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Long-lasting double flowers

2019 - 2020 Tissue Culture Young Plants

SundayzÂŽ Mixes

Maxi Mix

Midi Mix

Mini Mix

Micro Mix

Midi Berries & Cream BC

Available in various sizes Maxi




4,5 - 6 inch 12 - 15 cm

4 - 5 inch 10 - 13 cm

3,5 - 4,5 inch 9 - 12 cm

2,5 - 4 inch 6 - 10 cm

3 - 4,5 inch 8 - 11 cm

3 - 3,5 inch 7 - 9 cm

2 - 3 inch 5 - 7 cm

1 - 2 inch 3 - 5 cm

Florist Holland 2019 - 2020

Sundayz® Individual colors

Maxi Red BC

Mini Pink

Midi Red BC

Mini White

Midi Purple BC

Mini Yellow

Mini Orange

Ne Var w iety

Mini Red

Mini Lilac

Mini Purple

Mini Bicolour BC

This premium quality gerbera potted plant series offers long-lasting double flowers, for brightly colored displays. The double flowers have less pollen, which causes the individual flowers to look fresh much longer than the average Gerbera potted plant. The Sundayz® Gerbera line from seed is available in Micro, Mini, Midi and Maxi sized mixes and several solid varieties. Retail merchandising / display suggestions: Long-lasting flowers mean more longevity at retail and a longer shelf life. Sundayz® has a great indooroutdoor versatility: a fun splash of color in the livingroom, on a windowsill or on a balcony or terrace table.

Florist Holland 2019 - 2020

Sundayz® Assortment Our Sundayz® assortment consists of: Maxi Maxi Red BC Midi Midi Red BC Midi Purple BC Midi Berries & Cream BC

Mixes Maxi Mix Midi Mix Mini Mix Micro Mix

Mini Mini White Mini Yellow Mini Orange Mini Red Mini Pink Mini Lilac Mini Purple NEW Mini Bicolour BC

Key features of Sundayz® Up to 5 weeks shelf life Long-lasting double flowers Available in mixes and strong solid colors

What to order Choose the type of starting material that suits your business best: - Seeds (coated or uncoated) - Rooted young plants/liners Ask your representative for more information


There are also promotional items available, for example banners and product tags.

• Up to 5 weeks shelf life • Long-lasting double flowers • Available in mixes and strong solid colors


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Rooted young plants

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Florist Holland 2019 - 2020

Florist Holland Contact information FLORIST HOLLAND B.V.


Mailing address P.O. Box 3 1430 AA Aalsmeer The Netherlands

Mr. Jan Jorrit Eveleens Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain +31 (0) 653 990 782 jj.eveleens@floristholland.com

Office Dwarsweg 15 1424 PL De Kwakel The Netherlands

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MANAGING DIRECTOR Mr. Melchior Moen +31 (0) 653 285 934 m.moen@floristholland.com

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SALES SUPPORT Mrs. Sabine van der Veen +31 (0) 297 328 229 s.vanderveen@floristholland.com Mr. Peter Vrolijk +31 (0) 297 328 229 support@floristholland.com

MARKETING MANAGER Mrs. Saskia Bakker +31 (0) 651 759 479 s.bakker@floristholland.com

Mr. Floris Tas Canada British Columbia & Quebec, U.S.A +31 (0) 638 005 184 f.tas@floristholland.com Florist Holland is specialized in breeding and propagation of Gerbera potted plants and cut flowers. With over 40 solid years of experience and supported by our global network of cultivation advisors, sales and distribution partners, we supply seeds and young plants to customers all over the world. With the world’s widest scope of Gerberas, we offer unique series that each stand out in their own way. Let’s get together and create some extraordinary business. With a well-established worldwide sales network, Florist Holland B.V. exports products all over the world. For contact details from agents or distributors in your region, please contact the Florist Holland office in the Netherlands. All offers, agreements and supplies shall be made and concluded under and with due observance of the General Conditions of the Association Plantum NL, as filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, Gouda office, the Netherlands on 21 May 2012.


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Catalogue 2019 - 2020 | Gerbera Potted Plants | Sundayz | USA  

Catalogue 2019 - 2020 | Gerbera Potted Plants | Sundayz | USA