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WINTER issue

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04 flawzmagazine FLAWZmagazine FLAWZ | THE MAGAZINE







has been one hell of a year for fashion. From losing Karl Lagerfeld in February, to Calvin Klein's exciting collections. Tom Ford becoming Chairman of the CFDA, to Rihanna launching Fenty with LVMH (still no new music). Barneys filing for bankruptcy, and Demna Gvasalia leaving Vetements, many losses and wins. But for me, launching my FLAWZ Magazine was definitely a win. I know when it comes to Second Life fashion, it’s a topic many have an input on. Their own opinions on how Second Life fashion is different from real life. That is a given, however I wanted my own platform to not only discuss fashion and how it relates to real life, but to open the eyes of those who are stuck in one side of the fashion spectrum. This December issue, like many others, does not have a specific theme or focal point. I didn’t feel the need to put limitations on each issue based on it being a “autumn/winter” or “spring/summer” issue. I wanted it to be open for any sort of topic, look, editorial, or discussion. In the future this may change. Who’s to say? I did however feel the need to close out this year with a issue that wrapped up this year’s fashion and to look forward to 2020. That being said, starting next year, I’d like to also highlight a year in SecondLife fashion. News, headlines, anything worth mentioning, I’d like to bring attention to. Our cover boy this issue is (Alucard Tepes) Arcangeiv, also known as Gothicore on Instagram and the Owner of OYNX, his new brand which features male and unisex clothing. A incredible creator who doesn’t sway to fit “in”,but stands out by staying true to his own creativity and love of anime. Read more about him. I hope you all have enjoyed FLAWZ thus far. We have so much more to come, so many more stories to tell and creators, artists and models to shine a light on. Thanks for all the support and love. We promise to keep giving you elevated and exciting fashion and inspiration. Remember to check out our website:






elcome to our December issue and our last publication of 2019! It has been a wonderful experience showcasing the wonderful talents of our featured creators, artists and photographers from Second Life. We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the grid, bringing the world of high fashion, oddities, and haute couture back to the forefront of the virtual fashion industry. Flawz Magazine has made its mark as the first-ever Second Life magazine to bridge both real life and Second Life content. It is the first magazine to feature real-life artists and to showcase upcoming trends and compare them to the fashion trends of the virtual fashion industry. Our Founder and Editor in Chief, J'Adore Ronin, who has real-life insight to the latest fashion trends as a stylist for the fashion and pop culture brand V Magazine, has spearheaded this effort to showcase that there is more to the fashion industry in Second Life than just a pair jeans and wet t-shirts. It is a place that allows for creativity and that there is no limit to what can be done. This issue features many new talents and those returning showcase their incredible skills in image editing and product creation. Flawz has always aimed to innovate and inspire people to be creative and celebrate individuality. We are always looking for people who have their own style and aesthetic. To all of our participants and readers, thank you for supporting us and this endeavor we could not have done it without you! Thank you for joining us and see you next year!






am beyond ecstatic that December is finally here and that FLAWZ Magazine has now reached it’s third issue! This was not a journey we walked alone, as many of you viewing this have started this journey of exploring art in Second Life in a whole new way, with us, many months ago. This issue is definitely darker in tone and ambience compared to past issues, and very befitting of the harsh winter season. I’m always so amazed to see up and coming creatives start their expression of art and fashion on Second Life and it is for this reason that we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals with a story to tell through the captivating images they take. You’ll see amazing talent like the ones I just described in this issue of-course! This time of year is honestly my favorite, partially because of the weather, but also because the holiday season just knows how to bring a melancholy feeling of peace to my mind throughout this time. Even though that is expected with the fall and winter seasons, we wanted to make sure that our fashion is not as predictable. It is always a pleasure working on this issue with the team we’ve been able to grow and nurture, and we hope you see the hard work that is put into every issue because this started out as a passion project amongst close friends, and I am confident it will evolve into something even bigger over time. With an open mind, and a passion for dark yet wildly creative expression, we present to you the winter issue of FLAWZ Magazine. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays! xoxo





ONYX Every so often, an artist comes along and changes the way we see ourselves. Fashion. Art. Even the world around us and it’s not so much their work that touches us, though it is part of the it. It’s more so how genuine and honest they are ABOUT their work. Second Life is a place that, well in all honesty, not all artists are well...artists. But it is a place that has been taken for granted and very much underrated when it comes to those who are extraordinarily talented. Arcangeiv, the name may not ring any bells but his Instagram, Gothichore, his female brand, Dragun and his newest Male/Unisex brand, OYNX should! If not, stay tuned. Artists like him don’t come around often. And those that are around, tend to be narcissistic, arrogant, egotistical, or obnoxious. Arcangeiv is (thank god) none of these. Staying true to who he is. Unafraid, chilled, laid back, fearless, are just a few words I choose to describe our cover boy.


1. Question: I have to be honest, ever since I started following you a few months back. I told myself I HAVE to have Arcangeiv in our mag and on our cover. It’s a pleasure. 2. Response: I am glad you like my work. Not everyone can get out of the basic and actually appreciate art. Thank you for having me. 3. (Respond) Yes I love your work. It speaks volumes and that’s a lot for SL. 4. A: Thank you, I really appreciate it. 5. Question: Usually, anyone I follow or look into, I’m inspired by, want to get to know, and invest into their lives. Do you do the same when it comes to your brand? 6. Answer: If I am to be completely honest, no I don’t want to get to know anyone I follow. I believe we can’t truly get to know anyone as everyone has stuff they hide from different people. As far as being inspired, I am not inspired by anyone I follow. I think they do great work but not enough to inspire my creative space. There are few people who I actually am interested in but never for my creative reasons. 7. (Respond) Same! Artists like you, Jack, Titzuki (I believe that’s how you spell his name lol) both of my editors Armand and Venus they inspire me. Others however, I feel.... not to sound rude, but I don’t think they come up with their own inspiration. 8. A: I love Jack, his work is exceptional, well planned out and his partner as well. They are great. 9. (Respond) Omg they really are! Q: How did your brand come about? Because it’s still fairly new right? 10. Answer: I wouldn’t say it’s new but it’s in the works haha. I opened a female store about two years ago and I got really tired of making stuff for females so I revamped and started creating for men. Actually, when it comes to clothing, I feel like men’s fashion is lacking and I would love to contribute to it. Not only that but, I also decided to make it unisex so both sides can benefit. I started my store because I was bored honestly, nothing more… Nothing less, it’s still not really a big deal for me. I love being a creator but it is also stressing and such a drag sometimes. 11. (Respond) I was going say, it has to be stressful at times, considering that now you’re doing a men’s collection. Will you be taking a break from the female side? Or is there just a lack of creativity there? 12. A: The issue with the female side is… No disrespect, but they are basic. Most of them, they like the same stuff… As long as its showing ass, and to be blunt, I get tired of making stuff like that. I get tired of paying to make stuff like that.. It’s a drag. The only females who are actually creative are bloggers. The majority don’t like clothes or fashion. I want to see what the men are about. Female clothing just isn’t my priority. They’ll be included in the unisex collection but that’s about it.


13. (Respond) See you hit the nail right on the coffin! I’ve been preaching about this for the longest time. Second life has soooo many resources to make ANYTHING! And most on here are two simple minded to not only think outside the box, but also to be creative for once. I don’t mind an individual choosing one certain “look” but there are so many to choose from. 14. A: Most creators make the same stuff. There are a few that think outside of the box for weirdos like myself and I thank them. 15. (Respond) And isn’t that sad that we are considered weird because we don’t want to look like the rest? Like do they expect all of us to wear the same shit? Lol 16. A: Haha, we are all weird in our own little way I guess. I do not consider myself weird but others do because they consider themselves normal, but I don’t think normal people exist. Everyone has their deep dark fantasies here and there. Takes the right person to bring it out. Haha. 17. (Respond) That is so true! Q: I know for some creators, they started to create because they had an idea of what they wanted their avatar to look like. Was this your reason for creating? 18. A: Yes, that was a part of my reason. 19. (Respond) I can see that. I doubt anyone on here before you could capture your look. Q: I know for myself, creating this magazine meant more then just “something to do.” As you know I actually work in fashion in real life at an actual fashion magazine. I’ve always wanted my own magazine. This was my chance to express my vision and do something that I’m passionate about. Is that how you felt with creating? 20. A: Thank you very much. I’ve been creating some more unique looks that I hope you like as well, and pretty much. That’s another reason it allows me to widen my creative space. 21. (Respond) And it’s so important to have a creative space on here. Q: I’ve noticed on your Instagram stories you post a lot of anime. How does that play a role in your life and creating here on Second Life? 22. A: Anime has always been a part of my life. It’s also affected the way I think and do stuff, even the way my Avi looks. It depends on my mood and the anime I am watching as well. It definitely affects my life in a good way. It doesn’t really inspire my store that much but Japanese street fashion does. I love Asian culture as I am half Asian. I like that side of myself a lot. 23. (Respond) Oh wow! I didn’t know you were half Asian, that’s fire! So how would you describe your store? For those who may ask, “What kind of items does he sell?” 24. A: It’s not really anything to brag about haha. And it’s simple, I sell stuff for those who are open minded and not scared of trying new things. For those who are OK with being “weird” and for which OK was not fitting in all the time. 25. (Respond) HA! I love that shit! Lol, some are scared to just explore their inner self. That’s why they call this place Second Life! Lmao Q: I love anyone who has a interest outside of fashion. But somehow it is incorporated into their lives. For instance, anime or art, music, or skateboarding. Any interests that help inspire you? 26. A: Haha me too! I would say my sadistic personality which surprisingly comes out in my work/art sometimes. 27. (Respond) Lol yes I’ve noticed it… It’s sort of sexy lol. Q: What do you want people to take away from your brand? And what can we expect in the future from you? 28. A: Haha. Thank you very much. My message would be to just be yourself because it’s OK to actually be yourself instead of someone else. As for the last question.. Just expect greatness, that’s all. 16








Mogovtle Karnstein

Mogovtle is a small porcelain doll. Not so pink and not so dark. Without many colors, although colors are never missing around them. A bit bizarre some days, but always seeks to feel and reflect harmony. Usually inspired by BJD dolls, and other days seeks to be inspired by fantastic or mythological beings. Since she discovered the possibilities of photography within second life, the possibility of being a blogger emerged. Not only does she seek to be a blogger, she is passionate about art and photography. She seeks to capture it in each photograph. Always looking to experience, know and recognize.

Dress - Pixicat- Slip.Dress (White) Horns - Plastik - Perline Horns [Bone] Hair - Moon (Aire)

Torso - CURELESS - Melodic Doll / Violin Torso / RARE Arms - CURELESS - Melodic Doll / Dolly Arms / RARE Legs - CURELESS - Melodic Doll / Dolly Legs / BEIGE Choker - CURELESS - Melodic Doll / Doll Choker / BLACK Pasties - CURELESS - Melodic Doll / Rose Pasties / WHITE Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Bahati - Blacks&whites





Hello, I’m Wei. I spend time on SL mostly to decorate/landscape and take pictures when an inspiration comes to mind. In almost all of my pictures, I do the scenes myself and always have fun doing them. I started really taking artistic photos this year and I want to share the stories which occur in my head when I make these photos, with the people here. Hopefully I’ll achieve this! On a daily basis, I hang out with friends, sometimes meeting new people to have fun with. It has been an honor to be invited to be a part of this issue of FLAWZ magazine!

Shirt - Kalback - Basic T-Shirt M5 Tokyo Dura - B&G83

Dura - U96 Dura - B&G83 AMI:HAI - Midsummer Memories GACHA / S – 4 Shoes - SEMLLER - CANVAS HI TOPS

Dura - U96 Dura - B&G83 RKKN. Evan T-shirt / Black kalback - Basic Jeans Ripped_Dirty Shoes - SEMLLER - CANVAS HI TOPS





Armand Parks is showing once again that it is very much possible to attain a certain level of high fashion and chic on Second Life. He is known for implementing landscape aesthetics with very polished runway looks that are always sure to turn heads. The series you are about to see illustrates Armand’s ability in the world of Second Life high fashion.

Dress & Fur by Rowne Hat by Dirty Mind Earrings by Fashionism

Dress by Ison Bag and Earrings by David Heather Hat by Rowne Eyewear by Nevada Park

Feather Dress by Rowne Earrings by Nevada Park Choker by Majesty

Hat by Mogul Earrings by Fashionism Shoulder Fur by Coco Dress by Rowne





Venus Germanotta wanted to re-visit a fun concept that he’d done in the past, which is the style of Club Kids. He’s been fascinated by the eccentric style that this category brings and has brought since the 80s. He wanted to elevate what most people know as club kid fashion, to a royalty couture level. The following series is a tribute to the flamboyant and fabulously loud style that club kids introduced to the world since the days of vogueing and shoulder pads.





Rou Bleu is a very unique artist whose style can take many shapes and forms. He is always exploring new and exciting subject matter to illustrate in his artwork. The series you are about to see is a small glimpse of what he has to offer in the world of artisitc expression and edgy style of Second Life. He is also working on some huge projects to come in the future, so make sure to keep your eye on this artist.



REAL LIFE Second life


TRENDZ: Winter trends Real Life and Second Life 2019 We saw the return of some beauty classics this autumn/winter 2019 collection. From smoky eyes to red lips and outdoorsy blush and must-try looks, graphic shapes, neon flashes, and glitter sprinklings trended too.



Real Life Reference:

Second Life Reference:

Velvety lips were on a firm feature on the autumn/winter catwalks. The bold beauty staple was generally paired with polished skin on minimal make-up.

Velour “Jonna” lipstick packs. Prada Beauty “OPS!” Lipstick collection. AUTHENTIQUE “Bad Guy” pack. AUTHENTIQUE “August Goodies Pack”.


Real Life Reference:

Second Life Reference:

Fresh “I woke up like this” face beauty was the order at Chanel. Across the catwalks where blushes were featured and paired with soft hues.

EUPHORIC “High Impact Makeup&Eye Series”. EUPHORIC “Moon Light Highlighter Blush with Beauty Mark”. AUREALIS “Sunset” collection. EUPHORIC “So Glow Highlighter & Blush applier”.




Real Life Reference:

Second Life Reference:

Experimental eye make-up is a staple at fashion week. And the feel was retro-meets-futuristic. Dior, anime-like Twiggy liner was the focus. Try these looks with a simple face.

Velour “Selena” eyeshadow pack. Revoul HalloQueen “Peace Love and Lashes” collection.

TRENDZ: Winter trends Real Life and Second Life 2019


Real Life Reference:

Second Life Reference:

Tom Ford brought the smoky eye back on the New York fashion week map. Elsewhere, the smoky neutrals were a staple. Not only on the eye, but the cheeks and lips.

Velour “Silvia” eyeshadow collection. Prada Beauty “Invocada” eyeshadow collection.


TRENDZ: Autumn and Winter trends Real Life and Second Life 2019



Real Life Reference:

Second Life Reference:

If your lips aren’t -little Mama’s voice“pop’n”, you aren’t on the wave. Lipgloss girls, rejoice. Dewy lips in neutral shades were all over the catwalks. And the trend is here to stay.

Lisa Walker MakeUp Studio “Dollie Gloss” fatpack. Prada Beauty “Babado” gloss lipstick collection. Cosmetize the “Spoil Me” collection. Cosmetize the “Exposed” collection. Moccino Beauté “Bloody” collection. AUTHENTIQUE “Literally” fatpack. REVOUL “Material Gworl” collection. Butbel Beauty “Leighton” collection.


Real Life Reference:

Second Life Reference:

It might be autumn, and that might put you in the mood for softer, nude hues when it comes to makeup..not so fast. Flashes of colour brightened up the eye at Guy Laroche, Carolina Herrera and Natasha Zinko.

Lisa Walker MakeUp Studio “Powerful Burning” eyeshadow. EUPHORIC “Min Ji” eyeshadow & Lash collection.











Aunty Murda is someone we always adore having on any issue of FLAWZ because she knows what it means to truly be yourself. You always know that creativity and new perspectives are on the horizion when gazing at anything Murda creates. The series you are about to see will showcase her talents, for she’s full of many unique takes on pop and urban culture.






This is Grimmy’s artistic debut with us at FLAWZ. He is a Graphic Designer who has a love for 3D Animaton and is very much so capable of creating some very beautiful and interesting renders, some of which are about to be showcased in the follwing series. Grimmy also enjoys working in Photoshop from time to time and is constantly working on creating new pieces. The following series showcases just some of his artistic abilities.


Profile for FLAWZ Magazine | Second Life Publication

FLAWZ Magazine Issue ◊ 3  

FLAWZ | The Haute Couture Experience is a digital publication that explores fashion, art, and design through Second Life. We are a group of...

FLAWZ Magazine Issue ◊ 3  

FLAWZ | The Haute Couture Experience is a digital publication that explores fashion, art, and design through Second Life. We are a group of...