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all you need is love... and more coffee. And just like that winter is approaching. The mornings are getting darker and the coats are coming out from storage. Winter means many things, but to me it definitely means a lot more coffee. So we decided to dedicate this issue to all things coffee. Now I’ve never confessed to knowing a huge amount about coffee, or to being a coffee snob. To me, the whole idea of coffee is a personal one. I have no problem with what type of coffee you drink, how you drink it or how many you have a day. I believe that everyone should enjoy coffee the way they want to, whatever that means for them. There is no right or wrong way to drink coffee, no matter how many people will tell you otherwise. Personally I enjoy having fun with coffee, and experiencing as many different types and methods as possible. It’s good to keep an open mind and to be willing to have fun with it. The coffee adventure is one that I will be on forever. Will you join me? Thank you to everyone who got involved in this month’s issue. You’re amazing. Thank you also to all our readers. It’s our 23rd issue and we’ve enjoyed each and every single one. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Lastly, if you want to get involved in Flat White Magazine, through articles or advertising, please contact me. We’d love to welcome you to the Flat White family! With love, laughter and a lot of coffee. Christine

@FW_Concepts | Issue 23

So you’re a coffee lover? You’ve tried most of the top coffee brands in South Africa, have your view on what’s good and what’s not, where the best coffee shops are and what’s the best on their menu... But have you tried to Roast Your Own Coffee yet? Commercially, you’d need a roasting drum set very specifically to a set time and temperature, but for home roasting, you can literally do it on the hob, or on the braai, just like the Ethiopians do. RYO Coffee is South Africa’s first dedicated green Micro lot distributor and we’re here to help you make amazing coffee, yourselves. You can find most required tools on our site (beans, grinder, measuring spoons, French Press), and everything else is probably already in your kitchen (pan / pot, stove, sieve), as well as a host of information to do with the roasting, grinding and brewing of your coffee, and some other interesting facts that you may not know. | 083 231 7439

TASTE | Issue 23


Espresso Vanilla Biscotti If you feel like something is missing while enjoying your daily dose of coffee heaven, you are probably right. All you need is something crunchy to dip into your cup of comfort and slurp up a little treat before your day starts, right?

• 2 eggs • Seeds from one vanilla pod / 5ml vanilla essence • 3 teaspoons instant espresso powder / or any strong instant coffee powder – dissolved in a tablespoon boiling water. • 2 ¼ cup all-purpose flour Then this delicious Espresso Vanilla Biscotti • 2 teaspoons baking powder is just the thing to brighten up your tea time • A pinch of salt breaks. At first I thought it might be challenging to do, but let me assure you – it is super easy, quick and so versatile I can’t actually believe I haven’t tried my hand at it sooner…


There are thousands of different varieties and flavors biscotti out there, and I am sure I will be trying out some new and interesting flavor combinations; however I was quite pleased by how this recipe turned out. Deep and comforting espresso with the velvety almost sweet taste the vanilla adds to this, results in a mouthwatering crunchy treat. Bake a batch, keep it in an airtight container and enjoy a little delight during your “me time”.

First off beat the butter and sugar together until pale and thick. Add the eggs one at a time and mix until incorporated. Add the vanilla and espresso and mix through. Add the flour, baking powder and salt and mix until you have manageable soft dough. Use extra flour for your hands while shaping the dough into a log on your baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes or until the biscotti log is firm to touch.

Leave to cool, slice 2 cm’s thick slices off the Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius; log and arrange in the baking sheet. prepare a baking sheet with non-stick spray Bake for an additional 10 minutes, or until or parchment. This recipe makes about 24 colored brown. slices of biscotti.

Ingredients • 125gr softened butter • ½ cup brown sugar

Leave to cool completely before storing it in an airtight container. By Anina || Issue Issue 23 23


yep, i roasted my own coffee my ryo experience

I had been hearing a lot about RYO Coffee and I was intrigued. So I contacted Kirsten, the founder of this company, and organised to meet up. Kirsten is absolutely lovely and incredibly passionate about this project, which I was surprised to learn had only been around for a few months.

but rather serendipitous trip through Ethiopia where they experienced the ‘roast your own’ method themselves. In Ethiopia the tradition of coffee is much like our tradition of braaing, but instead of gathering around cooking meat they gather around the fresh aroma of coffee. This social gathering can last up to five hours someThe idea came about through an unexpected time. Now these are my type of people. | Issue 23

TASTE They came back inspired and wanted to start a company that showcased this exciting new way of looking at coffee. And so, RYO was born. Beautifully packaged, these beans are sold raw for people to roast in the comfort of their own home. All you need is a stove (or some other form of heat, even a braai would do), a pan and a grinder and you’re good to go. If you don’t have a grinder then you can also buy this through them.

as the beans take on a new colour. Step 4. 15/20 minutes later, take off stove, blow off excess skin and grind. Step 5. Drink.

Seriously, it was that easy, and perfect for a kitchen disaster like myself. And the coffee was good. Like, really good. I thought my first cup was going to be a catastrophe but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only that, but it was fun. And coffee I was sceptical. Me? Roast my own coffee? I mean should be fun. I think we all take it far too seriI know I love the stuff but I wasn’t exactly sure I’d ously these days. be able to pull it off. I came home excited about my purchase and my husband and I immediately I’m totally sold on this idea. Best of all, as the beans are raw they last longer in storage. So you set about giving it a whirl. can just roast when you need. I have to make mention of how easy this process Want to buy your own? Visit www.ryocoffee. ended up being, quite simply: and let me know how it goes! Step 1. Pour amount of beans you want in pan. Step 2. Roast on medium heat, stir occasionally. Words: Christine Bernard Step 3. Marvel at the popping sounds and watch | Issue 23

TASTE Our NEW Coffee Academy Officially Open! We offer the following exciting courses: • Team building • Beginners Workshop • Start your own coffee shop • One on One training

Kindly contact us for more information: | Regent Road, SeaIssue Point||Issue 19 20 | Issue 20


meet award winning barista, ishan natalie

the company quickly realised the opportunity to start a barista academy to train all baristas for consistency. That had been my main role since My first cup of specialty coffee was Septem- then ber 2001 when I first starting working at Woolworths Cafe in Gateway. This was my first real job whilst studying a BCom Accounting degree. My interest into specialty coffee grew from there. I started working as a waiter on weekends I won the title of South African Barista Champion whilst studying at University. I wasn't the best of and the opportunity to represent the country at waiters so I was asked to assist behind the cof- the World Barista Championship held in Seattle fee machine. That's when my romance for cof- in April that passed. At the South African Barista fee began. I wanted to be the best barista in the Championship I won all the categories/ awards: company and then, South Africa. I eventually Best Espresso, Best Cappuccino, Best Signature moved up the company to manager, however I Drink, Best Overall Impression and Best Technistill spent half my day in store behind the cof- cal. fee machine. This kept my skills sharpened and

The Start

The awards | Issue 23

TASTE The World Barista Championships 2015

one of SA’s largest specialty roaster. As a result, and being friends with most of the specialty roasters in SA, I always have coffee at hand and rather make my own at home/ on the go so. I do so because I have often been so disappointed with the quality at most coffee shops. There is a handful of roasters/ coffee shops that I would frequent in the country. My preference is drip brew methods and Cortado (if I want milk).

The standard was lifted immensely. We saw new techniques, barista tools and processes some of the baristas created in cherry processing, roasted bean storage and espresso preparation. I was fully prepared and motivated for the win leading up to Seattle but when we got there I couldn’t control my emotions which was more of frustration because the coffee didn’t taste the same as in South Africa. This meant that I had to change my brew rations and my signature drink slightly which was very stress- I used to drink up to 15 cups a day but these ful. However, once I got onto stage and started days it’s up to three. my 15 minute set I had the time of my life and really enjoyed it.

How much coffee do you drink a day?

Your favourite coffee gadget

The competition is basically a 15 minute presentation during which you give detailed information on the coffee you chose to present to them and how it tastes as an espresso and cappuccino mainly due to the coffee background and processes. There are 4 sensory judges to evaluate the coffee and your presentation, 2 technical judges to evaluate the baristas’ technical skills, use of equipment and hygiene, and a head judge to oversee and correlate all the scores. You have to serve each sensory judge an espresso, a cappuccino and a signature drink which entails combining espresso with any non-alcoholic ingredients that showcase the flavours of the espresso.

It’s my Lido hand grinder that I bought at the trade show in Seattle and my new tamper sponsored by an amazing company in the US.

Advice for coffee lovers • Choose quality beans • Grind fresh • Grind to the right size for the brew method • Brew coffee using the recommended ratios of water to coffee • Brew coffee in the recommended


Your favourite coffee

I will be focusing on the new micro roastery we are opening this year and continuously driving Right now it’s my coffee that I used at the World coffee quality to our business and clients Barista Championship. It’s a Geisha Varietal from Ethiopia. I love Geisha coffees and natural & honey processed coffees in general.


Your favourite coffee shop I do not have a favourite coffee shop and hardly visit any as I am in the industry and work for

Facebook page – Ishan Natalie Twitter – @Ishan_Natalie Instagram - @dodgybarista | Issue 23

TASTE AUTHENTIC COFFEE SOLUTIONS Open for coffee, light meals, cakes and pastries from 7am, Mondays – Fridays AMERICANO R15

strong, straight and satisfying

FLAT WHITE R18 the perfect balance

CAPPUCCINO R20 stacks of milk froth


strong coffee with stacks of milk


healthy rooibos shot with steamy / froth milk


rich chocolate with stacks of milk & froth


coffee / milk froth / ground chocolate - mmm


a spicy tea alternative with steamy milk and froth


black, small & powerful for the connoisseur


rooibos or Ceylon


Gary Blakey 083 434 1178 | 3B Café, Bill Bowden Centre, Aletta Walk, Wynberg | Issue 23 Boys High, Wynberg


Tribakery Cavendish We chat to owner, Richard from Tribakery Cav- ber of food processors, wholesalers and retailendish... ers. Some of the old buildings were cleared to erect the World Trade Centre, but more recently the conversions have been to warehouses and to living lofts. The accessibility of large, convertible and reasonably priced spaces brought many Tribakery Cavendish is where bakery meets artists and art organizations into the neighbourrestaurant. We offer a full range of meals from hood. There is a resurgence of interest in Tribebreakfast, lunch and dinner, a wide selection of ca as a place to live and work which is effecting cakes and pastries, all together with a little slice a revitalization and transformation of this area. of the Big Apple. The first store opened in 2009 in Kalk Bay but they are no longer a Tribakery. We opened our doors in December 2012.

Tell me more about Tribakery Cavendish

three most popular dishes?

Egg Benedict (Breakfast), Roasted Butternut, Tribakery currently have stores in Tokai, Blue Roasted Cashew Nuts with Goats Cheese Salad Route, Waterfront and Century City. At Caven- and the New York Skyscraper Burger. dish, we offer clients an amazing place for business meetings or just a general get together. Our location, high ceilings and big windows offers the perfect ambience for relaxed environment. Our coffee originates from Central & South America - Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and Africa. The Robusta from Africa gives the coffee the full bodied, nutty, earthy taste and creates Tribeca is an area of Manhattan that is bound- the nice crema on the espresso and the Arabica ed by Canal St., Church St., Park Place, and the gives the coffee its fruity, smooth taste. Our EsHudson River. It is part of the oldest section of presso is an 80% Arabica / 20 % Robusta blend. New York and is rich in historical associations, but its name, which stands for Triangle Below Canal St., is new. It isn’t even mentioned in the 1967 edition of the AIA Guide to New York! The development and growth of Tribeca has a direct relationship to New York City’s becoming Monday night is 6 for 3 slider night, Tuesday the business centre of America. Tribeca was the nights we run our fabulous 2 for 1 gourmet centre of the fresh fruit and produce market, burger special, Wednesday night is line fish spethe shipping capital of the United States, and cial, Thursday is Ikeys day with 40% discount for the site of the first ‘skyscraper’ in America, the all members, Friday night is steak egg and chips Woolworth Building. It was in the Tribeca area special and Saturday 2 for 1 pasta’s. All specials that the textile industry grew into one of the start at 6pm. largest employer and producers in New York. The majority of the industries of Tribeca have Visit Tribakery in Cavendish Centre, Claremont. since relocated, although there are still a num- 021 - 671 6020

Tell me more about your coffee

Love the name, tell me more

specials or promotions? | Issue 23

TASTE | Issue 22


MY TOP 10 COFFEE SHOPS IN CAPE TOWN (in no particular order)

This was a very hard list for me to compile because I have too many to put into this list. I had to narrow it down to ten but I’ll have to do a follow on to include all the other awesome places I missed out on. The reason I chose these ten was because they all had a little something that made them special to me. We’re spoilt for choice in Cape Town. | Issue 23


Mischu has a very special place in my heart. First and foremost their coffee is amazing. Their Isabella blend is named after their daughter. They have won a few well deserved awards. They have a coffee academy where you can go on various courses to help you in coffee journey, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. They are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative. Again, their coffee is amazing. This is the place I held my first bloggers event at and certainly a coffee shop I will always support. Again, amazing coffee. 85A Regent Road, Sea Point | 072 563 8090 |

Origin Coffee Roasting was the very first coffee shop I went to when I moved to Cape Town. A friend of mine had fetched me and said ‘so where have you been yet?’, and I said ‘nowhere’. She immediately got excited and said ‘well I’m taking you to the place that does the best coffee in Cape Town’, and off we went to Origin. It was here where I discovered my first Cortado, which remains my favourite drink to this day. They also offer some great coffee courses for those that want to get more serious into the coffee industry or for those (like me) who just love a good cup. 28 Hudson Street, CBD | 021 - 421 1000| | Issue 23


I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to Starlings Cafe, especially as this is a hidden gem in the Southern Suburbs. With no signpost on the road you could easily drive past and miss it. But there’s something I like about this, because hidden amongst the bushes lies a little haven of a coffee shop. They make delicious coffee, incredible food and they offer seats both inside or outside. We always sit outside because their garden area is beautiful and it makes you want to sit for hours basking in the sun (which is of course exactly what we do). Belvedere Road, Claremont | 021 - 671 6875 |

I’m a huge fan of Knead Bakery and tend to hold most of my meetings here, because the coffee is always good and I never feel rushed by the staff. There are quite a few branches but the two I go to the most are the Palmyra Road branch and the Dean Street branch. The one at Dean Street is a smaller version of Knead but suits me perfectly for my meetings. When, however, I feel like going for a delicious dinner then I head off to Palmyra and induldge in one of their pizzas. Their Muizenberg branch is also amazing becase you can grab a cup of coffee and then head off to the beach! Palmyra Road, Claremont | 021 - 671 0802 | | Issue 23


When my husband worked in the city we used to visit Deluxe quite often, and to this day their beans are one of my favourites to buy. Sometimes you can have an amazing cup of coffee at a cafe but when you buy their beans to use in your own simple plunger they don’t taste too great. Not Deluxe, these beans taste amazing at the cafe but taste incredible for home use too. Plus, because they haven’t spent a fortune on their packaging, their coffee beans are a lot more affordable then most. They have a few branches and are definitely worth a visit. They make a mean Flat White. 25 Church Street, CBD | 082 681 5740 |

I went to Jason Bakery for the first time on my birthday as my husband surprised me with an early morning coffee. I was so excited because obviously I had heard of Jason Bakery for ages. It’s a very cool looking place and I was impressed to see so many people queuing for coffee despite the early hour. We sat outside as the sun finally showed up and enjoyed our coffees. I went for the Cortado and Warren went for the Flat White. Both were amazing. I could easily have this everyday. Of course I’ll have to go back for one of their famous doughssants. Soon! 185 Bree Street, CBD | 021 - 424 5644| | Issue 23


Motherland Coffee Company hits all the right spots. Their coffee shop is inviting, their menu is small but delicious, their coffee is amazing and their staff is friendly. Plus they offer a dose of humour in everything which I love. Example: their coffees come in the following sizes - Small, Tall and The Mother Cuppa. I normally have their Flat White or their Americano but if you are looking for something different then try The Dictator. The Dictator is a small drink with a powerful punch and is made of condensed milk, double espresso, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Corner Wale Street and St Georges Mall, CBD | 021 - 424 8570 |

Haas is a great spot for coffee. The interior is very creative with a lot on offer to buy from a variety of artists collections. We spent the first twenty minutes just walking around and looking at everything. The place was pumping but we were luckily enough to find some couches available to flop down in. Here we ordered our coffee and settled in to enjoy. They also have a nice range of food on offer. I ordered their rustic salad which came with roast vegetables, greens, tomato and feta and Warren ordered the chargrilled chicken and feta sandwich. Great place! 19 Buitenkant Street, CBD | 021 - 461 1812 | | Issue 23


Show me someone that doesn’t like Truth Coffee Roasting and I’ll show you a liar. Honestly, Truth is amazing. Firstly their cafe itself is like stepping into a hub of creativity. Set in steampunk style it offers a look of metal madness that has you immediately taking out your phone to take pictures. Truth is always busy, and most of the time you’ll find people with their laptops getting some work done while drinking good coffee. Their most popular blend is called Resurrection. Designed to be poured on an espresso machine, it stands boldly as an espresso and you can buy it online. 36 Buitenkant Street | 021 - 200 0440 |

I was very excited to discover Bootlegger Coffee Company in Sea Point and have since been back very often. I ordered the cortado, which is a double shot of espresso and less milk then a cappuccino. It was, dare I say... PERFECT. My friends ordered cappuccinos and lattes and they all loved them. After that we decided to have some food. I hadn’t planned on eating and wasn’t very hungry so I just ordered some avo on rye, which was very well priced and arrived very quickly. Decent amount of avo too, which is unusual. Love this place. 39 Regent Road, Sea Point | 021 - 434 0060| | Issue 23


Top 5 Joburg Coffee Shops Joburg may be known for it’s traffic jams and high rise business centres, but one thing that Joburg does well is coffee. Around every corner in Joburg there is a great coffee shop and this is just a short list of some of Joburg’s best specialty coffee shops. Father Coffee Situated at 73 Juta Street, below the Neighbourgoods Market and close to the Alex Theatre, Father Coffee is the next place you should visit when you are passing through Braamies. The coffee shop itself is quite small so this place is perfect for a take away in the morning, and their unique blend of coffee is made to perfection. The baristas at Father Coffee are coffee aficionados and therefore this blend of coffee rarely disappoints.

Doubleshot Tea & Coffee Located on the corner of Juta Street and Melle Street, Doubleshot Coffee & Tea is the ideal spot to grab a cup of coffee or tea amidst the high rises and busyness of Joburg’s city. They source their coffee from all regions of the world, and are pedantic about the quality and ethical credentials of their sources. The heart behind Doubleshot Coffee & Tea is one of pure love for coffee and tea and producing superb blends and brews for their clientele.

Bean There Coffee

Sourcing and roasting their coffee, Bean There is a favourite to many who live in and visit Joburg. Bean There coffee serve a range of single origin beans from around Africa, and their heart is to support and make a difference in the lives of African coffee producers. Their roastery at 44 Stanley is a great spot to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book. | Issue 23

TASTE Jozi Blue Jozi Blue is not just a coffee shop, but a coffee experience. Located in Glenhazel, Jozi Blue is run by barista, Shmuel, a passionate and incredibly well informed barista. Jozi Blue serve two options of espresso beans daily, one single origin African bean and a single origin Central American bean. If you are series about coffee and want more then just a caffeine fix, you want to take a trip to this Joburg coffee shop.

Africa Black

Located in the Northern suburbs of Joburg, Africa Black is the coffee bar within Still Coffee’s roastery. Africa Black is a trendy Joburg spot that serves a blend of specialty coffee, as well as a number of Single Origin coffees. Africa Black host weekly cupping sessions and you can sign up for one of their highly reputable barista courses. Africa Black can be found at Northlands Corner, corner of Witkoppen Road and Newmarket Street.

Top 5 Durban Coffee Shops Being a Durbanite myself it has been so refreshing watching this city come alive. Durban is on the rise in the culture, arts, and coffee scene that’s for sure. Best of all the specialty coffee culture has grown to an impressively high standard and these are some of the coffee shops leading the charge. The Factory Cafe

A long standing favourite in Durban, The Factory Cafe serve Colombo Coffee. Roasted on site, Colombo Coffee is one of the top specialty coffees in KZN. The Factory Cafe rotate through their unique blends, namely Aggressive Chocolate, Fedora Classic, and their Sweet & Clean blend. The coffee shop is set inside the factory and have a tasty menu as well. One can buy coffee gadgets, and a wide range of single origin coffee beans roasted by Colombo Coffee. | Issue 23


Duke & Duchess

An Umhlanga favourite, Duke & Duchess is a motorcycle shop/cafe on Meridian Drive. Duke & Duchess serve Colombo Coffee and the baristas are always up to date on the latest trends. The cafe has a tasty breakfast and lunch menu and the treat table is worth a look. Duke & Duchess is definitely somewhere you can order a cortado and they will know what you are talking about. A must visit when in Durban. Bean Green

Glenwood boasts a number of cute and cosy cafes, but one worth a mention is Bean Green Coffee. Bean Green is on Helen Joseph Road and is a great spot to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee. Serving only Ethiopian coffee, Bean Green stock their well known ‘Bluff Bru’ blend along with a range of single origin beans. Bean Green is a family run coffee shop and they are straight up and know a thing or two about coffee.

Republik Not your average coffee shop but worth a mention on this list, as Republik are the only stockists of Tribe Coffee in Durban. Republik is a burger, craft beer and coffee joint in Durban North. By day they are a great spot to grab a cappuccino and a wicked donut or, as per the new trend, a cronut. The blend of coffee used leaves a nutty or chocolatey taste in your mouth and is delicious as a flat white or a cortado. The staff are friendly and the wifi is free, what more do you need. Lineage Coffee

Lineage Coffee is the brand of former SA barista champ, Craig Charity. A little further inland from Durban, Lineage Coffee is a favourite to local Hillcrest & Kloof dwellers. Craig knows a lot about coffee so visiting his coffee shop will be a flavour experience for you. He changes his coffee beans often so you are sure to taste more than just one type of coffee at this local hotspot.

Words and Images: Coffey & Cake | | Issue 23

TASTE | Issue 23

CREATE | Issue 23

Latte Art


I remember quite clearly the first time I saw latte art. I was at a café in Cape Town and my friend ordered me a cappuccino and it came with a beautiful Rosetta and I was amazed, then I tasted it and it was delicious.

ambient noise will also affect your experience of the coffee. So it stands to reason that the way the coffee looks plays a role in our enjoyment of the coffee, a beautiful picture tells our eyes that this will be delicious.

It is widely accepted that a man by the name of David Schomer from Seattle was the founder of the practice however some say that it was an Italian named Luigi Lupi. Whoever it was that invented it, it took on like a wild fire and the practice spread around the world.

It is also a ‘maker’s mark’ as it signs off the beverage and lets you know that the barista knows what they are doing. It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to pour a good latte art picture and here is the kicker, they did it just for you! Unlike traditional art that can be put on a wall for all to admire this is a fleeting moment shared between just you and the barista, shortly you will drink it and it will be gone forever, so take a moment to appreciate it and maybe even thank the artist.

So what is latte art? It is using milk to pour a picture into an espresso creating a beverage of any size. It is vital that there is a solid brown ring of espresso around the edge of the cup to preserve the flavour. Temperature should be 65 - 70deg C. The foam should be micro textured and dense like a marshmallow. You get a few basic pictures that you can pour, a solid white dot is considered the traditional pour, next step is the heart then you can have a leaf like shape called the Rosetta from there you can have a tulip and once you crack that you can stack up a tulip and create layers. These are just the basics but a master can create many more. Sometimes people will use a toothpick or thermometer and etch a picture or words into the milk with espresso, however this is frowned upon in most speciality circles. So why do we do this? If you were blindfolded and given a different pattern in each cup and you tasted each one you will find absolutely no difference. However if you remove the blindfold you will experience your coffee with all of your senses and it will make a difference. We obviously experience our coffee with our smell and taste, but we also enjoy it with the way it feels in our hands making cup temperature, shape and size important. We also enjoy the creamy texture in our mouths. The way the café sounds makes a big difference and the music being played or the

With this said, latte art isn’t everything. I often chat to people and they will judge the coffee based purely on the quality of the art. If the espresso is extracted poorly and the milk burnt and bubbly then you can free pour the Mona Lisa and it will still be a bad cup of coffee. I often compare it to building a house, unless we have a good foundation it doesn’t matter how beautiful the house is, it will crumble. To learn the art you can pop into your local favourite café and ask the barista to help you out 8/10 will be more than willing to assist. You can also search the depths of YouTube and discover millions of how to videos, to assist on your quest here is my short list: Chris who used to be at Verve coffee did this one: watch?v=g7E0zWZjhhw There is also the founder David who made this video: watch?v=0copwSCbv5k Words: Matt Carter @mattinafrica Images: Warren Bernard | Issue 23

CREATE | Issue 23


Bottomless Coffee Band When I first discovered Bottomless Coffee Band I knew I immediately had to find out more about them. Firstly, I loved the name (of course) but when I heard the music I immediately fell in love with them. We chat more...

Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to Creedence Clearwater Revival. We just love music, the platform that it creates and the way that it functions as an universal language - always shifting borders and connecting people.

The band consist of only 2 members, but between the two of us we play 10 instruments. We The name developed into a very accurate indica- thus create the full band sound even though we tor of the atmosphere of our music. If you think are a duo. This year August will mark 5 years for about coffee houses all around the world - con- the Bottomless Coffee Band! cepts, like insurance that developed in these hubs in London in earlier years and also the crea- TEll me more about the members... tive hubs that it has become today - you will get an idea of the vibe of our music. Trendy, vibey, We are a married couple; Lourens and Esté Rabé. cozy, creative, inclusive and warm. The best word to describe Lourens would be

love the name, tell me more...

OPTIMISM and Esté is definitely PASSION. We Lourens came up with the name shortly after we believe that it is this optimistic passion that has have been booked for our very first gig in 2010. brought us so far! We are grateful! Back then I (Esté) drank litres of coffee per day. He found this fascinating and intriguing and thought it fit to connect this to music. Hence Do you have an album out yet and where can we get the name Bottomless Coffee. our hands on your music?

how would you classify your music? We would classify ourselves as a folk-rock band/ duo. Our music is uplifting and kind on the ear, yet sophisticated and well arranged with lyrics that tell a story. We also still include a few covers in our live sets. These covers range from

Yes, we do. Last year November marked the release of our very first album, Room With a View. This album consist of 9 of our original songs and 2 covers. We tried to capture our live sound, therefore the songs are not over produced. The covers were actually recorded completely live as they say in the recording industry - “press and | Issue 23

CREATE play”! We are very happy about the outcome and we are really looking forward to the next recording venture which might see the light before the end of 2016! You can get a taste of the sound on Soundcloud…

part of our music, so our favourite shows are our sit-down theatre shows where we can truly entertain the people whole-heartedly! People really enjoy watching how we swop between instruments for our different songs. Our public gig line-up is as follows:

The album is available on i-Tunes or in the following stores: 2 & 3 May 2015: Olive Festival, Riebeek Kasteel Cape Town: Mabu Vinyl 10 May 2015: Seapoint: Upbeat Music Store Hermanuspietersfontein, Hermanus Stellenbosch: Sugar Vinyl 6 June 2015: Franschhoek: Terbodore Coffee Roasters Arabella Acoustic Stage, Wacky Wine, Robertson 27 June 2015: Or the album can also be ordered directly from Die Boer Theatre, Durbanville us at 11 & 12 July: Bastille Festival, Franschhoek 14 August 2015: Do you play live gigs and are there any we should Café Roux, Noordhoek

know about for 2015?

We regularly update these dates on our website We do indeed! What we do visually is a very big so keep an eye out! | Issue 23


Beans! Every morning we grind beans for a fresh cup! I must say, we have become rather snobby. We alternate between Origin, Bootlegger Coffee We do not really believe in idols, seeing that we Company, Terbodore and Woolworths for our know that everybody is human and everybody bean supply! deserves tons of grace.

Who is your music idol?

All in all we have 3 - 4 cups a day - its not that We do however look up to a few legends like many - but every cup is good quality and strong! Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Johannes Kerkorrel, We also don’t take milk or sugar! Black and bitJohnny Cleg, Mango Groove and The Lumineers. ter - you taste the coffee at its best! All of them are inspirational in their own ways. Some for shifting boundaries, some for representing our country abroad and others for sculpt- if we had to find you at a coffee shop in Cape Town, ing music into what it is today! where would it be? They have truly used the platform they were giv- Origin Coffee Roasters or Truth Coffee en to inspire and change lives and mindsets!

How much coffee do you all drink a day and what type of coffee do you drink? We have a coffee machine and a grinder at home. Currently we are finishing a packet of Bootlegger Images: AndrĂŠ van Niekerk - Vivid Blue Photography | Issue 23


BUSINESS OF DESIGN RETURNS TO JOBURG AND CAPE TOWN IN MAY Founded by Trevyn and Julian McGowan (Source, Southern Guild and GUILD International Design Fair) and Cathy O’Clery and Laurence Brick (Platform Creative Agency and the creative duo behind 100% Design South Africa), Business of Design is led by industry leaders and design experts Partnered by Sage Pastel, Business of Design is who willingly share their knowledge and experience with delegates over the course of an intena two-day seminar for small to medium design business owners, recent graduates and design sive two days that includes many opportunities students, aimed at guiding, inspiring and offering for networking. practical tools to better their business. The programme is relevant to all fields within the design Dates: and creative industry – from fashion and product Cape Town: 20 - 21 May design, to architecture and interior design – and Johannesburg: 26 - 27 May is accredited by the IID, allowing for CPD points to be allocated to registered delegates. In response to overwhelming feedback from its inaugural seminar programme in October 2014, Business of Design is back to do more business, with an all-new talk schedule for May, including new speakers and fresh topics.

We ask five of the speakers to tell us a bit more about what we can expect...

Katherine-Mary Pichulik Owner, Pichulik My talk, titled Keys to Success, will be a distillation of the fundamental elements that cultivate a design business that has media and market value, while establishing an infrastructure that is sustainable, scalable and profitable without sacrific-

ing on ethics and quality. There is an assumption that one must choose either profit or creative integrity, or either scale or ethics. In a healthy, thriving design business all these seemingly opposing forces can in fact be mutually beneficial. The biggest lessons I myself have learned are to trust in the creative process, in your growing nar- | Issue 23

CREATE rative, and to trust enough to go beyond what you have done before in order to access innovation and inspiration. And I’ve also learned the value of measuring your efforts via data, feedback, and touching base regularly with everyone you work with. When trust is supported by insights gained from measuring your efforts, a wonderful third component emerges: intuition.

look at the creative process and the realisation that it is in the playfulness with which you approach the ideas that will allow them to grow, shift and change. It is not about the quality of the idea you start with but with the willingness to play and experiment with it which will allow it to emerge into something powerful. The point is to start - it can be a good idea or a bad idea at the beginning. That is just the very start of creatChristoph Karl ing; the willingness to go through the process of Owner, Guideline MNF uncertainty which sits at the heart of the creative When I discuss Perfecting Your Production, in an process through the embracing of playfulness, interactive session with Julian McGowan, we’ll a conscious and humorous tinkering with it, is discuss production from two different angles: what will make it exceptional. one being about quality control and the importance of having a quality-conscious culture in Zanele Kumalo your business; and the other about managing Content Editor, TPP your production efficiently and profitably. I re- There are so many deserving delegates producally want to share my knowledge as conducting ing interesting design work, which, when prea business is ultimately about making a profit sented poorly, goes largely unnoticed. And most and a lot of this potential profit is hidden within business owners don’t properly research the your business operation. I have 24 years of expe- publication they would like to be featured in and rience working in furniture manufacturing and I so share thoughtless marketing and ‘brand’ inwish someone would have shared their experi- formation instead of crafting and pitching a clear, ence with me when I started my first business. It targeted story. So I’ll be talking about ‘Making would have saved me a lot of money. At the end the Media Work For You’, focusing on how meof the day, the success of your business is not dia has changed, the importance of storytelling measured in how much attention you get from and providing strong visuals, and how to ‘work the public as a designer or in how many maga- the room’. zines you've been featured. You are successful if you design and make beautiful things and sell Laurence Brick them at a profit. Co-founder, Business of Design and Platform Creative Agency Elaine Rumboll Don’t be scared to ask for help – that’s one of the Founder, The Creative Leadership Consultancy biggest business lessons I’ve learned. I’ve also We are experiencing an epidemic of overserious- discovered that one plus one can make three ness globally in terms of the way we work and when you tap into the experience and networks the way we lead. Overseriousness is a breeding of other people, and so my presentation – Manground for mediocrity, creative paralysis, height- aging and Building Your Networks – will illustrate ened bureaucracy and alienation. My talk, The how ideas can grow when you connect with othArt of Leadership Through Play, will propose a ers. different way of leading – through playfulness as an antidote to overseriousness. It stresses Photo Credits: the power of play as a way of operating in com- Zanele Kumalo - Ricardo Simal plex environments and a more impactful way of Laurence Brick - Greg Cox leading through uncertainty. In this talk we will | Issue 23

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I have been itching to go to Old Mac Daddy for a very long time. I had seen a few online friends post pictures and blog about their adventure and ever since I knew that it was definitely a place for my ever growing to-do list. It was Warren’s birthday and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to visit. We are big fans of ‘experiences’ as gifts and I knew this would be the perfect place to take him. He’s a photographer after all, and this is pretty much a photographer’s dream place. Old Mac Daddy takes living in trailers to a new level. These are no ordinary trailers my friend. Set with the backdrop of the Elgin mountain range, each vintage Airstream trailer was handpicked in the USA by owners Jody Aufrichtig and Nicholas Ferguson. Then each trailer has been uniquely designed with different themes and custom creations. It took me forever to decide which trailer to choose, but thankfully most were booked out over the dates I wanted so I didn’t have too many to choose from. I’m glad, because I really wanted to stay at all of them. In the end I chose Yellow Submarine and was intrigued by the metallics and the lights from the photos (Warren having a particular penchant for lights). I chose well. The moment we entered we had our cameras out. This place was cool. Their website describes it best: It’s the ultimate realisation of your James Bond fantasy as you survey the landscape with your fully functional periscope and plot your next move using the L.E.D-lit oceanfloor chart table. Designers Greg Scott, Nick Wright and Cecile van Loggerenberg are taking you below the surface. Depth sounder to hand, you know that you are at the helm of your com-

mand centre; “…full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain.” Radar screen bleeping, you enter stealth mode as you spin confidently through the galaxy and retreat to your vinyl-clad bedroom. And whilst the confines of a silverbullet-shaped Airstream are reminiscent of a submarine, you will find it fortunate that no one has to stay on watch, you won’t encounter any giant squid and a simple opening of the compression-sealed door will release you from your play-chamber onto dry land. Hillside Trailer Suite with queen-sized bed and built-on living unit. There are ten trailer suites to choose from, then on top of that they also offer two lake-side units and a family farm house called Daddy’s Villa. Every single one of them has elements of unique design. There is so much to take in that when we first arrived we didn’t quite know what to look at first. So we decided to walk around with our camera before settling down with a glass of champagne. The trailers themselves are amazing because each have a lovely deck in which to sit and admire the view. We snapped a few pictures and went for a walk. They offer a barn, a restaurant, a Grolsch bar and a swimming area. I fell in love with the restaurant, ‘Brinny Breezes’ which manages a modern and rustic vibe at the same time. It’s bold, simplistic and inviting. We ventured outside and found a path to the pretty garden area. The path, to my delight, led us to a beautiful deck overlooking the dam. It was here where you would find me flopped onto the big bean bags, eyes closed and a smile on my face. Then, further down the path, we discovered the loveliest little man-made beach. Content at all our discoveries we went back to our trailer to enjoy our champagne. It was there, on that very deck, where I truly discovered what it was like to be still in the world. Perhaps it was the view, the open space, the fresh air or the simple act of just getting away, but I truly discovered what it was like to feel relaxed. The next morning, after we stuffed our faces with quite possibly the creamiest scrambled eggs we’d ever had, we sat watching the view and drinking our coffee for over two hours. Wonderful. We went at a great time of the year, when the mornings and the evenings were cold and the days were hot. So

after our long morning of watching the world go by we decided it was time to do some exploring. I had spotted a wine farm in walking distance and off we went to investigate. It was here that we found South Hill Vineyards as well as the glorious sign: ‘Wine Tasting - Open’. South Hill is gorgeous. They also offer free wine tasting which is always a bonus. We enjoyed the wine so much that we got ourselves a bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon. They were helping out with some charity function on the day we were there and a huge group of kids were enjoying a movie in their cinema room. The workers at South Hill kept coming up to us to say sorry for the noise, but we didn’t mind at all. In fact, it was so sweet to see them making these kids so happy. After our wine we took a long leisurely walk back to Old Mac Daddy, ready for something to eat. The menu at Brinny Breezes Restaurant is small but delicious. The first night we had the beef burger and the second night we went for pizzas. The second night we chose to take our pizzas back with us to the trailer to enjoy with our champagne (it was a champagne kind of weekend). I generally eat very healthy and see carbs as a treat instead of a daily meal. So when I ordered the pizza I hoped it would be good, considering I don’t do this very often. And oh boy was it amazing. I confess, we ate it all. Two pizzas. Two people. Gone. And I have no regret. As someone who works in the creative field I found Old Mac Daddy to be simply perfect and I appreciated all the effort they put into the details. I honestly cannot wait to go again. I’m already going through all the different trailers online and trying to figure out which one to choose next. Old Mac Daddy - where life is good. P.S: I don’t have kids but this place is incredibly kid friendly! Words: Christine Bernard Images: Warren Bernard (

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South African Cheese Festival 2015

Another year, another cheese festival. This is my third year living in Cape Town and my third South African Cheese Festival. Yep, that’s how much I love it. And in case you want to know, the next one is planned for 30 April - 2 May 2016. See, that’s how much I love it. Put it in your diary now!

for a change. I was expecting it to be quiet but it was still very busy and the atmosphere was great. We were blessed with one of those perfect Cape Town weather days and I highly regretted my jeans and boots option.

With a glass in hand we walked around sampling everything on offer, through all the different This year was just as good as the others. The wine, champagne and cheese stalls. Then we only difference was that I went on the last day went around and did it all again. You’d think I’d | Issue 23

DISCOVER get sick of cheese, but oh no. This year was actually one for the record books as they held the record for the largest amount of space occupied by cheese exhibitors in 14 years. One of the reasons why I enjoy this festival so much is I always walk away knowing so much more about what amazing South African companies are out there and I end up having a list of new places I want to try.

to sample and buy. • Wine, champagne, beer, cocktails and juice to sample and buy. • Delicious sweet treats to buy. • Innovative food pairings presented by culinary artists and celebrity personalities. • Entertainment and Kiddies Corner. • The Cornetto Teen Zone. • New addition: Cape Made - Taste the Alternative exhibition, which featured alternative products such as olives, herbs, nuts, honey etc. • The daily Ladismith Cheese carving competition.

It’s an amazing community of people that come together for this one special day to showcase all their delicious products. Even Ladismith Cheese made an appearance, despite their factory burn- And much more. But most of all it’s a place to gather with friends, to sample good South Afriing down only a few weeks ago. can produce and to spend an entire day eating The organisation was fantastic this year and eve- cheese. What more can you ask for? ryone I have spoken to had a great time. This year we had the following to enjoy: • A wide variety of cheese and cheese products Words: Christine Bernard | Issue 23


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Time to win some competitions! Winners announced 25 May 2015 unless stated otherwise | Issue 23


Win a beginner’s coffee workshop for two valued at R2200 ENTER: Tell us either on Facebook or Twitter why you want to win this prize and who you will take with you. You must LIKE or FOLLOW Mischu to stand a chance to win. Twitter: I want to win a coffee workshop with @MischuCoffee and @FW_Concepts with (tag friend) because (reason) Facebook: Visit and let us know why you should win and who you will take with you. 85A Regent Road, Sea Point | Issue 23


WIN A MAIN MEAL FOR TWO, A BOTTLE OF WINE AND A SLICE OF CAKE, WORTH r300 AT TRIBAKERY ENTER: Email with the subject line: Tribakery Shop F6, On the bridge between YDE and Reggies, Cavendish Square, Claremont

Please note that this is for the branch in Cavendish.

3 Three lucky readers can win a flat white at localé ENTER: Email with the subject line: Localé

71 Durban rd Mowbray , 021 - 685 2155 Twitter: @pintxosct Facebook: Localé | Issue 23


Win A 500G BAG OF COLOMBIA GREEN BEANS FROM RYO This single origin bag of Colombian beans is known to be Medium body, with medium acidity, and hints of fruit and nut. Colombian coffee is traditional dark-roast coffee with a strong, memorable flavour. ENTER: Email with the subject line: RYO


THREE LUCKY READERS CAN WIN AN AMAZING COFFEE HAMPER FROM BOOTLEGGER COFFEE. This hamper includes: 1kg bag of Bootlegger coffee, 1 cap and 1 R100 meal voucher. ENTER: Email with the subject line: Bootlegger 39 - 41 Regent Road, Sea Point | Issue 23

DISCOVER 6 Win a 1 x Value Red & White Mixed Case from Wine Web – This includes 6 bottles, 3 red and 3 white and includes delivery. ENTER: Email with the subject line: Wine | Issue 23

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