Go natural A photographer zooms in on fashion. The cool factor.

32 - FM April 2012

Alberta Ferretti

Fashion with attitude.

This season, fashion doesn’t just present itself in full floral bloom. Designers like Dries Van Noten, Alberta Ferretti, Dolce & Gabbana and Holly Fulton used images of vegetables, the sun and sea, and trees to burst their designs in bloom. It’s a natural riot.

Special Offer

With HS System for great shots in low light, Smart Auto and FullHD movies, the stylish metal bodied IXUS 115 HS lets you simply enjoy the fun. Features: HS System (12.1 MP) 28mm, 4x zoom. Optical IS Slim metal body 7.6 cm (3.0”) PureColor II G LCD Full HD. Dynamic IS. HDMI Smart Auto (32 scenes) High-speed Burst & Super Slow Motion Movie Movie Digest Creative shooting modes Optional Waterproof Cases


€110 including VAT

Until stocks last. Available in a variety of colours.

visit or call on 2148 8800

Avantech Building, St Julian’s Road, San Gwann SGN 2805

you can


BAG THESE FM carries on with this season’s hottest bags.




03 10

08 04 11



01. Smart red purse by Carpisa. ¤15.90/ 02. Clutch by Monsoon. ¤78.00 / 03. Structured Bruton bag by Anya Hindmarch. ¤895 bag. ¤2,340 from / 07. Harriet satchel by Mulberry. ¤1,190 from / 08. Stripey tote bag by ¤1,285 from / 11. Clutch by Carpisa. ¤19.90

36 - FM April 2012




Get a chic Mango bag with every purchase over 40¤. Promotion valid until stocks last. SHOP AT MANGO.COM TIGNÉ, THE POINT VALLETTA, BRITTANIA CENTRE

Trade Enquiries VJ Salomone (Marketing) tel: 8007 2387


Style ONE

STYLE STALKER Kira Drury opens her wardrobe to summer.

Summer’s fashion charts

Cat Deeley in Tadashi Shoji

Time to update ladies, and we love nothing more than an excuse to shop. Make sure these top S/S 12 trends make it to your wardrobe.

1. Bright lace




Gabrielle Union in Bill Blass

Lace returns but it’s had a makeover – opt for beautiful brights like pink, blue and yellow.

2. Embellished denim Get creative in denim with studs, prints and colour.

3. Drop-back hems Demure from the back, super sexy from the front – drop it like it’s hot.

4. Digital prints Sci-fi meets futuristic fabulousness.

5. The sculpted wedge The wedge goes OTT – go big, go bold or go home.



Elizabeth Banks in Bill Blass

Crayola colour Hello summer – the fash’ pack shows us how to pull-off bold, beautiful, sunshine yellow.

FM April 2012 - 41



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Chloe 5 Green unveils new footwear collection The world according to Beyonce .

Imagine you had the entire Topshop collection at your manicured fingertip – aahh what a nice daydream. But this is reality for Chloe Green daughter of Topshop tycoon Sir Phillip Green. As if she wasn’t lucky enough, Chloe got to design a whole collection of her dream shoes, which will launch at Topshop next month.

The label CJG (Chloe Jade Green) is inspired by her love of Louboutin shoes, right down to the green soles which will be a key feature of every shoe. Superglam and sky-high, these heels are seriously drool-worthy.

One of the biggest stars in the world and also one of the most private. Be and husband Jay-Z are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to their relationship. But now Beyonce has opened up her photo album to the world with her new Tumblr account – The website hosts a vault of personal, never seen before photos. I spent more time than I’d like to admit drooling over the diva’s amazing outfits – she’s got style.

Leighton Meester

Beauty buzz I’m totally obsessed with omber hair, which is when you mix two shades, starting from the root and gradually going lighter through to the tips. I’ve spotted this look on the catwalk and on all the hottest Hollywood starlets. You can go as radical as you dare, like Drew Barrymore, or take a more subtle approach a la Leighton Meester.

Man of mystery CH Men takes inspiration from the ideal CH Carolina Herrera man: stylish, masculine and sophisticated. He is an adventurer, passionate and with a certain air of mystery – the perfect travel companion for the CH Carolina Herrera woman. CH Men is a woody and floral fragrance with ingredients specially selected for their ability to represent the five defining traits of the CH man: adventure – saffron and nutmeg; savoir faire – vetiver and jasmine sambac; passion – sandalwood and vanilla; eccentricity – violet flower; and elegance – cashmere and suede. The bottle – made of glass and partly covered with brown leather embossed with the brand’s initials – is inspired by the emblematic House of Herrera suitcase, a symbol of craftsmanship and adventure. 42 - FM April 2012


With love

on Mother’s Day

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classic gift




melia Troubridge was born in 1974 in London, England. She studied American Studies in London and New York, receiving an honours degree in 1995. Self taught, Amelia first picked up an old Pentax camera in 1992, that was left to her by her father. In 1996, Amelia photographed her first major reportage story, Dublin’s Urban Cowboys. A year later, she was awarded the Ian Parry award for ‘Young Photographer of the Year’ at the Nikon Press Awards. Other awards and accolades followed, including a place on The World Press Masterclass, and a nomination for Young Photographer of the Year, at The International Center of Photography in New York. Amelia’s editorial portfolio is unusually broad ranging. Her clients include: Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, Conde Nast Traveller (US), The Saturday and Sunday Times Magazine, The Face, GQ, Esquire, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, ES magazine, Stern, Dazed and confused, Vogue, Rolling Stone and The Observer. She has toured with Motorhead and New Order, and has photographed such

diverse characters such as Fidel Castro for The Times, and Paris Hilton for the cover of Tatler. Troubridge began her collaboration with film director Michael Winterbottom in 1999 as Specials Photographer on the much-acclaimed Wonderland. This led to further commissions on Winterbottom’s consecutive films, 24 Hour Party People in 2001, and A Cock and Bull Story in 2006. 2004 saw the publication of her first solo photographic book, entitled ‘The Trouble with Amelia’, published by Booth Clibborn/Thames and Hudson, launched alongside a solo exhibition, ‘The Trouble with Men’ at Proud Galleries, in London. Amelia’s second book, ‘Malta Diaries’, was published in October 2006 by Trolley Books. Amelia’s commercial clients include CNN, HSBC, Vodafone, Cancer Research, Canon, Domestic Violence, Nescafe, SHELTER, The British Tea Council, BMG/Arista, EMI, Sony, Channel 5, The Weinstein Co., Pathe, BBC, ITV and Stephen Webster. Amelia lives in East London with her family.

EXHIBITIONS Amelia’s work has also been exhibited extensively: “Dublins Urban Cowboys”, Clarence Hotel, Ireland, 1998 “World Press Photo Masterclass” (group show), The Netherlands, 1998 “Photojournalism Is Dead”, Brickhouse Gallery, London, 1998 “SOHO”, Groucho Club, 1999 “London Theatre”, RADA, 2002 “My Cup Of Tea”, Proud Galleries, 2002 Group Show, MTV building, 2004 “The Trouble With Men”, Proud Galleries, 2004 “Woman”, The Centro Gallery, Manchester, 2004 “4 Inches”, Jimmy Choo Charity auction, Christies, 2005 Stephen Webster 30th Anniversary Exhibition, The Wallace Collection, 2006 “Malta Diaries Show”, Trolley books and Barings Bank, 2006 “The Trouble With Amelia”, The Conran Shop, 2005 “The Trouble With Amelia”, Collette’s, Paris 2005 PhotoLondon, Guy Hepner Contemporary, 2007 Phillips de Pury “film” sale, NYC, 2010

FM April 2012 - 47

Photographer: Amelia Troubridge / Photographer’s Assistant: Nicky Scicluna / Stylist: Kira Drury Make-up: Diandra Mattei using Givenchy Tel: 7982 8414 / Model: Anastasia @ Shot at: Zion Reggae Bar, Marsascala and Gudja

Orsay floral dress, â‚Ź39.95

Orsay polka dot dress, â‚Ź39.95

Mango pale pink denim shorts, â‚Ź19.90 Massimo Dutti shirt, â‚Ź59.95

Mango white dress, â‚Ź59.99

Esprit white dress, â‚Ź79.95 Mango red patent heels, â‚Ź59.99

Massimo Dutti lace dress, â‚Ź99.05

Peacocks body, €16.00 Mexx cardigan, €75.00

Be Ready for Life Drink Milk Every Day Milk contains protein, lipids, calcium, vitamins A & B6, biotin and potassium - all essential nutrients for a healthier life. Whichever stage of life you’re in, drink 2 to 3 glasses of milk a day, because Milk is good for you... naturally. Drink milk as part of a healthy diet.



% EU F

2 %


% Pr




his spring/summer season offers fashion lovers a versatile brand recently introduced in Malta. Pois is the Made-In-Italy fast-fashion label for the woman who is not afraid to express her individual femininity both in the workplace and in her leisure time. The Pois motto 'Work hard, play hard, think positive!' reflects the brand identity of living life to the full. Established in 1985, today Pois has a presence in more than 90 countries. A fast-fashion label, Pois is reflective of the recent fashion trends presented on the catwalk in Fashion Week with products inspired by the seasonal moods of the top designers from New York, Paris, London and Milan. The Pois style studio in Milan evaluates the trends that will impact the market and influence the season, and is one of the few companies which creates fast-fashion preview collections. The time-span between the creation of Pois product in Milan’s style studio and delivery of stock to their respective retail outlets is as little as 15 days, enabling the fashion conscious Pois clients to always reflect the latest fashion trends. Pois creates more than 1000 products per season, with new models introduced every week in its outlets.

The quality of Pois is in the detail given to the outfit: the buttons have the Pois logo on them, the linings are satin, the stitching is double, and the trims are in lace… In addition to being loved by all those who wear it, Pois is known in Italy and abroad through its website and seasonal catalogues and is advertised on Italian television and fashion magazines. Pois has also been the brand of choice for the stars of Italian television and cinema for many years. To view the Pois collection visit us at our outlet in 51A, The Strand, Sliema SLM1022. Find us on Facebook at POIS Malta.

Pois launches four main collections a year: Spring, Summer, Autumn / Winter and Night. Each of these collections is supplemented by at least six flash additional collections, which are developed in response to market demand and integrate with the season’s collection. Pois offers all women the opportunity to wear stylish and quality products, similar to those of the largest and most luxurious boutiques around the world. The collections are designed for women from every walk of life meeting their individual tastes. The Pois range includes office-wear, casual-wear, elegant and ceremony attire, evening dresses and club-wear. Pois offers products of very high quality at competitive prices. Designs are original with a great attention to detail and materials used are of natural quality, including silk, viscose, cotton, wool, cashmere, alpaca, linen and angora.

FM April 2012 - 57

In the ring “However when I was in my second year at University, I got to know about a singer-songwriter showcase organised on campus and decided to write a proper song and go for it. “Despite being nervous about my debut, I enjoyed performing my original composition and went on to win the competition.


or Dana McKeon, 22, it all started with a bout of boredom. “Typically bored at my desk while studying for University exams, I’d sing to myself and tap beats with my fingers. Then I sustained a thumb injury while playing basketball, which made me turn to an alternative means of making beats with my mouth. I discovered that I could imitate the sound of drums by isolating and co-ordinating the movement of my lips, tongue, vocal chords and the muscles around my throat. Following this discovery, I went on to research vocal percussion online and came across the art of beatboxing. After a few weeks of practice, I got the knack of circular breathing and humming or singing while beatboxing. Now I can also beatbox and play the guitar and harmonica simultaneously.” Dana started playing the guitar when she was nine years old. She wrote a couple of songs back then but was too shy to exit the confines of her bedroom. Her interest in music started dwindling as she focused on sports and school.

“I instantly got hooked on performing and developed a passion for music. This inspired me to pack my bags and travel to London last summer to try my luck at performing there. After just four weeks, I had already performed at over 20 gigs, made some great contacts, got scouted a number of times and was offered a few deals. “It then became clear that music was what I wanted to do. I’ve since taken up a guidance and management deal with ANP Media, one of central London’s top media teams, and have also become the first female artist to sign a non-excusive contract with Beatbook, Europe’s top beatbox booking agency.” Dana also managed to meet Bruno Mars “I was on a University exchange in Stockholm in October 2010 and went to a Travie McCoy concert, where Bruno Mars was the support act. After the concert my friends dared me to show the artists my beatbox skills and in jest I put on a bit of an attitude and headed towards the backstage area. Surprisingly, the security guards at the door didn’t stop me so I just walked through and met the bands. I blended in with their groupies and hung out while they filmed me beatboxing, but they said that the main artists wouldn’t want to be disturbed after the show.

DANA’S APRIL WARDROBE “I always try to put together stage outfits which represent my music and my identity as an artist, while adapting them to the specific gig. Looking good and feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing automatically makes me feel good, which then comes across in my performance. I often also seek advice from friends and the media guidance team I work with,” says Dana. “My shopping trips are unpredictable. I can sometimes spend days running around shops looking for specific items, whereas I can then happen to walk by a place with an appealing shop window and raid the store if the style suits my tastes.”

Photo - Paris Arrowsmith

Beatboxer Dana McKeon keeps the beat on music, fashion and shopping.

Photo - Paris Arrowsmith

Photo - Matthew Attard Navarro


“Then on our way out of the venue we met Travie McCoy and spotted Bruno Mars making his way towards his tour bus. Somehow his bodyguard recognised me as the girl who was giving the bands a beatbox demo backstage and told Bruno Mars it would be worth his while to listen to my beatboxing. He really enjoyed my impromptu performance and we had a little jam in front of the crowd gathered outside the venue. He had a lot of lovely things to say about my voice and beatboxing, and said he predicted that my talent would take me far, which was very encouraging.” Last March, Dana also participated at the World Beatbox Championships. “Meeting and jamming with so many talented people was amazing and a huge honour. I placed fifth in the competition, granting me the official ranking of the number five female vocal percussionist in the world. “Being the first person to take part in the championships on behalf of Malta, this event officially put our islands on the international beatbox map. While in Berlin, I was asked to do lots of interviews with press from all over the globe. The livestream broadcast of the event reached over 150,000 viewers. “My focus is to keep growing as an artist. I’ll be working with producers and releasing recordings and music videos of my original music in the coming weeks. Some great international shows are in the pipeline, as well as exciting collaborations and projects. I’ll also be organising beatbox workshops in Malta with the aim of uniting Maltese beatboxers and promoting the art of vocal percussion. I’m already in talks about the possibility of organising an official Maltese Beatbox Battle in the near future.”

FM April 2012 - 59

Style Wise



Martina Spiteri designs this season’s trends. Before I started taking part in runway shows, which determined my love for fashion design, I had sewn and embroidered some bags which I then sold at my friends’ shop Mandali. I think the fact the people actually bought things that I made pushed me more into fashion design. I can never forget my first runway show. I felt amazing that I had finally found what I should and must be doing. The audience’s reaction was of disbelief that I was only 17 years old and already showed such ambition and talent. I am inspired by nature, its colours and shapes. Another source of inspiration is the singer Elliot Sumner, Sting’s daughter – both her looks and music fuel my imagination. I create everything myself – it’s hard work, but I’m slowly becoming more organised and I feel more connected to what I make and it also helps me develop my style of clothing. I’m currently designing and making my new collection. It will be showcased at Malta Fashion Week with the new designer show.

The three designers I admire most are Coco Chanel, Donna Karan and Yohji Yamamoto. Chanel managed to create a huge brand from such humble beginnings and her influence on 20th century fashion is immeasurable. I like Donna Karan for her ready-to-wear collections and how she mixes practical needs with sensuality in her clothes. And I love the shapes of Yohji Yamamoto’s clothes as well as his role in deconstructing traditional norms.

IN DESIGN Name: Martina Spiteri Age: 19 Doing: Reading for a BSc in Earth Systems Designs under the name Celeste

When I was young, my wardrobe consisted of lots of hand-medowns from my sister and lots of tomboyish and comfortable clothes, with a few pretty and frilly dresses. Nowadays, it’s partly multi-coloured and the rest is based on different shades of brown. It’s a mixture of too many different styles, which I wear depending on my mood. I don’t really like any of the trends this season, including pastel colours, florals and peplums – the only exception is asymmetric sheer skirts. Otherwise, I will stick to the leftovers from last season, such as simple garments.

FM April 2012 - 61


STYLE SNAPS FM hits the local party scene to snap the hottest looks. It’s time to dress up. Words-Kira Drury. Photos-Nicky

Colour pop – the boys show us how it’s done.

Trendy twosome – him and hers blazers.

This dress is bang on trend, coral, cut-out and drop-hem.

We want that skull blouse, subtle but oh so cool.

We’re suckers for anything sparkly and this sequin bolero gives us the style sweats.

We love a cool printed tee, the quirkier the better

Fringing, statement tights, over-the-knee boots, hair-bands – these ladies sure know how to accessorise.

This lady is sure up to date on beauty trends – blue is the new red.

Forget sky-high heels – it’s all about boyish boots.

FM April 2012 - 63




FIVE 64 - FM April 2012


Tickets Available from:

Why hassle! We’ll deliver straight to your home, office or boat 8VaaWZ[dgZ&%Vb[dghVbZYVnYZa^kZgn™B^cÎ(*heZcY


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Last word

FLASH DANCE Name: Valentina Lupo Age: 27 Profession: Conservator and restorer of paintings and polychrome sculptures and freelance photographer.

In memory of For photographer Valentina Lupo, photos are treasured memories. My favourite genre is fashion photography. Steven Meisel and Mario Testino are two photographers who inspire me a lot. My dad bought me my first digital camera around nine years ago – it was a Canon Powershot pocket camera with 4.0 megapixels. I remember when I held my first SLR camera. As soon as it was delivered at home I opened it on the doorstep – I was so excited that I started to take photos of the cars parked in front of my house. People in the local fashion industry encouraged me to take up photography professionally and gave me some great work opportunities. I love the fact that I’m able to work with models, stylists, hair and make-up artists while expressing myself creatively. I always carry a camera around with me. If it’s not my DSLR, then it’s my pocket camera. And in case of emergency, I always have my mobile. I love to document moments in life – the photos then become treasured memories when the moments are long past.

66 - FM April 2012

Once I was shooting a swimwear editorial when a flock of birds came flying down exactly behind the model. It happened so fast that I missed the shot – the photo would have been magical. My ultimate subject to shoot would be Italian supermodel Bianca Balti. What brought me to the attention of fashion editors was a collection of 12 sepia photographs I exhibited at the Xara Palace Hotel, Mdina in 2007. It was my very first exhibition. During a shoot, communication is key. I generally make the models feel at ease by talking before and during the shoot to create a rapport between us. I also give comments and feedback throughout the whole shoot and every now and then show the models a couple of photos and give suggestions on how they can improve. I prefer shooting outdoors because of the variety of backgrounds and especially because natural light can give more mood and expression to a photo.



Republic Street



Old Theatre Street

The Plaza


Main Street