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On  April  4,  2013,  the  Wednesday  after  Easter,  twenty  missionaries  from  Charlotte,  NC,  USA  arrived  in   Georgetown,  Guyana  to  be  of  service  to  the  residents  of  the  Long  Creek  Community.  This  team  of  medical   professionals  consists  of  two  Medical  doctors,  one  Dentist,  an  Optometrist,  an  Optician,  Registered  nurses,  and   others  are  from  the  Friendship  Missionary  Baptist  Church  in  Charlotte,  NC  pastored  by  Rev.  Clifford  Jones.  They,   as  is  their  custom  about  every  two  years,  returned  to  provide  medical,  visual,  and  dental  care  to  residents  of  the   Long  Creek  Community  at  the  Carlyle  Miller  Clinic.     Carl  Graves  marvels  at  the  beauty  of  the  country  and  the  attitude  of  the  people.  "They  are  so  warm  and  friendly   and  I  look  forward  to  returning  every  time."  Carl  is  impressed  with  the  genuine  and  pleasant  personalities  of  the   people  he  has  met.     Dr.  Tanya  Hudson,  a  first  timer,  wasn't  sure  what  to  expect,  but  she  and  Dr.  Kevin  and  Mrs.  Randi  Lopez-­‐Shirley,   also    first    timers,    was    energized    upon  arrival.    "The  people    of    Guyana    are    so  appreciative  of  the  things  we  do-­‐ not  like  the  US    where  so  many  things  are  taken  for  granted,"  one  said  and  the  others  echoed.    Between  the  two   medical  doctors  and  their  assistants,  they  saw  about  100  patients  per  day.     Kim  Flanders  and  her  sister  Martay  Monroe,  second  timers,  are  two  volunteers  who  could  not  wait  to  join  the   group  because  of  the  sense  of  gratefulness  that  emanates  from  the  Guyanese  people.  As  they  work  in  the  medical   clinic,  Kim,  a  registered  nurse,  appreciates  the  chance  to  give  back.     In  the  dental  clinic,  Dr.  Rod  Warren  heard  about  the  Friendship  church's  every  two  year  sojourn  to  this  beautiful   country.  He  called  Dr.  Gwyn  Davis,  the  Global  Missions  Coordinator  of  Friendship  Church  and  asked  to  be   included.  "I  not  only  wanted  to  be  of  service  but  I  wanted  to  visit  Guyana;  I  did  both  in  one  visit.  I'm  planning  a   return  visit  in  two  years."  His  assistants,  Brandi  and  Ashley  Smith,  are  really  enjoying  the  opportunity  to  be  of   service.  They  do  many  procedures  which  include  filling  teeth,  extractions,  making  dentures  while  seeing  35-­‐40   patients  per  day.  Greg  Smith,  the  owner  of  a  dental  lab  in  Charlotte  is  finishing  his  third  trip  to  Guyana.  He   mentioned  that  the  smiles,  especially  after  receiving  dentures,  is  infectious  and  makes  his  day.  He    leaves    the   clinic  everyday  with  the  sense  of  accomplishment.     The  Eye  Care  team  consists  of  eight  members  which  is  led  by  Dr.  Raleigh  and  Thelmetia  Bynum.  Other  members   include  Marvan  and  Bertha  Pettiford,  Willie  and  Ellen  Milton,  Walter  Burke,  and  Cynthia  Torrence.  They  brought   with  them  2400  pairs  of  eyeglasses,  500  pairs  of  reader/glasses,  sunglasses  and  eye  drops  to  give  to  the   Guyanese.  They  also  bring  a  hand-­‐held  auto  refractor  (computer  to  examine  eyes)  and  other  ancillary  equipment.     The  patients  of  Long  Creek  are  usually  waiting  and  are  eager  to  be  seen.  After  the  paperwork  to  check  their  vision,   patients  are  evaluated  by  an  autorefractor  which  generates  a  prescription  in  about  30  seconds  per  eye.  The   inventory  of  2400  pairs  of  various  prescription  glasses,  including  reading  glasses  and  sunglasses,  is  searched  to   find  a  match  for  the  patient.  Those  patients  with  medical  eye  problems  such  as  glaucoma,  cataracts  and   ptyerigium  are  referred  to  local  specialists.     Christ  said,  "As  you  do  unto  those  who  are  in  need  or  the  least  among  you,  you  do  unto  Me."  While  in   conversation  with  an  individual  who  needed  a  tooth  extracted  at  a  cost  of  25,000  Guyanese  dollars,  Marvan   Pettiford  was  moved  with  compassion  for  the  person  based  on  the  income  earned  by  the  man.  It  would  have   required  him  to  work  three  weeks  to  afford  having  the  tooth  extracted.  To  be  able  to  provide  this  service  at  the   clinic  is  a  blessing    which  we  are  delighted  and  thankful  to  offer.     Dr.  Clifford  A.  Jones,  Senior  Minister  at  Friendship  Missionary  Baptist  Church,  along  with  Rev.  Michelle  Jones   accompanied  the  group  and  led  religious  workshops  and  nightly  revivals.  Rev.  Brenda  Harewood,  Superintendant   of  Guyana  Missionary  Baptist  Church,  is  the  coordinator  of  this  mission.                         Submitted  by  Dr.  Raleigh  Bynum  

Guyana Report 2013  

FMBC Mission to Guyana, 2013

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