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Sur•viv•al•ist [ser-vahy-vuhlist] --NOUN-A person who makes preparations to survive a widespread catastrophe by storing food, weapons and survival gear in a safe place.


By Fawn Aberson

Afro•viv•al•ist [aph*ro*viv*al*ist]– NOUNSharon Ross, a black female survivalist who knows how to ‘Get ‘er Done’. On any given day of the week, you might run into Ms. Ross out on the town after her regular 9-5 and consider her a bit of a diva. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find her sporting high heels, sculpted nails and shiny red lipstick while sipping from a martini glass and hob knobbing with her cronies from a local movie production crowd. Film production is just one of her several unique areas of interest. However, come the weekend, Ms. Ross commonly sheds her city girl glam, for a considerably more rough and tumble look her friends call, “Afrovivalist”.

{20} FlOSSIN MAGAZINE • Vol.15 No.1

“My definition of survivalist, is a person who believes that the government is no longer for ‘We the People’ and we will experience some form of man-made or natural disaster in our future.”

As the Afrovivalist, Ms. Ross has been known to trudge through the wilderness in combat boots. Hunting down deer or other wild game with her bow and arrow, she then field dresses on the spot, i.e. removing its vital organs with a knife.

Flossin Magazine  

Volume 15 #1 BLACK LIVES MATTER This publication features Black Lives of the Pacific Northwest who work, live, play and thrive despite the s...

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