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Building a Bridge to Success

Folsom Lake College Office of Philanthropy

FOLSOM LAKE COLLEGE received its initial accreditation in 2004 and has quickly emerged as a growing, vibrant, and dynamic educational institution that is closely tied to its local communities. The college currently serves students in the surrounding areas of Folsom, Rancho Cordova, and El Dorado County.

THE FOLSOM LAKE COLLEGE OFFICE OF PHILANTHROPY The Folsom Lake College Office of Philanthropy works to enhance, promote and support Folsom Lake College and its centers through engaging employees, the community, alumni, emeriti and friends. The office facilitates all fundraising efforts for the college and Harris Center for the Arts. Your involvement is an integral part of our students’ success every year. We encourage you to make a gift to the area of FLC that is most meaningful to you. Choose the method that’s right for you to make a tax-deductible contribution.

President’s Circle THE PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE recognizes generous donors who give a minimum gift of $1,000 annually. Members are alumni, parents, friends, and business and community leaders who are interested in actively shaping the future of Folsom Lake College and the community. Whether your philanthropic interest is funding student scholarships or the annual fund, providing resources for the cutting edge Innovation Center Makerspace, helping our veterans transition from service member to student, or supporting our student athletes with your annual major gift to Folsom Lake College, you’ll receive a membership in our President’s Circle.

RECOGNITION BENEFITS You have the satisfaction of knowing you are playing a significant role in transforming students’ lives and supporting their education. As a member, you will become part of the campus community and receive:

Invitation to President’s Circle events Invitations to campus events, including the annual donor reception Opportunities to interact with the college president and key faculty members Public acknowledgment of your support

The President’s Circle allows donors to make a significant impact in the lives of FLC students.

Folsom Lake College Athletics

“Sports has made me more confident and inspired me to excel in all areas of my life, particularly as a student.� -FLC Athlete

College athletics help build important life and job skills, including teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking, professionalism and discipline, communication, and leadership. Intercollegiate athletics promotes the success of all students, by encouraging first generation and underrepresented student groups to enroll in college and earn their degrees. Their involvement gives them a sense of connection to the community, which will in turn build future civic leaders who invest in and build local businesses. With your help, FLC Athletics can continue to develop outstanding facilities, travel safely to and from games, and ensure athletes have the proper equipment needed to stay competitive. Ultimately, these gifts will provide all student-athletes with the resources they need to excel in competition and in the classroom.

“Though educated in England, Sally and I benefited from access to a wide range of sporting activities offered by our schools and colleges. We found this built self esteem, social skills and a thirst for academic success. We would like to see this opportunity in our community.� - Iain & Sally Marshall, FLC Athletics Donors

Innovation Center Makerspace

FLC’S INNOVATION CENTER MAKERSPACE is a comprehensive instructional innovation and technology development incubator, which expands FLC’s capacity to offer interdisciplinary curriculum and programs. It provides students, faculty, and staff with access to hands-on, state of the art prototyping technologies. Innovation Center (IC) Makerspace programs and resources enable students from all disciplines to tackle open-ended, real world challenges, preparing them for careers involving leading edge ingenuity and invention, and helping them to become more competitive in a rapidly changing job market. The IC Makerspace functions as a catalyst for creativity, enabling the college to cultivate deeper relationships with local businesses, K-12 partners, transfer institutions, and the community, which solidifies FLC’s reputation as a regional leader in STEAM/STEM education. “The makerspace is important as it helps students try things out, maybe not even for a career, but just for a talent or strength they possess. Without these tools and resources, they would never have a chance to explore.” - FLC Student

FLC Office of Philanthropy Scholarship Fund A SCHOLARSHIP can immediately impact students, giving them a chance, or sometimes a second chance, to pursue their education. And the effects of that gift – investing in our future leaders – last a lifetime. Think about all of the costs that go along with tuition and fees: transportation, textbooks, housing, and grocery bills. If you multiply that by two years, it’s understandable why a student feels like they have no choice but to drop out, even if they’re getting help from their college to cover tuition. Rather than swimming in thousands of dollars of debt, a scholarship could be the ticket to keep a student on the path to graduation.

OUR FALCONS SOAR! A scholarship is an opportunity. One that will help students realize their highest potential and help reach their ultimate dream. Contribute to the Folsom Lake College Office of Philanthropy Scholarship Fund and your gift will support the program which awards as many scholarships as the yearly fund balance allows. If you would prefer to name or endow a scholarship, Office of Philanthropy staff will work you to achieve the most desirable result for FLC students and the donor. Your gift is a lasting legacy for a student’s future.

The scholarship represents that the recipient will hopefully one day no longer be a student, but a peer. That is my goal; to be a peer to those who saw my potential, and that one day we can learn from each other’s experiences to help support the generation of collegiate hopefuls that will come after me. -Sam Morrison, 2018-19 Scholarship Recipient

Folsom Lake College / Rancho Cordova Promise THE FOLSOM LAKE COLLEGE / RANCHO CORDOVA PROMISE launched in 2017 by Folsom Lake College and the City of Rancho

Cordova. Rancho Cordova residents who graduated from high school in 201617 were eligible to attend their first year of Folsom Lake College fee-free, starting with the 2017-18 academic year. In the 2018-19 academic year, with the advent of the “California College Promise” (California’s Assembly Bill 19), the Los Rios Community College District – which includes American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, and Sacramento City College – began offering one year of free tuition to all first-time college students who enroll full-time (at least 12 units per semester). This allowed the Rancho Cordova Promise funding to now pay for textbooks, supplies, and some fees during that crucial first year, making it nearly 100% fee-free.

What are the benefits of the Promise program? • Improves access to higher education for underrepresented populations. • Removes some of the economic barriers to pursuing higher education. • Improves the college-going rate of residents. • Creates a well-educated workforce that advances the local economy. Studies have shown that Promise students: • Stay in school after their first year at double the rate of non-Promise students. • Are more likely to transfer to four-year universities. • Are more likely to remain in the local community after graduation. The Rancho Cordova City Council provided initial funding from the Measure H Community Enhancement Fund (Fiscal Year 2016/2017) towards the Promise program. The Community Enhancement Fund is funded by Measure H, a ½ cent local sales tax measure that was approved by Rancho Cordova citizens in Nov. 2014 and provides locally-controlled funds for local priorities. The Office of Philanthropy has received funding for the 2018/19 academic year and hopes to continue the program in the future with additional Measure H support and matching gifts from corporate and individual donors.



“By partnering with the Rancho Cordova City Council and supportive local businesses, Folsom Lake College can increase access to postsecondary education, which means a well-educated workforce, and one that will inevitably advance the regional economy.” - Retired FLC President Dr. Rachel Rosenthal “The FLC/Rancho Cordova Promise program exemplifies Los Rios Community College District’s commitment to providing high quality public higher education where our students live, as outlined in our 2001 plan, ‘Educating a Region,’ that first planted the seed for the Rancho Cordova Center. We hope to see this unique program flourish and replicated throughout the region.” - Los Rios Chancellor Dr. Brian King “Many of our students do not have the financial means to attend college. The new Promise program will help remove some of those economic barriers.” - Rancho Cordova Center Dean Brian Robinson

The Harris Center for the Arts Your philanthropic gift brings the best performances to our region and provides vital support for arts education in our communities!

UNRESTRICTED GIFTS Donors making outright gifts with no expectation of tangible benefits see 100% of their contribution support Harris Center services and programs. Undesignated gifts provide valuable general operational support, while designated gifts can support a special program like Youth Arts or an area of particular interest to the donor. ARTS EDUCATION The Harris Center for the Arts is committed to supporting and sustaining the arts across the Sacramento region. Fostering excellence in the arts, nurturing the next generation of performing artists, and making the arts experience an accessible and inspirational part of children’s lives is the mission of our arts education program. Learn more about our outstanding youth programs and critically acclaimed Falcon’s Eye Theatre.

NAME A SEAT Your legacy, in your words. Make a statement with your favorite seat - or your favorite person’s favorite seat - and put some personality into a customized plaque. On top of your $1000 donation being 100% tax-deductible, you’ll support bringing great shows, up close, to the entire region. Name a Seat donations are deposited in the Harris Center’s Endowment Fund. Larger naming opportunities exist as well. Visit the Harris Center to find out more about becoming a Harris Center Member! Go to and click “Donate.”

Veterans Success Center

El Dorado Salute to Valor Committee presents a donation to the Veterans Success Center.

“Consult the Veterans Success Center. All of the employees and students are knowledgeable and willing to help. It is the perfect place to bounce ideas off of other veterans on an equal wave length, and get the assistance that is form-fitted to your educational goals.� - Scott Mitchell, FLC Veteran

Folsom Lake College is grateful for the contributions made by members of the United States armed forces, both at home and abroad. We are honored to offer a student-centered college education to our veterans and their families. The Veterans Success Center provides a sense of community among those who have served in any branch of the military. Like any other student at the college, returning service members will need our respect and support. This includes consideration of their unique circumstances and experiences. In particular, the need for faculty and staff who are fully prepared to help them through the complexities of admission, registration and the return to an academic setting. If working on campus, they will also need employers willing to be patient as they wrestle to regain the skills they once knew. FOLSOM LAKE COLLEGE

Philanthropic support for the Veteran’s Success Center Donors is crucial to ensuring veterans have the resources they need to transition successfully from military to student life, and beyond.


“I give to veterans to show my appreciation for their service to our country. I consider it an honor to be able to give back and support their educational goals and objectives.� - Rochelle Franco, FLC Classified Staff Member

Annual Fund A HEALTHY ANNUAL FUND is the cornerstone of Folsom Lake College’s success. The Annual Fund raises unrestricted dollars which are extremely important because so many needs cannot be anticipated and do not fall within specific categories. Annual Fund contributions provide the Office of Philanthropy and college president with crucial, flexible funding to enrich student life, respond to emerging opportunities, and fund the Office of Philanthropy’s operations. These gifts — no matter the size — make a real impact. Your philanthropic support of the Annual Fund today will continue to build and sustain Folsom Lake College’s growth for years to come.

President’s Fund THE FOLSOM LAKE COLLEGE PRESIDENT’S FUND Folsom Lake College relies more than ever on partnerships with faculty, staff, alumni and community members who share a commitment to ensuring that students from all walks of life continue to have access to an affordable, highquality college education. The President’s Fund at Folsom Lake College enables the President to disburse funds quickly to support new initiatives, as well as underfunded programs and services that keep our campus on the cutting edge of education. Examples of areas supported include: Academic programs Student enrichment and leadership development opportunities Faculty and staff professional development and recognition Alumni and community outreach

“Donations to the President’s Fund are vital to Folsom Lake College’s sustained growth, as these discretionary funds give the college the flexibility to meet the immediate and diverse needs of its faculty, staff, and student body.” - FLC President Whitney Yamamura

Long-distance swimmer Dyana Nyad and Folsom Lake College women’s soccer phenom Britney Johnson prior to Nyad’s appearance at the Harris Center. Johnson’s admission to the event was courtesy of the FLC President’s Fund.

2017-2018 Donation Facts at a Glance TOTAL FUNDS RAISED:

$440,000+ PLANNED GIFTS:









Veterans Programs:


Faculty and Staff Campaign: $7,300



Harris Center for the Arts Support:


Youth Arts Programs:



600 gifts from 203 donors

How to Donate

Giving to the Folsom Lake College Office of Philanthropy is about matching our donor’s philanthropic areas of interest to various college initiatives. Leave a legacy through your support of athletics, Innovation Center Makerspace, scholarships, Veterans Success Center, the Folsom Lake College/Rancho Cordova Promise, President’s Fund, Harris Center for the Arts, or the Annual Fund. Your gift will benefit students, faculty, and the community, not only at this moment in time, but will also have a lasting impact into the future. Donors making a gift over $1,000 automatically become a member of the President’s Circle. Annual membership is based on the academic calendar year. The Harris Center and Folsom Lake College raise funds through the Los Rios Colleges Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization serving all Los Rios community colleges (American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake, and Sacramento City) and the Harris Center for the Arts. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent permissible under law. The fair market value of any benefits provided in return for a contribution may affect a portion of the gift which is the tax deductible. Donations should be made to “Los Rios Foundation.” Federal Tax ID: 94-2506591.

Make an Impact! Amount: $5,000 (President’s Circle membership included.) $2,500 (President’s Circle membership included.) $1,000 (President’s Circle membership included.) $500 Other $_______________________________________________ Designation: (Please check all that apply and designate amount of gift.) Annual Fund $_________ Athletics $_________ Innovation Center Makerspace $_________ FLC Office Of Philanthropy Scholarship Fund $_________ Arts Education Programs $_________ Harris Center, Name a Seat $_________ Harris Center, Unrestricted (no membership benefits included) $_________ President’s Fund $_________ Promise Program $_________ Veterans Success Center $_________ Please send me information about the Harris Center for the Arts Membership. Please send me information about naming or endowing a scholarship. Payment Methods: Check (Please make checks payable to the Folsom Lake College Office of Philanthropy.) Credit Card (Online only; please visit Name: __________________________________________________ Name as I wish it to appear in donor recognition: _______________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________ City, State, Zip:____________________________________________ Phone:________________ Email:_____________________________ (We use email to communicate important donor information and special events.) Please return to: Folsom Lake College Office of Philanthropy 10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630 For more information, please contact: (916) 608-6643 •


Sally Howard, Director of Donor Relations • (916) 608-6643 10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630

Folsom Lake College President's Circle Brochure 2018-19  

The President's Circle Brochure provides supporters Folsom Lake College with information about our various college initiatives.

Folsom Lake College President's Circle Brochure 2018-19  

The President's Circle Brochure provides supporters Folsom Lake College with information about our various college initiatives.