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N° 93, Februar y 2018 - Price: €8 - Published 7 times a year - (Feb, March, May, July, Sept , Nov, Dec) Of fice of deliver y 9099 Ghent X , P911092, BC 31359 - Responsible Publisher: Filip De Ridder

Special: Top Polish companies focused on export Preview: of the Parquet Show EFWEX Ghent (BE)

Top Parquet Show



Review: Domotex Hannover (DE) Special: Outdoor floors : wood & composite

Preview: Domotex asia/ CHINAFLOOR

Special: Oil which can be lacquered

Introducing the first 1K oil that works like a 2K In case you missed it at Domotex, we proudly present WOCA Diamond Oil Active – the first 1K oil that works like a 2K. Perfect for those who appreciate an incredibly high level of quality when oiling wooden floors. Find out more at

POWERED BY ACTIVE HYPER CROSS LINKING© TECHNOLOGY protects and colours wood in one single treatment


Historical patterns in a new context: Aspecta ONE Ornamental combines fascinating overlay structures with attractive basic elements in a natural wood or stone look – creating floors with character and rooms full of atmosphere.


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INTERNATIONAL trade journal f or impor t , expor t , dis tr ibu tion and lay ing of par que t , laminate, cor k f loor ing and r elated pr oduc t s


N° 93, Februar y 2018 - Price: €8 - Published 7 times a year - (Feb, March, May, July, Sept , Nov, Dec) Of fice of deliver y 9099 Ghent X , P911092, BC 31359 - Responsible Publisher: Filip De Ridder

Special: Top Polish companies focused on export Preview: of the Parquet Show EFWEX Ghent (BE)

‘Oil gets the upper hand for its natural look’

Top Parquet Show



Review: Domotex Hannover (DE) Special: Outdoor floors : wood & composite

Preview: Domotex asia/ CHINAFLOOR

Special: Oil which can be lacquered

Introducing the first 1K oil that works like a 2K In case you missed it at Domotex, we proudly present WOCA Diamond Oil Active – the first 1K oil that works like a 2K. Perfect for those who appreciate an incredibly high level of quality when oiling wooden floors. Find out more at

POWERED BY ACTIVE HYPER CROSS LINKING© TECHNOLOGY protects and colours wood in one single treatment

ANN Floor Forum forside 0118.indd 1

26/01/18 14.51

Floor Forum International n° 93 February 2018 Photo Woca

4 Inside news 8 Preview EFWEX (Ghent BE) 18 Review Domotex (DE) 35 Special Glue guns and cartridges 37 Preview: Domotex asia/CHINAFLOOR 38 Special Producers of polyurethane adhesives 43 Special Oil which can be lacquered 47 Special New trends in vinyl, LVT and PVC floors 49 Special Outdoor floors : wood & composite 53 Special Top Polish companies focused on export 57 Industry news 58 Product news

In this journal we’ve often covered the rivalry between oil and lacquer when it comes to finishing and protecting parquet and wooden floors. Both finishes have their plus points and weak spots. ‘Today, oil is invariably in the lead,’ Ole Juul Kirkeby from Woca Denmark tells us. The Danish company exports to no fewer than 60 countries i.e. a ‘representative sample’. According to Ole Juul Kirkeby, the success of oil is all down to the fact that oil best preserves the natural beauty of the wood. He says, ‘After an oil treatment, you still get the feel, warmth, and aroma of the wood. Obviously, you don’t get that with a covering layer’. Systems in which oil and lacquer are combined are Ole Juul Kirkeby certainly making inroads, but mainly in commercial (Woca Denmark) applications. Ole Juul Kirkeby continues: ‘When traders design a shop or restaurant, for instance, it’s easy to get the look of an oiled floor, but they still want the protection and low maintenance of a lacquer. The fact that oil is highly popular is also confirmed by the fact that oil also has the upper hand with engineered floors (pre-finished). Makers such as Woca, who also supply industrial clients, also earn their piece of the pie there. Wax seems to be something of a ‘forgotten’ finish in this story. Ole Juul Kirkeby says: ‘Wax is used a lot less, but it is still available in some regions such as the UK, for instance.’ Oil also gets a huge boost from the strongly growing outdoor wood market. That market is ‘booming’ just about all over the world. Maintenance oil and colour oil for outdoors are selling very well everywhere. Depending on the type of wood, the use of a quality oil will have a direct effect on the lifespan of the terrace. He continues: ‘Less durable types of wood really do need protection.’ The growth of oil for outdoor wood obviously also applies to terraces, wooden wall cladding, and other outdoor uses. Even composites need maintenance. Ole Juul Kirkeby comments: ‘There’s no such thing as a maintenance-free terrace. Even composites, which are fairly dark in colour and fade or turn pale over time as a result of the sunlight, need treatment products. It all depends on the make-up of the composite, but even there we have solutions.’ And in this context ‘solutions’ is a better word than ‘products’. Woca Denmark showed off that other solution at Domotex, namely a single-component oil which can be used for wooden floors in commercial rooms. That’s where project managers often prefer to add an accelerator (2K) to reduce the drying time. This new oil finish from Woca Denmark takes away the need for an ‘unhealthy additive’. And so, it all revolves around ‘solutions’.

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∂ Inside news Trafil®- COVER RADIATOR

own bees, around 500.000 of them! Thanks to those bees, we can produce our own high quality honey, without any trace of toxic products. Because we are proud of our mission, we even changed our name to BASIN ChemEco, to remind ourselves and everyone around us to keep striving for a better environment. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on all our latest news.

Ciranova New distributor in Spain : expansion of international dealer network

Tube-shaped radiator cover is a safety barrier to protect people from crashing against radiators. This product is customizable. The tube-shaped structure is made of acrovinyl, non-toxic and fireproof PVC. The quality of the materials guarantees safety and stability. The distance between the vertical tubes ensures the impossibility to pass through the barriers. The hot air circulation is assured by the open structure. This product is self-extinguishing, environmentally-friendly and recyclable. High resistance against water and humidity are warranted. Recommended applications in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public places, in the children’s bedrooms and in the rooms where they play and wherever it is necessary to prevent injuries. Thanks to the openable fastening system it is easy to place and to remove for cleaning or maintenance. Use of neutral detergents are recommended.

Debal Coatings is proud to announce that with immediate effect, they have a new distributor in Spain, Company QUIDE. For 2 days Quide was following an intensive training program in the technical department of company Ciranova.


BASIN ChemEco nv starts off the new year with a positive vibe

BASIN’s mission is to downsize her ecological footprint. Not only do we produce ecological products, we also try to help out on other parts. Besides developing high quality and eco-friendly products, we keep our


Floor Forum International 93

The history of the Polish company LARECO dates back to the 1950s. For three generations we have been continuously developing our production, gaining experience, and striving for the highest possible quality in Poland. Our company’s name is derived from the Latin word – Lares which is the name of the protective god of the home and the happiness in the home, whereas the second element if the name is Eco, the ecological approach to the environment and our products.

∂ Inside news Today due to the plant’s modernization and investment in new technologies LARECO became one of the most versatile producer of the wooden floors in Europe. The perfectionism in floors production and knowledge of the newest world trends allowed the company LARECO to present the most unique and fine-spun collection of oiled and lacquered floors „Nature & Design” by LARECO in 2016. Including solid and engineered chevron, herringbone and boards patterns. While in 2017 we developed the “IMPERI Collection by LARECO”. The IMPERI collection stands for prestige, elegance and highest quality possible. It is a skill full fusion of a tradition, craftsmanship and an innovative look, as a result gives the presented patterns some timeless character. The collection includes wood tiles, Art Deco designs, geometrical floors, tumbled solid and engineered blocks, herringbone, chevron and boards patterns, structured floors e.g. planed or with saw marks, outstanding colours in Oak Wood, reclaimed Oak and American Walnut. Both of our collections come the highest quality finish in oil, stains or lacquer. We are proud of the fact that our wood decorates not only public use buildings but also palaces, private houses and flats all over the world. For the coming years the strategy of company’s development is to develop relations with our business partners, architects and designers, that allows us to be always one step ahead creating the innovative and original solutions for our Customers. We offer the fast service of pallets delivery all over the world. +48 85 655 34 46,


Floor Forum International 93

MEISTER Nadura: as hard as rock, yet as warm as wood.

With the innovative NADURA flooring, MEISTER has a type of flooring in its range that also shows its best side in projects, thanks to its modern

∂ Inside news look and endurance (class 34). From light concrete tones to authentic imitation wood, attractive colours in square formats are available at NADURA. Wood fibres and mineral materials are NADURA’s main components.Together with natural dyes and other added components, this new mixture of materials is compressed under high pressure and at high temperatures using innovative wood-powder technology. The result combines the best features of both components: the comfortable warmth of wood and the extreme durability of stone. The new MEISTER NADURA NQ 500 colours can be combined with one another to create an attractive multicolour effect. This ensures a wide range of design options that can be adapted to the requirements and tastes of the individual consumer.

label. This label is an umbrella for all applicable labels regarding the A+ label, M1, EC1+, BREEAM, and so much more. This label also includes annual internal quality inspections of our production processes, so that we can also confidently guarantee that we are ready for whatever the future will bring regarding emission regulations. That is reassuring, isn’t it?

Rubio Monocoat obtains Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Label As our client you are very important to us. We want you to be able to purchase our products with confidence. It is important to us that both the installer of the oiled floor and the end user are certain of a safe product with respect to emissions. In the development of our oil, we aimed for a product that contains 0% VOCs (Volatile Organic Substances), a requirement that was only regulated by legislature years later. Today, we are highlighting this engagement by being the first one in the sector to obtain the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold


Specialist in custom work!

Overlay Solid Engineered Pattern flooring And many other products !



+32 11 63 64 00

Floor Forum International 93


Preview EFWEX (Ghent BE)


Photo – Floor Forum International

The team from Floor Forum and Floor Forum International wishes you a healthy and successful 2018. Although the phrase ‘ healthy and successful’ refers primarily to ‘people’, it is equally important for companies and activities. Doing business healthily and successfully primarily means keeping abreast of current trends and offering products for which there is a real demand. Those products will be attractively presented at the forthcoming third edition of EFWEX, the only specialist trade fair for the sector of wooden floors and related products.


Floor Forum International 93

A stage for technology Everyone knows that parquet and wooden floors involve lots of technology. Fitting these floors is a ‘noble art’ which is founded on sound expertise. As in all other sectors, the speed of change is hitting home with unprecedented force. Technology is changing rapidly, and that applies in the fields of substrate preparation, glues, fastening techniques, types of wood, and finish techniques and products. It’s virtually impossible to follow the changes and innovations at close quarters. That’s exactly why the biannual meeting at EFWEX 2018 is so vitally important. The show will present all those innovations



Long-term relations must be maintained.

EFWEX is the best meeting forum with potential clients.



Show off all your references once again …

… And tell people what’s new; highlight your innovations!

Discover the Future of Floor & Wall solutions

For more information contact us via, +32 (0) 9 385 80 40 or

Preview EFWEX (Ghent BE)

for you. That will keep you up to date with the latest techniques and technology.

An introduction

But also for natural materials

EFWEX also nevertheless presents completely different forms of floor technology such as LVT and PVC or floors in rolls, classic vinyl, and linoleum. Since there is growing attention to all those floors on the market, attention will also grow considerably for exhibitors at EFWEX 2018!

ABETECHABRASIVES is one of the leading actors in the manufacture of abrasives and products for renovation, maintenance and soil treatments (parquet, wooden floors, concrete, natural stones…) in Belgium, We put our experience and know-how acquired over the years, serving professionals to advise you the best way possible and give your floorings a brand new life. Our full range of products including our new professional line and our FLOORTECH machines coupled with our own making workshop provide you flexibility and answer to any of your issues. Visit / for more infomation. Visit our stand: 8513.

Who are the exhibitors?

Abriso /Spea

Generally speaking, in the building and interior sector we are seeing a strong move towards natural materials. And so, wood is doing very nicely! That shows up in the growth of wooden floors, wooden terraces, and wooden wall cladding. However, wood-related materials or compositions of wood, such as laminate and some composites, are also making strides. Then you have those types of floors which are usually mentioned in the same breath as wooden floors, even though they are not actually made of wood. Cork is one example! Obviously, cork comes from a tree, but, strictly speaking, it isn’t wood, but wood bark. Cork has been making inroads into the interior for years. And what about bamboo? Bamboo does grow in forests, but it isn’t a tree. It’s a type of grass. Bamboo, too, has established a permanent place on the flooring market and several other markets.

‘Synthetic’ materials on standby

The exhibitors once again include manufacturers, importers, dealers, and wholesalers from the following sectors: parquet, laminate, vinyl, LVT, cork floors, bamboo floors, chemicals for floors (glues, lacquers, oils, cleaning and maintenance products, etc.), wooden wall cladding, wooden terrace floors, and professional tools for floor fitting and carpentry, and all players who are involved directly or indirectly in those segments. There will certainly be huge international attention from both exhibitors and visitors.

Innovative and enjoyable! The show takes place in Flanders Expo (Belgium) on 14, 15, and 16 March. Leading, and even famous figures from the chemical industry and, obviously, the parquet sector will be present. Exhibitors and visitors can enjoy an evening performance with dance and entertainment. Demonstration stands and a room for architects bring trends and techniques closer to the visitors. As in 2016, in the innovation corridor exhibitors can highlight their most innovative products. The central bar is supplemented by one additional bar. The catering is still completely free of charge.

SPEMI® is the trademark of the company Abriso LC , which specialises in laminating PE foam and transforming XPS foams . Abriso subfloors such as HD®, HDR® and Duo Act® , are known for their efficient contact sound insulation of Lin 10 dBa or higher and Lw 21 or more . All this under stress conditions , in accordance with the standards EN ISO 10140/ and 717/2NL. Other versions such as Spemi® 100/2 , Spemi® 200/3 or Abrifoam® 20/2 also reduce the walking sound considerably . Spemi Duo Act® is a material based on XPS with a density of about 100 kg/m³ and a limited Thickness of about 1.7 mm . Due to the mechanical strength the click joint is put under less stress and is therefore less likely to crack . With its limited built – in Thickness , it is suitable for floor heating and cooling . Due to the micro-perforation there is no extra vapour barrier. This product is supplied on sheets of 50/100 cm and is handily packed per 16 m². Visit our stand: 8807.

Why take part?

Basin ChemEco

Companies exhibit at EFWEX for all sorts of different reasons. Two main reasons are to attract new clients or even to approach an entire target group which is difficult to reach. Stimulating sales within existing target groups is obviously also an objective and demonstrations and personal discussions are obviously ideal means for doing that. Those means are obviously also suitable simply for informing consumers about new items and possibilities.

From the 14th until the 16th of March, BASIN will be represented at the European Floor & Wall Exhibition in Flanders Expo Ghent, at booth nr. 8833! With spring in sight, we would like to present you the renewed AQUADUX range, which is suited for (re)treating your garden furniture, cladding and other weathered wood. Swing by our booth and discover what BASIN, besides producing quality products, does to help nature. Give us a like on Facebook during your visit and receive a free hoppy beer made with our own honey, produced by our 500.000 bees, as a gift. BASIN, the brand with the bee: a dynamic future-oriented company with an environmental commitment. We are looking forward

We’re looking forward to it!



Floor Forum International 93

parquet floor layer. With the arrival of three new products in the past six months, huge strides have been made to achieve that goal. Visit our stand: 8812.


to meeting you at our booth! Visit our website and take a look on Facebook to be updated on all our latest news. Visit our stand: 8833.

Bichemie Coatings High-quality finish with the lacquers and oils of Trae Lyx

Everything that you can expect from the essential top protective coating of wooden floors is realised with the Trae Lyx products. Whether it concerns oil or lacquer, ultra matt or gloss, domestic or intensive use, a natural or vibrant colour, Trae Lyx always has the right product. At the EFWEX trade fair, you will find the Trae Lyx products at stand 8113 of Bichemie Coatings. In addition to products, the website provides a handy wood index that leads you step-by-step to the product for your specific application. Visit our stand: 8318.

Bijlard International

Bijlard International presents itself in Ghent In recent years, the adhesive manufacturer from Zoetermeer has been making a name for itself at home and abroad in order to give their FLOOR range the broadest possible exposure to the market. In addition to existing products such as MS FLOOR, Plintenkit (Skirting sealant) and Nadenlijm (Seaming glue), the range was expanded last year with: FLEXX FLOOR, which ensures creaking floors now are a thing of the past; GAP FILLER FLOOR, which quickly and easily resolves the hollows under glued flooring; and, since last January, the MS FLOOR BOOSTER. A revolutionary environmentally-friendly, superfast activator, which can be used by the professional and customer alike, resulting in huge time savings. By adding the activator to the MS FLOOR, drying time is reduced to 45 minutes. Floors can be glued in the morning and furniture returned to the room in the evening. In addition, the activator also ensures better/stronger crosslinking of the adhesive. Bijlard aims to develop products that add value to the professional


For more then 80 years, CIRANOVA’s knowlegde and expertise has established our reputation in the field of treatment and maintenance products for wooden floors and exterior wood. Thanks to our complete range, Ciranova is a leading supplier for the parquet layer and industrial parquet supplier. After the successful launch during the last editions of the new 1-coat oil UN1CO and the innovative lacquer range FORTICO with the oil-lacquer system UN1CO-FORTICO( application of the anti-scratch lacquer FORTICO on top of the 1-coat oil UN1CO), Ciranova will present this year 8 new colours in REACTIVE STAIN NT (New Technology). These 4 warm smoked stains and 4 grey aged stains are achieved by a completely new and unique concept. Reactive Stains NT are the perfect balance of chemistry and reactive dyes to work with the composition of the wood and the wood fibres, to give the wood an accelerated aged appearance. The full Ciranova range will be presented as well as demonstrations of the UV oil in combination with new industrial stains which enable us to achieve unique industrial finishes. We hope to welcome you on our stand N° 8327. In order to receive free-entrance cards, please register yourself on the website :

CSP Engineering

CSP Engineering will also be present on the 3rd edition of EFWEX with a stand. As developer of technology for the production of wooden flooring, the company is a certitude in Belgium, but also in several other European countries.Thread in everything that CSP Engineering does, is pro-active thinking together with the clients. Our internal Research & Development Center allows to create solutions which answer the specific and individual needs of producers of wood flooring boards. These are issues concerning the production, packing, stacking even up to the automatic filling of knots and cracks in parquet. Our slogan: 'Let's create your solution together!' Visit our stand: 8804.

Chimiver Panseri Chimiver the undisputed market leader in Italy as manufacturer of adhesives, lacquers, oils, outdoor and care maintenance for wooden floors will be present at EFWEX Ghent (B). It was in 1965 when Mr. Giovanni Panseri and his wife Franca established Chimiver, a small laboratory producing coatings for wood and parquet floors. And

Floor Forum International 93


Preview EFWEX (Ghent BE)

where Cimar is already situated: Kruisboog 39 B, 3905 TE Veenendaal, the Netherlands. Your direct contact is Mr. A.J. Maatkamp, product manager. Visit our stand: 8814.

Devomat Industries Devomat Industries puts the spotlight on her renewed professional product range: DevoNatural®. nowadays well known in Eurore and worldwide. Chimiver is run by the two sons Oscar and Nevio who, with their distinctive but complementary skills have brought to the company new development, strategies and ambitious goals. Today Chimiver produce complete lines of products for different types of flooring: parquet, resilient, resin and outdoor. Innovative solutions and continuous investments have enabled Chimiver to be present today in more than 60 countries all around the world. CHIMIVER IS LOOKING FOR AN IMPORTER AND DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE BELGIUM MARKET. Visit our stand 8625.

De Somer With the WOOD 4 U collection you bring the authenticity and warmth of reclaimed wood into your interior. WOOD 4 U offers a variety of boards, mosaics and slates with 3D effect in different types of wood. All wall coverings are handmade and no chemicals are used out of respect for our environment. For projects, customized solutions are possible and together we look for that unique look for, for example, store or restaurant chains. Characterful Barnwood planks and multi-layer panels suitable for numerous interior applications complement the collection beautifully. Visit our stand: 8325.

Decorad On-site UV & Conveyorized LED UV

In the different flooring segments like wood, resilient and concrete, the market of on-site UV is rapidly growing. Based on the advantages (downtime reduction, top quality, eco friendly and easier to clean) a rising number of floor owners recognize these big benefits. Many projects lend itself to use the Time saving on-site UV systems, like hospitals, shops, shopping centers, schools, warehouses, airports, restaurants, hotels, bars and others. DecoRad is specialized in on- site UV curing equipment and offers a complete range, however you can also contact us for conveyorized units, where we focused towards LED UV curing. DecoRad has been taken over by MvE Invest bv under which Cimar Electronics bv operates as well. In order to improve the operational effectiveness, DecoRad has moved to the same building


Floor Forum International 93

With its EFWEX participation, DevoNatural strengthens its established value for the parquet professional, in Belgium and abroad. Next to the DevoNatural line, Devomat Industries presents its complete Devo® product range: parquet glues, primers, sanding materials and sanding machines. Our stars of the show are the well-regarded Devo Master 3D sanding machine, Devo DustMaster, Devo Geardisc and Devo Fiberpad.In addition, Devomat will introduce some innovating new products on EFWEX! Visit our stand: 8635.

Exclusive Plint

Our young and fresh organization responds to the market by supplying an exclusive and high-quality product, where convenience and service are central. Our skirts, 22 models and 92 sizes, are available in MDF, Hardwood, Pine, Meranti and Oak. We also produce costum work. All our products are primed twice, prepainted and finished in all possible RAL colours, and up to lenghts of 4.88 meters! For more information you can always contact us or visit us at the trade fair ‘EFWEX’ in Ghent, Belgium on the 14th, 15th and/or 16th of March. Visit our stand: 8619.

Flamingo Parket At the EFWEX we will be showcasing our standard collections along with all new additions to our very popular Raftwood series. These new additions are based on reactive stains which are then finished with high quality oils. The result is a collection with very on-trend colours. When these processes are applied to our Raftwood floors, it creates an unparalleled appearance which is entirely new to the market. During the last year Flamingo Parquet have invested heavily in a number of production upgrades including a start –of –the –art spray machine which guarantees an extremely high quality of finish and workmanship. Visit our stand: 8423.

FSC Belgium The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management. The FSC label guarantees that a timber product is coming from well managed forests that are managed according to strict social,

Take advantage of our promotion at the beginning of this year and become part of the large reader family of the magazine Floor Forum International:

* s o r u e 9 4 r per yea ues for 7 iss


R 8 l at na VE F 5 io it rnat NO ooth Vis te B In AN 3 m H all 1 ru Fo EX ) H or T 8 O 01 M .2 O .01 D /15 2


INTERNATIONAL trade journal f or impor t , expor t , dis tr ibu tion and lay ing of par que t , laminate, cor k f loor ing and r elated pr oduc t s

N° 92, December 2017 - Price: €8 - Published 7 times a year - (Feb, March, May, July, Sept , Nov, Dec) Of fice of deliver y 9099 Ghent X , P911092, BC 31359 - Responsible Publisher: Filip De Ridder

Special: Top Belgian companies focused on export EFWEX: Your key to new markets !

UNILIN sets new standards for


Top Parquet Show


14|16.03.2018 Book your booth now:

New watertightness tests, representative of real-life situations, guarantee that its laminate floors are fully waterproof.

Preview: Domotex Hannover (DE)

Special: Wooden walls = extra business for floor fitters

Special: Producers of ecological adhesives

Special: Parquet for renovation projects

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1/12/2017 11:17:12

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air tF ue arq eP



INTERNATIONAL trade journal f or impor t , expor t , dis tr ibu tion and lay ing of par que t , laminate, cor k f loor ing and r elated pr oduc t s

Our magazine, that is distributed all over the world, targets professionals from the floor coverings sector and the wooden façade claddings. Floor Forum International, that from its start focussed on parquet floors both indoor and outdoor, every year aims at informing its readers about the newest trends and novelties. In it, among other things, you read all about trends and innovations for parquet floors, and this in all kind of wood species, vinyl, LVT, PVC, wooden façade claddings, glues, varnishes, subfloors, deckings,… For more than 11 years already, Floor Forum International is appreciated by all the major players in the sector, who help determine the contents of the magazine thanks to their novelties that are accompanied by the necessary explanation. In every edition, the magazine singles out one particular country. In doing this, the readers not only discover the sociopolitical history of that country, but at the same time are also informed about the economic potential for what wood is concerned.



N° 91, November 2017 - Price: €8 - Published 7 times a year - (Feb, March, May, July, Sept , Nov, Dec) Of fice of deliver y 9099 Ghent X , P911092, BC 31359 - Responsible Publisher: Filip De Ridder

Special: Top Italian companies focused on export Preview: Domotex Hanover (DE)

Advertorial: Cornilly Wooden Floors (BE) presents…

Kaneka MS Polymer™ Special:Producers of silane adhesives

Your premium polymer of Choice for Parquet and LVT adhesives

Are you an installer of parquet floors or a timber trader, an importer, a distributor, a wholesaler, a carpenter with employees, an agent, an interior architect, an interior designer, a decorator, a manager of a shop specializing in decoration, an entrepreneur in the world of construction or a manufacturer…? If this is the case, our magazine is an exceptionally good source of reference for you.

Advertorial : Devomat (BE)

Special : Producers of Hungarian point and Herringbone parquet : solid and multilayer

If you want to take a subscription, all you need to do is send an email to info@media-pact. com. You can also surf to the header ‘Subscribe’ on the website of Floor Forum International :

Subscribe right away and become part of our family of professionals to stay informed about the trends and novelties in the sector of floor coverings and wood façades, deckings, finishing products,… Become part of the large family of the sector of the wooden floor coverings, vinyl and PVC and the wooden façade claddings, thanks to the most popular magazine in the sector in Europe. Take a subscription right away and enjoy our promotional price of 49 euros*. * 79 euros per year for dispatching outside Europe

Preview EFWEX (Ghent BE)

environmental and economic criteria. Worldwide close to 200 million ha of forests are FSC certified and over 55.000 companies have FSC certification. The availability of FSC certified timber products is continuously rising. At the booth of FSC Belgium, you can get information on certification and the opportunities this can bring. Visit our stand: 8618.

Gascogne Bois Gascogne Bois is one of the main French manufacturer of decorative wood solutions for interior or outdoor.

Specialist in solid Maritime Pine wood, Gascogne Bois offers a wide range of panelling (unfinished & decorative) but also, a large choice of flooring parquet (unfinished and decorative). Outdoor products are also available with a premium quality decking range (terrace boards). Gascogne Bois offers a range of qualitative, innovating and sustainable products. Gascogne Bois has its own facilities to integrate and control the whole production process: from forest management, saw milling, planing/profiling up to surface finishing. The entire range is certified PEFC/FSC. Visit our stand: 8821.

HWZ International AG

HWZI is part of the Kuratle Group, a family business formed in 1955 and now the biggest wood and building material trader in Switzerland. With 750 employees in Europe and South Africa, the group achieves a turnover of about 500 million euros, including 45 million euros from HWZI. HWZI was one of the first companies to start distributing vinyl floors. In 2017, they imported over 1800 containers. The whole of Europe is supplied from the central warehouse in Germany. SLY is a new standard in vinyl, with widths of 220 and 300mm and three different widths in one pack. There are 20 handsome designs. Herringbone and tiles (60 x 60mm) are the latest products. In 2017, they started on the distribution of INDO 3D decorative wall panels in teak, walnut, and driftwood. There are now 34 standard designs in stock. DIAMOND 100% root teak is undoubtedly the best-seller.Delivery within two to five working days in Europe. DOING BUSINESS WITH HWZ International means: Swiss reliability – Financially very strong -.Quality products – Big


Floor Forum International 93

stocks – Very fast carriage paid delivery. Visit our stand: 8435.

Hesse Lignal Hesse Lignal was founded in 1910 and today, it is a worldwide player within the world of coatings. Innovation has always been Hesse’s drive while developing products, already for more than a century. Those years of know-how contributed to the fact Hesse has specialized as no other company in the fields of wood and glass finishing products, targeting both the modest entrepreneur and the major industry customer. By means of our tried systems, we offer every customer solutions that are made to measure. Also in the field of parquet finishing, we are pioneeringly active by means of our systems and for several decades already, we have been striving to produce and bring to market environmentally friendly products. That is why we want to put the spotlights onto a number of novelties – besides our well-known parquet finishing products – during the coming EFWEX days. Besides our new selection vintage and cottage colours, that boasts a multitude of finishing possibilities, we will also present our new innovation product “the invipro oil” to the interested target audience. We are at your disposal during this edition of EFWEX to guide you in our world of pioneering finishing possibilities. You find us on stand 8829.

Inpa Parket INPA Parket is a Dutch company with offices in Paraguay and Bolivia (South America). INPA import, export, and manufacture parquet and floorboards for over 40 years. They take care of the entire process themselves, from extracting the wood to delivering the end product. From their headquarters at Bergen op Zoom (NL) they sell and supply directly almost all products to Europe, America, and Japan. Large volumes are supplied directly from the parquet factory in Paraguay. Apart from the South American wood sorts from their (FSC certified) forests in Bolivia and Paraguay, they supply European wood sorts (PEFC approved). Visit our stand: 8836.

Houtbedrijf Kerkhofs Houtbedrijf Kerkhofs regards EFWEX 2018 as a vitally important trade fair for reaching clients from the Belgian, Dutch, and English markets, where they achieve most of their turnover. Where they are still very strong is in manufacturing customised parquet. Think here of herringbones, Hungarian points, style panels, and plank floors. And so, they plan to exhibit this

extensively at the show. Their stand will certainly be worth visiting. Apart from the production of traditional parquet floors, they can also supply composite parquet in various thicknesses, width sizes, patterns, and types of wood. They can also manufacture terrace planks and supply all related articles from their wholesale business. Visit our stand: 8523.

Osmo 140 Years’ Experience in Wood and Wood Finishes EFWEX 2018: Osmo also focus on an (international) fair presence in their anniversary year Ghent, March 2018 – (fpr) from the 14 to 16 March, the EFWEX in Ghent, Belgium will open its doors to visitors. Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG will also be presenting at the European trade fair for flooring and walls as one of the leading vendors in this area. As a strong partner for the industry and tradesman, Osmo impresses with their finishing systems that protect high-wear flooring and furniture sustainably and are fast in application. At Stand 8418, the specialists for wood and finishes present their wide product range for interior and exterior use. Clear live demonstrations show, in particular, the countless possibilities to treat wooden flooring. Whether Polyx®-Oil Original or one of seven tinted variations, Wood Wax Finish or Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin – hardly any limitations are set on individual design. All products in the Osmo range are integrated with each other: the customer gets everything they need for professional wood surface treatment from one source. Visit our stand: 8418.

The PEFC label on wood products Any wood products can potentially be labelled with the PEFC logo which certifies that the wood of which the products is made originates from sustainably managed forests (i.e. a forest management which is simultaneously environmentally, economically and socially viable). The PEFC certification system enables the traceability of the timber and wood flows, from the forests to the consumers. Controls are made by independent third-party auditors in the forests as well as in the companies transforming the timber. There are almost 20.000 PEFC certified companies in the world today, of which more than 480 in Belgium . Visit our stand: 8732.

pgb-Europe pgb-Europe was founded in 1956, the company grew to one of the leading enterprises in fasteners in Belgium, constantly focusing both on quality and service. pgb has its own production facility in Vietnam where our wood screws are produced under own supervision. In 2016 pgb-Europe has taken over the brand Hapax. Hapax is known

for its high-quality solution for invisible fastening of wooden decks, Hapax Fixing Pro. In addition to this innovative system Hapax also has a revolutionary system for visible fastening of wooden decks, called Hapax D-Pro. Thanks to the ecological screw foundation Hapax Rock, it's no longer necessary to use concrete foundations during the construction of wooden decks. The diverse range of Hapax wedges and tools will help you to construct wooden decks accurate, fast and professional.Meanwhile pgb-Europe has more than 25.000 fasteners in stock. With the focus on high-quality products, we are one of the most prominent market leaders of fasteners in the Benelux. Visit our stand: 8320.

Plinten en Profielen Centrale Everything for floors under one roof – happy to deliver! PPC has floors in wood, laminate, and PVC, edge finishes, and fitting, finish, and maintenance products. In short, PPC is a complete supplier with excellent service. Over 10,000 articles can be delivered from the stock and ordered 24/7 online via Everything is packed per order, delivered free of charge on set delivery days, and there’s a good returns policy. Do you prefer to order by telephone? No problem! Our staff are ready to take your call on + 31-(0)343-432-321. Visit the stand, which has skirting boards, profiles, and stair renovation! Visit our stand: 8723.

Rigo Verffabriek SKYLT, matchless since 15 years Today's consumer prefers a most natural look for her (or his!) parquet floor. A treatment with wax or oil is often advised, but an oil or wax finish does not give the same level of protection and ease of care as a lacquer finish. SKYLT invisible parquet lacquer saves the natural radiation of the naked wood and gives an excellent protection against wear and stains. By its lightly pale and

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Floor Forum International 93


Preview EFWEX (Ghent BE)

unique ultra-matt aspect, SKYLT gives a fine natural radiance. The floor looks untreated, just sanded. In the Netherlands, SKYLT has been a household word for many years. For a true untreated look the professional's choice will be SKYLT by RIGO Verffabriek. Half way the seventies of the previous century RIGO Verffabriek (founded 1938 in IJmuiden, the Netherlands) started the development and production of water-based Polyurethane floor lacquers. As a result of this pioneer work, RIGO introduced back in 1978 their RIGO PU Parquet Lacquer and RIGO PU Cork Lacquer, the first water-borne PU lacquers on the international market. Visit RIGO Verffabriek and SKYLT at the EFWEX fair and convince yourself. Visit our stand: 8825.

Rubio Monocoat Rubio Monocoat King of Colours, soon at EFWEX.


addition to anyone's catalogue! Make sure to visit us at the Silvafloors stand. Visit our stand: 8816.

STAKI STAKI manufactures a wide assortiment of SOLID oak floorboards, 2-layer ENGINEERED parquet and TOP-LAG flooring for underfloor heating. TOP-LAG – top quality parquet, exclusively made of oak wood, with the thickest top layer – 6 mm. Just 14 mm thickness of floorboard guarantees the best thermal conductivity. A wide selection of high quality unfinished, pre-finished and finished floors – from vintage to pure modern. • Long-lasting and durable floors; • Natural materials; • Modern surface textures and colours; • Reliable delivery terms; • 20 years quality; • made in Lithuania. Choose your dream floors! Visit our stand: 8621.

Thomsit A powerful brand in floor technology

Rubio Monocoat is the King of Colours; that is an indisputable fact at EFWEX. The booth is immersed in an explosion of all our available colours on wood, on various types of wood and with various types of finishing, for both interior and exterior applications. Make sure to visit our large demo table and extra demo booth, where our experts have lots of tips to share with you and where you can find out for yourself how easy it is to use our products. Or are you particularly interested in that other innovation: the Rubio Monocoat LED Oil? We are excited to show you the on-site options for instant curing of the RMC LED Oil, using the accompanying LED-curing units. Enough talk: we’ll see each other soon at EFWEX, booth 8321. Visit our stand: 8321.

Silvafloors Silvafloors specialises in supplying treated parquet flooring. We distinguish ourselves with our exclusive colour options, which can fit in any home or interior setting.All of our parquet floors are colored and treated using professional methods to ensure their strong durability. As a result, the maintenance requirements are much less for the end customer! Silvafloors uses composite parquet flooring on birch plywood, always with a top layer of either 4 or 6 mm. We can apply this on planks from 18 to 30 cm - on herringbone, Hungarian point or Versaille panels. At the Efwex trade show, we will be introdcuing our new colours which will be a great


Floor Forum International 93

Thomsit has been one of the most well known trademarks in floor technology for over 70 years. With a wide range of products from preparation of the substrate and levelling of the floor to glueing and fastening the most diverse floor covering materials, Thomsit offers professional users optimal performances, reliability, and safety. Moreover, Thomsit partners also benefit from perfect support in planning and completing projects. The basis of good advice is permanent sharing of experience with floor fitters and traders. In practice, proven, innovative, and extensively tested systems always yield perfect results. The staff from Thomsit are coming to EFWEX in the hope of meeting floor and parquet fitters. That will give them the opportunity to explain how Thomsit can support floor fitters with their 70 plus years of experience and high-quality flooring systems, which ensure a perfect result. Visit our stand: 8519.

Tip Top schuurmaterialen Good quality for a competitive price In March 2018, Tip Top abrasive materials will take part in the EFWEX in Ghent for the second time. "You can see that the number of requests has increased as a result of the participation in the exhibitions in recent years and the visibility in the media," says Ronald Knip. "And why not; Tip Top delivers top quality, a competitive price and personal service. Tip Top already has many customers in the Netherlands, this year the goal is to add more Belgian relations to this. We are convinced that we can offer Belgian customers

added value”.From the large warehouse in the Netherlands, most products can be supplied directly from stock to the clients, often within 2 days in Belgium. Tip Top supplies all kinds of abrasive materials from A-brands such as Norton, Mirka, Jöst and Awuko as well as oil, varnish, polishing pads and maintenance products from Floorcoat for wooden floors. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your parquet products, you are welcome to visit our stand. Visit our stand: 8819.


Visit them at booth 8822.


Visit them at booth 8742.


Trivec Trivec is presenting the new Trivec Scraper machine at EFWEX. This new machine is designed with programmable ‘scraping heads’ which make it possible to get a hand-scraped wooden surface in one movement. With the new Scraper machine, the Trivec Cross Cutter (fine-sawn effect), the Vintage machine (distressed effect), and the many Trivec brush structure machines, all options are there for a personalised wood pre-treatment before applying a finish with (reaction) stains, oils, or lacquers. Visit our stand: 8605.

Visit them at booth 8626.

Sika Belgium

Visit them at booth 8842.


Yepp Over the years YEPP has been a reliable partner for the timber and flooring specialist and this for a complete range of high quality wooden floors and their accessories. For this reason YEPP has chosen for high quality and innovative partners. Besides our own brands in parquetry such as Doubly, and solid ORIGINAL we also distribute the Swiss BAUWERK, and the laminate- parquetry- and vinyl flooring of QUICK-STEP and PARADOR and M-FLOR. Since a few months we also distribute the innovative product CORETEC . In accessories we have a complete range of finishing products and UZIN and STAUF glues and also abrasives and lots of skirtings and PARKETTFREUND profiles. Since last year we have expanded our range with solid oak stair steps and panels fabricated on demand and of course also wooden exterior wall cladding with different profiles and solid decking. We can also offer 3D wall panels WOWood and Starwall ! Come and discover our range and possibilities on our stands 8535!


Visit our stand 8420.

Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland

Visit them at booth 8729.

Lamett Europe

Visit them at booth 8606.

Floor Forum International 93



Domotex (DE)

DOMOTEX HANNOVER IS BEHIND US CHANGES TO THE CONCEPT WERE WARMLY RECEIVED the new ‘My Domotex Shuttle’ service ‘to get around’ was most welcome.

‘Unique Youniverse’

Photo – Booth Floor Forum International

The central theme of the show was ‘UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE’ with a strong focus on the growing trend towards individualisation in the interior. That theme was reflected everywhere, not least in the brand-new initiative in Hall 9: an inspirational walk through trends, innovation, and lifestyle. Amongst other things, this section housed the exhibition ‘Framing Trends’, an exhibition where both established companies and successful newcomers and artists made a link to the main theme. Visitors here were treated to four zones where they could familiarise themselves with outof-the-box ideas. The exhibition successfully created a strong interaction with visitors. In the ‘Flooring Spaces’ zone players from the flooring sector turned out some extraordinary products to fit in with the trend of individualisation. Furthermore, interior designers provided some inspirational rooms in the ‘Living Spaces’ zone. In the ‘Now Thinkers’ zone students and young designers redefined the concept of interior design. Finally, the ‘Art & Interaction’ zone illuminated the main theme from the world of art and design with a good dose of multimedia.

Some figures Whenever an event which has enjoyed long-term success and has grown year by year reaches an anniversary, an ‘embellishment’ is usually called for. That certainly inspired Deutsche Messe to implement some refined changes to the configuration of the 30th edition of Domotex Hannover. More transparency in the range, a comfortable routing for visitors, and, finally, a separate zone where exclusivity and creativity were linked to the central theme: ‘The unique environment’. Design and art formed the connecting theme without losing sight of the essence. The ‘clients’ were happy.

An instructive walk No one will deny that Domotex is an exhausting trade fair for visitors who want to ‘get a taste’ of everything. The vast range and the huge surface area of the show mean that a scouting tour is certainly more demanding than an ordinary ‘walk’. On this occasion, Domotex wanted to do something about that, and the organisers certainly succeeded. The halls were whisked together so that related products were within reach of each other in a new and logical harmony. Halls 2 to 4 exhibited the world’s biggest range of hand-made carpets. In halls 5 to 7 visitors were treated to a unique range of mechanically woven carpets. Hall 8 showed off the latest carpet creations from the most innovative designers and trademarks. Flexible floors and vinyl tiles were accommodated in halls 11 and 12. Halls 12 and 13 housed parquet, wooden floors, and laminate. At the same time, hall 13 also provided an overview of the latest floor applications and installation products and systems. That visitors could rely on


Floor Forum International 93

Dr. Andreas Gruchow (of Deutsche Messe’s managing board) believed that the success of the show was reflected in the increase in the number of exhibitors, the high visibility for visitors, an abundance of innovations, and the successful atmosphere in all halls. The figures confirm it. 1,615 exhibitors accounted for 106,000m² of exhibition space and welcomed 45,000 visitors from over 100 countries. Over 65% of the visitors were from abroad (60% from Europe, 25% from Asia, and 11% from the USA). The visitor profile saw a strong increase in the numbers of interior businesses, architects, designers, and contractors.

Success of Framing Trends The special exhibition ‘Framing Trends’ in hall 9 illuminated the central theme of UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE in the best possible way. Exhibitors, young designers, and artists used Framing Trends to explore the theme of ‘individuality’ in 20 different styles. This opened up a world of inspiration. Framing Trends presented an attractive summary of what the show had to offer. It was clear to the organisers that this special exhibition should continue to be a permanent fixture at future editions of Domotex also because Framing Trends covered the entire spectrum of floor coverings.

Floor Forum International Domotex has been a major forum for most exhibitors and visitors for many years. It is still the meeting point of supply and demand in the world of floor coverings; you could call it a ‘Floor Forum’. At this thirtieth edition, too, the stand of your trade

journal was an oasis of informative respite for both visitors and exhibitors. Typically ‘Belgian’, you could say, a term which evoked a whole series of characteristics for many. Pleasure lovers, a country of ‘good taste’, a people who link the pleasant to the necessary, flamboyant personalities who have always been diplomats, negotiators, and intermediaries. All those feelings came back to life at the Floor Forum stand. A Belgian pub where you could enjoy a glass of blond Leffe and a freshly cut slice of quality Italian ham and share thoughts with others. It was also a place to forge plans, make arrangements, and conclude deals, but in an atmosphere briefly detached from pure business. And believe it or not, over the years, the Floor Forum stand has been a place where lots of long-term friendships have sprouted and blossomed. Talk about ‘durable’ glue.

Hannover Fairs USA presents … A few days before the start of the 30th Domotex Hannover, Hannover Fairs USA announced the launch of DOMOTEX USA, which will focus on the American residential flooring market. The show will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, from 28 February to 2 March next year (2019) in the Georgia World Congress Centre.

Whom did we meet? Adesiv For Adesiv, Domotex 2018 once again offered us the opportunity to meet our customers from both Italy and abroad, strengthen our friendly relations with our partners and present our new products, first and foremost our new range of GOLD LINE silane and bicomponent adhesives, which have attracted considerable interest thanks to their HIGH-PERFORMANCE features.The numerous visitors naturally included potential new customers, demonstrating that the fair in Hannover – although no longer unanimously popular with exhibitors – remains able to attract qualified operators in the sector. We look forward to seeing our followers in Shanghai for Domotex Asia 2018. You’ll find us at stand A01 in pavilion E4.

Aspecta The stand of Aspecta BV, the Netherlands-based sales department of the American Vertex Group, attracted a great deal of attention from fair visitors. Given the enormous power of attraction of the exclusive decors of the LVT Aspecta One and Aspecta One Ornamental ranges, this is not surprising. The unique combination of technique and decoration offered by Aspecta Ten also fascinated guests. Aspecta One consists of 46 trend-setting tiles and planks in colours that are able to find their place in every type of space. The assortment of reliefs creates authentic, eye-catching textures that

emphasise the natural details of the designs. The overprint designs with the Aspecta One Ornamental line add another dimension. The great diversity of forms, colours and life really comes alive here. The technical construction as well as the power of attraction... that is what Aspecta Ten is all about. When you look under the beautiful surface of an Aspecta Ten floor, you will discover its ideal basis: ISOCORE technology. The 5 mm ISOCORE base is produced with an extruded vinyl construction with closed cells which makes it strong and stiff yet incredibly light. this makes Aspecta Ten extremely durable, easy to install and 100% waterproof.

ABETECH-ABRASIVES ABETECH-ABRASIVES is one of the leading actors in the manufacture of abrasives and products for renovation, maintenance and soil treatments (parquet, wooden floors, concrete, natural stones…) in Belgium. We put our experience and knowhow acquired over the years, serving professionals to advise you the best way possible and give your floorings a brand new life. Our full range of products including our new professional line and our FLOORTECH machines coupled with our own making workshop provide you flexibility and answer to any of your issues. Visit / for more infomation. ABETECH Team

Auer Metallprofile Auer Metallprofile, your german profile specialist, has its product spectrum expanded in the fields of aluminum profiles, stainless steel products and expansion gap profiles; and presented all news at the Domotex in Hannover. From now on, in addition to the product range, 5 new aluminum profiles and 3 new special expansion profiles can be applied in different variants by professional fabricators. Additionally, the Auer team is also able to produce customized products out of stainless steel, brass and aluminum. These include, among others, lettering and logos, for example, engraved corner protection angles, matt information sign to stainless steel plates, coats of arms of customers on stainless steel plates or mobile phone holder with laser-engraved customer logos. There are endless possibilities.

BLANCHON Technical and decorative solutions!

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Professionals visited the Blanchon stand in great numbers to find out about the new innovations for 2018. Visitors, especially the wood floor manufacturers, appreciated the numerous new colours that were introduced, particularly our

Floor Forum International 93



Domotex (DE)

aged-look examples that we have created with our UV and oxidative oils and reactive colours. For use on the construction site, Blanchon introduced the Solid Oil™ + Intensiv® concept; here we combine the decorative appearance of an oil with the performance of a lacquer. This is a decorative solution that is suitable for high-traffic areas. Thanks to its new formula, Belmont wood floor lacquer is the most resistant product of its kind on the market and is unrivalled when it comes to areas subject to public traffic. With its specialised production facility, Blanchon makes its Briançon line of wood filler solutions for the wood floor industry. This includes an entire series of mastic products in powder or ready-to-use form.

year the stand had a completely new look and truly innovative design. Domotex was only the first trade show of 2018. We now have a date at the NWFA wood flooring expo in Tampa on April 12 and 13 as well as May 30-June 1 at the Carrefour du Bois in Nantes.

Bostik One with the expert! Bostik was in attendance at Domotex 2018. At a 140m² stand and under the motto ‘one with the expert’, they exhibited various product and process innovations for both preparing the substrate and glueing floor coverings such as parquet and others

B-Fix The B-Fix team looks back on the recent Domotex Hannover with great enthusiasm. In addition to welcoming its existing customers, B-Fix made it a top priority to expand its network of dealers at the show. The 2018 show was a treasure trove which yielded not only numerous but high-quality business contacts. This can more than likely be attributed to the fair preparations made down to the smallest details and several years of experience attending the fair. This

ingeniously and elastically. Bostik Pure Style During the show, Bostik’s stand included the new design concrete look concept. With just three products, Bostik has developed a concept for making a splendid and modern concrete design floor. It is available in four different shades of grey. Perfect substrate preparation Over time, a damp substrate can cause problems for a floor. And so, it’s essential to measure the damp in the substrate and, if necessary, treat it with a damp screen so that it doesn’t have any further effect on the

Care and Maintenance

products for your floors

lacquered wood

oiled wood





Floor Forum International 93





end result. Bostik has developed a new product for this purpose, namely Bostik HYTEC IQ. This is a 1-component damp screen based on AXIOS Tri-linking Technology, which yields a fast-working and durable elastic damp screen. Glueing PVC, LVT, linoleum, and rubber design floors Another novelty which Bostik presented during Domotex was Bostik ELASTOSTIK XTREM. This is a top quality elastic glue based on AXIOS Trilinking Technology, with which PVC, LVT, linoleum, and rubber floors can be glued perfectly. This glue also performs excellently in situations with higher thermal and mechanical pressures. New range of assembly and seal products Finally, Bostik also presented some new acrylates, silicones, PU foams, and assembly glues which can be used for just about any glueing and sealing chore in and around the house.

CARVER Italian aesthetics! Carver, which has specialised in products for the installation and treatment of parquet flooring for over 60 years, was on hand at DOMOTEX, where it exhibited at the stand of Blanchon, the group it joined in 2015. The trade fair attracts a number of

non-European visitors from markets in which Carver has been active in for years and are crucial for the future of its export business. The professionals we met recognised the value of our products, particularly our water-based finishes OMEG-ART, EPSILON and BOREAL, which were developed to minimise solvent emissions while simultaneously improving the aesthetic appearance and durability of the wood. Alongside these products, Carver features a range of oils oriented towards different market segments: NORDIK, PRIMOL TURBO, GREENOL PLUS and GREENOL HD. These enhance the natural beauty of the wood and allow for countless decorative effects. Products used to treat and strengthen exterior wood include EXTEROL 050 and DECK PROTECT.

Chimiver Chimiver is an Italian producer of complete lines of products for different types of flooring: parquet, resilient, resin and outdoor. CHIMIVER lauched the brand new look of his original Care Line, unveiling the innovative and charming packaging, caps, labels as well as the futuristic display with LCD monitor running company videos, cleaning demos and Care Line Point images. That is the outcome of a long and accurate observation of

Filling technology for wood flooring MACHINED FILLING OF KNOTS IN PARQUET



High quality ďŹ lling result Reduction of labour costs High production capacity Just 1 operator Wood ďŹ ller ready for use Available in 6 colors

Visit us at the Floor Fair EFWEX (Ghent/BE), booth 8804 CSP Engineering bvba

Stenehei 30/10

Tel: +32 14 37 77 52

B-2480 Dessel (Belgium)

Floor Forum International 93



Domotex (DE)

the most advanced worldwide marketing and merchandising methods, representing a unique sales tools for innovative showrooms willing to offer a quality service to final customers who will be able to chose cleaning and sanitizing products for wooden floors (both lacquered and oiled), for laminate, vinyl, LVT, resin, and ceramic surfaces and outdoor decking.

Debal Coatings/Ciranova SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF OUR REACTIVE STAINS NT AT DOMOTEX Following the international success of Ciranova, we attended Domotex this year with a new and modern booth showcasing our new range of Reactive Stain New Technology colours in our eye-catching “black box”. Our 4 warm brown colours and 4 trendy grey shades were stylishly presented and finished with UV-Oil extra matt. Many visitors were convinced that the samples were not finished, achieving our desired effect of a natural unfinished look.Our Oil-Lacquer system also proved to be very popular. This is where our anti-scratch Fortico 2C is applied on top of our one-coat oil UN1CO to produce a floor that has the look of oil with the high mechanical and chemical resistances of lacquer. The finish can be maintained with a minimal amount of effort meaning that the floor looks fresh for years to come.Ciranova proves once more during Domotex their leadership in developing unique stains and natural finishes.

CSP Engineering CSP Engineering looks extremely satisfied back to their participation on Domotex. The Belgian machine developer and producer presented their latest innovations, options and possibilities with which they are offering answers to questions peculiar to the wood flooring industry. Especially the PAR-Filler®, able to automatically fill knots and cracks in wood flooring boards, garnered a lot of interest. Visitors reacted enthusiastic on the extremely high effectiveness , the quality the filling result and the user-friendly handling of the machine. CSP Engineering did also present the accompanying wood filler CosmetiWood®, suitable for use in any grade of wood. There was also interest for PAR-Duo®, the machine for a perfect bonding of 2-layer parquet as well as for the several innovative packing solutions for wood flooring.

Coswick For over 20 years Coswick has been fully committed to creating premium quality hardwood floors with superb durability and long-lasting performance. Coswick purposefully invests in development of cutting-edge technologies to create highly resilient and balanced product constructions. Our innovative all-hardwood 3-layer engineered flooring proved to be extremely stable even in extreme climate zones around the world. New patterns of Parquetry Mosaic Flooring line, Chevron collections along with evolution of Coswick 3-layer engineered flooring, as shown


Floor Forum International 93

on DOMOTEX 2018, provide high flexibility in design and engineering for all kinds of commercial and residential premises. Our growing range of designer solutions is responding to latest trends and creates new styles. By 2018 manufacturing capacity increase of our fully integrated production facility from logs to ready-done prefinished hardwood flooring, Coswick is becoming even more flexible with partner-friendly service to business associates and projects worldwide including such new and challenging markets for hardwood flooring as China, USA and Australia.We will keep on providing our partners with stable, long-lasting and reliable solutions for the most daring projects all over the world.

DecoRad Systems DecoRad Systems bv was present as exhibitor at the Domotex Hannover for the eighth time already. Visitor’s attention has been drawn particularly by the new LED UV Linemate, a high-quality conveyorized machine for LED UV curing. Through a combination of top quality LED’s and a unique automated floorboard detection system with height adjustment, the LED UV Linemate, with its 395nm system, is suitable for all leading brands of LED oil and LED hardwax oil. This system can be obtained in a portable performance as well. In addition, the booth was equipped with the Floormate, the Handmate UV600 and the newest Handmate UV1800, all suitable for on site curing UV lacquers and coatings. All DecoRad equipment is being developed and produced in-house.

EGGER Successfully touches ground The wood-based materials manufacturer presented a new brand strategy and new flooring collections at the Domotex in Hanover. Approximately 45,000 trade visitors from more than 100 countries visited the Domotex trade fair in Hanover from 12th - 15th of January 2018. EGGER used the trade fair as an opportunity to present the newly launched collections EGGER HOME and EGGER PRO. From now on the company gathers the activities in the flooring division EGGER Flooring Products under the strong umbrella brand EGGER. The collections were redeveloped under a strong service concept. EGGER HOME is the new brand for discerning DIY customers who expect high quality from wood-based flooring they install themselves. EGGER PRO is the brand with a large selection of top floor coverings that are only available in specialist stores. During numerous

HD-AP Cimethane 92x277-GB_Maj.pdf




market launch events that were organised in recent months in more than 30 countries, EGGER received very positive feedback from its customers on the new collections. The new concept of decentralised market launches was also very well received.

EPLF A strong presence for the EPLF at Domotex 2018: “Our aim is to establish quality laminate worldwide!” Domotex 2018 in Hanover – the redesigned world-leading trade fair – was set to be a special highlight for the EPLF: “We have showcased ourselves as a European association in a central area in Hall 12, where we were able to present topics that are particularly important to us,” explained EPLF Chairman Ludger Schindler, adding “– and for the EPLF that can only mean our forward-looking Innovation Manifesto! Domotex was great opportunity for us to communicate our current strategy concept to the worldwide industry on a broad scale.”


Finish and lacquer your site in 8hrs



Domotex 2018 was a J great show to clarify new trends. Target for CM Estaparket was to show MJ alternative species to CJ oak, as the raw materials prices for it are rapidlyCMJ growing and become N unpredictable. Classical transparent finish is available by every manufacturer and in order to stand out we have shown more than 20 new designs mainly in Ash that are designer oriented. Customers who previously were not interested in ash specie have now changed their mind after seeing the new collection. Most successful designs are multicolor in grey/beige tone that allows designers to match the same floor with more interiors. It was important to present the same design on different selections of wood and explain how it influences the overall interior of the room where floors would be installed. Promise to impress with even more designs next year.

Eurotec Eurotec was highly satisfied at the close of Domotex. A spokesperson commented: ‘We made lots of contacts.’ Eurotec’s core business is the production of screws for wood and iron construction and for fitting deckings. A good 4,000 dealers worldwide agree that Eurotec is a reliable partner. Today, the company employs about 140 people. In 2016, Eurotec launched its new ‘Stone System’ for deckings. That system, together with the adjustable pedestals, stole the show at the fair. Eurotec










CHANTIER VITRIFIÉ FINI EN 8H VARNISH YOUR WOOD FLOOR IN JUST 8H Vente exclusive aux professionnels Ausschliesslich für professionellen Handwerkerbedarf


Exclusief voor verkoop aan professionals To be sold exclusively to the professional trade CONÇU ET FABRIQUÉ EN FRANCE Made in France EMB F 73100

8H 20°C

10 m2/L /couche/coat

5L Made in France EMB F 73100


Blanchon Cimethane UV lacquer is ideal for use in high traffic areas that have to be finished in double quick time. UV lamps are used for ultra fast surface hardening, and so the site is finished and back in use in 8 hours. With its hard wearing qualities, Cimethane UV presents exceptional resistance to abrasion and chemical agents. Your professional partner Blanchon is there to help you every day.

For more information go to

Floor Forum International 93



Domotex (DE)

felt that Hall 13 was an excellent location with ‘clearly more visitors’. Visitors came from Germany, but also from Dubai, Qatar, Italy, Turkey, the Balkans, Australia, South Africa, Poland, and Russia. There were also a few visitors at the stand from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Foglie d’Oro An excellent feedback from the public and professionals at Domotex for MATITA, the innovative modular flooring system, created by the collaboration between Foglie d’Oro and the architect Fabio Rotella. Its great possibility of compositional customization, expresses, in an exemplary way, the Italian company’s ability to create original solutions starting from the knowledge of tradition, as evidenced by the novelties presented in Hannover: Maxi Chevron, the oak chevron flooring with out of di ordinary dimensions, in Ca’ Pisani finish; Lotus, american walnut in Ca’ Biasi finish; Ventaglio, american walnut in Ca’ Corner finish. Raw material of excellent quality, enhanced by the design made in Italy.

FB Hout FB Hout was present at DOMOTEX for the 10th consecutive year DOMOTEX HALL 13, STAND E94 – FB Hout was once again, for the

10th consecutive year, be attending DOMOTEX. Last year’s edition you recognized our stand from the comprehensive package of special products such as herringbone, Hungarian point and some very wide XXL Prestige floorboards. FB Hout is manufacturer of the most durable and exclusive wooden floors. These aspects are essential in the international project market. FB Hout is a company that is constantly innovating and developing. Whether we are organizing events in our high-end showroom, developing new products or optimizing the quality of our products and service. The eye-catcher of this year’s DOMOTEX was the introduction of our new revolutionary finish. This finish is extra strong and extra protective, making it perfect for high-traffic projects. This innovation is especially developed for FB Hout and cannot be missed!

Flamingo Parket Flamingo Parket has been a regular visitor to Domotex Hannover for many years. There was plenty of discussion about whether or not it was better that most parquet exhibitors had relocated from hall 8 to hall 13. They also talked about whether or not opening from Friday to Monday inclusive was better than from Saturday to Tuesday inclusive. At all events,

Decor diversity, flexible use, reliability. Egger has the answer.

The new EGGER PRO Flooring Collection provides the answer for both commercial and private customers. Whether they are looking for Laminate, Comfort or Design flooring, they will be delighted with the decor diversity and exceptional quality. Customers will love how easy it is to install and benefit from a comprehensive range of accessories. Available from your EGGER retail partner in the autumn.


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Flamingo Parket felt it had been an excellent show, as it is every year. Flamingo Parket showed off its innovations at a completely new stand. For example, they showed off about 50 new colours which had been treated with a dye reaction. Clients had the opportunity to say which colours they felt were the prettiest. They will be making a collection of the 10 most popular colours which they will be presenting at the EFWEX parquet show in March. In addition, they also showed off their existing collections, including the successful and unrivalled Raftwood and Wil collections. All in all, it was a highly successful and enjoyable show and Flamingo Parket is looking forward to the 2019 show.

atmosphere briefly detached from pure business. Just as with the previous edition of Domotex, Wood Sensation also provided a special parquet floor at the Floor Forum stand (top multi-layer parquet in oak on a silent and reliable subfloor from Mac Lean products! The only drawback to this show was the inadequate security. During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, like B-Fix from a neighbouring stand, your trade journal also fell victim to thieves who got away with some hefty spoils. In other words, top class organisation, but the security could have been better!

Forestry Timber Export

Floor Forum International At this thirtieth Domotex the stand of your trade journal was an oasis of informative respite for both visitors and exhibitors. In keeping with tradition, the Floor Forum stand generated the atmosphere of a Belgian pub where you could enjoy a glass of blond Leffe and a freshly cut slice of Italian quality ham and share thoughts with others. You could also find out about the various trade publications (the Franco-Belgian and international ones) of the Publisher and prospects for 2018. It was also a place to forge plans, make arrangements, and conclude deals, but in an

Located alongside Hall 9's leading-edge innovators in flooring, the Forestry Timber Export stand, like our floors was designed to impress. Visually stunning floor displays, touch screen panels and video installations transported

POLYX®-OIL TINTS Our renowned Polyx®-Oil in a tinted version – for individually coloured wood flooring! > Transparent, satin, for interior use > Highly recommended for solid wood, plank, strip, OSB and cork flooring; also suitable for furniture surfaces and edge-glued panels > Polyx®-Oil Tints creates a transparent coloured wood surface. 25 Floor Forum International 93


Domotex (DE)

visitors into living spaces featuring a selection of our 1,000 variations in wood, colour and finishes. Our global sales team of hardwood flooring experts was in high demand showing clients the range, benefits and value our engineered flooring offers distributors and end-users. Domotex provided an excellent platform for us to share our success story of "hardwood flooring engineered for living and designed to impress" with a growing global customer base.

Florian Legno Domotex once again delivered top performance as a driver of business, trends and innovations of great appeal: more and more international and professional with a record number of 1,615 exhibitors, 45.000 visitors from over 100 countries. The event featured a new exhibition layout focusing on product segments and dedicated display areas, thus helping visitors orientation and enabling a better market overview. Domotex represents for Florian the most dynamic and upbeat event of the year, where meet international buyers, customers and suppliers: that is why our stand is increasing each year in square meters and stage effects, design and products on display. Among the exhibited products: our engineered flooring lines as well as solid oak/walnut flooring could not miss, but also our new staircase made of 3 layers panels and characterized by refined wood finishing.

FN Neuhofer Innovation times 2 | FN Neuhofer has two stands at Domotex 2018 Already renowned for its innovation in marketing, services and product development, the Austrian familyowned company FN Neuhofer also shone at this year's edition of Domotex in Hanover. The numerous visitors were able to admire exciting new products and get professional advice from the FN team at two stands with a total presentation area of 380 m². The two-level, 345 m² C53 main stand featured an array of innovations as well as the established product range. The product highlights and latest innovations were impressively showcased in the innovation centre, which formed the centrepiece of the construction. Upon entry, the visitors immediately found themselves in a space fully equipped with FN products. These products were exceptionally effectively highlighted by means of a special black light. Entry was restricted to visitors who had been personally invited or who had introduced themselves to the attractive hostesses with a visitor's card. The second B46 trade fair stand, immediately opposite the main stand, presented a new FN Neuhofer product area over 35 m², namely the company's new digitally printed boards.


Floor Forum International 93

Floorify Floorify is growing! This year, Floorify presents a range of novelties and innovations. Thanks to the rapid growth of the past months, Floorify now wants to position itself as the specialist in rigid vinyl Floors. The Floorify range is expanding with a new entry price point: 6 references in commercial top colours on ‘classic’ plank format with a matte surface structure and V-groove. In the existing range of large planks there are 5 new colours, each with matching structures and a huge plank variation. Regarding the tiles, Floorify presents several terrazzo colours. Within the accessories an adaption profile and a high plinth, each finishing in the same colours as the floor, are added. However, this year’s eye-catcher is the multifunctional stair profile. With this, it’s now possible to finish your staircase as a ‘block staircase’ or ‘Z-staircase’. The patented click system allows both finishing options.

iDecking An incredible year at Domotex for iDecking Revolution, the company born to innovate in the field of decking installation systems. A brand new clip called iFly was successfully presented and already spreading among the decking producers and consumers market. iFly can be installed like any regular hidden clip with all the advantages of iDecking EasyChange system. That means you will be able to remove/replace any board from anywhere in the deck with just the turn of a special Key! We thank everybody for showing up and for the tireless support during iDecking worldwide activities… that means a lot to us all. THANKS. Giorgio Onorato Aquilani - iDecking Revolution CEO.

Impertek From Monday 4 December 2017 also available for supports with fixed head the version with rubber AntiShock AS for an optimal noise absorption.The wings have been positioned more externally for better efficiency and to use the heads with the step clips: the entire Impertek support range can be used with the latest CL series Step clips. The new AS heads are equipped with special orange antishock rubber that ensures greater noise absorption compared to the old heads, for a more isolated floor and greater tranquility. The new AS heads are equipped with wings with pre-cut. The removal of wings is now faster and can be done without the need for cutters or other tools, directly with your hands! Discover the entire New Collection:



Because it is a MADE IN ITALY floor


Because it is certified: FSC® Certification CARB2 Certification EPA Certification ULEFF Certification



1 2


Competitive quality products and a fully integrated process that offers the maximum results with the least waste

Because Florian fulfills the Due Diligence and the Timber Regulation

Main Features



LENGHTS 2050 - 2350 mm (max 20% out of size)


THICKNESSES 15/3,8 - 20/6 mm


WIDTHS 142-152-192-242 mm



100% Made in Italy





BIRCH PLYWOOD On request: Softwood Plywood




FILLER Oak, Dark Brown, Black



Attractive grain; few pin knots; light to medium colour variation.


Sound knots, small to medium knots allowed, occasional small filled knots; colour variation allowed; up to 10% sapwood; mineral streakers allowed.


Knots allowed, any size filled and sanded knots; cracks and splits repaired with filler; color variation allowed; up to 20% sapwood; mineral streaks allowed.


Composed of 30% K and 70% R.



Composed of K + R, small and large knots mix.



Info: -








142 152




Domotex (DE)

Jawor-Parkiet Polish #UniqueYouniverse Domotex. The World of Flooring gathered many exhibitors from Poland. Jawor-Parkiet could not be missing among them. Jawor-Parkiet’s products – finished, 2-layer boards and parquets – have been available on the Polish and foreign markets for over 25 years. The Hanover event is therefore an opportunity for the manufacturer to maintain relations with its existing business partners and present its offer to new clients. #UniqueYouniverse in Polish The key event for Jawor-Parkiet during this year’s edition of the fair was the international première of Retro Collection – stylized floors that undoubtedly deserve the title of the Polish #UniqueYouniverse in the flooring industry. In this collection, the users are those who decide and freely choose from a lot of original and unusual décors. A new Rustical board in the following format has also joined the group of Jawor-Parkiet’s premières: the length: 2000-2500 mm, thickness: 15 mm and width: 290 cm, which is an extension of the Luxury collection.

Küberit Küberit expands its assortment of stair edge profiles Comfortable solutions for staircase renovation At Domotex in Hannover (Hall 13, C46), Küberit presents innovative product for its stair edge profiles. Solution 845 for LVT pads will be extended by two additional variants: Different height ranges, as well as the possibility of height adjustment, offer additional processing options and make installation considerably easier. The staircase edge profiles "round corners" have been modified to allow installation without a joint edge. This further development is based on the continuous exchange of information with customers, and is an example of the close partnership-based cooperation of the market leader.

La San Marco Profili During Domotex exhibition, the well-known Italian producer of skirting boards and outdoor flooring launched its catalogues 2018 full of new items offering the customers an increasingly wide range of products and services. The Old Style skirting line has been expanded with elaborated large sizes profiles, the Special Finishes line has been extended with new colour options and the already wide range of wood outdoor flooring has been enlarged with new woods species and accessories that make the installation easier and more efficient. This articles’ variety was really appreciated by both affectionate customers and visitors. In fact, many new contacts have been established during the fair,


Floor Forum International 93

so the result was quite positive even if we noticed a general loss of visitor’s number compared to past years.

LARECO At Domotex 2018 LARECO showed exciting new collection – Imperi by LARECO. The collection includes new herringbone, Chevron, long and wide styles, reclaimed floors, wooden tiles and more. LARECO is a family company from Poland, designing and producing their floors with a great passion.

Lamett Lamett launches ParquetVinyl at Domotex For Lamett, Domotex 2018 was 100% dominated by ParquetVinyl. This universal floor is suitable for any situation and is an absolute innovation within the floor covering industry. Lamett does not only have a clear technical advantage towards colleagues, but moreover a very nice product. The big winner are the consumers and project developers who get access to this good-looking floor, which is easy to install, very stable, and last but not least is affordable. ParquetVinyl is being sold in shops starting from 29.95 EUR/m².

Miva Parquet Miva Parquet was present for the first time at Domotex and it immediately became a great success. Especially the Lewis and Volcano collection were met with great interest by the international public. Our latest technology 'burned parquet' in our fire tunnel was for many an unseen innovative technique. This technique is incorporated in our new Volcano collection in combination with our unique reactive process. In addition to the collections, all operations ‘à la carte’ are offered according to the customer's wishes. For the fair our website was renewed to guide our customers through our different collections of finishings. Take a look at the new website and be enchanted by the countless possibilities of Miva Parquet.

Mac Lean Thank you to all visitors to our stand at Domotex. It was nice and useful again.We look forward to further cooperation with the newly acquired contacts and our existing customers. So that with the latest concepts in subfloors and plinths we can build an excellent range for our clients.

MMFA Modular multilayer floorings: Expansion through innovation New variants require refinement of MMFA product classes Product development in the multilayer segment is progressing at high speed. The growing choice of materials and types of build-up has made the market for MMF products extremely varied. The MMFA Association picked up this topic at a special information area at the Domotex 2018. The updated MMF product system categorises the multilayer flooring with their different build-ups in logical groups according to their individual specifications. Class 1 now includes cork top-layers, and Class 2 is split up in 2A and 2B. Based on this “product cluster” buyers and installers can clearly identify typical requirements for the respective product, e.g. “important necessities for laying”.

Ô MUR Ô MUR is a unique and innovative fixing system, which allows to lay on the wall all laminated floors and wood clip-on parquets. This patented system, very easy to set up, offers numerous creative possibilities in order to renovate or modernise the walls of a house or for commercial applications (offices, hotels, restaurants…). Ô MUR can be laid on all kind of support with no preparation and makes the renovation of the walls very fast and economic. A website ( presents the

NEW! Floorservice LED oil This new VOC-free finishing is fully cured by use of LED-light, making the floorboards instantly stackable, packable and, if required, ready for follow up treatments like sanding or brushing.

possibilities of use, assembly’s explanations as well as a configurator to select the components to realise the chosen surface. Ô MUR’s products are available for distribution with a presentation display stand of the products and a demonstration video.

Osmo DOMOTEX was very successful for Osmo: at the new, open and airy stand, countless international visitors informed themselves of the latest innovations in the product range of the company. The focus of the fair was the target groups: industry, tradesmen and, of course, end consumers. For all three areas, Osmo presented a large spectrum of products and showed their strength as a strong partner. In live demonstrations, visitors could see the efficiency of the products for themselves: the simple and effective application of the natural wood finishes was demonstrated. The company celebrates this year its 140th anniversary and showed at the fair that they are fit and prepared to face any challenges the future may bring and still continue to stand for the highest quality and exciting new innovations.

EasyFillPro | Waterborne Filler

Highly effective: Maximum filling power. One and done.

Suited for industrial and manual application.

Floorservice Prime Stain Voorbehandelingsproducten Easy maintenance with

Floorservice Maintenance Oil! EasyFillPro provides maximum filling power with just one

Introduced at Domotex Hannover 2018

application. Easy-to-use system, quick dry off and DOMOTEX

Sakar 979

Overmat Industries B.V. | Scharlo 11 | NL-5165 NG Waspik | The Netherlands Tel. +31 (0) 416 31 77 88 | Internet: | E-mail:

excellent sandability combine best results. LOBA – the surface specialist for parquet and hardwood floors

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Domotex (DE)

Overmat During the Domotex show in Hannover, Overmat introduced the Floorservice LED-Oil. By use of impression-displays, we made it easy to get a good idea on how the Floorservice products could be used in any interior. These displays were also used to showcase the Colour Hardwax-oil 2K, Prime Stains, Nature Protect 2K and UV-oils. LED oil This new VOC-free finishing is fully cured by use LED-light, making the floorboards instantly stackable, packable and, if required, ready for follow up treatments like sanding or brushing. Tailor-made collection One of Overmat’s specialties: The possibility to, together with you, create your personal bespoke collection! Are you interested in Floorservice LED oils but would you rather decide on the colours yourself? It’s possible! We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your own bespoke collection.

Perfilstar One more year Perfilstar has been exhibiting in Domotex. Despite the location change, we are satisfied with the results and grateful for all the visits that we had. This year we were very excited introducing our new Lacquered PVC collection profiles, a new range of products 100% water resistant conceived for LVT flooring. This collection was also developed taking into account different trends in terms of

profiles, from scotia to clip system skirting, without avoiding a Victorian Skirting. Right now we consider ourselves as one of the few companies that offer such a big range of solutions, either for laminate, solid wood or LVT floorings. Feedback has been very positive and all the visitors have shown special interest on them. We are also happy after all then new contacts we have made, mainly from South America, which we believe is a new opportunity to enlarge our market opportunities. Once more Thank You! See you next year.

Pallmann Magic moments with Pallmann Magic Oil and the Pallmann Color Collection Magic has been “in the air” with the German wood floor experts Pallmann at DOMOTEX. With Magic Oil 2K, the German manufacturer positioned themselves ahead of the market many years ago. Now Pallmann is expanding its Magic Oil line. All products of the Magic Oil line are solvent and odour free, sustainable and offer excellent application and wear performance. With the new Pallmann Color Collection wood floors can be creatively renovated to an individual end-user, interior-style choice. Following the great success of the Pallmann Spider, the manufacturer has further enhanced the machines abilities by adding the brush set, making it easy to create an individual wood floor with a distinctive surface structure and a unique feel and look.

PG Hardwood Flooring PG Hardwood Flooring participation at the 2018 Domotex exhibition was a success. We met many interested visitors and promising future partners whom we wish to thank for their interest in our company. PG Hardwood Flooring has once again stood out with original products, wide planks, rich character, bold tints and their undeniable friendliness and professionalism. Comments were overwhelmingly positive towards the

Hall E1 · Stand B01

22.–22.03 · Shanghai

Euro-Step® Star – multi-purpose laying solution for LVT-floors · patented and safety certified by TÜV 2-part stair nosing profile system · for LVT-floors from 4 – 9 mm · based on the award-winning Champion-technology 30

Floor Forum International 93

Unique Collection and the new products. The focus was on solid wood; however, engineered wood was not left behind. The visitors were really interested in solid wood and gymnasium wood for which we have great expertise.

opportunity to play with colours on oak on the King of Colours applicator, in combination with various finishing grades. These will be integrated into our website very soon, so be sure to check it. In addition to the wide range of colours, there was also a lot of attention for our LED Oil and accompanying LED-curing machines for both on-site and industrial use. After a year, we are still convinced that this will determine the future of wood finishing and we are ready for that in every way. With our top product, the RMC Oil Plus 2C, we are also ready for the future, which was demonstrated by its obtaining the strict Eurofins Gold label for Indoor Air Comfort. With this label, we are the first supplier in the wood treatment sector to provide a guarantee to the client that our products meet the strict standards with respect to emissions.

Rubio Monocoat


King of Colours at Domotex

Happy with Domotex 2018

Thanks for your many visits to our booth at Domotex 2018. We presented 2 new colour collections: Arctic Adventures and Eastern Encounters with a total of 6 new colours we added to our wide range of 40 standard colours. At the big demo booth, we continuously showed how easy Rubio Monocoat oil really is to use: 1 coat is really enough to protect and colour the wood! Clients had the

Solidfloor can look back with satisfaction on the recent Domotex. Visitors took some time to adapt to the new layout of the halls, but this wasn’t an issue for Solidfloor. They received lots of visitors who were full of praise for Solidfloor’s inspirational presentation. Many of them said that the stand design gave them some ideas for the layout of their own showroom. Solidfloor showed that a wooden floor showroom is


® plastics in the best shape

recycl able materials an ecologically sustainable production italian qualit y production


Via Peschiere, 52◦10040 Osasio (TO) ITALY T. (39)◦F. (39)◦◦

Floor Forum International 93



Domotex (DE)

more than just a product presentation. In a store you can inspire consumers in a different way, for instance, by taking colour groups as a starting point. The Solidfloor stand was in hall 9, a mix of various companies and products. This hall was spaciously set up in comparison with other halls and that made for a peaceful sphere at the stand. A highly varied public visited the stand. Apart from existing business relations, several potential new dealers, architects, interior designers, and project developers also visited the stand.

Sotrinbois On the Domotex, Sotrinbois presented its expert white skirting brand and affirmed the trend to match skirting with the wall. Sotrinbois permits the skirting customization at ultra-competitive price, in term of shapes, sections and finishes. The company also exhibited its technical products to offer news possibilities in renovation: universal cover skirting is ideal to cover old skirting of all dimensions, without damaging the wall and skirting cable, retained especially for the arrangement of offices, allows to insert both very low and low voltage wires. Sotrinbois already finishing accessories leader on the French market continues to prove its place on international market.

STAUF Product debut and an adhesive experience for all senses .See, marvel, touch, taste The Siegerland’s adhesive specialist made it exciting: at DOMOTEX 2018, taking place from the 12th to 15th of January in Hannover, in Hall 13, Stand C04/1, STAUF Klebstoffwerk GmbH revealed the secret of the three leading actors in its Triple XXX campaign. In accordance with the campaign’s motto, “ultimate performance on the ground,” the new series of filling compounds by the traditional company made their big appearance at the leading trade fair for carpets and flooring. With this special product debut, STAUF follows the slogan “experience adhesive technology”: trade fair visitors could discover the entire product range in the area of flooring technology in a direct way, with various senses. At the newly designed stand, images of spectacular construction sites and products as well as floor laying videos, impression of the brand’s variety, invited one in to linger and observe. STAUF “hands-on” offers all sorts of example applications, sample assemblies and exhibits. Special taste experiences was also part of the experience at the STAUF stand. Visitors could look forward to special catering and a few sweet surprises. Those who are fast and place their orders during the fair could profit from an exclusive trade fair discount.

Thank you for your visit at Domotex !

Thank you for your visit at Domotex ! 32

Floor Forum International 93

Solidor Adjustable Pedestal Solidor is an extrusion and injection molding company that produces plastic products for the industry and the building sector. Solidor has developed since 1978 an adjustable pedestal/ support for decking or concrete, ceramic and nature stone tiles. The adjustable pedestals can be adjusted anywhere from 1 cm to 100 cm and provide extremely high load capacity. By using Solidor pedestals, you can quickly and easily adjust the height of your terrace. A number of accessories can be ordered and its range is already a step ahead of other systems.

Spačva d.d. Natural perfection throught solid wood flooring Creating with love from the very heart of the Europe’s largest integrated forest of white oak (Quercus robur Slavonica, highly appreciated in italian wood industry), Spačva's main goal is to be synonymous with product excellence by using solely esteemed Slavonian oak. 2017 was a very successful year for Spačva. In a challenging market environment, we achieved new record levels for sales with our presence in 33 countries worldwide. In addition to the standard oils that can be found in floors throughout Europe, Spačva decided to invest in even more oils that are manifested through the appearance of modern, yet easily adaptable surface treatment. It resulted in creating our new collections of solid wood flooring: Casual, Tender Touch, Rich Character, Delight, Simply Pleasure. We presented them on DOMOTEX 2018 and with enthusiasm look forward to higher diffusion and recognition on the market with our new product and sample catalogue, improving quality of service with new product packaging.

Tover Be part of it. Major international reference in the wooden floorings field, Domotex Hannover draws every year the perspectives of a constantly changing

market. To participate in this event was for Tover the opportunity to catch these new trends; reworking and adapting them, their proposal of innovative high quality products gathered a huge enthusiasm among the numerous visitors. A wide range with Uniqua SQ, the first Self-Linking lacquer perfectly suitable for very high traffic areas, Belle Epoque, the water-based coloring system, easy to use with a flawless result, up to natural oils and high performance adhesives, which have been representing for years now reliable solutions for professionals. A complete system aiming at a sole result, yours.

T&G Wood T&G Wood was present again this year and could be found in Hall 13, where most suppliers of wooden floors stood. T&G Wood showed many new products at this spot. The well known brand 'Cinzento Custom Made®' showed its new colors for the year 2018 and T&G Wood also introduced its new program, called 'Trend Line'. This is a fixed program, consisting of European Oak wood and comes in four different lines. Each line has 5 different colors. These selected products are ideal for large purchases and form a good basis for every project. The high end brand, PLANCA© by VanJoost, brought the new Galaxy Collection. The Galaxy collection is a three-layer solid oak product, specially designed and customized for pattern floors like the herringbone pattern. It comes in a dimension of 20x200x1.000 mm.

Unifloor Unifloor is looking back on a very successful Domotex. Customers from all over the world have visited this No. 1 international floorcovering fair, which is held in Hannover, Germany. During this tradeshow, Jumpax® Strong was extremely well received and is regarded as a most welcome addition to the Jumpax® Family. Jumpax® Strong has specifically been developed as an acoustic fast-track floor prep system to be fitted over wooden floors and is most suitable to be used in combination with EcoPearls®. This combination achieves great acoustics on attenuating

Floor Forum International 93



Domotex (DE)

airborne sound and reducing impact noise. Many have also stepped into our virtual Jumpax® world. Within the VR experience visitors could see how Jumpax® is installed and could hear what the difference in noise reduction is with and without Jumpax®. In terms of research and development, Unifloor showed a Waterproof Version of the Jumpax® fast-track floor prep method for resilient floor coverings, which also generated a lot of interest.

USFloors – COREtec® Will launch new products in 2018 The COREtec® Original program will be extended with 24 new designs in 2018 2 new collections will also be launched in 2018 : - The Naturals 14 Wood Designs; 7 with and 7 without 4 size V-Bevel -MegaStones 10 Stone Designs with 4-sizeV-Bevel format : 47 x 91 cm. The new products will be presented at trade and end consumer shows.

Vetedy This year, Vetedy has presented its prototype Technideck © which attracted a lot of interest. This one, combining the technicality of the Softline® and Techniclic®, allows a laying of the terrace boards in 3 different widths or mixed (60, 100 and 140mm) on a specially profiled aluminum joist, and everything without screws or almost: installation time even faster than before! Good news also for the Softline®: Introduction of an additional specie: an Indonesian Teak FSC, just like our Merbau! On the Techniclic® side, system for cladding, interior walls and ceilings, Siberian larch FSC is added to our range. We have also presented our 2D vertical wall in 20 and 40mm thickness to be installed with Spacers of 20/30mm for a really modern and trendy design.

Van Dijk Postforming & Vlakverlijming Van Dijk Postforming & Vlakverlijming is a producer and supplier of durable products for the renovation of stairs with the step-over-step system. The various collections are developed using only hypermodern machinery at Weert in the Netherlands. They only supply products of high quality. Apart from production, Van Dijk also keeps a good stock so that they can respond to needs quickly. This ensures rapid deliveries and great reliability. Different concepts are developed for different markets. For instance, professionals are served with the Mex Form line, whilst


Floor Forum International 93

Stairs2Go is a ‘ready for use’ concept developed for retailers. Private labels are also possible.The aforementioned concepts were presented successfully at Domotex Hannover in January where Van Dijk Postforming & Vlakverlijming was present for the fourth time. There was noticeable broad international interest and this generated several new contacts as a result. For more information you can visit the web sites and

Wicanders On its 150th anniversary, Wicanders, which features the most complete range of cork flooring, was present at Domotex, renewing its focus on Hydrocork and launching the Wood Essence collection. Aligned with the market trends and demand for wider planks, Wicanders presented Hydocork Wide. While maintaining the well-known product features like reduced thickness, easy installation and waterproofing, this collection introduces new dimensions - 1225x195x6 mm. The brand’s presence at Domotex was also marked by the launch of the new Wood Essence collection, following a €2 million investment in state-of-the-art digital printing technologies that significantly upgrade the print resolution to 1000dpi.The result of this investment is a collection of 14 new looks that faithfully reproduce wood visuals with a level of realism never before achieved.

WOCA Denmark Another successful Domotex is over. Our booth was crowded, multiple languages were spoken and our team enjoyed connecting with both existing and new customers. Apart from this year’s focus on the countless, individual solutions that can be achieved by using oil in different combinations, the response to our new Diamond Oil Active was overwhelming. For the first time, the market is introduced to a 1K oil (based on Hyper-Cross-Linking technology) with 2K performance – but without all the disadvantages. We may be known as ‘the oil people’, but we can do more. Therefore, we made further efforts to promote our WOCA lacquers, as thorough testing reveals a better performance than most of our competitors’ lacquers. The lacquers are available in matt, silk-matt and invisible variants.


Glue guns and cartridges


THE CONDITIONS DETERMINE THE BEST METHOD To say that any form of computerisation inevitably means an improvement is a fallacy. Lots of technical solutions certainly do have advantages, but a word of caution is definitely in order. That is certainly the case for the use of glue guns for fully glueing parquet. Several strong assets which cry out for the use of glue dispensers need to be modified with a ‘ but’. For example, it is not possible to extend the ergonomic benefits of nail guns (see elsewhere in this edition) to glue dispensers just like that. One thing’s for sure: the bigger the surface, the more useful glue dispensers become.

The benefits of a glue dispenser To sum up, there is nothing wrong with ‘using a notched trowel’. Nevertheless, more and more trademarks are launching glue dispensers which make it possible to work standing up and they are doing so for economic and ergonomic reasons. The explanation is simple; the bigger the surface, the weaker the arguments become ‘in favour of’ the notched trowel. The ultimate benefit of glue dispensers comes into its own with extremely big surfaces and fitting done by two people, one to apply the glue and the other to fit the strips in place.


Glueing with a notched trowel is something that floor fitters have done since time immemorial and no one has ever raised any problem with that. And so, the notched trowel has been an indispensable tool, which has been part of the floor fitter’s standard tool box for years. Over the years, researchers have done a lot of study to effect vast refinements to notched trowels. Notched trowels for wooden (and other) floors have improved considerably as regards both design and material.

When the job is done by one person, working with a glue dispenser entails the risk of the glue being applied too quickly and the floor fitter being unable to fit the strips in time before the adhesive groove dries up. In other words, floor fitters can hardly keep up with the required pace. It is obvious that glue is applied much faster with a dispenser than with the traditional notched trowel. Amongst other things, the increased application speed results from the width of the application head. With some devices we speak of a width of about 30cm.



There is no doubt that a nail gun has several ergonomic assets. The machine takes over some movements which require considerable muscle power. This spares various muscles or at least ‘reduces the pressure’ on them. The physical exertion required to nail wood strips in the ‘traditional’ way is of a different order to the exertion required to glue those strips. Over the years, seasoned floor fitters have learnt to adopt ideal body positions. They make those movements as part of their routine i.e. they kneel, the floorboards are ready, and they apply the glue and fit the floorboards.

The job becomes even harder if it is done by one person. The glue is certainly applied from a standing position when a glue gun is used, but professionals still have to kneel to fit the floorboards. For small surfaces they have to make twice as many ‘bowing motions’ as when everything is done manually.

The benefits of a notched trowel

Economics Quality parquet glue is a relatively expensive product. Working economically implies mainly that the glue has to be dosed perfectly. We know that the teeth of the notched trowel help to determine how much glue is applied. This varies for the diverse types of parquet and for the different types of glue. In other words, the notched trowel is a little bit like ‘weighing scales’ or a glue meter.

Economics If two people do the job, this saves a great deal of time. Yet glue dispensers are also a blessing in terms of glue consumption. In many cases 600g of glue per square metre is enough for full glueing. Moreover, there is now hardly any waste. That’s obviously highly economical, but it’s also very ecological, too. There’s a lot less waste at the end of the job. After all, the packets of glue are completely pressed out. Some makers speak of residual packaging of 200g on 5m² of parquet.

What’s on the market?

As regards quality

Basin ChemEco

When you use a notched trowel, the glue is pressed into the base surface to give excellent mechanical anchoring. Moreover, the points of a triangular adhesive groove yield a good transfer of glue to the back of the planks. The adhesive grooves lie parallel to the planks, not diagonally across the planks. The strongest forces generated when planks become warped are caused by lateral forces in the width of the plank. With adhesive grooves along the length, it is much easier to spread those forces over the entire width of the plank.

Applying an adhesive in an easy and fast manner? It’s possible! The BASIBOND from BASIN gives you the possibility to glue big surfaces in a user-friendly way, without breaking the bank. In combination with the BASICOLL STP-850, you can glue more rows at the same time. Furthermore, the BASIBOND doesn’t need much cleaning and the adhesive sachets produce only 100 gr of trash per 5 m2 of finished parquet. This way, you can quickly, efficiently and ecologically glue your massive and half massive parquet as well as your mosaic,


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Glue guns and cartridges

lam parquet and laminate flooring. Buy a complete pallet of BASICOLL STP-850 right now and receive a free BASIBOND worth â‚Ź 735*. You can find more information on our website, or follow us on Facebook to stay updated on all our latest news. *while stocks last .

Blanchon Blanchon presents is P600 adhesive dispenser which has been specially developed for all cordon adhesives, supplied in 600 ml cartridges (hybrid polymers or polyurethane). The P600 may also be used for the application of adhesive or mastic in 300 ml tubes. The big advantage of the P600 is its high working speed and the neatness of the process used. This dispenser can always be used and is indispensable for working with hard-to-reach areas.


STAUF Adhesive spreader machine: Parkett-X-Press

There are five characteristics, which describe the benefits of the STAUF adhesive spreader machine Parkett-X-Press best: clean, ergonomic, economic, fast and easy. More working comfort as the adhesive is applied in upright position while the weight of the machine rests on the ground. The machine offers precise application of the adhesive. It is adjustable in the width of the wood elements and allows an adhesive application from wall to wall in straight lines. Parkett-XPress is easy to operate and comes in very compact dimensions, which makes it also suitable for small rooms. Up to 160 m² of installation without a battery change. And to guarantee no operating time-outs, the machine is delivered with a second battery and a quick charger. An orderly stor-age before and after installation and an easy and protected transport is possible in a high quality, roll able wooden case. For the application in suitable adhesive applicator devices STAUF offers STAUF S-Press an elastic silane wood flooring adhesive for most common sub floors and wood flooring types (multilayer, mosaic, wood strip flooring and upright mosaic parquet lamellas, solid planks) in an 1800 ml aluminum tubular bag. The bags can be changed within 25 seconds and only leave very few packaging waste. The spreader nozzles are always supplied together with the adhesive. The device is also available as pneumatic version.


Bona has both a manual and a pneumatic gun for glueing the Bona R850 T tubes (600ml). A real showcase is the Bona Optispread, which has been developed specially for the Bona R850T in 4.4kg packaging (sausage glue) and the Bona R870T. The Bona R850T offers balanced elasticity and great tensile strength and is easy to clean. It is a real all-round glue, which can be deployed for virtually all wooden floors and used on virtually all substrates. The Bona R870, which is also suitable for all sorts of parquet, can also be used in combination with the latest version of the Bona Optispread. Bona Optispread is an innovation which enables floor fitters to get flatter, faster, and better results whilst working standing up. Bona Optispread works up to five times faster than the traditional method without putting any strain on the knees and back. Optispread is powered by compressed air.


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Tover offers two types of solutions for gun application: Tovcol PU, polyurethane adhesive in 600 ml sausage suitable on any sub-floors; and Sigil MS, elastic sealant based on MS polymer usable in horizontal and vertical position. Solvent free, hypoallergenic, without risk symbol and easy to clean from prefinished floors, Sigil MS is available also in black version, UV resistant, for decking joints. Full Gap is an acrylic sealant in cartridge for perimeter joints; over-coatable, silicone and solvent free, it exists in several standard colors.

Preview DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2018

5 EVENTS TO SEE @ DOMOTEX ASIA/ CHINAFLOOR 2018 March 20th – 22nd 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the event’s fruitful campaign and to celebrate, the exhibition reintroduces a variety of events to promote business in all flooring sectors. To register for the exhibition, guests can visit

InnovAction Flooring Campaign

types of metals, ceramics, plastics, woods, and more, all varying in texture, structure, resistance, weight, and acoustics.

cadex cadex is a 2-day platform geared toward providing global architects and flooring experts a meeting place to exchange ideas and best practices. In 2017, over 4,000 people attended the educational conferences to update themselves on current events and discover ways to collaborate on future projects in the Asian-Pacific Region. This year’s conference talking points will cover “Creative Workspaces”.

WPC Decking – Hosted Buyer Program The InnovAction high-profile displays unveil the industry’s future, market leading products in CARPET, WOOD, and RESILIENT flooring. InnovAction pavilion exhibitors are automatically enrolled in the 2018 Top-10 Best Products Competition during the show so an on-site audience of 55,000+ attendees can cast their vote for their favorite products. InnovAction is sponsored by Floor Covering Weekly Magazine (FCW). Click here ( for more information.

Luxury Brands VIPs and invited guests can visit Luxury Brands, a distinct display area presenting 16 carpet design firms who indulge visitors with a variety of new, extravagant products. Luxury Brands is co-organized and sponsored by COVER Magazine. The world renowned designers joining the pavilion in 2018 are: AMADI CARPETS, ARIANA RUGS, ART RESOURCES, CC-TAPIS, CREATIVE MATTERS, EDELGRUND, FRENCH ACCENTS, H.O.C. DESIGN, HOSSEIN REZVANI, LILA VALADAN, NEW MOON, RUG STAR, SAMAD, TUFENKIAN, WOOL & SILK, and ZOLLANVARI.

WPC decking professionals interested in finding new business partners in China are welcome to apply as a VIP for the WPC Buyers Delegation. For this half-day program, 15 international buyers will be selected for personalized meetings and business match-making with up to 50 WPC decking exhibitors from China, including China’s top decking exporters; SENTAI, NEWTECHWOOD, VIDAR, SUNSHINE, FORESTAR, LESCO-KINGFA, ZHENGYUAN, HELONG, FURISEN, & XINFENG. Contact Mr. Lawrence Zhang to submit an application to become a WPC decking hosted buyer.

Materia Materia is the one-stop shop to see and even touch the materials that make up the “DNA” of the finished goods used in our office buildings and homes. This popular showcase, originally from the Netherlands, offers an abundant preview of over 300

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Producers of polyurethane adhesives


Photo – Pallmann

History shows that some inventions lead to drastic changes with far-reaching consequences. The inventor’s name is usually immortalised in the chronicles of scientific progress. This is also true for the renowned name of Otto Bayer, who, in the 1930s, put the wonder product polyurethane on the chemical map. That step forward proved significant. PU as an ingredient later became a prominent part of lots of products and applications in diverse sectors. Reinforced with exceptional properties.

What does glue consist of? To demonstrate the role played by polyurethane in the development of products such as parquet glues, it is worth briefly examining the


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ingredients of each glue. Most glues consist of a number of raw materials and, especially, a binding agent, liquid, and other raw materials.

The binding agent The binding agent is the basic raw material of the glue. The raw materials in the glue supply the adhesion. There are several types of binding agents. Synthetic raw materials are generally used, but natural binding agents such as starch, latex, and casein are used in some glues. The choice of binding agent largely determines the properties of the glue. You could say that non-synthetic binding agents are preferred from an ecological point of view. However, one disadvantage is that they do not reach the required level of quality for many applications. They often fall short when it comes to adhesion, storage life,

and easy spreading. Neither can we say unconditionally that they are always better from a health perspective. Natural binding agents can be harmful to health.

generally be regarded as virtually harmless to human health and the environment.

The liquid

Polyurethane glues are chemical glues. Traditionally, PU glue owes its adhesive strength to a combination of isocyanate and alcohol. The glue composition comes about through the reaction of atmospheric damp with urethane compounds. The combination of hard and soft segments ensures that the best properties from both are joined together. That’s why PU glue is very strong, yet elastic. By ‘playing’ with the segment length division, glue producers can adapt the material quite flexibly.

Since binding agents are almost always solid substances, they are dissolved or finely dispersed into a liquid. The liquid in the glue disappears through evaporation or suction into the substrate. Generally speaking, the following liquids are used as solvents to dissolve solid substances: - ‘ Ordinary’ water, so here we speak of water-based glue. Water-based glues are also designated as solventless glues. - Volatile (rapidly evaporating) Organic Compounds (VOC). Here we speak of glue which contains VOC or solvents. Organic solvents are generally inflammable and can be harmful if inhaled. The packet includes a warning to that effect. The use of solvents, and especially the permitted emissions of VOC, is regulated strictly.

Other substances Apart from binding agents and solvents, glues usually also contain a number of other raw materials. These are raw materials which, with the exception of fillers, can be present in a glue in small quantities. Preservatives are used to safeguard properties over a longer period of time. Water-based glues, glues based on natural raw materials, and wallpaper paste in powder form also contain preservatives. In particular, glues based on natural binding agents need more preservatives than synthetic glues. Generally speaking, preservatives are not ecological products. The glue preservatives in use at the present time are used only in very minimal quantities. This means they can

Polyurethane glues

Highly versatile Polyurethane glue is absolutely ideal for glueing almost all parquet or wooden floors, especially solid parquet, wider strips, and wood types (2K) which are sensitive to damp, such as beech, maple, and such like. Polyurethane glues can be used for glueing onto anhydrite floors and sand-cement floors. They are ideal for fitting pre-lacquered floors which are laid after a damp screen has been fitted.

Demanding situations PU is the solution par excellence for what we call ‘critical types of wood’. Critical types of wood are types of wood which absorb a lot of moisture and therefore involve a greater risk of swelling when, for instance, they are glued with dispersion adhesive. Beech is a good example of this. Apart from its suitability for these critical types of wood, polyurethane is absolutely ideal for glueing very long and wide floorboards. The wider the floorboards, the greater the chance of






Soudal NV • Everdongenlaan 18-20 • B-2300 Turnhout • Belgium • ADVERT429-430-431_PU-Parketlijmen_192x136mm.indd 3

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Producers of polyurethane adhesives

curling. PU glue has been the safest solution here since time immemorial. Moreover, the properties of polyurethane mean that the glue can be used with no problem at all for fully glueing parquet onto floor heating.

One and two components As we’ve often said, all glues consist of several components. One component complements another. With PU glues, the resin will eventually exercise its function as a result of the effects of the hardener. The hardening results from a chemical reaction. With separately packed components (2K) we get a chemical reaction between the components themselves. With the pre-mixed version (1K) both components react to the air humidity. In other words, even with glues which are ready to use, reactions come into effect between different components or different components support each other in a reaction with air, moisture, or both.

more information about the BASICOLL PU-550, please visit our website or check our Facebook page for all the latest news.

A selection from the range


Basin ChemEco BASIN’s 2 component polyurethane adhesive is both ecological and economical and contains above all no water or solvents. The BASICOLL PU-550 is a fast applying adhesive which adjusts to all sorts of massive parquet as well as multiplex, mosaic, lam parquet and laminate flooring. Thanks to the quick hardening qualities, the BASICOLL PU-550 provides a high extraction resistance. PROMOTION! The BASICOLL PU-550 is now in PROMO, so enjoy a discount of more than 50 %. For

Bostik offers both 1K PU and 2K PU adhesives. These adhesives are suitable for glueing various sorts of parquet onto most substrates and also for glueing various sorts of floor coverings onto impervious substrates, such as glueing rubber mats onto concrete, wood or metal. 2K PU adhesives are often used for outdoor applications due to their high resistance to temperature and moisture, such as, for example, glueing artificial grass mats onto tracks and such like. These glues are also used for their ‘filling capacities’ since they set chemically and, therefore, the adhesive grooves or coat of glue can be applied thicker than with other 1K adhesives. And so, with 2K PU adhesives it is possible to ‘level’ patches on a substrate which isn’t completely flat, yet still obtain a good adhesive bond with the material to be glued. The assortment includes Bostik Parfix PU 1K, an elastic 1-component polyurethane adhesive for glueing parquet, Bostik Parfix PU 56, a solventless universal 2-component polyurethane adhesive for glueing parquet and rubber, and Parfix PU 57, a solventless, universal, and 2-component polyurethane adhesive for glueing parquet with a long spreading time.


Your Premium Polymer of Choice for Parquet and LVT Adhesives 40

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Parquet Glue Bona R770 is a 2-component polyurethane parquet glue which conforms to EN 14293 (hard)/ISO 17178 (hard). This glue is also suitable for glueing laminate floors. The glue sets without shrinking by means of a chemical reaction. It contains neither water nor organic solvents. R770 can also be used for PVC (planks and tiles), linoleum, rubber, and laminate floors. Finally, Bona also presents Bona

R200 here. Bona R200 is a low viscosity 1-component polyurethane filler mass for sealing hollow leaks and for reinforcing parquet sections. Voids are filled in perfectly by means of the light foaming to create a bond with the substrate.


As regards dual component adhesives, Devomat offers Devo® Glue PU 570 2C and Devo® Glue PU 650 2C. These are both polyurethane-epoxy adhesives for glueing wooden floors onto cement-bound subfloors or existing floors. Devo® Glue PU 570 2C is a waterless 2-component polyurethane-epoxy, semi-elastic, parquet glue, which is designed specially for glueing wooden floors onto cement-bound substrates or onto existing floors (tiles, marble, wooden floors, etc.). Devo® Glue PU 650 2C is also a waterless dual component epoxy-polyurethane parquet glue, but this product is a hard-elastic one.

Emfi Emfi focuses mainly on developing hybrid glues, but does offer a PU mastic. Emfimastic PU Parquet glue is suitable for the cordon glueing of all types of parquet. Emfimastic PU Parquet is a coloured mastic offered in cylinders of 310 and 600ml respectively. This glue is graded as Habitat Sain A+.

Lecol Polyurethane glues are solventless parquet adhesives and they are deployed on both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. Wakol PU225 is a dual-component PU glue. It is ideal for durable glueing of 10mm solid parquet, traditional parquet of 6


and 9mm, mosaic parquet, end grain wood-engineered parquet, thick strips, multi-layer parquet, solid boards, and RE/WE cross-cut wood on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors. Wakol PU225 meets the standards of DIN EN 14293. Wakol PU225 Parquet Glue is also suitable for glueing 22mm solid parquet (thick strips and wide boards) only onto wooden intermediate floors (chipboard, mosaic, etc.) in combination with blind clips. With this dual-component glue, the hardener is mixed in mechanically. The glue is very sturdy and suitable for glueing on floor heating. The PU225 packaging consists of a bucket with a hollow lid which contains the hardener. This simplifies the operation and considerably reduces the risk of the glue being mixed without a hardener or with the wrong hardener.

Mapei Mapei presents various polyurethane single and dual-component glues. Ultrabond P990 1K from Mapei is a single-component polyurethane glue. It is ready for use, elastic, solventless, and suitable for all types of parquet. The glue can be used on cement covering floors, Mapecem, Topcem, Topcem Pronto and similar subfloors, old wooden floors, tiles, marble, anhydrite screeds, etc. This single-component glue sets by means of the air humidity. Ultrabond Eco P909 2K is a dual-component polyurethane glue with very low volatile organic compound emissions (Emicode EC1 R) and it is also for all types of parquet. This glue, too, can be used on all the aforementioned substrates. Last year, Mapei launched Ultrabond Eco P 909 2K Plus for the Italian market.

Pallmann Pallmann P9 is a waterless and solventless 2-component glue. It conforms to DIN EN 14293, is for all types of parquet, but especially for moisture-sensitive wood sorts and sizes, and is used for glueing on UZIN substrates suitable for parquet. Pallmann P9 is a paste-like solventless and waterless polyurethane parquet glue which doesn’t affect parquet swelling since no moisture is extracted from the wood. The glue is suitable on sufficiently strong substrates, such as sand-cement, calcium sulphate and mastic asphalt covering floors, chipboard, suitable UZIN substrates, and on warm-water floor heating. Pallmann P9 Extra has a longer open time.

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Producers of polyurethane adhesives

Soudal Soudal has two main applications in which it has PU glues. Construction glues are the first. These are products in cases which are used for mounting. PU has a very wide adhesion spectrum, so these glues can be widely used. Purocol and Purocol express are the two transparent construction glues where the Purocol express is a faster setting version of the standard Purocol. Then they also have a brown PU construction glue, the PU Construct Extra Fast. This adhesive sets rapidly. All their PU construction glues achieve a final strength of over 10MPa. The big difference lies in the colour, setting speed, and the thereby related pressing time. Whilst an average PU glue like Purocol has a pressing time of at least three hours, the faster version has a pressing

time of merely at least one hour. If the conditions demand rapid work, you can always opt for PU Construct Extra Fast, which, with a pressing time of just 15 minutes, is by far the quickest. Apart from construction glues, Soudal also has PU parquet glues. They have both a 1-component parquet glue and a 2-component product. These very strong and hard adhesives are used mainly for glueing solid parquet. Soudal parquet glues do not foam and have very strong adhesion capacity so that they give the best possible transfer of glue and secure the planks completely.


Thomsit Thomsit presents the Thomsit P 625 2-c PU Parquet Glue. This Thomsit P 625 2-c PU Parquet Glue is designed for glueing mosaic, bar, and solid parquet, exotic parquet, quarter-sawn wood-engineered parquet, RE cross-cut parquet, and ready-to-fit parquet on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. The glue is absolutely ideal for glueing particularly large-size parquet tiles and parquet boards which are ready for fitting. It is also suitable for glueing universal types of parquet with high water absorption and can also be deployed for rubber, PVC design floors, and Thomsit subfloors, which are suitable for use in combination with wooden floors.


STAUF PUK 455: Hard stuff not only for solid planks Adhesive specialist STAUF offers with PUK 455 a hard-elastic wood flooring adhesive with a hard elastic mechanic on polyurethane basis. The ready-to-use premium product has a very wide application range and is especially suitable for installation of all kinds of solid planks. The adhesive application occurs without risk of plasticizer related softening of sub floor or lacquer, STAUF PUK 455 is also water- and solvent free as well as very low emission certified (Emicode EC1-R plus). STAUF PUK 446: 2-component polyurethane reaction resin adhesive with elastic adhesive ridges


For the optimum rigid-elastic installation of wood flooring STAUF offers the PUK 446 as a 2 component polyurethane reaction resin adhesive which can be spread easily. The adhesive with very low emission is suitable for nearly all kinds of wood flooring like varnished wood flooring, wood flooring planks and laminate floorings. STAUF PUK 446 offers a high dimensional stability and acts as a tension decrease at the same time. In this way, a reasonable elasticity is combined with high strength. For dark wood species a colored version is available. STAUF PUK 446 is also water- and solvent free as well as very low emission certified (Emicode EC1-R plus).

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We formulate solutions from our customers’ requirements in order to improve their work efficiency and results. That is why we developed a solvent free two-component polyurethane adhesive, with no epoxy resin or amines, with a double open time with respect to this typology of glue, for high temperature laying conditions. Both strong and elastic, Tovcol PU2C Plus is the most suitable solution to lay solid and prefinished floors of any sizes on concrete, anhydride sub-floors, under-heating systems and non-absorbent surfaces. A reply to a specific request of an always more diversified international market which boosts us to develop products on local contexts bases, keeping in mind their own peculiarities. Contact us for major information at!


Oil which can be lacquered

LACQUER OR OIL? ACTUALLY, I’LL TAKE BOTH Apart from beeswax, and nowadays hard wax and hard wax oil, the most popular finishes for wooden floors are lacquer and oil. Over the years, parquet traders have promoted them enthusiastically and clients have chosen them with equal success. Both finishes have advantages and drawbacks, but, in the final analysis, the best solution will be dictated by individual circumstances e.g. the purpose of the room, taste, type of floor, type of wood, etc. And what if we want to use both oil and lacquer?

The strength of lacquer The comparison between lacquer on the one hand and oil and wax on the other is actually the same as that between a film and non-film finish. Lacquer protects by putting an impenetrable layer on the wood. Impregnation finishes such as oil, wax, and hard wax protect the floor from the inside out partly by saturating the pores and partly by providing a certain hardness on top.

Maintenance The biggest difference between both types of finishes is with maintenance. As regards lacquers, we can be short and to the point: This involves vacuum cleaning, dusting, and occasionally light damp mopping. That low maintenance with lacquer is precisely the great merit which has attracted a much bigger group of clients to wooden floors. Ordinary men and women who used to associate a wooden floor with ‘heavy maintenance’ now opt for parquet thanks to the intrinsic qualities of lacquer.

Extremely strong

Photo – WOCA

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Since the makers have constantly been refining those intrinsic qualities (the application of polyurethane has played a big part there), clients have considered parquet with increasing frequency for major projects such as offices, public buildings, and even airports. After all, lacquers are now a lot more durable, and modern UV lacquers contain almost solely solid substances so they offer cast-iron protection. Expectations are now also much greater with regard to the protection of wooden floors in private homes. Those refined properties are also one of the reasons for that.

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Oil which can be lacquered

The gloss

First oil, then lacquer

Many people saw the gloss of a lacquer or varnish as a ‘weak spot’. Whilst beeswax and oil nicely respected the wood’s authenticity, a coat of lacquer gave the floor a satin or even shiny gloss which greatly compromised the wood’s ‘look’ and feel. That, plus the yellowing effect of many lacquers, made lots of clients go for oil or wax. For some years now, makers have also been producing matt and even ultra-matt lacquer finishes. That has fully refuted one of the major objections to lacquer.

Outstanding protection, well nourished wood, the natural look of a wooden floor, and the low maintenance of a lacquered floor are all possible if we simply combine the two finishes. More and more producers are offering an oil/lacquer solution as the ultimate finish for parquet and wooden floors. It’s a ‘hybrid’ solution, that’s for sure. Indeed, it combines the best properties of both. It’s completely logical that for renovation the floor has to be sandpapered, unlike with an oil finish.

The benefits of oil

The application is virtually identical with products from most makers. The oil serves as saturation. This gives the floor all the properties of an oiled floor, including the visual effect. The oil needs to be applied in a professional manner. If possible, it is even more important for the oil to be waxed professionally and for surplus oil to be removed. In most cases it is necessary to allow for a drying time (depending on the producer). According to a certain procedure and after a drying time, a lacquer is then applied as the definitive finish. Obviously, the oil and lacquer used are completely in harmony with each other. Once the coat of lacquer is applied, the floor has the benefits of a lacquered floor, but still the look of oiled parquet.

The working method

In terms of look and visual effect, beeswax and hard wax oil are comparable in some ways to parquet oil as they don’t put a film on the wood. That’s also important for the feel. An oil finish preserves the colour and feel of the wood better than any other. Indeed, an oil finish doesn’t leave a film ‘above’ the wood. The pores and grains of the wood can be felt. There is ‘direct’ contact with the wood.

Maintenance and renovation As we’ve already said, lacquer is often the client’s preferred choice due to the low maintenance. Mopping, vacuum cleaning, and damp cleaning can be done quickly and are perfectly hygienic. Those are certainly persuasive arguments, but a floor which is oiled, is just as easy to maintain. Oil makers provide an accompanying maintenance oil ( some of them also have universal maintenance oil) to make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy. The maintenance oil has the additional advantage that it nourishes the wood each time it is applied. The fact that oil doesn’t leave a film also means it is possible to maintain and repair the surface in patches. For a complete renovation you don’t have to sandpaper the entire floor as you do with a lacquer finish.

What’s on the market? Bona Bona Craft Oil 2K’s unique vegetable oil formula ensures fast drying and top protection. It is the ideal finish for sometimes troublesome types of wood such as kambala, afzelia, and walnut. It is also good for use on smoked oak and steamed beech. Bona Craft Oil 2K gives a handsome waterproof and stain-proof surface and is ready for use after drying for between just 8 hours (Neutral) to 12 hours (Colour Oil). Bona Kraft Oil 2K can be lacquered over only with Bona Traffic parquet lacquers to give the parquet oil

The ‘natural ingredients’ Just as a growing preference for natural and durable materials is encouraging wooden floors, that aspect also seems to be prompting clients to go for oil. Moreover, parquet oils really are based on natural products such as tung oil, castor oil, soya oil, and linseed oil, albeit in a modified end product. Obviously, environmental legislation also applies to oil finishes, and this means that water-based oils have found a permanent place in the range over the last few years. These water-based oils are usually created by emulsion in which an emulsifier ensures that unmixable fluids (such as oil and water) can nevertheless be mixed to form a uniform and stable product.

§ A fiber sanding pad for wood,

Turbo Fiberpad


Maak kennis met de schuurrevolutie ! Refinement-Disc



The unique Turbo Fiberpad was developed recently for the fine sanding of parquet floors and the deep cleaning of various surfaces such as wood, stone and metal. On single-disc sanders the Turbo Fiberpad replaces the traditional P80 and P100 sanding discs used to fine-sand parquet floors.


The extremely long life of the Turbo Fiberpad means no disc replacement on the job, thereby eliminating the risk of varying sheens. For a seamless transition to the sides use the Velcro Fiberpad (150 mm diameter), which is compatible with most hand-held sanders. Manufacturer Belgium : Devomat Industries NV Florent Geversstraat 31 - B-2650 Edegem T +32 (0)3 450 94 70 - F +32 (0)3 457 94 24 -


Distributor Holland : Torren Technical Solutions De Run 5413 - NL-5504 DG Veldhoven T +31 (0)6 12 17 61 63 -

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stone and metal surfaces. No sanding scratches. No loss of sanding power = no difference of sheen in sanded area. Higher finish quality. Sands faster than traditional sanding methods. Extremely long life.

Distributor Germany, Austria and Switzerland : Janser GmbH Böblinger Straße 91 - D-71139 Ehningen T +49 (0)7034 127-0 -

Its shape and open fibre structure gives the Fiberpad an extremely high sanding capacity and excellent dust extraction rate, resulting in a scratch-free finish which is ready to oil or varnish.

even better protection and thereby make wooden floors easier to maintain. It’s not mandatory, but it is an option! The oil can be supplied as standard in 11 modern colours. Bona has closely monitored market demand here. You use the Top 10 with the sample materials. The 11th new colour is Bona Craft Oil Clay 2K, yet the colours can be mixed infinitely to get any colour as required.


Blanchon features various oils that are paintable, but Solid Oil is particularly suited for that application. For years, this product has guaranteed outstanding results and is highly appreciated by wood flooring professionals. Solid wood flooring is in fashion and everyone is looking more and more for that unique appearance and special, unexpected lustre. The use of colours and the natural appearance of oil are both very appealing. Many wood flooring professionals like to work with coloured oil because of the ease of application. On the other hand, many clients prefer the ease of maintenance with lacquer. By combining oil and lacquer, you can have both the appearance of oil and the easy maintenance of lacquer. Blanchon's two-component water-based lacquers achieve this using IntensivÂŽ. The 6 variations have little influence on the colour. Belmont and Blumor are also recommended.

surplus oil until the floor feels dry to the touch. After that, you should wait 24 to 48 hours (depending on the chosen UN1CO colour) before applying FORTICO 2C.

Loba Loba presents parquet oils which can be finished perfectly well with lacquer, namely the HS 2K Intensive A.T. (transparent) and the HS 2K Intensive Colour A.T. (with 11 colours). The combination with lacquer makes all sorts of colours possible and is extremely easy to finish. The lacquers recommended by Loba for this system are all waterborne: the 2-component lacquers 2K Invisible Protect A.T., 2K Supra A.T., WS 2K Duo, and WS 2K Fusion, and the 1-component lacquer WS Easy Finish. No special skills are required to apply this system. Complete sandpapering is necessary in the case of renovation. The cost price of this system is about 10% higher than that of the classic finishes.

Ciranova Ciranova presents a new oil-varnish system in which the single-coat oil UN1CO can be finished with two coats of the new ANTI-scratch varnish FORTICO 2C. Using FORTICO on UN1CO gives the best possible protection with very little maintenance. Appling the FORTICO 2C NATURAL on top of the UN1CO will preserve the natural look and feel of an oiled floor. If the client requires more gloss, it is possible to apply Fortico 2C Matt or Satin. UN1CO is a 100% oil, which contains no water or solvents. FORTICO is a waterborne varnish. Ciranova has tested the UN1CO FORTICO system extensively. If the products are used as prescribed, the producer can guarantee perfect protection and adhesion. If, due to circumstances, another type of oil or varnish were to be applied, this combination should always be tested in advance, and in that respect it is not possible to give a guarantee. It is important that both the oil and varnish are applied in a professional manner. For instance, it is important to rub the UN1CO in properly and remove

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Oil which can be lacquered

Mapei At Mapei all Ultracoat Oil Colour and Oil Plus products can be finished with the dual-component PU lacquers from Mapei, Ultracoat High Traffic and Ultracoat Soft Touch Finish. End clients get the effect of an oiled or coloured floor, but combined with the strong protection which only a dual-component lacquer can give. Mapei offers only waterborne finishes. The finishes comprise one or two-component versions. Clients can choose between polyurethane and acrylic polyurethane. The company offers a solution for each situation. Only a dual-component waterborne lacquer is suitable for a finish on oil. One of the major benefits with renovation is the time saved.

Pallmann The Pallmann range includes Pall-X 333. This is a 2K oil which is available in various colours and can be lacquered over with the Pallmann 2K lacquers: Pall-X 98 Gold, Pall-X Zero, or Pall-X Pure for an extra matt finish. It is also possible to finish with Pallmann Magic Oil 2K Original if an oil finish is chosen. Moreover, with Pall-X 350 as an adhesive primer it is also possible to finish just about any oiled floor with the Pallmann lacquers. With Pallmann Pall-X 333 you can colour the floor without any risk of streaks or overlapping. Finishing it with the Pall-X Zero preserves the exterior of an oiled floor, but with the durability and easy maintenance of a lacquered floor. Moreover, this gives the colour extra protection and you don’t get a visible ‘footpath’.

Rigo Verffabriek Rigo Step COLOR WASH 2K enables the processor to deepen, modify, or change the colour and sphere of wood as required and with no streaks and to give it the look of an oiled surface. Just as with Rigo Step ROYL, COLOUR WASH can be


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supplied in three basic variants, namely Blank, Basic White, and Basic Black. Together with the many available charming colour dyes, it is only creativity which restricts the range of possible colours and shades of colours. COLOUR WASH can be lacquered with any dual-component RIGO lacquer, such as the invisible and ultra-matt SKYLT Original or SKYLT Titanium, the universal DUO Satin or DUO matt or one of their new and super-easy to process STEP lacquers in matt, satin, or gloss. Any processor which can apply oils and lacquers can also apply a COLOUR WASH system. It is obviously important to follow instructions. A renovation can be carried out either by cleaning the surface intensively in good time i.e. before there is a hint of wear and then applying a new coat of RIGO lacquer or to sandpaper the surface bare and apply a new finish system.

Tover High yield, endless customization opportunity, oil-lacquer finishing cycle in only two coats. Formulated from natural oils and vegetable hard waxes, solvent free, L’Olio 100% is a 100% solid coating which guarantees high technical and aesthetic performances. Available in thirty-two colors, it can be used alone in one coat or to complete the finish of floors treated with the water-based coloring system Belle Epoque, creating infinite chromatic combinations which enhance the natural wood shades. For a major protection of high traffic surfaces, L’Olio 100% is overcoatable, if additivated with Oil-Linker, with a two-component water-based lacquer, offering the advantage to combine the chromatic and touch look of an oiled floor with the resistance of a varnished one, and the possibility to choose the finish gloss.

WOCA The WOCA Master Colour Oil can be finished with a lacquer. The oil gives the wood that typical light colour and gloss, whilst the lacquer provides scratch-resistance and low maintenance. The lacquer is waterborne. The solution presented by WOCA has been tested using a combination of their own products. Obviously, WOCA cannot give any guarantee with the use of combinations with products of other trademarks. The floor fitter doesn’t need any special skills to apply this system. With renovation, the working method is the same as that of a lacquered floor. The Master Colour Oil must be applied in accordance with the instructions. After a drying time of at least 24 hours, WOCA Advanced 2K Lacquer can be applied in two coats with a drying time of four hours in between.


New trends in vinyl, LVT and PVC floors

DESIGN FLOORS IN THE UNIQUE INTERIOR PERSONALISATION CAN NO LONGER BE REVERSED ‘Unique Youniverse’ is the main theme at Domotex 2018 and with good reason. To put it bluntly, the main interior trend nowadays is that there isn’t one. What you do have is ‘complete freedom’ to design your own interior. Occupants put their own unmistakable mark on their own dwellings. And so, it’s becoming ‘ultimately personal’. The interior is now tailor-made, everyone for themselves, a mirror of ourselves. Design floors ‘are yielding’ fully to that reality, albeit by offering ‘everything’.

Compatible? How come? Decoratively, we can’t escape the fact that floors are now so similar in design that they are becoming entirely compatible with each other. For example, solid parquet in the living room can go together without hindrance by vinyl ‘planks’ (LVP) in the kitchen almost seamlessly. The multitude of decors means the disappearance of all obstacles. Synthetic floors are waterproof, so they are ideal for the bathroom. A switch from a landing in laminate to a bathroom with LVT or PVC is no longer a problem. Cork and bamboo play their parts in that interplay of exchange and supplements. In other words, all floor traders have moved much closer to each other with their ranges, like rivers which eventually discharge into the same sea. And that sea is one of extreme variety. Streams come together, clash if necessary, or cross each other. Certainly compatible, but there’s no need for that compatibility. That’s the result of the ‘Unique Youniverse’, which all project managers create for themselves.

‘Unique’ is technically possible In the world of wooden floors, the opportunity to personalise is emerging from the infinity of the range. That’s basically endless! It starts with a vast range of available types of wood. Those types are supplemented considerably by an endless range of possible colours and glosses. Fitting patterns and shapes likewise have few limits. In other words, wood automatically gives you ‘something for everyone’. This also implies that floor technology, which makes use of photography and printing techniques, can present a similarly varied range.

Photo – EarthWerks


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New trends in vinyl, LVT and PVC floors

After all, they just imitate. However, digital print technology means that their possibilities are not limited to what already exists.

Laminate sets the tone If we could put all assortments of all laminate producers next to each other, we would be able to count more wood decors than there are types of trees. Apart from the wood decors, we also find in laminate the tile decors and, moreover, every imaginable modern and youthful colour and design. Try adding something to that! Yet the entrance of digital technology has seen the range expand from ‘vast’ to ‘infinite’. Everything exists, and what doesn’t exist can be created.

EarthWerks For EarthWerks the major trends in LVT and PVC are the appearance of various wood decors with an extremely pronounced structure and synchronised grain. There is plenty of scope for several shades of colour between the strips. At all events, the texture is extremely important. Oak wood still stands out amongst the wood decors. As regards colours, naturally light colours enjoy the preference, and no dark colours. At present, it is not possible to order personalised floors from EarthWerks.

Design floors follow For vinyl, PVC, and linoleum we can limit ourselves to the simple finding that developments are identical. Technically, there has been a transition from flexible floors in rolls to tiles and planks with a click system for floating fitting. Decorative developments are exactly the same as those of laminate.

Combination of styles The unique interior, completely tailor-made by the project manager, comes even closer if we can combine all those available floor coverings without listening to time-related rules. The compatibility of the various floor coverings outlined above is actually completely superfluous in the contemporary interior trend. Adopting an eclectic mindset to the interior of the home actually makes each interior almost automatically unique. An ‘eclectic’ interior is one way of designing your home to suit your personality and, especially, by combining the best style elements from different eras. Eclecticism was a trend in 19th century architecture. A crossroads of cultures and, especially, human emotions. A crossroads of styles, a cross-fertilisation between tastes and an aesthetic approach. Can you fit a parquet floor in a hyper-modern and futurist building in a pattern more at home in the palaces of Louis XIV? Warm Renaissance in a chilly silo? An old herringbone amidst sheer rigidity? Why not?

Consequences for floor fitters What does that finding actually mean for parquet floor fitters? Answer: It is in their best interests to include the fitting of as many floor types as possible in their ranges. After all, clients see the floor project as one coherent project. Clients expect professionals to meet all the specific needs of their clients, certainly with renovation. As far as tile designs with click system goes, that’s obviously no problem. They are just as easy to fit as laminate. Fully glued vinyl or linoleum rolls, just like cork rolls, require a dexterity which deviates to some extent from fitting traditional parquet.

Conclusion: It is up to floor fitters and in the interest of floor fitters to convince clients that there really are no limits to the combination of styles and types of floor covering.


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Photo – EarthWerks


Outdoor floors : wood & composite


Photo – Silvadec

Is there such a thing as a cheap wooden terrace? Anyone who examines the target group for wooden terraces and then considers what the market has to offer soon realises that the budget isn’t the biggest concern. Obviously, everyone’s budget is by definition limited to some extent, but anyone

who opts for a wooden terrace probably has the room and the scope for it and, therefore, probably also the necessary budget. At all events, it is true to say that in this product category choosing a ‘cheaper’ terrace immediately implies opting for a less attractive result and a shorter lifespan.

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Outdoor floors : wood & composite

Outdoor parquet opens up a dream market The fact that many suppliers and purchasers are increasingly describing a wooden terrace as ‘outdoor parquet’ is a direct result of the quality itself. All the technical innovations of recent years now mean that an expertly fitted terrace looks just as charming as a wooden indoor floor. For the first time, parquet floor fitters also seem interested in fitting wooden terraces, and although that might seem logical, things were very different until recently.

Floor fitters hesitated

Wood composite

A few years ago, I asked a seasoned parquet floor fitter if he could fit a wooden terrace at my home. The man refused at once and said: ‘I’m not getting into that. Fitting terraces is something completely different, a speciality.’ Did you ever hear such nonsense? Look at it like this: I trust any parquet floor fitter to fit my terrace, but not vice versa. When we realise that there are just as many surfaces of terraces to be fitted as there are living rooms, we can see that floor fitters are losing a huge market.

Wood composite consists of wood fibres, high-density polyethylene, UV stabilisers, dyes, and various additives to optimise the mechanical qualities. These are usually recycled wood fibres and residual wood and recycled polyethylene. The ingredients are mixed and undergo an extrusion process at high temperature and under heavy pressure. Thanks to extrusion technology it is also possible to get accurate dimensioning and all things are possible as regards shape. In many respects wood composite is an ecologically responsible alternative to tropical hardwood.

Now they have woken up

Bamboo composite

As regards techniques and product specifications, wooden terraces nevertheless put us completely in the territory of the floor fitter’s skills. And so, the name ‘outdoor parquet’ is not unfounded. After all, laying terraces is a sophisticated extension to the profession of parquet floor fitter and the market is almost as big as the housing market itself. That sounds logical, too! Suppliers of wooden terraces are continuing to perfect invisible fitting systems and increase the number of wood sorts for outdoor uses. And as if that’s not enough, engineered products are emerging here and there in the form of composites. The range has never been so wide.

Bamboo has appeared as a perfect alternative for wooden terraces in tropical wood sorts. It has proved its qualities over the past few years and is a particularly good remedy for deforestation. Composite is an excellent solution for anyone who wants a tile terrace with the look of wood. It requires little or no maintenance and has stable colours. Bamboo composite is harder than other composites, is more stable, and it swells and shrinks less. A solid bamboo terrace must be treated thermally to prevent fungi. The glueing is extremely important to prevent premature delamination. With composite it is a composition of bamboo powder and recycled synthetics.

A mega-range


As regards parquet and wooden floors, the range from which clients can choose is immense. The shopping trolley which floor fitters offer clients is bursting with solutions. You have solid parquet and plank floors, you have multi-layer parquet and wooden floors, including veneer. You have floating, glued, or glued and nailed. You have scores of sizes and just as many fitting patterns and types of floors. That’s to say nothing about the numerous colours and finishes. The same goes for wooden terraces. Apart from a countless number of tropical hard sorts in durability class 1, we also see types of wood elevated to an eligible class via modification. The choice is getting bigger and bigger. Here, too, innovative engineered solutions are appearing such as composites in diverse forms. However, there are also wood-related elements such as bamboo, which is all the rage on the terrace market. Furthermore, just as laminate provides an alternative to wooden floors, there are also products for terrace floors which look like wood, but in fact are not. Let’s have a look at the range in more detail:

For some time now, we’ve been seeing the emergence of terrace planks which are produced from synthetics and look like real wood. Here the term ‘imitation’ really is appropriate. Technically, these terrace boards obviously rate quite well since they are immune to wood rot or mould.

Hardwood The availability of a highly varied number of wood sorts in the highest durability classes (I and II) has broken the monopoly of bangkirai. If we compare the major types of wood from the various traders, we get a whole list: bangkirai, ipe, afri-kulu, padauk, merbau, teak, cumaru, massaranduba, tali, bilinga, lapacho, taperyba, elondo, elondo FSC, Indonesian teak, kurupay, garapa, mandioqueire, and that list certainly isn’t exhaustive.

Modification Some years ago, in order to preserve the tropical sorts somewhat, science and industry joined forces in the quest for techniques to


raise less durable types of wood to a higher durability class. The most important technique is thermal modification in which the properties of the wood are changed via heat treatment. Plato and thermowood are the most well known procedures. A more recent success has been recorded by Norwegian kebony, which, after years of research and experiments, has developed an ecological modification process for making various types of wood more durable.

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Costly usually means more durable! Finally, we return to the title of this article. If floor fitters are confronted with clients who are worried about their budgets, it would seem obvious for the floor fitter to adapt the range and price accordingly. That’s not always the best solution! Sometimes you have to dare to point out to clients the necessity of some technology which you don’t see afterwards, but it is certainly still there. For example, a sturdy and durable base made of adjustable synthetic pedestals invariably contributes to the stability and durability of the terrace. Moreover, invisible fastening systems ensure the wood can undergo its normal movement, and this prevents premature damage. Strictly speaking, floor fitters should dare to say: ‘I do it like this or not at all.’ In other words, the lifespan of a terrace ‘at an entry price’ will be considerably shorter than if all (often more costly and invisible) technology is deployed.

An overview Bewood For the construction of outdoor terraces Bewood works solely with wood composite based on pine wood. They don’t use oak for outdoors. Bewood works exclusively with premium composite. The price is about €80 per m² not including the fasteners and VAT. The price is similar to that of a terrace in ipe wood. Bewood believes that

fitting terraces is certainly within the scope of a parquet floor fitter’s activities. They have noticed that this market is stable.


As regards wood in Europe, Eurotec has noticed particularly local sorts such as douglas fir, pine, robinia, etc. Then, there are also FSC approved sorts such as ipe and bangkirai. Oak is no longer considered suitable for indoor use. Finally, there are the composites, particularly in the case of invisible fastenings. These wood-plastic composites (WPC) are available in various proportions. They are used for terraces, fencings, and frontages. They are usually fastened with clips such as, for instance, the Twin on the EVO aluminium substructure. At Eurotec they are convinced that this market is growing thanks to the use of sustainable wood sorts and composites. As regards fastenings, they offer Deck conductors which are fastened to the underside of smooth planks and Deck clips, which are screwed onto the base structure. New is the Eurotec Stone System, which can be used as a base for tiles, wood, and composite.The DrainTec drainage grid is designed for joints of openings in the building. This means, for instance, terrace doors or thresholds from frontages to the terrace. Its specific surface enables it to ‘catch’ any precipitation. And so, water goes directly to the seal or into the drain without splashing doors or walls. Heavy rainfall is discharged in a controlled manner. The flat surface (21 x 140mm) means the DrainTec drainage grid can be combined perfectly with standard terrace planks or tiles.

La San Marco Profili Our long experience in the field lead us to do a selection among wood sorts for outdoors. Teak and Ipe are undoubtedly the most popular, noble and best-sellers wood sorts. La San Marco proposes also Thermo Ash, Iroko Africa and Angelim Amargoso. These wood


varieties offer aesthetic advantages of long-lasting quality and need less maintenance if they are well fitted. In the last few years we also decided to expand our wood choice by adding other wood sorts such as Cumaru and Garapa, because of their hardness and resistance and above all because they are a valid cheapest option for customers. Hardwoods are obviously our first choice when talking about outdoor flooring and cladding, but composites are also gaining ground on the market. As a composite alternative, after a long and careful research for a durable and high-quality material, we decided to offer to our customers Duro decking, an innovative eco-sustainable material mainly made up of rice husks and pure PVC. It has excellent technical qualities, can be processed as wood decking and requires less maintenance. Duro is undoubtedly the best choice for composite decking. Furthermore, we offer different methods of installations that simplify the fitting. We believe that to take full advantage of the qualities of a floor, you should study the type of flooring and the place where it will be installed. A well-mounted floor is a durable floor.


Silvadec is a European market leaders in wood composites. They produce terrace boards in a composite material which comprises about 60% wood and 30% polyethylene. The floorboards are coloured all over. Silvadec composite can withstand termites and damp and has high indentation resistance. The benefits of this material are well known: long lifespan, low maintenance, UV resistance, natural and warm look, and suitable for public projects (e.g. the material is in Euroclass Dfl S1). Silvadec composite can be processed as wood. For terrace construction Silvadec suggests an

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Outdoor floors : wood & composite

aluminium frame (47 x 76 x 4000mm) to enable you to fit a strong and stable terrace on pedestals where 60cm overreaching is possible for projects, whilst even 90cm is possible for private uses.


LA SAN MARCO PROFILI SRL Viale Europa 63 - 31010 Soligo, TV - Italy Tel. +39 0438 980106 r.a. - Fax +39 0438 980176 -


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PA de l’Estuaire - 56190 Arzal Tél.+33 2 97 45 09 00

Fabrication française et allemande

* Champs de la garantie à télécharger sur le site





Photo – La San Marco Profili


Vetedy specializes in the manufacture of terraces and cladding in Softline® and Techniclic® invisible fastening systems exclusively in solid wood. The newcomer of the range is called Technideck © and allows a use of the invisible fastening system still 2 times faster than before and above all, after the start and end line, without any screws. All wood supplied by Vetedy are class 1 and requires no maintenance with oil or stain. Just clean them once a year with Softclean © and find them like new, years after years.


Top Polish companies focused on export


If the global economy were a large ice sheet, the Polish ‘ship’ would still go on like an ice-breaker to forge a way to an even better future. Poland has been an economic maverick for years and that isn’t likely to change for the time being. Whilst the gains of recent decades are already highly impressive, the country still has vast potential to grow. They are investing in infrastructure, but also in and by means of companies both at home and abroad.

Geography Poland (official name: ‘Rzeczpospolita Polska’ = Polish Republic) is a republic in Eastern Europe. Its total surface area is 312,684km². The country borders on seven other countries: Germany in the west, the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad Oblast, Lithuania, Byelorussia or Belarus, and Ukraine to the east, and Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south. Poland borders on the Baltic Sea in the north.

Flat, wet, and woody Generally speaking, Poland is a flat country. 54% of its entire surface area lies below 150 metres, whilst 37% has a height between 150 and

300 metres. Mountains are found only on the southern border. As regards relief, Poland can be divided up into three belts, which run approximately from east to west. Over 9000 lakes cover about 1% of the surface area of Poland. The biggest ones are Lake Sniardwy (109km²) and Lake Mamry (102km²), which are both in Mazury. Most lakes are situated in the Pomeranian, Mazurian, and Great Polish Lake Plains, and also in the Kujavia. All rivers flow more or less into the Baltic Sea. The river basins of the two main rivers, the Vistula (1014 km) and the Oder, take up 56% and 34% respectively of the river area of Poland; 9% is in the river basins of coastal rivers which flow directly into the Baltic Sea. The chief river is the Vistula, which rises in the Carpathian Mountains and flows northwards via Cracow and Warsaw and discharges into the Baltic Sea. 60% of Poland’s surface area is agricultural land and 27% is forest. The forest area is 8,668 million hectares (that is 0.23 hectares for each inhabitant of Poland). Over 82% of that is owned by the government (7,145 million hectares), whilst 18% is privately owned (1,523 million hectares). The standing stock of wood in Poland is 1,345 million cubic metres. On average, the standing stock 155m³ per hectare. Annual average growth is about 4.5m³/ha. The annual average wood yield is 2.83m³/ha. This means an annual wood yield for all Poland of about 24.5 million cubic metres.

Emergence from nothing Poland did not exist before the First World War. It was formed after World War I with parts which belonged previously to Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Poland became a parliamentary democracy. This annoyed both the Russians and the Germans, who both invaded the country in 1939 and divided the country up between them. After World War II, the independence of Poland was restored, but Russian

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Top Polish companies focused on export

influence was still highly prominent. Finally, trade union leader Lech Walesa led Poland to genuine independence and ‘emancipation’. The first negotiations between Poland and the EU started around 1988. Poland was obviously a candidate for admission. The official application was submitted in 1994. Finally, Poland became part of the ‘major expansion’ of the European Union, which received no fewer than 10 new members on 1 May 2004: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, and, of course, Poland.

Progress started in the 1990s After the Second World War, Poland followed the economic model of the Soviet Union. Banks and major companies were nationalised and large-scale land ownership was abolished.

Towards a free market In 1989, the principles of a free market were restored in the Polish economy. On 1 January 1990, the Mazowiecki government embarked on a radical programme of economic reforms. This provided for freedom from price controls (in 1991, prices rose fourfold without any corresponding rise in wages), the convertibility of the zloty (national currency), and the introduction of heavy taxation on wage rises which exceeded the established norm. Furthermore, one major goal was to get government expenditure under control through reductions in expenditure and a more rigid taxation system. As a result of this policy, inflation fell (by 15% in 1997) and the private sector began to expand rapidly. Poland developed into a free market economy at high speed in the 1990s and took the lead in this respect in comparison with the other former Eastern Block countries.

Agriculture, cattle farming, and fisheries Large-scale land ownership was abolished after the communist takeover i.e. ownership of more than 50ha (100ha in the newly acquired western areas). Initially, the government allowed smaller private companies a lot of freedom, but, after 1949, they tried to move farmers to unite their companies is collective companies or enter into co-operatives. Agricultural associations were set up in an attempt to get more control over the agricultural sector; those associations hired out agricultural machinery, acted as a joint purchase agency for private farmers, and organised association activities in the countryside. Private ownership in the agricultural sector still dominated during the communist period (between 75 and 85% of the total farming area). In October 1991, national farms were abolished. The 0.5 million farmers from those companies were free to start up on their own.

Industry Most industry is based in the south of the country, with the centre of gravity being the Upper Silesia metal, electronic, chemical, and woodworking industries. Major industrial cities include Lódz (chemical industry and especially textile), Warsaw (tool and machine construction, textile, and building materials), Poznan (machine construction, building materials, and textiles), and Gdansk (ship and machine building). The private sector has grown strongly since 1990. However, privatisation of major national companies is still a big problem. The privatisation act of July 1990 did not have the desired effect. Moreover, industry, geared to exports to the Soviet Union, has found it hard to switch over. Another problem is the huge atmospheric pollution caused by industry.

Economic engine of Europe Poland is the only EU economy which has managed to grow each year since the start of the current crisis. The only Poles to witness


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a recession have been the ones who have emigrated in recent years to go to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, or another EU country. Whilst the gross domestic product per head of population (a frequently used measure to compare prosperity in a country to that of other countries) in 1990 was 32% of the EU average, that figure has now risen to 60%. Between 1991 and 2008, the Polish economy grew by an average of 4.6% each year. If Poland plays its cards right, the economy of this Central European country can grow by more than 4% per annum in the next few years. That would make Poland economically more prosperous in 2025 than countries such as Spain or Italy. However, Polish productivity is low mainly in the mining industry (77% lower than the EU average), and also in agriculture, where productivity is less than half of that in the EU countries. And so, there are still lots of gains to be made, and the economic growth can give a considerable boost. Apart from that vast scope for catching up, there are still some other aspects which will help Poland to make great prosperity strides in the coming years. For example, the working population is generally well trained, whilst wage costs (at an average of €11) are reasonably low. Furthermore, the country has a highly strategic location in Europe, so it can play a pivotal role between different countries and regions. Finally, there is still plenty of ground available for farming. If the country manages to boost productivity in that sector, it could become a food production and processing hub for the whole of Europe, according to McKinsey & Co.

Polish oak and parquet Oak is still the most important product in the Polish woodworking sector. Polish oak is of exceptional quality. The sort of oak which we encounter in countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland is the quercus robur-quercus petraea, exactly the same sort as French oak. Obviously, the conditions in which trees in Poland grow vary drastically from those in which French oak grows. Poland has extremely warm and dry summers and bitter cold winters. Amongst other things, that means we get a type of wood which is more pale in colour since there is less tannic acid in the wood. Polish oak also has a much denser cell structure. The wood is extremely strong and stable, but rather difficult to colour. Eastern European oak roughens up considerably whenever it comes into contact with moisture. Amongst other things, that has consequences for the parquet floor fitter. Indeed, it means that good intermediate sanding is necessary for colouring or finishing with some finishes.

Parquet production Total parquet production in Europe (FEP!) in 2012 was 68,266,133m² as compared to 70,713,000m² the previous year. Poland accounted for almost 13 million square metres of parquet of that total. That was practically 500,000m² more than in 2011. In other words, Polish parquet production continues to grow despite the general fall in the FEP countries.

Parquet consumption Things are somewhat different with parquet consumption, although Poland isn’t doing badly. The general European consumption of parquet fell by 5.88% in 2012 to 87,509,000m². In terms of consumption Poland is in sixth place on the list of FEP countries after Belgium, the Netherlands, Rumania, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Germany is still the undisputed leader in terms of consumption. In 2012, Poland accounted for only 5.20% of all parquet consumption. By deduction, this means that Poland bought 4,550,468m² of parquet during that year.

WALL UP Alglob has been operating on the glass and aluminium constructions market for over 15 years. The company was formed in Poznan in 2001 by the Jagielka brothers with valuable support from their father. They are still the senior managers. The company has three important core businesses: the construction of glass facades and aluminium joinery, the construction of interior glass under the Keepglass trademark, and aluminium skirting boards under the Wallup trademark. Alglob combines the roles of designer, producer, and contractor. The company takes on the most unusual architectural challenges and tries to do so at the most competitive price. All products bear the ETA label. The star product is Zero Acoustic, double glazing which reduces sound by 51dB. The entire Wallup range also belongs in the top class and is being revised for 2018. The company employs 40 people and turnover in 2016 was 25 million PLN (about six million euros). Target countries are the EU countries, especially Germany and the Scandinavian countries. +48 (0) 61 222 43 68 - -

BALTIC WOOD Baltic Wood means a combination of three things, namely love of wood, expertise, and design. Baltic Wood makes distinctive floors where the patterns can be adapted perfectly to the client’s interior, whether it is a private dwelling or a commercial property. Durability, a long lifespan, and low maintenance are points for attention. Baltic Wood keeps a very close eye on trends in order to meet all possible demands for all styles. Baltic Woods presents over 80 different floorboards in four collections: Timeless Collection, No Limits Collection, Melody Collection, and Jeans Collection. +48 (0) 13 491 65 00 -

JAWOR-PARKIET Since 1991, Jawor-Parkiet has combined a love of beauty and a passion for creativity with the latest technology. The company started life as a producer of mosaic parquet, but for some years now has been one of Poland’s leading maker of two-layered parquet and boards and also a major supplier on the European market. Today, the company has a vast network of loyal dealers. Thanks to outstanding design and functionality, Jawor-Parkiet has walked away with various distinctions such as the Home Zone Certificate of Quality and Reliability and the Good Design Award. The company has produced two-layer parquet and boards in oak, ash, and exotic wood sorts for 25 years. Exceptionally long and exclusive planks in oak (Fertig Deska Luxury) are amongst the top products. French herringbone (Chevron Line) and the Retro Collection are also important in the collection. A sound quality control in each production phase gives an important guarantee. Moreover, the products bear the FSC label. Jawor-Parkiet employs about 350 people. A major product for 2018 is the manually processed agedlook Retro Collection. +48 (0) 56 474 80 84 -


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BARAN Baran stands for the combination of Polish tradition, technology, and design. The company has operated in its present form since 1989, but the family history goes back much further. The company specialises in producing solid wood and multi-layer floors, wooden panels, and skirting boards. Their recipe consists of the best types of wood (carefully selected), an excellent corps of competent workers, and the biggest names in machinery. Baran exports all over the world, but their biggest markets are the USA and the European Union. Apart from its standard products, Baran regularly undertakes special projects and challenges which others would decline. Over 80 people work for Baran and they produce about 300,000m² per annum. +48 (0) 17 22 21 050 -

CEZAR Cezar is a Polish family business, which was formed in the 1960s. The production of tile profiles since 1994 has represented a milestone in the company’s history. Another milestone was the development of PVC skirting boards in 1995. In 1997, they built a factory in Elk. In 2002, they were awarded the ISO 9001 label. These dynamic developments and a high level of innovation laid the foundation for establishing the Cezar Group. In short, the core business comprises the production of skirting boards, subfloors, and finish strips. Their flagship is the range of PVC skirting boards (Premium, Hi-Line, and Hi-Line Prestige). Cezar offers a vast range of colours with 130 decors. Today, the company has over 7,000 references, with 90% of their products made in their own factories in Poland. Cezar employs over 400 people and the year 2018 is their 60th anniversary! PVC strip ‘Cezar 60’ is one of their latest new items. Cezar has also unveiled FIX@Press, a unique installation system for skirting boards, and announced several other innovations. +48 (0) 87 629 99 60 -

LARECO Lareco was formed in the 1950s. The name is a compilation of the Latin word ‘Lares’, which stands for the god of the home, and the word ‘eco’, which refers directly to the company’s attention to ecology in its production and operating processes. At Lareco everything revolves around wood. The company is located in the ‘cleanest’ region of Poland, namely Podlaqsie, and certainly lives up to that fact. The floors are made solely from natural materials from sustainably managed forests and meet the European standards. Finish and protective products contain no harmful substances whatsoever. Lareco is a family business, and the third generation entered the company in 2005. The company targets clients who have high expectations and are looking for top quality products. The core business consists of producing wooden floors, multi-layer and solid wood floors, and solid wood skirting boards. Investments in the very latest technology mean that Lareco is now a leading producer in Europe. The company is 100% FSC approved. 30 people work for Lareco, and its annual capacity is 200,000m². For 2018, Lareco is presenting the brandnew collection IMPERI, a collection of distressed vintage floors with extraordinary finishes. +48 (0) 85 655 34 46 -


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∂ Industry news European Federation of the Parquet Industry According to the first estimates of the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP) for the year 2017, the consumption figures of parquet in Europe continue to increase for the third year in a row. While consumption progressed by 1.7% in 2016, a modest grow of close to 1% is forecasted for 2017. This prognosis is based on information received from member country and company representatives present at the recent Board meeting held at the DOMOTEX fair in Hannover. It should be seen as a first estimate subject to variations, in anticipation of the consolidated results to be presented at FEP’s annual General Assembly next June in Sorrento, Italy.

Franz Neuhofer to celebrate his 50th birthday Franz Neuhofer, Managing Director of FN Neuhofer Holz in Zell am Moos/ Austria, has celebrated his 50th birthday on February 5th, 2018. The history of the company began in 1982 at the Holztechnikum timber college in Kuchl. He graduated there in 1986 and immediately started working at his parents’ company. At that time Franz and Christiana Neuhofer managed a sawmill but were also building up a small profile production company at the same time. In 1984 the Neuhofer family made the seminal decision to focus all their resources on the manufacture of profiles. Massive investments were made in this development and further planing machines were purchased as well as veneer cutting machines, wrapping machines, painting machines and a drying chamber. This was the foundation for the start of the large-scale production of foiled and veneered profiles. Franz Neuhofer played an important role in the creation and development of the profile production company. The range of products was constantly expanded and presented at numerous international trade fairs. In 1998 the company received the Austrian state prize for wood marketing for its extensive marketing activities and innovative strength. In 2006 the company was named the ‘Wood industry of the year’ by a specialist magazine. This family firm celebrated the 350th year of its establishment in 2000. Franz Neuhofer senior passed the management over to his sons Martin and Franz Neuhofer. In 2009 FN Neuhofer Holz was

honoured as the ‘Best Family Company in Austria’. Franz Neuhofer is now heading the company as sole Managing Director in the 10th generation. In order to still be able to secure the location of Zell am Moos in the future Neuhofer has invested heavily in recent years in the latest systems in the sectors of planing and coating technology as well as in packaging robots and system plant interlinking. The production capacity today is at an impressive 165 million linear metres of profiles per year and this family company is represented in more than 70 countries with its products, making it a global leader in its field. This dedicated businessman has celebrated his birthday with his closest family members.

Trafil® - COVER CORNER The cover corner is made of self-extinguishing, environmentally-friendly, water resistant and recyclable PVC. It is suitable for private and public environments: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public places, industrial sheds, offices, domestic environments and wherever it is necessary to prevent injuries or accidents. The cover corner material is suitable for all kind of surfaces and it’s available in a wide range of colour. Strong colours point-out the corner and so the danger (public places, hospitals and schools). White, transparent (crystal) and neutral colours are suitable for domestic. It is recommended to use the top cover to ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. It is easy to cut and place. It is easy to clean with neutral detergents.

Spačva: Natural perfection through solid wood flooring The packaging look of the Spačva solid wood flooring products is refreshed. The look of the new packaging is fresh, and the features of the products are clearly visible on the front of the package. The renewal is a part of the updating of the Spačva brand concept, with a goal to meet the consumer needs of today even better. The development of the new package design reflects Spačva’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support. This unified look demonstrates our breadth of offerings and shows that we are, without question, a solid flooring producer dedicated to partnership and innovation.

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∂ Product news BASIN CHEMECO: REDUCTION OF MORE THAN 50 % ON THE BASILAYER PRO An acoustic substrate parquet made to absorb all impact noises (-20db), that is the BASILAYER PRO of BASIN. This 2 mm substrate is made of recycled and recyclable rubber granules. Its placement is easy and fast and it’s the most eco-friendly option on the market. The BASILAYER PRO can be combined with underfloor heating and underfloor air-conditioning and is waterproof as well as antiseptic. Altogether, this is the ideal substrate parquet for both floating and bonded parquet, laminated flooring and fitted carpet. The BASILAYER PRO is now in PROMO, so enjoy a discount of more than 50 %. Please visit our website for more information and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news.

CSP ENGINEERING CosmetiWood®, the wood filler of CSP Engineering is in a growing flow. Recently there exists a new colour: OMD = Oak Medium Dark. The high-quality wood filler is now available in 8 colours. CosmetiWood® is solvents free and harmless to people and environment. The natural wood filler has after drying a hardness and porosity like wood, an excellent adhesion to the wood and it shrinks hardly, even at big knots. The product is delivered in buckets and for larger volumes a customized colour can be made.

LARECO The IMPERI by Lareco collection is crowning of the highest level craft’s art and passion for wood. Over the ages, the wood tiles were made of the best quality wood, decorating the palaces, museums as well as the manors, the universal design based on widely understood art has shown, that they are actual today by all means. Our collection is a skill full fusion of a tradition, craftsmanship and an innovative look, as a result gives the presented patterns some timeless character. At Domotex 2018 we launched new Art Deco wood tiles, geometrical floors, reclaimed wood flooring in various patterns, made from 200 years old Oak beams, new colours and structures of solid and multilayer chevron, herringbone and boards patterns. We offer to our business partners pallets delivery service all over the world.

RUBIO MONOCOAT COLOUR TRENDS 2018 Last year, Rubio Monocoat introduced new trend colours to our already wide range of 40 interior colours for the first time. This year we are again introducing new colours, bundled in 2 collections. The Arctic Adventures collection was inspired by the wondrous natural surroundings of the North, with its sublime cosy and gentle accents. The colours Winter Blush, Frost Green and Heather Purple were created to be combined with a selection of our standard RMC Oil Plus 2C colours. The Eastern Encounters colour collection was inspired by the mysterious Eastern culture and its remarkable colour richness. The new colours are Teal Blue, Pomegranate Pink and Rusty Brown, which can be combined with the existing RMC Oil Plus 2C colours. Request a sample today and discover the richness of our colours for interior applications, in total 53!

TRAFIL® - STAIR NOSING The flexible PVC features are self-extinguishing, environmentally-friendly and recyclable. High resistance against water and humidity are warranted. The stair nosing profile is indicated for both private and public environments: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public places, industrial sheds, offices, domestic environments, and wherever it is necessary to prevent injuries or accidents. This item is customised for construction yards, and it is available in different packaging and sizes. Communication is one of the focal point of our “must” and the single packaging, available for DIY market, is direct, simple and clear. The profile protects from slippery stairs, avoiding falls and crashes. The special consistency and flexibility of the material makes it suitable for all surfaces. It is easy to cut and place. Use of neutral detergent is recommended for cleaning.


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