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Ruff Riders have the perfect tops to wear out.


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Mikey Ajazi, Model for Ruff Riders Photography by Dennis Dean



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ou may recognize Sharron Cooks from your TV set. The longtime LGBT activist and advocate was featured a few times during last week’s telecast of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. We had the opportunity to ask Cooks, the founder and CEO of Making Our Lives Easier LLC, a few questions. As the only trans woman of color delegate at this year’s DNC, Cooks has something to say - and we are ready to listen. How did you become a delegate at this year’s DNC? Sharron Cooks: There were two ways to become a delegate for the DNC, by being elected or by being appointed. I was chosen to be a delegate to this year’s DNC. The Democratic Party strives for diversity and inclusion. The Pennsylvania Democratic LGBT leadership particularly in Philadelphia felt having an openly Trans identified African American woman would provide the Democratic Party with insights that would help provide Trans visibility and a better understanding of the needs of the transgender community in order to establish a political platform that is progressive and inclusive of all LGBTQ people. I read in a G Philly interview you are the only trans woman of color that is a delegate. How does that make you feel? Yes, I am the only African American Trans woman that is a delegate and I feel that, I have been given an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to issues related to both Trans women and African Americans. I would like to see more African American Trans women involved in politics and the legislative process. So, it is my hope that by having the opportunity to participate in the DNC that will open the doors for other African American Trans women to be involved in the legislative political process. Where does your individual pride come from? My individual pride comes from my family, being of service to others, and giving a voice to underrepresented communities - especially Trans women of color. What issues matter to you this election? The issues that matter to me the most in this election are, state and federal employment and housing non discrimination legislation as well as public accommo-


dations legislation that protects the transgender community. It is my firm belief that these issues are essential to the well being of the Trans community. It is important that people in the Trans community be able to have a place to live, work and be able to have access to public spaces just like all other Americans in this country. What were some of the obstacles you experienced during your transition? The reason I am so passionate about advocating for Trans rights is because, I have experienced job discrimination. At a point in my life, I did not have a place to call home. I too know what it’s like to be stereotyped, stigmatized and misunderstood. I know what it’s like to need quality medical care. I know what it’s like to engage in high risk activities to survive. So I’ve experienced many obstacles during my transition. I would also like to say that when I began my transition in my teen age years there were not social services organizations and resources available to Trans people at that time like there are today. There have been tremendous advances for the Trans community since then and I am so grateful that but more needs to be done so that we have the same opportunities as non Trans identified people. Was there any advice or insight that helped you when times were challenging? Most of the advice and insights that helped me through challenging times were other Trans women. Because our experiences were very similar it helped to have a safe space to discuss those similar challenges. There is a sense of solidarity in knowing, I’m not the only Trans woman experiencing challenges navigating in a society that shuns Trans people. Some advice was good, some not so good but I look at it all as a positive because it made me the strong advocate and activist I am today. Why are you voting for Hillary? I am voting for Hillary Clinton for president because, as a woman, she will bring a unique perspective to an institution that has been male dominated since 1789. She is an advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, workers rights and most importantly, Hillary Clinton is an experienced politician that challenges the notions of a woman’s role is American society. When she was The First Lady of The United States, she took on an active role in political and social justice issues, so I’m excited to see her push even further the progress we have made as a nation for all Americans. If elected, how do you think Trump will effect the LGBT community? Trump has chosen Mike Pence as a running mate. Mike Pence is an anti- LGBTQ extremists and if Trump is elected, the rights and freedoms of


LGBTQ people have accomplished will be diminished. So, from my point of view, Donald Trump elected will destroy all of the progress made for the LGBTQ community. There is an epidemic of violence against trans women of color. How do you personally deal with this and what do you think needs to happen for there to be a change? Personally, I cry. It saddens me to know members of my community particularly - Trans women of color- are brutally killed regularly and no one seems to care. It frustrates me when I see the LGB community rallying for justice for gay men and women but not for Trans women of color. It bothers me that people think the lives of Trans women are not valued which is shown by the lack of action taken by members of the LGB community. Stories of violence against Trans women of color are almost always sensationalized for entertainment purposes and those stories re-victimize the victim; such as misgendering the Trans woman, or the Trans woman deceived a guy and the list can go on, these narratives are damaging and further contribution to the stereotypes and misconceptions of Trans women of color. It upsets me to know that, there will be no charity events, no marches, no protests, and no solidarity for murdered Trans women of color. I always think, that could be me, I’m a Trans woman of color, I could be murdered and yes of course my family and friends would care but the LGB community? I know they wouldn’t, why because history has shown us that they do not. People need to understand that Trans women of color are people that have feelings too. I believe, if there were more Trans women of color in leadership that would help change the way the LGB community handles violence against Trans women of color. If Trans women of color were given opportunities such as educational, life skills and training programs were developed by organizations to address our specific needs, violence against Trans women of color could be greatly reduced. What is next for you? What’s next for me? Well currently being in a Community Relations role, I’m working with the Educational Justice Charter School which is an all inclusive initiative to help establish a safe, accepting space with interdisciplinary educational curriculum that will assist in developing young people into the leaders of the future that have a passion for social justice, community service and academia. N -- Alexander Kacala

For more information on Cooks and her organization, visit



Six Steps To Keeping Your Summer Sex Appeal Alive All Year


et’s face it, you put in extra workouts and skipped the extra dessert for months to earn your “summer swimsuit body” and you deserve to own it all year long! Unfortunately, year after year, so many of us say goodbye to our seasonal healthy habits and the lean physique, impeccable skin and boundless energy that came with them. At our offices, we’ve found that many people get discouraged because, consciously or unconsciously, they think of health and weight loss as a seasonal thing: a New Year’s ritual and a spring tradition. A better solution is to make your summer body part of your lifestyle—not a seasonal goal. This isn’t about being a certain clothing size or weight; it’s about maintaining optimum health for twelve months of the year. Here are some key tips for staying healthy year round.

1. Eat Right All Year Long When you talk to a doctor about health and weight loss goals, the first thing that comes up will probably be your diet. We all know what eating right means, however, most of us don’t eat right consistently. I recommend the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruit, vegetables, and whole grains but also allows “splashes” of healthy fats like those found in olive oil. It is easy to follow year round.


WHAT’S 2. Keep Moving! Exercise Regularly Our bodies were designed to move, so regular, moderate exercise is a must. Many people say they don’t have time for exercise and that they find it difficult or boring. This is why it’s so important to find exercises that work for you all year long. If you only have 10-20 minutes per day, try an app like FitStar that works on phones and tablets. It provides customized workouts that adapt to your fitness level and include easy to follow demonstration videos.

3. Drink (in Moderation) Of course, the best thing you can drink to maintain a healthy body is water. Many studies have been done on how much water you should drink daily, but the answer varies depending on many factors. While a glass of red wine is beneficial to your health, overindulging in alcohol is not wise! Whenever possible, drink in moderation, and always drink plenty of water when consuming alcoholic beverages.

4. See Your Doctor Sometimes, weight loss doesn’t seem to happen no matter what we eat or how much we exercise. In these cases, factors like genetics, thyroid, or hormones may be to blame. For instance, if you’re a man with low testosterone, your hormone levels could be keeping you from peak physical performance. Women can have similar issues because of the imbalance of estrogen and other hormones. Seek out a Doctor who has expertise in bio-

identical hormone replacement therapies who can test your levels and administer the appropriate protocol.

5. Take Care of Your Skin Skin is our largest organ, and every day it is exposed to harsh conditions and environmental pollutions. Take care of it by always wearing the appropriate sun protection and skin care products, especially on your face. Speak to an anti-aging Doctor about options for stubborn wrinkles, sunspots, and sagging skin.

6. Buddy Up and Be Accountable For most, the five simple tips above are no surprise. Each year, however, so many of us find ourselves getting lax as winters rolls around. One surefire way to stay accountable (and in shape) all year round: find a friend you can be accountable to. Commit to following this simple plan all year long and have regular check-ins to keep each other on tract.

If you would like to speak with me about how Genesis Health Institute can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals, contact our office at 954-561-3175 or visit our web site at N –Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera




Sparked from a desire to tell gay stories devoid of mainstream cliché, it has become one of the most popular LGBT series of all time, and now EastSiders is back for more. BY PATRICK ROSENQUIST






hat began as a nine-episode batch of a gay web series is now available, on Netflix, in 10 different languages, with its third season currently in the works. Kit Williamson is thinking that focusing on the relationship of Thom and Cal—the couple at the heart of the show EastSiders—will be the best choice for the series, and being creator and star of one of the biggest LGBT shows in memory, can you really doubt his judgment? “I look to the organically diverse series Shonda Rhimes puts out as inspiration,” says Williamson, who was also a featured player on Mad Men in its final two seasons. So how did a web series about gay life in Silver Lake become a hit? Constance Wu, who stars on the series and is now known for her work as the family matriarch on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, has a theory. “Kit has great material,” she says. “You trust his writing.” Since its debut nearly four years ago, EastSiders has not only become a sensation among gay viewers but has attracted a much wider audience. The series focuses, mainly, on the shaky relationship of Thom and Cal—a couple ruptured when a third party—Jeremy, portrayed by Matthew McKelligon—becomes a mainstay in their coupling. We follow the two men, along with their friends and family, as they make sense of their lives. Think of it as a gay take on Girls; it’s filled with self-destructive and unhappy characters working through their problems as best as they can, and there’s no guarantee they’ll better themselves or grow through the process. “I’m attracted to self-destructive characters because I don’t think you see a lot of gay men afforded that nuance,” says Williamson, who, along with creating the series, plays Cal. “I think it’s important you see something other than a ‘coming out’ story, or a gay character overcoming hardship. I don’t think that reflects a lot of our experiences.” It’s important to Williamson that the show remain outside the purview of traditional TV funding. He sees EastSiders as part of a wave of shows born from the internet that better reflect the gay experience than mainstream series. The inde-

pendence offered from non-traditional programming—which is less concerned with ratings and more focused on regaling an audience with a tale—has allowed the show to bloom and become the hit it is today. Williamson is also a fan of other gay web series, remarking, “If you can name a gay web show, I probably watch it. I think it’s important that we support each other.” EastSiders was initially filmed while Williamson was still a student at UCLA. “I called upon all my friends and acquaintances to make this show happen. I begged, borrowed and worked out everything so I could film those first two episodes,” he says. The core cast was culled from Williamson’s friends. Stephen Guarino—who plays Quincy, a party promoter, in the series—met Williamson through Kit’s husband, John Halbach, who also stars in the series. “They were working a moving van job in New York, and they clicked,” says Williamson of how the two originally connected. Wu, who plays perennial partier and lost soul Kathy on EastSiders, met Williamson in an acting class. “It’s funny,” she says, “I met most of my friends through that particular acting class, or through my sister, who works at the RAND Corporation. So my friends are all actors or scientists.” Even though Wu has since made a career out of comedic roles, her turn as Kathy in EastSiders was her very first playing a funny character. “I knew her personally, and I knew she was really funny, but I don’t know if she thought she could do it,” says Williamson. Wu herself says tackling the high-energy Kathy was both rewarding and a little terrifying. “You learn a lot in school about how to be funny—hitting beats, getting the timing correct, emphasizing punchlines. It takes some experience to learn that this doesn’t make a person funny—and I probably didn’t realize I didn’t have to rely on these things to be good. It’s about trust and good writing, which Kit supplies, of course,” she says. EastSiders was the first project Williamson wrote and directed. While he was new to the title of “creator,” he figured he knew how to put together a project based on the experiences he’d gathered from previous sets.




“I learned a lot about how to shoot something because I saw how not to do it,” says Williamson. The first two episodes of EastSiders were eventually accompanied by an additional seven, each running from 10 to 20 minutes. While the project was initially funded by Williamson himself, the rest of the season was completed with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. Season 2, which began airing in 2015, was financed through the same means; fans were eager to see a second batch of episodes, raising over $150,000. As a result, the series expanded its universe. Season 2 focused on the families and friends of Thom and Cal, and the show was able to land locations previously unavailable to a smaller production. “I think in the second season we actually got a permit to film in Echo Park. That was pretty exciting!” says Williamson. The show added well-known drag queen and songstress Willam Belli, who played Guarino’s love interest, while Brianna Brown fleshed out Cal’s family by playing perennially lost sister Hillary. Traci Lords plays Hillary’s and Cal’s mother, Valerie, and all three share a love of hard liquor and bad decisions. Since the series debuted in late 2012, each actor—most of whom were at the beginning of their careers when the show began—have become stars in their own right. Unique among any gay series, the leads of EastSiders have launched into decidedly different (and very successful) trajectories. Wu joined the cast of Fresh Off the Boat, currently one of TV’s most acclaimed sitcoms, while Williamson joined Mad Men as Ed Gifford, the bespectacled copywriter always seeking approval from Peggy Olsen. Williamson is also working on an independent film, starring B.D. Wong and George Takei, about the true story of an HIV-positive man who goes off his medication because he can’t afford the cost. “I got nearly a quarter-million in funding for this project, which, I think, is more than we spent on two seasons of EastSiders,” says Williamson. The rest of his cast has also experienced bumps in their careers. Guarino will soon star in the upcoming Showtime series I’m Dying Up Here as an eager L.A.-based comedian working through

the world of stand-up. Van Hansis, who plicated history of gay men and women in plays Thom, was nominated for a Day- the same area—one that is now subjected time Emmy three times for his work on As to rising housing costs and is extremely the World Turns, and this year snagged a attractive to new transplants—is new to fourth nomination for his work on EastSid- the medium, and a topic well worth exers. ( The series itself was also nominated, ploring. Still, the approach and subject for Outstanding Daytime Digital Drama experience pushback. Series.) Interestingly enough, Hansis is “One of the criticisms I get when people one of the few people involved with the tell me they aren’t fans of the show is that project who wasn’t previously one of Wil- these people are trainwrecks,” says Wu. liamson’s friends. “But I also think, they’re allowed to be who “I think they had casted nearly everyone they are! You don’t get to see a lot of gay except Thom,” says Hansis, “and Kit asked characters work through their problems.” a friend if he had anyone right for this part. Williamson thinks that we may expect My name came up, and we met for coffee. too much from the characters on the show. We clicked, and I got the part.” “They’re not supposed to be role models at all,” he says. “They Given its subject matter and means of live their lives, make distribution, it’s easy mistakes and more. I to say EastSiders is an ONE OF THE CRITI- try not to sit in judgunlikely incubator ment of these characCISMS I GET WHEN PEO- ters.” of talent, or that the Going forward, Wilshow is exactly the PLE TELL ME THEY AREN’T liamson kind of production is pleased the FANS OF THE SHOW IS show is reaching a that allows actors to audience, but show off their skills. THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE wider “I never thought of he’s adamant that any myself as a comedic TRAINWRECKS....BUT I creative decisions reactress,” says Wu, what he thinks ALSO THINK, THEY’RE AL- flect works for the series “but look where I am now.” LOWED TO BE WHO THEY and its characters. “I EastSiders a l s o don’t want anyone ARE! YOU DON’T GET TO telling me what they sets itself apart with its approach to gay SEE A LOT OF GAY CHAR- think should happen. I want to stay true to characters, usually ACTERS WORK THROUGH the roots of the show,” given small roles in mainstream produche says. The third seaTHEIR PROBLEMS. tions. The clichés are son, which he is cureasy to spot—a gay rently penning, is goman is either flimsy ing to reflect the more and funny or tragic intimate nature of the and self-destructive. But this series allows first season. “I want to go back to the original focus its characters—both gay and straight—to work through their problems and come to on Cal and Thom, because I think there’s terms with their self-destructive behavior. a lot to explore there,” says Williamson. The leads drink too much, too often, and “We expanded the show in its second seaoften feel unmoored from society. son—which was great, and we featured This might be the show’s legacy. We’ve a lot of amazing actors—but I think the become used to sophisticated L.A.-based core of the series is those two men.” He’s dramedies about men and women work- still trying to find funding for the next ing through their issues and not always part of the series, and it will most likely succeeding. You’re the Worst, Casual and reflect the last season—released via LGBT Togetherness each explore the experiences cable network Logo as six half-hour epiof straight men and women as they make sodes—at least in format. “I loved opening up this world. It gave a name for themselves on the east side of Los Angeles. Exploring the deep and com- us a lot of opportunities I didn’t think we’d


The cast of Eastsiders, from left: Matthew McKelligon, Constance Wu, John Halbach, Van Hansis, Kit Williamson, Stephen Guarino, Willam Belli (Photo: Alex Dean)

ever have,” says Williamson. “And most of your favorite characters will return for the third season. I think.” According to Williamson, at least four episodes have been written, out of a planned 10. “It begins with a road trip with Cal and Thom, which I think will be great,” he says. While Wu isn’t sure where the series will go—though she admits she’d follow it anywhere—she pitched an idea to Williamson about her character’s future. At the end of Season 2, Kathy, an actress, is working a non-union job as a member of Cats. “Wouldn’t it be great if Cal and Thom try to see one of her performances while on the road, and it turns out she’s not a cast member?” Wu says. “That she’s been lying the whole time?” She also links this story development to Kit, mentioning, “I think he put me in Cats because I hate that show, and also, I hate cats.” As for the future of the series’ newer additions, Guarino is hoping Season 3 affords


his character, Quincy, some much-needed growing up. “I think Quincy’s going to get more serious about [Belli’s character] Douglas as the series goes on, but that’s up to Kit,” he says. “Quincy’s getting to an age where he feels like he should get more serious about life. I think a lot of men go through that stage, sooner or later.” Like everyone taking part in the show, returning to EastSiders means a lot to Guarino. “I really hope it expands its audience now that you can stream it. It’s a low-budget project, but we all enjoy taking part. I think it’s a great match for Netflix,” he says. While the series continues to move forward, its cast members are more than eager to flesh out the next batch of episodes. While Guarino isn’t sure where his character will go, Hansis is hoping Thom figures out his life. Williamson thinks there’s still a great spark between Cal and Thom, though who can say where it will lead? “I want to see where they end up,” says Williamson. “Who knows?” N

















Ways To Create A Strong Sexy Back! BY TOM BONANTI 32



ecause your back consists of such a large series of muscle groups, there is no single exercise that hits the entire region effectively. It’s made up of many interconnecting muscles – including, but not limited to the upper and lower latissimus dorsi (lats), trapezius (traps), rhomboids and spinal erectors. These are also powerful and highly functional muscles that need to be strong and flexible. Your approach to training back should reflect the need for a variety of different movements and exercises. Here are five essentials for back that are sure to improve strength, develop size, and insure that V- shape symmetry so prized by so many! Work back twice a week using this routine. For optimal results, go for 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions for each exercise. Always be mindful of proper form. Wide grip lat pull downs are the best way to begin your back workout. These can be performed at the Smith machine or any cable device in your gym. Sit on the bench facing the machine and wedge your knees under the restraining pad provided if they are provided. Take a very wide, overhand grip on the bar above your head. Inhale and pull the bar down to your upper chest, slightly arching your back and bring your elbows back. Exhale as you complete the movement. This exercise is excellent for adding thickness and width to the upper and middle back. A special note: I prefer to do lat pull downs to the front and never behind the neck and head, since the latter movement puts undue stress on your rotator cuff muscles. Seated rows are superb for both building and stretching your lats. Sit on the floor or long bench close to the floor facing the machine. Place your feet against the foot stops and lean toward the pulley. Inhale and pull the handle until it touches your lower rib cage. Never arch or round your back as you do these rows with heavy weights. As you pull the handle toward your torso be sure your elbows travel as far back as possible. Exhale as you complete the movement. One arm dumbbell rows help you to isolate and sculpt each side of your back. Grasp a dumbbell with your palm facing inward. Rest the opposite hand and knee on a bench. Keep

your back straight as you bend forward from the waist. Steady your upper body in position, inhale and pull the dumbbell as high as possible, keeping your elbow up and back. Exhale as you complete the movement. Barbell deadlifts are great for back development and perfect for those times when you wish to work a little hamstrings, quads and glutes into your routine. Simply stand, feet apart, knees unlocked in front of the barbell. Sort of “square” your body off into a solid fighting stance. Bend from the waist, knees bent as well and bring the barbell up to your waist as you exhale. Inhale on the downward motion. Dumbbell shrugs are superior for developing superlative upper traps and a strong neck. Grasp two heavy dumbbells of like weight tightly in each hand and shrug your shoulders ( no bending the arms) to your ears as if to motion, “ I could care less!” Exhale as you shrug upward, inhale on the way back down.

Tom Bonanti is a licensed massage therapist (MA#40288) and fitness trainer with his own one on one gym ( at 1271 NE 9th Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33304. Contact with questions or call Tom (954) 557-1119 to schedule a free consultation today! N









Miss Florida F.I. Pageant 2016 Deauville Beach Resort August 08


FRIDAY AUGUST 05 BLINK 182 CONCERT. Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre 601 Sansbury Way West Palm Beach, FL 33411; 561795-8883, The eclectic trio has come a long way from the jawdropping videos that accompanied their many hits early on. After putting an end to a lengthy hiatus, fans are again treated to regular Blink-182 with new music and an always entertaining show.

BUBBLE GUM FRIDAYS. The Manor Complex 2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-626-0082, Featuring Rupaul’s Drag Race runner-up Kim Chi performance and a meet and greet for the first 100 people in line at 11 pm. LATIN NIGHT. Wolf Bar 2203 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-306-2510, Latina noche with dj Nina and MC Natasha

with, $3. Cuba libre and $3. Coronas. The party get’s started at 10 pm. GOING FOR THE GOLD. Boardwalk Bar 1721 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33311; 954463-6969, boardwalkbar. com. Dj Zepka, direct from Rio Brazil spins the beats starting at 9:00 pm. Watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on 12 TV’s and large screen projection starting at 8:00 pm.

SATURDAY AUGUST 06 D R AG YO U R S E L F TO BRUNCH. Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954565-2526, alibiwiltonmanors. com. It is a weekend brunch special with your local entertainers that know how to give a show, like wig maker extraordinaire Carmen Adore. Enjoy the fantastic shows at 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. DJ PAUL DE LEON. The Manor Complex 2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954626-0082, themanorcomplex.

com. Featuring superstar, Dj Paul De Leon spinning the beats from 11 pm to close. Appearing Chasity Ross Boen, Miss Florida F.I. 2015 and Jocelyn Summers, former Miss Florida at Large on stage. $3. Well drinks from 11 pm to midnight. RESERECTION A SECOND COMING. Club Fort Lauderdale 110 SW Fifth Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33311; 954-5253344, A blackout naked play space event. Enjoy the company of others in this Fort Lauderdale American

sauna where the lights are out and you never know who you can’t see. Starting at 10:00 pm. PIG DANCE #96. Ramrod Bar. 1508 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304; 954763-8219, Pig Dance #96 with special guest dj Alex Ramos, so put on your leather and come on down. Then dance the night away with hot sweaty men. We're sure it will bring out the pig in you.

SUNDAY AUGUST 07 ROSIE’S FABULOUS SUNDAY BRUNCH. Rosie’s Bar and Grill 2449 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-563-0123, Enjoy their Sunday brunch starting at 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Featuring great drink prices, bloody mary’s, mimosa’s and fabulous food. Always busy so get there early.


SUNDAY T-DANCE. Scandals Saloon 3073 NE 6th Ave Oakland Park FL 33334; 954567-2432, Their T-Dance is from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and it’s packed to the rafters. Karaoke starts at 9:00 pm so sing-along or join in.

CLASSIC 54 T-DANCE. Hunters Nightclub 2232 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-6303556, Dj Richie Rich spins the beats with low “T” at 7 pm and high “T” from 9 pm to 2 am. One of Fort Lauderdale's hottest nightclubs.


MONDAY AUGUST 08 MISS FLORIDA F.I. PAGEANT. Deauville Beach Resort 6701 Collins Ave Miami Beach FL 33305; 305-7795360, The social event of the season returns for its 44th anniversary female impersonator pageant 2016 crowning. Featuring Jasmine Bonet, Bobbie Lake, Nikki Adams and special guest Hot Chocolate. Tickets

on sale at Pageant starts at 8 pm sharp. MUSICAL MONDAYS. Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-565-2526, Join celebrity impersonator Michael l Walter as Dame Edna for laughter and live show tunes in the all-new Man-

chester Room starting at 8:00 pm until 10:30 pm. N.E.R.D. GYM Sportsbar 2287 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-3685318, Plug in and hangout for nocturnal electronic recreational devices. As you play and throw a few back with friends. $2 Rolling Rock and $5 Tito’s vodka.

TUESDAY AUGUST 09 INDUSTRY NIGHT. Progress Bar Wilton Manors 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-5334916, progressbarsouthflorida. com. This fun and trendy bar is paying respect to the hard workers of our community with 50 percent off all drinks for those of you who are in the biz. For everyone else enjoy 2-4-1 drinks.

GET YOUR GAME ON. Rumors Bar & Grill 2426 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-565-8851, Try your luck, or skill, with poker in the red room from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. While your're there, enjoy some discounted beverages from 9:00 pm to close: $2 domestic, $2.50 imports and $5 Absolut.

BEEFCAKE’S GRILL. 1721 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33311; 954-463-6969, 69-cent Jumbo Chicken Wings all night long along with Hot Days of Summer frozen drink specials. House specialty, cool and refreshing frozen lemonade just $8, all others $10.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 10 KARAOKE NIGHT. Wolf Bar 2203 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-306-2510, Come howl like a wolf with new karaoke host Freddy from 9:00 pm to close. $3. Draft beers and fireball shots, never a cover.

33305; 954-533-4916, Gets a nothing put sweet lips all night long with Amanda Austin and her special guest entertainers. She likes to include the audience too with their own lip-sync contest at 11:30 pm.

LIP SERVICE WEDNESDAY. Progress Bar Wilton Manors 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL

NEW MEAT CONTEST. Boardwalk Bar 1721 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33311; 954-463-

6969, Contestants compete for cash and prizes as the audience selects the next Mr. Boardwalk of the week winner. Hosted by drag legend Daisy Deadpetals. Special drink prices all night long and 75 cent drinks from 9 pm to midnight.

THURSDAY AUGUST 11 THE KING AND I: A SUMMER THEATER. Broward Center for the Performing Arts 201 SW Fifth Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33312; 954-462-0222, browardcenter. org. Experience the roles of the prim and proper English widow, the headstrong King of Siam and his unruly flock of children. It's a Rodgers and Hammerstein classic that you won’t want to miss. Show time 6:00 pm.


ALL NUDE THURSDAYS. Floppy Roosters 7020 NW 72nd Ave Miami FL 33166; 786-766-0778, floppyrooster. com. Experience the company of men in an all-nude male strip club. All night happy hour drink prices of 2 for 1 domestic beers and well cocktails with discounted private rooms for your pleasure.

LIT THURSDAYS! Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL 33305; 954-565-2526, This night belongs to none other than $5 long Island Ice Teas. There’s no better place to start your pre-game for the weekend. The music is great, the crowd is chilled and the drink jogs are huge.







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