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MARCH 2020

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Statement Since its founding, Florence Contemporary Gallery has been a platform for established and emerging artists carefully selected, where through our initiatives we have built, and we continue to increase our community of artists, curators, collectors and institution from all over the world. I would like to thank all the artists who applied and who gave us so many varying artworks to consider, our staff selected 85 artist from 5 continets, giving them international exposure and recognition. As with any art form, especially with visual art, there are many ways as an artist can make a piece of work come to life, in this edition we explore a few of these different art forms, and hope you admire the various techniques used, even through this catalog pages, art in its conglomerate of form has the power to stop us in our tracks, flood our minds with different emotions and isnpire us to achieve the impossible, so , savour it with us, soak it all up, and feel the emotion portrayed in the selected artworks.

Michele Morelli, Curator FCG


Ilgonis Rinkis


Noise Production


Magdalena Sobolska


Kian Ming Tan


Ambra Scali



Olga Danelone


Misty Lynn Garner Ayse U Akarca

Sara Camporesi


Maija Vanhatapio


Deborah W. Perlman


Emiliano Aiello


Rachel Norman


Ryo Kajitani


Lorenzo Di Marino


Stefano Epis


Paul Anagnostopoulos


Diego Rey


Nicolas Crocetti


Evgenia Huber


Rossella Damiani


Ziquan Wang


Lyubimova Ann



Oscar Brum


Martina Ceravolo Feng Jiang

Mara Lupatin


Michael Gatzke


Ninoslav Kovacevic



Stefy K.


Whitney Sanford Evan Lawrence

Amani Newell


Sofia Grigorieva


Jonathan Walland


Jeremy Philip Knowles


Diana Coatu


Elina Virdziniece


Unn Holvik Stenersen



Daniel Castonguay


Tania Marino Tomislav Zovko





Mara Zoltners


Theresa Wilshusen


Tommaso Lanati Goliszewski



Svetlana Saveljeva


Timka Szoke


Luana Stebule


Soberon Koen


Daria Setevinets


Emanuela Cruccu


Flavia Fanara


Lorenzo Terragin


Gabriela Ochalik


Rui Freitas Ferreira


Nina Urlichs


Esther Son


Ambra Zeffiro


Nathalie De Corte


Aiin Onalbek


Yulia Volyntseva


Marciana Biasiello


Tatiana Karkach


Arnab Barua


Alessandra Triuzzi


Rigel Herrera


Elena Satsuta


Stefano Bonilauri


Muzna Malik


Alaric Hobbs


Aissa MarĂ­a Santiso Camiade


Ishrath Humairah


Lea Hope Bonzer


Anna Mikheeva


Gulia Simula


Leung Hei Yiu


Veera Tiilikainen


Maryam Ahmed


Zion Flex


Stefano Festa


Clara Bolle


Marina Lattuca

Ilgonis Rinkis Ilgonis Rinkis born in Latvia. Every painting for Ilgonis is a moment, a chance to survive a miracle... 1989-1993 Education in Studio the Academy of Fine Arts, Riga, Latvia. Focus on painting, drawing, composition. In 1993, He studied at the Ralph Janson`s Painting Studio. Then 1 year painting in Bruno Celmins’s Painting Studio, during the years Ilgonis participated in some paintings exhibitions in Latvia.

Email: instagram: ilgonis_rinkis +37126824974

Lady in cafe Oil on Canvas 80x100 cm 2019

6 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Flying butterflies Oil on Canvas 40x50 cm 2018

Suburban night Mixed on rubber 40x60 cm 2019

Reflection Oil on Canvas 80x100 cm 2019 Florence Contemporary Gallery | 7

Magdalena Sobolska Email: Instagram: magdalenasobolska

from brackish heart [mixtape] Paper collage A4 2020

8 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Ambra Scali Email: Instagram: Ambrascaliart

Ossessivi compulsivi Digital art 40x40 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 9

Olga Danelone Olga Danelone explores the theme of awareness in the 90s, turning her interest to oriental philosophies, continues with western philosophy together with scientific and technological themes. Through a constant study of international essays and readings, he comes to the concept of displacement, flow; movements composed of matter and energy Communication is understood by Danelone as chemical language, as a sensor of the community extended to the exponential development of humanity on the planet (today more than 7,000,000,000), as the analysis of the status of insect communities in particular ants, bees and termites, and termites with their apparently inexplicable movements, but which are linked to the process of trophallaxis. The reciprocal exchange of nourishment (basis of the bio-chemical component of communication), which involves social dynamics. The motor impulse “multiplied over time by the totality of the universe”, the transit idea that underlies the founding concept of life is a starting point of the biological concept of the human aggregate in a territorial visualization, intended as the expression of a condition contemporary urban. This produces the “maps”, unmistakable visual elaboration of Olga Danelone. And with the maps, the absolutely contemporary symbols of an idea of unstoppable “transit”, such as highways, interchanges, roundabouts and confluences, escalators, - human parallel of insect trophallaxis - which produces a common purpose and desires, group understanding, social cohesion.

In the constant artistic research, new appendages are added, new roles, in which Danelone identifies herself, as that of the Publisher, with copyright, or that of the architect for the need, in both cases, to validate, authenticate your road project, the work produced, by placing a brand on it. Thus was born the stamp “Olga Danelone - International Street View”. Or, last corollary of the path, “PacMan, Trophallaxis World” this little creature with head and big eyes, comparable to electronic games also available in casinos and therefore a harbinger of hopes and desires, as well as pre-established fate-paths, which goes around through the ways of the world, and in which our human dimension is identified in the technological era. Olga Danelone was born in Italy in 1964. She performs advertising, artistic and multimedia studies in Udine and Urbino: Advertising Technique, poster designer, two years from 1979 to 1981 Udine; Chalcography course - Raffaello Academy in Urbino in 1991. Giovanni da Udine School of Art, 4 years, from 1984 to 1989 in Udine; a year of Graphic Computer at the Youth Center of Udine 1991; course of Video Techniques with the Cinematographic Expression Cinema of Udine in 1994. Next to her work as a painter, at first she carried out an analysis on Eastern philosophy and, afterwards, along with scientific themes, on Western philosophy. Philosophy and science are still part of her personal and artistic research. Olga Danelone, began her exhibition activity in 1986, her works can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Email: Instagram: olgadanelone Facebook: olga.danelone / olgadanelonepage +39 348 7902941

10 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Trophallaxis World Pac-Man Ttempera on Canson paper 40x52 cm 2020

Trophallaxis World Pac-Man Ttempera on Canson paper 100x110 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 11

Trophallaxis World Pac-Man Ttempera on Canson paper 52x52 cm 2020

12 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Trophallaxis World Pac-Man Ttempera on Canson paper 52x52 cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 13

Sara Camporesi Email: / Instagram:

Il momento prima di me Photography 2019

14 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Deborah W. Perlman Email:

Bounty Mixed Media 33x34 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 15

Rachel Norman Rachel Norman is a current second year student at Swansea College of Art. “As an artist, I want the viewer to appreciate my perception of the world so that they themselves review their own perceptions. For me what is important is what the viewer takes away from the piece, rather than what is in front of them. I believe that art is a vehicle through which some of the most difficult topics in today’s society can be discussed. The exploration of a variety of topics allows my work to always be free from constraints and to constantly develop and be relevant. My current focus is how psychological space can be elucidated by a physical object or space.” Email: Instagram: Rachel.Kate.Norman Facebook: Rachel Norman

Untitled paint and fabric on canvas 170x68 cm 2019 16 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Decay I fabric and paint on wooden board 58x41 cm 2020

I don’t know if I’m me fabric and paint on wooden board 31.5 x 31.5 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 17

Lorenzo Di Marino Email: Instagram: lorenzodima87 +39 3420334395

Cross Talk Oil painting 80x80 cm 2019

18 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Paul Anagnostopoulos Email: Instagram: paolopablopaul

This Doesn’t Have To End In Tragedy acrylic and oil on canvas 96x86 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 19

Nicolas Crocetti “I’m a visual artist born in Italy and grown around Europe. All my artworks are based on what surrounds me, i take inspiration from everything that catch my attention, I extrapolate and decontextualize subjects, images, emotions, which I re-proposed again in a new form, in order to generate new poetic visions, create new associations and meaning perspectives, translate psychological and emotional aspects into visual synesthesia through contemporary languages and developments, I invent new worlds from existing components, art allows me to arrange the reality in my own, uncompromised way under my own personal perceptual and visual vision. I feel the need to express myself through the creation of my works to which I associate emotional, aesthetic, communicative, cognitive and therapeutic functions, my artworks strives to illustrate the complexities of the subconscious and to intrigue viewers by letting ambiguity and uncertainty prevail, the images reflect a longing of imagination, intentionally blurring the boundaries between real and unreal subjects, where each element has all own studied meaningfully dynamic concepts” Email: Instagram: nicolas_crocetti

Proletariato Painting 21x30 cm (each one) 2019

20 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Balance Photography 55x70 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 21

Surf the Internet Print 70x100cm 2020

22 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Senza titolo Mixed technique 84x60cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 23

Rossella Damiani Site: Email: Intagram: rosselladmn +39 3456276689

Rebirth Photography 14x21 cm 2019

24 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Lyubimova Ann Email: Instagram: lyubimovaann +79650223527

My Siberia Oil on canvas 70 cm diameter 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 25

Oscar Brum

Oscar Brum is a self-taught artist born in Mexico City in 1992. His work is the product of the mixture of a millenary cultural heritage and his personal experiences around the world. He seeks to create a dialogue between ancient symbolisms and contemporary dogmas exploring the relation between the artwork and the spectator as a reciprocal interaction form. He works simultaneously on various projects using painting, sculpture and photography as his preferred means of expression. Death and its essential role in existence is an important pillar in his artistic research, as he explores the deep cosmovision of prehispanic cultures of Mexico and Latin America. Some of his paintings are intended to be observed using special 3D glasses that enhance the experience and allow the public to literally step into a different visual plane. Being a self-taught artist has pushed Oscar to develop his own understanding of artistic production and experiment with non-traditional methods, incorporating natural elements such as fungi, water, light, temperature, amongst others, and exploiting their effects on his pieces, turning them into vivid interpretations of what he defines as the “Great Universal Mysteries”. He is actively involved in artistic creation and promotion mainly in Mexico and Europe. He is a member of the board of artistic collective group 8 Crew with which he has developed inclusive projects of urban and community-based art using cultural activities as social development detonators. He has participated in various solo and collective exhibitions since 2015 in galleries, libraries, fairs, and alternative spaces. He has received several awards, such as “Best Artist” at the 15th edition of Paratissima Contemporary Art Fair in Turin, Italy, He has a degree on International Business by the Tecnologico de Monterrey and in 2018 concluded a master’s program on Arts Management & Administration by the SDA Bocconi in Milan, where he currently lives and works.

Email: Instagram: oscarbrum Facebook: Oscar Brum Art +52 5543725631 +39 3461314963

Interdimensional Dancers pt. II Damaged photographic paper (Brazil circa 1970), ink & paint. 15x10 cm 26 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Interdimensional Dancers pt. II Damaged photographic paper (Brazil circa 1970), ink & paint. 15x10 cm

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 27

Interdimensional Dancers pt. I Damaged photographic paper (Brazil circa 1970), ink & paint. 15x10 cm

28 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Interdimensional Dancers pt. IV Damaged photographic paper (Brazil circa 1970), ink & paint. 15x10 cm

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 29

Mara Lupatin Email: Instagram: maralupa +39 3292959324

Pois Freschi Photography 60x60 cm 2019

30 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Ninoslav Kovacevic Email: Instagram: ilustracije_ninoslav_kovacevic +387 65 541 413

Nuclear session Linocut 100x70 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 31

Stefy K. Email: +393386378414

Battito d’ali Mixed technique 100x150 cm 2020

32 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Amani Newell Email:

Girl Fighter Digital 20x25 cm 2015

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 33

Jonathan Walland Jonathan use minimalism as a method of enabling clarity. His process eliminates distraction, keeping the viewer focused on the purest elements of photography; form, light, texture and the way these components amalgamate. ‘Structures’ relies on a rigid consistency to deliver his visual statement and document structural form accurately with respect to the architect. Each piece is his visual interpretation, seeking to remove distraction, and push forward a sense of clarity. Each piece is shot as part of a large scale stitch in order to produce a more intimate extion of the structure Email: Instagram: jon_walland

Montcalm Signature Photography 50x50cm 2019 34 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Dollar Bay Photography 50x50cm 2019

Two Forty One Photography 50x50cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 35

Diana Coatu Email:

Garden of Beauty Digital painting 61x53 cm 2020

36 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Unn Holvik Stenersen Email: Instagram: unnholvikstenersen

Madonna Etching print on paper 5x8 cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 37

Daniel Castonguay He is a street photographer based in Montreal, Canada. He started photography in 1979. Living in a great city, he was naturally driven to street photography and depicting the quotidian life in its simplest form. When he started in this field of photography, he worked accordingly to the established standards of the style. At a certain point, he got bored of not being able to illustrate the mood of the “moment”. In order to give a more authentic touch to his work, audacious and challenging the rules, he began to process his imagery to make it a little more mysterious. This had the effect of combining simple moments of life with his state of mind, ending up in a unique “creative street photography” style, hence the name of his series “Quotidian Life”. Instagram : daniel.castonguay.165 Facebook : daniel.castonguay.165 Email :

Les lampadaires Photography (limited edition of 8) 60x90 cm 2019

38 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Mom Photography (limited edition of 8) 60x90 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 39

“Being a street photographer is above all playing a role in the

urban life framework, contribute to its vivacity, its pace and almost belonging to a chaotic scenario. To me, street photography is more than a “picture making business“, it’s being part of a continuous theatrical sketch where I play the role of a silenced character Daniel Castonguay

Antagonistic way Photography (limited edition of 8) 60x90 cm 2019

40 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Terminus Photography (limited edition of 8) 60x90 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 41

Noise Production Email:

Terra Mixed media 1920x1080, 16:9 2019

42 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Kian Ming Tan Email: Instagram: kiantan519

The Exploration of Immigrants: The ancestor Installation, aluminium foil paper 500x250x400 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 43

Misty Lynn Garner As a 27 yr old new upcoming artist in Dallas i am thrilled to share with everyone what art is to me. Its not just a hobby. Its a stress reliever. Its a way to communicate. Its a career. Its a way to mend relationships. A way to connect with an old friend. A way to tell a story. Another way to enhance your own thoughts. To give hope. A way to simply give someone whos lost everything a reason to smile. Since before i can remember i have been decorating,designing,painting and creating anything. From my own toenails growing up to the canvas calling my name on the shelf at Michaels you could say i have come a long way. I have been exploring all the different techniques and possibilities by expressing my creativity with use of acrylic paints, resin, mineral powders, Inks and more. I finally have a full gallery of pieces i plan to fill my own studio in Dallas open to the public by the end of the year at the latest. No more behind closed doors for me. I am honored that my art along the years has been displayed and cherished by everyone in my supportive loving family and all my dearest friends. But its time to start taking all their advice by offering the rest of the wworld a chance to not only admire my work but hopefully even connect with the pieces. I find one of the most amazing things about art is that it doesnt have to have one specific meaning behind each creation and that it never has to have a purpose. A piece of art doesnt always share a purpose. Its purpose is to be beautiful and unique just like each and every person that discovers it! Instagram: 9722666502

Beautiful Disaster Epoxy Resin and Acrylic paint 122x91 cm 2020

44 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Google Earth Resin 91x60 cm 2020

Pyromania Epoxy Resin 121x76 cm 2020 Florence Contemporary Gallery | 45

Ayse U Akarca Email: Instagram: ayseuakarca

Cross Talk Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm 2019

46 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Maija Vanhatapio Email: Instagram: maijavan +358400512500

Dissonance Acrylic on line 46x37 cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 47

Emiliano Aiello He manifestly paint from the two thousand and ten, but it is as if I had been doing it for much longer because, latently, even when he was engaged in my first profession, he felt the need to impress my vision on the most disparate supports (wood, sheath, plexiglas, etc.) of life. He is not inspired by anyone, but he feel close to American abstract expressionism, to German expressionists, to the trans-avant-garde and to many others who have made continuous research their reason for living. Some selections: 2017 Personal show starting January 21st for the duration of one month at the exhibition spaces of FORNACE FALCONE for culture at the Cilento Outlet in Eboli. Artistic Direction of Valerio Falcone and Critical Analysis by Erminia Pellecchia, 2018 Personal “the dream painting” by Massimo Sgroi starting from April 18th for a month at the MAC3 Museum of Contemporary Art in Caserta, 2019 Mexico Radar Prize Finalist. ArtSpace Gallery, Mexico City for a one-month event to be held from November 19th to December 19th 2020 (in progress) Email: Instagram: emilianoaiello2018 Twitter: emilianoaiello +39 3339749707

Conurbation of the mile of gold Mixed on forex 50x36 cm 2015 48 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Suburban night Mixed on rubber 40x60 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 49

I will save you Mixed on wood 124x125 cm 2016

50 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

The hot kiss Mixed on forex 70x100 cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 51

Ryo Kajitani Email:

Garden of prayer Woodcut print 62.5Ă—91.5 cm 2018

52 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Stefano Epis Email: Instagram: stefanoepis

Il piacere in numeri / Less is More Digital, collage 50x50 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 53

Diego Rey Graduated in Arts, National University of La Plata. Master’s Degree in Aesthetics and Theory in Contemporary Art, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​awarded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, MAEC-AECID Scholarship. Master in Cultural Management, Open University of Catalonia. As an artist he has been selected and / or distinguished on several occasions obtaining scholarships and international awards: Accésit 2009, Center d’Art La Rectoria; 2011 Accésit, Cal Gras Art Residence; Artist selected for the 2018 Guash Coranty Foundation paint prize; Artist selected for the X D’Art Ruidebitlles International Biennial Award, 2018. He has made individual exhibitions in different places in both America and Europe: ‘Empty’, Recoleta Cultural Center, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (2003); ‘Stories of a micropolitics III’. Installation in the Vichi Mill, Novilara, Italy (2012); Between - surfaces, Argentine Consulate in Barcelona, Barcelona ​​ (2019), among others. . In Argentina, he has made an important amount of murals and interventions with different groups of artists: Mural “Homage to La Boca”, made by teachers from the National University of La Plata, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (1999); Intervention cycle at Bukowski Bar, Cruzados Group, La Plata City, Argentina (2006-2007). Professor at the National University of La Plata between 1998 and 2012. He has worked in cultural management for the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Government of Argentina in the period 2005-2008. Co-editor of the digital magazine Nomad, art and thought (2012 - Today): Since 2017 he has been part of the selection jury for the international residence of the Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell, Tàrrega. He is currently part of the Ferran Adrià team at elBulliFoundation. Email: Instagram: drey_vacios

Fragment Xylography 70x100 cm 2015 54 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Mountain in empty Xylography 70x100 cm 2015

No title Xylography 170x250 cm 2015 Florence Contemporary Gallery | 55

Evgenia Huber Email: Instagram: xevgeniax

Nowhere Photography 50x33,33 cm 2018

56 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Ziquan Wang Email: Instagram: _ziquanwang

Fake Reality Installation 200x200x200 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 57

Martina Ceravolo Martina Ceravolo is a visual artist and designer graduated from the Albertina Academy of Turin. During the academic period she participates in several collective exhibitions and in 2017 wins the competition “PoloPositivo - Images for Calabria. Competition for young artists - photography and video art“. Her eclectic and experimental works are influenced by transformation processes of photography and from the relationship between human being and nature. She currently lives and works in Turin. Instagram: marty_ceravolo Email:

Fluid Images – Still Pictures? (Series) Mixed Media 21x30 cm 2017

58 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Fluid Images – Still Pictures? (Series) Mixed Media 21x30 cm 2017

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 59

Fluid Images – Still Pictures? (Series) Mixed Media 21x30 cm 2017

60 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Fluid Images – Still Pictures? (Series) Mixed Media 21x30 cm 2017

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 61

Feng Jiang Email: Instagram: jiangfeng_mine

The U.S. (Unwholesome Shelter) Photography 30x36 cm 2019

62 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Michael Gatzke Email:

At an unattainable distance Mixed media on canvas 110 x 150 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 63

Whitney Sanford Whitney Sanford is a San Francisco mixed media artist. Having moved several times throughout her life, coupled with a deep desire to explore the world at large, her work tends to focus on the concepts of home and community. In using watercolor, oil, paper cutout, animation, polaroid and collage, she intends to lend a unique depiction of each individual “experience�. Email: Instagram: whitneylsanford

Yemen Watercolor, pen and ink on paper 25x33 cm 2019 64 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Porto Watercolor, pen and ink on birch 43x43 cm 2019

Moscow Watercolor, pen and ink on birch 50x43 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 65

Evan Lawrence Email: Instagram:

Introvert Photography 40x40 cm 2019

66 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Sofia Grigorieva Email: Instagram: +79315788301

Discobolus Marble 50x30x15 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 67

Jeremy Philip Knowles Recent graduate Jeremy Philip Knowles is a British lens-based artist. He holds a degreein Fine Art Photography from Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts London) and a foundation diploma in Art & Design from Oaklands College of Art. Since 2016 Jeremy has been based in Berlin, where his practice has developed into a playful photographic study of urbanism and the everyday. Jeremy’s images draw patterns and humour from the randomness and repetitive non-events that characterise the mundane within our lives – the overlooked and often unnoticed aspects of our existence that make us human. By bringing greater prominence and visibility to the accidental, the miraculous and the comical, we are challenged by Jeremy’s photo series to reconsider the weight of our daily interactions with things and people, and meditate on what happens when we think nothing is happening. Jeremy exhibits his photographic and installation work regularly between institutions in London and Berlin, and his work has also been included in group shows in China and the USA. In 2018 Jeremy was shortlisted for BLOOOM Award. In 2019 he was shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize in London. Earlier in 2019 Jeremy was selected for IN//BETWEEN #4 - a collaborative residency in Berlin. In 2020 Jeremy will publish the first book edition of his photography with Replika Publishing (Berlin). Email: instagram: jeremyphilipknowles +49 175 9277982

8am Walks (series) Photography 2017-Ongoing

68 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

8am Walks (series) Photography 2017-Ongoing

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 69

“I am a lens-based artist interested in the city and how we, as

inhabitants, activate it. My practice is deeply influenced by Psychogeography and the everyday, and series areoften driven by stories and accounts that explore the human experience by connectingperson to place. Other works have either stemmed from observations made along journeys or are otherwise records of journeys in themselves. Pattern, repetition and coincidence structure my approach to ongoing projects


8am Walks (series) Photography 2017-Ongoing

70 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

8am Walks (series) Photography 2017-Ongoing

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 71

Elina Virdziniece Email: Instagram: elinavirdziniece

Immersion Installation, mixed medium 100x200 cm 2019

72 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Tania Marino Email: Instagram: 339-3838570

Senza Titolo Ink, paper, pins 45x103x8 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 73

Tomislav Zovko Email: +387 63 882 194

Transgressus-10 Mixed media on canvas 80x100 cm 2018

74 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Zion Flex Email: Instagram: zionflexofficial

Fourteen Mixed media 48x68 cm 2017

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 75

Stefano Festa WHO I AM? Eh !!! who I am? Good question! This is a really good question, one of those questions that we ask ourselves a few times and so little time we dedicate to reflect on the true meaning of this simple but so profound question. Who I am? What the heck do I do, do we do, on this planet? Why on earth right here? And then? What is the human being? The cosmos? And our land? What is earth? Why do we populate it? What is the purpose of all this? Well, it is precisely from this apparent trivial “biographical� question that my concept of art develops, the imperceptible vision that takes shape from creation to immerse itself in the search for the self and the truth. I? But I who? And how many of me? I conscience? I body? Me on earth? Me in personality? But who is the one who writes? Where is that I hidden among the little selves? So from a simple question we have come to have many other concepts to which to seek answers; consciousness, reincarnation, spirit, matter and so on ...Art starts from all this to travel an infinite journey between ancient worlds and future visions, between dimensional spaces, emptiness and matter, universes, interstellar clashes and energies. Showing us the unknown beauty opens us to a new vision of the world with the aspiration of an evolution of being in love and harmony to create our paradise here, understanding its majesty. My little ambition lies in the hope that the observer, even for a few moments, will forget the ordinary modern life, full of confusion and agitation, to immerse himself in a larger, wider, invisible space that surrounds us, touches us, touches us and in that empty moment simply exist, be, grasping the vastness of what is but which we still cannot see. Perhaps from this perspective where he sees us all a little smaller we can try to ask ourselves those questions, we can try to listen to the silence while observing it, perceive its sensations and enjoy the beauty of that unique moment. Returning to the principle as you may have guessed, I cannot answer this question but we can continue to search for it, observing this room, what surrounds us, observing life, the true and only irrefutable proof. Email: Instagram: balorditordi 340/5043559

Are you sure you know love Acrylic on canvas 100x100 cm 2019

76 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Piscis Acrylic on canvas 50x50 2019

Winged horse Acrylic on canvas 30x30 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 77

Clara Bolle Email: Instagram: clarabolle

Daphne Acrylic paint on paper 100x70 cm 2019

78 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Marina Lattuca Email: Instagram: marinalattuca_

Close encounters of first kind are always the hardest Black Ink on silk fabric 180x150 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 79

Timka Szoke Timka Szoke is a Hungarian artist. She was born in Budapest - Hungary. She studied in Secondary School of Visual Arts, where she studied sculpture. Then she studied stainedglass design and enamel design in Simultaneous Fine Arts School. She graduated in Metropolitan University’s Art faculty as graphic designer in 2013. Her versatility unfold in illustration, lead glass design and photography. She had always of various surrealistic ideas, tales, legends, mythologies. Her artworks are inspired by the antique art trends, most notably Renaissance, Expressionism, Baroque, Symbolism and Art Noveaou in addition the cartoons and comics. She likes to combine old styles with new trends. Her characters carry a natural, special beauty. She loves to display the facial mimicry that she spices with natural charm in her works. She also likes dreamy childish themes that are both visionary and realistic, facile, more cheerful. Whether it is a fictional fantasy world where anything can happen, we can be anyone and we can go anywhere, because nothing is impossible. She works in pop surrealistic style. The classic, natural beauty characterizes the characters of her artworks. Email: Instagram: sztimka szoke.timi.5

Candy girl Mixed media 58x77 cm 2018 80 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Summer Mixed media 62x80 cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 81

The spirit of the forest Oil and acrylic on canvas 46x55 cm 2019

82 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Towards to Wonderland Oil on canvas 60x80 cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 83

Soberon Koen Email:

Thought bubble Mixed media 20x20 cm 2019

84 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Emanuela Cruccu Email: Instagram: emanuelacruccuart / emanuelacruccu

Green or black? Moss, paper and glue on canvas 80x100cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 85

Lorenzo Terragin Lorenzo Terragin was born in S. Andrea di Cologna Veneta, a small town in the Veronese countryside. From the beginning his studies were purely focused on an artistic desire, he attended, in fact, the “N. Nani� school of art in Verona and subsequently the art school of the same city, graduating from both institutes. His passion for painting is only an appendix to these studies, this is deepened over the years, on a self-taught level, a choice that the artist makes so as not to be influenced by trends or to be channeled into canons that are not his. Nature has always had a strong influence on her pictorial theme, and the artist has drawn on it, both by instinct of mind and for her creative work. There are numerous prizes and awards received over the years. The artist has exhibited in galleries and participated in numerous competitions, both domestic and foreign, always achieving flattering successes from the public and critics. Email: Instagram: 045 8880432 +39 320 118427

TECHNI-CHAOS 2 Mixed technique 80x80 cm 2019 86 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

TECHNI-CHAOS 21 Mixed technique 87x60 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 87

TECHNI-CHAOS 61 Mixed technique 87x60 cm 2019

88 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

TECHNI-CHAOS 20 Mixed technique 80x80 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 89

Rui Freitas Ferreira Email: Instagram: ruifreitasferreira

MatĂŠria Reminiscente Pine, red clay, white clay, plaster 21x122x178 cm 2018

90 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Esther Son Email:

On black Screen print and mixed media on canvas 165x88 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 91

Nathalie De Corte Nathalie hold a Masters Degree in Visual Arts (École Supérieure des Arts de la Ville de Liège, 2017), Liège, Belgium, where she live and from whence she work and paint. In 2019 she was been selected as « London Futures » at The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art, London (GB). Nathalie mainly exhibit in Belgium and abroad, and she is also an art teacher in the secondary school Saint-Luc secondaire in Liège, Belgium. Email: Facebook: https: nathalie.decorte.98 Instagnam: n.decorte +32 (0)496519398

Et campos ubi Troja fuit Ink on folded paper 180x100 cm 2019

92 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Floraisons 63 Ink on folded paper 180x100 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 93

Floraisons 67 Ink on folded paper 180x100 cm 2019

94 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Floraisons 66 Ink on folded paper 180x100 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 95

Yulia Volyntseva Email: Instagram: yulia_svekla

Schwerfälligkeit Acryllic paint on canvas 40x30 cm 2019

96 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Tatiana Karkach Email: Instagram: ribkavnebe / tatckaa +79162902324

Behind the tram window Watercolor 19x13 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 97

Alessandra Triuzzi Born in Italy Alessandra Triuzzi uses her senses to embrace Nature, spending time balancing her awareness surrounded by open spaces. From the seaside, walking on fantastic wind shaped grey rocks, to the mountains, looking at the horizont over soft paradise clouds. Her sense of beauty lies within what she observes from Nature. She studies art and gets closer to her primal imprinting: her mother used to paint when she was a child. Studying art in Italy gives her the privilege to discover all this beauty for real and not only on book pictures. Architecture, sculpture, paintings, the creative skills used to inspire humanity and gracefully reconnect it with Nature. After having studied Visual Design in Milan, she moves to London where she lives for 8 years. She gets into photography and with her old Reflex she captures life into very personal and unexpected impressions. She focuses on black and white first, to use colors later on. Alessandra in England works as a creative graphic designer mainly for the Automotive sector, together with an exceptional and bright team, enjoying using Photoshop and Illustrator. Back to Italy she works as a freelance graphic designer but does not forget her passion for photography, her real artistic side. She then starts producing PhotoGraphic nature portraits, very neat and unusual. Searching for the right composition, she creates very colorful and playful works of art keeping Nature her main muse. She works in Milan, surrounded by art, beauty and nature around Italy. Email: : Instagram: alessandra.triuzzi +39 333 83 33 353

98 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Human Nature Digital Photography 50x63 cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 99

Elena Satsuta Email: Instagram: lenesat

Touch of darkness Paper collage, mixed media 18x19 cm 2017

100 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Muzna Malik Email: Instagram: malik.ishaq.m 004915150864469

Fourteen Wool, Thread and Wire 130x167 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 101

Aissa María Santiso Camiade Multimedia artist born in Havana on 1992, graduated of visual arts from the Universidad de las Artes ISA and Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, both in Havana, Cuba. Her profile includes several disciplines within the visual arts such video art, video installation, software art, new media, photograph and painting. Focus by the exploration of contemporary discussions, her interests are connected with the emergent medias evolved in a field when matter, sensorial art, technology and ecology speak about the contemporary human being. Email: Instagram: aissasantiso Facebook: artAMSC

Histo-grama Interactive Video Installation / Software Art 2015

102 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Black box Video Installation 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 103

“When I pay attention about a tiny phenomenon, experiment

how a technogy nature is connected with urban spaces of daily life Aissa María Santiso Camiade

Scissors Software Art/ Interactive Video Installation 2016

104 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

The big blue eye Video Installation 2014

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 105

Lea Hope Bonzer Lea Hope Bonzer is born and raised in Croatia and for the past 16 years, she lives in the USA where she owns a photography business. She is a self-taught artist. Her passion is creating all kinds of photography art and her favorite is Macro and Rustic / Industrial style where she can bring details to life and create a wonder of untold stories. Through her art, she tries to create tranquility, motivation, and inspiration. Email: Instagram:


Perpet Photography 12x21 cm 2018

106 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Merging Photography 11x17cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 107

Autumn in love Photography 24x36cm 2019

108 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Seldon Photography 24x36cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 109

Gulia Simula Email: Instagram: Blackmuninn +39 3471409577

Bee the end of our world Oil on canvas 55 cm (diameter) 2019

110 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Veera Tiilikainen Email: Instagram: veeraboo +4915901819492

Life’s like a movie Pencil, acrylic paint 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 111

Mara Zoltners Mara Zoltners earned a BS in Art from the University of Wisconsin – Stout, an MFA from the University of Minnesota, and a PhD from the University of Leeds in England. Through her interdisciplinary practice, Zoltners creates work that is sourced from observing daily occurrences within everyday life. Her artistic practice inter-relates daily events with the historical, literary, and the personal (fantasy, desire) to pose alternative relationships of time and space as encountered within the everyday. Zoltners builds hybrid spaces with an emphasis on re-imaging and reshaping space and time. These constructions create holding spaces engaging with the personal, the subjective, and the empathetic. The work may consist of multi-media installations, drawing, sound, digital photography, single channel video and 3Ds (stereoscopic) video. Zoltners work has been screened at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, (England), The Weismann Museum (USA), The Screening Room, Tuscan, AZ, as well as The Walker Art Center (USA), and Factory-Art (Berlin). Mara has exhibited work at The National Gallery of Albania, Dean Clough Gallery (England), Leeds Metropolitan Gallery (England), Fargo Museum of Art (USA), Minneapolis Institute of Art, Artists Space, New York, NY, and The Alternative Museum (USA). In 2018, Mara was awarded the Anšlava Eglaša and Veronika Janelsiaas Foundation Award given to Latvian artists and writers living outside of Latvia who, through their work, have enriched the fabric of contemporary art and literature. Zoltners is a McKnight Foundation Fellow in Visual Art, and a Bush Foundation Artist Fellow. Email: 1+ (315) 542-2557

Tomorrow is a Horizon (Earth as Mars Horizon) Digital video(5:40min) 2019

112 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

In Search of the Road to Nevers Digital video, silent (4:56min) 2013-16

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 113

The Day Before Today, Again Digital s3D video(ongoing series) 2015-2019

114 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

A Place Not Too Far from Forever Digital video, silent (3:24min) 2015-17

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 115

Theresa Wilshusen Theresa Wilshusen is a Kansas City, Missouri native, multidisciplinary artist, residing in Valencia, Spain. She is currently experimenting in various artistic practices including ceramics, resin, wearable textiles, and instant photography. Theresa is currently working on a PhD in Art Production with an emphasis in Art and Gender at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Valencia, Spain. She is also the founder and director of [WILSHUSEN] Fine Arts, providing unique, handmade art via her online platform. Theresa completed a technical degree in Ceramic Decoration at Escola d’Arte La Industrial in Barcelona, Spain (2019), a Master of Contemporary Artistic Creation (Master de Creación Artística Contemporánea) at the University of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain (2016) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri, USA (2008). Email: Instagram: wilshusen.fine.arts / twilshusen90 Facebook: WilshusenFA

The Gender Veil Ceramic installation 300x40x120 cm 2019 116 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 117

Tommaso Lanati Goliszewski Email:

Senza titolo Oli on canvas 30x40 cm 2020

118 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Svetlana Saveljeva Email: Instagram: svetlanasaveljeva.sculpture +37127026409

The Hidden Beauty fibreglass 185x 65x35 cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 119

Luana Stebule

Luana is an artist and a poet, living and creating in England.For many years my art specifically includes stage’s projects, mural paintings together with 22 solos and 37 shared exhibitions in Europe, England and the US. The majority of her current paintings are traditional, oil on canvas. However, her favourite technique is collages, by this technique she create another level of expression, the pictures physical body juxtapose and suffuse in veritably forming jazz of visual performance. She were born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1962. In A. Martinaitis Art School and Academy of Art she have got knowledge about the art techniques, styles and finer points. However, she think an inspiration, intuition and deepest understanding come from infinity, God and immortality. This year by the International Art Market Magazine she was selected to be on the Gold List, as one of the Top Artist of Today Email:

Solitude Oil on canvas 60x90 cm 2019

120 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Yearning Oil on canvas 60x90 cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 121

The World According To Sheba Oil on canvas 60x90 cm 2019

122 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Round The Clock Oil on canvas 60x90 cm 2018

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 123

Daria Setevinets Email: Instagram: dariasetevinets Faceboo: dariasetevinets +7-906-088-18-88

Great Deal! Series, #2 Enamel on particle board 100x150 cm 2019

124 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Flavia Fanara Email: Instagram: flaviafanara_ +393387718757

Come un iceberg charcoal, ink, water color 70x50 cm 2020

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 125

Gabriela Ochalik Email: instagram: och.gabrielaochalik

Anger Collage 20x20 cm 2019

126 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Nina Urlichs Email: Instagram: ninaurl

Talking about you In on paper, collage 124x74 cm 2017

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 127

Ambra Zeffiro Artist, class 77, Roman. She graduated from the Dams of Roma Tre, becoming passionate about the research of Chantal Akermann in a cyberpunk key and writing his thesis on the issue of African American women in Spyke Lee’s films. She works as production secretary for Pappi Corsicato’s film “The seed of discord” and publishes two novels with Edizioni Croce. For two years he attended Bruno Melappioni’s Factory “Altrarte” with which he participated in group shows on Lazio, Abruzzo, Campania and Liguria. Hairdresser qualified at the Fashion Look Academy, Ambra Zeffiro has gone through various and different worlds without neglecting feminist research through militancy in ‘Not one less’ and various photography and videomaking jobs for some social centers in Southern Rome where she resides. She is currently enrolled in the school of comics and illustration “Pencil Art” in Rome. Email: Facebook: Ambra Zeffiro Youtube: Ambra Zeffiro 3397018665

Audre o della riflessione Pencil, acrylic, leaves, stones, wood 90x70 cm 2019

128 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Helen o della pianificazione. Acrylic, oil, paper, wood 70x90 cm 2019

Jacko dell’ azione. Oil and synthetic enamel, paper and wood 80x100 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 129

Aiin Onalbek Email: +7 700 177 1188

Legend of mother Wool (handwork) 91x98cm 2017

130 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Marciana Biasiello Email: Instagram: marcia_biasiello 872 333-0125

Leopard Messiah Acrylic on Board 80x60 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 131

Arnab Barua is an amateur self-taught artist, who born in Chinsurah, India. The love for mountains and trekking grew up tremendously since his childhood days. Currently, He is doing a PhD in Theoretical Biophysics in Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany. Besides his work, he does paintings, drawing and singing. He finds beauty in Surrealistic and contemporary art. Throughout his life, he got inspirations from Salvador Dali, Vincent Van-Gogh, Banksy and Ice-Sot. Visiting Moco museum was a turning point in his artistic journey. It changes his perspective on art. He is in Braunschweig now Email: Instagram: arnabbarua94 Twitter: arnabbarua10 Facebook:

Smile is mysterious Colour pencil on paper 29x21cm 2019

132 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Never underestimate Pencil on paper 42x29 cm 2020

The part we always ignore Pencil on paper 29x21 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 133

Rigel Herrera Email: Instagram: Rigelherrera

Early February Oil on canvas 120 x 90 cm 2019

134 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Stefano Bonilauri Email: 0522560458

Vacanze al mare Oil on canvas 65 x 90 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 135

Alaric Hobbs Whilst at Falmouth University, Alaric noticed how throughout his sculptural and two dimensional work that geometry was subconsciously evident. Alaric portrays illustrations in geometric forms that have been influenced from something he finds fascinating in the world, such as tribal symbols, ancient alphabets, symbols of belief and the beauty of the natural world. Alaric feels art should be aesthetically pleasing and also convey deeper thought Email: Instagram: alarichobbsartist

Geology Rocks Spray Paint And Pen on Paper 70x100 cm 2019

136 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Haem Spray Paint And Pen on Paper 70x100cm 2019

Let’s Talk About Mental Health Spray Paint And Pen on Paper 70x100cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 137

Ishrath Humairah Email: Instagram: wanderingmist +91 99406 47854

The Night of Ascension Oil on canvas 120 x 90 cm 2019

138 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Anna Mikheeva Email: Instagram: +38269379725

Sunset over the Boka bay silk paint 78x54 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 139

Leung Hei Yiu Email: Instagram: ash_bomb_ig Youtube: dropAshBombz +852 6670 7932

I make horrible art multi-media, digital, collage A3 2020

140 | Florence Contemporary Gallery

Maryam Ahmed Email: Instagram: m_a_s85

The Curse Digital Collage 12x18 cm 2019

Florence Contemporary Gallery | 141

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