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How to embed a video or presentation into a TULIP page Go to the 'Site Actions' menu and select 'More Options...' from the drop-down list You may have noticed that when you try and embed videos or presentations into a default TULIP page, the 'embed code' gets deleted when you 'Stop Editing' the page. To get round this you need to create and use a specific 'Web Part Page'.

Scroll down to the bottom and select 'Web Part Page'

Add a title, select the layout of your page and where to locate it in your site

Click on 'Add a Web Part' and then select 'Media and Content' under 'Categories' and 'Content Editor' under 'Web Parts'. Then click on the 'Add' button

Next 'Click here to add new content' and you will see that you now have 'Format Text' options at the top of the screen. Click on 'HTML' and select 'Edit HTML Source' from the drop-down list

Copy the 'Embed Code' from your video/ presentation and paste this into the HTML Source editing pane

Click 'OK' and you will see your video/ presentation embedded in the page. Click on the 'Page' tab and then the 'Stop Editing' button

To send a link to your page select 'View all Site Content' from the 'Site Actions' menu and then 'Site Pages'

Right-click on the page title and select "Copy Link Location'. This will give you a link you can share via email

How to embed a video or presentation into a TULIP page  

Instructions on how to embed media into a Plymouth University SharePoint- powered webpage

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