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December 2019 · No. 4 Volume 1 Must be 18yrs old

Business Spotlight @Ivanagetlashed

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Remembering Brownie Mary

Managed my Arm Fracture with Pillow Factory Gold

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Florida Honey Pot is the Real Deal Soothing during my cold

Infused Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs -Ž It’s Terp Day and we have some amazing ones

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Content 5 Pillow Factory Top Concentrate and super soothing

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Brownie Mary

Patient Photo

Remembering her Legacy

Featuring Dimensions of Dank

On the cover Dutch Hawaiian by IG @dimensionsofdank

Florida Buds Magazine No. 4 · December 2019 · Year 1 · EDITOR IN CHIEF Frederick Pohl · GRAPHIC DESIGN · PUBLISHER Frederick Pohl

Patient Contributor Business Spotlights

@cannaconnoisseurcbd Future CBD Hemp Live Rosin provider

How did I managed an arm multi-fracture?




Obiwan OG

Sunshine Cannanis

Another class of Rosin

Setting the bar

Cannabis is the best Med

Pillow Factory

I was riding a Onewheel and fell off it, fracturing my left arm in multiple places and I was fortunate to be a Cannabis Patient.


thought I had it down, after 24hrs of purchasing a Onewheel I was under the most intensed and painful injury ever. Going top speed on it, the front lip hit the sidewalk amd threw me into the ground. While I carried a helmet in a box instead of wearing it. The impact fractured my ulna, radial head and scaphoid.

25 Keto Chocolate Fat Bars Learn to make THC Infused Chocolates

As I layed in the ground and I just held myself in extreme pain. A random stranger walked out of their appartment as I layed in the ground and asked if they should call and ambulance, my adrenaline got me up and my response was I am OK. I have been wearing a cast ever since and counting down the days. Most importantly, I have done itnwithout the aid of any pain medications. Only CBD and Cannabis. I have proved that it is possilble and there is no need to go under the negative effects of opiates, tramadol or gabbapendin, if you are able to do it with natural herbs like Cannabis and Hemp.

12 Redefine: Business & Cannabis Business Spotlight

16 Please grow more Flower

Now I face ahead months of therapy to get my full range back, it will be a lot of painful work but I keep facing all my hurdles and conquering them. We have a lot to focus ahead and we are going for the Cannabis publication for the year 2020. And only our fans can take us there. And we thank them for their support. Frederick Pohl Editor in chief IG @floridabudsmagazine


Preferred Concentrate After suffering multiplle fractures. I am not a Dr. but I avoided the use of any Pain Meds. I found Pillow Factory effective in pain management.

Onset Immediate

Lasting 12hrs 1.5-2 hrs Nice and relaxed. It helped me sleep and forget painful fracture 3-5 puffs isaobut all thatthe I required and saved the rest for later. Very effective

Columbia Caree brings new flower into the State.


December 2019 ¡ Florida Buds Magazine

Florida Buds Magazine ¡ December 2019


Cannabis History written by Mandy Harlan

IG @flmarijuanamentor

Brownie Mary

Remember Her Legacy Brownie Mary’s recipe remains a secret to this day. She passed away in 1999, and was hailed a hero.


This is Mary Jane Rathbun, aka Brownie Mary. We all need to be more like Mary. In San Francisco in the 70s, Mary sold cannabis infused brownies to make some extra money. She handed out flyers advertising that they were “magically deliciousâ€?. This also led to her first arrest at age 57. Her punishment was hundreds of hours of community service. She quickly became a regular volunteer at San Francisco General Hospital, and continued her service well beyond her required community hours. đ&#x;?ƒ

In the early ‘90s, Brownie Mary became a political powerhouse. She lobbied for the legalization of medical marijuana and contributed to the passing of San Francisco’s Proposition P, which freed physicians from the consequences of prescribing medical marijuana. Mary also assisted with opening America’s first medical marijuana dispensary and with passing Proposition 215 in 1996, which made

The brownies eased discomfort and induced hunger

California the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Brownie Mary’s recipe remains a secret to this day. She passed away in 1999, and was hailed a hero. We have a long way to go, but hopefully Mary would be proud of the progress cannabis has made and how many people it helps today.


n the 80s, San Francisco was the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic, and Mary’s hospital saw thousands of patients. She started making her brownies for the AIDS patients and noticed the treats had a mysterious effect. The brownies eased their discomfort and induced hunger. With donated cannabis, she began baking as many pot brownies as possible for “my gay friendsâ€? and her “kidsâ€?. One fellow cannabis activist estimated she made more than 1,600 brownies a month. Patients swore that the brownies brought them back from the brink. đ&#x;?ƒ


December 2019 ¡ Florida Buds Magazine

Florida Buds Magazine ¡ December 2019


Patient Photo Contributions


December 2019 ¡ Florida Buds Magazine

Florida Buds Magazine ¡ December 2019


Top Concentrates

Patient Review MUV ALTMED

Ghostrider OG Indica

This amazing Indica leaning was another one of my favorite strains while managing my arm fracture. I still am and Physical Therapy is very painful and working to get my full elbow range back from 90 degrees. This one helped me sleep and be calm in the process. Most of my inflamation was caused by a medical errror. They had placed my initial cast too tight creating circulatory problems.

Onset 15 seconds

Lasting Over 1+hr plus


Obiwan OG Indica

This amazing Indica leaning Hybrid is sure to place you on a relaxed state. It helped with my arm inflamation and assisted in my restful sleep, after suffering multiple fractures on my left arm.

Onset 30 seconds

Lasting Over 1+hr plus


December 2019 ¡ Florida Buds Magazine

Florida Buds Magazine ¡ December 2019


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December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine

Find us at


Florida Buds Magazine · December 2019


Top Concentrates

DIspensary Visit






December 2019 ¡ Florida Buds Magazine

Flavorful and effective, it did not work as good as the Pillow factory for the pain but is more cerebral and day time.

Florida Buds Magazine ¡ December 2019


Patient Review

Business Spotlight


Florida Buds Magazine sheds some light on entrepreneurship and cannabis, and what it means to be a patient and successful business owner.

Mandarin Triangle Kush HYBRID

Our December Business Spotlight comes from the sunny west coast of Tampa Bay.

Cure / Appearance

Ivana Rivera, a Thriving Entrepreneur entering her 5th year in business, sits down and discusses her successes and how being a MMJ patient has brought balance and relief.

Most of what I received were medium green cone shaped nugs with a pretty decent sheen of trichomes and orange hairs. Not a lot of moisture. Not overly dry. Those buds are dense but also fluffy in appearance with sugar leaf. Some of what I received were whispier buds that havent fully became structured before they were harvested and some caluxes. I’m not complaining because it makes up for it in price and effects.

Name: Ivana Rivera Business: Spa Owner / Beauty Distributor / Beauty Educator Location: Tampa, Florida Year Founded: 2015

by Constantine “This is a 50/50 “indica dominant” hybrid but I gotta tell you, it acts more like a sativa”

MINT CHIP Columbia Care just released flower with strains such as Granddaddy Purp, Mint Chip, Master Kush, OG Kush among many others. Cured nicely.



December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine

Cannabis & Business or contact @ivanagetlashed

- Ivana Rivera

Columbia Care bringing some beautiful strains.

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My quest for a more productive, fulfilling life came with a new onset of challenges and successes, and would not have been achievable without clear goals, consistency and the relief medical marijuana brought. “

Please more Flower!



IG @ivanagetlashed

I opened` business after being laid off from my corporate job of 5 years. I had no financial means to start a business that I’ve dreamt about since I was a child. So I gathered my credit cards, maxed them all out, and hoped for the best!

There are multiple MMTCs in her area such as Muv, Trulieve, Surterra.

remain productive, and still be able to have my products delivered. I’d have to say my favorite dispensary at the moment is MÜV. Their hybrid strain Lemon Marge has just the right amount of THC for pain relief but doesn’t make me sleepy, so it fits great with

my busy lifestyle. I tried to never let my pain get in the way of creating a life for myself I thought I deserved, and having the opportunity to find relief though Medical Marijuana has completely changed my life, my productivity and drive.

It was the most frightening, stressful few months of my life! 3 months later - All the credit cards I maxed out to start, were now paid off. Fast forward 1 year and 10 months, My business was able to expand to a larger location and in 2019, we were voted “BEST SPA” by the Tampa Bay Times. When I decided to finally go into business for myself, time became limited, and having access to local delivery was a real game changer. I was able to Florida Buds Magazine · December 2019


Cannabis Recipes




vocados are actually really good for us and they are one of those foods that you either love or hate. But according to much of the new we see and read, they are a new HOT food, totally trendy. More important than that is they are good for you; rich in nutrients and help decrease the risk of heart disease and diabetes. How cool, eat a snack – get healthy. How often does that happen?

– its not just for breakfast

IG @CBDChefMary Although I wasn’t born in Florida I have lived here most of my adult life so avocados are not foreign to me but true confessions, outside of guac, I have rarely used an avocado. I did try to grow a plant from the giant seed inside once but…well, that’s another story. In search of something different to fix for a party a friend was having I saw an easy to infuse recipe and changed it up to fit my needs. Below you will find one or two portions making the recipe easy to duplicate.

Also you can add things like olives, onions, tomatoes into the mix and change up the spices adding a little red paper flake or perhaps some cumin.

Avocado Toasts

Most often eaten on whole grain bread but I love to serve bruschetta style with a variety of toppings available. I used baguettes for this event, sliced, covered with infused olive oil and grilled for a few minutes until crispy.

1 avocado – save the seed J 1 tsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp infused olive oil Salt and Pepper to taste Toasted hemp seed I use a fork to mix everything leaving a few chunks of avocado to bite into. 18



And….for my non vegetarian friends some bacon sprinkled on top take it to another level. In case you don’t eat it all in one sitting the seed, placed in the left over mixture will keep it from turning brown. Insert the seed and cover with plastic wrap, on the surface of the avocado, not the top of the bowl. Happy snacking!!

December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine

Florida Buds Magazine · December 2019




Infused Hemp Products


Compassion Sets the Bar High for What a Compassionate Cannabis Brand Can Do. Sunshine Cannabis was founded in 2013 by Chris Sunshine. From the beginning compassion has been a driving force behind the brand, and the Sunshine Compassion program is the embodiment of this compassionate drive to help others. The Sunshine Compassion program was launched by Sunshine Cannabis to provide compassionate relief to patients in the Sunshine State with different programs to address different needs. The free medical marijuana recommendation program is one that provides patients with a gift certificate good for a FREE visit to see a Florida MMJ doctor at Marijuana Doctor. This program has helped over 100 patients to date and continues to do bigger and better things with a giveaway to 11 Veterans for the 2019 Veterans day. Providing free medical marijuana recommendations is one of the many compassionate Sunshine Cannabibs programs. Compassionate patient giveaways are another way that Sunshine Cannabis gives back to the Sunshine State. To date, with their partner Trulieve, Sunshine Cannabis has provided more free mmj products to patients than the rest of the companies in the state combined! The company also funds compassionate initiatives like the Regulate Florida adult use ballot initiative to make cannabis and home grow legal in Florida. They have been donating an unprecedented 20% of all proceeds to Regulate Florida with the Vaporize to Legalize campaign. Sunshine Cannabis is largely credited with Regulate Florida reaching Supreme Court review in August 2019.

Sunshine Cannabis is the most compassionate cannabis brand in the industry and a shining example of how a company can make an oversized impact in a great way when compassion is at the forefront. Sunshine Cannabis , the homegrown brand of the Sunshine State, shines the brightest in an industry dominated by multi-billion dollar multi-state operators. There is no greater example of generosity and compassion for one to look to than Sunshine Cannabis. Sunshine Cannabis is wildly popular in Florida and with great reason, they are a group of Floridians that are humble, down to earth and compassionate to their core. 20

December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine

Was the perfect mix for my hot lemonade after catching the flu”

Honey infused with CBD I had caught the flu and I have a strong dislike for over the counter flu meds and decided old Grandma’s lemonade recipe was my go to...


hen the packaged from the nice ladies at Florida Honey Pot arrived. Little did I know it was the perfect mix for my tea. I had made this Hot Lemonade to help my flu and added a

few tablespoons of this wonderful honey. The lemonade help me have soundfulrest amazingly. Infused CBD Honey can have many benefits such as reduced anxiety, treat skin conditions and help with chronic pain and inflammation. Florida Honey Pot is located in beautiful Central Florida with flourishing Hemp and

Handcrafted by women that care about you and your health

blueberry plants, Florida Honey Pot Farms started with a 20 year friendship and a shared dream of helping women stay healthy! They will be growing Industrial Hemp and offering the best in CBD infused honey. Their Artisanal honey and small batch CBD infused products are handcrafted by women who care about you and your health.

Florida Buds Magazine · December 2019


It is about the Cannabis Community We can help communicate your message to the community

Canna Quiz by Ms.Cannabee

What Cannabis Strain Is Best For You?

Sponsor a Page

Power up your Marketing Game We can help you gain market share and reach thousands of patients at events and community gatherings. We can create marketing communication pieces that help improve your message.

Have you ever visited a dispensary and wondered which strain is best suited for you? It’s important to know that the effects of one strain can differ vastly from another. Never go unprepared again and take our short quiz to learn which type of cannabis strain would be perfect for your needs.

IG Ms.Cannabee What kind of high do you prefer? A. Calm & Relaxing B. Energetic & Talkative C. Somewhere in between the two first options D. I like the therapeutic effects of cannabis but don’t necessarily like getting “High” or feeling “stoned”; Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? A. Often B. Not Often C. Sometimes D. Never

You have a free day to do anything you want. What time do you smoke your first bowl? A. Daytime- I would wake and bake if i could B. In the evenings C. No preference D. As soon as my chronic pain symptoms appear (or in anticipation of pain)

C. Do something fun with friends, but keep it low-key. D. Doesn’t matter, as long as my pain is reduced

Which activity would you rather do after a smoke sesh? A. Chill out and listen to music B. Go on a adventure - the more exciting the better

Choose the adjective that appeals to you the most. A. Tranquil B. Creative C. Balanced D. Comfortable

Do you prefer a body high or mind high? A. Body B. Mind C. A little bit of both D. i prefer not to be high

We can work with your team to present campaigns to our audience. We talk about Cannabis News, Genetics, The best Cultivars, Projections and challenges to the industry. Will adult use legalization affect medical use and where is the industry going.

Are you a Cannabis Grower that needs assistance with your marketing? Is your team only focused on IG - Instagram ? We can tell you Instagram is not the full world and has no user retention. Are you a Medical Marijuana Doctor that needs assistance being noticed ? Are you a CBD national brand that is working to reach the Florida market. Our magazines will be available at legal State dispensaries, medical marijuana doctors offices. We

Check out results in page 24


December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine

have Altmed Muv and GrowHealthy North Miami as the first two dispensaries to carry our byGainesville IG freshmiabrand magazines. Florida Buds Magazine · December 2019


Find out what you prefer

Quiz Answers

Making Edibles Fun

From so many strains how do you know what to try ?

If you answered mostly “A”s you are: INDICA

If you answered mostly “C”s you are: HYBRID (Sativa + Indica)

The ideal cannabis strain for you would be indica.

A combination of both indica and sativa, a hybrid is

This popular strain is sought after for its calming

good for those new to cannabis because it strikes a

and soothing body high. Have you ever smoked and

balance between head and body high. Many strains

felt so relaxed that it was hard to get off the couch?

are typically a hybrid, although not all hybrids are necessarily split between 50% indica and 50% sati-

You probably smoked indica. Many people use indi-

va. Individuals smoking hybrids typically report

ca to treat symptoms of insomnia or stress. Indica

feeling both the mental rush of sativa and the seda-

can be referred to as giving one a “nighttime high”

ted body high from indica.

due to its sedating and tranquilizing effects.

Here are some of the most popular hybrid strains

THC Infused Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs 1/4 Cup Almond Butter 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (Infused Shown) 1/4 Cup Cacao Powder 1/4 Cup Erythritol (I use Powdered Swerve) IG @420rxccc

1/4 tsp lecithin Your Product (skip if using infused coconut oil)

in Florida: Here are the most popular indica strains in Flori-

– These may not be split 50/50 between indica and


sativa, but are still considered hybrids.

Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Blue Dream

Northern Lights

Girl Scout Cookies

Grape Ape

Pineapple Express Forum Cut Cookies

If you answered mostly “B”s you are: SATIVA The best cannabis strain for you is sativa! Wellknown for its uplifting and energetic effects, sativa gives you an exhilarating head high. Many individuals report feeling a boost in mental clarity and focus after using sativa. Sativa is commonly referred to as giving one a “daytime high” that encourages creativity, laughter and productivity. Here are the top most popular sativa strains in Florida: Maui Wowie Jack Herer Strawberry Cough Super Lemon Haze

Bubba Kush

If you answered mostly “D”s you are: CBD CBD is an interesting compound that is slowly becoming more popular in the cannabis community. Unlike sativas, indicas, or hybrids, CBD does not produce the “high” or “stoned” effects that are typically expected from cannabis. Instead, CBD is an entirely different compound from THC that allows one to feel the therapeutic and pain-relieving effects of cannabis without the psychoactive consequences of feeling high. Many people take CBD to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, and sometimes it is even used to treat individuals suffering from epilepsy, PTSD, anxiety disorders and more. Here are some of the most popular CBD products in Florida:


December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine

Transdermal patches Sublingual oils and Creams and lotions

1 2 3 4 Mix together almond butter and coconut oil in a medium metal bowl.

Heat on low.

Stir until smooth.

Stir in erythritol, cacao powder, lecithin and your product.

5 6 7 Pour into silicone molds or cupcake liners.

Refrigerate until firm.

Sprinkle with sea salt, if desired.

Florida Buds Magazine · December 2019





It’s Terp Day On this edition I am going to talk about a few terpenese present in the strains that seemed to be more effective at keeping me comfy while going through my multiple left arm fractures. 9lb doesn’t work for me as it causes an emotional reaction. My go to strains were Zour Apple, Pillow Factory and Ghostrider OG.

Alpha-Thujene GREEN

Is a naturally occurring mono terpene found in many essentioan oils such as Frankincense and Eucalyptos and some cannabis strains. It has a pungent green herbal woody smell. Properties Insecticide Possibly anti-inflammatory[2] anti-arthritic Antimicrobia Strains that frequently display high levels are Zour Applers.

Beta Elemene

CITRUS It is most commonly found in Valencia Oranges. It is citrusy, sweet aromas. Is like Oranges, Grapefruits, Tangerine.

It is also found in celery, mint, and in several other herbs used in traditional medicine.

Is a cousin of Lemonene.

n an erythroleukemic cell line, beta-elemene inhibited telomerase activity, which was enhanced in combination with cyclophosphamide (9). It also demonstrated anti-fibrotic effects, inducing decreases in plasma angiotensin II levels and angiotensin II receptor type 1 expression, reducing collagen formation in a liver fibrosis rat model (10). Beta-elemene also exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, with reduction in LPS-induced nitric oxide production and prostaglandin E2 by rat peritoneal macrophages (11). Strains that are known to produce higher levels are Pillow Factory


December 2019 · Florida Buds Magazine


The parental form of beta-elemene is isolated from ginger and it is said to relieve pain, decrease side effects of chemo and improve quality of life of cancer patients. Some studies have found that it Blocks Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7 through Smad3-Mediated Down-Regulation of Nuclear Transcription Factors. FRESH

Anti-inflammatory Insectifugal Bronchodilator Promotes cognitive function and helps alertness.

Strains such as Pootie Tang, Clementine.

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December 2019 ¡ Florida Buds Magazine

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Florida Buds Magazine - December 2019 Edition  

Latest Medical Cannabis Reviews, Updates, Business Spotlight, recipes and patient anecdotes.

Florida Buds Magazine - December 2019 Edition  

Latest Medical Cannabis Reviews, Updates, Business Spotlight, recipes and patient anecdotes.