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F lou rish Fall 2015 Edition

Special Feature Let the 2015 Festive Season Begin…

From the



The story of Transformix’s

Peng-Sang Cau spring edition


The Power To Surprise

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F lou rish 2015 Fall/Winter Edition


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Publishers Letter

A Year of Reflection and Growth – Gaby and Josie................................................ 4

Profiling Kingston Businesses

What is THE Most Important Thing in Opening a Busness By Mark Hanley........... 5 Competitive Benefits Package – Good for Business & Your Employee by Debra Dobing.....................................................................................................7 Clarity through Connectivity by Tina Circelli........................................................... 8

Boost Your Business – All Systems Go

SEO – Melanie Martin............................................................................................ 9 The Business of Sales - Interviewed by Aysha Tayab........................................... 10

Inspirational Leadership Spotlight Interview

Transformix Inc. President & CEO Peng-Sang Cau - Interviewed by Kelly Reid... 12

Be In The Know

Women and Wealth by Heidi Blondin................................................................... 16 Does Your Business Need an App? by Terry Telford............................................ 17

Woman on the Move – Serving the Military

Driving Forces - Interview by Kelly Reid............................................................... 18

Inspiring Women

Sea Candy Tackle Inc. - Interview by Aysha Tayab............................................... 20 Building Bridges - by Chantal Fraser.................................................................... 21

Travel & Leisure

Resorts Ontario - Interview by Kelly Reid............................................................ 22

Special Feature Nominated for New Business of 2014 Award & ‘Business Person of the Year’ 2015 (Gaby Eaton) by Kingston Chamber of Commerce www.kingstonchamber.com FLOURISH E-Magazine / Women Mean Business Network and Second Wind Communications Events & Workshops

Let The Festivities Begin - Festive Season 2015................................................... 24

Fashion/Entertainment /Holiday Nutrition/ Restaurant/Catering Guide

Top 10 Holiday Nutrition Tips - by Michelle Deschenes....................................... 32

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Giving Back & Community

The Women’s Giving Circle - University Hospitals Kingston Foundation, Interview by Aysha Tayab..................................................................................... 33 Kingston Charities Profiles................................................................................... 34

Publisher’s Message

We are delighted to present our 4th Edition of

Colleen Fairholme, Acting Executive Director Martine Bouchard, President of the Board For The KMFRC (Kingston Military Family Resource Centre) June 2015 Business Mixer - The Hudson’s Bay

f lou rish

Perseverance, Courage, Determination, Vision - Never Give Up!

In May, we had the pleasure of attending a very special fundraising

of featuring in our ‘Inspirational Leadership’ section of FLOURISH

breakfast for The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation. The

magazine, Peng Sang Cau, President and CEO of Transformix

keynote speaker was Amanda Lindhout, Author of ‘House in the

Kingston. We hope you will enjoy this special interview and find

Sky’ (an excellent must read). Imagine, 180 guests, where you could

inspiration for your business growth for the remainder of this year

hear a pin drop, Amanda’s story was one of survival, courage, and

and well into 2016!

faith in the face of unimaginable hardship. We had the pleasure of meeting Amanda, and in her graciousness, she signed off in

2015 has been an incredible year of opportunities for WMB, and

our copies of her book ‘Never Give Up’…powerful words, from a

we are ending it with a BANG! We look forward to welcoming

woman who has walked and lived these words!

YOU to our 2nd Annual ‘Mingle, Nibble, Connect and Shop’ 2015 Festive Season Kick Off at the Ambassador Hotel. Registration and

When we look back at our journey over the past 3 years of building

information about the event is on line at www.womenmeanbusiness.

our network, there is no comparison to what Amanda experienced,

ca. This was a sold out event last year, book your tickets soon!

but the words ‘Never Give Up’ is one strong component of our foundation. This does not mean, never to conduct an audit on

From ‘What is THE Most Important Thing Needed When Opening

yourself and the direction of one’s business, The Small Business

a Business to the Top Sales Tips from Business Leaders here in

Development Centre (KEDCO), is a great resource to call upon. It is

Kingston, Technology Tips to showcasing a special Fashion and

always a good exercise to have another professional and objective

Food Holiday Feature to our Giving Back section…we hope you will

eye to look in! We are delighted to have them as a strong partner

enjoy our 4th edition of FLOURISH.

to the WMB Network! In appreciation of your support and friendship throughout 2015, When we talk about ‘Never Giving Up’ ‘Determination’ ‘Perseverance’ ‘Courage’ and last but not least ‘Vision’, these words aptly describe our Cover Entrepreneur Profile. We have the pleasure and honor



and looking forward to further adventures in 2016

Gaby & Josie

Profile I Kingston Business

“What is THE most important thing needed when opening a business?” By Mark Hanley,Manager,Small Business Development Centre,KEDCO This is a question I always use at the start of a presentation to a group

to open a restaurant. When I asked who her customers were, she

of would-be business owners. Their answers usually vary from:

replied “Everyone! We all have to eat!” I then asked her if she

passion, a unique product, money to: a location, a logo, a unique

had eaten in all 200+ restaurants in Kingston. (Using her logic of:

selling proposition or an excellent marketing program. Certainly,

everyone is a customer of every restaurant, therefore she must be

all of these items are factors in the success of a business, but THE

a customer of all the restaurants) She replied, “Of course not!”

most important thing needed to start a business is:“A customer

I then challenged her with a few questions. Would she serve beer

who is willing to pay for your product or service” – period.

and wine? “No”, was the answer, thus excluding those of us who desire a libation with our meal. Would she be located downtown?

If you do not have a paying customer, you do not have a business.

“Most certainly not!” she replied, “rentals downtown are outside

You have an idea, a hobby, a pastime, an invention, a potential; but

my budget and parking is a problem. With this comment she

not a business.

excluded most of the tourists and many of the students. What will be your menu selections and pricing? I’m sure you can imagine,

I am continually amazed at how many starting business owners

her answer excluded many groups and palates. It was obvious

overlook this fact. They spend all their money (and a substantial

that “Everyone” was not her target market. She actually had a very

amount of borrowed money) on décor, inventory, logos,

small group of potential customers and they probably would not

equipment, uniforms, signage, training of staff, etc.

When it

provide her with enough revenue to maintain a 200 seat restaurant.

comes to considering who their target customers are, what they

Thankfully she did not open the business and avoided losing her

will purchase, and how much they are willing to pay, they leave


those topics to afterthought. Start your business planning exercise by defining the ‘target The key to succeeding in business is identifying your target

customer” and design the entire business around them. You will

customer. Several years ago I spoke with a woman who wanted

need to find answers to the following questions: Who are they?

Bring the ideas, the energy and the passion

We will help you make it happen Connect With Us Today: 613.544.2725 x7222 kingstonsmallbusiness.com

Building Kingston One Business At A Time

I’VE TURNED MY DREAM into reality fall edition 2015


Profile I Kingston Business How much are they willing to pay? What do they want/need? Where is the most convenient location for them? What advertising media are they most exposed to? What is their buying motive? Why would they buy from you over the competition? The best place to find these answers is directly from your potential customers. If you are not comfortable asking these questions, recruit a marketing person for your team to assist you. The answers to these questions will help you determine location, inventory, pricing, advertising, staffing (all the important facets of your business plan). Remember, the business does not exist without paying customers. Make sure you know who they are and what they want and be prepared to deliver it to them at a price they are willing to pay. The next step is “staying in business� To do that, you must charge your customers more than it costs you to deliver the product or service, and that is the topic for the next article.

Mark Hanley; Manager of Small Business Development Centre for the Kingston Economic Development Commission. Along with his team, Rebecca Darling, Senior Business Consultant; and Coordinator, Ella Vanderburgt. http://business.kingstoncanada.com/en/smallbusiness.asp Phone: 613-544-2725



to your local representatives, Chantal & Wally!

Give us a call today at 613.532.3606 1.800.263.2655 hendersonprinting.com




Employee Benefits



Kingston Business

Why offering competitive benefits packages is good for both your business and your employee By Debra A. Dobing Owner, Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd.

Secondly, while benefits do come at a cost to employers, today’s options for small and medium-sized business benefit packages are

A small to medium-sized business should

increasingly diverse, flexible, and affordable. Employers are able

not perceive itself as “small.” It’s a business.

to customize their benefit packages to align with their employees’

Its employees want access to the same

desires and the company mandate while still keeping the budget in

thinking, resources, and tools as large businesses. This includes

check. When working with the right benefits company, you also can

access to competitive or market wages, comprehensive benefit

collectively work to ensure that you are getting the best value for your

packages, and flexible options as part of their total compensation

benefit dollar, and that your plan is the best value for your business.

package. And thirdly, today’s options also offer peace of mind (and coverage) What is your total compensation package? Salary is usually the

for both you and your employees and the link to your bottom line.

main component but benefits such as health benefits (eg. dental,

Studies show that when employees feel that their broader benefit needs

vision, hospital coverage), pension plans, group RRSPs, disability

are being met, they are more satisfied, and thus more productive.

insurance, health club memberships/reimbursement, paid vacation,

Also, the capacity to offer certain forms of health benefits can also

and paid sick days are all part of your total compensation package.

directly impact the health and well-being of employees (for instance,

And you can bet your employees are becoming increasingly interested

access to prescription medication or physiotherapy) potentially leads

in the non-monetary benefits that their employer can offer. They

to decreased sick time and increased productivity. In short, the

decide what is valuable to them when considering joining (or leaving)

benefits of benefits have the capacity to outweigh their cost in the

a particular employer. While extensive (and expensive) benefit

long run. Overall, with the right benefit package, an employer can

packages used to be reserved for large businesses, it’s becoming

leverage the opportunity cost of providing benefits to their employees

increasingly affordable—and necessary—for small and medium-

as one benchmark against the potential of decreased turnover, and

sized businesses to offer competitive total compensation packages

increased satisfaction and productivity.

in order to attract, compete for, and retain high-caliber staff. Your people are your greatest asset. And employers who give As an employer, why is this significant? Firstly, attracting and

strong consideration and attention to the things that matter to their

retaining top talent is a key issue for business owners and operators.

employees have a greater capacity to foster the productivity and

When one considers the “real cost” of losing a valuable employee

commitment necessary to drive organizational success.

(cost of hiring, orienting and training new staff, lost productivity and

With small businesses in particular, a high turnover rate can be

How will you benefit?

increasingly detrimental when one or two employees constitute up to

Owner of Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd

lost engagement), employers are forced to be strategic and creative in keeping their employees happy, productive and engaged at work.

a third of their workforce. In terms of recruitment, in the increasingly competitive and demographically diverse job market (particularly like that of Kingston), business owners are required to consider options other than just salary in order to attract the top talent needed to generate success.

Debra A. Dobing

Owner/Employee Benefit Consultant


Benefit from our expertise and local service. 613.507.4400•info@strategicins.ca www. s t r a t e g i c i n s . c a fall edition 2015


Profile I Kingston Business

Response I.T.

Clarity through Connectivity By Aysha Tayab

Tina Circelli

The new millennium brought a new face to

website’s success and status. Response I.T. has also gained a

Kingston’s internet and technology industry.

superior reputation in taking a proactive and preventative approach

Since the year 2000, Response I.T. has been

to providing “managed I.T.” solutions or services. Their website

providing a wide array of web development

states: “just because we service machines doesn’t mean we have to

and I.T. services to the local Kingston

act like them.” Response I.T.’s success rate and level of community

community. Although technology and the

engagement speaks highly towards that very idea.

internet has become a widespread aspect of daily life, it can also be an overwhelming

Response I.T.’s newest Web Developer, Tina Circelli, takes great

place to understand and navigate. Response I.T. takes a personable

pleasure in her role. A year into her journey with the team has been

and stress free approach to providing quality customer service

a rewarding learning experience. Since she joined the team, she

in order to make clients feel less overwhelmed. The majority of

has learned more about the internet and technology. When she

their client base comprises of local businesses with which they

works with clients who are not highly knowledgeable and familiar

build partnerships and foster professional relationships. Response

with the internet, she rises to the challenge in an effective manner.

I.T.’s recent move and rebranding has considerably improved

For Tina, those interactions are opportunities for her to educate and

their internal operations and external professional image. Their

better inform her clients.

beautiful new location in the Woolen Mill building has promoted a more refined team-like dynamic and friendly atmosphere.

After working for larger companies, Tina sees true value in working

Response I.T. aims to be the trusted resource for Search Engine

within a locally owned and operated business. She takes pride in the

Optimization (SEO). By involving and informing the client in the

opportunity to meaningfully connect with her team members and

process of SEO, the team at Response I.T. engages clients to take

also the larger community. It is her goal to build and maintain trust

an active role in maintaining ownership and responsibility for their

with her clients and become a reliable source as a Web Developer

6 CATARAQUI ST SUITE 111 KINGSTON ON K7K 1Z7 www.responseit.ca





Profile I Kingston Business who will meet and exceed expectations. Tina provides informative

barriers that common stereotypes present with the relationship

and solution focused advice that is well aligned with the client’s

between technology and gender. She highly encourages more

goals. Being the only woman on a team of internet and technology

women to join the field of internet and technology. What does that

professionals is not an entirely new situation for her. As a college

mean for the industry? In her words, a “broader spectrum.”

graduate of Game Design, she was one of two women in her graduating class. Tina has confidence and a strong skillset with the

We are excited to be awarded ‘Business of the Year 2015’ (1 to 10

internet and technology. As a result, she has broken down those

employees category) by the Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

Connecting Women In Business Plan your next business meeting at the Ambassador Hotel & Conference Centre. We offer a variety of fully connected meeting rooms, full catering services, and executive suites to comfortably unwind. Ask us about our special meeting packages! owned and operated by

1550 Princess Street, Kingston ambassadorhotel.com | 1 800-267-7880


Design Studio for Women Mean Business!



info@dainesandassociates.com fall edition 2015


The Business of

Sales By Aysha Tayab

Karla Brennen,

destination experience for tourists. Her advice to maintain sales

Director of Sales &

success is through continuous learning and education. “Education

Marketing, Ambassador Hotel & Conference Centre With 14 years of experience in sales, Karla is driven by passion to pursue a career that she loves, and has excelled most

doesn’t stop once you’ve graduated. It’s important to keep yourself up to speed and keep yourself sharp. There’s many ways to do that and of course so many options are available to us nowadays with technology.“

recently as the Director of Sales & Marketing at the Ambassador

Annette Gencarelli,

Hotel & Conference Centre in Kingston . She has served as a

Franchise President of

mentor, friend, and team leader, her genuine persistence and

Eastern Ontario, Aloette

empathetic approach is what helps her to maintain a customer’s loyalty and happiness. Her advice for sales success is simple but effective: to be yourself. “I think that a lot of people are afraid to be themselves because they think they have to be someone else. As I went on in my life and my career, I think that the more true that I am to myself the more successful I am. Nobody wants a version of me, they want to deal with me.”

Cosmetics Aloette’s skincare products have helped women all over the world to look and feel more beautiful. Over the past 30 years, Annette, has made some significant transitions through her journey with Aloette.

Her transitions from customer to

Consultant to Franchise President for Eastern Ontario’s chapter has made Annette the true face of Aloette. Annette’s firm belief in

Michelle Bisson,

the product’s success has provided her with a fulfilling career. She

Sales Manager, Kingston

has established significant connections with her clients and 500

1000 island Cruises and Trolleys As the Sales Manager for the Kingston 1000 Island Cruises and Trolleys, Michelle Bisson expresses a sincere enthusiasm to be a large part of Kingston’s vibrant tourism culture. Michelle enjoys collaborating and building community partnerships that work toward the same goal in making Kingston a world class



Consultants across Eastern Ontario. Her key to success in sales is to continuously be passionate and not to be afraid of showing that passion. “Some shy away from sales because of this phobia and view that you have to be pushy. But when you’re sharing something you love, you don’t have to push it down anyone’s throat. When you’re being passionate, people can feel you are genuine”

All Systems Go Boost your business Chris McLeod,

Laura believes that flexibility and maintaining balance between

Fragrance Specialist,

professional and personal life are key ingredients toward success

The Hudson’s Bay

in sales. “Everybody has their own way of talking, speaking, and

Although online shopping has become a

what they focus on. I think it’s talking to your customers and

pervasive aspect of the shopping experience,

building a rapport. Spend some time during the delivery process.

Chris McLeod navigates this trend through

I like to go over everything to make sure that they’re comfortable

her innate ability to attract a loyal family of

with their vehicles.”

customers and friendships. For 13 years, Chris has fostered a sense of trust within her customer base through her ability to deliver

Summing It Up!

professional advice that is aligned with her customers’ requests

While interviewing these successful women

and preferences. She values the meaningful role that fragrance can

in the business of sales, I was inspired to

play in creating memories and stories. Chris believes that being

learn about their unique strengths. The

a good listener has made her successful in sales. “Fragrance to

overarching lessons I learned were twofold:

me should be fun, it can lift your spirits. I don’t always promote

the importance of enjoying your career and

a fragrance by a season, because in the dead of winter, I put on

the importance of making personalized connections with your

summer like fragrances. It gives me hope. If you’re buying a gift for

customers and clients. When you love what you do, it doesn’t

your son or your boyfriend or something like that, I will ask ‘well

feel like work. But in addition to that, it also gives others a chance

what does he wear now?’ I always ask questions to get to know my

to share a part of that enjoyment. These women in sales have a

customer’s needs. And then if you like those options, usually we’ll

strong ability to impart knowledge on their industry based on their

see each other again.”

happiness to fulfill their roles. In order to surpass the impersonal boundaries that the internet can often present, these women make Laura Anderson-Brick, Sales Professional, KIA Kingston After 12 years of working in the military, Laura Anderson-Brick made another positive change in her career by becoming a Sales Professional for KIA Kingston.

When she took a course titled “Women in Automotive Sales,” she knew it was the right fit for her career path. Laura succeeds

it a priority to keep in contact with their customers and clients through phone calls, personalized hand written cards, and face to face contact. Their enjoyment in interacting with people ignites and fuels their ambition to nurture and cement positive business relationships. These extra measures they take resonate well with their clients and customers. As a result, the product they purchase is the added bonus to the quality service they receive from these passionate and women in sales.

in adapting and transferring her existing skills to the automotive industry. Her drive to build and maintain a rapport with her solid customer base motivates her to stay in her role for the past 20 years. Laura exudes an

approachable demeanor through her

open door policy toward answering any questions that arise when

RESOURCES: Tips From Top Sales Professionals: SUCCESS Magazine: www.success.com/sections/sales Bryan Tracy: www.briantracy.com/blog/category/sales-success Zig Ziglar: www.ziglar.com/blog Jim Rohn: www.jimrohn.com/sales-training.html

purchasing a vehicle. She makes it her priority to ensure that her customers make informed decisions about their vehicle purchases.

fall edition 2015


Cover Story


Inspirational Leadership





The story of Transformix’s

Peng-Sang Cau

Photography: Suzy Lamont

“If you don’t wake up each morning excited about what you do, you can’t keep moving forward as an entrepreneur.” 12


Peng-Sang Cau, President and CEO of Kingston’s Transformix

childhood racism, to trying to starting her own company as a twenty-

Engineering Inc., shares a favorite analogy about what it means to be

something with no connections or capital.

an entrepreneur: “A cook will follow a recipe, ingredient by ingredient,” she says. “If they don’t have all the ingredients, they won’t make the

“I’ve gone through some ugly stuff,”

dish. A chef, on the other hand, opens up the fridge and says, ‘what do I have? What can I make?’ An entrepreneur is a chef.

says Cau, “but at the end of the day, life is short. If you don’t wake up each morning excited about what you do, you can’t keep moving forward as an entrepreneur. I work all the time, but it doesn’t feel like work because I love what I do.” Cau left Regina in 1990 to attend Queen’s, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. After graduating, a short stint working at a Toronto company ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. “I was working for a company that was really instrumental to the future of Transformix in that I learned from them what not to do,” she explains. “I didn’t like the way the employees were treated, and my then-husband was also working at a company that he didn’t really like the environment. So we started talking a lot about starting a company of our own.” Cau returned to Kingston in 1995, worked for Unilever for a time, but continued to get serious about starting her business. Soon after, Transformix Engineering Inc. was born in Cau’s basement with three engineering partners. “Everything was difficult,” Cau says. “We were all young, and starting out in a sector that was pretty traditional and

We are constantly faced with obstacles, and we are constantly faced

pretty old. We didn’t have connections, we didn’t have experience, and

with situations that are not ideal. But you have to figure out how to

we didn’t have any capital resources. We started out with a small bank

move through that all the time.”

loan, and thankfully, my family and one of the partners had family that provided us love funds. And that’s really how it started.”

Cau herself has faced many such obstacles through her life, from fleeing Cambodia with her family at the age of ten, to navigating a

In the beginning, Cau and her partners were even discouraged from

cultural and generational gap growing up in Regina and experiencing

getting involved in the manufacturing industry. “We were advised to fall edition 2015


Cover Story


Inspirational Leadership

focus only on engineering and engineering

company with teaching her skills such as

Over the past twenty years, Transformix

design services,” she says. “But we decided

cold-calling that proved instrumental to

has continued to grow, exporting 100% of

that there are weaknesses when you

getting Transformix off the ground.

its business from two Kingston facilities,

outsource your manufacturing. You have

“I find that cold-calling tends to be a weakness among entrepreneurs. They don’t know how to sell. At the end of the day, if you can’t convince anyone to buy your product, then you don’t have a company at all.”

with about fifty employees. “We’ve had

no control over the process, the timeline, or the quality. So we decided that we needed to bring all of our manufacturing in-house.” Cau has long been an outspoken advocate for supporting Canadian manufacturing. “It’s something I talk about a lot in various public places. Keeping Canadian manufacturing alive creates a lot of innovation and a lot of high-value jobs that other sectors can’t.” Much of Transformix’s success in those early days can be attributed to Cau’s sales prowess. She credits her time at the Toronto



a lot of triumphs,” she says. “To build a successful manufacturing business in Canada is a triumph on its own, but some of our other big moments include a recent agri-project in Brazil that allowed a village to grow and prosper. We were creating jobs in another part of the world that raised the standard of living. And we also developed our CNC Assembly™ technology, which is an automated assembly game-changer. Just seeing all of the various departments working together, those are all highlights.”

Cover Story


Inspirational Leadership

Which isn’t to say that it’s all been easy. Over the course of her career,

Despite her busy schedule, Cau still finds time to volunteer on the

Cau has experienced racism as well as sexism. “I could spend my

board of Kingston General Hospital and sits on several of the city’s

career and my life looking for prejudice in every interaction, or I can

economic committees. She’s also a supporter of Kingston’s first

choose to ignore it and focus on getting the job done—whatever that

robotics team. In her downtime, she hikes and bikes around Kingston

job may be—and that’s what I’ve done. We all know that it’s our job to

with her fiancé and their four children, and enjoys the downtown area

keep working towards equity, but life isn’t always fair. The unfortunate

of Kingston and its many events. “I think I have a pretty darn good

part is that I see too many people that will use that as an excuse to

life,” she says. “I love where I am and if in the next five years I can

limit themselves. I’m very conscious of the fact that racism and sexism

continue what I’m doing and continue to build this company, that’s

happen, but it’s a matter of whether you let that obstacle stop you.”

what makes me happy.” www.transformix.com

Cau, for her part, hasn’t let any obstacles stop her. She continues to

Kelly Reid is a Queen’s University graduate whose writing ap-


operate on her corporate philosophy, Success = I RP, which stands

pears regularly in Toronto Life, Kingstonist.com and others.

for Innovation, Integrity, Respect, and Passion. “It really captures

She covers a variety of topics, including food and drink, culture,

the essence of what I believe and who I am,” says Cau. “I try to think

events, and personal profiles. She began working with Flourish

outside the box, I don’t make promises I can’t keep, I’m passionate

in its early stages and continues to be inspired by the incredible

about what I do, and I build respect in every relationship. It’s not easy

network of people she has met along the way. When Kelly isn’t

to be an entrepreneur in manufacturing. But I do love what I do.”

writing, you can find her watching Jeopardy!, trying out a new recipe, or enjoying Downtown Toronto. fall edition 2015


Be In The Know / Women & Wealth

Women & Wealth:

Get in the

driver’s seat! by Heidi Blondin

Did you know that 90% of women will be left to solely manage

can provide ongoing support and guidance, so you can remain

their finances at some point in their life due to divorce, death,

focused on your goals throughout your life.

or by choice. So, it’s critical that women are informed and feel empowered to make financial decisions that affect their future.

It’s also important to monitor your household income and spending regularly, to keep on track. However, watching your investments too

A common theme I have found while working with female clients

closely can cause you to shift your assets into more conservative

is that they lack necessary information, they don’t know where to

funds. This may have an adverse effect on your long-term growth

start, and they often rely on their partner to ‘manage things’.


As investors, women tend to be better savers, are often more risk averse, and are more focused on the long term. These

3. Diversify & Stay the course during turbulent times

characteristics make women great investors, especially when

When you establish an investment mix or asset allocation that

equipped with sound financial advice.

suits your risk tolerance and time horizon, you should stick with it. You may have a tendency to second-guess your allocation. Your

Here are three key steps to get you into the driver’s seat to help

portfolio should include a well-diversified mix of investments that

build your wealth:

won’t keep you awake at night.

1. Develop a Financial Roadmap

Heidi Blondin is passionate about educating and empowering

Women have unique financial challenges including living longer,

professional women to take control of their finances and build

retiring earlier, insuring less and caring for family members.

wealth. She offers Women and Wealth Workshops regularly to

When planning for their future, they need to establish clear goals

enhance the financial literacy of local women.

and strategies. However, the demands and income fluctuation of women in business may make it difficult to stay on track. Having

Visit www.heidiblondin.com/workshops to register for one of the

a Financial Advisor on your team can help you maintain discipline

upcoming sessions.

and feel more confident about your financial direction.

2. Review your Course (but not too often)

Heidi Blondin BA, Financial Advisor

Keeping your long-term goals in mind, it’s important to be

Cornerstone Wealth Planning

realistic about your expectations and to revisit your strategies at

807 Blackburn Mews, Kingston, ON K7P2N6

least annually to adjust for ongoing changes in your situation. A


Financial Advisor won’t magically make your debt disappear, or

Source: Statistics Canada: Women in Canada

guarantee outstanding performance on your investments. But they




(2011) Mutual Fund provided through FundEX Investments Inc.

Be In The Know / Technology

Prototype – Now you’re going to turn your drawings into a “working model “ of your app. You’ll be surprised how many dead ends you find, when you build your prototype. Take a picture of your “wire frames” with your smart phone, or scan

by Terry Telford

them into your computer. Each screen needs to be a separate

It seems like everyone and their dog has an app. If you want to find

picture or scan. Upload all your pictures to popapp.in. This

a good restaurant, get the best price on shoes, buy a skateboard,

website allows you to make a “working” prototype of your app.

or get your daily laugh, there’s an app for that. But do you need an

When you’ve worked out the bugs in your prototype, you’re

app for your business? And how do you get one if you don’t have a

ready to start building the app.

large marketing budget? •

Building Your App – At this stage, you’ve got a decision to

Does your business need an app?

make. Do you hire a programmer or build the app yourself?

It depends on your business goals. Before you build an app,

If you’re hiring a programmer, visit Freelancer.com and post

consider a responsive (mobile) website, which may meet your

your project. Programmers will bid on your project and you

needs. A responsive website displays properly on desktop

can choose the one that meets your needs and budget.

computers, tablets and smart phones. It’s designed to “know” what

If you’d like to build your own app, but you don’t have any

device you’re using and displays your website perfectly on each

programming experience, visit TerryTelford.com/app-tool-kit


for recommended drag and drop software that allows you to

To answer the question, “Does your business need an app?” we’ll use a restaurant as an example. If you simply want to display your menu and contact information, a mobile website meets your needs. If you want to take things to the next level and allow your customers to reserve a table, receive special offers from you when they are within five kilometers of your location, and offer “secret member only incentives,” an app may be right for your business.

Your Business Needs an app…Now What? You’ve got two choices. You can hire a programmer to build your app, or you can do it yourself. Whichever method you choose, the

build your app in a couple evenings. • When your app is built, your next step is to market it. The natural first step is to market to your existing client base by putting up posters in your location, emailing your customer list, and printing “Download My app” business cards to hand out in your business. Let the local media know about your new app by sending a press release and feature it in your social media posts and on your website. Bottom line, your business needs to be accessible on mobile

idea phase for developing the app will be similar.

devices. Whether you choose an app or a responsive website,

building a better relationship with them and ultimately means more

Mind Map (It’s a fancy phrase for brainstorming) - Sit down with a pen and paper and let your thoughts run wild. Write

reaching your customers on the platform of their choice means sales for your business.

everything you want your app to do. At this point, don’t edit your ideas, let them flow freely. Write until you run out of ideas.

Terry Telford is a hardcore entrepreneur. He’s an app developer, marketing executive, and owner of two restaurants in Kingston,

Wire Framing (It’s a fancy phrase for drawing little pictures

Ontario. He has a true passion for anything internet and has

of your app) – Using your Mind Map, draw a picture of each

recently re-entered the internet playground.

screen of your app. You can download a smartphone screen

You can visit Terry at TerryTelford.com

template from TerryTelford.com/app-tool-kit fall edition 2015


Be In The Know / Technology

by Melanie Martin

SEO for your business

Local Search is the new phone book for your business listing The first telephone book was published by the New Haven District

associated with your business comes from information you

Telephone Company. This so-called book was just a single page

provide when creating and updating a verified local page, reports

that held fifty names. It was divided into four headings – residential,

from users, and other sources.

professional, miscellaneous and essential service listings – and, ironically, it contained no phone numbers. That’s because, back

Google uses business information to help us surface relevant local

then, the operator had to connect the parties.

search results across Google, such as in Google Maps, Search, and Google+.

You’re asking “why are we talking about phone books”; I thought this article was about SEO! Wait…this is about SEO – Local Search

Putting it all together.

is the new phone book; the Internet version, is faster, more dynamic

Unless your company is brand new, you will probably find that

and far more intuitive.

it is already listed in Google and Bing and, in many other local directories. That’s because they’re all getting local business

As fascinated as everyone already is with the Internet, local search

information (aka data) from the following four companies:

(searching online for local businesses) is the competitive edge that

• infoGroup

separates the winners from the losers in brick & mortar commerce.

• Acxiom

Right now, as we speak, Local Search is a primary source for local

• Neustar Localeze

businesses to acquire new customers.

• Factual These companies compile databases containing detailed and

Every business that serves local customers can benefit from using

verified information on most businesses in Canada. Their data is

local search optimization to outpace competitors and capture

trusted to varying degrees, and that trust is often dependent on

market share for short (i.e., one or two keywords) and long-tail

whether they make the effort to call the business to verify it or not.

(i.e., multiple keyword phrase) location-based searches. All of this information is pushed out across the Web to Google,


How Google uses business information

Bing, Yelp, and other locally-focused sites. So, one of the main

Business details displayed on Google come from a variety of

keys into successful Local Search is to have a business phone

different sources and are meant to provide customers with the

number with a local phone company. If you have one, chances are

most complete and up-to-date information possible. The details

you’re already listed.


The consistency of your business’ information on the Internet is

In closing, this is the beginning stages for your listings, in addition

vital to be properly ranked in Google Maps and the Local Packs.

to these listings, there are many more that you should either claim

If you have conflicting data online, it confuses the engines, which

or submit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

tends to suppress rankings. It may even result in multiple listings

Webrite Design Solutions – http://www.webrite.ca

on Google, which then compete against each other for rankings. Endnote: Information used in this article was researched using That means you need to decide on a consistent profile for your

Search Engine News, Google for business and Bing for business.

company’s Name Address Phone and URL (NAP+URL) details. Once you’ve decided how you’d like to represent your company, then you’ll need to check your business listings with the 4 data

Melanie Martin is the owner of Webrite Design, she has provided

providers listed above and any other major directory listing your

web development and web graphic design services for over 15

business may have and correct them as needed.

years. An international company, Webrite specializes in custom

Here’s a link to the official business listing guidelines from Google https://support.google.com/business/answer/3038177?hl=en

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal & CSS/XHTML websites, as well as logo design, brand identity, email marketing services, social media management and more.

Here’s a link to the official business list guidelines from Bing https://www.bingplaces.com/help

Connect &

Educational Workshops * Online Resources * E-Newsletters Flourish e-Magazine * Membership Deals & Savings Special Events * Connecting Entrepreneurial Business Women Contact us for opportunities in building your business!

Nominated for

“New Business of 2014”

by the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce fall edition 2015


Woman On The Move | Serving Our Military Community

Driving Forces the base. She studied journalism in Edmonton in her 20s, looking for a career that would grant her flexibility while her husband was in the military. After Edmonton, her family moved to London, where she became an award-winning magazine and newspaper writer. In 2007, they relocated once again to Petawawa, where they’ve been every since. “Moving around is one of the biggest stressors for military families,” she says. “It’s hard. When we were living in Edmonton, I was raising two little kids on my own while Scott was in Bosnia. We bought our first house and he left exactly 14 days later. That was a rough tour. Deployment is another huge stress for military families.” Cyndi wanted a publication that could address these unique challenges. When she was ready to launch Canadian Military Family magazine, Cyndi found one of the biggest hurdles was the red tape of The Mills Family when Evan arrived at The Royal Military College of Canada (2014). Left to right, Evan, Cyndi, Madeline and front Connor.

business ownership. “You need to register your business, name your business, and then the recession of 2009 hit,” she explains. Nearly four years passed between conceiving of the idea for the publication and the first issue, which came out June 2012. “It never

Cyndi Mills envisioned a magazine created by military families for

feels like there’s enough time, especially for the business side of

military families. Three years ago, it became a reality.

things,” Cyndi says. “Daily paperwork, taxes, things like that. I don’t think I realized in the beginning how much there would be. I

Reading a Canadian news website in 2007, Cyndi Mills stumbled

fondly refer to the magazine as my fifth child. It also happens to be

across a heartbreaking reader comment. In response to an article

the noisiest and demands the most attention.”

about a Canadian Forces fatality in Afghanistan, a woman had commented that her own brother had taken his life after coming

In spite of the hurdles, Cyndi has found that the feedback has been

back from deployment, a tragic result of post-traumatic stress.

largely positive. “We really had to prove ourselves with our content,”

Cyndi’s own husband was in the military as well, and her two

she says. “To be an entrepreneur, you need a lot of patience and

eldest children are also currently enlisted. She knew that there was

a lot of perseverance.” Now, the magazine has a distribution of

a need for more resources for military families. From there, she

15,000 across the country, into the United States, and overseas.

conceived of launching a magazine for this niche market. “This is

The magazine has a lifestyle focus with military language and

a magazine for moms, dads, sisters, brothers, spouses, those who

content. All of the writers are associated with the military, either

have retired, those who are still serving. Really, it’s for the whole

directly or through their family. “We’ve got such a great team of

military community,” says Cyndi.

writers,” Cyndi goes on. “We’re always looking to feature more

Cyndi grew up in the Fraser Valley outside Vancouver. She met her

content; it’s just a matter of having the pages to work with.”

husband in Chilliwack, B.C., while she was working at the mess on





The Mills family at this year’s Canada Army Run, left to right, Madeline, Connor (front) Evan, Scott, Delaney.

Part of Cyndi’s personal challenge over the past several years has been making time for herself as well. “I haven’t had downtime for so many years, but I am starting to have it now,” she says. “For awhile, I was just on this hamster wheel. Everything was about the magazine. As an entrepreneur, that can get pretty stressful.” Recently, she has made a conscious effort to slow down, taking time to watch her children’s soccer games and do some traveling. Even still, the CMF website continues to post new content daily, and Cyndi continues to balance motherhood and being a military spouse with running a business. “It seems to be going well right now,” she laughs. “We just really appreciate the support we’re getting from military families and the community in general.”

To learn more about Canadian Military Family magazine, or to


subscribe, visit: www.cmfmag.ca. •

100,000 members across Canada

Currently, 45,000 members in Ontario with $9 million in shopping points ready to buy with Merchants in the Lyoness Program

Accumulate Cashback and Shopping Points - One Point is $7.50 Plus


For the small business owner, set yourself apart from your competitor EMAIL WOMEN MEAN BUSINESS FOR MORE DETAILS & BUSINESS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES

Over the last three years Canadian Military Family Magazine has featured amazing Canadians that are connected to the Canadian military community: Allan Hawco, Paul Gross and Chris and Helene Hadfield.

Gaby Eaton hosp.conn@gmail.com

Josie Walsh kids101@bell.net fall edition 2015


Inspiring Women



Profile: Alexandra Zemba

Sea Candy Ta c k l e C o m pa n y

major retailers such as Bass Pro and Canadian Tire. The products were on the shelf after a few months since initial contact with these retailers. Through the resources and support that KEDCO provided, she also learned more about the numerous aspects of manufacturing such as international shipping rules and regulations, trademarks, real estate for her shop, and sales. Alexandra is aware of the negative short-term and long-term environmental effects of using fishing equipment containing lead and zinc. Alexandra’s sincere concern for the environment’s present and future propels her desire to continue the operations of her business. Among the plethora of brands for fishing lures on the market, there is a limited supply of lead free fishing lures. Alexandra has bridged that gap in product availability by providing Sea Candy Tackle Ltd.’s wide array of products. Her role in manufacturing and sales keeps her closely involved in the major operations of her business. Although it may be more cost effective to create products that contain lead and zinc, she does not want to compromise the quality of her products and the overall message that her brand conveys.

Alexandra Zemba is the owner and founder of Sea Candy Tackle Ltd. As a student of KEDCO’s

Alexandra has recently auditioned on popular CBC television shows

Summer Company program in 2014, she developed

such as The Next Gen Den and Dragon’s Den. Her experience on

her business upon the foundation of her passions for biology, the

Dragon’s Den helped her learn the value in maintaining integrity in

environment, and sustainable fishing. Alexandra acquired a love for

her business while also having the willingness to grow and improve.

fishing while growing up in Thunder Bay, ON, a town where nature

She was excited to meet all the Dragons during this time. She feels

and fishing flourished. Fishing was also a common activity among

the Dragons set high standards for successful entrepreneurship

a number of her family members. Her father taught her how to fish

and she aspires to reach their level of success with her business.

and also the importance of showing respect and love toward the

As a young entrepreneur, Alexandra’s youthfulness never served

environment. When Alexandra pursued a Bachelor of Science in

as a roadblock in her journey toward this success. In fact, her

Biology, she developed a greater understanding of ecosystems and

youthfulness encouraged the growth of Sea Candy Tackle Ltd. Her

organisms. This greater knowledge and understanding fuelled her

education and knowledge of the industry piqued and sustained

passion for the environment and encouraged her to pursue a career

her customer’s interest in her product. She advises other young

that promoted ecological preservation and sustainable practices.

entrepreneurs not to be afraid of rejection or failure. She says: “fear can easily be overcome by practice. Start off by going after smaller

The most valuable lesson she learned from the Summer Company

accounts and after a while you will know your product and service

was the value of networking. In spite of her shyness, she soon

so well and be so confident that going into a meeting with a large

learned the how to grow her business through connecting with

potential client will be smoother.”

other professionals and community members in her industry. As


a testament toward her success in networking, Sea Candy Tackle

By Aysha Tayab.

Ltd.’s products have been widely accepted and dispersed among

Tackle Ltd., visit their website at: www.seacandytackle.com.


To learn more information about Sea Candy

Inspiring Women



Building bridges by sharing wisdom

by Chantal Fraser

Sandi Boucher is a

Her Mother’s teachings helped Sandi persevere. After her mother



had passed on and Sandi’s children were grown, she resolved

and best-selling author

to share the teachings that saved her. Her first book “Honorary

who inspires, motivates

Indian” and the accompanying seminar “A Day That Can Change

and empowers men, women, and young adults of all races, colours

Everything” inspire others by sharing that wisdom.

and creeds, using the wisdom and teachings of the Ojibwe people. Sandi founded Traditionally Speaking.ca Aboriginal Speakers Sandi remembers her childhood as idyllic, not realizing that her

Network, where she promotes, mentors and guides half a dozen

family lived in poverty because of her parents love and support.

speakers, who teach empowerment, share understanding, and

They encouraged her passion for learning though neither had

build new bridges in over one hundred audience-specific seminars

completed high school. Like many First Nations women, Sandi

to help create a future where all our children can thrive. Non-

married young. When her children were two and four years old

Aboriginal speakers are encouraged to join the network, helping to

Sandi realized that unless she left her abusive spouse, their son

build a strong bridge between cultures.

would follow in his father’s footsteps and their daughter would grow up to be a victim. Sadly, as so often is the case, Sandi’s

Sandi is living proof that an Aboriginal woman can succeed in

next partner was an alcoholic, turning their world and home upside

today’s world while embracing traditional teachings. To learn

down with his drinking and abuse.

more about Sandi check out TraditionallySpeaking.ca http://www. traditionallyspeaking.ca/

Sandi left and put herself through college as a single parent, relying on education funding and social assistance; resorting to literally selling furniture to buy her children food when resources were low. By Chantal Fraser, Founder and President of Empowered Path Inc. www.empoweredpath.ca , Storyteller - sharing stories so that individuals, organizations and communities can learn and thrive. Editor in Chief of Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly http://ideaconnector.net/blog/2015/06/23/aboriginal-womenseconomic-quarterly-2/

fall edition 2015


Travel & Leisure

Resort Report: G

race Sammut turned her love for tourism into a lifelong calling By Kelly Reid

Grace Sammut always knew she was meant for a life of travel. “As

changed, and so the industry has changed with it: booking periods

a child, I always thought I might end up a flight attendant,” laughs

are shorter now. Where people may have once booked a year in

the South African expat and longtime Managing Director at not-

advance, now they’ll book a few days in advance. There is also

for-profit organization Resorts of Ontario. “Deep down, I knew I

much more corporate ownership versus private ownership. But I

liked tourism and hospitality.” Although she’s in the industry now,

work with a great board and a great staff team. This is such a

Grace’s career path didn’t lead her directly to Resorts of Ontario.

people industry; we are all so connected. I enjoy the growth, and

She spent time in real estate and banking, but it was moving around

I love working with people to make the industry better. I really

small town Ontario that really led her to tourism. “My husband at

believe in partnership and collaboration and finding solutions.”

the time worked for the government, so he got posted in places like

It’s our job to get the message out that Ontario is a year-round

Picton and Brockville. Eventually, we ended up in Orillia.” It was

destination and it doesn’t matter where you go in the province;

there that she applied to Resorts of Ontario.

there are amazing resorts, lodges, and inns.” One of her goals for the future of Resorts of Ontario is to increase their international

Started in 1942, the organization provides marketing, advocacy,

market. Right now, Ontario represents the largest portion of their

and networking to more than 100 resorts, lodges, and inns across

marketplace. Grace admits that one of her own challenges in a

the province. Grace began at the organization as office manager,

cluttered marketplace is getting the word out about this great

before eventually applying internally for the managing director

Resorting experience. It is a special experience in a special place.

position. Her role has involved travelling across Ontario and

We’d like to bottle it”!

internationally promoting the resorting experience in Ontario. “My life is integrally tied to Resorts of Ontario,” says Grace. “I belong

Despite her busy schedule, which includes running a jewelry

there. I’m dedicated to them.” One of the most fulfilling aspects

company with her daughter in her spare time, Grace does manage

of her job, she says, is that she gets to work with some amazing

to find downtime to enjoy some of the organization’s member

people. “The tourism industry is large, but it’s also quite small. We

resorts. “Our lives are so busy that sometimes I need that passive

see the same people every year at conferences and trade shows.

experience to recharge,” she says. “I do have a few favourite places,

Many colleagues have become like friends,” she says. “A number

but it changes depending on the reason I’m getting away. Whether

of the resorts have long-term staff and long-term clientele, families

I go with my husband or girlfriends might change the destination.

that have been coming for generations. It parallels my own life, in a

But wherever you go, the resorting experience in Ontario will

way. I’ve been in this position with Resorts of Ontario for 25 years

exceed your expectations.”

now. Nowadays, it’s more unusual for someone to stay in one place for so long, but I love the diversity and creativity of the role. In fact, my staff team also have longevity with Resorts of Ontario. ”

To learn more about Resorts of Ontario visit:


Even with such longevity, Grace believes she continues to learn

By Kelly Reid

and grow in her role. “There’s much still to be done,” she admits. “I’m never one to get complacent in a position. The consumer has



Order your free copy of Go Resorting magazine at www.ResortsOfOntario.com

Give a Go Resorting gift certificate, and give the gift of freedom. A Go Resorting gift certificate opens the door to over 100 resorts and inns across Ontario. It’s a passport to a romantic rendezvous in a charming inn tucked away in the pines, a kickstart to a family get together in a year-round resort, or just a way of saying ‘thank you’ to an employee. Denominations start at $50. It’s the freedom to say ‘I’m taking off for the weekend’.

Buy a Go Resorting Gift Certificate now at www.GiftOfTheGetaway.com

fall edition 2015


SPECIAL FEATURE / Festive Season 2015

Let The Festivities Begin...

We Congratulate All Nominees and Winners of the

2015 Business Achievements Awards Gala Presented by The Kingston Chamber of Commerce Location: Elegance Bridal Boutique & Photographer: Lauren Kauffman



Holiday Fashion Feature

K r i s t i n e

V a n

A l l e n :

A Passion for Fashion

Fall’s rich tones & diverse selections at KVA

Debbie Goulding in Lux Tuxedo look by ARTEX, Toronto

When Kristine Van Allen opened her women’s fashion boutique

I ended up settling in Kingston, having two kids, and have been

and pop-up venture, KVA Collections, she knew she was taking a

here since.” She spent time working in banking, developing her

leap of faith. It was 2010, and she was at a career crossroads. “At

customer service skills and business acumen before getting into

that point, I was working for the direct sales company Optionelle

direct sales, which afforded her flexibility as a wife and mother.

full-time, and when they closed, I started to think seriously about

When she was ready to open KVA Collections, her philosophy was

starting my own business,” she explains. “It was a financial risk.

clear: slow and steady wins the race.

There’s always the question: if you build it, will they come?”


Full of energy and creativity, Kristine has always had a passion for

“I started KVA with one designer and a loyal clientele from

fashion. She even considered studying fashion design at Ryerson

Optionelle. But the question was, could I grow it? Now, I deal with

University after high school. However, a change of heart brought

more than twenty different designers, and have garnered wonderful

her to Queen’s University, where she majored in sociology and

new business through referrals.” Kristine’s model is unique: she

fell in love with her husband, Steven. “It’s life’s twists and turns.

offers clients a relaxed studio space for personalized shopping as


Holiday Fashion Feature well as private group sessions, but she also hosts pop-up events as fundraisers. At a POP UP, she re-creates the shopping experience by bringing her entire collection and giving back a percentage of the sales generated to the charity “I don’t wait for business to come to me. I ‘m trying to be proactive and do what it takes to get the business,” In the past, Kristine has hosted pop-ups for Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and others. Her boutique experience helps ladies look and feel their best with her timeless pieces, often created by Canadian designers. “I once had a client say, ‘You don’t just sell clothes, you sell confidence.’ I thought to myself, ‘Wow. Maybe that’s true.’ It’s so rewarding!” For more information about Kristine’s business and her personalized shopping experience, visit KVA Collections on Facebook or Twitter. https://www.facebook.com/KVACollections/

KVA’s relaxing atmosphere; no pressure just fashionable guidance

Debbie Gouding in Sophisticated Code Vitesse, Montreal

Owner: Kristine Van Allen

fall edition 2015


Holiday Fashion

Sassy Classy Meets The Women Mean Business Network! By Stephanie Drapeau Owner of Elegance Boutique, in Kingston

We personally wish to thank Stephanie Drapeau, Owner of Elegance Bridal Boutique, Kingston for the amazing and luxurious experience of wearing one of her elegant gowns that she brought in for us personally from Montreal, for our Festive Season photoshoot. Photography by Lauren Kauffman of Kaufmann Photography, and professional make up by Debbie Goulding, Owner of DG Makeup

Five tips to start you on your way! 1. Figure flattering style! •

You want a dress to accent your curves and favourite features

If not a full length gown, make sure that the hemline sits in flattering length accordance with your height

Artist, Hair Design by Lisa Hang, Owner of Clock Tower Hair

Never hesitate to have your dress altered perfectly to your shape by a seamstress

Salon.t Stephanie wanted to share some of her fashion tips for the upcoming Festive Season 2015!

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize •

Statement jewelry can transform a simple dress into a standout eye catching look!

3. Sparkle •

It’s the holidays! Dare to wear sequins and bead-work!

A little splash of sequin or beading can go a long way to create a statement look.

Consider the events formality when selecting the amount of detail.

Photo (left to right): Josie Walsh, Stephanie Drapeau, Lauren Kauffman, Debbie Goulding, Gaby Eaton

Comfort test; consider if the sequins/beads if irritates your skin.


4. Bold Statement Jewel Tones Colours

makes a woman feel more luxurious and fabulous

than yards of flowing soft material, sequins and intricate detail of a designer.

Putting on the right dress can remind us to take a

Reds, Greens, Whites, Royal Blues, Gold and Silver

Nothing brings out the Festive Season spirits than being draped in festive coloured fabrics and sequins

moment from our hecttic day and embrace elegance. From after work dinner parties to holiday galas the right dress will always command the room.” How does one navigate through the yards of fabric and sparkle to

5. Modesty with a little sexy is key •

Highlight one sexy feature

Example: a backless dress with a high neckline and lower

find the right dress for you? Fashion Tips provided by: Stephanie Drapeau, Owner, Elegance Bridal Boutique and nominated for Young Entrepreneur Award of 2015 by the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. www.elegancebridalboutique.com



hemline •

A fully covered dress with a couple of cut-out accents

A 3-quarter sleeved high neckline dress with a high hemline to accent your legs

Shorter the dress, higher the neckline

a gift to be cherished

H O L I DAY P O RT R A I T S E S S I O N S Includes 1 hour sitting fee and private photo viewing. Products are available for purchase separately. Book today - limited spaces are available.


KaufmannPhotography.com | 613.483.6955 | lauren@kaufmannphotography.com

fall edition 2015





Top 10

Holiday Tips

for Optimal Nutrition & Health By Michelle Deschenes

1. Think Ahead & Have a Plan

7. Barter with Yourself

For food, alcohol, physical activity and stress management.

If you want dessert, forfeit the bread and only eat half of your potato/rice/noodles.

2. Take The Focus Off Food Get family and friends together and have fun ice skating, tobog-

8. Focus on Portion Sizes

ganing, snowmobiling, or cheer on your local hockey team.

A deck of playing cards is one serving size of meat, fish or poultry.

3. Minimize Alcoholic Drinks Consider that a single serving (1c.) of eggnog has 340 calories

9. Deprivation Does Not Work

and 19 g. fat. Plan to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcohol-

Moderation is the key to success.

ic drinks; try sparkling water or spritzers. For best results decide how many drinks you will have before the evening starts.

10. Get Your Advice from a Professional Google is NOT your best friend. Fad diets lead to Yo-Yo dieting.

4. Control Portions of Cakes/Cookies and Desserts

Seek advice from a medically recognized health professional

Choose alternatives such as whole grain crackers, low-fat cheese and fresh fruit.

Michelle Deschenes; Director of Ace Nutrition, Registered

5. Don’t Skip Meals

Dietary Technologist

Especially on the day of the party, skipping meals does not help

and Kingston’s Weight Loss Specialist –

you “save” calories, as most people become overly hungry and

Physician Endorsed

in the end tend to over-eat. Start your day with a good nourishing

(Insurance Coverage May Apply)

breakfast, have a light lunch, then a small snack or salad shortly before leaving for your party.

Nutrition Manager at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, Kingston Ace Nutrition 613-876-8894 www.acenutrition.ca

6. Scout Out the Options Don’t just dive right in and try a little bit of everything on the buffet table. Take your time to make healthier choices and stick to 3-4 items on your plate only. Peruse the options and visualize your plate.

32 WomenMeanBusiness.ca

Holiday Dining & Catering Guide

Minos Village Restaurant and Banquet Facilities (up to 200) Gift Certificates Available for The Festive Season. Minos Village Also Features Take out 2762 Princess St., Kingston 613-384-2021 www.minos1.com Beautiful & Delicious Dining Experience

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Giving Back

Women’s Giving Circle As healthcare needs evolve, so

Women’s Giving Circle to coordinate the strategic deployment of

does the need to conduct better

research initiatives. Akin to the way research requires participation,

research. The Women’s Giving

The Women’s Giving Circle encourages its members to participate

Circle is in full support of this

by inviting them to three major luncheons that are sponsored

concept through its mandate

by Shopper’s Drug Mart. During these luncheons, members of

to raise money for local patient

the Women’s Giving Circle are informed of the current research

centered research and hospitals.

projects. In addition, speakers are also invited to the luncheons to

The Women’s Giving Circle started in 2011 by one of the founding

share their area of expertise. The information allows the members

members, Shirley Abramsky, and the Chair, Gillian Little. Shirley

of The Women’s Giving Circle to reach collective decisions by

and Gillian are inspired to work toward this initiative to improve

voting on where to allocate funds. The frequency of the luncheons

healthcare. As Shirley states: “more research provides better

are intended to inspire the growth of the Women’s Giving Circle.

healthcare.” With Gillian’s family and personal background in

Something that truly engages the members is their luncheon that

healthcare, she is inspired to make healthcare changes at a local

is held in early spring. During this luncheon, members have the

scale. The members of the Women’s Giving Circle are expected to

opportunity gather a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes

pay an annual fee. Women over the age of 40 pay $500 and women

occurrences in the research that has been funded.

Shirley Abramsky, and Gillian Little

under the age of 40 pay $250. The annual membership provides the Women’s Giving Circle with the ability to raise funds. Since 2013,

In tandem with the efforts to inspire and inform its members, the

The Women’s Giving Circle has provided $78,493 toward research.

overarching goal of the Women’s Giving Circle is to raise $50,000 annually. As such, the Women’s Giving Circle is always looking for

Although the members of the Women’s Giving Circle are from a

new members.

diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, their common core values are to support local healthcare initiatives and patient


centered care research. Dr. Roger Deeley, the Vice President of

If you are interested in joining The Women’s Giving Circle, please

Healthcare Research at KGH, liaises with the board members of the

call (613) 549-5452 or visit their website at www.uhkf.ca.


Giving Back

Kingston Charities Profiles

Interviews by Aysha Tayab

Marie Sardinha, Birthright Kingston

on our staff who understand the nutrition aspect of it and I know

Birthright Kingston is a non-profit

that’s important. But for me, it’s about bringing people together

organization which for over 40 years in

and creating that sense of community that we can all be part of in

Kingston and globally, supports women

making the community better.”

who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Over 90% of proceeds

We want to reduce social isolation by using food and cooking as a

from donations are invested directly

vehicle to do that. It’s so exciting. There’s 2 aspects to it: we want

for programs and needs of the mother.

to connect people to the food system and healthy eating but also

Clients of Birthright Kingston receive free pregnancy tests,

want to use food to connect people. We know food brings people

counselling, and information on how to make the best of their local

together. We’re in the perfect position to be able to do that. To learn

community resources. The organization and clients thrive from the

more go to www.lovingspoonful.org

generous support of their volunteers as well as the wider Kingston community. As the Executive Director for Birthright Kingston for

Lisa Walker(left)

10 years, Marie Sardinha has been whole heartedly committed to

& Betty Rushton,

helping and empowering women in the community. Donations

Youth Unlimited

are welcome, including baby clothes, please see website for


information. www.kingstonbirthright.ca

is a non- profit


organization that Mara Shaw, Loving Spoonful

provides physical

Loving Spoonful is a vibrant local



grassroots charity with the aim to

support to teen moms within the Kingston area. As a worldwide

increase access to local and healthy food

organization, Kingston was the first city in Canada to develop a

throughout the community in a variety

chapter of Youth Unlimited. Betty Rushton is the Director of Teen

of ways including direct food delivery

Mom Programs and Lisa Walker is the Assistant Director of the

programs. The staff and volunteers seek

Teen Mom Program for Kingston’s chapter of Youth Unlimited.

donations from farmers, grocery stores,

Both women are highly motivated with a sincere commitment

caterers, and bakeries so that they can provide fresh and local food

toward assisting teen mothers.

to 25 different meal programs and shelters. The staff and volunteers serve as mentors and provide a variety of In addition, Loving Spoonful makes the best use of their connections

programs and counselling options on a regular basis in order to

and resources by freezing fall surplus and providing food during

keep teen moms actively and positively engaged in their roles as teen

the winter months. The Loving Spoonful also provides programs

mothers. In addition, Youth Unlimited has been widely recognized

for 7 elementary schools. These schools have gardens set up on

throughout the community due to its extensive collaboration with

site as a means to educate students about the food system.

other organizations, including local clinics, St. Lawrence College

Mara Shaw is the Executive Director of Loving Spoonful and she

and Ontario Early Years. Although the organization is faith based,

explains that the philosophy is about connecting the community

Youth Unlimited is welcome to teen mothers who come from any

in a positive and enriching manner through food. “We have people

faith or set of beliefs. www.kyu.ca fall edition 2015


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