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FALL 2021

on the cover “A great kitchen has many ingredients, from a thoughtful plan and functional layout to solid

construction materials, organized storage, and, of

course, aesthetics. This is particularly the case when

it comes to the family kitchen—arguably the hardestworking room in the home...”

~ Kate Davidson

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all things floors THE WHITE OAK LOOK






The trending flooring for families


Creating family living spaces

The latest flooring trends

Design At Home | 5

WELCOME “Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.” —Anthony Liccione The summer season seems to pass in the blink of an eye and fall nearly always approaches just as quickly. While we often reminisce about hot summer days and the fun that’s been had for the last three months, fall still has plenty to offer when it comes to making fond memories with family and friends and enjoying everything the season brings—even if temperatures drop a bit. Roasting marshmallows by the fire on a cool fall night, giving thanks for our homes, and preparing for the holidays inspires new color palettes, textures, and ideas, and revolves around one continued theme: family. At Design At Home™, we know just how important family is, especially in relation to both the fall season and all things home. And that’s why this issue is dedicated to diving into topics that are family friendly, fall-inspired, and functional, with insight and advice from top interior designers. But don’t just take our word for it, start by checking out how you can create a kitchen space that works for the whole family in Kate Davidson’s, “Family Style: Designing a Kitchen that Meets All of Your Needs.” Then, step into a “Modern Mountain Farmhouse” design by Christa Pirl that proves that sleek, clean lines can also be warm and inviting, and find further inspiration on how to bring additional warmth to your home’s neutral color palette in Michelle Berwick’, “Infusing Warmth with Trending Neutrals.” Lastly, a Q&A with Sara Bederman will motivate you to create a home design that is both stylish and functional, no matter the size of your family. And, while interior design, décor, and tips are always fun, you won’t want to miss our flooring topics that will prepare you for choosing the perfect canvas in a family-friendly home. We’re offering our take on the white oak hardwood trend and exploring how to create family living spaces using soft, durable carpet and gorgeous area rugs you will simply fall in love with. This and so much more await in the pages that follow. Welcome to the 2021 Fall issue of Design at Home by Flooring America/Flooring Canada. We’re thrilled to have you. 6

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Samba Sandstone 4.


1. 2. 3. 1. Cotton Viscose Camel Curtain Panel by CB2 2. Couture Rug PR130 Beige by Nourison 3. Vishnu Stripe Pillows Set of 2 by Scout & Nimble 4. Camel 2165-10 by Benjamin Moore 5. Tartufo Coco Shell Chandelier by Currey & Company 6. 52044 Current Wallpaper by JF Fabrics 7. Etta Chair in Winchester Beige by Scout & Nimble 8. Newberry Cotto Glazed Porcelain by Emser Tile





Design At Home | 9



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Is there anything as lovely as a crisp autumn evening under a bright full moon? After days of scorching summer heat, the fall breeze is a welcome break offering up fun seasonal activities like apple picking, carving pumpkins, and solving corn mazes. So, pull out a warm shawl and a velvet-brim hat, grab your favorite walking companion and maybe a pumpkin spice latte, and take a stroll through the beautiful colors.


Harvest Moon AVE L IN W INY

Design At Home | 11


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Design At Home | 13


A beautiful architectural staple of the holiday season, fireplace mantels have a multitude of uses. Not only are they great for gathering around the fire when the weather is cold, but they also make for stunning decor focal points! Sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book is a favorite chilly weather pastime for many. Most people assume that to relax and unwind, you need a large fireplace or a wood-burning stove to congregate around, but modern-day mantelpieces make this unnecessary. With the right tools, you can easily recreate this traditional holiday scene with a simple mantel. One of the best parts of incorporating a mantelpiece into your home design is that you can restyle it out based on the season. Trade winter wreaths and candles for fresh flowers and books in the summer, or place a gourd alongside some dried pampas grass in the fall. Styling your mantel is easier than you think, especially once you’ve figured out how to balance your larger pieces with natural elements to create a blend of visual interest. Follow these seven simple steps, and before you know it, you’ll have the coveted mantel of your dreams.





Showcase a large figurine, wreath, or mirror as a focal point to draw eyes toward your mantel. Finding an anchor piece isn’t always a simple task because this sets the tone for the rest of your mantelpiece. For instance, if you choose a simple blue vase as your focal point, you’re setting the tone for a minimal and elevated style, whereas if you choose a large garland, you’re creating a more traditional holiday-themed mantel. Whichever style you end up choosing, make sure that the other decor items match the focal point in color, texture, or shape. When looking for an anchor, keep in mind the size of your mantel. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with only one item. It is better to err on the side of caution and keep things simple by sticking to the rule of twothirds: your main piece shouldn’t take up more than two-thirds of the mantel, so that you have a visually balanced mantel scene.






Use taller items, like a gold pedestal stand or candlesticks, to add height and give your mantel visual interest. These design details add exciting shapes and textures with their varying levels to create a space that has depth and fluid movement. Start with width and play with height based on your ceilings. If you have taller ceilings, opt for taller figurines, candles, and statement pieces, but be sure to balance these objects out with wider pieces. With lower ceilings, keep decor items long and horizontal. Elevate smaller decor items by placing them on top of a stack of books or a box so that the small object layers nicely in front of the larger statement pieces like mirrors, paintings, and art.

3 16




Add a living element to your space. This could be pinecones, dried flowers, tree branches, or whatever you might find outside your door that you admire. Adding living elements reduces the risk of your mantel feeling too static or stiff. These items also break up the structure of the solid pieces on your fireplace by making it look more personal and breathable. With just a touch of greenery or a dried floral arrangement, your mantel can come to life. Take the natural details one step further and install a hardwood floor or a stone tile inlay near your mantel. The natural warmth of hardwood exudes coziness with its timeless style and will lend a bit of tradition to your mantel. If you’re looking to personalize the area around your fireplace, wood inlays and mosaic tiles are a great way to do this. Who doesn’t love a unique tile mosaic? And with parquet flooring on the rise, now’s a great time to install hardwood floors with a border of stack bonds or herringbone patterns in your living space. From basket weave to Chantilly, there are endless options to get creative with your wood inlay.




Give your space more dimension by clustering objects together to create a layered effect. There are several easy ways to do this: greenery, staggered figurines, and varying height levels of items. Place your most significant piece as the background portrait for your mantel, and let smaller items shine at the forefront. Don’t forget to use the base of the fireplace by adding in items like a basket of pillows or a box of stacked wood. Place an area rug in front of the mantel to give the room a snug feel. Many older wood-burning fireplaces have granite or brick hearths extending in front of the stove; however, most modern fireplaces do not. This is where a simple area rug can substitute as a decor (and safety) element. Wool area rugs are perfect when it comes to durability and style because these can protect your hardwood floors and carpeted areas from scratches and debris, as well as dust in the case of a functioning wood stove. Dress up your mantel with a beautiful area rug in a pattern and pile height that suits your design needs. NOURISON ESSENTIALS NAVY BLUE AREA RUG

5 Design by MICHELLE BERWICK Photography by LARRY ARNAL



Keep it simple. Depending on the size of your mantel, you typically only need three to five items to rest directly on the mantel. One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their mantel is overcrowding. Sometimes, it’s hard to pare down your most treasured seasonal items, but this is necessary to create a beautiful display. A good rule of thumb is to place large decorative pieces toward the middle of the mantel with smaller items flanking them on either side. Design At Home | 17





You don’t need everything to be “just so”—in this instance, perfection isn’t always better! Unmatching your mantel is key to creating a dynamic focal point that adds to the texture and style of the overall room. This doesn’t mean that you can’t position objects on either side of your mantelpiece. In fact, we encourage you to utilize the space by flanking either side of the mantel with a lantern or a small basket for blankets or kindling. Asymmetry provides a sense of comfort and gives your home a lived-in feel. Consider balanced visual weight because you don’t want one side of the mantel to appear heavier than the other. Do this by grouping objects in odd numbers with smaller items on one side and a few larger pieces on the other. Design by LOUIS DUNCAN-HE DESIGNS



TOP IT OFF WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH Throw in a statement piece that means something to you. Displaying sentimental pieces adds warmth to your space. Your mantel doesn’t just have to be the traditional garland, stocking, and twinkle lights you find in the holiday season. Take time to consider which objects are most meaningful to you—perhaps you have an old piece of art you bought while traveling or an heirloom ceramic vase from your grandmother that you’ve never found a proper place to display. Use this space as a tribute to the items that bring you joy and comfort. You’d be surprised at how well things can come together with the right arrangement and some added greenery.



HONORING THOSE WHO GAVE IT ALL. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we’re especially honored to pay tribute to our fallen heroes by supporting the Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Gold Star Family Home Program, which pledges to provide mortgage-free homes to surviving spouses with young children. Together, we can give just a little back to those who gave it all.


Interior Inspiration:


TABLESCAPES Bringing us back to simpler times, these holiday-inspired spaces feature all the comforts of home and family.


CLASSICALLY CHRISTMAS Flawlessly minimalist and equally chic, this table setting features natural greenery for a touch of purity, plus tall candlesticks that bring height to the space. The gold hanging light fixture accentuates the

simplistic beauty of the raw wood table, while carefully folded gray napkins sit atop delicate dinnerware, bringing forth an understated—but perfectly executed—elegance. Crystal glassware completes the look

with a classy finish that draws your eye to the united design of this holiday table setting. Design by HIBOU DESIGN + CO. Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

Design At Home | 21


SHINY AND CHIC Pops of pink, clear dining chairs pops of pink, clear dining chairs, and a modern black table come together to dazzle this holiday season. Like a breath of fresh air, a black buffet with natural wood

drawers feels comforting and warm against the other modern touches, and a tall vase of greenery brings this holiday look to life. The gold ornaments hung from the luxurious light fixture are

playful and fun, and a fuzzy pink throw on the head dining chair elevates this glamorous look even further. What more could you ask for from a polished, trendy holiday table? Design by CYNTHIA SODA Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI


A FALL FAVORITE A bright white backdrop sets the tone for this cozy dinner table embellished with bright orange fall

pieces that pop against the white canvas. Clear glasses and acrylic chairs add to the brightness of the

space, along with glossy white dinner plates for each seat. Modern gold flatware emphasizes the orange

color without feeling overstated, while a marble vase full of seasonal florals adds a touch of earthiness. This timeless table look would not be complete without the bright orange napkins and striped placemats that further the sense of holiday cheer with the perfect balance of fun patterns!

Design At Home | 23


DELICATE DINING Bright gold pumpkins set atop black plaid napkins on a wooden table make this setting feel effortless—perfect for a fall gathering of any kind. Not only do the gold pumpkins accentuate everything there is to love about fall, they also pair beautifully with the

natural wood centerpiece in a way that feels organic. Filled with a variety of florals of unique colors, such as bright pink, green, and yellow, and surrounded by romantic tealight candles, there is no shortage of elegance in this fresh-feeling table setting.





Design At Home | 25




What were the needs of your clients, and how did you consider them when designing this space?


The family room has a lot of clean, contemporary lines mixed with comfortable furniture. Talk to us a little bit about how you chose these softer textures, low-slung couches and mixed cool gray tones to tie together the space.


Our client needed a comfortable urban home that was uncomplicated in design. The furniture needed to be luxurious but not fancy, comfortable but still neat and tidy. Everything we designed and specified was chosen based on these criteria.


Our client wanted a large sofa to fill the awkward shape of the family room. Both the homeowner and his children are quite tall, so a deep, large sofa was what made sense for their lifestyle. We created warmth and welcome in the space through different textures in shades of gray. This palette creates a calming environment perfect for relaxing in after a long busy day.


The dark hardwood floors installed throughout the home are gorgeous—how did you choose this style of wood flooring? Do you feel it inspired any other elements in the house?


Wood is one of my favorite materials to use on floors, cabinetry, and furniture. We try to throw it in whenever we can. The stain of the hardwood was custom mixed to give a deep brown, almost gray, tone to complement the gray upholstered pieces in the home.


The living room is stunning from the minimalist gray stone fireplace down to the unique floor lamps. How did you decide what elements to draw from when it came to decoration?


The fireplace was definitely the feature and the anchor of the space. It acts as a beautiful sight line in the home, and we used the upholstered furniture in the living room to soften the contemporary simplicity of the fireplace design. We kept fabrics quite monochromatic, working mostly with texture rather than pattern and contrast or color pops.


We love how personalized and yet elevated the boy’s bedroom turned out. How did you go about designing the kid’s room to find a balance of playful aspects and materials that can function as they grow older?


Designing for the future is key in children’s bedrooms. Finding furniture that can grow with a child is so important. We added decor items that reflect some of the kids’ passions and kept the furniture age-appropriate with a little extra sophistication to last through the years ahead.

Design At Home | 27



There’s a lot of baseball paraphernalia scattered throughout the house. What was the inspiration behind the client’s baseball-themed home office?


The client is very passionate about baseball and wanted to highlight his favorite baseball memorabilia.


What are some things to keep in mind when designing entryways to create a functional family mudroom?


Storage and surfaces are essential elements in a mudroom. Somewhere to put things away as well as a surface to put stuff down are always elements we include in a mudroom. A quick coat hook is also a very useful feature. We like to keep all the practical needs of a mudroom in the design and then elevate the space with great decor and fabrics when possible. We love a sophisticated mudroom.


How do you approach designing a home gym when you’re working with limited space?


We really work within the available footprint and plan a reasonable amount of equipment based on the size of the space. It does not make sense to include more equipment than can fit without ample space to circulate in the gym. A hard-surface flooring solution and lots of mirror panels are key elements in every gym we design. Space to move around is something we pay close attention to as well. A gym should not feel cramped, if at all possible.


We love the use of incorporating storage into the wall space in the bedroom. How did you work with the slanted ceiling in here to create more space?


This bedroom did not have a pretty or functional closet solution, so we decided to demo the closet and replace it with a beautiful millwork concept full of storage space. The angled ceiling was very challenging to work with when planning the concept, but working through complex space planning is one of our favorite design challenges. We get excited to problem solve!


This walk-in closet has beautiful built-in cabinets and is the ideal accompaniment to any master suite. Was there originally a closet here, or was this on the client’s must-have list?


This was an existing walk-in closet that we redesigned and refinished. The cabinetry has a beautiful wood grain finish that adds texture and masculinity to the principal suite. Interior design by SARA BEDERMAN DESIGN Photography by STEPHANI BUCHMAN



WE LOVE As fall draws nearer, we’re celebrating three styles that will leave you feeling ready for a holiday refresh. Step into drama and depth, japandi, and glimmer and glam for a flawless touch of seasonally-inspired decor.

Design At Home | 29





Marrying deep, dark tones with simple mirrors and unique patterns, drama is the prime focus of this grand style that’s both festive and pleasing to the eye. Fun statues, candlesticks, and comfortable seating will inspire you to try this look this season.





6 7 30






1. Nikko medium multi-tier light in black by Hinkley 2. Maison square mirror by Arhaus 3. Rhapsody tile in argyle by Emser 4. Two piece tabletop candlestick set by Perigold 5. Zora striped throw in black/grey by Burke Decor 6. Hoxton saddle leather loveseat with black legs by CB2 7. Jeanette coffee table by Elk Group 8. Falloween garland by Grandin Road 9. Hudson area rug in grey/black by Kas 10. Phantom statue by Renwil 11. Charleston black accent pillow by Scout & Nimble 12. Bungalow pumpkins by Grandin Road

Design At Home | 31



Hues like gold, white, cream, and deep orange paired with one-of-a-kind textures unite to create the Japandi style: a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles that together create an effortless look. Minimal, chic, and full of calm, this style is here to stay.





6 32







1. Morland 1 light adjustable sconce with plug by Savoy House 2. Jagger dining arm chair in mixology by Arhaus 3. Preserved baby eucalyptus wreath by Birch Lane 4. Kokomo small table lamp by Currey and Company 5. Lanes Prairie White Oak Banana Cream available at Flooring America/Flooring Canada 6. Arctic coffee table by Elk Group 7. Soman throw by Renwil 8. Trace brass wire mesh door bookcase by CB2 9. Pure ceramic clay carafe vase by West Elm 10. Angled art by McGee& Co 11. Arundel in bisque by Innovia Touch available at Flooring America *available in US only

Design At Home | 33





Sparkling glass and metal materials shine with a simple-yetsophisticated neutral color palette that will bring all the coming festivities to life. Don’t miss the perfect touch of holiday decor to spruce up an already-stunning mixture of lighting, furniture, and artwork.




5 34







1. Constructs 8-light chandelier in weathered zinc by ELK 2. Winter Walk triptych art by Lauren Herrera from Pottery Barn 3. Suzanne Kasler jeweled wreath by Ballard Designs 4. Berwick sofa by Arhaus 5. Polar arabesque tile by Soci 6. Durga pillow by Renwil 7. Dreamy shag rug in charcoal gray by Nourison 8. Fiato mirror by CB2 9. Consulate nested tables by Scout & Nimble 10. Metal LED Christmas tree with green light by Plow & Hearth 11. Let’s Go in Larimer by Resista Soft Style available at Flooring America/Flooring Canada

Design At Home | 35



THE EASY WAY Shop our wide selection of floors in-store or online.

You can shop in-store or on the couch. No matter how you shop, we’re there for you. Visit us at your local Flooring America store or take advantage of our online tools, like My Floor Style, to help you discover the right floor for your home. Both ways are the easy way. It’s just a matter of which choice is more convenient for you.







Design At Home | 37


The look of white oak exudes class, sophistication, and simplistic charm that fits nearly every type of interior design style. As one of the most popular flooring looks this year, it has certainly earned its right to be featured in a number of stunning homes. Rightly so, as it’s one of the elements that has, in fact, helped to make these homes so beautiful. Whether showcased in a large, rustic great room surrounded by tall ceilings or a craftsman home full of old-school charm, there’s no end to the undoubtedly amazing beauty of wood and wood look flooring, especially when it’s the white oak look. So what makes white oak the top trending look, why is it so popular, and how can you get the look in your home? To get a better understanding of the white oak look and why it’s become a top contender in today’s trending flooring, it’s crucial to learn about white oak products, their versatility, organic appearance, and many stains and finishes, as well as the enduring features of flooring that feature the white oak look. MOUNT VISTA LUXURY VINYL IN CALLATIN BY DOWNS H2O

WHITE OAK – HARDWOOD OR LUXURY VINYL? One unique aspect of the white oak hardwood look is that it is multifaceted and can be found in both genuine hardwood products and luxury vinyl wood look flooring products. Determining what is the best for your home will greatly depend on your lifestyle, your desired maintenance regimen, the color you want, and your budget. While genuine hardwood has many advantages, wood look luxury vinyl also offers unique features and an appearance that is nearly identical to genuine wood flooring. No matter your specific lifestyle factors, both solid white oak flooring and wood look vinyl are excellent choices for creating a timeless, beautiful style in your home that is not only adaptable, but also long-lasting, unique, and trendy.



ADAPTABILITY AND VERSATILITY IN DESIGN When looking at white oak flooring in any home, there’s no doubt that it has a great mix of old-world visuals and modern touches that allow it to steal the spotlight. Its ability to take center stage as the focal point without being too loud—no matter the interior design style—makes it an incredibly adaptable and versatile flooring option. Whether working toward an antique farmhouse look, a warm industrial-chic look, or making a home feel sleek and composed with simple elements, the white oak flooring look fits basically any mold. When it comes to adaptability and versatility, both genuine white oak flooring and wood look flooring are not just ideal for today’s current trending looks, they’re equally important in a flooring investment because they stand the test of time in both style and durability. And the white oak look has proven time and time again that its natural visuals are here to stay. While trending décor and furniture can always be changed, flooring is one thing that’s a lot more permanent. That’s why white oak floors are an excellent choice—they offer a canvas that’s perfect for creating a custom interior design that speaks to your personality throughout the evolving trends.


Design At Home | 39


APPEARANCE While each style and species of hardwood has its own unique character, including specific graining, tones, and hardness levels, one thing that makes white oak special is its raw wood appearance and straight graining. Classically chic and elegant, hardwood has always been a great flooring option for adding raw warmth to any space. And because white oak is a natural wood material, there’s no denying that white oak hardwood will be able to provide that warmth. Let’s dive deeper into its graining and natural characteristics. White oak hardwood has a smooth, coarse grain, meaning that it has a less dramatic appearance when compared to other hardwood options. These grains run in a vertical direction and draw the eye across planks and, in some cases, even make rooms look and feel larger. This is one of the many reasons white oak’s popularity has risen so quickly—the smooth graining makes white oak floors look modern and polished while still offering the perfect amount of natural material and character to any space. When it comes to tone and color, white oak naturally has a golden-yellow tone, rather than a brown hue. Its honey-amber color is incredible on its own, and when




paired with a light sheen, it stands alone beautifully. However, there is also a variety of attractive stain and finish options available that are equally as impressive to the eye. If your design style skews more upscale or you simply enjoy a high-gloss hardwood finish, these options may be for you.

WHITE OAK STAINS AND FINISHES Along with the refined beauty that white oak brings in its natural state, there are many finishes that make it available in even more colors, tones, and styles. Because white oak is a wood that offers a naturally smooth, modern look, it can be manipulated with stain to take on almost any color available. From rich, dark brown shades of stain that will enhance its straight graining and mineral streaks to a light-toned, weathered stain that brings out the pure beauty of the wood, white oak flooring does a great job of showcasing stain colors. Not only does white oak take on any color stain and look great in any stain, it is also available in several finish sheens as well. Today, a matte finish on white oak floors gives a casual, modern appearance, which is perfect for creating a simple look for any family home. Glossier wood finishes can also be found and offer a more traditional or high-end look that’s perfect for traditionally styled living rooms adorned with vintage antiques and custom fireplaces. No matter the stain or the finish, there’s bound to be a white oak style that suits your home’s looks and needs.

ENDURING FEATURES Not only does the white oak look dazzle with its highquality and timeless appearance, it also impresses with its many appreciated features that satisfy a variety of home needs. Whether you opt for wood look luxury vinyl or genuine white oak hardwood flooring, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your flooring offers easy cleanup for dirt and debris. Families with children and busy lifestyles will appreciate the ease of maintenance and ability to handle all kinds of lifestyle situations that come with hard surface flooring. But the features don’t stop there. Waterproof floors have changed the world of flooring. This, in turn, has caused a significant rise in flooring that looks like wood but also offers water resistance and incredible durability. For example, some styles of wood look luxury vinyl are waterproof or water resistant, and because these products offer water-resistance, you won’t have to worry about messes from the inside or the exterior elements. Plus, you’ll be able to choose a uniform flooring throughout to unite the interior design of your home in your entryway, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, and other spaces. If you instead decide to opt for genuine white oak hardwood floors, you may not get water resistance, but you’ll get the benefit of their long-lasting nature. Once installed, these floors are sure to last when taken care of properly. In some cases, after many years of use they can even be sanded and stained to bring them back to life depending on the age and hardwood product.


Design At Home | 41



WHITE OAK HARDWOOD IN YOUR HOME To get the white oak look in your home, opt for either solid or engineered hardwood flooring in the white oak species, or choose to go with a white oak wood look vinyl. It’s easy to identify the wood look, but what may not be as simple is choosing from the many stains and finishes available! Gray, hints of red, deep browns, and natural finishes offer a variety of unique tones, and determining what’s best for your space can be one of the toughest choices you have to make. Will you opt for a character-filled genuine hardwood look with knots and a natural-looking finish, or instead go for a clean, modern vibe that offers you the chance to choose décor and linens that complement it flawlessly? No matter what you decide in the end, the white oak flooring look is sure to be a hit not only in its appearance, but also in its longevity! LANES PRAIRIE WHITE OAK HARDWOOD IN PEEL BY AQUADURA H2O 42

Your holiday to-do list starts here. Shop for new floors now and be ready to host for the holidays.





How do you spend your brisk fall nights? Maybe you enjoy drinking a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fire, curling up in the kitchen window seat with a good book, or settling in on the couch for a movie marathon with your family. Whatever your favorite pastime may be when the cold snap hits, it’s safe to say that the holiday season involves a lot of quality indoor family time. And what better way to gather with family and welcome old friends into your home than over a brand new, luxuriously soft carpet? Cozy carpets are a staple for fall and winter weather. Built for comfort and practicality, carpets, throws, and area rugs can add a touch of warmth to any room, but they are especially great for rooms where you’ll be spending a lot of time with your family. Why is carpet so cozy? Well, it is an excellent insulator, and it acts as a shield to prevent cold from radiating through the floorboards and heat from sneaking out of the house. With their thermal resistance, carpets and area rugs are the warmest flooring types, offering natural cushiness that extends a bit of warmth throughout your home. While many might associate springtime with household cleaning, keep in mind that fall is actually the best time to clean your carpets. Cleaning your carpets in the fall frees them from any allergens dragged in over the summer season. Carpets can also vastly improve the air quality in your family’s home during the fall and winter months because doors and windows are sealed of, and dirt and debris get tracked in. A clean carpet can trap allergens and keep them out of the air to prevent allergies from setting in during those colder months. Each family has its own holiday traditions, and our floor’s performance should mirror our activity levels. So, what are the best carpet and area rug options for your family? Well, that depends on your lifestyle . . .

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FOR FLOOR FORTS A favorite family activity, building forts can take up a day’s worth of imagination, from stringing blankets between the living room and kitchen to building hidden nooks with couch cushions. Add an extra level of comfort to your child’s play fort by scattering deep pile, shag rugs and throws throughout your family and living rooms. Deep pile rugs not only contribute to creating layers, they infuse dynamic dimension to your living space with new textures and soft materials. Sheepskin area rugs lend a Scandinavian look to your space while also boosting your room’s comfort factor. Add color, texture, and dimension to your interior design with Karastan’s Couture Shag. These plush, luxurious area rugs feature a modern color palette of the most of-the-moment hues, including shades of blush and deep blue. The Couture Shag collection is tufted using an artful mix of thick, twisted yarn and shimmering, eyelashthin yarn to create a look that’s both timeless and current. Layering of carpets, rugs, and throws can create visual texture. Find diverse area rugs made up of different materials, sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns that complement each other and, when combined, create a sense of variety. Between the sheets, flashlights, throw pillows, and area rugs, you’re destined to design the living room fort of your childhood dreams.



FOR MOVIE NIGHTS If this past year has taught us anything, it’s how to create a good movie theater within the comfort of your own home. Ditch the slippers and invest in a soft, luxurious carpet to sink your feet into; install it in your family room or home theater. You might be surprised to hear this, but shag carpet is back in full force. Modernized for the new millennium, our favorite shag carpet collections offer a range of contemporary looks from rustic chic to elevated posh styles. Shag carpets are merely high-pile carpets with long fibers that lend a plush look and feel. Bonus: highpile height works well to dampen noise! The softness of these fibers gives the carpet flexibility, allowing it to absorb impact from footsteps and loud noises. SOFT & RAVISHING II BY RESISTA SOFT STYLE IN BRIAR PATCH

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FOR GAME TIME Nothing wreaks more havoc on hardsurface floors than gaming chairs, especially when the player is committed to winning! If you have kids who spend a lot of time gaming or playing on your carpeted surfaces, you might find yourself asking, “What carpet wears best?” Invest in a lowpile, easy-to-maintain carpet that you can easily move around on. Let’s face it: family gatherings and game time often lead to messes like drink spills and shoeprints, so finding a durable carpet that can hold up against these stains is crucial. Because low-pile carpets have short fibers that sit flatly and densely, they resist matting and crushing while retaining a soft, smooth feel. This flooring solution tends to be more durable and easier to clean than other options; it doesn’t catch much dirt or debris and can hold up to heavy foot traffic without losing its brand-new luster. Nowadays, many carpet brands offer stainproof, fade-resistant options that make for easy cleanup. Some even have special waterproof options, like the Tigressá Cherish line, which features a backing that keeps spills on the surface so that they don’t damage your carpet pad or subfloors. This line also features special technology to repel stains and odors of all kinds, including those that are pet related.


“Nowadays, many carpet brands offer stain-proof, fade-resistant options that make for easy cleanup.”

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FOR GATHERING AND CONVERSATION Many new home builds are designed with open-concept interiors, so homeowners may want to find new ways of delineating living spaces. Traditional area rugs are an easy way to do this, with their visually distinguished colors and patterns that provide the opportunity to break up the living room from the dining room or provide a clearer divide between the foyer space and the large hallway. Area rugs can serve dual purposes by creating a stunning focal point and preventing scratches on hard-surface floors. Size your rug correctly so that it fits completely underneath all of your furniture. You’ll want to leave enough room to scoot your chairs around or move the coffee table without scratching your floors. Put your area rug under the largest piece of furniture to act as an anchor for the rest of your furniture. This will tie the room together to make it feel more cohesive. Area rugs create a conversational space, especially when you arrange them to promote conversational flow and a cozy ambience. With so many designs and material fibers available, you can find an area rug for any style of decor, whether you’re sticking to a simple modern-contemporary scheme or looking to add a pop of color with bold pattern maximalism. Whatever your favorite fall activity is, elevate your family time with a quality carpet or area rug to add cozy layers and trending styles to your space. With today’s incredible advancements in fiber technology, it’s easy to find a carpet style that suits your lifestyle.



Offering a unique combination of beauty, comfort, and performance you won’t find anywhere else, this revolutionary carpet is crafted from recyclable materials, perfect for any home, and even better for the environment. Now with the H2O components, Tigressá is waterproof, pet-proof, kid-proof, and even fade-proof. You’ll notice the difference right away and love it for years to come. Shop and learn more about Tigressá H2O at or


Warmth with Trending Neutrals:

n o i at v o n e R e a Hom



We know that taking on a renovation or refresh can be a little daunting and stressful. There are so many decisions to make and directions that you can go in. We want to make this process a breeze for you. We thought, “What better way to do this than to take you for a tour through our latest interior renovation and share the evolution of this project?” It certainly is the perfect example of how to add in the warmer neutral tones flooding the design world at the moment. We are also going to let you in on some of our best-kept secrets on how to keep those neutrals interesting! Are you up for a little eye candy?

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eth Foyer One of the ways we love to keep neutrals interesting is by incorporating patterns! This chevron marble hex mosaic is a prime example of how to keep a simple color palette while also kicking it up a notch with a little “somethin’ somethin’.” These inlays are the perfect mix for bringing in some eye-catching aesthetics that are still functional.


m oo r d u the M

Yes . . . we LOVE a good mudroom. We have been noticing more and more that the mudroom sets the rest of the home up to be more clutter-free. A “catch-all space,” yes, that’s what we’ll call it. Mudrooms should serve as a catch-all. It’s the first spot you hit when entering your home, where you leave all those things, like backpacks, shoes, coats, homework, and who knows what else, that typically overflow into your main living spaces. A well-thought-out mudroom can change all of that. We wanted to provide ample storage for shoes and coats that are easily accessed by the little ones and still functional for the adults. We carried through that creamy cabinetry color for a cohesive look and paired it with a faux matte marble hex floor tile to create some movement—plus, this tile hides everyday dirt!

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er d w o P the



Let’s slide over to the powder room, most likely the second place you’ll hit when flying into the house. We know that feeling all too well: zipping up the driveway and PRAYING that the door is unlocked so you have no delays. (Drinking two bottles of water before your commute seemed like a good idea at the time.) This custom vanity is the perfect piece to bring warmth to this white and bright space. To create some interest, we decided to include a mix of lights and brights, creamy and dreamy, and natural neutrals for a warm and fresh feel.


g in v i L thSe pace Bring it into the open-concept living space. This is the perfect spot for entertaining or keeping a watchful eye on the little ones as they play—or fight! No one wants to be shipped off to the kitchen while others are gathered in the next room. This main floor offers our clients not just one, two, or three . . . but four gathering areas. A great dynamic space for a fun, lively family.

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n e ch t i the K


I’m sure you can guess what’s next! The kitchen. Boy, oh boy, this creamy kitchen has sprinkles of magic throughout. We packed this kitchen with tons of functional storage. Our sneaky trick is backing the island with some shallow base cabinets for those dishes, appliances, and knick-knacks that you don’t use daily.

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home. Most people spend a whole lot of time in this space. It also happens to lead to some of the largest costs you will endure during a renovation. We can understand the fear of not wanting to lean into the trends too hard in here. There are so many ways to incorporate special details into your kitchen renovation to create those “wow” moments everyone is looking for! Get those creative juices flowing by thinking about bringing in some funky hardware, backsplash, overhead pendant lighting, floating shelves, mixing and matching door profiles, cabinet inlay details, interesting touches on the sides of the island, and some really wicked comfy counter stools. Check out these awesome counter stools. They hug your tush just right. Speaking of backsplash, this white star backsplash is bringing all the pattern that we’re looking for to this kitchen. It’s neutral and timeless, but it also brings in textural interest and personality, making it the perfect complement to this kitchen.

Find out where you need most of your kitchen storage, and start to incorporate slide-out baskets, cutting board dividers, or corner cabinet solutions to improve and maximize the overall function and usability of your available storage.

The gold grating in those upper cabinets is a showstopping element, adding the perfect amount of texture to the kitchen space. This is a perfect example of how to incorporate some beautiful and timeless details into the rest of your kitchen.

We always love to add floating shelves within the design of any kitchen. They serve as another wonderful styling opportunity for some extra personality while also providing extra everyday storage.

A great trick to giving your kitchen a functional facelift is to focus on the interior elements. Everyone lives so differently. One family may need lots of spice organization, another may have more cereal boxes than you can count, while others may have a space problem when it comes to storing cookware or Tupperware.


Hey there, curvy thang. This range hood brings a curvy organic feel to all of the sleek, straight lines, creating the perfect harmony! The range hood is one of the best ways to add some “va-va-voom!” to your kitchen. You can also use the range hood as a design opportunity to bring in some other natural materials, colors, and textures.

e c a p S eth ”Flex” Now we are touring the “flex” space. Is it a lounge? Homework area? Bar? Extra storage? It is all of these things. Each household lives very differently. Sometimes, you need one room to have multiple functions. Remember, things don’t have to be matchy-matchy to flow. Choose colors and patterns that are siblings, not twins! Another great way to keep neutrals interesting is by adding a few pops of color here and there! No need to seek out the brightest version of the color—something muted and soft will do the job! Think of pinks, blues, and greens . . . these are all neutrals, right? In our world, they certainly are.

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We are now going to head upstairs to the principal bedroom. This space also had a massive transformation. We took out a walk-in closet to create more space for a larger principal en suite. We decided to add built-ins across the whole wall to provide even more functional space for closet storage. For continuity, we wanted to incorporate the same cabinetry color in these spaces too. Some fun knurled hardware was sourced to give this wall the visual pop it needed. We then dropped the cabinetry down into a bench to continue the storage. This spot is perfect for those extra shoes, purses, and bags—you know, the essentials.

and airy bathroom is the perfect spot to get ready in the morning or wind down from a long day. Largescale picket tiles were sourced to add a touch of texture and pattern while still keeping everything neutral. This amazing custom vanity provides the ample storage that we are all dying for. Could you imagine spending your mornings in here? Creating a neutral space doesn’t mean it has to lack personality. Adding the elements that we walked you through here, like pattern, texture, and natural details like wood, linen, and stone, will create a harmoniousfeeling space while staying timeless, versatile, and neutral.

m oo r d e B al p i c in the Pr

Let’s head over to the en suite master bath; this light

We hope you all take away a little bit of inspiration from the magic that this project has to offer. Now get out there, be confident, and do your thing to create a space that is original, beautiful, and perfect for you!


Written by CHRISTA PIRL Interior design by CHRISTA PIRL INTERIORS Photography by LUCY CALL

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Our design goal was to create an inviting, calming, and elegant modern farmhouse that enhanced— rather than distracted from—the stunning reservoir and mountain views of the Park City, Utah, area. While a clean space was critical to the clients, they also wanted to be sure that their family of five, as well as their extended family and network of friends, would feel embraced by the home and that it would be warm and soft—not cold and bare. Texture was key to achieving this, and is expressed in both the hard finishes of stone and tile and the soft furnishings and decorative accessories. Dark, saturated tones and accents of warm metals were also important, adding depth and contrast with the light, bright walls and ample windows. However, each of these elements had to be hand selected and placed in the space with care. Too much color or too


many busy surfaces could easily disturb the calm and serene nature of this place. The project evolved as we worked through selections, and the home quickly assumed a strong design direction. Initially, the clients were drawn to more traditional farmhouse elements such as shaker cabinets and shiplap accents. However, the home drifted ever closer to a clean-line and minimalist look as we came to better understand the architecture, views, and massing of the spaces. This home demanded modern fittings and fixtures, and this shift toward modernism made it even more critical to add warmth and depth throughout while being ever mindful of maintaining balance and allowing the windows and views to always stay center stage.

g n i v i l main


The living room fireplace design is a critical feature in this space, and while the clients wanted a TV in the vicinity, it was placed on the side of the fireplace instead of above it, drawing more focus to the fire than the screen. The generous hearth is also key to providing a sense of a cozy gathering area where family members or guests can perch next to the flames while still feeling connected to the main seating area. The texture of the stacked fireplace stone is echoed in the natural materials and textures of the rug, upholstery, and accessories. After much discussion, we skipped a traditional dining chandelier in favor of three glowing rings of light positioned high above the living area. With the extra-tall ceilings and show-stopping views, anything hanging in front of the windows would have felt out

of place and at odds with the overall design goals of the space. Ample recessed lighting was added in the ceiling, and the dimmable living area pendants create an ambient glow throughout the space at night. The wide-plank brushed oakwood floors are just the right amount of rustic with their visible knots and graining, perfectly straddling the line between farmhouse and modern styles. We decided against wood window casings throughout the home, instead allowing the black windows to frame the views without any other distractions. Roller shades are tucked away behind each black valance, ready to offer privacy when needed. A warm white shade of paint nearly disappears and blends in with the clouds that often hang above the mountaintops just outside.

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the KITCHEN The kitchen is very much at the heart of this home, and it opens to living spaces on each side. With a pair of islands, the kitchen allows for easy gathering on all sides, and a unique flow. The ceiling is dropped here, creating a more intimate and human scale and reinforcing the communal energy of the space. Storage is ample, with a full-height wall of closed storage along one entire side of the kitchen. This houses not only cookware and pantry items but also a generous coffee bar, double wall ovens, and an appliance garage. Opposite this hard-working wall are extra-deep storage drawers, a Thermador professional cooktop, and generous windows that extend all the


way down to the countertop. Because storage was taken care of so well on the opposite wall, open shelving was added to display special platters and vases acquired during travels abroad as well as prized family cookbooks. The rift-sawn oak cabinets were painted a deep blue-gray, referencing storm clouds gathering over the mountains on a snowy day. The grain of the oak is visible through the paint, creating another layer of subtle texture. Matte black cabinet pulls also help to enhance this layering effect. The step from blue-gray paint to black metal is soft, compared with the shift to more traditional cabinet pull materials, such as nickel

or chrome, that stand out more dramatically. The exhaust hood above the cooktop is wrapped in drywall and painted the same color as the walls. This keeps focus on the two large windows flanking the hood. The quartz countertop wraps up behind the cooktop, and the subtle veining ties to the richness of the cabinet color without obviously matching it.




Opposite the open and airy formal living and dining room is a more intimate hearth room that offers a quiet breakfast nook and seating area. While the ceilings are still high, the smaller footprint of the room together with the presence of additional ceiling beams gives the room a strikingly different energy. The use of tobacco-colored leather and a deep midnight rug creates a more masculine atmosphere. The breakfast nook, with bench seating surrounded by more views, also feels snug with exquisite gold and black pendants that bring down the ceiling height overhead. The hearth room will inevitably be used more in the winter months when extra blankets and mugs of coffee will become the perfect additions to this cozy space.

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The powder bath offered us another opportunity to add texture, and the entire wall behind the vanity is clad in a warm-colored marble hexagon mosaic tile. To maintain focus on this element, the sink and floating stone vanity are all white, and the mirror is frameless and simple. A large glass pendant hangs over the sink and matches the color of the tile, adding some drama and extra warmth.




The staircase can be seen through the large vertical windows from the front of the home, so the design is critical to a visitor’s first impression. The stairs lead down to the guest bedrooms and up to a small, loft office space. A dramatic light fixture was key to drawing the eye during the day and especially at night. A modern version of a vintage Edison bulb was selected, this one made of solid crystal with the filament etched into the crystal. A collection of these bulbs cascades down the center of the stairwell, creating interest both inside and out. The dramatically scaled front entry door feels solid and secure. The dark charcoal color adds to this impression, creating a strong visual and emotional barrier between the inside of the home and the outside world. Generous side lights and transom windows above make the space airy and light despite the heft of the door itself.

Design At Home | 67


lower LEVEL


The walk-out basement level with ten-foot ceilings and ample natural light houses the teenage children’s bedrooms, each with its own en suite bathroom. Similar clean colors and materials were used, but each space was given personality with shaped mirrors and vintageinspired sconces.




In the master bedroom, a single, hefty wood beam dominates the ceiling, adding warmth and texture to balance the cool bedding and carpet. A dynamic and minimal matte brass LED pendant hangs just below the beam, adding interest without taking away from the views. The fireplace is minimal as well, with a waxed steel surround that wraps up and around the mantle. Swivel lounge chairs in each corner allow for reading spots that seemingly float above the reservoir. In the generous bathroom, three windows behind the soaking tub frame yet another idyllic view. The light cream tile and countertops together with the warm walnut cabinetry create a serene spa-like vibe. The oversized, extra-deep drawers ensure plenty of concealed storage and minimal countertop clutter. Design At Home | 69

With our floors, peace of mind comes standard. Enjoy the confidence you’ll feel when shopping for new floors thanks to Flooring America’s Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. One of the industry’s best warranties is available on select star-rated products. Visit to find out more.





admired from all viewpoints.

kitchen needed to be “ This a showpiece to be used and

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A great kitchen has many ingredients, from a thoughtful plan and functional layout to solid construction materials, organized storage, and, of course, aesthetics. This is particularly the case when it comes to the family kitchen—arguably the hardestworking room in the home. And like all tried-and-true recipes, substitutions just won’t cut it. Here are some lessons I’ve learned from my experience designing kitchens, to ensure longevity, function, and style.

FUNCTION FIRST When kicking off a kitchen renovation, the floor plan should be your first priority. Before deciding on a layout, determine how you intend to use the space. You might be a gourmet chef, or you may believe that the family that cooks together stays together. Do you host lots of parties? What other activities will your kitchen need to accommodate, aside from cooking and dining? Will it also function as a home office or homework area? A craft zone? A spot for entertainment and games? For a truly seamless and high-functioning kitchen, be sure to factor in your lifestyle while you are in the design stage.


Photography by LAUREN MILLER

Design At Home | 73


Photography by LAUREN MILLER

FLOOR PLAN Open-concept floor plans offer the best use of space; they eliminate walls and halls while promoting socialization and a familyfriendly atmosphere. This type of layout demands good visual flow and continuity throughout your main floor. Use cohesive materials and a complementary color palette in the kitchen and adjoining living and dining area , and continue the same flooring throughout. Eliminating those visual breaks from tile to carpet to hardwood will blur the boundaries between the different areas and make them appear larger.


Design At Home | 75


ISLAND VIBES Incorporating an island will ease the visual transition between kitchen and living area while boosting function. Your island will serve as a large food-preparation area and an entertaining and dining space while eliminating the need for a kitchen table and chairs and freeing up valuable space for other essentials!


Photography by JASON HARTOG

Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

STORAGE SPACE This brings us to our next essential ingredient. If there’s one thing that never seems to go out of style in the kitchen, it’s storage. How your home is organized makes all the difference in its overall appearance and function, even beyond the kitchen itself. Think about all the stuff that seems to migrate to other rooms. This is less likely to happen when every item has a dedicated spot. Decluttering is an essential process that must be ongoing to ensure that your home stays organized, and if you don’t have room for something, you should ask yourself whether you really need it. As a mother of three children, I can speak from experience that with a little forethought, that extra time spent planning your storage system will be appreciated as your family’s needs change.

Design At Home | 77


CABINET CONSIDERATIONS In many of my kitchen design projects, I like to use a combination of open shelving and closed cabinets. This has its obvious functional benefits, but it also plays an important role in the style department. To warm up this kitchen (pictured above) and provide additional function and casual everyday storage, we used warm walnut-veneered floating shelves to flank either side of the range. These shelves provide a stylish and easily accessible place to store daily dishes as well as another visual design element to highlight the cooking area. When choosing a storage system for your kitchen, consider your lifestyle and your preferred organizational style. Remember, your storage system will only work if you actually use it! A kitchen renovation or redesign is the perfect opportunity to integrate organization that will work seamlessly with your space and lifestyle. Our designers sit down with each client and discuss their needs to ensure that elements , such

Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI


as cabinetry, are thoughtfully designed to meet their family’s needs. Here are some things to consider: •

• • •

Off-the-rack cabinets come at a standard depth, but if you decide on custom cabinets, you can tailor them to maximize every inch of space. Ensure that they’re deep enough to accommodate small appliances, utensils, pantry items, and all your other kitchen essentials. Extend your cabinets to the ceiling to create even more storage space and add visual drama. This will draw the eye upward and accentuate the height of the space. Think about adding some extra hidden electrical outlets under the island. Use consistent tone in finishes for a streamlined look throughout.

LET’S TALK STYLE! The kitchen is a costly and very involved renovation, so I advise my clients to consider whether they want to go neutral or bold. When I think “neutral,” I see finishes and materials that will hold their aesthetic value for a long time, or even indefinitely. Just to be clear, “neutral” does not mean boring. Let’s dig into this one a bit further. When planning a kitchen renovation, you’ll quickly learn that there are some big-ticket items that you won’t want to change soon because of cost and convenience factors. For elements such as flooring, countertops, backsplash, cabinets, and major appliances, choosing a neutral style will extend the life of your selection in terms of style. When you’re feeling inspired by the trend du jour, you can add noncommittal visual interest by incorporating low-cost and easily installed updates, such as lighting, cabinet hardware, small appliances, and accessories. Black and white is a classic color combination that still has a strong modern sensibility. In this kitchen (pictured), the white provides that enduring neutral finish, while the black range hood and lower cabinets provide punctuation.

Design At Home | 79


SEE THE LIGHT! Lighting is indeed a functional element in the kitchen, but the right fixtures can also serve as striking focal points. Use your ambient, task, and accent lighting to highlight work areas and design features. Of course, a statement chandelier above the kitchen table or pendants suspended above the breakfast bar can be features in and of themselves! Each “zone” in your kitchen should have a dedicated light on a separate switch, including the prep area at the counter, cooktop, sink, breakfast bar, and kitchen table. Install dimmer switches to add even more function and set the right ambiance.


Ensure you hang your lights at the proper height. Pendants and chandeliers should sit three feet above the tabletop or counter, or six feet off the floor.

Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

There’s no doubt that the kitchen can be a busy place. When it’s just not working for your household anymore, it is time to look at the bigger picture. What do you really need and want? The right design has the power to simplify a hectic life, increase productivity, and ensure that the time you spend in a space with family and friends is as sweet as it can be. Work with a designer like me to ensure you’re maximizing your kitchen’s full potential—and, in turn, your own! 80

At Flooring America and Flooring Canada,we know that an elevated sense of style in your home starts with the floor. That’s why our experts have carefully selected ten of the most beautifully innovative products the flooring industry has to offer to include in our 2021 Style Watch. These ten products combine style, technology, and durability and span multiple categories of flooring. No matter where youwant to go with your style, start here.

Design At Home | 81



Paramount Plank in Scree by Galvanite

The color gurus at Pantone named Ultimate Gray as their pick for color of the year, and this is true when it comes to flooring. Wide luxury vinyl planks with the natural appearance of authentic hardwood in shades of gray will be hot this year because of their natural appearance, durability, and waterproof qualities, which make these planks a great choice for laundry rooms, playrooms, and other areas of a home where accidents are likely to occur.

2. FARMHOUSE CHIC. Farmhouse chic has been a huge trend when it comes to interiors and furnishings—and now the flooring industry offers amazing options that combine the distinct antique, well-worn look with modern technology. Luxury vinyl flooring (durable and made for high performance) that has a natural wood appearance with textured planks that look aged and worn will be a top option this year.

Millbourne in Moss by Downs H2O 82

3. DISTRESSED FOR SUCCESS. White weathering on genuine hickory hardwood emphasizes the natural beauty of this wood floor’s mineral streaks, knots, and natural character, making distressed a highly sought-after option for shoppers who want to create a modern space with a timeless vintage vibe.

Hazelbaker - Sliced Hickory White in Satori by Floorcraft Heritage Hardwood

12x24 Tower White Matte RV60 Floorcraft Ceramic Tile

4. SUPER-SIZED CERAMIC. Look for oversized, rectangular, stone-look ceramic tiles in light neutrals, like gray, white, and cream to be installed for those looking for flooring that marries style, durability, and efficiency.

5. LOVING LAMINATE. There are so many varieties of laminate that bring a distinct wood look into a room, but in the laminate category, watch for ashy browns that include unique graining and contrasting brown hues to rule.

Ash Grove Oak in Granite by Floorcraft Maysville Laminate

Design At Home | 83


6. WATERPROOF HARDWOOD. In 2020, the new generation of waterproof hardwood floors was one of the most significant new products in the industry—and the category shows no signs of slowing in popularity in 2021. Perfect for active homes with pets and kids, designs with unique wire-brushed finishes will maintain their reign.

Oceana Estate Oak in Upland by Aquadura


Hedon Plus in Soft Sage by Innovia Touch

When it comes to soft surfaces, consumers seek plushness, durability, and stain resistance, and that won’t change this year. What is predicted is a surge in slightly left-of-neutral nontraditional colors, particularly hues of sage.

8. PLAYING WITH PATTERN. What else is in the crystal ball when it comes to the carpet floorcast? Unique, striated patterns, highlighted by a loop-cut carpet, are ideal for homes looking for a touch of modern, contemporary, and industrial design. Shades of gray will again be prominently seen to complement the design. 84

Swagger in Pennicott by Resista 3.0


Why Me in Wind Swept by Tigressa Cherish

Hand in hand with the pattern prediction is the “statement” carpet. There are striking options in soft surface, from the beautiful movement of arabesque to distinctive elevated patterns that make a design statement from the ground up.

10. TALKING TEXTURE. Another soft surface trend in 2021 will be mixed texture in carpets. Loop-cut-loop provides a textured look that is both modern and masculine but also delivers durability, stain, and fade resistance.

For more information on Flooring America/Flooring Canada’s 2021 styles to watch, including details, product descriptions, and availability, please visit

Life of the Party in Corporate by Resista 3.0

Design At Home | 85





Sara Bederman Design

Michelle Berwick Design

Sara Bederman is the principal designer of Sara Bederman Design. For over a decade, her bespoke design firm has been known for creating stylish, thoughtfully curated, and livable interiors. The firm provides residential design services for projects of all sizes, including city homes, lakeside retreats, and country homes.

Award-winning designer Michelle Berwick is the principal and creative founder of Michelle Berwick Design—a boutique design firm with a small but mighty team specializing in residential and commercial interior design. For almost a decade, this notable firm has been sought after for providing livable, stylish, and uniquely personal interiors. @sarabstudio @michelleberwickdesign_



Christa Pirl Interiors

Kate + Co Design

Raised in New York City and Norway, Christa completed her design education at Parsons School of Design and Sotheby’s Institute. After working in Hawaii and New Zealand, Christa established her eponymous firm in Park City, Utah, where she creates contemporary, livable spaces inspired by her world travels as well as the stunning surrounding natural and local history.

Kate is the owner and principal designer of Kate + Co Design Inc, a multi-disciplinary interior design firm offering full-scale services for residential, corporate, and retail clients. With more than a decade in existence, the design firm is a wealth of ideas and experience and is currently working on a wide range of mid- to high-end residential and commercial projects spanning in scope from concept to completion. @christapirl @katecodesigninc



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“Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.” ~ Unknown ~

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Dillabaugh’s Flooring America donated $10,000 to PAWS RESCUE.

Goedecke Flooring and Design supports the Bedford Cross-Country Ski Club.

Merit Flooring, Kitchen and Bath volunteered at the Columbia County GA Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament.

Going above & beyond flooring Here’s just a small sample of how our stores have been supporting their local communities.

Carlson’s Flooring America delivered bottled waters to Six Mile Charter Academy students.

MDG Flooring America helped collect donations for the Medina County SPCA.

Great Southeast Flooring America has donated $45,000 in scholarships to high school seniors since the start of the program.

A-1 Flooring Canada helped Habitat for Humanity build homes for families in need.

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